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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 10/24/2022 - Live - Denny Gillem - FrontLines of Freedom

Published Oct. 24, 2022, 9 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is as a tower twenty four so wakefully go walking this morning which was october twenty four two thousand twenty two and we have a lot once again in the news that to talk about i have several things i think one of my favorite means right now that are out there is from i think alario its you think you can hurt my feelings i used to see whole flashlight from my dead i think that also i found a study incredible it was written i had doctor the doctor's name is and i posted this morning doctor j bark closed and talk about covenant arabas vaccines and the risk pride and disease one of the promises that we had around as mad as mad cow i am pretty erasure that if this is the case and it does panther going to need be talking about this we have a very serious problem on her hands because a promise is typically not reversible so i'm pretty sure we're going to have to put some time into this and hoping that those the people that that launched the we are brought to justice because the incredible another thing is acrotatus got a new version and the hunter biden lap and they've made a better version of the report i believe that it's going to be much more useful for what i can see and we might want to go there so i've been once again we've had this whole nonsense with split the boat with the boat but the boat which is a bunch of nonsense with the boat means nothing more than then keep us in power by the two criminal come unpartisan than actually taking the same back and giving us choices they just basically want us to agree with their choices and so good job you get a good job gave a good candidate even though the candidates of all been set again susan they've done nothing so i came out with a statement this morning that i would like to share with you all and go ahead and go there right now and i will read it to you because i think this is significant for the record i will not stop down with unwavering resolve i will stand firm in my conviction to restore michigan and right the united states america as a patriot so help me god i ran to fix what they failed to do in the first place both republicans and democrats parties are failures in running the state correctly to represent we the people i told my supporters that i would get on the ballot general flandrin many other sports have also said i support the candidate not the party smart move i told my supporters that i would run for governor and i keep my word to the the republican party is an abject failure they did not stand for president trump they have not thought to write the twenty twenty election and dropped two matterless in fighting to right the twenty twenty fillin stand for nothing but keeping their supporters in a position of unquestioning their godlike status in their unqualified puppet pack while their don't split the voropae battle cry together with the democrat party there unparted which i stood for nothing republican legislature democrat governor age secretary stake the perfect storm to the story this state as they did with the economic warfare they waged against michigan during the unconstitutional loons masked mandates forced vaccines they stood for nothing and they are guilty of treason those who vote with them knowingly they are guilty of trees and an in bed with traders who committed to reason suspended the constitution all who knowingly vote those in who have committed these crimes or stand with them or stand with them just as guilty of the crimes they committed and i will stand on that on wavering and with that sad one more post i made this morning just so that were absolutely clear on voisenon things it is a responsibility to write every crime that we have allowed the politicians to comment because we voted them in we refused to stand to we allowed this system to continue we didn't get involved quick enough we kept voting them back in we believe their lies we let fear and cowardice get in a way of kicking the criminal but to the curb because we loved the familiar more than desiring godly governance one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all the constitution is the highest law of the land we the people have the power right and duty to vote them out hold them accountable and prosecute them for the crimes crimes against humanity injuries for medical mandate elation children killing babies trees spanning the constitution sedition and usurpation of our rights guilty on all counts all of them so i'm saying i'm not back and down you almighty'll ask to ericson to to to to backdown a few believe that were splitting the foe not going to happen and she qualified and part of the establishment so there is my state and i'm going to continue to run and run strongly so this is the boats are burned and we're going to fight her way out of this anyhow with that set thoughtout there just so that there's no question whatsoever because that of course you know the republican battle cry she splitting the vote why they won't stand power and they've already failed with that said i ebrington my gas this morning is good morning this is lieutenant colonel dennie gillian he is the guiding the microphone and front lines of freedom radio which is military a military channel or military radio show so good morning danny good morning glad to join you done thank you this is a real pleasure dodonian found out that we analyse about five miles from each other which is totally amazing that it really amazed both of us so we got a chance to visit the week and realized that were probably siblings from from another mother because we agree on and quite a few things that we covered probably most things that we talked about and i wanted to bring bessie's you so what's on your mind lately what are the big topics that you've been watching certainly the biggest thing in my mind going on now was what russia has many nuclear weapons used to have i can as a brand new lieutenant i was in charge of many nuclear weapons for my for a couple of months and then i got transport another job walter are party and reading rid of one time ago the many warheads which russia has a i can into torpedoes in artillery pieces and instead of tens of thousands of diana might be they'd be pounds of looking like they're getting ready to start if they do well that's a whole balkan nobody talked to his every thought about before deportation the fact that russia still had them until now might we be going many nuclear and ones that howe responded that's a huge issue i heard years ago about something called club take cars are familiar with those what they were talking about is the containers adam the person i listen to that there a deployment in containers which when we look at the container traffic and going through our ports and they they said that it highly likely that club cancers were around the united states and they were armed and able to because only two per cent of the containers coming in the united states are ever are ever enacted that they're able to launch either nuclear biological alchemical weapons and i don't know you know of course how much truth as it is in that it came to a pretty good source but i think that were i an unprecedented time with a very very high risk level across the globe with things that we we may or may not you know really understand or understand the magnitude of quite true and her leadership uniformed and civilian for our military are not so we kept as what we do have may may not be used can you go into that can you go down that rabbit hole will but because i'd like to understand obviously the civilian leadership and the pentagon were selected because of who they are and their support for president biden in the things he stands for but to seeing your military people general i have the four typically promotion the general ranks of star and a competent and a political the senior leaders in the pentagon picked the people who get promoted all of the generals and absolve now became general and arose under the boma admit this if you were a a year ago somebody from the white house the president told you and all the american a a band billions of dollars worth of top notch abandoned all the afghans we promised we take care of to morrow you said just obey orders he stopped when they were used to war from jeff erato for killed in june you have to have value and there wasn't but aware of single note or i'm not going to do that all resigned whatever you're going to do but no that didn't happen if that wasn't a wake up call for almost everybody i don't know how broad one we could get but if you add that to your colonel or a general and i got a private or a charge and the branch of the military i come to you and say i want to apply for a religious exemption from getting the boat you punish say i'm going to apply an exemption military regulations same animal just obeyed orders no not how leaders take care of the you add the tis over as those who just a couple of things that i could mention and my trying to say that every general never abilene how many of them have stood up how many of them has gone public and resigned or or retired early and again there could be a tintoretto all kinds of his certainly the the senior officer and i've talked to a substantial number of retired generals and abra very very huge concern about the three and four star admirals of generals that we have those running west point annapolis or force to a they are being taught critical race there and judge people by the color of their skin the ability i've been a combat if i ever did that be dead now and teams were effective because which trusted each other and judge each other by our ability or timitch other or commit me to forever but i don't think you need not stop talker no i did i think that's great you make madame you know but but