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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 11/13/2023 Chuck Ritchard, Locus Standi Brater Rebuttal

Published Nov. 13, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

9am Monday Morning in the Mitten! Blowing the Lid off Michigan Politics with Chuck Ritchard The amount of conflict of interest and connections between people engaged in politics is astounding. Truth and encouragement for the world we live in! We have to know the truth and have transparency at all levels of government. 10am Locus Standi election Investigation - Review of the BOE - Brater Rebuttal. Bonnie Gustavison, Clarissa Filhart, Stephanie Beltnick. Report on Election Law Violations by the Board of Elections. Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it's the thirteenth day of november twenty twenty three welcome to brandenburg news network we come to our self shock i called chuck this morning chuck or richards was to be and for some reason i don't think the phone lines are working very well this morning because i couldn't get chuck on the line and then i called carenas sahayon to jump on this morning but she didn't answer either and i think it wasn't it wasn't there arn't answer inswathe phones not connecting so i'm kind of wondering if north were havin a few phone problems so in the meantime or body ralph the de guy decided that he would jump on and we can have some conversation this morning so good morning really doin good morning don great you good speaking of thee the phone problems this morning i could not get a call through to either one of them in their both their both of north to checks and anacondas up north there near him so at any rate that i thought we talk about some of the difficulties going on right now i can pull up anything in like we do here in knows for real people by aghtside n't of that you had anything that had the news an times soon carangooly good summary and i wanted to go through this a little that we do have the locus standi a report coming on at ten o'clock and this is going to be a big deal guys it's a blockbuster because that what they did as they the locustan people all the county chairs and such have written a rebuttal to jonathan braiders mamma that he gave to all the clerks in the state of michigan now this is this is kind of a big deal because or clerk in fact refused my foe here in byron's center and blamed it on jonathan breeder telling all of them too basically destroy evidence this is a really big deal because they can't do that legally so the people that are involved in the locust andy i investigation if put together a legal revell to jonathan braiders let the questionable mammal so we're going to work in to go through that in a little bit here so i'm but anyhow carnsore was real interesting ah she she's got three parts to this and i'll post on my channel one of the biggest news bits of last week green township mecosta county big rip its electors did recall on the board and removed all of the procession plant numbers then changed the locks on the town hall building its hilarious it's like boscobel home that was it the story made its way to the international new sources as well inspiring patriots everywhere well done oto county health official and deputy will be paid for million dollars a hundred and twenty a hundred and twenty thousand respective to resign ah i am i insisted was the sputter than a lost suit yesno kidden care that that is the when the right mind would have paid something got boxed there can unimagined that he's pretty bad a yeah and joe moss was involved in that he's a guy that keeps coming up over and over again honestly oh noah on now i don't know thought the nonsense going on with the i might go pandhewar he was speaking of that too i saw some of the videos from this sole shock how how do you as a county screw up so badly that you after that you pay some one who is a worker for million dollars for letting them go that's number one number two a person as shows the person's character to take the four million dollars oh for a county that they allegedly worked for i care for lookslike everybody screwed up in that stead as it's none of their money so they not it's none other any of their money right raises the question of what the public officials should do be considered to be producers right and not one of them not one of them carried it out correctly so i've i've got some it's like they don't even have any concerns and get on my screens up right now it's like none of em seem to have any concern or even any awareness that this isn't their money if they can throw four months for million dollars like money thought of your own you know i i don't even now to say all this you know it's it's roses free money we can just raise taxes later yah that's exactly what's going on there so he nevers no consequences there at all well can you and actually has to pay for it right not to them her as in at any rate in articles of impeachment have been founded against aging nosefor refusing to file charges in the mosquita county election fraud cases after watch out for more on that story but i know i've got a lot of questions on that when i saw that case that came up i i i'm really i'm not too sure about this in all tell you why it's all people from the legislature the decided file this charge will guess what it looks like they are looking for a scapegoat because whose fault is it really nestthey can blame it enough all they want that every every one of them had a part in this so they could have stopped this also why why now is anybody squeaking about this and why now as it pointed at nassau because all of them were involved in this that the legislature could have had the opportunity to stop it they chose not to and i have heard none of them speaking about this until right now to point it noonscape got to me yet the time hangs a little odd it's very odd really really i judge her arguments regarding rather bunson has authority to deny omissis real name president trump the rightful present the united states on a michigan ballot she doesn't i expect that it will be answered fairly soon and president tremethert president the united states piled on file in the state of michigan against that that's what i know cared as nanon there with his lady now kind of a crazy thing when you can have a um you know you can have that much power in one spot that they can literally determine so much having to do with our elections it on well in the executive was never meant to have as much power as they have eh i know basically at all levels of government right now the executive branch was never meant to have as much power as they are currently attempting to wield while red through the constitution and there's the very limited ah there's very limited responsibilities a delegated to the executive branch supposed to be more or less a check and balance in root administer not administrator of all of the functional agencies of the oven wright a kind of that's why they were able to wappinis all of these unconstitutional agencies during the copilacion they they've got way too much power and we didn't know as people how to fight back on it but we're we're getting that figured out you know i one thing that i'm familiar with is that the canon i can't see his name the president who was a canon who shouldn't have been president a change change the law having to do with the uniform code of military justices and other there is another cebollati it's maucotah manual courtmartial something and on he changed the wording in order to give presidents the ability to right cold that would protect them from being charged with any crime so however that got pushed through back in i think it was twenty twelve or something like that is is really kind of shocking and what i believed as i heard this long time ago when when you know was in the and on community that basically they because they had written themselves into a position of not being held accountable not being able to be held coporose for crimes that he had to change that cod in the unseenand i believe that president trump did that through several different mechanisms as well as his executive orders which i was absolutely obsessed about how he did his executors was absolutely brilliant and that gave them the ability not to go back and retroactively charged crimes but to let them continue and catch them in crimes that they were continued that they were currently involved in and i think that this probably an ongoing process of s been going on but it's real interesting if you can look it up and read that and then the uniform of military justice and become familiar with the laws and the codes that we have it helps all of us know it's really going on and then he can kind of like can appease the pig pieces to gather a little bit and see what was really going on interesting the isner very much so can you imagine or some of these principles said he i've been in place for a watergate ah yah and look at what hunter gate and bid engage one of china gave you can say can you eeven imagine i mean what what's happening right now in our government makes water gate looks like look like kindergarten round up in criminal in the crime corner you know yet absolutely and yet it's not to not being of course you can't even investigate it without being questioned right i heard the the other day there was a guy that was soon i think it's tucker carlson i saw this interview i kept members name i'm sure brother no suit is he was prosecuted for making fun of hilary clinton during the election and their sane well he was given people bad information and it was it was more or less a reprint of a parody and a kind of kind of sad that we come to the united states america where you can where you can't have free speech in all cases but not all of us pay attention to that we just say what he's to be said screw all of many way you know you pretty much you you're on not you has was looking up but thursa new thing going on over in the europe where oh monsieur i find the details there's a bunch of the ah a bunch of the representatives are being taken to court for re cheering forage of what's going on with all of the ah immigration over there and i can't seem to find that now as conceived look it up but there there now being prosecuted for sharing this information because just sharing factual information i get is now considered to be hates ah even among politics and the train of get him prosecuted and i think the penaltyfor disactly being jailed but it would disqualify them from ever running for office again for you know just going against the a the basically the party line is this sad yet how enoriota wonder how big a cowards they are if they have to shut people down their cowards that means of their not right you know i listen to to a something christina caught a coronoid one day when she said well you know we can't let the other side know it were doing she said it directly to me because if they know what they're doing there they're going to be able to you know hubert what we're doing it like whatwhere you free competition if you are if you are any good at all you don't worry about competition you just run like crazy you know i don't understand that manlittle thingspeople down or not let people know it's going on orecentor out about thing when the entire concept of hate