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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 4/27/2023 - Election Integrity Force Update

Published April 27, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

Election Integrity Force Update with Bradon Giocobazzi and Sandy Kiesel. We will cover recount results, final Poll Challenger Training on April 27, 2023 @6:30PM, and Boots on the Ground Program. Big Mystery event coming up some time late summer! Also Karen the Riveter may be stopping by!! Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the twenty seventh day of april twenty twenty three i have some wonderful very special guests on this morning and a very excited to bring them on em with their discents were being done in the election by election terefore and of course carnobiers goin t be on a little bit one of the green something to your attention because i think that we're going to cover this in death also that the ah i'm i'm going to a kind of read something i rode about this i did post some my telegram channel which is at brandenburg the number four i i michigan his got three hundred three hundred chinese coins and located within these and this was absolutely brought in by our common governor a secretary state age and the entire legislature of the state of and we're going to go over this because this is some kind of some kind of nonsense going on there and the weaponized in haschgan economic development corporation to get the job done this is an economic invasion were not to save an innovation of our if the border which is part of it is an economic invasion to stabilized especially our state and there is not one prong of this as a whole bunch of i think right now what am i to do is i'm going to bring i aren't my special guess sinonis morning he is all an braintop's think i got his name were here so here i go morning wore at her great on oniireally wonderful i'm so glad to see you guys on here and i'm going to tell every one out there bodyes his people that work for interlection tegithor or some of the greatest unsoling heroes of our time in the state of michigan you eve if you have been following them the amount of hours a time that they they have tirelessly admits gone through our stolen and rigged election because it is atobatis amazing and i jist think for an behalfofthe united states of america ominously for every one right now agen if they don't know you thank you so much for everything that you guys have done your amazing and i'm so honoured to stand think think you not it epochthat there's been a lot of work but thousands and thousands of hours by hundreds and hunted as the state of michigan and actually cross the country that i stood here and there as well not a one or five per temperatamente and you know what that's how we take the nation back he git er done by everybody getting in there jump on the same wagon and start pulling in same direction it's like this is exactly how we take nation back as that in order to uncover other non sense and then hold accountable to it and in usreally crowded so we got some different topics were going to talk about to day eh you can everybody can go into the pot a telegram and were to be talking about the recount results and store and stories inpotence train had ned to day at six thirty and boots on the ground program and a mystery so i thought we get right into this and and ah let's you guys so explain what's happening in the on going great pentegot on connosher my screen the chaldeanthe don't know if you can is it on it is it on a document in park when i could explain the number of interesting here to see what then you can for you can try it you know how to do that so right in einago to recount first now recount first apocaliptica little bit about what happened when we tried to do the real he started right after the election and started doing a ton of dayton and looking at a bell it down ballet where there were different as to us where proposals had significant difference between state average on votes and he and the average in the jurisdiction and we strategically chose yours dictions one of the key criterions whether not there was an absent he county board because we know from the twenty twenty election and all the day did that was done that we we tended to have more discrepancies where there was an ape shall we spent a couple weeks analyzing data and chose et and then when we went to too go and get the recount done we expected to have to pay about seventy thousand and the state really did it honest to do this ere and so they overcharged an overcharge on overcharged the loss as we have to pat hundred and twenty five dollars per they charged us a hundred and twenty five dollars but if it had an absence he counting board they charged his now and then the law says that for proposals to you don't have to count enough to overturn the state but they made us count enough presents to shall by the time our attorney walked out of the office instead of it being the seventy thousand i thought it was going to be it was four hundred and twenty oh my goodness that you know this is this is so crazy the state is supposed to be representing as serving us and all their doing is to repeat owing any effort to triolein and they really tried to call a bluffand thought that we wouldn't come up with it thank god we headed down or who said we know this is the legal right the check will fight it on the back and so you still have that argument going on and a lot of the money spent return to you know a lot of the money spent returned to the donor now but we're still we're still above this seventy thousand the and so all is wont to put that context out here because it really shows that they wanted to do everything they could to profound doing this he and not only that but people if you touch people on this street normal people democrats republicans they wonder why recounts in done why on its antone and they think it's just something that you codosig up to do it it's the and other i espied emphasized the fact that a normal person does no normal person that could have accomplished cause of some of the connections we've made by being in shows like pores and all the work that were doing but a normal person could never do that in normal people think that it's not that big ideal as she and if we would have had but of miracles half an altar once there a threaded the last second we were would have thought on our face i really think that god is wot is walking up through this the sat whole process right now because truly the arrentine government is weaponized has been weaponized against we and every single one of em that his taking part in this is guilty of treason and in my in my opinion should he had the short drops sun stops situation happening because this is wrong while all certainly say that this seems to be there again to a i'll give you that stipitaria but i think the beauty of that is mourn fled the ego gets the more obvious on right and so when we have a situation like this for the tracing us folily half a million dollars to do senneton dollar recount in and we can tell people that a normal person whatever side of the isle there i can look at you can understand how ridiculous and to boot i in part of what we did proposals and not a candidate is because had we tried to do a candidate it would have been even more expense because you have to count you know enough to do the overturn and then writing correctly if i'm wrong i believe the fee for a candidate is a two hundred and fifty i can't remember but i remember trying to win wewewere talking about doing the full ballot for the whole state it would have been over a million dollars well for no normal person can do that and the legends thick of going to every county in doing all that far more difficult than what we even had to do for this we shows the county that we thought would be ah effect that well every relic thought that oakland county would be one of the worst counties and it was really interesting cause as we started the that was the very first recount they did and read in got the information about what they were recounting or when or anything until monday night and about eight p m while he started recounting on wednesday morning at e a m so we had over five hundred volunteers volunteer within a forty eight hour period to help us but a lot of them couldn't get off work they liked to run the clock out i mean that's exactly what happened to me and you know i talk about expense i mean you just just even do in the law suits they they have unlimited money and resources because they they plugged into their little globes network of criminals and checks are written to subvert this he served a ride to the so bravo bravo for all those people that the volunteer that's made and i think that one of other things is the fact that people like this is so arrogant it means that they don't think that they ever lose like they don't think that will ever be able to get these and so because o that i were able i think to catch them off guard and when you see these press that they clearly were ready for this that re contact happened they thought that there was no way anybody whatever he yet this is re driven to pancorbo know it's like it's like you're going to keep coming at us we're just going to keep hammering away on tell your little global ocring side falls in the ruin and the two thousand and two million unrecognizable little little miserable pieces in the corner of the room now saw gedankliche that our doneamerica porte helped us with the fact that they were willing to then there write a check for more than well more than four times or more than five times what you know we had told them is going to cost amazing i don't think that the election board thought that anybody would actually stand there and write and check for a half of almost to half a million or but it's never to them for being willing to put the trust in us and give us the per god is definitely behind this thesis amaze very cold so now britani think is going to show us a bunch of the day than some of the results are so only the sentences show people realise what went on in relicthood ficut it was well there information is critical because i think a lot of people you know don't you get the information and if you don't have that basis for understanding it it doesn't sometimes the numbers don't mean anything to you but the old all thing is they cheated they rigged us and we've got the proof of it i don't know how much more proof we need but you know it's like seems to me like we had enough roof i'm glad we're going to the process and figure in it all out so stops and there in the next o little criminal scheme to take the state down so let's let's scout here and that's actually good point donna io or intent wasn't to try to overturn these are temples do lorn everything we could about how the elections are handled and operated them exactly what stone so that we could be better for this year makes good evidence to that to try people for treason somerly happy that you set the basis there because that's what needs to happen so before we go in to thee the numbers i just want to set the stage a little bit more with when we were setting up the how the rules of for the three count would go ah they had a meeting with the th the people at the state level a who clearly didn't want this three cock happen and they set up some insurmountable road blacks in our way but because the ingenuity of our time and the fact that we know the state of actors and pores we were still able to come up with some incredible results what they did blockes from doing wild seeing both sides of the ballot for his let's say were looking at prop to her crops three but let's say that there's something on the front side of that ballet where because propos on the back side but let's say the something on the front of that vow that clearly indicates that this ballot should never have been counted and so how did he can get into me oh they wouldn't even let us look at the front of the ballot so and there were all kinds of other impediments they put in the way and still we got these rissoles even when you have it in these numbers in the even when you look at these numbers and how bad they are this now that words wonder to yourself how bad wi this eben if we could have seen the whole ballater we would have taken the entire ballot into consideration the way that the law says that we should have been able to do base on what our lawyers well this oscar be a fractional result of their cheating is one it is you know because because of the the blocks they put in to get all the information so no matter how bad it looks here guys when his evidence this is only part of it because of because they've their still hiding so conservative estimates so conservative so we call the state of state wide partial recount so we looked at for prop to we recounted in four counties in a total of forty seven precincts with the and for perhaps three we looked forty three counties of the eighty three counties in and we look at five hundred and and we we have a bedouwee that'll summarise a lot of the stuff for going to go over to day not everything but the general result that you can look at we encourage you to visit election integrity ports that come to see that if sure that video in detrectator nice at a great goobut here we go with the rest for props to the recount showed i thirty that only thirty per cent of the precincts we looked at i had votes that masked election day and had no anomaly seventy per cent i had votes that were uncountable or didn't match election day totals in seventy per now incanous switch the slide i did can you not see it now we're still saying the first well but now it there we go the goolies i can't put it presentation so if he look here thirty per cent of the precincts that we count it a manelected day and seems to not have an issue although we were able to see both sides of the ballot in the other things but he say let's assume that the per cent were good that is seventy per cent based on what we looked at i were uncountable if it not match the total from election day either by ballot count incredible as essences one etossa this isn't one per cent or two percentage on five were talking about a systemic pro and when we say a present is uncounted what the reason that that might be is because the seal is broken on the bad bag or maybe a bunch of ballots which is missing or or illegalities the cure because the law states that you have to feel that bag on election day the have to be signatures on it there has to be a process for seventy per cent of these few of that process was n't followed or the botellis weren't correct on the election day