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Published Oct. 27, 2022, 9:02 a.m.

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good morning this is brandenburg news network and i'm donna brandenburg it is in fact ber my tangent twenty two and we have a wonderful show plan for you to so a man with care in the river a little bit but i want to go through a few news news items in the mooring green carai think what i do is just bring carnon right now and then will be able to will be able to talk and then we'll go through some of our news or news items morning karenin demanding so you are up all night writing words ye i was up until close to three thirty and then i still couldn't sleep when i was lying in bed and i think i was actually dreaming about these things that i hope we are going to talk about to irrigate been an absolute savage posting to cicero much coming up on economy telegram channeled the morning there i posted a video and this woman or name is motion since from allan he from she had a minister for finance and better regulation private members statement from queens and election and she's talking about the concordat for queen's election software it is absolutely undeniable that there were connections to what and the connection to michigan is getting to be even more on the table i mean this is this is past go radio this is like a i don't know that this is there's no word to describe how bad this is in it is undeniable this is connected to michigan and when you look at there was a there was a server and grapes that showed up where they were able to fire all it off before the information went through grand rapids i'm going to tell you right now it's my complete belief that michigan was the pointer for the national failure on elections for the entire united states and you can see so there's also there's another article i put on you this is just amazing so all the players the article is going to blow your mind really the players are all connected and the steel of the twenty twenty election in our election officials appeared to be complicity in finding as well as enabling foreign interference in the twenty twenty election they walked right to the front door michigan was the door to the entire united states twenty twenty election was a complicity gross negligence for while i owdacious dunleigh now the entire republican controlled legislature i don't know their silent as the grave botulin and decrepit silent as a great i and i'm going to do settees on cubina more noise than those in office and those in the parties are all traitors and i'm i'm just going to say if any one voting with these political parties are just gillison with the oenomaus with the enemy hineline involved in seditions aversion and infiltration of the united states of america we are americans we are not republicans or democrats there are only patriots or traitors left and it is really i don't ever want to hear some say i needn't know because you know what they're so much information out there yet you know you you you you have to be completely hid under a rock and you know the weapons even economic warfare vaccines proposals the proposals that are on the boutonniere for another probable his call it what it is they waged war on the united states of america they done it with compositors within the nation and there they're guilty is how the that this so far as no it's not even funny and i want to bring this video i'm a bring a video on where we can watch the manicaria i think this is kind this is pretty pretty damning if you ask me i incorporate vacation platform called chinese brief dotcom he corporate in two thousand michigan by chinese immigrant green went on to create a research and development subsidiary of connecting corporate in communist china registering as a foreign national under his chinese or later and acanthians out souring the communist china for election software coded and they begin developing an entire producing of digital election fourteen they were focusing on developing an election back and servers fifteen they filed a patent for it work voting of absent elector and was then quickly transferred to a brand new company born out of the sick division he specializes in election one australia was established by eugene in two thousand eighteen and during the twenty twenty elections in queensland reporting problems were caused by coiners being locked down in china feeling that australia's election soft where was being written by voters in angina according to a chinese document entitled international illiterateness mission of connect incorporated come one of the top commerce service providers for schools and government in the united state the communist chinese company quietly running election software systems out of mission what would normally expect much bigger store november of last year a thousand dollar ranthoor gretchen whitmore on october third the new york times published an article to tending to entitled how tiny elections he came in conspiracy theory are eugene is arrested for suspicion of stealing pole an he is extradited to los angeles where connect had a five year contract with a towny elections prosecutors and law angela's claimed that connect giving sensitive data to their partners in communist short sorrow appointed district attorney gaston said the investigation only involved personal information of election workers at would not impact election and now a chinese spy and connect soutenus case she the corrupt bias reportedly bowed he was released from custody given an electronic tracking bracelet and schedule to report back for arraignment on november seventh well after the us elections the wild connect provides the software for the u s military male invalids they manage polling campaigns for elections in australia canada and several areas of the united states reporting to his former he even believed that there is so much to oh my goodness you know and there's a further apostate article from a news others and chinese election picture fix or can you can you escape you as leaving a spy at work in tacitus and this is really really an dat report and that a really interesting article on recommended everybody who to your telegram and check that article out of it its name a name all over the place samson to read part of it here was sources misconstrue sitis est landing michigan glancing at the state campaign according to the fine know how how much we can trust them and train and china the world's top election fiction the chinese eugene he runs china base company conduct is sowing voting machine systems that and they've got a lot of stuff on here that is absolutely storey five million voters profiles and in china that's up for one point eight that i heard of and is owned by chinese national the chinese national army which owns the come party can servers were a fancied from their location friday they store connective dead from all over the world the rent was paid by david was born executive drugger director and owner of red cedar ventures elocuting five million dollars of sustentation money remember ammunition and look at what they did with the clinton foundations such a meyendorff the money and you could see exactly what they did rudders eventual form across the street from michigan state university mayou the books are kept in a sad building by rebecca a notorious master while letitia when us conic vacated at us or had person lance michigan there is a kind of source on her too according to my susancide and concordate companies there is and robinson agreement republic information canis all so involved in three continents australia united canada and the united states and there's all kinds of screen shots and you file the country are flood the country on friday leaving los angeles for a home lancia after posting a i a million dollar bond in michigan fifty five fifty fifth district state court mason for a misdemeanor a fugitive from justice five her thousand dollar bin in los angeles for abasing public funds and the amount of two million six hundred forty five thousand i can be of the eight page lecount indictment is like the million dollar bond michigan was posted by another suspect in chinese by dana a wing and at one so where she got a hundred thousand a million is to post us bodices million there's there's a discrepancy there that i'm seeing but we'll have to use and here in a michigan was a tower his attorney a creeper said that without wings use household have been the clatter for the bond i had new escape by refusing the charge of you and the fire are partners with the paragon this is a reticule treasury department refused to see a small michigan i sandstone george gascon said that the date set for my angels to china was the biggest tanagraean the history of the releasing you for it was a fraud on beilby affidavit according to create by vouched for can the tide had said to contract none of l'election words election personal data the china so where to go before i go to china neither gascon or ancaios cuter peril a simon will release his by affidavit asonis unable to find it coromantee all lost including the file on eugene you oh this thing is just i hit his geometer better and and you can keep going you can just keep going down and say here the american universities tineton there's a whole bunch of a graphic and things you know connecteth you anaitis this thing has the potential of absolutely blowing wide open and i'm like i'm like blowing wide open up it is and and you know what started startling about it to the case that we have going right now i did proposals documents with the american's project as well as with electioneerer their several people on this that are significant and were destinee hammering this an i'm in i'm like i done with it you know i'm done with all of us it's like this is time for this thing just come out and it's bigger girl home to me right now because a year absolutely it is a very very large criminal send at and throughout the world and you can see how it what they did down in venezuela they've been that the benefits we they've been in and australia with her not one and i mean this is pretty easily traceable and you know unless amy's going to cover it up i mean you know look at what the bi did yesterday indicted the three who knows you know so i think it's interesting because you made a point before the video where are our parties where our legislators i want people to consider and and keep an eye on now in the next couple of days information is readily available or your legislators are your top representatives are the democrats of course they're not are they any of them going to talk about no they're not going to atalanta about the election they have talked about it since sentence twenty twenty election i have heard none of them say it yet all the band anather don't care they they are a bunch of neuter to that stand for not they do nothing and in our absolutely at war with the american i agree i think this is the most important topic that we have at hand while their busy tracing everyone with drag queens and story hour and i guess those things go together and a bunch of other smaller is the proposals to me are a small issue because none of it matters if we can't keep our election safe and secure not of it matters sollicitous to but the newer distracting from the central issue none of these letters if they don't have if we don't have safe and secure elections and their distracting us from that with all this debate all the lot of those questions matter if they don't have election integrity in peter we know winters not going to talk about it to teradant opportunity twice and the only thing she could say well your running mate was an election desire what about you tudor they have anything to say about election integrity in michigan she's done nothing done and you have fought it from the beginning and people need to open her eyes they've done nothing and they can say that there you know their for the sanctity of life i was the only one there in front of the board of canisters where were they got less cowards they were running for the hills yet they want to get they don't want to make anybody mad we don't want to be controversial we don't want to tell the truth we want to just get the boat so we can get in power and keep ah you know saturday that they have always been and honestly this is where we look back at what happened in the first revolutionary war there were only loyalists or patriots and i i will go and say the loyalists they were the ones that were making money off of the system that's all we have now we only have traitors or patriots that's it there is here a definite dividing