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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 11/9/2023 Mark Finchem and Seth Keshel, Ralph and Karen

Published Nov. 9, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

9am Tech Time with Ralph discussing how to protect your data in the unstable world of technology and News and encouragement with Karen the Riveter!! 10am Mark Finchem and Seth Keshel discuss the Precinct Mapping Project. The Election Fairness Institute announces the launch of the Precinct Mapping Project. The smallest political unit found in states is the “Precinct,” or in some states the “Ward”. The Election Fairness Institute is now offering precinct level analysis that reveals likely voter registration irregularities and election manipulation. Researching & Analysis Records The research that goes into each map, and the corresponding data file, is significant. Voter roll data is not always easy to obtain, but the mapping team takes government data, and translates it into a list of suspect precincts within each county of a state, then translates it into a visual representation, a map. The Purpose of the Project Over 70% of Americans believe that recent elections are illegitimate. In many cases, like in Maricopa County, Arizona, there is a significant body of evidence to show that voter registration rolls have been tainted by illegitimate “phantom” voters. The Precinct Mapping Project is designed to be one component of a larger Quarantine Strategy. Empowering local community leaders and election integrity teams, who have limited resources, with actionable intelligence and guidance is key to restoring legitimacy to the polluted voter rolls. Finding the suspect precincts is the first step in the process of effective canvassing to identify impermissible voter registration addresses. The Quarantine Strategy is designed to identify suspect registration addresses, identify voter anomalies, and to quarantine ballots that may originate from them until cured. Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the ninth day of november twenty twenty three to just getting started as morning i hope you haven't a great day and welcome to the show first off we've got the tay and here in the riveter on talking about the tack world and what's going on in hot protect houses and then at ten o'clock we have marked fensham i just got a text from so cacoethes busy got you know right after elections he studies in the car right now on his moving around so he be he just can't make it to day a and and i understand that he's he's got a lot going on but i did agreed to and i have sponsorless precinct mapping project for kent county out of county asking counties were going to get him so that's that's what the plan is here so so marcel be out it will be talking about this and like soonee later date when he is not moving round so without any further ado or going to bring on ralph the it guy and on the river morning guy said you doing dan marne morning how you done got really god what's happening in the tack world and just mischenden ral others seem spend several major security lately so make sure keep everything you've got all all your equipment keep it up dated others been a lot of early made or secure a security vulnerable boy i can't talk this morning security vulnerabilities and prodiderint software he clearly ah and a lot of it is just kind of like a corse software that you probably not going to interact with much but it's buried in stuff so keep your outers updated keep your computers updated that not a whole lot of new news about with you care what considher thinking it out old computers and i don't altagana for we take typically refused software of dates in less it forces the issue yeah i'm actually you know if you go to the extremes on that you get the us government ah did you know that the harper i think they've recently completed a modernising but up and till i think a couple of years ago they were still running the the us nuclear arsenal on at inch open and cotton that was because well it worked in the sixties why do we need to change the i hard matter to this not hack able that way as is quickly as it that's the other thing is that nobody makes them nobody makes anything compatible with em they're not hooked up to anything so why do we need to change anything i just would add more security vulnerabilities by making it more compatible with his is not a bad strategy redly it really isn't it about while you mean that to us government has done something right yeah it's about right i not doing anything i think they did something right in isn't that part of part of what we've been talking about is the keep adding to what they have but the answer really is too throw it in reverse induce some nullification in my opinion amplify and simplify and decentralized there that the lessons that we weren't on men here the lessons that we learned back in the th sixties and seventies were that the big main frames provided too much of a vulnerable big vulnerability and so to decentralize and a small piece sesithacus made things a little more secure because it wasn't only one person's hands right and what were we done we've got right back to what we were taught early on not to do which is to do all the cloud computing and the cloud storage and when when we ended up having the two part authentication nonsense come to be able to do contracts or deal with a banks or some or such they were really it was sort of a an extortion move you either you either comply with all these regulations for two party authentication or ull get contracts or u don't interact with the banks or or or and if somebody doesn't have the ability to program i work around in it was basically all of your business information was to go to microsoft and that's a real scary thing because if they can centralize business information under one provider one umbrella they can do exactly what they've done with say oh you know the trackers the cockers that were up in canada that had their bank accounts o they can do that with your day to two and completely destroyed your business these bad he and on top of that lot of that was pushed by there's one ah association for an insurance security insurance providers and so a lot of those regulations were pushed out by that association effectively made the entire industry acts suspiciously like a giant cartel there was no choice rely to go to a different provider ah for cybersecurity insurance if you want to do avoid all the toofache tication none because they were all in on it and all watched into the same time the whole thing was just some men thankfully there were a couple of providers that kind of bucked that trend i think probably because they weren't members of that association but they were in general the em they were hard to find and even even then they've gotten pushed pretty hard to try and harmonize with the rest of the association rules ah one might call it cartel rules if they were so inclined well that's what they've done and every single industry is that the industry gets together and it keeps out competition so that they can protect their power as well as their jobs and and it's not a free market that way when you got regulation and m and industry associations as it were because they are not to help each other that that's that's a that is absolutely false on all counts it won't it kind o his help each other but it is to protect the the club rather than to work for a better united state on that now there's a beautiful ah a court decision not too long ago i don't remember exactly the name of the cake but effectively it ruled that so tobacco there's a lot of federal rules a particularly in the cars with reference reference standards and practises published by private association ah for example but one of the ones that gets called out a lot is the national fire protection association ah which is you know it's a it's a private association but a lot of the fire code rules around the united it are mandated to comply with the rules that are published by the nape and am there is a effectively it made it an a lot of these rules to be able to get a copy of them ah you know to be in compliance with a the law they had it so that at least the think it was the library of congress had to have one copy of these rules that they bought that you could go look at if you travelled to washington d but you could not make a copy of but at least that way it made it so that in all they were published so that you were not to laws and regulations to which you did have access because technically u did have access as long as you could travel to washington dc and physically look at the one copy in the one there it does not work able exactly other than that if you wanted to get a copy of all these regulations you had to actually pay these private associations a copy of the rules that were part of federal law which we paid for as taxpayer and basically it made it so that our laws were were copyright it eh as in a they were the it was caught ified into law that you had to follow these regulations but you couldn't access these regal unless you traveled to washington dc or paid an exorbitant amount in some case these private association storeton while there was a cork case recently where an ah it was ruled that distribution of the an emperorizing here but basically the distribution of the rules and standards that are integrated into law oh as long as they are being distributed ah not for profit is effectively considered fair use and boy there was an uproar from a lot of the association and i'm not talking just the unpaged called out for it a lot just because they're easy target and their huge and their the regulations get hold into a lot of places and law oh but there were there were a lot of other associations that were subjected a lot of the trades had associations a fat remember at one of the biggest objectors to that or court case was somebody some association involved in writing the national electrical and i don't remember what what association that was it wasn't any single association it was a lot of them because this was very much benefiting the association and yet they may save their non profit but look at how non profits or i guess in the re attorneys there driven by torneys yeah and i certainly do driven by profit for anything like this if they were actually trying to help the public or even help their industry i would think an open standard would be a good ting and that's pretty much what this court case rule to which put an end to all that nonsense for once which i was thrilled to thick i didn't see that that's really good news yeah i'm weenie got slashed out of fright now i let me see or can find it a minute let me live ye see if i can so amid myself so my typing doesn't father everybody ralph lonely i cannot talk to you now that would drive my means aphonia battys he does me fatty so your slashed off this is coupled different sights that you can get really good news or takenfor mation from in this is one of em so you can kind of go through her for a little bit of a hardy kind of a person this works out fairly well for getting information but you know there's lots of a month there will this security thing is kind of interesting topics as i just saw oh yesterday a video and i think it's a fairly aged radio about a man and he can't remember his name but maybe ralph would he got caught in one say one two thousand two may be and i think it wasn't until twenty twelve that he got a case result or something like that his inyoka and he wanted to know he claims about you vos and suppressed entered information so he got into bancho military and nasa web sites in just fisherton and this with took place over a couple of years and all i did when he got in and of hours through computers that had never updated the website so the user to oh were they call it like a pass word that was the default and never changed it and that's how he was getting it and he would jest manipulate to compete her just enough to get the information he was looking for but this is his claim that he never did anything to damage the computer the government says otherwise when they finally caught her and they observed to while he claims they washed him for three months so they could see that he wasn't doing any harm but their allegations