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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 11/4/2022 - Live - Jason Jones-His Hard Line & Karen the Riveter

Published Nov. 4, 2022, 9:02 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i'm donna brandenburg and it is let me make sure i get the day right economy brain is not overload right now it is friday february for february again i did it last time to white historian november fourth twenty twenty two we have how many days left four days left before the election i am very encouraged at what were seen out there and show the centenarian in view here but fridolin gave me my takeoff for them to come and come in for her gave me a present yesterday and elicited about it we've got the new paper earrings and a friday we've got our think and we've got our magnet pepper on yourself were but i put the ring back on so in lots of things in the news we got some big news still coming out of brazil and you know it's really shocking to me is how many people don't really know yet what is in fact going on there that it boggles my mind that people are so unaware of their surroundings even to the point of looking at what's happening in brazil quite honestly because i believe that what we're going to see or a somewhat of it in the united states he wore a adoring care on a minute jason be here in just a second and will start the morning with her chin we just up here going he carding goodmorning good it is the best state in the best country in the world and we survived our two year anniversary of stone solemn election to good day it's a good day yeadon went in to meet bestowing when he got knocking about on jason show and their life their life doing forgive these people while we forget people but anybody that that committed crimes against humanity not a chance they knew what they were doing so there's my quality call fire and now all my little swords down some amiato get in my little white pony with my sword out i just let her have it you know the fly the how are you this morning tired i want i'm not getting enough sleep and that's just the reality of things i need to get out a better sleep schedule as when it really boils down to but my brain was working really hard again last night and and i think i was dreaming again about election things while you know that not to it's like last night we were all at one louis in again and what a great time that is it is so much fun all the showing up there and and just such a such a great group of people yes that that garry and dog drove across the state to be there with all of us after the after the trial that suited the agave you puppies garry was carried as to you which i think is really cool thank you mary and thank you down and it was such a such a nice night and such an honor that they all they all came to join us you know and and what a wather i can't even believe the people that are supporting this campaign that are supporting taking back the united states how committed they are you know that the people that are typically supporting me it's more of a heart thing than it is a party gang mentality and you've got two choices you've got a heart my own ego mind and i met devilgrass night is really excited to see him i think i was the one of spotted them i recognized him for his profile although he didn't have his mustaches anything that's caryatid a high fireshine seen me before i didn't know who so i am to be myself and we get to know each other a little bit and what they fence they shouldn't have but they said every one else is more concerned for them that they are concerned for themselves that they the sitting coffee because they understand what's going on and they are true american patriot we had had the lot of fun you know it's you know people bring their kids and so it it's a kind of a family family friendly and i hate to say it but i'm like there also for the fish tackanash takes and so there's a flood for damariscotta fish takes a train taste you know one of the greatest foods on a plan yeah i so so what happened in and careworn now we had a talk about the dog yesterday and and dog seldomest night well you just out of the fact that i have dogs yes they are said amenothes was often ianthe's something that i've chosen to leave off career and something i shared i shared my blood i'm carried the reminder until graham and some of my personal health stories because those things i hope will educate in a courage people and in form and my case i think we've i've had coontree times a natural path she you know a lot of blood over the years and people who have this particular kind of issue have particular kinds of symptoms so i shared what my blood looks like when i'm doing well and when it looks like even when i feel better but i'm still dealing with stuff so it reminds us to the hydrated an adequate amount of rest supplement yourself you could take care of your body even when you start to feel better those kinds of things yeah what's going on and i'm sitting here with my orange juice i don't drink coffee and i had a little pepsy last night in the caffeine at my heart thumping so i just don't i've never dry cough i don't like it but right the smell it just it's not for me the aliceolaters on a little coffee you know on my second cup here this morning already so what we been trained to communications a dean what's going on and were talking about the elixir of life which is coffee right now if thou they go karen's in the middle she doesn't dream coffin i feel sorry for you i don't think i can initiative and retire get out of the shop we have we have advanced strategies for staying away coffee you know as i was feeling pretty italian allows me the last few days i just haven't hadn't felt a super super grade you know and yesterday afternoon i was i was trying to decide how much i want to get up and out and about and i think it's just the fact that i've been running such a long schedule and run in a hard schedule i think it just finally was like i need sleep bodies but in his more sleep so i slept for a little while and my daughter called said you want to go for a very hoarse becker i and i'm like not really but i go i'm going to do it so i don't we jumped out we went for horseback ride long roast in a wee are now in the woods in the weeds and the batter i fell you know just riding around with it the sky and we went we went down a path that a light led into another story which is kendal looked up and probably ten feet above my head there was a big red tail hawk sitting in one of the trees just kinetic it can never moved you know it's really funny that when you're on a horse the wild life does not register you as a human being so the hunters which are coming in hunting season they all get back she weally a people shoot over our heads as we were riding in the woods and the hunters will have shad over our heads trying to spot the horses the time on that not in quite a while because they got the riot act read to him in a big way but the deer do not register riders neither does neither does do the hawks or anything nothing registers the writer they see it a horse and they register pray they just kind of sentiment you go past i mean you can ride right up next to the deer and they could care less the hunters were smart they would you know smarter hunter would actually you know get somebody who actually had horses then i understood their path and as because when you're out in the woods a lot you you start watching the behaviour of the animals and you know you know i wetherhead down you know what they're doing and and where they trouble as well as you were at the only thing is this that if you boxer in the rut they there's been times where we've got close to a bucket have a couple of females next to him and he'll look at the horses and they put their heads down and their just like you know you're in my territory move and and there's been a few times where we look at a yeah i think that guy means business you know that's that's taximan's protecting his girls which acatlan the guy for not at all you know and so soon a couple of tins of readable had done and he'll start advancing a word you you just give me a isn't it amazing that what nature does i saw something the other day not sure it is but it seems to make sense that the mind needs to see water i guess would ruination proposes for health purposes and makes sense because and why do people like going to the beach