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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 11/30/2023 Amway - DeVos Whistleblower and Red Pilled Michigan

Published Nov. 30, 2023, 9:03 a.m.

9am Judah Ayers, the Amway/DeVos Whistleblower, will be talking about the DeVos involvement in politics. Judah Ayers was a NCAA Big Ten Athlete from MSU after graduation built a successful Amway Business for 22 years. Over the years he noticed multiple things that were concerning and he started asking questions. It was not until January 6 and the events of the day did he connect things. On January 7, 2021 with the resignation of Betsy DeVos from the Trump Administration "inciting" a riot did he then understand the history of the families. The entire next week in prayer, God downloaded all and connected the dots to expose, giving understanding for Judah to document. Judah presented the documentation to the Chairman of the company whom he thought was a strong Patriot and Christian. The next day he was sent a Cease and Desist order and his business of 22 years was terminated with no real explanation. Thus the start of his journey of truth and discovery into the history of politics and these families. 10am Alexa Otte and Holly DeBoer Red Pilled Michigan is the result of a chance meeting between Holly and Alexa through Kent GOP. Working together as volunteers on fundraising events to help preserve Michigan for future generations. In the midst of planning a larger event, they were utterly disappointed when the event was abruptly cancelled. However, they refused to let the momentum go to waste and instead picked up the pieces and continued the event, showcasing their dedication to the cause and their community. They are surrounded by fellow patriots giving of their time and talents. Alexa Otte is an elected precinct delegate, wife, homeschool mother of 3. She also works PT with infertility patients. She is new on the political scene, showing her children that we cannot wait for someone else to come to the rescue. Her goal is to raise her children to stand up for what is right. Thus, paving the way for a better future. Holly DeBoer is an elected School Board Member, wife, mother and grandmother to 6. She also is new on the political scene with a passion for making changes for future generations. She is a small business owner in the events & hospitality field and did not shut down during covid. Twitter: Rumble:

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♫ Good morning. Welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg and it is the 30th day of November 2023. Looks like we're having a little problem with rumble this morning. I'm not seeing this thing fire off so I don't know what's going on there. I'm going to go ahead and send a message to the stream a minute and then we're going to get going. I'm going to welcome my first guest on. Judah Ayers, how you doing? Hey, how are you? I'm doing great. Hey, let me send a message off. You can go ahead and start talking, but for some reason, Rumble is glitching here. And I don't know why. Oh, we got one up. And let me see about the other one here. It's a random for Governor one. Let's see if we can get this thing working. But I'm doing good. So what's happening in Judah's world today? Well, just we got beautiful sunshine. We got another day. And it's just exciting that around us, the truth is just coming out of every crevice and hole and people are waking up and people are learning the truth. And so it's exciting to be on our side of the field and being able to see what's happening. Yeah, it really is. And more and more is coming forward every day. You know, Henry Kissinger died at a hundred yesterday and you were aware of it, you sent me a link to it. I hate to say it, but some of these people sitting at the top. I'm sorry for the people that had their loss there for him. But when you look at what this man was involved in, I can't say that this is a loss to the planet. Not at all. Probably it's a huge victory. I believe it is too. And we can't, we can be sorry, you know, like the Lone Ranger, they were always sorry that people made bad choices or they, you know, decided to walk away from God. It was, or the right thing. But, and so we're sorry for that, but when somebody makes blatant bad choices that are harmful to other people, I don't spend a lot of time crying over it. Well, he wasn't even a bad choices. This is what we, we confront in terms of pure evil, that's light versus darkness. And it's just pure evil. evil and you know the designer architect of the new world order and so at least one of them and a mentor to You know Klaus Schwab. So I mean this is a this is the bottom of the pit and Today, you know what? He's not going to heaven and You know what? Angels rejoice because you know what they take care of what needs to be taken care of and the truth on all that stuff's coming out and is just, you know, stand in righteousness, move forward, and tell people the truth. And as people, you know, one of my good friends, his name's Coach Dave, he's got a TV show called Coach Dave Live, but he says, don't get butt hurt, keep moving and advancing the ball down the field. We're on the goal line, and this is the time to stick the ball in the end zone, and it's just exciting time. So- It really is. So you and I have been having some wonderful discussions, discussions on everything in Michigan and the ties to the globalists, especially the, I hate to say it, but I'm going to just go