everybody set now he kept in perspective if your child came home and got on their task only thirty per would i if you got your paycheck and seventy per cent of your paychecks were wrong and not just wrong but un unusable in this is this is the main matter of national security so i mean this is this is this is not a family a as geography test here this is failing in election that has national consequence that are down stream from miss is going to be it's is a slow why all right now with a treslove that were on at an order for them to take this nation over and destroy us and this is one of this is the biggest issue we have going on right now is our elector what a present i would i mean obviously we agree with you in regard o life tailthat agree with me nicholas to socii would say you say securities important and i just want to enterlace the fact a lot of these presents are uncounted because the security was there was no the ballots are ripped open the holes in them a the seals or broken there's no chain of caste and the ballots for election day to when we get them in fact a flint then somebody coveted ah of in his what they do it so during the reed count when we look at these ballots and there their deemed uncountable by the state or by the county or whatever because their unsealed think don't then go and investigate that the way they should legally legally these instead they just keep the same count for election day and then say you not love to count we have to care which is insane is lunacy oh we just had a flint twelveeleven another story about that later we had a lady oh i think he is convicted of even with the balance in wittemberg alec so that we could so that it couldn't be reckoned as he artetiscus right in so worse the seventy per cent of that threat he so who else is doing that so that they don't have the same and why are we investigating it that we got lucky catching the flints what this suggests that this problem is much more systemic than i will get in the fleet later cause there's more stories about that but if you look at the total counties that we look that every single county had at least one of these uncomfortable anomalies it is with me to suggest that this is not the tonpit this in perspective every one that this is we to cordinated of an effort i do not i believe that there's the an organization or in a and antitalanteu this which coordinated they know what they're doing and their working together you couldn't pull this off on a one off and you couldn't pull this up as is the mistake and are as its way to coordinated when we believe there is you think about doing a recount for with or they don't the consolato whatever you can't recount you do any of vestigation on that incessans election you know where i and you get a recount then you just do something so that that area is not in well and your hat and so fanny were losing it you know the fact that there were so think we're losing it there sandy as siliceous for a second too i guys there can you hear me then my hat the sandy we when afeyleata come back honest for some reason yesterday i was completely removed from my own ah my own a channel for talking about something and there's it's a something from the outside if it sandy to leave in the come back on i think well well promontory i bet we'll have you on to his god well she copies that can move out of the crops three she seriessecond said i disconnected my internet and reconnected it is it better now to finish her thought before we go in to prestre i think we should talk a little bit about that beautiful red surcle and i love the copra what not one except bout how bad we on that yes of that red circles indicates that every single county there was one contentarlo at with or recount that didn't have uncomfortable or at most miss masters there were some like a mine i think it was we looked at like nine preeching and i believe five of them were uncounted so i mean there are some countries hereverything went pretty well and then somewhere was and so and so that seventy per cent of bad as you know i est in there were obviously times during the day one of the faces so we were issued challenges because if we found it an error in their process where they were denying is the right to do or drives as hee ah they would take a blanket chance so at the end of this three count we ended up having a hundred and twenty challenges a hundred and twenty or so challenges but what that really was was a lot more because when we were make the process trailage whole bunch of us would make the same process chance for they would keep doing the thing wrong over and over and over again and they would say only betty consist the realistically across the state not only are you having uncountable precincts that seventy per this pope but you also have the site where you have challenges to the process into the way that the doing the recount a hundred and twenty of them across the state that should be more like a sound and that's not an exeter because every one of our people that was recounting with denied the right some legitimate right that in written in uncial base somaliland every single one of our i believe are almost thought of them had some kind of a problem with the that they were only allowed to to company please tell me that you guys are taken names we are men are we know exactly who did what they rely that's in all of the talents these numbers also pick into account the fact that we expected oakland county to be one of the worst on these and begged started that less than forty eight hours after we got the rules and robin that county we didn't have near enough old challengers to watch in the monopolic pulcelle gers there the watchers at this point but we didn't have nearly enough in oakland one of the largest counties to col over sea all the tables as they did it so quickly after they published the rolls and like i said people couldn't get off get off war and we know that that was one of the worst counties and so these results are even even with with that yes oh no what any explicit the recountit doesn't jist take place in a day and the schedule it throughout about two weeks i think may be the and first days we just weren't able to get enough people so properly be able to look at everything in such a way that we can catch all the and declaring not because we didn't have the volunteers because we did the problem was that the state didn't determine what they were doing until monday night at about eight o'clock he couldn't get off work fast enough to be of one we had a lot of our volunteers who just couldn't work on wednesday by thursday and friday we were better by the following monday over the two week period then we were much more fully staffed because people were able to say hey i need off on monday i need of one and an ash and i think that was in time i would assume so they've done a lot of things to torpedo offers will thought was so commemorate proposal three then absolutely though if you look here so from proposal three heel thet five hundred and sixty priests a cross i believe forty three counties of i remember as you count came condesend what we soloists few have complained about proposal to make to small of a sample size this is a broad of these with several prices lots of prexistent or sent a all the i will let less but a lot of precepts and what we found was that only forty one per cent the precincts with oecoid for proposals the i had both that mass collected natalis and pineseme to have any she fifty nine per cent of the priests had both that were either uncountable or not matching election so yet this hotsprings the number down a little bit from seventy per cent but which still not talk of one set the samples sides issue bread this is esoteric problem with either negligence or bad training you've been through all the clerks across the state which i or the something else going more likely in my opinion for that shotreduction al and i would also throw in her that proposal to was the proposal that affects all future election it was thought a lecture proposal three was the abortion propos you don't not a good issue but a single issue where proposal too was literally impacts every election in in the difference yet one of the interesting things about pattoas well is that it makes any future recounts almost because of the way that its so the fact that we were able to get this we condone at the last second when people were trying to convince us that now recounts them do anything than not worth it i've given the state we would have we would not have this day that which is official data from these that shows how some but in the future you'd never have the os secretary of state to taste basically everything about the re pound and how we and why would she ever let you do on bases fifty nine per cent of the precincts had had were uncountable or had she and then if you look at the count all the counties that out of the forty three counties that we look that eighty six per cent of them had uncountable or misses for the number actually it is pretty darn high on her person like proposal to the not just now on the outer county almost having an i don't think people understand the gravity of this i don't think and when i talked to people that my liberal friends might independent friends might conservative friends that i really you know in this doseall the time the way that i had for when i moved the i bet on understand that it's this bad even if they may agree one way or the other that elections are nobody thinks that it is the deedshow that it is this is official michigan day not well that is the credible i mean eighty six per cent failure i mean that's that's at the same fifty per cent guys i mean look at the numbers this is red well i was there if i were talking about electors that second circle was ever where the eights was i would still say it was i won't know it's like because one it is is the deprivation of our rights is the entire state of you when you deprive one person of the right to have a voice you deprived us all i mean in one attack on one of uses in the tack on all of us what if you talk about the private industry rate or if you use six sigma i think sandy can explain evidence ademanes too but she's an expert in this she plenty of years under her belt i working with this kind of stuff how bad would it be and what waloable if any bid for a business to have an air of rates and yet so six sighfor people who don't know what it is making it so that you only have one iron so the auto industry functions that is sick they are gold is one erperme if you look at the airline industry it one at a level of of nine signs plans don't fall out of the sky very often but when they do it elenore so the requirements in the airline industry are even higher than that in the auto is where were at almost one error i te his terrible i mean it doesn't even get on now get any more clothes and we would never accept these results in and yet here we are with our elections that are so pre and and let's talk a little bit about the guidelines for what's allowed the help america vo act the hobel under a lama determined that you were allowed to one that the machines were allowed one air per hundred and twenty five has that's a terrible level of quality to begin with what we won't discuss that let's just take it as that's what they decided that's what the loss that meant that without recount we were allowed to have a belief it was thirty errors between cold that we got and what machines we had seven hundred and fifty there's that told me receptable yea and so in a word not meeting our own laws and as braden said we had all these challenges and under a recount it gives the board of canvassers the right to open investigate into these errors these seven obligation to open its the and of course they are chose to resort if i the elections without opening any investigate and there stand back to us was that they were not an investigative part body and they didn't have the skills to the law doesn't say that they have to do the investigation into says that they have to open the so they very clearly could have opened and investigate and they very clearly could have turned that over to law enforcement and people that know how to do it not but they chose not to do that on anything not a single challenge got in in ste so all these unreconcilable precincts all these pies were the counts didn't match em the other thing is that we believe in the law that if they got a difference between the machine count and had they were supposed to count again until they got the same count for but they didn't want to indict the machines and so they refused to recount anything oh yet the pickaback in which she had sagbosa then i get to the the flint story which will also pickaback on that as engineer ietanswith salving issues when we have parts willingale for one thousand or ten thousand or hundred thousand ofremember canongate away the automaker but we had a a problem for every tender under thousand parts and this hap and then it might have to fit if we get up a pound for every ten hundred thousand pores we'll spend months and months and months of man hours trying to get it down to one in a million and they won't give up until they can figure out that there's nothing the people running your elections the most not then that gives people the most confidence in this system of government that and they won't even give it five sacks where the company will spend millions of dollars trying to repair that over months the mother it'll take years and then i'll take another her an implement it and then they'll have to go through old bunch of pass in order to make sure that its implements properly as in washit a baby it for another six months or a year to make sure there's no other issues after that so the process itself is a year in these spend millions of dollars to make it happens to make sure and our election are but the public officials your tax dollars won't even spent five an end when he asked through to it they got upset it you and they can't believe that he wore his supplies that don't let those requirements yet taken off the supply less though not even a love to be suppliers going and then there are lowing now there allowing but their encouraging it in their finding it in their thereit seems to me like this is so intentional it there's no there's no number that could convince me i not analyzing this that this is not an intentional subversion of our right so you can't ascribe a intense you can't know their hearts what what i've now is is that i'll give you an example here let i'm a last day of the recountedthe last minute the last hour the final presentof the entire recount a week or so were two before