against him are all their lives and they claim he would leave messages kind essie messengers on the computers about how their security was bad in so reginovon in that they are that bad and if they so ilhataina kind to younger and for in england do anything to harm them whatsoever but they claim major damages and want him extradited to the us and evenly after a long cork battle in he was able to get the extradition block and i as far as i know he's alive and well but he can't he's like tap level security watched elegies on the internet the now exactly what he's doing it all to things canonists more rego oh boo hoo ye losers that are run in the nation's computers boo who would do i feel sorry for know you just trying to cover your own patheticness and failure you know where that's what he gonotokonts that's what he says that it was so easy for him to get in and he could have done all kinds of other things in caused seriousdead if he wanted to he said oh this was tithing to me he says that one he's in he can see other entities that are also accessing the same computer rise in time poignarding in the so i remembered where about that that there's some ithers this never other countries yet here's the sportsman sitting at his computer and he kept his like walls right in there without having state level computer technology which you know every other country on the planet has but this forchosen at his computer gets in their and all of a sudden he's publication will worse selling all of our secrets to china are you kidding me this sosonees things that oh don't don't look at how stupid we are condonentur one and complicit nor in maintaining our own computers is we've been hand and stuff right over or the internet to these countries how many how many a distictions when china got one point eight million of our election workers private information including their children or their children speech and they want to blame some poor that showed the security vulnerabilities at a sitting at his computer that could hack in it wor he has one of his defence according to a copeia was that of he has as burghers and they said because he's thoughthis ic and he had an he was suicidal that he was mentally ill they were picking on him and he should not be extradited because he was mentally felt and it would be so with anything the point though the old corps point of this is the sisitotis this is like mekenes me this like fate new is out there right and i know we are going to gerontion at the point being is that it's our government that failed to protect information oh no the house was robbed cause i left the front door open reminds pointing at it saying freelythough yeah that's exactly what her government's then doing that that was a great way to put that chile i ever want to see a an extraordinarily vague law that gets applied to stuff like that look into the computer fraugentibus ah people get a charged with breaking that all the time that's why you see so many crimes were though heaven additional count of a crime ah that'll be like a crime being done using a come and that has to do with ye know any thing or using a fan any more cause they're all computers or computer or in know anything modern technology it is at all has computers in it that that's an additional crime that gets charges you know and a lot of cases oh it was aided and abetted by using a computer based yet exending something through the mail ye or parchments federal crime because he sent it through the poles he and sithen that to that copywriting laws and regulations i found a good story on it from the electronic containing on bation i'm gone her hing on rollingroad here of deep links long which when onwhich one onion scroll in case it should just be a should actually be an article and at this the right of date oh oh the end of that length has opens in a new tab i think somehow that ah that link i corrupted the now spring court affirms no one owns the law let me see if you do let out the open in a new tavernour where they came from but there young ergo all right me to victory for open government fund model do you process the steenporte rules day that the annotations on the state official legal called summaries of courtdecisions and other resources or other sources that explain the states loss cannot be copyrighted oh sorry that's actually another link that ah that ann was from twenty twenty when ah they the i believe it was the state of georgia tried to claim that the annotations to the law which were considered legally binding in a ah when you actually went to or were not part of the law and therefore could be copyrighted separately to somebody else that this isn't the first time the people tried to copyright the law okay and that one was also shot down which was also a huge victor nonowit one of there now ah there you go there ye go peels court of holds public reach or stores right to postolic lawson relations on line and the laws belong to all of us and we should be able to fix reed and share them free of registration requirements these and other road blocks san francisco technical standards like fire electrical poles developed by private organizations but incorporated in a public law could be freely disseminated without any liability for copyright infringement a federal appeals court rolled tuesday so we've been talking about this one here for a while about how they viewed how they used regulations to capture entire industries i've seen it in the rail industry with reardon in order to get certain evictions you you have to pay big dollars to have access to even what you have to do let alone the fact that these people can basically shut your business down and they're not elected officials they are not there not nothing but what happens is i'll get into these the regulatory antes you must to see legislature will say hey we need to have we need to have a and i don't know an organization that regulates ah we'll sits for peracans right the trucks and or whatever breaks all shape so they write they the hire somebody to write these rules and regulations set it up underneath a accompany in in the company basically has copyrighted it and any have to pay for it will what happens once they get those rules and regulations and place a lot of times these people get a cushy cow government job and i saw that with the mayor in this area that i that i faced off with at one point time who decided to butt hisself into a conversation that he wasn't part of because i was documentis mething that was being done at the county level in the state level when running for governor whipped as misleading intentionally and illegal they gave me advice that was illegal so was getting the gal's name that was actually sitting yes you cannot copy this information of and taking down her name and he steps up behind me as if we wellwon't tell her anything don't tell your name that are dim like what business is it is yours and he started for free round and we got talking about it in the guy was an absolute more on and i said so what did yet what job did you have before you got your little comedy government jobs and he was over seeing some of the high rate highway construction within a regulatory industries it makes one happens all the time i i i'm sure with this one that's probably this one was i think at federal circuit i expect with the uproar that oh that the associations have been putting up the thistle probably and up getting elevated to the supreme court but at least for now we got a court resign on it which she i was real happy to see that that comical yet that's that's really cool that's that's really cool that i had helleenit in that right is same thing with like the old general copyright laws in the pat moses the masses it it's a joke you know when you have people trolling through i think you have to have about a quarter of million dollars to defend a pat if you don't have a quarter of a million dollars i have pain atorney tell me this you don't have a quarter of a million dollars to defend a pat minimal in or on or are willing to go to court to defend that pat and you don't have a pet to the really are no protection an if you if you file patent are only only the big guys he have the legal staff and the ah the money to defend it to defend patent so it gives all the favor to the large corporations and too large corporations and the little guy the small business though the small meeting see business he have no protection under a hat moss whatosever he and there's companies that are in particular they tend to be based in i believe its eastern direct as the courts there tend to be a room more favorably for them ah but there's a bunch of corporations basically have vaguely worded patn don't actually manufacture anything and all they do as the use of the patents as ah a way to go after businesses once they start making one as it used to be a believed that with a patent if you didn't enforce it it was considered no one void a in a lot of cases now ah these patents sometimes you'll hear him called submarine pat ah and a basically just sitting there dorment until somebody has already built up and then a huge st based on a technology that might possibly be in this and then they'll go and sue for it that's one problem that you have in you see that with a submarine at but then with the patent trolls you have these companies that just sit on vaguely worded patent and then so any one in every one that might possibly lose a case even if it has nothing to do with the patent because they know their small and won't have the money for the legal fees to defend against that others any possible question in the victim's ah that they might lose the or the case wouldn't just be immediately thrown out then they end up just basically settling with his patent troll comes so that it doesn't go to cork so they never have to actually prove that this patent's valid and oh what ocelot o times once they start losing a cake though dropped the case so that it doesn't get ruled on so that the patent is never ruled invalid so they can keep going after small companies and individuals that don't have the money to defend miss this is so so wrong in our judicial system right now because there is no justice it's just like i believe that any one that makes a false claim and court that if it's proven in court that they should then is proven in court befall that theseus suffer the consequences of their accusations and so it just say let's just say you have because we know that there's a lot of faults allegations in for for every type of charges it out there some in pick on raisonnable say well you know it's going to stop you from coming forward and in reporting a rate wellthenwe have the technology to prove that if some wants to come forward we have the technology to in fact prove with through diana and such there's there's so many lives that have been ruined by false allegations twenty years later oh yeah he raved me really ah anybody can say that and i really do believe that somebodycome faultfor ard with the false allegation like that that they should serve the penalty that would have gone to the person who they falsly e this is a tricky business i was a on a jurist in a case with a minor involving a minor victum and and that particular case there was an expert witness to talk about delayed when they call it ah there's a turn cheese for it anyway she did not speak up about it until the man was out of the picture with the mother so it some time passed after the event that she told her mother what had happened and there was there were two women on the jury that should not have been on the jury they finally spoke up because they were defensive about their decision at when we first did the pole which i would never never do don't do that when you start with the jury get in the room and say what do you all think let's take a pole no don't do that instead do what we handed up doing afterwards which is going round the room and every one talk about the things that they found most important in the case and then take your pole because these two women were very defensive because the rest of us were like wit is your problem it didn't you see it the way we thought while in one one of the women had a teen age tilesand daughter dessertsomething like that and she had also made a claim against a man and in in that