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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 10/16/2023 Chuck Ritchard & Tre Hand

Published Oct. 16, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

9am Monday Morning in the Mitten! Blowing the Lid off Michigan Politics with Chuck Ritchard The amount of conflict of interest and connections between people engaged in politics is astounding. Truth and encouragement for the world we live in! We have to know the truth and have transparency at all levels of government. 10am Tre Hand - Ohio Constitution Party Chairman. Current news on what is happening in Ohio! Twitter: Rumble:

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welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it's the sixteenth day of october twenty twenty three and welcome you are to the he i've got my body here chuck or shared on acid i goooooooooo i assure you and old gridirons to tried to teach the others and i fatback when know o i know o win because i know inside i oneowing i think i got it too a little bit because this morning i got up and almost coughing pretty significantly but i think that the last two days been real busy for me yesterday we had to shower for my daughter who is getting married i her four and it was really a lot of fun he had a great time but it was a festa of love to show you as pitchers of what what i did for her shower because it was a it was a lot of fun in the morning i got up and almost like oh i rentedto go pheesick fixedit's this so busy but we have so much to cover i can't go back to sleep we can't quite we got to keep going i'm going to play this ned is talking about the video this mornin and i think this probably pretty signet so i'm going to go ahead play this is about three minutes long the parishfor hand that immigration were formed there they certinensis morning in s so when is the pidoista tion going to start treating it as if it is i suspect as it is a dire situation down with what upon studying the issue my whole life miss happening on purpose to buy divinisation are coconspirators with the card tells a her operating with impunity all across america now we have no interior enforcement of intgration law enforcement obviously criminal is a berlese all mass in part because there's no detention they don't detain people their prowling and people under phoning a silent place by the millions and instead of icing cartelling people in canyons now governor arizona she's operating like a travel agency to bring people into the genial over the country is happening for reason the sins or happening to expect the bite him on the station to voluntarily change course when they want this to happen is ridiculous the biethofens and congress needed it more than just hold here more than oversight may need the contents had stacked the appropriations and department on land security tell my orgisthent on this secretary you cannot continued posssessor the lawting up the emigration laws as you do and intenseness haters of millions of people who will want to come here in the future and however thingone of these seven members howto the time in to talk about this on today at that carrados chokesthe all spoke of the bathers certified over or border of like it something andesite and half million fenceless to fake prescription pills and in ten thousand pounds at fentonites in twenty twenty to the embers were just released in idenitites time to get the honestamente the country and now its connotative to get them out of the country as stasanor district for one or do think there connelan iacitor to get these drugs under control oh one probes are polarised political system by republicans and talking one language democrats are talking another democrats are invested in trying to re engineer the electorate massilegas immigration to try to retain one party political control for fifty years they don't give it hard about what's happening on the border in care about fenton all this they don't care about it leavington there rewarding it in sendemain in entering into everything they can to promote it how can you possibly expect democrats to turn around and do something different their plan in long game here in long political game and so the american ieldend stand or country is being destroyed by political system that is no longer responding to the needs of the american people and when ingateston onondagas and governorates defending her insectologist of the state so as not just for publicans were doing in it democrats as well when readthis this statement from marchasites one of to make sure that we were interesting the issue and as i talked about many times they campaigningthey was the best semetipsos and something that was into a political state make investments would not of course to pay when she was running for governor probably wouldn't have it defended position but its differenceactually sending the people to worthy wongo she's like a travelsthe i legalement where they want to go so she's actually a corner and spared her with a sloping operations sick how where you want to go now york now an go shatterall take is there i mean what the hell is it lies or cachenee ersttge in illegal aliens a traveling to say that's the first time i've heard it refer to that but he were absolutely right dansings forgetteth uses more were that is that is so that's crazy i mean is this whole thing is absolutely not good you know i'm glad you cannot alot about what was going on at the border and not in so last tuesday when i went to presentation by our serotinous of credos he couldn't kill gotischer and you might be called cincalote few consistorial shoresthe state of asheville the hadehennon to the border and the masked god so carry could have gioiose show was just foreloathe it to his cosensation is this is real stock and men i know that i indolentthe the next video two in men if i keep going on and play one of the sherif on it ossian the contessina we to be no man he was told in moscouade deceived his fate negoose he gone then he got cacapensire killed the guy great one great on the porter because he couldn't pay her the cartel was sectilis just what it was i not lady made the dinnerpot events about the lakeists or the tory other reported day gogatal correct these guys there's nothing to stop a golingena when lo the next islington seven and minutes long i'm not sure we want to go there and golgotha integration toccassero rendel firstrate escape paris lon horse themanites and joining us especial guests share markland see marcantonio as the twenty fourth sheriffs of pinacone arizona nashinoto that he american sure lanerly believes in importing the rule of law and has been at the poor friend in the lion i guess the biometricians integration he can leader fighting to secure nations for biting and just the controls and human trafficking as well as struck trafficking percentile enterolith has pouring a cross this country set in borders welcome sure then sir these glad beyond the great women right here the dolopeian obviously or in this emigration for christs were ill with dorantes when we have to join with you and in the spent a returnless cannot count is not on the order steller lives there were is and colpeper and passion where was called the so sally which bed where one can the off the border oh we belong chapter of porters sectors go the coaches one saleslady right on the border or those galls she my colty and then write above that is penal a part of it is a lot of romanati american reservation on the south and a county that belongs in our county this here droserace ached the goose is compesireshe and that is where we deal with one depressed like the olenthegolis shutting down the porch to the we saw a lot more of the through the desert areas and that is where we come in now an alcalde the shot for everybody that's gone so i would the lot of so just roll this out there we touch on a lot of this later they ask mate he presented the drugs that come into americahome toreros althis or i would say that of nitiprsi of that probably they protocols coming up even the eye ten or one of the other highways to give the finest have to make their way to cool shall we be got very remportant le portecochre ignited is that which is one with such an interval part of the and even though we entered to were treated like a cheer one county that though were not on the order i don't miss the lot to die just we can dive into long more of that hope here the july number there the two onefortieth usand twothere a sharp rise the fact that it no he and not only are the higher than july twenty to honest despite peintre shooting was all and he ah he won't ask what have you the past month or so and what a why absolutely which she inflection you you talk about this administration purposely hid away with foulford it made no i that juan july the stoically what happens decrees but unfortunately that backfired on they played it up for a couple of weeks and then i just got a disappeared on the teviot the reality is worse she informed offers now that what we thought we could see even to put the removal childeford the poet's pen a hot the real you gentles were seen along more people he pushed back the i here's a little quick little idol forty two was about lateresther tuberculosis i won't worry with two with design to so turn back away i for what we use rates what porter patrol usspitting now there's difference of you can come under title and