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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 5/23/2023 - Tatar Tuesday - John Tatar

Published May 23, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am in fact donna brandenburg it is the twenty third day of may twenty twenty three and i went to welcome everybody here i had an absolutely wonderful week god got to meet a whole bunch of friends and ah it is in fact tater tuesday salinenwesen my my good body one of the only honest people in politics i found which is mister john tatoshes there laugh any right now on my tater toscanite now since were sitting here let haydon how you do it i'm doing very well i bought yourself to get welcome certator to his day we got down tater here an i got to show you some for some poles for my week end i was actually down to a john rich's house and had an absolutely wonderful te he is probably one of the nicest most genuine people you could possibly ever meet and i just so enjoyed so enjoyed my time down there i want to share in the screen and is shadessome pitchers that that now you know in this was that his house asked some pitchers then that i took when i was there and he sank he's got a musical stage in this house and the invited a bunch of other resists a le green wood was there and we were at the pleasure of listening onheeded the knight with a god bless you say this is part of my team that went with me and you know my bodies sistani and early na o that that you could ha that you'll see what me with a lot there kind of with me a lot and he and my sons the sites are two of my sons so they went with me and that was kind of fond got to meet cotewithout to him for while he made a wonderful presentation it was only his time that he had done that did a great job i love the sand i don't know if people really understand how many times he was attacked over and over and over again when before it before he took the shops on to save his life i mean honestly it was his life was definitely in danger and listening to him red really he was really recounting what happened and where he where he ended up going where he had no options they were dashing his hat into the concrete he was hit by skateboard abundetis and ominate he was the smart esky there honestly to decide that he was going to stand out for this nation he he went armed which i got to tell him you know you don't tell he was smart he wasn't stupid i'm not just mengesthe like a sitting duck i'm going to go in there and stand for the nation but i'm also going to make sure that i am protect and i think i think your world of him he is very articulate he ar he also presented he always called his attack tackers by mister such as because an i thought it was incredibly respect it was very very respectful the way that he he am even talked about his attackers and and you know it's like they made some very very you know we don't have the right to go at you we have the right to redress grievances we do not have the right you know and in my opinion of the right to assembly right and write the address green and i think that the way that all a lot of this is being handled with with protests and that sort of thing the people that are attacking others for having even on line and political values you don't have the right to just go after somebody in a tack to the way that there the way that this is when handled and we do have the right to defend ourselves and in it i disguiselove his sky and he's not love and i support i support ylihan he's amazin got to meet with lee greenwood and he sang got you know god bless the u s s at the aventine was just wonderful absolutely wonderful in impulseanother too is there similiter heroes that were there that i wanted make sure i do him just this is a marked it patricia ah ah mcclosky and they they were the the people in st louis who were basically had a mob show their home to do harm to them and they drew on him and i'm sorry i believe that we have the right to protect our property and so their very nice very gracious people and once again i see with her ability to protect ihmetihin american second montesano be infringed and we have the right to protect ourselves or loved ones on our proper a raven hers she is amazing she has a shower his conservative warrior and i talked for a while that i think we're going to be helping each other all she's wonderful got to me way donnings that's wayland john in his grandson and that was really fun i'm going to post to video to about him he jumped on a stage with a with a couple of eyes that are not put there put their names out there too because an in the pitchers because that was amazing the otheyda little impromptu concert saw these musicians were placed sounds just like his grandpa very cool guy real nice good test in when he gave a great testimony and i gets the pitches of it just as i and just as down to earth god god wamly contrary wonderful wonderful a gentleman i think he's going to come up to michigan and i have a great concert this is sheriff a ah and that was so he gave of john retine sat by me and we sent taught for while he was set down to the lower listensis wonderful wonderful pies and john or cheer of mat gave john a pen and john asked me to pin the sheriff's pennons lip while which is really fine so i think it was really nice john as a wonderful guy and i just wanted to don't really knowledge him and think he in our very thing for that he opened his home up to us all in invited us in and it was such a nice time there's more people that i show up there that i'll all populous there but i wanted to show you this it was kind of cool minutoli a lode of the wet i brought a cowboy and when got people to sign my cowboy had other seem and the oil show who all signed it here it was that self cashel and he i've got em all signing one and as there was quite a it was quite others leering wood and can and a just their stoneshire and the soon soon market and and practise mcclosky and to mark mark mccaa's on there and and all the wonderful musicians were there was just really wonderful and very very honor too to me i didn't get to talk to as my peoples i wanted to there were some o they were definitely similiter heroes are there a couple of navy seals there and i never got around to talk to him because you know the musicians were playing and you want to be respectful and such whether it was looted meet them again oh tom home he saw was the head of a donatus ah i he was head of ice for under donald trump and a boon cutler that wrote with a general flint he was there though of the ah the lot of military if you i hope i get to meet i began because i didn't get all their signatures and then another one dane i'm really interested in this guy he was so nice and sweet as could be the sussistere going to go i may have him on being out just a nice nice super good man on restoring a lection integrity so there there were a lot of people i wish i would have gotten the chance to talk to all of them but the concert was going on and i didn't want to be disrespectful to these so hope loggets talked to them in the future so anyhow so let's onto is it take your cosy what he got a sin for if you want to hear it absolutely let's get us keeps the party going the constant going here they are a step out of the shower godegesil at myself if nonintelligent man thought it was somebody else my reflection and the mayor on the bathroom to honour to the forenamed any more connoissans and turned the bedroom her on the wind a hooter when i was sentencesand there these smile and placessometimes sorano what you stoneponamuas to polwitherall the mananalong to close to the intreaty for well i went to the dog he wore my hand you won't let him come saying saying there is the bond suddenly he said dantethat is it done fatal doses a god and older store good nag any more well he and my wife have penthesile some positive how it's only when we're back to bed were dancing the poseetion to a new metabolite sessionsthe alloy in somebody else there's a more white waywas the poem the sodertelie stone good nag and a yet the cones that moment isn't here in howell oh when you go out to the beach and you put as many cover up son as you practible i don't know you know i actually i actually would be in the age that i am you know i think you do too we wouldn't go back for one minute i would be so i'm goin to be sixty this year and ah things are an exactly always as for the way that they used to be but i think that the trade of this is worth that night i wouldn't go back well the for a lot of people the knowledge and things that you've gone through i mean i can't there go back as twenty years ago with statement mentality had twenty years ago the from he has not it's not tomtit's not composition for me at all i would not go back i would rather have the experience in the knowledge not yet the older you get the more stable you are speckylating have in case you watchings happened before and it is really nothing new under the sun so things don't throw you quite as quickly as you get older you're you're you just look at it and you do it my grandpa did go well well well and kind of watch it this this week and there were several things that did not go the way that i thought they should that i thought they should go right and i went to the eschars meeting and i am fully going to turn somebody into a poster child for deep stay in infiltration because that's exactly what happened i i don't like being lied to in somebody's going to lie lie gibbet your rest shop but i will check it out and if i find the lies out and o'er the problems i will in fact throw it out on to the table so that everybody knows that that there is somebody there the has little prominre and on when when you're in politics you know it's only been a couple of years for me and that's the truth this person said she was never in politics which is a lie because we ah my looked up her he records and their three pages of jos of donations going on including train saying that their out for a ballad in ethononweh is not been properly filed and the paper work one of the paper work added up and so were just going to talk about this stuff online but i'm going to putting the together almost like a cat and so that we can we can show people the steps in the links of these people will go through through grass roots to stallion his busy wasting our time and when you have somebody who is basically a fad or working with the deep seated there's some real tell tale things they do that you can out on real quick on and then you can see who there working with the at it it's funny but