particular case she said she admitted that it was a lie later on and it cost so much of a problem she believed this girl was lying and i saw this girl sitting in that chair scared to death trembling really hard because she didn't want to face that guy and she had just enough courage to face him in court and talk about what had happened it this woman did not see what the rest of us had seen because she had a bias from the first experience and in hopefully the first experience wasn't a lie in that poor girl was not actually victimized well everybody his no matter who they are walking into situations they on our past yet and so you can't get away from that you know that's why we need to have you know a jury of multiple people in order to in order to have a amorabons why you know i think this miesten works so well as it if everybody's voice is heard we will have the best comforthe people in or in in our testem of law and in this case it took a while for her to admit that's where she her bias was coming from she thought the girl was lying because she had seen a girl lie before and she thought we were all fooled and what i did was i said what did you see in her body language that convinced you to this way this is what i saw on her body language that convinced me to believe the way i believe so you break it down and be more objective about it but that's that's where it is kind of tricky sometimes in these delayed cases ah what is sir truth there's no proof except for one word against another and you have to you have to try to desert in dis goes back to the idea of exercising critical thinking and how important that is if you're a jurist but you've got no critical thinking kills you could be easily swayed and i'll tell you his defense torney in that case i would never trust her because everything she said i thought she was so dramatic and so it was clearly made up and on to me i just i kind of despised her because of the effort she put in to creating a false picture but that was my critical thinking discernment and you know i don't think i'm the best at that but i had enough to see what i felt comfortable with and my decision as a jurist in that particular case it's it's tricky that's it's hard men entered train to discern it's an imperfect system that we have there is no issuance about aceite very fat andeven if it were working the way it was supposed to work there is imperfections in the system but right now with a lot of frivolous lawsuits that we have out there that are absolute you can't if you have a real crime the real crimes are not being addressed because of the frivolous lawsuit and i think it won't caught down it would cut down on the frivolous loss suits rather than the ones that actually need to be prosecuted if they knew that there was back lash for filling a frivolous loss here you see all these these these you know ridiculous claims twenty years after the fact he rated me well you know what i'm sorry am i and i and i get it an we all have things that we wished in happen in the path and you don't and abuse all of us have suffered and i suffered it there's a lot of people out to thatsure abuse in the past sometimes if you get that far out you're not going to get you're not going to feel better about it no matter what you do you got to make peace in your own hat at some point cause sometimes there are is not there is no justice rosa anybody can be in love love and accusation and just have it eh he said she said and ruined people's life we've got such a lot of that going on right now it's not even funny just laugh i do believe that if if a judge let somebody lose you see you have a serial at best and this is happy all the time that they're letting letter letting the illegal that are committed are committing all these horrible crimes loose it with the slab on on the hand that's it in the corn they do it again i i am of the opinion that the judges should have a three strike rule on the rd on their decision and so you we need to do a three strike cruel against the judge that's will get this thing called in because it's so odd a control that there's goin to have to be some hard choice as made as to say that a judge as a cereal rates go and he goes out he and he he rakes the child again all right you got one strike against you for making a bow better make damn sure of your judgement before you let somebody go out to hurt somebody else again or it's going to come back on you and by the third strike the there is some probably some ways that we can we can work it in between the first and the third strike but the third strike you serve the you serve the sentence that that alongside of the person you let go will he be talk about being in an imperfect system the first problem that i'm hearing with fast is that you have one man making a decision so if if a judge is making the decision it should be a jury making hesitates uld be using the grand juries way more than what were we using the right now encontrallas i can see what that is that it more or less forces the judge's hand to be a hanging jud you know where its no matter what you've done whether you're if you're accused you're guilty because they can't take the chance of ruling not gilt what are you going to do with us richart now it's so it's so i'm out of control i mean it's so odd to control that something has to be done that's probably not going to be a popular opennyng you know it's it's up for discussion i guess i just have a real problem with with all the slaps on i mean you can't listen laughing people on the hand and letting them go out there and where the judge is more interested in getting reelected then actually doing the job or their pain or the pig yet we may that's exactly at their getting pat there's a lot of them that are getting paid off and so too to look at the sorrows judges that were funded this is this is an invasion of our country through the judicial there there's a lot of it so in order to clean the rats nest out i think you know the second strike could be if they make a bad decision on a second strike they they have the right to remove themselves from that office a look of the concho a trumps judge this joke this whole thing is just a jokethe present system isn't any better either absolutely the whole the whole thing is needs to be reined in and i think it's going to take some pretty pretty hard to cicons to get this back working the way that its supposed to work even among the prisons that ar privatized snowfall lot of that he start looking in to her much of the public present systems have also been privatized start adding up while how many how many organizations are actually certified to do meals in in how it absurdly small there's no competition there it's like the front contract in all others you can pretty much write your own check for a lot of those ends because they only certify you know a handful or less of companies nation wide do some of the services that are required for i'm for a long time i this is still the case i've seen some stuff on the i don't know how many companies are actually involved in making this but i think if i remember right it was down to about two at one point that were certified to make the transparent electronics that they use in a imprisons as i don't want him smuggling stuff inside the the tevis the radios ah that you know any of the gear that they have in there eh they they want to make sure that nothing gets hidden in it so they make them all out of like transparent cases ah at least they used to if i've seen some stuff on a basic like ter downs on decommissioned ah equipment from that and it's really interesting how it's bile but if i remember right i think there were only lake it was a tiny number of companies that were certified to make the vs for and while at that point you might as well write your own check there's no compete yes so that that's exactly you got no bed contract and they can do whatever they want to do so then my kindest basely i extort the public prison system and take all the tax money and i give it to you know probably bodies of somebody that are running these comes yes it's good it's going to take a huge it's going to take a huge effort to turn the nation around just in the things that were used to just cause we're used to him doesn't mean it's right we're going to have to make some big decisions and it's going to be it's going to be kind o it would be a little shocking to people i think but there's no other way out of some of this stuff that we've become accustomed to which are a violation of human rights and on so many levels and am in you know absolutely illegal activities going on within our government because it usurpation the yet well there you go it more the happy thought therefore tobacco a couple of steps too as bad as the his bed as a patent system is look at the copyright system ever since the i burned convention rules came into play ah it's absolutely sure how its it used to be the copyright would last for a certain number of his so long for example i believe were on ah what is it then i think it's nineteen twenty five stuff right now is a public domain after check it would started advancing the public domain from where it was stuck at nineteen twenty three for many many er where public domain stuff was only nineteen twenty three or before ah and we've just started advancing that now finally to later years but it used to be that copyright lasted for a certain number of years you could guarantee that if you went back say i think it's an off you went back a hundred years all of the stuff for a hundred years ago would be public one well when the burn convention came in they changed the rules so that now if the copyright is filed under a pest i think when it started it was the life of the person plus fifty years and if it was filed under a corporation it is ah ninety five years from the date of filing something like that and ah then it was extended a back in i think it was the nineties of largely because of his am it was extended by another twenty years so now you got a situation where you've got life of the author plus seventy years well there and you don't have to register your copyright with the library of one im nord you have to deposit a copy of the his that uses also be required ah and the consequence of this is that when you have a derivative work is the big problem because now there is absolutely no way to figure out when something falls into the public domain definitively because let's say somebody writes a o then somebody makes a play based on the and both of these things are separately copyrighted to supper people and the play was a license from the book there's a private agreement between however did the play who ever did look while the person of the dead the play dies and there's no record of that being licensed from the book it could be a book from an unknown author that only sold two co well what happens when that play reaches public domain status seventy years after the author of the play died and the author of the book lived another thirty years past well that play is still technically copyrighted is not public domain at there's no way for the public to know that because the only record of that was in basically a private agreement between two private parties never got hold a terrible system or they look to or symptomatic or entire judicial system i mean i'm sure people listen to my heart stance is on things but if you had a system that actually worked it would make some instead of the frivolous the frivolous stuff out there they can't be tack down to anything real yeah that's that's one that really bugs me i'm i'm a huge fan of public domain stuff i mean hack if you want to even st talk about ah you know if you want to see where the benefits of public domain we is nesbit to grow from now for nothing in the early years all of their stuff basically was based on public domain works and you know you want to consider even if you whatever your thoughts on disney are a monetary tales they were already existing yet exactly and so now there trying to effectively ah control of the public domain and make it so that no one else in all the they their train to hall the ladder up after them me out nobody else can do anything successful with an old store the pretty soon to disney will be old story this one case there certainly hidden in