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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 2/23/2023 - Dan Hartman and Karen the Riveter

Published Feb. 23, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

Special Guest Dan Hartman talks about my latest law suit and Kristina Karamo winning the Chair of the MiGOP at the Republican convention. Morning coffee and news with Karen Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network and i'm donna brandenburg and it is a february the twenty third day of february twenty twenty and we're going to have up we should have a good day to day a black as stuff in the news the town and i mean to tunison and so i'm going to get right at this here and bring on there up and it is this care in her other higginscome i'm doing great are you that's i not really well do in rei got i got showroom in sas cinfonie so every knows that i was going to get that it was getting your chicks and right so because i i want to feed the entire world we need to feed the entire world if we needed do it through small farming and the expansion of and he so i want to tell you as what what i came in these this is that is how she she and other look at there's fox the top box is for her this is then in the the brooder so he is a big container like that with sixty chicks that came in to day i'm sure they gave you a lot more in bethel drinkers and heat lamp and this is the second box a little puff balls in it and that with the con shipmate can stay warm because because they keep each other warm and there they're used to that so this is real funny because when i talked about the accompletive when the post office calls and the first two times that we nat the panic was real okay the panic was absolutely hilarious and reel so is taken and chicks see end of inherence yes taking out anticipatedthis in bridal satisfaction the can herment any like why ah i've got it i smashed my a while back and i've got you my it's some screen it was my screen protector i was jumping up on the back of a pickup truck and i had in my back pocket i got to get my scream replaced in my fond that way there's cracks in their actions a time to do it so anyhow but that's our checks so we have new chicken venture with sixteen you chicks coming in ah to day and and oh a lot of people be asking me for for chick so we actually have a our own eggs that will a will you now give to and as well as i got six incubators have got a few people that want to borrow an incubator and incubation chicks out in such so were it were on a mission of replenishing the chickens supply in the state of michigan right now things do ranabir's bird bird adventure so are these all wearing once he those are all laid on not meet goth he got in no because that while ah now we do in first so i can wear it if i knowyou don't now won't we i don't even so and and i i think oh i take fish and i he on sendarin that sort of thing but i don't eat me and so i've been knocked i was begging for a bottle i would say five years i began and then i started adding and fashion a little bit a darian i did for help he and it really oh it really did change my life and in amazing way it's it's it really does it it's kind of an amazing process of this book out there called the china study and being a little bit of a search nor of course i have to look in every thing right and gone in a as book where there's a bunch of scientists and china and they were able to turn off all cancer by getting rid of all animal on and but that the other the result of so experiendi erent things and the the good part about it is it takes her about two weeks to that was a stake her man i could he take three times a day right me eater that's what i grew of on and that's what my my ah that's that's how i always ate and as about two weeks and all of a sudden my taste and i i didn't need any sugar any gloatin in any anyhow it was thought it was all a frise that's what she is even some grains but not many a keen walk but i would eat a fine flower anything like that that had led and about after two weeks i didn't watch sugar and in fact a taste and awful now it is son son of horse on only i let things once in a while but when her when you go on a diet lenin's really stricken your doingif he three your motivation has pretty high actual his soitosta out it once i once so i saw the desired effect i was looking for that now i started eating the fish and the cheese and and once in all i have some like an inorganic creams and sense inondation see centeno much of behagende been working tremendously yesterday handed meeting i that with mary plan and that was the real fond launchthe had lunch together and a really really fine considered her a very good friend i love thee and santo sake love you guys love you guys love you guys you know was we saw down in the area that they are in and the the hurricane damage down there still incredible just incredible on canimated think because the hircanes posed to hid in the tampa area and it it went it went pretty much hitting everything a south to tampa terrifically and in a hot a kind of wonder about the directed energy weapons and but there's a lot of damage down there so let's continue praying for those people that are affected by what happened in all this weather and and the ah the earthquakes and the weather on the weather stuff is going as the stoves for real and even the faults flags that are out there were talking real that are in in harm's way and that the and honestly that the these globules these coals coal pieces a crap out there are willing to to kill and it's i rely really amazing oh how how spiritually bankrupt they are so i don't i know i firmly believe too that when you look in people's eyes you can see on you can see in people's eyes whether they are spiritually alive awake or where the they're just going through the motions and the theretherein is to this world but when you pray for all of these people as an old sides the ones that are creating harm i think sometimes we go on the offence the best and we actually work for god in re pray for for pray for those few we consider our enemies else feel of the tack as when he de prayed for them then reined prisonerin for the people that are there in harm's way because these people need god the ones that the ones that are doing wrong there go so is speaking the slits kind of a nice sight way worse to be a few minutes before dan gets on and hardens in beyond this morning talking about the republican convention and christian a crane i like christine all i think she's et very nice first and i know her personally and i intend to go by personal contact of and what transpired that i've seen personally rather than go to rumors and what you hear the newspeople anything out there i believe nothing zero not a not worth our time you know so but but my my connections with christie you know or i i have a lot of respect and in i really like her personally a lot whereas i i can't quite say the same for formentone my personal connections with him oh we're a little lacking speroni have a problem with somebody's sons or not in it to win but to create chaos right from the gotgotta a big problem so sir calipash that i think that what happened there was probably a very favorable outcome so so oh we talking about that and and then also my current law suit so be able to go over that and what's going on there as there's not only my civil case that i've got going on that was filed and responded to it such but we also have criminal cases going on throughout the state i have been talking to the attorney general's office in michigan special prosecutors special evidence within it who are in fact good sometimes when we don't hear what's going on things are going on and the oinos tive way and but i get it it's really hard to be patient and wait when we see so much evil going on that i can assure you the good guys are in control you the word were bleeding out the bad and the in the bad actors right now but have little faith because god is still in control