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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 9/18/2023 Chuck Ritchard and Cindy Redburn

Published Sept. 18, 2023, 9:03 a.m.

9am Monday Morning in the Mitten! Blowing the Lid off Michigan Politics with Chuck Ritchard The amount of conflict of interest and connections between people engaged in politics is astounding. Truth and encouragement for the world we live in! We have to know the truth and have transparency at all levels of government. 10am The Constitution Party - Cindy Redburn. Cindy is a charter member of the Missouri Constitution Party and has served in various leadership positions in her home state. She has represented the Constitution Party in three campaigns: US Congress, State Representative, and St. Louis County Council. A retired teacher, she is still active in teaching private classes to adults and teenagers on liberty and constitutional governing. A firm supporter of citizen activism, she attends county commission meetings regularly and is a member of a local activist group. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the eighteenth day of september twenty twenty three welcome so today we are two wonderful guests the first one is the amazing and wonderful and the second one is is a gal from the executive committee the constitution party said cindy rodburn and shall be on it one o'clock so dost want to say walk now rebonding od morning chokodo in well i'm better i'm here a day and i oh oh every one apology if you knew what happened to be i think he'd know i felt and i hain't omitted no i didn't call because of medical condition erything like that a board broke agusinapa when i cry through the choice of pordoi on my cashibo and go caribi thought only one but he turns out probably more because you know me i'm always on the move and i antagonized as i was healing and then i tagged mis polly other ones which was probably already cracked or whatever and up and now i'm in grief again quite a year so i was lookin i canceled everything on the and tuesday i did two days than that unusual compact to go by it in his alsobecause you an the able to get hold of me that she thought something to half criticsand the police after me i thought something happen to you too i didn't get hold etiennes day and i'm letificat what that is i can get to a holder entellides day it's tonewhat the hack happen i hope you're i hope you're still now operate and still talking here you know others i really thought i was getting it in no postillating some kind of or that virus he caught my ilibiris that the non coved virus that the normal stuff that we had for ever i know it's amaotome concrete here the lot you got it is oh yes so other that my apologies but i'm loaded and ready for battle but that it sounds good so i'm so i'm going to have to step away once in a while here this morning he that's okay so i medecon here but we are talking about doing a video about truth and of the truth the truth has to come out and in in all things an transpirethat somebody challenging me on my telegram channel about the title for a general ikenel michael and this person is cone smart alec decided to come in it was not a real general young ocharoon will your for star gone and it's like i'm pretty ecstasies i you know you you know a dress of his general and he uses that his title on telegrams on call and majoral he's general that's the way it is and i retrocentral hitoribitori to fisher that he held the hand the position he held was not just for the us as a rule life position in terms of security and what he provided in any is he is he now the general he's like you have and so gasith ught but detondent i thought the person this coming under the name of ali think it's no mad angel someone who is also got a whole bunch of people blocked off that persons can so i'm going to tell you right now i believe that his in fact an agent provocateur because because ah ah maybe will spite son's going on here or in a few words that are sad here and there that a that a wants to try to describe a people and just be a petulant little child so that's okay keep going and the author your name out there real quick because i know who it is and so does a bunch other people who have been attacked by this individual so the just be a smartalec but on anyhow michaelis i know the peoples andrei loved this sky he's a nice person i know him you know i consider him a friend as well as a merry plantacons der them a friend in is lovely wife lorry they're just a nicest people you'd ever monte and so i know of and i will continue to call him general plan and general michael plan the people's general and he and ye any any discrediting that that person wants to do you can go find go find a little hole craack into a little hole anyhow we went to ackworth this morning and what she is and you brought something of those really interested is that billy graham oh he done a video on truth and then you know we both talked about you know all those things that you find out about people after you've been at it for a while and you brought up the fact or he was asked get right of cremation and inbishop i never knew that yet that he was in the asinus you don't we we have we held him to it he entered him to find out that he was a privation how i got to tell you in a pledgors i'm not i don't really know a lot about privations we can the reason is because i never gone to look at it and onesheshid all the other suganoneno one of the things going to is seen from stolonifera or founder somorrhon or were involved in it but i inventionthe they tied it back to the charles halone of the plants were i just never got into that depraving but one of these days when i get some free time expect me to start elineas that's exactly what we need to do we need to understand what is it about freemasonry that it makes it so here or dangerous rolled every one to call it i don't know i know it will just go back to the secret societies and that sort of thing that i'll get present kennedy was trying to get rid of and there was a reason for that and it's not like the guy wasn't in the noon thing as well as you know i have a little bit of a of knowledge on this side no i wasn't you know i personally was not would never go into freemasonry i had people close me that work and ah the there's some their some real real problems in now what i was told was that it does it doesn't matter this is he this is the what they believe they believe it doesn't matter who you worship some people even the son and think the son is and i heard that straight up from somebody who is an eastern star of somebody who was very close and i was kind of down with that you know it was i was like what is wrong with us even when i was a small small child is not correct and so i've had people that if contacted me and say you know the lord this the lord that none like which lord do serve on here you might want a hat you might want to say it because you know there there's a there's a a couple in a couple of problems without that i find where that statement who do you sir so get you get people that you know serve satan and they'll call em the lord you know and and you'll hear it without i cutlasscutting when he came off the mouth where god command him to round up the leve is a noted the good did they slaughter they slaughtered if people that were worshipping golden and so they were worse being some other god the real god took care of everything right eh and i but i think that there's a lot of wolves in sheep's clothing out there and when you see the political you see the political ah arena and how people really are rated you ethewon t have elections we have set and they kind of tossed you i mean i came telling how many people were sent to me and you know to try to ah find out what my a horse my compromise point was which is not existent and so so you you see that in the same thing happens in the masons if you are not a a person who will compliant and protect them if the call then you get voted out and you get so on your way about level or you won't progressives say something like his you know you're not quite ready to progress ye because did not going to get a hill's upper wobbles where they do all kinds of weird cry out you know and the secret hand shake and a beginning of that i mean its it's our one there some real scary things when you get up in the levels and a hat then i i believed to be true and accurate and also people that i've known that have been involved in it at the high levels i've known people the thirty third degree mason level very to me and it's like that the craft that goes on in his hidden as is not a good thing gregorio what i was on his finest kicking i remember some one to say to me in ever going gonewhere in politics i solicit they set because you won't compromise and i said to them clearly how do you come is principles and values how do you do that he answers you can't because you will see penoyer he so how do you do that you don't locomotion exactly either not yet and if you don't lay no assessor to like the job and everything else i think there's a lot of doctors and nurses out there that actually put their income over doing the right thing i retentis a real problem you know i think i think you know i think for some of the people that didn't quite you know honestly at the problem wasn't the choice between quitting or acquitting thee there was also you know first and when my mom fell and i was in the hospital with her and the two that i fired the head of nursing and i also fight fired one of the doctors i said you will leave this room and i do not want you to come back in this room again i tell you get somebody that actually wants praise you are not allowed back in st and they laughed in there was a nurse standing by mama's hat that looked me in his you did the right thing as they were going to send her home and stud of put her in and because after she got the second jab she was paralyzed into she could not walk in to the picked her up and shuffled her feet for her this was a woman who was walking two miles the day before that as a nod she could walk were going to put her home my sothat's hot walking the two pushing her feet from behind and in reliquiae you know better in to take her home and i said that you're fired right now yet the road and i won't like i could see what they were doing as they said were just going to sound her back to the then the facility he he's been on and if she follows again we'll just come pick her back up and i'm like isn't that convenient wouldn't that be wonderful you just send her back to the facility that she's an so she can break a hap in you can blame the problem of her death and the fact that she broke a hip instead of that the job paralized notes about she was walking two miles a day before and my mom said when she called me that night she said everybody's here is getting sick all the everybody's sick and they're not doing well and i can't move my feet and is pretty her office and then you walk into that situation in the hospital and it was really hard not to come to conclusion that they were all involved in and or come i dentifrice i find we only get out don't come back gaygarters and nurses being postmaster the doctors and i tell you what because on the providers they are owned by the hostile doctors himself the practices were awed by the hostile hospes dicking policy the policy tells the doctor i thought they'd be dismissed so when we talked about all this to that exactly correct a they don't better so these sciences they didn't go to school this too came but get their caving wine and on any one he thersites you know you got to walk away from it it's like it's like one when oh when the upwould not deliver cards to or facility which by the way constantly is owned by black rocket and majority of it and you know i base i didn't basically i set it to you know that they weren't going to deliver deliver cars unless we were fully vaccinated facility oceanica shot it down sanoinkin any bonelike what you can't do that on kwatcht and it's like figured out on his were not going to be killing people were not going to be dictating to the like all costoro in the water down in florida for a while or do some thundered or come you know run around michigan talking about how wrong the is and is exactly what i did like arenowhere not going to do that and you can walk away whether you're in the military anything else is some tells you to is that is immoral unethical or just flat out rock walk away god provide for you and it's like it's like you don't have to follow these unconstitutional mandates you don't have to follow any of it shove it right in their faces and you know be be be that that wall that rock that's not going to move these people are doing evil the stoelting silas his tholosanos of the hand and then of course the response on friday we happen was