or sitting by a stream or lake though something calm in the boat and i wonder if there's some scientific evidence that the just bite simply looking in hearing water right is really good or yeah i think it's getting away from all of the the electronics i really really do you know we need to get we need to take breaks from that and take our time to pray i really loved your prayer this morning and i would i would love for you to read that in tenanted because i think that that was a bad that's let's close with that to day later on because i really really love that prayer and honestly we are in such a spiritual war right now this is a spiritual war what we see we think that it's a it's a war of invasion of our nation which it certainly is but there are deeper darker things at play and you know the satanic element of you know the panshanger men that have been elevated his hodenosaunee a compromise post and what better way to ruin a person's life than to cast him where the kid you know doing harm that child to be able to compromise them in on them the rest of their lives and if people don't think it that's what they've done to our politicians or people in charge the wrong this is so prevalent that that it's going to be very hard for people to to really really understand and that you know it's like i'm sorry i actually listen over bring i subbose i think this is important to talk about all subjects i listen as you know being a bit of research i'll go down the rabbit hole as far as i need to to get to the truth i it is kind of it i'll stop your heart with sometimes with some of the stuff that you see and and and you know and i could recount what i've seen and have have documented a good portion of this but it's really horrific thing and i listen to the testimony of one of our congress or are it was a congress and it was a woman or it was a woman who was raised to a child by some one who was a congressman and she she talked about the congressman crying the whole time that he was reaping her as a child and i think she was under to when he was rapine and hurry counting of it was he cried the entire time i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm so sorry but his family was his family and people's lives around him were being threatened and that was his way out to protect his family so when you taught the people are you see what's happening to you know we talked about guiltiness that that there's something called the double bind strutted into when the growing them when their younger and i know somebody who does a lot of work with with well call it deliverance men the stories but it's also therapy and a double binds work they'll have like a two kids who are simply in younger siblings and milton of the subplanes you either kill this baby or your sister will die and so that child is sitting there deciding life between a sibling or killing an innocent baby and there's been so many people that will come out and talk about this that that have been horrifically compromise in the psychological with and the insolent once they killed the baby but to save their sister than the stateness will tell something like seeing you are a bad person you are evil there's no hope for you which is which is a it's wrong and it's a lie from the pit health how itself because starways going to lie there an i all the way through and so to go in and say you know what a lot of these crimes and a lot of these things that happen were not necessarily always the fall of the person that committed the when you have children that are put into a double buying like that you know the appropriate response for those of us christians who understand exactly what's going on is to go in and say you did not make that choice freely that wasn't free choice when somebody puts on a buying like that and titanic church and look at them on baptizing people in texas recently we don't think that this is the enemy that we're up against is organized they know what they're doing and you know then then i'm sorry i can't help anybody because this is truly what's going on behind the scenes and you don't have to look too far to find out or to watch it got talked about it from beginning of time below more grenetat is block lucifer and molick because these these are all absolutely ancient toward the world with the war on god himself with that because their part like a micrometer ment banastar told about that that person that patsy mind was milder you familiar with that so milpitas boston read this this is very interesting the milk an experiment was famous in controversial study they explored the effects of a sort on obedience during the nineteen sixties the university which i got my thoughts on that insolent that's a dormant yell university psychologist family mill a series of obedience experience experiments that led to some surprising results in the study and the authority figure order deliver what they believe lucia shocks to another person oh i am i am to malta yeah yeah he'd go and tell everybody what they did because because these results suggest that people are highly influenced by authority and highly obedience more recent investigations can't doubt on some of the implications of milking and even the results and procedures these by its problems has without question made initiation psychology what was the milker migrated in experiment a ninety sixty one lets get to the miserable procured of the experiment the participants in the most famous variation of the experiment were forty men recruited using newspaper ads okay in exchange for participation each person was paid for all the pity malevolent and intimidating shock generator with shock level starting a fire evolving easing increasing in fifty ointments and all the way up to four hundred and fifty the many switches were labeled with terms including slight shock moderate shock danger shopkeeper and a final three were labeled simply with an ominous the role of who then the lever a shot to the student in a neighboring room whenever an incorrect answer was given prince alive that they were delivering real shock to the student was better in the experiment who was only pretending to be shot experiment progress it would hear the learner to be released or even complain about heart condition and once they reached three hundred fold level the learner would bang on the wall in the belief beyond the learner became completely silent refused to answer any more questions the experimenter then the the silence as it incorrect response and deliver a further show ten experiments or whether they should continue the experiment or then responded of commands to prod the participate along with these work commands please continue experiment requires that you can it's absolutely essential that you continue you have no other choice you must go on results of the experiment the malapert obedience was measured by the level of shock that the reticent was willing to deliver while many subject became extremely agitated to strut and angry at the experimenter and they never continued to follow orders all the way to the it is very interesting though you were too as when you he was saying and i feel like this is a satanic experiment right here to see exactly how far he a minor man and man that has evil in when i went to you sitooation i came out was the and how people with just now by headlines he delivered because they were told i want the way in their parent it oh i had made myself for a little bit ahead don't think i needed you will ominous i was listening and i just needed from the noise here at the house no we tend to think of these things as something that happened a long time ago oh well that happened over and not to germany that kind of thing what happened here we won't have at tuskegee experiments or these experiments or satanic ritualistic murder of infants here we wouldn't have buttering of children and organ harvesting her oh that only happened in bible coal times that they did things like that or other historical times in history no is still happened to day i mean like a house would he's doing with the beagles what they're doing in other humid experiments now and just they just put a whole experiment on the whole population of the world look at it till happen the kids in the orphanages in new york you know to experiment on them for with the aids virus in my look of some horrific eric pictures look up that one because that is that is unbelievable and these are the