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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 12/6/2022 - Tatar Tuesday - John Tatar

Published Dec. 6, 2022, 9:01 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg two thousand twenty two to one that i'm a goshoot oppose i think he says the background in and now there's a bramberger from kitchen table i just turned off on a featherloom because i could hear the noise of anyhow while i show it we have all lost our esteemed proteaceae strachan terrestrially interest my guess is is that a looker with me at that's okay we're going to keep talking about the freedom and people he was and to come and find me here and step tomatoes other values which clearly our sensory was the insane said right now so please spread the word among intimate antanaclasis also black in me so whereupon rumination and santissima and about oonalaska to all also remove leeterature still derangement were figuring out how to live stratospheric and i on romayne to go to van videos or something like it the video actually has a very very nice very nice a group of ideas that you can watch to really see what's going on there one and that i really do like his like i like what is it motioned really good job at ten talking about the truth especially child traffic and liking palliating a midafternoon bring it up with septimius i do think that this is important that we talk about all these subjects and it doesn't make any difference where were we go i'm having a lot of people there are being kicked off the telegram right now to the collateral from telegram like no i didn't pay for telegrams at all that's how the grand is also heaped decollation the week sutoto was tipped off of my telegram could not pause for i amissing his message that there are literally now telegram is sensory and kicking people also were going to continue to make these platforms irrelevant on my see if i can i'm going to see if i can get any admission are all aeonian an then i want look up the man visit show this too so that we can continue to share good links in alternative ways of getting information out there and when they crash us or when things go wrong face took in you to the rest i may have to go on there and say pay we have wonderful world we have puppies and tiny who brandenberg now is not really talk about it it's flat and then maybe to allow me get out of the cocomero brandenstein we can actually talk about the real stuff so i see john yattendon the material but what what you think the anathematise howell not publish actual news if you are not if you are not falling in line with their propaganda machine of the go off with your hat in liaison er landfall in line with her little game or of with your hat what you think i think as long as we now have our own networks that we can bring on board one and several others and outlining in one on let them do what they want to do their conajohara by themselfs in i i agree with that because this is this is absolutely nonsense what's going on here with all the censorship we know that twitter i mean this week we could see the twitter has you know that they show the twitter was it with the help of the dance but i'm going understood right there and say this is not done crapulia business unearths is the establishment that was involved in and just like just like attachment and samboe son that you know they were finding the democrats out in the open but the republicans they were hit with dark money and so they had on the republicans dark might this is goncourt this is coming from both sides and a bold bullies are involved in this and i am not buying this nonsense of pitting democrats against republicans because the leadership of bois coroneted good of a good and in the state of michigan to replace the crop leadership and i applauded as enfolded in that because i needed to have it but there are other levels to an this meteorite i am still opinion that the political party pattenden benacus or two is of a compromise and what's going to happen because i've been involved in several political say this initiative that i was behind a removing and most alert to give behind reasoning which which allow graham that development by serapis developers and or one that were in bed with the reference of and i went through and i which i thought was really poor and what i have found in this is as true of a human beings human behavior that people will get themselves all rupert and as soon as they get a little bit again they think i can take my footpad i hesitation sit there i done my job now i'm going home well that's great who's got a place yet because because i tell her another prices generally people don't have to go to continue an fight like a really needs to be fought which is really a shape you know it's really a shame we are now here and i mean to her going to get to the owner of wandering to ah beata i know and that's the truth it looks like i'm sure in the sea's going on here without my ruminations at rome he soothes his wrong working out there cause i'm getting the idea to lotta keeps coming back in but it's not it's not looking like its broadcasts are mere somebody other mickonaree minutest make sure that were there because i know i have promised so as to see what he opened here with with the antiguo there minute see if the after to people on the rationalist destitute antonio a worry talked about to day james we have about a lot of things we usually do buchwalter become my mind which i think is good and we were talking of the above definitions and what terms me because if we don't have a common understanding of issues we can be less strained verehrtester quickly just like you know when when you look at the proposal to the proposals that that was he had passed i don't believe that past at all i think this is much nonsense they cheated her way through the whole thing and so so i don't believe you know i don't believe that they pass legally or not lawfully they they cheer way and it is stroyed all the rights of a parent the tokkins away and appearance had no rights or these coals zero sultanate raally there was an interesting story of new zealand which deceases to be a little bit at a business you know that the winecup ion or creator he wanted to follow the pattern and these parents said that there the omaha was in the problem and they said that the only money i curled unvaccinated person's blood for that baby because there's a sophocles with baby well the hospital basically and and to lady because they said that the parents were doing motives in the child all they wanted was they wanted they had some who was a pure brought in one which i like so with proposal three that past it ended the inari on every level and you know interlocute little crop to facts so we better all of us yet smart real quick and ways of fighting is so i've got to ideas on what i want to do i goodriche a structure which is a communication structure so that we can we can tatch other very quickly outside social media because we know that geeneral kinds of crazy and i think that i pulled out a bill that that they authorities can that it's a bill that's one books by mister isoro for a representative from the inner area and i did i did about five pounds yesterday is this is this is a scare the cranberry i i can't help you yet if this is a solution but this this whole thing it's about how join resolution it is it is no matter twenty nine two thousand twenty two introspection for the committee of energy which none of them know what their daily zealand its resolution why now i'm in a brigantine else that i think it's kind of interesting ones the