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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 12/29/2023 MiGOP Whistleblower - Warren Carpenter

Published Dec. 29, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

9am Breaking News MiGOP in Crisis!!! Warren Carpenter was behind the 140 page special report created by Attorney Troy Cumings, showing the mishandling of financials by the MiGOP under the leadership of Kristina Karamo. The failue of the MiGOP is going to serve as a lesson for the rest of the country. Currently the MiGOP is over $800k in debt with each SC member on the hook personally for $8211 personally each. X/Twitter: Rumble:

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Thank you. Good morning. Welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg, and it's the 29th day of December 2023, and we're almost at the end of the year. So we know what 2023 brought to us, and now it's time to find out what 2024 is going to bring to us. I'm going to bring Karen on this morning here. Let's see. Hang on a minute. Hey, Karen, how you doing? I'm all right. Good morning. Good morning. I hear you got the pup in the background. He's quietly eating. He's very quiet. Okay, so we go on. We talk before we get on in the morning. And it's kind of funny because there's always animals in the discussion somewhere. So this morning we've got Warren Carpenter coming on. And Laura Loomer is going to join us. She'll come on for a little bit here too. So we're just going to. wait until Warren comes on and we're just going to jump right into this. I don't know, you and I were talking before I, before we got on this morning, but this nonsense happening in the GOP, you can't make this up. It's that crazy. It's like, it's insane. Totally insane. It goes right along with whatever is going on in the rest of the world. Like I was laughing so much last night going through my newsfeed and sharing stuff. I'm like, Guys, if you're not having fun, I mean, there are real world consequences and there are people that are being hurt. So I acknowledge that. But the crazy in the world right now and they just the corrupt powers are just digging themselves into deeper and deeper holes. It's just it's magnificent to watch this right now. It kind of is. It's like what President Trump, the rightful president of the United States, has been all about from the beginning is exposure. And he's done a really good job at exposing criminals that are out there and showing us exactly who to look at. Like when he endorses someone, I'm like, get away. Because I think the endorsements are to show us really not who to vote for, but to look into them a little bit more and to see what's going on. So When when he said, you know, like I said before, I'll give anybody a chance to see see if they do the right thing. But he came out and called Christina Karamo Karano and he said it twice. And so it's just it's time to really take a hard, hard, serious look. at people that are out there, what they're saying. There's a new, there's a new channel on Telegram out there, which is basically, I was told was run by, by the, the administration of the staffers of Cromo. So they're trying now to, to, uh, spin it in different directions in order to change the narrative a little bit but i think we're too smart for this i think we're going to see what's going on so they published a rhino watch report on donna brandenburg yesterday and it was it was it was kind of funny like i sit here all day and i was just kind of like I know what it is. They have a lot of time on their hands because they're not running the party, nor are they trying to put anybody that's a decent candidate in office in the state of Michigan. So what do they do? They go spin crap on people that are trying to help. It actually is pretty funny. So it's on my Telegram channel. I'm like, fine, if you're going to say it, I'm going to publish it. Run right to the fire, right? So I published it on my Telegram channel and got a good laugh out of the whole thing. yeah well this is the one from the other day what's that from a couple of days ago yeah it was yesterday okay oh okay yeah they they john bernard is a does a half-wit job of basically this is what it says of quoting scripture she's not a real christian she's not at this thing really Oh, that one. I'm so amused right now. I am so amused. It's like, keep going, guys. And I could come up with a bunch of other words for it, but just keep going because you're looking stupider by the second. And so, hang on, I've got Warren coming in. Let's see if we can add him to the, yeah, come in here. Hey, Warren, how you doing? Hey, what's going on, Donna? Sorry, I have got all kinds of crazy stuff going on early this morning. I just got off the phone with Laura. Yeah. She's going to join, I think, in a little bit. Cool. She's got to run. Yeah, she's got to run home real quick. Are you going to be on the video this morning or are you still in your jammies? Well, my wife got called into work and I have to stay home with the kids because our babysitter is in Atlanta. I don't know how this is going to go. Well, you look at I'm the only one with hands today, so I'll be doing the heart hands by myself. So I'm going to go ahead and, well, why don't we talk about what's going on here with the MIGOP. I posted the analysis of the failures that were written by John Dunlap, Esquire. And I thought that was kind of interesting, right? And then further than that, there's a cost that could potentially be inferred to the state committee members. And I'm going to put this up here on screen. I think you can see it and we can explain some of this. of what's going on. And I want to hear from your perspective, the craziness. So the way that they have got this thing so convoluted that out of 107 or two, 107 state committee members, the $878,000, I want people to get a grasp on this, has the potential of coming back on the state committee members to the tune of $8,211. and 29 cents, which to me is inexcusable. And then thank you to Bethany Wheeler. I love Bethany. I think she's great. She does such an amazing job at finding and posting things like associated laws and documentation. I love this woman. I just love her. And she put this out there, which is the Michigan law. so um i thought that was interesting hang on one second we've got another person that just joined here karen is it okay if i if i uh send you back there for a minute and i'll bring you forward a minute yeah whatever you like thank you my friend okay let's see i've got and here we go good morning laura how you doing hey good morning how are you doing i'm doing well Wonderful. Laura Loomer is on with us this morning with Warren Carpenter. And I just want to welcome you both here and hear what you have to say about this nonsense going on in Michigan. Well, it's honestly shocking, but I guess it's par for the course in our infiltrated and corrupted Republican Party. And what I see as the biggest problem here is just the gaslighting and the manipulation used by Christina Karamo, who presented herself as a grassroots fighter, right? She told the grassroots and the election integrity crowd everything that they wanted to hear. And now she's pretty much defiling the integrity of our elections. by working as the president of an organization called Unauthorized, which, you know, openly, these are not my words, these are the words of Matt Meck from his own interview, works with Democrats, independents, Republicans, anyone, right? Anyone who wants to give them a consult. And so it's a conflict of interest for sure, but There's no getting out of this for Christina Karamo because she became chairwoman in February of this year. And the organization, on paper at least, has been in existence since April 5th, which means that for nearly the entire duration of her term as the GOP chairwoman in Michigan, she's been a part of this organization that... by their own admission, is working with people like RFK, who is trying to run a Ross Perot third-party-style campaign to help give Joe Biden four more years. If he didn't want to give Joe Biden four more years, he'd be running as a Democrat. So... I think she needs to resign. I think it's also really concerning that her entire inner circle is a bunch of criminals and intel agency guys with criminal records themselves. I mean, we know how the deep state has infiltrated, and we know that it's not a foreign concept, especially in the state of Michigan, where the FBI tried to literally pretend like the governor of your state was going to get kidnapped. It's not that far-fetched to say that the FBI or other intelligence agencies are infiltrating political operatives in the state of Michigan to get Republicans arrested. Okay, like this literally happened with the governor of Michigan and nobody wants to talk about it. So what's to say that these people are not working with the intel agencies and the DOJ to try to arrest a bunch of unsuspecting election integrity activists who unknowingly are getting involved in a tax fraud, financial fraud, scheme, which is what this is. And you see yesterday after my expose, Frank Gaffney from the Center for Security Policy came out and said, oh, well, I've never had any conversation. I don't know of any conversation like that. And I would never have a conversation like that. after matt meck is on that video saying that christina karama is the president and saying that if people wanted to get a tax write-off for raising funds for candidates they could use the center for security 501c3 to get a tax write-off and that they would funnel funds to their c4 I'm sorry, but that is very detail-oriented and specific in nature to the point where you're not just pulling that out of your ass. That's clearly a conversation that somebody had or somebody told Matt Beck and Christina Karama was potentially possible. So it's kind of interesting now to see Frank Gaffney respond to my investigation and say, oh, I've never had a conversation like that in my life. So then how does Matt Mack and how do Christina Karamo, why are they going around telling people that people can utilize your organization as a pass-through to commit tax fraud, right? I mean, that's just the biggest question here at hand. Like, if you never had the conversation, why are people talking about in such great detail the process of how you would commit tax fraud if you wanted to? It's really the amount of, or the lack of transparency with the MIGOP, the entire Republican party is shocking. Yeah. Well, also just the fact that Ronna Romney, who let's not forget, she was the Michigan GOP chairwoman before she became RNC chair. This has been brought to her attention. And the guy who apparently prepared this report is a former RNC lawyer and doesn't even, you know, Ronna Romney doesn't even want to take the advice of the RNC's own legal counsel or former legal counsel when they say that this is fraudulent and that there's tax fraud going on here. So, basically, that means then that Ronna Romney is complicit because if she's been made aware of fraud within the Michigan GOP and has been made aware of the fact that these people are working with Democrat operatives like RFK, then what does that say about Ronna Romney? You know, like, what does that say about Ronna Romney? We already know that she's completely inept, but... Well, the party system is pretty well dead, in my opinion. It's all special interests and it's about moving money around rather than, you know, giving, having the will of the people enforced. You know, that's what really needs to happen. Yeah. So I think that the whole of it asks so, we should be asking so many questions from top to bottom. I think when I listened to you speak at the Lindell symposium and you brought up that the biggest threat we have is the Republican party right now and the way that it's being run. And I really appreciated that because that's what I'm seeing. The party system is failed, completely failed. It's failed and they're complicit. And also now I guess as of this morning, Christina Caramo sent out an email attacking me. So I was just sent this email that she sent out and apparently she's going around telling people, I'll just read it. She said, Oh, dear state committee members, over the last few days, Laura Loomer has taken to X with a malicious intent to disparage my character. She made several deceptive claims regarding my previous affiliation with the unauthorized nonprofit organization. It's not deceptive. She is literally still registered with the Nevada business