they said you back you five year plan you cannot try to come back in the it's so what you get that you see a lot more people do in the care or to try to detroit the desert areas he provided mexico at one all on thee then the chant play besile had they're going to go up through a pane of the cartels more body to get the desert and toothaches were starting to find four for people in the deserts that are dying i think it wrothesly across the supper border was you will the died twenty eight i think we read that in the two sons he watered forty five tons these prize the old pefore thousand of those apprehend the always rich had to help between about and and twenty thousand dollars susan you know that this rimy last one you haltedwent he won his nokers are those now and there not ten soneratia resor using and those numbers and throw monopotapa and all of the i got away seasonable this cider an historically especially in the july of see you mention and pearson and like other pocassett interesting the genito we may of when a mask one particular form for one could take carridge down there i groaned now to the period of time he could probably answer the question to the good i think was to conforte for bodies on this he is the ottonides the those of people a play on across if he can't keep up later to because water help whatever they leave i am novegorode own the regatta money so the konigsee and these people of foundations for the tolbooth other you know that these people want to get out of the they don't want to stay round the farms he can't anitoo it that's what they're doing it that's why people for miss shoonoon there and provides security to cause well and others take is just it's just that though repoisoning to lagaretto do it legal girl where's briscoe a party of law were supposed to be all bidders asses these kister abused is also money by diministration about hour because they could use them for boding well and how many of these people are actually trying to come over into the united states and how many of moratay traffic he picked up an brownlowthen e question i have i have a feeling that we have a lot more human trafficking going on there the wind anybody wants to admit i just i'm just not buying the fact that that many people decided just a walk and not walking you know you can find lots and lots of videos of them on the trucks and seisin such and they take out for a photo up for fifteen minutes and then the movement again now are they there of their own free will or are they actually were they actually picked up snags testemoney i don't know i you know i salinatores that question because you don't have the and so go to downstraight with a pickle hand and had three got money you and ii just pureblooded as for your city to gestoelten i go well let that we from this worth willing to compromise in one issue there usually willing to compromise and others and in its a it's a as a slippery slope once or on that slope generally people won't go down at and they they don't they don't turn round very one help it to orstriches really the question we will ask as we have particularly the agricultural section we have a lot of these these by grants illegal migrants are called building aliens astrolepas in o in what it was sedentation is oression in intercostal igleseder cassiterides as saracensthe what are trying to do now a sudden the mayor her hiding because their doctor offered all these people i just saw something either day chicago upset in all this you'll legs been dropped in their city well they ought be where they can all this time i've been asleep at the wheel because why because he in secondnow the good money i am no omansa that there is there's a group and i can't i have to look it up again but i found several years ago a hundred and seventy five cities were targeted to put for gressier's and it was backed by some call of the caseous players right and grand rapids was one of em that was on that list and so when we reconnoitre but if you've got if you've got a population centeri don't think people really understand the dynamic of this honestly i oh you everyone to talk about how big detroit is in italways detroit to trot dry yet that's great except detroit has about fifty thousand or five hundred thousand is their population grand rapids is about one point three degraded grand rapids area as three point three or three point four what's interesting about that is when the cold end money came in i believe and i that i and i saw i've got a document that detroit got forty million dollars grandairs got about one point and so why desparity when the population of grand rapids proper is actually more than double what detroit is sporting right now and people have this in the reins at detroit the huge city any more you know i ain't to say it but it's like that right now you go to detroit proper and in parts of it looked like look like you know just about down town to town you don't lebanon and i know that's not a toontooni but you don't and was like a war it looks like a war town a whorson and ah it is there's nobody there and there there's place there ain't no i was told the police won't even go because he so dangerous the drug gang saw the people that don't want to live that life to they get on a dodge they go somewhere else the end you know it's it's really really kind ashamed i don't you know there are areas of detroit that have really done a pretty good job of of a renessansin back but then you get into these big dokimasia good to go there you get into these big developers like em i think there's others gilbert is over there and ross are over there and the amount of money and the ties that they have with moving money round and universities how their laundry money through the universities will course these developers have all kinds of their back like crazy in that area and at and in the prominently have even in a local level on the zoning boards as well as the city commissions as how many developers and realtors are sitting on those boards too many if there's one of em it's too many because it is a conflict of interest and and they should not they should not have any influence on any of these boards what sore cause there using their power just like everybody else in government in the seas in order to effect policies for personal she no there infiltrating the mayorship well it wasn't just the day ships was so money so was putting also the tosurprize if we were to thirty years ago i'll get all that incustomable if the plays and puria will seolcure on planewell what the tips and look at the most conservative kelly and in america to wash was out of hell it bigotiano play be the contact there they can talk it anywhere great god had you seen the change it is no longer the most conservative pennyis probably got a fifty now it is hard to believe that but if you look you see what's going on you see that's exactly what's good hope come on he got coin corn is she's like that i'll be in a county in a killing board there's something wrong there's something to miss exactly he did so wounded by sons body we do adsorbents bettina we know that socerers surely we could in here because i heedinesse colony because i'll act yes i can integrate yester affinition try to destroy the very core of our communities and he said with another another problem with that i that i have without accounts you've got such a influence of of the divorce and the pretty as over there when you took when you talk about mission politics or i don't know if people understand how bad it is here there is an article that just came out that in the gateway panetick i honestly listen everybody and i believe about two per cent of what anybody sot oktas just the way owner and the gateway pond is no different you can look at it for for information but that does not mean that they're going to be accurate so absolutely not but you can look for states you can look hinformation that sort of the same thing with detroit news they they had an i've seen a bunch of articles coming out on christinaand on to tell you right now i don't i don't don't like your public and party i don't like the democrat party i don't like anybody said they think they're all they're all much of liars cheats and that's the way i feel about it in probably going to stick with my plan but at any rate what you can look for though as you can look at the numbers and and what's been said and then you kind of have to go in verify so so this is this is what i find is part of the process you have to be able to do your own research a little bit and am in that that's kind of this kind of a rat right up but you get not even now you cannot believe how much heat i've taken with you be in on being an oh my good now you know so dunaskito fine i i know from a friend yesterday i held cause he said a pro coste i said am i not to said how o you put up with it sechard he was greatly said they had an tell him to lose his sense for was gracile especially you tell me what is he telling because he's not got enough it has routinethe that gillenormand because to going to keep on the sake and i i feinteliche i won't say they tell lies because he can't i you would you presume to god the king here and i won't come directly because they did the cat with if you tell a lie it's very simple it's really simple tell because his three would change if you look in bronsted with what i do i because there's some for three years and god are they don't they do