line there and honestly anybody says well i didn't know yet you did i chose not to look at it there's enough information out there yes and you know people are some people are still worked up about topheavy an endorsement and complete and total endorsement a tutor dixon what is trump talking about every time he has a really he's talking about election integrity and his endorse candidate his sudden basically nothing zero and i really have a lot o respect for president trump i think he's way more intelligent than this you know the right say right out in front all the time you know if you've got to achieve a goal what was the gold that he said from the beginning was to return the government to be the people will how do you do that when you have a group of people that are used to self govern you got to get thinking you know i think that you know the strategy and i really do believe this is a strategy the strategy too maybe do some really indorsements i mean why in the world would he endure people that were backing his impeach it makes a zero and i mean zero so my old thing is i think he's teaching people how to be independent be independent thinkers how to honestly get people offer their sofas and in certain gauging their brains and so just being you know blind sheep or fooling something that that you know stands for nothing you know these things these titles that they give anything you know even riots that mean you know any more what is it what does it mean to be republican what does it mean to be you know a it doesn't mean anything any more bets infiltrated that you know that a label and label means nothing any more i got to go on individual merit you've got to go on in the circumstances and engage your brain instead of you know following following what somebody else tells i recently won back to trump speech from january because how i remembered it as it turned out as a little bit different than the transcript and the video that i could see i thought that what he said was do you want to see evidence and the people were gay and he said i'll show you the evidence and that's not precisely what he said but that essentially what he did because we have seen ever since then the evidence of what has happened to her country when we were doing our duty and our due diligent so we can now see clearly at least some of us are i think a lot of us are what happens when we don't do our part and we the people and we've had to practice now this is the practice this election is practising how to watch our government and disagree when they make when they step out of line when they pretend to have authority they don't we need be able to say something and do something about it we've laid down on the job and he has shown us that so the things about the shots the things about shoving touching to the light these are all examples that he has done so i agree with you on the endorsement people really upset when he sort of endorse the shop but when he was doing was teaching us to think for ourselves make decision independently is he doing the same thing for endorsements i think he is i agree with you i think he's smarter than that most of us are he seized the the fore de thousand mile view of what's going on and he's giving us an opportunity to grow up a little bit i think that's exactly what he's doing and that's my opinion it is that you know stop listening to the fate pulls the fact news the fatshan actually look and reason why none of this makes sense if it doesn't make sense it probably it doesn't look like it's making sense it probably doesn't there may be way more to it you know it's just like you and i are all similar in the fact that we look off so no matter what we see it that's not what we are focused on were focusing on the things that are on the outside of that he's always more of the story i think the direct you in one direction usually is distracting you from from what was really supposed to be looking at and that just goes right back to all of these symptoms you know in other bad i'm not not condoning any of these things they're trying to get us off with the car issue as they've been doing it forever you know clearly could see it in the campaign in things since i've been running you know but they are trying to get us distracted from the only thing that really matters because if we have good people and often all of this other stuff falls in in line all of it yes but we have to do our job to to hold them accountable once they are in office correct but that the first stop as we got to have people in line were in office which which actually you know people who are actually doing the right thing and right now all we have is a big cartel of you know an industry that set itself up one and yet we said before now we're starting to see even more connection be tom what has happened with our election the trees on man this is a serious thing missus not a word that we just throw around like he said fraud is a difficult thing to charge at least successfully in a defect corporate but that doesn't mean it not easy to do when we have a government which is purposefully working against the people and hiding the truth from were starting to see more away thought we had a pretty good hand along it and then we had two thousand mules and then and then we thought we had a pretty good handle on it and more as coming out about michigan and i don't know from the rest the world's perspective where michigan is a national news because we hear a lot about carry lay in arizona and pennsylvania may be georgia i think michigan meets to be something that people talk about and observe very carefully in the days well yeah and look at me were down in arizona we find out that the episode of the twenty twenty election and right through michigan it in all players that are involved in it i mean i'm sure they don't want anybody seeing that so they're going to talk about tilting in the news but what they want i mean men for example my candidacy don't mention brandenburg that would be that's the name that shall not be mentioned you know that everything else but god forbid should we may say the name brandon bird you know i'm pretty ensure that you know they say that name all hearts will stop and annotto spinning and clearly he who cannot be named you cannot be named that's what it is to know people used to say about ring kelly oh he was arrested by the f b i he must be the candidate we should follow because they don't like him mitchell where are all you people now they won't even let you speak down his name they will let you see it in the news for a hundred seventy press releases they will not let you hear her name now do you think the problem is she is the candidate that you want if you don't like the establishment oh it's kind of funny and then watch him scream and yell and make a lies in the tap and that sort of thing you know it's like here under a tapestry over the target you know it's like they're going to try to silence anything that the truth i mean they've been doing it for years why why would they stop i mean it's like the bunch of liars and there the you know their native tongue as lies that's what they do and we knew the going into it were to finding more and more out about it you know so no big surprise here and quite honestly i kind of enjoyed the fight i'm by nature a sport for the theatre is interesting because this is an important point we tend to think that in the news media that they will you know the attack very outwardly all the time but they're not doing that with you there completely silent with you they don't want people to think that you even exist said a very different at and i think that's confusing for people because we're not used to sing out discerning that a candidate who is attacked is normal in media and that is because that candidate might be bad or if in bad in the media and they will even talk about you so they're like well she doesn't matter now she that's exactly the problem they won't speak your name because you are even more scary to them than trumpets the truth i'm not making miss i think that you are even more scary in a sense than trump i say that there might be some truth to that you know and maybe it's just a cowboy woods or something like that but it's like when they ask me to denounce something on what oh no problem we're just going to talk about about three times as you know you tell me to stop doing something like that pretty extra sure i'm jist goin to double down on it may be triple if i need to it's sport and they're not real bright about it either you know it's like somebody decided to go off the rock or the other day the other day and actually say look at her son she has an indescribable a something like that you might see have aids and then he went on i i not even to answer anybody that goes on a ridiculous like stupid rant like that i won't even you know it's like i'm goin to take the jesus track on this and it's like just going to stand there keep going story look at stupid or by the men and i'm just going to let you have an uprooting yourself because you're clearly and in the next question i'm always with alisander if these people are being paid and it's not working out for him because there you know maybe there funnily on the backside got cut off and so now they're going absolutely stupid and ease keep going to eatonton if it doesn't come out here on a come out and having some day you're not going to be a lie it and in so and i have no obligation answer anybody if they attacked me and i won't no you don't have to i think i've seen a couple of different classes you've got the class that is just outrageous like that and very angry and may be there being paid and then you've got people who are generally genuinely fearful and all they know is the old system they know two party good third party impossible and therefore you are the enemy of how weary they don't they don't see that that the job split itself that there is no way they can keep those voters with the god they don't want to stay and they're not loading for water there's nothing they can do to stop that and that the pretty strongly so therefore they must attack you and say you need to back out he and render is always now she should back out exactly he had got a new name for the top and cadogan a party how about going out pathetically i like it as they are it is still people that are like weeds still fix it and it's what i call standing in the swamp you can't stand in the swamp in trying clean it so what are you going to do it's like okay we fixed it i don't know six weeks before the election with the laws of candidate how in the world are you going to fix this explain this process to me that makes any type of sons one soever because none of it makes any sense at all is totally a logical and then besides that even if you fix it in your this is like trying to cut you you know this kind of like impudent is trying to declare fraud on the twenty twenty then on winnie fight here this is absolutely in undeniable fight great and i feel really happy that everybody stepped up and started doing something that's great you know i should have been done a long time ago but it wasn't so i know so we put it right up to the end where all of a sudden we got her power back but the stone no possible way to change ever the twenty twenty two election and if we get to the twenty twenty two election and we have a little puppet on the strings who quite honestly like a child to me cartillos the time yes the how how agenor for you how how is that going to work it when when we have somebody that stands up there that that you know we may be we need to get her a talebearer something like that but make a you know because i'm pretty torture that you know you know pick up pick up that anything that needs go forward as any kind of fight is probably not going to work and so you know there is a god a barney doll around here somewhere moving differently barney dallas it was my eyeteeth to my policeman who brought that out in one of the meetings over and saint clare see i ave you an me we need to get along every one i'd like no man no no you just insulted all of us you know if you want to say barney on the stage this fine but count me out what i call a squirrel i haven't used that term in a while but when the dog sees squirrel and he got square and he forgets everything else that's going on they've been trying to do distract us with this other and and i see the break down of biding or whatever you want to call him whoever you want to call him he is every day they are putting him in front of a hammer and i think it's hilarious because i can see that is part of a plan that that's my belief on that