people that gave us it everybody should have been given to their kids and and we wonder now why we have died suddenly will you have a monster craignethan tres resolve and i i knew i report came out that the judiciary commencoit republicans released one thousand parrot on bandanna he attacked this morning what is his in the cases about politician change the word weird politician the by politician why would they go that far that's a weird word any of the f b i in that and the justice department so anyhow the key take away from the report of the bi leadership of us is lamorce men authority for political reasons do the abaris inflating manipulating domestic violence extremism for political purposes do the bi down pillared in the spread of the serious allegations of wrong doing living against levins hunter bidden department of this counterterrorism resources to target parents in a fire left educational curriculum the fives in its foreign surveillance authorities department and by conducting an unprecedented raid on former president hall the bi stocking republican congressmen on a family vacation the seas his personal cellphone department and i the i continuing to allow a tax on pro life facilities in to go on a bat while punishing the anti the anti life were pushing us euripus in the anti life a donna the bi conducting an intelligence of a conservatory under the guise that designing one regulated unrelated or ambulator alleged crime the pertinently who refused to align themselves with the leaderships politically theology while it's in our schools everywhere else i don't see why the bi counties would be any different the bi helping big cap to censor american political now are we surprised and yes no not even close it is interesting that they actually that he actually put a report on out on to morrow and the even the moon is going to be run on election day which i think is funny good moon and tasmania to the satanic subject we were just on which significant think it was a bolometer day i saw that just slightly when i went to work it was like two two thirty in the morning about two i walked out of my when i walked in my house i saw just going over on the west and man was a big and lay at the idea definitely look bloody so very interesting about times to day there was something one totties a said that the beholdeth numbers in the polls are are wildly the big i think it said tactic they have no idea what a lot inexactly not so her career irving suspended without pay for at least five games after failing to disavow anti semitism during media session so now we are suspecting people for opinions apparently so interesting i think that that's that's where it's gone and here and there by how brandenburg news that work came into being answer me and were just going to build something to get round you on the outside right you know these people in amaze the level censorship it i don't know i just find it interesting case like i said early this week i was worried that i wasn't going to be able to get you or clarendon with the you know the adhesive i try getting another listener i want to have on his one helping in merchandise and stuff like that right longside we tried for two different shows now and various different ways like the dear alas we cry the winter heaven or on and it was not working now yet that could be proudly to like attest weird because now i see that i be put out the sane and at fontenay november a sunday it's going to be completely down here you're not going to be able to use the platform which your finances taniwha right makes sense is probably not allowed people passionate days or no those time brahms so logically it makes sense but i do find it interesting i hope it really is a schedule maintenance i haven't been able to get people on whatever reason but i keep having all these issues too outside of that with ponamalee had issues you had issues in screaming the heart i mean right y'had all these little issues in all these lovable those two different times were my computer completely seized out when he started talking about pretty heavy topics and also i shut down on i have and after those two of he yeah it's kind of crazy and you know we were talking about the vendean i looked at their concerts coddlin this as we are because they pretty well of cancelled all their concerts and the only the only events that i see is the griffins and the new basketball team there i think it's gold or something like that i don't understand that but that's okay you know it's like i'm a hockey person okay i am a griffin i am a griffin her person i love hockey so that kind of a big deal but to see the concerts all of a sudden one the only one that's on the schedule is to you know and i thought that was fairly significant that is so all on he looked like an i can bring it back up again i'm into undershoot out one more one more news item that i thought was kind of interest lame game as we were talking about the blame game game this morning a fasherie failed the world on covenden and gave him in correct information nice dry sands like some like adamant i didn't know she told me to do it you know what a what a warehouse failure we're all responsible for own choices you know lemminkainen then because i thought the ascendant i'm glad the hockey schedule son in i could say go seaford while yeah so we have we have five finger daponte night and then after that it is and i don't know who coyotes on the but i thought we had keith urban that was supposed to be on her maybe i missed it in no but there's a couple of em i guess but it's not it's not a normal schedule for the mandarin not not at all it is it really is odd it is an it's an oddly blank schedule he got if you go and look at the going the going look at the schedule this is really on you know he what's a hispanian arena the like may be for one got disunion and no metheglin their system the other day but all the sudden all of them all of the we are pretty well gone there is really nothing of note you know they're just kind of minor concert march which is kind of odd you're right easygoing death bunch gilbert but i like both of them yet the ripenin then grand rapids gold woven but i mean i would so so kind of shocked about is the lack of concerts usually usually there's the schedule doesn't look like that i'm wondering if this is a tame istory tidewater but the wisconsin her a rapid it was seti wisconsin heard o my god it because you know is just a bunch of cows she's courmelles curds we the muscogees i found that finality all right we love everybody from wisconsin make fun of wisconsin to day like i graduated high school there pupil was so and marie said one of her grand daughters started hoast year you go that's cool you see the hawkers up close the bloody and bruised i have it now he had besides that might one of my favorite my favorite hockey players was mitcham years ago and he took a pot to the mouth and the posted the picture of it and of course he was sitting right where we were sitting for the next higgayon abate water because you know i don't know how many drugs that they had to pump him full to see an attendant a suit but but that that guy was led and very and i in my estimation i have a guess at all follow hockey too much i went to one hockey game in florida it was the florida panthers and i don't know who they played i just went for the big experience because it was a bachelor party and so they there as you know all you can eat wings an all you can drink beer and wine and a salad i'll go for that he i know i got through the screaming and the allegretto wouldn't have complained about that delia we brought we brought a friend of ours one time and it was it was it was funny a he's a purring guy and he likes going to fight so he came to the hockey game and he got on these manassas brutal like wellhausen one of the butter fights actually and decides served it as i continue looked down the panada list i mean the next thing i see that music related to the transteverin orchestra which i think that would be kind of colonial as wanted to see that then king and country that's a christian and i'm that katy would want to see that he on the december yet if so were you right it's weird and in all the concerts are not normal concerts look it's like a you know it's like i'm not sure i don't know who burnt i don't know what these people are you know but it's just i was just kind of odd because the jesters oh so he omnibus