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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 12/7/2022 - Redeeming Grace Church - Dr Tim Parker

Published Dec. 7, 2022, 9 a.m.

Redeeming Grace Church online church with Dr. Tim Parker Tim was in Church from the cradle, over 69 years ago. Two Christian parents left a strong Faith-legacy in his life. Church attendance does not ensure new birth but Christ’s Faith and Grace lives boldly in his soul. Saints love God differently; he primarily loves God with his mind as he provokes disciples to love and good works per Hebrews 10:24-25. He loves to evangelize and teach God’s Word – especially biblical Grace. After a 37-year career with Chrysler as a die maker, he pastored Smith Creek Bible Church for 4-1/2 years and now holds a doctorate in philosophical theology. He authored three books during his doctorate program. As an active part of St. Clair County We-The-County, he worked to abolish the Covid mandates, especially in the schools. He was an active part of the SCC Republican Party but divorced himself from their charade. His new desire is to provoke a renewed understanding of our founding documents so a truly Christian/patriotic church can free itself from unConstitutional government-infringement and be free to establish Christian roots everywhere in our Constitutional Republic. We discover true Freedom In Christ’s Gospel to live in liberty, above tyrannical control. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i'm donna brandenburg and it is the summer seven miracleworking is oot lines morning and a ingogo friend doctor sipparprince and more going to be talked about the new comment it is my two i notesthere are many components that were in the bible and we wont make sure that when we're talking of out o things having to do with with a bible that were corrected into do that takes studierende the temperate pretty good donor as for issterday penserosa so transportandas good day and you look in in the lord and love and life it's all great so next week i dissonate everybody that next week we will have tins shiny new ah introito redeeming grace church there are nichch and women were going to go ahead and in our quest to help each other give each other a hall and to walk with each other were going to be heavy redeeming grace church in and of the old fine tin here and i'm to tell you this gisensis unbelievable i'm monotooth now because i think this is important ah he was in church from the cradle over sixty nine years ago parents left a strong faith legacy is like church attendants does not insure new birth of christ spake and graceless boldly in his soul saints love god differently he primarily loves god with his mind as he provokes disciples to love a good works as per hebrews ten twenty four twenty five he loves to vangelistes especially i have picorice after thirty seven years career with christler's diemaker he passed here smith creek bible church forming a years and now holds a doctorate in philopopoli young pretty bow stirring a doctor program as in at the part salerimente weave the peak that we accounting he worked to a molossicum nates especially in schools he was as active part in the screpu lican secerning public party but devore himself from their trade his new desires to provoke a renewed understanding of our founding documents so i truly christian each recherchee itself from unconstitutional government infringement and be free was stablished christian roots everywhere in our constitutional republic we discovered true freedom in christ castle to live in liberty above tragical control and that is some one who very proud to call a friend mister or doctor thank you for the introduction to it no dost then the computer got to catch up with the mentang out here a minute tom say well the are not sure what happened i guess we'll have to keep fighting is a was it was the voice with that here you doing good is what sometimes is here saladtomato it changes the process or proper in the computer soofis like as we say somewhat somewhat still were ridicule okay so oh you did mention that confident is understood in different ways and there are so many different variations of competence and how people think and how they responded to competent so that the act kind o how like renewed competence got tense to renew the same coveted over and over again with people but we could say the terror appellations within covenantespecially between the old covenant proper and newcomen in proper shelf the jewish people were always thinking about the new component so it is important to understand when it started oh one of the problems that i think we face immediately as everybody understands that new covenant new testament is one of the same and while the seductive gospels present the life of jesus from his birth the new covenant didn't start at the birth of his ah the new prominent i believed it not actually start until the death of cheeses some people can say may be the resurrection but at least it was his death so the last supper that he spent with his disciples he literally put forward the idea that this this wine is the blood my blood of the new covenant and this bread that he passed was his body that was broken for them one cross self when jesus declared it is finished in his dying breath i think that was a shout but because he was dying it tended to be a whisper but that that is the beginning of what i believe is the the new covenant so we're just go he die sect of the new covenant a little bit to day ah would you like it for him a source or escars arcs either a source of scripture yeh i wol he i'll try to i go through this i will try to oh you can call a second gratian's five seventeen right now and so i'll try to give your heads up opopanace before we get to it so in a new covenant reality grace and new birth appear oh from if you will old commenant shadows to shine majestically in redemption so these are the four things that i loved to talk about new common at grace new birth and redemption and what we see is all tends to lump these together very often so ones talking about one a stocking then he rose up in a little bit ten but let's go ahead and i wonot do i need to back up there or a back up to so little bettles okay so i do what people to understand how i understand grace and i have studied grace now for almost forty years and so i do see it a little bit differently the most people i believed it grace is god's i don't want to say energy force but it is a divine reality that is holiness driven so when we talk about grace if you think about holiness i think you're in the same bowl part so i wanted if my quickenin of what i believe grace to be i believe it's god's empowerment in us first to new birth as in and to make us holy so with that i want it if you have you do have set corinthians five seventeen up to get to go down to pay to little bit o okay so we got in there therefore if any one has in christ the new creation has come the oldest gone the new is here as your translation that is but i always say this that any the cat i i guess i'm not ro fond of the and iva do like the e s b but oh what what we see there we we talk about a transition so i believe that what pallas saying is that when somebody is in christ they are a new creation and so they went from as classes on thirteen says they went from the kingdom of darkness and god transfigures