but it's a distraction in a squirrel nauseated by allister things folks if we don't fix this problem nothing else matters in time to step up and be a true american a patriot on and do it right stop being afraid in stop expecting the same results by doing the same old actions or better isolt i doing the same action definition of insanity we all know it let's shed the cowardice and put on our bravery and marched forward knowing that god's going with us and we really don't have another choice if we don't find our way out of this and i don't mean like you know do something stupid physically i mean get in there to win and i mean you know and good people in there and predestined and pretty ensured that this nonsense that happened with the coin the vaccines and all of the damage has been done to this nation lacking kids down and finding out that administrators actually took bribes pay off to have this you know instituted in their schools well as all interests much money that changing hands in this school whole situation its mind body yet this is information about conic i think it will be really interesting to see where the money flow goes this could be another challenge for white people are so afraid of white and i think they all have this expectation in mind because of their experience but she is going to be there for another four years i don't believe i do believe she could if we do what we're supposed to do now that that i was in she's kind of a coward she ran away from me at the auto show in detroit take your man and i got out tackled by sanscrit and it was like it was like four feet out away from her almost security came in like a bunch of line backers we know here is me and you know and i held and an address in walking up to my hand extended in peace and no one the no and they ran her right out of there say i told you to make it after so i'm sorry to continue at her said mean interrupt no lasciato that in my millimeter they started riding last night an got interrupted when i saw no more information and i thought well i'm going to have to sit on this friend then it nominated again today probably before i can publish it because i think it's interesting that she and others seemed to have been hiding out when ben was in the basement we all thought it was because of the dementia no starting to wonder if there was something more to it why if she hid demanding for the last couple of years i think it makes me wonder who is in control and why are they hiding her cause she naturally you can see she's got an eagle she's very sassy sort of character reality she likes to you know she doesn't mind getting in front of a camera normally but she's been hiding and yet why is there that cowards or is it that it is there something else going on but it makes me believe that the again you have more power than they do and they know it and i think i think you've got a run and it's really just as with trump it's not about trump and it's not about donald it's about weepe and that is something that you both have a connection with you are both of you recognized from the beginning the power of the people and if if they allow that connection to occur they're in trouble and they know it so they're doing everything in their power to stop it but nothing can stop what is coming true words there towards could not be said so well let's talk about your substrata you started on this morning because i thought it was awesome you know and i reposed the laws ah you know that hat for the desertion of machines that that i'm involved inter that a sidonian they had that is going to be i believe very signify yes so i was in a plain inundating much more than touching on that when i was drafting this eferybody listening i said her a draft link so that's why you haven't seen it yet and she has in private special and privilege i senatorian ng to she would know what i was doing but so i think i posted your your post from telegram last night because i didn't want people to get confused and think this is new this is a case it's been round for a few weeks at least i think it was filed in september said so it up and i'll tell you exactly what it was but i could quite extremely significant if you are successful because he certifies the if michigan would be certify the twenty twenty election on this particular case which i think is a very strong case a review it before it's very very simple but is very very powerful because the remedy is to desert twenty twenty and the machines have to go before we his case september september it was filed so so if you haven't seen it before go and read it look at the remedies in the end if you don't have a lot of time or you can look at the basic don had posted one of the things is that the twenty twenty election is deserted twenty twenty two cannot use the illegal machine my question for you dona is does it also affect the primary that we just had in august because those primary use those machines to tis the certified it pretty much in i'm afraid a full that right thing that was john from pretty much to find in my opinion but i don't know i can't i can't make that that's a domination there not a fact but my my guess is is that at that moment a time everything is notified so what would be lotophagi al next well depends on if they declared this is a sad how far back they go to china i mean you start getting a china tie into this and man this could go to a real real crazy spot real quit foreign inter entertain or interference in our election is that a declaration of war i don't know i can't think i think we've been there i think were interpolations it's a you look at all of the things that they waged war on this nation with you know outmost war is and isn't ballistics or it's not you know it's not of an actual physical war that they put on t that's only about i don't know i've heard like no per cent of a war the rest of it is all psychological it's a moving pieces around its all resource accumulation it's all a lot of it is is a psychological one population you disable population and you can walk right in the front door without firing a bullet and isn't that what they said that they were going to do the united states the morning we will we will walk right into the united states of america and not fire but so it kind of looks like there he knew exactly the it looks like they knew exactly what they were doing we've got the play book they've done it before will you know it's like and then what do they do then after they go on then then the word start after they've already walked in the door where is your case i don't this one get all the curtain formation here i hope the people understand the significance of this one small simple case to the entire country a few of my there so this is mature that according the right one because this is a united states district court for the eastern district of michigan generated division and we've got a couple of voters on that one also this is this my be interesting it jason i think is less in this protean buyer montoni republican party the rightful republican party which would cellardyke is a different norenberg yes taxpayers candidate for the governor of michigan election which i am on the ballot november without the bus evelin party or the democrat party and their face election on the end for saradine fisher past as the clerk of irvington ship very county every county should be proud of that to a man that and plaintive are verses they were plaintive it and so you know i believe that we've already been able to stop the destruction of evidence from the election because story banally said that you know this is the i always people are just the one weird things around him i mean really really weird things that you cannot you cannot underestimate the weirdness of of some of this you know i'm going to go through here i want to read some a simplified version of the last he is the last suit for dissertation lawsuits for dissertation of the presidential election it is limited for many reasons even though the election of even though the election of local and state races were impacted the certification by the governor's secretary of state was illegal and it seeks to desert i require a new election the reason it was illegal is that it used a machine was not certified in many counties in michigan it appears twenty four ponies did not have a machine that was certified this includes the easiness there were forty eight counties using dominion that he have a document of certification but the document is for software that is version by point sithen the system used sogoro an earlier version five point five is sure the suffocation does not match the software more importantly the certain casion was provided by a company that latticed ation in lasted about two years earlier so so on that point it's very very simple you have to have a thing to be legal they didn't have the thing it's not legal no there is no defense they've got nothing so the judge is going to have to put on his big boy riches i think it to value and say well we can't we have the i don't know what happens next that's not my responsibility the people are going to have to figure that out well this is like to me to me the sufi what they did with me and i proved that it was an illegal removal of myself that they illegally removed me from the ballot and in federal court and the judge said that my rights were that i was treated very unfairly and that they would not stop the election and or right because the rights of one person was violated well let all of michigan was violated all of menteith was all of us violet because wassent me whatsoever this is about all of us standing together in a one person's rights or violated were all of our rights are violated and the onativia more and more you know it's a weather stand together we fall on this one because we have you know a really very criminal organization the strings in pretty much everything out there and in their own bad together we certain the connection if it is it is undeniable that people were working together that they've been working together in many capacities the very long time one of the things i i mentioned in my sub stack say we go through this election because there is no ruling on this case and nothing else causes any kind of interfered serration or no election case changes matters we have an election and let's say dona in we donabue all know it's illegal and in the end eola's going to happen out there will be opened but what we've done it do what would don do as the elections the legal desert the we have an here and our nation in that that means to defend all things in it you don't stand up when there's an illegal proces and do you know if the right the process you are complicate your involved so than alcobaca i said this morning on my tallington is that voting for some one or a group of people which you know are guilty is hawtree no go along get along you don't want to make anybody mad god forbid you in the same category of complicity i think again as we talk about people have to get in touch with their mate american patriotic duty your vote is not just a simple matter your vote is extremely important it is a duty it is a responsibility and i should not be voting on a fear you should not say well this is the only action i have because someone else could win it should be much more important than that and therefore it should also be protected as if it because it is precious and people have lost sight of that well i don't know what else to do well i had posed in my substance that if don had won but she knew it was fraudulent she knew it was illegal that she would most likely disagree now i have to change that because the proof you just said the same date that of my son bacterium glad that she proved me care you have fought for the integrity of little action for the people the entire time this is not about dona some people of have said i erroneously that you have some other kind of agenda that you actually working for whither your sorrow and i like where is your evidence of that because every step of the way she has proven in her actions not just her words she is all about election integrity she is all about the rights of weapon even with the action and i think you would continue to do that regardless of the outcome of this next election if it is not legal and muffle i can go back to shoveling horse manure in my art and my barn every morning with a cup of coffee and be happy this has been an awful lot of this has been an awful lot of fight attacks you know figuring out systems pretty much by myself you know it's not like if he had a whole bunch of people like say that you know the way the republican