that direction i'm a topright holder i went through the process when self i co authored a document with a woman who died not long after that unfortunately and not a whole lot of people know about it for o of meditation and except everybody right now to his listening but if you don't know who i am and what the title of it is you not media instead it's not going to be threatened on because it's too good ah not many people can use it because it would threaten their um their ego first of all it is if you was sayyou have a test and you're the only one that can pass the test and you don't think it's very hard but other people think it's really hard they're not going to go out and talk a lot about it and try to do it because it would make them look bad if they fail such a thing is not much of a copyright threat to me and on think anybody's con to try to do that while i'm alive treat use it or herpetic but it was the reason we did it was because we felt people were going to steal it and sell it and alter it if they wished that is why we copyrighted it an early actors little other in a case like that that's precisely the application why copyright was originally developed as to protect the works of the author it's for a limited time whereas now it has gotten to effectively perpetual and with no way of knowing when that copyright and i mean you said you had several other authors i believe it is the ah when its only authored like that in the copyright is personally held it would be to the last author ah the death of the last author plus seventy years and haman i'm not an attorney but that when you start getting into but say anonymously written how do you figure that out how do you figure out when that's public domain when it can be freely disseminated when when you can make adaptation and then you got the other issue too of h the copyright of audio in all that's a hole another mass of worms because ah in a lot of cases the audio copyright system of until i think a boy it was sometime in the seventies might have been with the burdone tion it was left up to individual state and so the copyright on any the music from lake the fifty ah can basically be considered just about percent ah even the music from the i think even the music from like the nineteen tens rite even though it's over a hundred years old ah in certain state that music would still be copyrighted despite the fact that the sheet music for it or any other written form of it couldn't be copyrighted because it would be it's so old it would be public domain the recording in a fire member right new york is one of the worst of this a dozen federal copyright law doesn't supplant the state copyright law and tell a hundred and fifty years or something like that after it was old it's something something just and of absurd like that but anyway with her was the work that you publish that's what copyright was designed for its is authors that actually want the protection and that's why when copyright started you would register your copy with you was in one yet you would you would send in a copy to the library congress they would have an unfiled there and you would register that and then after a certain amount of time you would have the option to renew that copyright if you still felt that it was important enough to you and so needed your and you still wanted that protect if you didn't it would automatically fall into the public to make and there were a lot of things that in a publisher's really didn't care about that much in lentinelli to the public domain and those became very much a part of the american ah but ah now there's no option eh you don't have to file anything basically anything that you put into a fixed form as already copyrighted just by the sheraat of and the you don't have to fill it the library congress so nobody else has to have access to it even know that it exit see you don't have to have a desire to have it copyrighted because it's already automatic and you don't have to renew it so it's already copyrighted for the full term whether you wanted or not ah that's part of the reason why you've got the creative commons license to get around that am so that you can actually place things under an open license same thing with the open source licenses for ah for software you have to explicitly licence stuff as open if you want it to be that and some people had even taken attack of saying i know what modern copyright is silly i'm in a low this i'm in a license this as fully copyrighted for the next the years and then after that date ah you may use this work under a creative common cessero public domain lice and am now i find that quite admirable that people would have voluntarily waive those he but why should they need in our case it was determined that they were going we wanted to give the product away for free it was going to be something that would help people in their lives give them more freedom and that was something we wanted to be free that was the intention all along and the people we were working with when they discovered that or what we had was pretty cool they wanted to profit off of it and by selling it to another organization that could then profit off it and we didn't want that to happen that when against everything that dear the good intentions that we had suited protect it from being profited off of ah we tolerated at oh they were happy with that much we hoeredetarii right he called but see that was the intention of copyright is to allow for that control by the original authors like that for a limited time not to make it in no automatic to every corporation that writes that puts five words together on a page that that information is then copyrighted rain all theirs there's a there's a line there and in my opinion we crossed it i am not a fan of modern copyright oh i think all of us are not a fan of the modern day judicial system whatsoever because its it is so convoluted you know it just even look at our elections you you have deigned anatol who basically such she passed this information on to the state police for for the fraud and registering voters and moschion county and in several other colonies she passed it on and then said well i did my job washed her hands of it and didn't see it through and it's really a shame gives you seems like seek were having probed holding people accountable because that morals is so gone from so many people say i mean we're to go back to this i think all of us see to check ourselves every single day to make sure that we are in fact doing the right thing before god instead of just a it's okay because everybody's doing this you know the school long to get along now in sense and make it moral decision on how to conduct yourself i think that's really important lutely discounts heard the way it's always been done doesn't mean it the right way to do it right and i and i think that's what makes the so genicault on this in his day and age is that there's so many things that are off the rails that that moral compass that people used to have some people not all people i mean people are flowed right ah it is harder to determine because they don't see examples that are good examples on how to live it's not the normany more it's it seems like it's more of the abnormal and so you know those those people that really will always do this that's one thing i like about both of you can and ralph is that that i know you both very well your friends and i would honestly but that the two of you under any circumstances would always used to do the right thing it would even have a question on that where there is there's not very many people that i've met in the world that i feel that way about now granted i know you very very well so that that a change is the equation a little that but how many people in your life do you know that you could say honestly honestly push came to shove with the always do the right thing very very few very few and that's that comes down to a spiritual prove that's why we have to have laws because the constitution was based on a moral people ran and unfortunately we have sometimes to have to have a few more rules in order to end or if we don't have the rules we have to have very very serious consequences for violating people's right and so there you yourself were for the day check we have all the check ourselves a just cause it's down doesn't mean it's okay we we know between right and wrong and we need to be responsible to do that in all regardless with the rest of the world does so any last words regis germanensis there so in a bring him out in just a minute don't good discussion to day i'm really looking forward to hearing more about this election issues there there's a lot going on the last couple of days with been kind of interesting to watch oh i think the people are catching more because the moral ware and that exciting to see the results of what we hold learned thus far coming out and thinking about what we're going to do in the future and understanding the technology is part of it but i'm not one of those tuckyhoe like her elancoma why i hoi tell you i am speaking with an investigator who is doing quite a bit of investigation having to do with a connecting not only michigan but the people involved because teploff a host of an election the way they did it there was a lot of people involved in that and i think what we're going to find out which i am pretty exercere that we're going to find out that these same people who hoisted who pulled off the height of our elections are also involved in many other criminal activities such airs weapons traphagen human trafficking a drug trafficking we have a crime then to get that that's running this nation and the connectivity that i'm seen working with an investigator several of them but one whose very good investigator who has got over thirty years in law enforcement and investigation i think that we're going to be breaking some stuff here that are this is is going to shock this nation and how connected this network is what they actually do and how how there conducting themselves and if anybody thinks out there doesn't think that it's all based on kids ah human trafficking in the trafficking of human body parts is the singularly most lucrative business on the planet and so the people that are in office they don't want to see their little scams most and there's a lot that are involved in the you can see the people who are sitting in the seats who have been arrested for pedophilia and in such make no mistake or an make no mistake about this this is going to the highest levels of our government and to see the connectivity there is going to shock a lot of people but we have to get the truth out there and when when when i'm talking about about cleaning house and in holding people accountable and having the judges subject to the crimes i'm talking violent crimes crimes where people if they don't make a good decision some what else is going to lose their life and and where we're going to have to be very very i don't even know the words for it i'm committed to restoring law and order in the united states or are we will have nothing from our elections on down to the seven been safe in our own homes and in i think that that's something that we can't under estimate that law and order has to be put in place so that we don't see the type of nonsense that we're seeing now in criminal activity when you have over eight hundred thousand kids a year missing cp s in the united satisfactory ing in the ones we don't know about this is the most serious problem that we will ever see and their voting themselves in rigging elections in order to keep that power structure power money and their disgusting habits in place so with that set i'm going to thanks for being on to day gus it's a great discussion to have we need to do that i'm going to be bringing on my next gasped momentarily have a great day and i'll be right back ooooooooooooooooooooooo become to the second hour of brandenburg newfound work on am donebringing onstinant plenty of november twenty twenty three and i'm going to get right on my go the honorable mark censorfor cantonal gothecore penances where i'm not so with going on by the myself in its case never you and your son yeah on turn hundindose only how econmicas i think we had a problem last time mark was on to silence we can get this thing fixed