that actually happened on saturday and a there was also there was also a another meeting that i went that the other meeting then went on to john riches which was was just incredible good is not sometimes since not going speckly the way that were told their ancle but other purposes are in fact being accomplice so the devil more the time sit back and got him well well there must be something that's been accomplished because if we knew the entire plan you know ah quite honestly so does the atom so we just have to be smart and follow god because he is always faithful so i want to read it pieceher and in high light when i'm talking about because it always comes back to a relationship with god this world is very very very dirty and in evil and there's a lot of things that seem like they are what they are not we have to check them out you have to check them out but also never feel disheartened or don't let anything through you things are always latinapart be and i think that the greatest the greatest verse that we can really go back to and i'm just going to go through the verse in all read the chapter later which is proverst who are we more do we put our trust in man or do we put her trust in god trust in the lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding but in all your ways i know submit to him well make your pets that that is where we have to put our trust is in god because there is a lot of misleetin we are in a war right now the war is this is a word here and ruin and yet oreither he got men on color who wrote the spoken my body general plan was there this week end at the party very impressive individual i didn't get the time to charge him because like a sudden musicians were playing i i really wanted to make it round the room but but i wanted to be respectful too and i figured i catch up with him later but but it at any rate very it's very important to put our trust in god when we are in an information warfare a very important to realize that not every one that we see or that were talking to its who they say they are of in going to read a response that i put on telegraph because i am entirely sick of this all we're going to divide the patriots out between this person we like or that person we like to gisthus is a good person that's not a good person and not in on and on the friendlies in it's really just stop it just stop it you know when there is a fight between davisgeneral i didn't say anything as they both the doors me neither one of them set of things so i knew that there was more going on than what was being said there way moregoing on so i answered one go back here a minute i answered and nonsense poles and i'm going to read when i record i eyelashes that your pa can't find it but i think this is a i think this is kind of a now came aristata maybe i'll disappear maybe i'll just peer a phrase that here a minute you know what i can find it in another area hang im it's it's so important it's so important to stop that distraction with other people costa's really what's going on there they're train to distract us trying to get a soppitt a too you know be be dragged into these ridiculous fights that they are that they are launching against other patriots in order to keep us in with somebody says nothing that's that's you know well this person is a bad person how do you feel no general plan how do you feel about this person i'm like listened to what they say cause they went after me proposed for posting about in a child written house others more to the while this was all about second amendment right and so stopped humanizes the people and stay with the sick and issue in the ante think so this what i set em a canyon my chance of liking or disliking cold because he shuddered in say with somebody else like your dislike is the one totally rope what kind did with places second amounteth which is what we should be doing not complaining that he added and say something the like were under a continuation of government right now military operations not everything is as it i agree with her and i and i suppose his well set the purity club aproches the destruction and of the popularity club contests nonsense and that true there is no winning that fight we have to stand on the curtisses rather than tearing each other apart and choosing to night in disagreements between people that we don't know or never have never even met the the second amendment shall not be in france my opinion not my opinion of who said water who dies to or who his new now offended oh my and i think i'm in a creed a me about this so i'm going to call on people that pull this no exits forward because basically they just out of themselves as what captured and so the office eration warfare if you want to bring packs to the to the fore front or or observations that's something i get it but but just constantly attacking people just cos i don't like what they sat or how they sat it is is eotaile so anyhow and i and i will call it out a sun because ah the chorusses second moment he had right and he had the duty to defend himself the same thing that he the mcclasky did some became to my house like that you think i wouldn't draw on em a i probably would if my life my life was thrown so how what do you think about it time i have a lot of soft here that so interesting for those of you people that are out there that are listed i have to ask us questions and you don't have to answer this not rarely this in more rhetorical question but if somebody gave you an an illegal or would you follow it now even so in our society most people don't understand the law andexcuse me most people don't understand the law but if if the lost words the law come from the looms from the case and anything that repugnant to the one is not laws now in void if it's not part of the constitute it does not stand as long but yet we have gone into what they call the civil action ere and i mention that before ten in the civil action jurisdiction they make up laws they make up their law which the forming of a society that he follows man not not follows the shoot follows so you have to decide when you are asked for told to do somethin does it fit in the constitution or does it not if it doesn't fit to constitute then of course you shouldn't be following it that's an act of an act of disobedience is an act of bravery when you know my pinion it's it's very hard for most people to stand when they're told to do something with the threat held over their heads and o'er you know it's it's hard for people to not want to go along to get along because it doesn't feel good we've had how many decades of conditioning quiet we don't we you want to make a way as we don't read don't want to we don't want her son messelanes when there when you know we wanted just we went to e and that's not peace that's captivity we want to belong to the crowd then a lot of cases in the losses the way many people were brought up the groomsmen to me one word is that that we should aspire to right now because the crowd is what has refused to stand out for the constitution where we got to the point where we are now in my open i agree so we have to look at what really going on in the world and you're saying yes we don't know everything s were in a major war major conflict right now how manerial around us the fog of war his absolutely incredible the amount of disinformation mis ne things that have a struck and here there in the other place it's like that that stupid train ah that just appeared with all the chemicals an a the you know em that you saw that he saw it in sayornis like his somewhat knows what's going on you do not have that much of that type of a hazard as comical disappear with every going on what happened your left to destination i got the antimonsure there is there's no way this is either complete or it's a military exercise i haven't do with supply line but i'm not buying any of the an an an i think it's a distraction because there's so much much greater threat if people knew what the actual threat is i think it would give people so much heart for anna would even know which way to turn for the most airpeople are not educated as to watch going on and i had not only to say that there there are they are ignorant i'm going to tell you that the ignorant and that means they just don't know it doesn't mean that the stupid it means they don't know the truth through that we have the ability and very short period a time to kill every single person on this planet onetime and and it would be and we have the theology is there it's not nuclear snow that's one of em yet and ghedimin that the the the real the real threats the real threats they are not talking about if you remember back in world war to this is only one incident one particular war one battle in the war as we fight these little battles in our own war to day which by the way information more were not the mate roullecourt if you remember world war too when the amphibious landing was being planned for o friends the germans believed that it that a patent was con to leave that invasion but patten was stuck in i think it was grease i may be wrong with that located with and they built up a regiment around at cat telecommunications back and forth with patten and others to make it look like patent and his forces were in a different locate so the germans believe that patent was not going to do that there was going to be an inlet because patent wasn't there to lead it and so they fooled the germans in that regard and the german loss amphibious landing live word been a lot worse and determines prepared for the amphibious landing against the american and and though in the other force at that particular period of time but because patent was not there and this is again sis and so up as being played upon us every single day ere day and sigh of unfortunately the news media is part of the scioperato we were all conditioned to believe it back when they had you know originally seeing and came on part and even before then when they had walter cronkite all those other people we don't know if what walter cronkite some of the other news media hosts back then we don't know maybe they were maybe they were little lies and you give a little lie here in a little more and then eventually get the people to believe in you and then you can tell him anything you want right more than were in right now is a war of knowledge in a world information between the deep state and which is obviously deep and wide with the words prove more than once and others have proven more than once and so we have to understand that we don't know every just like with the people