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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 5/15/2023 - Monday Morning in the Mitten - Chuck Ritchard

Published May 15, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

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welcome to brandenburg news network i am in fact donna brandenburg and it is the fifteenth day of may twenty twenty three welcome to monday morning in the mittenwalder him on right now a minute hang on here in a wee will absolutely get this show roll in her i got this i've got a new pitcher for chuck your hay check hide do in i'm doing great about you it's monday morning and my morning as conway think here thank you monday morning the men you know what i did yesterday well i so like my my kids know me really really well and i really wanted a a weed burner flame thrower in order to clean out fencelines right or fencelines so i got i got a weaver and a little flame thrower so i spent the whole day burning weeds and burning things underneath the fences and such and then i did process and prove me subito the sissoo what if i pack his fondling housesmiths like a wire fence where i was working and you know how i yetgitting that grow up through a fence like that is almost impossible two to weed that clean it out and i'm not really fond of round out for any of the chemical things that kill our soil in fact i'd rather do it organically and so i decided whom i'd better go in the pastor and pick up a bunch of john hay and in story and stick it pack it around the fence i can just torch at thing it watch it burn right now and found fight so that's what i did so i put it out of this fencelike towards it then often you know of course you know you've got to be safety for us so stand in there with a hoeseason but i just followed the fossils of youth now the fire is the fire gets out a line you know is so side just menhaden in it were spectacularly got a little bit of a smoke and elation there for awhile but i'm doing okay you think i could use that and lance oh you know you know others a lot of weeds there a lot tell yo lo do we tackles a lot of weeds and i think the best way to do it is through nullification where the pen and ingatestone through orosin in lancing its nullification with a pad and to thorstenson and then have somebody that actually has the gods to use it as well as the resolve to use it so yes my might plan throws to repent you use a poor letter word what would that be god's coats this bother how can you do that on only morisondo with a bag didn't we on solterones are the part so morning amornings sides going to be a great day he a we got talking this morning out we always talk a little bit before we get on and i think we're going to work on chuckstone because we're going to all press your ham to get his internet created so that we can sit nastaly talk with em causes up there and nanon whitthorne to our escape prince of i sure you or or those we appear into great dorter in the indianpresented a land where this is while i close that ye you can use at night i've been say i'm calling at any anything north of anything north of ah all that sea prayhens is mishnaioth a grand and mosquito is man a calenture oh dead of an i'm glad i could outside you people but it is what it is freisack it up pattercove a sense of humor so i got to saue somehow to got to get up to get it though i think he is caniculata king about sustainability and he i don't like stillwater at are it were gone talking most sustainability here and such and so i wanted to show everybody on like that this is i got a tray here you know growing i want to show koohowrooah how to grow things in a in a in a small small space so here we go this is cal this day three of my care so kind of kind of oil doing a little bit of experimentation with if cotrets and growing growing practices so that's what i'm doing right now is chechenses i i think it yet the check out the seeds you have to check out ah i soak him in a little bit of vinegar and ordered two ah disinfect you know and i and the hose are groom as he is silcott i have inside a tray so day three you not you have to have pressure down on a little bit and then oh then let let it rot down so i've seen a little problem with these they have the have sprouted and you know like a setter train different methods to see what's the best way to do it so that any one is my opinion that any one can grow food in the thrisloge window you poolsthe sort of geniwodon this so that i can take the people how to do the best mouth that because every s got opinion out it is decided to experiment so there you right well i think oh i think we're prime for to day you and i go to takeersee been talking long before line before a gontaloniere and to be tied because there's so much gonosome probably contest jeoparded i have my little protein secret here with my spirit lena and i and gent get all the good stuff going to morisseau in i wanted to tell you that i in fact have i whistle blow that's come forward and the reason why she's come for she is because she is concerned about a political hit job on president trump in the state of michigan by some very evil e so this person esteeming me stuff on the people that you and i have been talking about and i fully expect to set set up a spreadsheet so we can talk about those people who have jumped in with a grand new party which is a bunch of usurping traders they they ought they you got voted down by the people and they decided to take their frigid marbles and go start another party to do what to do what fads always do which is to divide and it's discussing why didn't they get behind christina crom one helper knowanother didn't do that they took the money to torpedo her and to divide the republican party once again and i watched it when i was in when i was a running as a republican and i still am a republican only a true republican and a constitution in condonation inamerica and i am going to reject all these other ridiculous high school titles that are part of political cult casts bland they are taken astound by dividing us so anyhow this person has been feeding me information on some one who is in fact a felon who is put himself in in in a position to yous president throng in any one who is a good patriot to get air time and or whatever so but with that sat i want to say that we do know that president trump is osmic hill plain you know oh i'm going to say a hundred deed chests as well as like general flinn does the same thing these guys are masters at infiltration and being able to stand the people who are actually bad guys to find out to find out who's there so when we go to whom we know is a good person such as christine state of michigan i know her i consider her a friend a very trustworthy franaise and christ and she's a good person she really is but and she's all so in my opinion a master ventilates so she can stand just like president trunk and stand in a general plan can stand and admiral rogers can stand but getting inside of organizations or standing next to people to find out what they know to bring this whole corrupt frick insister down so there my son it soon agoit's were going to start with dull rower day and and we're going to go down this and the whole what is a district in eleven nonsense over there which is destructionthat's colchis orgies which was alone in the camp so this is where dana and shock blow the lid off mission politics because we have people feeding us information who are within the system to actually take this state in this nation back it's not about a political party i stand with republicans that identify as americans i stand by cats that identify as americans who will stand together in a unified force because it's our government against we the people in its gottison way we're going to win the isis the only way i have a plan i know you do too but i think we have a plan to stand together and take the nation back what is a unified country as americans though i would part with corbelled it historical thoughts go back toward whenever you saw a picture of is shown manethro the state over the last two years all behold who you would see what the i white here stand in a crowd all i can articlehave your now we looking on the man i'm in to look him up a menial take chuck off and we're going to do that said she go had yes tresonabill rode had so with talk about hororigis bills a colitis you mention he goes way back there's a occasionthere million dollar missingtwo hundred and eighty five million dollars is in mellarose that's a good question didn't they took his place in the way he was in planimetrical services anyway he he was i think it three years and nine months in prison and i shall and supported this guy hundred per cent some in criticised him a last year and she came to his defence rapidly came to his defence paleness and his cronwright what's a an now i'm seen he's in the torney is that the same guy i don't know peretori don't know what it iididn't think it was but maybe he has big i did not i got the wrong one hingeston is the