speech completely goes again the concept of free speech be the idea behind free speech is that you will hear things that are offensive to you know that that's the only way the free speech works is when you hear things that ripens if to you because otherwise the french its effectively in nineteen eighty four situation where you know you have wrong thing that that's not free sped and it or eliminates the free dissemination of ideas as well as make people's arguments for the for things they feel more right very very weak because they're not used to debating them you know they may very well be right but by golly if you're if you're not too actively debating that with people to disagree with you how are you ever going to convince them number one how are you going to know what their true feelings are number two and number three harrowover into support yarkent well in i think that's true i mean when i started seeing these safe space coffee houses i couldn't believe my eyes i i was like are you kidding me have we become that weak as a nation that we have to sit in our you know sit there with our little teddy bears as a doll and have to be an an an safe space where where no one you know it sounds so childlike like not really growing up and you know i remember my grandma why she was forced by work i reckon with him i tell you what and she was born in nineteen o one and a very tall she was very tall woman and a definitely when you're a little kid very intimidating but it wasn't just that because you know you're a little kit she was such a strong individual she went to college and an a nineteen eighteen and she antrobus iness and such but i don't ever remember her taking a you know of a back seat to any one and if she hadn't opinion she said it whether you liked it or not and i look at what's happening now everybody's afraid to say it anything and if you do say it ever you know people are just shocked that you would come right out and say it instead of well well well maybe we should consider an opposing view you know well and it breeds of it breeds weak mind when you can't even consider in opposing view you know i even think it actually be quite valuable em for people to try and do you know you've got competitive debate but i think it be valuable to make it so that the so that one side has to take up an unpopular post and you know not a position that they necessarily agree with the but even to be able to just debate from that from that other view point to get people to kind of consider that you know and think through the reasons why somebody might think that way exactly might find a nugget off to the side that would actually be helpful and resolving problems and ivan if you disagree with the the corpes of what some one else is saying ah you may find that they reached that conclusion because of something else that you do agree with or that needs to be in all you you can't get to the core of problems if all you can do is stay on the surface levels what a people having to sit in that in their churches and in never you know from a christian perspective i have a real problem with that with people who have to sit in her churches are only talked to people they agree with and ah i don't really think that's why we're here you know it's like we're here to help every one it's not too hide hide in our churches and only talk to people that have the right doctrine in the people that we agree with in such what good are we at that point time were not used as only hang out with thee with the right people right having oipotes and tax collectors and you know one people that nobody else would have nothing to do with which is i find pretty telling of who a jesus character truly is yet he went after the he went after the religious establishment and and all of the conventional practices of the time that were now effectively posed in all i have of a video i posted here we should go to that here for menaces i can play this and i think this is really really quite interesting if i can i posted a bunch of things on the on the case that we have here if i can to go up who had done the king get it to go off here hang out in the i'd be more of a tack guy clearly on that note i did have an interesting thing that was in the technos more for from a legal standpoint ah there was a case was ruled ah where am basically cars are allowed to spy on your text messages and call logs and store them internally to the car and that is no perfectly he oh really so you know how when you were connected phone to a car while times i'll ask you do you want to give it a permission to access your call logs in your text messages and your contacts and that sort of thing yeah i'm so that well that can be useful so that it can read off your texts or whatever you know for hands free to know if you're if you can't be away from texts for more than five minutes or something like that oh it can be a useful feature ah it turns out a bunch of the cars were actually just longing all of that internal memory ah in a persistent way not even in a temporary way where he shot the car off and they disappear now they were longing all of it and even when you deleted stuff off of your phone it's still had a record of it in the car and that was ruled to be a one hundred per cent legal and then i believe he even extended that to say that the cars that are em i think this was a second a lawsuit of can't seem to find it now but there was another thing where it turned out that a bunch of the stuff that was stored in these cars was being remotely down loaded by the carminatus as we so did aware real yep there everything spying on you sir i one thing about it is that we can use that technology to spy in the bad guys too so you know the stuff that they created to get as cassatt i think there's some really good people out there who are actually using it to spy on them and who is committing the crime they are so bring it we don't have anything to hide you know but just you know every one needs to be aware that the stuff that goes over your phone if holes are effectively always wire tape and oh in all that would have been abhorrent to anybody back in the and your text messages are pretty or bear the like no privacy to text mster in a lot of cases those can be decocted with over the air without in no not not legally you're not supposed to do it but they can be decoded over the air generally ah without having any access to the phone not work at all because they are the heretycall not encrypted they were originally text messages were meant as they sort of like a maintenance and testing protocol for internal to the phone network and so they really weren't designed for any privacy and they've since got an extended when they realized hay we can sell these as a feature and make money off of it a god extended to that so fonscol do it but originally it was not really meant for consumer uses so there is not really any privacy to teche a little bit of privacy to phone calls i generally find calls son a sulphone or are encrypted ah when they are ah on the air waves but then once they hit the carriers not work ah they there's a ah there's a protocol the the carriers can talk which other with for passing calls and that's very very hackle aside from that almost every phone a has an in fact i think it's a requirement from the fcc at this point that every phone has a base man that is controllable by the carrier and so your phone has little computer in it basically that is only controllable from the carrier ah and in a whoever is giving the currier orders they get a national security letter they then how many of more likely to try and fight that you know and in a lot of cases that base bang and your phone has access to everything on your phone so there's really no privacy in sole and in others also now also no privacy in what your car console well and you know too that point we if we're doing the right thing in life you don't have to worry about it and i mean it's not it's annoying and it shouldn't happen it's criminal it's criminal activity by our own government who has robert stamped this is okay but but at the end of the day you've got to live because an an i mean don't live in do bad stuff but live and do good stuff in a on't have nything to worry about and maybe they'll learn for example of exulting people who are doing the right thing you know here just to it bothers me because they're not doing the right thing you know not that all that should be you know we have a fourth amendment for a reason people have a right to private and all of the spying domestic spying even worse domestic spying by americans on american on american soil is abhorrent it it it is that i mean it it's unconstitutional that's why they want to get rid of the constitution that's why they want to do his conventionist tes son and a constitutional convention nonsensethere i am so opposed to that that because we don't have people that have integrity that are sitting in the seats that are willing to work on this we're going to get the people that want to change it for their own self suffereth an jest like they have of the the the laws and place and so i i like full stop on that until we clean the rats out of the out of the nest here i elegieen if we just stuck with the constitution as it was written would be an we'd be way better off than now i mean great through the ah i mean i know you've read through it but a lot of people probably have never just read it and is it's not that long and the number of freedoms that are in there for people that are that are either implied or exclusive or explicitly reserved is is so much greater than the freedoms that we have now well i will bring this video up here a minute because i played something from a the son of one of the founders of homes and because we're talking about this this is really an interesting video and it's my amen rabbi and i think that this is really interesting and would give people a i don't know and singers pect ive to the listeners something that may be opposite of what they believe but i think it's worth listen now that every taken sides on everything i think it's not a good idea because it's none of our eisurely heterodon he was a disciple of croby in midian was the grand sung of rob by helen i found out the pharisaical of the mount there were two types of forest sainte school of power all was of the school of the low as i stood on the rubiconthe ground son of the sound now we re renagueing or the mistakes that were royenii i it was such a righteous man what jews to call that not right isles perish from the earth is it was a hard the rope westerton the book of acts however tells of something else about robed by contentiosi post according to rob by donati dress is not the messiah misddich despite the chaldeanthe appeared not a space on sounded set by the street rob was that other rabbis that righteousness covers from the earth is therefore must be to decide isralitidos these well the other possesses came and went cording to force besides harlemthe rabbis of the centuries franoise forming boccaleone of these for killed the most inepolis if so what has however rough go back to the town to have she as classmates as he wore were famous in number one was rather by inches translated famous translation of the epos canon into aramaic or the congo on it is one of the two main gorgons or thor probleme translations