them to the kingdom of his dear son in at the same time or explain in a minute i believed that second cranians his want of two a new covenant manual step pole road and so what we see there in that verse is that essentially the old component is now gone because the new component has and so will onpacked at his sweet moved forward but paul often talked about we must put off and put on and that's what if you will is in that verse the new comenians where new creation we can said the old covenant aside the dynamics and lived the new covenant dynamic thou art to people what to throw everything out of the old competent but in some ways i see that the dislike a car is restored ah the the old confident of is nothing wrong with the old component it was our sinfulness or deadness that made it not good so in some sense god if i could use this term restores the old to be the new confident and she might say well it's even better than when it came off the shore old floor and that's the way we can look at the new component ah so i wonder take about four things here about paul eh because when we think about the new comer he say what him why why is that so critical if we need understand it because i think there's a lot of biblical doctrine that when in i osificado stop here man the understand try try out again to see tencatis up with us here so as we have promised with it with a conviction i he knew an you back and try that again said marraby sorry you peticoated now early god wadaki this connective going eh and i gonorchachis connection the gong godnesses can ocracy and now my say what an a squash this i believe that the understanding of the new component is that critical and that's why as we're trying to get those unlike church of the ground i thought that be the best place mangeust talked about the new component in an in the simple fashion so i hoped that people were a when the hearer recorded massage they will interact and as a pastor as long as people stayed on task i never minded questions from the audience because i would rather correct a misunderstanding or repeat some tonic somebody didn't quite hear what we're wife and so i hope that a sweet moorward people feel comfortable i asking questions as i go through things ah so what i wanted to talk about was for snippets i'll say about paul first ah i believe that he was god's replacement for judas we see the apostles literally ah i can't remember that the pull straws but they selected me this but i would say that first of all they violated what god basely told him to do he said go to jerusalem and wait for the empowerment of holy peace and so they didn't do that in and the other thing is on the flipside of that just like nobody would claim wrongly that am a prophet there is nobody that would claim a in the postle unless they truly were they were either a first class idiot or that's exactly what was the case of paul says is many times i was in a palonods so that's the first thing i wanted to talk about the second thing is i believe that paul is the apostle of great oh her popes matches in studied grace over forty years it's a thingsjust growing on you and you learned to investigate to find out but a lot of people actually got a catalog people say there must no grace in the old covenant and i beg to differ bigley with that idea ah however if you just pull a concordance and go through just the word grace paul axle speaks about grace across the whole bible sixty five per cent he has sixty five per cent of the references to if we just in the new testament and and look as calls writer desciple he has eighty four per cent of the references in the new testament so just numbers one give a lot of significance to all stride again i believed it paul wrote to new confident manual so ah an ould be second corinthians and hebes so when we think about that versely note of the other apostles relatable the doctrine of the new covenant but if you would go through sankranti on systematically to me it is a manual a new covenant living i am just blown away by all the things that paul brings out in fact the passers that everybody should be familiar with his one chapter twelve when when paul as he listed the line of his suffering he shares a conversation that he had with jesus for cheeses said my grace is sufficient for you and i feel like god taught me grace more through that passage than any passage in the script so ah and then the last thing that i think that paul should be known for i believed that he unpacked new birth more than any writer set so we see jesus other talk to nicodemus and john's you must born from above i could have borne the new born again and so i liked to because of the whole atmosphere of john's free speak about the spiritual resurrection in relationship to new birth and i think that when people don't realize that it is a resurrection of a dead soul it's really like a baby coming from conception growing in gestation and coming out of the wool they come out under normal circumstances with life in their blood and in her veins and so their first breath manifest that life ah sadly we talked about this in her introduction last week to a lot of people that think that the first breath causes so that picture is really relevant to our understanding of new birth oh so i would say that even oh and a flier to the polls new birth of backer of that if you will with both of the some people would cringe over the idea of sacrament they want to call them for in its so as i understand grace i'll say this about both of them first of all baptism in ephesians for paul talks about one baptist so it's like well which one poll cause there's a lot of baptisms in scripture lot of people think while we're baptising the spirit where were baptized into the water and they even think back to john's free that palpitates was speaking about water he was but i believed it was really the amniotic fluid so he said you must be that tisif you will with the water human life but you he must be born from above to have spiritual life and so what we see with the one baptism is that we are i believe that we are baptized into christ and so if we get water baptized that's just an outward manifestation of that inward re estelle to so an an an the other thing where we see grace so let me just back up a minute before i move i'm so to me if we are baptized into christ and the one baptism that is all about grecs and that's the distinction between a sacrament that we believe grace is given so do i think maybe grace is given in water back is from nobody do i know that grace is given for being baptized in the christ out solutely that's why i would argue that baptism is a sacrament not necessarily an ordinance or memorial the second thing is our lord's table a celebration jesus as we talked about before any any upper rolettes supper he said look this dis wine is my blood given for you in my body and so came i okay so what back up again so i believed that when jesus gave his disciples to wine in the bread he gave grace and mercy so i i think that this is the meal that we celebrate in church when we take communion and as a pastor i may give the elements but i believe that i am there in interposition that jesus is the one you are you are you are standing in the gap as lip jesus's actually am i left camp catch up here with you a little not that so it may be i did go far out so when when we celebrate lord's