registration database as being the president. Like, why? How does somebody so low IQ get the position of GOP chairwoman? I mean, honestly, like. I'm starting to wonder if Christina Karamo is a DEI hire, okay? Like how are you that low IQ? And then you're gonna tell me that it's an unauthorized claim or a deceptive claim when your name is literally listed as the president. If you don't wanna be president of an organization, then file paperwork with the official database in Nevada to remove your name so that it's actually reflective in the database. You know, like boards change all the time and their statements and organization changes. You can file paperwork to make it so that you're no longer president, but you can't just go around telling people that you're not president if you are president. Her name is listed to this day as being the current president. This is not what's going to stand up in a court of law. It's like her making these claims that I'm being deceptive or malicious. OK, what is going to stand up in a court of law if there is an investigation into this criminal activity is the fact that her name is literally listed as the current president. So I don't know. Maybe if she decided to surround herself with a group of actual competent people as opposed to former con men and former criminals who have been convicted of defrauding people of hundreds of thousands of dollars, she would understand this. She would understand this. But it looks like her entire inner circle consists of a bunch of actual criminals. So I'm not going to let her tell me that I'm being deceptive. I don't care. Like, I don't really care how many of these election integrity grifters want to call me deceptive. I've always believed the election was stolen. I know the election was stolen, but I've never in my life. I've never in my life. Advantage of people and their rage and people and their emotions about the stolen election to benefit myself financially like she has, you know. Oh, well, I've never benefited financially, she wants to say. Well, why would you start an organization and tell candidates that they could reach out if they want to consult? Who's paying for this? Are you just working for free? No one's working for free. How does your nonprofit... Somebody's paying the bill somewhere. You have to... Yeah, you guys have to also understand this too, right? So... Well, the 501 pending that they've got, that's her parachute, right? That's her exit strategy. So when the state party burns down, that's ultimately where she would go to have an earn. So she's telling everybody right now that, oh, she's not drawing a paycheck. She's not drawing a paycheck. She's a single mother who doesn't have any bank account money, doesn't have any funds, doesn't have any savings. what do you mean she's not drawing a paycheck how is she eating how is she paying bills how is she surviving somebody is paying her it's a lie like on its face it's alive and the last thing the the next thing i want to say just real quick to back to laura's point about it being a fed trap okay everything that they're doing in the state party is being ran through the federal account So in that in itself, all the violations are federal violations. Well, who's the investigative body for the FEC? It's the DOJ. It's the FBI. Like that's who's going to come in and do the investigation right in time for 2024, people. Like this is all by design. I don't want to step on either one of you right now. But, yeah, you're absolutely right. And it's like let's just have the feds audit the feds because that's what's happening. That's what happened in our election in Michigan when Dominion, a offshoot of Dominion, was called to audit Dominion. everything is backwards look it's just a really shady operation okay and the reality is is like she doesn't want to talk about it because yeah obviously it looks really bad for her because she's been caught so i'm not you know i i'm gonna keep on posting about this and i hope that you guys are successful in getting her to resign but You know, I take a lot of pride in my work because I don't get paid for this, right? I'm doing this because I'm trying to help President Trump get elected because we're going to lose our country if he doesn't get elected. And he needs Michigan in order to win. And if he doesn't win Michigan, he's not going to win, you know? And so she's putting the entire 2024 election at risk by creating a scandal that is going to be used to blame President Trump, even if he had nothing to do with this because he's on stage, right, supporting her in the past and they're going to use it to make President Trump look bad. She's being selfish. She's being selfish and she needs to resign. And I think that there should be a criminal investigation into this. I really do. Yeah, we're working on that after we kind of get through some of this stuff. We're going to file some complaints with the appropriate authorities. That's part of the other, that's the back end of the work that we did in the report. But that's coming for sure. I'm not stopping until it's done. There sure has been a lot of work done on this and there's so much overwhelming information on this entire thing that you wouldn't have to know much about politics to realize that there's something very, very, very wrong. When I look at the fact that there's 878,000, 100,000, dollars in debt from from this organization I it boggles my mind she's taking a paycheck when she said she wouldn't when this organization is in debt that far well you don't have to be yeah you don't have to be an expert in politics to know that this is this is tax fraud the structure of this company unauthorized the things that they're promoting and the things that they're encouraging that's tax fraud so Look, at the end of the day, the truth is on my side. She can say whatever she wants about me. Quite frankly, I don't really give a damn, okay? I don't even live in Michigan. I live in Florida where we have our own corrupt GOP chairman who's under investigation right now for allegedly raping a woman. And the vote to expel him is going to be on January 8th. So we have a mess all over this country and key states that President Trump needs to win. I don't even live there. I'm doing this because I'm trying to help get President Trump elected. So it's gonna be up to the people of Michigan to demand accountability here. Obviously, I'm happy to help by utilizing my platform. But like I said, Christina Carano claims that I'm a liar, that I'm deceptive, that I'm somehow maliciously trying to target her. Why would I do that? Why would I do that? I don't even live in Michigan. Right. Let's go there a minute. We just we want America to stand and we're fighting for America, which is for all of us. What's your thoughts on all of the states that are trying to remove President Trump from the ballot? Well, it's communism. It is. And it's election interference. And this is another reason why what Christina Karamo is doing is so dangerous. Because Michigan, they just tried to remove Trump from the ballot. Luckily, the Supreme Court of Michigan said they weren't going to indulge it like they did in Colorado. But what if they had? what have they had? Like Colorado, the Republican party of Michigan wouldn't even have any money to fight it because of her failed leadership. You see what I'm saying? Like you guys could be like Colorado. Thank God. Right. Thank God that the, that the, um, Michigan Supreme Court said that they weren't going to remove Trump from the ballot. Imagine if you guys were in Colorado. She has so much to the point where you guys wouldn't even have money to fight this if you wanted to. I don't think a lot of people understand like the severity of the situation at hand and how bad this is, especially right now as they try to remove President Trump from the ballot in these key states. She has really screwed the pooch on this one. Laura, it's even better than that. Hold on, guys. It's even better than that. So she keeps claiming and the MIGOP keeps claiming that they intervened and were part of the lawsuit to help get Trump on the ballot to stop this push to get him off. The funny thing is they're not even named because they were too late. They missed the filing deadline because they were so slow to react. that they're not even the parties, their brief didn't even get entered in the arguments that got Trump back on the ballot to the Supreme Court. They had no involvement in the case, but they're going around shilling, telling everybody that they were. They were too late to file. This is true. Nobody knows this. Well, we've seen that from the beginning of President Trump coming on the scene here, too. I mean, really, the Republican Party in Michigan has been an abysmal failure in actually supporting him, which he was the people's choice. Look, absolutely. I agree with you completely. And again, it all kind of traces back, in my opinion, to Ronna Romney, right? Ronna Romney, because of her direct ties to Michigan and her support of Christina Karamo. And look, apparently this was brought to her attention. I'll say it again. And she refused to take action on it as the GOP care woman. So we... We have a crisis. People should be calling for Christina Karamo to resign. People should be calling for Ronna Romney to resign. Because this is going to really come back to hurt President Trump. It's going to hurt President Trump if there isn't some accountability. And all the down ballot candidates, too, that stand up for America. When they go after one of us, they go after all of us. Well, that's the thing too that people, well, that's the thing that people got to understand with unauthorized, right? So they're working in other states with other state party chairs that were failed candidates for secretary of state. So all these people, right, they're disaffecting their parties. And what's going to happen is, These down-ballot races, we're going to lose House seats and U.S. Senate seats, and that's going to stymie Trump in 2024 when he does win. So there's even a more cascading effect. So all these state parties that are burning it down with these people that are partnered with Unauthorized One and Christina, they're doing this across the country. And Christina, last night she tweeted about the thing in Maine with the Secretary of State. But she named six or seven other state GOP chairs that she's partnered with. Look at the bank balances of all these states that she partners with. Every single partner of unauthorized one, they have no money. They're all broke. They're all failing. Well, someone's paying them. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. But I have to go to some meetings now. I wanted to hop on because I saw you reached out and I wanted to try to accommodate, obviously. But I need to get some more of these follow up reports out. And hopefully everybody holds the line. And look, it's sad. You know, it's sad when somebody presents themselves as a person that you think you can trust. And maybe that's why so many people are reluctant. Right. And they think that, oh, you know, it's easy to gaslight people into thinking that this is just an attack on Christina Karamo. But what is she going to do? Accuse me of being a rhino next. Right. So that's her tactic. Everyone's a rhino who wants to go after her. This is a rhino operation to get rid of her. Yeah, I mean, I mean, they come. I mean, they come. Yeah, I made the elite tier one list of rhinos on the Rhino Watcher from their new unshackled, which is ridiculous. Exactly. Thank you so much for coming on. I love you to pieces, Laura, and I really appreciate all the work you do and just so much respect for you. Thanks so much for coming on. And anytime you want to come on BNN and, you know, to be talking to people here, you're always welcome. Yeah, thank you. I appreciate that. And great work to Warren as well for putting so much time and money into preparing his report. I know that he said he had to put his own resources into this. And that's really incredible that somebody would be that selfless in the sense that they would invest their own resources into bringing people the truth. So good job, Warren. Thanks, Esther. I appreciate you. Yeah, thank you. All right. Talk to you guys soon. Thanks, Laura. Bye-bye. Bye. So back to you and I Warren. So let's talk about what else is happening here. Cause we were, you know, I'm, I'm so grateful that Laura came on. She's amazing. And a strong woman. I like strong, strong women. They, they get the job done. Right. and all the work