not like fighting somebody with that because it's onexplored them for one they are and will be doing then consistently while anyways so he told him that and we'll sit costesay there trying to a casethere if we could only go back to dialogue all of us and we can solve some of these hills but as long as we cannot see orehore to solve social commissive because just like the governess like that of the cold that dorsocaudally reporter said but democrats speak o language or altipiano er a we see within the republican party and all the other parties we can't even talk any more to save language i don't want to talk while they're trying to divide us and we've got so many political operative set on the seats it's not even fun so i went to mccolm last week on this and listen to the antipolis did all the videos i took from the and of course people in the room were said some one's having it is going to be up for everybody to see our journey laundry he holebecause you as are not putting out the truth for any one why would they believe you you shouldn't believe anybody that is that is afraid that was something else because there the they're trying to hide something or the plain political their playing political games as everybody instead of clinoplain it straight just like straight tell what's going on if you screw up say he chewed up let's let me hide from here but right how you know it's a b but a screwed up head all that's what they should be saying it is and and nobody's saying this christina kramoi know you're givin her a little bit o leeway here i am knocked i am not given her scene gone gore were complain about but this so that a big one i've seen you got a pietist if you have a tribute to it has another issue i should we be focussed in white or on the back whatcame poet christofere i find one i want to know what her game plan is prioritization before he said over and over yet we've got eighteen out ateable continent know what they came for his cold forward goodfor even his score twenty four we have to do it with the plan were clear and don'tshe as have a plan chinevad plan and so so i have to coconada is how we i am planted on go out boys here but i do it adequately to get out there and save the wodewale twenty four this is how we even the score we do it by oceah county could look at each of the positive beganonce of the coles the polities of it quickeneth eighteen with those after percolates the bigwhat's common what is it in to compilatorischen five we have to look at the margin to victories on remesones we don't lose them if we really want the wind this is her coronet do it we have to work with people in each and every colinot get rid of the county chairs some people talk of this doorthere's talk about sheep in the townes as they are which is what i believe is true togetherto the interference of the district chares and committees a waste of alteration but raised boyopened do that very wasbonaparte supper club to get him out of the way get the other force salaraenticenses station but get down into working of the way that we should have been worked at all along when justified as the team who can at anchor those colonies as the team over you go in covers i don't people get tired of it that's reality we have to understand her team who they are and how we call assiento a strategy that we could win with one should be very easy to win because the democrats are doing everything god but because we are not we will go with if we start this course i i think both of the parties i'm i'm kind o goin to git a disagree with you i think both of the parties right now are so corrupt there is no saving of ah you know present washington warned is about the parties and all they've done as devolved in speciale i do not think of the structure that we have right now will ever and i mean ever give us a free or lections give peoples is consistere still the self putting people one the cold democrats verses are republicans and its onowarori because they walked away from the constitution both of the parties have they both got more money going into the party and to their issues seeabout money fogies that they it's not just going on the parties but it's going into their issue it's all about finding money away from the american people the tax are the people that are working and to special interests efforts on both sides the this there's its never ever going to or we have and i really believe that oh yes as randleisten upsetting a good alto the pastor is the to the harisoo his county its county as the end is the collected of people silogisticall communities and you know what a favorite is in the coleswegen cross and which trust we build relationships and communities stagnation we have to get god to where we built that trust relationship again with dowithout but we have to do it not with the party structure as it is each individual county as i seem member on the only punched should be of the party should be a anchicocha to help foster of good relationships if you will and colasanti plan they could have the overall structure how were unifying in terms of of history they really will have none got hoven in terms of that they will have more on impact of the final l that's what i wanted to be but it's still team being you know it's still team building rather than focusing on the individual what i really think we need as we need to have we need to have a in a different structure for elections and i don't i think you destroy the parties abolishing good bye parties because they will never they were there all going in a way of there either so easy to call up where the starch that led out i think you can i think you can't that's the case got a bad structure to look his the dilatation oh i thought it about a the time take a look in at finding the one door without a canine tried it on just sailorese and others you will get you with the shaded or with the hope you have that ever you have to have a lot more there is a critical pass okay but it's still involves a i i do not i tell you that i'd like to she soon short to show me where one in depended by himself conoscono pi himself he needed thus a colonydoes with her soleleather he didbecause whenever he went he had fifteen thousand people oh famineand save how ye let's go quitasol this roll gotshe's and so it takes a team it takes a coach it takes a figure that you can slidepoints and beforeward leader if you will as why we can't leadership right i feel think there's a better way to do this and what then that then the whole process i really do because werecreatures callsecrets keep or or taken the lazy way out of your ally wantthe truth the dishpan the head lines instead of actually having having like a job interview it's still it's still in the the improper form because instead of a job to view who can do the job there voting for these cults of personality and the people are unqualified i mean look at look at the experience of sacristian crumble why did anybody ever think that she was going to be able to carry this through she had had lines but she didn't have to say much of a rash and i think that that's one of them one of the things that he was the not on have a reserve he got the resiliation tell you missus when not on i collocare i wish if you will when they were going out there i used to say shall be resumed and mesotimolit ice cold luck of the interviewing for a job you have to prove present crickitees wake elaine reason the people laugh out of his because they don't want i don't want to bellicose because they lack credences is holding the problem we got to the real years the old to deter the de to concatenate don't that the comanches one or ten to do his bill to the trying to get somewhere in the latter by giving old the getting of co people with have truer ach takes they don't have i don't have a ainepo le are getting these positions can not or problem whatever happens allen a solid residue well here's here's another thing what who are the organizations that are giving them good credentials so that to'another monoecus most sotaan most of the organisations there are still voting for the people that are going to give them the most money for their this is all based on money not they sinnoor or virtue or doing the right thing or actually standing up for the united states or having any knowledge or even even kind of a plan i mean this whole thing is absolutely the laughable the the whole thing is laughable right now and it's going to have to be an i'm of the opinion that if the conomy fails if things go down ah i've kind of then praying for it because i think that's the only way we're going to be able to come on that is it's going to have to be eh you don't the power goes down great panting estaing re it out if if things go down great that it kind of needs to happen in order for us to to rebuild we can't build on the crap pile we have right now because right now or entire government the structure is just a pile of crop and if you're goin to buy if you're going to build out a pile of crape it's just layers you're never going to have a saddle a foundation to build upon because there's so much in the in it to cover any efforts going forward in every single direction there's not there's not one direction that stable right now and if you go back to the constitute you wiped away about ninety per cent of what out there in the government just boom to you can be gone and you have to turn an into humanitarian offer first because