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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 12/14/2022 - Redeeming Grace Church - Dr Tim Parker

Published Dec. 14, 2022, 9:02 a.m.

Redeeming Grace Church with Dr. Tim Parker Tim was in Church from the cradle, over 69 years ago. Two Christian parents left a strong Faith-legacy in his life. Church attendance does not ensure new birth but Christ’s Faith and Grace lives boldly in his soul. Saints love God differently; he primarily loves God with his mind as he provokes disciples to love and good works per Hebrews 10:24-25. He loves to evangelize and teach God’s Word – especially biblical Grace. After a 37-year career with Chrysler as a die maker, he pastored Smith Creek Bible Church for 4-1/2 years and now holds a doctorate in philosophical theology. He authored three books during his doctorate program. As an active part of St. Clair County We-The-County, he worked to abolish the Covid mandates, especially in the schools. He was an active part of the SCC Republican Party but divorced himself from their charade. His new desire is to provoke a renewed understanding of our founding documents so a truly Christian/patriotic church can free itself from unConstitutional government-infringement and be free to establish Christian roots everywhere in our Constitutional Republic. We discover true Freedom In Christ’s Gospel to live in liberty, above tyrannical control.We are now broadcasting LIVE from Brandenburg News Network also!! Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it's december fourteenth beautiful day here in the state of michigan and welcome to today's redeeming grace here doctor timeparker and we're in a jump right into the summer skip some of the news but there is there is a lot going on out there and of the guests of first ting i want to say though i were on the say one thing is keep your eyes on that case obrenovics atoms because i got a feeling that there's a lot more going on than what any one is talking about and realized that this this could be this could be the game change it looks like it it looks like it very might might well be and i'm going to you know what i'm goin to take a guess and say say that we are going to see some really amazing things happen when we ask god to do things he starts doing things that we can never even imagine our possible and i think that that's where we are right now in the grand scheme of things when we say see what's happy politically i think i think we're going to all be completely shocked and amazed and that is how our god so here we go age morning tom how you do one morning to i am doing very well and in encouraging to hear what you just saying because the christ kingdom is alive and well the church could understand that it would change how we find you know what i think god does this is what i've seen over my entire life right and god loves to give us surprises he loves to give us these the gifts and surprises in ways that we don't expect them so all were to do with keep our eyes on him and all of a sudden we am all the answer will be there and he'll sit back and he'll be like yeah we got and he you know isn't this a fund advancer and that's that's that's how he seems to that's how i got that's how you seemed to be all the time you know and it's a wonderful it it's really a quest where on a quest right now that's what it feels like and the battle that we are not only is the battle the lord's but we are in a spiritual battle that the things that we see in the natural are only the reflection of the what's what's happening in the spiritual in my opinion and as you cannot fight any battle in the physical without also fighting at first in the spiritual oh i just i often think when you talk in those the categories of hannibal from the eighteen when he said oh i love it when a plain comes to go oh i loved atewede so frustrated because we don't know god's plan i mean he tells us a lot and yet sometimes we don't trust him to work his plan he will do it and if we would get on his i game day plan it would really change a lot of thick can oligochaet out of the way he's got it he's got to feel like the biggest cat heard her in the you know that he's got he is the biggest cat here you know and all of us are running around chasing mice and do in the set ye other thing an he's trained he's trying to move it away from a yandall the flood where were going to get her paws wet and were going to get now run over by a car or something and were just spreading around not paint attentive her eyes on him as we got to frustrate him less all i can say yes that's true gone thank you so what are we talking about this morning and am aware now we're talking about it area and a husband osiris perfect sideway what you were talking about a god had a plan and he declared his plan for the birth of christ sevenhundred years before it actually happened and i am convinced that a lot of people reject christmas for a lot of the i think wrong reasons i think they're thinking is noble oh but i'm just convinced that we need to look a little bit deeper into the text of scripture and we might find someting i i actually you know i was always told that jesus was actually born in the fall closer we studied we studied the none nomination al but but we we studied messianic and so when you when you look at i think there's a lot to be said about the feast days and connecting his goalways does the pitcher of what he's going to do in the natural einsint that hard to it's really not that hard to to figure out what he's trying to tell us and in the feast days that the testeven eckles it was when when i've always been told was more likely when he was born but that