that you put into is just amazing. So let's talk about more about what's really going on here so that people can understand. I have the analysis on the report from John Dunlap, but there's more going on, isn't there? Yeah, so as of a couple days ago, Well, it's been 10 days now. So there was a budget committee meeting that transpired on 12-21-23 where Christina came on there and basically, you know, and you've heard the administration saying this for months, right? All the bills for Mackinac are paid. All the bills for Mackinac are paid. Well, they're not. She had to come back onto the budget committee call and she had to go and say that she needed $15,000 for Carrie Lake for her payment. And then she also needed another $10,000 for James O'Keefe. Now, I want you guys to think about this. Was James O'Keefe at Mackinac? Donna, was he at Mackinac? I didn't go to Mackinac, so I'm going to say no. No, he wasn't. So so it makes it makes you wonder why we have to pay him ten thousand dollars. We have to pay him ten thousand dollars because on this call, Christina says that she signed the contract with him, but didn't realize she didn't have enough money to pay him. And then they ghosted him. And then his his organization came back and said they want the ten thousand dollars for canceling the contract without notice. So now the state party is spending money that it got from Kevin McCarthy and Ron Weiser, right, from the Fed side. They're spending money from your federal hard dollar account to pay for a speaker that they couldn't pay for, but now they have to pay and didn't show up to deliver any services. How is that being a good steward of the party's money? But the problem with it is... The problem with it is, is that James O'Keefe is a federal purpose payment, right? Because he was signed to be a speaker at Mackinac, which would have boosted sales to tickets and tickets were ran through the Fed account. So what they're doing is they're taking money out of the federal account to spend on these people. But now they're saying they're transferring it from the Fed account to the administrative account to pay them back. But it doesn't matter. They just don't know what they're doing. Like, so like that's a provable lie, right? For months, she came out and said that all the bills for Mackinac were paid. And the thing is, I have a recording of the call. And I'm going to share that with Donna so we can get some of this stuff out. And Laura Loomer too, right? So she can kind of share some of this stuff out. What these people have to understand is she's lying to you, right? And I don't care what they say about me, about all the stuff and all the things. Like when they're attacking you, And they're not attacking arguments. When they're making it about Warren Carpenter, and that's never what I've done. Everyone knows that. I had to build a microphone as big as hers, and I had to use the media to do that. So if everybody keeps saying the liberal media is using me, no, contraire, my friend. It's the exact opposite. I use the media to get out what I needed to tell you. And the only way for me to have a voice as big as hers was to do it that way. So I had to leak stories that were true, fact-checked, or editors wouldn't let the newspapers put them out about what was going on. This is another instance of that. Everyone's going to find out whether hell or high water. And here's the thing. This is the problem with the choice. It's so frustrating. So if we don't take care of this now, There will be criminal charges and implications and investigations that will probably shut down and neuter our party. Like Laura was talking about, right? Like Luma was talking about that will cripple us for 2024. If we don't clean our own house, And I'm imploring people. Yeah, I'm imploring people to understand really what's going on and maybe just stop from the cognitive dissidence that Christina is your savior. OK, and it's possible and it's plausible that they could be doing this in other places that are very important for Trump to win. Right. And, you know, me and me and Laura had a long talk about a half an hour before I got on the podcast with you today. Donna, that's why I was a little bit late. and like she sees exactly it the way that i see it as well and and and the problem is is there are a ton of grifters in the election integrity movement and they're strategically placed there. So when they all get found out or bad stories drop on them, or someone gets arrested, they're gonna make sure it's EI people. They're gonna make sure it's the grassroots, right? They're priming it for that. So it makes it look like it ties to Trump, right? These are Trump supporters. These are Trump people. Like you guys gotta understand if they're willing to lie about the Whitmer, fed napping plot, if they're willing to lock you up in a gulag, if they're willing to put 16 electors that are all retirees in prison for 88 years, what in God's name makes you think that they're not coming for you next? What in God's name makes you think that they wouldn't use every tactic necessary to burn down our party and stop Big Daddy from getting in? I mean, I just need people to understand where they are. Well, there's so much of this Fed stuff going on, it's not even funny. When we look at how many setups there have been, you can really see the internal struggle within our own government. There's two groups of people that are fighting this, and it's not Republicans and Democrats. It's actually the government against we the people, and we the people should be in charge, but They have so subverted so many systems. And because they're not following the law and making up policies on the fly, as Jonathan Brader said publicly in a hearing, they're writing the rules to keep them in power and to subvert the will of we the people. And the political parties are all part of it. All part of it. Yeah, I don't... I don't think that there's an easy, clear answer for this, but it makes perfect sense. When their tactic, like I said, is to destroy the person and not the argument, and then gaslight through their answers without providing substantial facts and evidence. And case in point, like no one from the budget committee has ever seen any of these documents. No one's ever seen the Joe Moss money invoice. Nobody's ever seen the Caviezel contract, the loan I'm talking about, right? They kept saying that there was a contract for the loan. Nobody's seen it. And if they do see it, I'm gonna tell you this right now. It was written after August 1st, like they're claiming it was written. So it's not even an accurate document. There's no possible way. So they're writing these things in – Yeah. It's never – Donna, it's never the crime. It's always the what? The cover-up. It's the cover-up, Donna. It's always the cover-up. And that's where you catch them. You catch them in the cover up because people really aren't that good, good at lying. They think they are, but they're really not. It's kind of like catching kids with their hands in the cookie. What are you doing? No, I didn't take the cookie. I mean, how many of us as parents have seen this happen before? And but they they're not they're not as good at misleading as they think they are. As long as their eyes are open a little bit and we kind of tune into what they're doing. So one of the things I do want to kind of jump back to that we were talking about is is what Laura was saying about this being like a Fed trap. Right. And and then back to what I was saying about everything being ran in the Fed account. So on this budget call that Christine is on, she basically says that, you know, we of course, we put everything into the federal account. It's the most important account we have. And it's like, that's not even that doesn't even make sense because each account has a very specific purpose that's why you have so many accounts so you would never use the fed account to run your entire state party because that means that you can't do any state campaigning at all if you're only using federal dollars those can't be spent on state activities state candidates state you know initiatives state anything It goes again to show the complete incompetence about this. And the problem with it is- Perseversion. yeah well and that's where i'm you know that's where i've always been on this but the problem with it is is that's not going to be an excuse when they come in and start you know investigating the party and basically make it so no one could ever possibly give no one could ever possibly donate you know because because they're under investigation i mean okay what happens when we default on the line of credit to comerica Right. That goes on the credit report of the RN or of the MIGOP. No bank would ever give us a loan again. You know, like what this, this is, this is systematically and fundamentally destroy destroying the name of the party. And, and, and, and, and I don't want to be, yeah, listen, I don't want to be out here, Donna doing this stuff. Right. Because I keep trying to tell people, I just want my big, beautiful Republican party back. Right. I want my party back. And the people that told me that they were going to be the ones to help get it back are the ones that are destroying it. And we just need to understand where we are. We just need to understand what that would look like. And once you decide what that would look like, are any of the things that are going on look like that too? And then start to break the cognitive dissonance that this woman is your savior and she was going to fix everything and she doesn't lie. She lies all the time. When we release this clip, right, of this budget committee meeting, you're going to hear her lie. But you know what she says when she lies? I misspoke. Right. Well, misspoke means that you said the wrong word. Right. It doesn't mean that you tell people for months everything's paid, everything's paid, everything's paid. And then when you finally get some of the establishment daddy's money in a Fed account through, you know, just a, you know, just a luck. Sure. Luck. Let's just call it right. They had no intention of knowing this money was coming. Now, now they're now they're burning it all down. You know, I don't I'm so frustrated at this point, Donna, because because the other part of it is, you know, the other part of it is, you know, then argue what I'm saying. But instead of doing that, they're trying to come after me. Well, that's true. They've done it with all of us. Any of us that have stood up for, you know, you're really feeling a great deal of grief about the Republican Party. Well, I'm feeling grief about America. And I see the parties as part of the threat to America and to us, we the people, Americans. And at this point in time, I don't see anyone that's going to... My only argument with you is this, okay? There's no possible way without an organization that you can beat Democrats in an election. That is true. Right. So, so yeah, well, but, but the Democrats won't come down because their pockets are deep and their people are committed and they're, you know, they're true believers, you know, and people just got to understand where they are in the room, man. Right. You do this, you are, you are, you are seeding all the winnable elections. You're seeding them. Right. There is no if it burns down, so be it, to quote Christina Karamo when she was in Macomb. Right. If it burns down, so be it. You know, she's the one talking about your children's future. But what if, you know, like, yeah, but but if we can't do it, let it all burn. Well, that's not your children's future. Yeah, that's not understand. Yeah. People got to understand you need a vehicle. Right. You know, you can't you can't run a race against a Corvette on your feet. You've got to build your own Corvette. They don't even have a pedal bike. These people are on like a foot scooter. We got to get this figured out, people. People are starting to wake up. I think one of the biggest things is if you want to have a good leader, you have to be a really good follower. And it's not about being in charge or being right all the time. It's about enabling people to be in positions where they can truly succeed and acknowledging each other for the gifts that God gave us, the different gifts, and not trying to be everything to everyone. Focus on what you do. And, you know, like we've, we've heard, you know, we were talking, heard about Robert Kennedy Jr. I listened to him in a meeting and he was one of the most sincere people I think I've ever listened to in my life. And