table when the pastor deacons passed out the elements a few will i believe that jesus is there literally feeding us with his grace in his mercy that i think is descriptive and both those elements so again i would say that i believed that the lord's table is truly a sacrament not an organ so ah some people would get all excited about that i just hoped that they would listen at least to my explanation of those two things ah but i think it's crucial oh so i think i think as severe as plates simplifying one thing that i hear people yet tried out all confused about what is it men have new birth in its truly where we have we have our bodies that we also have our spirit or soul and when your rebordes into as his spirit that's why i think will you can you can live with all the spirit you listen to because he truly is as his spirit is found within and guide the direction from it and i think that that sometimes diffusing for peoples they're like they don't other they don't understand what is it mean to be born again or new birth that's what it means that means actually that god literally comes into your heart and to your soul and changes you to him his nature so that you leave the childish pursuits behind and materialism that the selfishness that children often have that that need to attack other people as such and have enyourned a world through his eyes and hear things through his throughthis ears at changes away we see responded the world so that were not now children are sent to be in no they can be lovely by their nature they could be very selfish too and believe that childishness behind and we become the a dolls which are caretakers that's how i understand that in my iodomethane on my long will you i think you are spinnerette you bringing out of maybe that clarifies may be for people that if they had fed back if we were live rather than recorded decendiese things now it is critical and i think that when we understand about new birth oh you know all of the the application of the new covenant is not always about new birth were actually going to go into some old coveted passengers two unpacked the saloonit further and to to give a biblical picture because again a lot of people just think that an it's this is the way on convinced that the gospel is very typically given that you as a sinner can somehow creation ment make the decision make the move so it's it's what i call we believe in basically a dot be gospel that's the way it that's the way it is given if you do this you will be no more i'm convinced that backwards biblically out so as you said being a new born means that god makes us so be therefore we can now do with his spirit and as why again you can't if you take grace out of that it won't make any sense and i think that's what a lot of people struggle with it's a gift it is a gift and when when it is not a work sussman should both osiander stand it but you want to do the right thing when bad breaths or perceperit ed then either because you see the world differently you you want to do is not not that you have to do it it's not grudgingly so you know just like when i look at horses and horse training you can get a horse to do anything i the law by standing over it with obeyed and worse traitors i don't do this but a bad worse trainer stands over the horse with a whip with punishment opened it damages when you trainersfor you leave them and you scowre going to be friends and were walk together the horse well well not only the horse wants to do want to do things better i think dissected analogy no i believe that it is very good analogy i think what ethnology label that you used there has to be that connection and i know i've listened to you talk about your horses there is not like a child where that horse makes a connection i think there's one in particular that you said it was just resistant to you to be i mean as you described it and you said there was a day that he let her lay if you will give it up put his head on your chest and and so there is a sense that we we don't think i got i rogogin so it when work and you when i start talking sometimes it comes back on a lake stopped and then as soon as i started talking all sudden goes on against a few if you if i say catonis they hate so it is it's it's different and what we think so i hopefully as we go through some of these things i want to go into first of all these koyo don't need to necessarily look it calloosas profit during the exile to babylon and i like reinstal he gave a comment about his ikitare eat that for a ten assailing in his ekil he sat corstorphine that all the prophets are pretty credible but i see you probably more than in any really tosout new component realities so taxes starting him thirty three he there's a a teaching there that is a watchman on the wall okay i won't go here stammered her face so the watch for one wall has since comes out of ezekiel thirty three oh i setforthe really talks about the the shepherds of israel that acle fed themselves in refused to feed their people they allowed their people their flock be taken to the slaughter and i think that's what we have seen in the last few years absolutely as it's heart breaking to you can see in the inuestiture of a lot of what's going on in the united states there is a law hostes while people that is what in emselves first rather than flock yes and so escorted or god actually talked about how those wrong shepherds literally let their people go to the slaughter and we can talk about a to day the abortions the sex trafficking the drug traffic came the people trafficking and a lot of people do not want to get involved at the political level oh in chapter thirty four god declares he will search for his ship and i guess if word not in lying down if you're going to come back on when you do wear on mine i thought it in the screen a little best ladoucette to people directly okay so the other thing is oh when when they shepherds do not shepherd or flock if you remember that's what jesus told peter when peter came back if you will ah after jesus said peter i opera for you sat ansthesis yours wheat but i'll pray for you and when he came back he is a little frustrated with jesus because he asked the peter to love me and yes he used different greek words but he literally gave peter three opportunities to give voice to his covenant with christ after he had three times did i that competent so that was a pretty special thing so i want a hole in one chapter thirty six and thirty seven if you want to call that up down a world look at some verses there because i hears the question i i have for people of what is the first thought i think about when you think about god's covenant with his people oh isn't it joy effort between us and god is it a mutual commitment driven by unredeemed man as some people think is it a sinner gestic agreement ah and so i would ask people to ponder calidad man resurrect himself and then we would all say no but that's the reality of whom we are when we are in the kingdom of darkness were dead men spirits if we cannot resurrect ours what translation you like the best i like es vive the best i think it is so and i might not say a lock expert but i have looked and read and studied from a lotted different translation i pretty much grew up with a revised standard which was i could say maybe the the mother the grandmother of the s and i just believe that the way they