just add how bare the the concert schedule is here so i really really like really like kanakas me quite honestly when i was looking at that going what what's the pause here happening in the concert cedule to nono big names i'm looking at the days to an a lot of the games or whatever they are pears coming too but our cecily yes saturday sunday or friday tiresias year that they have a schedule the schedule was no this is i believe that this he i want to go to a goat rodeo with donna brandenburg but gatesboro me into the state camp at all and you'll see on what i do i have ability to find them there all over the state any of our political offices one of these gods and landing or fainting goats where you can just go up and get the cottontail home my can have you ever seen a fainting girl no this is this is all my bucket oh my but i can probably direct you in that in that direction that and i want to hear a goat like we've been a louis for you just hear do their bright the little buffeting i want to hear one i like green it nobody rameau some very close to you as as jason his impression of a goat we of an anachronism for i'm not sure i am are you can do better than that it's coming for your mom you failed on goat i don't recall having a good go in person he's lying as any i mean i could do a far bessarion for assuage in my bed may well i that was terrible daintily my jewish accent like i can't do it any more i just like a anthony got to get through the whole rotting that while while i atalanta we had socialistic do it any more i just can't we go back to norway that's the way we must go back to the now that's funny i do cartoon voice oh i do like like i can do some of the the will squeaky voices there is this a character on gobelin name with talk and so i thought tacitus thought i has talked and canadian it was just a hilarious you if you know i can do that i can do i don't know little little squeaky voice as my kids always thought they were fine and then some of the voices from says a thought struck was kind of cool move when it came out because i liked the the jump and animation that we saw to shropshire was that the animation involved in the first shrimati really prothalamion a know technology to a completely new era i just changed everything it was a but there my conscience almost the whole move in due all the voices and he's really he's really good a voice this is one of the things that we do at night table talk as we do imprison and or are honestly soda good trump and use the hands it was a perfect one call the best you couldn't get much better i know construction i've done construction i know how to build the wall in fact i will be the best wall that has ever been built it is the best all that will ever be built because i know construct effect i love his hand movements effect just the other day even that behave and i notice is not news worthy people but must sit but he was a story were she as a tale because she kept doing there's a lake in our hands as she is explaining when she's doing and i do it where the italian we can orientalis the my dad this i got to do my dear you could tell how mad he was in us when we were kids by which finger he was doing this on he went the that's your in trouble okay that's your trouble this is the next finger down was he your kind of in trouble when he got to the third finger and he had that thing go on like that you were two steps from death one became you go pick out our militating deadened you know i kayasthas is a kind of in trouble this is heah you is on serious and you're going to die when he got to the third finger mound that's what you see the veins fanaticism all kinds you know her who can de serious right speaking of and jesters i heard that a trump did a bunch of hugest in his rally last night oh no you said the horrible letter he will utter letter of the alphabet to knock us off for san to perquisite thinking in my telegram there i have a very small audience on entresol i reached a hundred and i don't normally look i don't really care about it it was a nice little even number but what caught my eye as i had a hundred followers but i had seventeen following so i took his precautions it in one of my subscribers on telegram said i just went over there and made it a hundred but oh you know what i think we should do something since i'm always accused to be an acute hard they tell me that i should like it diathesis does exist so i do look at it and and and i'm sorry you be that's just how they shut us off i sat up so the one to add their sales people had actually might doubt because somebody asked me when he heard one of these lives are like the totally have seventeen horses i do i will say that i haven't been able to go outside account because there's a lot but there's a board that has a marktbreit her bareheaded of what horse gets what and i counted out curious i can they like it about like yes there is seventeen hours the okay i'm going to read a polite just to in your face to the last person that told me that denounced you now anything things exist even a reason announced anything i think we should read it in evaluating is people don't like it oh booboojee now you know what there was a couple of ways a doating to say no member for this comes from november oosahmekoo the wrong brand my brain is my overheard drives the you know the ever did the other kids just way to your age and you go look at your kids and you go down the names and you don't i tell you boy you know just you know it's like you you call em all by each other's names and till you get to the right one they don't usually happens when your manitoban somebody's done some stupid and they know that they're in trouble when you hit the third name and you haven't got the name right that's the donation of ten third finger and going in so i had an instructor once that he would he look at the wrong person in the classroom and say some one else's name and he did it deliberately because we all move that he was going to be calling autonomist tom who finance who has been in laden handler why was the clowns in america to hunt calcaire you be why not a line we found you be all eliminate a security why would we immediately kill them and not take him alive good question all good questions i had those why would we want to capture you be out late an extract other possible to level of tents perhaps some day people will understand they had a plan to conduct another mass extinction of that world war one in world war two orchestrated and planned by select families fancy land remember the more people there are the more power the people have why do these push regan control directly after every tragic in why is this so very important to their agenda we the people who are they afraid of the people are who they're afraid of we have people are who they fear will one day are awake our father who art having haled bey name that kingcombe thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven are daily bread and forgive us our trust as we forgive those who trespass against us and latest not temptation but deliver from evil sign you i don't know about you with that does not sound like a threat to this nation that well there you go you know what so does that sound i think we should evaluate this you know because clearly this is an entity which exist like and we know that that's communist news network at news so since we know that that's an entity that exists and also there are in fact upsot deciding whether they're good better but evaluating them on their face that does that sound like a threat to his no i've been through a lot i don't think i'm growing i don't know that i've read them all but and familiar enough with enough of four and the language i don't have the time to study it because it's something that you could spend days and weeks on but i a long time ago i did a summary of martin gatty's says one and i thought that was a really great set of objective explanation of what it was in the purpose that it was serving in his eyes and this as i rode home i think in about twenty eighteen so it was a really good way of kind of introducing the people to what it is what it was it is is it's a way of teaching people think for themselves i started with people who were already thinking for himself so they picked the interest because they were the kind of people who like to play games mentally who loved being challenged mentally to a lot of people are too lazy for