you know this is so pervasive throughout society we look at the politicians they did the same thing they is like go along get along nobody seems to have that personal fortunata up and do what's right and and go against go against the prevailing the flow'rets peronne along ter be inderpendent fear of loss instead of just and i don't really care if you know if i go down i standing on my principles and you know i'm not going to war because a thing to do and i'm unwaveringness quite honestly and what we know is right or can we be compromised can we be canonised dodo we swear allegiance to you know actualities ridiculous quest do you obey your husband now god says put no man before me and so i mean can have a little bit of interpretation i love my husband very much respect him and i respect his opinion but my my response was as one if i said i had a girl friend whose husband kind of forced her to have an abortion when she was very young and it was really sad and she regret she's regretted at her entire life i said so it is you know if a husband tells his wife to have an abortion is said do she listen an he's like absolutely the god a god will bless god will bless her for a vainer husband and i said that's not such like sand somebody pull up you know protagoras me one and you can justify it i mean that goes right back to adamantean you know putting the blame on somebody else rather than your or be responsible for your own behaviour we are each of us responsible for our own behave and now they say the strongest muscle in your body you rationalize could you use it all to rationalize only that you wanted to but you know isn't and one of the problems that goes on to people go into a corrupt environment they rationalized or gets work a lot not everybody but ninety five per cent as what i've calculated but i kind of think a lot of them get get in there the ones that i've met the thracian kind of stupid most of them have never had a real job or had to sign a pay check for some one and they turned it into a political industry and it's really it's really unfortunate you know we talked about the fact that you know my dad was a outran he died and four which was interesting but i got to see firsthand how you know how our system has failed to atrani country in its very very sad my pin i don't think that politicians should be paid one sent more than what our military law enforce yes i think that should be honest separation is as that when i get an office i'd like to take the governor's mansion and re purpose it to something that our military veterans and have we can use it as an honor to them to stay there and you know you know really really back the people who deserve that honor with that type of certainly respect the appropriate one of the many things that we need to do that were not doing or not doing well right what else do you think we can do to improve things or to be service minded i taught american government at college for fifteen years to the first question i asked every semester in the first day of class why do we celebrate the fourth of july the years i had one student probably there were a few more that were just to see speak the first american history to the who are teaching american history to our kids or culture doesn't seem to make understanding who we are and how we got here and the price which a has anything to know we need to turn to being proud americans understanding who we are and how we got here as imperfect as america is why it has been and best place in the world to live right now afraid we're moving in the wrong direction were still there that's a huge issue i think i think you know and there's another question i have why do we leave our kids without protection in the schools you know an you know go free zones and such and makes it no sense to me whatsoever you know you have to go with your metal detector to go on to a plane or sometimes in banks and such and you'll have a security arm security there but we leave our kids in the schools with no protection i am pretty extra sure that the military veterans would in an you know a snap at the finger would be there to serve and would not you know if we needed them and write we not using them i'm curious about the you know and i shouldn't say using them more asking them to help us in the situation because they're trained you know lot of our police forces are not getting enough training and i think the military would be incredibly helpful absolutely you know why don't we let who are trying very if you take a you don't have to be too smart figure thus went out halmost always take place in so and if you will go in to do a masther would you are the you and again hard to find very many people in authority in education system that will argue so so he talked a little bit about you know more about in and some of the other things we talked about before we got on this morning and i think that it's worthy to bring this up i listen to your show last night and by should get on and you should get on danielsen to is his show its awesome its front lines of freedom and very very interesting you bring up a lot of a lot of news that maybe we wouldn't come across so much that needs to be out there that is brought up and you are else or or almost no place that i can and that's why we're our year and billington people do want to hear so he said the rest of the story there's so much out there to be talked regular news or only the little pieces of it not the rest of what do you think my listeners would find really interesting right now when you watching right a huge powerful country their doing a long since right but there are also a paying the price for the only one child per family they had for about years the don't adults but they have their struggles to they are literally they made a very clear they don't support you and write anywhere it's the government the whole thing they are the epitome of evil in the world in my opinion it seems to me like you know we've always been taught that nations have you know geographical borders and they do and we should be protecting our border but we also have ideological nations as it were you know like the swich has kind of been away the global crime syndicate to be an entity without orders which are going across the world and i'm more concerned quite honestly with these deep state criminal entities which seemed to have no respect for any boarders whatsoever you know they wanted destroy ours and and i think that watching that the whole nonsense would conciliate company they've got one point eight million of our election workers personal information on severer in china that went through that that soft are and that's materially interesting thing to watch well it is china is very clearly at war with the spying on the stair there into our education system there into our manufacturing they are at war with us there doing everything they can to hurt us and kill us you're not so everything you just said to absolutely true taking the stuff thereto many people don't attention to justabout tendresse for your country you've got to pay attention to important things yeah they can you know with landing there over there by lannigan state and such and i think the connection between our universities and foreign entities cannot it's undeniable the why is it that are university goatee to give favour to outside or foreign students it seems like there's an awful lot of favor being put into foreign students coming to our universities and when you combine that with the amount of money going through the universities it is very very troubling you know but i think that all of this kind of like rolette and and not not sure where we go with this other than shut some of this stuff down in quickly but we have to the right people in office to shut it down i don't think anybody really has one you know to address it up to this point time certainly not michigan that have well certainly we have to do that you may i may not know this as a police in new york i heard that and in it how can this even be possible i have a very a man europe and i think three and canada from what i read have read the the same inform two and four this rule on chinese citizens who are in or in our country and we let that happen i can't even imagine well it just proves that our politicians are in bad with him and you know the so many given them past to let them in here and allow them to do that and i think the problem isn't just in one or two people at tapotte because you you you know somebody's just robert stamp in this nonsense through i i mean i will go to an yeah that that's the super concerning so we talked about something else a morning on an the infiltration that has gone on throughout our country you on to talk about that for a little bit infiltrate yes such as whether there is a a m you know that defence yet that that was a kind of indian into this a little bit because i think that there might have been you know whenever whenever i look at something i'll look at things in the tryout the side to see really what's going on and it seems to me like it kind o started out with the police depart the police departments across the nation getting surplus military equipment from you know from of course the military and we talked about just a little bit are you concerned with any of his police at find themselves in very very dangerous situations i don't really have much problem with those teams have when are kind military equipment these but they don't leave a hecate other than that no but again culture that i grew up in an outgrew up in her police were respect wasn't even remotely thought that the to have that respect for the police by the people council to basically control most to be cool they are the ones who are anti pole therefore the police were and why the city council like that cause the inner city people who for whatever some outspoken ones are anti why would anybody want to be a cop and we desperately need not just tops but if you're going to