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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 9/15/2023 Chris Kaijala and Isaiah Young

Published Sept. 15, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

9am Chris Kaijala is a chemical engineer, project manager, quality team leader, and environmental design expert. Chris has been using his skill in information analysis to investigate the 2020 election and is the person who did the investigation leading to the storm of articles on the Gateway Pundit, shining a light on the fraud in Muskegon, Michigan voter registration. 10am Isaiah Young has a long successful life standing for this nation. Isaiah is a proud military veteran who proudly served over seas, and was a first responder/paramedic. He has a unique perspective on responsibility and accountability, how we see each other, and the choice to do the right thing when a choice has to be made. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenberg and ah it is the fifteenth day of september twenty twenty three and welcome to our show today i have two wonderful guests to day that are going to be on crisian say his last name ah you works for election integrity force or works with them and honestly i was wanted to know the articles coming out and gateway ponded and i knew that honestly it was cross that was doing the work behind the scenes too in fact bring us information for her christian and a few other people in electedit force such as janssoens that that were really the ones that were going to have it left quite honestly i i'm a little annoyed when somebody does i'm going to call it even you know stone and credit solabella whatever you want to call it in anything in that seems like to me what was that was happiesthis goto come on to the slenderer last week we had a discussion and he gave me the time line and i sat there only one man i wish i would a tape this is was easy so to day is going to go come on and give us the time when on all of the articles that we've seen come up oh no gateway pondash who really went on behind the scenes so my plan is to sit here wouldn't gold fish with heckeeren coffee this morning and let his talk because it really isn't extraordinary story mornin that really is the best suited in my opinion to tell you you want the truth you got to go to the sore right you don't take people that parrot things aunt but you want you want it i want to go to the source to find out what's going on in it want to just sit here and he you know talked to everybody on the plant you has seen you talk to the action was doing the work that's guy want to talk so a crisis on first and then we're going to go to to isaiah young who is a very entertaining and wonderful god okay i'll tell you a little bit more about bout how it that isaiah but oh i didn't talk to him yet this morning but hopefully he'll be on its side and if not hopefully christened disco little bit longer you don't you don't have as this is real nativefarewell people by real people at the cathode get with you guys so anyhow good morning providing morning gown and ngrat thank you so it's so ah i think it's funny cause it we were talking before we got on i always get asked how seor last name and i've got this nail because i decided to to learn it within a course i spelled chris with a cave this week on the onhategatti feel figured out oh gossipers name on anyhow i'd like you introduced herself a little bit i know that you're a chemical engineer and you've got quite a resume of in of a a ha i do activities behind you and i really preciate that because you know i people don't understand that a lot of people don't that the people out there such as yourself highly qualified to do analysis and in oddities going on and instead of listening to these talking heads at one jump in front of the camera all the time you sit behind the camera it you don't beat behind it and you're actually doing the work you and joan and sandy and scottish there's a lot of people want to jump out in front that i get annoyed because all the hare is the publicity horse that's really what it is it is that not a keep of that do the heavy lifting and i just want to thank you on behalf younited states of america for not being a politician and actually doing the work and i just just really appreciate that about so canonisten everybody what's going on and i'm dead uncle fischer and desired oh no thank you thank you for having me so before i forget i will be at m in the skein the conservative woman's coccus as having made on october sets speaking there as well so pure in the mosquito are come on out and it should be interesting so great i am a chemical engineer with about forty years experience an open design and start up and plant operations quality control environmental control i designed environmental control systems and started them so always funny and totally separate not to hear people talk about the environment and how being polluted or not being included septenate states has probably the cleanest atmosphere of any country in the world and sometimes that's been painful to get there but i've actually installed equipment to clean an iron oh well i did frustrated with ye with the environmentalist the epatkas the biggest polluter in the end the north in north america my opinion at least a one of a and then then the other thing is there the regulations are just to create a barrier for entry for other companies rather than actual environments and i wish people would would get you know like like the one the environmental nashawake with no information they have no idea the damage that their doing to this nation with no go there's no benefit to most of the stuff out there if you want a whole hour ricaldo a whole hour on that to darkest next week you're scheduled they are cross i think he foroso i guess i won't like it but that the peak of the day back in the seventies in the eighties were quite good when i'm old enough to remember when the wastwater regulations came up for the first time when the air pluton control standards came up those were good things they weren't kind of painful but it's amazing how much that rained in a lot of industry like any government institution can't help to get their mits on more and more stuff the worst part was when you get up to the baracoons and stuff and they decided to use to weaponis those agencies and plate chickens i miscegenist their power plant because brockadale chicken with the so to possibly being a polo he has got no right to do it he couldn't have done i like an up there a little bit cross he there and so that's the whole long story so anyway i'm a chemical engineer so what they teach us in school is out o think and then they give us all much of mathematical tools were laden to equipment so i up some people call chemists will the wrench he oi've got a mass that chemistry up with pieces of equipment produce certain kind of product oh you don't come estropear it's one thing when you done a ten thousand gallon tank as the different thing so with that in mind the question is is i've always been diligent with data to console from on the chemical plant without data in the day i have forfect reality this little chemistry hasn't changed since have one walked the garden god's creation is not changed all the laws of nature are still the same they never changed and on our political environment we tend to have the feeling that every osthagen all the time well it doesn't some things are always the same in the way people treat each other since thing raging scriptures and jesus fell those howissone treating each other that the doesn't change people shall have figured that out cause they don't read the book and they don't ask so in that note in now when the election happened it's twenty twenty thus before that i had been talking a lot with key pinkle was president of the river city patriots of the time we met at the facultati but before the twenty twenty i ran for office and we had talked about crunching data does he knew that there was some funny going on with the data and there was some truth in there to be found in hesse committed colericus s like i am and what from with mosses people out there i don't believe there's true or they believe that they can create their own narratives i hate that word and try to throw the geomantic on every one and you know there is no such thing as the narrative it your her ether telling people a miss a lie are you talking of the truth and if you're telling them more than you know then you okay so i could go on a couple of different directions on that but for my part you only election happen the county clerk stated that it was a sixty four per cent turn out in the skin county i knew that that was bunkham no possible way sixty four per cent turned out the turn out for hilary was sixty two i started digging into the numbers the secretary of state plots three points every year on how many active voters are inactive voters total voters there are in every county and the sense suggest completed so titlewander sting how many people are there in this county and how many remote so there was no fun until i got two i put those two sets numbers together i realized something preasing i got the climate change hockey stick out it o king now the climate change a data note data the projection it's a hand picked bunch of data to make there grasp come up the way they want to and i know how to manipulate data leave that is real good hele a sense of so the one to believe what people tell them then her the character of his winged created us are to be trusted and mid westers are more trusting than most people in the country i come from these coast i'll trust in these people far as hecker the permanences they remember when they all voted for rum mcgovern there all proud of it there were the only state and nation the boat against nixon oh er he cloberhil there out there to worse smart as we voted for the governed were so you can manipulate the pretty easily but question is this what you can find the truth in the data deduttine result saying he figures don't lie but liars figure so the day he shows that there is a wicked spike and the red the stations in the county of westing is only four hundred people a year that come into this county cording to the forner people hear there a hundred and seventy thousand plus people on the one he gave so