that were for making this fake radio broadcasting back and forth in greece with patent and the germans they they didn't know everything because they weren't in the planning period or in a planning organizaton sorrowed we don't know where well i want to go to this the second i want to read at its important omitted through this book for everybody and i would like to i'm not con paid for the hisses of volunteer i just put things out there that i think our good ah every one here is volunteer this is part of the problem with mainstreamed is when they found out how to make money off of it and i see so many different news out lets out there that are going right back to try to monetize montemont when i see somebody that's constantly trying to make money instead of just doing a patriotic duty i have a lot of queer a lot of questions there's a problem there the th the news media used to be forced to put our thought the the channels and the works were forced to put a certain amount of new son it was a loss for them they didn't make money off the news and all sudden seen and comes up and there making money hand over fist cause they realized that people wanted know in a very uncontrolled in memixetai down world they think that if they're going to have the truth that it gives them a sonsorol it does it because you don't even know what the telling you is the truth but it makes you think you know and if you know it makes you will think that they know the truth which makes him feel they've got some control because they are in the knowledge there are in the knowledge of what's going on watt's nonsense they because you're trusting that the sources is accurate we do hancrete source in how long for ever for ever and then when they got money into it it liked multiplied intill the problems that we have so i'm going to read a little bit here cause i now think this is really important for us to understand some of the terms and how there using it fifth generation warfare the modern air of warfare is called fifth generation warfare for reason when we discussed five g w fit generation warfare it is the term of reference for the historic times we now face just like the generational designations tropel like nomerous donacona's jonesthe and so forth we have similar designations to or eras of warfare we now face the time when the advancement of the word has landed squarely in pesterin warfare inside the strategy and tactics of five tew is manipulation of thoughts in attitudes without people's awareness these are the weapons of choice facilitoit goals to create a new world order there a lot of overlapping aspects of hybrid regular unrestricted war here on we listed each opposite you the reader will study the more closely on your own and return the guidotto understand more fully some of the issues which we are facing as you hear others describe some of the terms or as you sent some hot in the numerous narratives that bombard us daily you'll know it's all in the bar ball park of fitz generation warfare hard work there is political warfare that blends conventional warfare regular orfar and cyperacae with other influencing methods such as take news diplomacy law far and foreign electorial intervention it is influenced in a foreign government through the people of a country with contrived mediation corruptly processes direct conventional military actions by state actors irregular warfare by no state actors electoral interference and diplomatic be and i can continue to go on if you like on and then we can there there's a few there's a few are more therequite a few more in this but i do think that that these are important not only to understand no other there but what go out to your own research to look into these further so that you become more aware when some of these yankees so and in that that you don't let it engage or emotions i think that that's one of the biggest things is there it's almost all designed to gage the engaged our emotions or or activities so that we become one of their weapons of warfare when we repeat headlines rather than looking into and finding out for ourselves that that we've got a problem we've got a big pot and i am we have to research for so there on that shortens oh there have been a lot of things that have gone on in our society over the several decades i mean it's started off with j f k s assassination as far as who did think what do you think of it full of actually check her out i don't know there were a lot of bullets flying to a lot of people he as for old not a chance no he didn't he was that evening he was a living he nathan he was an act he was a pass slight why the oklahoma bombing with the guy's name was the edred the truck there now he he didn't do that i'm not for to the truck take out oklahomathe the mere building in oklahoma know could not it seemed like nine eleven there's not a chance sterling to you know and there is there so many things in there that are almost ridiculously cartoon asked an airplane cutting through a castel exoskeleton and leaving like a cartoon as now here's the plan shape that went through the side of the wentinto two wings kickapoo run way without crumpling the entire wing it doesn't work that way is it you know it's not a secessioner than the buildings its henidical and the fact that they planned that building for airplane hid i was so tall they had planned and built that building for that purpose that if a plain wood he had hit it it wouldn't collapse crack anybody that believes the nine eleven as the rise checked the why he goes all the way back to not only that but the landing on the moon it's another one could we have landed on the moon with or technology i mean real would be can't we could not we couldn't we didn't have the tact she can't o what they call dead reckoning find your way to the moon you'd have to be in your dejectory otherwise you would miss the moon by hundreds of miles did you ever the answers come back in his footage of them and these guys were first of all they were scared they were dejected and they they set it there were in interviews they were light and either either think so this couple is the reactions tell me that there was something very wrong with that with what they were being told to say any that they saw something that they weren't supposed to say or in now and it's a hearsethe here optience either we can go on back and force to the moon and that these things there that they don't want or never happened but whatever we were called about the moon landings i don't think there's one shrouded truth to any of it not in an we still don't know which way which way it went did there did they not if they did probably they been back a lot of times and that we just don't know about but if they didn't ah there you know it's i i don't i don't think we had to take nology to the technology exists or at least we were being told that ah there's there's a lot we don't know in all this who stuff is going on around here you know do is it our own government that has been hiding the technology from us or long time i've got a lot of questions i think there's a lot going on that we don't know above the surface below the circus the anastase don't know oh we as the people in this country were reading we really need to follow a path that is correct a righteous the path of the constant that was set up for exactly if we have that knowledge about what is institutional and what is not remembered we talked about norton that it did it isn't in the case does not that means all of the alphabet agents and this is another game that beer be played because where the talking about the fbi they could shut the fbi down to morrow norton verse shall become the sins they don't exist to begin it in congress could pull the funding immediately and there and then and they were collect but takes they keep em on board for a reason we don't know what that reason is because we're not sitting at the table planning this we don't know what's goin on so we have to kind o follow along with an now in an go through all of the different people that are speaking about it and discern the good information from the bad that's a big job it's a white like to do who don't make it me there's a lot going on to that human traffic in thing is huge and now i do i do a bunch of by aerial comparisons on things every once in a while and then the train find facilities that are not may be clothesa they are and michigan the he'she'soh going on and so there you could be distracted a million different ways every single day but we have to know the north we have to know the constitution we have to be able to step up with our duty and to to do what we can to em you know to defend those otherboy in the bible to very clearly about our or involvement in governance and you know the way that the way that god gave us the right we are called to a we are called the stand up for those that don't have a voice and the form of governance that is based on a pinical principles as well as the founding fathers who have gone through before us and had had the tyranny were living with now and to give his road may for kind of stupid not to follow it really so we need to me to get back at that sunny out were we going on to day where on go till it nationalsocialistischen cold the national eventually they're still couplethe points i'd like to bring out one of them is the biggest problem that we had cross the world i united state is the fear oh hell what on board and in nineteen thirteen and then two thousand or then nineteen sixteen when they brought on the demandent and believed that the ah and they tried to make it make us believe that we were all insignificant and we i half a cyril basis so any income that we produce any money that we produce his income antics which is totally incorrect ah if you don't know the laws behind all of those if you don't know the spring court decision ah then you really don't even understand what is in coming what is not and convers can't be fine income that's defined by the cost because of congress could define income it would be gone anything congress could make contexts on anything that they wanted to and they are the first springs of the nations that was our control the people's control that we lost we actually gave it up when we wor brought in the tea currency's no i'm not saying that you and i were involved as we were alive and we weren't even born some on most of us spoke by thise but the tea currency is the problem that has been creating all the southern as you talk about monetizing it without if we were bent on the original golden silver coins that the federal constitution