salesman these people work for it is incredible why has a huge symbolism in a colder when when he start looking up things like you know like owls and and that certificate asterias and saves work by some and we if you've been around for a little while you rest how joint resolution why well there as sure satanically right there with the white and that's pretty easy to prove one well anyhow if we go back to reading exactly what this is all about this is about i will i will quote i will close this i will read it it's about purchase for the agent and this is an an unlawful or an onlawful energy commission committee for monica at the rittenhouse it gives them the ability gettatura smoke seer of all in master all inutilities in the state is in the recent working as purchase or quire by eminent domain anatomical the electric natural guest generation or transformations alliances or alcolite in the now i think this is kind of more because what what is happening here is there taking over supply a lot of their donatus and throw regulation they have taken over whole industries the way this country works in every unlawful manner by by regulating people out of the able compete or even in every for industry in two different initial industries are all over regulation is very for injury unless you play with their gainsayeth loves you painting involved in and is none now they want of all one sooperintendent you will all nothing and be happy they went on all of our energy sources and distribution and if unobliterated the right thing there going to shut you down on a personal love and a business libellously what they've done in the past and i think that this can't be over stated we are going to have to address this and i put up mister mestrovic information yesterday what we see i can share the mate because i do think that this is important i am going to palm i gotten the harmonise and i really don't care if anybody likes their out there's the man anatole no clearly in his testing to take over my anatomy all the all of oratory and a man to look at the people in the bar behind him to look at their faces and particular gallery and that and i think we've got some big and i mean big question to asked one letting others as panovie months one three seven three two five seven seven came and taunted you're not going to buy into this canon crap taking personal property away from people and that this on level the so gariglione love good morning sam by neargood morning for economy so my god be the credible micheltorena for anyway that is true but we need to get the information out there they confine impertinence a buzzer rumbles great true social works too and i think i think the problem with true social is that i don't think you can do a videoconference robes were inself account be good they answer good morning astolpho and very smith that would include you and seizure when it had they think they own all of us and and other things and that's that so any that's nothing to is my clue acute for years and years for years and years i have when i was in the teaching position even when i was in the mill i was telling the people that i would come in contact if you don't know your the law and you don't know your rights you don't have any and people in general you know that blue that office when the i am always right of guaranteed me guaranteed to me through the constitution or whatever i have all these but if you don't exercise those rights and you don't understand what those rights mean then the government which is our enemy we were the people i though i cannot matter what color are black white in borneo whatever our religious belief is we are not the enemy and they have done their best to divide us in try to conquer us and make us fight and fight with each other so we don't know what this robby character if you are bringing the information out a lot of people and probably we also would not have heard of it and what a letter go by and somewhere along the line we would have ratified it that's not isabeau and once it's ratified that it becomes very difficult to overturn or get rid so we need to be more focused on who the real enemy is and there those people that operate not only people in lancing in your local state government anybody that carries a bag for the police department are or for ordinance or whatever they are all part of the forest that is against so we have to be aware of that and we had been brought up all of our lives in one fear or another a many of you are driving down the street a travelling criminology travelling down the street and you see a flashing blue light behind you near all of a sudden you know your he drops her feet and near stomach is upset you or not capable of handling that process and therefore you pretty much capitulate to what the police officer wants you to do and i'm not saying it in a fight with a police yes he got but you still need to get in it and two into a fight with them but in a courtlaw you still need to send him documentation letting him know where you are and who he is and you still need to confront the police officer sometimes you know you can confront a police that comes to your window because he's a decent guide got a kind of figured that out whether you know he's not going to pull a gun on you or something it's a date but in court you can fight and you shall i shouldn't let it happen and go by so that cuba i get a telephone call from a gentleman who was driving this five in the morning or something leaving a party and he olinto nopolis station into the west limitation returned and got stuck on the and he was doing what he could to push the car out he was a driving he was the and so the passenger who was the gentleman that was being that was pushed in the car and his girlfriend was driven what happened is a another police officer comes up and says he in a what happened in the plan so that a gentleman police officer tried to push him out and led him on his way was it successful and in this process a third to a second police officer pulls up to happens to be a woman and she says you've been drinking and you are driving you are under the influence and you have an open bottle of alcohol in your car this is what and now i am questioning the the gentleman where are you driving he said no i said i do swear to an old to that he says with your girl friend were so then i said did they find a bottle of anything in your even when dick did they find a bottle in your cup he said i had no bottles in my car mankind opened or and i says well did she didn't have a stateside she didn't even look in so after all of this was said and done they handcuffed him took him to the police and he met with some administrator at the pole department who you have to go now his west yet to go somewhere out of nine mile and john are somewhere out there to get this low device into and prove whether you are the alcohol levels so he doesn't know any better so jumps on a canneries out to nine miles and the clintonian and john i pick up this device and custom three hundred i and he supposed to blow in his device three times a day connected to your car no you mean we are running a sobriety check on people whether they are driving a vehicle or not and he says well in my case i have to and i didn't blow into it one day because i was on the job and i couldn't get away and they called me on the top and said you didn't blow into the device vice is transmitting information by wife or by towers i was number one he shouldn't have the device number two with other for not a dry state number three they have absolutely no jurisdiction on you and number four which is more a most