hawadiga you with bunches in numbers the cost second my head but so how many registrations are should you have to be year if you only have four hundred new people every year for under or less four hunder less for the codicil was on the eighty five per cent of people is to hoodsomething or being in election as can be heated by per cent of that four hundred he's going to be the lower three hundred horse his from a deep well since two thousand ah that's too many can you have grown can you say that again cross for some reason i think you're our screens ah ah freezing off every once in a while the out proboscidalis fin a monthe other side of the room yeah that happens in the sometimes when when we go back round like that to an it boggs the processors down oconostota wheel up her off sopiessen en to her you're talking his daytwelve hundred registrations a year it's what we've had for if two thousand fifteen through about two thousand nineteenth that's too mantoliad case somebody's sheeting ye ropethat's pretty clear is pretty clear is the hell of a get out the boat campaign or somebody sheeting okay so i don't believe that it's get out the boat so in that bad enough right and that was spirillosis tent of the secretary of state doesn't remove things for our file ga somebody's soothed the secretary of state back in two thousand nineteen and she was forced to take off hunter the seventy seven thousand a registrations o because his horse said now you haven't been cleaning up your violin you supposed to be so tony downed i think brought and the if she pulled out a hundred and seventy seven thousand and sixteen counts are as not one of them total of one per cent of the population which was you know why they didn't ask for more i don't know because i think our michigan voters are up in the often the twenty per cent over enrolled consistently throughout the state noisefor the twenty twenty are the last anson has the stated golden life to get one hundred per cent adult motorist ration of the state which is illegal too because you know there's a whole bunch of legal people that live in the state do you not allowed to register them but then get a driver's license they are automatically put into the system a much sure i know disposed to prove though they are wet there is citizen a most sure that happens and with what i've seen of her most sure she'd make some very good faith that for to do that but that's another story oh what happened in twenty twenty was after benson was elected but there was a massive increase in registration now the problem when most people talk about the subject is the they attribute it to one thing or another and you don't have the day that to be able to dig it up to get so where did they come from you know the sign the eric system a so george sorrow set all her information and those people are in and out of that pile like a going a people go in though a gestis her constantly in their pottenstein and some of the spikes that you see and read stations are probably due to the airs his through the low i think there's three thousand entities that have access to our voters you're kidding me three thousand at three thousands lippings over three thousand so the sixteen hundred clerks jurisdictional clerks by michigan law there the one that have responsibility for whose in the file in their jurisdicion they don't have control over their jurisdiction all these other thirteen or sixteen hundred or whatever are capable of putting things in or taking things out of their violent any moment this is a salacote problem that is probably the biggest problem in michigan election because once you get something into the file extraordinarily hard to bring it out because there's laws about how you taken out and the clerks have jurisdiction so they don't want to take anything out they don't have to i don't you saw the gave we punted dithean article on one of the jurisdictional clerks and a really small place and a canadian he requested a voter oh you don't novitiate want to be registered and she was like oi don't know it this is you know yankeeman oration about who you are and where you live she said well all my documents burned up five years ago in fire i don't have any of that any more but yours platform seboomook so she actually went out to the property that was first on plain to live on and there was a storage shed on his amphipeplea he has his lemon and like toronto or some place in western canada it is his claiming her residence to vote on a piece of property with no home and there had been no moment is for a long period of time as she said this she didn't have any utility records she's not on the tax records that none of his she said now he can't have a motor astracion she complained to the secretary of state of the secretary of state put enormous pressure on the woman and said you you will have to sign her up the book secretary of state was senora it stops and renans one story that he happens in one place like that with something that's desiresthat garon see here's the whole bunch other funny business conon oh i rabican share my screen but i could show you the the chart because i picture sells athos and words is there way that i can noriego down to present there should be a present button in the one that in the ill give you some options two words as window click window in the clicker window you want to open s in it is pretty easy songs to growing here the anther so he must be here that find my no i don't see my taper in caleforny put it on though the what the grass shows is the huge spike in the in registrations not just the little huge pike this is like a mass of how like so what was really interesting about it is that the secretary of state a didn't really pick it up in her data the cake she like she did she did appoint before and after and it was so soft that it was loaded in after and there oh here is though i know when you can when you can see it here got it cases of this purple lying here his how many people are coming in who he counts with the overall population of our county the adult population is another twenty five per cent that her people are children under the age of eighteen his wife hundred seven three or four thousand the says the population is right around a hundred and thirty five thousand can you see in just a little bit so we increase the size that graphic there you go roy think it begat increase that i think you got to soonabout not in the bottom right cornered the screen ocaso if you got a boudraque you'll have here a ah there's a little magnifying glass with plus or minus oh yes they go to me it's amazing how much alarmed by just go having to do this kind of stuff you know and figure that went out not snatch you long a girl so soon sesotho the con see here hundred thirty five thousand case so in this is four hundred free year these dogs four hundred people per year down at the bottom of this screen is the the nemesis the years so here's two thousand sixteen we are almost exactly a hundred and thirty five thousand adults if i per cent of that it's the building each population so if i per cent of a hundred thirty five were proudly a hundred and fifteen thousand canoewere we should be the number of voters in our county but were not he so just under a hundred fifteen thousand that number does he show on this crop caves or registration should be no higher than a hundred and twenty thousand which is the bottom line here some is cheating or tails off oh yeah so we got at least five to ten thousand at this point two thousand seventeen we had somewhere around ten thousand extra voters in the county partly because we never clean them tis bumpera here yeh that the two thousand sixteen elections for hilary that's got interesting rather than pretty flat than a whole we got little bonfarta disappeared again ah now you should i shouldn't connect these thoughts with lines here because the day of that end between these thoughts there might be more or less from time to time he might be fluctuation ran so it's not it's not a straight line it's not just for clarification in the straight line is the average increase ok here in the numbers look you look at my little notation over here you can see his full arrow point of us the average rate of increase the twelve hundred and fifty registrations per year on average or added to our file the average increase in the purple line is four hundred per year so on average they're putting in eight hundred extra registrations every year in to refile up to he gets the end of with the abactor this god here is october two thousand nineteenth and then we are off to the races that one error came in a not exactly sure but i think benson got elected and probably two thousand eighteen and not choose in the pillory election i think she was two thousand eighteen so all the sudden two thousand and nineteen which is this two thousand eighteen sisseton data two thousand nineteen we have huge increase in registration now what really sire here is this little point at the end her live blue door what you get off the secretary state website you can see if i connected this blue got up from a cover of twenty twenty two the beginning of twenty one oh have a little bump just like well big bump compared to the in election that's what the secretary of state would report to you the screen dot appears as to what our county clerk reported eelection your sweetheart between these two gods here wow so i seven thousand registrations all of a sudden appeared just before the election like a couple of weeks before the election so we're not about a hundred and forty thousand down here and by the time we get to the election we are at a hundred and forty seven thousand under forty seven thousand close to seven thousand registrations were added to our pile with his wish the secretary of state did not report she cleans the fiend in the first quarter twenty one long the holder down on blow on forty one would think were taken out of the fire in others as information that i discovered personally at the end of twenty twenty one or beginning of twenty two this report was issued on april thirtieth of twenty two he came so to go on next chart down here we will show you all connect those tarts or bonded nobody put an hottentot years the numbers o how the spike okay and then go there you another charge here his one connect all the numbers here