he said he was sorry. He said he made a mistake and he's trying, he said, I was wrong. Now, does that mean that I'm just going to throw him to them a hundred percent? No, president Trump is the rightful president of the United States. And he's, he's, He's my president right there, right? Amen. Amen. And so that doesn't mean that you just quickly change your loyalty. That's not what it's about. But you give people a chance and let them bring their ideas to the table and such. But the problem I see with the entire state of Michigan is nobody wants to work with anybody or respect each other and to jump on board to help each other. It's all got to be their way or the highway. Well, you can't build anything. That's not an organization. That is a group of loosely associated individuals preying on each other in meetings to try to garner support rather than going, what can I do to help you? And then try to figure out ways to work together to lock this thing together as a unified, different ways things are going, but to move it forward in ways you know, together and that's not happening. And we, and we don't have anyone that are sitting in the seats that I can see that are actual natural leaders or have the ability to do that sort of a function. So I'm really, I'm really hoping that, you know, first and foremost, everybody checks themselves and says, well, I might have to give a little bit in this direction in order to unify this and try to help each other reach their goals and create win-wins for everyone. We don't always have to have either my way or the highway. Sometimes it's a, well, if we do this, it's yes, it's going in that direction, but I'm also creating wins as I go. And that skill set is entirely missing from the Republican Party. Yeah, it's nuts when you think about kind of where we are to that point about working together and collaboration. But make no mistake, the tactics being used by this administration's circle of influence, okay, the unshackle the mitten stuff and all this stuff, these are Democratic Saul Alinsky tactics. You bet they are. They're Democrats. I won't work with evil. I will not work with a Marxist because there's no facilitating them. I'm telling you, when they can't fight the message, they try to isolate the individual. They attack them. They defame them. Listen, you can bring up all the stuff in my past that you want. I don't give a flying funk. I don't care. My family doesn't care. Everybody knows who I am. I'm bulletproof in this shit. I'm telling you right now. You can keep going all you want. I'm never going to stop. I'm not embarrassed about my past. It's who's made me the person I am today that can stand before you and do exactly what I'm doing and have no fear in my voice. I want you to hear that. No fear in my voice. Nothing you will do will ever stop me. That's the attitude that we need to have in order to fight this. People need to grow spine in this fight because these people are playing for keeps. They're here for a mission, and it's not to get Big Daddy elected in 24. It is to burn it down. And even the people that don't know that that's what's going on, but they're useful idiots in this, and they are idiots. There's a lot of them. Yeah, there's gonna be a place for us to open our arms back up to these people when they see what goes on. I'm not saying that everybody here is bad. It's a group of 15, 20 people that I think should be banned from the party. There's statute in the party that says we can ban these people for five years. And I think that we're gonna have to take that measure. When this is all said and done. I agree with you on that one because there's too many of them that will not, they're disruptors. They're not trying to solve anything. All they're doing is trying to tear down anyone that actually wants to help, which tells me that they're from the outside trying to subvert anything, any forward motion into unifying society. Not only the party, but the state. And there's a difference between a normal person. I mean, we all make mistakes. There's not one person out there that's perfect. There was only one. That's Jesus Christ. And he didn't throw a stone. But we point out their activities. We do point out their activities, not necessarily disparage their character. And something that came up this last couple of days is they went after me and said, Oh, look at Donna Brandenburg and her lavish lifestyle. And she doesn't care about the people really. I mean, I was the one that was picking worms out of a manure pile when I was in high school. In order to to sell whatever I could and, you know, to to make money, to be helpful to my family. Right. And and to what what we needed. And I so I think that's kind of a it's one of those things that that's something that somebody said that has no basis for reality in it. It's it's crazy. And things that things that people don't know, you know, one of my businesses, I never took a paycheck, I never took a dime out of it for 16 years. And I reinvested it in order to provide good jobs and a future for the people around me that I love. So how many people have deferred any payment for even two months? I mean, this was 16 years. And it's kind of crazy to me for people to make those kind of wild statements based on what they can engineer in a perception on other people. You know, if they can engineer a perceived class war, whether it's true or not, I'm not a billionaire, but they sure as heck throw that one out a lot. That's how these psyops work. What are you basing that on? I'm not a billionaire. I've never been a billionaire. I'm not even close to being a billionaire. I know how to work. And granted, you know, it's it's not not my. not my goal to have a great big pile of Scrooge McDuck money at the end of my life. That's, that's what, what has it gained you? You know, I serve God almighty and whatever he wants me to do, I'm willing to do. It doesn't matter. My treasures in heaven and that eternal perspective changes us. But when people look at us through their lens of what they would do in that situation, they're telling you, this is how I think, not how, not what reality is. And this is what I want everybody else to think because I want them all to agree with me so we can start hating on this person. No, it's not hate on them. It's moving forward. I'll show you. You want to see a clip that I've been playing the last couple of days? I threw another video out there. And I think this is significant if you've got a few minutes. Yeah. Okay. So this is the J6 video and I went ahead and I, I watermarked it to their horror because this one keeps coming up. Everybody's losing their little literal minds out there, but I want you to, I want you to, we're going to dissect why they're losing their minds on this. After you watch this video where I want to tell, I want to dissect what's actually happening there and the reaction. Cause they're like, you know, first of all, they tried to serve me. No, well, there wasn't no, any notice there. It was ridiculous. And, I'm not a good one to threaten. You threaten me and I'm just going to double down on it. And that's what I did. So listen. Yeah, well, you know what? I think so. Are you ready to stand here for several days to occupy the Capitol? What price are you willing to pay for your liberty? What price? Think about that. Continue. We outnumber them. Continue forward. Continue. Continue. Continue. Do not back down. Do not stand down. Do not stop. Continue to storm this Capitol. Do not stop. Where's the ramp? Where's the handicap ramp? I've got a terrible limp. I've got to find another way to get up there. This is our 1776. It does not get any better than this right now, guys. Go up this ramp here. Go on this way. Continue, not to the sides, up here. Go up the ramp, not to the sides, but continue straight forward. We have breached the Capitol. We are up to the stairs. We will fill the Capitol. All of you must be in the Capitol. Do not be afraid. Move forward. Move forward. They cannot arrest us all. They will not. And if they did, there is no better cause than to be arrested for freedom. So you must decide. Are you going to be fair with the patriots and make like little boys and girls to go home yesterday? All the virtues have no value unless you have courage. You will defy the lockdown if you have guts at 6 o'clock. We are now beginning Occupy Congress. Occupy Congress. It starts today. This is day one. We're going to be here all night. If you notice, the police are afraid of us. They are afraid of people like this. They are not here to protect and to serve us. They are not here to serve and protect. They are here to shut us down and silence us, and we won't have it. Block the police. Block a tyrannical government controlled by a Democratic mayor. People continue to storm the Capitol. Storm the Capitol. So what really strikes me with this, Warren, is the fact that first of all, I never heard President Trump's name mentioned. Exactly. And this is a thing. This is what I did here in the Michigan Republican Party, the MIGOP. I have not heard any fighting for election integrity, not true election integrity, or to support President Trump at all. That's number one. And I wasn't there, but I have a lot of a lot of whistleblowers that actually will reach out to me because I will not disclose my sources. And for any reason whatsoever, media privilege. And that's what is at work. I will not disclose my sources and I'm honorable enough not to do so. And the second thing is, is these people were encouraging other people to get arrested, but they're walking around free. And I'm not saying that any of them did anything particularly wrong. Maybe they were stupid. But other than that, what I'm saying is that I am calling for an unconditional and immediate release of all January 6th political prisoners, because most of the people that were there were there to support President Trump. The ones that were not being prosecuted, well, who was investigating? The FBI? Oh, yeah, I'm going to give a rip about that. The Capitol Police? Yeah. Ivan Raiklin, who taught in intelligence and was on my show, proved it out and mapped this whole thing out on exactly what was going on there and who engineered this entire thing. in order to stop president Trump from having enough electoral votes to take office. This is all about getting him out. And, and so, so, and then the secret service, Oh, spooky. Yeah, sure. I'm going to believe that. I don't, I don't think it functions that way. And, uh, And so at any rate, mine is not necessarily too, I've got some questions on why somebody like, uh, Troy Smocks was arrested and he was never in the Capitol, not even near it, but he's the first arrest. And he was that he was a black guy and African-American guy that, um, that got arrested because they were trying to push the white privilege nonsense that's out there. And he said there was none. He was in the gulag there. There's almost everybody in the gulag. He told me everyone is on psych meds because of the abuse that's going on there. And there's been some deaths. some suicides and such besides that. And they're getting tortured and beaten. And the guards there, they're not even Americans. They're pulling them off of foreign soil in order to watch our political prisoners. And they're being told exactly how to treat them, what to do. That was what I was told. And so here we go. I've got this video here and I watermarked it. I'm going to watermark all of them because they did take one of them and threw it on Fox News, cut the sound on that to manipulate what people were seeing. These people are so manipulative. It's unbelievable. And the media is in on it and the corporations are in on it and the FBI is in on it. And I'm assuming that there are a few people out there that are good. God help us if they're not. But I'm hoping that there are some good people within some of these organizations that are actually fighting for what's right. But at this point in time, I'm not sure I've met any personally, anybody that says that I've been working with the FBI. Okay, now you're on Donna's suspect number one list. Yeah. What's crazy is though- Well, the thing, the thing that I want to hit home to people is like, you have to use what they're doing to you against them. Right. So like you said, like the liberal media, like that's the big claim, right. That I'm going to the liberal rags and like, I'm a puppet for the Detroit news. Like, No, no, no. Contrary. I did what probably people should have done. I use the media to my advantage to get out the