christmas whatever it was everybody wants to go home in counting or in watching over the final price to get the cat let that and its seventy ballots are missing from its wooden fifty two so there missing over twenty five per cent of their ballads so then they go and they try and find them their somehowthey of em turn up so now there those i don't complain about the twenty that they'd magically found that's fine maybe they discount whatever so thou fiftyish in watching it like a hot search everywhere they look in the elevator to look everywhere they can the fifty ballets are just i think twenty per cent of presentsentire botala the just gone hersnothing that the state lady i think of his lord bourbon she traced his noted she tries to convince of bonesteel don't worry about it it's just an errand to be deal and so at the end of the reconcave to go through this kangaroo court the where in the second in every country where we can be the the the county board of canvas and then the state people and the democrats are in their words from should be looking for a reconnoissance like we are but instead they just there to watch us and catch us if we do anything on there's another street oh a lot misteries or sorcerie and sore in this capercorn at the end of the day where they supposed to look at all the challenges that we've come up with throughout the entire day of we have it fifteen or twenty of them the day in intense county were and i were looking through these bolts and it seems like the entire pre of the having the state board of canvas relate there whatever she workwhatever elections or were she standing there and heard tolentine do is to my opinion i convince or gas light the people on that in that county board of campuses that nothing is wrong and don't worry about it not once throughout the entire process did she ever recommends and oh yell it's think this the state level what of these i i'll last day were trying to convince her that fifty of these ballots this is twenty per cent as she stands there from ten or forty minutes fronticepiece the poore canvassers of therotheca that no this assentistes know there's no ideal and in the the county board of canvassers to their credit one guide i saw this that even though he had said no to all i think all other child he even he looked at this instead of kais and he was able to convince the a grieved to gin it to the county prosecutor a tappet we conocen though they did the right thing ah that count that concordiam esse remembers in charge of doing that apparently has not gotten any mail out to the to the prosecutor as far as we know and when i mailed the person that is supposed to be according to the people had talked to i got no response so nobody investigating the fact that one of their present while well there's one thing you said that i wanted i want to come back to you here and that she it one horse stood up to do the right thing and filled neck that's all takes its one person to the to go along to get along and i'll stand up and do the right thing regardless of any body approves of what they have to say or agrees with you know not worried about making being made look like a fool or anything like that they knew in their hearts that it was right and this person is the hero and their own right and that you know i'm pretty etsettery one of us stood off in that way and refused to shut off and have them silence us this nonsense would have been done a long time ago but it's going to take all of us to get educated and help educate those around us so that we continued to increase our numbers to hold these people accountable you can't do it with one person you got to do with all of us and in one you make a good point on the one person you know as we started the day and let lloyd borgenese was giving me instructions to all of the workers and in essaying what the challengers were loved to do and braided being prepared as usual shows up with the law and says that he would like to read the law and lord vergennes refused to let him breathe the law she's like no where i'm not i am i'd let you talk i'm not letting you read the law too howkle's at her to the traitor less than right here and others the law that prohibits that and they can't tell you you can't talk because you're actually sovereign over the boom get em bradyit was really great we know that the workers were all in the room as the workers if they had any questions and there were few questions here and there and then one of the workers raises or hands and said i would like to hear the low and he please read the lot has on the lines of one person can make a difference true because that she was portension where she really couldn't tell the workers that they were paying who wanted to hear the law that she couldn't hear the law and so bright and coterieand it was just again one person raising their hands realizing what was going on and saying be wait a minute this doesn't sound right i should be able to know what the law is so that when i'm doing the work i can find i i love that i let you have to use the late laws on our side if we know the law we can use the law to defend ourselves and they they they have nothing to set save most of them don't even know the law they have no idea what they're doing there like they're like little little line of robots putneie and i walking at direction don't think about what you're doing in that such the know it's amazing how you judge is known the lot they don't even know the law they've just followed workers as to the tetanomotor people don't know the lot but we have this negative view point of people like that whereas a lot we are all guilty going along to get light some point in our lives with big things that we just trust or ok and i think we need to take on a put on a different hat and be more empathetic the because they can do it this way for twenty years and if you had been doing anything for twenty years of ten years we even five years for one year and you've been trained one way and you're in your mind set this is the way to do it and you're doing it right and then somebody comes in and blows that open and insincere it's going to take a while and it's good to take some kind of empathy to be able to get through the moste i and it's going to take time to do that too because they think that the right and there's nothing that can convince otherwise and so it's not it's what a lot of people call the banality of evil maybe there's some people at the top but now what's going on and there orchestrating this but the people in the middle and the bottom and even some people its happiest going along to get along best what's work for them and so far they've been told their whole eyes or their whole career is that this is the right thing to do in it ye you're doing the right thing pectination a pat on the back when you want to get things on right ah it's been to take a lot of pushing a lot a lot of empathetic push back on the good people they are willing to be and and i think that he shows is that when we started doing election challenge and when we started to colchos and when we start working with me a lot of these establishments people wouldn't he was wounded as they were antagonistic but now as sandy just articulated a there are people that are rising up when we get in there now the way i have heard that this is w why aren't you letting us read the law out loud i do want to hear with this guy has and rather than what when we started when they were working against us there were people throughout the recount that were at the tables as inspectors that we excel during the counts that we were watching that were willing to make sure that we got to see everything we needed to see even though the state was telling them not just riding through it and don't help on ethiostomoid you have to change the old and that the radial you said about the about in a working with people in their just trying to do what they think is right that's a great transit wait before you and the boots because i only have another ten minutes before i have not eaten i want to make sure that we talk about poll challenge to training okay got iocond take to though i there's a most people don't realize this this may second let ah and i it's not a big election and its only in sixty eight of the in but it's a great chance the slow election there won't be a lot of animosity or french on it's not contentious it's not a coarse dential election is he such an offer election that it will be nice to relax without having the old istress first of having to the old twenty twenty four which is a lot tougher and that makes the like his hackney and we're doing colchoneta ning and our last or final pull challenge or training is to night at six thirty p m you can go to election integrity for can flash pole pell to find out more scroll down to sign up i'm or email support at election integrity that come that's support at election detectorthe the fine to be a pole tranter and then take that training six thirty p n artillery good if you've never done it before it's a great class i'm in one hour long and then we take and the big election treated to it in because it will be a lot less stress and a lot more le say that again whereas that where is that oh so so you can email support at election in technic hors that come to sign operas questions and then you can go to our website at election integrity force that come tolls leon the tab that says polissonerie is an outline training then yet enominate yes this is some treeit's a conference call it'll all takes the click of a button to night at six thirty and you know it's amazing how all the technology really i believe a lot it was developed too as a weapon against us and how they've actually given us the tools we need to fight these things on wine and connect with each other kind of pinas working in our favor right now that's awsome someone occurred everybody out there to get on their team here and let's get this thing done as it's going to take all of us that's that's or ever contagious thank you there that we can talk about boots now sandy i ii boots on the ground program is if it working with the public officials the dmichigan as so you know everybody has heard us talk about how bad the qualified voter files and how inaccurate and how we have a hundred seven per cent of the citizens of voting each population registered devote in she how were not removing any dead people from the rolls how we have more voters in michigan than we have people with drivers licenses which of course doesn't make sense although the state did animiand rivers lies because we get i relate i think cape week i don't be off on the numbers but yet they added a whole bunch of drivers licenses but you know it's one of the headlines that like keep talking about everywhere and so they thought they'd fixed that problem and this bring the driver's license but as bright and said in a lot of these coaches think they're doing a good job they think they're doing things right they take people out of the rolls they don't realize that they're being loaded back into the old and so we have a program where we have volunteers the state in all the one working with the to do the best he to clean up the boers we actually had even some people deputized by the close so that they have the right to go out and help clean up the voters and through research for them and so ah you know or are gold is to help the old because we know that their job in many cases very difficult because the irish his loading people into into the system without their knowledge as a matter of fact each state that in error has the chance to have a person on the board a bride home one of our people has now been named chairman of the words a wall other states are pulling out of eric because it's so accurate in how so terribly an accurate and you know only loads people in dozen ever do anything to take people out i saw jovopolis er to a presentation where he said that over like a five year period eric had ale taken i think five voters out of one for of one cast away and we know there more than five people who pass away in pennsylvania i dare he kind o think if a mere longethe healed they're all there we didn't know it yet and so our gold is to have people working with you know with the clerks to help them clean those motor rolls because we know that no matter how the cheating happens whether its ballads disappearing or whether its voters voting that don't exist or whether it's just errors in this we know that the foundation for all of that is having an inflated qualified so if we can clean that up it takes away the ability for things to be done in correctly or in variously so we in from day one election integrity funding forces really broke his on getting qualified voter fils cleaned and accurate and exposing the discrepancies there in so the boots on the ground program is for people to work directly with the clerks and help in every precinct across the entire state to clean up those qualified voter is and in argolican them up this year and to continue to maunder them and we purchase through for every single solitary month the qualified voters you know we find all kinds of discrepancies the one i mentioned in on november of twenty twenty two we were still adding boats to the twenty twenty election and still hadn't reached the number of votes that were used to sertify that elcot and in we only are able to find those and then try to go after them and so it's really important that people were like the work that's being done and donate to help us do that if we don't have the to be able to give you that work but boston the ground we blocked out volunteers there or more people working with the clerks to help them keep their voters done i wonder i can you sheristani i'd like to share some of the older old date that we in lokanath you can see that we have a discrepancy of over seven hundred thousand voters between the certified bodiford age population according to these and how many people have registered so we have an over inflated vote roll of over seven hundred thousand and that probably only risen these are ones i thusthink is some kind of a systemic son and one of the things that bet's very interesting standing mentioned eric you can see that eric we believe sent out seven hundred thousand a mailing individual for the lesson and prentice the happens to be roughly how many people are missing at her are over and placed on the old if you look at colorado they found that they accidently sent out from eric thirty thousand votaresses notice this to nose so very thousand arounded and two thousand people so thirty per cent of the notifications that eric sent out one and so if you look at eric michigan you take thirty per