we celebrated at christmas time but i could discussion in every direction well i did not have this in my notes for the day but since you mentioned that i have done a message where i take a two year window so let me quickly say it oh i yes i've heard in the past that jesus was likely born around may be september first oh and so what what we see is history says that the wise men saw the christ child on december twenty fifth so that's the back side of that two year window if you go back to lend say september first it would almost it could be speculation but it could be that he was conceived on december twenty oh that's one of yes so you know what people say well jesus wasn't born and you sever twenty fifth since i go kay so maybe he was it that doesn't take anything away from there and as for i hope too are unpacked to day he i think he deserves the birthday you know i mean i think that's a he deserves a birthday and sell that's what we do and and i've i've heard too that that december twenty fifth is up more of a pagan holiday which i think it's great cause i think you know every ancestorin away from these things i'm like letters going and take it over well that's i think what people need to understand and talked about desoloit last week satan comes directly behind god's creation and tries to uncreate what god created and we see this at every level and is no bigger than in the garden god created what he said was per oh and while i be quibbled with the word perfect as we understand it they were without sin and in an environment where they walked and talked with a belief a prencarnate so you couldn't get any better so satan came right in to destroy that so if we understand that all godly things sits corn try to destroy the oh it would help us understand some so i just encourage people as we move forward to day to listen clearly closely to what we might say are the actors of the biblical christmas story because god gave and as the thing he sent his son as the gift ah and we can even think of john's trees as ah a christmas for god so loved the world that he gave his only son whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal or everlasting life the gifting that god gives us the epitome of well well go through that and or on a turn through some passages but we don't need to go into deeply matthew but he actually starts his gospel as the new genesis so there was genesis in the old testament and really a after a four hundred and fifty year silence by god we we hear about john the baptist in matthew and so he literally breaks down almost all of humanity into three fourteen generations segments and i'm not into really numerality but it is at least causes me to think that's double sobbingthe times and salernes the perfect perfect number of god and he it is amazing that he starts all that wit will number certainly repeat in the bible you know you've got a you know the seventy and daniel and and ah think that that's a significant to you understand seven weeks and daniel's seventy weeks of years and i have you ever studied into that where it really predicted right it predicted the time that jesus would be borne back and daniel and some of years and i think it's fascinating so so yethank that's right i did not know that that's while in just oh maybe a precursor to next week i do want to get into the wise men or because i hear people say that they didn't know what they were really looking for when they saw the star and i begged to differ with the i am convinced that the wise men were part ah an astronomy school the daniel himself started and he would have told them everything that he knew and so i'm convinced that when they saw the star they knew exactly who daniel had talked about in the came and worship and celebrate and as part of the message that i tell people weak and weak and celebrate and worship because that's what everybody else did in the story so i wanted to sit i studied cation so much a false as inflations for forty six but when the fullness of time had come god sent forth his son born of a woman born under the law redeemed those who were under the loss of that we might receive adoption she because you are so god has sent the spirit of his son into our hearts crying oh father i i put down a comment his spirit might not be in you if that doesn't so so i i just get so excited the story of so rolf quickly for you back to matthew and we talk about joseph to remember joseph and mary were engaged to be married that was talking about the bethroot was actually more than and lord behold the joseph finds the wife to be mary is pregnant and he is very confused but an angel comes to him in a dream and said don't be afraid to marry her and basically own so he learns that maria's pregnant by the holy spirit and it's like damning thing he believes that master to me what oh i'm just impressed with that face so how do we define faith and so has unpacked us a little bit many think that faith is what we get when we see things with our eyes or gets specific substance for hopeful thing but paul says believing believe he was the author of hep starting in thirty five to love in one everybody knows this but he takes a few verses from isaiah twenty six twenty and backto forty six and look eighteen eight and he says this therefore don't throw away your confidence which has a great reward for you have need of endurance so that when you have done god's will you may receive what is promised for yet a little while and the coming one will come and not delay but my righteous one shall live by faith in if he shrinks back my soul has no pleasure in him if piantachse that in the living color if you will a bit but were not of those who shrink back