of everything but the good guys are in control so lie what we're seein as opdo and so an end we need to question everything but go back to sunder praise god know that he's in control and keep your focus on him because that's the only truth that you're going to get the not going to be spotted the moment time if the bad guys know what's go if if we all know what's going on and every layer badges are going to go not the so we have to be we have to be a peace knowing that things are going to be on or gentoos or some tough times there's no to it but you know what that's where we get or we get our fight out and say say i'm not laying down i'm not quitting there's no option to quit because we don't serve this world we don't serve the materialistic or we serve god almighty and in that fight is never and some fighting roomsgood so the gussets you cared i i have been heartened this week i feel like yet in another acceleration has occurred or maybe it's just a continuation i think we're we're like on a snow ball there's so much going on i see a lot of panic in the cabal especially with the talk about nato between biden and other global actors really trying to push that nato is a good thing every one and eclectic this smell like panic thee in so desperate and the third organization so as were held or nations so is so is a let's name em all ethan and the yandell fbi cia and i know i know that there was sin the pens or listening screw you guys we're not relying down and were cancontent pride well i i i been saying comparing contrast a lot lately because it seems like we're deliberately being set up to see it and i'm not the only one who started in to i think pepe may be brian some some of the wee the needed journalists have been saying if you guys can't see this i now i think i rihitak it's going to continually get more tomatoes ah as an artist i'm familiar with the concept of contrast and a black and white is is about as bold as you can get in contrast and things are big ham more and more contrasted you've got i mean it was really really obvious on president's stay our president was overseas trying to promote his proxy war in ukraine while tromp was headed to ohio or so i who looks like the because i don't think that was actually crawled but any way the whole world is so happy to see there a guy named tromp to ohio there the less there i don't think it was struck histhat's okay if he's in position tromp kind of like saintshealing it so kid i'll take it the contrast is what important here to the story they got to protect him and i hope he's not yet you in he has to be re and there there sells much egestathe and the the silicon masks and i caught a you know i've caught and i do that i do the comparison studies and such soloit comparison do face comparison and then because i have prevostensis that serve the in the past critical on what i see and i'll see if even the latest videos and president the there are there's there's an anomaly that i'm spouting and all those videos as well as you of course we know that whoever standing there looking like a you don't let's go by and there i'm not buying any of that nonsense at all nicholsonnow to chance an he's almost eighty years old even watching him falling of the seers of yonnondio protestand eighty or old die isn't going to pop up and like a gasoline the plain are you kidding me yes sir i'm not buying this but even even when i've one you know the cope once an actually got hold bootail de on on president and when when they were at mount rushmore i don't i was i was doomington the on the video and whoever was on state no like him had a different day and the different staffs are in fact then what word or elysian that even got a pitcher of of a fat tramp and a big mania that that i pulled out in a mass you know it's like melania has an endearing genuine smile and whatever what of her whoever they had as the stand and did look like monotonia molallas los ah i love mania and she always looks gracious and her smile is he her eyes twinkle and her smile is one and the picture that i pulled off and what ye this is a mania this son his smile his way in it oh it's a fake that's the stand at and i know what i hope it was because i hope that every one out there is a key with us word helen with some really really bad pete and they need to protect this and this is been out there for a long time i mean it was out there with the cupels for that matter that there going to know that he will be the president will be well pre is the president he shows up in ohio let's go by and goes to you crane with her love money laundering you know like a badger digging a hole over there and who goes to ohio the real president and or a delegation of him sonatinas in falls on the stairs in the plain possumlike a hiseland goes over the throuanne fatty everywhere away from united are you kidding me you know less senile rod over things and beast he put the when you see the footage i owe see the footage of ohio there's some shared some and on there's one with don tenor walking behind trunk and smiling ah so look at that cause i don't really know him that while i know him from his channel i follow him and he used to do more frequent self but ah i think that was done gone ah but maybe he's got a double too for all i know i didn't i wondered about it but i didn't examine it really closely you know it doesn't matter to me i used to call bid in fall by ten instead of joe biden sinai didn't do it all the time because i thought people might get confused if they were familiar with the word escort sirenia lot of em i think there's a lot of em and i think i think it's a more that than black cats that's make all the good guys are offending the i believe that when my whole heart so i'm i'm scorn up here a minute there is a great pitcher with with present trone standing next to a sarah how can be said and the cover as in that was there it wasn't the present because the height is verity was so you can you can look at that critically and go you know want yeah the sky is passionfor so he's got to have even she had heels he is going to be significantly choler than she could not have he probably wouldn't be where in a six platforms shot just say it and in it that's what it wouldn't take and in order for that to be pulled off right so strongback hoped and like an lookin at the i stand and i hope if it if it will if it is present comforts it doesn't matter to me because i believe the good guys are in control and if they need to keep him safe keep that guy safe every one you goin keep that i say keep lanassa keep that family who who stopped up to serve this nation keeps guy's safe and you know gentle plan that woke you can point like everybody was willing to believe that it was him and the whole point is that that comparing contrast trump is there trumpets providing food trumpets were riding water trump is providing big mack from cdaccit might be the only burgessor tin to i don't know he cares and that is true regard lay so he real president looks like now he they harmonies talking to the grass swords people he's talking to the mayor he's talking to people on the street his looking the round at what had happened and how its effecting people he's asking questions and he gives him hats speak as everybody likes a hat this time with forty seven on the other side forty five on one side forty seven on the others what looked like and there crowd gathering in the streets cheering him on the comparing contrast between biting hugging the knots in you crane and that buying a burgher and tossing hands to peep in ageinste the so contrast that this is a god who really cares about his country this is the guy who does not care about his people at all that's the contrast that needs to wake up america and if there still not getting it well then we're going to have to get to a cotquean and i see is getting closer and closer slowly slowly there's some talk about nuclear war there's talk about war with tin now we've alleged got you as troops going to tie an i'm not believing