amentum ohlsen get a check gyones i calecannon in you your microphone i guess unmeaning when help how there now at work great perfect is sicomac thank you so short to and as thanks for reaching out to me another day that's really nice so taxed me this morning said that he's on the world which is understandable after the elections so we'll have to get him on another time of the two of us sir we got pretty full schedules these i can imagine i can imagine so a lot going on there and i wanted to bring on them the project that that you're working on it we were talking about it and i did sponsor kent county oscitancy and otto a county for the present mapping project and i on tolleyboy out there if you get on this side election fairness institute dot or i i i sponsored three counties and i'm going to ask all my viewers out there to get in the game go on its website find a county that you're on and sponsor it so we can map out the entire state of michigan if you want to know something to do clear gold actionable so this is that right here it won't you if you get on this side the election farness institute not or and are willing to donate there's the botanist there it will give you the ability to donate to the cause and it's not as undoable as you might think it would be if you just bided off in little chunks of the county that you're in now which counties do you have in michigan that are there being supported that are being sponsor great now well we've got first fall down a thank you very much ford for choosing those three counties that i think are very important we're looking for his monserrato i understand that we may have one that has already stepped up for a sinclair when he comes answered him so county well it's it's relative to population i'm going to guess two hundred twenty five dollars okay he's actorbut there can afford this ok i'm sorry you know nothing goinganother for a few weeks here we let's take the state back yes so let me give you just a little bit of kind of divided up a county like for example allegano probably about a hundred and seventy five bucks this is based on a population indeed the number of precincts that have to be mapped now this is a labor intense a process but once we get the map done and it's based on historical information twenty twenty twenty twenty and if we go back to twenty eighteen at helps as well but it's a statistical representation of where the likelyhood of voter roll irregularities is not called it fraud for the timing let's call irregularities is likely to pop up so you've got a county like alec and county probably hundred seventy five bucks kalemazo a guessing to twenty five we in county that's an eight hundred dollar county because it's so densely populated maccolony probably another eight hundred dollar one so that's that's the range some of them i'm not sure what kent was we can't was probably a four hundred word hundred that when i set out armed to for countless four hundred and i wanted to to support that can in ottawain the skin because we know that there was fraud in mosquiten and we can call it out as that that that was absolute frothat was caught there and there was a bunch other counties around the state that in a we can call a fraud because they they absolutely were fraudulently redigendo well and moscione is the poster child for voter registration fromentin in new danielwould be it besmeared this writ impeached and disparked yesbut he's the problem you've got a michigan legislature that is captured by and an invencon one party of monoculo personal interest there are darn few of individuals who i would call colleagues litter in office in michigan the bassador of em away from me satan i know i don't know you i agree with that i think that you know rosetter interests they ain't no it's easy for us to point out in nestleton and whiter but the reality is is the legislature is justice corrupt none of em did anything on the most there compositione of them needs to be riggingthe s a reason in not just the federal constitution state constitutions that the legislature is the first organization that is is because that is where the resident power of the people rest is is located so if they're not doing their job in holding the executive accountable that's the reason that they have the power of the okay one person in the legislature mentioned the the problems with the elections i am not seen even one of them that has been willing to fight for elections in any way shape performed they just it's just go along gelong this signore it i think i want to mess with his which is wrong we inside but to get back to the point a the lecternes is the in i billy appreciate you high lighting what we're doing there's a number of projects that we are engaged in but understand where five one sithee so any contribution that is made to our organization i should be taxed to ductible but here's the boiler plate check with your tax preparation professional to make sure that you got to take it as a donation of to an unprofit we are no profit and we have a policy we will not contracts from any government unit we don't want to be captured by the government we don't want to be captured by organizations that are going to try and enforce their political will on the work that were doing so the election fairness institute is were barred by her five once three states from interfering with or involving ourselves with politics at the party person or proposal level but we are all about examining prose what are the processes that a are vexing what are the processes that are posing a challenge to elections security and election transparency because in all while we talk a lot about a election integrity upstream from integrity is security and transparent and for example in the case of moskiten county where did nestle knew full well that there was a massive number of illegitimate voters put on the rolls she did nothing knowing full well the doses a state matter he turned it over to the fbi and then she hid it she refused to talk and it block that's what we call shoot shovel and shut up yet that's exactly what in other words you saw the problem you found escape go the fbi nobody trusts the peony more brightly so now my apologies to the field agents out there who were good guys we know that you're there we also know that you're being sped and we pray for you every day oh there's so much that you can't have good people in the field anywhere if the man is been above them is not doing their job to to support them it's virtually impossible to get the dog to and that ends a being wide dennis and the whole cabal decided to place that with the fbi in him as long forcement officer wants meschugener eighteen on my twenty one years and public service i had great respect for michigan state police or at least i used to and a number of my colleagues that i contact from time to time they shake their worretted now they shake their heads and they i don't know what happened that organizes that used to be the premier law enforcement organization in the united state and now i'm i'm shutting down a bakery because the last not wearing a mast you goes really goin to go there i digress so the election farness institute is all about looking at prose in fact one of the projects that were doing his this precinct napping project as or gold to map the top one hundred counties across the marica where we know that there is rampant a voter registration roll fraud these are people who and there's a number was it manifests itself one the most o the easiest one despised as when you compare the voter rolls the property jacks and you see that you have a bunch of people registered about at a non residence in other words not a single family residence or an apartment o it's a bodega for hotel or parking lot those these wants to spot in those in law this is one of the things that the folks were going to be looking at the maps that you have set whoever those those patriots are that are in those communities you need to start looking at under michigan compiled laws is there a definition for a residence in pretty sure there is is just but every state that has bord registration in to you have to have a resident not a business a residence as far on as i or to multifamily planner development all of those are assessor codes the kind of property and the reason that important as because that's the way it ste ben you got the folks in practices a case the came up just about a week ago i'm so folks a pennsylvania contact with us serpente had purchased a county in the came across the individual who had moved a was registered vote a in a forget the the county but registered vote in a dormitory can state okay but it moved years ago to new york well in their law in pennsylvania law they allow before wording of a ballot to a different address think about that for men that is the crux of wi male in voting the bane of our existence and will ultimately be the undoing of our democratic post but it goes a step further than that and we can havethe thing take that we are restored asking the questions okes the water the ramifications are there perhaps the individual who claims to be living in pennsylvania but is in registered about there is living in new york and is paying income tax in new york which is crushing by the way but why are they paying income tax and pennsylvania if their claiming to be a resident there and voting i bet no department of revenue agents in the state of pennsylvania has given any thought to that one a pretty sure that if we start high lighting things like that the people who were involved in multi state voting start getting income tax bills from the states that their voting in i'm pretty sure that we'll shut that behavior on pronto right now you at last night it was working with that investigator a little bit that i had reference earlier and we were looking and we found multiplied als who have multiple of voter i dive or voting records that are still open and that was that was one of those things that want one person had four different voting records that they were open under so their vote there getting there getting the ability to vote for different place in my heart calledcrime and these are people that our leading our nation that's what we looked at where we're looking at people in a position of power in those people the position a power are breaking the law ring after have that information in order to see it to e a hold he accountable removed them from ever been able to a work on our elections are in me a part of it i mean this is this is the one national security issue it is it is in fact in arizona here enter any borelli and representable obi aschi the house majority set majority leaders and the belchamber he ushered through disdayi think it say a brilliant piece of legislation in the form of a resolution not a bill now your viewer's probably understand the difference but for those who don't let me just walk through that because it's the same in every state a bill has to be signed into law by the governor a resolution can stand on its own so why why does that make a difference will let me lay the case out for you under article one section four claws one of the us constant it is the legislate she to choose the time place and manner to elect representation in the federal government there's nothing in there about the executive that's in articles there's nothing in there about the judicia that's an article which means the legislature has plenary authority use the time place and manner of lections okay now here in arizona a the county that is well known for a steaming garbage heap of an election in twenty twenty two and twenty twenty miracoli uses dominion bringing domingowhich ines a because the breakdowns and people who are denied an opportunity to vote at the polls because the machines were operating properly yet the day before they were of all of that shows the those machines are which the the legal term is impracticable the camp be relied upon to produce a a legitimate dependable result coming firms on reliable go figure so what the senate and house here nor is one did as they passed a resolution that said you can use equipment that scans and counts votes but it must meet dodecote standards for cypers boom that means that the machines that are in use the do not meet do de suppers curity standard no longer can