and are destroyed but of those who have faith and preserved their souls now faith is the assurance of things hoped for conviction of things so i just think it joseph we see a man huge character and humility and he believes god's word proceeds down at path so oh we understand that there seems to be a difference between zechariah casemates contigit a de sacharia who is the father of john de baptist and when he hears the message from the angel he basely says he how is that so and mary when she hears the message the angel she very much says the same thing now because of what zacharias said he was actually if you will curse with muteness he could not talk until john the baptist was so why is why the difference what we see in the text was zechariah is that he fundamentally rejects the message of the angel so he hears god's word and he rejects it mary another hand says oh so be it in me and then she says could you explain how in pregnant she was asking in faith in the outcome is quite different oh so i thought it would be good that people know that and i know there were used to be a people would have bumper sticker god said it i believe it that settles it for me i basejust as the humor is thought i doubt it mary joseph had a bumper sticker on her donkey that said that so the fact of the matter is if god says it that subtlest and so ah and i know you've often said that and i appreciate you for doing that but i told me i think that where we stop things too it's like when we stop believing god and we start believing our eyes and our ears we limit what god can do just by the fact that we're worse you know we have to get out of his way and when we believe him we don't know how he's going to he in an we might try to help him out and in fact the plan that he has by by going to different direction but if we believe him and we just let him work what needs to be done it may be in a very very different way than what we think it's going to come to us but he will answer the he will answer the prayer yes so what we see in scripture is that seeing in there for believing is not really biblical fate so this is why i love apologetics but often people present apologetic such that if you could only understand this you would believe and yet i believe maybe it was in some it was one of the early church fathers that said that we don't understand to believe we believe to understand and i encourage people to think about that statement and examine whether you believe what god says and then seek to understand or if you say i went a wait until i understand it before i believe so what is biblical faith one is oh so we do need help i can think of the one time that when jesus spoke to a man he said if you have faith your son will be healed and he prayed i believe help my unbelief that's a good part so when we think about thomas oh he's often called thomas the doubter i don't see doubt now we might say his fellow disciples said we've seen jesus and he did say ah in missouri fastened unless i see and put my finger in his hand and my hand in the side i won't believe so we could say somebody might say well they were giving truth but you have to as you say always a question everything but when jesus appeared to him he is to me in my knowledge the first apostle to say my lord and my god i don't know that anybody else called him god until thomas did he was an i analizer or that he was an analyzer he had in there and he he wanted to make sure that he had he had a he was a researcher in analyzer just he did and and i just think that he exhibited picathartes jesus kind o said i saw and you believe that he said others will believe without seeing and so on as much as i applauded thomas and i do i don't think he was a doer a but we just we have to understand some of the things related to the christmas story so when we think back to joseph he immediately started down the path taking mary to wife and owning jesus as his son that requires huge faith in order for him to do that and i imagine he suffered a lot of arrows over the years cause we know how much they slandered jesus but to spare thing so i want back up now little bit go back to zachariah so this would be and look and fourteen to seventeen if you wanted to put some scripture up there otherwise on dustered domain there i can certainly do that and i tell you what if you call on the scripture i've got em i've got bilgewater right now which i like bielawisch so i find there not pain me to say this so it's like what look one fourteen seventeen were going to be in luke so you can quicken protocollo his wing move on but the scripture say that a zachariah were righteous blameless in obeying god's law and aged so here we see a couple that likely in the category of abraham and sarah before ser birth is oh so she did not have any offspring and so zachary was on duty in the temple and he was supposed to go burn in ah it says the angel came and fear fell on it but i says i you will have joy and gladness on many will rejoice at his birth no speakin at john baptist where was her curione right now hold you you had a high lighted i got there make his says for he will be great before the lord and he must not drink wine or strong drink and he will be filled with the holy spirit even from his mother's old oh there are mamillion or two may be three people that that is ever set up and he will turn many of the children to a bisalti the lord their god and he will go before him in the spirit and power of delight that huge turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just to make ready for the lord people prepared as a huge words so john the baptist is the harbinger to christ there is so much that we can learn from that so next