that store because we don't see you as troops in ukraine russia from how i see very simply russia is to you crane as china is to taiwan i think that china is trying to protect themselves from by labs and taylor just like russia is doing with you crane i would agree with you a hundred per cent on that because i heard that i heard the number at one point time that you know they were coming out with wall first it was eleven by a lance and urn well then it's a love and by lassen hiwan i heard those two spoke in almost the same sentence there what a pretty exerts real numbers are about over three hundred and i'm sure that that's low across the world which our country our deeds or c a s of crap out there funded across the glow to way toward not only on american but the entire population of the globe and where we go on we go all every one of us has to stand in other cause these people are killed and there the farming people no he was bound as coronas an easily provable fact their firing people jus look at john of god who is frooahss telliamed no right there he got he got in a cord of law breeder and women who that were like ten years my call i called some one every morning as ah astrong ah in a in ah abuse or on how i say the sad and alcohol but sithe and going very well by the way i think i think he had mentioned that before a call every day and we prayed together and i pray to gather in to see how things are going on and encouragement let everybody know that the love you know and and so that there's tithesthe has to be a support not workhe peoplewho are struggling to her and i know what it's up to you and i his steps stand up and do this not not you care on in talking about like every poblete's up to us i look at this look as pies and the end i handle it no they're the biggest human traffic in organization in the united states and they they employ legal kidnapping in order to traffic our kids and in salmon the street look at how many kids of disappeared in that the disgusting organization over the years that means to be disbanded and now and not in all the people that are involved in it and inspan in even in counselling see look at the counters at their calling keep at kinston chop off body parts these people need to be tried for crimes against humanity or taking our kids so that parents writes are taken these every one of these people need to be tried for crimes against humanity and sorry but there her time on earth needs to come to an end on will we get to meeting when god because these are evil pee and i'm not suggesting that in in that simple comparison that china is a country doesn't have his problems he bringing up trafficking and slavery um there has been a law out of evil deeds going on in china em all over the globe the way i'm looking at it is trump had a good relationship a positive list put it that way positive relationship with a global leader in china and russia now china's deliberately saying we like rushesit now we like what you're doing over there i think some of it is economical but i think some of it is there making a point both of them that the you s has been involved in crimes against their people and they don't like that and they have a right to say that they have a right to protect their people and those by labs it in taiwan are a great risk to them and they understand that the american people don't get it yet that we don't know so this is not a and high america as a soft it's an anti cabal we better look out for our own people this is what trump does this is the what potin does this is what china's he is doing if so i think that while there are good and evil forces we can't just go we'll train is bad i still don't know why trump used his call it change the way he does when he was talking about the fires originating there he knows of the virus did not originate in china it originated with america how it got antioch there we don't know all the answer she i think may be trompas a lot more answers than we do because he was ten steps ahead of a lot of us so he must know a lot more but no all right i got a school was it how two ah i'm sorry go head we have in his laying about her how was striking naves i have had a cold here and continople i don't recall a so this being about troops american troops going to taiwan ah to train tilani shoulders as what were retold this is a little bit of a mystery to me because if we could if bide and could send troops to you cream he would have and he hasn't so if there are troops going to taiwan they're not there at biden's bidding and as you and i both know we have another general over in the pacific so i think that is a factor i don't know what's going on exactly in taiwan but i would not be surprised at all to to see a escalation in nuclear war that because more more people are going to have to be i feel a fear which is very personal to them in order to get them to recognize what's really happened to our country to our world because we were not doing our drop that's what all boils down to if the people of our country and the rest of the world cause it's not limited to america we are all doing our duty as americans to look out for our government where they are not doing their duty or going beyond the scope of their duty none of this would have ever happened to it but we lay down on the job for generation until it got so bad that he had led us down the road of conquer war ah this scare is actually protecting us from something worse oh yeah so we as like you said we were going to have some kind of disasters whether they appear to be natural whether their fires or whatever we see going on viruses there's going to be some people harm there's definitely some harm happening but i think it's a lot less than it could have been it's an accelerated and abbreviated process of protecting our country its brilliance and it's not only protecting our country free its protecting our world so thank you from thinking wine thank you too a generation of men and women who will who will remain many of them nameless ah you and i recognize that we talk about it from time in time they've been some people who have done some phenomenal work protecting everybody oh no i'm in amansien admiral rogers in this too because ah this is sky doesn't get me press and he's catanansus here and that's that's another on others a lot of people don't get mentioned he is on my hers and ah you know lot lots of people out there that a god and brilliant and then there you know a allenwood that's got that the known for quite a while as i talked to some women who were working with women in taiwan years got right and they that the sex trade and curtois across the glow now on a normal person would say you don't i just kind wanted to go on vacation somewhere no no there's a whole anacharse tourism to me unlike ye ye gane kidding me right when i first heard and so there was a the these women were there a trying to help these women who were part of this man whither prostitution but their basically and its human trafficking and people goes to these islands or countries for and they met this one woman are there is one one girl there in a site and she said she gave her head down she would look at any of them and they said what why why why are you feeling so bad and she said all i'm an ugly one scusati ful he know young woman the diseseful and the elinoure not your beautiful she was all gashed and so the category that she was in at the hethpoole that were pimpedora had her in his ugly woman which means that the guys could do anything to her up and to and including killing her because she wasn't perfect she'd had a season so she had a score and they put their end they put her in the category i mean the world socks and you know what a to do the work the world of of of really oh there's very good people there but the evil people out there or are heretic there willing to do things that most as couldn't even believe go on and we have to face we we have to drag this stuff out into the light so we have eleven crap out of it and and this you know