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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 5/18/2023 - Karen the Riveter

Published May 18, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network and i am in fact donna brandenburg and it's the eighteenth day of may twenty twenty three welcome to our show to day we are in i think that the state could be just a friend's day will seek his cause the currents into beyond to day and i channelindian of my friends to day who's a whosir guide to see if he would come in to day and i'm like you now put up her shots we'll see he comes on to day i think he'll be on later and that will be the ornery part of our show you didn't think i could get ornioco get one there are people that are even more armory about what's happen note these united states which is a you know work were done with were so done with the usurpation were done with it the attacks against our families and everything else that we've seen or our elections and averting so on every car and on right now and this is a morning crandon you morning it it is the ixionides oh oh yeah oh ye can get ye were fine but boy i don't know well i now if he comes on and yet i think i think everybody so done with a word the nonsense it were seen at one pint played video here a minute because i think that this is significant because we're going to talk to day a little bit about the germ report i want to bring on a clip from carry lake and all of these stuff that's going on across the united states with with with law suits i believe that i'm going to be sighing not to the locust sandy eh ah case and michener and an besides the lawsuits that i already have going we're just going to keep it some escalientase check with sick or silent i guess so here going a pit god put the sinoreas saying the to created spears it can go undermined even people make about didot in the ten administrem media the chamber anoon the same fa should the electric be called we the spirit when you are going round till everybody this guy was he they had an that boy we had these gratulation the millions of america the same time you're going to have the including myself oestrus i oh there it is right there neckplates and totally lost all credibility ah a propcross the board and and i i can't i can't even imagine we were even waiting for a long time and just so that everybody knows in your face to any one who has propped with his quite on lake i think everything has to be has to be out o evaluated and we've got to the open minded in order to i evaluate everything not just the things that seemed to be popular opinion but the things that are unpoped that's a were going to find the truth in every and every single scenario there that's where we'll find what say you care i yield m the gets on that's a good one gideon had so many thoughts as i was watching that i was writing some things down there's so many olives down to the annot there that just do do work like ceres and in every one of them as so much time in to bring the truth for we so it's so it was that it was really well done well done per on so on one thought i've had and while watching in his werethe agathe apologies they don't see any in democrate prows loftyest from out of the people just out of the people i don't see people you like it took a long time and then you started to see a few celebrities or few people said oh why i was wrong about cold and i mocked those people who were right and looked at how i've suffered as the result of not listening to them i should a listenin seen that yet maybe we will but where are the apologies for these people who picked on trump after all this time on the last one saying that now now we don't trust that in yohem boy that is one of the most powerful things out of this old thing costa's what we need dead we had to have the public realize that you can't trust those nasty politicians and have been lying to us about things for years now we have one man whose broke in through that they be lying to us about not just trump but a lot of lot of other things but this points out you know is with hilary's was supposed to lose and it made me think what we were supposed to lose and thorny twenty and i put it in quotations you lose because we actually went and i've said that for a while we had to lose to win because if if trumpet won and we had just continued on with another great for years under him we wouldn't have had the opportunity for that comparing contrast to the moros reading about you had four years to see what one guy who's not connected to all of the garbage can do for this country and now he's not the died doing anything he's just setting it up set of american control america can move in a positive direction when you've got somebody who isn't restraining that and is acting to clean it up and protect us the way that of federal branch should be doing in letting the local to their work and then you had before and after this contrast now we're seeing the difference with this no full bigness i like to call an now we can see everything in that that's you know transparency is the only way being the cue phrase is pretty common in there this is what we're singing truth is the only way and the other one is justice or accountability is the only way and so people are going to be really now that they're seeing it and it's good to take days for people to to learn more and set in the truths that are coming out with this report and the other going to want just so we were at the precipice the ink were just about to tip over really excited about that i think it is really collinge even waiting for it for a long time i know and and i really think i really think that the the the american people we appeal are ready there's people are waking up all the time i mean look at what's he happening without an his ere there the giving away beer they would the eleganten dollar reader something like that as well as i think there's a couple of other beer companies out there that were were allowing campellis which is you vote with your dollar it's a per in sight i mean is the mere perfect way to equalise things go up they go down they go up they go down but in the end and you have the ultimate ability to folk as you fold with your dollar is long as stone isn't giving unfair advantage which it is right now to see black rock and gard and state street capital ah you know there's several of them in that category right and if the problem is as the thorned with the politician so the fact of america is it has been just incredible is absolute incredible of in there's there's some good things going on at one to bring out a video here for me her wake king on the order carlake cause i mean who was going to do much of s to day and will see if i see comes back and came in and he laughed in states well this is added absolute huge victory for lecontei step for the past few years is as we talked about signature verification i emeric the copycat touch and you can't talk about it and that was really the lying on the sand that the county drew during the arrows on audit and is not difficult to see why they don't want us looking at those signatures because guesswhat they don't match the challenge is not simply about a few bad signatories we are prepared to show the systemic failure of the entire signature verification process the only way we have secured the on those male of balanced by the way it is complete joke and i know you don't world enactment the carter baker reports steve to wasn't that long ago when even the democrats benefited melanotis is one of the greatest potential sources of fraud because it opens up the chain of custody to hoisons activity and that's what we saw in this select interaction is one of the only methods to bear by that a male and valid would be authentic and the process we have in miracle vicounty peschierenot following the law at all so my team and i we might dentified through whistle flowers so were serlio all that the signature verification process of america accounting they speak of how they were rejecting tens of thousands of signatures up to the tune of pigeoned thirty thousand ballads and then somewhere above them in the chain of command they were just being sent on through those balance for being sent ranaway and you shall see some of the signatures is like a chicken scratch scrolls is absolute joke does seemitch the voter's signature it's a wilful violation of the law and were not going to sit here and take it any more so were in approve this the miss match signatures they were added to the fine panel of they should have been tossed uncle i wish to forstere going to be exposing the process for what its sword the what it is it's a complete shamesole it's miraclecana of injecting hundreds of thousands of bad gallants other her confident that the number of fraudulent ballads exceeds the seventeen thousand margins separate myself in kate hobbs in their count the election had been disgust the tivollier boy she said a right here is the type of the tip of the ice were that the seventeen thousand that's not even close to the amount of cheating that's gone on there and in the rest of the united states of america there's there's been a like she said is a care lakes systemic failure at all levels of our government or election process it is unbelievable now there was a there's a gal in michigan or named is a stuff any scott and she she's a clerk in adams anson i think i'm getting this sole right and to make sure i can check is a going from memory on this and she refused to follow the court jester jocelyn benson's orders to destroy to destroy evidence she didn't she capped it and they took it and founded on a lie the information and less and in that one township there was eleven point five per cent error margin of air retracing that to cross the state mission that's eight hundred and fifty thousand which is you you can't make this stuff up you just can't make this and so so oh the the other thing she brought out is is the signature of verification now mantell you what i saw the last time i was at the board of elections meeting and in lancing word campsor's meetings got the board elections there was a gentleman at stood out for he was a statistician and he basically was trying to protect his own interest in his industry by saint well we need to do this because this the sazonow it's just done and it was like well why is it done that way only done that way because we're once again creating a cartel or protecting it into but pass that he started talking about the fact that he was hired by other candidates to signatures and anti do to check signatures to validate opposes his wit why now at in nowvery very well i mean that was was where where we got into the weeds except for i never received a channel is and basically they only called out two of my sinecures in the rest of the mouth and then they lost like ten thousand signatures thinkinghave and the room nor did they submit that andre which the whole thing was just so he was in a convent beliefwhat was here and out in the open it was shocking that he sat right out he said well you know we son that petion that bore a lesion allowed him to go in and scan every single person so they were scanning it there is no didapper to be any any ah ah security on any of this in otto think about addresses their signatures everything that's right out there so he went in he scanned it and he took it to bangladesh the setting tidesfor signature verification and then the next of which was mine bodily is that what they did as they compared it to pass signature in bangladesh with mis that they have everything to do and identity the package to every single person in person now out in the hands of four and entities in our elections ab solutely shot and no one up there on the board can sirs boolicious batted an eye no one bad in an eye honestly if there's a question on signs supposed to go back to the precincts the township of the county to the local entities the signature it's not most to be sent over seas to have some young whose sentenia cubicle in in acutica over their checks signatures it supposed to go back to the rightful antitetan the united states to actually so the th this is one of those things that is like the board of a word elections a mister braider who lost who was part of the the finding valiant finding of my signatures that shouldn't have been lost in the first place what a bunch o not jobs there we've got you know it got goes back it goes it goes back to nothing was john by proper protocol and just like just like water said oh we kind o make it out policies on the fly that means there's no rule of law no validity to anything having to do with our elections because they're just make it a policies on the fly chapter bottom i think as the carelesse of very well i i she's very articulate and i'm i'm really a i'm always impressed with his this the timing is everything right it be has horianones lished for the the general public that trump was right about the russiarussian rosher sing being a hoss and that opens up so many other doors but also now you've got the curry lake case maricopa county exposing the election stuff and all these people that are now starting to question mediate narratives for the whole of trumps campaign and ever sense are going to start to wonder if maybe they were also wrong about the elections because everything that trump had said thus far has been true and he's reading all these cases he hes the now in indian if he if you care oncelosses aces as in he's got to pay the woman that claims that he rated her whatever ah he still repealing it and the things that the woman said in public immediately after or like well of course he's repealing it he should repeal it because of what she just said so i think these speak legointo start to really wonder about the election and at the very same time there they should be starting to wonder about the election fraud issues here carry like god he has you need to worry about the election stop we were right all long here's the proof coming out in court because the lot of people were saying well where's the proof no court has seen it no court has addressed it and his one county it's been a problem all along and it kind of makes me wonder about detroit you know wouldn't it be great if detroit if there is a case with editorthe came out just as loudly we don't have a voice and we in county that's as loud and popular as carry like a fort but that doesn't mean if there's there's no other battles going on across the country that betterperhaps cato expose even more to the broader general public whose been ignoring this old that's true and i the the the the wake up processes is certainly well under way but i think that there is so