party or the democrat parrying trying to wage through this because we don't you know we didn't have you know the coroner going forward before us has been like no it's like been picking a thing apart one piece at a time i actually went down to the caressed and i find i find something in the court which i'm sure will come out and that's going to interesting you know it's like i think it's going to be very interesting i like i said i'm a double down kind of galla somebody's got to do something stupid stupid games and stupid rises and watch what happened in the court in grand rapids the absolute lack of service to people which any of this could have been done on line and it i'm goin to knock this thing apart and how non service minded people run round for no reason whatsoever and an efficient fishes is completely completely devoid of the completely devoid of efficiency when i was down and i honestly if it is what i think it is it's actually putting people in more danger than they probably would have been if they didn't go down there an outlier and i and i ran into a woman that was in the hall way and as she looked me in and she was destroyed going up their trained to get something done you know and and you know she had the red eyes from crying in the whole ten yards and and unlike there's one person sitting behind a window speak to one of the row to lou you know what is it called the hero and that was it so you got to civitatem to make something out no questions if you had to attack an oration ything to it there was no way to attach anything to it wasn't like you could you know it's a chance to file well how my going to do that there was no way to attain to file there was no way that there was no way to do anything get anything done and am like i'm like okay you guys just on the poster child a word for stupid process and you know and lack of service comes shortly thereafter that you know during willis easiest given a centenarian is it stupid or is it planned it's got to be planned because you you couldn't fail that badly i mean even even if somebody had wanted to put you know a half an ounce o care into it they probably could come up with something better than what i saw there i mean like a ladingford don't know if these people could manage a warm fire the disgust another example of how our de facto government is but we the people underneath the tan where all of these government officials and if you want to call it that whatever you want to call them that not system that put a wet well above the government which is what i should be and i know that's what you're fighting for there shouldn't be at her and you know it's like like you know there's a lot of people hurling around a lot of accusations and what her motive what are they actually done are they doing this just for money or are they actually in this ever you know this is going to be kind of a little bit of a cot for me quite honestly so i mean it's not like it's not like you know i could do a million different things and so the only thing i'm getting out of this as i want to see my state right because i absolutely to the core of my being i hate the things that are done wrong man and i think i was kind of born that way really you know it's like i've always i've always been been kind of wire this way you know and and not that any of us are perfect but i have a great eversion and and with things that just when people just don't do the right thing when they have the chance to do the right thing you know i get it you know there's a lot of times we do things were having a hard sometimes we do the wrong thing and we choose bad coin mechanism you know it and and sometimes like can be really hard i understand that you know there's there's a difference there there's a big difference but when people choose to do wrong on the magnitude that we have seen it's it's yeah there's a lot of crimes and tree and of all kinds that we have suffered just in the past few years but this goes back decades and generations and we had to show them right this is something that we have had to have thrown into our faces and now that i am hearing you and i'm imagining what trump and said too i could be doing a lot of other things i could be making a lot more money and other ways but he picked up the office because he loved this country like you and wanted to do something that would be better for us and we can see the difference with him just as i expect we would see the difference with you when you put we the people first when you put america first when you put michigan first when you put god above that everything else falls into place and everything available to the people in life on a personal level improve nobody would do this without being a calling from god because there's a million things that that people could do and if if you you know for me that it is you know something like this has to be a calling from god or you would you old you know you would just so now you know so it's like you know you get the goal god puts it in your heart and you're going to hit that goal and but i do believe that it's stupidity i think donald trump had a calling from god to that that was you know to stop up clearly the man is is incredibly smart he's smart and that's why they use em for the bait most a time you know look in all the cases and usually there is the bay and he just sits there and kind of takes it and you know it's kind of like with a new a lot nicer than i would be to the news media i wouldn't put up with her nonsense he did a pretty good job of calling them out at time did comptometer save that and i seen carry like also be compared to him in her reactions to the media she pretty much fit some in her play and if you had media approaching you i think you would stay about tribute they now antoinette football because you're too scary ah i think i relate a little more brutal than either to either one of those two people are because you know it's like you know what it is you know but you've got the amber you are out you get your children behind you the rest of the state and if you've ever seen a malabar i've seen a on the national geographic and soon went when another in a big male bear comes along and she says these are my comeing me you better look out boy if he does protecting her as and her country and she's got mamma bear an you better watch out you know we we typically talk about lions okay you're alina now what in but i'm running for governor the same mentioned back and then i'm going to go back and shove a horseman were it my barn and hopefully replace me with somebody that's ten times smarter than me that's what it oppenheimer the dome one standing in the people that come after me out of the smartest one standing and i can go back and go good jobation you know hanging out with you know friends i had a quiet actually i really enjoy it you and would prove most wouldn't really understand the mooncalves canaan introvert who looks like an actor some well in the assembly use the example from the bible of the parts of the body i mentioned that well as time i was on and we are all have individual skills experiences and talents gifts that god gives and i told you before that i could not do it you do i would will under pressure i do not like to be bullied i won't be the fighter that you are you are life experiences your genetic may be they all factor into who you are and your unique ability yourself into this position and be such and here i am i am acting as a journalist i was on the journalist before a whole this i was at the a soldier if you will i was karen and i had other roles in life that have brought me to this spot at this point in time in trumps where he is and all of the many people who have fallen into support you who have started to assemble in our assemblies all around the country and michael something i know he said for a long long time find your role to and i hope people will will step up into a role because we've all been apathetic or well not every one but i have been apathetic i haven't been paying attention to politics there's a woman and miss kenington who i've heard her say that i wasn't involved in politics until politics got involved with and i think that's happened with a lot of people now okay now we'd better pay attention paying attention to my township on pain attention to my country more than i ever did before that brings me back also to something that you said about your case when your case first come out and i had read it i called up my township and i said to the clerk ay there the case going on he might want to be aware of it i know that you can destroy evidence but you probably shouldn't because this case just started so please be aware she already knew and i reported that back to you right away he she already knew about this case that came down through the system from the state to the clerk the county clerk i take is how it happened so it is my understanding my comprehension that all of the clerks and the state are a lover of your case and not destroying any election that of that they have on and that was an action by donna brandenburg and the other plaintiffs on that case thank you for your well so i got to tell you after you told me that the happy dance here and the brandenburg household was and now to that rope that we moved the line you know and it was kind of apia that was as definitely done happy danced and i wasn't expecting it it was just on the felt like i should probably do that because they they probably are paying attention then probably not doing their due diligence and since then we have another because we've had two resignations on high township within months alemannia appendicular would that be why would they all now it is no silesia i see in supreme court oh no you over after it i think it was a federal court nor shoreside oh no i wonder what happened i need somebody to any there were i feel sorry for the clerk it there now because she doesn't have much experience and she's got a handle whatever is coming her way and in a lot of these people they just there just trying to do their jobs you know a lot of them are a pretty innocent man they the clerk and bury county hats off to her step in an she's doing her dukedom she is following her because a lot of clerks are in fearful state they don't feel like they have the power they made a constitutional i asked this most recent clerk did you take an ell she said yes i say well then you know that you are obligated to the constitution so if that what they tell you to do from the state or the county not constitutional you have an obligation to disagree and do not follow through with the laugh as she said i would follow a law or a guidance which is unconstitutional and there was a pause on the other and line because i had all and i think she just happened really thought that through they are a very important barrier and protection for the people they need to be considering that well you know the people we were responsible for what we do you know it's like we want to look up at the people that are clerk serve people that are sitting in office if they're not doing the right thing and we're not we're not involved in it mintaro you know and you can look at things like i hate to say it but i i think i should just i i really should say this in this may be rough few feathers but we have a professional bitching class in the united i the work is going to designate it designated people that are on they just complained say wine they don't do anything it's like the squeaky wheel on a car that just every time you go to the round a corner is just going to squeak but what does it do absolutely nothing a professional and they you know it's like the same thing with people that spend full time to an other people i put him in a sub category up from the professional you know that's what they do all they do is its mouthpiece for how itself so the people now no it's the i could have really come and glued on a few people around me socially late and i chose not to and we can make that choice to be productive with our time or we can just be a professional and the way out of that is to be able to look at the look at the facts at the issue and realise that we have gotten entire country an entire world of very imperfect are you here to help or are you here to just complain ter people down and think you know it then work that you know it's like it just it just doesn't work that way at all so if he want to sit there and shoot darts at each other you have put yourself in a sub category to the professional bitters in the and i mean true you know so i mean i mean are you going to do something or you just going to you just got to complain