it's what you going to see the clock county clerk's number and then some curiosities very end of december you see that charge there an that's not he so question is this were it all coats come from is this number of real number every narcotick is not the sharpest tool in this in the shed okay i went into her like ten days after the election as for recount and she gave me a dark and pony show walk the round and i said but nancy he i understand why after six or seven or eight days or still county compends the finished counting the elections even though the city of escapin had a suckeberge tolling machine that did some insane number like two hundred thousand a bolt an hour could scan they didn't skin that many that fast of course castes only ninety six thousand dollars in our whole county but tiltock compends account all the seventeen torsion per order two of the first fictions of the problem and i went in and i said why is your report on line so you only have setteth in reporting a boy all the son she is running around all down to the computer room hey what's the deal with that she didn't even know she is the clerk the county clerk goliathi shes were parting out fifty six per sonofman supported oh towe've had a glide in the computer and we don't know why doing that and will of i expected caponnire tremendous mon confidence in the ether the back to the matter is a sixty four per cent turn out was based on this cool green diamond appeared twohundred forty seven thousand oh here you are spike when cold the seventeen thousand new registrations in one year even then thou when it should have been closer to three hundred ye don't dance cloth i went into the pile we can see the numbers here almost at a hundred and fifty thousand to stop one he added the thousand rahans to the election his i went to file in november twenty two and i said how many brand he registrations were there in the colony and i got two hundred fifty three thou be about ray you know then you go go back to twenty twenty day that you say how anbrano registrations were there in twenty twenty it like a thousand three hundred okay so worse so frontones numbers i can't tell you exactly what the number is then i wonder put my don't want to say any day to that's not true oh well i've shaken bees numbers in number times i mean how did the secretary of state no then i'll believe the uttered forty thousand after you know in the first part of twenty one how does she know to remove schovten thousand here i think it was more like one then she put ten back in how does she not to remove ten thousand names ah within three four months of the election oh she not she she personally put in both the ten thousand leven thousand names through the driver's license or with eric a moon she told the clerks with these were real people don't worry about it how she now the real people miss segrave the whole bunch of old registrations and said these people out to be registered willows know the still living athesorastes in she sent them all have since seven instead if you want one here to sinnestuschungen the rules and said to the clerics as lying at the assistebat requests for anthesterion it you don't need the compared against the original registration compared against the signature on requests for o king now i take the craft down but i just want you to see that if the secretary of state not showing the hundred and forty eight thousand i think she's lying because if you go back in the state the embargo the beginning here two thousand fifteen she didn't report in march she decided report in july or someone it is not not all these dogs occurred the same month i think she was doing february june and october something but every year chico changed what months you wanted to report it dad doesn't inspire confidence in me with a person so city keeping numbers you're going to keep numbers you report met the same time every time a rereport in so you can show that the bombs and giggles and i think back in sixteen there were a lot more red strations at this election here but i haven't compared the election number a bit of the election numbershence was higher than this spike here just like it was up here and if the secretary of state or somebody is jamming stuff into the file test before the election and then they pull it out after the election that is not right they on lokottara but not right the question is is all these that were removed how many of those people voted and if there were moved how is she now they were could be removed and a the removed then they voted where they reel in the first place because ye have to be living in the county last thirty days before the election now election integrity pours in a bunch of us were noting on this the end of twenty one early parts of twenty two and i said to them you know that we don't contenting itself i may so look it don't have any money because my topee took on my money away oh and i said what i need to have as the post office data cause i found this obscure little article that sense that you could booooooom tion long in use of for certain purposes so you want to know how many people are had put in permanent change of address and ye have to getting that and their generating less for every county in the state so we can train volunteers to go out and help clerks the clean them their roles on my county then there's two less from the post office one is non deliverable and one is permanent change of address suringar to see if there can you see me now in my still showing my day to screen i can i've got you up here but what me he beckons col so ye have started pressing with the low funds that they do have the skin of deformation cos it helps you know how many people are not really real currently and in my county i have a list of eight thousand registrations that the post office will not deliver to i have another line that i got from a choctaco i asked him for a wins for a certain commissioner raced i said how many a man tried to find out if some of these things are real he said well i'm lucro give you what you asked me for but i got a list here of sixteen hundred people who didn't both for ten years and all the sudden they voted oh well that's a good chance that something there might not be right now they might all be real because a lot of people came out to both he therefore trump for or against him in the twenty twenty and sure enough we've been caressing that just a small amount doortodoor i but we've done a birch canvas and were coming up with somewhere around twenty five to forty per cent of these names are either non existent or they have moved the gay or they don't it doesn't make sense eristratos not quite right i personally put my finger is opened up to the second and had his ninety five pages he now seventeen on page opened up the second to last page put my finger down and looked at her son up there registration is from two thousand fourteen they did live in the township that they voted in in twenty twenty they moved three times since then in some of our state in the current we live on the other side of the county look owing in the township these only two names at that address and there not related in this guise not eligible to vote don't have to go knocking the door to find that out i can tell from his or where he lived in his living history he so conistone people to go toward the door we why do ye people go to our door because the only way you can prove fraud or queen up the list if you have acted davids from people set a intothe house i talked to the person this person does not live there have lived there in twenty years ten years they didn't live there six months before the election and you could take that wish to your clerk and if they are reasonable people tell work cold taken them off or verifying them himself but the office are training people to help the clerks do that is fundamentally you don't clean up the registration file you're not going to fix the election easy to see with an ancestor easy hes or really three winscoatte devitandis cause this is what's kabout that tis easy to show if you seen two thousand mules have a guy on on the harrasford ation has been studying elections for years and years he came as clouds stand something or other and he explains why as to the voting is here to penetrate if you're goin commit broad do not say that every one did proud and the only way you can prove frodas if they have rid in your hot little hand and this was the reason why the asian secretary of state has been mean to much people who they claimed that these fraught well we should be able to do that americans rang should be able to but when the markets are in office they don't believe the same way we do but you want to act like a person who has liberty that's fine remember that the marks as is the one who can prosecute they don't have the same values as you there want to change the definition of the terms they want to put out their narratives tickled miss o ay is a very interesting a political writer back to the gintestine th century in france if they escaped me at moment i'll come up with it sorrel nothing is frederick serral and he said he was a machevilian he said in polerticks you want to get in power so you can actually change tillires mably for the better but he said what you have to do in order to get power you have to create a narrative for he called it a myth directly in his writing you have to create a myth that the mass is well both for and once you get in power than you can do what you need to do now there can be used for good or for evil so this is what we see all the time people have taken up this terminology of the narrative that they have is this when there doth the story they made a story of him the story they're going to seed to the masses because the people that don't watch the news like you i they're going to believe what you tell them if you're on a see news my on us to watch a b c n was all the time the back without the kid a besideswas probably pretty reliable i i may be not a ecowas a good guy he reported stuffed on water report but he reported cause he was true and they used to have an editorial section at the end of the broadcast that the bottom it would say and a torial the gorcock which presentably meant the rest of the show was not editorial there's shooting over and lydia and somebody died that's news i don't but when you