ahead and say it, the DeVos family and Amway, and the shocking truths that you've uncovered personally as an individual to really show what's going on behind the scenes. And the connection with say Betsy DeVos resigning on the 7th of January, this whole thing was orchestrated. I talked to another guy that he was kind of funny to me. He said, this is not orchestrated. They just went ahead and used human behavior. Well, that may be true to a certain point for J6, they knew exactly what they were doing. And not only did they know what they were doing, but the Fed and this Fed's direction was pushing people in that, in that capital. There's no way I was there. There's no way that anybody's going to breach that unless they're just walked right in there. Oh yeah. And those doors they're, they're closed by, you know, thousand pound weight magnets. And literally there's, there's no way to get in there unless it was opened up And that truth has been told Ivan Ranklin is sharing that Dave Summerall and these guys, uh, you know, they're on the ground floor of truth Sharing every nook and cranny for the American people to learn and that day as you were there I was there as well. And I was there to pray for my country I was there to stand in righteousness and what we were witness to that's the thing we were witness to witness to pure evil. They tried to invert things for their own gain. And here's what's awesome is on January 7th, when she resigned, she got caught. And you know, it's not necessarily the incident that catches everybody. It's the cover up. And as what we're learning is because when you try to cover up a lie, it's just a matter of time before it catches you. And theirs is just compounding on top of everything that they're doing. up in I think New Hampshire with a gentleman named David up there and I'm pretty excited about this. I'm going to try to get him to come on because he's doing pro se filing up there and he's winning. He won. So that's really, really exciting to see this stuff really moving forward. So Ivan does a great job. I really like Ivan. He's funny. He wields the sword of truth and he's growing in the Word daily. He's a friend and a warrior. I love that man. Everybody that's standing up for this nation, it's kind of fun. It's like you meet people randomly and there's no coincidences. But all of a sudden you realize that everybody that you're meeting is truly family. We have the same heart because we have the heart for God and His purposes here and our brothers and sisters here on, you know, in this world. And there's a bond there that you can't, you can't deny, you know, and it's really amazing how God's brought us all together. And all I can say is I'm really thankful. You know, what a great time to be alive. It really is. It's so exciting. And all this doom and gloom that everyone has on the planet, you know, these people, not only the American people but the entire world is backfiring and You know a lot of people all these social media platforms where they're keep painting doom and gloom Yeah, we're gonna have to face the music and face the truth But man all the good things that are happening because patriots like you Stood in the gap and said no we got mama bears who said no they want to defend their children They want to defend their these things, you know what we talked about that topic was uh, it was uh, freemasonry And what people don't understand is that's the inversion of basically things they use black magic To invert the truth to be able to fool the people And um, you know, they think they get brownie points in terms of these these things that they do behind closed doors and in their secret Societies, but their whole goal is to fool the people Into what they were doing and what's great is that we as believers those that are in Christ you know what we see through that stuff and What's awesome is that now more and more people are waking up and they're starting to learn that You know what? They were they were fooled and I think it's awesome. You pull on this little string, you know I got like this coat here you pull on this little string this thread and next thing, you know, the whole thing starts coming unwoven and that, you know what, people always ask me all the time, well, hey, aren't you fearful for going out and sharing these truths and things like that? And I said, heck no, why would I be fearful when I've got the heart of the line of Judah inside of me who says, you know what, go forward and he'll provide the shield of protection. And for you, you know, we talked about it all the time is that, you know what, the more of us that we keep lighting other people's flames, the more of us that they can't stop. It's just beautiful to see more and more people out there who are now digging You know what? We need more people digging into these truths and exposing these things and sharing them with them And quite honestly the election is what really did it and thank god donald trump and his team Or the team behind him Um of generals who said you know what we're going to put a stop to this and you know is full stop exposure To what's going on? communications that he's put out in his platform that some people don't understand his misspellings. Yeah, the whole the whole thing is really amazing. Hey, let's talk about some more of this whole whole DeVos and Amway nonsense out there, because I'm just every day that more and more of this is coming out. I'm just literally shocked. Like the sun, the sun that's in the Amway