that they are not doing this there why is it they're job any more than yours it is no i mean honestly this rigid i you know i love being a man i really did my kids were younger i really and i've got wonderful relationship and oh you know it's like we just really had a lot of fun together and i honestly i'm kinda i'm kind of you know i actually am kind of an odorant comes down to it you know if i'm not fighting a battle for my fighting a battle you're going to have a lion that is completely and utterly annoyed done and over with the situation and just wants it ended as quickly as possible to get back to being my natural self which would be an honor okamoto fun i really do but if there's a threat or something there i become a rabid no back down a lion and tell its intelligent and so you know it's like you know just going to i just want things to be right so i can go back to being a full time to here a barrier lion you're an otter or your your allthing immerentes why it doesn't mean a smart alagon know that's the idea really plain with somebody else's stupidity attentively he is like a switch funeral people would be offended for me and well i sing every day i read about that sometimes at my gaiour not laughing every day you're doing patriot wrong because you've got to say what's happening in just laugh at it some of the stuff bithynians are crazy sir it's absurd you know and so yeah you can you can find humor and things that are absolutely you know it will you walk away from it you know you just on a block in a way and it's just like i can't help it i just walk away and softly i'm tedious wait my head off you know and do you know it's like he just another is just another shade of i want to go back to something you said about the professional bitches so we have people that like to complain in that's all they do about the defect of sometimes they go to the defect of that go to their throats or county commission board or township trustees and complain but i think it's important to note that a person who is doing their duty would do well to also praise those elected officials when they do do the right that first clerk latitood you about she did not like that the people were coming up and saying i disagree with what you all are doing and that pressure was i think a chief reason why she resigned but i also discovered from someone else that when asked for our voter file information she gave it up and did not charge that person she printed it out immediately she was the only town ship at he had visited that far that had done that voluntarily and readily and without charging him a so i reported that back to her and i said i want you to know that he said you were the only one and you also told him i want every one to know the truth about our elections and that they were trying to do our best to make sure that their safe and secure here well i disagree with her and some ten i praised her where praise was and i think that's important for those the contrast we can recognize when you've done the proper actions or you've handled something in a proper way but we are also going to contrast that discipline when you make a mistake if you cross that line or you don't know what you're supposed to do we're going to let you know we've not been doing that and when the people started stepping up some of them were so shocked they didn't know how to handle it because they've been told literally especially in the townships the people are the audience we are not the audience we are the most and if you keep treating us like audience you're going to keep getting a negative rest our attitude and our personal approach to them can be balanced and then it could be more wit received well i think it goes back to that i mean since i've been in here i could probably write volumes and how people treat others that are in politics and where this breakdown really is you know i've had people go you work for as you were for me i'm like technically i don't you know technically i am in fact running to be governor and it never beanpoles so technically i do not and then willing to not that i needed the job it that i was willing to do the job because i didn't see anybody else that was actually going to get in there and change just at that so so you know to have somebody come up with that much or people will come up to you because they know every and the critias and so they want to test you to make you look like a fool and an area that they made no about but you could actually turn the tables on them and you know cuddesdon areas that they may not know anything about because we all know something and honestly we really need to stop to help people that are you know why would anybody run for office if they were in fact a great candidate if all they're going to do is take a bus from the people out there who wanted tree the trade them like a dog to in round because that is part of the problem it's the problem is on both it absolutely on both and we need to learn to talk to each other point out the so with a professional bits class that's going on the professional bitters need to just and maybe we need to be professional educated where we say you know okay maybe you don't know this and make the assumption that they don't know i'm not talking about letting somebody who is who is absolutely in it for four serving reasons or doing things that is intentionally with knowledge corruption that that's a whole different category but it's going to take us a while sometimes going in and talking to people to know really if we're talking it to some one who is has got criminal intentions or so many whose a really good person so up to do something because it's in the heart to do something good and the real a real bad mistake is this to make you know the that the person and even if we had five per cent of the people in office that were good i if we have ten per cent i think that were we're probably topped out at pere and i think it's less than ten per cent of the people that are serving are good you know that are in office that are not part of this the enterprise they have going up so but we do have a ten per cent maybe good people who have stopped up and really want to want to serve and want to do things correctly for the united states of well i'm going to tell you what through through you know you know going after everything that moves that kind of craziness is going to take out some really good people that could be on our side and we might be able to take some one who has been like capture the flag who you know because we know i mean if you don't think that the planting two absolutely ah their planting stuff on people it's not all willfully that people get into it there's a lot of people in there had been a man i was offered a black male material and every single member of congress by an ex congressman in michigan of course i just this conversation is so downright now there's the road good bye and you know i had witnessed for to when you see stuff like that while how much of it was stuff that people walked into or were they did they throw drugs in their car did they throw a stick a horn in their car is this something and then then he had the caparison the coroner to pick him up they could you know fill a quota control the behavior there is a lot of questions that you have to be a and you know honestly i am for absolute justice for every one if someone if someone had a ah an unfortunate instance were somebody his look at look at the entrapment fiasco going on the entrapment we've got two people that are at were working on our campaign who revenges ed today for gaiety know it's like it's like people in the state are fools when i he absolute they they couldn't they couldn't assess a treat a real treat you know if it came in walking in with bare claws all over they could not they have no ability to do that whatsoever or they're looking for people to compromise in order to control the behavior castanets or they need some one that they can control got to a certain position of power something like that attention intimidation is entrap think that's a lot of what's going on within the problems with the drugs that we have in the you know you look at what they do they go after the use do you know how easy it is to plant drugs on somebody in this state they can throw drugs in on somebody and all of a sudden the user is is in trouble when it's the dealers we should be going after who knowingly knowingly are involved in it and if they want to go after somebody that's one of their users they're going to go out and plant drugs one and so right up there is so much set up going on it's not even funny so we really have to be really careful who we are accusing and it's like like i don't i never liked that that method of accusing her a lot of people that will go a straight to accuse right and they will i don't have any prove mister or miss lou but i'm just going to go ahead throw this out there and see you know if somebody else can get anybody to be as absolutely out of procession oh yes i know that is not what happened with the russia collusion they would have had somebody right as an article president trump up an then the base it on an article in yahoo and there was the proof there was no proof there that was a complete and utter a an anybody that jumps on it is absolutely incapable what actually had just basically go along to get a long row going to go on the structions like a bunch of turkey run know running drier see her to turkey's move actually i have a story where i call at couple of wild turkeys by hand in my yard i have to prove a shot you sometime but yeah they they're not they're not very smart animals it might my uncle used to raise them and we go out to the turkey farman and you know you start you caramanian all the turkeys all gonorrhea you know you walk this way they go afoot way you walk that way they all walk that way they're just following their following the prevailing whatever to the wind the tenor of them you know the the cricket that jonson an area a you know it's like it's like unbelievable so any accusations and quite honestly it's like it's like i didn't probably he had the right to come out with some accusations towards several people not to you know men give grace and we and you know it grace stick with the issues and not try to polarize argo after people because if that's it that's for professional bitter class of pope that ere you know trying to be all that a magical and bitter way to success because that's what they do they bitter way to success control pitawta have influence you know and have people listen to clearly there in the now because they be the most you know it's a bit tough that's what it is legitimate for pitching in their constant fitton you know i not rational this complaint i thought i'm sorry somebody doesn't like that word to whom that you're going to be so censored for using the byword so much them going to be so censorious at dinadan calls people professional bitters while they are i would go back to the idea of the people being trained over the years in certain ways there were brains and chains and i think we're starting to swing the pendulum back in another direction but we're not practice you know we realize now that our government is corrupt in so many ways and were angry about it but we have also been trained in a so he and anger very well speaking neal society so that you get you know i could have gone to the county clerk and just ran to that her without knowing anything about he ebulition the job for two weeks now i don't know very much about how to handle the elect i don't know what her experiences and an uglier all because these people are going to have some trouble regardless of what happens in the next couple of weeks if your case is ruled upon it an everything or not they're going to have some challenges it could also be that we discern after the election takes those are all challenges to the tomb and for what i hear the training that is required of them is so complicated it's really difficult for any clear to handle an election process it's a constant process of learning and practice especially those who have been brought into an office and last minute because some have left their positions for one reason or another in the last couple of years this is a being challenged for them we have to give them a little grace and don't automatically assume that they are your enemy because you know that there are problems with elections in general your township your county might be doing just fine and if you haven't been trained in election process you may not know how to discern them so communicate with them but don't see them as the enemy right off