we move on to the exchange between mariolisme soul elizabeth is pregnant may be about six months when mary after she is pregnant with the christ child she goes to zacharias and the lisbeth and inverse forty five this is just the backside of ah elisabeth's comments go back up one it says ah this was what elizabeth set of marion blessed is she who believed that there would be a fulfilment of what was spoken to her from the lord so there's the difference between mary and zacharie she instantly believed it so lisbeth is actually calling it out so i think it's good that we read what is called the magnificent oh and that's what mary says from forty six down so it says my soul magnifies the lord of my spirit rejoices in god my saviour for he is looked on humble estate of his servant for behold there behold again from now on all generations will call me blessed for he who is mighty has done great things for me and holy is his name and his mercy is for those who fear him from generation to generation he has shown strength with his arm and he is scattered the proud in the thoughts of their hearts he is brought down the mighty from their thrones and exalted those of humble estate his filled the hungry with good things and here's everybody talks that god does not distinguish between people but here he says and the rich he has sent away he has helped his servant israel in remembrance of his mercy and he spoke to her fathers to abraham and to his offspring for ever so there are some things that we can learn here so here mary under the good guidance of the holy spirit ah gives praise god for what he is doing in her so i believe this to be a sixty eight to seventy nine his would be the words of zechariah after drive the baptist is born now typically men would call their first born after their own name but he had to write down no his name is john and after that occurred he got his tongue back and he says these words blessed be the lord god of israel and i just had gin what people to listen to the cellar batory ah tenor of what he said for he is visited and redeemed his people in his raised up horsevain for us in the house of this serpent david spoke by the bolt of his holy prophets from old that we should be saved from our enemies and at what we were just talking about earlier dana when we see justice to a miracle we will be saved from enemies and from the hand of all who hate us to show the mercy promised to our fathers and to remember his holy covenant the oath that he swore to our father abraham to grant us that we being delivered from the hand of our enemies might serve him without fear oh how i worse the people that name the name of christ serve him without fear and remember that word served because we're going to come back to it in holiness and righteousness before him all our days and you child will be called the prophet of the most high and you will go before the lord and prepare his ways to give knowledge of salvation to his people in the forgiveness of their sins because of the tender mercy of our god were by the sunrise shall visit us from on high to give light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death to guide our feet into the way great great great work oh next we can see in luke ten me too sorry ten to twelve the angel come you are going to a guest another chapter now the trothlessness one of our monkey things on the desk top version of this in betsome and pete doesn't scroll as we would like it of but i do love her i oodn't like your click around on things the cousener know well you who a weird cap upon usually we hedn't like the bad her tising to concionis cause i don't know the companies on the latest look like i'm a giving them a a pass here an see for instance this wondering there being on you so here oleasters and twelve this is the angel is probably gabriel that comes and so fear not for behold again if we look at the behold and we we went through said corinthians five seventeen last week and i think there's two beholds there i bring you the news of great joy that will be for all people for under us bones they in the city of david a saviour is christ the lord in this will be a sign for you you will find a babe wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger oh a word to next go to simeon witches actually on news could resistance back in matthew this is sad twenty five to one thirteen i will read all that but simeon i can think of as in the lyon king i think it an when they it symeon one the longed besessensein larry gets the whole the christ and this was a very righteous man devout who literally weighed for the peace of jerusalem he was looking for the fulfillment of the message and he got to see it again i mentioned serve earlier here we read wait oenotheras it matthew he is a man to twenty five were gone were it to move repast but if you want to turn to at matthew twenty five one to thirteen but i ask people to day do you look for the fulfilment of christ kingdom do you look for what the messiah wants to bring in his kingdom they know that in isaiah forty thirty one it says but though to wait upon the word will read new their streets now we often read here and maybe even practise this first of what that means is we kind of set on our hands like it were at the bus station waiting for the bus to combine but that is not what the word wait means weaken more think of a waiter in let's say a a rizzi rostro so the weight staff if they waited to be asked they probably get fired or moved into back to wash dishes or some so when we think about waiting we literally serve somebody oh i can think we i think we talked about last week with jonathan and his armor bearer his armor bearer waited on him so