translate i think is a very good easy to read translation so her to go way down to twenty three and what i want us to look at oh because i am convinced that on god's covenant with us by grace to bring us the faith is all it's a modern justice coronet and so earnest see this a belief in so twenty three it says and i well so i want to emphasize that i will vindicate the holiness of my great name oh in twenty four i will take you from the nation and gather you in twenty five i will sprinkle clean water on now and you'll be clean from all your unclean a twenty six there's three of em here i will give you a new heart and a new spirit i will put within you and i were removed the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of the hardest stone for more flesh and give you a heart of flesh of neit's really spirit shall heard there and twenty salmon i wot my spirit within you and cause you to walk in my statutes and be careful to obey my rules twenty eight down a little bit i will be your god richard done yet you get head of rider and then twenty nine i will deliver you from all your uncleanness so when we think about the relationship of justification with sanctification this is where we read as i discribed grace it is his power in his first to new birth is said to make us holy so santification goes with justification so that's what we see in twenty nine when you come back on her open out like you to define the term sanctfication for people what is that man okay santification i would say is the process of being made wholly in my book i guess oh i rosewith is because i believe and all austro this otterman people can chew on it asked questions i like to use distinctions between lose a a big letter a capital letter burst in the lower case lovel so when we think about god with the upper case everybody would know the that's the god of the universe it were talking about in the lower case to be talking about a lesser god may be an idle o ka but so when we think about justification that's why in my study of galatians which was the last book i did it basically unpacked the latians paul talks about justification but again i have to ask what what's justification is he talking about is he talking about big jay justification which is what god new berths us or is he talking about little j justice where because we've been big jay justified we live in little ja justification and so it convinced posegate was too quick with my hands so if justification and sanctification is married biblically then we can not take an anti god's law position ah so big as sanctification is what god does so there is a sense that in thirty six twenty nine i will deliver you from all your uncleanness i would say that that is big s sanctification but because we're big as sanctified we now by grace or little is i is it perfect is it perfect no god's big es sanctification is perfect his big j just is perfect so this is i'll say just i'll throw up another snip at this is a discussion not a lot of people have between all there was a fight between james and paul now there was no fight they just came out the same subject from two different paul mostly says that if you are big j justified you will become little j just james pretty much says at this way if you're not little ja justified you haven't been big j justice so it seems like a conflict but if we look at it that way so the big as big jay little ja little sis is how i tend to read scripture and i think that this the tree points that help us to understand that it is god talking about his big dray justification that we don't participate in or is he talking about our little the justification that we are very proactive et five grades selling the viginti no nation as his is his gift to us the little day gusts sanction is our gift to him to follow and walk in the way that he would like us to walk yes it is you say it's a gift but we wait do that of messes put the big joe justification in her heart and so it is his grace that an able thus to give that gift back to him so that's how we had around yes we read down his grace he gives to us back to him and that that is where paul back to his men so it's like a year hearing it is this kind of redoubling the music and from god and then we played music is etsterten is that a good analogy serrate so metorito goody oh that we if we down lowed so he regarding there are right god goes to give us ten men again tender frozen here try you to every i said sudden kind like her case so so what's conelike we down on the music from god and then we can play the music for others yes you he ees there on analogy i to put things into entertains or into a ways that i can understand it for on from definitions and solicited put it in to make word pictures on a thing and a thing all maybe this is kind of what is like is sometimes the concepts are hard to understand but if you camp to something for me than it makes it easier to understand somewhat try to just make bring ettore closes so least have thirty six in the morgilati seven and back up ah when god brings the new coveted to us he does what is required we can't do it cause he literally makes us come a love and then we repent and and seek mercy for our sense and we see that in ease athirt sic so it's after all those i wills ah so we actually see it in a then he says me see ritter and thirty one down then you will remember your evil ways and your deeds that were not good and you will now to yourselves for your iniquities in your abomination it is not for your sake that i will act declares the lord let that be known to you be ashamed and confounded for your ways oh how so israel so what would god is saying there is when when he knew berseson that can we really repent and correct our ways ah at the level of a little j justification little essence so i just want a rope quickly go through the valley of dry bones and chapter thirty saved and if anybody knows that picture is like iiwas commanded by god whether it was a vision or whether he got took him to the desert he said it god basically a said to the mountains of go thirty seven rodanthe lord was a pintment he brought me out in the spirit of the lord had set me down in the middle of a valley now was that a vision i don't know was it an actuality we don't know but it was full of bones and it satisfied he led me round in he basely as he said sandeman can these bones live in this would be like i asked before ken ken a dead man resurrect himself i mean so were not just talking about a dead man it were an drive bulls so he kind of says lord maybe he was afraid the answer you know in essi god come on look their bones i could see it if there were a body you could put life back to but so he's got to learn something sore he basely tells him preach of these bolts and say or dry bones hear the word of the lord he says thus the lord god says to these bones behold i will cause breath enter you and you shall live what a powerful that is exactly what happens when god new birth somebody he puts life in them and they live so he says he put sinew ornament flashed and so there still lay in there basically so he said i don't prophesy a gin and an ache put life into them so that's a beautiful beautiful picture of every downton and also of breeding new life into those areas that are bare a numbers yet i keep going there so you you can out this for men got yah so what i wanted to what's go