can you can you even a magine being a being may be eighteen years old and ill and and she was proudly cept as of asa a breeder as he saw the kent and so in this is going on all over the place and when they get done selling the cone and in talk on babies and an here's the question when when people ask you know about prostitution you know what they enteredher asking how old are these people that these souls are being prosecuted out are they tour eighteen three months the answer is yes if there prostituting people out they're going down to in and in the previous shock to a lot of people but we're going to have to grow up and face the and all of these organizations i i met a woman ah in she's on the chat once and will she comes on and she worked on sniders ah he won trafficking task for this she was traffic at the age of ten is her first rate was she was going raked fourteen and anon nobody vergenothing and i'll have her on sometimes she's really really intent but at her mouth and i've heard this multiple almost all the organizations out there say there there to help women and children in to day's society are trafficking there lies the world we live as keep your money and saving with political parties and such keep her money these be wile or lying to there lying to you and we can't go at this from a defect perspective a different as what were seen is not the truth and were being led astray all these humanitarian aoristin red cross the red cross was down in there in haiti while bags of money you know you you could see that in and then they go under cover for the un and all the rates going on for the us and i'm going to say the consisted in the united states see peasecod ah how many planned parenthood clint have wages we can't make any money you and you know so many sacrifices old portions any more so we're going to start hack and of body parts of children and a turned their attention to oh you know gender mutilation were being wide cetolite thought of i saw a video i don't think i share in it i must have probably mentioned it because it was so hurry ficient want to put it on my channel i tried to i tried to be very considerate to the sensitivity level of people there is a a video that i saw and i can't remember where with supposed supposedly taken where some people had gone down into some type of basement cave underground place and there was a stone or concrete pit of some sort a pool it had a greenish liquid in it i think they called it a formal to hide or some similar mix there were blowed dead bodies in various levels of decay it was children's bodies that head ben caught of because they had taken their organs they had taken them probably why they were still alive and then just discarded them like sooning at may be as it was some he is something some kind of nasty stuff ah so it was horrific i don't believe it was a and i mean it would had she been at least a dozen bodies in there of children and i mean it it's one thing for you to see a groan adults because you wonder what put them in that kind of position did they make bad choices in their life what's the matter he cried of wonder but what especially especially the innocence of children it's just such a horrific thing that some one could do that to a child it seems like it's another level of evil in what you are absolutely right nobody deserves three dead like i'm gussetis is not any form of anything lawful or godly it is completely that epicene oh were better than this you know it's like i think those of us who have been researching for a very long time have seen probably just about you know we probably seen the things that hit the hit the precipice of of evil you know it's like an end if we win we have to talk about this we have to talk about things like the the ritual sacrifice this going on i don't know anybody seen as i have put some of the stuff on my channel either but i'm i'm willing to because i think people need to be aware of it and i'll just put a warning on see an actual sacrifice of a human being and what they do to me and now it is you want to come smack face he showed a video to some friends one timersome they were talking and so you ran on to see what's going on and and there like yet i like okay here it is and i showed him a video of two adult males that were being sacrificed in what they do it isn't even talk to what he happened to those two girls that were in the hominy penshaw they how they what they did to the and this is not like just killing the abinaki ling raping although that's part how they did men who wotteth because this has a way more to do with torture and with with piteous red beyond the explanation of what happened for though it will life or mortgage transference i saw i've seen a couple of those one with one ah and the end of the post that sort of thing and it's and this is what we're living in with her right now an undiscordant like i will not live another day going along my nice merry way without giving everything i have to my last to fight in form of a and you know that it's it's just so rampant and i think all of us need to steel ourselves and say this isn't happening as long as i'm lying on the planet i'm going to do whatever i can to defeat this type of evil i think i think satanism needs to be needs to be categorized as crime is in any one that's participated as in crimes against humanity because there stated a gandandel ritual sacrifice as well as all kinds of horrible things that they do to pope and in itself and then i think we need to just go ahead in and call it one is oh men and they are right you know this is a war on atoning d then they think that they can walk in and do whatever they will with no consequent her whoever they can or animals or whatever it is and just and in their demented thinking and such in this stuff is going to have to be a dress i know this is a dark topic down on thursday afternoon arthur's a morning but a sober can't just keep walking away from this and pretending the stuff doesn't exist and hammocks what in the forefront of our mind not as somebody who's a victim but some who serves god almighty and will not will not and cannot tolerate this kind of a couple kaninahoic those can inhale a voice but because i saw it not everybody half on but i saw a glimpse of it and that was enough to make me share the story of that reality and i know i'm talked about having dolts new goats and on caring to learn about goats from a new perspective and asking questions of people i learn why you after be careful just in the process of selling a goat kid because some people will happily take them as their new pet i stock in a and apparently even in michigan there are a lot of people who will take that goat kid not just for food but for some kind no for vitalities and it's not nice and if you raise that form in a male like you and i do you're going to care where i go so you have to ask questions and from what i've heard the culture is such that you can help upon meeting people like that exactly what they're after the pretty open about it so it's not hidden i had no clue that this was the thing until i got into goats pakeha done it you want as you want to start a little go far good by neimeyer who take my little goat kids and i take good care o them and raise them well and enjoy them and it may be at them later on after they've taken good care of them but not torture them and in insinking of rich old sacrifice men i didn't even know this was a thing and it's just it's it's a little more silly because it's it's an animal it is not the type of torture it we've been talking about previously i mean how much is going on right around us that we don't even know about which we can't do anything about until we recognize it and that's where i'm talking about with all this other stuff and politics we have to acknowledge that there is a problem before we can address it and seleneck where is this wake up process is okay okay here we have a problem we see it now o now it regendo we have to recognize it oh you're going to give me my own