Grand Plaza, it looks like an altar. And then there's that picture of some sort of a little entity with a paw and a basket of apples or something like that up there. You sent that to me and I'm like, wow, it's right in front of our faces. And then can you go into their little display of Egyptian gods in the entryway of Amway and also the Pfizer plant that they funded right there? That's a lot to unthread there. Well, there's a lot of ways we can go. We can go to Miss Freemasonry and whatever you wanna go to on that one too, because this is so, it's good. We have to throw all the cards right out on the table. Yeah, you know what it really comes down to is like, so for example, when you qualify as what's called a platinum in the Amway business, you take a trip up to the corporation and taking those trips and going up there and years I spent in that business, which by the way, for anybody who's listening, share that communication, share my website with anybody who's in that business or in that political arena who's being funded by these families and let them know, hey, you need to stand up. Don't hide in the bushes. Don't keep supporting their UN agenda for their one world government. Don't keep funding all these things that they're doing. But the reality is, is on the Amway property, they have the Amway grand a lot of people don't realize that that hotel in years past used to be a Masonic temple and A lot of things to get hidden and talk untalked about and all these are type of stuff But that city on the property is the is a Ford Foundation They got Gerald Ford's grave up there. And you know, he was very open to his Mason Masonic background and event and going up there and asking questions to people that I thought I was building a good business. I thought I was doing right. But every time I'd asked a question, they'd shut the door in my face and say, no, you can't talk about those things. And you know, it just took a little while for the Lord to build up inside of me to say, you know what? No, we are going to ask these questions. And you know, that's their thing that they do is they try to silence everybody. And those people who are in the business at the lower levels, they don't understand what they're doing. At first, they're just chasing money. Second, they're just chasing influence. Same structure. Same structure. From the business side of stuff, they've infiltrated all kinds of businesses all over the globe to infiltrate churches, school systems, businesses, foreign governments. goes to around the world. And as you look at the Amway Grand and you look at the Amway Corporation right out front, that globe was a symbol they have in front of in Ada, Michigan, a symbol to the world of what they're trying to basically accomplish. And as I looked at those things, I always ask these questions, but it was the day I took a walk to they built the grave sites for Gerald Ford a 33rd degree Mason and you look at that and you're like wow I Actually remember online watching his ceremony And watching this stuff and seeing all these things that then God was showing me and going wow these guys are They're not for America at all like what are they doing? And then I remember walking upstairs and taking a look at the Which I was always asking my question myself a question is why did they build a situation room? and oval office In the building, it's shaped in a pyramid on their own property So you got to really start thinking about these things. These are just questions I had it's like Were they going to use that for a nefarious purpose? An actual duplicate of the oval office in grand rapids, michigan what I mean, how much does it cost to build an exact duplicate? What are they going to film movies there? Anyways, the point of that story is is I woke up one day and I remember walking into this Amway facility paid with Amway money and seeing on the wall a 20 by 15 foot mural of Henry Kissinger was not for America. Matter of fact, he was not for I Guess anybody designed in the image of Christ He was after the DNA of these people and for years has always talked about being able to Manipulate people's DNA. He always talked about bio weapon warfare. He always talked about conquering countries and manipulating the gold system for the oil system to be able to have a debt slave system. And people don't understand what they were doing, but they enslaved mankind through the financial system. And Henry Kissinger was one of the lead people behind it with the oil embargoes, with Saudi Arabia and the Middle East and behind every war typically that we know of, of, who was the one man who seemed to be in every one of those war meetings. And, um, yeah, exactly. So anyways, it's just the topic of the day. Uh, people are probably rejoicing all over the globe that, uh, the wicked witch is dead and, uh, you know, it's tentacles are going out there. You and I talked about this last time though, is, is, um, the wizard of Oz, the yellow brick road. road. Who's the person behind the curtain? Well, I would tell you one of those people behind the curtain was this short man that seemed to have nine lives. But in today's world, that's a topic for those people to have to discuss. But I did notice this too. The Carter funeral happened a couple of days ago, and I just happened to notice, it was very interesting that- A lot of people dying, Arthur. All the presidential- Under three and a choice. All the presidential families were supposed to be there and for whatever reason George