important the officer didn't do any of the investigation a luminary and conducting in all a process where they believe the tatters a crime being come she just run up so he's got a court day later on in december we're going to get it for and because we have the sworn affidavits now we're going to ask that woman to bring her body show what happened and she is not going to be able to prove that she was lying and that she made this whole thing up so my point here is that the fear of this gentleman not knowing his right not knowing on a deal with cause his calculate cause this ridiculous bended expenditure of money for sobriety device which is a necessary because you can get stink and drunk on the street as long as you don't cause any problems you don't break anybody's break in anybody else and you get home i mean they have no he gets to your not the eighteenth amendment drinking alcohol is illegal different world but my total outlook on this is that the revenue inhances police officers are not there there now to collect money in any possible way they can and if you don't know your rights if you don't know the law than they can bamboozle into commencing up with all kinds of teas and and i'll not tell you right now in a district court judges always rule innercent of the time rule against you as because they know you're not going to and that's what happened and therefore the district court levels are the money making castries that they have in the you another story where guy actually went to the appellate court and on they went back to redford and said i want my back that you took from me for one because i want the case said elinor did not say i had on the case he did not add but she didn't say you had to well the rampant even funny that that there it is not about that it's just like i just lie the footsteps so that my rights were violated and they they kicked a ticket the republican primary ticket there the way that one ether fire must and they sat at my right were violated but they offered no release is said but he's not the mere going to do about it then i like oh how how is this you know no nobody this point time to tell me that we live in a system that has anything to do with justice or with anything other than just a power grabbing my great all we have left and i'm sorry i seem without an and unfortunately every single person that touched the system or any of these unlawful policies of procedures just to go along agelong are guilty there their guilty because they they fell in line you know and and i really don't want her anybody say in any of these cases oh i say i didn't know sure he did know it just lately knew it's just like the people that that in the hospitals and such that that were giving the shocked their tops in story i think we're going to find out that there is so much doubt and murder i know to two or three stories of people who were not gianforte hospital for over eight days and that in any they were led out muriel and i see was in there and in the same something throw herself down and i know and throw an absolute time the i i i i can't help them you know what i mean well this is the problem how you turn around and you get an attorney the attorney's part of the the attorney wants to get the money from you and they were to deal out what the judge how much money does your client had well to three houses at this season back he can afford okay so will play the south for two three weeks a month or two months or three months and drain that guy and that's what they do an anybody thinking otherwise has he been around very long hasn't had the eyes there's a lot of people that have gone through the forces which could have been which could have been settle really quickly but they dragged on for a long period of time the attorney's fight back and forth they don't really they probably go out on the cold caranina go i can get i could get a thousand dollars out of this person all we got to do take it you know be slow about it this this is a game that they play and the justices has my friend is put in is at work program for the attorneys so getting back to what we have to do as citizens in this state in the republic remember that who was it that said we're going to give you a republic keep it man and infant benjamin franklin but i don't otto you know it's like it's like to read all his documents others some real big questions we need to ask well i suspect everybody in the world has eratosthenes and his documents were he was writing about when the people become too powerful how to remove them it's almost like they were trying when the pack them yet it's right out there he rode in the antebellum separates is how you were this oshireth well you know it's almost like a hurriedly but you know scholarliness when you read the actual words of what he said in that in that contact on like i amanthis point time i i am asking questions about every one going all the way back all of us who live we were told her heroes politically in all have i don't have one on that is actually in fear good about this well i i now agree with you and we do need to question everything no people are going through life we are we are not perfect be we do make mistakes everybody i have made life is that way that's how you learn if you make a mistake only one is that my preponderating a differentiated acomin out of it an individual is flat income in it is knowingly doing something that was either supererogatory or a story or something of another human being fireproof we we didn't know contact by which he wrote it during the time which he wrote it and i'm not trying to defend but i am saying that life was different then people were different then so a lot of them were a lot less educated than us can you believe that or not most of whom lived on a farm they could do farming really well but they didn't have the background for politics they did not the background how to lead and so on so forth because they attended to their own business so we don't really understand the conditions of life these people went through just like what we're going through right now and maybe i'll make a that statement will end up somewhere in a document but they all say well you taeufer one party to another tent what the hell he was he was a librarian and he was a republican noises so i mean that kind of process i don't know unless you living in that guy shows what is going on in so i got a cut them all a little slack the things that they did say and do that were positive we have to strong about we gave you a republic if you can most of the people don't have a clue at the clearly inertial it in democracy over over again so clearly they open i don't have to and our politicians for the most part which means that how can you be in office where an old to support the republic if you don't know it and so ninety one per cent of the people that are in office are committing the not not necessarily knowingly but most of them are knowing yes and i fiercely that's when it is bodily celebre dans rather than actually some who in there that is to serve and ordering it said in its backward it's all up soon they don't backmost brightest candidates to run for a the republicans and the democrats and i think a libertarians are not far behind those two people i by the way was a libertarian for a while so and i did go to their fun and that's why i no longer live well clearport is ahead of all i agree with you so far for what it ingenuity that we shouldn't have i don't think i do morehead party takes the ability of the that's actually doing the voting and critically think as to who the real good can i know even at this when we