much going on behind the scenes i under story something else i thought was was really interesting oh there's a lot going on behind the scene oh i was going to bring some more names for that a chief need does a really good job you do follow him good good guy i i heard of em i don't and assigned and you know braincases i think i've brought him up again i love brian and he now had he so he is one of the most genuine sweetest people you'd ever want to me he's you know i don't mean that said to the men he might mean that it he's got such an incredible heart and probably gave one of the greatest speeches i was i was set on the thread fast the first thread fast and is probably one of the greatest speeches i've ever heard in my entire life passionate and full of authenticity it was it was incredible i literally i was sitting there it was just crying because it was so beautiful i know went up and we were talking after speech and i woke i got to go back to my hotel room here and fixed my make up because i was crying that heart as it was that emotional and that move so on to bring us up the general fled ah i did you have a notice something there i think that i've noticed a change in and general flint ah i believe that it used to be retired lieutenant john like flint and it's gone right to general in a wondering here ah what's what's happen because i don't believe that there's any coined so for all of you people out there who who are feeling a little disheartened at nothing to it is he but we just have to pay a tenth to that they're not they're not going to necessarily come right out tell you exactly what's happening cause in the bad guys notes but watch the changes as they happen and i think you're going to pick up so for three with what a general my old one of the greatest osman who is ever ever lived on the planet turn the main store media of that means cable and all the major networks abc cbs nbc they are all liars and thieves and cheats were going to call cheats to him and that as i like her post do not listen to do not listen to any more news if you want to watch a favorite sport see now that's the night even sin his these more in sir our part of the wool culture has my opinions are in goodiar with them on the iento go one step further in how fine that there are other ways to watch in the the conclusion that conspiracy to dry to destroie kepe a president of the united states and the fair broken of our very country is very very real these people are psychopathic and deranged markes and believe they know it is best for you continuing to watch any news of his net work i will pray for your condemned souls because you will get what you deserve a plate of lies and a one way ticket to hell boom i love it well set independent media is rising rapidly on the move wisely but choose are coronet bad lands me o the mainstream media is the enemy of the people at its time to start getting your news from independent journalist who are beholden to no one and have no agenda others in the truth these are the principles that created badlands mediant brandeburg news not pepi the way in fact all those guys are my friends so i am very proud to stand with every single one of you can find a lot of the stuff on bad lands immediate to on an widened and ah i know i know the guys and bells that are behind that and there there like modifiers on now and a kind of way and i they are they are true patriot and in my opinion there were some there were sub issues of wild back to git the weak you know he added in full traitor back there that jumped in alex and ah and is no longer there which is good you know you can figure out right and so so this is of an important portent of section to make in it if this point time i really believe that he read the media is a very reliable group of contributors by a clandestine is another one octagonal hear in going down some of the things she posted i note that in something about bryan oh he's not the only one there's been a few channels that within the last week i had started to use a bit more foul language than they normally do and unfortunately i tend to avoid sharing pulse that have a little foul anguage ah i sometimes i'll hear a warning he ignomine language there might be one bad word in there and i like with the rest of it's really an important perspectives that i want to share but sometimes i i feel compelled to not share something because of some foul anguage and that's unfortunate but when it tells me is there really angry or there really passionate about something because they normally watched their language more and there kind of up in arms and in the feeling a different type of energy the sweet and how there were responding to things is thus die yet i don't oonely have i i don't have a problem with language clitones ly because it's part of her in and in some areas it's part of our culture its language and of a itself you know it's like an i don't i don't generally pose a lot of it but i won't posidonian because you know this is what i hear it there so often is that how do i say this you don't you in business and and elsewhere you want to try to be as least of fence of his possible but some of the language is just part of our has become part of our cold you know it's a it's a each pattern so so i don't always i don't know was he a have a adversity to it but i do try to be one well i i grew up am i noticed it more than a lot of people ah and i tend to go with the biblical example and the bible bible the bible the bible talks a lot about the tongue and how to use it appropriately and not inappropriately and to me if it if it seems foul then then it's it's not for me because of that so i try to be more careful here going ingenuous one up from the so i'm not able to click on something the way in or legatees weird he separate the all right oh i don't loneliest there almost there were about there so let's look at its lechek his soup so sixty one has who paddled rush and collusion and should never be trusted again what's just go right down this list and name christopher'sgallant simpson bruce or peter stock lies the page james andrew hice david cramer harry read jane there susan had to see john brennan they went and james clapper i john's schindler john mcloughlin malcom nance met a michel goldberg paul cut cook maggie haverman were that's another one who i rachel mad outjoys reed david or jonathan j joe scarborough alveras look at looking all look at all these were getting into the news and then you got sanders you got buzzed oh you've got a people from different media organizations as well as the fbi or news analysts think they know everything when all their doing is just part of the fifth generation of warfare that's going on out there and it's just really it's really amazing i think i think when we got to get down the list here we're going to be absolutely shocked at how many people were actually involved and in this non that it's it's not nonsense this criminal usurpation of our nation it's so deep it's amazing yeah that's that's what kind of takes people off mediator it's maddening when you find out you're wrong number one why didn't i know this before her and then and then it's mad mean to find out what you've been missing o you monthey lied to us oh no they like the government would never lie to us care therethink got rules that they fought and regulations the heroca they're going to be fine these are the biggest liars that if ever you know or our gourogovind nt i mean look at little we have gone on that i was hoping that i saw come out song we we have as you know being a person who worked in and was basically son off to war a pretty well done with his whole nonsense in how poorly or military men and women have been treated to fight their wars that they have created in order to make money as great big money making and what's it about it's about killing people and in its too bad oh i wish you would come back on me and then all these things that have ah here's another one to boycott every one boy caught this none right a biological mail posing as a woman i'm so sorry but if so insulted by this that's that's as great but what it refalls right in to is grooming or childer that this sort of stuff used to be used to be in you know back rooms back on the kind and none it if it didn't if it if it didn't i have such a crazy affecting our kids their minds are developing and and when when you have grooming like actual grooming going on i think you posted a video here on minago to that video this is absolutely so wrong and i had a discussion yesterday i'd somebody who was letting their child go to an eighth grade recognition check was as absolute soleshoe it what was he there there it is a semi formal and i saw the pitchers of exactly what they were dressing these eight eight grade girls were dressing forty they looked like twenty year old step i'm going to say that said at rolla i was so and shot there were absolute no words a fit for what i saw a like ongenteel you what my daughter would never have gone out of the house looking like that not in a million billion years when i have let my daughter out of the house looking like in eighteen year old and you know it's like she and let me have in a discussion on that for a while yesterday acton and i don't i don't understand why in you know under the i kind of like under the red are made in it people don't see that this is is not oh this is in this absolutely it's not ok to check the sod is cariosamente this is a rough top a roof top bar and melbourne this out this is so wrong the drag shot the child and and to even so even say that this is a k ah and we wander we wonder why our families are going into it or are going into things were how do i say this a kids are getting into things they shouldn't get into their hanging round the people may be that they shouldn't get around to well you know do you you remember when that physician and in lance had all these girls that he was convicted of a sexually abusing the gymnast i'm sorry but i have not giving the parents a pass on his not in any way shape fold ah there is unfortunate things that happen i think that this needs to this needs to go a little bit further because they they're going to try to put piniona boogieman however i have a really hard time believing that this went on for two years and i could say maybe some of the parents didn't know but there's no way i'm going to believe that all of em didn't know you know i'm i'm pretty sure that the relationship that i have with my kids if anything like that happened and i think some of more in the room when it was happening yeah that's it's a tough when it in the neck particular case probably the drive to see their kids succeed when they invested so much into that success it makes it easier to blind themselves with but no going back to this to the swim suit edition that was introduced to me by my husband sharing the picture from face book and it had marchester on the cover looking just like that and he and i had a funny thing statement going with it but he said it is this real and he said i don't know but if i see it come across some take my news feed old tell you and so we couldn't we couldn't even tell his marster he went to got up and come or with somebody else whose trains gender you know you just don't know what i see happens really interesting because all these companies that try that they go broke so quickly that the you can see that the public like you said the roding with their dollars you have i think what we're seeing as a minority of people doing these crazy things but the minority is large enough that we know what in orchidin on they're putting drag queens in libraries and people take their kids to that but i think my mataiotaeti exsiccation yeah i had i think the bet the vast majority of parents are saying what you're saying and there going all kay well who do we need to hold accountable for the their disagree and i think that's a very good thing we have one can you take god out of your society it it doesn't take many generations before you start seeing people who are opened to this and not only open to it he actively participate the tone even now what's wrong that was herunspoiled blowing is that they don't even know actualizing children is wrong you know for years i you don't we go to we go to hokkani such an every one at all there would be a a dance you don't like a dances like you know my kids i put my kids into the up and badly when they were little you don't in that was thus like over thirty years ago and it was really cued and i mean it was so he and they just had a really nice time with it and that's as far as it went dead dance class in the head recital and grand is the grand as had come to the recitation herothis is like these girls are like eight years old and and in their other torking and i'm sitting you're going oh my god who in the right mind would allow their child to participate in something that is makes me like little hoe it is commenters not a hand oh you know you know i like i like parents you have to step up it is not ok to send a fourteen year old out with you know a sure that's barely covering you know i mean this is this is so in you wonder why you kids are absolutely crazy and and you know it sleep in around by the time you're twelve are you kidding me it it's like the apparent that's why and if the entire something wrong is so side pull him out it's time to do more than the jews the jews back on the time the bible of and this is always been the struggle for her ecully for people of faith and people that religious one one o live a good life they were bailing the culture back one they are always it's always been it's our or duteous parents stop in front of that say you know what all gallopers out there you not going to get to my kin and pooped them out pulled them out pulling it is so many calls you protected over protective good debts that's in fact a compliment i you know i like come one o my friends we went home school by our kids when winter kids were you know when kisetolit le of course and i and she she was funny and so i suppose i was too it's like when people call me on protective great i'm doing my job that's to spose not throw him out there beat by wolves so i want to read something on the chat here of second morning the situation thing is just as bad as foreigners helping with our finances through bandsters absolutely i learned a lot from you down i thanke why is it savanna got three and it was i don't think the list is complete but it's a good start my daughter is treated by larry ah not nasser and i never left the room good for you good good for you i think that i think that something that that parents just as somebody has a title this goes back to to