Bush was absent and so was Barack Obama So it's just a question Why? Their calendars are probably public What a man you got it you got to ask the question of why right Exactly. Yeah, those are the things that we do is is ask questions. Why? For anyone who asks questions, you know what, that's a person who's seeking knowledge and you can't manipulate someone who's thinking for themselves. Taking propaganda from a television or a news channel and sucking on all that stuff for a long time, people start to wake up when they realize that they've been manipulated. that I put that on my channel, the one, let's see if I can get to it. That this is, Telegram is really hard to navigate while I'm online through this computer, and I don't know why. Anything else I can jump around there quickly, but this is kind of clunky. Oh yeah, here we go. Check this out, this is just, I mean, why would you know, I don't know, maybe it's, I'm, you know, I think we should look at everything, but why would you have this here? It's just weird. There you go. Amway Grand Plaza. And then when you start looking at this nonsense that they have hidden from not only the American people but a lot of people. And these are hidden truths about Egypt, these are hidden truths about Israel, these are hidden truths about the Bible, other books of the Bible that they've hidden from people because they tell a story that allows people to be able to be able to go to the next level. And these are things that a lot of people just, they're not willing to go there because they did a really good job in the late 1800s, in the 1900s of reestablishing what people were supposed to learn. And this could get into what people, theory. Lost Judah, let's see if he comes back on, there you are. Some people would get into these topics and they say, gets into conspiracy theory, right up to the point where you come out with a document, you come out with facts, and you have truth. And now your conspiracy theory is now truth. Which takes about 10 minutes, usually. Yeah, typically for someone whose brain works, but there's a lot of people, you know, they've been succumbed to the military industrial complex, the CIA's mind control over what comes out through propaganda, propaganda TV. And that whole thing is is getting through that that I guess that fog of what they've been Sharing with us because they've had their agenda for this, you know agenda 21 agenda 2030 Agenda to overtake what they want to do but going back to this topic is that picture there. That's a Griffin And if people don't understand now who uses the Griffin as a logo logo. You get into these topics and you go, okay, you got to ask yourselves why. You know, there was a post somewhere that said symbolism will be their downfall. That always stuck with me. I was like, that's, that's interesting. Symbolism will be the downfall. What do they have in the, in the entryway of Amway and Ada there? You were telling me about the display they have a, it's the sunburst. Some people call it the sun god, but other people, they know it. And if you go into the Masonic teachings and understanding Isis and Horus and Osiris and all these topics, you'll come to realize Bale worship is straight up worship to Lucifer. And so this comes down to the foundations of the UN, who started the UN. You and I had a great conversation about that. You know, get into these families that are supporting and funding the UN, and then the agendas around the globe. It's real quick and fast to see, you know, again pulling on that thread, what they were trying to accomplish. And also how many people let's talk about the board members on The UN that are on the amway board, correct? Oh, yeah Yeah, and so you go from the UN you go to the World Economic Forum Even go to the who? they're all interwoven they all hire each other after they leave their board they go to their board and All of it was interwoven with you know, the Ford Foundation, which is another arm of the UN with the Rockefeller Foundation, which is all interwoven with the Ford Foundation, the UN, Amway, China, all these groups, you start looking into these things and you go, what is their main objective? And I go back to this and George Bush said it clearly to all of us in the thousand points of light. I remember as a kid hearing that going, what in the world is he talking about? Like it just stuck with me. And I don't know why for me, it stuck with me, but what's interesting in this pursuit, where we're starting to learn this everywhere I go into meeting people like you, or we go to the events. We went to the, we were down at the Trump, um, uh, a couple of weeks ago down in Miami. Oh, that's very neat. You, which was really nice. Yeah. And other people too, they're like, um, wow. Yeah, I was called cause I heard that as well. And they asked questions in their younger years as well. And it's like, we're all part of this piece of the puzzle. That's coming to bring this stuff to the, you know, to the table to explain to people, you know, people always ask me, so why does, um, the Marriott Why does that company why are they connected? Why are the Hilton's? Why are the DeVos and Van Andels? Why do they all have the same portrait of them standing side by side? mounted in their buildings And you start to look at these things and you're like, wow, they all do have a very similar portrait Yeah, you got you got to ask yourself to you know, the nazi days You know the eagle The the double-headed wing and double-headed eagle is a