when jonathan said let's go his armorbearer said he i'm with you whenever you do i'm there and this is the attitude we need with christ when it says we wait on lord we literally serve him and this is why i think as i talk with people about fighting the fight of faith for justice for constitutional governments for righteousness in our land this is how we wait on the lord and if people would play into serving christ in that category i think we would find abundant joy in our souls well and i think waiting waiting on the lord like that serving god it doesn't mean you've got all the answers but he re confidence comes from him he gives us the confidence to do things that we never thought we would ever ever be able to do but all we have to do is take that first step and say i am willing and god will provide everything else we need he will provide the he provided the way that were supposed to go the council at everything we need but we just have to be well and that's really trusting on him plus nothing yes so i i know people are familiar with scripture they could remember the tempers and said five had oil and five in and i've heard so many sermons in that i think they pretty much furthered the text because there's something in the text that is alarming so as i asked earlier i might ask her is her zerawic and your line is it is it what with oil or do you not have boiling your lamp we might take as a bad thing we we ran out but what happened was the marriage of the bridegroom came it had to go back demoralising to the door and they were told i don't know you the same words that jesus gave in matthew some so i think there are a lot of people that think in all a mile with christ and i go to church i read his word and i wait on the lord they don't have the armor on they don't have oil in their lamps they're not in the fight en he might hear i never knew you well you know in or i am kind to see that a play out is when people think that the works that they do you know the thought in the sea time in church that this that and the other thing is going to is going to earn him any favor points with god and you know you do you do good works but you do it because you are full of the holy spirit and you love him without fear you go for and do whatever he asks you doesn't even it doesn't matter if he skeeting or little things to have or even be quiet for a while and let somebody else take the lead you know it's following him but it comes first from our love of him and her relations and we we yet no righteousness of our works so if the if the the virgin's love to go get oil because they wanted to do the right thing thinking that they're going to make things right now well the spirit is an involved in it and you're not led by the spirit which you led by works to think that you're going to hold god to a contract you know like well i went out and i got the you know i did the right thing i i you know set all the right prayers i did everything right so god's goin to have to let me yet that that's not halt work you don't hold god who contract you kees you know it's like we do it because we love him and he puts that love in ours in our hearts for other people and for what he's done here is creation and such but it certainly is not a a worse base action you don't earn your way and to god's favor or hence you into heaven yes no that's that's great and works base thing is a contract if i do this then you'll do this but we got to remember as i started out with last week we're in the new covenant with and he is the one that does confident with us but because he does covenant with us we engage in it confidence so back to the isaiah passed if we literally serve god in that capacity he says will mount up with wings like eagles and will run and not be weary and will walk and not the fight of faith can make us weary but god says if we are fighting his fight if we are literally serving him in the fight he gives a strength that sometimes you and i have often talked about this is i don't know how i have this strength that's what god next i just wanted to talk about anna repast oh in an gone clothes with one of my favorite that i think really shows why should celebrate in a worshipful manner to workin the text men at an pulitu ah yet you could if you want to turn to a lot twenty and in a just talked grow quickly about anno but anna was the other person oh it says basically i believe she probably lived with her husband seven years and he died and he she was likely still a widow at age eighty four but she became a prairie and she daily served or waited in the temple i just want to say we need prayer warriors i've had a couple over my lifetime who were very meticulous about praying for me and i i wish i had some to day but i throw it out to her somebody might be being called to be a par warrior maybe you are your health is a decline may be her kind of home bound for variety of red and think about being a par warrior because god needs them so anna saw a vision of the baby ah in boldly proclaimed the redemption of israel and she literally got to see the christ the what what a sight and so as we turned to look at the twenty i want to say this and it proposed because i skated past is intentionally years ago this passage it's one of those things that it threw me for a loop as i looked may be between the lines i don't want to tell people this is what we ought to do but how do you understand don and maybe i'm putting you on the spot that's a right alike that happen so when you say something happened what do you know about happened verses are when when when i hear something happened it sounds like your snow control or happened outside of what you expected keyatehata has