start weaving a tale interviewing other reporters which i find the that the reporter is the expert on some thing why i don't want your opinion i don't give too goods much your see now what the news is let me decide how that it's together right you antoine that now it's a spin doctors and sothereor of the day masha you know it's my heart before it through the day and now it's like pilot said to jesus so now what what is the truth piedino the truth was o pilot now is he hath keeped the crowds from goncras and you do that i don't know let's kill these three views in the worst possible fashion this will my dad used to call object lesson you don't have to control everybody you have to take one person out so badly that a ready says crab i'm not doing it you control the fear with the romans were doing in the best wine do it unless he got a lot of guns it so back to the story people are a telling us myths her telling his craft questions what is the truth well i'm a chemical engineer the truth is in the numbers the numbers go lie replying the some of his not manipulating the numbers these numbers i'm showing you at the truth the mineola ion was nobody reported the actual amount at the peak agathonica tion that may be that not even a real number why the can i clerk would use a faulty number like that i don't know but me to she was in confident she couldn't even get that person of the precincts correct he he thought she has her computer system given to her by the state which somebody from the other side of the state told me his complete trap that somebody who the sigh the m of system that in every county every county clerk had that they say that it's not programmed correct maybe that's why none of the patriots can get any decent information out of the cuba maybe i don't know it's such a mess you can't really tell what's up so as i said the jesuits and he blogg i did for corney turner i said what is the job of the county clerk i cancer the secretary of state he got one jar in to report on what the count no heart is this not that heart grey i do harder things than this it don't have to evaluate anything on the have to do is count he can come after recount lay the twenty two right and shamed her pose tocoon only one error in the hundred and twenty five thousand talents specification the machine can count that it's not valid how many errors did we have on the king county we could open every bag as they were properly sealed and accounted for they couldn't over detroit but i mus catinco ever like clerks to the great job sealing all the bags and riding the uffdown when you counted them you were off by five to ten boats versely every precept that's if you multiply that out at the equivalent to being an error rate of thirty to thirty three every hundred twenty five thousand cried of a departure there is that it beckets that concerned both that no nothing to see here just a few ballots when a minute what happened to this specification or are we going for one and under twenty five thousand or re not is the machine working oh come to the accuracy tests okay the test one machine how to twenty which succeed a works in point fifty ballants through it i mean to know that a hundred and twenty five thousand are not of the error out no we're not doing that in a walpack hold that goes through the list of all the ways that the license systems got holes in it his right it's everywhere okay why cause nobody cares well secretary of state certainly doesn't care cause you want the six selections you would go one by one is what we do in engineering or isn't working then you fix it or an optic of anything so the end you got to say what what's important sex the other priorities est yes i go back to the time line in the second let what does grass shows you and when i've been talking about shows you once she our pile is not clean you have potential for a tremendous amount of fraud the tense is the now she's a nice says are you his five per cent troie per cent of the boat you can swing any election with five per cent out of hundred thousand bolts by thousands in or or elections here three to five thousand ballots are critical though knowing that the elections ok three thousand bolts conciolo shireites strategies dropped twelve thousand five hundred registrations on the desk in the city with gen they do not have that many unregistered adults in there in the pallor in aged about that is number one gave this according to the article tipster off that something was wrong i don't think that's what has if she knew that she only had two three or four thousand unregistered adults after the first drop of for ten thousand she would as it woll time out you know she is only responsible for her jurisdiction but if i go in the file i look at the eight thousand that i told you about a thousand brand new registrations not the thirteen thousand that the secretary of state or eric through into our file dave but the thirteen thousand are like what's gets in stuff old stuff for off the shelf testoon call it now that that's a hole another can a words but the eight thousand brand new ones either have a really good get out the boat campaign or something's going on in case he owns less than two thousand or for the city of mistaken a bad thus all the rest were in all the other jurisdictions cluding the jurisdiction i mentioned to where the count commissioner raised was turned by two hundred and ninety two lots no trump after election day was a head by nineteen books there were ninety two thousand boats casks for present then by nineteen which is virtually nothing so that become the way cause i couldn't count some of the jurisdictions of is called a dead heat one hole long behold we got ten days or can figure out how to count the balls in ten days i mean i have trained the te video on this personal ones sore said here's how you do hand counting they come up with it iron clad type procedure where republican and democrat on each side of the table four people can count a thousand balls in an hour or so it under bellefontain hour whatever you can count can count very effectively if you want to do it is that linda ran yes i've had her on her before to show ye they've got there's a lot of people working on this right o he had her on showed it and then we the training on this for the clerks actually in the law have the ability to do a hand count secretary of state before benson came in if they feel their somethin wrong with her machines that can order a handout immediately they have the right to do this they don't know they tell you exactly how to do the hand count but we're training people some jurisdiction was to do him come we will find them in the followers to do that hand come in two days we can put a whole bunch of volunteers around tables he can get all the democrats and all the republicans they want and they can get an absolutely correct hand count within a day or two the pale in persian present o cave but so that's that's really up to the local clerk so but their problem is they don't have enough money they don't have any training they don't break so then to cut a his good what you have and then somebody has to stand up there into the shed i mind trick on you oh yes everything was good everything was perfect use are not the drooling ah you cannot stand up and say that the election was secure unless you ought at the election in minute detail and determined that you counted you look the testicle were whatever you did and you you said i did it everywhere i know he doesn't know socios see to an engineer's mark of a do then cause you blow stuff up i personally was involved with the plant and she on michigan they terminated me because they were cheating on the air form i told them i didn't he tell him i was in low the white on in my josephine the sun these screwed up her fixed because they put a bunch of other equipment and there to try to hide it do you want to hide it your spending all the money just going there take your lamps you pay a fine is probably be less than all the money or paying the try to hide his and fix it it turns out that when they were trying to hide it he put a piece of equipment in the wrong place refusesin por cosas a piece of craft and above a year after i had left there they blew the plant up why the anerly killed them people i wish i don't remember that story how long ago was that the loss suit was in about ninety nine he portionmay servant in thee it was low mac go look it up lo ammi se on remmy interest on us cause the reinsuring up is all the time people people have no idea that i i just i don't remember hearing about that town if you if you go go my name and that i acclive a presentation that is safety conference on ted talk about how you can have a grossetete mason program in still lower plants they had nitrators there were making something very close to the ante oh he suspects a six year old girl rescued o mertensiana one haskett's another one well fellows lomac of so not her story but am so the numbers are not right here and that something is secure unless you've done an odd it know that it secured and they won't do an odd it so so we had too many numbers solis got back to the time line so you have all the sub came in the file you have ninety two thousand the boss for the president he eugnie six thousand recorded by the county clerk the supposed to be counting he says the city six thousand plus voters in the county so i'm a numbers guy everybody's doing all this capporice it owned at longracke has given you a chart lady draws of tiles two lines sees trompiinta they go like this all the cross when i happen hellesay that's fraught okay well i decided that i was going to go get the list of all the people i pot it on one of the who boded in an early and twenty two i put in a four year request for i count the clerk and about fifteen twenty days later and heard a peep out of his people was to do this and five right and do that was not going to happen call up oh have a new election supervisor sane kind of clare asidewhat about my foe did to my fore there like one who was as that way to his once there is ever get for us they had locked it in sitting in the box for like fifteen days twenty days so finally after a six days they finally give me the first west i said i want a list of all the people that voted i'm expecting you get less of ninety six thousand voters in the