we become so dependent on the government we don't even know what it's like to live free we have no idea what that means in her sponsibilities that go with he realized not only thought what cause cision a lot of people don't realize where the idea of separation of powers concoction got free to go he came from my casyooal her a prince glasspoole footone washer of friend of rochester a glee he was that secured by wouldby that old group by goderiche was part of the prince revolution as i gaze carried over into america about oh about the seperation of powers of the freedom and centenary but one of the things that he always spoke about was about how you don't we always thought about ansodoldeb solutely if we are trigintaocto noctis true contestwill about how all the corrupt should occurs over time even the monks crisand o god it is because it aganis peoples of i should proposeing control and that is why these ideas came from seven in the fine to look it up or be at begin to against slavery oh you can get the spirit of london gobecame for constitutional a costola is in alectoromachy elected by the oracle golly notional momomentary rule the petrochee sossinati to fight in the piece willeroo absolute houris got a while since i read a bit if we expecially tokobo what's going on now in posposiao a sticklestad about me not me and resists gone back to god and the glory you know the whole thing is that if we expect your government to be honest look at the bobulation okho many people do you know will do the right thing under all circus i don't know who lot of him really i know so but there's the inn and always always tell my own people that come to work for me just remember most people are willing to lie see and in the end the threshold for lying and or for doing the wrong thing is higher and lower for some people depends on what their entendemens on the individual some people are willing to lie over five dollars some people are willing to lie over you know a thousand old in our co save their own behind some people aren't willing to lie until you get to the hundred thousand dollar mark you get into the million dollar mark and almost every one is willing to compromise the in and it's it's a real tragic thing because we should be the same no matter what we do no matter what the amount of money or what's at stake we should be the same every time that an i guess i guess my whole thought is if you really believe in god you will do the right thing and know that that that the test that your end to see if you will do the right thing in or to train you to the right thing he won't go ahead and walk you through the difficulties that you are going to have to go through but for doing the right thing you just got to trust and it if somebody isn't willing to do that in the roman compromise i can pretty much assure you that there there still in process or still work in process and we all are but but that wenimesset compromise over integrity it is is is ave foundational i that every one has the it into themselves and introspectively what are you willing the door to give for always having integrity and on so gascooking siguisemos surely believed was it was a caption gases this is for father's got it on the ice concept of separation of powers came from those street branches allegiance islative executively supersedeas proposed by it why because he saw how people be co cause there and there a interinterests of i orif you will to some else the idea the content of it apparentthe because of slavery the god could a person would remain in it do servants he to another was because of a separation of power of inability to control one that he was against it god's something well forefathers on to and in potatothe consecution so only talk about the constitution that is exactly where it is the cause tusinile acilleus whither public party but i got to tell you like you a lot of people are not held accountable to those and that's why we are where we are to day and that seeing it at all i mean they've got things divided up so much into teams that's like our team must win and all costs so the genoito politics they get into the setthe other thing unless if you're really that good you don't have you don't you know you don't have to sheet to get in and or your key with the outcome no matter where it falls as the oka god's goin on god's get hand on their tail here if they don't do the right thing but one way or the other the gold is the with in eternal crather than a perspective of wind at all cost build our team goten gold and were going to beat the other side he howls that were in horse that's not working for it all because it's like you know the republicans are beating on the democrats democrats are being on the republicans they're all bad i mean that it's it's incredible how many people are out there that have a wrong for that go into being state and of its its the shame it's an absolute shame but it's a spiritual work wherein right now and until we get ourselves right before god were gone it we're going to continue to be probably one of the largest problems of terran down this nation is the same way that corporations corporations are not driven by doing the right they their driven by the money that they hand back to the shareholders and then with you know citizens united when that came forward and gave the corporations right i as an individual now they can be soon but there too many down sides to it but regardless no one is ever held accountable for what they do and that's the problem we were the parties parties cannot be held accountable the capitudini as should go to countability i had salaree with it countability what is the kilabites sarissas of the ballet in whothe holding people countable to families how do we incitegi any better we will get schools sessorianis kens the school accusers are peeled a colonel at all the teachers played tottered on because there the head struggling there be some evil the system itself the school has itself as is not be held to callable the week we think we susahis whole fitness and the relation of the family structure dowdall in what the outcome is because of the because everything in society is a direct outcome of what happened in the family why because it becomes come pouted when we have signals which catherine to be normal if for olga owe fell we can a school system came provided either so how do we get the family structure engaged i don't know that he is here i'll be honest my don't go well in country well at first thing is is let's get rid of the miskenned cations sociation the emmie and the aniles get rid of these big pot money structures that everybody's clissant in order to get the big money cause here anootch in at this point in time when it comes it not at all there the postcanine jondo there they're pushing and agenda was social reform and sitsoli starts on you there who for years old they start indoctrinating the kids at that age instead of tunisthe wife and o'er the things that are in investment in their future they are pushing and agenda and you look at the look at the meat casks and end this ridiculous the ridiculous competition between schools that's going it's not a competition that helps so its competition for money and the structure has been is the same thing in the political arena it's all about the money and in its patent oh it's absolutely rough we get rid of these money structures the schools you know there's no guarantee that we have to provide public education is not the constitution and so therefore we have usurped the authority and given entities too much power all of these ten become cartels aloof themselves you know you had brancardiers you got education cartels you've got cartels and every single industry and the way too much power in their a barrier for for an innovation there there are barriers for entry all the anodos protect their own self interest sets all they are the republican party the democratic all the parties all of the industry of organizations and such their not there to help people it by a larger may be few of algive myself that disclaimer but the structure is of it is to provide a verier for industry in for entry to stop innovation protect the standstill of worthier how it's as true in the petroleum industry its truly electric vehicle industry is true in the wine industry its true in the food industry its true it's true and every across the board and then you get people or or organizations like brat black rock van guard and arabella capital that come in these big corporations and i want to know why nobody's hit them what anti trust i had always questions are reeconoiterin quicquid on tossoronto rotherhithe nature which he saw man man long as exhibited setecento was able iconostat theeself in selfishness i and be on the sinking after power when through the reasoning go i reasoning ones let bydelas into the moderate of the english contest oro that a people like this be always in forbid of more easily doctor i of passions by reason which never produced any great effect in the mind of man in the wail of politics this isocrates consequence as to dispersos is that every man in dusted with the power is apt to use it in curing the authority as far as it will go however this tendency towards the persepolis can be moderated by the constitution of the government and by the laws for godby no means istoritcheskoe believe that the nature of the state constitution is of the priest consequence and we look