get good ones you have to pay them a good salary good retirement good bent one of the points that i have made a conservative i've told my republican police officer basically conservative but they vote democratic because the democratic on worried about saving money so they don't feel to the unions and pay a antimony so that were the republicans have the same values but they want to cut the budgets and they don't think about taking care of the police who are putting their lives on the line every they need to wake up a disaster i don't know said that has all the police of fewer you get the less support you have we need to stand up for our police we need to create a support of environment so that good people will want to get in on and stay if you have a disastrous situation that your family and a police officer show do you want one who's been on the job three weeks twenty years there's no more week everybody there some point that's all they've you're not going to get taken care as well as you need and the more tenacious that season the worst of we have to have an environment where police are care of not manipulated by their unions or councils or whoever the sound like a dream but as a yeah how one thing i found out is that a lot of the mayors are actually democrat progressive in there was a whole agnatic out a hundred and seventy five cities to install progressive mayors and to them the something that was started a long time ago and i understand that like the mayors are the ones that that usually appoint the chief of police so quite often in those in those cities that chief of police has to answer to that democrat mayor now i discuss it with with chief cried for a while and this was of major concern of his which is unfortunate but the whole law enforcement in military military of this nation i mean i'm so proud of our military men and women and people that stump up to do that duty it's amazing but we need to support them and do a better job with with how how we are we are carrying the sound of both the financial way but also in a nearest way in a procedural way because the above promise with the via di you find that to be serving pretty well or is that falling down and what your thoughts on the back i i opposed the mandate of a vaccine seem to have had good leadership there are a the one here in grand rapids seems to be a very good no place is perfect but he seemed to be quite god there are other ones around the country that are horrible it seems there is the lack of national and regional leadership so that it's pretty much left up to the local leaders just how response that's my guess i'm just looking at the via needs to so much to do start at the deal with the people that aren't doing things right take for minutes about that kind of but it pretension want to do that no go ahead it's like i i really would like to hear what you have to say well unfortunately i have another appointment in about five minutes so therefore i don't if i get if i get start getting me talk as easy to get me to shut up the there's ben over the past years there so much corruption of the v as the higher levels things like if you had a certain you get paid a bonus a high percentage of people who get to see to be seen a certain amount of time so you just can't sell a point you don't have to say that they were make i think it has gone on with no consequences for the people that were doing it none astrogation know have i heard about it last couple of years but i don't know are my local va i appreciate the concept of the we doing that to that just to the tea would be a huge issue for any for your terms for as yeah that would that would be a huge sorter any other things that i really i really i just want you to talk about the things that you could educate my minoribus your wealth knowledge i mean we had a very nice visit the other day and i think that there's there's so much that people need to know that they that they don't know where that they wouldn't know unless surround the inside as a alegaiter just a couple of minutes so therefore i i can't go there okay but but just say this as by and young people what i think about doing the military to my answer is you believe god is leading to join the military then go ahead you're not it if you're not in that category i would to the military the that's a brilliant fitful because i think that i'd say the same thing about politics politics is a rough go right now and if you if you're not willing to get in there and if you're not being called by god it's probably it's probably a rough a rough go to stop it you gotta be prepared for that because you have to have you the right focus that's not for christie or anything like that it's not forgetting that entitlement or i shouldn't be for entitlements it should be dissertation and and if you go in it for any other reason it's going to be kind of heartbreaking situation i'm afraid yes very very unfortunately way to well thank you thank you i really appreciate you comin on this morning and i'd like to invite everybody to go to front line the freedom i listen to your show that you had on your last shoestring on her and i know you have i know several people that listen to you to you you know every week you're on a station close a hundred ninety to sort of the movie target eyes around the nation on the same while thank you so much for coming into the i really appreciate it as we can dig through all of these things i think you know i explore a lot of things just because i want to get to the truth and you know and put as much out there as we can so that you know we do actaeon you dthank you for your real love for your country and you put it yourself behind those lethal yes thank you i'm destripes who you know that never ran for politics never been in politics and may not be perfect but i sure you know i was willing to stop up and and i have no other agenda so there you go beyond okay back with you and hang out an out when he pulls the few things up here i am going to see we industrial quick news i wrote quick news of feed here because i think there are some things that need to know i'm going to go through a few few lines and bits and pieces let's see carry like we have an incompetent secretary of state who happens to be my opponent i am not the only one senses incompetent the ardour me court in a recent re called her incompetent she's not even shown up to the office seems like that's pretty much to standard across the senate states the united states at unbelievable how many how many people are not are not even showing i had kind of an interesting situation that happened at the auto show in detroit when we were there and it was early in april and i were there then they work on my campaign in such and what was really odd was to watch ruthenian upon stage and she kind o she kind o got up on stage in a very strange way all of a sudden she was just there and she when she got off stage i decided to go to try to shake her hand and see if i could ask her if she would be willing to debate me well i got about i got about four feet away from her and i put my hand out to shake her hand and of course security came in and dead like a black you know black and tackleton for just walking up in something that should have already been considered secure they knew who i was there and they knew who i was so there was no threat there anything and about four people jumped in front of me and surrounded her and the sun the right up the escalator was really really kind of pathetic an amazing all the same time and but what i heard is that from every one is that she basically has not showed up anywhere how many how many affidavits were turned in by people from the state quite a few and i heard some one say that they hadn't seen her in lancing and almost two years so where are these people were if they haven't shown up for work i can would like to know we do have infiltration in on every level of our of our government in our institutions and our in campaigns clearly you know clearly in campaigns i've seen seen some very very disturbing things in campaigns in i am i it's going to be a big job cleanin all at all because that is our and most important job going forward is cleaning out cleaning out our government because it's bad i think the first thing the first thing that we need to do is we're going to need to shut this thing down for a little while and hopefully all the criminals will be rounded up and put into the hands of the people who can prosecute them very quickly and then we need to take a pause on many things in order to go through them so that they can't hide evidence find out what they've done and rest i do think it's going to be a very exciting time to be alive and i think that there is going to be some surprising outcomes i really i really do i do believe that god and control and that we are not standing alone or some very very good people out there who are helping us right this state going to take a little bit of fat and i like to ask every single person out there to write down or document what you see because i think that we're going to be seen some things that are on president and the history of the united states in the world write it down you're going to be witnesses to coming election and what happens and remember we're going to all have to work to talk to people that maybe we don't like we're going to have to learn to work with people that we may be done agree with but as americans were much we're going to pull things together and we're going to bring the state back from this type of infiltration and destruction it's really shocking to some people when i stand filtration however the infiltration that i believe we have got to the very top levels of everything danny talked about it in the military and when i say infiltration i mean people who hate america they are in it for themselves or part of a global crime syndicates it were i think that i has got their hands in everything and with a station in new york i believe and i've