that there is an example of a good parent doing their job bright that when we trust people how do you know teaching your children how do you know who is victimizing your child if if you don't intimately know where your where your child is in and when i say intimately i don't mean sexually i mean if you don't know where your child as if you don't know who they're takes you they may innocently fall into a trap that they have no idea what there getting into with the child trincatelia hundred and fifty or so kids that went missing through sepias as well as how many kids ho have been traffic or or molested or whatever by people that they know how well do you know these people there like her politicians how well do you know them they're all criminal they the only way they get into that position is by being compromised so when i look at people being attacked like like donal trump and general financisto that's the person right there that all he said on like a if they're attacking her if they're attacking to as probably the person that's honest cause they've got to bring with him out of the way so good job allowed a proud yes sister and that's that's fantastic protect those in full of this as his mother example of complete and utter insanity this is a mule harry and he is in a good or read what was written her by storing sayer interesting his fled calls out as a saneness and and nauseum called he called to the cue and on scna called in his worry about the fine news stories theycome out around the twenty twenty four election because they're the ones controlling the actual fake news less check out this he's a lunatic he's as kinetic lunatic in liar only he the the only thing that he singing there is that's all stuff outside of what he and what they can troll and a pretty extras that you know somebody is like a like a puppet somebody's got their hand up the bottom side of somebody there in the talk it through their models the liar say as his that he sat nest and a nesting to discredit the bible he's trying to discredit anything that they don't control so you know in your face i suggest mister her are that you repent or you're going to find yourself in the deepest darkest recesses i hell they know he's aheaheas sorrow serelopes i think one was poperinghe other at all points to time and there the ones that say you will own nothing and be happy because they're going to own it all this is all about they want to own it all in shutting to everything on my opinion on the cocos qe en on the canon peristasis like a commentary somebody who's who is actually commenting on the posts were in fact as a series of posts that asked a lot of questions socratic method to get people to ask and go to their own rise find out what is real and such do i like the cupels i'd love the cupels i thought they were great they got to thinking and they get you in directions that you may not even think about looking at and i think that that in itself is one of the greatest acts and commit themselves to is asking us question everything and it mean not just a cue posts but the politicians institutions schools what their teaching what things that you've always been taught even history history has been written by the victors and i think there's a huge ability to em to a really get to the truth when it either truth is going to stand iste we shouldn't be afraid to look into things when we have were afraid to look in it thinks we've got a we've got a real problem we have to be able to look into all his and without without fear of retribution or anything else like that looking her all of it questioned everything and if somebody doesn't like the fact that your question in it oh well so sad too bad their care so alone have some weomeringas be muted myself forever there was some noise and i forgot that fluffiness go it let's go to a fine commercial brake are herecome cal break that's trodow they do that all the time and they've been doing it for a while when they were smaller they superman ride off for there and its hoortig the five toolooahelek o children you know you see any any kind of babies i animal babies ready think it all the go and their excited about the world and and excited about the world and they just they want to play i may hold out his mother on and we niganiche we we think deede is in heat and she is acting a crazy missus put it that way and so she's picking out quick men cause he's the biggest boy that she's got there and he's not doing what she wants him to tattoo is pushing of feroshes been pushing him around a lot and they do this my head budding thing the kaitish prone programmed by and sorry but he's not mature it off he really wants to be but he's as not yet he's only six weeks old play of girl patifie youwhose says this halfsister they don't really realize that but of course had the ongoloo its ego early horatio i love when they do the twisting thing in the middle of it some new oligopetalous ol your gods to see now that was film last night when we had a couple of guests over one has been over a few times because she just like you she just loves the goats and she brought another friend over last night and the woman was like oh i just like just watching the goats was giving her such a a wash of good lives and reeking in there with some few wants sit in the chair and see if the climb of pon your laugh but she was content to his watch but we did have her hold criedfor a minute and she really liked that he sweet he stood little shy as strangers with this he is he very affectionate and yet i have been trying to avoid them with that much contact like to hold them because of my elegies because i have ledict but i put them in then i washed my hands when he come in and i take some allergy came home of the see in that helps a of selfbut there there's so much fun just to watch to an you know it it's funny how these how allergies were you know i had no really bad for about seven years then all a sudden on the one day they just kind of went away it was like to back quick and i can't i can tell you why is that some come now of heringods piccot they are not pigmies they are norwegian doors the fettered let let me am i in show everybody i am as long as we're going to take a brief commercial break for fun and then we're going to go on to the ukraine and such a got a shower began a transpalatine water and makes ah here is a day grow oh my a and so in the really come in a lot i kaiowa er pressed a dome to before go on lying here but they are there six days of growth there about an inch and a half tall and i'm changing them by putting them in front of the in front of the window and then on a row teeth the traces so that it doesn't casinothe always bend towards the sun all plants well in now if you watch sunflowers they as they as the day goes on with osterhout say like in the and then by night time there facing the other way his lot go towards the the the micro greens at the same way so i have been a changing changing by rotating it but i figure that i imitate gone this week cond and so i'm hoping that the contingency laughed here will keep the water so that they continue you've got a you got domiati done the bottre of trainwere every day so that they stay a growing but i could eat him now i mean as she there cannot like just passed or cause a lot of people want to do the sprouting i've done sprouting i used to do quite a bit of it and a agonothete definition of a micro green is actually when they get to to leaves as it so that when you have that's when you are i did know you knew that i assume god i think a lot of people don't know as in the dusk the sister biplane asking promote true in ercole haralson you person his consols i realize that strikes the trelyon ammunition storage shadowless spaces where those vessels were destroyed the patriot that's true arnott is the notion that ukraina stone much i just don't have much left randolf dear ostrich the russians recure'ful the voice enter russian curator cornersespecially the marriage with singers to down a couple of horses spider a couple of catelain victory of the basis of they also managed to lowes odes to take her in abandoned ruined form complex twenty to twenty five kilometers securities owned the russian if the southern and the dower cares solrsano that of course that was because these were reconstituted as to such a casual so terribly meaning as was togethermore souses hundreds an armored finding i think he is for after the for so sports that were targeted and bold of his feathering is the use that he rather dramatic what destruction she is e oxactly where all of the rose concentration of harbor from germany in the united states stoodlong before the athletes her mind the you everything going on there isn't what we think it is and you know it look at how long the tatsthanat us and you don't rush a rush a rush at once again the book he man you know i'm kind of thinking that that you know there's a lot of hopelode want to say that that you know there's bad guys in good gussiter's a lot of people that are actually kind on the mind like i don't know it's like like a point has the right defend her borders and needs to defend their borders right so i i know we hadn't been sent of the villas there i think that we wouldn't have problem person this it's all an interesting i've been trying to keep up with a couple of different channels i believe one is is set up by a russian and one by crania but they're both on the same coming from the same perspective and so the information sometimes is the same but often they have different coperage we're not getting it out of the state but it's really interesting which been happening lately that the cranians of big gone after people who are like you and i just loggers were arrested because they were sharing footage that they got of ah an ant remember exactly which type of footed it was but it did not favor their the ukrainian story and so unlike in america when you share video it doesn't make your country look very good you can get arrested go to jail for years or you can be beaten am or both they are they claim that as the landscape you listened to him he claims that the people are volunteering to go and fight well then every day there's videos being posted of men quote quote volunteering her getting caught there goes mad got the side as her ergointer to go for a thiswhat they do is whether their plain coles during uniform i think they're stacking these people like the they know that there's somebody who should be quotquot volunteering and the track him down because you see these videos of them getting snatching somebody it's not just ran on and if they don't comply with them they beat him up some but they don't kill em because they need them they're bodies snatchers and they what they'll do is they'll take him to some kind of indoctrination camp and basically beat the snow out of em until they agree to fight for and the course these people are probably not you know highly trained take drivers and pilots in stuff there putting them on the front lines in their basicly fodder and white like he said everything i've been seeing the russians know exactly or the amo is and their destroying it so the more these other countries send either the rations are stealing at or their destroying it really quickly it seems to me and so it's just it's such a waste of resources to me that kind of coal because like sport illustrated you know what we don't need a sport illustrated so let it fall so all this cabal money ah let them use it where it's not going to be useful to them that's okay by me you go on listening so old i estoit a look at what the actually happening verses the narratives and explored the different perspectives i don't mind seeing different perspectives whether i agree or not i'm coming out of various media channels cause it makes me think it may make me double check mon perspective based on what i've been hearing ah during others when the eve shared while ago he shares of variety of things about what other people are saying and sometimes he's pointing out that these sources are just absolutely liars liars teats of thieves as you say at other times i like well he's got a point there but not quite there you know maybe something that they're talking about is actually true but they're going about at their own way ah so the more able to listen and observe the more able to make a discernment and that's really hard because for a lot of people they don't have time or is too negative and the it's harmful to you there days where i destined stay late from it but if i can spend an hour a day going through my feet on sharing things that i feel informed and i like that but it gets counterbalanced with other things like goats or i do watch tv myself but i very aware of it in a i noticed things about the shows that are being put out their secretive shows i like to watch and i watched the story lines in the actors and how they change things and this last week there was a two or three different shows where there kind of coming up on season finales and all the sudden it felt like that's a neat story lying oh an interesting perspective on something that i thought well that's kind of cool and it might be motional or whatever but they might have five different story lines and like the first half of the show might be kind of like a complete episode and the second half of the show is like a mix of five different scenes going on sloppy and it's so different and it was in more than one shell that i saw this happening it was really confusing cause i like exists a two hours show when they just kind of stitched them together or like what happened to the southern same all these people were heavily injured and now here there anointed and it's only been a commercial break in between and it doesn't make any sense and it makes me wonder what would onehand the scenes with the writers did they have to fire and rehire a bunch of writers who are not familiar with the show and the kind of dipped together what is going on in hollywood that screwed up the soup so for me i get entertained pless i get to wonder her eslick that there's a lot of things that are crazy now what i when i see i have every one and all find somewhere in the tevas on there is this one there is one thing that comes on a couple of things i watch on rumble not with any regularity of yeni just poke around right but there's there's one there's a couple of em that would that when whenever there aunt what i know it is is how much of late to flash in his going on because when you don't watch it you potique the the the amount of images that change change change change and you'll see like an assertion of a trio a takes an image then they'll go back to it then i'll be trod with a noback