representation of the nazi reich The lion for them in their interpretation is the rothschild family So now you combine those two, right? The lion and the eagle Now you get a griffin Now griffin, what is it in its egyptian? context, it's horrors. All these things have a fine-thin thread that go back to this ancient religion that they deal with in terms of Osiris. And I tell people all the time, I'm a Bible-believing faith Christian, and you go to talk about these things and your pastors literally will crawl up in a ball and hide and say and either a run you out of their church or kick you out of their church because they just don't understand because they Never gone to wanting to educate themselves on something deeper than what maybe their Theology was told well, they're afraid to look at things and they're afraid to question things because oh, no They might you know insult somebody or hurt somebody's feelings for a few minutes And that's really sad because we should be able to look at whatever it is to find the truth. I think Jesus was very clear about that. Knock and the door shall open. You will be able to find the answers and you don't have to be afraid. God walks us through all these things. So it's a healthy thing to question what we're looking at. And that's really how we've gotten here. They've made it almost criminal to ask questions or question label shuts everybody down because nobody wants to look stupid, instead of just jump in there and risk looking stupid and being wrong, but at least you ask the questions. I think that you've got to lay your ego down and risk being wrong to find what you need to get to the truth. It is what it is. They're going to continue putting us in, keeping us in the dark here, unless we do get more people that ask those questions. Yeah, and even like, for example, in my situation, and listeners are listening to this audio today, I never asked to be in this situation. People go, well, what's your situation? Well, I built an Amway business for 22 years. I was successful in what I call building that business. And I honestly, I love my people. I thought I was doing a good thing, but I woke up. I woke up to what they were doing in terms of the manipulation, the amount of people who are not making money, the amount of people who are being silenced. I saw a lot of things were going on and immediately on January the 7th, Betsy DeVos resigned from the Trump administration. And I asked a question because an entire group of people in my business were asking me the question because you know what, they're looking to me for support. Hey, do you agree with this? And I was like no like why why is she doing this and ultimately I? Went to all of my I guess you call it up line or management or whatnot and ask them questions in immediately they said hey you are a conspiracy theorist and as soon as they said that I was like, oh Shoot dog these guys they know more than they're supposed to know and Immediately they went to guns in terms of trying to ruin and destroy my credibility with my friends my family my people the people that I was serving trying to help and immediately cut out my tongue and I was like wow and then we got to this point where we had these long Discussions about these topics and I was trying to help I was trying to help them get off this Titanic ship ship that literally is destruction and evil That that's funding which is fact and you get into these things that you go. Hey guys, we need to SOS We're trying to save the country over here. We're trying to help our fellow man and you guys are hiding in the bushes and watching but you're gonna call me a conspiracy theorist and Then let alone They went on a message and calling me mentally ill and I was like, wow, you guys aren't doctors, you're not allowed to do that. Well, they just label everyone. That's what they're doing is labeling. And they thought because they've done this to, this is one of their operations of how they deal with things to get rid of people as they do this. And people mainly fold. Well, I had gone through a major battle years prior in my health victories that He strengthened me and equipped me for this time to say, you know what? No, you will not run over me. And you know what? It felt like King Nebuchadnezzar telling me to bow. Hey, you're going to bow to me. You're going to worship me. And if you want to get your paycheck still, you're going to do as we tell you to do. And I was just like, no. So they threw me into the fire. come to mind and the teachings and Shadrach Meshach and Bendigo and gosh God was walking with me every step of the way and You know what everywhere I go. There's people coming out of the woodwork to say, you know what? I want to join you I want to join you in this journey of being able to share people and you know what? Put the spotlight on these cockroaches that are trying to destroy mankind Not let alone just try to destroy the United States. They're trying to destroy destroy the human genome of the DNA of every American. And they did it through the heart exploders. They did it through the DNA modifications, and they did it through building Pfizer plants. They did it through building Johnson & Johnson plants. They did it through every single thing that Dr. Francis Collins was hired to do. And people go, well, where did Dr. Francis Collins come into play? Well, he's the name that most people won't talk about. and even your congressman your senators nobody will talk about his name because you know what he's