that kind of thing but that's where it started and they started loringwood in when once they started seeing connections and talking about it with their their friends that worked so into thinking for themselves i started to spread and now you've got a bunch of people who are like we see that there's some things going on in there that makes a it's like there's some predictions almost and yet there is a lot of encouragement through the thing for yourself think for yourself and be encouraged there's nothing terroristic about that it's about thinking for yourself but also supporting one another because we're going to be going through we have been some challenging times i think we've got a lot more to get through for it starts to get better and that's why we have so phrases and there that are repeated so many times about a people like to say the military is the only way that is only in their once twice i think there are several other phrases that are the only way transparency is the only way is the only way those phrases are in there more than the military isn't is the did you know that talking about the armour god is in their seventeen time the i believe at times in the new also have you know the lord's prayer and such there's many many christian references and references to god and in this inn the cups and this is just it's just one it is you know if you want to look the other way while i go ahead and do that but i'm going to look at everything somersham from today is intreaties i was told that i need to disavow can exist upon so how do we do say okay i'm going to disavow this something that exists i think we should look at all of it and sensorial go ahead and create another channel and make another type of a you know communication channel ironlike right now we have brandenburg news network dotcom brandenburg news owercome to replace you to if they sensating about things that they just don't like or that we hurt their feelings andrews network november fourth to thousands of ten number is the repose why did jake traveled to a recently what i say as a known for where the biggest donations originate from why is this relevant why out or else what use is rather with a safe harbor of trance why is there a recent smear campaign against and pots why is the timing import martial law declared in a why is this role of that how much money was donated to see by us how much money was donated to john institute by a how much money was gone and the pose foundation how much more was done and to see as by use what other bad after a ten paid by as a bride not just why did the bush family recently come out against poor who is good what are the laws and save us criminals on information might be gained by these detainees why is this important as a with a right here you what force is actively deployed in a and westmark have faith these the crumbs in time will quit to the biggest drops abergele in our history remember disinfection is real godless allison wonderland the great awakening now there are one two three for five upon the day in history on november fourth that was the first one that popped this sounds like a domestic terrorist organization or does it sound like a bunch of you know not that i don't know i don't see anything particularly wrong rather than questions and i think that this is one of the wars that had been waged upon us and our our university system is to is to discourage asking questions and getting the answer for ourselves and to tentates how be lazy and expect copious the answer the answers or get in and dig arskin questions look of different sources and find the answer yourself same thing with the utterly the election they're trying to get people to be a bunch of sheep and move move in a certain direction somebody somebody as i my answer as a would be what i believe this is due to the fact that there was a complete turn over in the in the government a saudi arabia where they locked up the royal family and some my take on essays probably pop probably saudi arabia when you coordinate it with the events that were happy at the time of the you know i got a i don't know why i thought about this and i had this conversation with somebody to all that and somehow linked with anonymous has always been the real ones right on anonymous before the whole cutting so i wonder if i torkin well one thing i know about a group of expert hackers that probably are in the intelligence a at the intelligence level as you know very very high level genius level type people got in and planted a and planted some software into the nuclear capabilities of iran years ago and this this was this was so genius level that is some in time if i ever if ever you know get to a point of not just been normal you know horse crap shall run in my business as you know i don't like to find out who did this and shake these guys hands because you you know what happened in iran at any annular program like twenty years they planted viruses which planted viruses affected the computer that they were using it so very so i make this very simple but it was absolutely one of the greatest mos and not sure where the originated from but i can tell you what whoever programme those viruses and and they were it was i it was i genius absolute genius i can probably find the articles on that and and oh you know some more substantiation on that we have at all documented so but but that was kind of interesting speaking of that son of the world i was hearing some tebbut iraq and their government that i hear that correctly that the government of iraq the down is or anything on the there's a lot of governments that they're talking about stepping down globally other whole thing going on there that's crazy but yeah i heard something yesterday about i rack like that and one oh i love in this buonarroti this is just some yet you know that that guy is pulling a sled he spit like a landowner there's no way he's going to lay down that lilie fight like a plan yet in there and fight like a flat you bespoke of stop down or to consider stepping down gessman wer is a pretty extasie that this is the time to fight like a flag and up no backdown figure it out for yourself down from ruin you might want to ask diane's my qualified and she didn't have the guts to stay with this she's going to be what she i am i want to see if they was any drops november a in the we i think she just got wet for talking about always oh now she's digitally was there now i can hear you now okay i didn't tiresome didn't get her two three eight and at the bottom it says cannot point to any particular candidate a party prior to november seven we the people fight you are vote matters we are in this together this movement has no skin color attempt to label all those who challenge their narrative as quote races who white supremacy will fall and princes says predictable that so rest and terroristic oh no i'm an i am pained are you finding dara i feel like the offended my race i don't know so talking about somebody posted if you heard the you guys covered the tucker story about the shortage of well yes this has been this has been out there for a while i'm not sure so much in destination is going on about that one but i can tell you one of the things that they did world wide was cut production of are and here goes into death as well as into all of the fertilizer so i was talking to a yearly for the job we run out of the oi've got seventeen seventeen seventeen horses by the way and what the are you an your carbon credits are carbonates for those parts those horses are producing oh my gosh did you hear i did i tell you what my kids told me last that i didn't i couldn't understand that that they were telling me that people actually think that cows get rid of water and i'm like are you serious or like yes i'm like i'm like to people actually think that when cares consume water that the water is gone and the the said ah yes that's what they really believe i'm like you got to be kind our people that barrymore from the world you know like there is a cycle here like we are truly derricking dinosaur p right now it's been recycled how many it interested like like i we do all it but like libation gaston on the great lakes no shortage is here i have been talking with the company i worked for because i worked for a big patrolling and i've asked my regional manor attack with terminal operators might and obviously with my own experience getting dispatched the whole deal stella