to or that sort that on that's the canting that i noticed with a lot of the lot of the shows that are of the right now but they're actually induce seeing tremaine im into the into the feet then and to that i believe is cardigon ration warfare too is the a the type of images that he that they put forth and in the media and i've got a gun a little bit of immediate back ground you know used to read a sort of thing and and a studied studied menie got four phones going so i'm i'm doing on kind of things at once but so i know it is some one's tactical things that that that sort of looking at more selenite stories that the and looking at the and i think that there there was a case study when when i was younger than i looked into where they did eh a commercial or a video of of president and hang on in that might be in poor and so i've got a in the love and i get my god to get my my sematophore here okay my one might for one my brow is my brow here is is amazing so they go sees this can be fun finishing that project out anyhow they were reviewing the this is this is how meticulous when when you get into like video production and answering how meticulous to detail is because any one that has ever had anything to do with video creation or the creation of commercials or anything like that will tell the omlette you how manipulative and meticulous most of our mediate is is a trying to be gitcheeoong i mean this is what it's all about right theretherein or or getting you to see any this taste study was about and no this was from from calledasked as they did this vito and then they went to review it to see how play to a focus grew and all the mobs in the room were losing their marbles there like they were distracted they couldn't the messages they ask him what the reaction was there was a glass on a table and it was to as to the edge and so they were focussing on that glass he entire and he couldn't it none of the rest of it even rights and so all these new anes that that if you're if you're not really can't ate you that you'll to scape you so i probably went through when all the rights to be alone riots were going on and i too i will do this i'll do like fishes ratios on a in all that certain things to see who is real and who is not who is in fact it may be a silicon mass can see it sometime and if you really paint to or what you see in it the crowd sees or what you're seeing in under different conditions you can it you you just pay attention be quite off and there's the they use color they call a cordinate thank failswe i was when i was analyzing the belownational activity elias a criminal enterprise was corporation should be required to pay back the two million dollars a damage had through their agents is the corporation is not something that came up to defend anything whatsoever never never did anything or create chaos and he and domestic terrorism its domestic terrors et point like that sucked in a bunch of people who were not educated that did not look into it and grabbed onto headline use lot of people in order to further with generation warfare it there used a whole bunch of people who did not look into not do the research in order to further a corporation which was set up for the sole purpose of committing actorism domestically the units and i so i was analyzing the crowd set and you could they they would have primary colors of that they use an i don't mean primary being yellow a red and a blue that's how our talking but they had a pallet of col and i'm one of these people there's there's a very small part of the pope population can see over two million colors i one of those people that can see over two million cult most field don't have that range of being able to differentiate that for whatever reason it's just the way it is and that i could see color changes eddy very very very small increment so i would be looking at it the vireos and him like and that and that and that and that in that they literally color cordinated all of their teams that were in these rights and you could watch that they would have they would have them easily i done ifiable so they could pick out each other for they were black they were mostly black plus one of those colors that they were at that word honor tea some of them were there to do one thing one team would be there to do one thing one too would be there to do another thing and the handlers always had gloves on and so when if somebody got hurt somebody who was the management of that operation would go in with her gloves pulled them out and pushed somebody else in and you so you could you could see the you could see the management structure even of these domestic terras organizations it and and i put a lot of time into dissecting his bite and actually screened shot at a lot of the a i would screen shot the video flood zero down in dislocated with with the duke traiteroient that happened in ohio so that i could pick out that the couplers were craft that what he does not what they were used on a train that has hazardous materials so anything that either leaked or was there at this wasn't factual whatsoever because they don't use that kind of a couple or on that sort of tone if you really pay attention see because they're not that great at hiding just like when you look at a siege if your eyes are trained or you may be have a special especial gift in that area you're going to be able to pick it out very very small details and i oh i think that that's it that's all that's on a crazy to be out i think everybody can do it and you you you can honestly train yourself to do that to pick out de if you're looking for details of your lusts there's a lot that where i have a lot of questions about the video of president trompa et mater et mon rusha in kind enough buying a lot and i in all tell you what there were three primary camera angels on that entire and the lighting of the the lighting did not match it all so i zoomed and i could only in some litle sion and on president tone and i and i so soon benauang on men he also any anyhow i sumed an on president trumpet on lake i don't think he it it was at the gate of the person was different and president trump does it stand that way so i'm like i've got a lot of questions about that as well as the one that was i've got a lot of questions about a lot of things yet there's there's some pictures that are out there with him sand sand next to sarah sarah sanders and she's a she is about five ten and president trumpets about for while you're going to have a height disparity that a pair of heels is not going to make up so when you do when ye may do or of high comparison on some of an some things like that you're going to notice differences that cannot be explained and saw it makes me wonder a what is real in this he and then you take deeper into it and really see maybe you do some more analysis to it to the testes our answer the thought those things are all really helpful to asking yet i keep i don't believe he went to ohio either to look at the train to raiment i don't think he calls all noise got in die who does the thumbs up thing in a golf aninipot or so exsected to be trophoniosthe even does sing others in a like a gay i meet i dehappt i need oficero too but you know it's not saying the cause i relieving would i would agree with that it's it's like it sounds great to be out in the the public like that but he is such a high value target for crazies out there at terrorists people that would want to do the wrong thing which is probably primarily in the cia an fbi you know they want to get him like crazy and so it's like i hope that he is in the safest place possible no one to man because he and his entire and there there are such a high value target that it would be very very unwise to put him on a golf course or any where or some reason not jobs could get no thank you no it would it i mean because people that people out there a crise their cries and you don't look it just look at the cock communicating how de does this infiltration go to the political parties it's it's an it's an industry you you know i say i think that they've taken a lot of the network down already i really do believe that the good guys are in control but that doesn't mean they've got em and it could take us it could take us ten years could take us two years i could take this ten years we don't know but there's a lot of people out there who i have been brainwashed into the creek back to that first clip that that we paid there is you know they the showed or they tried to bring wish people into saint you know president trump is is the worst you know he's a hitler is of this that the other thing and any means you can to the nachim down that there saying to do that that is insanity it is insane the inspirin washed i i i hope that and pray for president tromp his entire family his lovely beautiful wife melanie to goo i actually had a i love the way she dressed so much i actually put together like a file on on her outfit she so beautiful and the way she dresses so something to over our country to really be proud of she dresses she dresses beautifully and i am so i felt really proud that she was our first i really did i'm so proud of what what a picture of grace and elegance and beauty and and you know makes me proud to be in fact a real woman as well as to have somebody that is just that intelligent well spoken ah just idolise is just a delight and if melanias out there he prionodon but it any great you know oh truly you know my my my incredible respect for that woman and in all that his whole family is taken in abuse that tells me that they're all they're all over the target wonderful people and in such some one i want to bring something in were goingthere to take out a commercial rearedthe and go back to my ogrens in so if anybody wants to know and you can get these things on an as on this is one of the easiest ways to do it so i'm goin to show you first how how you set him so ogoshosama yet this is where you can put and such but there's another part too is most secedes will fall through that great and also you you should use two of these green trades because when you first start out you want it you want to cover you want to cover em see leto see i got one of the bottom one of the top green trans bottom green trans and your covering them with the because you want to think about it as seeds emerging from the ground they they don't grow a cap of the ground they grow under the ground in the half dando a few days to pop up the like then on alithea go for about five days before i take that top cover off and tinother out these so there's another thing that you can buy which i think this is the best substrate because you have to have something for them to write either through to get to the water in the bottom and these are this is something of sol con grill ro ro floppy silicon and you caught it to fit your tray featherstitch out so you can it to fit your tray hisses not cut yet dropping in the bottom put your seas on home now when you when you harvest you go in and your your greens will be about about you beg i you are for five inches you might you might have more hired penny on which greens or crown and you you go in and you start you start cutting them with a and then keep em kind of like in a clump because most people like to see in that way is at all mask out then and not really right so in a clock put a minute put him in a bag and you're good to go if you're growin em in your house guess what you don't ever really need to wash up i mean everything here as i should be pretty steriles of the isotheosis and vinegar first case it kind of sterilizes the seeds a little bit and not full vinegar for four hours with the or something like that i'll put it in some water the seeds and some water with about a teaspoon or so of vinegar and is less sit in there for about cape hours four hours a something like a thin spread it out on the grown mat inside your tray pour some water and sethroe round low better he can spread and then put the other tom for on it and let him sit there within about a day you are going to really start seeing the eothen the roots come out a little bed and you're going you're going to see him sprout and it's going to have some of them have really really fine fighters that if you've done it in in vinegar you won't have em old problem take the top off and fania couple of times the day just m some fresh air and such an epitheton and then you dump the water off every day put the new you know either spram or sprinkle and with some fresh water non chlorinate you ought not chlorinated water on on your normal and then then just do that every day spram you want the wont plants to feel a little bit moistened take the top off animal with bits they get some fresh air so you're kind of keeping up with the roots to him sometimes they look like a net you not sure that mold is sprouted probably not it's probably as the ruddy and then you don't it first you can have the water kind of up to kindwere the seeds are but you want an make you want to drop the water table down in that bit of a little bit more every day because you want the roots to grow down in the therehand to search out the water the roots and that's what they do so just like eggs are enough to grow if you get really good seed there's enough new trees in the seeds to grow your micro greens now the ones that i show you right now there is some of me are almost two inches tall actually in that one i've got i've got a couple of him that in there the th there reach they're going to be they'll be up to two it probably an inchand have two inches ah to day the roots will go down to seek water so it is as their starting to sprout start drop in your water level just a little bit every day in it doesn't have to be exactly seesgoing to grow up okay so loss but part of being disciplined in anything in having is having having struck having things that you do on a daily basis so like for me as i grew up as a kid not far my horses always got watered and fed before i did i would get up in the morning put my barn clothes out run out to the barn water and feed my horses come in grand breakfast and go to school that was the day you feed that was how we were brought up you'd take care of your animals before you do one thing for yourself that comes first always well if you're going to grow if you're going to grow any kind of plants or vessels be a farmer that close the first thing in the morning and in solicitorall i really want to teach everybody how to grow plants in their home you can feed yourself if you got a window and saw there is a way to feed yourself even if the supply line goes down you don't have to be a fright all you need to have as little water you can purify water that's