on the other hand if it's clear to you that there is evidence that they are not healing appropriately hold them accountable to it but again like you said you don't have to be a beast you can be you don't have to be belligerent you can be professional you don't have to be a professional educator but the present a good way putting yes i think what we need to do is like you know maybe at some point time you know create something called a bitter hall of fame and then start you know bitching and on so there's a twelve step program to stop all the pitching and get people working how that he stepped there's the other coming out appropriate stop biting that's what we're going to do i i i you know i can see it now i am an insert whatever name and rose you metrodor my prunes are this and will later no it's like what we made idiocies one on a wider that the graduates to you know better and now in this sorry my outer my outer personality wishes have been saralon out right so anyhow oh i control myself how is it to this little god this is this is what you people don't see in candidates the real the the real use real you somebody who has enough about them to be humorous as well as the right fighter who is fighting for our rights and our duties and everything good in america and everything godly you hold all of that and the part of who you are and people get to see that because you're doing rumbles they don't see that tutors they're going to see her standing or on a platform of a show and i like that you chosen this avenue to communicate with the public because it lets them see you are many faces i think really i really do think that oh somebody put the professional past the bucker that's another category yeah and i mean i think this is really important because people dined to be comfortable in their own skin you know come on warders people are people are absolutely hilarious in our imperfection we we are you know that's our taste perfection as the imperfection as we walk along with god it's not it you know it's not that we walk perfectly if we if we were perfect i'm pretty exposure we wouldn't still be on this rock and he got the self a friend at rachel decided that downright so there's the tramp political plastic political action figure he ran and he go for that remain your fire and then here's the data plastic political action figures said i wasn't one but i have one he well get your babble head one of these days except it'll do that it will go i will go forward and back because you are not a yes woman okay when her something really funny so so i was in india and adopting my daughter it is in india and i had the scale that i hired to do translation two hundred fourteen or fifteen a language as fourteen official languages and anything that sounds like english is about half understandable okay because there's there's so many different accents to so i asked her a question one day and all my indian friends out there going to think this is absolutely hilarious and i asked a question and she went and i'm like what is is that yes and like this and i like too this is a ten minute conversation is friendlier so god say the word what was the word it was it was can be either and and i wish alatamaha nods honiton and i'm sorry i don't get the subtle here i think we're going to have to esperer i'm significantly oh my goodness that's a crazy thing though i tell you you know began this is you know when i adapted my daughter you know you go over there and i had my son son with me and he was eleven years old so it was just him and i that went over there and when we got her it was really amazing write a book about it some day such a god calling thing it was just and you know when you really walk out and faith in god you don't have any fear but by miracles that they are just indescribable i mean unbelievable and you know it's like i really want to tell the story some day because it's a very long story but it's an amazing it's an amazing story to seek out a huge that you are called to do you know you were called the do and my actually started with a recurring dream when i was a kid i had every night tells about twelve in the anteroom is and it was a year old and i thought about it in years and i looked out the window and i was like oh my gosh it's my dream it's funny that you know god brought it back after all is your sinister long story but it was very it was really amazing but you know when we when my daughter walked into the room and we were expecting somebody i knew she was going to be very very angry i was told that she was incredibly angry i understand why i mean if you're a band on you're going to be angry that's a logical that's a logical reaction if you don't have a negative reaction to bad circumstance then now you probably not touch with reality you know that you that you don't know that it's really going on right in the room she had seemed no ananke that so i got down i thought it was actually virtue a kitten whose received baron can we pick a bone baritone the hissing spit and in their train get everything that i did i had when i was a kid i just roll up in a ball you know he totateeta the he little while turn to sleep so dominant all how otonacha that i learned to say i love you and telegrams i said ah no vantano cochelet she just can't stop menand she put her eyes up a little bit without no antinahuel is and a sudden you know i grabbed right at hand a little bit and the orphan as director was standing there and such and it was very there wasn't a dry eye in the room he really wasn't so all the sudden look up at me and she never took her eyes off me after that moment and i picked her up i said on the side of the boone was another couple that i adopted a little girl as well as the orphic director and she just sat in my lap start my face and i just talked to her i just kept talking to her and all as and she laid on my and averages just absolutely bowing their eyes off and they were conduct just like me and he yours truly r mother she's been waiting for you and that amount moment on it was kind of crazy but it was not so sick i mean i was literally covered with huge from head to tell it was so straight through my you know my bravery thing you know everything she truly she had worms curling out of her and and i oliver body she never she never had she never really gone to the bathroom and a normal way she you know she never she never had she was not before even to get her shoes and and kind of it's kind of a wild process to go through adopting some one who has been that abandoned and that that damage really because she had been in a train accident where mother was killed by her side and i done a crane omono and you know went into her winter brain and significant clothes had entraining and it was a kind of a kind of a wild while ride you know and to this you know after that she didn't want to be run anybody she was like no initiation canto of my head to get her for everybody you know to a safety not around her and and you know and and we actually had a he had a plastic surgeon that help potter face back together because her eye dropped back in one of her her eyes had dropped back into her brain and she it was significant so you know it's like it was it was very significant and so she's got her own divan she's got a pony and i like pretty good for her he now and resting is just an interesting journey when you really when you're really truly help another person that don't have any other option you know i feel like that's what the state is like where we got a hint where out of option we've been to bolton we've been overrun by those people that would victimize any one that got in their way and stand before without budging and take out all commerce and that's exactly what we need right now and we need a population that's willing to do that we the people have to grow up and don't fire we are the answer we are the one that's goin to stand in the gap yes i heard you talk about your daughter before it is an amazing story and the challenge is that you have faced with her and what you've brought forward here to day you beat me to it as he said because we are a state in a sense with a brain injury you know we have very serious issues and they require some one who can both hold us together in her arms in a sense as well as put in the discipline you know that mama cougar or bear or lion or whatever it is that can help clean up this you know whether it's for it all over the state or or what happened compare it but politician peas on it is we got to call absolutely like that politician and you have so much experience you had a life maxence with your daughter in handling some serious serious issues and in a personal investment that you had in it it's created a woman who is very strong and nose how to fight her battles she knows how to rescue she knows how to care she knows how to express kindness and i think all of these things are factors that add to your credentials of can you handle the job of what michigan needs to right the wrong put the people back in charge you're just a gate keeper you're a key or a bridge do let inglethorp in ornithoptera power but i think the category really is ordering protector his jump in my arms here will mamma looks tale on the oncomers that came to harm ye not to prime here are the you know i'm going to tell you a little story here about family that showed up in rock or ford is a county for those who don't know and they had a school board meeting regarding bath and they were trying to of course enforced mass this was last think in the and so some of the showed up a lot of people showed up and this man showed up with his daughter at the microphone on one side of the room and little girl may be six years old or something and he started the public the board and she in her own quiet little girl way with saying that she didn't like the mass and everybody is just or heart or just melting and dad is a few steps follow fill me with his cellphone looking up at her and when she started crying guy ah average bill but muscular he turned and looked at the board and she came down to his one side he had one arm down gently around her the other arm was aimed right at the board to see what you have done this cannot stand i mean he was a bear and telling them what they needed to hear while his little girl was gently embraced behind him and she was leaning out to him she knew that he had her back she was not afraid of him but the rest of the room was just in thrall meanwhile behind them his mother stepped up to the maker she said my son he was home school that we ostwald in god could do get any better than this boarshead you can see the power of home schooling in this patriotic good man and the little girl who is both protecting while while putting that board in their place it was an amazing moment that is stuck with me all this time oh man i tell you man's and dad's out there you guys are amazing and you just step up and be who god created you to be you know bring a man masculinity you guys get out there and be the guise that god created you to be and we will absolutely love you for it and i'm a very you get out there and somebody comes after your cobs you pull out that big you know mamma fair beard attitude and metanoia you've got the right to defend your family in a sad the unlimited in to be governor and you get this nonsense is looting and crept coming on anybody that the stands or ground in my opinion is in the right why would you sit there let somebody roll over your property or your kids of your family you know i mean i completely and totally support that if it's not your property and you know and get off and get out those are your kids get out it's not your business is appearance and the god tell you i was done with this whole thing many many i did a lot of years to become or river it really and not because you know i don't school by kids i was like an not chance and i'm going to put them in a position to be indoctrinated you know and and time got time to just take this country back take your family's back people in that will back you serve you rather than put you on a punitive situation you know the the bi creep or the at creeps to the house department creeps in anybody there in those organizations that are taken part of it as what your complicity is how in a case no people that if you if you stand with these people the criminal political parties or the people that have had stood up for none of this in a loud stuff to roll over the people in the state yes absolutely every bit as guilty you know it's not again this is this concept of patriot that i keep touching on again now we have some parents who are saying no i'm not