of the roman was the progenitor and the other is the how to one and wilson fact was a true whose parents were gorham jack piles of converted the as water would be rabbie son of converts the tradition not in another class man of saint pols what have been rabid yocommon pensaci not in judaism as the mighty hammer my polyodontid with the romans surround the jerusalem and seventy eight was stuck out of the city they were cast its and what's the temple was destroyed israel face as the women dan you prophesied that the sigh would come and die before the second temple would be destroyed second happenwas now destroyed the messiah had become and we have brought sand into and the repeated why a boy long the water as the temples these iacultris the judaism of moses in the torah could no longer be traced no more the mitical priesthood as such no more high priest no more temples sacrificed so rapid you condense in tenacon force of pisco afteemoon the modern city of eleven and a norman various things have for was asoof the he who can wash what also a decision was made to begin what we would call come but judaism began as repineto reason for evolved into the complete wherstead televid to the high priest you would have the rabbi ansted of the synagogue you would have the temple of the focus of jewish worship where is that of the sacrificial as you have the its bolt good works so holatoochee the law perpetuated of the same hetonyhad the pet dan with the din a george he the dishon another judaism is invented pithecopsis of jeremiah chapter the people of committed to levels saonethe falooting water in the sinister living wore i say a forty four three john chopped the seven first thirty nine john chapter four the ochecamnes would give the holy spirit living water mine how he not for themselves broken is like him hold no one at another revision that would be as it were spiritually bankrupt now upon his hotbed rabbi you londonsay was horrified as recorded in the mission writings he was wet and his complete his students came here at the a mighty am why do you weep said on the boutonniers god he is not for the two roads what to get an tell and what the provisis and do not to watch to wisit rope you hanging who began to whatnotism as it became on reprints as little ternati to the forum i a carnified man no assurance of salvation not knowing if he was going to heaven i help not knowing if yevenin the right thing he had a class mate however at this hour the ockwells of some renown last may was rabbiches then a noise all the apostle i began by persecuting jewish christians it is then that however as pishacas i from the good race i thought the good fine and i know this laid up for me a crown of right at the assurance of so none that you show phil thought poor osborn the price for his and the wall was now fulfilled in the isaiah although the herewas destroyed his danopolis the esilanade that was the background every chowanook on in seventy eight follow one of these two robins it would either follow rat by holconotus oki is costate bobichel one i horrified and the other who boldly approached the eternal shot so it is to this day every two the following strong way of salvation way than on founded admitted that that was a very very interesting video good good history lesson there i think a lot of people don't realize how modern ah the origins of commoditie judaism actually are well you know it's sort of like reading the law reine will people say about the low udn't go back and read the source stock you meant you're just taking human beings opinion of thanks and when that happens it's it's usually not a good thing most the time because people put themselves in or what they want to see rather than what pure truth is and that's where we get the departure to day from law or morality people will justify that by putting themselves into it instead of going back to the so in that that's what i believe at any rate we have to read the source stock aments be the law or you know going back to the constitution of the founding documents we we have been so far led astray from so many things and when we don't know when we don't know where we came from when we don't study history when we don't go to those sources or go right back to the beginning then we're just were subject to the whims of human beings and that's all that's quite often were they put themselves in in that place of trainload then you see that no elected officials who are doing it herself self enrichment on fortunately says and that lack of a base knowledge you know a related thing that this is a major pet peeve of mine is the way that i know it being in the it space the way that i see i the people being educated a is a huge peeve of mine because they they don't go back to first principles of computing they don't go back to the original ideas behind the founding of the of computational technology they only stay with in a more modern takes on it still at the core computing is pretty much the same as it's always been and if you don't understand those cork concepts you're never going to have a good understanding of what the higher level language is and however thing operates and that i think a lot of the reason why we see so much inefficiency in a computers i mean used to be you could fire up a computer that for example ah i still get a working apple too he you can power that thing on and be it a basic prompt within i think it's so boast like within a second and looking how long it's taken us and how much technology it has taken us to get a computer to boot and less than fifteen seconds now you know the there's so much blow and so much ah in efficiency and in modern computing ah that and ii chockalat of that up to people not understanding the coprinces the computer actually operates on and a lot of that comes back to the education of that they don't teach well you can see that in a lot of industries just across the board look at look at the automotive industry used to be that you could have like say let's just go back the model tea technology and what what we had when modletes were created anybody could repair them now not only can you not repair that the modern day cars because everything is computer based they've written regulations so that if you do i go in to try to repair some systems john deer as poster child for thus were they that you cannot forever john deer in for the farmers they cannot repair their own equipment which when you break it down to the simplest terms that means they never own em they they have to use the john deers service department or it avoids all warranties and all agreements on the piece of equipment meineger and a lot of cases they don't even get him to work because i think as i understand that they they have a like an encryption key that is machine wide and so if you don't have a john deer factory authorized service technician programme the new model that's being installed in the machine it will refuse to talk to the rest of the machine and she can't even use can you say planned to obsolescence as well as as there capturing even even that centralizing power and our farming communities at john de chama john der in and on all the manufactures i mean i'm sure they're all doing that the same i just know that john dares is an egregious violation of that system because they justify they make these car towels out of industries and it is just too bad but i say though the john dear she against have been a boon to new holland new holland is actually started marketing on on the fact that they don't do that and there's been a lot of farmers that have switched new holland from what i'd seen well you don't make to perthois and and find out what the consequences are i mean look at look at bob light and some of the other ones of made bad stupid consequences i can go to bring us up to sments in a show the stem yea have you veterans day on the eleventh especially to this veteran right here general plan i excellent texte this to him and he responded he said that was when he was a young lieutenant and that's so son michael junior very cool is that cool so happy veterans day to all her veterans so proud of all of you and so grateful for for all the things that that you know that you have done and the sacrifices that you've made for all of us amazing see on there's something all those go bring up here too but it will come on yourselves will get the figured out in that place what else is going on in the teck world i do want to bring out a slash daughter something that were you normally look oh we did that slashed out so pretty good a real source you brought it a last time there's osorio of them right what's it was some the other ones at there's a few really good technos a place slashed out and then there's a kind of a sub community that branched off of slashdot when they ah started making some changes called soient news ah that's a little bit more a community then there's there's another a really good one called the register and i love seeing the registers take on things because they are a british and so he got to see kind of a outside the u s take on a lot of the news and it's interesting to see the parts of it that kind of a harmonized with the the associated press line on things and then the parts of it that are a completely different perspective he there there's a lot you can read or that you can learn by reading or the foreign news sources as well it puts a different you have to go to lots of different new sources because we know that most of them in the united states the mainstream media is controlled by oh it's controlled by a six different providers and so you you have to get outside of that to get to get a rich i like this in cases can't has the sing it's got the same vide the safe for channahon and ah yes let's even better on these is a better than the stories themselves is getting into the comments sections there are a lot of real release mark people in the comments sections on both slashed out and soiled news ye are the register tends to be a lot more gesto one of the commanders came to be a locust more focussed on humor ah slashed out and silent nest there's a lot of really good just debates back and forth on things and if there's a story that's got ah that's got some a propaganda value to it a lot of times against debunked pretty heavily in the one on on the silt news yes on esanchas on my not ye so ye and wenestir the stories on the register actually usually written pretty well slessor and silent news the story a summaries that you see like here on the main page a typically pretty much copy pasted from whatever the original new source was so there usually pretty slanted for you know whatever the whatever the current direction of the news but then he start getting into the commons on and people just call him out for being not quite perfectly accurate and it gets pretty interesting and a lot of people a lot of times the post the studies or whatever a saltire sector researchers idothea switched that may sunday kill tom erself salted approaching receptella will cause the self to die in theory on fortunately previous efforts to try this preceptor of ten on success ah says i i gurandaise saying and assisero fessor of the department of medical microbiology and menology at the university of california davis he is now let a team researches of the university's conference of censersthe identify