at that lesson oceans tenscore toward her towards control towards pride towards selfishness or all or gosselies though cointhe boot is'this oneforgiver heard o soul sites because man by his nature once the sin so we have to put the church and now as then to stop it and thus were rat to day because we belong the cachimbos to be rowed rather then the family life school systems government are aspect of our lives i being abencrage because we are allowing them or state down which stood out in i and you know it is point i think that the lot of the people that i know feel so hopeless that they don't even want to get involved with anything we that's that's exactly what they wanted us to do to demoralize everybody so that people would not get involved in when you the crisis of some you really the best way to deal with it is run right into the fire you know without consequence of what's going to happen because you can't deal with a problem if you run away you've got it you've got to i mean if it there's like a physical danger or something like that i ne don't be stupid or on no front of a truck or something but you know what there is there is a point where you have to run towards the fire to make an and were kind of at that point right now where we are going to have to run towards those things that we just like and risk being rock that this is this where you and i get to a lot of trouble because we are willing to risk being wrong in order to try to get to the truth and standing with hookstown carpenter got up in front of a cold pass we can always there i posted all the videos the mccoupin course every res like no no somebody's taking this don't put it out there i put it out he of the geesteloosheid i don't know who sagacities in something that face somebody no delicate part i don't know who was tapeinotatos going there were but in a pretty sure there are a lot of people fell fell me up but i felt that i put on my telegram channel at brandenburg the number four i add that if you want to see the videos there right there all worn carpenter talking i've got some more because bradingas a gotalands a jacobite annos he got up and he started yelling about about worn carpenter and i mean it's kind of it's kind of a crazy environment i just can't sit there and watch em you know it's like i i'm in organised to get involved in any kind of of this kind of nonsense other than to put it out there and let people take a look at it and make the decision for themselves this is the other problem with a parties and some of these organizations is they want to make up people's minds instead of you don't well you got to be part of the club there they henton like in your ostracized and lest you go lock step how hunter when the party cos that's exactly what they do it in bold the parlors and in some inclosiers be disgusting espesse did it in noting he talked about the fact that he's never once got anything for christian in a cromlet's asked for and i've got a video of him talking i can post it and i i haven't got to him or the one that that i brainpot out yet but the whole thing is the the the it's like wind at all costs in trying to come up with a with the truth and both sides being committed to the truth putting out the shot the people can make their own minds that's a problem when somebody's trying to tell you how to hand that's a big problem just put it out there and this is where like i said where i get i get hammered for talking to diffent like worn got right up there and said you know talked about his past he worked with john he worked with john you on and on and on like a key i don't really care i'm i'm not so old yeah i know that's a big problem that i know it the huge problem but in you know and there are also talking about the fact that wiser wasn't that bad man pretty exeter that all of them have a problem in that or you know there was so much money that changed hands there with the old establishment there all bad they're all bad and that's what the parties are a problem because they turned they turn into a co opted special in i'm going to tell eerieout there if you run for office cause i didn't i was never involved politically at all you decide to run for an office you're going to be talking to a mix of people that have good intentions of bad intention a lot of badintense a lot of the bad intentions are coming from like every single area around you it's not coming from one direction you've got a set in the middle somewhere and i don't mean middle politically but listen to all these people into all of them are like aunt because they they're trying to further their own and there is almost always a money in son of for instead of doing the right thing for we the people in general if we caught back the government and i mean radically caught it back to what it was intended to be then all of the all the fighting that i'm seen are pretty much all special interest the government has no yoort to be in those areas at all if you gefunden you want to get rid of abortion full fliction it wire we flie of funding funding abortions it's good in it where we finding any of the stuff the transgender clinics were we doing it we don't have to do it we shouldn't be doing it why are we finding it in while we not talking about cotherstone americanitis last time he heard some one take look or decreasing because the ancients a constitution a grey limited yet we will all the social isundertake hover what to be here answered in all everything he the otherobviously but they don't want now that that the antopolis to caught it back so i've got something of the chance as those areas are hostile to american so especially gas station owners and a love and we have eagle creek here destroying everything going to the township meeting to night give me call love and let's talk about this the developers have been given a a open the the the developers are no different than bill gates people want to talk about filgate grabbitall of our land for themselves the developers are the ones that are or honor in part of the spire had to destroy the nation there serving it the communities there serving themselves and that's that's the other reason the task have abandoned so many areas in the turn into these into these ah ah crossed areas in this is all i designed that instead of doing the right thing all they figured out how to make a whole bunch of money out of commandeering property and lot of its far the land and such in order to develope it word going to grow bigger working to develope develop disassenting ee it does to me they're going to put these things in and like what's happening here it loves that they went they want to go wid like a getover there they're going in there in order to grabbed the land and leave the tax peers to clean up their mass after their done increases why were we doing this what are we doing this this is not seven and erestriction of held livedthe clean up let's get into another one in chicacomico what's going on with enfans and also with soler the thought had sold or a solar tales of richling a great sitisfied cried it'll look o blood what's that no solar panels therefore types are forming types and i may have topsholes before but deforming type shevtamodoo a crystalline phase a irocopolis crystalline phase you have admintered in then you have this new one which is a copper india minutes some other formula now the one you got a worry about as she got wary about three of em but the one you went worryabout is the third one and by the way your talk ten solar panels comoedia he there you know and not so scary thought you but always guys are going to go on the soil and paddles and how great god was soon as wardetesting break open coming score got me was controls cogitators or turned into kite can is cured or the like work for because not go away not go way and i got your children and the stones to that overtime is it that all child agis that is exactly what this is asasiel don't care does an always secreting or selling anscarii told her to ship supervisor than that i do hold him accountable even in civil court if it need need be fensterlden do that because we go i go siparouni ty that dollington be all that you can as i in the idle do you know if some points out the owners and you do nothing about it your guilty you're guilty not not taken you diligence right right to codocus because the swainsons the right rice willyet there doing us a enioined is caught on this same sovereignty you responsible because otherwise you pilate your old got to get back and make people more responsible and hold them a cuticle that's eiseathaete me now i know it i know it and have structures that you can hold people accountable and and reduce their scope of influence and in organizations whether they are corporations or ile are special interest this is what's runnin our country and go back to otoconite ose people there and see what see what the seventy five thousand dollar payment they went to joe this is what i was looking out for hornament ogetto i like it's right there we got the evidence of it or given corpore the someone over no in this is the problem we can see indistinctly situated well we can't stand thing because as crisisconditions yes ger power for this ononis it right thing to do is it honest is it true and if i contestantes joe massa's joosety for liberty was paid i think i eightyeight not have it exactly but it's eighty thousand ansodol not now is that grand total is eight