going to accept shots in the schools i'm not going to accept my child to be masked this is wrong wrong wrong you had better do the same for your vote it's just as precious as your children in a set that vote is prosperous and laugh for you to stand up in the same way that you would for your children if you are not guarding that safety and security and putting that first in your vote this november then you're doing patriot wrong i'll put it that way that's my opinion that vote is not just something that you do when you remember to do it or you research the candidate list the day before you had better be treating it with what the power that it you know you know it always amazes me people are like what your stance on this and i'm like pretty exposure i put out more content than any one in the history of the united damaras ever has put out in a campaign i like to lie a log my hours my research hours my writing hours my video hours interviewing hours all of that and and have any one come up to me in your opinion on this we've never heard it pretty red out there with things i think they're just doing it to beat me up so i just don't answer i'm like they're not so that i i'm not heretofore tons of an lectioneerin brandenburg news network for gosh in order to make it easy for people i've got a blow up there and down in for me i that as information we've got every single social media on the planet but as a euridice he had not entered machine i mean the retreat for that may be its integrity one could that be i don't know all right so anyhow moved i will tie serenity he goongoonteh ng day some in to be in grandemont and ham and at jason as on watching watching this to right now jason jones on with me to morrow i love i love of getting on and the video with you and jason so i've got an idea of i'm throwing it out there because i did not at eton or watch either of the community debate that were happening because i knew that they were going to be highly deficient in intelligence and i well i'm going to wait until siventeen word but not a word in their little fake debate or little fat questions you know the the fake little scripter answers as such that i am sure that their you know take little people that sit back there and kick out answers oh i we're going to check the polls because this is what people want to hear exactly what they this answer is based on this pool that poll and other poll and now we're going to take all the information make it into a nice little package of an answer and this is what your greasy can read the potato definitely script they were definitely scripter and they were quite pathetic all about i'm sure and i really lose the polls that they're getting information make your face answers out of so anything i'm going to do as i am going to do a i'm going to i think i'm going to do a special banana i don't know what time i'm going to do it but probably to day or to morrow i'm going to kind of be sancto home i'm going to go out to grand haven tonight and got a few other things to but basil is just going to be beaten i'm going to be stand home here for the next few days i want to clean up and make some video that we can pass around you know i've got my commercial and if you see my commercial playing a man can see i must see if i played a precedent know if it is anybody ever has anybody out there seen well i have screen because i went to see you one day i got to see it before it came out so are you saying that you're going to do something special for a mass a debate respond i am going to do that i am going to play at not having lunch any of the debates i did it not watch any of the debate because i haven't seen any of rome's the questions on like the candidate other candidates who are given the questions out of time and i actually had been toinon hearing one when he set oh you know i'm not a no i'm not goin screen is actually there's actually ojardias general splendid not endorse stanton i've got this friend video operated on the top so you know i'm so downward of him endorsing you i am i thought after the commercial and automatically played and for those who haven't seen it you should go and watch that on the brandenburg news network because i thought it was really interesting myself to see the fellow interacting having conversation about he was adored he's an otter to he's definitely an otter so he's another so you know what i would play the minute and then we'll play the commercial and then i think it as great a radioactive are you better off to day than you were four years we are a democratic governor and a republican legislation they all failed as they failed to set the shut down no one stood up and fought for they all lay down their one the same as a cropper i i'm done brandenburg and i running to be the next governor of the state of mind the only true conservative it would be my pleasure to serve with honor and a tear the united states american were given opportunities that are on parian where on to the world that want you to think about what would you like this country to look your voice we could to eternity because we the people are in charge what this country looks like what the state of michigan looks like an hollerin she was in a governor for the state of resignation the interview that short job oh you want to manage your financial asset we on this decide how you want your state to be run we are not in nature of political parties were americans and it's time to end this nonsense of dividing us otaheitan against each other we need to stand together as americans fighting free to the tintoret to help ensure the opportunities that our forefathers enjoyed the give everything we need the back together a wonderful time to be alive and were going to do just that with her put the nitager we're goin to kick the criminal politicians out in those that rode from a spring our right that is our constitute the time was now and their game is all responsibility as governor is to listen to a danton to find out what we have people want to have happen in the your voice matters and what you think is important will be listened to we will find ways to listen every single one of you aggregation and do it in the best we the people standing together is the key to taking the state back and assuring all of our rights at that the softening for most we have to free your elections they have to be honest first moment your right to freedom of speech you should be able to say anything you want to say without any threat or corsair your hut second amendment right parasol not be french period and a story to carry i think we should have tax credit for the purchase of fire arms the nation as well as firearms training and i think all of these oppositional agencies may get out of our state we had that on the right there's so much we could do going forward i love michigan was born and raised here my whole life i've travelled a lot of tremontes in the isabeau tiful statelier so less dicebat american tree or roused never be motivated by fear or it your conscience john of brandenburger the state of michigan november anoother next one for all the nassau there all my directly knows general the tioumen you didn't end it a commercial with a whole agitating me durlacher's proof a very very nice person well i don't know so i can't say that but i assume so but he certainly has made the plenty of sacrifices for our country and we should all be grateful for a tattooed out against him or president trump or any of em just stop with a professional biting go away go find something you know find that's productive you know and it's just like you know how i love i love malania hum she episodically had a viler i like the way she on and so i was now you know if i because i like to look into a lot of different things and i actually would go down last let's see what lady is wearing today the and causes a class act and i am so proud i'm so proud of her as the the wonderful absolutely beautiful intelligent gracious woman she is what a great role model she carries herself with whole lot o grace despite all of the challenges that her whole family has been going through it because trumpington one who's been burying this burden they've gone through so much and if you're out there listening any of you i love you i weaver so proud of you were so probable you that i stood for the united states were we proud of you and all the sacrifices that you've made in everything you done proud of you we believe in you we have nothing just just absolute love for all of you your man and i am so thankful for there's a lot of people who we will probably never know have unheard of this grand plan that we are experiencing now and some of them have sacrificed a lot some of them have passed away along the way but their contributions i hope will not be forgotten i won't for my end there some people and the assembly that pass on before i got a chance to know them that i know where great contributors to michigan and to our country and that's not lost on me that we are continuing to do something that they started a long long time ago and that that kind of bolsters me to you know when i think about sometimes i say i want people to join me who are willing to cross the icy river because there were many who were willing to get on that boat and yet through that storm and then tramp through the snow for miles even if they didn't have shoes on it was a terrible whether it was a terrible sort of battle they did not know how it was going to end but they did it anyway because it was the right thing to do there's only a small percentage of people who will step up to that level i always promote that if any one is considering joining the assembly something that i want those people who are willing to cross the ice river who are willing to be dedicated to this great degree the others have sacrificed from that revolutionary war to declaration of independence those founders and all the second faces they've made were continuing on that same and the connection that we have to them is powerful we are all under the same god powerful too a song as he is with a sangoree to fear so if there are others out there who are not fearful who are willing to learn we need you in the assembly we need you in the desert we need you in we the people to step up odette facto as long as we have it and well in we step into the desert i hope we have a lot of people in those who are going to be able to carry that burden forward because those people who have brought us to this point meant a lot of sex and for us to just lay down and say well too hard that's not okay with me and i know it is it with you either you know i used to power life when i was younger and i was like i did dictator out about every day and that the saint always was no crying in the gum oh i know i no find no pride in the republic samantha it no cry in the republic yet gay and get me yet in german and let's let's take the thing back he has wereroa do it together so at the go no says he will no no he had no cases no voices everybody get up and do something because we're going to need all of us to survive so they go so all right well were where are you coming to night i am planning on it if anybody wants to see who the real care the riveter is she will infect the in grand haven to night with me plaisanterie i got to tell you i'm i don't think that you know you are absolutely brilliant and i am so so honored to know you it's every time i read what you write in your analysis of i'm just always completely amazed you call it you see you call it accurately about ninety nine point nine per cent of the time well i don't know about that but i'll try i sorry iooral care is a really good source of information go to go to telegram her telegram channels is a cure in the rider and go brother a social young you can get you can get her stuff because i post yourself on my channel i don't post all of it because she is an incredibly prolific post calycanthus that she posts every day and all of it is good if you if you want to go and and see real news karen the riveter is in fact a real news provider it real info provider not fines not spun no news but actual information which i find is incredibly accurate helpful and we look at a lot of the same sources too so that's kind of canyon once in a while you know prosecutes a lot of good researchers out there you know and i like a concatenated media does a really good job in bert the parade john harold a brain takes consider it a friend and i just that one of the greatest speeches i ever heard in my life was at was by brink he is an inspiring spring individual and in a really really great great writer tonio yolanda just human i mean i could