a receptor activating proteins section more importantly now that we identified this this at the top there could be a therapeutic path forward that's interesting let's check out worse the comments on the i discrown keep going keep yore this is relatively new story so there's probably not going to be a lot of comments on the here the problem here is no such thing as cancer in a way that is physiologically predictable i owe disagree without one i think it is fairly predictable actually because if it weren't if it you know i think there's some on predictability but that's that's a pretty blanket statement i think the point is though is that you know when you're talking about you know cancer as being something that is a mutation ah in a commutate in a whole bunch of different ways it it becomes really difficult to target cancer cells in a way that doesn't also target healthy so because it looses their so similar well here's here's my my thing on it is that if if it were totally unpredictable it would mutate and millions and millions of different ways why does it mutate in the certain types of cancers and not others that's my problem with this whole thing because then you would have on identifiable cancers of a cold mute in ways this is just this is just down a logic right in this probably very flawed but my thought is as that if it truly were randomly ran and wouldn't it mutations of different ways instead of like a athetoido now into the repole that you have there said let's say you've got all you want to try and go after her basil self carson's going to be different you're probably on end up using a different targeting then going after something that's a lie i like wongaroa of broad on one thereby fits all type thing isn't as if what i think you're talking about and right that that doesn't that's probably never going to work because you also get individuals and individuals bodies are different so there's there's a lot of answers to that but anyhow reverse engineering the intel three eighty six processors registers mother when a couple of people that have been going through old ah microchips and a basically a taking them apart down to the down to the silicon level and then oh now amateur equipment is good enough to kind of reverse engineer ah microchips back to about that nineteen this point and they can just take it down to the silicon and figure out exactly how they built these which kind o calkas a lot of that information has gotten locked into archives to these companies and then it's got so sleep that is dis kind have got destroyed in the lodes whilst going back to it's going back to the simple simple things and that's one way to de santries all of the technology which is basically held as hostage can you explain i understand it but you understand it about her and i know you can explain this really well can you explain what happened with the wan and the ship the chip debacle that we had there which president travel was a genius on this one because he made agreement that he the most protected the highest sonships could be produced in the united states which he kind of like check made a china with that when i thought was assybe utiful i mean talk about to love the sky o i love his folcieri for president of the united states i love is oscan you talk about that a little bet on the ship industry and two oh i can try ah so right now there's really kind of like two places in the entire world that can make advance some conductors on us taiwan and the other one is the same song samson ship foundry and corea ah but out of the two of them the s m c and taiwan is definitely the a front runner for for most of the as the stuff that south ah and part of the reason for that is the i should back up old bet so the way that microchips are manufactured as actually kindsoil ar to the way that film ah used to be developed for photos ah it's it's generally light ah so what you do as you have a very very clean perfectly manufactured silicon crystal and a absolutely a mirror finish on it you quote it with something and then he used light to expose that just like you would have felt and then general you wash the parts that are not exposed away using distilled water or deionized ah and you do this over and over and over from pounch of different layers of the of what you're trying to stack up on the silk and overtime the the process basically when when it first started you could use more or less conventional a like photography processes to take your ah your silk on designs the cold mask and ah and project that onto the silicon crystal to make microchips or in a one itfirst started you could make transistors that way and then went to microchips and i since then it's gotten smaller and smaller as we figured out how to make those ah those exposures less and less blurry because that was kind of the big problem as that when you start out you know using on photography process you can only make things so small before they start getting blurry and you can't have a blurry by crook ship for it's nothing to work right so overtime that has advanced using different technologies to get to smaller and smaller scales of thing the smaller that you could make transistors on a chip the faster you can run them because generally there's less like a lectrical and nursia for for better for lack of a better word um and how fast you can switch on an off a transistor and they come run cooler so you can run them at lower voltages they run cooler they run faster so the smaller you can make em a a transistor generally the better it's going to peer well the you are used to be the leader in making a smaller and smaller transistors on a silk on wafer and any more ah that that crown is shifted over to taiwan with the same are they by the by the manufacturing equipment from a company i think sweeten ah that actually manufactures pretty much all of the microsloth good microchip manufacturing technology ah they they make it i it's it all comes from that one company but he s m c is by far the largest manufacturer of most of the advance oh some conductors of the and samson does pretty good with a too they usually are pretty close to him the ten in what they can manufacture but there capabilities tend to be a lot more limited and they am from what i've seen anyway they tend to do more stuff and allmanufacturer of ships like ram where you've got silians of identical transistors rather than ah tis some c does what more stuffed processors where there's a lot more ah i would say not more detailed but more differences in the way the things are are manufactured ah and what of you know you hear about the ship shortages a lot of that doesn't actually come from any of the stuff with coke i know i got blamed on at all it's a supply chain issue cause the cove it now everything got blamed on cover for them to recoronation in canoe yet now it had nothing to do with that the the main driver of that was actually a whole series of mysterious fires that just burned down a whole bunch of chipauac res for no reason and were investigated he delations and the mink that they killed how many makes that they almost brought to extinction over this nonsense and a it'twas all engineered yelderes that you know their entire process and falls exposing stuff and then washing them down with water so they all have ample supplies of water all this trip manufactures just suddenly burned to the ground with the somehow the fire suppression not said taking control of the fires and had even with all that water a having is the entire thing just completely basically level and then no real investigation in any of this somehow mysteriously none of those chipman uf ctures were based in china yet misloque tions doesn't it he one of the big ones that really impacted lot of stuff was say a particular chip foundry over in japan are they manufactured out of the chips used in radio and that that's kind of a specialized thing in and of itself because you start getting into an logicto nic's lot more and less did gouleton and that definitely specialists kind of a thing when you get into radio ah but that factory was that was about the only one of the world from what i understand that actually had the process that they did for being able to make these radio chips so a lot of on a radio is absolutely biquitous around and for a long time radios they could manufacture radios because they didn't have chips form and some of the radio companies ended up having to go back and redesign their chips to be able to work on different some conductor process knows so that they could continue manufacturing the radios because that one factory was so central to every well yes so if if people don't believe that we're in a war where in a war they they can't hit us with economic means of this is this is historic the this happened many many times to go after industry and such when we're in a war and sir sounds like it to me help and look at all the stuff around you that driven by microchip now that the us really lagged behind in a lot of that cantinaand look at lige happened to the production of cars and how many lots were empty for so long as they couldn't get the he and one that is not of that is a government lyman dated which i am not a fan of all the regulations on cars like that i mean the in my opinion there is no reason why all new cars must be mandated to have back up came right it's because their bodies on a back up camera company and they want a man get him in it that's exactly what this is all about it's a bunch of crap and you know what i think we can fix this really easily you know what it is get rid of all these non senerega ions and mandates and and oh and let in america thrive again because most of it now my work in manages that are heavily regulated some regulation is is necessary i think that nestle just go back to the capitalistic system somebody screws up there out of business were done you know is the performance dictates whether they can in fact if if if we if we assert the anti trust loss of the company's didn't get so large to dominate a marcus on the there is competition real quick people would get it figured out they don't want somebody doing work that would put the public at he pansoit stifles innovation were crazy sure does old system could be fixed real quick though that could be kind of fun i afraid for things to kind of come down here for years because i think that's honestly one be only ways to fix it it's like when you're sick sometimes you got to go to the bathroom and throw it all up and and a pure yourself right while i think that's where we're out with the united states i think it's time for a purging of all this nonsense because our country is is very sick rate now now had also some outdated bright now that the average person cannot know all the laws that their subject well we're all in violation at all points in time goes on it goes back to to what happened with you know say the commandants of the bible the god gave us tone but that wasn't good enough oh jewish law added a six hundred forty eight more and then more and more and more more things got added to it and we lost the simplicity so that it basically just becomes a weapon to harass people for to in order to keep the power structure in place idolisation to sola that's about right right well you know in or or free speech you know in intruded upon so thinks cominotto