on the forbidden name list of these bloodline families that they all try to hide and protect and You know what? Let it out there let people know dig into these families dig into these backgrounds and tell the world we're coming we're coming and not only us that you know what God and his army is coming because people because they tried to get rid of God's people. And you know what, this is a great exodus that we're getting ready to witness and see. And it's just awesome. It's awesome to witness and testify the testimony that we're bringing to people today because we said, you know what, we're not going to bow to these people. We're not going to bow to their Luciferian money systems that they're doing. And oh, by the way, Amway signed up for the China banking system, pure tyranny. And I told my upline, I said, you are not signing up for that because that's what silenced all the truckers in Canada. This hyper wallet, PayPal, CCP banking system. And guess what? If you're an Amway IBO out there, right now your checks go through China and you need to say, you know what? Enough is enough. Stand up, let's create some solutions. Let's create something new. Let's do something from a business standpoint that says, you know what? Let's glorify the kingdom and not the kingdom of darkness This is shocking. So they're there everything is going through China right now with them I think this is the thing that people have to realize is these people are in filtrators That's what they do is they get right they form alliances and the end Now you tell me something else that they're tied in with Hillsdale Correct. Yeah, well get into this. So for example So for example, what's the other college there in Michigan? That's a bunch of them. The Voss and Van Andels have a large, it's right there near Ada in Grand Rapids. Is the Bible college there? Is it Reformed Bible College? Or is it- No, they're known for the car sales. Others are blue and white. The name's fleeting me at the moment. Northwoods? Yeah, Northwood. The Northwoods Academy, yeah. So Northwood Academy, DeVos and Van Andels have dumped a lot of money into there. So now you got to look at, okay, who are the graduates from those universities? Where are they going to around the globe? What banking groups are theywood to working for Blackrock, to working for the UN, to working for the World Economic Forum, to working for Amway. Then you see these people who, Xi comes into China, right? From China into California, San Francisco. And guess who's the first name on the list to have dinner with President Xi and President Jidan, right? We call, uh, Ivan calls a Biden Jidan, which is absolutely hilarious, but it's hilarious. They, uh, they take a town in San Francisco. That's, um, you know, a written with homeless people, people who are searching and on drugs and just total destruction. And people for years were like, man, we need to help clean this up. This is a major problem and Gavin Newsom doesn't even give them a time of day. And what's Gavin Newsom do? Again, another family member, part of this two headed, two winged, blue and red, uniparty cult. It is a cult. You are absolutely right. And they run the whole thing. There's about 40 families in the state of Michigan that are buying our entire elections. There's no working with these people. me to everybody trying to salvage this ridiculous party system, but they're working for the exact ones that are bringing down this entire planet and that are manipulating things. They're buying elections. They're horrific. Globalists are murderers, cheats, thieves, extortionists, they're involved in racketeering. And it's just like the whole masonic structure. I've said this for a long time, it's a cult. They vet people at the lower levels. If they find that they will do anything for power, money, or sit at the table, they got them right there. And then they can do other things that will further compromise them. But nobody at the lower levels are getting their hands around this until it's too late. And then they get to be blackmail and there are going to be compromises that if exposed, that's how these secret societies and secret organizations work, will take them down. And that's how they get the politicians in their pockets. Yep. And you and I, we talked about this, but a lot of people don't know is that within the Masonic degrees, you know, as you rise in power, you know, you're given certain, they've basically they're given a lot of these positions and uh, they've done that through these secret orders. And, um, you know, people are like, Oh, well show me the money. Show me the proof. Show me all this other type of stuff. Well, guess what? I love it when people say that, show me the money, show me the proof. It's like, I'm sorry, but I'm not here to babysit your sorry behind. Do it yourself. Do your own homework. here to spoon feed you. Here, I'm going to go ahead and put, let's see if I can put this one up, but the guy kisses the Talmud. And there's one video that I put up where the guy is literally kissing the Talmud in the Masonic. This is crazy. Yeah, it's disgusting. This is when I was watching these videos on the Masonic thing. I'm sure I was making a lot of good friends there, right? I don't really care. Well, the thing is, is a lot of the people, what they don't understand is it's not only a cult, but it's pure evil. You're taking on demons at each degree. and the 32nd and 33rd, you're dying to man. And then man is raising you up to be your own God. These