current eleven district chair o ka he was previously the fourteenth sister cheer but because the reapportionment we lost his seat and so will i have thirteen districts so he ran a dean and he put it a criminal got in in in leadership we have too many criminals in republican party and the state of mission we have a guiding john smith down in this and now he got electrolysis camels till the guy is a fellow in his well what is it to colensothat incantagine ootshoot hem a rocheterie saintine got more critics we corrisanti we have to sort cleaning how saying what you talked about calis the way and starting to go robertas a questionable pass us make no mistake about it and is so wrong opinor a party that is trying to grow and bring you people in why would anybody want to do that i can act we allow these this cancer if you will and fester we have to treat it we have to eliminate it we cannot allow it to do and goring is is that person the former chair of the mi geepee and cochery and now the new a colsair of the grid no party i like that grinned grand creator parties what they are well now you're the no cos grand no party because he got to go like the selala honor whatever and you got deeper now so it's the no party because that's who's behind all this so no the no party has got to go there work can behind the scene against christina and it is mechanitis the same type of people know no ideas that's why we say no no no ideas no new party we don't need it we need to be unified and you know what's about all this this is part what do a poor that it had been changed you have ocation and there using some of the same old members like bernadette bernardet a smith and a and a and was had other lady's name a meritassero in i thought the part of greaser and isn't it dear marian shared and ye opolis they won't portray that they are part of the motupe there not the people got deep they got feet by hard working michiganders are misagenes i better interested in cleaning up this mess these guys are re packaging these old ideas and try to make it look like their new in polkimore's grind no party they won't it act like his stoop they have no do ideas did you know i know i ought by the incense is to do i do so it on lottryngton for pentelican find goosey like i wonnothing this last week i olderthe week before this grand no party sed chanson whatever his name is he's got multidentatis off to a hungry hungry horseback why she pack what we don't we have enough issues in the america don't we have enough issues in michigan richepanse pack is over there and the grand don't party seeing three the old so called executive director went over there well wait a minute wait a minute we were so misguided we need to focus on our state we need to focus on our country and take it back that's why president runthat's a whole thing make america great again and we need to what we can't do that if we worryingthat s over in your what's over an angry bring it back and as here we have to chinese and paines for pets all this linear we need to focus on our home later only in this year we need to shore parfourn people here they may be we can help these people we can't help him it or under a tack her right as thetford yet that's what we're doing so i know i'm on a tirade on the wording is the only the start of many remember the shot is his support she support him just like she supported at other ditation role she claims he's guys are the best things in solartron so this is the evil this is funny i'm trying to put johenis crit's jumping around i've tried to find that orion an article on the detroit free press that showed a sicle ere long that showed a the criminal the criminality of the people now i've lost to her or so i'm going to look up otto the detroit free press talks about that and the criminality that stands behind some of these people and you know it was really strange when i looked for a pitcher of him the the pitcher first pischof that came up was carried on oolithic i thought was really interesting i will send you what i will get it i geignait or somewhere i lost all out of my self get ohi got a come kettenbach at this grand old party is is really right word is going on this party is kind to take over the publican part in the state of his can they don't have the wherewithal it is clear as well but do not do not do not pose failing because the people in all several men such a great giles not this is the guenfithen he owed for the house rules from day one and i ashcolored him on it and in telling you right now he is not the person that people think it don't they always good gideon what issue he odinthat makes my issue good you got to look at what he's really to guide the saints he's not helping you help of any of us well i was traitouris when i sat down and talked with him the first time and he kind of explained to me how lancing works and you know if you don't fall in line and it will behind the speaker you'll get taken off all the committees as so he already knew the drill and i was like that that's no way to suspect work and these told it and and i was released surprised at the answer and then you know when you see somebody that jumps that how do i say that oh those olisit is it there are two neither to any red flags there and you know the irishman red flags and oregon to do or about rose shot and john smith oh i'm to tell you this right now that i have a little bit of a there was something there that may lead me to believe that i was in fact miss lathing that were an mean they can have solutely tried to deny this but it's the story is just incredible to a set me up for an advent and ordered to make it look one way i was promised it was a meetin greet for me and the next thing i know it's a recalled with me and lettin small small print at the bottom but that's not what they said when they told me and so he gonessaving with a crew they did the same thing with or i heard the same story it was the same person it was gochwith that with her down it with tender setting up other up the filthy like do as they try to postposition you it's it's kind of a marketing they try to permit to the they try to make it look like a bright celles the big ones so that people were volterrano's picture on the flyer like this the i didn't even know it friend of mine called me in the morning and serissoides akin with ricalton and i slip nooses to be a meeting great for that you know just for me and the next thing i know it's got we've got like four speakers i had in me and i'm a little tiny small print and it was like i like well you know what ah there's probably some people that want to come there to hear me speak i almost mosside don told to shove it but i decided you don't want it's not the fault of the people that are there so i decided to go and i ended up him dinner with everybody that was there because becauseto off to within secondsthere he was out of there and i stayed and we had dinner together we had a very nice time there's some really wonderful patriots down there and andwaiting it was laminster patriots there and he had a wonderful time visiting without rybody and i thought well thisarter opening my eyes to was a very first of that that that i had when i started on and some like started you know saronian through this and seeing how his people are even the people that stand there is grass roots man now i could write volens some day is some day when a book when i decide their right a book about it and you know it's like i'm i'm contrite a book about his people each and know what's happening and who standing on which side and who is truly just plain i mean these people that play jessop as politicians there no different than people plantress of his transgender they trying to portray themselves as something they are not and in sorry this is plain gamesand and i absolutely don't like it and i think there's a lot of people that would really enjoy hearing and all speak about it i don't need to write a book to do it because i'm not in this for the money i never have them i didn't need the one i'm the only candidate that has not sold out there was running for governor in my opinion that his sold up for money considers like i don't need it i know how to make my own way and i don't need any baby said in i don't need any special favor from anybody is to say that all the time it's like you know i could have claimed that you don't female business i could have got no out one to do that cause i can whip anybody but with my hands tied on my back and business without having the have kitty and you know it's so would never lower myself to that you know it's like it's like listening to people through all their their pity cards on the table i i despise it will you either you either are in it and you can do it because your honestly the best at it like formative action its bull cora the whole thing of it is full crabot infilling quotas and the best person for the job doesn't always get it it's bull crack it should be on merit rather than on trinity points and if you're not good enough to make it in any arena either as a woman or as a samnite i'm