be used so now the state attorney general a democrat in office quite frankly i think illegitimately along with secretary state gentlemen that i allegedly lost in the secretary of state's race and twenty twenty both are saying well doesn't carry any weight in law you can read in fact both of you are attorneys so you do know that plenary thorty rests with legislature under article on searchin for claws on of the ouisconsin it is the supreme law of the land so these are the kinds of process things that were looking at others question right now a gentleman out to ohio ill discall him here the greek that's what he goes by here he has come across a a an interesting legal fairy and that is that most county and state governments if not all heavy cider security insurance old did you know that i did not know that yeah he harried alive cries me though you know business as after that now too she's making a claim against at least one caper security insurance policy because the county admittedly had been intruded and sciveris and records have been compromised is made a claim for ten million dollars now all sudden we've got another play it's vol so the elector fairness is the two besides using a the present map in project we also have the vote roll and elsa's project which congoes hand in glove with the present napping project and that's the the lay out of how do you find voters that are on the rolls that are the registration is questionable and moved them into a quarantine strategy now this happens before the election not after the act and ninety nine per cent of everything that we see happens after the election that's what people cry foul and signal this isn't right well let's take some action before hand on election prose spectre publicans and democrats by the way on we seen a lot of democrats that had bidden denied office the quatro the should be in office because the individual that they ran again is in office because illegitimate voters voted or at least palace for castle i just want good people in there and i don't really care what they aligned with at this point time somebody that has integrity even if i don't agree with them on some of the finer points if they are honest and their honestly down the job they believe needs to be done and their legitimately voted in we have to back them that's the will of the people that's right so when of other projects that were involved in as the hand come rode show a more providing air support if you will for a cook who put his life savings into an to behind that he is all fitted to be a mobile demo a sight if you will for he and counting a paper ballots at the precinct level on election day they've got a system he and clink curtis democrat concerts i like it he's been on the show before i like him a lot he's asesores guy ensure as i mean he cracked in me and wasn't one point he said he said to the trump did present trumpand which i wasyes trunk the rightful present states when the election of like i absolutely get he goes you don't know that because we didn't remember and on like he's right that's rowit's like it's like in howe see the fact which we don't have the facts there there was not one thing they did right the biggest problem might have with these dominichin cause we had of down in this area there there they were down people could not vote or in area in this this week's selection that's voters it's everywhere it's it's it's crazy and um ah but the probe misses that were supposed to vote and private count public the men at that voteless your hands it's being counted in private we can't confirm what's he done so it's completely unconstitutional to use machines we can't use them well that is the crooks of the matter in the case could carry lake and i brought against the powers it be here in arizona and us district court now we were we we don't even get technically into the trial because there was a motion to dismiss that we didn't have standing well if we don't have standing who they all does right man you've got a cent for governor and candy for secretary state we are both saying that the machines that are being used we are are not permitted inspect the code to verify the there is no malwar the there is no vol flipping software now heretofore it's been protected i caught your last segment on copyright well their hiding behind the protections of patents and copyrights of a wittie out i your calling bubbles on a piece of pie we want to know that code is open source and available for inspection and if it's not that is not a public transparent count of the vote serener for that you just don't use the machines you got one of those it's what we are asking for specific relief either prohibit the use of the machines or require the machine manufacturers and the code writers to show their coat will the court is terrified of us seeing the machinery of how vote counted now remember what style in satins now who votes to two counting bow and all their coming so now we've gone in front of the ninth circuit court of appeals and i'm i'm rather stunned at the the lack of intellect by the night circuit judges now the pennons been written and can speak freely we got one that one of the judges on the panel said well can you show me the in the constitution where the people ever right vol staring purely you've never heard of the nineteenth amendment ah that is ransacking it was shocking well he went on to say make the wild claim that while we had the paper ballots for years and they were frock with fraud so that's why we adopted machine counting was for really well if that's the case and you can inspect the code how do you know who want you don't well i'd look at clint curses claims when he was asked to write a program to flip the votes i mean that the everything is right there to see that we have more than enough evidence let's tereba things happening and it notionists it's all over the world because it was in ponsland the philippines in this this dominion no noi is everywhere well and so i i don't know if you caught the indictments i think it's an indictment of out of my amie you as district court for the southern district of florida a wave indicted a number of individuals involved in bribery in the philippines for dominion and trying to move those machines into common use there why is that well it's all about creating the simulation of an election where you placate the people and you make them think oh i've voted my votes been counted okay so in the words of the question that i asked of a he lacounti supervisor the chairman of the board she if you can't inspect the code how do you know who want and his response was quite simple that's an acceptable for a free people do not know with certainty with the alcove and electoral oh that's the kind of stuff that the election farness institute is engaged in if people want to make a donation i'm just for her operations they can con the donate tab i can number if oh if you want to make it a recurring contribution the vast majority of our insessor edifying dona the vast majority of our donors are twenty to fifty dollar donors who give every month and we've got some people who'd been given to us now twenty bucks months porter well this awesome well i'm going to i'm going to give everybody a projects right now because we need to have a attainable goals goals and actionable steps i would like to see the entire state of michigan for people to too a support to sponsor there county or because we here here's the actionable step we need to get these precincts mapped out it throughout the entire state of michigan let's turn this mintadoong and lead the way for the united states i figure these elections out and in order to do that we need every single person out there putting a personal effort and stake into this to get in there and in you know if you know that your country's large i mean you can i can i will certainly i called you and and softened what it was going to take what you can figure this out most of em if you if you have contributed two hundred and fifty dollars count it's going to even out that way she i want this money to go towards this county to sponsor this county cause then you know you've got it handled is there any way that they know that they can know exactly how much is there some one that can contact to find out what it would cost us to support the county or sponsor tantisque so if folks want to send an email to mapping and a big at go ye i do or give us the name of the county in the state that its end and in fairly short order will be able to tell you how much no cost us the mamit o we are we've we've just received last week the end of week last week we had a couple of counties in arizona that had been covered we had a lady an anonymous donor step up and say i want to amphitrite oh that's awsome so that can be done i were excited about getting the mapping done for the entire state is once we have that done then we can turn that's at the precinct level at the county level county by county once that's done we can now turn our attention to mapping the legislative is that becomes a tool available for anybody that runs one to run for office and it doesn't matter if your libertarian democrat republican because we're five o ony three we will provide the map to every one because we want people to be engaged that's that's what makes the so it's not impossible to map the entire state of michigan and if people already know that there here's an example varied county probably a hundred and seventy five dollars a canow somebody there because i think that people need to get involved its great if the two fairy shows up and pays the entire bill but i think that's a bad it's a bad process even if somebody to do the whole thing we to stop treating this like like a bunch of you know like a nanny state run a little kids that somebody else is going to fix our problems in the precii counties i know somebody down there that i know i can get them to support this yet we should talk about list icones and i'm to start tap and people i love your metaphor of turning the mint in into a boxing glove because what this is is rocket fuel for the grass roots and i let's talk about what you get and for a moment you get a map that is broken down by precinct of your county in an area that we don't think that there is anything going on it's going to be green in an eerie where its like and this canseth it can be yellow in an erie where there is clear and convincing evidence by precinct we have forde registration irregularities it'll be read so you now have a visual representation of problem so when you go to the shooting range what you shot at are now got a target and in that target instead of wasting your resources on harris that the green and yellow on go after the areas that are read and you can begin looking at the voter oles in those precincts to identify properties that are impermissible as voter registration address properties that have multiple people registered devote to pierce the reasonable standard a four occupants per square foot silis for example you have a one thousand square foot hall with twenty five people registered about in that seems kind of odd ten would be a lot but let's say for grins and giggles you have a large farm family and somebody you got a few people staying in the barn o ka he started looking at those anomalies and in looking at worthy addresses that large numbers of people are registered vote do they have a voting history so this is just the beginning of the process of looking at vote registration roles to identify those individuals who probably art would get we've got one example here in micomicon where gentlemen sent me four ballots with variations of his name and he kept one that was de legitimate representation of his name and voted it but male the other for to me it to the legislature this was a couple of years and he called me said did you get the package i sent a hot a bad happen says i have no idea i have had no interaction the department motivehis so i haven't done anything with my driver's license haven't done anything with my vehicle register and i have not sold or purchased a car or boat or trailer or anything so how did that happen we don't have an answer for he but there's not one or two ways that it could happen it's either an inside job as the thought or somebody was in an able to penetrate the