stories that needed to get out. I don't care how they got out, but they got into your hands. So now instead of talking again about the facts of what was reported, OK, depending upon who cares who report it. the facts of what was reported you're going to say well you can't you can't trust what it says because of who it came from it's always the messenger right that's what they do they destroy you that way it's always the messenger it's never the information so if people can just break that cognitive dissonance and and understand that maybe just maybe you were fed a bill of goods people can start to see like what you're showing right now the narrative is totally different and these people are hiding it through saul alinsky tactics to damage people, right? Both personally and professionally in any personal way they can to discredit them. So then you discredit their message. That's what they've done to our whole movement. They've called us all conspiracy theorists. They've called us all crazies. We're all election deniers, right? We're all anti-vaxxers, anti-science, anti-this, anti-that. And they try to put you in a box to make the things that you know in your heart are true seem like lies. And that is classic military psy-out. That is classic color revolution, CIA tactics. And people need to understand where they are. It's being used on your own people, right? On your own people, they're doing this. I'm going to show you, this is the report that was put out on Rhino Watch, Donna Brandenburg. First world, occultists are a relatively small percentage of the population, yet remain hyper-focused on and concentrated positions of power and authority. Really, first off, what power or authority do I have right now? I'm sitting here at my kitchen table broadcasting, which is ridiculous. And this was based on the fact that I defended someone that these Saul Alinsky creeps were going after. as a human being. And I didn't think it was right. I just didn't think it was right. I don't care who people go after if it's an unjust action. I will defend him. Do I believe that this person is an occultist? No. Does he have a warped sense of humor? Probably. But I think he's funny at any rate. And if anybody thinks that that kind of stuff isn't funny, I'm going to call you a freaking hypocrite. Because I've watched people out there laughing over all kinds of things. South Park. Let's go to South Park. All the cartoons. All of these things that are on mainstream media. Unless you tell me that your little house on the prairie at your home... You know, kind of actually like I do because I don't watch TV. I watch like we have a TV, but we don't watch broadcast TV. We'll watch things like nerd TVs, like what's happening in Haiti. And the engineering fails of, this is what we watch. I watch like engineering fails for bridge construction. I can tell you all about that. I watch nerd stuff, right? I don't watch broadcast TV per se. So, you know, that's kind of crazy. But they're calling me an occultist, which I don't know what their term is. And it's like, I'm not a real Christian. That keeps coming up a lot. It's like, I've never heard these people ever, ever talk about or even actually pray, the ones that have been out there. So what are they basing us on? Because I was defending somebody who was being abused, who was being abused publicly. it wasn't going after a core issue. It was just like, Hey, just knock it off. Stop, stop this. And here's an, this is an indictment on their character. Are we supposed to be sitting in our churches? We're only talking to people that we agree with, or as Christians, are we supposed to go and be the light of Christ and, to the world. That doesn't mean you're going to separate yourself out. That means you're going to stand there as a beacon of hope in the name of Jesus Christ. Jesus hung out with prostitutes and tax collectors. And one of the guys said that on the chat the other day. They said, well, you're not a real Christian, really? And he said, you know, he started quoting scripture like, you know, like this. And I was like, I'm pretty extra sure Jesus wouldn't have made the cut of being a good Christian with you because he hung out with tax collectors and prostitutes. He turned tables over for watching TV. for watching um you know turned tables over in the temple for watching people turn uh his house of prayer into a into a marketplace a place to to that was all about money this is what yeah and that's you know and that's what i want to kind of call attention to right that's what they've that's what they've done they've they've The people that are involved in this, they trade on Christ's name. They trade on faith. You bet they do. Listen, in doing so in a way that is so unchristian in itself is nuts. It's Old Testament Christianity, and then they sprinkle in Christ in the New Testament to sweeten it up or something. I don't understand it, but You know what it is? It's taking God's name in vain. That is taking God's name in vain. I agree 100%. And the problem is, is that for people that are of faith, right, we hold our faith so deeply. And it's like, my views on faith are like really different than a lot of other people's or my faith. And it's like, it's my relationship with Christ. It's not like outward. I don't tell people about how I pray or what I pray about or where my heart is. It's something that's a relationship with God the Father and Jesus the Son and facilitated in my life through the feeling of the Holy Spirit. So I don't need to go out and proclaim that to people. It should be evident in the way I live my life now. It wasn't like that always. It wasn't like that when I was drinking. It wasn't like that when I was younger. It wasn't like that when I made the mistakes that made me bulletproof like I am today. All those things that Christ has built in me now are personal things. I don't need to go outwardly and do that. And people that use that as a cudgel are using it for propaganda purposes. And we just really need to be understanding about what that means. This is a spiritual war. I agree 100%. So why would you think that, you know, the whole world is going to be fooled by the Antichrist? Do you know what I'm saying? Like, we just have to be understanding about what the Scripture says and the things that are going on with these people and the way they're coming after people in the name of Christ. Because, listen, that's the only place they can trade in it. They have to use the faith battle because then it becomes an unquestionable battle between good and evil and facts don't matter because God told them or they're on God's side. And that's just not how it works. God is there, but he's in the works of people and their works of kindness, braveness, boldness, and truth. Right. So truth means that you would you would discuss facts and you would discuss information, but instead the character assassinate. And I just think that people need to understand really what the playbook is, because then it makes things clear. You know, that's that's my point in all this. Well, the people that really believe in God, they are you know, they have so much respect for him that they they're generally they're going to be a little quieter because they don't want to you know, they really do believe in God. They they walk with God and they don't want to do something that's not right. and they're trying to honor God in their walk. And when somebody weaponizes that true faith and love of God Almighty, You know, God, our father, God almighty, not not what a lot of these people serve, which is which is Lucifer, Satan himself. And he comes as an angel of light. The Bible talks about it. So we have to be, you know, but those of us who hold deeply our our our relationship with God, we're not you know, we're we tend to be a little bit. Well, I don't want to do something that, you know, and we'll, we'll think about it a little bit, you know, and, and I think that that's a really, a really great thing, but it is despicable. When somebody uses the Lord's name in vain, truly uses it, and that doesn't mean use it as a cuss word necessarily. It means using it in vain for self-gain and moving people, you know, moving their self-interest forward. And they have no qualm about doing it. I am so shocked about how much I've seen that in the political world. It's crazy. They'll sit there and they'll say, okay, we're going to pray in front of this event. Well, that's great. I hope you are praying in front of the event. And then they turn right around and they lie and they screw everybody in the room. I'm not going to get a pass from God. Just me. Maybe it's just me. But he sees that he knows what our actions are. And and, you know, we're all going to have to face him someday. If you're not walking with him now, you're going to face him sooner or later. And that's not going to be a good day. We we can profess our faith in God. But we also have to live it. And faith without works is dead. And you're not going to fool God. God is not going to be mocked. And he's not going to be fooled by this nonsense out there. And when you have somebody that's out there actively telling people to get arrested, go ahead and get arrested. I want to know where the backgrounds of these people are from. But I can tell you right now, I know that two of them have got phones. with the pre prefixes from from california explain that to me okay and are working in the state of michigan i want to i want some answers there and but other than that it's like how can you in good conscience have sat there and put yourself on a stage as the leaders of all these people and all of a sudden some of them get thrown in the gulag and you run to cover your tail I think it's despicable. And it's like, okay, you're going to be man enough to stand there. Then why don't you be man enough to get out there and say, you know what, I'm going to stand in front of this chart, and I'm going to be talking about this and say, I'm not saying anybody did anything wrong. I'm saying the whole situation was a federal setup. So if you're going to sit there and tell people to get arrested, then man up, grow a set, and stand in front of them or go sit in jail with them. I know it's the reps. It's the, they're all, listen, what's crazy to me is we all knew that feds were there. Right. And we all, we all keep, you know, we all keep saying that we know that the feds are trying to take us out and that they're going to arrest us all. And they're going to put us all in camps. You know, there's, there's this, there's a subset of our, of our, of our party that, that understand that and believe that. And, but at the exact same time, right. Those are the same people right now who refuse to believe that, that, that the feds could possibly be working an operation to destroy you and get you arrested from inside a political party. Feds did it. No, no, but what I'm saying, yeah, but I'm saying, like, that's happening right now in our Republican Party, I believe. And it's crazy that you wouldn't believe that that could be possible, but you could believe all the other things. It's like it's what I always say. You know, I'm trying to convince the most conspiracy minded people in the history of our of our planet, probably definitely in our country. Right. And of our lifetime. that their leader is a conspiracy. There's people like Laura out there that are helping expose some of those things. Laura's got the receipts. She's talked back and forth to Mech. Mech got her number and he's been calling her off the hook. This is what I'm saying. These people are in a panic because they're about to lose their power. They keep saying it's about us wanting, I don't want any fricking power. I wanna go back to my family. Right. But I promised everybody I would see this through, you know, and and it's like it's just ludicrous. We just got to we got to break the cognitive dissidence. And I hope that it's starting to happen for people. Right. Hang on a second. I'm going to I'm going to go see if I can pull that. Wow. Laura Loomer's got like a bazillion chats on here. I think it's Loomer official, isn't it? I want to see if I can find that. I've got someone pass that video on to me. of Matt, that interview. I'm going to see if I can bring it up here a minute. Let's see if we can find it. It may take me a minute to find it here. You know what's crazy, Donna, is that this whole unauthorized story was first broke on your podcast. Yes, it was. for all of our side of the political persuasion. All those facts initially came out. So I think it's