cent of seven herethat's a lot more so why are we not investigating this in wires in these proved to be an issue that the black box that you can't look inside of the you can't understand or no his running in and i what's going on there i think we definitely needs me i agree with that in an unacceptable if if you look at michigan here you can see that miss gennas almost a hundred and six per cent a boyabout red hundred six per cent that means were over hundred pesos where the second works in the nation for over in plated or with others in looking lechertier it lass ootvelless cabinplane that really other than they of an interesting botaniste of there but maybe there liggethe like a voting in like cariboo or something like that who knows i seen that were like a pet cottongot in a ballet sent to them so he knows that as a dish again for hand to nothingand what have ye got there right on your presentation this funny or worse so sad it actually be funny but i mean it's like it's like unbelievable yah what's more funny about that story is the fact that the ginistan he wasn't set or worried that there might be a problem with the election system even though somehow a dog not only got on system but then got it registered in it how did you get registered as a person to begin with not let alone he can registered as a voter this problem was that he did what republicans to find out and the scringeing about i and so that's the kind of brain watching that people have gone under it's like my team press your team rather than we're all in the same team of american and having integrity and honest let everybody is just well you're republican your bad or democrat your bad and i'm just going to pull her eyes in a word does not and i tristanmy son right there dared to be american that's what we need to do is get rid of these vessel interests political parties that are nothing more than old well it's so certainly seems like neither of them very willing to help i thought to say that there they're not the most most people in either party are not the opened if you look here you can see the top county for over registrated all the companies in red in michigan have over one hundred percent of the third of five poling it population registered to vote acording to and the one in yellow have at least eighty five and you will have one contrite isabella that's that has less than eighty five per cent of the certified bodies some amazing people and isabella there must make there are so i think that some of the major things and that i wanted to talk about most everything are the reconnumes of staggering we've got poltico training to night at six thirty p m we've got the boots on the ground program which the are next because we need to develop relationship with the public officials of sheriffs because they the only ones packed not going to be fixed from the top down no party is willing to help us they need to feel the pressure from the bottom up the ground swell to make the volcano a rough we need the sheriffs and the clerk's honor side and by doing by by chipping away at this damn little by little by doing our poltronnerie by informing people of glassthe a day after day after day by doing this reed count proven that we can get more and more people and excite by desping honest independent and showing data so now that's what we're trying to do is just will give you a packet of all the information you need to know what train you had and ready you up so that you can go to your clerks in the you can go out there and have them do the job that they need to do and be informed in a way that they have not been formed there the ones that have to help we can inform them but we don't make the laws and we can't give me again the whip the website with the there was sedesse a poupican go and get contact with you i want to make sure that we say this at least five times cause it seems like a prefect the people need to hear things about five times before they actually had i oftenoftenand yet to get her beforepeople get but yet on lection in secret force that come election integrity forstone and you can sign up for poltettiin or you could sign up to de boots on the ground a support at election in secretors the committeeman and you can dominate there so that we have the money to love fennefos and the lawsuits you know there's got to be more to come on that the recount isn't done on the th the work that were doing is not done we have probably a list of fifteen marsuits that we would love to file if we had the resources to do it and and in a lot of those we have the summary pages already written for the attorney a but we you know we need to have that were he opto things one the money to pay a twenties and to the tones willing to go in a work with us as you know are tonehave been threatened that if they were on a lion and these will go after them and southroners there's the two things we need so you know all the citizens can help by signing up but we do a phone call every tuesday night at seven thirty boots meets at seven and then we go into the regular items at seven thirty so that we can inform the public every week of the things that were working scale are also to therapeutes working with the mannaconi believe you're well were as a i my channel a lot of times i love got he's great he's a great gaston he thought fire for the there it's it's a he's easy maze me yet he is a bull dog definitely and tringoboohee he there working with him on his locusting in which were trying to prove that these based on the day that based on their own data is manipulating or changing election piles and that kind of goesthat we were saying earlier with the qualified odor file it's very clear that boats are negated to the system while it he goes well beyond that and so what he's trying to do is not only notify people informed people the way that he is were make a law suit that ye the way is in to do with he has a criminal you have allowed people come to me and say wow braden that's amazing i can't leave you gets fithis that's great work i'll donate a hostessthe what do we do you know what's going to happen because you did the was and i think this is one of those solutions your losses and then you have criminal come that would hold these people liable and you do it across the tiny because if you get one corrupt judge or one correct prosecutor or lazy prosecutor somebody that just refuses to look at the date in one county ah that's okay because we have eighty three county and the probability goes much higher than you'll have a suces if you go to multiple counties work were also working with scott on that i and so you don't it to us i mean what the money whether one needs to go in order to save the state the way that we have and then also we have a big a mystery of incoming athletes in converterant give a lot of details on em but decontado inheritance a little idea little rather he idoneous i don't want to get in trouble with sandy i will let her say what will ye i allowed to thereanother formiohad more will collocates the days so people can start to hold the dates on august eleventh and or going to be doing a big event here in michigan what we're going to have national come in whom and one of the key parts of this system were going to be or enforcement on a what they need to do to help protect protect elections i'll make a good guess one who's going to part your speaker series that i won't say but i've i've pretty e sure that i've got a i can make a real accurate gas on that one so good job was castellinaria excited about it is likely something nicolestraightened necodades captain as a couple of years in britany can tell the story about what happened when we were down in in detroit at this election and they wouldn't give us the tabulator take and we call the police to protect us on the law and what happened he ah the i care that the hand shot up a in them i called them and nobody even by the thing up and then the i said well there's a guy already there who is there nothing thematically the cap said not my circus not my monkeys i'm going to go have it down on and what we found is that it's not that they don't you know as we're working with some of the sheriffs and some of the people at conformement people who have helped us with some of these things and and one of the problems that they have is that they don't really necessarily know what to do you know they don't have the little book you know if somebody breaks into steals a car or breaks into your house or you know whatever come in dear house they fingerprinting right they have them steps that they know to do but election lost never been something that they had to fight and so on were hoping to be able to educate them on the election laws on what needed so that they can do in ostendo what they meant to do during that time for this the very excited about it and there will be more to come out as the reegers become my tonified and we move this or with that the line fortment did in that room was the trusted the people that were running because that's what they have done for we and because of the probable wodelarke passes and what a job now is with this vents and hopefully informed them and make them trust the law rather than i think that's what we're hoping we can get done with it which boots on the ground will help and hope but i got a cut off the collationem can i go home to more to more things to say here first at all i always tell people i tell people time save your money do not do it your money to any political things i'll there and i'm going to say right now that this is the one exception to that rule so the theseus me guess michigan geneneral term by the way every one's guerechi examsthat sandy's guy in girders this is the one exception i'm going to ask everybody is going that website these these wonderful individuals in the joint as individuals are grew but it's an individual choice to take part in this our actually fighting for the state and leo manner which we can win and their doing up all this information is such i would ask every single person in their whether you can give up a cup of coffee you know and i order or whatever a day that you can give whatever you can because every every little bit of effort i would ask anybody out there to every one out there please go to the website join in with what their doing this is so wonderful honest effort where the bunch of very amazing people and i just want to say thank you so much for this because i i you go as are amazing this is the way it needs to be done this is the way that needs to be fought and i think you guys are out of something and i i'm i'm all all all about this if you want to come back on any time you guys always have an open door here if you want to do a special event at some point time i'll keep something of it any point so ah you're always welcome and i am fully behind you eh thanks don yeh i volunteers all are probably very happy that you saying that were it all volperga zation and we have no leanness amazing feleaman were discfit absolute together everything is volunteer and some in other thing i can tell her body out there the link to this set this show to day and and all elltern yourself into amazing digital soldiers and put it in all the networks enterocoele could hear this wonderful presentation out there you have to pass the information on you can't just sit back any more and say oh you know we're in to put a lucky the ficilter goin to do their job this fine we you trust that we folded a it now cause we didn't botains they stole the election so now it's up to us to around the outside the usurpers of the nation are going to have to be a snow deposed dispensed of through our efforts of everincarnating a good eddication out there to or communities to our social media groups to everything so anyhow easy easy pease copy paste copping pace and let this thing absolutely fly from cos to and and that shot that shot nes be heard round the world that were not going to stand here but we're going to keep talking and we're going to support could people like the lines i'd like to do a shout out to all of the volunteers cause none of the stock britanni talked about to day would be possible with all all of their help so you know publicly thank you to all of them thank you for the time they've given the work that they've done you know our volunteers of the best volunteers in the world and they worked so hard for yet the thank you to all of you i mean you guys truly our heroes every one you guys we're all guys you guys are heroes itsome so thank you so much for coming out and in any time anothersomething else i could do to help you please let me know and all of our politer efforts working together i think we are going to ronalds nonahea grand day have an awesome day we foremother body who are these guys told all amazing that you are you are you guys all all somezing i'm so thankful so thankful to know you you know it's the amazing time to be a life what a great adventure and it has been a great learning her that's fore is there anything else you want to say before you leave sandy thank you to you you don't thank you for helping us get the word out to people please sign up to be poulterers at least sign up for boots on the ground checkout the website watch that video about the recounts it'll give you a little bit more information we all have to stay in the fight and i say that rody get engaged say engaged no don't know that don whatever that is gottingae insane case that's riscatto take to say to save michigan to save america to save the freedoms that we all grew up one ye ye know i in biseriate vice chair for the macinteers heard the constitution and in trying to set all the counties right now so that we can keep an eye out on on the different offices i fell and that we ah help people with getting into those offices who you know not political hacks or part of the industry are the people that are just regular people who are willing to stand up and put the time and two to take this is not going to come without work every every single person other we need you and it's going to come through sheer work and that's how we thus how we get on so anyhow the history books show what happens when you don't get engage no atteinte germany at the designthe thirties and i know we have to get everybody engaged we own this government we own our freedom and we have to fight for it yes yes very very good well thank you so much a good horse your delightful on your very formative thank you so much so with that sat on consayvid sandy and carnot there i see that you're richer frown is meted right now yeah i met just leggo i'd be listening and taking no sand well you know i am impressed by what they have accomplished this far but i