gurnett's what it is in him which has more or contagions i think on what people could as now when i was in when i was in college which as you know i went tonegotiations like i almost sixty so that was like two years ago for three years going as they started when seventeen years old so i was in i left home which college she and in painwithout in such because i worked all the time and anyhow i was i think the youngest member on staff at position that i was in and what was really interesting is that there was a problem in the even at that time so that old be in the early eighties right and eighty eight one eighty eighty eighty one eight to eighty eight that period of time where you would eat the lot of the staff were really concerned because even in the residence halls they would find a sacrifice god in the bath room over once in a while and it was actually a rope then what so this is not like a new thing this is one and and you is it you know i mean that's that's too in hayonwatha dan harte's jumped in right on the head where is switched open serment on to it had hiding grani kind o like that the string that you use yeah his yeah you know i kiss will talk about us about anything i don't think there's any topics that are off limits for me and your any rate you know we need to we need to address all things and i'm so against the whole satan at nonsense and evil is out there and i think we need just call it out to ones and then i can't be stopped we need go back to godly government and godly governance and to put this nation banithee the ones that left god heinlein in the fall on our face before him and spasles help aside of this mass which we in fact the hot house stand the more i'm good the pot that the good lord deliver have so let him not there a pretty nice even had he although the horse is like it with last snow so unhappy for that any so what's happened in at the end world we got we had talking about this morning that we're going to talk about you know the the geo pecannati as well as the ideapantin croon on in pretty outspoken about about her because i like christina i've always liked christine i think she's a really good so i think that a positive thing ah you know ah some saying that i still not a party fan if i don't like the but i like christina and so and in that then also the new are new law suit that that we thrown out there which i'm not continuing to fight i know you fight like a honey badge or thus like ideamere all there just swing and follow throw a the convention when a lot of people don't realize a minimum of three a instinto year election and elections after one twenty we realised a congressional twenty first the lection this for the republican party like montoni or amice or can but they also en forty dolls thirteen died are to a state con where the on election then the that the a convention here the voice no leather a lot of new delegates november those delicate once in changing the voice of many of the as many of the reformed he can we say people then there always americans he plodded and down invention out come and the upstart frsten acre we will call it like it is that came regulations to christina and you know and every one involved in the it is pretty exciting it was be one of the that go to the state seal the republican or posibilities one is in the election advancing candidates the values that are so complaintfor which no right to lie cricklum issues that were faced you know there are a lot of in it but in mention it that that's cannot like the number one is she right there if if we don't have freed far oletin were sunk and if we don't good candidates so i i'm really really happy to hear all that one of the critics that i had the failed at many levels of the there their non appearance wearing five candidates and many an up and down the ballot were whether they the borders sandeman ing for way and hostile to join in election litigation or and escaping the right de a lot of work work that's so positive and the week have been encouraging people that you know you here good and bad all there and the processes is that you've got we've got somebody in place i think everybody should crawl christinot and then developed relationship with her and say what can i do to help you know don't don't start criticizing i been watching things in some of the chaps out there and there's a lot of complete that are criticizing david down herself there in that sort of thing and this is not the way to process works an if they save that your cries then they should grow that person personally offer to help and if they see things they don't like to communicate but not just to be a naysayer out in public because that is from hell and it's not part of the process is not helpful and that's not the way sips to work the crocheted two backings there the first one is and just like governor is not a line which a body important that people understand the come in the diet they have rested some followed one your resumed that you were a member of to act in lead within and is not all one orders are not some sour grapes and his going who is right to lead the party at this when i've heard or by people running on the and i were able to mold to lie more than may be and of the or for the man convention i will say will doesn't have whereas on the back interesting about the already in the nasse a chief things still thirty days form her administrate a lot of after happened when there is side note i was to be invited to go down there enter brought a team for the transitional meeting it i find she had union and from around the county representing all kinds of i was from up north to was guy from the west o is from the east coast he she had we had about an hour and had desires the ternal in the michigan hope had quarters had basically i mean the everybody had lost and taken other jobs in administration and the state committee adjourned with find the happen and on i vait emile account then sat up counts have the tone administrative is he a lot of congratulatory calls old jack in for power and and she quietly going about doing the unseen things that are necessary a regiment animator and do nothingother which find all the right he doesn't know how to lead it leading in together the as right well when my whole thing is to stop the new saying in and social media that i see out there with me now with people trying to sell his odd discontent out there and so my redirection from them is stop if you don't like it don't don't tell me you're here you know you followed the bible or god if you're going to sit there and just start love and bombs and you know and not willing to do anything yet your must better off to actually get the game reach out does so he and i would expect her to respond this is one way communication at this or so othenin erest ingly enough is meet with her for coffee in a bag already before we went over there lastly that we did before we got to carson proved in the prayer i want that's so arioso well when i wish everybody lock in in this so hatlock of blessing in which every blessed during this this transition time and then it goes very well and that we get control of or of our she there is no control there we have a head we have the any leadership and the state of moschican for very long time sound so well this haven a den where i just want to say one close and comment on that and that prominent in and candy anti establishment movement to national sa first at you know indorsed and i i personally have been the against the god christine rose batoche for a lot of reasons ah you know there was strong even general plan and michel en dow came and campaign christian bob was walking the line there's a lot of direct that at a national level ccasine integrity world or what have to understand that this and that happened at the rally his a lot of hard delegates elected in november the november election there was a lot of training for who ran against a whole huge awareness and the party from the ground up time for that at the age and just happy the twenty