sorry i wouldn't give anybody the the the the petty points were either cut the monster or get out of god this country is its failing because we are killing off the people who are the best at any job out there and i'm not going to back down on that position like sorry you know we we can't wait s got to be of standing as americans instead of letting them divide us as a nation in this happy not over place coleraine ting you you mentioned all that ill as we look to him this dantisco it up that is the c to d argued you whatever they want to call is all second district and roche and company we see them bring in these some of these same people you dispoot they're all inter connected we talk about ralph reredos post be a minister i groundwas on the level i see him now so shading with some real losers sorry desconseillies et there trying to time you you know bring him around now he's not he's all about him rankaisematta don't don't like the dockeratome your lone he's right there with that same group of people notodontian i'm telling you i see it i don't like it because he's not going in anything new to the table assisted have the background i have a problem with with i've got you know a lot of pros with a lot of things that i see on their candidates and down on brandenburg as in america and abotrites i was running against any one just looking at them for an analysis on all therstane of the candidates morgaged their home to run for a crash to make it in to make it in that's a stupid person that's won to gamble something that and look into a gas you're going to find out if you don't look into it look in you can figure this out and who mortgages house in order to run you know and i'm sorry but i don't think that the lord is going to bless that kind of insanity and the little otototoi these people that are promoting this thing with this riley canes i think the disused in her should be used who is that right dangers the woman that was beat by the transgender go cane swinging a that ohnothat's it is being a usin his person to try ianthinis from the failmissed not that the issues on issues crack but if only one of many in you think that issues bad book all the other noises she thinks that's bad as she can beenwatching trap to keep in these the bassoon at the human trafficking is the biggest problem that we have right now and if anybody that's not out their speaking against it or the january sixth i actually have somebody who is another whistle blow that we're going to put out because they the fans came to try to take the hishis information and such he smart of the he had the thing copied and i saved in other areas he is gottesfesten one has seen yet and as an end i asked in my senescent to him an he shore any one and he is like no i said you want to come on beanhoister do because i think i'm you only went out there right now that isn't censoring anything and just throwing it out there and say of heckewelder they may we have got to have full transparent non so let's go back to bill roared in comment because we can go off and i and so areas here you know and there there there is a point time where you look at this and i think that the good guys cause i do believe you go guys the white hands are in control right now that the we are done with finding evidence we have all the evidence he we we really do and oh i do believe though that that we're going to have to face all this stop and ah i lesse and the chatiment to take a break every fifteen minutes and read the chat your guys and i pologize for hot doing that but is sometimes to say going some good morning from love and and vast is good morning losses chief figures that his sway michigan and also yes rosie did set up adre o johnson so i think that's that's kind of significant there let me let me read what i was sent even this morning and i think this is important we've got a bunch of documents to come forward with is that the big point about this one and his sister a waver that was a reporting waver on seven five twenty twenty two in it was there's an so super packs that were set up so let me read down the men i can go back further but i might i price should start at the beginning so president tromp was invited to a link ontige era june twenty fifth twenty twenty three it leads to a face book page for a s r p amber heiress second director runs the page vance patrick cheer elicits publicly declared that ambros and charge of everything she is the only hired employee for osier oh it hooheno the why is this important wimitaptit about this on you steepers party because honestly the u s taxers parting the republican party should be together on this and the there'ssome advantages because we're all we're all americans fighting i'm going to go back on the its we the people that should be standing together and not divided between the political parts i really believe that i think the political parties are our what's killing this nation right now because as sure as heckthe two a major parties are standing there as two wings on the same bird working together uniat so when you shine have to if we're going to ever win another election as conservatives god fearing constitutional a constitutionalist second a montant first mended all the amendments that we stand for that protect individual rights of all people we are going to have to come together as we the people against them the government and the political parties right now are leading people strike that's why i have thus mantalking about this it is in racine as in america do we have to start with almost he started with truth and i think that's the biggest thing these people don't walk because they don't want to pick in other organisations have don't want of fixing either because why it keeps him going for ever and underaliga one i'm just going to side track for minute i'm right to life is shoes correct beyond the other shentlemen out life is important obviously what a life as deviated there is special interest group now that was the one that was the biggest opponent of the heart beat it now how many how many times have we lost just because they weren't they weren't willing to to to it was like all or nothing right in and i ran and oceanicus of that arrogant in anything as it's about self interest the ashes so interested others take now it about egisse ecossois the boys here see pesetas thing i just mentioned in other see that issues correct among concerning values and what are they doing over seas we need to focus here and cause there is no control of the organization i not shapethat case and the other one and dicaeopolis no she still involved with a right to life the issues so correct a childish leads perhaps controls he said then pull so we need to really get back to what afforded you mention amperes you mentioned dan's part you mentioned a ollerday talking about eleven istotal about on open county for the most part could also little bit of macul or talking about people that herself interest andpatrine is take a look at who is well let's not they it let's go back and let me to say the noserope and doris made to turn olor the chair why because who whose connections are in open downing never delivered the county is beshaklis in in milford is she never delivered the county nor did nor dinner predecessor a run at the panel or should i call a ranorada what what what is it madame i grone in irascibility i hate that because so opposite of white men she noted neither never delivered the county to president tropidine it why do i in were lillesand mark from romekolle tea and mark leonore are or on song heroes who have not nearly gotten enough attention and a ereonora they done i love conconino go over them and see all my friends over there in the knothole rightful one not the not the ones that came that when a ininstitia and we all lived with but i will i talk about an kettletases adicky but i don't i trust him that is now because i know who's associated with associated with me shot make the mistake when those guys are parties timeclock about the grand new party act and will talk of the party could you look at the pictures is she always see lots and alcohol do you see lots of people that's what they do they like their party or sarkinite crownthat's what i see in dyosesse that they thitherthe the the one of the candidates is his mike and whose candidates a geoigina party i posted that on my telegrams algansee i've got i had you pentreath would he so she with them because it was stand of michigan and the man grown to that is little you know leelones when i see in ministers were you earlier on into you mentioned about cagnes people certain keeping track about any clook at all those fliers that they put out and you look at their titles they're titles are jokes these people don't have backgrounds they don't have any actor conacaste nce credentials you look at what jobs did they hold i look at him and i laughed there isn't no one no one i stand up to scrutin and any time they would not anthocoridae ica right go oriented but i must say were glad in less they were black rocker band garter something they might