guys, these 33rd degrees, they basically each one of them thinks that they're their own God. And their poopoo don't stink. But in the books, what happens is those hidden books that they're supposed to read as graduates, just like, for example, you know, one of their books that they have to read is the book of the law by Aleister Crawley Well, guess what? I'm telling you why if you go through that stuff is absolutely disgusting to know what Aleister Crawley was all about and You know what? the people in DC You know the US Chamber of Commerce Every one of those people is a Scottish right and so now you go through this you go They've had to read so that's the content in their mind and then they read out morals and dogma on top of that for their degree which is you know is Pike and you go through this stuff. They have stated goals that they're there to raise the Antichrist and Worship Lucifer and these aren't the altar, which is their black rock in the temples. People don't, they don't comprehend and understand what that actually means. And so people got to go through and they dissect these things and go, Oh man, you're, you're a, you're off on a conspiracy world. No, no. Yeah. Okay. So here's, here's this nice little Dutch DeVos family here at DeVos, it says Perf Hall, I'm going to call it Perv Hall right now. And they've got, it's the DeVos Perv Hall with the Drag Queen Christmas. And that was Tuesday. And I'm sorry guys, but you know, this is not okay. And you know, our Savior, who died a terrible death to be, you know, to take on our punishment. And they're just saying in your face, we're going to throw drag queens up and call it a drag queen Christmas. Anybody that's involved in that, you're, you're, you're, that's, that's an abomination. And buys their, their, their crap. This is not okay. This is not, this is a truly Christian family would not do this. Do this and you know you you you see this and they hide behind so I'm gonna be the first one to you know To blow holes in the current Christian Church Jesus said at the end that there it would be completely apostate So is the Jewish religion so is Islam they have infiltrated everything You know you talk about so for example all the churches around Grand Rapids are all of descendants and basically infiltrated and taken over by the masonic groups to create from the Netherlands in the Dutch royal banking system what's called the reform church. What is the reform church? Well, that is basically putting walls on your bible to say, you're not allowed to look up anything else outside of these walls of the bible, own version and you're not allowed to talk about anything else while their upper pastors are all paying dues. So these churches, out of your tithing, they're paying dues back to a larger conglomerate, corporate group, which actually takes us out. Do you remember the Crystal Cathedral out in California? Yeah, Schuller. So Robert Shuler people don't even look into that whole mess when that whole thing collapsed. Actually, this was interesting This is one of my first wake-up calls In the amway one of the first books that we got that they said you're supposed to read so Doug DeVos originally would say hey to all the amway people you need to read this book by Robert Shuler and you know the Crystal Cathedral and how we funded the Crystal Cathedral I was like, oh they funded it. Oh, yeah They were the they were the main donor family to break ground on opening the Crystal Cathedral Which people don't know? This is crazy because this goes back to watch watch how this this money nonsense happens. Look at Oprah for example There's some real big questions that she asked there because she was pushing John of God Not the God I worship this guy got convicted in a court of law for keeping young women as breeders to harvest their children and sell them on the black market. He was convicted of this. And Oprah with her schools over there in Africa, are you kidding me? This is how they do it. And they come out there just the nicest people ever because they know how to manipulate. Man, give me Me the truth on things. I don't care if there's mean tweets. I could care less This goes back to what you're talking about so They infiltrated the Christian structure and then started using it like a Hamas City where they're hiding behind children, basically They use the church as a shield of light and distortion to infiltrate everything else for their new world order. So now you get into Robert Schuller and the Crystal Cathedral and the new One World Religion. So you get into looking at the structure of the building from the main part of the auditorium. It was a pure triangle in terms of their congregation and You know God's Word says it all the time Deuteronomy 28 talks about the curses and blessings Well, it's interesting. Is that one of the curses is their whole family? unfortunately Completely fell apart their kids actually ratted out their dad for all the money laundering and all the stuff that they were doing and You know He departed with their children in terms of having bad relationships. Unfortunately, that was the ability for them to deal with the black magic and darkness that they were doing. And so that connects to basically, again, back to all these non-denominational churches, which are, I believe, in a good aspect of things, but there are maybe a couple of bad ones, but the whole denominational churches, you get into the Baptists, you get into the Lutherans, you get into all these different