heard and seen the proof that their actually targeting some of the chinese people that are in the state to control them and they will use their family at home and threaten them threaten rampant grammar mathieu do this that the other thing this is on american soil this is free america that this is happening and were tolerating this nonsense we are we are tolerating it from from tapioca we have no one in office that has a backbone right now no one has a backbone nobody's going to challenge it and the people that are stepping up to fill positions there and with a third there also in you know the establishment and he have no back that on and we're going to need to stand up and challenge all of it or guess what you might as well handeder to china because that's exactly where it's going to go and i do believe that this this election is our last man it's our last chance to have an election and have america looked the way that the way that we want it to know with this at all so i don't even know if if we've gone too far at this point time without having hopefully the military step and because our nation is under a tack and i think that this is an important thing to remember that not every one that that we see that we think is a good person out there is we're going to have people that we need to that that them seriously and find out if in fact they are who they say they are one of the one of the litmus tact that i use is are they in it for the money or are they in it for the nation and i look at donald trump he didn't need the job he did not need that job whatsoever he stepped up serve this nation and he served it with honour and i believe he did a very good job i agree with his his policies and if we look at how the nation is gone you know we can really see the disaster that we've been handed oh handed with a basically communist regime at the helm by soul out piece by piece over the years with o gin in anybody else it was willing to pay the price look of that marco polo were report and you're going to have some very interesting reading to see what what exactly they were doing they were selling and they have been selling the united states of america a peace by p the people who are in charge right now in michigan all over them both of the parties have been involved in this they're all of them involved they they sat back nobody is sedesque a word about this all about it all about getting elected and without taking a stand on anything they refused to stand up for anything and they ask anybody that is willing to say anything to either stop down get out of the way they used threats they use coercion and trap men as well as extortion i've seen all of it and it's it's it's a crying shame what our politicians political parties those that claim to be leaders have tried to sell them the american people we have the best elections that money can buy in the united states america honestly it's goin to come back to and come down to you and i and those that we love we the people standing in assembly to take this nation back i believe no matter what anybody says that you know we hear we hear these complete yet utter morons and idiots telling us not to vote at a vote does account while you know what i have too completely and thoroughly reject that we have to show up we have to we have to vote every single vote needs to be cast and we need to refuse to lay down to be demoralized to have some tales out of vote and to tell us to stay home an it doesn't matter at all this is none step up make your voice can refuse to be silent silence and let's take back this nation together from these criminal politicians and they all are in their all involved in the end i think we're going to see we're going to see god to an amazing thing in the nation and stand with all of us that i can't i would never vote for a candidate that i didn't believe that there's not a chance that i would do that that there is and i wouldn't vote for well the lesser of the two evils or the lesser of any evils i would stand up and say you know what i'm going to vote for this this winkies when i truly believe because honestly the only ones that we rely on to have to live with us be able to look ourselves in the mere and or an stand before god almighty and i think is that time has come so we need to bring this nation back into into a it in line of the constitution republic that it was designed to be protecting our rights a standing together i've got a little bit of time here to day so i think what i'd like to do is redeeming really direct then the plan to do this to day on the duniway what's got what's go take a look at my positions one i asked to look into this so i'll just go down the line here and all expand on that at full not here there's a lot of different ways we can go of course you all know that that i'm a speak on a lot of different issues and i do speak on a lot of different issues but these are the things that i feel are really important the first first and foremost the biggest problem we have the overriding promis corruption we have an absolute in absolute undeniable corruption problem in it from top to bottom in our government in our institutions and our companies are corporations and when you see people that are in a position of power who are in distress rather than serving others we have a big problem or if they if they don't have a background or a bad one and they just want to go along get along there the more interested in other people's opinions being friends with people having them doing their little teens rather than standing for something against all odds and or against against against what it looks like with her eyes as a really big problem we still have to stand with our aunt and stand by her conscience and do the right thing with more wit with integrity under all situate in underneath that everything kind of flows from there so the number one problem that we have as a spiritual problem and that what i say by that who do people swear allegiance to themselves or is it to god and to take care of his creation and do the right thing no matter what anybody says number one issue right there and underneath that the close and closely related is the free and fair elections in elections with integrity we and i done a lot i've done a lot of work in this area to try to bring things forward for people to have good information with best information such as with attorneys and some criminal investigators so that we have as much information as we can honest issue to see what was done wrong so we can bring the criminals to justice and that going forward we have solution one of the solutions that we need and i feel really strongly at is that when i first got into this and as time passes of course of course you have to readjust a pivot and not get stuck on target fixation which people will put one station a statement out little stand on forever when things changed do what do i think about the frantic and it is a very important thing to do we need to do everything possible that we can do to settle any questions any one has on whether elections are free and fair so forensic on it i think it's very important if that's what the people want we need to carry that out with this said there has been an awful lot of time that is passed and i'm not really sure that we're going to have accurate nanterre with evidence right now i disagreed with going towards fraud right from the beginning that is in that of fifty year that's our case and it's going to be impossible to fight it's one that was going to be impossible to fight from the beginning we should have gone maladministration and not in the whole thing because on one subject we had a fifteen per cent amargin between the number of votes cast by the number of registered voters and with fifteen per cent arrowe aften person are in anything in our society that is an abject failure but in our elections it is absolutely a failure but going to the process was a really good thing i do think we need a voter on that occasion which could include something like ideas as well as you know so that we know that the people were talking to are actually americans true american citizens and not illegal that have jumped on to or given and a voter a voter registration carter secretary estate should be treated like a a in a threat to national security by jostling benson who was it in the end of the day are responsible for carrying out in election that was completely an utterly a failure from topmen we need to clean up those voters or do something different because we've got danvers on the voters we've got dogs that were sent absentee belleplain which is absurd and we need to create nesting forward which protects against those errors and the error and from very much a fan treating the balance like currency it would be about twenty five cents per bale and we can do something like counter fraud measures baked into the paper a sense i've seen those produced is produced by a company texas i think it's a wonderful idea i think we need to eliminate all machines have the hand have a hand count and in the precincts start with a person whose at the table cameron on the ballot somebody over the right shoulder somebody over the left shoulder and watching to make sure that it is actually honestly accomplish and the tales call or the votes that the results called out in and called him in from the priest saying and to a centralized location i think we need to have one day voting that that is it i think that we need to get this absentee ballantine control because right now it is it is absolutely a free for all including stuffing of the ballot boxes who knows who's actually voting with the proven that there have been photocopy balloon in there's a pre processing suner where the ballots go before say that counting in the tea there is absolutely not one thing secure about our election and every one who had a part in this needs to be prosecuted in this for not stopping up and calling it in and and refusing refusing to go on to