back in collision does were thrown off two and particular were thrown off and then o course and others came to the rescue and they were diseased in the chair of sacrobosco ty said by the power invested in me oh that's what led to the whole dispute i can claire and the course then all so chargers follamain okay but the whole point here is that illegal or evil things were going on and so we threw dolgans of women with three delos off the east he came because a white because it did both the way the chair wanted doesn't that so like curatame to you oh they don't they don't have the right to do that because the people though they had as its selected greswold hakon so firing gallegos decided and they have a bill to that according to bylaws the delegates held their meeting course the cheered it attends she had was on legal men on the dolgans held the meaning and they voted the share in the easy out now goes to the pericope apothesine others egitimate could they they break a laws etceteras for as we know now but interesting enough while this was going on while they were cared for friday of course then i see i no come out about the by laws were changed by none other than all the stacionours back to port in listenhim on the stuff this is just lochranline embriever while we all were morning what happened at nine eleven these guys were changing good bye laws oh isn't that nice i see what they are doing there trying to slide things through it didn't work and so when they had on friday night to share in these i des six per cent of the people order in favor of the delisted tosto to potted our present your one worded so it was an overwhelming victory knocking out to the unanimous but overwhelm me go down about it but i think the question now comes what has this been is his contact legal and looks like it is his congo to the ideopsis afterwards or deny and that's porthaven but a disease backwards to you though to go to the amigo when when i should be like the the ground is i don't understand that so much it seems like there's an awful out of power concentrated in that organization to arm to be able to ah i don't know what what's the thought on that i don't think i have any power on it all i think quite the contriting that i think why the water doing it is more of a political and the new order but in all reality they don't have any power at all the county is almost like another solely on subsidiary and so that's cooloolook at it feeling thing that buys is as to shorten lessen him she was so shaped that her certain chapters here forced to follow but short of that no because if you look at it reality why were these the law affects a organization and doesn't do that what this paper that club other than some of the colors of the that but they don't tell on orgaization what they can in cannot do in terms of structure right an that's a real big problem if you've got this estate making rules that govern who gets into the state or how people are involved on its basically is basically a big big a to shut down anybody that's not part of their organization or who they deem reasonable and or set this case though the it is not eayontati to action was the county and was a county share that did it and there coming chairs a close friend of the talents she quickly see what was going on we believed that this connected with the grand old party in this supply wanted to talk about it if you look at what's going on ben going on now for but a year and a half this go back and re visit what happened up his sago look at what the open an election came what happened up there they the first wise call a pleasewithin s got hostile and got hot there was a young eyes they was to sigh the care of his last name they did everything with shot the guy out young eye gringos well was great to see them some youth ah get in all it i won't onbecause he to knowledge well and so they're god the roches not on his part they called the police one for what for making making a stand it i don't think he was out o bordification i said no way this is just a polical poiana so lass what i started can you cure call all the bad trusts of the coupeaus got his result of it but that aside any proceed elected a new he he what do they do then through two of the delegates of jim contained and then being horse became as state committee then i could through him and the gas off on greece go and seem to care as no one came to the rescue coffee this was the beginning of all this we saw them and hartledon in the mccalmont with the with on the two the two parties there we saw the hills till the same thing there but we also saw a clean county when we saw that a new charlette what's the detester do she owed to gallegos are you see the powder yet two delegates were used which to ours i wish i averroistas name and stevesteve and go followed and so the house of them and fills macedonian his legists the ring godown i down to the callosities saw that they would come up the kent county and we see that hole a thing there was going on there is is likely got the inmates from the thessian on now i couldn't one feller to cooks not said they think that's how that is not whatever he could to have a dialogue and gelidis cuss ideas with solutions not just the tacking but actually laying out plans of an obsolescent and in taking you know not criticizing all the time and i know sounds like i offer solution tossedon anybody any time and talked about ways we can in resurrect this party because as for we have to get it now wore a mass were a mess i don't care whether from on to daganoweda doesn't matter or a mass collectively i look at three counties i say we're not so bad if i looked at ocean i look at me said i look at the wagon because of the people involved the leadership there realized the gatework with e i got what we have to be refocused with its truths to get trust which trusts forget relationships and we relationship forget communities states conationthat said i'll leave it to you now i agree with that i there is an article that came of momenttwo bring this up a minute and see if i can oh see if i can find the shot and on mine and put it up there because this is absolutely i think representative about i know about you but how i feel about about me that i was a live article one and the most that were and on her as the gore her with the supper a minute i think that he think this is really pretty pretty i know it seems like it's pretty telling about what here this disaster i mean i'm not seeing in anything being done right quite honestly sure locks like amateur hour and reddall these ants here in and i to the avenger how on and can count the the insurrections there ichorshed en i show the same thing in the art to do you this recit get that when our courtecuisse comite i know it's so it's a breeze right so too you were christina craneflies you by the michigan republican party so late august the parties general council dan hardenpeel propose a piece somentheil the rift in the canvas occount part fails pothecary conepart leaders derided the offer as author authoritarianism and attempted by the state park and in state party to meddlin the local et back last quickly spread the absolute distaste the state party as for autonomously operated hindparts is worryin were some the akankon party chervis fancy patrick and terry ah what's the last time no long nomopeithaes i don't know ternaters oiliness so can't count i become confuion party chermack fort in adventista and round ale but in a letter he called the summit of legal and suggested croisson control over missin serpolet as in writing has reached the fever pitch in some parts the state cromestate parties found itself navigate increasingly contentious relationships the same act as that catapulted her to one we asked one thing in us free s crowntherefore set of coral in an interview right now it's been nothing but a dog on messene of beginning nothing but controversies of course we knew there be count versione my brow but the controversies of ben largely started by the administration its incredible i could hold i got an i got to stop out there grievegrieve but this agree with mark and i go i was cleaned it very simple perswaided in't start his his holding callsecon cake did not and i know because i know the people call eget it i thrown off there because the people voted for in scotch what of those is the minister who is so very pope palaceto at you wrong i could not explain it in deodorata was it whether it was the minister who is the i don't have the graver it now in obeyedthese the video this weekend he got a bidicott vitascope an sosometimes do you had a point your people thrown off because they voted not with wait a minute that's tyranny it is not what we're about it should not be or go cause should be able to discuss those ideas take a pot and then let them vote being what it is nothing more nothing less coats not what happened he might you pe an even though i don't agree with gin or a lot i understan is approach was the correct in what he was trying to do sidenote i don't know if he had competed and write way that's not here there there what he did try it was rejected outright mind you they were holding a meeting tried to bring parties together and a cool down on they met on that thursday one i showed up goes he okay so then the delegate meeting was set for friday is past rightwhich of powis and the delegates voted unwillingly to to support peter removed the sea and its chair and in still and scolded him members that is the right of the body and has always been the right of the body to do that now the question remains and i don't know the answer is can you do that at will or is there only a certain innermost like every two years i don't know that answer i don't know if anybody does for sure but in in case it probably solved or settled in a cord of long unforgetably as probably wore togo that side some great things happened because now pefore said as the goings have control then maybe we can do some things about our probable have any say like saginato or one of the others desistebant to become as like a model if you will to be used but it's got to be pronouncers of mark marabout the one i know that he's disappointed and christian i understand that and i got to stay his holy about transparency i'd like to see some results coming out just like galileo when he was in time or excommunicated i should say a from the church because he said the world was round later this covered he was in fact truth and he goes back to the question the poised to day is what is truth how do we know it when we look at the truth we have to be really do it rockernegie's just trust but verified doshe only way we can well when i see enough of evidence of a reason not to trust on pretty much not trusting what's happened in the republican party at all because the leadership is not come for were the information that really needs to be out there to settle everybody's and so telegram i don't cancelled then i can i can't trust anything coming out of this and i you know not not at all until the leadership gets her acting some continuing the rift in cartesian after kicked out a faction of malcontented delegates who there's good by word for you but issues with a summit were clear some delegates had already soon the county party and court and loss and despite the invention it a hired lawyers for the delegates in the court findings heartmen proposed making himself in a partial mediator with coronel enter socias appointed judges of so local leaders viewed it as a naked power graph i i heard there's there's a couple of people out there that i articulated that really walters quite a fight going on on unlined the sweet and which was kinovin teresting to watch the arguments were really good amid the ferver coronaled who multiple sources scribe is an increased creasingly insulated counts once following her february elections chermany of crane's panaces of not come to pass and ambitious fond raising plan never went emotion and she remains preoccupied with the conspiracies of widespread electorate gets conspiracy so give points on that one and globetilted i find a lot wrong with that article i got to tell you the letter of their never by an lies and is i hates holy bit by a that with that side you know all you know you kind o got on to you kind o got up short through this not and and there's usually are things that actually make sense and but but there's never i've never seen one article that nailed it down lately because you've got people behind it click fate that our train sell something or having a pinion if there's money involved in it it's going to be cold stoletow you you are because people will go it's like it's like pathos patefaci word o the kids people who are greedy they go where the money is and they they tried to they tried to get their hands on it ah we don't think like one of the truest statements that i've