make it there but with the with you know normal people that just one to live a good life and before god you know it's an they can throw gindrier they can they can throw jesus's name out there all you want with the bible talks about the don't listen to somebody who preaches jesus other than the shaws preached in the gospel i for one and not believing most of this nonsense is of mulation it done on look at stikoneth she and appalled a rococo i could act you read it to you because it's so i have it on my politely amazing when we talk about it really when we talk about a second peter or delations and i altothese were excellent pieces to to relate of polonicarum tion and don't you if you read it much lately on this but let me read if i can let's read it see second peter you can into but there will also also among the people even as there shall be all teachers among you who prove thee shall bring in damnable here is set even denying the lord that bought that of them and bring them upon themselves swiss destruction i can go on in relationsall follow their pernicious ways by reason of the white truth shall be gambesson of and those actually charge and in the end through coppices show they began with words which make fortunize for you this goes on it really does talk about this is the time that we are living and right now i i have i have watched in the political romepope who will whip the jesus card out it like there's no to morrow wilderstein everyone on the back fanning mighty doing every wrong thing before god and i think that this note turn out pretty poorly for them truly in the the beginning as gods going to get sick of his he being mocked and in youand i think this was the point of the whistle blow that's come forth with were the oakleys that she said we've got to get this message to president because she said he is they are using him over there to really and i'm like well mintionin is is it he's free smart guy and he is surrounded with really smart tonothing i think he knows exactly what's going on he has a master ah he's a chessman i think just like christina is they know how to perteynor to play ball head he is a smart guy and i think he already knows and i think that this is one of those things that were going to watch this move round in a beautiful way to that more criminals and bring them out bring the spiders out of the corners because there's so many of em it's it's shock our control because you know i was ready to go down there and my brother died but i was put a lock on other her log and as she has some conversation at a hog level because when i look at what's going on i can't believe to a show is even around she oughter deeps sent back to the trail part personally because oh that's where he's gone she really does and i think jerry timeret whose forexecution corrector of the i chokecherries or quickly as a cook he was pequate in the presses or being a cook a dangerous cook but a cook i have the creed with them elesbaas icated and be sent to to to get molesworth need to go because of that because of the behavior and to all of them all of them i have been aftogo into the into the category of being tried for treason because its its crimes against his this nation in using you don't subversion we got subversion we got all kinds of things that are going on here and in in its amazing and who they stand with and how they handled the money situations or an under christina that's all i needed to know that christina was a target and besides that i know her but that's all i need to know to be able to say she's the rightful candidate and she's the honest one cause they attacked her and they attacked her with money as well as splitting it doing the granary so within it he don't it infiltration a number of ways in asia as i get on along his trail of thought at the revolutionary war and look at how things were done or in the same type of war now and we have to keep more gastroptosis or infiltration has to being proved because he is how we will thereclear war george washington became a master of spies using a correctas why they said the charge was in kinetotele while they were become playing off a little bit if they knew he had the line to protect the interests of that of the nation going forth and he did and did prelocutor unite you have them died of despised kept caged like nathan hail but the point was that e he basically had had enough spies around him ah there were also trying to give it infiltrate him like doctor church doctor benardin church or gandahar both those two guys are rock or as crooked as aged al can we have those two oh is he elevate can a lot of em so i'm going to read here is that no robertthis is for my whistle blow pretty game where the facts that connective out was using president trumps name for gain for himself the michigan servative coalition of which he is the founder and the mischances assumed under name shannon there is a graphic in him with the word endorsed by president trump's pitcher were he rapped the eleventh see the chair in an and that's another thing there's a lot of fake a endorsements of on the people say o winander spy this person now the notedthe the fake in this and that's why i think these endorsements at anybody out there that's a sale individual throw them out the window most of em in nothing the remark cantingly and a lot of em are for sale i am i i was approached by somebody who admit it lived in three miles from a shown madoc telling me i had to put in twenty thought and i've got a witness and the cause it was right front of somebody else so this thing is witnessed in dock cometic i was told they had patenty thousand dollars to a certain area in order in a fit in i didn't do that i would never get on the ballot and interisland englishing three this limit person i said you would happen now mashona ak where john he said i left three miles away from his so look he said she knows she needs you to win because you're in the yourteeth candidates are so bad which i can tell you rinois a bunch of bull ashe needed his sucked me in there in order to slip my throat like they did the tutor dick said and walk away from her and so it's like it's like tutor i don't know how far she was in if she was in it or she was a victim there and she comes from obscenity however we we saw her being completely abandoned by the the machine the machonochie and saw me we could make some some conclusions out of the issue which he involved in it or was she of tecumthe don't know how i can do to the kind of bow you know it's like you i wouldn't go i wouldn't play games with them she came in her who knows maybe she's a new eye look at her past go see she she was a wooing rollin victim well and look at the the lumen learning the lumen learning to is involved in lomitano ogis traces right back to the devices and build gates i sodasoda that's one of those things that we have to all realize there is i looked it up on an on the filings and it said that there was a five million dollar venture in in what in what universe this was a ten minute after school type effort why wasn't this a volunteer of the why was there five million when you look at it they will always repeat numbers they they talk in code and if you get really good at looking at you can see what the cold language is the god he atoned so in health oh i got to say that there's a time lycoming out about him getting out of prison and going right to the mischance servative collis implies the new man acersum one in the party as they suppressed the truth about being the being a fallin all way back to chocolate the non profit might be a legal as well we got lookinto this all of this eh if it's kind of interesting but we have i've got some mails that were sent to me from mission trump republicans and sic rocky and rosin konkowski someonesomeone in through and in morgenthal this out there because so help me god if i'm the only one of their speaking the truth whether people want to hear it or not it's time to turn tables over this is not the time any more for gentile jesus with the land oneslike these people are going to kill our children they keep killing our children and everybody else his children with the human trafficking which has been allowed if any one had wanted to stand up for our rights to the rights of these children we will be here oderberg nothing were hearing nothing from and so i'm not buying any of it how many gang wi i not a groggery have that live over an allandale and all of a sudden there you know that they were picked up because they met her spouse and draw greetham start looking into this it's there do you talk about rose and potowski and rocky other of thissomething we don't know what a rose an goes back where no lord inked and mechonoth then schethe machine called a conservationist the cocoa for the mc and they formed their own only because they thought they could do better to that sound familiar oneslike the grind no party now say though one thing i don't like to i don't like the results ciceros and goals for the marvels if you will hoeootoerock tranferable and pack with an assumed name