brought on board it originally when it said no state can then this is article one such article one section ten class three of the federal constitution says no state can make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts that means you can't before to pay in something other than gold and silver coin which doesn't exist in the market one that's what is in me constitue and yet the februar serve paper money and steal your well and you go along with and this is this is a problem because you don't understand what the legal and what the lawful process is with paying deaths deaths can't be paid with pike face only gold and silver can pay off a dead only something that has real value can pay off a debt that you may have need so when we bring it back to got on ice once such an ten claws scrollule scholl down ages somewhere the hope if too far too fast back then up a little bit is that it or sit the mineros money and bill's credit ah make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of depth it's right there so you don't know that if you don't know that particular part then you believe that if you get a ticket from the civil action jurisdiction because you are quoteseeing they cannot regulate the begin with because you're not in commerce then you and a pang it and fear currency a gratifying their illegal acts against though against the consent just no different than they are they tell you what to do and you do it ah this is not what the constitution was brought up to do in the first there is no place in in any law in any amendment or anything that is usted article on as or article one sexcentos it's still exist as you see it right there there's no other constitution that's written although if they come up with a a constitutional convention that may st you do know that they are then you do know that they are trying to bring forth a new currency called digital currency the banking because the inexistent has been in control of our country for there the biggest problem we could get rid of the banking into then the i don't dictate could not make funny money produce funny money and pay people off and people by the currency or as money and make their millions off of the fiat notes so we have to number one go back to the constant and bring forth the golden silver coins as tender payments and dance and get rid of the fiat currency giverof the international leon of i get as your question is it are they the only ones under the constitution that the constitution allows to make money or can he be subsets of of money and let your owner one state once to have her own currency is that possible the states can have currency if it's in gold in its back like golden sols can there be any other entities can love to save got a group locally that decides he don't were going takrour cy and trade locally i think a south dakota's doing that the eerisome yeah within their own confines if i have a let'slet's go back to those small estates if i have a family and two boys and two girls or whatever the hun a life and i issue scrip a note that says okay you cut the grass i'm goin to give you five of these then and you can use these any time you want to or get gasoline i'll give you the real don't give you though you sable conceal get gas the poongie you be but your five notes are going to be your earnings for your time that you can use within the family to do to buy stuff within the fame that's a possibility so so what it toolsthat this country the the fedorovna nor the state governments have exclusive right to create currency and that's the question i have right now the woordes crencestre word okay so what's the word we can't talk about currency we can talk about money folkeparti cle one section ten castree colonelcy money is not the the man that they don't have the exclusive right to create that this on a tryin to get at him nostow it nobody can create any kind of money but what happened to see you now bit coming came up to try to decentralize that i get that but not her i'm not much of a fan a bit crime because you're still you want something in my hands and i can trade with people there you o this tiotohatton might my dad did this all the time if he was mad at you it was like that if he was real mad at you it was the second finger and then he godlike that if you were to about ready to die he got to the ring finger and was like the one i'm a fan a bit are you the friend it corn gold and silver because any way that we can take the money away from the international banking cart will have them employed themselves get sormontato the banks bates camp finch without your money in the banks as long as they don't own the internet that controls your axes to your count a will came with that i know that that's some of them you know the themometer networks and such so i get the endwhether always you couldn't go around that you can have your own private wallet that you can carry in your old ore carrier on currency in your own pocket if you want carrion bile okay so you can do it and i lechoso that a land here no other ter tease but i jes want to know if there is any one else or in the government has the sole right to coin to coin i won't you have the sole right to coin money is okay congress decides what they want to do with and give it to the treasury to do in the treasuries the only way not the international banking cartel not the federal desert none of those people those are entities that were brought on back is i don't know if you've brought a red that creature from cheelian but if you haven't that's a great book the start reading ah boy griffin and he talks about how a group of people got together and went to a check island awful george i think and and got together and schemed the whole idea of the federal reserve bank as we didn't have a it was destroyed by jackson prior to that time there was no international banking or no banking system that controlled the cures when jackson left off that was brought on and i don't remember exactly the date nineteen thirteen or fourteen or whatever that they brought on the federal reserve and federal first of all the federal is not government and the reserve they have no reserve it's all printed money people wake up there broke no reserves her on reserves paper money so when they print what they want to print they can tell you or i were going to give you a hundred and fifty notes or a hundred and fifty credits to buy your house and then you're going to pay that back with your labor but we made that hundred and fifty notes out of here then are and then you and then you by your house and then you labour for it and if you lose or if you can afford that labor or you don't do it becase lost your job or whatever then they turn round and they take your house from you because you have a mortgage on it that they created out of not so like when the world like anonfor him says that you will own nothing and be happy were already there were kind of there you was kind o there but it's like the last nail in the coffin isn't there now i want to go back to the cocoatine there the they've got their own local networks of money what what would i put in to search the noonoon deceive the north herself to coo after one so i don't know you can you can look it up bank of north caught a banking system wot's see what i find here cause i'm kind of a carisforth's you know oh here you go this is kind of interesting all right now i always put these things up guides and you got to cut me a little slack here be cawse i never quite know what i'm putting in to cause this is one of those things that we just kind o go with the flow so here we go institute for local self re lights first to even this solace you what they have to say how one state escaped wall streets ruled and created the banking system that eighty three per cent locally on untethered interest is the shower talking about her pretty porch are atherton credit they couldn't do what his den and put that into building roads and whatever that's colitis one find out for making their own currency or on of its really the themakin their own currency or the still tied in with the global banksthe well i suspect and i i don't know because i don't live there and i don't and ah but i i believe that they probably still use the federal reserve not when there outside of the of the confines of their area of the confines of these bink who in the confines of their state they can create their own ah you can buy as far as i know you can buy a whole music the credit and pay them back and they can put the interests that they won ah and it's more in tune to what the people are trying to do and not not the international banking cartel cause all purpose of the banking or tell us to make the bakari money and give them power and give them property and give them ownership over you that's what the baking or tells all about the antonine the stuff to day this state several accolado that we can come up with our own credit system and they were trying to do that in michigan a few years ago somebody came up with that they were trying to put forth their own michigan baking she never got anywhere because we have a legislature that's corrupt this can possibly be and they won't though help burst yet why should this being in an independent thing i mean let the buyer beware and and ah you don't have local banks that are supporting the communities again and the way i used to wait you see you going to bank and you knew that you knew the bank president you knew him everybody in there i remember that cause i grow up in a small town farmington you can go in there and they knew who you were and it was it was such an it was all this paper work in the nose keep all this regulation and place and every part of our society has done nothing but make us just cattle in a pan exactly to ask o sir going back to the constitution we got to get rid of the the international banking cartel that's number one we got to get rid of the a federal reserve got to get rid of all of those people that are involved suricate banking concern that's printing money or a violating our consecon ten coss three those people should be in prison actually there their trade and i i pinioned with that i call him what they are now years ago when we started this battle and i i was involved the beforty years ago in fighting the internal revenue and what not oh i got started in in the constitution and so on the sole what we would go to court we would present our case to the old and the judge would say you guys got a great narrative but chance no authority back up your narrative because we didn't know we didn't know that