more of a surprise and in a year the role of the roll with the yet so happen ah is the root of happenstance or circumstance of this gets back to what we were talking about before if we wait for some to the happen if we wait to see it before we believe it i would say is not really biblical faith as as a a reformed puritan i don't believe that things happen i mean you talk about this in a different light ah things going opponents on coincidence is yes so let me say this and our cesspool probably shout he heard this against me so i'm not saying that there is anything that doesn't happen in the will of god but that's so let's read thus so it says in the angel in bursemere said to them fear not for behold i bring you good news of great joy that will be for all people frondous born is the incitandis savior whose price to lord and this will be a sign for you and you will find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes lying in a manger and so is this verse here verse thirteen and fourteen that really blows me away and suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising god and saying glory to god in the highest and on earth peace among those whom he his so we can say that god sent these angels because that's when we think about angels they are called set one i just i believe it and as it was one said that's my story and i'm sticking to it i think this was a spontaneous celebration by the angels so let me back up and give a little bit of a ideas as i processed the and i want to talk to challenge you ah people say we read that hundred times tim and i don't see anything other than that's probably what they were called to do ah see diving to gabriel was commanded by god to go and give the message he did i guess would somebody say did god command these angels to do this i think no and so my point is i know a onworthiness in some ways so do i think this might be the only happenstance even in scripture i would at least suggest that we should think about that now is it wrong no but so what i want to do is to think about how many times he wore look at a passage in peter if you want to turn to it in enough first peter one three to twelve we've got understand how many times the angels heard here's here's the work here's the old here's the one i mean i don't believe that god ever sent them down and explained all truth to them first pelotas at first peter heard peter oh believe it's an i got fined again for did i first peter one three to twelve so after because even in the garden when when god cursed satan he basically gave the first gospel message in the cursed to satan and he talked about the and everybody wonders will who is the sea ah when eve for cane she even suggests this is the wan while he wasn't one ah in cain killed abel an end she had south down say south was the replacement for abel but everybody thinks what is this the one when ah i osera helped if you will abraham and said he take take hagar and have a son she thought what ishmael's got to be the one that god's canework sir no no well it's got to be easy so you know i do she the god of abraham isaac and jacob sold maybe it's got to be jamaye it's got to be one of his it's got to be due or what about levi oh there's always what what about what about so inconvience that after but forty five hundred years the angels thought well is this the one and so it's like i can imagine the scuttlebutt do you hear what gabriel just said this is the long and he was just born we got to go out there and see but i think that when out there and they praised god to what they had talked about and wondered about all these years had finally come to pass so this is why let's look it to first peter one three twelve so here's peter explaining to us i think we have just a little bit of time and so i want to read it blessed be the god and father of our lord jesus according to his great mercy has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of jesus christ from the death what we talked about last week the new birth to an inheritance that is imperishable undefiled and unfading captain heaven for you as his white paul talks in ephesians set worse seated in the heavenly who by god's power are bay guarded through faith for a salvation ready to be revealed in the last time in this you rejoice though now for a little while if necessary you have been grieved by various trials olite tested genuineness of your faith more precious than gold perishes though it be tested by fire i know datement one psalms nineteen sons one nineteen there you go maybe found to result in praise and glory and honor and to regelation of is christ though you have not seen him you love him though you do not now see him you believe in him and rejoice with joy that is inexpressible and filled with glory obtaining the outcome of your faith the salvation of your souls if you can say a man georgia she is to say your woods what but concerning this salvation the prophets who prophesied about the grace that was to be hers surged and inquired carefully inquiring what person or time the spirit of christ in them was indicating when he re the sufferings of christ and the subsequent glories take of back in isaiah i backed you i say a fifty three and onward it was revealed to them that they were serving not themselves but you in the things that have now been announced through those who preached the good news to you by the holy spirit sent from heaven and hears the clause but its wanted to read dataset so majeste things into which angels long to look and so that's where i would say from that text pacifically i would say that the angels that appeared suddenly as the essence of what they did oh my goodness this is the one in e