under the mccichn conservative coalition sounds like confusion again allegedly allegedly to move money around but what these pecthath is why i never took any pack money or dark money i wouldn't do it it's like i neither can to win honestly or won't win it all weoringas hands and when he comes in with its solution is going to be fore he's not morigerous this any more so i don't really care if god does it or if we do it in ourself this is going to come to an end at some point time tis god's not goin put off with it i'm pretty sure look as we are we are killing children in this in this nation in an unprecedented and michigan is the number three for to for children in the united states i would look at the port cities i would look it i will look at toski would look as choild look at the fact that we have an irrational port in detroit which coloman just disappeared through recent this was really crazy she she had her one with her and she was taking her friend had said she i'm a trouble you've got to confine me she was in a shipping container and the th they called the they called la enforce that they wouldn't open the container up they found her down on a shore over in in africa this could be raeticon be my kit this could be any one of us and it till we get serious about this shutting his trafficking thing down which spousehood in if they weren't involved in it so many would have been stopping up in stopping it with their not so there you go there's not as ranforth morning at least a beginning not were turning tables over here and we're not going to back down sally and as the key and we can't we have state stay on purpose in focus and continued them forward on heron the message this with the toother coming out is so sake oh the toqui the quick little we got it we got to save one of his idol yeh so here's more you owe nokeep going on this because i yet so big point about this one is that there using president transenam and likeness for there there enrichment not work they'll robert in surely isn't giving him advice on how to do this or they mislicode be that done i don't think they are and oshantyhouse is named is all over as treasurer her building was being used for cadres meeting at several locations there is around the fall of this year there was some kind of for kind of falling out and rose and kicked him out of her building and wouldn't even let them pit rats sure the trouble assassinations like she kicked him out of her bellapore it the pulse he out what's why we think we like well i called it out it's like it looks like her in locke are up somethin they go the resin from the chair and came coterieship i'll the openpart that was happy end in november at the same time can they closed down the trunk store above them and she him sese sally did it so that his titian's are the rockies running for something and rose in his blind because rocky wondered on fotografs once or other time so that the thought is that they're otosome thing and will state to him we still take the are we haven't proved on it that we know that wood whowill you close down the toctor giveback trunk his running reason is because they were falsely using the trunks namolong time just like up and stagonolepis was and it was one to stop ever hoped without that directed cities in my name or to raise money did they have a to do with trunk victory what was that did they have anything to do with trump victory i funerali don't know that first step part of it i just now all money it's crazy this is crazy even what she back was doing a west michigan homepins that wasn't in toorkisthn no at all if i were doing this stock capitalizing on trumps made yet here is a hand next next thing that this whistle bl or satischandra was in the leavetheatre district in she is a orford however she controls everything that goes on in oakland county public and still i a chairman three after it is thence he answered went by with man to portal and was pushing it on the tester he does it control it all she controls so the only one that goes a core eterei think o good is more coffin in cold i think a calispell bit and terribly i think i'm composed of motowori think that a woman is the old mccall we do now he will have got a esaegoumenos the called yes but they still have as many as a boring down well i think that these concerns with these packs that were bringing out is what we really truly have to be focused on because the pack money and the dark money is what is buying are elections are using it to influence people the endorsements are too instead of looking and so they can steer in attire population just by that issue along they can clear an entire population and they can control and buy our elections and somers that's my biggest problem from from what i am from what we could do but we we've got a lot of investigations going on here there is there all over these this is not the admitwe had a lot of groups that are coming forward to investigate the players within the parties it gives most of them in leadership will not stand up to scrutiny shockabout that down which talkabout i just received a of getty on on o someonethe jock act it was from you i didn't get it from but it is a shame triarcular whatever and he courses now the executive director of the grand new party so he thinks in reality he also is it is our ages called on bigliottis when it hollis this expose him a little bit because the dealing beast did a piece about him do we owe i think it was two poncas with he ain't quite so promises and go he came from the daily beat and to tigranes to thousand eight i believe is where they go back to still isn't just the to by night right but the point is she trialhad a dining represented descent and i think she is probably a troop missorted but his being misled but these people not warwas going with this old thing you mention about about these guys they are misleading enclosing and unfortunately there will give people get soft into a great thanatois problemwhat is that people have to do their own research and i you know i had i had a frogeating attack me one time and why should we trust you and pointed at me and was yelling at me in a reyistas like alleghanic talk without rebonigo all kinds of hostilius likeimagine you go i'll give you points for god serranas in the harlestons but i like you shouldn't trust me i shouldn't trust any one out there it will carry sharpening to do your own research and and i think it all crossovers if you find my message to be a howl and you you hear you know you hear things to go while this that's interesting never heard that go check it out if you find out that i'm wrong tell me and i'll chataillion know that but it were restand right now we have got to have these hard descriptist red discussion so here it is this is grand opry michael he is now a candidate for state party chair of the michigan all that was an old what gerrit cried is an old old ten yeah but i mean hearing go you can you can you can put this right out there and see that see exactly where they went and so now in the thethething that you set me west misgeach what the hell is that it's like the it's like this is got so then i went and i looked at it as like her you go it's like there's a ship mistakes or associated under and eighty two people at its probably you know it's like what is to every it's just so peditions of the sexes parted mission which is the constitution party this is the constitution very we are the thinolite of this national constitution for its just bantonillo let us change our name and should be in administrative action but that you know just like any any other administrative oration at they should be able we should be able to say that we want to young machination al fil and the state will not allow us to do that now we're working on it but they're trying to set the will of the people from the inside and making a difficult so all the only sense we have are the ones that they show us out there furthermore republican party know if everybody can get their hands around this with what happened i talked to his special especial i don't know how to say it his title but he's within the attorney john was office and he sold to me he said he said they had to take you out annie said they did it by taking out four other candidates so it looked like you weren't being gagged upon now i wanted read to think about that or or singled out that's tells the me that everybody else was either placed that they were placed by the powers that be and to the point of taking them out so that i didn't i didn't like i was singled out o this time straight from the attorney general's office i karakhach i think should be very very concerning to every one because that tells me we will never have an honest election until we get out of this two party system and in approach this as salient thinking people we the people who swear allegiance to this nation who swear and allegiance to god before all and that that will stand that will stand together we we we have to stand together as we the people against them the government because there is too much lying going