were running to a lot of people calling me and saying he what do you think about this onything but it didn't do your home or on this in one an you're goin to go pull elever for i should be doing homeward how my judgment he measured posolutely who valor and there the therein as people in that old for their agenda you know at every level there choosing candidates that will that will uphold what they want done or to take back a downfall and the fact of the matter is that we have had teretha we all wanted and so we passed the three constitution which said they have them turn lament except those people that are not for congress that were housedress him a few years ago are now senator because it didn't eliminate them from running for a different are there department chairs of some and so we still never get rid of them there still avonmonth analysis of that terminates because this is a so i was thinking about this i can't say that i will under present right on this but it seemed that were missing the mark it's a person he or she had a target over there when the cherished be right and for her face and in infinite the distracting there because etherealist yet the sister was a not bassoons that are public functionaries repaid on same scale of unsanitary with no ability to have a right and laws and rules that are to be them in south orangemen that no want no patois that so there's a way to achievement legislature if we did have so many laws on the books and it was a supreme pouted you wouldn't have to have you know like a doctor in how to basically doctor at howth current system they made a second little bit he said well you know you got me in offices this long just to figure out how the system works that my friends in broken system and to the southern that we should have turned one because it's too kind to limited we want turnout they said the first four years or six years or eight years trying figure out how to work the system promise when you when you you know i forget that you know the terms right now i think it's a good idea yes but we're not going to solve problems and tell me simply nicotis monster back to about a tent or less of what it is and then the problem yet saw because they won't be in a trimony they won't be in it for the power they won't be in for any other reason so it will actually get inskeep who have the ability to run the business function in a public plunged their money we have created the system that cannot be thine to wait as without him drummond drastic i agree with you i personate biggest problem that we have as the federal reserve and the fact they have an unlimited purse that they could just continue to print money and in rich themselves through this process oh young men like nine entered of their income sources for the government and leave it in the hands of weak benoit we cut this thing back so that all may take a great people he doesn't go into town the politician or the set of a pool i agree with that one hundred per cent we have to get back to what the terminology in that we've talked about we now have a home land security pressing for gun on through that idiot in the white house and he is saying are the and he's not doing it because he can but as i gave the job to the homeland security who thinks that they can violate the second amendment if we look at the second amendment i say that the rights shall not be friends in any way the other words we can make government government itself cannot make law to infringe upon the rights of a citizen to own weapons and it goes on the way up to the supreme caress precariously people back in the seventeen hundreds built their own pistols built her own rifles and you can't stop them from the ninety percent can't do that and so it ruled against and now the coming up with a new idea that while we're going to go after a soft wet and the kind of defined salt weapons on the something with a pistol i was reading some of it and it's all about a craft or a hole in the handle or or in the stock reconstitution something that has more than five rounds and be stuffed if i can say this in retaking about about hang on and it was about how the other going after the guns and why so not there's the car the question the question is can the government or any other body of organization that works for the government even and go non governmental can any of these organizations change the conditions of the no now the so that's the case why are we even considering or even talking about homeland secure and what they can do what they can't do this this is the fear that for those that do not understand the law is the law is that the second amendment you cannot infringe upon my right to bear arms no matter what it well it is a long letter here got a hall and we have look at look at the first hospitality of failure pleasure now and then go down we got to carry eyes then his the report for the bullet bellerin their saturated the lathers like thousands of bells in the report that these ineradicable money for these yamadori brother but look at one carries he is quite the all we got was we got weapons weapons wives and weapons as one two three four five bills having to do with when he went in and he called weapons and we we know for long it a people of the state of michigan down isolations where every man to call notionate a man words of anybody right now because we have got we got big and really that they are not savages anatomising it is used in a cry their fire arms so they can even read it just like collar a country a idiocracy that when you hear that that is it you teepee yes the spirit alienation the sore norman get cross over oh here got a culinary tincture and other weapons still the weapons neither might micheline to a man to a bed on on on the old pistol man they are doing their best read of look at this is not and every one of these bills is not for our rights this is to take away our rights lately we have to be very much aware that when the government crosses over and violates their terms of their the constant second amendment that we as american law abiding they rode a law but it doesn't mean anything has no teeth and as no validity in against the other now i really want to get excited about this kind of stuff when they finally had somebody in the street for carrying a weapon excuse me or whatever then i found after not only the police officer who violated the second amendment but that particular politician public functionary who wrote that a and got it on the book that's the only way we can do it in after what big big the thing i wonder considering another weapon i very eyes had echoed orations the heat i should do a counter will say weapons again some gary son character how representatives or something i know werowance yes but a look at look at this i this is something over and if i cheapside as i onion while we're at triune that point and look out for seventeen eighteen two thousand twenty five twenty six twenty seven hundred three thousand thirty five thirty seven hundred jack cut for thousands of wailing shirt he got a bunch of men there a corsican to an artless of the chalklike there trying to change the laws to a chain was he had so it's the the reader we have the house as it thirty seven thought he said there is some one of thirteen and he got hold totherhouse well some and arapooish brown and we are at the bottom of the barrel here as for a thousand four hundred twenty two all i looked it we've got the long senor my sire to delay had her carmentalian recognised michelangelo the more am holier and to bear a ysaetter go and at in denominating trees there are and that we bonstetten at least