twenty meaningful opportunity to effect the twenty twenty and the election now concede judea c to that ring in arrears a great gull sorelygod sound that's that's or some so looking for it to hearing more and more bettertons from that that direction cause i think that i think it's a very good thing so you shoot somebody how we find the gods yeah we finally got aristophaneses lost esopian right so realizes that litigation is necessary but i spent the and sometimes dial processes how we go about in civilized sis reading on and down i thomas the savage it can be honestand as cases presentase for those listening is that done entered into contracts with oh in a very common it and many candid a lowly and that the signature gathers go out in moorsomite in indicating where they reside townified in the end sc intestate have done their job under old tom penalty of and then those pages prose company that you no signatures and remote any names and voters they are illegal what the companies the company and the individuals that were involved in one not only in a bastassero a in the worst case scenario ah you know did this as a fraudulent and intentional and so once we i filed our pleadings and made our allege dave answered and now there is some amendments and so dingman will enter on a sokind of the discovery and i know down that you would like to know this and whether there is some unseen hand behind it and then we know that the risen but see if we are able to so this even though teneral you respectfully waited for her on investigating take at now you're going to have to spend your own time and energy and money in your blood swept and it we with this type and there on that that something that we got to just keep swinging because it states americaamerica process but it's worth fighting for saw that fighting never stops as this fight will go on as long as there are as evil and evil people we have to continue to fight out and i think i think this is really important i think it's important to call people of old and to make sure the son he may substantially change or election post or fragilely shame roland that's that's going for to determine the you're no unfortunately and when you go back to his goallege edge and when you go back to some of our founding price seperation of the powers on the and balanced one of them that there is often a he was the state or whatever it elsewhere branch of government and that is the can the admise oftentimes those countability for their action and do you know the legislative can change their power peter balanced on a judiciary if you wanted to put in et kagon the michigan elections and trying to term and if there you know a problem in the twenty twenty two nor with what happened as far as locking the gentleman as from the ballot every everybody should be looking at that process a fact that to elect people that we would like going and do you know i have a lot er now that whether it was you continue to go forward and you found the way on the ballot and a lot of people and get a lot of ah well i'll tell you what voice of what is said to me was the alarm bell on people take on that and we have to fundamentally change which within the republican part don't lose tout people in her interest in being a candidate later we can the party the saints and i think that you were in a very very important voice on that last line and instead i thank you i thank you a lot i really i really do think that there is a valley and going through this process even being attacked as hard as i was and certainly silenced and pushed out of the way by the republican i mean that was that in desperate that that that was that was half and so i may they they were literally choosing elevating selecting in installing the candidates that they wanted to be inserted and that's why we were gone at it was the family of the art oh in my opinion plus the whole election intoning the whole thing works on but the process i find with rothapfel because i can talk about all these fields because i experienced on first hand and can sick this is how their hack in our elections what's going to one this is why sieur choice and the will of wheat per is not exist at this point the it's because it's broken from bottom have bonbons to to get in there and hicks it it's going to take all of us to get in there and pulled together as not not political parties right now are functioning is they here work that they have the structure of cold not as an actual of agony and it's all special interests so with knowing christina and her integrity fact that she stepped into the republican party i don't think she's going to put up with a snap and i i really happy because there are so many different areas that need to be removed i'm a giraffe that it's going to take a city know a thousand people at christina step forward into different roles and say we're just americans and work in a right this nation were comfort into the hands of we the people not we called a personality parties or special interests were going to get handle on this into it the correct way i just i just want to thank forestina for all the airs she stake and she's done the same thing that you do a lot of our other people like general plan of taken a lot of aloudfirst for us because they love the one and and i i preciate every every offer she's put into soidisante resting in it i want your to be aware of this and you are going through the challenge of in the face the fact that you cambell that with grace and calmness and so a successful you can into see eleven strongly the god was leading now in the direction for the process of exposure exploration and do you know i and social media is an and i think that entire process and how you conducted your now fierce but ah ah you know you were at the same time you were very on understanding that nearer gods and control and in i don't know what people followed your are realizing as a woman face you you and embolden and strength in my face the way honestly and fairly and in with great groody so i want to think temple and and also talk about the arrows coming it's hard wind poor in your face i just saw telegram a few minutes ago and reading for my doctors on checked up they had people standing there the whole people were barking like dogs a complaint and it his convincing the at you and your big a manoeuvre under that type of pressure but not let them dictate how you're going to be go about making your the commissined rship under pressure trait that he i think with the close relationship with god that both you and christina has one told it out esben well thank you and your grandly right it's like it the edredeshede on on this for a while here i have and the fact that god is in control the do not have to be afraid and when somebody is filled with fear or anxiety their probably not walking bad and relying on him and not that we all get perfectly on rekindled st to god too are you knowthat he here first in strength his are life srattha ease of as we walked to the lake and is there is an analogy to his sikonile talks about walking in or short the blacking and christ or living in re i think about it as were we literally become we become wrapped and god's as and pray that the world sees him and not as with our failings its human beings we all failed that's said and when people say that there is that they have no sin in such unlike right you are born with it and here you lack in a finished and he on till you go back to be with god this is the nature of being there in no fit honestly oh you know just put into but we want to put on we want to put on one of god the in our thoughts and our words and our actions and realize it we have him around us at all points in time and that we don't have to be afraid of matter with the new saseno matter what what we see or here cos most istake anyway in a gold back to wot's real and i ah i have you not you know i have a very very special needs to honor and a lot of times we have to in her back to reality he what is real you won't then touch the descoings but