thousand dollars and seonoth thousand dollars was that once the grand hotel it was seventy four something as close to seventy five dolars on owtereste right and then what wariness what joaid for that still moses entity for liberty what he presented was effected josedech it was like twenty dollars it was small small denominations that was i believe all under hundred dollars each one for any services that he paid for for son campi so how can you justify take its sonyie thousand dollars from the republican from the amigo it widens i'm not the i love her and explanation of this too because you know it's like you don't he one to do they're going to throw the stupid torothee l in distressand or no it's not itlondon i don't believe that cap you know homology to him to english god now i doubt he would come others lot of peel don't have the gods to come on and face amusing carol longed no godwin that i kachkell won men to go in the second hour here and thinks all as always was always thought and i think you have great daydonation now i come is some harassed contractions pico a good one great day you too by my okay we've got a move to go into the second hour of bradborne s net work retake just to quit break here and i'll be writ back with traheron the ohio ooooeeeeeeeei good morning welcome to brandenburg is that which this is the second hour of the sixteenth day of october twenty twenty three and i want a welcome her next guastatre hand he traded good tree as the is the chairman of the constitution party of ohio and a pleasure to have you on to day and i'd like to hear what's going on in ohio here i mean right now ohio the real big something that's really splitting ohio and apart right now issue one added to the ohio for trans tender surgeries on so this is being fought very hard on both sides a lot of money at this this information to what issue one is in on the people what it really means that the whole the whole issue of abortion is gotten so convoluted it's not even funny there's there's aries in the united states that are allowing a portion of the twenty eight days after the actual birth of a baby and it is its so shocking that there are no and in his kind otises and in my opinion with a human traffic issue that's going on here because we know that the solid fetal parts for organs and so this is so much this is so much bigger than what has been sold to us it's it's incredible and at its heart wrenching for those of us who believe in life as you know as god created at the end you don't want the funny thing is as you listened to people if you if you ever talked about doing this with an animal let's just say that all the sudden we decided that we were going to we were going to abhor and in seldom for parts and such or be able to kill puppies or kiddies a twenty eight days after red oh i think there would be a huge upper but there isn't one for human beings it's it's i have really is i mean it wasn't until recently that it was even at the bat you know a pregnant woman you know in a lot of cultures they even held you know a funeral if there was that so think what it really boiled take on the shop responsibility for their actions and that just a break down and as a society stray away from good principles and out of it good what's good and what it and the the lie that there it is not human you're here essentially ignoring a whole stage of human development a one year old looks nothing like an aderhold that mean that one year old is any less a person than that either old its looks don't really because you can't see it we decided is not a life and these is way to do this is just start to finding you know we need to defend and novel fight about ninety per cent of the usurpation of the constitute that's going on that's really that's really the issue seems to me like theirs to so many people that are in it just for the money if you follow the money you can rely people's true intentions and round then if they have appear intention or it's just a money gained from all people they really don't care and ah that then or in that i say most fuel do care but the people that are in these industry they don't care because they're only in it for the money and that's that's been my big a beef with the hole with a whole issue and not in government general i'm going to add this to the stage here minute and let's talk about what's going on with a constitution party aren't you going out here does one share of the rio of in the constitution party of ohio your chairman there what's whatwhathas work enough and what's lovethough your side a little bit and see what's going on with the consent in party of ohio i mean right now we just recently you know got organized with a this er so it's been a has been a long road with the major parties looking party has in to do in ohio and were organizing and and as as lot of our one of our energy has been the gortyn and the west camping and one in the portinaio and great allies of as to while it's in a in a long road are the colorplate to clevedon and cursives it handsomer men walking to illustrate to edge don't forget to subscribe for weekly objective odios on topics that matter have you ever wondered what is the constitution party and what are their views let's get right into i walking out what sets them apart starts the fifth largest political party in the united state promotes a right to far right at the old geonostisch for his base this and ship by principles which in the declaration of independence the philocrates and the bible it was founded by howard gulps of the conservative cte when during the nineteen eighty acre publish a national one and george h w bush pledged rebilius no new tack according to howard that pledge was violated during a third political preform is built from these three and party in which they commit to restoring honesty and hegerty and accountability to the governt she believed the government is ineffective and in it and encouraged non government solution she spending she and lastly prosperity in which they aimed to create the greatest economy in the world through capitalists cook at the views on the assinaboines that the current taxes the of the income pay roll and a state taxes those who polished the internal revenue service or higher s as an inforcement arm with the present unjust do not believe that a flat may tax national cells pass and value at a tax they support a state rate which the annual deficit of the government is the responsibility of each according to their percentage of the total us population in taxing corporations due to their definition of income as an increased arising from corporate acts the people should not be treated like corporations ataxo there is on the economy petition hardy does not support the government regulating the economy by setting wages or conjoined the price of goods or serve in doing so they believe it individual liberty and the three market point to america's bounding economic price free enterprise which individual was free to operate his or her business under the law without government intervention and regulations sipar is opposed to public private parties were the collaboration between a government agents if private rather they support a return to a true free enterprises that they believe will make our nation great and economically as let's look into what they support for help care anticipations government intervention in the medical industry i believe that the governments involvement the quality and the availability of patient oriented health care and treated believe that if the supply of medical care is controlled by the federal government in the power of life and death would doctors and physio politics they say that only hospitals doctors and other help care providers should be accountable to the port proposals for employed controlled family coverage that shall in churches they support eliminating the idea dragomira on claiming that forfeiting beneficial products and technology scare in the one constitution party of these civil right for policies which he her opposition to a portion of the nature or shoes for the states option to impose the geste only for those who have heepocrites because they have to innocent the party opposes any government legislation to authorize or define marriage contrary to the the love or creator defines married between one man and one support the notion that the chiaique community requires any legal favour or special pet the party also opposes all government involvement of gambling the party supports the right to bear arms in with the second amendment and any attempt to make laws barring the second amendment is comes to the edition the party believes that education see with religion it is the responsibility of parents to choose how their child should receive their estate here marked principles that tried the improvement of engine charter and on light soil copper the elimination of the federal de better legs like the no child left behind as they believed that the government should have no control over national teachers certificates tinacoreu expos select learning standards and let's touch on their views on immigration richart lives that it is the responsibility of the federal government to a and regulate the amount and qualifications of to the economic impact of the million plus illegal immigrants to the united states and clamarous kinds of public in education and social nor he also believed that the mass importation of people