three look at the list guesses of the he seriously for their activities of men in the united states there go i rest my case we have a problem to kindle it is so convoluted and it's not a servant you ever want to go bill's restricting our rights you know that the deep state once they have to take the if they don't take the guns away they're not going to be able to pull of what they did in outstanding come and we as people in this country after realize that even the so called anti gunners that are out there and there are a few that really and don't understand these they don't understand the purpose of because they have not been taught effectively in the public schools because they have not been taught by their parents because maybe the parents are now what the fact of the matter is that we have taken that very important tool and made it into something that it is and that's what the government does the government they've been at it for many many years nor did i they did the second came with the first amendment with going to church over the pandemic sandeman process where they said you can't go to church because you're going to give this virus the viruses ali does and the seal nonshoot yes they were the churches were very much that they did not want to stand back in the day of the colonials the it was the church that for men the revolution and they have to do is be able to talk about you know what's right and what's wrong but they're afraid to do that because they might leave the for one five one three process which they had government about ority to do anyway because you can't tax so right you can't tax the right of religion you just can't do it but johnson came up with this idea a democrat by the johnson came up of course johnson came up with the idea that were on a gun olivette power of the church from saying what we don't want by this fire one seat three will sit the is the airs again another organization that so people need to be aware of these organizations that are out there that are doing the bidding of the legist because that's exactly what's happening in lansing we are turning or the lansing legislatures turning their power over to the governor and the governor turns it over to one of them there organization such as has department of healthy human services or child protective services and then that takes the governor that takes the governor out of it and that takes so legislature out of its mother it now with which are the secret police are they going to activate that's what i you know as i have moreover he anybody get involved in any of these bureaus or participating in activities of the united states secret police the custom in the illegal and unlawful you are you are committing acts of treason and mission against the and amanicalao about right understand that if you go to the article in the state constitution the federal constitution is pretty angry the article that i can't put my finger article nine second that's no the article man has their aloof which is catalectic to begin with it doesn't really have the power that some of them should have different constitute they changed the they changed the constitution on us without us knowing it i mean they they went through the process parasitic eleven all officers legislature executive and judicial before entering upon the duty of their respective take and subscribe the following oath the affirmation i do solemnly swear our firm that i will support of the united states and the constitution of this and i will faithfully discharged the duties of the office of whatever actionable article not is it article eleven number one as of public now here's something very important to look at it doesn't say support the government it doesn't say are you got it it doesn't say doesn't say support the legislature the executive branch or the judicial says support the constitution of the united states in the constitution of this that's one its so when they swear not like this and then they turn round and they say we have a democracy go back to article four section for the federal constitution which we are guaranteed a republican form of there violating their office and that's treason that's all he is can't be can't be considered anything else you violated the public to and therefore you shall be held accountable and this idea that they have immunity because they're sitting in a particular office that's a lot of blown they have no unity the big cat amenity the only place they can get immunity from because we delegate that power to them or that authority to and we haven't all so when waterseas amenity because she is the governor he has no and we have to realize that a people yes we can take these people the court there are done dozens of supreme court sure verses roads is one that says they have no unity marbury versus madison in the anno down versus bidwell says they have no and so we have the court case supreme court decisions that say they don't have a unity but we have to be willing to understand what that means a police officer driving down the street and tag you for whatever and fly late your ovate your rights by searching your car without a search warrant does he have immunity he does not even though he was acting in a particular position he had to have some sort of probable cause before he could stop you number one before he could detain you number two and before he could search we violate any one of these is violating his oath of similar to the outermost look and he is committing acts we the people need to be very strong about that and start going after these people that do and the problem is it cheaper to pay the two hundred dollars to take my day of or i don't even know how to talk to the judge or whatever well we're all we felt benita boat i am had my problems to so he got a step out of the box well he got spectioneer yes right you know i epistameno they're not about and we got a stop thinking because they were black robe or because they have buttle which they're not supposed to have any way in a nobility and all the attorneys all have that esquire the title of nobility above they are not allowed to have but they do and we have allowed it to happen because we have allowed we gave them sort of glory or power or whatever and we've given up the power that we have and we've turned it over to government public functionaries for one reason or another but the point is that we need to understand the terminology what they're doing the first amendment we have to know what that means afterthought to reach and we have to be hold them accountable to that we don't do the rain letter to one of the public functionaries does an answer you and you say well i do answer me now then you write another and you write another then you seven to these cainist three letters with fourth letter that and you press him to answer and if he chooses not answer you then you'll take it to the next level next level could be at or could be the legislate might have a legislative body that kind of watches over the legislatures but none the less to take it to the next level it all started just because they had no conan because they're not going to at the lower level they know you're not going to do anything he anointed sat in sunday you out like she who on walls therefore be a tree snake as he and as often earlier the local council and the flowing on my another as was to know and the dance but when they are not order about what to say or costantino will be given what to say for i will not be speaking but the spirit father speaking through you so point men and point taken we have nothing to fear if you are walking with your walking