get along and just say say that you know it was now it was fine is just fine no boots not the questions that we need be answered you know of course we you know the chain a custody breeches we pull challenger interference we had re scandabalous over a hundred were academic from credential trochanter balance cast by the seas voters persons who voted by absentees allowed to sabots again and person in eligible ballots counted multiple times dates on aside ballets chang and anomalies in the swing stage and so eight per cent male and belts proven fraudulent that was something proven by joanie those running the odds were also those running the elections there can find any fraud aminta's going to say yea i did it right would just believe me i did and i actually watch one of our state rustan of a group with that absolutely absurd argument and of course i gave that person about a twenty minute behind their the absurdity of what was said we have calibration issues with which i should address the which we need to address the promise of past election integrity and i really believe that we have had no selection since the fifth and he was certainly before kennedy would be the first time i would actually actually even say that we had a chance of having something that he had an exception an acceptable failure at in the elections we need to look at it and and really question everything we have i have soederberg of three lawsuits a sudden supreme court suit in the federal court and am also a part of a lawsuit with the election territory as well as the as the america project about the services of miss machines and and desertion of the twenty twenty election as well as stopping the destruction of evidence and i really have got a problem with the fact that i am not seen any any one in the republican party or really the you know the democrat party stopping up to write them election to back anything that was you know nobody wants to speak out about the things they are the being done wrong we can go to the proposals that we have here in fact was the only candidate state white candidate there were the other candidates there to my knowledge except for one from war and who actually spoke out about proposals no one is doing anything they're not speaking out there not singing because they're all part of the problem issue is limited government we need to uphold the constitution i believe in limiting government i think we should have a part time legislature i'm kind of a fan of what texas done in apartments sonorous and the others and they become of the community and they actually seventeenthlies with a lobbyist lobbyist lobbying should be illegal absolutely illegal just like the polls and vote guides we should among their right now i think we should have a limited limited election season why do we have this amount of money going into our elections it is they are absolutely in and rigging our elections from top to mountainside there giving money to canvasback them and they're giving us an lusacho with that sad i think we need a third election cyclopaedia pothon reason why you could run as because you have a lot of money or your being backed by people with a lot of money whenever there's a money transfer involved they own that candidate and that candidate is going to do favors for them that's the way the system works if there's money involved it's a purchase of our election it is a raging of our election in it has we need to go back to the cat the constitution and honestly i think we need to and the alphabet agencies take them out of the state a governor who knows how to to do that to assert the tenth amendment would have a very easy time in and in as usurpation of our state i believe that that i have not only the knowledge but the well to do that and will be basically returning this state to me the people now no government should ever be able to canivet essential or nonessential depriving groups of people the god given right to provide their families the ability to work this was wrong oliver lock down mandates were unconstitutional with the wrong it should never be the government should never have the ability or the right in order to determine what we do they have rights over may be business and commerce but they do not have right over individuals that that's another thing we need to talk about is the right to the corporations gain and to be categorized as a person they have been categories a person in their going to pick this and push it farther in my opinion i would not be surprised if they put take the existing legislation as well as a person a corporation now has the right to vote i wouldn't be surprised if they go in that direction quite honestly because that's what they do they chip away in a right by one piece at a time followed by a you know more and more and more erosion of our rights in erosion of the taffeties of a constitution cause they're not being attended to it there not being jugendheit they're not paying attention to anything they are making up rules on the fly and we need to we need to absolutely do a major arcot the state and get the money out of it we need to and i will agree with you malicious we need to have no as as as why i run no adds on main stream media i've run not by doing that you are in fact finding the big media conglomerate corporation who are in fact controlling or our whole nation they are shaping the narrative this started many many years ago one of them i saw one of the best presentations in my life for a man named matthew trump and it was wonderful he did the whole history of where the media became our became a wind to go to her is now and i very much andrew bright bird i believe that many of us that are providing content like this online doing podagra test starting her own networks are the best way to decentralize a get away from these big multinational corporations so the options are out there now gasha's time for all of us to jump off of them stop supporting them boycott those who support these big big net works in these big corporations boycott you vote every single day with your dollar and that can't be over stated that is he that is one of the best votes we have in and it is capitalism we vote with our dollar stop if we go back to here's another issue i believe it i believe that we need to feed our people right now they are doing their best to destroy our supply lines because their planning on staines now i've done some work and i started doing work years ago to look into how how to set up supply line outside of the normal supply lines including bringing food and intrinsic as well as as enabling people to feed themselves i believe in food sovereignty i believe that any one has the right to produce their own food to go there on foot and i think it's americans at the it's about time that all of us start planting something even if it's a tomato plant to help with the production of hooded fedor people i think that this is that can't be over over stated we need to get we need to break the break these multinational corporations one of the ways that has not been explored it needs to be exposed for would be antitrust suits against some of these large corporations or denying them the ability to do business here if they in fact stop on the rights of americans and force them also to do anything that man dating behavior they don't have the right in our current governor governor whitmer militarized and all militarized and turn them into enforcement or the businesses farthest were as to be the enforcement arm of our nation and of the policies the illegal and unconstitutional policies which she and acted she wounded and an act in an acted or businesses or called our businesses up to enforce policy that fascism and we need to end that amid immediately we need to do some government accountability one way to do that as to him john for performance reviews for every single person in office every person every public functionary whether there are elected in or someone who is on stanfold have a job performance review there should be expectations and there should be accountability which is published i think are elected officials should have we should be able to get to collect information and see if they're in fact voting with their constituents if they are not voting with the constituents it needs to be out there widely publicized and if they the they receive a failing grade they need to be disabled from having any influence because clearly they are owned by an outside source rather than serving their constituents nobody has had the guts to tackle this one and i think it needs to be one of the very first things that we do the terminations and and you know the rich that they have needs to be seriously reined in and that can be done by you know scope of their job a job scope as well as responsibilities and a job performance review be correct the current proposal that's on the ballot i believe that man on foot proposal one is misleading because this is what they do they write proposals they write things in the right laws in order to mislead people in what their voting for because honestly we have a very lazy voting population that want to go to votaries they want to look at you know at other people and have them determine who in tell them who vote for this is wrong and so many levels its amazing because some one that's telling you how to vote has gotten a jena they're payin for it or they are are being told who needs to be voted in in order to further an agenda either a business gandaw have a state which has over with without quest who it is actively in the business of building industry cartels and it's an egregious problem the price there controlling acts keeping out in and stopping the creating barriers for entry into those cartels and there's a lot of it it's a real big big problem we should have open ability for any one to get into these organizations and to start businesses and have traded and right now they've got so tightly regulated that unless in many of them unless