with clots standards of his the way and labor balanced for restoring immigration policies that this qualified image that do not mean certain standards of help criminality or financial lastly they oppose any welfare or catch fire supported men to a legal aliens and reject the practice of granting tis therefore to a legal emigrants we to enjoy the video have you a good intent i showed that video allestree that's that's a nice video the the main point his avowed monte yeah i think i think i montanine per cent nullification or be a great and would be a great way to go so into be elberta in saint louis these unfortunately i will not be able to there is somebody my stead this year but i looked forward in the i know you a long fond last hour in the april the april meeting i was of the april meeting solicitor to this one coming up for the fall meeting so it's just lord find you know people that are there statesmen and we've got some really good be do you have even a specific armenians or anything like that going out in ohio where it now we we met right now once a month anybody whose involved the party or long and he is kind of the dates fluid every one when we do me then we also have county he discuss besides the issue one what else is going on in ohio the people sold won't there's a lot of a lot of up incoming candidates coming up for a twenty twenty ohio and pretty sick of what in getting from their government and their officials to all evils so there's a more believe more right in so far iron long three which is in my opinion a really good sign shows where where people are at yet people are starting to think again just following following one party the other that i know checking it were talking about that i know you were listening when we were in talking about it i really believe that we had need to abolish ultimately we need to abolish the part as there is there is so corrupted and president washington talked about the problems with the political party we haven't we have right now so were working with what we have but alternately i think that that's probably the way that ishogos we need to see a new system in place because there ohit's too easy to call off the thestatue that there is just way too easy to call up and a note no matter i think the more set of bastida constitution in michigan he said the constitution party right now was working very well that he said if it gets co opted he said i will leave it and you know if there's if there's infiltration and it won't worefor in and and he come out of or another direction which is okay that's all it that's fighting for the nation be having adaptability and enable to adapt an adjust one when you're in a situation of war which our country right now is at war yet nthough about with going on in israel in palestine while i manitouthis its definitely very hot topic right now men even the one i don't need to be in now we have people in hawaii that gone through they lost their homes you know whilst loved ones through the fires that happened over there and the seven hundred dollars were billions in outside the country israel or even don't know you know we six billion dollars to palestine before this all erupted you know and yet our own people are suffering before we and be the solvers of the world's old we got on discs veneficial more specifically president people outside of our borders seems like it a lot of allusions going on he knows six million dollars one to put in perspective six million dollars for for the the goosestep which is like twenty five miles by five mines that's kind of a shocking realization you ports you port what you did what that was my question six million dollars into an area that that large you know or that small kinases kind of crazy and i what was it it was a seventy five million dollars that went to israel two hours before the alleged attack this a lot of stuff that is not making some there i am not buying at all the fact that they had paralysers going past the border of the most isocardia in the world of the israeli is military as well as the united states in is of sar to hold thing is saw their so many questions i think it goes back to trying to get us fighting rather than just uniting every one to be able to stand together to be dared to the american and what's what really is in the st of our country and how do we protect and defend our country instead of pretty much being you know the the the whipping boy for the whole rest of the world that sandfields like america but for an america elsewere supposed to provide all the money but what are we getting for this where except for everybody's hat and i here across the across the globe i mean that seems pretty much at people like me and you don't get anything out of it but i'm sure there's people then high levels a government what i tend to do is whenever i see some this weather reel or even covet for that at seems like whenever puts so much emphasis on what's going on on this tract lickle what are they trying to take our focus of the cool reliable for to any kind of all we want more many more power when you get more control will mature war breaks out and the people are going to ask it to us freely give up their rights are we saw it you know with nine eleven the patriot act everybody was more than willing to give up the the right one the illusion of and is it really scared to see it happen my pinion and even a worse way with what went down with one literally okay he said my house and shut up and let you do whatever you think is best for me ye he not the only people who know what's best for me my family is me my wife and god that the government so it's you know and i think people are starting to open their eyes to a lot of this see you know a lot of to lie i put all over new especially social men in the year if you say anything against it you know the censures his co any any sane person would at the very least raison he even if they don't necessarily agree be like what wise and i'm like i'm like every day i like going dead nominativenot mind anything right now and the look at what people and and what is seen set out there in the mainstream media and that i'd like lokythe want me to look at this direction on going to go in this struction and st question what their saying because because all they are as propaganda pushed like it i don't feel like being a living or a inherited charles all head i think i think too you know just to look out thing you know israel ukraine it was really amazing as washing you crane i'll a sudden disappear off the map because nobody's buying all this nonsense any more and just one big money laundering operation over there and ah and then you see the you done ican weapons show up in israel in in palestine and is on both sides is and it's vineswas for a long time the bushes were finding the world more too you know and in a manner because they were separate off the after the one often the norse north sea there providing paternally of devil side the work psticcire less which side one that is wont to kill people and make money and were it were were dispondreis sable were expendable which is reintonate but that your back to the portion topic is the same thing is that these babies are expendable to and that's a hut that's a human life and that's rot it's release it's really sad when people lose track of morality or even what's right what's wrong and they don't even know it or or they've got the plan going in a direction and something comes up such as unplanned pregnancy and then all of a sudden there willing to do anything in order to keep their plans and i not what we could talk on this for a very long time as displeasures that that is on bedydio when we started seeing that coming on a project very toss planned perithoo selling feel part it is his shishak this so in their so much money and it for them and i've heard a lot of people you know say that like the fourteenth amendment as my argument take a life america also cannot deny somebody life lived he happens now without the due process of and are the only with the way they circumvent that is well is that light take away thousands of years of what a life was just like you can't take away you know what a woman is or what a man is to native sadolet of people the right side the cause i even spoken against ridicules of hart peoples and stuff like that you know like a heart in my opinion a hart peopillis unconstitutional as well cause that's in not itself regulating so you only the only way you can get to it is through full abolition of it an end to the point you know we pulled the money for the finding in the money away from these organizations they have no right to be in any i really don't think that a government needs to be and in this sort doesn't you know just pulled the finding and ah you know we pull the finding in our nawatch the numbers of the lives saved were real quick there's no reason in numbers are the seen numbers over ninety five per cent of the portions drop off st defending i mean i am not for taking a life under an any sin circumstances but even if you know you want to try and find common ground with now like the de libertarian party for example they there not for organs you know up to vital persons decision that's their liberty decide what they want to do one common ground that we can find is i kill her than the governments les if somebody woman one stirring going to bed room and do something okay that's her prerogative fell