and with god and doing the right thing you shouldn't be afraid to walk away should be frittered spearmint words to say at the time even if you walk in there and your mind is blank and you want i don't know what i'm going to say you you just stand up and doomed to say when you get that you can watch yohanan it was to go forward or i agree said astonished so many had lighted in take a look at the first and i guess we're going to have to do this next week as go down the mastership at the mine in the talking about it i could not you minority we should go to the mission constitution yes i agree and take a look at number one political power all political power is inherent in government is instituted for the equal benefit security and protect tell me when the nest do any or with an on matinee election none of them not one complished though the note none of them comes that's right they're all in violation of the first amendment the other is take a look at the second no person shall be denied the equal protection of the law nor shall any person be detained or are denied the employment of the civil or political rights or be a describe discriminated against in the exercise thereof of religion race color or national origin later selingman the let no person shall be denied equal pre last week those of you that were with us we talked about nor montgomery for warrants first is eugene as on a race judge she said i'm giving you that amount that you all which is a thousand dollars and and however you determined that okay with me pain and coffee that's a star decisive case that has never been good in rochester in it and it's good in grand rapids farming or leonor redford in two twenty twenty two never been overturned never been called so it is to decide same with natives i shall become story cases are low so if we look at its written in the constitution we have equal protection under the law from one state to another whatever rule upon him virginia the same is in michigan we need to be aware that we have the protection of the second article or article one section to of the cost of the state constitution and in also is in the federal constitution under the fourteenth amendment and under article the united states so it's in two different constitutions that we have equal protection under the law what's good in one state and that's how we keep these yahoos that sit in office that think they have the power don't have the power because we have the power and it was given to us by these as was given protected god gave us i got to make that clear somebody's come in and tell me i'm not we we got those rights from god we just spelling out to the public functionaries who don't understand because there's how about the third one right of the people to peaceably assemble and were talking about going to church sundays are saturdays are money to day when the war or having a picnic right to assemble does it mean that if there's a fire out there so called i made up that doesn't then you cannot assemble because you're going to spread the virus the constitution i never ever that's done that case nineteen o one so those kind of issues we have to be very much aware of that they can't say well you know we have a pandemic here in the were able to close these and amendment are or article three of the no article one section three of the state constitution article for section for the federal constitution says we have a republic and then now we get into the freedom of worship which which really spells it out pretty well grown that up a little i am havin a little difficult time reading them because writing i whence i can expand it on my side i expanded at the well maybe which section section for freedom of worship or religious by the way when we were doing the james when people were being told the chap to get jabbed dora you're going to have to give up your job you can't go to school or whatever we use the fourth we this article in that or this in that document that we now every to every hire authority want to even use that word or because they're not nonetheless they do understood what we were you can't do that not every person shall be at liberty to worship god according to the dictates of his own it means if i choose to get back i will get a choose not to get back i will not get one i am at liberty to worship god according to my own if i want to go to church i go to i don't want to go to church i don't my own conscience is not the way i phrase that or change it or make it mean something that it does it no person shall be compelled to attend or against his co once contribute to the erection or support of any place of religious worship or to pay tidings taxes or race support of any minstrel and of the gospel or teaching of religion back up for a second pay tax what is the final one cease three do saying that if you don't follow our dictates as government we're going to stick the is in una i knew institute clearly says now you can't know you can't no money would be shall be appropriated or drawn from the treasury of the benefit of any religious a society this brings in the case called lemon which was part of the parochial and that was brought to our attention by somebody that said norton was overturned while nat was it was straight lemon verses i don't remember the other lemon i can find it i just don't have a handy there were two gates but we got the cases and we read on and in what it did basically say regarded nor as a cart meteorites what a basically said is that we're going to use equity to because they wanted to go back for five six years whatever the time and may the people the teachers pay their money that they were got through broke but the cat said not that we can't do that we can't go back to the teachers and tell them that they have the salary back into the system because they've already done the job if mamma go sorry of meantime so they used they used the parochial process and they said they were going to use equity because we all make them pay for the books and and all of the other items that were being covered under prophet except were not going to make the tea so some attorney read the and oh it weaken nor verses shall become because it said that we don't have to follow the law exactly as it it's not what it but the attorney don't know what they don't most of them can't read and at those that can red so that's and then when you get into a society and to a constitution they're not going to stand up and fight not on your side on their infit montgomery for words for assistance because it's against the against what they're trying to get against their money so this is a problem we have read the cases we go from one end of the case to the other and we read it and we underline and we point out where it says what and it doesn't say what they say so going back to the constitution i guess but lemonade anybody want to read lemon and the god and up reading both lemons and a lemon on an element as the lemon one kind of set the story the limitations the results so again back to freedom of religion and worship paying tax the church is not required to pay he you know we've had people that ran around saying okay i'm going to become a church so ornate pay the you don't have to pennicote to begin with because its voluntary income is a profit or a gay now we're getting into the one off in all directions if you don't understand the law and you don't understand your right then you fall prey to the government he degravitated right that's so you got to be aware of these and wondering how many of the listening audience have actually read the in a modern how many out there actually read the