on is too much epulation going on and endliterally will stand for each and every person out there who is in america but by god who is my lord and save you i will not stand with any of these people that are criminals in any way shape or form which is it lodge an attack against our families our god in our country not not getting at her togethertogether tucked things i have to take care of i forgot about godefouele seisean for like fifteen minutes i really can't i got to git or if i don't i'm in probity wife so ill hancockwhen say some last words here shock so that so that on you can let's let's continue on with his i think the last words had have to say here is that we are in truth what what we believe and i think that's on the mental i think you and i have even that older and overton that we are staying trutinabat we believe and we believe the truth that we bring it forward of these people are self interest yes isabelthe and there is no way of posthitis was wallersee enters i tell you what we've got to in something else because you and i have already made it here and then some and we don't need this far aloot if we don't do it who does hessquire out for the righteous old stand up in sally's people know that they must stop for with the duty because we don't oh we know the things aren't exactly the way they should be oh but i enjoy it i enjoy greenacres like you said earlier if we don't bring the truth calls out on any i welcome that because i'm in it from the truth i'm not for anything else i want i want my country and this is all of us are just were putting in our time and just like it says in the declaration of independence we pledge our what lives are for in in our sacred honor i would say plecotus challenging on what they mean by constitution it's ascending as hostages roncalese press recentiores the scene in the people calling themselves patriots they have no food wood means yes sir propice a personal sacrifice if they had a consolatrice to old cooks big people redicote you won't oh god what ever say is of in many many others estandolo the candidates raised in the tesoretto have you had i know i can not to leave it and set homogenous of we the people we want talked about that a separate day the next week i'd like to talk about the the people organisat anticline color i think i can we wake to oates i think the original tone was correct it like many organizations like steve of michigan and still any i think the coterie i think that there's some good people in every organization and this trust like it's just like we the colony i went around to the wecolis an estate saint clare's it's totally amazing that's called taterdemalian poleritis amazing and i i really i really courage any one over there and saint clair to get hold o paul erman because paul urban is a good guy and i just i really think the world of him heterocope told that he and lotus down and i think we've got to get back to where really all about you mean ye in and we in we got to speak the truth so like to you what i'm going to i'm in to do a few news thanks here this morning as he did you see that title forty two and was happening at the border there was liters of article that said that its actually there's last people crossing the border right now so whatever mainstream media is being is telling us whatever were being told is probably not true there is a lot of stuff going on that were being fed that we just need to sit back and go off somebody asked me yesterday there like why is it that you're always so so common stable out thinks him like because things are going to go in the way that it's going to go and if we spend too much time trying to predict what's going to happen were being latistrata we have to sit there in to watch it and decide as we as we picked through it we've got it we've got to decide that i'm not going to be manipulated so i'm just going to walk some of these people and tell i've got my mind made up the bad and then it's going to be a it's going to be all a war i don't i go i'm posing i got t go take care you things were now i've just changed my clothes enough i've just about at the door all right wholethink chock think on you while great day i wonder talk next week of and longer that's controvertere going as an organisation were work out and any enter atonement to get your inner net work and so you can come out and talk so what let's let's make that a priority before next week i got i think that's accede sounds good have a great day chock thinkoncethat you by okay i'm goin to leave check up there for just a minute and i'm in a see at my acclaim going to see if i can put something out here because i couldn't get my screen to work here met at whiles one with chuck it's like this is good as he gets real news by real people for real people at so anyhow an i think when i want to do is see if i can pull this this article of a goose i can share it with you and so that you can see what i am actually looking at i want to see if i can get the thing to come up here because for whatever reason it is pulling up the wrong screen is its pulling up my screen ah there we go this is this is what i wanted you to see earlier for some reason it wouldn't i couldn't get it to come up earlier but let's check this out officials criminal pass in michigan geop why do they pick people to be in a position of power who have got i who have got a criminal pass or that if somebody has had a two hundred and eighty five million dollar restitution ordered in two thousand seven this is not a petty crime this is a huge crock why would they why would people move up into positions of power because they can be compromise that's exactly why they move people around like a is unbelievable to me that this would be glossed over because there comes a point in time when a person is committed ah certain crimes and such that they should never ever ever be able to hold public office ever ever ever again they have proved that they they are not trustworthy enough to be to be in a position like like some one who has his convicted of child trafficand this is a big deal is a huge deal o men o show you a posted this in my telegram channel and i think this is important because we're going to have to face not always comfortable face these things but we're going to have the face some very hard realities here in the in the future so let let's see if i can get a solid to its wonderful video the i posted about a i on her thoughther met came back we've got see here maispire with me just a minute and we will figure this out in the moshical morsels so that i can do this though having a bee does sonaron mine oh and jesse that the flame throwers i done i pasisonate about that yesterday and here we go on cockhouse i do think that this is important for every one to come to terms with because it's going to take us a dolts to actually bring this information forward and not shirk away from it we have to address the stuff hence in a glade played this serececa i know are you though he in i won't do my own shafto given of touch go rest you do realize you can once away from professing a she now the ortolian no images which can penoncele distaste the five totonacan dishonest five years a thousand peter it is the fact screwing international grand onworthe wholesome young ones sarasate march strain scopas and doctrine on a white i shook him fell back a cocaine one time the child he so in your own kin in the tenant and your strange evidentiary people i had to lifeinformation he inwinciblein new your big chickiniverous sesoo trust me he oh there vanishes stripsthe some srslege i will be a titter seeing ever get a like if you will like to help was exposed to horrible reality of human traitor this true parletorio the big screen interest how advancethat comes trustee i think this is fairly significant and all of us are going to have to face as in work together that's why this probably my number one issue is ah is a protecting the children and there's a lot of us out there who will never back away from this issue when we will be fighting this with our last breath and till we get every single child into safety who are in these networks years ago i went when i first started really getting seriously in research i realized how bad it was there's there's network southerone of em's called a wondered and not work and it's it's interesting how the child progapanda sort of thing works and it leads to greater and greater sintstin addiction it is in adition so and now i guess my closing words on this is i'd like to ask everybody out there to be interest that introspect two examine your own lives before god refused to lie refused to be involved in these things refused to go along just to get along and take that thirty pieces of silver just because it seems like this is where you got your you you get your vitality from we don't you're your perfect away you are you don't need to have things your net don't need to be anything specially you don't need to you don't need to achieve certain things to be acceptable he just need to be your best to you god made you exactly as you are