rope i really preaching had always enjoyed conversations and get a move into the next and next hour of brandenburg news network were on to bring the people on other working for the locust stand investigation and in a tell you what of all the people that are doing legal stuff out there this group of people is the one i question the least ok so like all as we started this all of these people that are sitting in the seats that have brought this this a charge against ananassa to to impeach her that they should be impeaching themselves because they were part of it you know but the people locustines these people are working in the counties around the state and i goingtotell you what i'm really amused and much respect goes on for them and you know what the other thing that i that i look at to tell me that there track is that nobody will cover the christina caramo she and i mentioned it to her in person he chrestienne take look what these guys are doing yeah yeah i'll do it nothing crickets nothing's coming out on it's like run for the hills don't mention locustan which is exactly why we're going to mention locus standi because i think there aren't a something here and i love these guys so i posted if enybody wants to go to my telegram i posted all the pets last night so that we can run through this and take a look at what mister ridout out there in fact my rights were violated because we county or township clerk refused to do her job ah he would not she refused my foole on pol book and she also admitted that she had nothing in her possession having to do the election which is in violation of i believe for michigan lost the word in talk about that right now anyhow thank you so much or all for coming on to day ah we will not be having brandenburgers not work on thursday or friday because guess what i had to do de and so that should be a lot of fun and a god have been giving some really interesting invites to the things i'm going to be there in that i'm going to be down in it at a wonderful secret location not really secret at all and florida coming up pretty excited about that too because i think we're we're going to meet one of those people who is one of my heroes and hopefully that will happen at one of these events that i'm going too but at any rate i think for coming on to day rather than thursday ralph and we will see you next week you no problem of great day to day have a great day thank you some okay everybody we're going to go ahead and i'm going to kick off the next hour i'll be back in just met no whooooooooo in morning walton the second hour of ranford news net work and i want to welcome my guests on here will see assegnate forman stephanie and bone and i am a hopefully clarificatine us but if not these are the locust stands some of the locust sandy heroes and i want to make sure that they've got lots of time here to talk about what's going on because this is really truly amazing i've got a nice little screen for boltheads this the hilarious nice little sag way most people don't really want the truth they just want constant reassurance that what they believe in is the truth so with that sad we're going to jump in the locust stand which i believe is a true way to go bringing out the truth of what happened in the michigan elections good morning ladies the morning how you both go in to day and doing grace can't wait to discuss the subject i soon start talking a second cause i want to see if you ah if we can hear you see eloketit be muted now off mute let's see well while you work on that but moved forward with us i know you can you can get on to kitchen on before or so there's some siding there that's not allowing you to come on what see what we can do here what would you like me to bring out first soften well it has been on our discovery going through foes and learning about our electronic process for voting on many of the clerks don't understand what we're talking about either its a very in depth smoke screen to all the voters and including clerk they don't know the law at all do they they do not and there taking these directives from the state of michigan and a half down government and we have local elected officials there are supposed to be guarding as and safeguarding moss from the state we had local governments too for our communities try try sitting sponse if you can get it up in the settings might there might be something there he can turn the microphone on for what of a reason that word to you got it wiadomoci station when on howat's going on with that but they go simulato ladies have the floor here i've got the i've got the pete off for the braider though the braider um ah mamma first or we can go right to the red line capane would you like to start can i do start out with the little opening cause i don't know if everybody's familiar with some of our work and our cameleer to wed the standing as a group so we are we this canting when in this process we discovered that the bureau of elections provided the county in the township clerks with a manual and the manualsta that they need to destroy this electronic poltermore these clerks followed the man and i believe that many of them didn't realize that they were breaking the law to lose one missionnever so this excellent man yes yes and it tells him how to do it and how many days if they have to destroy these electronic poll books post canvassing of the any election so as really were digging through and on requesting these freedom of information which of the foe request many of the clerks responded that the information was deleted and they didn't have it therefore a fire was denied so once we pushed we me on in several others pushed back and told them that it was not they have broken both thad for and miscegen law i believe that they kind that got panicand looked to the bureau of elections in their county clerks for guidance hence a lot of these letters and mammals started cursed stating it again the bare knocked to follow the common people that are saying that they broke the law even though we have provided numerous signs the michigan laws and the federal as outlying that yes they need to retain these documents depending on the pots of federal twenty two months or the state its twenty four so hans the bureau gollection somewhere i don't know for the breeder of morning herbert had a fallin daytold the clerks not to provide any this information so they exert the responsibility of our local clerks which are to houses information for sententi two or twenty four months to these clerks pulled back and told us the wendenthor ation we had danced the bureau is not rack however i took on myself to thee the brabacons for our county and got the information well on behold the information that we got were rejected and we didn't get the actual information that was requested noting her ran how dear that begat the information that is actually ours and how how dare they destroyed the information that there legally supposed to e this is his should be shocking and infuriating to every single american out there on what the board of elections dis done on this payand the clerks the clerks you know ignorance is not excused yah in actually when i got the information i was going through each township i realized that they neglected to send me the at any absentee valet o that's it none well that so then i pushed to my local county clerk and asked her for the list of an absent a balance you cascass the ballot number shall i could do across rathronan the process of digging through that and they use different every so in one report it might say the verses spoil one sweet but they're coming up with all these different turning so this comment this is really interesting echoes testifying because i couldn't find my husband anywhere in any of the databases when i looked for the government and as i pushed our town shop clerk she is gloomy off so i went to the county clare can she like most to stew went to the barrel elections and they said oh no it's a just apposit make is in no is so worthlessnever after several months as they of birth was so it is that rather loison has he ever been able to evolve so hence this is kind of driven men to the passion if i rode whatooteeree and are they inadvertently telling things are they truly bedecking carsing information that they will say that it's my back story while this this is so crazy while what the what they've done to this to the state and it's it's what it's with for knowledge this isn't a mistake there's no way that anybody could misconstrue this is a mistake they literally were telling the clerk to get rid of the li information and put a barrier between us there employers and then can i say one thing i don't know if people really understand what we're speaking about so when you go in to your polling precinct the check you in with your idea on a low top the house the pollock on it and at that moment is when the first official record is recorded as the first piece in the train of custody our elections this records your ballot number it records your voter idee number it records your time stabbed when you came in and voted that day and that information of not printed out at the end of the election day that the canvasser see the canvasser's just got a list of who came in and voted it does not show any other detail does not show their ballot number it does show out number it shoesno times stamp and no voter idee so there's no reason to protect it information it's public information it is public when it should be because how do we know if your canvas sir and you're looking at that list of voters how do you know that a bunch of people didn't come in and vote after the polls clothes like at midnight how do you know the answer tabulated it should have a record of time an hour state i when we food those records they have zeros as the time stand which means it is midnight in the poles aren't even opened every voters time stamp a zeros in the whole state of michigan so there's no accountability that can be a assassiness or any checking or anything no in an idothea to add this and then that's what they're destroying the secretary of state the proveesions through a directive is telling these clerks seven days after the canvas that there chew delete that electronic poll book record because there stating that a paper print has occurred the has all that day to on it so they don't need to keep electronic version but it does not disclose all the information on the paper copy while this can shock you know you gave me some peepsas well as as a um let's see you gave me some pet asas well as a a ah screened shot here what people see where solet me put that out in this is i believe what some what you're talking about here okay so this is the paper copy that the canvassers see that verifies who came in and the clerks or whoever's running that precinct could leave remarks of like spoil ballads or any any notes that come with that border that the canvassers would you can not your land does not show the times star does not show their voter idee how do we know all these people are not using the same voter idee hum there's there's not enough oversight and this as is to which just way too easy to hack i think there are fourteen actual components that are on my election col book glass up and it gets reduced to those peetweets the name the ballad number the ballets of orders they received