ever heard you know when when i was starting to get some successes onforht ninety seven per cent of the people want to be around you because they want to take advantage of the stuff you have number one or number two they want to try to take your stuff they want to trot brontes so they can use you and your staff and one three they want to use you and your stuff to do favors or and in that really true and so when you have that many people that you know you can say that about that that you meet during life as i could say as get money involved in it's going to go to hell the chicken little he close hope and not like you know about the i'm not i not so alittle right hand one will help help me make it make the bread of course nobody's stopped up so little read in makes the great right or ocoee to break suddenly cut all these friends right ye big change and then and then everybody thinks they then you know they they've never made it that ever done anything and they think that they are going to give you advice on how to how to do it better it's like well you know you look at their lives and go i don't idon'tthink your i think you're going to be able to add much to the discussion he do if you want to be a successful on your own right but it's usually a power grab and the th you know power grabformen grab butts hormone one or the other of colemines people or the kinds are climbing this this economic or the social later something i don't know we don't have a no for me i have no no goals or not jack this and that ere i don't need it but i do seek this truth i do one the truth out there the matrons could batter in different because of its bad we can we can address it we could look at it and say wait a bit that is a ray we need to put something to place the picks it right not like gods kindlike companyeonis you had a water leaks you see well i don't let go now you had to fix a gattonside the look to see what is really going on well that's the same way here got to get to the truth i shall walk for trying to do what we did so something here that i found was really talk about truth if you do you ever watch gregories i want to show you this this is kind of interesting because there's so much that sashadhar let i like the somebody put it on the channel this morning and i've got some rarely good posters on my channel like really good eh and and so i thought this was in i wish you could see it but it's talking about lasers and that in in white and and i think this is i think this is significant so let's want to show the sense and if you listen you're going to follow it if you so you know you are a rocket scientist i think like we've been we ben in many ways we beset he likesin exordieris he has been researching the mois fires piled even knowledge to started these fires from the satellite is also confer at satellite capable of doing so above may at the time of the fire ariscopus ed on his obside the father's donc everything indeed to recreate these findings most of fishingto ignite their fire on the surface from a satellite in her paintthe target is tossing the laser with an advanced targeting if this were possible fathers calculated wood it would require to create a meride i long fire fired from satellite the earth's atmosphere will absorb and scatter some of the laser energy its pintles we need to pay in a wave like range with minimizes the the most effective wave the near in foretrace which would help better transmission through the opposite come here in for red range penible to connacan eye and would also have minimal reaction with objects coloured our circus the power of the leisure would detect in the hundreds of chiliarch in so father's past his calculations on a ten megalasara firing from earth assuming that the atmosphere loss amounts to fifty per cent of the over all power and only five megawatts reaches the surface as a one square meter be what nightfire almost this five mageonen or was pulsed across the one metre by one mile long area in seconds the time to ignite the entire area would be roughly to point seven men if you would only take approximately a second and although men of hollow weel the mounts of enerthenema to pull a ten megalomaze for two points sefevides would require approximately three thousand two hundred and twenty capacitors which would amount to about thirty two thousand two hundred kilograms in at last software and plugging in public data provided from norah at he found that satellite launched and monitored by the sespe were directly above the malefices at the time of most powerful rocket the march five to launch up to forty eight thousand five hundred kilograms of palo which is more than enough to carry the required palo in father's calculation the father is found that the sepias much more powerful lasers deployed already he calculated that the sect has to seventy gigglers in earth orbit right now a hundred times more powerful good winifred into these calculations a just in gorontalo coordinated universal time you too she took the local times ones fathers found the following the indefinite was ignited and approximately ten forty seven at this exact time suspectedit labelled coradive three to nine nine was directly olterations the hind fire was ignited and approximately six three seven a m on august this exact time seisotaite labelled nor had his five eight three six was torectly over the location of fire resented hereprobably eleven thirty am on at this exact tone sityate like peeled nor an five three to nine nines to recover location the so called tapestry does not want you to know deadly layers of mastersto are freely travelling upon ocean you can check this all for yourself it's steve fathers do come provides the source code has developed a specific software program than you can down load and check for these satellites youre fording for informers was scribere i thought that was pretty and trusting this morning and a worth worth the bringing out there's the so much that we don't know that's going on because it's just like whither republican party they are not there i think i think there's a big machine out there and conspiracy or just truth sounding the alarm before you know before everybody else as even considering it ongatons of things but i i really i really think that there is so much going on that if that's been hidden that if somebody can't dischak it out there is truth and be honest i'm kind of don weanewright there you know i got have discussion and you brought this up ter the great athecata k about because what he thalamites actum of light of you know that the operator or way links and lemme tell you when we were doing and lyrical work we have to concern that those we were trying to measure the amount of an element like cruel war or time or whatever the teepee of material we might know what he was in there and we were set upon his shop we would once to know what way lengthper that after we have to know why would we want to know if because letters show our primary lines inspectiontheir lines in other words steeringfor he thought in her fearwhatever these are short and right narrow bands and so if you get outside that no bad in perestroika great so you have to the tactical side comes in and you choose wabogish while that comes in he set up to his very crucial this is where science can really really peak without going in there but king to worry about interferes on he talked a little bit about above pale the blue absorbed should because then you're not getting a peer signal right so that get wind work so that's why they were looking at one wave length operate after the big sense i don't know the mount a power that would require to generate a a of that type of a laser o i don't know but but it's certainly sable remember killer stallion ever with the chinese it were done recently polly about them three four months ago what were they were doing to arduities they were excantasset like which cinaron close to our saddles and a gaming and actually mapping it you will that satellite don't know why we ollasthe were doing but they were doing that to all our satellites probably looking to see what anthemshe was there she without a jam do mean the worsening promising les back on for i deception pale for the shiveredthe care to encounter massacreein we we did the weked reverse engineering all this high right in so they probably are doing the same the just like a head john for his son one and hugh we were talking about the tunnels underground as he's a military a former rain i'm i call the marine because i got corrected silently by marine once a marine always a marine right and up he he was a former millfore military casesthe term but he is his marine and he works with drones as well as down on the border in such and he brought up beside you know there cotherstone in under the united states all the time and were tunneling under them this just way this just the way it so we're going to have some terms with it i saw an article not too long ago that otherreflected it or not if i didn't i showed the process or things a vireo a process where they took three hundred million dollars to connect new york to chicago to shave off three nanosecond re stocked the coronado n this overgrown oh over the ground not under the ground and they had two thousand guys in one guise mean matter women he has submissionthat three thousand guys underground were working working with on the putting the tunnel in and it makes no sense to me whatsoever a hundred million dollars to install a fibre connection that could have been done over land instead of putting it what the hacks comment on with the one that's what i want to know you don't why and for three nanoseck could it down it at a fraction of the cost over the land not in landed and i cannot look into some like what why did they do that this doesn't make any sense i'm going back to the tunnels there there's no no question too many chimney people that have been that i have talked to you have been in the military who have confirmed this as one guy that i know that was in the air force and he said yea he said i've been partially in the body said you get in so far he said there's like big doors i pass he he was by one he said hold trains dispirit in mountain and i thought i was kind of interesting but but there's a lot more going on than what we know and then you know you can look at having how much money did they put into underground warfare i wearing it old or two do you realize general lectric and an even dalassena total manufacturing underground in case of war he had to botolism on their copings etc three search the two i think it's a tressure mile facility deponer underground it was done because the colportage world wore two when they built up facility and told totally dependence can be ungrounded ground to what they did that then what must they be doing now raving he thinks is just like the lap at the weapons that they tell us they that we have i then if we anything that talking about reasons the seventies and some of it he so if we have and that's only what their talk and about so let's just say let's just go back to the fifty oh you know some years ago we had to technology that their talking about now ah i'm pretty esture that there's a lot that they have that they are absolutely not talking about and to convert the earthquake it was then that was in a last i think it was on a leven eleven and when that happened and where that where that are actually started at they tracked it over to an island by madagascar so what's going on with that you know the there's so much there so much that we haven't we're running round being afraid of nuclear on every level while that's great it'll make people afraid of of nuclear power you know or coal or clean cold and i had a great discussion with somebody that works at the holland talking about the filters that they have on this on the sand and though the air coming on the stacks of a clean cold plant is cleaner than any air if anywhere on the flannel because its aloter so they got a body out banished about that and some of the some of the misgivings and the fears that they try to instill in as he just wants to manipulate the population going back to fish generation warfare in order to trapesing us ditto drive to drive her actions by fear rather than actual actually what's going on become workersto by a conoteutliis done during his cingonius on the i was leastways the pipe and he talked of poseidonia excites and these people were there were oostis the we knew that the theophilestatos not even close to the standard and they kept out of it out of an atom and hassanhausen the comitia the remaining to the standard well below it that any other other plant but they still agonythe becose the town now the only part i have a little bit of a discussion against because they he collected an ash he was in the ash itself afterward at the de do with it that became a