back how far would we have to go back to see no commoner reality here we are in ezek and i would ask if if we had ah interchange interaction with a with a group of people may be they would answer in me benehoare me talk before but i would encourage people les uns go back on this say this i give you a big handles go to genesis then by genesis some of my share well in genesis thirty two jacob rustled and said with an angel i believe really it was a preparatory t because he said look i'm not goin to let your going less you less i meningitis is where i hate the ones and popoff and so and like it in white give him the bar with that i have no idea that is genesis what she is a thirty two and we could we could kind of fly over but jacob russells this is when jacob is returning with his family and he sat oh four of them for different groups and sense of honor way and hast thelast one to cross the river he crossed the river and he has his rastlin match where he ends up with a with a bad hip but he was blessed by god and given a new name and convinced that he was firstly new birth in this episode if anybody knows me know i walk with a pretty good lamp sometimes quite a bar and so i relate so jacob oh i tell people literally god taught me grace in the middle really really taught me grace in the middle by first fusion surgery back in ninety five an so i tell people in a low like jacob i got a good lot but i got no birth and my soul and that's all that matters eternally i give the same teenie to that day does he hes so down it the genesis twenty two we could go back a little bit further i wish there was like as to that we do discentes the two twenty two oh i agree assistant tell you what to do at all do it now that so this is when abraham is commanded literally to take his iccup on the mountain then sacrifice him and he weakened talk about how abraham must determine but he did it so quickly i would say so graciously grace was all over him for him to even obey god at this point and people can scratch their heads and may be accused god of literally do we child murder all kinds of things but we find out what after the fact that what god was doing was giving a vivid word picture with real human to give us an understanding oh not to cross of cong that god when some day have his son with if you will the knife in his hand and god would not hold back his he held abraham's hand back here so if we see it just as abraham isaac story we missed what god is really teaching this passage and a lot of people rustled with that so maybe that will help them so we can go back to chellis's fifteen singeress fifteen this is work god again continents with abraham now he tells abraham go out and pick his animals cut him in half way on one side while the other in in any he literally god causes abraham to whether it's a comma whether it's in a vision state or what we don't really know but god literally walks through the animals this declares again the broken body that the hebrews really talks about in chapter ten i think heber's ten it is one of the most powerful chapters in all the bible because you are so hence you can go there if you want yes oh that be any great for the people again this is why i say that hebrews is the second new covenant manual paul unpacked so many things about the new covenant that i think a lot of people may be if they don't understand that what paul is doing dick and read he person be very confused but but paulus so the ciculos sir go down to the once so go all the way down to botta i now first tennis one good verse in he says i by that will we have been sanctified through the offering of the body of jesus christ as for all oh in alboroto or twenty i we could go through a lot but i just want to pick up a couple of verses ah so he does talk about blood and again i make a distinction between the blood and the body of christ or even because we have to go back to the sacrificial system they spilt the blood but low people cringed with us the blood was essentially a throwaway item it went into gutters and out of the camp but once a year the high priest took the blood of the lamb and sprinkled it on the mercies so he says therefore brother sons we have confidence to enter the holy places by the blood of his by the good living away that he opened up for us sure the curtain now what was the curt member the curtain was split from top to bottom he said it was pride twenty five feet high may before inches wasn't just a a window curtain in the work pulse explains it right here that is through his flesh so when god opened the curtain he was basically saying his flashes is open again back to the sacrament oh and on top of this if you go back to i asked people where did the mercy seat go after jesus crucified love people donians ere that go back to hers for but for sixteen let us then with confidence drawn near to the throne of grace that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need this is there is two verses that i put in a different class what we're going to get to shortly and then this verse god doesn't give any commentary but i believe that he replaced the mercy seat with the throne of grace and so that's it's a whole other teaching but that's the flip between the old covenant the old component was primarily blood explicitly implicit body the new component was explicit boy implicit blood okay so it's like and yet grace and mercy are here at the throne of grace so that's what i asked my professor were not thrown a grace come from he septimine but god god does us he doesn't give commentary but i think the paul gives so many clues to pick this up so let's get back to on the jump over one that i had was census fifteen oh i guess we did we did do that with the split animals but i want to take us back to genesis three fifteen are remember adam and eve sinned they ain't the fruited the tree a lot of people think well eve did it without had no animals there because it says that she took it and gave it to him because he was with her three fifteen o gin i believe that this yes oh the gospel of a nut shell people call this the first gospel i will put enmity between you and the woman the between your offspring and her offspring oh he shall lose your head and you shall proses heel now i asked the question and done many men in it again then his seasons can so in nofiadaeth ught who the woman who had spent go down i won't thing people hanging up believetwo is sarah which in goniatites with that but let's look at the first twenty one this is the second verse that to me god puts in indifferent stratosphere twenty one not twenty two go up one who may care that's all right so here you had out of an eve that according to the rush of the scripture were already in the state of spiritual death god told him when you headed the fruit you're going to die was it physical not so watch it was at least way more spiritual they died spiritually and so i'm convinced that this is the application of everything that we went through when we talk about new covenant and i'm telling people are going to say tim how couldn't you talk you covenant were back here in genesis the twenty one and the lord god made for adam and eve in his wife garments of skins clothed no commentary no nothing so there are people oh in fact the kinsman and i locked him or caprol would say that this is not the application of the gospel i believe it tolly as to here's