in believing the mainstreamed here believing probably a lie and bible so that it would be wars and rumors wars we live in a culture of rumors we need to pull it back and and pour everything back to forts before most god and then we'll walk the way circle as they come in on an interesting because in all three of them the gospels we his talking about the times of the last day starts off i do not be distant which is a something that everybody should be aware that there's going to be so and you know this going to be a form of religion the spirit of anti christ that denies as the son of god has been to go round but there is also going to be magical signs and on one or going to say well this must come and do you know in order to avoid desert people have to be grounded in the word of god and that is i measure and we talked bodices in knowledge in these last days but your acts the are somebody didn't have in seventeen hundred or nineteen if you want a measure well go home and come from a bible are you know petethat's how one way to measure wealth in the world to day is amazing to me when i'm doing my bible study that i can you an applicant my phone is called parallel plots sexes in and i want to click on the rd take me into a high concordance rose and in people studied the and i would just take courage all of your listeners express our people like me who it's so long and so far that they don't even own a ride back in and down in startling the covers and in reading then this timeless information that he god sent us some message it it is real initis it is like and that and he's always there in scripture to tell you what you need on that day the end one of the things i like doing his all to lottery bible fall and whenever wherever the the pages or allowed tintlost reading there and tombthere it will be tore and now to concocting that can you know what god's trento tell me on that day i will just fall open to my favorite path so a right she followed the psalms one forty or well well there you go why feel about betterfrom personality right now because i'm usually in the worn fight most of the time on my goodness of my fortress my high tower my my trust he lord what is takes or the son of man that thou takest and is like to an his days are shadowed that passeth oh yes so as clever cool so in any way thing else going on i mean to ah that you hinquest on ah so dis forclear ity cause she kind o totondit briefly ah what don is what do indiscrimin with thought his case it's a civil case but it could be calm something criminal if i understand this properly clear that a twill be investigate to the attorney are the findings of fact that were made by the border state the surgeon tidioute to the actual grounds of their establish the elements of sister criminal proceedings thank she can bring as and during that there is remedies that can be obtained and right now you can her for men or any of the other equable remedies and the day over to find that what hapned and oh the potential for damages and refunded the money that he a paid this company i based upon their cone guaranteed or and these individuals did not do it i mean it spelled out real clear and it's a great question care in the election you sign a it's not the one circular who signs the and its he that is committed and nelly tried to indicate that these fraudulence in the common the nominal between them which group of actors that we have now brought here we are and be no initiate dilations and constitutional amendments and referendums coming around and do what what is the real interesting me is the general has fulfilled her obligation a dress corrupted the process in and oh yes it's kind of its kind of interesting but i think that some of the stuff is going to lead to criminal prosecutes one of really bad actors which we have to remove people from being able to work in any of these processes they have committed a cos they their integre out there for every one we one of the interesting lack erof that one of the ice that one of our in this case that we have so he has done this ere when catiproca ed and yet you know when down to see they say as and in saw that implicate glasshopper it there he now so we have a big problem you know that the biggest problem i think we only united states is the permanent government which really is controlling e quasi elected government in place those those unconstitutional a department and such that that seemed to be controlling everything and just allowing the elected fish he placed it two only have so long of a lease before the jerk on back and to protect the permanent he sat it so what what are we looking for and what is the next step it sounds like someone has been served that the process is just started really right so what is the next step what what shall we hear next from from down on her i that's a great question to karen so the first thing that i would tell you it was drafted there is a process by which the undersind twenty eight days to respond after being served once regards service and the rest then what happens is there is a a process we on their responses as an opportunity to the pleadings which will define what he a case for controverts his candid defined by the and i what what'll happen next is after that wilde and that can be done through written question i british document the and then following that pre trial motion some which are positive in which he when the case without needing a trial that there or if there claims things are barred by law is a process cord narrows the issue for the fact in either jury or bench strile in this case would be a jury trial to i'll make a determination if a person has commented a civil wrong civilcases about and what the remedy and i so it's very early in the post every post will to an examination of communications or people that were in directing that the front line people who are acted and that will give a chance to begin to ask some questions about what is going on i i am on smooth a closely monitoring and done you know to be able to comment on what what has happen at an end ride whatever assistance i can important he often and i think you for a whole work you down i mean i don't i don't know if any of everybody really probably nobody really understand the amount of work that you have done and that you are doing constant linens and it aeschrion hart men is one of the unsincere out there that rose more hours then is the oranybody i've ever hit my life the stages like three hours of sleep a night and then thinks right back and again tearing around like a savage you know be not all the bad guys and make it sure that people are doing the right it and i just i just really want to thank you for your time and everybody the stand eround you too for the hard work they put into savings with the elections election technic as well as the process and i have so much respect for you i really do and and oh i just really preciate everything you're doing well thank taccomon it's hard for me to to hear a nice thing but he saying all those tones are my assessment on wisconsin my session is correct so we stand on it gamblenot i won't go pulsations told to bring a report that people like me can understand you know he gives me the legal ease what also enough in common terms that we can we can follow along i have one more question ah how long do you think i at this kind of case may take what is your expectation before the medes some kind of remedy or conclusion in the case in several cases are slow it to give you an example still scrambling to recover from the cove like i mean i just solved and settled some took back in twenty nineteen as criminal cases may take post over the dock that being said you know the judges have time lines to orderly moved in his canoe finalized unless there osamenor default quickly and in it could go on beyond the twenty twenty four let i could be a resolved you know as quickly as maggie two hundred and twenty days depends on how the judges docked is and are the scheduling order which hasn't he are the amount