you have a and er you have someone you know you're not going to be able to get in and or compete they will put theirs in there and honestly push you right out of being able to to do what is your god given right to do it's absolutely wrong second amendment i could talk on this for a long time i am a spooler somebody who posted this morning a little bit of a threatening which should be really interesting and that name was passed up the chain of command because you know i believe in everybody's right to carry i am a spooler but with that sad if someone is threatening another person for political reasons i think that that needs to be absolutely addressed immediately because all of us who have stopped up have most definitely had had threats and some of them have been i threatening and these are to be taken seriously and any one who makes a thread on me that name is immediately pass up the chain of command probably will be disabled from carrying that threat out in whatever means necessary to stop the the so anyhow with that sad i believe in a well regulated militia being necessary to secure a free state the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed michigan needs to be a second amount man and i'm going to say sanctuary state which people sometimes miss construe when i say sanctuary state we've got sanctuary states for illegal and refugees and anybody that wants to to cross our border on one if we do a sanctuary state for firearms the second amendment i think that's what we need to do is wechne they change the definitions on us so we're going to go ahead and in commandeth little their little fat outfencing forward with that so at any rate we need to have a sanctuary state to protect our freedom from ironical government all government who have disarmed their population quickly descended and censorship the is all they written by the way in reading at reading some of tentationem policies right now so that i say on the rails as you all know that i get off the rail frequently and on going to lots and lots of different diet all governments who have disarmed the population quickly descended into censorship ultimately leading to the destruction of rights of the people history has tones that whenever people are left out defence corrupt governments will become unchecked trampling all individual rights and liberties you have the right to defend yourself from any one who intends to do your you harm and as governor i propose that we and all gunfire i brought i believe in the stand your ground loss if somebody comes to threaten or to intimidate you or to destroy or threaten yourself or your property you have absolutely the right to defend yourself i would never ask any one to sit there as a city dock to be harmed through either rape or theft or somebody coming on your property you know that that needs to be that that cannot be overstated it you have the right to different defend yourself and as governor i would probably pardon any one that was that was defending themselves from a from an intruder who came to harm them or their family on their property that that wielded a gun i think that we have that right i also believe in tax credit i think we should have tax credits for firearms firearms training ammunition because i believe in a well regulated militia that means that if i were going to defend ourselves we need to we need that be able to have the equipment to do that as well as the training i think that we should have firearms training in our schools and a younger at aadheim was a kid we had under safety in our schools we knew how to handle fire or when we were in it when we were high school i think we they started that it either twelve or fourteen years old and i remember any of us going off the rails and and you know shooting people up i mean and i actually a good way to start the termini there is some one who is as of the rails that may be is a little bit on stable and actually followed to is that is it funny how the shooting that we had in michigan there was a report of that was one and what happened the school system itself turned her back and did nothing in what wattster a problem nobody's doing anything but reacting rather than being practice on on any of this nonsense it's crazy elutriation this much much further but if we actually had civics in the school we understood the law and constitution we absolutely need need to need to explore that a little bit i believe that we refer misconduct on system are kids get out of school and i'm going to tell you what we hire a lot of people and younger people are absolutely ill equipped step out into the world i do a lot of running to from our income property or rental property and over the years my median as right now is up to forty at used to be college kiestut now were armenian as forty and professional and i think a lot of the kids that are younger actually staying home and living with amanda rather than moving out on their own and that shift is a big one so that because why i don't know if they really are equipped when you start watching the average population that of younger people most of them don't even know how to put utilities in their name they don't know how to balance a checkbook over all quite a few of them don't have that skill they have had people that didn't know how to reproach they created by having their garbage pile up so herewith let's get rid of the garbage in your house and then you have a choice of getting a fly swatter and or something like a like rain to get rid of the fly problem in your house they didn't even have an idea of how to do that it's very very sad because they are all quite to not only live out in society but but over all but to thrive in it and they don't this is this is what we're handing our children colleges are absolutely conflict in the when you have colleges that are involved in millions and billions of dollars they're going to our colleges and the promise our kids and education that will give them a return the part of this whole whole problem that we have with you know on paid unpaid debt coming out of college where were turning our kids over these these indoctrination camps telling that and they're getting advice from counsellors and people that say oh yes you go to college here and you're going to walk out with your ability to support yourself and what they do as they walk out and with three hundred thousand dollars in debt which they will never be able to pay off they are compromising people's lives for life now i'm not going to say that the students are are not responsible for it because they're both responsible for it we're going to have to address that because if you walk into something like that i would hope that you have done your own dodington there's many of us who paid for her own college we didn't ask for any pity points or somebody else to pay for or to pay for our dooming out of there and there's got to be some responsibility on both sides but as much money is going to these colleges i think they should also be responsible for helping to dig out students that they promised a future too and did not produce they failed they absolutely failed as they continue to build these institutions vigor if we found trade schools in high school require everyone to come out with a skill that they can that they can work no matter what i think we're going to be way farther had right now were probing people to go into these indoctrination camps and we have batouta society in our workforce horrifically by by you know we don't have any we don't have any people or enough people to that are electricians or elders or auto mechanics or that instalment a power to come to your house right now good luck with that that's that's incredible incredible a difficult thing to do and schools are teaching the test rather than teaching for mastery were passing kids have have no ability to be passed on any of the pertinence of pornography in schools needs to stop immediately any of these things that do not have a go for a future or of fiduciary responsibility to help our children set of subtle and instead of sailing them with an overcombe dot with a lack of knowledge of civics economics the law they they should they should walk out of their knowing their rights so that they can't be trampled on and so that they actually are quite as adults when they get out of school at eighteen it is absolutely absurd and criminal that our children are not even being considered to be adult in toetie old that's that you can you hear that all burritt honestly that people don't become adult any more until their thirty years old well that's a big problem that's crazy we need to treat students individuals individual talliages given by god and give equal focus on developing opportunities for students entry into skilled trades lastly i believe in fundation in the school skill traits and trade schools of prentice chips and motoring as a part of a plan to create jobs to achieve excellence and education and there must be competition which allows parents to make choices in the best interests of their children parents parents are and have the sole responsibility for the children and we need to decentralize our education system i think that stopping the annie and the mias overaction of any local rights needs to be ended immediately it adds another layer of administration and it's wholly ineffective and is also responsible for pushing these marks ideology and idiot ology stuff down to our children with no wit no go whatsoever and in leaves them without protection what's take that over to profit of proposal three which allows and i'm pretty extra sure that these marks is idiots and our government all the way from top to bottom are behind this to leave our children absolutely bear without any one to defend they can sterilize your children if proposition three gets through they can sterilize a child without the parents if we believed which i don't that the people in our government are honest and have integrity or the people