apropos that Laura came on to your podcast this morning to go through this. You know what I mean? It was very nice. She's such a gracious person and And, you know, it's been wonderful. You know, it's like we you know, I just appreciate that so much. And I appreciate standing with anyone that's willing to fight for this. You don't have to be perfect. That's not what we're looking for. We're not looking for perfect people. We're looking for people that are perfect for this time that want to stand for the nation. You're perfect. If you're here and you're willing to stand, you're perfect. You just qualified because we're we're talking about the entirety of. of our government at this point in time is absolutely off the rails in a situation of treason. Most of these people have committed treason. They violated their oaths of office. They are at war. We have been infiltrated. It's not that it started. It's already happened. Now we're digging ourselves back out when the political parties, they're part of it. They're playing ball with them. Yeah, you know, I'm trying to look up the quote so I can get it exactly, but maybe you remember it. Like, this is what I want people to understand, right? I don't want anything out of this. I'm going to see if I can find that video and post it. I just want to say this. I'm not going to run for anything after this. I don't want anything from this. But there's a quote from our founding fathers. And it goes something like, we pledge our blood, our treasure. Our lives, our fortune, and our sacred honor. Sacred honor. Yeah. And I'm going to tell you, that's the marker that you should be looking for in people. Like, I don't care what you say about me. I'll put everything on the line for this because we're all worth it. Our beliefs and our values and our principles are worth it. And I'm willing to stand up against everybody. I was one person. I was one person. And look where we are in three months, people. We are an army of patriots. We can accomplish great things if we work hard. And I want us to understand that we need to take our party back before 2024 or we are in deep, deep trouble. you are amazing and you know, you, you are completely amazing and I'm so grateful for everything that you've done. And I mean, I've listened to some, so many people here that have been demonized in the Republican party. And, you know, I just, I listened to a lot of stuff and I let things, play out, you know, but you, you are truly amazing and you've really united so many people. And it was really quite an honor for me to meet you. I didn't really know much about you until the first time we, we met. And, uh, I'm like, wow, this guy's for real. This is amazing. And let me see here. I'm, I know I've got that video. I had about four or five different people actually send it to me. No, take your time. It's okay. I'm sure I can talk about anything for a longer period of time. Somebody said to me at one point in time, they said, they're like, how many people does Brandenburg know? A lot. And it's kind of crazy how many people I actually do know. And hang on a minute. This is what you get, real news for real people by real people at the kitchen table. You work with a lot of people that are running for secretaries. Hang on a minute, and we'll put this right up here. I'm going to prove the point here. I just put it out there. So I'll have a story about this after you play this. Okay, here we go. You just talked about governors. There's a lot of different positions that people are running for that you guys are working with. What if somebody says, hey, I want to learn more about running myself? What would they do? You can schedule a consult. You can email at Right now, and by the way, on our group, Christina Cromwell is the president of the board. Rachel Hamm is on the board. Those are great women. And I'm the executive director. And I'm reaching out. I'm getting some grassroots Democrats to get on the board, again, because we're nonpartisan for this. OK. Now, I don't mind if somebody wants to do something like that, but they should come forward and be right out there with what they're doing. Yeah, so when I first started doing the investigation and we uncovered the stuff about unauthorized ones, When I was talking to the attorney that helped me on the project, when I would talk to people about different stories for the news, I always thought that this was the biggest story. And then I always thought that the money laundering aspect from the 501c3 to C4, Frank Gaffney's group, and to Meck's group slash Christina's group, the 501C4, unauthorized, were the two biggest things and were such national stories because the impact was so crazy, right? I just got a text from me this morning about one of unauthorized .1's partners in Idaho, right? Dorothy Moon. There's an article that just came out this morning saying that she's being sued for meddling in elections. So the county parties are suing her because she's getting involved in their county business. That's one of unauthorized Dot one's, you know, partners, you know, partner state party chairs, who was a former secretary of state candidate. You know, she's one of these people and she's doing the exact same thing. I always thought that this was like the biggest part of the story. But, you know, newspapers and whatever else, you know, they want to talk about financial malfeasance or being broke or this or that. All those things are true. But but what Laura is hitting on right now and what you're hitting on this national, this national psyop, this national effort for these people to destroy us. I always thought that was the bigger the bigger play. Yeah, well, something just struck me. You know how I get on? I don't plan anything I'm going to say, which is probably pretty evident to everyone, right? Not always the smoothest person out there, but I am at least honest. They're talking about getting people on the ballot. But let's look at the state of Michigan, the key state here. Is the Republican Party at all working to get anyone? And so this is a problem that I see because when you are in charge of a state party, your primary focus on that should be that state party. Well, if you're off on focus and you're like this all over the place and you don't have the management skills, which clearly she doesn't. I mean, I can tell you right now, if you manage a lot of companies such as I do, you get pretty good at being able to do that structure. She's never done it. So she doesn't know how to do it. She doesn't know how to juggle it. So she's basically abandoned the state and took off and is working with all these governments to get candidates not in the state of Michigan, subverted it by running the stuff through Mackinac Island through the federal account. So they can't even support them financially to literally abandon the state to have candidates run. That's what I'm seeing there. Well, think about it, right? So unauthorized is doing this all through the country to help all these other people get on the ballot. But our state party hasn't done any state political activity, according to them, the treasurer. And that's why they haven't filed a state Mertz report that they were supposed to file in October. So it just proves the point. They're not doing anything in the state to help get anyone elected. People are going to wake up and realize that the emperor has no clothes, and it's going to be too late. Exactly. So let's take this and continue to distill this down a little bit because every minute you think about it, you start chewing it on it, and then you're like, well, wait a minute. We've got to be very careful, though, even though they're a nonpartisan thing. I believe in working. You have to work nonpartisan when you are in the seats. OK, you have to be like if you're the governor, you're the governor for the entire state. You don't sit there. You got it. You got to let you. Yeah, you got to represent everyone. Correct. But what's happening here is. they have completely abandoned having candidates in the state. And not only that, but we're already going down the path of saying, you know, it's Democrats, it's Republicans. No, the problem here is much, much bigger than that. It's not it, though, though they're trying to work bipartisan, which, OK, if they were transparent, they were coming forward. We're not talking about progressives. We're talking about good, solid constitutional candidates. I would say I'll give you a few minutes to listen to. Right. But they've completely blown that all out of the water and failed abysmally. But the bigger problem with that. is that they're trying to turn this into a Democrat, Republican, left, right, Marxist thing, which is what they've been doing for a long time. This is much bigger. They are destroying the chance for any real non-establishment candidate to sit in a seat. That's what this is all about. It's that any, you know, because the Democrats are going to fund any, you know, the Democrats. The Democrat machine never stopped. They're Marxists. They are highly funded. They're not even Democrats. President Trump was a Kennedy Democrat. His best friend was JFK. So when somebody says RFK, JFK, President Trump is to his core a Kennedy Democrat. I don't care what anybody says. OK, he ran on the Constitution Party, which is what I am vice chair of. Right. What is happening here is such a total meltdown and confusion of the conservative, the right base in this country. That's what they're destroying. They're not just destroying the Republican Party. They're destroying we the people who want to see God in our in our, you know, in our politics. our country, that we are one nation under God. That's what they're trying to destroy right there. That's what they're going after. And they're using the Uniparty to do it. Yeah. You know, I just, like, you know, if I'm looking into the future and I'm looking at kind of like where this puts us. We're already communist. Yeah. We're fighting our way back. Well, and that's the thing, like, you know, this election in 24, you know, even if Trump is, and I think he will, I think he's going to pull off everything at the top because there's no infrastructure for anybody else. People will get buried in media ads and low information voters will turn out and vote still for Democrats thinking that they're creating a check and balance or whatever they're doing because there'll be no messaging because no money or infrastructure organization in the state of Michigan will be able to overcome the behemoth that is the Democratic Party machine. But in order for people to understand what I'm talking about, you have to speak in a language that people understand. And the average person knows them as the Democratic Party. Right. And so so that's what we have to like. People need to start realizing that the way to fight them is is to fight them the way that they fight you. And that's the only way to beat these people because they're savages. And I mean that. And by savages, I mean that there's no length to which they will not go to destroy you. And that is a Marxist. That is a communist. That is a fascist. That's who these people are. The Bolshevik Revolution. That one gets abandoned all the time. People are not even thinking when you look at what happened in the Bolshevik revolution and the, the, in world war two in Germany, people are like going, this is all about, you know, murdering the Jews. I'm like, have you looked at history? This was murdering anyone that was actually an honest person that was Jewish and There were 6 million Jews. There were 5 million Christians. There were millions of gypsies that were killed. The Bolsheviks, that whole revolution, they murdered 10 million people. Kissinger was involved, and he was given the direction to Ford and Nixon. He was in charge of the millions that were murdered in Cambodia. this is not a democrat or a republican issue this is a straight up marxist communist issue and they have infiltrated everything and we have to get smarter and stand together as real americans you know arm and arm protecting each other not not just our rights but standing against this incredible pure evil these people are child traffickers they're drug traffickers they are the worst pedophiles they're worse than that on the planet because that's how they get them. They compromise them. That's what Epstein was all about. Yeah, this is totally nuts. It's crazy. I hate to do this. My kids are up now and my wife had to work. I got to go dad real quick and make some breakfast. Hey, that comes first. Love