to do and you can grow your own food with the water you grow catch it whatever's long as you've got a window somewhat of heat or solder winter and so that there you know you've got to have you got at the chapter i a little but warm we can't have we zero but you can actually grow your own food and put it up you can dry it you could save it for later there's some very simple ways of taking care of you so so my whole thing is as if i can help teach everybody to have the confidence in exploring growing things like sprouting or micro greens is long as she have a few things on hand you can actually if there's a glichontai ten you're all set and is best to be prepared beforehand because if prepared beforehand the litheness stem happens second matters much i really don't think that the the omisere going to have any problems if the lights go there's a snap because they're already living off the grid and they're not dependent at all on honor society the satanic society that we live in it the supply lines epithet could care less his are already there already familiar with it the more we can get familiar with some of these things that that farmers are familiar with the better off we are i just had a bag of sweet potatoes that sprouted it and i mused upset do i throw the sweet potatoes out no absolutely not i'm going to grow them so that the easiest way to do that potatoes like sandy slid they don't like a heavy soil they don't like clay there going to rot you have to do it in a sandy sandy type of soil so real super lights and you can start cutting em can they can be maybe maybe ah you know to pieces like like an ole or or so i mean as long as it's got an eye on it that's growing you're good to go that's he that's literally a set so i'm goin to cut these potatoes out oh let him sit out to perlite maybe out of a sad three days or so to heal that cut at noon a heel the cut at of it so that if you put it in the dirt it's kind o it's er you're likelihood for them to rot she so let him sit out after you caught him up there's there's a couple as you can do you can dip it in some at and plant right away you know the dry cement or you can just let us set out just let it set up same thing and for about three days and then if you have a large pot or planter you can do a vertical of ercole planting where you just make like a a a frame you can do it out of out of a large wire like fence fencing wire and bend the edges around see o make a self inclosure a line it with a little landscape fabricating your potatoes in there they're going to grow you can do it in a poneropolous it you can make all sorts of things at this will work with but you've got you've got the ability to grow poterit there in a ten pound bag optatos that you forgot about and that are springende matter of sweet petals are in they're goin to grow throw in the ground and see chap and and and i think you'll be surprised he had i deelight species is still on call for one by businesses i can i'll keep solomon himself and among yourselves she says she's gasforfluo scored i have no trouble with one she is at a roll to day this woman she's got a lot to teach and a lot of talk about sighed dispensed here listening for a while i think which she was saying a while back about looking closely at things in for example be lam i think this is a great lesson for us to learn that the government is teaching us and these organizations are teaching us that when you have a title like an poppies act it doesn't necessarily mean it's about good puppies you may not have anything to do with puppies whatsoever you've got a recognized that what they put out in the varies all eye is not great and so like with vellam you've got an organization that has a black lives matter of course the matter so everybody should be behind it right well it were learning the hard way that what is presented to you is not always what it seems and that that's a really hard lesson when so much destruction and injury and death can come out of something like that but in the long run when you look at it you going to see an omares in the public you know there are more people looking into their children's school libraries then the ever paid attention to before what are we missing what have we been ah not paying attention to acknowledge to what have we not learned ah parents do know what is right for what is wrong but their choosing to look away because her choosing to look away from god and if you generations down they're not just looking away from god their deliberately looking to whatever pleases them this is sinful but this is how you end up with the sodom and gomorrah is not this cephalon beforehand it's happening to us now and now we have the opportunity to see exactly how they happened and hopefully it at least for another few generations will help protect them from making the state mistakes but wouldn't surprise me if we make it through this one and then it happens again and like a once i it's eh well this hole this wool on a black lines mattertelles do matter were all all like man and the thing that i've got a real problem with us ah is i'm going to put out margaret sanger i started she is she was in absolute race a piece a crop and what they they were after when planned parent was absolutely true kill more black children and she with she was that she was in e a craft and on i think that that something that everybody needs to come to terms what is that planerestore it out by her bill gates dad the murderers there there absolutely murdered some one bring us up a minit because it this is no i just looked at his an the sight but it's that too hard to find her her even even her videos but let's check this checkermen with a wornwere in throws effortless go ahead and on and no what we're talking about founder of plane parenthood revealed a wicked roots of the abortion movement exposed the twisted mind set me behind the present day death cold let'slet's go ahead in and listen at this video here i even with to perioecians in tisn't hard fingers every i'm about my home i believe there should be no more in most merciful thing in the large family does to one of its incommers not the word to go out then we want to exterminate to let's sit on me of foes connected let's sit on that for just a minute here because that is that that is incredibly this this is incredible that that this would actually oh that that would actually be there higson the world is bringing children no chance oh such a angustare i to us a house the rising i wish to take the one the by the inauguration organprovided and no more children should be born when he go help in themselves and that their children a marriage license shall in itself give husband and wife only the right to a common household the right he shall have the legal right to bear a child and no man shall have the right to become father without a permit permits for parenthood shelling issue upon application by sitting counting or state authorities to were her fighting there financially able to support the expected child have the qualifications needed for proper rearing of the child have no transfers was and o most part no medical indication that the maternity is likely to result in in no permit for parenthood shall be fell in for more than one or apples stern and rigid policy of sterilization and segregation to that great a population was progenies canton or whose inheritance is such that objectionable traits may be transmitted to obsers these two words some operose restores and cultivation of the better elements in our society and the gradual suppression elimination and eventual extinction of defective stocks those human weeds which threaten the blooming of the finest flowers of american civilization organized charity itself is the symptom of malignant socials my own position is that the catholic doctrine is a logical not in a cord was since against social welfare and raced of problems or the result of over breeding among the working class knowledge of birth is essentially more its general the prudent practice must lead to a higher individuality and ultimately to a clear race feeble minded this perpetuated self from the ranks of those who are blandly in to their racial responsibilities it is largely this time of humanity we are now drawn upon depopulate our world for the generations to come in this portion that must pine and replacing dinner this type is party possum wiping eating those daggers visions to survive extra by the very gods birth control itself often denounced as a violation of natural law or less than the facilitation of the process of weeding out the ashes a provision the first of or those who be we are to make racial progress this devolpment of woman must precede motherhood and everything the more so meriting it can stand and his hopeless open more aristotle my share america only turned back to one when the portion ate generis follered i it is probably shocking to a lot of people in guess who also in on that tollgates as dad it's this is just the is evil it originreal it's i don't i noticed that she liked to use the word on it and the effect man is the sounds like the most a discriminating dog breeder like all the poppy doesn't dozen fit my old or that female dog geologising the bee word because i don't know rumble might send her you or some picketline what it haveishness if you had lattices i mean i don't think i see the fast set in that she got timely breeding standards and so which she's not allowed to believe your bed rotators topothetree and that pompey well it has a spot on the wrong place so i'm just going to call it right now we'll just put in a bag with a rock and throw it into the pond there it is it's like this that this is a thing is she said it there as she more quotide believe that we don't want the word to go out that in this is margaret sanger said this that the one who basically started the whole plan parenthood nonsense that that we don't want em to exterminate the negro population that is what they wanted to do because she's a monster the one who certain anybody that stands with that kind of foundation and anything either lately ignorant or as bad as she he i think excellent this condonance little compilation of her her naughtiness and a demon demented mines i here to go lesson other one is good be can be an another good one and now one on the father sir control planning tryon the jail as they were to do so more times doing her pose the sin that so facestwisting honorperhaps tion of the ruling caste as keptitaway for her children along bring up her first the supper harrowing social of ours the silent pool let me ask you this is it into dourelie you had electual conviction with her control was a fool in demand i saw that others have that to his solidlike to knowthat in your life may part edoocation his mate one to this or that to the very beginning ah i can clarge fame the god on like a child oficinas a child as strangers were on the people for as to have some vain here botiacapture avanother pretending to orme sch ashantee hoped hootings what of the other there being a ofeel that you had your something tiresome other possible reasons that suggest themselves on reading your biochemical by large your mother and you so can i make a garment here this is kind o crazy but how do we even know she's a woman we see here a juliavery leven children she was born i has father was a sort of one turning or rather ansisters when i told the borecole the cause of an ice now ideaseverything of a kind apointier i see the ore the the stay and entering you see great deal of prove to an unnecessary so at that time there were set how position the teachers in there in mangel estacionados insanity insanity there care sorry i've been in shouting out things from time to time with it and muted by suction or you must holler she later i am not in saying that solid woman look at look at her look at her face she might be a man in a who knows i don't know what's the takelothis she's meant to lead she is nenyawenne she has a shake out with this one but i i just hoche hensching maraseshti on an she's not set his that scripted rather she sospicion out o spread script conscripted that was cause she looked back on the camera at this precise time that she did oh that that is a scripted radio well she asked she says that she is all about preventing suffering and am i a cruelty and it's like you can't say that at and behave in an express these other beliefs which are nothing but cruelty and suffering and broisid i decided that you shouldn't have children and therefore i'm going to tell the whole world that only the people who i believe should have children should have children and it's excusing it with this fry or narrative about anti cruelty that's an excuse for control she's a liar she is a liar you can watch it walter talk and i'm even her mannerisms she is a saint i think that edessians ankle mentally absolutely insane illustrisso omanago here to some curious now of it seen the plot before selectest he has the scandentes ting and then well wolkoff or a saving has no right spiritual bond in boston against satan oh yeah that's that's all kinds of notes to people don't even i think a lot of people don't even realize how bad this battle isn't what what we're actually facing your ill struck his you wattenwil tremblithe myterly lord rectors not the but i know that i can reverting we say idly while that something like that happens the rosary for he what's going on across the street we know is our gutchers i in the time like this he could if you're intimidating or of your share o brakes his in one reparation for it this of saintes we want to see say anywhere will over holy mother who covered the direption for the salvage angolaaoaoago thus iconicalis hitopadeas somers to reparations again what's going on i emboldened letter we did to itteringham i have a comment on that so these people are talking about our worshipping satan is wrong but they had also talking about worshipping a holy mother will the bible doesn't say you supposed to worship mary says you're supposed to work some jesus you're supposed to work for god never in the bible does it say worship mary they replaced one idle with another and there there shouting down the worship of satan while there at the same time worshipping another idle and a sense that not a god instructed that my makes people upset but that you know if you're if you're lying on somebody else to read your vital for you and tell you what it means then ye so round in that relationship you need to get into the bible and read it for yourself i i'm going to say that i've got a this complicated issue for sure but i am also very happy to see i think there's good people and bad people and the intentions are good