jurisdiction i got a list of ninety thousand two hundred three hundred the color back up right after that sir the on looking for ninety thousand undenoted was chosen nine to an over shonestood she said your fiction of port to nonconformist the new mother no work of acute that ever does or the anybody there done or to back in and we never were in jacket than one ninety thousand and four hundred of rose two hundred he doesn't see time read never get more than ninety one thousand boers take now your job to count so cold to keep the election rock on an forthat's another one because the twenty twenty two election my township clerk said that they had nothing they passed it up to the state they had nothing now the i i talked to her about gedeckt electronic pole look and she said we have nothing she said all we have something on a one o you know on stock and i said well i said then i want to see it she was well it's empty i said well how can it be empty when you just said that there was something on it i anshantien to his himlooked it she was well out wiped i'll be waiting for the next election i todworths of so we got a we got a ladder from the board of elections that told them that they were to talk to anybody about that election and she said it went to the county and i went up to the state and they had nothing in their possession isn't that like a violation of like four or five different loss good be a whole bunch there some one not not only not only did they make i think it's twenty two or twenty four months or supposed to keep it they didn't and and and because i mean by her own mission she said the she didn't keep it but they were also instructed not to talk to us in direct is for the state they can't even talked to a singing or the marks us sitting on top rathther trying to control the small thing which brings lodvico the next point that if this point time there is not one thing that we can trust about our elections not one there has been sodenly things that have not on correctly forward that i will say my opinion is i will never be able to trust the election again until we get rid of the machines we go back to hand and we sirtheatres citations on those people that no let the stuff through through the the screen and refused to have an honest election when you have no res even even by the numbers you brought forward to day that's enough the ones crickthere it's it's enough for it there just from your own from your research and your your eminent to but nobody wants to look at that and then that brings us to the next stop too which is absolutely completely insane it's insanity what happened in meskeen and how they took that evidence and changed at worcester the second hour and cause i want to geseonne just a real quick break and were going to be right back or kay nowherenowherenothingi o ke were back here for the second hour of brandenburg news network and ten o'clock on the fifteenth of september twenty twenty three and i have i have a question here maybe one of us should just call it out for one it is because we have that there's no way that you can look at this and say this isn't fraud let him arrest one of us aunt for for speaking our mind and then senghorherbert s go hadn't go in to discover now you just you just kicked something that ain't going to back down and and see what happens here because there's so much evidence out there that we get it that they do not want this to get into discovery the only thing i could see them doing us the nonsense they did of the jay six political prisoners is try to shut it down to shut people up and and because if they did it in court and they actually are the actually go into discovery which is what they're going to put their legally going to try to do it's going to every single one of them is going to be shown to have committed treason because it's like it's for knowledge i mean if it's for knowledge and you had that many things that that was wrong how can you look at that and not say that they're all in on this when you can't get electron it poll and you're denied on from nation and their breaking the law their breaking multiple laws their break contain of constant there there breaking their brow every that you don't it this is the thing it blows my mind really glows my night you're it that by the constitution were supposed to have one day voting i were not going to do that were just control that out the window and do whatever we wanted to and then not with things as you felonrie you can't inplicat can't do that cause it's a machine and a machine nobody can see it so there there's another violation for the constitution okay pre the case constitution tthe next thing is you can't have for an intervention in our elections there's so much evidence of foreign intervention in our elections that you you know you you could you can't even accoutely count him it's like the stars in the sky you know and so and then let's go to this over guy here you go i think it's time to go to discovery on this maybe we should just like chalepon ants and see what happens cause we all know it you can see it you lie like a bunch of little kids i'll there they lie like a bunch of little kids to their hand in the cooker and at the whole system topped bottom and you know and it's like how how how could you screw something else this bad without it methodfor knowledge you know i organized crime then to cat that the welwillers talking about being asked to write a programme to flip boats forty nine to fifty one we've got we've got chain a custody we've got white bands showing up in the middle of the night we've got companies that were hired through a law for that were be represented by a low for that was giving donations to whitesare you kidding me they they must think that we are absolutely stupid beyond any reasonable you know what is in the problem is is it there stupid they can't even tell the good lie how openthat way is it rolled with that twenty years ago you could lie with some effectives because mostly things were buried in the weeds there is only a few people at new now with alternate media and people like me green around in there not so easy to cover it up so when you're marks says you know you have to bet on people in the board of elections is doing that i personally have had my full chalger rights violated at least three different times fell ones okay and they used the challenge rules that were called illegal by the corn claims against me i had fifty two balanced i was going to challenge he stopped me on the first one they wouldn't record it they claimed he was from peach seventeen in our peace the intendanten the bottom such as godly good priestianity what they wrote down there to make any sense at all so the problem is this done that in a chemical plant you can blow the thing up if you're in confident you don't know what you're doing you buy pounds all the rules and didn't have qualified people doing the things i should have been doing management doesn't know how to do that of lot of times the management are not qualified people to know exposed to be happening so they don't hire people that qualified to do the job with this should be done this what happened in the low mac cake a you looks well mais not really much different than when the challenge or blew up you always get up that thing with those people on the oh the innothenthe return of old ship there the shots or rice and blew up why the blow up levitan extensive thing and expecially boiled down to the same thing the guy of the bottom the contractor the engineer who understood the old rings on the solid fuel boosters for that thing said if the temperature is lower than this number the she number you don't fly just don't do it so bad idea you're going to have a problem where they do he tells that his boss boss tell that to his pots that pascal's over to naisance to hey you shouldn't do this and egles up the chain until they get to the top of the program management was the guide to talk the program instead is the imaginer i don't know but he's not listening to engineers and the guide who brings the information up there if he's a contractor he doesn't want to lose his contract with the federal government rechanges the story dumps down a little bit says well you know we really don't want you to when the guide the bombs that done to wit right in at the top dies now were going anyway my job on the line they blow the thing up and they kill everybody jake lomack got the guy who was running the plan as the youth car sails on can he not there chemistry and there hydrogen nitric gas said passports cork issachar only ten now at that was and i sentience for thirty years it's really dangerous stuff in this his most dangerous plan of ever been in leadingwould time while i process engineer in their plan for lena gave so i had a list of like sixty six projects that identified in the first three months that i would have to work on i asked her three engineers told me six alsof he said no no gent then the owner of the company calls me out and said never do that again said what the put it in writing ye don't do your job chris cover it up that's what they were asking you to do setteethe there in three minutes some one would run into mosaque come out here every thirty minutes he so i guess stories for my grandchildren i only worked there about seven months the most of the men of the plants up then i was deposition in the lost suit and the day that i was in court ready to testify themselves catamarca plenipote momenttell you the truth the dirty bastards he blew the plant dock you almost killed the dozen people and could then worse if so now you got to go to elections the you elect the bunch of unqualified people we don't fix anything cause he don't either have the money or the talent or the understanding you don't hire any consultant where she know what they're doing to him lineister and the plug boboles and you go on and on if you drive your car and never fix anything eventually your breaks are going to go bad or something's going to happen you can blow your motor or you goin to drive off the road do you don't fix your tires the little of the winter time you got to spin that car on which i'd done twice and flipped she did up near how right well my son i was driving in new york state it was raining we entered a snow storm so right the the edge of the rain and the snow there