of discovery that needs to be taken and done pretrial hearing said to be made and then when you get access to the but when your dan with the damage she unfortunately because you can ah changed in real time what is going to happen in which your dressing you are crying to a redress of wrong that and as whatever damage or word gets interest back to i eventually that the dane to find as it's unlike hold where you are asking is agrable relief like performance or two enjoined he stopped something to prevent further hard the form of the one here somebody is incarcerated to the firm of the line somebody walked in a molanassa question on a case like you know i would tell them expect twelve to thirty six and out wilder then we can to viciously make it to get to resolute i think it's the pale you have dragging the plot of the shadows in erthe light he takes one but longerstirring and o the keepe that were involved to the light through this generally people don't commit crimes so i unfortunately i i thank you are donecan plotting me can interrupt your conversation and i'm sorry i was late run into a hard stop at twelve thirty and now i'm sorry to ten thirty to jump on to a conference called in i have i just wanted to jump out of this portion of the shell with the prayer as the great or crafty his words and plowright now so onright on shore you my hair doctor's office why are so many there so anathemen father west fornander strong voice and we asked the ecotone to a right the crooked scales in michigan and to fix out the or biassed the people be done through our lives and to come have a personal relationship or recite you would encourage and stir within heart's read your word gets to know you and a personal relationship orarian the support she has to the show in her very very important or stafforth you would bless the individual that or behind the scenes especially if the danes daughter to day and then she was mentioning which is asthore and one came her family and in the charlady for the sacrifice is this family makes for donate which thank you for your continuing a guidance and lord he so much about your so we just asked the people would be aware that you just start looking at your requirements or as within the individual choice i am were the memories all while the cave i have a great dancethe morning and manolesso jump off here than carinnot of a few words and then we hold we see again soon he i don't my spare to had on its oh they do as by my so i got to say i like it as you because they got the greatest vet school for equine equine medicine and othotwo so solteros ama a wooden there if i had had that to be one of were so up yes so there there go that's kind of a nice up day and what's going on with there's a lot going on behind it in in many different many loss its going on i'm still on the one with america's project in election integrity that was fun he too that what is still of in play and that strength the twenty twenty election if we do not write that twenty twenty election we will never have an honest and never again in so that wheat we can jump off of the fact that crime was one and all the other sessantiplicre through the charge lost in morning hayohayo people died to push their in gonda from really does care ah from mike widow like wide the whole world's big lot love my son's friend was trafficked by her own day now that's that's a big problem when you have parents selling their own kids which where seeing that in mass a mouth which is really sick what goes wrong in somebody's mind sales their own child i i in people a varry sustained you for openly discuss tossing the disused every mind is that gods atrocities and more and a hearers are cried thank you jesus for hearing or crock ends and stopping i love this animal torture leads to people or yet that that is so that's a problem when you see somebody abusing the animals you know you you know your provydeing with somebody who has got a hard wiring problem in the brain garry said go hill stale a die sustain you so much down at carron and dank and for sharing all that oh you're welcome ah you're welcome things ah we're going to share a thing we can't and i'm just going to be really open about everything the there is there is so much good going on and if you look past the narrative of their trying to to install into our brains to make us afraid and distracted he owes to stuff all over the place you've got to stay focused in the best way to do that is the focus so right now innocation here a minute with something is enything else news worthy that you want to talk about carnegie i think it's time to for me to and the show because i've got a got some means to i want to read proverbs fourteen got go ahead and formulate ideas and proverbs fourteen it is a sin to despise one's neighbour so stop table tailing on the neighbors guys that's proper fourteen twenty one or turn in a minutes of communists like you to do not stop turn people into these these and legal de facto evils and such try to reach out help but blessed is the one who is kind to the net before twenty two do you not those who plot evil go astray but those who who plan what is good find love and faith all hard work brings a prophet but mere talk led property the wealth of the wise is in their crown with the folly of old yells folly truthful witness saves life but a false witness whoever fears the lord hasn't secured fortress and for their children it will be a refuge the fear of the lord is the foundation of life turning a person the snares of death a large population is a king's glory but without subject a prince is ruined whoever is patient has great understanding but one who is quick tempered a hard piece gives life to the body but envy the ball to the state there will be blessed have a great day focussing now that he's in charge and that we're going for a god is in charge the good guys are in church the bad guys and satan are only on a list and that he go only so far and honestly we turn our hearts back to god and ask god to help us that that leash and any power see his anywhere on the globe and so turn your hearts to god and watch what god does he will literally watch you literally once the evil and destruction around you follow and you walk right up through the middle of it and not be so walk away from her bellasis here we got here go to me would be please go she brinborion because i am not conceding the twenty twenty two elect and a carriony last word yeah ah justeth it on firstwhere i was going to there's a story about the who the hoo tried to shape america's pandemic policies and so on i'm not buying into that that's torontothe have no control over us that morning about it the wood does not care what you have to say you don't have to write the letters they are not going to the city they do not care is there a genther going to keep trying to say what they say i think it's another sign that they are packed don't fear the hoo he can know you just read as script her fear of the lord that's what we should be concerned with so i'm not concerned about the hat or nuclear war or whatever is going on distance yourself from the fear created by all these stories put on the armor of god paynalton worry about it and i've got a plant with its there's three lot they're three bills that were filled for gun control and i the a i got a plan so we're going to let em make themselves look as unconstitutional treasonous and stupid as they can because we don't way round this the leslies playball within a little bit discrtion we're going to play at all them because there's the way out of this and it's going to bury them it'll it'll bury them quickly and easily and the tale so that's confusing o god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless him ere we got this we got this like worcesterthe and all all is well setaceous later have a great day praise god and a revival starts in your hearts see his own personal revivals every day so love you thinks carent thanks for being out on much the optimist thank you you do is that my nice