you, bro. And you know what, I am so grateful for you and for Laura and everyone that's standing here who is a true American and, And standing for President Trump, the rightful president of the United States, President Donald J. Trump, who is the one who's standing for all of us. He is the symbol of our voice, which is being silenced by these communists. And if we don't stand up for him, we're not standing up for any of us. It's the American process we stand for. Whether you like it or not, I don't care. It's the American process. God bless you. God bless your kids. Thank you. We'll talk to you soon. And Happy New Year, Warren. Happy New Year, Donna. I'll talk to you soon, girl. Be good. Bye. Bye-bye. Hey, Karen, how you doing? Man, there's so much going on in your show today. I was like, she's going to pull me back in. What am I going to say? Which one of those funny points am I going to respond to? Well, there's so much of it. And it's like, remember, they're trying to drag anyone down on a personal level into the dirt who's standing there that's trying... to help. Doesn't matter what you're doing. And it's just like the people that got mad because I posted those videos at J6, they were more concerned with covering their own asses than actually standing for what the point was. The point was, if these people are standing there free, they should be yelling the loudest to defend the political prisoners in J6 and calling for an unconditional, immediate release. It's not to get them in trouble. It's to say, You started part of this fight. You better be in the fight to help defend him. I'm not saying anybody did anything wrong. I'm saying the feds did something wrong. And if the feds, if the FBI and all these people that were involved in this fedsurrection feds set up over and over and over again, are not getting prosecuted, we got a big problem because that means that they have divided us out and they're trying to divide, they're, they're dividing the flock. They're trying to divide the flock so that we can be picked off one at a time. Unshackle the mitten should be ashamed of themselves. Every single person that's involved in that for telling the truth. It's, Nope, they're picking and choosing and they're trying to knock out anyone who's trying to make a difference. And watch what they do. Go ahead and tune into it and go ahead, tune in and laugh at it. Because I hope that everybody out there is getting a lot better at having some discernment to pick out the lies. And and the things that are going on because they're they're they're missed. And if they think that we're supposed to sit there and, you know, in our churches, not talk to anybody. Well, good luck with it. People will say, you know, President Trump, he should have gotten rid of everybody. Who is he going to replace him with? They're all corrupt. I think he did a pretty nice job coming into this as somebody who is a master at running a company. And being able to keep things running without tearing the whole thing down. Because that really was the trajectory that anyone else probably would have done that was honest. He got in there and he was working with a mixed bag of criminals. trying to part through not their character necessarily, but trying to figure out who's who, how they're related. Let's expose them. Let's set them up a little bit. Let's get them in there so that they take themselves up. What do you think happened with our buddy that claimed he was working with the FBI in Chicago? None of us had to say a thing. He said it all about himself. And what happened with the guy that told me I had to pay $20,000 to the Mashon Maddock Leadership Fund? I didn't say a thing. He came over to McComb and he told everybody who I was talking about. And I never said his name. Not one time. Cause they'll take themselves out. Cause they're stupid. He gets in there. He does the terrifying. What's he doing? He's setting us up for total tax reform. We're between 70 and 80% tax rate people. And I don't know if any of you have gotten out there and looked at the inflation. They're printing money to cover their debts. If you retire, I'm just going to wager this and throw this out here a minute. If you retire with a million dollars in the bank for your retirement, Let's just say you did. Let's say somebody worked their whole lives and they had put away a million dollars. They'd made good investments for retirement. Guess what? They probably got less than $500,000 of that left. If you saved $5,000, you're at $2,500 in actual value right now because we have had such high inflation and they're lying their tails off at telling you what the inflation rate is. And they just keep printing more money. We are going to have a catastrophic failure. There's no way that we're going to escape this. And I hope everybody out there has got their minds kind of a little bit prepared for toughness. I know I am. I'm like, bring it. Let's get this thing over. Pull the plug on it. Because once we pull the plug on this, round the criminals up, ship their sorry butts off to Gitmo to see if they can even make it through a tribunal. Because I'm going to tell you right now, I don't think many of them will. We will be able to put this thing back together with people who are absolutely loving America and that want this nation to stand for the good of all of us, not the good of some of us, not the good of a race or a gender or a thought process or whatever it is. But for standing here for what's good and right on this planet that God has given us, it's going to require some maintenance and it's going to require all of us to pull our good, our big boy and big girl panties on because we got some work to do because whose fault was it that we got in this position? It was all of ours. We let it get out of hand through apathy and laziness. So now guess what? It's going to take all of us standing together and finding reasons to get along, finding reasons to get behind good people and follow them and support them and watch out for them. Because anybody that was willing to stand up for this nation, like the rightful president of the United States, President Donald J. Trump, he deserves every single one of us to get behind that guy because anybody else would have been, they're a bunch of cowards. They would never have stood up for this nation to take all the arrows and the bullets for this nation. How many people do you know? have the guts to run for dog catcher, city council, Senate, a house seat, a seat in the counties which are supposed to run the nation. We can't even get people to pull up their panties to go and run for those offices, let alone take on a global crime syndicate like the rightful president of the United States with his beautiful wife Melania and his beautiful family did. Like President Trump did. And I don't care if you agree or disagree or you like him or whatever. Get behind him. We have to get behind those that are in charge. Pray for him every day. Oh, and pray for Melania and her mom. Her mom is sick right now and she's with her mom and being with her when she's sick. They're people. They're people just like us. I don't care if they made a lot of money. I could care less. Maybe he's smarter than I am. He knew how to do it. I have no idea. If I'm dumb enough not to make the money, well, I'm sorry. It's my bad. If I'm too lazy to work, well, that's my bad. I got what I deserved. Nobody owes any of us anything. We owe him a debt of gratitude. Him, General Flynn, Admiral Rogers, all of these people who have laid their life down. All the military men and women who have suited up to serve this country, who've been lied to by criminal politicians. The everyday man and woman who goes to work every day. You've all been lied to every day. We should all be madder than hell at this and stand together and identify who the real enemies are. It's not each other. We're going to have to get it figured out and find reasons to get along. So there you go. There's Donna's rant for the day. You don't like it? Tune in to somebody else who has a Marvin Melk host broadcast. Go piddle your papers. Go sit in your little safe zones in the coffee shops. If you don't like the rant, I don't really care. Start your own program. You can sit there and not rant all you want. Doesn't matter. You've got the right to stay silent or say whatever you want to say, and they've got the right to tune out. I don't care. But this is Brandenburg News Network, and it's going to stay this way. So there you go. What say you, Karen? I was going to say may I? Yeah, I yield. This is Donna's show, and when Donna goes on a rant, you just let her. Yeah, just tune out if you don't like it. Or you can run for governor. Or you can spend your money however you want because you care about the country. Go ahead. I'll support you. I think it's great. I have something really funny. It's going to be a little off color, but it's really funny. So I have a son who has an ability to – well, we have 3D printers, right? And he made me the funniest thing this morning. He came up and he said – He said, I made this. He drafted it out, and he made this for me. He printed it for me, and I was laughing so hard. I about died, right? So I have a warped sense of humor. I think everything's funny. I don't get offended by stuff like this, except for people that want to take advantage of other people. You want to see me pissed? You'll see me pissed at that moment in time. So anyhow, he printed this to me. I can't read what it says. Well, it's a, it's a unicorn. Oh, I first looked at it and I'm like, man, that unicorn's got a messed up face. And then I realized what it was. It's a flip you off unicorn. So there you go. I thought he was going to make a riveter like the thinker. I can do this. This is for unshackle. That right there. They just got the fuck unicorn for unshackle the mitten right there. Go eat it. Okay. Well, no, I said the F word, you know. That's a terrible thing. I'm sure nobody's heard that before. You know, what was really funny is listening to someone call CPS on Warren Carpenter and say, well, they didn't call it, but it tried to encourage people for calling him CPS for saying the F word and saying it's around children and then posted a rant calling people, every word on the planet, like there's some moral ground to stand on, you know, and I was like, I was like, okay, Mr. High Class, you just did exactly what you told him not to do and just demonize one word, which is spoken by half the population, every other word. And, you know, and it's, you know, except for And snowflakes who may or may not say it and such, but most of the rest of the population says it. And I don't hold it against anyone. It's become part of our culture, whether you like it or not. And but to call CPS on somebody's family because they said that I and then go on the rant. I mean, I've got the screenshot of what he said and the words he used. And I'm like, how how do you justify how do you justify and say, say, well, well, you know, it's sort of like voting for the lesser candidate. You're still if you're voting for evil, you're still you're still voting for evil, even if it's the lesser of the two evils. Evil's evil. So they're picking and choosing and saying, well, they can't say this. But then they go on and they say it. with other words. They're like, don't take the Lord's name in vain. And they use the Bible to try to prove their point, but they don't even know the Bible well enough to make a good point, which is really funny. They just keep throwing out Bible verses. I'm kind of disgusted by the whole thing, quite honestly. So I'm going to school everybody here a minute. Taking the Lord's name in vain doesn't just mean you said GD something. It means that you're using the Bible to forward your own agenda. And I see it all the time. When you, when you eat, when you, when you actually go out there and work to help other people, then I'm impressed, but I'm not, I'm not in a situation where you're using God to try to, it's just like people who use cancer. I saw it in the last election. You know, somebody say, I have cancer. I survive, survive cancer. That's why you should vote for me. Maybe some of the rest of us have had it, but we're too much of a, of a, patriot to use something that lame to take an office. Whether you had cancer or not, it's not a qualifier to take an office. And I'll debate that with anyone. Sorry, it happens. It's happened to a lot of people out there. Happened to a lot of us. But that doesn't mean we use that any more than we use the Bible. What does that qualify