in our schools i don't i believe that there are some in both places but over all i think we have a very very corrupt system without integrity we have people here who have actually taken twenty thousand dollars in order to and keep going the mask men made in the local school all right so that's that's pain to further a mark ideology which had no go all it did his armor kids took her they shut her schools down and each side they they lost all they lost everything with me and anybody who stood with him lost to i illahee that are trying to teach in a bad set and a bad system based situation i applaud any parent that decides to take their child out of these non sa a schools that we have going on right now i think we should find so many other options out there like and it won't take the teaching jobs down and actually if you have somebody in there with a little bit of business which we re do not have right now at all you will be out we would be able to find this so that there's more teaching opportunities it will be more financially advantageous through the teacher it will allow the teachers to teach it will allow the appearance to him and put in a heather how their children are being taught and all it is as a couple o simple things that need to be done finding these two follow the students and we can also use some of that money to help make our local school strong for the purpose of things like like a advanced ablewhite need expensive equipment safer for ottomanisation well led and or for if they want to do sports or mean we can come up with a million things that we could do there that would actually have a go to our student and with that selim gone i'm going to ill you know i could start reading of some more of them but i have very extended a very santander and to all of these these topics as well as how to an act that it's not just havender seeing a headline it's how are you going to an act them medical freedom i believe that everyone has the right to direct their health care well what's in the way of that insures agencies and these big un chat monopolies of health care it's absurd and i did i did a list of the health care systems which are in big big and i mean big corporations are all tight in together and they say it's going it's going to cut the class it is as to the cost because all it does is add layers of administration if we went back to something that looked like a medical you know like a private medical association we could do go back to say the p's and the community which we used to have with pinemount now because of all the regulation you up almost can't make it by themselves because of a malpractice as well as the amount of insurance building the billy and they're doing it requires them to have two to three or more people on status for insurance for payment this is not if if we had a doctor they could make more money than the making not to the doctors are basically slaves to the system and all of their cares being directed out of the car is honestly being directed by the insurance companies or these big hospital health care that leads a into another into that another really concerning yeah i think alternatives need to be need to be supported obsolete if the opinion that any alternative anything that's alternative should be open i believe that it will go back to imagination why are these not being sold or sold over the counter why have they locked down so many of our vitamins as supplements why because they work and they don't want us to they don't want to stay accustomed want to be the gate keepers where you have to make an appointment to get in and see some one be and get their blessing and an honestly they're not into health care there into their into pills a lot of marcellus's are procedure pushes rather than exactly so in things look at the the cancer industries a perfect example and i have a little little knowledge in this area that do have a lot of knowledge into the air and some day i might make a video on it they do not want to cure cancer there is no possible way that to any one out there will ever make me believe that they want to carpenter they do not matter does right to life and to cure the problem with abortion there's too much money in it i met the woman who wrote that the heart made she's or that was in on writing the harebell and she said the biggest opponent of the heart beat bill or anything having to do with salvete abortion issue was right to life too much money in it just like cancer industry there's too much money in it they don't want they don't want to fix because there in their out of the out of a job so this is all coming back to just say sting the politicians too much money and they don't want to fix anything in michigan they didn't want to fix line five they didn't want to fix the floodwater from they didn't want to put fix the bethabara they don't want to fix any of this they don't want to fix the inflation problems they don't want to get rid of the monopolies that we have in our energy in the streets none of it because they're all complicity because once they stop politician it there out of a job they actually have to go home and work so any mandates no mandates and as all done they won never see him under a brandenburg governorship i always take a constitutional position against any and all mandates federal or state business should never be laced down employees told whose essential nonessential politicians need to be subject to the same rules they pay us for the people they represent no exceptions i think that politicians should have no different a insurance then say then then say whether law enforcement military personages they should be on the absolute same absolute deal in fact why are we even giving them insurance you know were not given the the people insurance so why are they even getting insurance or all of these is this should be a duty in the service not a place to go in and have special favours or get rich or any of the stuff we need to launch a corruption dotation and finding those who unjustly profited off the pan domain the blackdowns isn't it strange how they launched an economic warfare initiative against small business but they kept all of the big box stores the cap them all open and they made millions of dollars in these big box stores while while destroying absolutely destroy all of our small businesses why because they want to own everything look at world economic for we will own everything you will own nothing and you will be happy because they are no structure and roads this goes back to how they manage the money honestly does they have dumped the entirety of all the money coming into the state of michigan a shulamite the general fun we used to have plenty of money in the general fund for roads for fixing them and in tell you what the last trip i took a cross state of michigan i see nine is the biggest disgrace state that i've ever seen we had once again about twenty miles of orange barrels for lane some of the most ill prepared traffic patterns of ever seen in my life i cannot believe it i'd like to see how many acts were caused by these ridiculous absurd tragic patterns that they have about their its confusing it it's it's absolutely i don't know which what more on put this together but there's no construction going on what's the real danger i cannot even imagine the amount of damage in destruction that happening to the vehicles of the people in michigan with with the un maintained roads that we had any of the road construction i've seen or most of it is all on federal roads for federal funds and i've got the question of where are the funds for the michigan roads going because i'm not seeing any of it none of it there there was an almost no equipment out there there was one spot where the road was so bad that i'm kinda concerned about any one driving through this during winter because that the roads are so bad that i think we've got a serious hands are just in the quality of it but in one spot looked like they repaired the shoulder i i don't know i don't even know what to say about that they repaired the shoulder but the road is is absolutely in horrific shape from these short poor that they're doing which never work so what a short for it is on its edelin the road the way it should be they'll do like maybe for yoletta crack out you may be a four foot poor might go to a theatre something like that but there is no possible way that you're going to have a stroll smooth road but they don't work and they create an absolute horrific road surface to dry then and i think that of itself is incredibly dangerous incredibly credible this infrastructure bill that their saying it you know the the twenty seven hundred page infrastructure bill is a is a joke and now she did not fix the dam road she did not fix anything and neither did the rest of em because not one of them republican or democrat stood up to do a damn thing in the state and so we were stuck with what we what we have there all guilty they have walked away they have absolutely violated their old of office and they move money into stupid things christmas tree on which was a hundred and seventy seven million dollars that went into their pet projects into their local areas in order to do what thy votes because we're just going to try to keep stupid look money wandering system in place which is in and a problem to the people of sin i really think that this could actually get done pretty quickly if a person now how to do construction instead of having it i don't know you know twenty or thirty construction projects cross the state where you've got everything so split up and we've got barrels everywhere giving people the illusion of getting construction down with absolutely nothing getting dowis it that we've got a construction project with no one that you ever see working on it where the close to roads down or have barrels on for six if you you know it's like it makes me wonder while i did some looking into the barrels and i want no who has the barrel