was ice all over the highway if you're doing sixty five my son was driving at the time you do know how to drive on yes i told him i said watch the the temperature here on the desk bored when he gets to about thirty three or thirty four degrees i will be driving that you don't wake me up he helicoptered my lincoln town car sixty five miles an hour off the highway oh man that was the fun right i'm sure not clothing this teeny little car going up the liddington did the same thing read about heart and i had a bad front end of this card to hundred thousand miles on this a shoe box lost control of the car going sixty five miles an hour turned sideways on off the highway iskelib mouth of the hour could a polemoscope cards twice oh man colombaik oh there were no trees there god was good said my itascan societati trail when i was like the kay they've no more o the stories on back to the story so that's easy then to have your whole system fall part if you don't do any maintence you don't do any quality improvement and once you get things so bad that things get out of control and you're not either lie about it or you have to come out and say this thing's broken and i will fix it secretary of state could fix all this probably inside of six month if she wanted to i will help her a charger of puloroon the in check pesarese down in the first quarter twenty one seven tritonic so nine thousand procedure for on a red running election de patrick and me and chuck chuck work at home at for years i worked in fortune five hundred companies three years so there's a way to do that if she doesn't do it then she has to cover it up so then she gets sostienen and brood in the burlestons has to be a good stop oh the only way you got attack this in spite the numbers so this was at the end of the day this is what i'm saying you kill a stop bodin you stop holding the other side winds if you go home and don't say anything you're going to become a slave it's not next year it will be ten years from now your children will be slaves because they have no other path to go but to enforce more and more or authoritarian rule so so i want to and to make sure that we can get into you to day what happened with gebittert cause that's that's a this isn't what he most of us have been watching the stuff come out you don't you don't come out in you know out in a gateway pinesand all the sources and i don't believe one hundred per cent of any source that i ever read in all there's always there is always more going out ye people that are changing the head lines yet more views that are not represented holding the people will use this is in or just take that that's all i need to know a iniaaral problem with that so i i think we need to hear the story straight from you on what exactly happen with the fraud because i think we can call it fraud it was forgiting voters the to the problem on the surface this is a completely legal activity gay republicans don't do it but democrats of poodles cash they basely spend fifty thousand dollars the hired twenty eight people in the county maskegan the person who is in charge set up an office there they rented four passenger bands the hard six people pervan and a supervisor fresh sand and they took them on the road went door to door and silence to the people to sit up to the new voters that what the legal is it you have bideabout on or you talked to the person about by in or about trump you say hey i want to sign you up with only your trunk supporter that's a legal they had a table out in front of above walmar and it was like oh the certain persons doing a great job and when the first person come up and they said you like jovinian never is a cayahoga you signed up with the voters now kay her sin that's the legal ah but if you just go to the door and he said i'm signing up new voters that's not a legal now when you dropped ten thousand or twelve some twelve thousand five hundred registrations as far as i can tell were in play you dropped as all on a single clerk's desk the clerk has got asked a couple of questions one my allowed to enter all those into the system if they're not in my jurisdiction it may not be illegal but it certainly unethical that the law says that the local jurisdictional clerkis responsible for the voters and their territory so the city of muskegon port in seven hundred registrations for the township the seeking charter township it should have been the clerk over the township with noses the city clerk on the skin so it's much as everybody wants to say that she is a hero just let me let you spend at this late they started putting registrations in that's pretty clear then they found some that was hanky that's good then they said oh what are we do then how many do you put in the file how many did you register before you bickered out there was some that were bad now the process works right you put this one an you put this one and you put this one oh this one that the look raypeat in the bad box has ofalone then you put this one and you put this on you but oh this one doesn't look right you put that in the box at the potential felony prom is is that none of these not the ossicles investigation or the state police investigation say exactly how many earned what i have a personal friend in election spector training in the city of skagen before the twenty twenty and anniston this scroop of people that she found a whole bunch o almember the exact number if she threw them away that's the lot she threw them away wetterhorner the tract well you're thrown away evidence of felonies if that is that a good thing to do i think you thought what you get the big problem a the lawyer but i think that might be a crime so says how many are there we don't know mission state police didn't give us a complete report not because the investigator didn't do a complete report but they would only give him so much so how many were there with the twelve thousand five hundred were there ain't thousand in it to keep saying ah eten thousands i don't think we have them i don't think anybody has them in den anatol in she came out after the first chivi thing she did some lawyers speak you see her will think come out of its true enter whatever that was like a he either not the dodger looking for go home and spade she said so much lawyer speaking that i was like the hell you saying she basicly implied in this is what gave way pilot took it at faces salue because there in the after beside she basically said that there were eight to ten thousand fraudulent registrations and none of them got in the system so don't worry about it everything signed the election is secured okay they weren't all there if they were all bad then somebody should be in hand cuts by now and in jail and that's stinginesses responsibility to arrest somebody or a bunch of people she did that the ibis responsible to that consoles crimes were done in michigan by people working in wishes so else my first problem with that second problem is that if you don't know how many are in the file you say there's no none the thought then why do the cubasa that there's eight thousand three hundred and thirty three brand new registrations in my county and twenty twenty and did they disappear and another culiacan they disappeared then somebody's covering for i tell you when i went yet the case record finally and i told you there was just slightly over ninety thousand names where the hell of the other six thousand i don't know but it's the clerks responsibility to count now this i hate i filed the complaint with the sheriff sheriff hasn't written a report on it yet now that the end of twenty two he gave me a verbal thing when i bumped into a one day at a county commissioner meeting and he said the county clerk said it was because of the school election there were no school elections in twenty twenty they all have been in my rags okay so i don't believe that for a second six thousand names are got another analysis that they did the said six thousand bolsters for my file the first quarter evesterre tary of state removed a number of people and six thousand those people had voted unisseno that they're not there in their not eligible any more for she's keeping the records and my coming clerk is depending on the secretary of state keeps directors if she is the clerk knew anything at all at the end of the lections she would get a report take it off line and sicken the file put it on to death hide that inner safe at the election record right we approve in the outshadow the doubt secretary of state cannot keep election record there are miss i can't can't rely on them i see these numbers are going up and down like somebody's playground assebi they go out the two registrations i sat down for an hour with the chief investigator her professional he's good at what he does he would not say something that he didn't know appreciate that the and we talked for a whole hour he said what happened is started investigating that the local police realized his well above their parade as the local police don't understand election lot all probably any jurisdiction just in sitting skin then state please when they start looking into it realized his company came from outside the state and then found out that they were operating in jurisdictions in the count at least six they thought it was six gave way peninsulas more but in the eremonian the county itself while this one in our county but there were six other locations across the state and a few look at the gateway ponte article on the spikes in the they are all the son bodther at a couple others rights so there is a small community outside the lansing the medicant south field a few other places okay bottom line is the the guns that they found that the south field location is really interesting they makes for good salacious headlines but they were all legal guns why they have them in their office is crazy nocobotha his funny because of democrats guns with her he got democrat operatives running around with guns if that's not right he gets worse he can his only one or two lines in there when they interviewed the head person she said that they were trying to set up new voters and helped them with their as the tebald it battels you something that dannenfels should have gone after yet now that the spikes occurred like october ninth i think the th pile of twenty five hundred registrations that at the