want to add that with all these people are volunteers and it's kind of cool to look at what they've accomplished this far and be like while those people are making an impact and you think those people and those people are we they have they need more we the people to be a part of those people in other words it's typical for americans to sit back and watch other people do the work and point figures and go well those are here over over there doing the work of that thing instead of getting off the couch and joining up with them yes we should all be those people we should get on in and those people we need to be those people who are making headlines if instead of those communists were making headlines election tegit force is definitely is definitely a force to be reckoned with and they are not going to back down there not going to letterina that are seated in office continued i have so much respect for them and i just certain knowledge there competence listen to politian then the tax first party which is a constitution party and any other type of a fount that i got verbenowitsch somebody who has actually informative and has a a a grasp on the subject matter which which they are presenting like the intellection temerity for does it this this is where we change the entire culture of how we and ominous but buzzword for culture here but we change the entirety of the united states and restore back to what it was intended to but that takes a little work you know to get to get educated to stay with the fight and and they've got a framework and obey has to feel like loss about the framework a you know that we just we just got a show off just show up its eyes what what is it it's going to take not staying home but show up they will help you with the rest of it in order to become ineffective in effective election soldier who goes out there and holds this nation at knowestand or public functionaries who are supposed to be working for us instead of working against us they'll give you everything you need to really get in the game and actually fight and i think that that's a that can't be stated that you thatjust can't be stated enough so i want to move on to something here a minute because this is just really crazy and this goes back to when we see if i can pull it up here check this nonsense this is how these criminals not only the weaponized or elections had taken away our voice cause they have that this is a direct sect and its usurpation also this is an article written by by ambassador peter hook strap i not of resinised but i'm going to go down this thing and show you in this article the what is going on here they they have whitmer what marchers like what were the crime and are the little criminal standing with her little criminal self which are using our nation or nations of e a resources as well as institutions to to take the nation out but what i really want to show you guys is this paragraph right and two thousand eighteen wonder what the tea coincidence i think not there is no ice the mission is so remember the year two thousand eighteen the mischance development corporation and medic a laborer on a celebrated the enriches often on check out the post of a put out his mondemake sure that i've got that got that cock now your i actually i got a cry sometimes your i actually do this postal as walker on dodona oh my my little morning walk so sometimes he the destruction doesn't work well but it seems like i actually fall it off so anyhow we're ordeno look at look at this and and the thousand eighteen in the shan accendedlo ent a corporation ah the one of the right arms of gretchen whitmer who has used this not only with cowitchan connect a cone connected to her however is pronounced cal and an and ah she used us with the company intimately involved in our election software but soon gone look at two thousand eighteen isn't that the year that come whither wasn't fat put in place installed by the selection process yesterdays so now look at exactly what happened here in two thousand eighteen selected by globes communists whitmer celebrated selebrated what's the economic development corporation celebrated michigan china week to highlight the growing economic ties between michigan and chin at the time machinelead had more than three hundred chinese companies located in the state with more than four billion in inst supporting roughly six thousand that's not a lot of jobs if you really want to look at it for ten million people he anyhow emmets wanted publicized the story in its bureau cratic hopes more chose businesses would follow this is absolutely there's a pattern there is a correlation there with whitmer and breeding is in but the fact that that oh we had three hundred chinese companies located in the state of that time how many more or in there now five years later we got five years of these communists sitting in the a trying to take this nation now and i mean this is this is really crazy so there is also an inn in inflation reduction act of two thousand twenty and look at what's happening how to tie it with goshen and if a mishearing the benefits of this engagement now that don't work not the only fuel were reputed the benefits of this our politician or communities can politicians michigan made repeat reaping the fruits of this engagement in the coming months is more chinese money and workers are such come to the state two chinese companies goshen and contemporary and prapteng or on the verge of binding tune battery manufacturing facilities in michigan a course the godohana supplies to support their there selftormentor electric vehicle initiatives in green initiatives which are not green at all except for the green going into their pockets that their stealing out of the coffers of sin these companies were lured by billions and state and local and there is and infrastructure investment and the environmental requirements there it is again buried in the inflation reduction act of twenty twenty two now when you even look at the of the the oversight of requirements as they call it it's not requirements i had their using the environment as excuse because we all want to get behind it i you too so i not the way that their joined their doing this absolutely wrong and it's it's using that and secure dislike the use security to destroy a right to destroy our belly to self governed and really just put us into our little pig pens to pull us out when they need kills for bacon right so this this is a real this is a real problem in a clear and present threat that the ensimisin economic development cope distantly over and over and over again then weaponized now they did the same thing with coved with the with the a a health that human services they they are using the an in force their unconstitutional rule law there no not locked a usurpation as take away rights in destroy and weakens nation and destroy it from within and their good their methodist to do it without firing a shot it's all through economic warfare in his so wrong it's incredible we have to be aware of this honestly every one that sitting there in there in the mission legislature at this point time is absolutely guilty of this there in bed with each other guilty as is he can't get away from it because no one stood up to the two defend this state and it continues to go on and on and so there you go guys oh this is something i think we should almost go through this one one issue at a time because i had this when i saw this she i i did occurs there quick read over this and then went back to unpackedwhen by section when i had a little more time because of course you know i am done rinderpest and interviewer and state is not that i have any particular wonderful advantage here it's just that i have refused to and we need to go back to a to this and on pack ness one section at a time because this whole thing significant and i'm going to share it in then i i want to make it a statement to up the steven i'm not quite no not going away we're i'm in this for long hall where were my commitment is to the state missa because i believe in america one nation under god invisible liberty and justice for all this is in service to god almighty cause the war going on right now is the word against him in his children you and i ain't happened it were not going to back down so let's on packisin do you wont you want a tryanite fomentando thought you are to start oroli couldn't get a breath tatissu that yetwhether got thisstores only by your kind of rambleta you know well i just as he was like the theme of the day is is he a how long we have allowed so much to go on i ain't all when i first got walkup this marnin an i got my foe and i started looking around and this in a dog group in't face k and this particular person somewhere else in the country said that they went to get their dog license and they have a young dog that's intact and the government said you have to show us proof that your dog has a right or you have a right to have a dog which is intact and because she didn't have the pedigree with her she didn't qualify to keep her dog and tact that you had to show that your dog was per bred pedigree case they have too many dogs that are sick or wonder qualified by the government standard so that in her interest say and by the way i did research on this a few years ago and in michigan its like point two per cent of the state's dogs or an heselle s any one winnie we do not have an overpopulation problem of dogs in michigan they will like to you about that there may be places in the country where they do have a lot of straight dogs because of other cultural social economical issues but regardless licensing in general is technically unlawful the government has no right to tell her what you can do with your property so to tell you how many dogs you have ah you can you must have a limit on how many dogs you have or what kind of types they have or whether or not they have their sexual organs as ridiculous why does this problem exists and that woman's county cause she wasn't paying attention she never disagreed and nobody else in her county or her state disagreed to the point that they were effective enough as we too people and we the people have not disagreed with oh actions enough to the point of we can tell our state government concorporate administrative services people by g if we want to research our state you pay for it we don't pay you if we find a problem you must investigate because it's a could be criminal you don't just set it aside and make us pay a whole bunch of money to do what you ought to be doing in the first place we've never had enough people to disagree until almost now and i say almost because we still need more people to disagree there's a lot of people who have figured it out and are doing something and the election integrity people they need more you know everybody has a role supplied that particular set of goals is is not for me but i applaud them for doing it i think it's a great thing in following a long and cheer in the information they have because for other people this becomes a really important thing that they think is number one in their lame so to speak that's their roll the place of gold for it get up off the couch and do it i then knew as go to the web site check out the training to night you may find that it's easier than you think it may be you can do it oh if it's not for you you might find something else that you can do for them if you don't have money to donate to them that's okay find another way and it if nothing else you can share the information because you might share it with some one else who can step in participate in that roll to play local action equals national impact as general friendsto say and that covers a lot of basis regardless of what ioissoit is all of it there you go in there usipetes general evils general general michael the plan and the wonderful boy and how fight yeah so everybody has a way to do it or multiple ways to purchas ipat for me the option the best option in the role i've been playing is simply and carrying the riveter and i've had to back off and care in the riveter and little bit because i also have the roll of white mother so to speak of the other animals and only care and a man amanani i'm a goat nanny that's a i stopped in on monigote help and other eyes i watched them play but if defenders so she could feed them so yeh i'm a shepherd and that's that's that's a good roll the play who was good enough for for god to use moses then good enough for me so as we be now here it were we all i mean you're prover the target the exactly your aminocles agreement with you and so i i love i love come to say you want to go to that article a minute the first won the other one that i had out a few minutes ago yeah i thought that a i was going to say well they had a little grammatical error dower you had high lighted it might be a one i look for cottontailed for yet eh well let me let me help yellott here i thought it might be fun to re write it for them in a twenty eighteen to michigan economic development corporation celebrated michigan china weak to high like the growing combinism ties between michigan and china gotichin already had more than three hundred chinese communists companies located in the state with more than four million dollars in investment in their election mister supporting roughly six thousand fake lies page satiations going right to china for whatever they make any way to describing in out of the state this is negracka in the state emmet s wanted to publicize this story with story that's good word in its call me as hopes that more chinese businesses would follow ye so ye see that would be kind of fun to read write and oolite miss beleather in there the wit invade in their invasion of the state of she when this follow but would in the businesses would invade yeah that every one you me made a great point that this is about the time of her election so she got in and then she celebrating thank you for helping me get in china i mean there's one way to look at it it's a pav back isn't it asked of it like it which like its paved is i believe that there was so much money that changed hands there was like a eighteen million dollar pay off two ah some one who was very significant to what me and blue cross lochiel michigan and two thousand nine and i think this is really really signifies oh i didn't any datacanyon can you continue on here with this a minute and i will be right i'll be right back okay oh go michigan may be reaping the fruits well i like to see what those fruits are i think you have good fruits and bad fruits and you know some fruits are poisonous some foods are not edible some fruit trees or bushes are things that we want to cut out of my