seer's curity fire wall for the voter had distraction o king so that goes back to cyber security i turned so there's a there's a web here that we're working on but so let's talk about counties like god for example a youi think we might have eaten county also covered already i think you have as valetudo cha ah that sounds right so is not there's so much people that have been working up there with a locust sandy investigation of some of the other investigations going on so we do have people in different areas across the state that are in a game where the lection integrity and we offer invective got to do a call with some folks in the canadian county oklahoma the bunch of people moved from scores catch otters something down to long but they wanted to have zocallis hey we're not seeing what we thought we were going to eat can you help us kind of unraveleth the snow a lot of it his investigative work oh were you you've got a kind of think about things a little bit different a look at the national vote or absurd the national database in sway would shows where people have permanently voted moved to from one state to another and may be voting in that state and one thing i think for folks to take close look at is can you identify an individual that's voting in your state actually lives some place else i'm pretty sure that the michigan department of revenue would like to know about that individual and a perhaps collect back that so folks want to make a donation they can make a blanket donation if they would like if they want to just put it into a general fund el of finance a county and michigan a big can do that but if you click on the don a tab a field comes up that will ask for other contribution or other amount in the mental field if you want to earmark your contribution for specific county please write the name of that county because we want to make sure that we're biding by a donor's wishes click the other memo field and fill in the name and state of the county and we will see to it that we get that funded that particular map founded now keep in mind that if you're the one who's paying for it you're the one that's going to receive the map so my recommendation is get cosy with the folks in your community who are doing motor roll analysis who are the grass roots folks who really want to take back their elections here's another way that this map is being used as we've had a couple of folks in pennsylvania the printed the map and went to their county commissioners and asked how long you goin to allow this to be when you're confronted with visual representation of what's happening it's hard to deny it's really hard to die especially when you are able to identify illegitimate voter registrations in that system now one of things it goes on with that let's say for example you get your map you go through you do be a borderland alices and you find an address he then my wagon after address is not people if in an address where there is an impermissible voter bats were you employed the corentin strategy you get an affidavit so you visit the property maybe you're not on the door you talked to the property owner do you know who this individual as they may say oh yeah they moved a number of years ago or i bought the house both in whatever the story may be document that in an affidavit because the individual is registered about at that address that doesn't live there that is now an illegitimate voter registration and should be quarantine the concept here is that you are going to fill out an affidavit document everything you've got property adros propices type whether the person is still voted or up so registered about there all of those things put that together an affidavit and then you petitioned the cord you can you don't need have an attorney to do this by the way you can do a prose which meet you go into court on your own and you asked the court to quarantine that ballot until such time as the challenge could be answered with which means the government or somebody's going to have to go contact the individual voter at that address and verified that ade exists be they have a positive idee i got be able i identify them and see that they actually voted you can imagine for somebody who moved to new york and was voting in kelso can be conard to talk contact them in callosity vuoriston so these are a bunch of different pieces that come together no one project is the answer for everything but it does take a little bit after well which is what we get me to get back to anyway you know sit on the side lines and just just go ye sports team down acraea sports team republican or whatever it may be is nonsense you know what even even if people could take take these maps and look at them in their own neighborhoods and you know just just you don't have to do the whole state in it seems like it's a it's a large a large vote and to the problem but you were gennthenta the elephant one by to the time you know it's like this the old saying goes just one by it a time and i really think that there's so much that can be done if people have some they don't even know what to do people don't even out to do is a problem so haterso this is one area that we can in fact move forward and see some go on this no outward that when i get the maps i'm going to put the maps out there and you know we'll go ahead and publish this map and then then you know get a strategy in order for people start contacting the counties first you know i think just going to the colony's first you know we can we can do individual addresses if we see that but i think the conisford need to be convictolitanis that are supposed to be doing this right the burden shouldn't be on the people to hold these elections but if they can't do it we may have to stop in and actually get involved on a different level in this but we certainly can hold them accountable you neither run it yooung election or your to here we're going to get somebody else in her his willing to do the work to clean this mess up i think we should get the elections belong to the people they don't belong to they really do belong to the people in fact the gods the iron decks that when to your supreme court malinaison ruth peter ginsburg bull people that what that that kind of a surprise the one that wanted make you know some folcanstan like what is a twelve year old or eight mortal will there comes a point in time were the you needn't leave the is called getting off the stage in stoneypoint but reinsberg a is credited with saying in now the ultimate legislatures so my advice after being in this this world now for nigh an ten years in having the ever living cram kicked out to me in so many different a races and so many different endeavors having to do with trying to hold people accountable for election integrity don't leave it to somebody else to personal ownership of your community make sure that if you got the map and you have the inners what goes with this map also is what's called a esto intelligence report that intelligence reporters going to explain what be anomalies are and could have given a directional ah encouragement to who i was going to be looking at the and then of course we've got a deliverable document that couldn't walk through the process of looking at of the various databases that are available to the people now we are noticing that suddenly the government doesn't like you looking at their day to basis so much even the time they denied me and byron byron township of getting electronic poll book and they in as they did it was a legal they broke for loss to do this they destroyed evidence between ford the time went through and that was that the clerk in mironton ship so that is of being a criminal complaint to the sheriffs of the shereef me say well we don't want to take your complaint actually you're required to take my complaint where he do it thing about it doesn't matter where were canonical so are we we've got to we got individuals that are in public office around the country who seemed to forget they're not there to protect bureaucracy because that's why deroceras exists quite frankly it's not there to serve the people as to protect is but the people are going to have to be involved in an have the roll up their sleeves and they're going to have to start challenging people openly and i think that the best place in a general flint talks about this one local action would national impact there's a reason that our form of government is so resenting it's because government at the county level is responsible for election we don't have stiplations we don't have federal elections there run by the counties all three thousand one hundred and forty three counties or counting equivalent they're the ones that run the election so when you have an injury to a couple of different counties the body politic in all of the other conies needs to pick up these think about it that way you've got an army of three thousand one hundred and forty three soldier a few of the wounded the rest of us needed pick up the slack and make sure that all were local community we see evidence if we see as for sceptical about beregis rations and a particular pre when he'd take look and sir john in everybody everybody needs to be an election sceptic even when it looks like things turned out the way he thought the old don't be lulled into that false yet not win at all costs to to have your way that that's that's not ok it's a miracle winds when the american process is carried out and that's all laid out by the constitution and how it's supposed to be run as long as we followed the law will be ok and i think it enoughin back to we need to go back to what work in what work to us how the country began and then all the sudden we added more and more and more and more layers of complexity and till we got to the point where nobody knows what we really have and it is violating people's rights constantly and making use it they can use all these made up a mandates and unconstitutional laws and such to harass people to self enrich and the suspeitem needs to be reined back in the entire system but it is as contarine person out there what else is going on in an arizona right now that now is she seems to me like this a lot going on nationally that may be as even being talked about so much but i know that there's a lot going on and it's kind of fond o to watch to watch this house o car start to fall we do seem to be the sir the universe when it comes to election integrity security fairness arizona once again yesterday we had an election that were now getting stories of irregularities from all over the state primarily from miracle a county though a were poles were closed early a pupil were denied the opportunity to vote now this was a mostly a proposition but there very few candidates about propositions and in on things like school bonds and hospital bonds and different things that are are not necessarily the high profile elections but that's not the point people were claiming that they were denied the opportunity to vote in something that is going to cost the money and they should have had the opportunity to boerne we got that going on i am hamedy who is still in port carries still in court a were probably going to see curious cases in front of the arizona supreme court it's it's headed the us to bring court the question is whether machines are protected from being inspected we can't permit that we just can't permit secrecy of the machines that count votes man and i'm not certain who said it i wish i should have copied the the one i first saw but the tyrant will say you must not see that you cannot know this well okay now the course becomes an i think it's a philosophical question that we're asking here in arizona have we become and dictators and i think that tetsogi imate question to ask when you have a boarder supervisors that has destroyed evidence that has not turned over evidence to the court that's one of the things that's in a haverty's c miracle pocone knowingly withheld evidence that was exculpatory to abe's we even got boats in some counties that haven't been counted yet from twenty twenty two colwhere what is what is up with this waitwhile it is an it's there's not nothing that's working on the rails if corinthe well what it is is it's you got the in all it the miracle the mafia they like things the way they are you know