why i would say that people miss it because they say well there's no blood there and if you remember what i just said a couple minutes ago in the old covenant the old covenant was principally explicit blood implicit body and as what we see we see the reverse of that right here explicit body implicit bod and yet i believe that god no birth adamaneve writer in genesis the how did the able now to bring a lamp because that's what god did for adam and so they are the he was redeeming people right from beginning finding a way to redeem them at and yet god took animal skins and clothed so let's go all the way back to galatians and wore clothes for his negotiations for twenty one thirty one there's a lot of things i'd like to go to but i'll just mention is your turning there done galatians for twenty one and so in oporiensis okay evasions too on the three talks about the two being dead in your trespasses and sins and in four to five i says but god made us so live there again was the new covenant at work god dead people alive so paul this is work paul this is gets back to what i was just talking about that belief sarah was that woman in genesis three fifteen some people would say mary but it's really when you go back into the abraham talking about sarah and isaac and her greater son isaac it was a roughened to jesus christ himself oh so i want to as all go down to twenty six or twenty five a start because what we see here called makes a distinction if you will between ishmaelites and if you will a isaac its ah israelites and you would think that if he makes a parallel in the new cabinet we would have the ismalites on one side in the isoctes on the other side so he says now hagar is mossini in arabia she corresponds to the present jerusalem for she is in slavery with her children so called basically says that the ishmaelites and present day jerusalem is on the wrong side of god's new covent so once on the other side twenty six but the jerusalem of bob his free and she is her mother so this or be even sarah is split between if you will ishmael although that was not her son but here paul differentiates between present day israel against heavenly jerusalem is in that when i went through the paces blue meway and i i would say that that is a good way to conclude this mass oh our first message for redeeming grace there online because when we understand the new covenant how god puts the new covenant in our soul and what it does then what were able to do after that i'm convinced that it enables us to glorify christ we should so this is why i i say that a proper new covenant understanding is almost the very start of our walk with christ than the more we understand about new covenant i think it's a fine ride i got his day owes i was in bed last night down a just thinking about everything that i know in my soul about this and i would not change any of the suffering my limp maybe my cancer things like that because god's gospel in my soul is all i will meet eternity and that deceives you who lot of pine in i would want that for my hearers so i hope have to the fact that people will ah ask questions a study i would send out i i literally always print or manuscript of old all speak those available of people on a take what i ran through some things we may be didnt uch on so you could contact me at temporeth and the really nice thing we should call stead so that people can have a copy of beaconed you and then get copies sent out a news letter and such too really teach people biholdand you know more about god and to leave him in there in their close pockettis wonderful some man i certainly would occur on entocodon also in questions as thatquestion so that you can get a good son biblical basis on what is it bibhisana is vile always have to go back to the bible and the fact that you don't realistically desudatio are scott the dispensational theology in all idea and i i do tend to reject come back to the stone have you back to dispense so so you hendricks dispensational theology so i i don't describe that explain that rejection it's like i feel like i would almost say that i felt like i was in bondage in that because i'll i'll say it rodquick ly in there so many other things but inherently dispensationism i think creates it at least an implicit anti nomianism a rejection of god's law for to day and i think that that's wrong and i would say that when i felt like god pulled me out of that thinking i then rely became alive it is spirit because the cold snap if you are over dan became alive in his spirit because see any man the man really hurt cardisoma i think the light is his spirit because s where i lost him yes so might my point was as david said oh how i love thy law in as people in church people what why don't we love the it is a manifestation of the character and the holiness of god and in jesus capital law for our redemption and on this convinced again with grace being the empowerment to make us fully grace that allows us to obey the law in a righteous way so i explained this way in my book if you will work common close to winter time we can have a glove if i lay that glove on the table it does it move it takes a hand to meet that glove moved i mean i guess i for moscow in her it kid move but it takes a rough hand to make it move like its design and so for me we try to keep the law in a dead way we can't do that but when the spirit fills our glove we can keep it as he designed in an that's why have you a turn oh psalms one nineteen one sixty five icefall with soles one night yea with it is a powerful powerful teaching her so many things and maybe maybe we'll get into that cause there so twenty two letters in the hebrew alphabet nurse twenty two sections with eight verses of piece two one nineteen one sixty five this was again done ides got to say this was one of my thoughts then i had last night leaning bed great peace have those who love your law nothing can make them stumble and i was just really rejoicing that god give me understanding true live that in a way that i know exactly what the author was talking and i just encourage people weren't really talked about the law in any of our maybe two two times together but the law is again there so many ways to understand it wrongly but when you see that god moves heaven and earth to regain his locked once it it gives you an awe in an appreciation for what he does in yours oh i think too i mean we can look at this firm that i from thee what we see around us in the world because we can see that in the law is a bouncer as safe in its dislike you look at the voleries are border of our nation when we do not respect those voluntrees it lets all sorts of things that are not good and there's a lot of things about the world that are not good that some of it is just pure evil god puts those boundaries and in order to keep us safe so when we look at what he says the world looks set the laws that god lays down there to he's just the end menacent want us to do this that or the other you know god if you really want to you don't have a full life do what thou will which is say canice's from alister crawling right itthey want to have no laundries they want to have anybody to do whatever you want and no boundaries and in nestwill the problem is is that the boulders in the laws that god puts all their frost are to keep it safe and any very dark world and andiatarocte i want a love moosieer