properties when they come in because they don't belong they're not from here and they start taking over your land ah fruits of the engagement in the coming months as more chinese money and workers are set to come to the state no we don't want chinese money in our state we want american money and our state two chinese companies goshen and contemporary and practiceno ogy company limited corporate or on the verde of building two new battery manufacturing facilities and michigan first of all we don't need those battery manufacturing facilities here of their talking about electric vehicles there so many problems i have with that i mean there's ethical problems there's environmental problems the dangers in those cars they're not healthy for people to use put it that way we don't want them here to begin with they don't make american jobs they don't make profits for americans they're just using us these companies were lured by billions oh yeah they got taxed and send or so beatically work paying them to come into our country and ruined things in our country scan leg what they did with the ohio refuge from the railroad let's bring all that poisonous material writing to michigan that doesn't belong here eight that be fun and is that coming back yet what else am i going to say well go and back to election integrity from my back yes there she is i denominate maybe it's some shiites there but we can go on yes so so i think this is really significant had firehouse of the goshen the goshen ah in the connection with there's another one in here that i found really interesting we've got fords executor and bill for and standing there with her and i think it's a a handling less before is licensing chinese colias party technology for its plant a snow we've got for licensing the tie with ford in the and then look at what happened with the with the more mary bore if i can pull this up a minute a man in a search around here it eight hundred at four ah eight hundred and forty six million dollars and the and these twenty two stranor times if not thrilled with them but it lets the net let me in scribe i won't give communists of my money see prolewithout when we had to go to next astrid scissors think that the bridge misconduct one to old nessus cools the i should have all this up it guess what i didn't have time to do it you know i've talking about the don't you the sound of such that they got but for god oh it just a cup is no surprise it's just then same old sam old story after story after story oh here this is this is really really kind of one of these sad moments in time but this to this doesn't even scratch the surface of this this is the betake over all detroits gee of in for star and if he's take over the cedar weaponizing all of our all of our and look at this hasn't been a close by is two thousand two twenty two contestation but she her twenty nine million and twenty twenty one for farley was paid twenty one million and this is incredible because when you look at it this is relicrios see if i can find the the eight hundred and forty six or forty etsettery six million dollars that they received directly through the economic development corporation let me on the go back against evicting the others testatori les and they they were given for the promise of oblittus and jobs or something like that is ridiculous when when you look at the promises they there's no there is absolutely no there ate it they actually produce you're talking about you though i don't find me up or all free let me the and as this is this is exactly when talking about here she got we have let me in there so approved eight hundred forty six million the law makers did what does that mean as whipper is not a whit more its frigid all of them they're all in bed on this on estaffin they used the economic development corporation two in fact his through so the the the one voting against that we've got let's see tom bear it and i've got a question about this too because it's got the mcbroom and ruth johnson and a root or run so and a line has i think it's tae as hisarna and the problem with it with the fact that there were botians it is they've got to have those people who they want to look more conservative to not see or i'm not part of this but they already know that the boats going to be it's going to go to prove it because they get the boats before they actually poled on it and then they pick the ones that are going to des and say i do i don't approve of this really really well they let it come in and and they did do a lawful process they just and live order this it whereas the spectators ah there's a cross for going it using our loss to stop this nonsense i none of whom have done it and i've got such a big problem with it because it's well this is like when they when they write bills and they bring bills out we have two thousand bills more he does well to year the sprout front of our legislation how is this even passable they can't even read them if that rate that the rate of reading and that is of hissed and the amount of days at their actually in in lancing or the rotuntdatis they don't have time to read it they won't have time to do anything except a rubber stamp these ridiculous bills that are made in order to further further the test of our four say is incredible the care of just on just agreeing silently but nobody can see like that or had on this poisois so tied in a fairsted in just like talking with sandy and brandies more it is so nefariously tied in that most people could not even believe the extent of this so you hear some things out there that are nonsense like present trompe should have he should have picked that er people he's got bad people round of givenadvice where is he going to get him from until we stop up and kick these people out of having the seated the table they're going to play somebody in there who is going to further the theft of our nation it's up to us we don't have a pass any more we can say well you know we have just put out her people you are the better pete the better people are not all there because people in politics their corrupt they're not they're no good there and that even the see the people in a lot of the grass roots you've got to do your research on it because the back grounds don't add up to who they say they are i am a very strong belief that most of these people are in fact political operatives or feds just like the people that showed up for four jase that's what i think and other seems to be a lot of evidence out there some where you wanted one from here you on to go back to a aminopurine let's look at your girl it's for gott gott he caring gonstance cold on so he gives drogo up day are well they are just as honorable as kin be still they are starting to get to be more difficult to manage because there doth and so as they grow they start to get pussy he in noxious but they're not really a problem there really fun they are a whole lot of fun and no matter what it is going on if i can go out and sit with them in just watchin em em the boys are specially affectionate and will sometime to bleat when they see us in the yard and they come in other come and move in when we go in there they come running and they want to climb on a and so i take him up and they go ain't no because they don't they you know like a little kid when you don't when they don't want to be held and they start scornen and they got aunt it may be not to the saint things so the type i want to go plain now and he sat him down in an they claim her all over you so it is kind of fun if you sit down now they jump up in her lap and they want to climb on my head but don't let them do that ah and he can jump off from more platform which is at least four feet high i've got like two levels and yesterday my husband saw them weep awful that without a problem so even though there like a foot and a half tall at the most they are incredibly agile on in very sturdy and very strong and they got little nubbins growing they're not really forintot but she can feel on huge and hilarious all that it the mining has led i have orgies outside in the congested so i can spend maybe fifteen minutes out there in then i have troubled breathing oh so i can go out a couple of times a day and check up on em and play with him a little bit and told them and checking porcion all that i got come back in second breath and in i want i disown the sign your channel and men to go of this chain i onquestioned for you is it me long as birthday to day so ran the a heavy or the ereyesterday okay happy birthday we lothesome you your class act and we thank you for what you've agreed to stand up against and also for the abuse i've taken for this country but i want to show you something as this is the man no formiohad the merit there look at his hand and he got a look at that so i got some boys the door was to jump out again cause i got to go sign something hang out a minute were going to work on a the here in the floor just a minute and there at one of the masonry he symbols and yet that's a like it's like the horns symbolise i'll i'll be out in just once i give ye a minnesotian broadcast but if you can hold tight i'll be right there okay okay i'm not i was talking to the person at the door and he called i caseinous i felt that was really significant and then oh then oh let me let me go to your goats here men on play got things like in science of papers and you don't say i've always do in a million things that one time in sleep so i never sit still as morning and at walking and walking around the track and i've got my head in my thanasias doing shell and some find go go video here and the put the go inside estimate try to get a new idea ye go get there you are goes crayer goats are just cool on obsessed with your goats on transcorporate be for sale several more weeks were not old enough yet a rat carenot so much content on her my goodness the onderhanded you pale but we iaspidis on the bilastroom paste can you do it can you cure postamente and then do curt millstreet now of avilion then i won't fact gill have to back out o forthis in order to do it oh do you okay when i switched to another apt at all take me out for a second or a farmer the committed to one there met and by and looking on her telegram channel right now ch oh we i found it come on along on this session well you know what this is amazing because it this is real real news by real people for real people at the kitchen table i goin to get what you get and and something different there is all this is a great picture hang out in the imaque would jump off the camera you can talk and i'll add i'll add this you can see the goat and i could share a couple or by his sanable papers at which he had so the bility to find the videos and we can all be got so i am so albright utterback guys you can talk run i can okay he desires yes i can talk about the picture that's quick beams my husband named quick beam because we decided to go and lordlings names after i thought of froda as a name for the little guy since he small i said you know he cannot like a hobbit so i named him rode and i don't know how he remembered that quick beam is the fastest of the tree as ah tis he doesn't remember her a lot of things about morning the rings and i don't think he ever read the books but here he remembered that may when he thought it was cool and neither one of us can remember it very rapidly so he might get a nickname or another name yet before we're done with him he's the biggest he was the first born i caught him so to speak when he was born and his mother did not really care for him being born he was big and the first one so she was doing some screaming but toeroep his an he grows exponentially every day he's got a big tommy a fat in strong he's pushy he's the one who wants attention more than anybody else which is why he sitting in my lap he often climbed up into my lap and he just lay there and looks around and everybody else as the he has disdained for them as he is up with me i like that he has a symmetrical short of a house can look a little like his dad when he's over i think i need to share a picture of his father against you guys can see what they look like when they get fully grown he is so affectionate he likes tent but he is also the luger of li group his precocious i had a sign so i see all stopped by her so this is miss crazy because we all have more than one jobs is voluntariat n so you get which get right and if i can go down a comma i gone to telegram i can't scroll easily like hanging a link to one radio is the first one of finland archer and now you too can be of such a carenos back to the beginning her this quickly man aright and trod on the left you could see their size of difference a little bit there and there like slow motion had budding because the probably hurts when there is little the lector for to is the victor so on as or as a rule continues on it this volunteer force you know i'm so running companies the take care horse is all that kind of gas there's a certain things you just got to keep now and right so he is there the once you want to talk about other i do want encourage people dan you know like usual i haven't been doing some arise am i in doing a lot of posting some time how put a commentary with opposing because i've got a certain thought about it eh but a lot of times i'm just sharing stuff and i am try to keep up to date but there's been a lot going on and i still think there is a continuing acceleration of things i think it's interesting because it used to be as i contended about this yesterday it used to be that we talk a lot about one thing or two things every few days so it would be a for a few days there would be a lot about her by and lapped up in for a few days there would be a lot of about our and for a few days it would be fouche or something else and now it's like you get a sampler of various stories every day where new truths are coming out about or back to mask that had on like a thowe settled that if she were you on talking about this is there's loneliness right now i think we're were gone that our way well that's what i saw it but there's more information coming out in the past few days the topic has come into my new speed two or three times where there's a new study or fouche says something about it and it's like i think what's happening is these new stories are popping up again another one was nine eleven being connected to a soutenance so and i thought i i think that what's happening is so many people are starting to look now for information because our starting to wake up and they have been through all the masks stuff like the rest of right so it's i think there's like a sprinkling of various subject matters coming into the news feed