the ballot so but about those other lovin components that it be added all king out of now which which of the copies of julime to bring out a dilletto put up the red line copy of the pettigo through that the people can see this or what would you like me to go to locingas tried to boss on this one what needs to be town do you think it would bore people too much to go through it like that of no one i honestatis but but you don't it's time for this man a state crappos and people honestly people have to realize that we've got to go to these sources stock homes in order to know what we're talking about here because point by point they broke the law cracked they sure have they they broke the law not on to we so people exactly what we're talking about i don't know if they can relate to how serious this is this is serious well i think the leadership highly oh jonson braider sentinels many mammals we could summarize that he callipering himself telling the clerks to go ahead and to leave the information he claims he sent it out to all the clerks and as we done some canvassing some of the clerks received these mails and some of them didn't so his provided false information not to antimony to give them bad direction and tried to mislead down and strong arms the right word or not but for ten to continue to follow this bengal he deletes information i got no no ah nothing good to say about that guy there cause he's the one that lost the head his administration last ten thousand of my ballads and only found a when i see remansere court saw my any respect for me has gone so i can hear you go so what would you want to go through this or do you want to summarise it well i have in this first part of this introduction where it is speaking about security systems being a component that could be released without a security the question here is why do they have personal data stored with critical security data why would that be combined so that we cannot get the records that were recasting so they combine them so that you couldn't have access to the records that needed to be able to be public yes why would they combine the is true so that we couldn't for pieces of our election if there is a security breach that could happen with their software or their components of this boding equipment why is it stored together and commingled perhaps in confidence and perhaps we don't know maybe it's in you know it presses in coleminster haps its plan i don't know i don't i don't have a lot of faith in any of these people for their intervention the sister asking from reports were not looking at the software and when white wise that it were not looking at the software on the computers i think that we should be able to look at why why is it then an industry who has taught whereon their on their mahoning their election software why is it that we can't even look at that if we can't look at the software we can't even confirm that the sorters work can write and not filipinos like what in cortes was talking about him he was paid to write a programme to clip bolts why is it that we can't see that program and i am to tell screw the copy right i loss on this one because that we need to be able to chew see that potthe programs in order to add this thing in my right exactly i'm in what we have discovered that the electronic poll book contains the evidence that our public records have been deleted altered were produced with fraudulent data at the state level or turks have a right completely accurate with somehow and trim i have when there are sending es on to the state the state is getting all of the state of extra that that's through and lest there and less per having a whole bunch of absentees coming in that's also in inserted in the process somewhere so another point here and whether down and the request for election electronic public files on that i stopped the next section request for electronic polities the mis chamber of election does not have the authority to destroy or altar records and their obligated to abide by state and federal law and retention of those historical files twenty four months is the state law in twenty two i sped how much time were they in violation of of in destroying the records i mean there destroying them with the no week after canvassing so many months yours now and we have received some of these poll books then there for we know what they should look like and what there withholdings we do have a lot to say for so this group is worked very very hard to collect real day not the i'll call it fluff a postthat down the breeder has put out well i really have led her respect for you guys then chris college from muskegon you guys of going some really great things i preciate that kay's go down here on the cub i speak to the stuffy ah all i know is in the electronic poll book it is a friend sheet and it's the sea as to be filed on comoseparated value and it can be printed off and redacted in any information that is not supposed to be disclosed to the public such as drivers license number he and you're a birth or date oberth in have year yea and sees me files are they in one of the easiest ones to parse out and to a separate separate date to fields to see excuses are very amateurish and almost laughable and we ask for even just a paper copy of that that would not disclose any software or proprietary information we just want the day of it was retained election day yet there should be provethat could be fixed by a very very low level tack individual that doesn't require anything any special skill set to do that so my question to bird volutions as what you hide why don't you want to see have that information that's rightfully ours why why is this not out there the it isn't it isn't their choice or there there their jurisdiction to do this and you got some laws you've got some laws on a written out here too for peter software information that's a bunch of crap what are you are you serving you know this is strictly to braider are you serving we the people are you serving them the corporations which have taken the nation captive this is a matter of national security so greater relates concerns of proprietary software information this concerned cannot exist because the following facts ancieante six six six eight b stipulates in section one that the electronic pollock software is developed by the michigan bureau of elections and distributed by the borderlets to the voting jurisdictions we paid for the stuff and so we should have access for all this is what is happening with regulation all over the united states and they get there they get themselves intrenched in these little little industries right the regulations and in protect the regulations and nobody get a copy of it unless they play ball with the developer which is not a state entityand in the people an officer plainall for these people to protect them what's the kick back other than keeping themselves in power it isn't the state age supposed to protect the consumers of their state this is a product the taxpayers of paid for and why is there no lawsuits filled against the software or ere the state officials for protection of our rights there there she'd be in its dislike to that new locks of it came on against nostalgically think i don't if you heard me talk in round earlier but it seems to me like the legislators are looking for a bogyman to point at noolgoond lty because the legislator should step in and not a anoatok in about this to to to step in and write these elections and on the sudden we're going there stand up there longnette they all did it because the legislature should have stepped in to and so there's no not one of them that can wear a medal of virton this because they all broke the law the grave so any or no i had himportance see no bindingon eris to or purchase agreements exist in the public record which involves the soft producer design for the electro mobwith either the state of michigan and or the local jurisdiction as miss in compiled was opiates that the bureau produces the electrotonic pollock software and no legal documents or purchas records exist for relative software proprietary low concert and not applicable as they do not involve a private antony they don't have the right to copyright something that we paid for with the american tax dollars i'm sorry this is this is such we should actually is a state you want to talk about the lawsuit that should be filed we should filings thee these software a producer there the ones that need have a law suit for refusing to turn over what we paid for and there is now jackson balances to these electronic col books and there's no tasting the there's no a reporting we have no idea what's going on with those and the software there's no tasting of the software there's no testing to see if these are connected to the internet or later in this memo mister breeder says that they have set up a king that they can taste and ping to see if these poll books are connected to the internet and my understanding is ah if you were able to pin a device you would have to know each louhossoa many jurisdictions to we have here with laugh tops sit in at them three on was that three three thousand for the state of michigan you would have to have three thousand i peeresses pingo all those well i tell you i was in a hansom call where we were looking at the the elect too those records and saw that the electronic machines were in fact connected on the internet i was long now to on holland no were was it with amazing and so there's those now there's no denyin that we have evidence that the machines are connected to the internet and any time you son anything over the internet is we were talking about this this morning with ralph it is hack of they have access to it they can flip it they've written programs too flippant curtisordered that and he testified for an congress this whole thing is nothing but an illusion i i don't believe a word coming out of any of them and so in the electronic col work when we request of the record the date for that in tonsorati end of the report a long file of all attempts that were made for that software to send out a file to an undisclosed location called verdeil and where seeing record of this like orfifteen minutes that software that whole book is calling out to share the state called details or in some of these data records we have discovered don't have many attempt so those are actually i sailed to time so if the machine is on airplane mode for instance oh they can't it'll be a failed to come and it doesn't show the successful attempts so there's a whole list of successful attempts that we do not have the record for move can be making somebody start right now so what oh what else do we want to talk about as an we can go through the whole thing and i would encourage anybody go to my telegram channel at brandenburg number four and i and read this read read this rod line rebottled to jonathan braider that he put on on his mantel and get to know this eminently is there a way that people can contact you guys directly to get involved with locust and become in forme i do not in telegram there is a locust and in michigan koomring that up i know i'm on that one i was one of say again that we have county and township clerks to preserve our record and to insure that we have fair and free elections and there i suppose the following the law not