federal and if for no other than that they should at least read the first amendments of the federal plus article one to entree alway optic because that sets the republic in place and let annowre okay number of section five every person may freely speak written express or publishes views on all subjects what does that mean put that mean published one two and published on but she knoweth platform the men you have a right to publish your information on a platform whether they agree with it or not freely speak being responsible for the abuse of such rights and no law shall be enacted to restrain or abridge the liberty speech or of the press how bout when joe in the white house decides that he is going to have you be censured for certain things that you now it's government getting involved with these that a house the put it that's beyond treason that's a rope yes when i when we got propaganda real propound i listened in a bitonto how to deal with the censorship with different platforms because it comes down to well platforms are responsible for the content or they just allow all things to be posted and when a company such as the face orosmanes now i put insemination of of monopolizing bennett atoned for as a content provided you have to look at poloumenoi free speech with fact that are they responsible tintoretto the content on their side are the part propaganda are they and they have been opperation of there and i was right now the absolutely have anointed doomed had the monopoly and content and altogether and it becomes a real problem depending on how big they are i agree and the problem is that if they are open to the public then they really don't have responsibility for that information this being produced on there and they are an open free free press i guess whatever you want to call it that you can write whatever you want and they have no authority to if they if they manage if they have if they are sensory than they are responsible for every single piece of information that's on their ten and we should be doing in the living hell out of these people for all the child fortitude because it's honestest the child for the child traill that all that of his son there and you can you you can know its own there we see examples of it bennetson should be suyodhana rider because it's not pie that they are contractin things but once you become responsible and being a kind satouriona sent you with your solipsistic a better sponsor every single thing that either and i think somebody may be we should all be together and so the living crappo because we know the providing of venue for child trafficking for not for that for the problem that we have with the general platforms out there is how do you control how do you designate that you are you can only say certain things on our plan we are all answered melody for what what's being and they're not going to do therefore can be responsible for that and put that information out there and we can put that is if they're taken responsibility then take all responsibility but you can trust corcoran the not take your sponsibility bangor there is the plain both sides enemies so it comes down to it they had controvers or are they senorita are in any way shape form than they are also liable for every little bit of content that ones i should be so for it and or it comes down are they in monopoly i have the monopolized the platforms so that nobody else can everyone at well kindelon at all deracinated you know facetiae or connected gorlestone disaster all the tomatoes things that this is a big connected not work so by virtue of that and that they are sensory they should be sued for pollykins if people are putting them up there their pudding child counteracting all his stuff of the room now seen annotated and in it on booking for it it just sort of happened and not not the poor i don't look at me so thin that you can see like the tonometer you know the not the stuff that is not as authorities singly i watched i watched a detestation in time of any that knew how could they he said no manasaputra these words at an you can get behind the system and the ideal system there and this is where the training for that behind sister and it was it was an outline demonstration now in show then i wasn't looking and i don't look at this sort of thing i don't look a child more what i will see if i i like a long force and agencies that rescue kids and such anything like what is a yard a yard i had they were they were absolutely you could get into that he with they were at what they were doing with it getting behind some of these sites and heavie authentic a dresser or something like that it was for sale for like fifty thousand dollars and honeysuckles of kinds that were in the missing children's lest if it matched that in you can't look at this and say oh it was just a coincidence are you kaetheli i got of the kindness the mistakes you know roger and now the god dresses for fifty thousand dollars or with the same command when we see that all were in over an old brain you can be stupid not to make that connection is exactly what's going on therefore they are in need to be investigated for their part in human traffic all the leading artistic studies if they in a minute consorter invisible that as if they don't sense we go after the end usertesen the kids or the astaboras then they on the individual with the minute the base sarsenet any of these platforms who they are they are absolutely responsible for her and somebody else up above us better get the butter and boaster the thing because if they do their complacent i agree i agree with you back to the constitution verisimile bit of a of a candid no annoyance in all forms of the soviet so we set article one section bearing a firm every person has a right to keep and bear arms defense of themselves and the how much clearer can you make while i'm glad they didn't call it weapons while they can because weapons are what was you wantin a cry of fire for hours is something that you use a weapon the definition of weapon is the in anything whether it's a hammerin know what anyone you want to wecanicut because an after been used in a crime it is not a weapon on tollius in a crime the fire is in a potato in south it out what is whatever you it at where were opening john to day because he knows the constitution in a he and i sat michigan's going to call that a crime because we're talking astute they will now you gave us last that list of all of the people they are trying to pass legislation man they need to get a letter from stating getatable to articles one section state constitution that you swore not to a pole i think i passed asked i think we need to just how well you have committed the act that we to conviction of trees an let's the second bartlett oh ay i do he was bergamask how can you try to pass a law that in violation of the no article on and then you tell them that if you do that then you are in violation of the constitution of which is sworn oath to because he got a letter and that you didn't read this part of the constitution you are committing treason so we need to and if we have enough people doing it actually when one when i was having some issues with the internal revenue back into i rode a hundred and forty three certified letters to the judicial oversight committee in washing hundred and forty three hundred forty five some hundred and forty five people got my letter certified and norton was and then a week or two later somebody talking to the guy were facetious what was his now that he was he was secretary of defense maybe or something like that think of his name and he was responsible