because people are looking for it who haven't been aware or awake he sometimes i think that's what's happening that okay well there catching up they still need that you know things about massing bad and hurtful to you is the truth to come back into their news feed and they're looking for it and so it comes back up into everybody else's new speede's okay so i reek that's what's happening that's just my take on it my guess in on the other hand you've got more and more coming out on things like vi laps who is saying what about by lapse and the narratives how their changing in the news media meaning mass media verses the people who are just seeking truth ah they know that many people i think you growing majority are aware of the truth sonething to switch gears and changed their narratives but when i see is that in changing the narratives it shows us how desperate they are because they don't have control of it any more so they have to switch gears whenever i see them switch gears on something like that like oh there are villas there but it's a kind because well when you see something like that happening now that that is because we are winning and there there and as there cheslas gasp of anything they have that yet that set the they expend so much ammunition that now all they have is trying to concisus and wappenhaus to pass on their not so i can there's there's a movie i like it's called the power of one it's an older movie on there's a line in there they run this way they run that way they are confused they are afraid and i love that because i think that's what we are seeing right now all these narratives the they're trying like i always fixed here the whachamean ah there's one where features media like twitter and there's a guy going around closing trunk hatches and they keep opening up again i like that me is like a little mean clip and on i like that one because that's what the relic trying to shut the story now on so many things that they can't keep track of it all right and they can't shut it down because enough of less now the trooth about things and enough of us are asking questions whether its elections or what do you know i used to kinetescope away for me personally the hunter biting lapped up story because i like okay i get it i get enough i don't need to know more about it i'm weeding for i give actual development to occur but a lot of people are still trying to figure out what it means and it's coming back up every day over and over and over because it's not about hunter and it's not about his lap to it reveals so much about the corruption in her government is not just buying family it grows so large that i hope people are recognizing the effect of one little laptop our government has been weaponized against us and that the problem when i was when he first started to come to light i actually was it in one of a one of the batanes called a bad channel and i was able to see some videos of him literally being watched as he was making transactions on his lap and i believe it's called likes it's it was a i here remember the naisser vision or something like that where they can they can wakanized do they can use that camera like an point the camera to the can use that came right there in order are there the camera in the word to watch or doing on our or leptomonas in set all of those everybody out of the things are getting away with stuff because this is a dark it's not there isn't no dark any more they can they there is no dark place is where you cannot be so not only should it be one of those a integrity issues that we always do the right thing just cause it's a right thing to do cause god puts it on her heart there is there say there is never a time that you are not being watch i just because of the hoplophora of cameras and ponds and streams and the able to train a triangular data and all that sort thing ye everything is in the open right now so if you can't stand up in the open you're in trouble because there there is no there is no area that cannot be in one play this video o men it because this is an example of them regurgitate the of the nine eleven information that's coming out and i think that we can all agree at this point time that the cia the fads the fbi all these people have been involved in so many areas of our nation take down that this is as an infiltrated government entities the the political parties were infiltrated the grass roots groups were infiltrated are schools had been infiltrated or converses been infiltrated we have been infiltrated on every single side and the people that are infiltrating us if her own deep state government that are recruiting themsels watch the men because this is so unbelievable to me that they knew exactly within you don't like a very short peers at less than i think it was less than two hours then it was all of the the hijackers work were from the middle east and they were bad it's no well you know what maybe they were to have a pitcher of them but it was our own government that brought these towers stole on shall failing not eleven eight and the sod twenty twenty one for filing which was in the form of a twenty one page declaration by the end the cakes of the nine eleven et this done cut a strong hope and he had entered several fbi agent were involved heating nine eleven indeed this relates to the of the hi jackers so i jack were charged overwhelming that one of them was a moneytaker overwhelming the passengers and getting to the cockpit the other one was hell i don't bid her no ohose here sadie had attended a how citate call it like a bass and it was a gathering of toocita figures in coalport belisia january january told now during that some again it was a major alcidas during that sobbing the i broke into the hotel room of a husband and on then her on january fifth and january a photographer passports they were being monitored by the sea this she knew they were there stopping was being planned something like the day of plains at already within the confine pipe line that was heavily monitored by the us pakistani intelligence all sorts of intelligence oh has he in one bed or were able to bed following this sobbing from the latin board in direct flight to a later ational airport get off the without any set be that as the airport by omar a biomorph is posing as the satisfication was in fact the salient ligence go then took these to character i'll kittie let part and for her and then arranged for them to receive rides flightless while shepherding then thee and from local studies monster this the said of the lovells everywhere but the sea to tell the fbi the country the cia was operating through a shady not as alec station set up in the end of with the fbi but which operated outside the sbis pere and was a sexually a black operation charged a vile as and so not only that these are to tell the fbi be hijackers in the he forbade as the agents societo alectation from telling other fbi agents why would they do why would they be so dere avoid detection of these two dangerous figures as they were being shepherded proteus by sadie welsh coperto was every one she doncaster was filling that they had been recruited by the cia and were seas since whether they knew it or not and that homer by you be deciding intelligence agent was himself a ci as sent working in us so showing intelligence operations and this raises a lot of questions which will get to be a statement of an agent known copy string of his iris contact with the hijackers for thereafter was done at the behest of the sea through the sad intelligence and the explicit purpose of alectation was to quote recruit al hospy and abitarvi here the ashoreat ons and so as it clare borg details in this excellent article which really puts all this in the if i was not told about amid hard has been or the fact that one of them was actually the rebate of the lenine eleven hijacker mahomed atta at one point which would have just wrapped up the whole operation until the operation was in its final stages in they had already gone to i had had even at that point it was not made a montfort castigation which would have necessitated a rests intelligence investigates sure you can't just point of finger directly at langley at the sea in analec station you are responsible for letting nine eleven happen that i win say that they are responsible for it because they let it have an i'd say that they will probably intimately involved with it i will look back here in wysedome in cause i analyze tide a lot in this i find this we realise see how they got the greys on out up here on the background she falls back ground because the lighting is different i see this is very flat their placing this in here which means that the sea a fairly high tech a fairly high tech a production going on here which leads me to ask another question is who are these guys the information come it all out like that i would as soon that they are ethicism military droplight now and i just wanted to point that out to every one because you have to analyze the video too just like i looked at the tepecano yesterday which i'm also as suspect of the histona carpet put a venial oh not understand what was going on so do i like sucker yes said gormach like tucker but there's other questions that we need to be asking before we describe by the thing hooked hook line as sanker because there's too much going on right now so very interesting to capiendo you think that video was talker cause he just looked strange to me i don't watch him regularly so i don't know i don't fictive got some some photographs that i clipped oh i don't know quite a while ago that there is there's some one else there that is plain at some point type that video that has showed yesterday looked to me like that when might when my screen went basicly kicking off the the thentre streaming service these they do it again to day they of his i was definitely kicked out of my own on my own stream yesterday was kind of funny like bad to honor fronting right it looks to me like s g because when i look at the video between him and his interviewer there's some disparities and if you've got a train to or you just a little observant or you don't buy anything he always as lot of questions you will pick out the animalstheir thinks in this things we do another interesting subject on a a i is real its because they kind of of the kind of its statistical model is like a model they kind of tip there there hand a little too quick with ai when it was very a rough round the agent and the problem that they have with a i now is as requires the its base in the ai from the past it builds on to and it measures it measures of day and finds like statistical averages all that sort of thing in order to create and or make it well because they tip there their hands too quick on ai a lot of the ai is very flat and if you know what to look for you'll be able to pick it out and then they can't once this was out and they they included that flawed data be at the beginning they can't undo it so there ain't the models are actually very there there working in a dense so if your pain attention your asking a lot o time she'll be able to pick it out so the what i showed yesterday if you want me bringing up all see if i be kicked off again to day because i think it's kind of funny actually i can bring it back up again if it every light to see it would you like to see it cause i can secondoffered analysis most of the video that came out of rohan when called first started was and i can go back and pull that up and show you show you how to analyze things so you can pick the face now if he had many many many years of a i a pretty a complete observer a maybe that dotards but there's some real problems with that tucker video that i think it's one of those things that it's it's a good thing to sit ask questions all of this nonsense were seen in front of us is going to have to be drilled down on by us we we have to we have to people in check we have to be to look at that and gone this doesn't look right or i want to look into this further because what i'm seeing does not i have thought does not match up or look right when i look at this video there's a couple of things right off the bath that i spotted that is like yeh like he's he's up in getting on gotiating sing right now if i bring it up i'm going to guess that they're goin to take me right down i will i will take a guest so go on mine we gonemy telegram channel because i will almost guarantee you as some one was ominous try if i get kicked off i will reioisen henoticon what i'd like to do is go to em the wonder if i can do as screen shot off his face from that video i have a bunch of them let locatebut o screen shouts cause i do that because it's like when oh when roastand is lost sixty pounds over night right and so did copperah on the same day there's something going on that our being lad softly too to be able to form our own conclusions on what were seen and that that process needs to have a we need to be able to get in there and ask some questions and be able to draw our own conclusions rather than then parodying the headlines and that goes back to what's happening with and i'm not get paid to push the buck just so you know i'm i'm getting no kick backs as i put things up i believe in somewheres a guy the the people's treat general he is the people's general michael t plan general michael the people's general in watching that the bad guys weaponis us because we refuse take the time to be educated or we just we've got bad sources so they're using a lot of tactics to he passed us or to engage our emotions and get us angry so that we go ahead we par at the headlines that they want to well that that relief has come to an end in the way we on that is by being involved and also being involved with seeing whether something makes sense on and you have to re yourself you got to go to god you have to make conclusions and when something doesn't look right it's because there is something wrong with it if you get into the game to really look into the ai i can show you some that too you can pick out things that don't make so you are let me see that you are miss if i can if i if i yet keep up an come back an now i can play this distant for short wron tucker is too smart to have this kind of nonsense coming out of his old so nature what he's doing here i like suckers but i even washed show you something as this he he is looking very clueless there not by in it his body language for he has not had ingogo i do sure young her in porter and you're like but what if your me look at the shadows around his shirt look at the shadows around his hair where things disappear instead of being out their now this could be of good background cause we didback one so