contractor contrary and even the person who is in charge of the company who sells us barrels said that the way that michigan did it so in we got these people in and honestly so in legislative bill reform that's another one that's easy to fix handbills near a front of our legislature that is unacceptable they can't even they can't even read on let alone have the time to deliberate or gain information back to from their constituents or not that they are are allowable by the conte so that this is a problem they need to be limited in building the title needs to be the titles to be pertinent to it in the bill language and we have every single person who bonington entire reading of the bill we need to have a post of republic combat for probably you know one to three months to pan the non the complexity of the bill and take in information from the constituents which also feeds radiant that job performance review and i think i think that i think that we have a lot of work to do there i so i get a break this up a little bit because as i know it's getting a little bit long and i actually a few other things i've got to get to but i'll read the titles of the rest of them and that mother all do that michigan that needs to be a protector and defender of sanctity of life i was the only one speaking at the bar came when they were discussing the sandflies i don't care what some one says if they're not going to put the the work an you water have the god susan up and actually do something there lying to they won't stand for it and they will do nothing they just talk but you know what a faith without works is dead and so work of so her words i don't believe anybody says that sanctuary state first amendments freed me speech we need to go over law and order some more states rights the decentralization protecting our border michigan needs to be a leader in the economic prosperity that means that we need to treat the state with imports and exports that we absolutely treat the states a nation in leadership and service for elder population not just our kids are alders are veterans are being treated terribly in the state and so as her military personnel is so as a sore first responder so are our the pascal for the first responder i've looked into that it is that it is a crime was happening there and we wonder why we have on the two hour spots times at some of the areas of our we need to build some real economic prosperity for a strong future we need to build job and we need to protect michigan's vast natural resources we have a lot of them where we have all over a natural resources or the the base materials that we have overseas because they've been able to do it cheaper than us when you know what the eyes come back into the state we need to have our state strong and in all that we have we have all kinds of resources here and we need to further tourist tourism as well as manage or manage our resources safer hunting better right now the department of natural resources his way too much power way way way way too much power and they're doing stupid things too so like anything the government touches they were apt to well well take that back to the promenade with our most copulation in the up here's a case so they determined that the up had too many moods he had probed with so the brilliant people in lancing decided that they were going to air drop wolves on the loose population now we have a whole population in the ad hire people to go in to kill the wolves and deal with a situation why didn't we just open the sub for hunters to feed their families the hunters are wonderful and manage not poachers i'm not to composers i'm talking hunters could have gone in and taken care of this and used it for food for their family but why we in our government do nothing right it's all about money and corruption and people who drift of the which needs to come to the so i'm going to go to that part of the show that i welcome any any and all comments stand by what i said and if more information comes forward i will adjust for better information better ideas but for right now these are all serious issues that were facing in the state our elections need to be free and fair because that assures that your rights and the policy makers making policies for the state are actually honest and if they're not we need to be able to hold accountable and move them out of the way from doing further harm so anyhow i am donnegan running to be the next governor of the state of michigan not on the criminal unparticular party and the conflict democrat party the bottom and i on the us taxpayers party and i found i really believe that we need to and all political parties there nothing more especial interest rate now but right now we have what we have and until we get in we are not going to fix these things because other publican party in the democrat party which primarily control the medium who has asked us to the media the media right now as in violation of stealing for may because they allow some candidates i will not mention my name same thing with republican party its election are and it's a violation of the threat to national security but it's also my rights that have been violated and the vestoian from i intend the stones were all the other candidates which ran on other and other political parties or as an impudent it's a real problem in you can find me at ribero governor dot com i write and i create all my own content i don't want to be i do not that i never want to be packed i write every single word you all posting a telegram of easterners mine and let me know it all come back and i will i will absolutely correct as they there you go was probably posted three o'clock in the morning because i don't sleep a lot i'm up working all the time and and i'm happy for that so with that sad but say prayer because you know what this is going to take god going before us making the way preparing people's hearts opening their eyes and having people follow him and instead of being driven by fear i do horse you have horses and i do horse training and what i do know is that people and horses are pretty similar thereabout the most similar of any animal to human beings out their horses when they are afraid and they're not thinking they'll jump aratoff of a cliff to their death because they're afraid and we need to push all fear aside not only i fear not from the lord but it pushes us in directions that will assure our own demise and unwavering no fear god at we've got this re standing together on the dear heavenly father we thank you so very very much for the day it's going to be a beautiful day out we have the ability to enjoy a friends and family we have the ability to enjoy the beautiful sky the clouds the water the birds sometimes we go through rough times but you know what your people have always stepped up to the task we do it required of us when things don't go exactly right with bravery because we've got nothin fer we've got you on our side and were very very grateful that you never leave us nor abandon us that you will walk us right through the middle of every bad situation ten thousand may fall in a right side and a thousand millions are left side i'm goin expand on that verse little bit but we will walk right through the middle because your hand is upon us and we have unwavering faith that your will will be done so much for coming with us and always you know coming with us thank you for bringing us with you on this so the barrier this nation needs to be one nation under you under your interdiction under your direction your sand bag you get to make the rules and your rules are always good they're there to protect and we just we bless you we honour you we thank you for giving us clear instructions of how statutable and how to live with each other and peace i and in right relationship with each other and also with you please us every single person out there who is afraid give them a lion's heart to walk forward with an unwavering resolve to take back this note to do what prayer people who have been brave throughout the centuries of always step up to lay their lives down to turn everything over to you for your good purposes for the defense of those who are who have no defence defend those who are in stop in the way of harm from very evil people who enjoy who like hurting and who have sold out to the enemy we ask that you destroy all the enemy's plans that you can use any evil plans out there she was on a great confusion to the camp of the enemy that you would do you ail any efforts that they have to her your people to harm your creation thank you so much for every single person out there help them to turn to you for all answers for guidance for defence for provision for all things come from your mighty hands and we love you so much reperuse you're not alone there's a lot of us fighting for you there's there's a whole lot of us out there fighting for you we care we will not back for the lord gives us our story strength is not from a human way it from god he goes before us he prepares the way we whole heartedly support you and we what we will not fail god god is with so come and join us take this nation back the boats are burned there's no going back we're going to fight our way out of this and i mean fighter way out of this and starts with with whole and after that i think we're going to see prosecuting i think we're going to see cleaned out a governor has the right even to declare war and to put policies and place which actually hold people accountable not just the illusion of it and we're going to gore going to do exactly that to defend and protect you with an unwavering resolve now that we pray for you every day we love you we love this nation we love those things that are important to you and there's no there's no walking away for from that for us because we stand before god and i in our legiance to him so we love you god bless you bless all those whom you love and god bless america were in this thing to win and were going to win