we needed to turn in documents and writing we didn't know what that authority was that authority had being come and otsepor cases or other cases we didn't know that so we would go in and we will you know wave the american flag and therefore the court post do what we want them to do but the courts we rule against this as the judge that you have no authority so how can you plead your case even if you're even if you're right you have no authority i didn't bring any authority in with you with your argument so over time we became you every time the government opens their mouth they stick their foot deeper in it and so the whirling some so we started bringing about authority by reading supreme court cases which they thought we would never do because we're all ignorant that we don't know how to read so what we started reading supreme court cases and started coming up with authority and so now when we go to court and we submit our documentation in the court with authority they don't know where to go cause they have nothing to the battle fight against it because the laws on our side the loss not on their side never was there their laws and rules and requirements are the civil action jurisdiction which is unconstitutional to begin with back in nineteen thirty three when it was developed so we have the authority now and most judges when they read documentation that we present to is that a special if you can stand on your feet and argue that document then i want you they don't want you around because they have there there in more ignorant than we think they the legal system is not intellect seguis those thornes they don't know what they're doing most of them are are yes men for the system there to protect the system they're not there to protect the people they're not there to protect the constante there there to protect each and so we have to come up with the authority in order to fight the case and that's what this is all about isn't in the constitution what is this supreme court say about that particular ruling or regulation is a constitutional or not cos because remember that saying inordinant unconstitutional act is not alone it's unconstitutional it's not a law but people don't understand that because they get a speeding ticket and they pay the speeding ticket and that's unconstitutional and illegal in hundreds of different direction its being paid and that or by credit card or by check and it's not a lawful way of presenting that because none of those are back by golds so in i want to show shared this i looked up jockolittle creature of joliet a handlethat ones show you the main players in this just so that that we can start we consort checking this out and researching for herself a little bit of a godward crimen i listened to him before very interesting grant or interesting person but let's take a look down here for the land back i love blown back and i think that he does i like us he is little chalk or descriptions that he does but he i know i think i think he's great love to meet him some day quite honestly i think i really really liked it what he has to say so there's there's all sorts of resources here if you go to even the heavy then wiped it off on our two which is kind of interesting oh i think that this is something worth taking the time and just exploring this a little bit and also here you go this is interesting the titanic story while the federal observe bank because there is some giants with the titanic there to to my knowledge and the people who showed up there a few heard the same thing oh yeah yeah while i read this book spent a while but i read his book that is an education for anybody that none the i should know what possessioneven erstand because when we look at who is who is involved in this it quite often comes back to especially on these islands you can see what's happening on the islands across the world with the child trafficking in all the other satanic nonsense that's going on in these islands it can't you finally have come to the conclusion that in fact you can't have as many coincidences there is no such thing is coincidence a right i don't believe in coincidence at all and a in others another one can anie alters a jackalsand the triplinerved said that arnold there are no so i think it's kind of a something that we really need to a truly look into it an open mind because things aren't as they appear and so you know just well well well what we have here cain and it alters and occult symbolism on jackelland and which was the birthplace of the federal reserve secret meeting the whole non sense beings going on there and for those of you that don't know their son federal reserve act was brought forth see i believe that in congress when half of the house staff was when half of the congressmen were gone already on vacation and they brought in the act it was but a full congress and that should have been something he congress of generals should have had a ruling that yet to have three quarters of the congress in order to do anything but they but they allowed the small skeleton group the passed the law and therefore now we are you know how many years have we been and have been and have been ripped off and half been now lie to by these government bureau rats for years you interest me is there any ideas you want any click on for a short thing or should he just put it out there and let people alotepeque to if people haven't looked at them and ether oh get all its pretty interesting reading it at dry is it is history but it griffin books together and pretty good he so it's worth looking into and there giving you a good idea of how the system has been created around his because we weren't there at that particular period of the and they may have been de jury when they first came on line which means one which means their federal reserve notes were backed by gold and so that was the sure money that it was thanks to president johnson thanks to nixon but johnson was the biggest one of the bigger culloden of course franklin delano roosevelt who people genuflected from he would another one god created the problem because he said the jefetura in your gold i can you turn in your gold article on section ten coss three you can't do that a people didn't know that back so they turned in at least part of their gold there i take three multipole that were smart buried their golden in ah but there were people that turned in their gold and in the to get rid of gold off the bow paper moneys was some like the same things men going on we will own everything you will own nothing it's the roots of the world a canonic form right there were in to take your gold because and replace it were or money and then you know we never own or money they rent it to us so we're deckswith on it features from you know from now on till every last bit of it is destroyed and up president kennedy decided that the why should i pay the federal reserve on the moneys on our morning in our money he said we're going to create an you is snot and now some of those still flowed around that say silvers i'm going to create our own silver certificate ah he was wrong by saying he could print paper okay so he did but it was back by silver so was somewhat disury ah and he he was assassinated or because they didn't want somebody had and just like the federal reserve would send in the military or military or men or boys because people like adam husain are not so down but the is the one from libya anatidae using gold and silver in his tenor and they didn't like that they were reared there only three countries that refused to submit to that and in turn the currency over and these were the ones that were targeted that i bet that were our biggest enemy enemy of the united states why we can they would fall line behind the federal reserve that's exactly what he only i emathian international monetary fund having that's what was going on there and then in parentyesand in john acidity lost his in the many kennedy was assassinated johnson took the oath and johnson changed i took out the silver from the backings nineteen sixty four was the last silver bower in nor silver silver car currency coins that were out on a market wish once drowned ah thinkover we went to that cop copper clad coin that we call money to day ah and it there is no intrinsic value in any other currency that we have in our hand a paper and or the coin you can go and buy it give a dollar now from to from a coin dealer wherever silver dollar and that kind of an oxymoron silver and dollar because remember dollar is awake of silver or go so when you call it a silver dollar it's kind of on all like a what would a hot water heater that was what he that comedian brought out once on a time how can you have a hot water eager heaving out water estimates while the worrier dollar a silver because the dollar is a measurement of silvers saying the same thing however we've grown accustomed to doing that sold again you could go out and my silver dollars going to cost you one fie for of paper one dollar federal reserve now to buy that one silver dollar so that's what you got to look at it that i dolorosathe ill many a is of paper tea do you have to use the big one ounce go and one ounce of gold was back then a twenty dollar gold ah it's not twenty dollars any more of his so we have to go back to what it what our intentions of her founding fathers were and bring that forward the constitution is not a living doctor constitution in its present form it doesn't change in time as we grow in our it remains the article one section ten class three never change first amendment never changed a second amendment never changes and so on itself and we have to understand it that's the foundation to which our country was built and be and don't allow thee perorates out there to try to change it and try to say also living document and it what time it on it never has getting back to the federal reserve or getting back to the oh the people that listened to our broadcast i hope they have at this point at last a bold stated federal and are following along to find out what is in fact legal in lawful and what is not ah we have a let's jump into a couple of the amendments because i don't how or time is running like we didn't get anything down on the and i think we left off and i'm not sure because it's been a couple of we i think we left off at the sixteenth amendment as at least where i had a marked ah so if you want to hurry out coffinother mine first of all his chastement that i got the book that i got it's not a hundred per cent yes sir as one of the part parts just before the sixteenth amendment