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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 5/29/2023 - Memorial Day - Chuck Ritchard

Published May 29, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

Special Memorial Day Edition - Remember and Honor those who have paid the ultimate price. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it's the twenty ninth of may twenty twenty three and i thought this morning i was sent to do in so but i got admonished and said you have to be on this morning as causeshowers pecking you to be on and we miss you and we want you to to destroys i can do that so anyhow once talked about memorial day to day what it really means i think that a lot of times we jump into these of the holidays and it's just a time to get together with friends which is great i mean to get together but there's also deeper meaning so i'm going to play a video this morning and i we're going to we're goin to get right into it first national five thousand other gathered in one flowers thousand his were held in we were that member experience he wore his died at table hope america in re and other non herewith the reminder felonwort still gathered the generation i thought that was a that's in very nice video and on brigand my special guests my sidekick here on mondays a checker shared how you goin body o morning happy memorial dthank you and you also as we think about what his meaning was the great good you showed to because he really does by the ground work armorial de really it has been created honored goes back to he back to the revolution war to honor the old to give the old and one in the bay of you catch the was called decoration there has immensely because they were decorated the graves and o course now many and i know even my own revive honor not just the military on now stayed decorate they go decorate the other graves his fine but his original purpose is to honor the dead and i actually goes back to the greeks i don't fool that heracles back and now for fifty one i think it the one that they really eventssomething ve a speech about the fallen dead of cominaltee with the battle was a on the night of very long greek name the case is that i possono remiss for she is much even by sidenote but i do it is a day too to remember it is that medio said is the most solemn day all became think of it in arlington particularly the sheaves the president or vice president to day they should be laid that tritheistevery yet i think that one of the one of the greatest ah ashley speeches are presentations i ever heard was from a soldier who came back from a conflict and she was very young when she was talking about this and that she showed up on an anabas and basically the the commander told her go to that i'm goin to that a warehouse over there and she had no idea what she was giving in to and it was basically her job was to go through all of the fallen and identified bodies and it was a very very solemn boy i thought tell you o when when it becomes a very real now most of us we run around in a combat and going to war if you've never gone to war compass kind of hard to relate the but in all our military personal and in menwoman you know i think they understand it but most americans have no consult nor if they spent any time actually looking into it or talking of you gone to conflict and what a heart ranche ah experience it is to have people that you know die for this country and then come back and have to try to live on a normal life with people that can't relate you know and and i think that that's really that's that's really a a something that none that many of us will never be able to relate to because we didn't go and we didn't serve there but we sure as hackpiece every single person who has gone into conflict and especially those that have you know given the ultrified can i can't even i mean there's really no words to put to that other than you know how grateful we are because we wouldn't we would our freedom is only because of the brave men and women who have fought for this country and those that aped the ultimate it's a very solemn solemn thing i know words early escape me on that i really feel onto my lee even talking about it ohashimasu great lipindicative of coming to military family of father and two brothers and myself a star and i wondther was on the anorganischer general sheep poronor years till he retired out of other deer force on an octave on the world but onethingissure my father oh my father came from north africa to do from a tenacia and to one to not italy and he landed there at the same time that an he was going on they were simultaneous each contend i wolde opportunity go back and with the satawal that from naturestrange as seven miles on the wane more more portly legs to look at their graves when the train arrived in the station at the conelike to the to the left and see the mass of monograms this impresses were about three thousand there another three thousand hands of asia but that doesn't tell the told that only six thousand and told somewhere in the neighborhood of the twelve thousand die where the the other twelve a six thousand died in the in the sea the ocean there they drilled the bottom line is or the upglowing of pain and couldn't be done a five by magadides ribe at times coming in at night what was happening in the you know being she it was injured said back injured and back shot all the hackneyed a lot of metals for them thinking like a new biggest thing that he left it in packed the pain he suffered because every night the mill has the kid growing up did wake up will night down matichanna s goin under them and newland it was just as hard eventhough davis had all the time because of all the pain cause he had no pushed on his ankles like one shrapnel cotonaster german german on grenades he just wars hell i mean this is beyond his horse not connected this of the chance to honor them to day and honor for what they give because even on personal experience one of the staves in through thousand these when the day betigheimer to season twelve i forget now on david horseleay sheele shot down into and as in the heart province in the afghanistan to davison avision odomantis ions and the shot of the air with i think of other or in other by shields san sat day they gave it all well in the thing that really a strikes me in the movie or the video did a good job is the fact that the northern soldiers were were varied with a southern soldiers at the end of the day when we looked back these conflicts that we have had and the wars that we have had we have to do everything we can to stay out to war and i really appreciate president romperit president of the united states for the fact that he kept us out of conflict and you know the day on the killing started with of jointthe you know sir shalley syria and the cost of war and for for our kids for the kids across this whole world terrible there's a terrible cost we never want to go for war to war unless it's the absolute only option we have then the absolute last option in all things is yet but you know just to honour all the i think another thing it was really interesting to me as i did go to to pearl harbor years ago went there twice in the first the first time that i went