different animal okay that's where i think the air but in terms of the afflitto the air under the noble stock we will and reports for trallianos pavilion and the well they were company while with the she screven me some of that stuff i metalsabout er clusone talk about water polished and not what seem to care about studies in the back ross were polluting the waterways and it put salt piderit solidity of lakes and in the rivers of gold up solid of the big lake was going up it no one raised the flag on that because that was the meeting their dearer to the narrows to stop cold and when and why one of they replaced in it with all ouyoug to colin you shut down the nuclear plant the nuclear plants are actually not a problem of any more they know how that they know how to run run that we just got it we just got to oh you know ye upgrades just like people are about out of shape about pipe lines being put in the ground will you know what is long as there being maintained they're not there the safest form of of transferring sorning product i have to have transported product in order to he eat your homes sheepcote home and of your cars filled in some so yet we go back to live in and huts in the middle of a grass field or we have the option to have have energy resources and ornethelo what one of the worst ideas i've heard so far is this electric vehicle no our power grid cannot sustain the amount of pullet's going to be out number one number two that power dread it a will require them it electric doesn't come on the air i kind o does but were not the ability to lie and so but but the way we get into our power grew they've got to burn something in order to create electe it doesn't just in materialized so so we're still giobertis whether we burn it in our cars in our homes as natural gas or or a or or patrolling products of any type or we give them the ability to be the only one to have the petroleum product in order to create the electorate in order to now in make a more electorate robust electric powered red or leave at the same so that the konkan our access to energy so that they can eat they can force us pilate it's a it's a absolutely it's a form of taking over the united states of america by another mean rather than as an actual am invading army they can do it in many many ways only only what is it what is it chuck you would know the answer this like ten per cent of any military invasion operation or anything like that had to do with an actual physical ah ah type of old type of an over of an actor in tenero he is even less than that now you you don't i mean it ospedalato higher you know that's the way is to people at home but you don't any more we used to college you but what are you going to do with technology is copleined and formseerie meanknows noteease ioustinou can prove it out yet we don't know order we want to see that really erection on now like this cold fire and what not position in all having gone the great well when the call is the down and then in happy reason close it down and were paying for its state clothes down doeswhoosh i wanted to go there one of the go even more einstens was the town were going to get the power you go to i have got on the great osage how i gioistt all that street where were were helping her state out by buying his collectors out to pay the higher price as people can homer your sardaserine talked about leobenwar from the good that owes to the city is another another technique control folhado think so angelothe old girl there have here gleab the power outside of your having then on the grid you don't have altered it means guess i can shut you down any time i want to you don't have power you don't have anything that's why people in these electric cars in all that he got to be were you might say all this disease rather cupenos not in his see it we know exactly it's going to be going back to the power plant issue she went on the grin by this a power and by a new people being have to pay more there okay there's jobs lost a right there no income a right is there's no income for the cities and what are the cities do they still got the same level government as nobody seems to want to reduce the government so would have the raise your taxes while they see now that home moderiste high to other taxes highriter everything her force her out of this state is that really the underlying the of her of the trnis this part of a greater stereoelectric look at all the elements he got his say something is amiss or his spiritus is about ten minutes difference right there now man if we could go in so many different directions with a statement right here because what it is is it that you know look at the what look at what they're trying to do it's all for them not for us and let's bring the population now into about five hundred million which was a state stated goal by where they want do not think about how many people would have to speer and that can not let's look at the land grab happen with the waiting i'm sorry i'm sorry i am absolutely going to set tell you right now that the plans to build on that as well as in colona canada look to me to be there the fifteen minutes cities or resorts that the colonel was on that that was slated for that and then then hawaii was all about the land grab in order to put the resorts of their unconfronted of that here on the one expand the geloof there for the he didn't he go to night in what happened always so the misters what fire the gas convenient voice herself like a dozen it well and there's some their sounding out of a lot of crazy stuff that's happening there's olotoraca stuff to tapiutan it you don't i'd like to see more of those fires cordinated with the sand whites that that looks like they're honest something there and it's certainly needs to to be looked at him you know what with a very critical eye that we can pin point the root cause of what is really happening here i potosino it's like you know you cut that you cut the energy of this is why toneses doin so well they've got tennessee valley authority which is sheep energy you have to have cheap energy in a state michigan has there's a monopoly on energy in michigan and there trying to make it worse one they want to take all these games how cupressocrinus dishonor that she's got this sinister good cities damsel there stay was there not safe i'm saying ps i haven't him less than no comeback from my house okay against there on the water river i get my power from that day and so she was to get red these camps as she can she would take him out what a dirty be destructive lorelie destructive driving your car down the road but she still go into luxuriates n't stop it is long as this there are dangers and everything in life rootsto living de answers now do we minimize the heat we do oh we build them will you science to build things with gilhooly that's why we go have sinentes i know greselies to think she's as interest shore they bring the truth secretorum and aunt far combobulated masterton wetmore is complete and hotter des his disaster dianaher her queen grace you know her squire now saw in the court iester ronan up there you don't eh there there there problematic so so you and to go on to this forever because one of the things i want to get into eventually is talking about the fact that this nation has never restarted from a darker and i've done a decent montres arch into this into how if if the power grew it goes down how do you restore a power grid that goes down when when you have to have power to restore power if the entire thing grow goes down we have only have three different regions in the united states and if one goes down as a good case to about when the power grid went down and cleveland and how it progressively terminated and redirected the power through different power stations but there's actually is only about twelve actual transformer stations in the united states which are critical they take nine of those things out we go dark and it goes dark like bahm it's going to be it would be fed so i i wish people had a little bit more for sight and for thought in government because these people let her run in this nation or absolute moros they there their check and money around the globe like there's no to morrow and they're not planning for the future of the american people affect their stealing for us and asking us to find domenico the chair broke quick and read and then i've got to go to my next us funny no robe keep videos on the mapping areas with laser months before this happened or china balloons oh there's a good connection right there what about the missing f a thirty five jet socarrona what the help pilot ejected from it now they can't find it so factories are blowing out whitmore as a w f sore peg that charlotte thank you charley said i will and sorrowsees to stop feeding the pork and government absolutely and in begone with him begone with sorrels begone with with sucker bird begone with all these people that have committed treason against these i overhear talk here chuck because we had ended some really you know some people don't or i have a problem with the things you and i talk about because they don't want the truth out there and sorry and they don't want to start good discussions that need to be talked about greener down were after the truth and that's all we want is people actually king gae us an gageac other and find out what the ostruthes we we might we might have missed something we might have missed it i would have you know what we get to the truth by one by examinin a lot closer we can't do that if we hold that in her hands all the time and don't share it thank about it and get it out ter make sure we can seek a better way maybe there is the better way to do things and and help starssome some time that you put it to research and education you have to research for forest because i'm its it's important to verify the facts because even you a good person that's trying to do the right thing they may be being fat information from a bad sort and nothing torcingas gold in all cases so with his sudden going to take a quick break here and will be right back no thank ooooeeeeeeeei in a welcome active brannibor news network are second hour and ten o'clock and i wanted to diseminados the scolecite austerity was constitution day and story of which a stepper's parties in michigan affiliat i think it is the true party of statesmen and one that sexually working right i'm going interoceanic guess on that side sende radburn cineas a charter member of the missouri constitution party this served embarrassed leaderships in her home state she is represented the constitution party in three campaigns u s congress state representative in saint louis in council i retired teacher she still active in teaching private classes to adults and teenagers on liberty constitutional governing a firm supporter of citizen activism she attends county commission means regularly and is a member of a local activist mary to alone forty four years they have six children and fourteen grandchildren when not busy with family and political ambitions cindy relaxes by sat spinning time and nature and are and i want to welcome welcome you the morning welcome to the show this morning i said he how are you i'm going to hear you wonderful thank you for coming on this morning and as you know we have a lot in come and with the constitution party and in a very much looking forward to the new to the new or that the meeting in october wonderful speakers dinannois a great job with everybody there putting together once again a wonderful wonderful speaker idea speakers and i encourage every one to check the thing out because a general flint's going to be there and the line up is really inspiring i went to the manand and it was probably one of the best on if not the best i've ever been to it was good and were really looking forward to hosting it just turned out that we're going to host in saint louis in as she sat down his tongue great job of basically putting together once again a great she it's always a great time for our party members are national committing members to come together we meet twice a year spring in the fall and it's a great time for us as parting members together and ah look for look to where we're going a what's her ologies states and just good time to fellowship with other believers and other believers in liberty and a people who have a passion for this country and what it once was we look forward to it and in the theme it is this that you know i've been a you know best in the chops of the republican party here in the state of michigan is not the complete other disaster and i think nationally it is too it seems like it's it's wholly owned by special interests in funded by dark money at this point in time which is really a probable don't have an election with the major parties it's turned into and evolved into a selection process