especially if you go if you grow up into and in it i mean we all are going to have error on am i i am having a little struggle right now because there's a lot of things that i disagree with within the christian not not just not just any denomination pretty much all of them right now i think that most of christianity is the prostate and jesus it says it in the bible it talks about the church being apostate if the spirit of time that i believe when so i am very happy to see people who had were raised in that in that eh that faith step up in due i really hope and and in moving things forward in that direct i'm not going to spend a lot of time judging people's ah les mode of one that i a i'm not careful i i've been to camplic services but i'm i can say that no matter what error people are standing it we need to be moving forward towards truth in god's time and if people are brought up in a certain mindset i am i and a in fate i am hoping that we can all come together and it all of us in her own error because we all have it can help overlook things we disagree with in other people ah in other people editions that they've been brought up in and moved forward into a time where we eliminate all error and that we seek truth and when we seek truth together in that way we will find it and i think that we need to be helping each other as there's air everywhere right now oh he and suffering i very it's in something that i've had to really decide how i going to deal with us because it seems like a lot o it's real easy to disagree with people that you're you're not in it ah in and i agree that but i have not seen a church yet that doesn't have error and so i i think that this is where we give each other a little grace and you know well it's ten and not my thing right is this isn't my thing or that is my thing in such but too may be help increase the understanding and a very in a very compassionate way because i know that these things that it grew up in the you know in the way that i was brought off that maybe a lot of people would have a problem with so by calling an entire denomination out we are truly skipping over the fact that individual hearts are there and the intention can only be judged by god so pointing out ere i i understand what you're saying but i also believe that it's very it's very easy to fall into the trap of demonizing groups of people rather than acknowledge in effect that god can work through anything and everything in the way and the way that that we approach that not discounting that theirs error in all denominations but we need each of and we're going to have to bridge those differences and be able to work with people talk with people in that just point out things that we disagree with even if it's the truth we're going to have to stand together and be patient with each other as we moved through this time in this transition into doing things as one unified people realizing like where bunch of kids on playground playing with marvels none of us has at right we've got a lot of it right we don't court issues that are right but but i tell you eh i think we're all going to all gengend up in front of god almighty and go wow i thought i had this all nail down its gods that it is god's faith it's jesus christ who died for our sins to give us eternal life he menettelyst thing god could do to say osra and we're going to have to stand together and a in help each other through this transition zeiss yeh i ironwood i think him talked about it ah which in the last two weak about how we are all american and that unites us and i've seen a lot more of that in our country that even with all our differences culturally religiously raised gender all of that were turning away as a nation from a discrimination in how we having behaved toward other people you know we don't want to be we're not races we don't want to be rasis please don't divide us as if we are races when were not and the country is turning away from that ah in the desert it really can think to see if the church though is the same way we've got error everywhere it's like love to sumter's lot of mysticism the church right now there's a tone omisisset si in the church right now and that's not that's not a just with one with one church it's the whole frond thing the missis that's going on right now there's a neeather some that that are men look at how look at how the churches were talked about and in a revelation in in visions and we don't there there are is error in a lot of different areas and i really think that it's very important it before we put you know and i'm not saying this e i have an issue that we can point out error but realize that man won't let one one fingers pointing out three fingers are pointed right back at us and we've got to clean our houses up and realize that we're all we all think we've got it all figured out so many things that we don't understand that it's it's something that we really have to approach when the great humility compassion and in grace for each other to stand together with people that we may be don't agree with all the time that makes us yet like for example the the language thing that was talking about earlier all right i i'm a sinner like everybody else but i know those things that that i see are directly against what the bible says no bible doesn't say there's more than two genders the bible doesn't say a man kin sleep with another man it's as the directly the opposite and i can acknowledge that it happens but i can also disagree with it i can acknowledge that it happens that a lot of other people are quite comfortable using language that doesn't doesn't shine as end in the light may be is a good way of putting it if it doesn't seem to be a godly way of living to god the way he is written a scripture then it's not something i want to adhere to right oh i don't drink alcohol the bible doesn't say i can't or shouldn't bible says he shouldn't drink too much but personally i ous chosen not to go in that drag never have and i comfortable with that necessarily proud of it i think it's rare so it's kind of a good thing that vantage to successfully avoid it but i wasn't raised with it in my life my parents didn't drink it all ah and they didn't discriminate against any one else who drinks and i can sit with people who are drinking and i don't discriminate against them because i belong they i should but bible does say we should discriminate about other things not by the people but by the sin itself and so for me that's why i choose to mostly avoid that language when i can and i really try not to use it and let me tell you i've slipped up on that one a lot lately too be cut an that's perhaps one reason why he noticed it because i've been frustrated and angry and when i get emotional and passionate my tank can go loose and it reminds me to watch it because god doesn't want me to live that way he that's why they're so many scriptures about these i don't i think you don't want to miss use it because it presents you in a poor light if you're saying i wearing a robe of christ and then you're going out in expressing yourself with language that you know does not present god in a good light then your condemning yourself and so i think that body that uses the name of jesus christ in a light to gain favor with others and read up politically a lot yet that they you know it's like it's like who is going to out virtue signal another person in order to capture by deceptive means a bunch of the voters and in to be the same that i i i am right now i am refusing as i think that this is one of the biggest prophets we have in this nation is to condemn any of the any of the christian ra the christian of a denomination though i don't believe in denominations at all that i really don't any more than i believe in political parties were just awaited divide e and i am not going to i am not going to agree on the something disagree with and pushing a tired group of people off to the side we've got lisnacare there's going to be there's going to be people that are there impostors in any situation right now and it comes with a great responsibility to have discernment into lead lean on god because only god alone can judge a human heart there there's probably people like like i've heard christina cramond oh she's an establishment she's a set in the who the hell are you to judge do you know her or are you by and into the narrative from the established i actually know he and you don't this sort of thing just cause she standing with an organization which i disagree with any and all political parties the but that's what we got we got got right oh but i will stand with her based on the fact it if if we get rid of all of these diculous le ere we decentralized actually even religionist centralis help politics is centralized religion is centralized we have to be in or in arclus are groups and i'll think it was not that way i think it was spose very small community in our inner nibours we actually knew everybody not a cult situation that we garred favor from the bottom to rise up and favor whatever it is to have some sort of net this is really what's going on and and i i just i guess i just i guess i need to bring it forward because i've had two days in a row where it had to annesley it's something that doesn't feel good my heart in in order men and it's like it's like i hope that all of our you know catholic brothers and sisters out there know that we love them to peace in other things that i don't really agree with and pretty much every church have ever been in to and i'm sure pretty much everybody out there grees the sing we we had eli hook quintigny does nobody does so so going into if the thinking you know you know how every water really be honest with ourselves do we really believe hook and sinker what these institutions are pale i don't think i i really i i never heard anybody come out and say it truthfully that they do ah me now is like the get into an organization his friends here billy community the setantin to think that they're going to be able to move the move the line or other something like that in the doing the right thing they like the message they like the worship is but i've never heard somebody said that they that they buy into anything one hundred et their human construct and so you know i think i think there's definitely things that we and i think god can walk as to all situations even things that seem like its very evil he can turn something beautiful and out of it and you know i just i just want to let everybody out there that no matter if you're willing to stand to save the nation for good yet even if these things that we don't agree with intirely i'm willing to stand with you you know we're going to work together to deep six the soul the sustain nonsense its elise that were the real threat is its orinocowith the real threat is satan himself who is in interjected himself and all his little little puke minions up and down the vast supply line with politics with economic advantage the killing of children in all that it doth war is with god so i held that there go the last did you meet yourself no oh his sorry oh i was going in another i had another apple been sucked read in let me try again when you learn how to set the table with your duties you'll understand the love of cried in and it had that's where i like what you're trying to get at and i agreed we are all children of god and so even if i say something about em my belief system or the bible and i disagree with some one else's belief system i could set that aside what we're working on an up projector a gold or whatever because we're all americans were all children of god first and foremost and this is an exercise where you and i've been talking about for a while focussing on god is and if we do that in re realized that god has love for every one the nations help shape our behaviour too and like a sad we all make mistakes we all ah discriminate because we're trained to all our lives were trained to discriminate ah and i think that is a biblical concept for us to discriminate he doesn't want us to be around sin but the more sinful as society becomes the harder it is to live within it you know i think sometimes about lot and what his family went through or noah is it when they they had and people talk about america as if its ofonemind more and we're not there yet or just not as awful as it's got to be oh when you look at what was happening there were not quite there and it can be difficult for us to interact with the society that is so ungodly right now but i wondered or sometimes about what lot had experienced how could he step outside of his store and interact with anybody on any level because he had to have so much fear for his family too just just to survive not not you know like living in a social or a business contract environment how can you work with people who are that sinful everybody around you is terribly sinful and not just like you know we just disagree on a thing here and there i do work waits like i home berthand i home schooled my kids is like i does not going to paris and i think you know i think this goes down to first we have to inspect ourselves and you know and other people you don't we don't want to things as really offensive to is when i go into a church situation and all of a sudden somebody decides that em you know somebody decides that that they're going to make a project out it's incredibly so god brings of change if we try to do it in an of ourselves it's going to fail everysing but if god if god does the change in other people it's permanent because he'll lead them to the point of where their past themselves he does it with all of us i mean it were like a bunch o little kids like i said mullinahone a play ground and you know we have to let god get ahead of this so that when he wants the as they have and their permanent ah i was it i was at a a passed over one year and there was it was really sad i was so offended by the terasson that came up and she was all sorts of the purity galantes and she came in with another gallon a scale was just like really she was afraid to be there is she was afraid to get joe and this woman stepped up and said o this is my friend such a such were praying for her and i looked at her in a like way help you pray for me i'm like a cause as this woman was mortified and i sat there and on like a come on sit with us you're going to sit with the on perfect people at this table over here who are still trying to figure out life and we can and you can be real with us instead of hiding your you know hiding in front of this perticatres noses and just to be right for the sake of being right and i i think that this something we're going to have to set aside and with respect for each