the power brokers really like the idea that they can take state trust land a properties on the dollar and turn it into a billion dollar development where they could make tons money but what happens to the children of arizona that that money and a piece of that which supposed to go help find educated because there is a a word a position to know how many people don't bout this but about eleven and a half per cent of our land is in private hands the rest of it is either controlled by a government unit in or is trebled so we have a very very small tax base and we have to be very cautious about how we allow government to take over and run roughshod over the people so it's very real thing here now as far as carey's case goes a word i don't know the status of that but she did introduce in support september fourteen brought a new case this is now civil stud not in an election contest would seventy four pages of evidence hard evidence the miracle baconi saw to undermine the election by manipulation of everything from the size of the ballots to the machines to the code all of it in fact the election was run on a version of machine code that was not certified that alone should be enough for the court to set that election aside in order to election we had that up in michigan and i was on a law suit up here about the surfaceto of the machines and that was dismissed by a judge an aged pictures captured and i know it used to be then this is tragic to me i dedicated almost all my adult life to holding people accountable to follow follow the law follow the rule of law and now we have a captured judiciary the doesn't give two wits about the evidence the testimony they've already got their dismissal pre printed before the even walk in a court room there not neutral arbiters of the question as if they were if they took a look at the evidence they'd know that they are complicit in turning this nation into a dictatorship and a third world court were becoming a banana republic and its because judges do not have the gods do not have the spinal fortitude to say do not following the law i'm finding for the planet instead there dismissing these cases left and right you don't have standing you don't have this you don't have an old yes we do have standing was just a game to these people well wot of our place by historicindeed funded by the power brokers as you say the globeless george source look how many how many district attorneys and prosecutors the prosecutors that that were funded by the globe less this is an invasion this is not this is this is there no other way to term this but the poltergeist certainly insurgency but i would average people take a look at the fall of rome take a look at the fall of the vier republic look at his the saint knew there is nothing new under the sun and in others another thing if folks want to subscribe to it i do write a sub stack so to south an you can go to mark finch him dot substraccon and on it is a paid thing but it's like lions like five books a month and when there's updates about things that are going on here in arizona things that are going on and the the world of political she cantering a you might see a comment or two put out the there go subsec mark frencham out so stick i love stools i i think i all the the good writers that are on substace masin i subscribed to or you know a sign up for several of them and touch so good nonworker were helping to herod the thefairies impact of the new york times and appoincted interesting i i keep getting these invitations from the washington post on you can subscribe for nineteen ninety nine why do you mind ingot yeh what makes you think that i even be ines by the way this is pan it's illegal which your going oh here do i hear cles here i'm going to i'm not to go put this off here see this i see this is another action will stop every one is too here go to mark substrackin there you go sport the people look her in the trenches i manhoodif you don't even if you don't get the five dollar months subscription of i do put out a free version of it there is a people but if you want to read up to the pewal there's good stuff in there and it's things that you're not going to hear about in the legacy news media you're not going to hear about things like what what we're writing on shame and some of the other contributors to a general to sub and cognitive carved is a friend of mine and he's got a good ah subsec on and so is care in the riveter who was on before you dostest ck and she's she doesn't wonderful job of writing and explain things and she puts a spiritual a significant to it so it's it's really i think the obstacators are phenomena really enjoy them wotsoats awesome to share that so the one thing that the last project that the electro fairness institute is engaged in is something that ended up it's turned it off being a fairly small election campaign finance fraud investigation somebody came to her since that hey what do you think about this and we started looking at its like oh there's something to it it is now turned into a bed of a campaign financed fraud investigation we already turned one package of on evidence and so we say reason of probable cause to a sheriff and a grand jury o be debts of very small part of the project we now have got interstate actors who are engaged in massive amounts of money laundering some of the really big names of organizations i know people won't be stunned but think think back on acorn and organizations like that that acted outside of the law until they were caught and once they were caught they just re branded themselves and kept on going once again because we've got courts that are slow act and we got prosecutors who are now captured and vic lithosia what's her face in new york her objective as basically to control new york it's not to stand up for the little gus but the project is we thought that there would be done by now kind of like in arizona every time to pick up a rock you find a scorpion mary so we continued to identify the bad actors in that and hopefully we'll have a pretty big announcement here within the next thirty days about our findings in what we've done with it that's that's awsome cassidoin a great job then and the lot lots going on i'm looking forward hopefully solankeman after we get the information on those counties here in michigan i love have you guys on on a regular basis to talk about what's going on in michigan and so that we can also get out there and say all right out there is you know able to conserant er county and help with this effort so that we can truly a whole people in the state of mischance have to do this we we can't we can't just continue to sit here with you know is twiddling our things going well whatever will happen to us you know we've got to get in there and get a people need to run for office because the ones that are in there now they have to be removed we've got to start over with some better people in because it's an entrenched establishmentsthe i saw running for governor and michigan is how many people are there there all in their all in it together they the thettle you will never get past a certain point because they've got themselves so entrenched and there they've got the body system going on the only way to fix us as if we have a just a huge number of people from the outside who are willing to step off and and beat be heard what they thingthis week the gothland they were trying to put in crossotheca i don't know if you know about this that the gohiriol its huge electric vehicle this select battery plant up in castinathe entire board counter was removed with elections as wiley recalled them all and that's the kind of stuff we need to see hal we need to see communities you know getting together like what they did up there by big rapids and say i know you're not in these guys that were in the offices were getting huge of for their land its impressive it was amazing but they all got removed i mean this is this is like one of those things that everybody were like go patriots go you did it way to go so that is a word to the people look don't say into yet his ware asked absolutely well thank you so much for coming on to day i always end with a prayer so i'd like to pray and then we're going to have gon last words and then move on to our day to go off their fighting bad guys oh dear have my father thank you so much for mark and care in and ralph and i and soften every one who is willing stop up to make sure that the rule of lost stands and that our nation stands proud as a a is a example of liberty and freedom and a and a following your guide your guide to how to set up a nation or constitution is is based on biblical principles that you gave us and were willing to follow you and do whatever it takes that you're asking us to do to defend those out of voice to make sure that that people's rights are in which were given by you are in fact upheld and we stand gathers americans not as democrats republicans are libertarians or whatever it does whenever the heeter in this is that we choose to stand to gather as human beings is part of your kingdom first as americans to defend and protect your world you made up the rules and were willing to abide by them and we just think you so much for all that you've done for us we want to thank you for everything you you've done for us in that you're doing to right the wrongs that are going on in this world were so thankful you've been a great friend to us we want to be a friend to you and me jesus christ we pray nothank you so much for coming on to day any last words mark well i hope to see it december seven vendershand you've got some big sindonite i might come in out for that well i don't know i just learned about it this morning oh yes i'm we we have a we have a ah a human trafficking some it that will be going on a merry friend a merry plena friends with the plan so general plenamar feinarbeit thus and so gain to be up here learning about heinisch a big deal in the state of michigan and the entire united states people do not even realize how bad of a problem this is and michigan is is right in the cross here as you know we hear that the other states that are the number one stated i'm going to take issue because we are a border state it is not just that the southern border its northern border and the stories that i hear in the things that i've seen would put a lot of people in in a mental institution to deal with the nitosaurid between chicago and also detroit you look at you look at some of the organizations to that are importunate are easy easy ways to smuggle people out of the united states wellsthe islands that we have around us and it's just so easy to make kids disappear the canopies are are involved in a sort of the bus companies and i mean i've seen several of em across the state as i've travelled tornado is aboard jumping company one of the guys that works for some naturalized citizen from mexico his told that his family people down there seen that as long as the cartels pay the people on the mexican side of the border two hundred dollars they waver on through and you can you can fall on birth very familiar with that here in her isolated behind his oare a border that a child's sex trafficking is going on and i nineteen i ten those are the cross roads of these these despicable people and ostentating about it as like teenagers now we're talking about these these horrific monsters were talking about raping ends infants and doing other things that are so horrific but we're going to have to face this as adults and we're going to have to deal with us or we can't turn our our backs on this any longer so ye i hope you come off here on the essomenon eighth the alofte somber some i can i can send you the ill send you the flyer and or the information to sign up for that for the different classes and seminars that i'd love to see it there so he fitted so there you go so thank you so much for being out will be talking you soon thank you very much at a great day everybody god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless the erica make it a great day starts here metal toughness i'm not conceiving the twenty twenty two election benbegan dot com we're going to keep going we're going to keep fighting and there's no backing out of this were taking this nation back in our not asking forms have a great day