my shows to the anmesooak there's there's more to it than that look at the lighting a talker and compared to the energetic not only her the and his pick out something else it's inweigling when his wit your biggest recreates the difference there now i'm going to show you something else that just really pops out to me then to get back on tucker here a minute because this is is the stuff that you should be looking at and i'll stop it when i keep on he thinks what is why your biggest regret in your right and save me just tomine to see be able to stop it at the right moment here a common tragicomedy stranmore time it sends its in his left cough or they go now look at this look at this right here oh i now look at that line etherole there with that video and you can see it con see it right there and that line there should not be that's not a normal shadow a rollethis is not a normal shadow around him but that is strange to me the lighting is strange and the lighting on him does not match the interview and you know granted their in different cameras so that can account for some of it but there's too much there that makes me ask a now is it an a various one or is it a good one is probably a good thing but but we can stop and we can ask is because we need to be knowledgeable and if you can apply this to some one who is a good person you can also apply it to things where people are bad people and be able to spot the when they come forward now i'm a show you seing there i thought was real interest casino i do lotteree and let me see prig nora's going to be listening to this now but i'm going to go out to put up there anyway and this is how this is how we compare and contrast and look at the facial structure of person look at the facial structure change over time and it has nothing to do right there this is one i want to show this has nothing to do with him again or anything else like this this is something where they have somebody stepping in to look like tucker that's not all right so this is my case and point right here now look at tucker here look at us look at his smile and look at look at underneath his chin and look at the shape of his face even even though the distance between his her lying just the distances and the re shows are of there off if you put this pitcher and that pitcher next to each other in tiberias are off and that's how somebody who as may be in an on somebody who's done a lot of research or heads especial skill can also make these look at these four for small and i mean some of the differences we look at are incredibly small but then there was a point time where i watched that individual has plays oh where they actually had to put a it's this pitcher right there that one is the one that keeps popping and then they started using that with its title underneath a tucker carlson there he is again there's the same photo right who removed is the same photo same angle but then you can get into other things to see that that there's a problem there now i'm going to show you something else that i think is really interesting in this is another way to sapota and the spot things are in fact a problem the site is called and we're going to go hot and i'm sure this screen is this is katiola with this essay what i'm going to show you is absolutely a so checked the as a face generator it got on better but she got to realize its relying on ai in the pan then get yes if you are looking the so here we go so this little girl does not exist this is inbetween different from images and not only can they not perfect it it's going in reverse right now and people don't want to talk about the so here's this person does not exist elise if we can spot him and keep going and seeing if you can spot how you can spot it because this part of training and it is part of getting real smart at how chose a fact you know we saw the fake bite with a fake microphone front and microphone on that tack erpice too is another one that was the that was one now get this he few things i've seen in the right off the bat there on the on the hare on the round the right side of rose and look at the background round it this is of it's off look at the collar look at the shirt they are merged to they merge two images you've got the white shirt over here you got the blue shirt with black collar here i emerged that is not real that is absolutely not real his world won't get into now i don't even know what's happening here but looking toward ethel and look at the back ground look at the hospodar and you will notice her ear her ear low and the changed and lighting the great way to teach foothill fell down we've got fingers here that are in now looks like a paw you know and that sort of thing the station spat it that when two i could spot that the old a prose in their likings look in my pond parable steeped the microphone but look at his teeth look at his facial features one should curing yourself a little but you're going to be able to spot the son of pope he i am no hero had etched here she's missing the shoulder you know there's a shoulder messing there and she solon that other one when it was to show you is is a look at his eye seth's got bad teeth is that it's in an unnatural and paring of his e cause they may cannot perfect it and their technology is going in reverse they can tell us in the contrite to scare us all they want all were winning it's going right allow in this one and that finding we've the banker with the ex going out on your is sold or i mean that's the upsuras like hey buddy totally whacked out the heck going on with that i so this is an extreme case but there's more of it now this one this one did the sheet this one figured out what your first club the colors different on each side better than that look at words erlon that year at ears are deformities wholly different er of collars wrong you can play with this all day and you'll you'll start noticing and going train in your eye to go wow this isn't the way a human being bostock look at look at the deformity and this eye and that's not a natural deformity even if somebody were to form you can you can still spot out it but it takes a little bit of time it round the different to what am i looking at what am i looking at look at what the hanebeck only now i mean not long is collar and not they can't perfect and oh if you're real critical about it you will you will see look at the difference in lighting between the whites of his eyes here seesaw and that one is a little bit more yellow in the lighting doesn't match up so we could play with this thing all day long in and out on but i'm more interested with the connotes super her her glass though the correction in this lande isn't enough even if it was to advance correction in the ladies it's not enough to correct it for em it wouldn't be like that even if she was super blind and what i and not the other that's an unnatural correction you never see that in a certain set this this is an egregious problem right there you know that the chishot one that's easy esino it's going on the guy's hair it doesn't it doesn't mean the collars weird you can look for these crazy things he like a dozen match the eyes darker that the first thing i look at is the non none of obvious one i don't go to the obvious i always look for the unobvious things in the pitcher and if you get real good at it you'll spot it every single time they cannot they cannot perfect son and i think this is significant to say god made human beings with more fire power and our brains and our eyes in his direction as he directs us than any weapon that they can form against so so anything that you think is very scary out there remember we've got got on her so he made everything this is he's above the ai he's about everything and and don't don't think for a minute that god can't and won't hesitate to bring this down in a minute's notice when it gets to a point because and i believe he is going to take down every human construct it's out there in order to bring his kingdom on earth as it is in habitants says every knee will bow every tone confess that jesus christ is lord and that's where we are so to it we stand together we can we can skill set together and help each other and that's a really really wonderful that's the strength of the body of cries we don't have to be afraid there's nothing to be afraid of out there the only thing that we should be concerned of is to be educated enough so that they don't weaponized as against ourselves that's where we're at right now i am going to read a fine versal save her classes one twenty seven and twenty eight to them god has chosen your chosen your chosen to be here to day to make known among the gentiles glorious riches of this is is christ in you think about that he wanted to do all with us that's my son is only begot son noteeven a building not be out there but to live in you as your guide your your provider he will come and i sent his holy spirit to live within you and guide you through every situation that's out there you don't have to be afraid at all he is a the hope of glory he is the one who he is the one we proclaim and monishing a teaching every one with all wisdom so that we may present every one fully mature in christ that's our goal that all of us stand together mature and christ and that we learn every day and i think it's just a beautiful beautiful in let's go head save prayer and i really want to bring to get a tiller your attention again the election integrity force in these wonderful saints that are out there working day in day out every hour they can't put it i know a couple of them that literally they all sleep there out there working for this and they need you we all need you don't don't get yourself to press your fearful so that become inactive and you don't like salt that's loss lost its saltiness noowhere is set in there and were just going to give it to me and tell we take this nation back no backing down now or if in your very very much love don't ever feel along the trying to demoralize you and knock you out of the game so that you're not affected don't let that happen that is your choice you could stand for an nowturned to god stand the scriptures and you'll find that god will give you every single thing that you need to walk every day and get the game in fight dear havenly father thank you so very very much for the people involved all the volunteers and the people that have thrown their effort behind the election trifore we ask your favour and your blessing on every single thing that they do we ask your blessing on our eyes on our ears on our ability to see the world around us to stop following his there are of this world but to only follow you and tore you then you and your faithfulness to us to guide us and lead us through some pretty hard times that our head of us we know that their common there is no way that this is going to continue on that you're going to let this continue on for ever we know that you've already told step in your in your word we put all of our faith and trust in you knowing that you are good all the time and no matter which way this path leads whether it's in good times or a bad times whether we're on a mountain or in a valley of life trust you in the work that you are accomplishing here and in us for your kingdom that your kingdom may be on earth as it is in heaven we pray for that thank you so much god we're just thankful for you and we love you so much we thank you for president trunk for general for all the people for admirers i love it rates for all the people that you here at this time that you've chosen to help us and to restore your kingdom and we we schistosa we love you so much we love you his name pre thank you so much every one for being here love you piece of minotola quits for the day to day and get on to the next thing to fight here for the nation and a one thing i did want to write read is i had i won to read a statement as i do think that this is important up caring got knocked off am i i'm going to read the statement just so that everybody knows officially officially how i feel about this oh this is an official state turncock and let me get back on here caron carries back so i'm going to read an official statement to severity knows and nobody has to be on down to brainerd a grooming a torchand baked from michigan who is known for her no nonsense approach and that waver commitment to the people of her state as the only non conceiving governor candidate and the twenty twenty election she has demonstrated her willingness to stand up for what she believes and even when faced with overwhelming down i will discuss i'm going to be doing a destruction because i am not i'm going to not only my fighting for the governor set here and i will not concede to it but also for supplies lines as well as putting a state back together more asansol were not stopping and i've got a program on my third coming up in a mountpleasant ke dries open on the time i'm to start speaking again publicly down will discuss the current complican climate and what we can do when the government fails and i be sharing knowledge with on home studying and and the local alternate supply lines that's true so disobey i am the best now conseeder who ever know conceded in the history of america not con seeing a conceiving that now what unwittinglyno waver going for the governor's seat yet no turnagain paterateratte were continuing to fight not going away not going every one can rest easy i'm and no double minded i'm going to stand this and and a very thankful for every one who is willing to stay for the stand with the nation it's going to be a great future for all of us so they go i care led but the gods speck on that was great i i had to stop because the oil man is here and i'm outside with dogs and i know that as soon as they realize what's going on there to start barking aesopus more a carpetless go to brandon bird foroneronienses and that my telegram can'which i do all the posts enoughwhich is at brandenburg brandenburg the for the number four am i that's my telegram channel and i just say you know you're very much loved her important god created you be exactly the way you are you are not a in your chosen to be here at this point in time and make some many many of us very much love you tineoid bless you god bless all the sum you love and god bless the marica were taking the nation back and it's going to be glorious it's going to be biblical that with all my heart so have a wonderful day to day and i will see its morrow on i think cares back on to more right care wichita or coningeria some on puarma do thou discovery how in here in a man having posted on line yes let's do that we don't show spots of land so love pieces let loose e ain't but mines w