of who can play in the sand box and the people only can vote for whom they approve which is all part of this globe are this unipartite lopinion though any a very excited about so let's talk about what's going on in missouri as well as the united states or the constitution party you are on the executive coming and a very excited to talk to you to day so let's let out tell us what's going on okay well in missouri sadly we lost our bow of access in twenty twenty ah the fore familiar with balances laws of you know you have to maintain a certain percentage of the ah with your candidates and becoming more difficult everywhere for that to happen for just not only as but for other minor party you know the threshfold will go a very from state the threshold in missouri is we have to maintain the of the oratorio avocourt and in the last race at statewide candidate and unfortunately we did not do that missouri is bin a since nineteen ninety two we need when the party was established as taxpayers part we have a basically we the time around we didn't make gallinaces we didn't get enough we didn't make it because we didn't have enough in and since then we have gained access a ballocks ah anamesite ninety eight ninety six we had at ninety a ah we lost it in two thousand four the great gain of againwithin eight and we've maintained valladares until now and it's just really young for but as i sat near her fighting a battle here is not only the maintenance which in some states its even higher than two per cent some its lower some states make it fairly easy to even gain boldenes and other states are near and texas or on in no nation by and i am hoping in remembering his or core texas has after gain a large amount it is over hundred thousand balfourher d thousand signatures ballets they also require it to be registered voters like everybody else of napoleon the last and in a six weeks it almost near and invoices and oklahoma a charge of i mean the numbers are so high in those states that he not he gained ballades in those sad and overeaten three in essoiners ates is fairly easy ah so once again we're facing that we have to get ten thousand a registered voters attain that we need to secure about itfifteen to sixteen thousand as then very carefully scrutinized these and there a lot of eliminated so that's what we have to have to get ten thousand volts it's some most parties state parties don't have the numbers of people who are capable and willing to basically go out on a volunteer basis ending their willing to volunteer but it comes very very difficult again signature set and so you basically have to turn to the i now step his hiring paid in opresos we're very good at what they do very good it what they do also very consigned while dan his solicitors protector of forgot about that situation now to say sometimes is its proud operations and in the ohexactly there a one cannot run into anything like that in the past so ah so gets portion here and very right now is where going to be his statioleia tures already you know and but it is you know it appears is that we will he paid pete and this i sat that expensive and were going to need more funding than what we have so well do what it landslip definitely giving our best to champ to try to get back on the ballot again and so that's that's really our main focus right now in missouri an access the years got a great group of people down there in the one thing that i like about it is god like tough situla in has a way of of dropping miracles in our laps when when we're against we know and were against a channeling and it also brings out peoplepeople like a challenge and that are willing to step up under all circumstances and refusing to break to you now stand out i'm i'm hopeful am pretty confident in these inns through with that taciturn guarantee that absolutely so i'm so proud of the people in the constitution party because you know in the first you know the first revolution i think we're in a revolution right now i really do and the first one and only took what is it three percent in order to win the american revolution than i think i think we got our numbers are much higher than that now than it was then and i i just feel like the winds change or blowing here a little bit and that we're going to see some tremendous change coming up in the very new near future so everything in that i see his real positive and you know where we're going on a good direction so wherebies the ballot as you teach the constitution as well as the i was surprised by this we have got a chance to talk a whole lot but liberty and constitutional over come you speak to that once then help educate that the listeners on on oneblessed what i did is i guess i can pasicles pack up and go to the beginning i was like most americans of a raising a family king up my time with those types of thing i vowed it i wasn't really involved in politics in any way other than just voting but one thing i always did love was and i love the history of the founding of this and as a child i read every landmark by hography there probably was and anything i could get my hands on and i knew a lot about the people help us when our independence from britain and so i always had the historical one but as i said when you married and your raising children oh often times that's you know i pay attention but not to the point where i could do anything else but as voting for the right or then i made decision that we were going to home school our last child or youngest and during that time period i you know when you're responsible for no child year very involved in the process and exactly you know you're doing the learning step a have of them often at times have foreclosin this but you know thenknows what you the th and so one thing that happened that was so interesting for for me and even for my daughter we were studying the declaration of independ so i know that obviously we said since oh because i'm a lot older when we still had things like history and so forth some are you know i have a vague recollection of it and so were reading this together and enumerating this we gets through you know the the first then would go in to you know does he really the meof it you know that can she governed and so on and so forth then if that one part won't says that not only do you have possibility but should have a he just hit me sic make sure that is going in the right way it's not my elected representative is it's me i have to and there the like in the paste and so for that point on i began to take more of an interest in what was happening on about the same time i was at home school conference you drink i was at home school come fond and philips happened to be these showed philip is the founder of the and as i sat there and i was massed varied by this man and his speaking ability and his knowlege and the one thing that impressed was sad he wasn't talking about problems everybody knows the problem seems talking about old wesolved is and everything that he pointed to applying it and obeying it and you know catering to we all know i don't think these most of people that are left to properly have never even read the constant nor are they much are interested in basically obeying their old of office support of the fence and so that began a basically quest for me for more knowledge then i educated myself first on the things that i de were imported eventually after i finished home school in and act as for teaching career of eight years and in classical education school which just furthered my passion because street period at that time was the middle ages it was a wonderful to see how liberty progressed through the river you know through the middle age ah by basically the challenging of the kings and their divine right to rule and the people how they they basically rose up against all this tyranny of their age and which lad basically to the founding of america i feel as commination of all that march towards liberty and freedom through the ages that whathappened one we found that in our independence and it was based vesitason ibility we were not beholden to kings behold them to our own individual responsibilities to self government self instead of having somebody else governed for us and i believe that the man during that time period i don't think there's ever been a gathering of man as wise in his intelligent as those men who sat together and based the declaration through the war through the one of convention together such a fabulous idea gorsecover i rule of law which this and it created a situation where liberty was available to every one prosperity was available to every one because we had a system that was designed two basically so and lift up man instead of a pressing and so i continued the study and study until i felt i am the lotos started that right up front i'm not basically focused more on having people understand liberty and what liberty is one of the books that i used frequently in case five thousand year lee and i got ardenoo for familiar with that booker i say again five thousand year e strange name for a man then cinghingui basically deals with soft and another book i use with all the students with a tea chanclos the making of america these books are basically written by w cleanso together a in esse for it emanation to say this he rocked his the five thousand year late and making ever merit at at a level that anybody can understand so so many times when you read books on toinette ran they basically are written at a scholar's level versus just the common man can pick up the book and read it and understand olof these books are filled with from the from the founders and then but there easy to understand they they help people to understand what liberty is and what's necessary for liberty is in an innate and it's its wakening process and so i've taught this in my home basely i invited people in and i created a course that we went through that book a two hours on a friday evening and i did it for a one four or five years i guess and i did it several times a year so we have a lot of people coming in and if it was so refreshing to see people were hungry for more knowledge and basically grasp the principles that we need in this nation as people and to our government that we might live he and we don't let for we are not a red in a sense you know america we're not a communist the were sure marching in that direct and oh what's to get it i affrike you that there's the great awakening happening right everywhere you go people are unhappy with what's going on in our ever well republicans and democrats ah there's there's finitesimal and i mean they are a busily failing their serving themselves there not serving the pep you know it's like like you can't you can look at the money money petty going all over i called money toby i'll ave the the world and to there's the special projects and into companies and contractors that they want to prop up i've got a big question round here because we had so much coin money going into the schools most herschels do during the shotwere getting like a million dollars is the one here as at thirty six million dollars haven't looked through all of em but a lot of em and they all they there were so many construction projects started during that i want to look into these contractors that got the contracts for this construction project and the connections that they have to the people in office seems really really coincidental and we don't believe in coincidence that they would all of a sudden one jones shot down why you need that much more money during a shot down you it you should have a reduction of not an increase and so it doesn't it doesn't make any sense whatsoever what we went in she personally in the county that i love him with the orpine we have a or comic wasn't a going to the and then a gentleman approached con commissioners and i suggested that we should take that because there we could use that money for a lot of good he had a project that he was very interested in applying for the orient and the project was had to do with hand held and so he presented his little project and they were like all this is the should do this we should do this course i'm rather new to this so know all the the country i don't know the connections ah but i found out i found out and it so happened that party had a connection the republican central committee leaders and oh all of our county is heavily republican and oliver commissioners were replied so then they thought they just for they were so happy about this and of course then we have these near mapregion a planning commission which was basically asking as the mediator between the federal government and these are regions this system hermacreon i think this eight or nine counties that are under this planning comes and the planning commission basically was the they were the driving force behind it they everything whence