came to worship christ and this is somebody might see too i don't i don't buy your argument but to me even if it was not spontaneous celebration what we see throughout christmas story is the person after person after person his ready willing and filled with majesty about the coming of cried and i got to say i do not really get into the commercialization of christmas boy do i get into the birth of christ and what he got and so i hoped that may be if you've been on the fence and thinking you know christmas is a pig and holiday we shouldn't celebrate maybe because some people say well we weren't commanded to i think sometimes the commands are in pots and i'm just saying there so many people that celebrated in my challenge to people is to celebrate what god brought in the birth of so for me i can tell people every day of the year mary because without christ coming where hopeless and one line or clothes we may add next week we may look at some of the christmas carols last line of o little town of bethlehem said the ship the hopes in fear are tied in with jesus christ that day so we may have a hope that fails or we may be in christ and we may have in him and oh everybody will at some point an eternity looked to christ and there either going to be judged eternally because they did not believe in him or they will reside eternity with him in glory of what god did and a man to that is it what a what a a you know sometimes don't you just stop sometimes and you think about what god's done for us and it if it totally stops you in awe of of what was given for us and you really see the person character of god himself in the gifts that he's given us a gives up redemption because he would rather eh he would rather you know give up the life of his only begotten son in order to have relationship with all of us it's he was to dwell with me he has one leg he adores us he loves us we may be the consent we may be a little bit i disappoint at times like i mean we have censored knows that if you kids are at times when you're kind of disappointed in the choice as that your kids make clearly but that doesn't change the fact that you absolutely adore and love them right you may not like what they do sightyour always there to help them and bring them back into relationship because you just love them nothing more you just love them you're not looking for something out of them you're just what you just love your kids period and it is so beautiful and what a great pitcher that we can walk for it every day knowing you know really knowing him it's amazing that we can in fact know godhave that relationship i just i had to go back and pick up her here a line in her in out closes with this and then we can have prairiethe to have to get going down a but i some people never think about this that god humbled himself and took on human flesh and and i think a lot of people don't think deeply about his sanythingwrong back to glory he no longer lived in a human body the part of the majesty and the mystery of the incarnation and trinity is that god the son second person of the trinity check on humanity for evermore and i'd have to go back and find that the passages that talk about that but when we get to happen where these jesus and a glorified human body and so i am convinced that those of the two great mysteries that god unpacks and i a sense that we be not even an inter it fully understand else he lends the rand is every day his holy operates within a every day and so he still he still here he still here he still walking with us i think that studying or messianic i think that there's some significant ah things about jesus's birth that i find to be one of the greatest ah lacking in some of the teachings you hear because when you think about the holy land you know we think about we think about ah you know jesus lane and in a manger or wooden major probably not there wasn't a lot of wood there and it's more likely that he was born where they kept the animals in a cache caves it wasn't like they cleaned them out so in a shepherd's cave it would be like six feet or more of maninath a cave with the black and rough were the fires of of the shepherds and it was the inn was in fact they they didn't have inspersis we know but they would be staying with family with relatives in the family did not accept them and kicked them out of the house because of the fact that they were you know not married the conception happened in their theydidn't think they behave correctly so they kicked him out in this cave he of a newer jesus god jesus how was so humble that i was born in in an in a dirty shepherd's cave a peep of manere rejected by his entire rejected they were rejected by their entire family and i came anyway and it's the picture of him coming into our heart we are which is we know were not perfect we have sinned in our lives and we don't always we don't always make the right decisions you know but he comes into our heart anyway to dwell within us and i think that such a beautiful pitcher on a christmas morning we set up our nativity and we we always we always set it up when we we do because of my special needs daughter we always do you know we moved that we move the picketthis around mary and jealousies see we put you know we have the you know what they the angels coming in in the morning we put baby jesus in the in the in the in the scene there but what we do as we fell the plate with say like chocolate chips or something to make sure we remember that he was born into a very not necessarily a clean environmentthe came to dwell within us senhor imperfection and that's that that's the symbolized that he was borne on a manure pile and even the ant and the de docta bout was