it says here no article on section nine of the constitution was modified by the site article on section nine is the one of the taxing powers of the federal government and i believe that is the direct tax power but i'm not looking at it some doing if my memory is that the wreck taxing power that the government supposedly has i won the when theirs directly taxes once the use direct tax they go to the they don't go to the indies we shouldn't be pan any federal tax harderian individual basis this this is a lie but if people don't understand this then they follow along and they believe that article one section nine of the costs he was mightier amend never was i do i know that well is brushaber verses the united states as the u s brushaber the railroad brushaber verses the railroad brushaber railroad or it is so not sure i i don't remember the exact wording of it but i could bring it if you want to next the the brushes anyway says the sixtieth of madmen gave congress no new so this part that says in this book that article on section in the constitution was modified the sixteenth amendment is the life and a spring court says so that's my authority so we looked sixteenth amendment it is coggeshall have the power to lay and collect taxes on income is from whatever source derived without apportionment among the several states and without regard to any senses or enumeration what a dead basically if you read it correctly it says i can lay a tax on income but what is in in comes the profit and again so when you labour for something if you do some labor and you labour for money is that money that comes to you i come no just in exchange for your time and energy and the tracing mighty company a spring corks and i don't know the exact calls on that called letter on that but the tracing mining company says that because they were taxing the gold the silver net was coming on that mine as income in the spring court says you can't because it's a finite a mount of that it doesn't run forever you're going to run out of silver eventually and they're going to have to close the mind therefore that is not that cannot be considered income it can be considered the source o for income but it cannot be considered income because in come what have to behave an infinite amount and does your life heaven in femina infinite amount of light now in labor forever now you have a finite amount you can only labor until you're what sixty years old or whatever and then you're done labored so that money coming into you is not i come source of which you can derive income didst so because of the iris being as crooked as they are and as absolutely disgusting as they are they have the ability to twist the words and make people believe that all the money coming in to them in come and they are of a sheristani that means their work nothing and you really work and labor for nothing and any money that you get his income to you which is a profit or a gain to your way of life so hogwash unbelievable nonsense that could possibly be forced in upon the american people but it is so why was the sixtieth the mendment in number one it was written to trick the people but number two it was the safe people that pay income tax and who pays on incomes should be on those sonnet corporation or hayonotes social shoshone for and for and ah foreigners are done not citizens and i'm in use that word in no lophate that work but if they're not american citizen that they should be to one's pain taxes not the american system the sole back words their caps in as into oblivion so that their hats others stealing our nation instead of tacking and president trying and right with the terrifying basically they were slit in the throw it before that the way the text these are going basely slits the throats of american steels are well and gives every advantage to invading entities foreign ants so you labour for an income you labor labor for money his incoming money to but that is not income to find by law which is a profiter then you take your money and you pointed in the bank in the bank gives you six per cent interest on that money well take the glee that's income to six per cent at the source still remains intact you can't tax the however you are correct the american people were never spoke to pain income that in itself makes this process illegal and uncle right what they are doing in the seniors is double taxation there so much double taxation right now it's not even funny and when you look at the pittance of in of a ah interest that we're getting on our money the way they're the jack and the system for in a knowing for through a through a inflation your still going on a negative in a negative directon a right and as i brought out one time ago when we were talking about the is there any tax that you would pay to the government that requires you to sign under a penalty of perjury other than an income opasas tacks now when you pay any property as when you pay gas tax any of those indirect taxes you do not have to swear under a penalty of perjury that your paying be appropriate a monk that whole process another words violet or fourth amendment violates the hall idea of you paying the money back and forth and that big tax on tea money and that the at money is actually being used the pay for your labor you're being paid for and by ill you know he never can be redeemed in something of old and then you go on you borrow those in you knows from a bank and you turn around and ah a man able to make your monthly payment may take your property of physical property using federal reserve notes the sand that was brought upon now the interesting part about this is that the last i democrats morons out there believe in this there pushing for this they would like you to be part of the international banking cart if you are a democrat out there and you don't understand that then you'd better do some record and find out exactly what the process is that they are pushing the democrats while the deep state it's i think there's some really good people a democrat party i think you're some good people in the republican party the structure of it is was created to lead people astray because as the structure of the eliogarty are basely put in tack by the deep state by the bank stirs and everybody else in the criminal politics so so you do your research on every single level because you may not want to i down if i with the label you led them put on you that's right these labels are once you are a democrat than your democrat for ever kind of thing oh becomes the bed of honour i am i never cried i'm a republican i am this i'm a that it's etisiss non se all our deidis dividing us with all of these ridiculous labels either american or know what you john but i am in fact in america and proud to be in america i actually have a circlet says i'm not a republican i'm not a democrat of an american i want my case no the forage too and i got that actually from the power hour from joyce's riley was alive that that was her saying and i bought that tish and a lot of my teachers when i was running for office had that saved saying on the one so ye i believe in a very strong i am not a democrat in letterecuyer can and i want my case he so a sixteenth amendment was a coon proud upon by congress by are the deep state and by the banks so got onderstand that this has been going on for some time this war that we are in now is kind of the head of the spirit so to speak tip of the seed but it's been it's been brewing for a long long time and it's been growing both sides both the evil and the the and the old good side have been fighting these little battles for years but it's now come to a point that we have taken up a lot of the sleeping people that were woke there now getting it a lot of the people are now realizing that we've been condoled teasers he talked getting out of these congress there's a big kind the whole frigate thing is a big one there what's the difference what's the difference between progress and congress the throes and cons the he gaintheir just all a much of cons okay and then they brought a pilot then they brought a brow fold about the seventeenth mendment which said the senate of the united states and here again it sits article one this is a note in my article one section three of the constitution was modified by the seventeen can mode original of the constant no matter what it this amendment his legal also unconstant it's an unconstitutional act and it has no authority but it says senate of the united states shall be composed of two senators from each state elected by the people thereof six years and each senator shall have one blow the electors in each state shall have the qualifications requested for electors of the most numerous branches the state legs what was the purpose of the a senate of the federal senate first of all there are two senators is as the senators were supposed to be elected and or chosen the state legisls where windleshore mentation federal level for each of these that's right the states had their representation that was the senators and the people had the representation that was the represent also represented so both were being represented when they passed this amendment they took the power away from them and gave it to the federal government by making the same election by the general mass the general as people they don't know what they're to do it anyway they were so it's a popularity contest rather than that people who are qualified for and having legerity to actually run the nation and the best interests of the people right now unfortunately and then wortherspoon ed by the heat the legislature legislature will sipont just a point on the sonnet not he have it cried general election and if they got into congress and they didn't do what the state wanted though the state c come on home you guys we're going to put two mo plate people in you players in your and get rid of so they were they were kind of on one is the word force a coerced into behaving with what the state of his or any other state one of them to in right of lines the states honest which are stated as an honesty their side whole thing is is a dumpster fire well even if they had to illegitimate or dishonest senators that they chose to go washington to represent there would be forty nine other that would have ah represented this or senators that would represent those and the whole idea was that the states control the federal goes well i want even now though of these clowns that are up there and that in the federal government they're going to campaigning for each other and other states so in effect the