desk of the city muskingan happened like the day before or the day of that i call the small jurisdiction of clerk and in the skaania that you get a spike on that day they said yeah there's spike was only thirty five they've got less than two thousand voters in the whole present then i said what's the majority of those voting boats out of your spike you said they came from the ericks so but in the city of miscegen there is a spike of like two thousand now according to the reports they don't put any more in so their spike it if any should telling the truth that's like did not occur because of the chemist atgis okay so who where is he from could be from air or could be from the astrals who don't really know so i do say it's for eric could that's the best information i have but the problem is we don't know how many are in the file or how many were taken out nobody's talking any more in he should be talking cause she didn't do anything wrong right she's doing a right thing she's a hero she just tell what she knows because when the corps case comes out or if they did actually what somebody a poprad she would have to tell her story with this tell your story is it is the truth is not gone change if you have to be quiet and you can't talk about it then there's some problems somewhere i am so little in he ran so coordinator covering their behinds right now here i got to go to the end of the story for you so but what's protocaris that there's a whole bunch of pre paid cash cards person leaving the operation that paid with a rechargeable cash car now that could be just effect of money management you'll have to write a check and send it or could be something else how are these other twenty seven people being paid are you paying them with a cash card you pull one out of the box oh you worked for years the sweet fifteen dollars an hour i got a hundred and fifty cash charts hericopter body every week with cascar go that's what happened did they sign a wow to form did michigan gets taxesor that in anoplothere that that is there a lot of everybody who wore no only the of they don't want to release name it would have to redactions be at least the less they gave a list of all the cars said none the parking lot or he every mode wohlthat there in a certain halls cars could have been for the beauty products store next door to that's kind of crape while he did their job if they're counting and writing down the license plates of every car in the parking lot geronte they've got a list of all the people that works that thing they didn't release it he saw everything could be legal corendian essel and tibi o pitting one or two guys out of his twenty eight filled out some crabs but they did not quality programs so that they could tell what was craft before they turned it into the clerk they shut up because it's a felony you would think that if you're doing a door to door thing people with betraying that you would have some kind of way to tell there's a person i could write a procedure that would prevent people from doing fraudulent things in an you could almost do it but it be hard he has now geistreiches is not very professional because now they put themselves in jeopardy they can blame it on some low life but why didn't they look the pin cuffs on that guy i don't know they didn't find out they only set his forty two fraudulent registrations only said that because they needed something to get a warrant to go inside the office were there a thousand frozen ones and the only use forty two or their only forty two if there were only forty two than that means the other twelve thousand four hundred and fifty registrations were good and the clerk should have put them in by law that there were real people right no i don't know nobody knows nobody knows anything we know anything dave sonorophones will casecould be alleged and dining that's what could be absolutely right the only problem is that he watched the two thousand miles miles you would know that this is how potentially you could do this potentially this is so to this was my narrative if you want a cheap you lection which to do is you goin get ready strations and you say to the person i know you don't want some o you know he never did before but we need you so here's giserings tions already filled out with everything all i need to do sign the bottom here's the requests for naps since he bellouga do i sign the bottom i'll send it in for you then you're going to an ave jas yet the clerk can send you a list of everybody who there sending balls out too you will answer the less to sell there's a person he waited two days you go up to their door and he said he i know you're busy you don't really care about this he you give me your valet i'll take care of it for you i got to sign the front of the envelope for me and o'deveny thing else this is proud bell herstan and pre trouble i give you fifty dollar cash card now you can for the boat now in grand rapids we have a photograph a keep of the photographs they posted it somewhere there was a guy outside the homeless shelter with a sign and this struck window sank twenty five dollars three ballots he was harvesting bows for people that were homeless the people it were in that local area you are very smart susteined in public you don't but if you go door to door you meeasily harvest now say so let's say that that's a possibility now you got twelve thousand five hundred the owlets possibly employ periano many the clerk would we don't know but i know from the cube i got eight thousand three hundred probably a thousand two hundred of those might be might be related if you were an investigator you would look at that you say oh i got investigate that that there is not that any people in this county how many how many both seen me to turn the election successes twenty five hundred volts will turn our elections twenty five hundred i had then a five ten hot spots bagot the end of twenty one we give all our data for ten years of voting he said there were ten three things in the twenty twenty that don't look right some of their worn the men said the maskegan some word fruitport is really the sire and one was in ravenna which is wordsaccording watch zeckchas a tremendous number of concerted voters and in ravenna and to have a spike the way he did mean the whole bunch of people came out in voted against him that's possible to unless you want to get him out then then not but so that's why i don't think i'll twelve thousand of those who are for the city of skie certainly the almember shows that there is only nineteen hundred in the city okay so oh all the sudden the county clerk doesn't know how to count o i can't count i can't send is oh i only got sixty six per cent of precincts but i got ninety per cent of the boats the for this one little jurisdiction why don't you get that figured out the first day or two i don't know you don't know what you're doing ge i can tell you that for a fact of the tikten days you got meschines that are close to get you the count overnight and it takes you ten days to finish then you have not trained people procedures are not in place you don't know what you're doing the machines don't work nothing's working and the whole thing is a joke at that point coming really but the fishes prom you gotter was soon at the machines are okay this was how you fix it everybody needs to show up and be elections ector of poltons or replace youthat people there from dawn till the dust so you know that somebody doesn't bring a box of balls in the back door i campaniero i not only should you be in the building you should put some people around the building to watch the doors what make the election secure forget about the machines for a second sure you might be able to slip floats that just makes my head hurt the king but at the bottom the bottom line you have to go out in boat you have to monitor the process you have to clean the cube you don't do that you lost i don't care what the machine does and then you've got a fire all the clerks who don't want to be helpful you're run em out of town you put somebody in was going to do the job right then people have to tell them what do i need to fix somebody like yea or whatever the givewhat ever you come up with a bunch of things cisternthe winter rounds then if you don't trust the machine you do a hand read counts and we will get volunteers to come and help you if your clerk doing hand recount so he then we just skipped this whole machine they hurried off the bad because it is it's in violation of the constitution radoff the bad stipellate roundheaded the can count and hohohohoho that unless you have the secretary of state in the end you probably be the legislature to change the law consectary of state says the chapters of machine it okinotoname but in the short run you can also do a hampton oh oh so you just brought in something that's one of my favorite subjects right there is that the legislature also fell down on the responsory none one have done the right thing nobody's talking about this that there's so much out there and there's not one person sitting in the seat that's talking about this so in any word emergedwith out in or canister the ball to a romefort was a joke that she didn't ask people like us to come in give report we went in after he wrote his report and the people sat down with him and said look at this thespian this this was kind of wild we don't know what that is but it's not right and he was like wow i've never seen that before but did he dig in did he re write his report did he call everybody else and i sail cad people some people think you're yacht who was but let me download what you got to me so i can go evaluate it that's what it's sensible reasonable person would do and then there were two in investigation if you don't if you think there's no fraud then you open the books up you doing address ication there's no front i gave you that certain josselin then let us do the on it the way we think should be done and we will find out there's no proud we will go home and say yes you were right i'm sorry we caused so much trouble but at least now we know that you were right but what is your line to that then she is something wrong yet well and and look and look at that look at how many of the of the precincts that couldn't even be audited because the seals were broken you at we couldn't even do a hand reckons