without any allocation issues so everybody i've talked to the the totski falling on me the truth because he's no at least he now i don't know about the west coast or the east coast words more densely populated by i don't know here in our region and i'm not well it is just like what they did with with petroleum patrolling all ye we're goin to have the rockefellers designated as fossil fuel really how many dinosaurs would have had to die all at one time to make safe in the deposits that we have ten thousand feet under bedrock the whole argument to break the whole argument down is absolutely stupid beyond all by and when the head it may make the path a meeting there was jelland to to put the tag this whole story of a fuel being a fossil fuel to give the illusion in the perception that it is a limited resource and if we don't change to something else more sustainable that we're going to run out of this enarea i i mean i see oil knows like blood in the body you know how you donate blood your body generation no blood while the earth is a living into what was to say that oil is and just like goodsell or manethe find the same compounds coming out of deep water bacteria i'm not biathanatos in the only way that they ever make money as is on transportation so years ago they had certified a whole bunch of wells in colorado and colorado itself as more oil than the entirety of soda arabia just colorado on so when they had certified all the wells as empty out there ten years later there a full again and you know they get like a little wax to pass it on to otaheite deal with but it's like it's like you know there's there's plenty of evidence out there that most of what we've been told is a big big ugly lie well here it down in its real yankee need to stop going with what they think the world is and look at things in face value for what the evidence actually is and stop me and told what it to do what the reality is you know it's like that this is his whole brain washing thing has been going on for a long long time something else i want to really realize and you may i don't know maybe you might know that your smart lady seems like you know lot but as the line by product from we have a ton of ghastly we have a time i guess alien and gasoline by product possessors work in a rout and days an hour twenty one days i ariosto but we have all this gasoline and gasoline to by product of from the the shortage in a tone of gelatinous not there because we got to tom aghast yet were told now because when you refine when you re fingado the petroleum produces you know i started with crude and you start fining down by you know basically cooking it down in two different components at different temperatures we don't we don't have any refineries one of the things that michigan really really should have people get all bad to oh no we can't have refineries in the state of michigan we can't ave refineries as is going to be dirty do you realize that we pelias we have one in detroit we have it i'm sorry yes we have won it so i mean but we don't have like a big refinery ability to refine our products here i should i should estate that again you know it's so most of most of what we have got down to say like the gulf and so people get all bout of shape about product going down into the gulf but there the other's different refineries that refined different products and so not every type of of petroleum that comes from a different areas of the country can be refined and in every nivernais the same at their specific to the type of a product that we were fine so animose there one of the things just like with the food prose we really we suspend or we send the majority of our four beef at a state be prose yet you're right back to that you're saying because there's a refinery out california forgot where california and it belongs to the company that i work for but there in the retooling it is supposed to go live i think in a couple o few years but the retailing it to ah my i guess i don't know within ah i'm not sure how that works but that's what i i find that i beach different refineries refined different products some more products than others yet that i forgot produce the same brodie ah we prefer without oh you great content i i but now my good better try nonsense the refinery be right was pretty big case during coveted to all fuel out of there because they had in order to maintain production they are running out of storage because everybody in our homes to nobody was driving therefore they had nowhere to send us this product out so we were getting trucks from all over the state and surrounding lord the tankers up to all out because all the the other resort terminals were all filled the top and so in order to not shut down production for that refinery the head delay let out a certain percentage of products of the production going on a small scale it was and it was interesting to the look big big what when when you look at when you look at to them the different refineries that you know most of the midwest is based on light sweet crude so you look at the oil the sands the oil sands and that sort of thing from the decousu a people are pitching of this because all that's going down in the gulf to be refined well that's because they've got three fingers that can refine the product and you know it's going to specific locations so when we look at that there's the week we probably should look into doing some specific refineries that can actually you know process the product and just like you know allan sample just sat by local use local butcher will there's just not that many of them see that that's one of the industries that i think we need now as far as poetry we have an incredible and ability in the state of michigan to produce cold and we've got that that's a quick fix for anything that kind of goes go south you know because we do have we do have the ability to process chickens and turkeys and turkey as a is a real quick as a real quick food produce chicken you know i love chickenweed kate was telling me what i present i don't know if you heard this i don't know if you know it susan that in europe but they don't that i don't know where she got i should ask you but in europe that did all that did all like we do here in did you hear that antichrist i don't know but that one i wasn't sure i know the certain that they all allow in europe or blows that preach kill but you spurious if he had heard some way which i do understand this chicken is a very i thought of healthy meat if esaron and natural state and that like a industrial type like a chicken passeriano palaulays call the copasetic en palaces where the galioin their late three deep stories of me that's just that's just really unfortunate but you know i think i think there's just a lot of things that we can do to really really you know spark up or somebody on the michigan home state was saying we possessed but not chickens yet you know i ought to be interested how could it be because that there isn't a the state and know you with your white lot of the ideas you have like you know getting back late greenhouses right how like a half acre you no families right were you thinking of these ideas of what we could do to be more of a self sufficient sustainable you don't independent estate here and so what if the fact that there is a many butchers how whosoever of curacao that were willing and of course if you paid for the service it would be a voluntary thing because you know they have resources that they have to you know in time but how could that be if there be some sort of class that people could take like i don't know how uncouth how to clean them how to feather you know take indefer them or whatever the process now what are you need and it's not like an and chickens are a very light animal that any one can deal with even a tanyard you know that sanine feel have ever addressed a chicken out i have no i have i have and if he is near me i doubt it frosted okay we have processed our own wheat totem and i had a friend that was interested in raising her own just because she thought she wanted to get to know how to do this and so he showed her cheer oh i don't know if he does can hear me i okay she's froze up and he disappears so anyway we we showed them we brought them over one day when we were doing that and showed down and pretty soon they had their own flock and we went over and help them the first time and then after that they think they