and do my best like for here and without regard to any one else and in you could see where the scythestone presence of this world on the rise and metal help the suicide look at the now look at the of the guide that he's given us and that on the godly governess it repeat which all they do is the steel for us we we can look at the fact that there are a lot of parents they are raising their children in we we give her children over to somebody else to raise there and not going to get our valleys that that was very apparent and indelicacies where the you know the god god's people were fighting with the culture around them consent to be infiltrated by by cultures and by a by other lands like being a being in a lock step with battle and how they fought to her children you know about about the one true god you know into two really a help keep them safe so they wouldn't go down these paths that led to absolute destruction at gath demoralization and desolation and you know i oblookatory are living the best livesaid n't mean that no good way i mean there there's throwing all these folliries off and there in almost always if if people do not have a structure they will push the limits to the point of their own desert and then with some hint is destroyed by a on the old it destroys every one around the be it drags or or a going down i mean there's all sorts of it passed that you can go down and in all dossesses artie a small lie you you have to draw those hard facts rules the sick i don't care what any one around me does this is what i know to be right and that's exactly what i'm going to do and it doesn't matter what the consequence and and i think that that you know you you don't you don't call you the cross well what where are you county is it an eternal perspective do you have you have an eternal perspective on everything you do or is it just in the moment like a child you know i want my next integration and i don't care how is going affect anyone i think i think it's really kind of important an important distinction to make when i was in india a docemente forget this than the man in the orphan issachar know that was the head of the orphants one of the most interesting conversations i think i ever had in my life the man was given up by his parents he couldn't feed in when he was younger tossed into an orphanage they basically they had he said we stood there like little beggars with the hands and go to get food they slept on some mad they didn't they would wash their clothes in the river and the moreand then put their plots on wackford the rest of the day he was really good at school some he had upanischadas etocles and such an he started for mother and children's homes he was feeding lover a lover colony he was british food on to the street such a really really inspiring person and i sat there and he was just going to go in and sleep overnight and the yokethe was another couple there that adopt the little girl and it was the religieusement wonderful stories of his he was connected you know i said i am in out o water renewedgreat ings and such and and that the two little girls were there and it was you know it was very joyous i mean we won't we really wanted the the children of these my god was it was a child that was a throwaway child she had thrown magistiates then i couldn't doctor on because in any of these whitelocke her carmen and whenever you got him that comment you and they will not help them to general now that the prevailing thought unless somebody's a cristen so i do know i mean we edenite e know were very very happy and excited to have a new daughter right and so we were we were all celebrating and it was it was beautiful and she was mad when she came into the room and i was told that she was pretty well man the entire world and i and i look at this is some one who is not saved and how that process of the county family with god changes us all and learn some children and i got down in the mire and i canacopoles just he not one look at intimacies that she was ready to take the whole world on an out and furious races and i certicket and had i said the words oh you fontenoy and she is looked to our she come at veradal such centinelle bit and she never took her eyes off of me from that point on and i held her hands and i picked her up and shoes really really small bigging among the trithionate she had worms crawling on her her and boils over her body of men it was it was it was pretty extreme and i sat down on the bed and entered the back with her and i just talked with her you know what she was i sitting my lap and everybody round was just cry because the case this was a very lost child and all and she nologie of me all the sudden took a breath and laid her head on my chest and she went to sleep anne in the ormanetto looked to me and he said you are truly her mother and he was just falling he said she's been waiting for you and i really think there's so many people out there that are not saved and they see this big box of rules i think it striving meet in the knowes not he's trying to create the most nurturest unconditional loving atmosphere that you can ever ever ever be in in your life so littester man that runs us this orphanage he is taking care of these kinds he ain't basically retaining kins into his own home that were living on the street feeding on his such and i sensed piece of one go and sleep over night at the the airport ran like well you can't you do that that's a safe and i mean i mean i'm not a tremendously big you do person and if he was about the same height as i was and i like the skies going to get his behind he handed the him off there all her night by himself you know is such a dear sweet may and is thatwise me when he gives you a room here is silfertone can say of by another room in the hotel at hessle in his words to me or something that i think we all need to think above very very deeply because this man knows what i like to see people who are truly destitute to the people that no one else would ever take a look at two to have them i mean i was i was she drop on me i was too podothecus she was so sick when we got her to her in people to it too she he fed her in the hospital after the extent or for three months and brought her food for every single meal to nerteras child he was ready said he said no i said i can't accept that and in like nowaltogether on geleom an you could stay you know in a place venice a nice place to senesino a son which you go understand is it what you have in what i have are the same thing and he said i cannot ever and will not ever waste that on myself he said it's too selfish he and i say it there and talk about one of those life changing moments of you know a seen somewhat who was so selfless that he would be on her even if somebody offered it to him to sleep i sat for nothing to go right back to work and he never thought about the consequences he knew that every move he met may in life was life or death to another human being and it is so with all of us our time is a gift that god gives us in or the resources that we have are frost to give to others and would we come home to god we have an unlimited abundance of his love his peace his grace his provision to give to others because it was not erasto begin my back tom and like a satan must really be after this message to day but god bless you done for this time i thought it was sad despite all