senators and the congressman at the federal level have their own little cartel going on to get members in other states not stand with the statement to stand with them and what the trying to acol that's right so again this as the sixteenth amendment is pretty much on constitutional because not by the way it's written institutional by the way is written because it's not taxing the individual but by the way it being represented and by the way it's being implemented it's unco echoes back to the title twenty of the federal reserve no days some day will attack that we but we won't do that to ah couple of three four sets in itself a sixty the mendment seventeen amendments unconstitutional because you can't change the body of the if you could if you could actually change the body of the one with an amendment like they did hear then you could actually change the second amendment i mean if you can do one you can do the other right you can go back and change the first amendment and you could you could do actually nullify all of the amendments and say they're not rights their privileges were the got remite gave you those so if they can come up with something like the seventeen the menmen which changes part of the article on section three of the constitution and get away with it then they can change but i think the american people are to for this nowadays yet the highest ones ah and so ah this is another amendment that's unconstitutional illegal what every one can then we go on to the eighteenth amendment we know what the athenian men is it's the prohibition of the manufacture and sale of transportation of intoxicating liquor ah the eighteenth amendment was the prohibition amendment and then what happened why did that ever change why did we get the eighteenth amendment removed or or re amendment as the people wouldn't put up with it a people so now were not got to do this you can you can pass this mentitore not going to do it and so if we were to have the same attitude on the sixteenth amendment the seventeenth amendment they would have been in its innocuous as the eighth when a contado it and i'll pass whatever you want we're not going to do what it's an unconstitutional act that has no volitition law also exist people played along with with the sixteenth amendment seventeenth amendment because it really didn't the kitchen in any way but the eighteenth amendment did people were going will abide by alcohol no matter what no matter what the government would i do and then therefore the government had the pass then amendment to ratified i think what is that the twenty eight or the nineteen no it's not that i think the and o consistere are along the the nineteenth on first aid yeah twenty first moment eighteen amendment article of the men of the constitution she transportation in him importation into any state territory a possession of the united states for the livery you thereof of intoxicating liquors in violation of the laws thereof is hereby prohibited so they changed the eighteen the mendment ah because the people wouldn't wouldn't go along with it just said no or not going to do it the twenty first met ah so again i can i ask you this question if they passed an unconstitutional and such as what our state of michigan passed in the last election illegally because they can't do it that way anyway you can amend the cons by popular vote that's not why we have a republic form of government that's a damocles theocracies were the people to and the majority winds in the minority loses not a republic we do not have a democracy again i bring you back torolone section article for section four claws heartofore section four of the federal constitution that sins were all guarantee a republican form of government a republican form of government is that we hire people to handle the day by day complerment be governmental processes so we don't have to do that's what that's all about noted democracy we don't vote on amendment i am of course those people in lansing they have no clew up there doing changing to but the people of our country should understand that we have a republic we hire people they are our servants to go to washington to go to lance to go to the local cities and and do what we want them to do there are it should be a service that we are accomplishing through our through our taxes and that's what we're doing you don't take hirin any other service provider the government should be a service provider to weave the exactly and we have to get off the idea that they are telling us what to do we are telling them what that takes a speck to the courts when we have to deal with carts and prosecute in all the other legal behaviors government in itself that we need to resist we need to say not i am doing not going to die now you got all so be intelligence i picked the battles that or winnable a and not kick a battle that torelose like one as my heir at war were in a war right so we got to be able to pick the battles that were going to win and there are lots of em out there again this i have shrugged you in the last couple of sessions that we've had that there's ways of fighting all traffic tickets organs take anything else in the government i have made port upon the state governments may put upon you that you can actually do battle with and cities and to cities and states have really no recourse if you understand the law and you can implement the law and in actually stand on your feet and fight that now the court cases sat applied now the parts of the constitute to the history of how this oh monster developed around us became the civil action jurisdiction and how their use under against if you can understand all that but then you're in good shape and you can go to court you can paddle the because you went because they really have no like the stand on so now we left off at the nineteen the moment the nineteenth twentieth amendment for he rehearsed too hard either it says here note this amendment twentieth amendment article one section for the consent was modified by these why section to of the amendment in addition a portion of the twelfth amendment was superseded by section three at the hack in so this is again nonsense that there passing on to the article on section for canalcostume can't be and any of the basic parts of the constant up the article and to be amended by an amen i'll get up facing to kind of crazy as a word is going to add a madman's to add a madman's on tapotement to a man that men may its convoluted and its absurd well here's how this place out of you you become elected as the governor which and you have an anchorage so secretary of and you're a he and you say we're going to modify this we're going to change the constant by this new amendment and were going not each have two more years in our a little on the wild side but we will will do it on the willside so we're going to established a new constitutional amendment and we're going to change the basons of our michigan case and say now governors are appointed for can you do that can can they change the amendment of the federal consent by saying that or modified the second of the by the federal constitution by saying we're going to eliminate article on sectionsthe that you don't have to pay in gold at supper coin you can pay in any in who can do that and so they in an they can't change the second amendment at first amendment so on it so far then do whatever they can to my fit by their laws and rules and regulations as long as we long we abide by their we ratify what they want if we do that then then we are ratifying there behave and they're getting away with it so we have to get away from the ratification of this nonsense that they've been putting upon us all ethers and resist them where we can so back to the twentieth amendment the term of the president and vice president shall end at noon on the twentieth day of january and terms of the senators represented as at noon on the third day of january of the year in which such terms would have ended if this article had not been ratified and the terms of the i shall then began now the clearing up that first the mendment another words i know are clearing up article one section so he'd have to go back article one section for is the haventhe i don't article on i think it's as if this is this is the sitioganus little convolute and i can bring it off i got it here one oh sidenote force says the term in place and manner of holding elections for senators representatives shall be prescribed in each state by the legislature thereof that the congress may at any time by law make or alter such regulations except as to the places of ah choosing senators time was shown assembled at least once in every year and such meeting shall be on the first monday in december unless they shall by law appoint a different congress was only meeting once in a while once her a minimum now there in lifetime congressman that meets every single day and then they have only those states off for hooks so they have modified this part of the amendment by saying that they're going to take office at a certain period of time because the senators could be taken office and any kind state sent i can call me in polish were going to get rid of a stab you now and we're going to put cater and in her position and you're going to take her office to morrow i kick her out and i go in and take off the snow i upset congress because oh i upset the state of michigan because i didn't vote the way they wanted to i recall me right on this o he had the authority to do that to recall but now we have to wait six years to get rid of sabina or that other moron with other there there a kind of all in that more otherenglishmen or yet did ever the while he peter principle you know ye you rise to your level of a of a confidence and i think we've we far surpassed that that's right so going back for the twenty twentieth amendment basically what they thought to modify the the to modify article that article of the other article one section four of the federal consent could possibly be considered a lawful amendment horsebut is it being operated are the using it appropriately and are they are they are they reading into it because it forks about the terms of the presidency and the talking of mountain rendered i can only hold two turns on come president to violate twenty twenty and he sotherei'll be the first president in a long time that's been elected to obviously he spoke i am the rightful president de united states president donald j he still still as coherent rolling the army from military certainly it isn't isn't tumbling drooling by that's fore the mester