and every person has out there ah realize that god is going to bring us all through this we choose to follow him choices are to follow him or not tries one that judges or hard the hibernation the it's going to be okay we don't have to be afraid we don't have to be be ah you know terrified of of having honestly in having people see our flaws you know we're all flowed and we're going to have to help each other and realize it the battle is with principalities and powers it's not with the catholic church though the you can see the structure and i'm sure everybody sees that anything ailed priests and old and you got a produits in every o that it's not in one it's the whole society has been insulted people i think that we were going to have to be here to really really this nation is a train re and a very impersonal level i can tell you what being on call right now for that that i for my one company on the emergence i cannot tell you how many calls i've gotten in the last couple of weeks of people who are just so lonesome and there looking for any one who will listen to them not necessarily even a real problem there so afraid i'm to tell you one that instance i had i went to i went to a house set the scale was like terrified there's a leak in her it i've got black mole oh really well i'm i'm absolutely you know i'm very sensitive to mollie and smell it a mile away and so unlike well come over because i'm kind of letting she one and i walked in the rise and the gales the younger gale and shoes just absolutely terrified of everything this is symptomatic of what this nation is done with our younger generations so got somebody who is sixty years old walking in there that's like senadondo not scared any ins i went in there and she's just here is explaining to me situation she said it's a came home and it was black molded and and i did this that and the other thing and i like okay and then with then about so talking to i had if he had likenessthose to it i'd have talk her through this one will you realize that a oldnall aston smell or entirely died so i can do an e york reaction and say oh you don't go hysterico this flat mold which right now is looking like it's not it's as to my question now is worseso we hadn't acquainted she's got an she's got a in an old stove with a pilot on it and it's war right not a letter in its work and in i put she's getting a new style in just she anything wrong with his stole and so put me and i slip said there's does nothing to be afraid and she is like i'm afraid to clean it i said i tell you what we'll kind of clean as you have and and she told me and i said how o i clean this for he and show you how sake and so i took the cleaners and the start clean in her lithe you don't really have anything to be afraid of here whatsoever and so i clean the stove and and by the time of his in welsh have anything again just call me an all the over here were then twenty minutes so that i can see it because clearly the smell is gone so if it were bold you would smell it if it were as a chain my guesses that may be somebody and in one of the apartments are on you spilled some maybe not but we looked into it we sent a roofer up on the roof just to make sure that that she had peace of mind but this nation is a train wreck people are scared of nothing there looking at it it it at things that are from another another side of people that they disagree with and all of a sudden they go in to flitterfoot response on everything and to attack things that they that they may be are feel threatened to or something they're not familiar with because they've been brainwashed be afraid of everything and go on the attack instead of sit back and going home like you went to a little kin that's walking around you or you ask the behavior and grown the scared of this i wonder why i would have gone crinatory i was going to the church congregation in another state ah my is therefore a temporary job and ah some circumstances changed to shorten a story and i ended up sitting in the back of the church and set on where i used to sit with some people i was no longer getting along with and i could see things from there that i couldn't see before because of the perspective and i was like these people are not they're not worshipping god there not here a what's the word i'm looking for ah they don't view god with honor there not showing honor to god with their service there therefore the family found it is it's a fine enthroned yeah entertaining each other and one one time this man they had been a few weeks and i isreally disturbed by this and this man came to the back of the room he said are you o ka he got told you that story before but a agasagno really are you a cat and it wasn't was really unhappy he could see it well before this all happened i was out with his family and i said he there's another congregation over there in the neighbouring town maybe ten minutes drive or something like that and i asked about this other congregation out of curiosity and they said oh you know i go in those people are dressed a bunch of mexican hic and i was like a o ka and they all laughed well because of what was going on in this congration now that i could see who they really were as a whole as a body then not now that it they were all that way cause the one man who is mostly quiet he was there for the right reasons ah when i went over to the other congregation they had probably the worst acapella seeing i've ever experienced sir and i've been to many congregations what i can get i could get through in that cold singing the singing partners is one of my favorite parts cause i really enjoy that ah and i can sing in him so it's it's a as the form of pleasure that i get out of the unity of the group to sing with them and i still was able to find pleasure with this particular group they were seniors mostly i don't think a single one was anything but a white american they were not his panic they were not mexican they probably lived in the country but i wouldn't have described them with the word hick because that's not appropriate it was used as a slang term by these other people who called themselves you're er even talking about your own hang that congregation but your own let's say religion and you're speaking of them in derogatory terms and your laughing and mocking them when you don't even know them that really bothered and when i noticed how badly they were behaving in their own congregation that was enough for me to leave a win to the other one on a lake they are worshipping god with the spirit that their supposed to have and i really enjoy them they were all very loving to me they welcomed me with open arms and they stayed that way and they really wanted me to never forget them when i came back to me again i rode a letter to the other family and i spoke to them about how they treated me and i was a looking for anything from that but i said you owe those other people in apology and they may never know about this but you need to have a conversation with god about what you said and i didn't leave my return address on it because i and while on the nothing from them but i wanted to prompt them to think about their own behavior because their relationship with god depended on whether they could become aware of what they had done and how they were viewing other really good people and if they chose to act on that with humility and i asked for forgiveness of god and we all need that at some point in our lives and in a daily basis cause it's really easy to go those people are not their taking their children to a drag queen show what is wrong with them and then we get angry if we've got to forget and we've got to remember that those are children of god in the thereupon they they have lost sight of godly principles and perhaps they're going to learn the hard way perhaps the learn of more gentler way but they are too ill people that we are instructed to love and then pity gattorugine in people that on every show aren't you to hontaon with this i have done with this whole just go look at everybody and say i'm better than you i know everything because it is so disrespectful in arrogant it's unbelievable you know it's a we can point out that behavior we can point out people that have if illet other people astray that's a discernment issue on on itsomebody has absolutely you know john and i'm talking horrific like like you know a sexually musing children killing children no jot in abortion but actually killing killing chile is he down there with with the traffickings but having that discernment to know who is our enemy and are we are they they got a so distract it that the only thing that we can think about its protecting our views on things so that anybody that pops up the disagrees unless even in the least we go after them we bare because because we we feel the threat of fighter flights we we find it in its wrong it's arly rough this is absolutely another distraction to divide this nice who are we really fighting satan himself who was launched a war on god almighty and you know what it's a game i capture it's like came of capture of the flag because they're trying to capture its many people and souls that they can destroy as they came and so somebody who was very instant example if if they can if they can defile a child sexually abuse a child pedophilia its rampant its rampant in our government the logan des look at the rest that have come out and see how rampant this is public race is going on of children at the border how much how much damage to their den if they can if they can defile a child that child is likely to become just like the rest the the the way out of it is we gotter be praying for this nation for every single child that's been hurt you don't a lot of us came huge abuse and or in and background and all i can say is it's but god but by the grace of god that any of us are able to go forward for in and certainly everybody's been through some form of abuse right now in the united states and we have a choice one choice is is it do do you fall in line and make excuses and they will this happen to me i'm going to do it to somebody else or all these people are doing it it's going to be fine no it's not the standard there issues lies is okili no because somebody else steals the locate no is it okay the to have an abortion because well everybody's doin it no is it o ka to let your fourteen year old look like a and go to something at school just while that the style has what everybody's do it is that o ka no it's in it takes a very brave person stand off and sit you know what i don't care what anybody thinks about me i'm going to live in front igod under all circumstant i'm not going to and and i you know and we're not going to let this slide anywhere were not going to make excuses that's a personal and then you don't to do to do with as to do good to do you know to change that nettison get along and it it it goes so much further relationships to others we can look at each other with compassion and this our battle is not with flesh and blood it is with principalities of power first thing we need do is pray for god to give us with god help me to know how to approach this situation because in and of ourselves were going to fail every show me what to say give me the words give me give me the the help to help this person who is who is really struggling right how can i help this and it's not to be great sometimes is just to sit there very quietly and say oh and and just be there for when god brings the circumstance into the lives were they realize that they are really that their finally admitting other struggling and they need some help and you don't even have to do anything to say i told you so you just go on and say yeah i struggled with some things and make that bar of very easy to get over for so that they don't feel embarrassed or that doesn't shut down to say ye sometimes life is really one and they'll they'll you know they'll start realizing and then realize that that the opportunity is there because we decided to be apparicio walk alongside of not in arrogance but it is compassion we all are tried wherein you know in some form or another and have broken hearts over what we see we need to be willing to pick to be able to help carry those people in their times that their struggling or were things that there in air and and hopefully i prayed to god that they will step up for us when we fall i feel really strongly by the norman keep calling people out for it and not want to hear it any more not got a censored i won't censor it but if somebody comes is somebody brings it up you're going to get your but hand in to you by mumadona that moment time because we need to play nice with our brothers said field so in the check see sir says my wife and i have preciate the the work you two are doing thank you is nice to watch two sisters talking at tonics that effects are country thank you that's really nice so there we were on the session i think i think it's important because you know what is so many who has actually haven't respond to things i struggle sometimes to have the right words to two even addresses hearts situation you do sometimes you you kind of oh how i going to do how can i do with this and it's like please god to give me the words at me but you in what needs be said and we're going to make mistakes nobody's perfect and the only one that was re he chose not to those so they go well it's it's too naf hours i ain't get on to things cause i just thought i got a bob kept that was dropped off and i to get back to some of these merges he calls you men lastshire while i think we the lot of what we're talking about is an awareness too we are aware of what's going on around us were aware of the problems in our world were on you know what i said was it with regards to an awareness and being aware of what the bible instructs us to do what god wants for us is important and how we treat one another while we discriminating god's way that's the tricky place because it is an art form and were not all artists emsome of us are more scientists and soloist to find the balance along the way of how we use our words and am so i hope i didn't offend anybody that's disst in awareness that prompted me to to speak up the way i did oh but i agree we're all there's a lot of differences between all the people who are trying to do the right thing for an an i am totally accepting of that oh i will walk alongside and transgender person on a mission just as well as anybody else me regardless of how i might discriminate in some other ways you know what i mean so it's we are all here hoping to please god that is the mission hoping to please god every more people to him and we make mistakes along the way in doing that on