for facetious under alabama anyway he has one of the congressmen asked him i want you to go and ask your boss if he's not usurping authority never and usurpation is one of the terminology used in north so that's the first time i ever heard you serration being brought out in the public realm i'm saying and my friend ran who works with me say says i what your letter did hit some people and they did read it and they did look at so sometimes they will do that some people will in other people need to be precured in and in this particular case the right to our arms and all of those mornand lansing that are violating the ned he realized that the committee as no i think i well you know i fissiparous disinterment was at his astounded arizona was the king involved in some tactical was no colder was regarded as long he is the one by one of the men vacant by somebody if adam was not usurping authority never there alone and how connected these people are they are so connected it's all the same mousehole and now you know i like a porpoise this morning when you look at me i don't know if you seen as that touched was working in his programme and twitter during the hypothecation et i heard about that yamadori the company that produced habitans and the thing to ukraine and that is a cesspool next of the other worthless kids at the stove there to make money off the system too the opposition there with a stout son you've got you've got a by a course you know made by the hunter over there and i mean this is truly an organized an organized in its noisy theory in the conspiracy criminal conspiracy it absolutely correct one hundred in any bustification or that philosophy at this point in time no well it's just it's just like when you know just just dropped the word theory on it because it all our conspiracies are coming through so there's no more conspiracy theory that they do to shut a stop in an it's criminal conspiracy that's going on and that is a prosecutable crime absolutely canamares honorario i i think i think you don't eroticine conspiracy but what happens if it leads to the inhalation were a contrast while reticence when years in price or on the rope short draughts sudden stop let me fold lambertiana hangings and nature his ascetic we should be growing a lot of half intestate of michigan you know the outlaw how now i think in that the genius part of this quaeris to to a population potato we got he beat potentials we've got classics we can make a strong steel happens the answer here is unpretentious that we make a trade i think that will be a great amusement undesirability short to me because i have got i got a report on for to morrow marooning rather than live so let one well that weighting themselves will come back to the mahometan because the gobright out in front the department of homeland security elsewhere they go with that and row well we had a souhaiter power power subordinate civil power and fortresses that that is a nice place to go back to six territory power and prisoners which leads to surveillance and once a gondola we your telephone never came you have you have in your home now i take it my tomfool the time and tell the bad guys to screw yourself not mother going to bed now so you can listen to your domicile and real time in front of you because we are not going to shut off we do not conceive we are going to contest every one manful action and were taken our country back like it or not you are not in control and by the power of god almighty i think you should they should all like father face before god say their sorry and beg for the life because they all get convicted the true tree have a problematical and the chosen so so there go well let's go ahead and amusement endimanchee on the end tomorrow ordinance again and so that organ to be doin morabeitie to keep going back to it recorded the head of time oh for tomorrow so anyhow i do halitherses much fornication that you give us that our protection against the trees and that we see it is our protection protecting the rights that you gave us our rights given that you elstridis that agrando and the operetta guaranteed by the constitution we have to you protect the constitution and held distant with the integrity that it has in the original intention that the caution and to protect his rights to constrain government was it you please help people to be interested in learning more and getting educated reality not the things that they want to see or that they've been program to the truth that altitude is open or eyes in the squanderer and in no interloper to us all geddis put away our frequency notion go to you ask you to show us the truth and you do every single time we ashe as it keep us a help us in keeping us on the correct always seeing you seeing your kingdom that your king to make a utterance i asked that you and please bless every single person out there was need to this let know that they're not of one love thee o don't measure in the fear created in your image we are not prophets we are not profit i am not profit you are not a profit we are children of god and you you created that within us and we proudly and with honour will follow your footsteps and are we love we love the rules that bound that you put down for us we love to boot down for a country to give a safety boundaries are their keep us there the gift that you gave us to keep as and we we thank you for caring enough about us to keep us safe from very evil evil forces that are or out there we set you would and infuse any plans of the army to harm to too hard or two to but children in place to be fixed my sleepeth children and we love him so very much we we just want to say we love you so very much precious near see there one half way through your i rose frank jump out and come ah that's a roller now so or anything else you want to add this same before we go no i just wished that people would during their daily lives which i am sure our best that they learning the laws that learning the constitute start learning the politic what you like it or not when they want a deal with it deals control your i also wanted to let you know that anybody that wants to join us at our late the night meeting four john or or go on the auto on on on and send me an email john j tater at took and i'll send you an invite for her for when i am i espouse it so he also wore the have a dinner and nicholas on december to stay alas nicholas being on telegraph those of the enchanted will get an invite for that too that it is all right worcestershire measles go to you raniero not come i am not conceive and i am contest the election of contentent as well as twenty twenty and we may go back so i can test everything that is an unlawful process and it is in intention the rights of american as we are americans that we are are not political parties we are not in this we are not that we are in fact americans and children are not created at his every one out there have wonderful day stay thank you so much do i telepather nowell of you got us you got lassalle who beloved and god bless america will see you now will see that i am jonathan parted and with orators and and tomorrow the temperance is a head atimetus i'm going to be out of pocket to morrow so that we can have a show on to morrow there is the one one question for us that an idaho ah ah i then i ionian grislies so in a little parsonage you know it's a method a laminate got a love in fact as to pensionaire how to do i can't do it i can't i go to a backward i can't get my camera seating that we sometimes sit afterward on that so anyhow have a great day and wiseman day certainly next to say thanks john my