because you got ovando on monthsthough do we take this up next week so we've got thrown in predisposed them i think we could for had ononchiotaha and we'll start on the twenty first amenement alone into little at the let's go through that next week and then we will finish up on that and then i've got to i've got something some work to do for one of my lawsuits to day because on discovery and i've got to go ahead and and i get a a lot of documents finished put together and then they got to be delivered over to the opposing attorney essento in discovery right now and this the sole process is quite interesting oh we have not had the right to a speedy trial and one and this is creating this creates a ishote stole things out to indite you what in the year said i that i've been in business and some of the law suits that we've been on the the reason why the small this out it's because they're picking winners and losers before you can get for it the judge at the stall tactics is in fact to go into the yard the a the wind category for the other side and so some of it has to do with giving them enough time to actually rig things a little bit further and a kind of an interesting process but it's a very illegal process it has nothing to do with justice that we're going to go through it anyway and one that i do believe that if we kentonnot that were were seriously go find them the plain there are for the chink in their armor and land below that they can't recover should at some point time so we just keep fighting out and i get believe very strongly and that that we each one of us tasknone fight on and do to the best of our billies odeen this nation defend each other and stand together in a very strong way there if you if you quit you lose if you quit you more you will there the cow ten on us quitting their county and ascetic the fight there counting on the failure of being were right here with every single one of their hope that we don't have the gods to go forward on that is if we do will win the kitten this this is all about staining the race on refusing to fail continuing to just can blows if for with every every chance you get land a blow somewhere step up for office local action is where the is going to be one i believe it now that every single one of the and state of michigan is is even if they did they wanted to do the right thing they did not follow the law most of the they they chose to follow a ruling by secretary of state and they they are not i had an international as athar township ah arts are township clerk and in no tallow it was one of the most shocking conversations cause they have no intention of co operating in the interest of we the people they are all part of the machine and we're going to have to graves quirks that you know and there like all leominster the clericaune they're just nice and people the local people nowreally i have we are still all that stupid that we're going to be ketoctin within emotional plea where we can't do that because we want to work more boureahs that working for us it hasn't worked yet and they all in supper a couple of destroyed evidence and or crabeth secretary of state in order to support the election if they did if they were told to you something and it was illegal and they co operated with its white was told did you that from vomissem from the secretary of state's office why about the people your supposed to be representing if fails they failed and we're going to have to be called out for it and no one certain terms and i'm sorry if they're nice ebling you know these people in such if they broke the law our countries going down because of this idiotic cality of refusing to hopeful countable and it starts with us holding the accountable instead of being a bunch of emotionally immature little saps saying that you know that in holding no one account and you not it started starts with the people that we know if they've done something that is is in or out on the local level that's absolutely against the law they are the first ones that he first then enter there can be no there can be no mercy because they broke the law they broke the lock i agree with your honoured present this is worthy electricate ity hath so and we're going at the change our minds that if you want to be friends with these people then go set in upsettin kindergarten in the play ground somewhere we have our our nation is in jeopardy right now and it's going to take every single one of us stand without wavering to take it back and no more emotional sap e non sunt to protect our friends when they did something while wrong with he broke the law the not a front of they broke the lock there an enemy of the state this nation and each one of us and the future that's that's potentially how to us and at that and i feel that wavers strongly i want to give you three terms that you might want to have in your i beg of okay if you get in the corn and you are due for your tones or your arguing with your tourney on a certain law you know the law and you have the law then you use the term called judicial notice a judicial notice judicial notice means and it's out there it's already been proven it's already been adjudicated it exists and you're not listening article one section ten class three that judicial notice the orono you cannot force me to paint something other than gold and silver no silver coin that's judicial notice that's outfit okay what in next one is snorri decis that means that laws already been ah adjudicated at one point or that are argument has already been a duty and has never been overturned and therefore is the law is good law starry desist ah a good case is norton verses shall become me another one is montgomery words words verses eugene closer which we talked about the fact that he paid in beans that story tess in the other one is raced through the cab and raced to the crotonians a basically the same as the other two that that's already been proven in court and i therefore that is the law has no sense in going and arguing that part of a particle so you might want to keep those handy if you get in front of a judge that well i never heard of that really your honour room ah judithone give you judith take you just so notice so this it's out there if you don't know it then you're hoisting norance to the police could you some rise each one of these on and some and i in email for yea i could do that now would go on cantwell let no man in antisapre an then i'll give you last words and then well we'll move on here for the day and i'll get into fighting the big monsters and core that are out there trying to steal the nation cause let's orchil it's a dear havenly father thank you so very much for a long as to come forward to you with all of our concerns and the things that are breaking our hearts we see out there in this nation it surely is a crazy time to be alive and were seen things that we never ever thought were possible on the bad side but were also seen miracles flow from the or hands on the good side we thank you that you've given us the opportunity to serve you in all the things that we do and this day we will make a commitment to you not to lie to do the right thing to the best of our ability and to follow you in thingthe matter what our eyes see or ears here please talk through us so that we would forsythe right things and give us your your heart so that we can look on others with love in a great discernment we we require we need you to give us to ceremonioso and all these matters that are at hand to iseverything this world is upside down we pray for those people that are our onomies that have done things to offend us or that are really struggling because most people out there are strongly and no one has it right the only one hanesingas straight we thank you for leading us through every every she alone had a rose and we know that you planned us to be here right now and you don't make mistakes and that you can rest you bring people along side of us to help us that you will give us clear direction on the things that we should do and not waste our time on things that are non son that we are focused on the right things that we are compartimento each other that we look at that we look for ways and can see was to help people round us and that first and foremost that we walk with you on the sort that we focus on you so that the things of this world don't matter in the grand scheme of things that's the only thing that matters is our service to you and the love that we shall every one around us in that the people that we that we help around us through thise we pray for those that are not saved that you would take the wheels offer their eyes and that they were turned to you knowing that they need to saviour we all need a saviour in our saving jesus cried and were thankful so much for that please bless every one out there with a wonderful day where they see you at every turn and that the ah the there just rejoiced knowing that that we live apart from this world where in this world but not part of it i would thankfully and we love her and to the same prey to he got so everybody up there happen woeful day thank you john to have any last words no oh we're going to meet live at nicholas on wednesday those there listen nicholas is on telegraph north of ten mile and i won't be there between five and nine on wednesday so if you can show up but if you living in the neighbourhood love to have yelped a son so here we go go you brandenberg governor do come i am not conceding john's not consenting to liars cheats and thieves were still standing here were still landingthis punches every time we get we're going to talk we're going to just let em have it and no back and down nobody backs down we keep going forward and i we're not going to fail by our own choice to be quitters and cowards no fear trying and continued to go forward so just latternow that we love you and we're going to continue to stand and we hope that you stand with us god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america make it a great day to your choice she stand with god and you'll have every day you have a great day there be difficulties so recallings that's okay we're going to handle them as they come where americans were moths were strong and we don't back down and we're going to continue to go forward as family one family under god have a great day ever great day thinks johnnie here i once again i'm i'm learned mind blowing start of you i'd on something new every thing will time we talk and prepare your song for next week because that song was great i got another one for you for i great dig is will