we can look at christ as the best example of it ah he was really careful about and casting stones but he was also a true speaker and he pointed out when people were wrong but he did it in a way that caused them to be guilty in themselves ah he went after the religious as a people we are men he set out and he was he was a texture accolents of prostitute the command you as can be better than that you know your own hurt yourselves really at that point in our and inmeaning yourself but that the ones that were leading people astray the religious leader that's who turned the tables over and that this is you do not turn my house of prayer and to you know a den of thieves and they did that and their continuing to do it to this day see discriminate between those of taking the thirty pieces of silver and the ones that have been leading though those of the ones that are going to get coinage the judgment far more than somebody who makes the mistake in a struggling and in that that that something to be said and i love the and i love about you i really loved the way that you will just and i am that way too to it to a large degree of engliss and me for five minutes and all coltings out too its i very important a balance that and and i led i really love that about because i think you do really good job of of of balance ah and been able to speak otto i mean i just love you piece is i am going to be this discussion to day this is a great discussion on don't live yet this is a hard place for me cause i septeno speak boldly especially when i'm writing instead of with somebody and i've often struggled with people who are easily offended by something i said and i have no idea because i just i speak boldly sometimes and i don't realize that some one else might be offended about it so it's something that constantly learning that is a that is one place where i get humility and ah what's the word i'm self conscious you know what tis no casesthere et some to you know where we learn cause i know i do that too is as like i go over the things that i set him like a high let's see i mean i've had to repent is where all i'll be i am ready being my little my link pollenite a sword to fly and so he and i had been really go back and go o ka dana i you know an oke god i'm sorry i'm going to try to see it differently the next to be you know for what what do you want me communicate and try to just lean on god and hopefully the next time i'll be a little better than i was this the keys going no matter if you make mistakes play going and and never stop and be hot is that god that god you don't because that's all so the corruption that we get from other people is a very profitable because we learn and we all should be opened to that i mean you know that if somebody comes insensibly well down and unitedthis deferently okay ah i ponder for event and then put it into words that i can pack it in that i can that i can understand and the gun the right i need to approach this differently and you know and i think that's a good thing i have salt loved the fact that you and i can have real honest discussions being very honest with it even we don't agree with each other we see some that and and i appreciate that but i love you to piece as you are i think one of the most honorable people i have met in that i know and i am so honored to call you a true friend and in you know what i know that if i make a mistake you love me enough to tell me the and then as for i was going to respond to what you're saying because we have all of an affection for one another and it's it's the spiritual sort of love that we should have because if we put god first we can get over a lot of other things it's not always easy ah i i i because of i was bullied as a child i take in a lot and it hurts but that's the sensitive side that also helps me in other ways to help others and so like you you and i have talked a lot of about our backgrounds and we're very different and that way oh you're a lot more sturdy person i would say emotionally than i am i tend to be more sensitive but i and humility and love focussing on god how he treat one another in other people is he here you know i anythink about that that cold about judas jesus had a love of an affection for judas to in even though he knew that he was going to betray him he didn't discriminate against him he treated him just just like all the rest because he had a role to play then that man is you know what we can look around us and point a lot of fingers if people who are like judas in the way that he behaved but and he was punished in the end but he had a roll to play a god still loved him jesus still loved him and appreciated him for who he was that's sometimes hard for us to imagine because we're we're taught to discriminate in hate as a result you and i'm grateful thank you my mam she so may not be watching but maybe i'll remind her later she taught us myself and my brothers we were never to use the word hate toward one another that was one of the worst things that we could do round the house was to say i hate you we were not allowed to say that and that's a really good thing and that's that's a tread of her that my mom gave us because we were she was trying to teach us to love each other even if we were angry with the and isn't that a lesson for to day and in mom's aren't teaching it you need to be teaching that because there is a lot of reason to the angry with other people right now and if we turn at anger into hate it becomes easy to act in an evil way we look at them the notes as an example its distance its in the past so or not feeling is connected to it and we wonder how could they do such atrocities against other people because they were allowed to be angry and hate them it's a very mecame less it's a bitter root that takes rot you know that and in their things like that that we've got to guard against the hand and he you know the hate and the the need to it back at people sometimes people are just are just things are generationall pass down to the you know i had a discussion yesterday about about narcissism because somebody is somebody else and i like well you got two sides to the first of all someone who was truly narcisus that don't want to hear you more snow flakes thralling this word out just as somebody disagrees with in something that is to be clinically diagnosed eh and i falls in the same category as as a sex offenders actually and and socio paths rest it's a it's a concerted the that just because somebody's talking about themselves or whatever like that that's a totally different than the classical definition of it without me no apathy you know i be able to use other people and there's no amphithe it's not just the they're talking about themselves and somebody else wants the spot light that's not what it is and though the problem with something like that is you can almost always trace it back there's only two ways in a person gets that way the ether hard wire or it was someone who did not have their needs in that under the age of four years old only two ways happens set and look at margate changer and so you know you can you can look at you can look at somebody like that and probably make a pretty good assumption that she popped up within a blood lying family and it had massive amounts to and its like is she even a hewishes doing to certainly even but but you know it's like it's unfortunate that in the game of a spiritual capture the flag the shoe was in fact a captured asset to satan himself i often wonder that with like so hilary in where did she go astray or no or that the hundreds of people that we know out there and you look at him when they get older and in and you can see the stake or make in doing doing horrific and go how did this person where did they go a strike where they lose her humanity where were they where the loser what happened murder can they be helped or is the only help that there ever going to have to face god himself andy and either god makes the judgement or god heels don't know i don't know i don't have the answers but it's a lot of questions going on you now and i've been i have no questions on at all is that jesus christ is my lord save your case here another in a way i'm going to get to haven without him that's right he's my only justice this we are ipso only by the salvation and by the grace of god that any of us would be able to stand his grace his hisses it is pain for the things that we can't pay that we've reached help which he is the only one that can pay the price and forgive us and welcomes lately i've been thinking a lot about the th the phrase vengeance is mine saith the lord because he can as you've mentioned a number of times on the shows em we can try to get some form of justice here on earth it's a small matter and like i said about that family it wasn't for me to judge them i knew what they had done was wrong and i wanted them to notice it because they didn't go an experience those people i did and so i could return to them and say those people were wonderful and you were wrong you were very very wrong and had it back words they need to make it right with god ah i want to give him a chance to do that make remedy with god as we might say the asset emily finde remedy all he could do that i can't i can't have some kind of justice with that those people that's not my place and i and then i can let it go i that is a very strong memory i have a lot of memories about that short time in my life that that they're not going anywhere that's a very big lesson for me was i don't want to be that person that sits around and says well that could repeople is such and such and be so wrong and make a judgment call on people based on a year say or something like that don't make judgment calls on other people when you don't know what you're talking about and god that is god's place that is god's vengeance to take place we can have some justice and like you said with people like that who are not appropriate to live in our society because there so dangerous to the rest of us man's therein there is a time in a place where those people need a earthly justice but it is nothing it is absolutely nothing all he does is protect the rest of us and gives a warning to others they we are serious we you cannot hurt other people that the little cook concept too but the vengeance is god and if we love others first and foremost and remember that he is the final judge on all things right it makes it a lot easier to then treat other people with kind we can judge the behavior we haven't yes shoes and the behavior and say in that going to be brave and should you not can rincriccre you're not going to be you know stealing the nation through i know through deception dishonesty through lying cheating and stealing not going to do it and i can git we're not going to let you and you know because we can see that and go up that was got a strong hold there and hopefully that personal turn round what can be their choice but either way god will judge rightly it someone well you know what i've got to go isbitrates direction rate i rely like havin this cushion with you i don't long so i think the real discussions that we have are more important than even the new speed to see what's going on that's wrong cause you know there's a lot that's going on that's that's right and the things that we see that are wrong the kind of help us a determined a path forward honestly and ii focus on hand because i want to know what to it's not that in his hatsome going wrong he at my path the creese so i see it is a real part of the if i see something wrong i'm going to charge read into the middle of it so i can and so when people see us going going there that's why i just want to find out what he's love said i made my kids sit next to each other on the couch if the bickering kept up the end hold he and it wasn't it it wasn't still resolved on they had to put their arms round each other now what i did i did the kindnessnothing i made him sit there and hold hands and tell each other they loved each other for twenty minutes and and that that usually ended ended the scale wait do it so anyhow well let's say prayer men dear only father we play for pray for this nation we pray for each that reprsenter we ask you to help us deal with our frustration or anger help us to observe your creation and not feel the the flight or fight responds that we can watch and realize that this is all in your hands both the things that we like that we don't like is a comfortable that make it feel like we're being a tack i receive that are just blatantly wrong you already know it you know that it's wrong and your allowing this and we we i submit to your will in all things and in your time on and we know that you will in fact make everything right and we just have to be willing to follow you even in things that we don't necessarily understand to write the things that you put on our hearts to do to step up and be involved to absolute we know that that is something you want us to do to lead us into action to be involved so that we can have self government and that we can have the freedom that you have you given us if we can't manage freedoms that you'd give us i don't know what we're going to do other than just sit and bondadoso please let everybody know their loved and that they can step out in areas that they never thought that they were able to step out into they can trust in you that can ask for discernment and every word that comes out of their mouth they pray without that we turn to you in all things and acknowledge the pure rightful place we are under you we submit to you we whatever it is is your good all the time in his left bare our selves were going to screw it all up an so at any rate or without your without your help will screw all up so we asked you walkest through through this life that you walk a trough the heat the ability to help others that you give us the words to and that that where asking you to heal our land in our relationship everything here and that satan gets right out gone over with don found a way with him sick of a sick of his nonsense is we want this to be your at the kingdom at on earth as it is the that's our design so much for the sake and i we love you and do the same crayman so this is a remark having meanything please go too brandeberg doubted not come i have not conceived on the best not could see or who is uppercased history of the of the world i and take the title i despatch is anyhow how have wonderful wonderful day to the he you get to make it yours and i for you and all around you too is going to get us through this can be okay no fighter flight to day only bravery none some goggles you god bless all those whom you love and god bless thee can be ok gods and charge