the i have literally cried the rest of the day we we want we went on back to hotel room and we literally i was so racked oh by the stories and listening to things and just emotional over that i was i was wrecked i just went in like i wanted to scolobates tried cried out i know stop crying about it there was a man that went over on the first over every morning and i didn't know about we got in the boat in this sky was dressed in a uniform and he was but you knew just looking at him that there is something really different about what we got over to the arizona and he walked over and all in it was just absolutely quiet and he went any late flowers on you know on the side there and and moral and it was the realisation struck every one ex same time that he had been there and every morning he went over there and he lay flowers that was a thing he did every single morning went over laid food and he saluted and then he turned and he talked to us and there wasn't a to ry eye there there wasn't one person who didn't hit so heavily that this man sought incredible loss of life and suffering his friends any started talking and he said don't cry one tear for the men that were here he said i knew them and he said they were proud to die for this name it was something they believed and they they they knew what they were doing and he said they were so proud to give their life defending this nate and and a there was there is an there was nothing in even describe that moment quite honestly it was so it was so amazing you realized that you were you were more than anything it is a great as a huge grave for brave patriots who gave their life for this nation and how many times his escaped over and over again with the bravery of americans who are willing to stand for what they believe in and that's america that's and i and every single person who enjoys freedom that they gave their lives in order that we may enjoy freedom now it's you know it it's our turn to fight now were in the middle of a mark and oh there's probably going to come a point time wherever single person is going to have to make that choice or or we will lose for ever and we went to honor those men and women who paid that price by by a standing up when we are called and we are all called right now with this one for this is to the point of giving the altramente sacrifice if we're asked i agree i agree asalanan i think i when nine eleven had i think we saw that renewal patrons but i did last it will morto and when the call came he walked out in line to go they were willing to give it all every bit of the way and be it now not so much because it was politicized hope and it was a question or other was that war was he onnoozelen the war either really inesomen worship had haveentitled wars they just son or our families to the killinge anything is feel parts are this is obvious toisilta industrial comes we know that is true we know what work what goes on there so dead set on i'm going to have to get off as we have to have down to and how asthon or memorial day down in one that gave hastings or self the hasty whereas decided to get on here for about twenty minutes of thirty minutes here and talked so soconsidering finished out to take his then illgotten likely only two but i love for you to give some clothes in your remarks on to day for moraland then go on so i'll pray and then we'll do remarks dear homely father we are so thankful for the great nation that you given us in all the people that have gone on before us or fan or our families are forefathers that have gone on before us that were willing to sign on the line they were willing to fight for free they were willing to put their lives on the line for us in all the military men and women who have given thee to pad the ultimate sacrifice for us to enjoy freedom foremost freedom to worship you and the way we so choose and a and we we are so grateful for that their people cross his whole world that don't enjoy the freedom that we have and i believe that this is the last stand for freedom and that we are all called please help every one out there know that they are called this state that they are going to have to choose who they serve what they serve and what their loyalty is to and whether this nation is worth fighting for it is worth fighting for it's a great gift that you've given us and we are so thankful for every single a single right that you've given us have been out howled by the constitute and oh we were willing to give it all for for you in any way that you ask is to serve humanity nation america and and redesertion you for god family and country we will stand tell her last you so much please help the the heel we want the snake tortore under you and its rightful place one nay should under god and we are thinking of the please open people's eyes and help help them to understand the beauty of the day and honoring and remembering those who have gone the i think a good forprayed i think the thing we thatremember is that we are under his aching never been in pace with his psychologistand before nor lifetime we are on a cookingpot you will when we look at what government is done or hasn't done stood by a cross has been committed tone and in or were leaders are true leaders apiculate otoghaeronge lives at risk and stand up on wither careers serve here all their futures and on i don't have the oh but not later not wisiting that characterized in the past we had surely had diplomats with truly had leaders of week end not have them to day othersinstance government or in the federal or we have a bunch of in most people have to say that or not willing to use out of the theodose came magine greenmosses do not them out and saying oh no god i don't want to do that i'm ally i won't placefirst well that's what we got we get gus here they that they just on the wantonthe don't want to go there and put themselves to risk in the care visited potlover ment or the state governessthe same thing its overcome it's time we stood and what we believe these in the mondays the day discard i guess so it's the start and ah i thank you for that and i thank you for each and every one of you i hope you enjoy a wonderful day with your friends and family and talk about it talk about the freedoms that we have don't be silent don't be don't be ashamed to be american because it is a great honor we have we have a great american family we have a country worth fighting for and you know what we're going to do exactly that we're going to fight for this country for humanity for god family and country with everything we have in us as what we do as americans were mocker that toughest dog in the pack and that we're going to honor all those they're gone on before us by following in their footsteps up bravery courage and no back down attitude fighting for something that's worth fighting so with that sad have wonderful day to day every one stay safe and and i enjoy enjoy america enjoy everything that god has given us here enjoy our rights first moments speak they with on your mind a second moniment and enjoy everything and stand with us to protect and defend god is in have a great day god blesse almost forgot em god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god god bless america it's going to be a great day