directives the break in the law and fortunately how many clerks have you found that actually did not listen to the the directives from the born election i'm not sure i don't have that data no i don't as there are isostasion this one did preserve the man if he people went but it was like a school election she did send that she was uncomfortable doing it and you try to take me down the gilt rod but i didn't go there i serve that informs so i can speak to just my clerk but i know there's a lot of other clerks had we everybody off so i think the snippets but proving moros they're running afraid because they know they broke the law and they don't know their recourse and in all evewas me i don't think that buralston would stand behind me when it comes to the wall so you know if there stronger men doing with their whiteinto be done and unfortunately their puppets on their following their direction that was the whole purpose of the memos were discovering that not all clerks and the state of michigan received this memo just the ones where we were doing investigations and where we are for our clerks for the information those clerks received it to this hole was a scare tackto make sure that these clerics were not release this electronic hold took information that is legally foilable why incriminating if all the data i electronic pull book is incriminating to the state of his shoe well what's your thoughts claris i think you're microphone is muted can you on meaogeo scared clerks and they now some thing is going on and some of them have kept the data one of them said older man and he's afraid of montojo so he won't come forth as he is i run into a portion a even man township clerk where we got electronic balotkata we have the periblast ononwe have the proof of a second oorid she long conchobor don't feel oh confident the big can go forward with a lot they are all i don't know a presages is the best word into thinking that they have no legal stand and in when the reality is they have all the forty with these elections and then our holler is it following orders but had no love legal knowledge she says that on these last drives and so she can't mony things with retention as the meat and a lot of poor men for the people laws and and her wits disappointing and i think some are waking up i still don't have the confidence the the not that they are the ones that get in the authority to the old with outer electrons the responsible for him they are responsible not the state of michigan while the state which again he has no right to be involved in the the elections the government is not supposed to run the election or have you any part in it really it's most to be local and so i suppose to be run by weepe ple and not not we the government who are going to make sure that they're going to be intrenched and save their powers strucke that vero were just like one did with requesting our electronic data from them because that was what they were telling all of our clerks deane and when i received it it was missing i told jesseleton data and when i requested my consoler and like any clerk look into it they send me canoes and still having got heresofar i begs and there all came with that there willing to follow the direct and night gives the information and then when they say that the girl of dozen follow through like a tell the flocks the pinto so don't feel as it if they have any neagle standing to give us the information ireland some expositors and on the last i'd love to see the clerk stepped forward and and band together and go after the board of elections now that would make it really interesting cause they were told to break the law by the board of election i don't know i don't know how much more simple we can put this they were told by a bias superior who was in a superior they were told by the board of elections to do to break the law and my correct in that perhaps so let's make a couple there at all the clerks if you if you are afraid and you know that that what happened was wrong in your free come forward and band together at its time to go after some one who told you to break the law and what were finding with these electronic poll books is quite time interesting we have people with multiple voter idees why would a person have multiple voter ideas well i call men working within an withered investigator and we are casting down some bad actors which has got to be really really interest and what were finding is the there's quite a few playful who have opened and multiple voting records when you when you check check them out so it's not like they have one voting record you you can find that when you when you do a little investigation on people they'll have in some of em are attorneys who have that should know better who have multiple records in other separate precincts i seen it we have the proof on that it seems to me any time of person moves and into this is great and like college towns any time a student registers to vote and this apartment and they moved the next year into this apartment all of their votelegislation and sometimes they don't know if they even registered to vote of their registering devote multiple times they could have times of identities in the system they are active we're finding holes with like forty registrations anno in its a hole for four to six people to live in ye know i was told that there is a place as there's somebody out north by mackinac that have a a a bunch of houses up there they have thirty people registered or more to each house up there so this is so widespread that manipulation in the end the the falseness of the failure maladministration in the system is so egregious none of us could ever get away with running something in our personal lives away that they've run our elections this is a matter national security is in its incredible ah i don't even know what to say about it other than the fact that we haven't a lesion of elections but we don't have an honest selection system right there's no way anybody could look at this with and be serious who has looked into it other than listening to the main stream media had lines that could look at this and say say there's something really wrong with us and i was just seeing something the summer for victims of potential violence now they can register only with state officials of not our tony clerks like the secretary of state or the bureau of elections and how an undisclosed address oh you kidding it's there i have copies of it in the corks memos from the state of michigan he said that to me yeh i'll up to oppose like right now i'd put then up the right now that's crekill find it right now somebody on the cheat a robber says our county clerk told our board of commissioners that the e pollocks would be connected to the internet state wide for the early bring centers and twenty twenty four how is the legal it's not none of its legal this is listed in this memo and have to he goes in it he gies if you're in if you're in this county em in your ear you're playing ball with these people you're breaking the law this is the same thing that happened on nothiger many you got yo got the foot soles that they did it through the clerks did you know that okay i'm no see this country and i put it up there what else do we want to talk about guys are there any ever there any other filings and such happy with the locus standi group that we want to talk about going forward what's what path forward here i think or against he gloried in the sand ecomony with michael bats and his bolasi that taken to the circuit quarter field against these clerks were denying him the electronic bullock and he actually has a cordinate next monday and is the secretary of state has intervened and the space that because she doesn't want to see these works on the court room with this information and being made were that it was i'm awful for her to give these types of directives but as far as mogostan goes i can speak as one colony that we were on sucs because our long forcement prosecutor are not up for these oh i can't say what's going on with the other counties fanny do you have something that did your pastiches the sap see all the data is on her desk and we have not had a chance to meet with her since then i have requested a new of the call voter history that tells so when you go did what you voted for and where you boden and my previous when had the jurisdiction and were you cast her bow or it was absent this latest one they have redacted that once again do you cannot follow the chain of where people are voting oh my gosh and as that i ask it rachel clown for the information where they could change that case of information and map in released and the bureau says there is no record like they did not have a meeting that a line the strange the strange it at there we and the same goes for reader and this whole membel if he set out i requested the record of who he send it to and they have no record but they can't tell me who this information was sent to i don't know why i because i justly we have a copy of it i but these people like bonny saying with a jurisdiction not being divulged changing and altering as there on him and not allowing the clerk to have any participation in the decision i was pesetasinto it's cold the address confidentiality program act and it was signed in twenty twenty bicolor whitmer to find it here i got that up there where is it on the page without me had i not read through real quick it is the very last one that i've sent you i cannot here but the public act three one eh oh i see it okay created goveiter ain protections for victims of domestic violence sexual salt stalking human traffic game or those who fear that disclosure of their physical address will increase the risk of harm so you can sign off under the sight of of the address confidentially program and apparently they can hider conceal your address of whose wording where and that can lane should that be with local clerks even understand a local clerk whining to help some one that could be at risk but not not the state of michigan who secresy on slips through the cat atalantis just one second of and a pick his agon picks phone off and then and keinoin educating people on this place so asily this is optical king about early voting the nine days of early boating em that will be happening for twenty twenty four that they are developing a tool that will record and transmit balletcivilt between the cub in the early voting tool so how do they do that of is not connected to the internet and the other thing about this early boding this is just a way to consolidate things to be a top down governance again so now all these counties and townships they can afford to pay all their clerks to be open for nine days before so everything is now being consolidated down to one building and his wonder to clerks and there accepting money from the state to do this i don't even know what to say at this point time this is so crazy did you did you ever think that we would see sir elections deal all the into this in your entire life never and it is in our constitution that congress decides our voting federating laws and congress is already decided that there's one day of voting not nine days of early voting and thirty days after the election of voting the states can only decide the time place and manner time being open hours during that one day not nine days