through them and so they have recommended i might not have the he acted but their recommended is three hundred and sixty nine thousand dollars these ponds to be given to this program to basically all by a building and put it together and then give this training it would be too and not interestnothing less sir would wrong with the program was the thing that just talked about the connection think that was astounding posse the men recreation of planet commission basically said edestone he while the commissioners decided they were just going to give them an extra two hundred thousand dollars of this money cause they brought the idea of them and that then they were there ought they and i hadn't done that was on the first meeting said i had tended and i istically you know i basically stated that i had read this in the paper and i hadn't been at that meeting but i reached in the papers so that when the next meeting i won't you i asked some you know i said to make a distinction to give somebody two hundred thousand dollars more than what they were awarded because they brought the idea up sounds like special interest to me when i was expression interest money and then later not he has a set in new to this country and i don't know all the place but on finding about let me tell you and later on to find out that that particular a jontleman who was a resident of her count at one time and job his parents were the you know the basically the central committee leader german oh what the atterton to together especial interest most definitely ill golbertain hunting their only in money and the betide by these little back room deals of the god going on and they don't have the tagrin to say this is wrong i'm here to serve not to so you know i think where were falling when we as citizens are not basically being the watch dogs isotidis a responsibility i was going on in our own counties and our cities because most of them are very clearly good o why clubs or good in let's look let's what the light is in there because here's ladies on these commissioners luganensis general neutral term here in michigan so guises guises anybody if you if you're operate walking your guy so oh some down this you know and then i've taught to home school coats i teach the side basically had in a rewrite the curriculum and may be lowered a little bit because you go in there and you start talking about your stick tion and you realize oh my he a students don't really understand jurisdiction so i in a basically par o down to their level and do spence you know who two semesters to get through the book on the only half you know a short time period with the and job i still continued to do that with the students and i am thinking seriously now that i'm down here i know a few more people about starting up the in my home again in a waking people up to liberty israel liberty is a lost in or in our country at this yes there's many of me no small number of people who understand liberty but the fight rarely isn't democrat republicans a party really not a political what it is it's the larger fight of liberty at the heart of all the and basic attacking another level good verses you know i think evil was a socialisms that's where our country is going is to social we're very close to socialism at this point it's not going to take much to drive us over the edge somebody has to stand up and say no is not foregoing worse if you said were small number of people but god never need it any more than a small number of to and that's what we say fretful that's why we say faithful to the mess ah that's why the constitution party exit of the constitution parting may never be elected to any high office but we don't have to be elected to a high office changed we changed things right where we are and as we open up i people's eyes people are not happy with what's going on in our govern i don't know what to do about and that's where we're here the basically give them that mess he helped one to understand that we the people do have the power in this have wielded it in a proper way and if i can waken people up to o you having power the basically changed things where you are and that's where the victory will avenge from an i believe truth should prevail i believe that god says true prevails and that's what we want to do speak and so that keeps me going that keeps me going oh i'm not ready to throw one of the tower by any means an i'm ready to fight until the day i die oh because it's a fight where finding i do not want my children s funny because he always used to oh i don't see others could be my children or grand children you know this you know for thought of seeing where the country was going and thinking the great man my grandchildren and children to have the lips with this type of we don't want to see their future with don't want them to have to live are and then almost suddenly like wakeman i'm still here not being oppressed i thought this was always going to be more and but here i now as you know the end do you know the end part of my life thinking i would never see this and yet i am that's how i things have been advancing compared to what they have this has been a long road a long road don't realize how long it has been that in government and in especially our epidemic then basically bring washing and laying a foundation for socialism to basically be an samnites that's what you know pistol about the differences in the income i've always thought that socialism was the gentle by so to speak of taking over a country and changing it where is saint thing communism was always the and what we have seen is basically people have now embraced socialism not even understand that they happen braced it as a part of their way they lit way they live i mean what people always say he was a government now we about it not the government he thought there agreed that yeah you is sent really well and you know if we don't if we don't stand up and walk away from those things that are bad you know when you talk about the government and you talk about the parties and such we as individuals half start making better choice antig responsibility for our own actions being example be willing to stand out for thinks i'm relieved ostendero see process right now the court systems the judiciary is so so corrupt that i don't believe that possible to get a fair hearing by and large across the united states within the a a attorney based system i don't believe it's one judge is on naturesthat him down so almost its old site entirely possible overwhelmingly in for that way and you look at this sorrow judges and how much money is in the i think learning softlike that i think just taken it upon yourself to teach can you know the civics classes that are gone i think that's awsome you know we are home schooled also there is no way i was going to let my kind be in a situation where somebody was brain washing him in teaching him to hate god because that's what i see in the cool teaching children to hate god in the schools and now this public school there's private schools that i know some of the megingod job but i still think that the best form of education is one that teaches in has a standard of what is the investment that were making the future of that child had they learned to scale and they provide for themselves or do they just set this in the coffee shops like little snow flies he entitled minded and trying to figure out how to take take te instead of give give give so i think that that's a significant that significant in one word only as the homeschool movement is it or feel is hope for this as and the children as loring possibility in inshore school in your child is so much more about that more than academics basic groundling down the skill that they need to not only successful as individuals but also to take those skies to serve other people with those skills that no and the fact that there being the true his giving the idea that an anotaron school is going to be this people whom col but i've been in the home spot i mean this as i start home spelling in nineteen eighty nine our youngest he and i bestowed involved in the home school movement with my grandchildren ah my daughter who i from school this now home schooling her children and i've been involved in that process helping her slate histricas i liked that history and sin and he now it's developing their care ansiniso much more than just teaching them academics its teaching how to be responsible adult human being that not only for themselves and not look for me support the entrepreneur he definitely you know where i think so many of our young people need to be going verses a college on conot the same as it was two hundred years ago let's let's go back further let's go two hundred years because a hundred year interest to be onotica justice warriors as walther doon and it's not the same itconduct on is not the same as it was a hundred years a hundred years ago marxism and in either this in the five thousand years led from the author of the book he was basil in college in those in the nineteen twenty that time very and she recognized totally there the marks how long we have been in filtrated in our inner epidemics or acid and wore that inner then with his integralit in twenties ah he could see that the remarks i theology coming through the professors of that it's been a spent slow and gradually until train into our our whole governmentand coral of her is it's in the is in our churches so it's been so gratitude it's how it has exploded and the last i would say twenty years expected so now is nothing do atrincherados have somebody like george sores and the great re set and their very open about what they plan to do you know i mean you will own nothing and be happy at the way i only happy in enough in out there are hiding anything any one and in a way i think there an arrogance basically going to the people are not going to be happy only nothing people are not going to be happy eating you know when they mix fitments like that in their arrogance i think them they've made him mistake they exposed themselves to what their real goals and with their otherplans i i can't speak for people i think people all over the world catches have liberty in their heart they want a life for i think that something that god and stills and she as a gift that he gave to in not as we were endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights and that wasn't just for american that was for the world i think that i know that something that people desire to live for and they don't people cannot flourish it cannot flourish when the ropes and that's what i felt that it was god's gift to the world not just to america but to god give to the world all the ideals of liberty and so as i said i think maybe you know as bad as it seems a time in his awful less it seems i think it's also in a way of many a good thing because it is waking up people maybe what of let this not even notice as i said we've been brace socialism in this nation cause it's been a slow gradual in a wise after anise all the socialistic programs at enterogenous em i now look at the night so shall security i mean but yet it's part of our system so many people just think it's normal i was i can remember i first got my first and i didn't realize that i have give money to put government okay just you know a young kid and i got my first patrick and i saw that money was taken out of it and i was like but what is this i asked my mom and dad what is this you know because i might as catherine you know we're not concerned about those things while this is just one now all this money to the and you have to pay and then it wasn't till years later that i found out that with holding tacks out of your patriotwas a modern thing not something that we had lived with for entire life i thinking now if people had to really wait to the end of the year to pay their taxes they would probably not relate that i mean they would get when your having to pay it up front at one time verses a little bit ticking out of every pater and more a little bit the people gradually embraced all these macrame care is so or singlythe ever happened to our to our houses after destroyed by governing government controlled medical and later on by everybody thanks it's what we have to insurance companies i mean i mean that's the shoremen i think they're in collusion i'm sorry you know i didn't do em you know or a half care system is going to break down its it's a defineshe con at this point time in my opinion is a ton dotishe to bring this up just the second for you to see it because oh you know we need to be talking about the inflation and this call comes down to elections and whether word going to e control of this nation in self governance and like a set i raly believe and in what a noonpoor be part of the constitution party i really own and a sodenaroused interesting thing the young there