and there's so much good in your heart and everybody else is heartsore that when we stand together this is what the crimes and it fears the most of us standing together as one nation one people on this earth before god fighting for each other the rights of the individuals and certainly for our children for god family and country and we cannot back out it's not its abortionist part of it abortion leads to infanticide in a killing children babies and then it but it goes further than that this is exactly what we're finding and we need to stand his a wars on got the war is a war against god from the forces of evil and darkness in this darkness has to end and it's it's really it's about the children in the most the most innocent that that is the greatest victory for the forces of darkness and evil and we will never ever ever back away from this fight nor will we ever lay down just as he to put evil on notice i'm putting evil on notice we are never going to fall away from this because god is as one that we get our strength for its god strength it's not are all you can't beat god it's not poslednee single time if one person fails he's going to have another one is going to step right in our place and beg probably a thousand or ten thousand or thousand to go after any one of us who is standing for good it's not going to matter god egothis so many people that he will call up and there's no way for evil to two trover it's not possible it's god sandboe take our orders from god he keeps us safe and or he accomplishes his will and whatever it may be god's will be done and we are not going to back what even if it's a theispes nal loss or injury we will never we we are made we made a commitment to stand for these children and to stand for god under all circumstances and if we die in the process so be it i know where i'm going to hope everybody else out there now too because jesus christ is my lord saviour and i know that god it is possible to walk with god on this earth you just have to turn to him every every step of the way turned to god and he will lead you in passyou can't even believe our postal tosleep talk about losing mastives in life or have you not succeeded in something because i haven't decent man thinks that i have succeeded that's a really ridiculous question of course anybody who is in the game is is going to have times that we fail if you have never failed in life you've never played the game you sat you set you always sat idly but you never got into get into a risk failing and risk it trust where god's called you because he has one that will catch you and he is the one that will make sure that things go in the direction that he wants is his willoughbycolonel even get to define what success or failure is long as we're walking with god he is going to use all of our successes all of our failures and i make him bewtiful out come out of all the weest have to trust him because he has good all the time in a reader thinks ecclesiasticalthe path of the wind or how the body is formed in a mother's onesyou cannot understand the work of god the maker of all things he jesus died they they thought that that jesus was going to come back as the ruling king when he died he died by the crucified taking out all of our sin and being resurrected because he was righteous he in nowise the world he lost but that's not god's plan he won by submitting to god whatever his plans were and honestly and he want he wanted beg time he isamazing let's go over too i want to go over to the passage at chuck was talking all mesef can find this minute because i think this is fairly significant we have to remember that there are so many liars and cheats and thieves out there it's really crazy like it is it isn't really crazy let me see if i can if i can get second peter this is so amazing when you get the second peter and you talk about that the day is of of lawlessness and such an faultsfaults second peter to order to just read this cement but there were all so false prophets among the people just as there will be false teachers of mong you they will secretly introduce destructive heresies even did ying the sovereign lord who who bought them bringing swift destruction on himself many will follow their depraved conduct and will bring the way of truth into dispute in their greed these teachers will exploit you with fabricated stories the kind enation has long been hanging over the and their destruction has not been sleep for if god did not spare the angels when they said but sent them to help putting them in chains of darkness to behold for judgment if he could not spare the ancient world when he brought the flood upon ungodly people but protected no i preached righteousness and seven others he will protect us if he can down the cities of sound or by burning them to ashes and made an example of what was going to happen to the ungodly if he rescued a righteous man who was distressed by the depraved conduct of the lawless for that righteous man living among them day after day was tormented in his righteous righteous soul by the lawless deeds he saw at her i think we all feel like were there right now don't we it's like the fore cansick of it i postici don't know about you it's one of those things that i'm just a grieved about when i see all this nonsense going on and knowing it this is not god this is not the way god had intended us to be so we just keep going if this is so then god knows how to rescue the godly from iland hold the unrighteous ah for punishment on the day of judgment this is especially true of those who followed the corrupt desire of the flesh and despise authority bold and arrogant they are not afraid to keep abuse on celestial beings yet even angels although they are stronger and more powerful do not heap abuse on such bees when bringing judgment on them from the lord but these people blaspheme and matters they do not understand they are unreasoning animals creatures of instinct more only be caught bestriding the animals they too will perish they will be paid back with hired for the harm they have done their idea of pleasure is torsional they are blots and blemishes reveal even their pleasures with a feast on you with eyes full of adultery they never stop it they seduce the unstable they are experts in grand in a cursed brood they have left the straight way and wandered off to follow the way of belmonte loved the wages of wickedness that he was rebuked for his wrong doing by even a donkey meat donkey a donkey an animal without speech who spoke with a human voice and restrained the prophet's madness these people are springs without water and mists driven by the storm black as darkness is reserved for them for they mouth empty boastful words and by appealing to the lustful desires of the flesh they entice people who are just escaping from those who live in error they promise them freedom while they themselves are slaves in depravity for people are slaves to whatever has mastered them if they have escaped the corruption of the world by knowing our lord jesus christ and our again entangled in it and are overcome they are worse off and yet than they were at the beginning it would have been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness than to have known it and turn their backs on the sacred command that was passed on with them of them the proverbs are true a dog returns to its moment in a soul that is washed returns to waringthe mud dear friends i'm going to go to three minute this is now my second letter do you have written them as reminders stimulate your wholesome thinking i want you recall the words spoken in the past by the holy prophets and the command given by our lord and saviour through your parcels above all you must understand that in the last days scoffers will come scoffing and filling their own evil desires they will say where is this coming promised don't you feel that way sometimes where is the justice coming on is going to call oh ever since our ancestors died everything goes on as it has been since iginio creation but they deliberately for that long ago by god's word the heavens came into being and the earth was formed out of water and by water by these waters also the world of that type was deluged and destroyed by the same word the present heavens and earth are reserved for fire being kept for the day of judgment and destruction on the ungodly not forget dear friends with the lord a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years are like a day the lord is not slow in keeping his promise is some understand solesmes instead he is patient with you not wanting any one to perish i think that's why we're waiting a little bit he wants he doesn't harly want any one to perish in a sorrowit now because our war is not with people it's with principalities and powers and we need talk with each other and an give people a place that they understand the truth no matter what it is the lord does not slow in keeping his promise but as some but she is some understand slowness and study his patient with you not wanting any one to perish but every one to come to repentance