though i think it's the the government shouldn't have any hand in people like me and you shouldn't be getting on illegally taken out of our pay checks to us on things that we don't believe and forced to find and in jump into their to their non since i agree with you on that one too of the the whole issue of marriage to i don't think that don't think that the government should be involved in the issue of marriage it it really it goes in a cord records and if we stop getting in these ants larry issues that keep it people fighting i think we can really unite that the united states and it comes down to defending and nullified the usurpation that's going on i think a lot of it was just created the keep of so yeah the there's there's no end to it is the no i mean and good example of that is even you know during covid when people coming together in questioning the narrative and on one throat questioning the science cause the numbers did that inoyou have raced worse con lit up all over the their we could just turn off the the main stream news ignore you know they're putting in front of us people astounded and what we could do as a society you know america and its history one the best as every day side coming together and deciding that the innovativeness of birth out of pre society parallel to anything that had ever been done before and were slowly over a long period now now you're here in government representatives openly speaking about becoming more like light if that was bein spoke any level of government a hundred and fifty years ago that person instantly lose all credibility never serve he the fact that we've got so far away from what in a and to use spon what it says the colstons it's not taught in schools any more and in ohio the last stop a school last and the there is no nothing they accept people and so sir tenderstepping you know like he the constitution a living thing about this it it empowers people don't then these radicals are right its people mean you and other people truly leave this in their heart we have the tools to do that even if desired there is still a but what do you think it what would that look like to make changes they on the consent de like notices to like prose do have you looked into any of these the cost yet we've actually in contact especially through what happened with cove oh what that old and i don't want to give away too much strategy but there is there is stuff we are worked going to meet a lotteries distance it scanned the status quo what's i hast to release saheime to be alive in my opinion because we've got people all over that are working with notices and prosaic cases and civil civil cases from person to person for people that have been wrong within the govern it's really it's really kind of exciting so that's that's so are you is to do in any work i say like education in your in the nourse we are effectually were looking at backing a lot in said he counsel things of that nature to try and bring about change gazers beenvery big post ohio whatever symbol were on i can't keep up miners finished tag whatever it is but on the on on children i mean the there's there's a school ohio that put in litter boxes came out i denie just some of those crazy stuff that he had halted how did we get here you know i thought it was funny years ago when we started this whole identifies a man and woman else like it watch next thing you know we're going to be identifying as a helicopter or gone identifying is an elephant or an animal or somethin all know you're crazy that's nothing happen and here we got so education is here of ours to be able to everybody should be able to have on that where their sendin their kids for a majority of their day the environment horrible i can you know there's a topic where you can set others like okay i disagree but i can somehow get my i can understand but i disagree this is one of those topics like hole how did you in like can't even begin to fathom how you struck at this and if it's my battling to ethereal as it's hard to have an intellectual comes is somebody who actually contrive your argument that saxon gender different in this that how can you argue that how can like please try to well i'll oh all gantsay is as my horse is a confused my chickens are confused dogs not confuse no honors should the everybody understands what danger they are and in its cutting it's kind of funny that you don't have to do it wants to cat the dog likes being the door horses like being horse as you know we've got stationers and callings and stallings in all their johathan the gallopings are just happy being alive and the mare is or run in the shell and so it's really it's really kind of finding but nobody nobody nobody on the farm is ever and so you know you get you get away from when you give away from really the way i got intended us to live which is local and i with the people around us the world in a way has gotten too big when you look at their conflicts even even hot yoi go there i look at all the conflicts across the world we aren't even pain intention to our own communities or states and such an interfamily so i mean it start it starts there if you not taken but care business in your family it's a problem i i hope school mikes i was done with it my kids are in the third so it's like i stand with it a long time ago no not not happening and i think this sophotatos out there to your point that parents have to have their kids were they it serres possibility in their duty so whatever you know then the government has no right to stick their noise and any of us i have heard about people that have had a had the generous signment surgeries done on her children and they had there was nothing they could do to stop at some social justice war our just decided that they had a you know the their child you know their male child was needing to be a female some day and you know it is crazy as kids in one day they'll be like i want to be i want to be a dinosaur or something like that or illeterate wells that men we chapeleof and give em a peg leg and put rack or what the rise every poke it out i don't think so i think it's just absolutely nonsense and think part of that break out causes of that media and social me because the society is made so easy before you you had to go get you had to go to the town you had the do things that involved you in the community in order to otto people don't even now let alone what's going on so in people were so worried about the big instead of what was going on local level which affects their day to day life more that's why to part we're not trying were not trying to get somebody in it's not our old or gold is o the real stuff that state day one lives he just need again vote they needed become aware go go to your town hall men learn about her you know representatives what they're doing what they stand for hold them accountable and you know you'll find that you know if the smaller local level representative his cares a lot more about angry phone called i know the governor who governor his you won't even take it but kind the only way we're going to really bring about change social or that's great so iit'sthere's anything else that you want to talk about say i hed always can go in any direction you want otherwise we're going to unwithered and and get back to our lives here to day to hear him are you have lefontaine so very much retrayan for chalking every one that's so well forward and actually do something to help restore this nation under you were so very thankful for the opportunities that you provide for us are just it's just incredible and i would ask that a body out there who is sick that you would give them healing mercies because there's a lot of it going round and we ask that you be with us in all things thank you so very much as beautiful day had us to see the opportunities that you put before us to serve you and to serve the your creation it's easier sand back to the one play in it in put you you know not put you but acknowledge you in your or your place and in our places under you and all things that we do and were thankful for that cause you're good all the time we count sometimes get a little off base once in a while and don't always get the perfect in were thankful for years forgiveness for us and for ye bringing us back in to and on the road that straight narrow thank you so very much for everything we love you very much you've been a great friend to us and we want to be a wonderful and to you this day precious name of jesus christ so there you go well wonderful talking to you and oh i am a grateful for all that you're doing in ohio there's certainly is a lot of stuff going on in ohio that needs to be addressed and it's nice that a group of people are coming together in order to help make those changes so thank you very much historiadores everyone out there god bless you all god bless all those solovei blessed americatakes a great day starts here it'll telesthae and do the right thing don't expect the government to do the right thing if you're not doing the right thing because you're the people we the people are just the governess erection of us so if we're not doing the right thing they're not going to be doing the right thing we have to hold him accountable and in it starts locally in the smallest entity we have as the individual see have to make your choice as then it's the with that sad have a great day and i will see you alone in the cantator is on engine i