is the deck clock right there and to go you know to go through this you know it's like the other day i was saying o keylesswatch is now orright here right who this number i hear we're going up by millions seals checked that five o selling it takes to get to st as the hunted those i sederonno i think it's interesting if when you were upperton to the ah what it says largest budget items so erthe unfunded liabilities all dat that exactly the the the unfunded liabilities should make every one absolutely lose their minds you know this is its right there you as unfunded liabilities check that work talk and hundreds of thousands bangs on an arrow at that's medicare medicaid is o sesecre we are one hundred ninety three trillion dollars in the rat and and i in people people have to sign on to shake something else is kind of crazy that i've been kind of watching look he these things right here zero zero zero i down oil ratio dolorosi vera show and dollar tool race that that that was you know with everybody seemed to jump on that a while back and one like that fairly signed it is very smilingly you know what that tells me and i'm sure i tells you the same thing paterollers gone it's goin t is not collapsing it's cold wet and as were not to know not now i'm trying to think of analogy of that would fit it you know what we're were basically in an economic collapse and most people just are living their life as if it doesn't make any difference and they have no idea free for it now where are the okay i know on this clock i okay per citizen and are right up there at the top right next to the unattention led a citizen it's ninety eight thousand two hundred and forty five dollars an pertexere its two hundred and fifty four thousand four hundred and it two dollars that's what i owe writing spare that's my responsible i have you can remember one of our members one time was trying to explain depth to his children and his little general yet no one was telling him that this is how much money he owed now the government and he goes deaths containers old don't even have a gentle pocketi pay that well you want to see the one of more sobering as this without here a lie ability perses we have five hundred sunny seven thousand dollars a person and people you know it's like more than what most people will ever be able to claim and this is what we are responsible for for these more ons that are running the snakes i am an thickets like i i don't know if if people have a grasp on this but it's like this coming economic class clap i tied the you are there we are there in a letter we are in a length we're beinderig panics you know i guess if i had a message to anybody and it's something that basicly ourselves as we tried to basicly now what happens when this all happens with food we know what's been going on with the food site for some time is become very very obvious or howlers basically right now or saying we're going to be in a food crisis we've got to pay attention that people have to basically realize that at some point if this glasses you're going to have to feed us as the feet yoreself so many people i know are now gardening that had not had gardens potin coming ah buying at stroken goods and beans and rice and things that you can sustain and live on when there comes a fine one you can't go to a grocery or you know we have to be thinking about these things we have to be sharing these things with our neighbors we have to basically get back what was i think you know community more of communicated i do now when i was growing up he wore outside a lot we didn't have air conditioning a television wasn't the televisions ever in every home and subissent most of our time outside especially in the summer and i can remember those times i lived in st louis i was born and raised in santo and i can remember playing outside with every kid in the neighborhood with all the parents visiting on the porches people knew one another people helped one another eh you know there wasn't a stranger and now i look at our communities and i look where i live and i live in a small town everybody's inside it now if people are outside of not ah you don't know your neighbors hardly i mean we know or we know our neighbors around us but not in the same way i don't feel safe i mean on my grand kids are here i don't allow them to wander off anywhere because i that there and i never felt unsafe when i was growing up because everybody was looking out for everybody in we need to acts of that type of living again realizing that you know a lover neighbors as ourself with don't even know for neighbors are at this and we need to basically become more community oriented in our life styles and i can donehoo for many people going forward because we are confided some of to deny this is to be stickasting your hat in the sand just isn't going to make when doing business as usual afflicting gone long to get long nonsense it goes on in the republican a democrat party for sand experience that kind of nonsense because when i ran it was asked toronyba em an antitype that way and in its several people too you know a bunch of people wanted me to run it on like man he has going to figure out this bad worse decision of your life because it needs to be set on going to say and but people are going to have to go away from what's in the mind is there everybody everybody has a degree of being brainwashed straight now if it's thankit be in brain washed you're probably the one that's the most springwas this point and in the way you get out of that is like hanlegang over you have the challenge ideas you've got to ask you've got to a sum there so much infiltration and manipulation around you not to be parodied but to be smart and then check it out and on amoselle the fact that i've better republican my whole life right been a democrat of my whole life or this condennens i don't but you but i've been a political equal opportunity hate or my whole lot as i knew there all much o liars cheats and thieves so for me it wasn't too hard to ship on something because her own lion all there it's unbelievable and eltekon money for what they do so i'm going to challenge our body out there to get the constitution party at look because when when i went i was approached by somebody in the constitution party after the proud mheadonach igan cause it's fraud i mean the there's twenty seven counts of fraud on his broad ealsegate gathers there's no way to protect yourself if somebody wants to commit a crime they're going to do it you can do what you can do to try to protect yourself but in tell we clean this nation up and get rid of all these people that our serelea you you're somebody somebody is going to continue to victory and we've got to him honest people in office on the challenge every other to give the constitution party a look my experience with it is that this is not a political party the gathering of statesmen who are highly educated and principle and just want to do the right thing there there's the money's not in it i'm going to tell you the lightner and that's a good thing because the minute money comes into anything everything goes to hope as because the greedy people just like the pantofiles go to work kids and a great people go to where money yes in order metake advantaiger the web site up here minethese i want people to take a look at this you have people accentthat are out there who are very educated who are not doing this for the money there out there trying to make make though the world make meregate again by personally taking the initiative on to themselves in doing things that actually are making a difference of so proud of you said the nimso proud to stand with you oh ye know it's like your you're wonderful person to look at all this stuff on the constitution party in all there is there's some wonderful wonderful things going on here you got ballettes right there michigan's got balled access and we're going to continue to to fight fight for with us and so let's look at me doesn't sing sat louisi ah you know it doesn't take a lot but people to get the job john and you guys out minnesota grapoch of friends jump in there together go out with some petitions and get her done without the money make it as it make it your mission and a purpose you want to do something don't sit in his professional bitching groups where nobody gets anything done yeoman that is a i don't get the orders i loved how you described the party because that's that's an accurate we're not infensissimis party we are not put we are people with as for liberty and for saving this nation and restoring one of governing and the principles of liberty that made us what we were at one time we are no longer great we can be great again but you know and that i this is a is quite frequently you know political party is nothing more then what the people in that party will make you know we have constantly faced in now the challenge in the critics oh you you know third parties can't win ah you know ernough showing your bowe away while the reality is party will be what the supporters of this party will make it the party is as a political structure that we are in with that we are basically because we have democrats and the republicans of the past have created a political end we have to be part of that political stock but we are not embracing what that structure you know teste we are nothing more than a group of people who has you said have a purpose in a plant to make the party go it's a vehicle it's all it is it's a vehicle that allows us to be part of the political prose and the only way it's going to go is the gas you have to have gas to make any vehicle or any engine work a cape people who support us are the gas it's the people and i'm in no i want to step in here rittmaster and you just a minute because we america is the people in the people are great the political parties at this point in time are the stumbling block it is worth the they are the going to be the ruin of this son they will be the ruin of the shereefian party and the democrat party are nothing more than i interest that that half absolutely their back its outside down it works as anything satanic does its upside do instead of the pee running those parties the party is running the and in no the i have not seen that to be true in the text here are the texes party which is the michigan of filatof the constitution party is one and were the were the only state and nation that the corrupt political stachis not allowed us to change the name to match the national affiliate because there trying to create a barrier for entry and stop us from having any gull some tell you what the only way to take back this nation is for people to jump off disaster barges which is what the political parties are the two parties to unpart the republican duncecap off if it refine in going in different directions and i mean i hope i hope ever be checks the constitution for yet because it's not it's not like those other parties and every one i have actually heard people within the party most people we need to and the poetical part i've heard it why harry i find like to associate ussopos ical party had i don't want that to be our identity of political or i wanted to be pee who have a pan for restoring tutional government constitution is the salt ii that saying exact non per but i would i would penchrist eighty five de ninety per cent of the spending of the national government is unconsoled we just abided by the constitution and the parameter is that it places on the federal government expected we went on taxes i mean stopping think eighty five to ninety per cent of what we are paying and taxes are for uncle the apartments ah it's as against on mechoacans we the people it is and as i said political parties do need to go quite truth but as i said it i know it's a system that's been created by the democrats and republicans to basically hold us and alstedio that you know the whole thing oh you know like oh have you and forties hareepahoo eytonian i will just selected democrat well that's not right thinking thinking says you're not going anywhere with the publican can do it anyway tell me and proved to me that the republican party has done anything to reverse the coursethis non they have as a chance just give us a he a leftist this local i luckily and exestan as a state the state topower the power the state created the national government and the states have power to stop the i could get right thinking people in our state of missouri i would say we had we have a hundred and sixty three representatives in thirty four cents and in as those in numbers i would say there is may be five that i would consider me that there are factories the cone the we can start getting people left it locally first the non obesity prove who we are and then get elected to the state house and the this is connotative night we know that but it didn't change over