this whole thing was taken her leave it you we not not only do we have a lot of questions but you can't even go back to a youhow would that work if we were in a company and the iris or somebody came in and so we got out at your books oh so sad too bad you know what yet you can't oneit because we've done everything some one in the company all the way down destroyed the the any of the information and discothe point that its discredited the youcan't even do in aunt this work is very was that you know what they would do if that happen right now they all of them be in jail like within loohin cross they would take out the ancaster one of these people that are there seated in the sea here all i got to say is i then all we got to do is here the discussion in that direction how to go clearer can this be while then the from that we have in the messaging side of this is this in there i have taken a completely different approach i think that most you know the volacians find the tails are not the important thing they get you in the news but we couldn't get the yogi story in the news from maskigan nobody cared the bog of supper here her little po dock little place i went and said oh i found this investigation peoplewell it aeheronta who's going to less than who's going to prosecute a and you have heard that over and over well we got to get prosecuted promise to get fruskagora cut can so many of em been funded by a thorstein to get me out of tagando there the prosecutors are probable because they're deciding which ones can be heard in which can't be heard which isn't part of the dealers supposed to prosecute period not decide from that and then you get the plea did deal's going on in the whole lot of its leaves in loontown be okay if they get a dozen more people prosecuted and i might say a plea deals out if you just please everybody out and nobody gets any jail time the othe problem for me is this i used to call people socialists or nesciis at twenty years ago now i'm going straight to mrs the place marked women with the american marks were not the same kind of russian or cubans it marks as we have our own variety from is the pont believe in the rule of law we don't do the justice system equally with every one and forget all the words and the mythology everybody says he in when they prosecute trump they sail nobody's buckelow the knocker prosecute the anchylosed or vichiane or in all these other people rightsdon't like talking about the unipartite know we got a democrat prosecutor in our town but he's working for the secretary of state right now i can't find the lawyer to defend me on the election keys anywhere the sheriff says he doesn't understand election law and he certainly doesn't have any resources so look into computers and counting machines this is what i think you don't say anything about fraud but you do as you dig into the numbers into you find stuff that's not right and you go to people if set down runotaiteessa why is the why the numbers like and eventually the truth pushes people to say o gosh that's not right yes i read what you can do about it if you fix it then you are reasonable person in your good a representative for the people if you're trying to push it underneath the carpet and you're not going to take people to task for it doesn't matter whose side they are if you're elected in your democrat you ought to prosecute democrats as easily you prosecutoran cases your job and if you don't do the rule of law the way you're supposed to do the rule of law then your partisan your partisan and that goes on long enough and we're all in slavery well i got to do is look at our tacks right you know that in the when they were getting to per cent of the beginning of our country to prsentait they are outraged at worse seventy per cent i don't care what anybody says if you start calculating it were worse seventy per cent tax rate that's what we're paying when you start adding up all of their nonsense and one of the platina and that wasn't cock it yet that at which is the tax because they just basically you know if every single one of us should be outraged and furious beyond all description on what these people sitting in the seat have done and i'm sorry the majority of on have committed treesat and i know it this is not accorded the career possible delibility the they can talk of story they don't even know what they're doing and there sending us to hell at him basket mean i started to tea party in the kegonhenta thousand and nine and i gave a speech and i said the national debt is four and a half trillion dollars is too much and nobody's doing anything about it and if we don't do something about it it's sottotenente country o the alonehere well what's the senational death right now we do like see the clock yeah i bet he said thirty three trillion is some going to have two trillions just this year just because of interest tenement or less poonine more to pass north now if you're demonstrate you should be concerned that the national debt is at thirty trillion dollars and republicans have to start making that the number one issue because all the people that cannot pay their bills okay or effected by this who did that republicans and democrats put us in thirty two point nine trillion dollars in national debt and climbing there lay another hundred thousand dollars there's another hundred thousand every facerather finds thousands right and people don't have enough money for gas forget the fact that i took all the gas places out and stepped out sped too what a people want to live there lives and be able to save money and do this you can't have an unbalanced budget and you can't keep moving the national det up i mean there's people ten poil half telling the home doesn't matter how much you see is kept spend itself past with the elector gets upset well i tell you what chris i'd like you to come back on im again because we need that we to talk about this debi thing a little bit for and walghapp end there because i think the merits and others show and i'm i'm kind o glad we were able to go into the second hill work here because this is there so much to this there but that dave noreally need to be educated on this and i think we need to do that so so let's end with the prior would you like to pray to day here altothe are that great so heavenly father we thank you for the way you care for us and for the nation that you put us in so powerful and rich thank you for all that you have given to us that even the people with the west the mount in their bank accounts are on their shelves still have more than most people in the entire world so we thank you for that the prince or that she was help us to be responsible to speak out holes to be responsible to vote lord put power behind those people that are trying to solve these problems and uncovered the evil and the despicable things that people are doing in power either to preserve their own job or because they are actually doing something that's legal so order thank you that you are so powerful that the nations are like dust on the scales to you or meaningless and when the true comes out how you can overturn kings so i thank you for your love and for your patience with us the pride to help of still lived like cheeses in the world and to do what was right and what's truth i thank you and these s new prin thank you so much crossesare i'd like you to come on a back on necks week so when we get off here in allying want to schedule another one this has been a friday informative and i just i just really i really appreciate your approach everything as you you think through youth you think through things so it's a nice way to present you know kind of looking at things from different angles rather than say how linethat's what it is and you know really require all of us to ask all the questions not just obvious ones and i really appreciate that so i lets it with that thank you for having me on no strategists go here and say go to brenburg for dover not com i am still not a going to concede i won't concede i'm the best not not doctor who has ever i conceive him as three of the world and then please go to election integrity for sackatoo and jump in with these guys because you know i don't i don't do a lot of a lot of really strong backing on on things that come across my path very very very rare like at askole but i'm to tell you what from what i can see you guys are doing and usespecially and joan and sandy and scot on me are doing the heavy lifting of actual work not just out there in front of the camera take but you guys are actually doing the ventidius the tedious work behind the scenes to put this together and bring the sword to write this nation without free and fair elections we don't have a nation without borders we don't have a nation without i know without a free fair election we don't have borders because the people in the seats are going to do everything they can to take this nation now through through subversion and oh and ah this insurrections are happened here now it's not stanground back ipinyo and we can do that by standing up and continued to go forward and truly god is on our side so one thing one thing we know is that god's in control even though we look at these things in it seems like it is sometimes an apostle situation nothing is impossible when god's involved in it and as you said to your point your prayer god can turn things over i get the twinkling of an eye but we held willing to do the right thing and if he asks the juice that something even if we think it's a hard thing just walk forward to know fear and he will catch you and so that's the ports of anyhow heart hand side thank you for being here to day we'll see you on monday god bless all of you out there god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless me make it a great day starts with her enlonge in the word read the bible give glory to god do with our father's work on this world which is first of all a moral standard that we should as individuals me to adhere to do the right thing would give it a choice even if there's a cost you do the right thing as god will bless you one way or the other he's going to bless you you just have to keep your eye on him and go forward so with that sad i'll have a great day christian life for just one minute and the broad cast enwill talk for second so so gets on to have a great weekend