but the day of the lord will come like a thief the heavens will disappear with a roar the elements will be destroyed by fire and the earth and everything in it done in it will be laid bare since everything will be destroyed in this way what kind of people ought you to be you ought to live holy and godly lives as you look forward to the day of god and speeding its coming that day will bring about the destruction of the heavens by fire and the elements will melt in the heat but in keeping with his promise we are looking for to a new heaven and a new earth where righteousness dwells so then dear friends sent you are lucky forward to this make every effort to be found spotless blameless and at peace with him he sees everything in nobody's gettin away with anything right now baron mind that our lord's patience means salvation just as our dear brother paul also wrote you with a wisdom that god gave him he writes the same way in all his letters speaking them in these matters his letters contain some things that are hard to understand which ignorant unstable people distort as they do the other scriptures to their own destruction therefore dear friends since have been forewarned be on your guard so that you may not be carried away by the air of the lawless and fall from your secure position but grow in the grace and knowledge of our lord and saviour jesus cried to him be the glory both now and for ever amen i just want to go through that with you going to first john after that and let you know that is that is a second peter read the whole book is only only three chapters that's a real easy one to read and they know what you can even underline it your bible you can honor la underline it your bible if you want to really ponder this joost look at it for a short person ponderis let the word of god come into you sit to the point that you are it is truly your immersed in that and also living in the presence of jesus christ is a living word he is alive he is here with us right nigh he will walk as through anything you don't have to be afraid of any destruction any anything that happens in the world because god can walk you right through and if he does any takeshimatokdo it's a wind wind for us presently in the body or upwrithed or without the bodyhere there does matter were present with the lord and doesn't matter he's here with us right now i thank you for your pre so at any rate let's say a prayer for you i i hear your heart ache out there i hear it all the time i've got so many people contacting the right now and i'm trying my best to keep up with everything but really i'm one person and that we all need to be doing this across the across the board you know it's helpful if this message gets spread to other people and pass this on if the you think this is a helpful pass this incisore going to stand together just as america not republicans not democrats not not this outdoor thing as americans is the children of god i claim the kingdom of god and that includes all of you every single person out there to be able to help each other through our things we struggle with to be there preeacher you're never ever alone the kingdom of god stands together you nitidis and formal spacedrive people round you they don't even know what they're doing and it's so hard wheat we make mistakes as human beings we have to be filled with grace and show them love the ones that are or are truly just failing that those people that have come to leade god's people strike pretty accessire second peter is going to hit them hard when god decides to a to judge them for what they've done don't don't donkeysare to be standing than that category because i'd want to be about as far away from them as i possibly could because some of the decisions they make are going to last unless they turn round they still can turn round but there is going to have to be true repentance and then turning to god and speaking out speaking out strong about the evil that's going on here in this world and first and foremost we put ourselves in front of the children to save them in to protect them and never stop because this is what they're going after is our children in schools in a doctrinatis it that we are not focused on civics instead of preparing the kids out of high school to go on to the universities why don't they know civics enough to be able to understand how the nation works how to run a business how to step up for civic purposes to stand in the way these issues known oothere being a doctrine need to change the horrible paradine because this started problem it is putting its putting greed it's putting money before having having character and integrity of and i think we should talk about this i think i've been to start a program in trying to get the oil program for for for maybe ought and i'll turn in the hectogram for kids said that maybe last sidenote about it within the th the tax peers party to get behind us but i'm inviting every single person if you've got some advice for me and you have good ideas on how i could approach this is like an after school something kids could watch that would tell them how civics work or examples of intagit and honesty and such to help them learn compassion and apathy for their fellow heap fellow humans as as well as god's creation please reach out to me because i think that i think that we need to continue to be there to help heel this nation on every single levelness more than that it's more than being involved in self governance is picking up the people around us and helping now because the government's failedand the government is the enemy so many dared hevenly father thank you so much for each every person out there please let them know in a very very real way you are walking with him that you care about every single thing that their struggling right now but that also this is your world in your plan i will pledge and i would ask every one out there to pledge to you to stand with you because we trust you and we love you and that we're willing to do anything that you ask us to do to protect the children to protect the lives this is this is your world and we are here to serve you as your steward of your creation it's not ours and anything that we accomplish here we will lay at your feet and just just want to see a smile on your face and have you say well done good and faithful servant i were happy we are glad we are we are happy we are glad to be your servant here on this earth in any way that you ask us to as your father and we love you and everything you do is good and and worthy and your worthy of all of our praise and for us to do to and everything you've given to us is yours we thank you so much let any one out there know that they are so loved and that you're with him every step of the way please poor your spirit a favor out o help us to see the world with your eyes here everything with your ears and to go forward with bravery with boldness in everything that we do no fear we love you so much and we just we want it we want you to know that is as inadequate as we are we are learning every day and we want to be like you and jesus precious name we pray at there you guys so anyhow here come to the part of the show right here dinameaning to render governor not i am not conceding to liars cheats and thieves and i will not concede to liars cheats and thieves were going to go forward we can take the nation back where can save those kids and we're going to give them a safe home where their loved their cared for will figure out how to do this were going to do this together were to figure out how to feed each other we're going to see figure out how to make this snakewort again at there is a story i hit her years ago i think this is cool story it's so terrible sores not in the bible but it's a story and it illustrates things really well mandingo monimutkaista and god took that took on and andshowed them showed him an he and every one there had four foot forks in their train to feed feed themselves with his fore foot pork and they couldn't reach their mouths because the fore foot for out here so they couldn't get it get it to figure out how to get it in his mouth the man looked jesus and didn't understand just took him over and saw heaven the same people had for foot forks but they were using else works to feed each other and so we have a choice now we get to help each other out or we get to get to work off the green for ourselves and you know what i'm on to choose to you as the fore foot fork to feed every one and i hope you join me in this so that we could see each other take care of each other as one nation under god dare to be american god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless the marica it's great to be here at this time we were chosen and it's an honor to stand with you all have a wonderful day to day make it so it's a choice feed the people around you there souls their spirits sit with all who are or our sad and let them know that this is not out to control god's running the show and it's going to be great this is going to be great god winds that retime have great day