you for? A pity vote? I don't think so. And I would never do it. I think it's despicable. So I'm proud of anybody that makes it through such a tough struggle. But you don't use stuff like that any more than you use God. It doesn't qualify you for office. It just qualifies you as a manipulator. So now show me a real resume. That's what I want to see. Show me a real resume. This is serious running the country. Show me a real resume and we'll talk. And so there you go. There's my next rant we can get on. May I? Yeah, I yield again. Welcome to Brandenburg News Network. So all these details that he was talking about, and I keep trying to come back out to a bigger picture. You said they're using the uniparty to destroy the state or to destroy America. And that's where I go back to. I used to do this where I would say the people are now seeing that. the legislative branch is corrupt. Check. The executive branch is corrupt. Check. The three-letter agencies are corrupt. Check. And now we're to the parties. We're definitely seeing there's corruption there. Check. But what are you going to do about it? Clerks are corrupt. All of it. The whole system all the way down is corrupted. And so if you see... Focusing today on the party, we're not even hardly talking about the Democrats right now. But I think if you're going to describe it as a uniparty, because we know that the whole party system is fouled up, it's not a benefit to the country. So somebody like Warren is looking at it from a closer lens, saying we still need this right now. And he is going to work to keep it and try to make it the best that he can. To me, I'm like you're making lemonade out of. but it's, it's, it's going to be foul tasting and it ain't going to work for you. It's, it's shining birds, you know, it's, it's, but if, if the unit party is destroying America, then the unit party needs to be destroyed. And I, I think if we see that as a need, it is a need. I'm not worried about the Michigan GOP. I'm not in, you know, we, you and I have talked about whether or not there's going to be an election. I kind of, you know, There might not be an election. And I'm looking again, I'm looking bigger picture. This is not and never has been about Trump. This is all about the people and a battle of good versus evil. It's not about Trump getting elected either. It's about Trump. Americans and the people in the whole of the planet learning to discern good versus evil, being aware and fighting for it, but they don't have practice right now. So what are you seeing? One step at a time, you're seeing how do you discern what is wrong with a thing, whether it's a party or the whole system involving the parties, right? I think it's like you talk about currency. The whole system has to collapse before you can bring it back up. I don't care if the party collapses. Sorry, everybody, but it's not like I'm always entertained by the idea. And I said earlier today, there are consequences. to these things that are happening. It's going to look scary. It's going to look awful. It's going to look like, how can we elect anybody? You don't have to have a party to have an election, and you don't have to have money to have an election. You do need to have qualified candidates. You're not going to see them in the system we have now. It has to go bye-bye. So what are we seeing? We're seeing what is necessary, I think. And behind it, I can't tell anymore sometimes when something that needs to be destroyed is being destroyed. Is it the bad guys behind it or the good guys behind it? Maybe it's both. But I think it's a good thing in the long run. One second, because I have to leave here in a little bit here. But I'm going to cut in here because my faith is in God. And I believe that when we ask him and we truly repent and we go to God and say, we're sorry, help us out here. He's a good, faithful father and he will help us. My entire, entire faith. is that God's got this entirely. And I'm not questioning that, not one minute. Now, more than that, just in case President Trump or somebody out there is listening or the good guys around, because I know he's got a great big group of people around him that are really working for the good. This is not something that one person does. This is something that a large, large organization gets in place, right? And I've seen a lot of evidence that that's happening. I believe when he said, we have it all, that They have it all. Yes. And that they had to let everyone, because of some of this nonsense that was out there with a manual published that Obama put in place, that they couldn't just get them with the past crimes because they'd already absolved themselves of any, they've abdicated all responsibility for anything they did. So you had to get in there and you had to change it. And now let's catch them doing new crimes. Yes. And so and that's I think I think part of it is all of that is kind of all tied in together. My greatest Christmas present I could get right now, besides the fact that Jesus died for our sins and that he was born, you know, we celebrate his birth on Christmas. Though I don't believe that that's his actual birthday. I think it happened probably closer, being somebody who studied Messianic for years. I tend to think, but I won't debate anybody on this. You have a right to believe whatever you want, that it was the Feast of Tabernacles that he was probably born on, or the Sukkot, which would be in fall. But with that said, greatest... present that I could have right now is watch this thing fall right to the ground and free fall. Because you know what? Americans are mutts. We are the toughest people on the planet as a nation. We're built from all the nations. I mean, how many nationalities do you have in your background? We all came from somewhere else. And I don't care if somebody says they're Native American. I don't care. There is plenty of evidence that there were blue-eyed, red-haired people who spoke Welsh on the continent way, way, way, way, way, way, way back. If you want your mind blown, that's a real interesting rabbit trail to go down that in Indiana has a huge, there's huge proofs in Indiana and some other places too, that there were blue eyed, red haired, Welsh speaking individuals that made it here. We cannot trust anything they told us. Even our history is screwed up, completely screwed up because they're not telling us the truth. The victors write the history. Got to remember that. And that's what I think is so important right now is we are learning how to discern. That is another point that I keep seeing being made time and time again. We have to learn how to discern. We have to learn how to question. We have to learn how to think critically. Ask questions like this morning, I'm asking myself, why aren't the Democrats talking about the Michigan GOP failures? You would think they would be broadcasting it. to mock the party. Why aren't they? Silent is the grave. It's funny. They're silent is the grave on this. They're letting them absolutely destroy themselves. Why would you interfere with the enemy when they're destroying themselves? That's another thing that the rightful president of the United States, President Donald J. Trump, does spectacularly. It's amazing. Well, that's what I mean. Go ahead. We're going to have to wrap it up here real quick. Sure. And I've got somebody that's coming over just in a minute here. Okay. I'm wondering if there's a couple of things. One, could it be because they're also having problems and they're trying to prevent that from being brought to light because they don't want people to turn a lens on them to see if they have issues? And number two, are they just hoping – I think if they brought it to the forefront, some people might say, you guys are being cruel or we don't need to vote because the Michigan GOP is destroying the Republican ballot anyway. So they've got to keep people stressed and concerned in order to get them to the polls. And that might be one reason. So think about this. If we can't trust the news right now, can we trust anything that was given to us in the past that came down from a news source or what we thought? Because if you go back and look at the history books, there was a point in time where I think there was more honesty and truth and we didn't have all the electronic crap going on. Um, you go back and you look at the tech spec books from about 30 years ago, they've all changed. And a lot of them right now are being, where are being published in Saudi Arabia. So there you go, guys. Uh, if you want to, if you want to find out the truth, you're going to have to dig for it. It's not going to throw it out there. And I really don't think that president Trump or general Flynn or anybody's going to say here, baby ducks, we're going to need you. No, it's time to grow up and get out there and figure it out for yourself because that's the only way we get smart enough to go forward with anything is we have to be educated to stand on our feet and we just don't take whatever's fed to us. There's fake patriots and it's P-A-Y-triots that are out there telling everybody. Oh, go over here, flock of patriots. Oh, go over here, flock of patriots. Believe this day. Believe that day. Nonsense. It's nonsense. And in the meantime, we can't we can't, you know, get together and actually do things that move the line. That's going to have to happen. But anyhow. I want to wish everybody a happy new year. Let's say a quick prayer minute. And I would go on further, but I just had a text that somebody is coming from a very, very long way, decided to surprise me. So I'm going to go visit with someone for just a minute. Didn't expect this. This is a good surprise. So anyhow, dear heavenly father, thank you so very, very much for every single person out there, whether they are having a problem with one in one area of their life or their other. the other, everybody's got problems and we all struggle with things. You've made that very clear. We are imperfect. We are so imperfect and there's only one perfect and that's your precious son. And I'm so thankful for the gift that you gave us at this time of year. And we just want to, once again, wish Jesus happy birthday. Merry Christmas and happy birthday. Thank you so much. for all you've given us. And we want to be a great friend to you. Help keep us going in the right direction. Help us to see and discern what's right and what's wrong. and to do the things that honor you with our thoughts, our deeds, our walk, with every single fiber of our being. We want to be like you. We want to walk with you. We want to live our life in a way that is not taking advantage of you or anyone else, but just to let you know that we love you and we want a relationship with you. We want to walk with you because you are perfect. You're beautiful. And we're just so So thankful that you didn't abandon us, that you stayed with us and you just pick us up when we fall, put us back on our feet and say, you can do it. Let's go. Keep walking. You got this. We got this together. I'll help you. And we thank you so much for that. We ask that you help us to be like you and see the world through the lens of your eyes, not our own. Everything we want is for the world to see you, not us, because we're flawed. So let them see you and honor, all honor and glory to you forever and ever. In the precious name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen. With that said, go to because I'm still not conceding. I am the best non-conceder who has ever not conceded in history of the United States. And with that said, uh, God bless all of you. God bless all those whom you love and God bless America. Have a great day. Make it so. And happy new year. Go ahead and celebrate. We're going to have a great new year coming up because we're going to make it, make it that way. We're going to work to make it that way. It's not going to be one of those things where we sit back and we watch it. We're going to get involved and we're going to continue to shout out the voice of freedom and liberty. And, uh, that the United States is worth fighting for, even to our last breath. If we don't have our freedom, if we don't have liberty, if we don't have our ability to walk with God, we have nothing. And so we're going to continue to fight this fight in the name of Jesus Christ. And for all people, we are going to stand in the gap. And this time it's going to be won because the battle is the Lord's. So anyhow, have a great day. Love you to pieces, Karen. Love you too, Donna. And we'll talk to y'all later. Bye.