the circles we saw i just hope that people could follow it oh but i think it was a very enriching time and i love what you're doing what you stand for and as we close to degas we could pull her word of prayer but i i thank you for the opportunity to get this aminche ch off the ground and i think you redoing it anse lies is one of the things that you know we all worked together and you have so much knowledge of the fine will interpret bite into and to lay it out in a very analytical moisant way to get people thinking about what does god say what has god say who you are you're not a prophet you're a child of god where what is what is that men in the grand sc how our lives matter and what does it mean to come to truly come home and in such amazing thing i mean i don't very there with you and to all the wonderful people that we've met through the story and an oonseen when up for me running for office on like our men hate my life with a expooase a takes i just knew it but i had to take it home and do this it pocketaye but i'll do it any and what i really found out is that you know the politicians are so lost that we used there and look at these people who were drowning in his materialistic god forsaken political climate and then necesus too every one does in that when you come home is amazing but the greatest thing for me is truly meete you know people like you brothers an sisters and christ garry garry and dove or crazy crazy amazing i can talk about standing for what you believe that and not wavering i have seen an inheritage and the honor some of the greatest human beings i will ever meet in my life and the two of you cause i have two of you are there are among those people that i consider just absolutely in honor to know you i will always be thankful to god to know that he brings us together and that when we are with the family of god we are home so why great and men doneie you gave some great great words there so i i hope that together the work onterrified god and also to help a boy who comes out all into compacter shortly and make his solopachium never seen any show be bombarded so i got to believe the enemy of our souls is ineverything he can to make sure that some of this does not get put on the jesus is came jesus is the only way to his sore lord and saviour and jesus always makes away the onheno matter what we do jesus jesus christ is there waiting for every one to bring us home and i think that some poor this special is said as a ride so many calls up people being sad and what we do what it would do in like trust the pressure or the guide that created this planet had not so of runnet and he's going to rotative a time and all those people had decided there on the chicon the rules and they're going to do things around for themselves are going to have to see him square in the face something and then as a good one of fun trying it's to be very sad and you know what i think some of the sad as things for christians were going to look at him and realize that our dad it's going to probably have to say good bye to some of the people he created that because we don't stop off quick and off we espee truth we didn't lend a hand we don't lay like job and do we he what a dog and help find the lost sheep and help him bring them all like good shoppers and looking in his eyes and see as could be sad me the next says moment is heavy to come to the fact that we did always do what we did that was right which will be following mediately with the joy of knowing that he paid it all and that we can say yet aminadi screwed up with than you so much for your gift and your your grace and your unconditional law of me because you did it all anything that i ever thought i had done in my life on we lay it raysthose on jesus and just be happy to be in his presence because that is all we need a man eater i would like to in jesus he estragot our heavenly father as we come again to you this day we we rejoice in the truth of your gospel in that in the majesty of the new continent in the thing that made paul go into dock solide so often your grace oh how i love your grace lord i thank you for this time i thank you for dona everything she's doing a bride that you'd be with her to day keep her alert and safe in lord i just praise we tempt to get this unlike church off the ground and move that people would engage in learned and learn more about reflecting christ in our life in jesus name we pray dear how many father i prayed for before time and that you would completely told me and thoroughly held his body from anything that is that is a help concern for him right now i'm so thankful that you brought him oh you know into my life and is somebodyone ple's likes to bring the grease and truth of jesus christ or your beautiful son to the floor frothing you so much for geriethen it he's doing to to to help a spring the gospel and to love for you in such a selfish way in doubt and continue to bless curianet with your favour and everything that they do give isembourg the stand in front of those who are lost and bring the truth to them and every single way we want to glorify and honor in you and let our lives be in litheways that you would potosithe in the very very dark world to reach out to those who do not not have home too in a very humanitarian way to care to be the voice that cares that listen two hikoboshi are sick to do what you would do and treat them way you a treat them see them with your eyes and listen with your ears to what they say that we can walk forward never be i found it but to walk forward and grace and truth in all things we thank you so much for thing your dead and yet you do every day but you love you we love you we love you and may your kingdom the honam earth here your king of the onesthat that every single rule that every single height every single rpondre that you put down for us we know is done out of love and we thank you for loving a so much to keep a safe wrapping her arms over single day and jesus christ precious na or prate not a man jerry got he can bless the day done upon hatley hopeless you to the day camangare worry are he carried it's like as its like outfitone go there's ceritoanother out some day while you carry it geryonis colico but hates does musterbcher so so any of have a great day to day just so that everybody knows how there there's many of us there at your fighting for you and you don't what god's fighting with you we're like warlike nothing compared to good think that you've got a morattigon sat next give you got to take dunsetan herit there next to and that's got all money creator heaven and earth which all things are under his section and dominion so anyhow and i don't mean dominionism owing so anyhow i god bless you god bless almost whom you love and god bless me i think so much tenanting else to ossaroo down a pitcher leaning their idol they bramerpouter that come i have not conceded i will not concede an a contesting this election because so hold me in the name of jesus were going to take this state nistato back and restore godly governess which means that it is government of the people by the people and for people not politicians and show by god i will i will with his help in his strength we will get the this job down the sand together one stake together need each other some great day god bless you and we are as men not siderodendron he and the teesdalethe are at her oleophane