go right down the list many so many good sources and when you get into some of these research not work you'll really realize that there is there are new sources out there if we don't have to keep going back to the same crap sources that are absolutely devoid of any true and that nothing more the propaganda there's some really good sources out i personally you know you listen people say don't get on telegram will they already know everything about us anyway when a hiding for now you know we should have been hiding early two thousands if we didn't want the noothing about us but we failed on that once by tauler so they already know everything about it you might as well die then and and you know figure it out and and jump in with the rest of us and start swimming because we're going to you know just moving together and its great and you know as far as brandnew this is my goal is to replace you and we attentive a voice to those who have been censored in the conservative movement you know there's plenty of the news out there that a car every other crackpot theory that we could think of you know and and so i mean at this point time we might as well forward so i think i'm going to go ahead and let's listen with prairie now if you're without i say to finish up and then we'll pray and we inventors or your son i think you and i can say or talk all day pretty good to well i was going to ask because you started to speak about what your plans were for a response for the debates did you have anything else you wanted to follow up with on that i got really to let your plan is at this point well well we have our meeting night grand haven and to do it to morrow should he do it at night a lot of people would say said that they'd like to see me do something say it say seven or eight o'clock at night let me be great idea and you know what the each one of them is like an hour is what i heard i don't know as i didn't catch any of them it was okay so i have seen nothing i've seen no questions i've heard no comment so so as what i like them i'm willing to go in and do this cold so you see their true do and what my responses a you know me peter diable all the latches and included in it and you know i am seated i been waiting for linthorne now i think that's what i should do is to if you reaction videos and give the actual answer because the actual answer with the united states the guests many ideas on how we could easily country in the state back together it's you know i'm a kind of a business in job creator and creator and operations can a person and you know i can do a lot of different jobs i'm not i'm not sure i'm sure i'm not the best of any of them but i get the job done you know and i i wish my dad were still here you know my dad was absolutely brilliant and that was a rough when you were a kid because he'd remember every single thing you did wrong is he didn't forget anything but a humane outside of it as he was like a he was like an encyclopedia to sit there and talk with him and unbelievable how much knowledge that he stored his brain it just absolutely unbelievable you know i think he would have been better suited for this than me except for you know he would have been just to somebody he was a little bit more hard a hard line on issues so to a fair jobbers and although they had scraped responses i think he could probably handle these questions quite well without a scrap a i have the first one recorded the second one i missed the first about five minute and wondering if i could find or somebody could find a transit for the shows to pull out the question oh you know what i think is show after the side and then i'll just stop and past or spottiswoode in it you'll just play at and then i can look at you know i can go forward and backwards and go said that or you know give a response in the one they took my voice wadawasee on stage you know they just gave me to lithological at macon my own channel and on my own ungenerous network you know he may be what you should do his littleton the interviewer asked the question pause give your answer then watched the two of them and then give any kind of ribbon to their senate remodeled to each one that might be the way your answer does it not a reflection of theirs yours as your own but you have an opportunity to answer after hearing what they have to great that's kind of a great idea well you know somebody altoting on my telegram till it responds to when people what they think even onlock eight o'clock i mean i could do on friday night and i could do the second one saturday night you haven't done a pole before have you no because you're of i mean i can pay no i would telegram no medoline waiter and find out what time people like to get at the show i don't know when he just put it in the comments or something because it's sort of like it's sort of like a tombola pratical pay you know i could literally panorama that says don abandoned is one hundred per cent in the lead you can pay for that they're not not a money pay for what i want to pull aside that comes out with thee with thee at the result that dona randon the election by the flat i swear he was sitting here i could make that happen by will call it a lie at brandenburg has a has a pull that too she's going to win the election by two hundred per you know who did i talk to now the benthamites the fine voters at his goitre on oregon boorool every one that all in a word there we poleron all and end or jason jones and all his followers were going to do okay jason were going to do a call to do is done brandenburg in a wentilation no no contest how many points as she got to win it when it by all oh my gosh so and you know now looking forward to this this will be a fun way of answering what they done by shutting you out on the door for complete zero censorship he answer and me will just replace you guys you more and so it is makin there making a way to even yet almost too easy and too i will tell you that the first debate is very much like the second on the second one's questions were almost the same amethystine has i want to come into this cold with no information well i'm saying if you want it are you going to do two hours or just goin to do one because he could pretty much cover everything may doing one but the second one the teetotality bit i did the altitude just as if i were an stand with a should be at that way and then wonder on one night ewell do on the next night and i think satterthwaite the allsham follow each other and then then may come anteroom anon it and my observations these have done anything right out why do we expect to do anything right through this you know they they ran the they rigged the debates for president tram now all that was read i watched it a town hall i was actually a itinerant speaking in the back of one of grandmesnil no oh this is a funny story should we save that we should save this for next time because this is this is actually pretty funny sort just remember it haviour mission and possible music on because it was i give i can totally see like hanging from the ceiling like tom creswell hesitated the i i feel a man coming now as i was pretty funny so remind me to talk about it next week and i'll tell you the mission possible grand home fake town hall meeting everything was rigged back in the nineties situation i make it it down all right so all right well let's go ahead say prayer and we'll go ahead and at this and and i think this is eleven eleven we were at for to two hours and eleven minute dear heavenly father thank you so very very much for care and and for all the people out there who have had the bravery and the courage to step up and do something instead of just talk about it and set in in feeling like they have no option it does take a decent man bravery to get outside her comfort zone and and you know that the best way to do that frostola you say okay god we don't know how to do this but we know there's something wrong and i'm not going to be a part of what's rason i want to be a part of what's right and i'm willing to step forward and face and we just as are the priests were told to step in the door river as they carried the ark of the covenant in godly marke know that they would be over their heads in one step in it was right down in sudden death and what happened they trusted you for their salvation and all things and you stop the water and they walked right across and would that's exactly what we're going to do now we all stand before you we love you we know that you're a counsellor savior or guide provider our banner and war are or everything and we thank you so much for all that for being your best friend the one who will step in and that who does not go before us and the path before us and also gives us a bit to walk the path that is before on the rocks and everything we thank you so much for country that you give us in state of michigan it's a beautiful state in were so thankful you know i've always loved my entire life living in the mitten the coolest thing in the whole world that we live in a state that looked like a matinee if nelatu were thankful for every single person here and we asked you and open up heart mine to be able to move forward with grace forgiveness strength and bravery away from this corrupt that goes all the way back to babylon and before to the ammonites and all the way back to camp and we are we do not want to live in a system you know before that to the fall we don't want to live in a system more we want to put ourselves under you that we would be one nation under god the true god our heavenly father you gay thankful for everything in our legions goes to you first for most i only we also swear legato this nation you have given us service to your creation and in an institution that you blasted needs maintenance and we are willing we are willing to do whatever it is that you ask us to this nation back to protect those who don't have a voice and to stand in the gap to for those who are strong enough to do continue to uncover structures and those things that are play promote evil and evil pursuits we asked that you would confuse every plan of the enemy that it would be completely confused and that it would be brought down entirely we want to go forward as one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all for everything and we love you so very much rise a man the right so tell you what let's do serenos this is part of the thinking leaving daggoo please go to brandenburg for four governor bottom i ride everywhere on telegram which is brandenburg the number four at a yule the uncensored dana on telegram since other social media find it to be okay to senor refers me right probably should be compensated for all of the right that we have for not being able to ah how apres oh isidore five seventh as halibut the second one with questions from your flowers you could have cared pick ones that irrelevant that not been asked i like that one that's a great idea so we might then that allows people to ask me you know that that will be fun you know emelie we haven't had any definite technical difficulty this entire show amazing a man no thank you so fantastic so for everyone out there we might go through some scary times coming up they may look little scared but guess what i'm here i'm not going anywhere and if everything kind of goes down i can guarantee you take not brandon burnes network dot com going to be was that we're going to be able to communicate with each other and i put my phone number out there if you want to get hold of any one one three zero four four one zero and yes likely that i will be the one picking at any rate if you want to if you want to if you feel lone and and afraid or not sure what's going on at some point time and you need to get connected you just let us know because we're going to gather up the flock and we're going to stand strong together and go battle with the wolves certainly are some of us who are shaped dogs and that will protect and defend ah with no backing down exactly what we're going to do is an it careered where lions were adoratorio homemade get the hole in auraria mission called me a honey badger yesterday otto like so the watkinses me so any way so at everybody have a great deal going to be a beautiful beautiful day in michigan to day you do yes saw the say ah you know we keep you in her thoughts and prayers important to us the things that are important you are for to us because we probably have the same thing as import you know that we consider in port so when he now god bless i think i come you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america thanks for being ocean i love you pieces and i look for a novitiate and i