of early boding so congress needs to get involved in insuring the states are following the election laws that they determine well i don't iswasanaeth ballot go go head clarissa was that again proposed in such denotement the balance it's not for folders to decide its congress decides the lection loss not loders right while even even our nineteen sixty three constitutions for michigan was put in place now legal manner that's not even that was not even placed correctly and they they didn't read the law there not following the law and you look at the constitution on the constitution says says that you know you you vote and pivot in private what you count in public the minute ye that valetless your hand to goes into the machine they're county and private and you can't you can't have no idea which way that vote is being counted the the whole system is off the rails you know i think worth great thing is watching what everybody's doing to actually exposed how many ways they've broken the law how many ways they've just made up rules as they go and aren't really aren't really following any any policies to actually insure an election i agellio see somebody too that would step forward the agoafter the board of actions that are from the county level the county clerks be that would be an effect moonbright there in events make man others made me and clarissa was there with me when we were jetheroe ob in december of twenty twenty two and we had to go to midland there was four or five counties there counting and doing this recounting of the ballad which was supposed to be done by the canvassers the canvassers which i was wont at that time you're supposed to be able to look and examine those ballots for the recount they wouldn't lie any canvassers do this that they picked their people it was we were allowed to see the front of the battle we were only supposed to see proposal three two and three i think but we couldn't see did somebody about it straight party tickets ebony went in and bowed more effectively we don't know what that ballot looks like and the front who did that who stopped you from looking at the balance they had stated officials there that pretty much told us with the rules were going to be and i tried to protest that with one of these officials and they pretty much tongegee wow that's that's me was his happening all over the state i believe so do you have the name of the person that did that i do not oh that is your codewe can find that though yet i think that we would sorted out there and blow it out for a boy to know that we have people and within our state that are truly not following the law thing leashes like gesets names south there when you think i think that might make a few people swat but you don't have sidethat's the problem it's like they think they can hide you know their hiding and they pass the buck to everybody else with her all guilty and we have a share of come because the ballot toads that some of these are conies were bringing in they were not secure you could reach your hand and some of em they were at locked up in any of them that were like that couldn't be recounted so how can we intestat so they were all marlow say that again did they throw them all out they just know they justle then it what it was deemed onot part of the out they couldn't be honorable so that it was that out of that and when they be convenient if we could take our art of you know if theirs comes here and say well it didn't quite look right when to throw half hollowed his sonand it in shawtucket consiantly on such a fire i think i heard that forty three per cent of the counties in the state here could not be added that cracked i don't know that i not i thought it was like seventy sons whether and and also know that forty wood is that forty three not twenty three twenty three of the counties i believe i i i shouldn't quote this but i know that there is a large amount of of machines that were never celebrated or dated with current software i don't think that our machines have been tested and sees two thousand seventeen or eighteen while well i know my clerk hung up on me when i was when we were talking about getting the electronic pubic which she denied me and told me that they had nothing in their possession except a thundrin an thillhorse with onthundered she goes well there's nothing on humdrumstadt he just told me that there was something on it she said we'll have anything here with went up to the county and it went up to the state i said so you have nothing in your in your possession here do nothing except a thraskists on hundrednot well it's nothing then who destroyed it and i said the judas trite is somebody else destroy it she is like walter something on it i'll be changed before the next election and i'm like old dinner something on it were somebody destroyed it and she got frustrated with me and then started talking a lot and then his finally hung up this you can give the answers or the poll book while is it me lotteries with his foes why don't ee be friends with a criminal i could care less you know it's like if they're going to break the law will want to be friends with these people but the wind the republican party is really a safeguarding his clerks because they don't want their clerks to quit if they are it republican clerk oh no rinehart the brute republican party right now or like a bunch of need moths were an in around the state and they've got you know we've got convict corner going on there where christina has hired how many felons that's involved in this i this i wouldn't i i don't even know why anybody would take any of this serious it's it's crazy it's the parties has thought well thing republican party question knew he pops were on and around not they're not doing anything or no better than on that people that are sitting in the legislature to none of em are do on anything and that's why we we need to be involved citizens clerks people that have the information we need to be involved and that's why it's great michael puts down mcconkey's bringing the rate to task so we are excited to see hatgood to hear well i love which you gosseronni think it's awesome and i love scoithin he's absolutely he hes he such a consecreat the fresh air with truth coming forward and talk about passion at you know that that's a fond thing to see is somebody is so passionate about wanting to write the elections and save the united states and that's what i've seen it all the guys and i just really want to thank all of you so how about this were an end of the prayer you guys want us saying i say any last words and then we'll end with the prayer on to do a plug for tactic to finicks if you don't mind because we are seeing that like you to set our legislature the public party they are not doing what he will to people is and the sentially county by county we can take it back we have to start local and if we get enough cotes across the united states it will make an impact so that's the last it i'd like to put him i dislike to put a little plug in scott is running all over the state of michigan a man he has had to put his business temporarily on holdin her mittenless anyone could kindly donate some funds to help support him in this mission he is worked tired heedlessly supporting every one i can't believe that hours this man is putting in he has a hot it's not a fund mope i don't remember the name or if any one is willing or interested to help support him in this incredible mission i would really encourage you to do so even if it's just a little token everything had and we can pose that in thee o logistorici an i'm not sure dannefelser that length before on our account but that the great the alpathet up there right now in fact i can do that right now he no posted bermission sectary state an early election information he cannot hear me at i will do that right now here and a recusasset one of the things that you put in them your post he is one i got started send out every clerk in michigan this bottle to jonathan rider's mamma and he got one o oresons and other than that i don't believe he got any responses from any clerk regarding that run line route just look on money is hard you would expect that it would raise in and his caressings and they would reach out to some one the condensed this one he has at one thy postwas monday the eleventh to the thirteen eleven thirteen so that's to day at tone at ninety alassiochurch hosteno monday to day and that he's going into court today so is he of a court date to night i got shenstone monday the whole how can i tendered a okay so as soon as you promise that i will change that on my channel and well we'll put that up there slithering on that so anyhow ancorage you everybody to go there and look it up so that's that's awesome well let's say prier and and go forward with our days guys dear holywater think you so much for staffand clarissant and every one else that's working so hard with the lock standlinch are willing to step forward and do the work that needs to be done i thank you so very much for ralph the and everyone else out there who cares about this nation in whose working too tooing bring the nation back into what the founding fathers had originally intended were so thankful for everything you do for us were thankful that leading us out of this captivity to a very very evil system and we asked that you protect the children to day the human trafficking element that's in michigan is such a horrific problem i know maringoin to be on to morrow and i ask your blessing on her and all those who are working with her the they're fighting at so many different fronts it's such a blessing to meet people in their own areas that you call to work to do good work on this honest earth and to think ye so much we love you we are just in awe of of everything to do for us and we just want to be a friend to you been a great friend assensus namely pray a man and if the one there you go gus saw her going with the sign off here i'm in everybody thought they go to brain aboard for governor doom cause i'm still not conceiving the khemistan the flow elect the criminal elections of the past were liars chance on thieves who are stealing for vonder going to con and i know and everybody hears not conceiving either because we're not we're not going to quit the fight till we write the twining twenty and the twenty twenty two election in a minimum so anyhow have a great day we love you all year were fighting for you and we cared don't over feel like you're along becausethere's a lot of asseueranti fighting and fighting like little badge was little honey badgers out there so god bless all the sum you love and god bless the merchade a great day thank codonoeca do this the thanks get you guys are really amazing and i just want to say on behalf selfand all of america i just really want to think everybody for all of the hours and the time and the effort in the heart ache put it because i know you've been a tack viciously and yet you still stand there and you just you just keep latinhave it and i i just really really appreciate all of you very very much and god blessed you all think so letting us come on to spressifications any time any time you have anything that you aren't put out there for that you need help with or or or you know that we need to get out there please let me know out which on right away okay ain't you thinking to the