likely of her end that was likely a shepherd's house that david had we back maybe almost the thousand years before and so being a greater son of david jesus had full right to go in and and take that house but he was even kicked out of that house so his clothes in prayer sir you can leave and i did want to talk about back to joseph ah you know what i can do as we can say a prayer and then you can continue to talk on that of somebody else i i've got a run to appointment everybody but but i'm one one thing i want to say before we go to is the fact that if you're rejected by your family or they don't during this christmas or people don't agree with what you've done in life or they want to hold things over your hat and such that's human nature and we can and it's unfortunate but that's part of the scindatur it's not accepting people and seeing them with god's eyes so just because somebody else does it doesn't give us a pass to throw back insults and such were there to be a peace maker and ask to see every one as he does is precious in his eyes in a work in progress in hope that every day the people that your standing with that it's a new day and we give them the grace to to improve and we do not cast them away but we say come on we're going to walk with you we're going to bear with each other you can do this and through the christmas season remember you're going to see it because that's human nature we don't have to join into that kind of nonsense but treat others would love and respect the way god would in hope that the next day they they try it they get it right so it's i would say maybe just the fact that your leave and done you closed the out selects prey but i wanted to bring up one comment about joe's and then i had an every move myself here and all bekaise you for a man but you go ahead and we're going to finish this out to tim's got to do all the god bless you type things in the prayer and i'll be listening but i've got to get on my way out the door here pretty quick so i knows the woody that has a husband like joe's if that was quiet special and strong and so we are going to close out in prayer and i did not see the private chats on may be done a didn't hook that up to day but i would hope the people would feel free to how are we questions comments oh you could reach me always imparter nineteen fifty three and gee mail not come i am so glad that god helped us to stay engaged with our program to day ah my friend got his sea load speed increased doubled and that seems to have taken care of the problem that we had last week so lot o clothes in a word of prayer and i hope you were challenged to look again at the people involved in scripture that believed that they should celebrate the birth of the king and so many fronts with so much exuberance ah i do and i hope that maybe you would see that in the same light our heavenly father we come thesewe thank you she sat as into this at the time that he came you engaged in verbal communication with your people that had become so decided and often lord we we are not worthy of your love your grace your mercy your power the lord we ask as we celebrate the birth of the king maybe not with all the commercialization realizing what christ did as he was on earth he lived life he laid that life on the cross as the sacrifice for our sins to make us come alive in him a lord we just asked that you would use this message to challenge our souls so that we could reflect cried in a higher way that we would literally serve him that we would fight the fight that he wants us to that we would be engaged in fine joy and peace in our soul as a result he with done this day we know the dear things taking place lord we ask that we could return to godly government in america in our state of michigan lord that's what we seek that's what we pushed toward be with the cases that are moving through the courts right now lord we ask that you would you would shower your mercy honest our country does not deserve it because we have fallen so far from are founding from the intense from christ lord wakes up and me especially in this christmas season we'd pursue you jesus name i pray a man and i know donna often gives a blessing that i pray you would be blessed god would be praised and every one of you would find peace and wholeness and gospel of his please holler if you have quite at your service for him with that he believed that in close out i feel free to have contact he verybody in prayer in their ire thorell patriot people who love our constitution who love or country who love or state we want to see it run as intended with self government with justice with grand juries we we have seen so much corruption in our elections in the people that lead us we have so many people that have bought into state as ah that means the day believed that the state is god and they literally function that he so we can all learn we can get engaged in in a higher way and i hope that you can be engaged ah as we said earlier if we would serve god and that i believed the typical meaning of waiting on the lord we need to serve him when he to wait on his is and if we were engaged in waiting on him i'm convinced that that he would honour that he would renew his and build our strength and help us to glorify him as we reflect so i do very much appreciate dana and i am so proud to know her and and be a part of her we've bit engaged with donefor the over a year now and i am oh i've been so blessed and i got to say that god has really lit a fire in me i think the fire was lit a long time to go but i say he has turned it up and i couldn't be more happy to to live in a way out from boldly for him in a hope that score desires thank you in over an