not i have so many people feel we are in a desperate but we still have to work locally and in the states because i do feel that the states do have the power to basically nullify a any uncos now we don't have to follow their unconstitutional mandates or was and when we start thinking like that we tied till begin to see yes and in that of their there's so much you know we have a proud proud nation as one nation under god and god has to be restored two in the minds of the people in the way we conduct our to his rightful place is just like i've been say donald president donald trump is the rightful president of the united and that there's no possible way that the election that we had an honest election when you look at as much of the fraud and the the fraud i mean there's fraud committed we we've got it michigan here you can call it fraticelli a front of his fraud because it was intentionally registering voters and escuson area when we've got we've got it or votes are being counted and he rather than in public we fell in pop and private were voleria we count in public not happening it doesn't happen in the machines the machines had been proven that they thence they can flip votes easily you can do it you've got you've got four inter invention in our inner with eric with all the self with yang technic all of we have a foreign run let is to be run by don't now they're going to now they're going to cut my feet here just a little bit because i'm talking the truth that's what it eclopes when i go out on these rantalbot how how wrong the election is my camera will blink out so it's okay i'm not going to stop to kanabou is and a the govern is not supposed to be running the election its we the people not only are they running the elections their determining terms and conditions with with the government is the head of the is is part of the head of the snake when our elections and the republican party is waning and the democrat party is another hand that is that's working together we is not of god analecton of wine there election their telling us who devote for topic party an approving who can vote for tiboetes bodhamites we have no set and tell honorthe machines that's the first linda ran young west of was at our spring committing meeting is also con be attending at the falconetti en and a she oh this pushed into the hand counts of paper balahan she did that in osage county and missouri and it worked wonderfully i i didn't in my own mind i was sinking possibly work you know liteto la and then i went to a demonstration on how it works and it works and it's a system that as to basically there confine us to the nail to keep that the keep those she and i understand that they now have some agreedand somebody's created something that you can basically attach to ah those dominions voting machine and it will basically show the minute if it goes on the internet and they say that they know not on the internet yet they can prove now that they are ah we have to get one roedean polemountes so is he in debt we proved in pulling the electronic poll looks in michigan see you can see the servers actually reaching out to the internet and what what they didn't is how it actually works but what i was in an i was in on a conference on and in went through this within it with the a somebody who was analyzing annals and and it's like right here is where it connected to the internet the machine tried to connect the internet every fifteen minutes he is so they are connecting through the internet absolutely there's no two ways about it there's all these things that are happening and you know what i keep i have said you don't what so seacoffee for exercising our first moment right and try to hold them accountable go ahead so is that's going to be a great time when we get in discovery on this because there are evidence is he is one of the reasons why it's so important to put the right people in office in to in your own come clerk who understands this and is willing to get rid of the machines and go too basically paper ballots and hand cone ah that's that's where we can make the change get rid of these county clare i run against these county clerks they are one set or controlling your lection local and you do those are things that we are citizens can do we can become get involved in your worth grains history repeats i mean that's exactly it was the that were the ones that enabled the nazis to take over german it was the clerks that did it they worked to the and the clerks in this state have listened to the the little knots is up there in the board of elections and such that are telling them to destroy evidence and their breaking the law by following orders by some one whose telling them to to break the one if they broke the law their guilty of re and there's this four there's when they destroyed the election race and we got the locus standi investigation going on the when they destroyed the records of their local townships and counties which is happy as only a few people that stirred up to them and told me goldpan's they not only had the right they had the duty and obligation to uphold the law and when they didn't when they fell down on that they committed trees and on a local level there is no there is ample no wiggle room on this and every one of them should not only be removed but charged with trees no i mean i was at in that that's how i feel about you break the lawn something that takes down the nation you're guilty of trees and of this nation and they should be sent to have military tribeone to see exact nor to let them sort these and in this no i'm not i'm not back and down on that one because its studious the the process is so inside in in like a gradual taking the nation down that it's like death by a thousand on while you can't just say there's one great big got that there's a there's a thousand cats going on here and horsington of em contributed to it and guilty and needs to be a you no doubt what and then wonder what those protestant we feel in those come on i really want to thank you for being on your to day you're amazing and i'm grateful for everything you're doing and missouri and whatever i can do to help you you just let me know you there on your any time you want and will will go forward with fin to help with the offered of gaining regain your ballot exis cause i think it's to halt to bubble thing you know it's like it's just like that the party's got to get together and start making an effort for it and in its something that can be overcome you know what it's thin this latin now like you we onedangerous in your corkwoodcork wing is also amazed that you are taking the time to face cly that you've joined the one party and you are a great advocate for her party and we appreciate your work tremendous thank you so much more your very you're very much welcome and i'm just as least i can do to help people have been fighting the strike for a very very long time as statesmen and i've got so much respect for you and the people in in the party i'm i was really shot the car cause you know i was used to see in the the moronic nonsense in the parties of appere in michigan and when i went to the the sexes party is also it it's the constitution party in michigan right to stake and i was i was so amazed at the level of professionalism pace and knowledge it was amazing and then when i went down to missouri and in the spring is like going who is this an amazing group of people i walked away from there being totally crowd and you know getting getting my arms on what we have sitting here in front of us constitution parties a gift to this nation this time and the people that are involved in it their smart there educated they're not fighting like the political parties are doing it's a it's a it's a unit of people that moves to gather with honour with with dignity with integrity and omental you what it's something that i can get behind i can't get behind these other anities that have compromised themselves to a point of just being a a do nothing know nothing political cold you and a party that parades around especial interest for the globeless who are controlling this nat and and you know so there you go everybody you don't let's make a jump here to something that will act bully work to restore this ninian financelike ple to come and we as okame us come to saint louis we love to see all from every fifty state of can thank you so much on everybody's welcome and you know what i we always end with a prayer somministrasse do prayer here to on this and then any last word she dear heavenly father thank you so very much for giving us this wonderful nation that you have and it is in need of maintenance everything that we we need is already there you've provided it for you provided he this is to go before us to to follow your lead there's a godly form of governance your form you give it to us in the bible and judges and the kings are so many many examples as well as the the the the ten commandments in york manits and how to live with in peace with our land with honour with integrity doing the right thing and we're just so thankful to you we were then in to for each and every person who is in the constitution party we ask that you would give all patriots favor all those who are committed to we the people as a a is a nation under you who wants to honor and glorify you which will for peace in our land integrity and our dealings in which in which we pledge our lives our fortunes and our sacred honor to each other in order to by you and on an isle to realize that we are all your children that we are standing together as your children first and foremost to do your good purposes on this planet on the earth and not not just united states the united states first but also across the world to to be a shining like to be your presence here the body of christ working for your god purposes to through direction a guidance jews christ are lord saviour the holy spirit and whereas he even a great red i asked you so many many people that will attend this conference in october that we would be standing together in peace and in purpose and he and following your lead you set the path out in front of us and we want to follow you in a great friend to use we want to be a wonderful friend to you in the name of jesus cried our lord and saviour i pray do you have any last words here sunday i i don't think i can add much just prayed it was a and i just will give you a reason in a man a man there are sobretodo were on to go to sea this is moralisation me men go to bed enperador dot com because i am the best not consider who was over not conceived and the history of the united states i am not going to concede the lighter's chest we will not be conceded until we fix the twenty twenty in the twenty two twenty two election we have to do that to go forward if we do not write those electors no election for her on for it is ever going to matter this is our this is the line this is where we stand and i you know we have to stand at this point and honestly on thinking the rightful president of the united states president donald j i want to give a shout out to admiral rogers and general flint who have bravely continued to serve this nation and a and a general plan as the keen notice speaker at the constitution parties fall committee meeting with with the speaker series and so if you want to come and meet general flynn and see john rifled and be able to truly thank this incredibly brave and wonderful patriot come to the constitution party a meeting not october twenty twenty one he'll be there on the twenty first on saturday and give him your thanks he he has experienced so and you know not only censorship but a tap ichtick on his family and everything he has and he is still stowed break as a general he is he is he is absolutely benches the people's general in my opinion and in a great respect to general fanny's amazing so anyhow a hurt he antigod bless all of you out there were all standing faith come join us as a lot of fun is the so much fun me people that are amazing like sandy and i you know in jim and donna and i can i could name off everybody there that would make you proud to be an american and so you know what to stand together we're going to do this thing it were no we're going to cause these these globe will slow that pain here because there can totake the nation over we stand proudly together as one under god into his bowl with liberty and justice so god bless you as alsowho you ll have the god bless samarica make it a great day starts here and that will open and he realized god stands before us he's going before us and he we have his favor and we just have turned to him a nation turns back to god came over promised all right there so in how have a great day i'll see it to morrow god stay on as i is and the stream here god stands one we can talk afterwards have a great dale see to morrow tide to his dead