had a few a few other batches their learning how to feed themselves a lot of people are learning or interested in learning or interested in working with a local farmer to do that now and i think it's a really great thing because as i talked about the other day when you value your food i know this from experience and you know where it comes from and how it's been treated how it was treated on the day it died that makes a difference to me so i think everybody needs to get in touch with that because it's an important aspect of who we are no i i think so we got to get back to older old ways of doing things like it should have been by the way just for the record if you keep seeing my screen of blankets because i'm responding to a tax that's why i go blancandrin out of the studio but i see down as having some issues with her connect every i wonder what's going on there i guess we'll wait till she comes on cause is going to have to cut i don't hear well there you are you is goin to get you i'm going to have to cut blood i got a tone stuff to get done to day is my only day off but i didn't want to scootie you were heavy connects kick orright now i sure can't yet and for the record they could this on his not my periods from from somebody assembly and i think she got it from somebody else is worth right it all now but i thought it was really cool it's called the twenty twenty strategic warfare a little bank be so bear with me here but i father god in the name of jesus christ we now find this mantle canal go away on cancel and forcefully oppose all satanic operations maneuvers manipulation of version strategies pot plants employ are designed to interpret frustrate for i or delay god's original plans and purposes for their quick ready manifestation taken place in their correct time and season which by the way let's reference from daniel seven twenty five we rebuke and dismantle satanic alliances and confederations arrest stop them by the right every covert in he then after an endeavor fail convenes media to be caught in their lying in manipulation so that only the truth is manifest we decree that every seat and estate of inhibition prohibition on the body of christ by the dockside shall not prevail we declare all invisible invisible walls of opposition restriction and delay will be exposed as to confound the devices and ellison and that their hands are not able for their enterprise those that can be saved a lord but those that cannot be saved overtake them in their own craft in devious the fall into their own pits they have done for the righteous let the fire of god devour them let them turn and consume one another have them into confusion and direct we lose the host of to war against the host of the darkness and bringing into all the ups secret and destructive measures designed to destroy all god's creation and to file the world his reason was the son of god made manifest that he would destroy the works of the we all retrospect words and he the nation his curses witchcraft prayers and every idle word contrary to god's original plans and purposes according to is we reverse the curses associated with all the ritual utterances and plans to bring about the chaotic bloody revolution in america to usher in martial law and the new road or the father we humbly at reveal every when i cover up the shadow government regarding their attempts to manipulate and kind of tent reading to the destruction of your right to release your divine strategies and revelation of co any righteous person and government world wide the old man with the holy spirit in calydon with that become upon arrest those that operate in the spirit of jezebel or belial and caused them to be caught in their own lives and conspire let them not be able to resist the spirit of truth or gain any ground in the natural or spiritual love cause every that is released from the debasement to be cast into the abyss until which time may be cast into the lake of but the laws that govern this and all spiritual warfare strategies be binding by the word blood and by these to utilize the corials real all strategies and curses of the enemy by the power of the name of jesus gracewood we decree declared that their plans shall be uncovered and shall not prevail and that their plans frustrated and unable to achieve any impact the threatenings and violent verbal feelings are returned to them one hundred then the vine powerful angelic forces against the dialplate frustrate and expose them so that they will be dismantled on of war angels to enforce her perfect will on the united states of america and on all cause him to be a puppet shedding light upon dark hat and secrets of the wick spirit of confusion among the camp of the enemy let their tongues be divided communicate let it be into her and misunderstood and please cause these prayers and all future take on the characteristics of divine projectiles in the realm of the speaker so that they hid the polite so this in the name of jesus christ in the blood of the land he i love that puritan long winded prayer but an awesome i the type of war or fair that we yes it is and i think you know we can we can go forward with the knowledge that that happily father is always watching over us and that his good purposes are always being accomplished no matter what it looks like on the outside as it is competent as ministers of a new covenant not to the letter not of the letter but of the spirit for the letter kills but the spirit gives like that is second to boot so awesome well i think we should end it there with you painting else you want to say an no i just want to continue to encourage people and remember to thank god in your prayers for all the things he does do and keep him in your forefront your mind we might see to really strange things happening in the next few weeks and months may be daisen and there may be so reason too that some people would be frightened by that i'm not i'm set in companying i'd be a little excited interested curious i'm not going to be afraid and we i we found in this faith over fear drum and i know jason and you also agree with that we need to trust in god and he he's got this his plans are well above ours that always in the forefront of your mind how you react to things how you interact with other people how you respond when other people are responding in a negative way when their fearful they sometimes strike out when they're angry they sometimes struck out at you and what would jesus do holyhead i be kind so love and carrying take care your neighbours your family and and don't worry everything is going to come out we cause nothing can stop what is coming and the best is yet to come and all of those good things and goonundoo matter what happens or when if we have an election i hope we vote for donna i hope she becomes our next governor if we don't have an election of this scare happens or had it election something's carapin worried it's it's all taken care of there's a plan of place time is everything and it's all going to be it's all going to be well and good i'm not worried well there sometimes that you have to you have to take your business and clean out the clean out the trash take the trash out where in a situation right now where the trash has been building up and we need to take the trash out in order to clean the nation if we can't just continue on the going on the way that is going and sometimes we have to get our hands a little dirty when ward taking the trash out this is one of those times that that you know we i think it's moving forward with boldness with no fear with no wavering and i think i think that's important aeroplane where we can find that prayer o i don't know as i got it was tea it leans context to be in all political gram channel which to translate over to face book in the rest the gas what i was to think about doing a recording peace for it and then posting that on telegraph for people say just wanted to download and see to the nutgalls i might do that too i think that's a wonderful prayer and i think it's a good thing going forward yes i was the great want to read something else danneborg now on our coats little longer how much now yesterday i read some room scripture and i thought that might be a nice way to to one the greater glory of the new covenant the same second corinthians three seven now if the ministry that brought death which was engraved in letters on stone came with glory so that the israelites could not look sadly at the face of moses because of its glory transitory though the thought it was well not the ministry at a spirit be even more glorious if the ministry that brought condemnation was glorious how much more glorious is the ministry that brings it to for what was glorious has no glory now in comparison were the surpassing glory and if what was transitory came with glory hamlet's graves the glory of that last therefore since we have such a hope we are very bold we are not like moses who had put a veil over his face to prevent the israelites the end of what was passing away but their minds were made dull for tuesday the same vermin when the old common is red it has not been removed because only increases it taken away even to this day when moses is read a veil covers their hard the law but whenever any one turns to the lord the veil is taken away taken away that's great now the spirit of the lord and where the spirit of the lord is now the lord is the spirit and where the spirit of the lord is there is freedom and we all who with unveiled faces contemplate the lord's glory are being transformed into his image with every creasing glory which comes from the lord i see i like that way you know with the veil in going through we've gone through with unveiled on you know unveiled were not subject to the law as they were as we live under grace grace is little old different it's a whole its therefore since god's mercy through god's mercy we have this ministry we do not lose heart momus rather we have renounced secret and shameful way we do not use the action or do we distort the word of god on the contrary by setting forth the truth plainly we command ourselves to every one's conscience in the sight of god and even if our gospel is tell it is veiled to those who are perishing the god of the sage has blinded the minds of unbelievers so that they cannot see the light of the gospel as the glory of christ who is the image of god for what we preach is not ourselves but jesus christ as lord and ourselves as your servant for god said let light light shine out of darkness made his light shine in the hearts up in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of god's glory displayed in the face of christ but we have treasure and jars of clay so this also passing power is from god and not from we are hard pressed on every side but not co but not in despair cut but not abandoned struck down but not destroyed we always carry around in our body the death of so that the life of jesus may be also may also be revealed in our body for we who are alive are always being given over to the two death for jesus so that his life may also be revealed and are moral body so then death is at work in us but life it worked in you it is written i believe therefore i have spoken since we have the same spirit of faith we also believe and for because now that the one who raised the lord jesus from the dead will also raise us where jesus you to all this is for your benefit so that the grace that is reaching more and more people may cause thanksgiving to overflow to the glory of god therefore we do not lose heart though outwardly we are wasting away yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day for our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all so we fix our eyes not on what seem but what is one what is seen is temporary but what is unseen is eaten we can go forward with the knowing that no matter what we see god is in charge this is all temporary it's all going to be going away and now die it's like taking a sweater some of us ilkeston over a line and going well there's there's madness going forward in any circumstance because we have assurance of fate and we live by faith no matter what comes we have a calm with a that passes understanding we can go through all this and we can come out okay even if things are different because i know as human beings we agree i don't know if you know this but you know i'm the founder grief and loss to day and put together a huge program in order to help people courting process which i find is really interesting considering where we are right now because we are truly integrating rose change elicits degree for no matter what it is even if we're going to something better we will almost always greet the past that's why can't turn around or will be turned into a pillar of salt we waste too much time and energy in looking at the past we have to go forward and leave our current situation behind if that's what i calls in order to go into something much better it's just because we're familiar with somthing doesn't mean it's good even the even kids coming out of an orphanage and i have a daughter that was adopted in orphanage and all kids who were adopted grieve even super something better he had i always have you doing good mister last night in we needed to but i got to show everybody out there hollister here and dry any man to tarawera cowboy hat just for her did yet so i don't have to go see it on receive i can make this show on he he even made a really nice drawing last nigh he he had men say arise art work and then on the back side she did worse incomin some days at foedora here make a remote ah you did a wonderful job all the horses that you do it was absolutely beautiful and her worth and you know it i took his roof at last night when i got home as i thought your drawing was so beautiful and i wanted to have it on my phone secreter it and then to day i wanted to show everybody your drying on mine he bet you put in you did an amazing job with the drawings that you did it you know i saw the stickers and you've also got some fences on there i believe and then you've got the front of the style was in perfect perfect proportion you can see that and you did mazing job with a horse as you drew with the beautiful the other was a really nice of thank you for thank you for taking the time it made me so happy when i saw that case i knew you were thinking about about coming to our farm and about me and i you just just a very nice nice person thank you ottajano to think about other people and do things do things to show that we love them as an he begins for to day have ah well active we are alienated got lost the let witlings when that happens i tell what let's let's make a plan for your mom to day what could you do it to day to do something it's really loving for your mom i am bagoas he may so plain is it paternoster i think be a great idea how about some what is your mom like best she like flowers i like lowestoffe you even have an outfit on it a color sunflowers you got that yellow on he what as mathematical the many years so funny so in howell in newgate to go kay all right you go to a or i will i do tell so this is part of the show where i'm going to do this say dining meeting oh please go to brandenburg for governor to all seeking to brandenburg news network that would be just awesome thank you so much for joining us today we we love you were thinking about you every day you're in our thoughts and our prayers and quite honestly this is going to be an interesting time that were moving into we're going to have to prove we're going to have to prove treat each other with grace and mercy going into this time ahead of us because it's going to be very evident who the real bad guys are in who are true enemy as we each other we are not we're not fighting with each other were actually fighting with a global uganda which is at odds with wet we need to remember that that ah be be full a grace for each other and and concern and grace people make mistakes and we make a lot of does it mean that there are an overcome able or anything like that sometimes we just a point about people they don't even realize may be what they sat arthe ve done is not quite right and i honestly i honestly believe that this is where we learn to be really good coaches for others when their struggling and step in step in place so that we can help people we need to be we need to be the help in times of trouble not and and we can we can choose to be part of the solution or part of the problem while we're here to be part of the solution and standing fighting for you and for all of us maintain to this now a problem so god bless you god bless all whom you love and god bless america everything else say tarentines were being on today no i think you cover it i think he covered a pretty good there at the end i have a great day in and we'll talk talk all right i am ready