sects that now are paying what are called apostle fees back to certain organizations which all go back to this is really interesting they go back to the GOP so you got to go my gosh what kind of structure is in place to where they're getting certain funding certain churches are not allowed to speak up and It kicked off for a lot of us when COVID happened. Sure did me. All these pastors, you're like, they wet on themselves. You're like- They were lap dogs. They shut their churches down and they sat in the corner in a position. It was crazy. I got some buddies walking in front of me. Oh, cool. Morning guys. Well, that's cool. That's God's blessing right there. Yeah, there you go. I love all the animals. Let me throw this up here a minute, Judah, because I think people need to understand this. It's only a couple of minutes, it's five minutes long, but I want to look at show people this. And then we're going to comment on the book that he's kissing, because I don't care what anybody says, we have to ask these questions. And nobody's above this. I don't care what religion, what you're at, we have got to get to the bottom of this, because they're using everything we trusted to tear us down. ♫ It gets louder in a minute. Hey, that looks really Christian there, doesn't it? Yeah, looks like a bunch of weirdos standing around. A half-naked guy. Looks like witchcraft. Which it is. That's why they call it the craft. Orlando Magic basketball team is called The Magic. Yeah, the sound in here is really, really quiet, there's the King James, the Quran, the book of the law, which is really instrumental in terms of lodge, and then morals and dogma are needed in terms of the 32nd and 33rd degree rituals that they're actually performing here. It has nothing to do with Christ has nothing to do with You know, they say brotherhood. They're not brotherhoods. They're there. They're They're allowing demons to infiltrate them and at some point literally you have to do basically You know an exorcism or a demonic Abilities to be able hey, I want out. Guess what? I'll say this, you can get out. Don't believe the lies of the devil who say, you know what, you can't speak, or they're gonna cut your throat, or they're gonna kill you. Those are all fear. Fear is belief in the evidence of things unseen. Faith is belief in the evidence of things unseen. Let's have faith and know that, you know what, you can step out of it. You can step out of this and walk back in the light. There's people, there's freemasons of this cult all the time. Yeah, I had somebody years ago tell me that he was a he was a lower level Freemason and he said that they there's two people that told me about one of them said that they hit him on the back of the head with something and they said they know how to do that in order and they said they laid their hands on him or something and he said, he went right down to his knees and he said, I could not move. He said, I couldn't believe it. He said, I literally could not move. And I'm like, well, sounds pretty demonic to me. I don't think God, but I've seen this in the churches. There But they asked me never to come back again because I was there he goes he's kissing the Talmud right there. There you go. There's your there's there's your mace. We're making lots of friends here on this guy's channel on telegram is Kyle undercover. And I think I think it's a you know, I think they do a pretty good job. He's got to go undercover. But it's it's I would come in Kyle. I would say hey And being able to say hey those are things that need to be told and you know like they said for Epstein Island the problem was they allowed cameras in Yeah, you know the NSA got a hold of all that stuff. And so what a Blessing Admiral Rogers had enough guts He is so inspiring. He came to President Trump and warned him in Trump Tower. And he took him, I think they went to Bedford, and told him exactly what was going on. And I love Admiral Rogers. I think God bless him, God bless him, God bless General Flynn and President Trump and all the brave people that stood before. And President Trump, the rightful president of the United States, times I breath in my body because he it was it was these kind of weirdos that are out there doing this Masonic nonsense and the secret society thing the crap going on in the CIA including creating Hamas and Hezbollah and such we you know I just think about this and Isis was McCain yeah and Isis is also again going back to these Egyptian gods that they worship Osiris Isis and Horus. ISIS was used and that's why they use the Quran to help for their ability to try to destroy the United States by creating division. It was all part of it's all in the morals and dogma book by Pike. He explains how and exactly what they are trying to do and how they're going to use ISIS to do it. is written in the late 1800s. And you get in this whole topic and he wrote it in green ink, which is just again, weird, right? Why green ink? Okay, I don't know the symbolism. Yeah, it's just, it has to do with the green man, has to do with the Luciferian occult. What's the green man? I'm out of the loop on this one. That's just another name for Lucifer. Oh, the green man is yeah. Okay, so they use it in Hollywood and a lot of their movies green Yep, they've got they there's a lot of the topics they put in there. But if you go into Hollywood you start looking into All the different things that are in there These terms and languages they're all designed for the Illuminati cult Yeah, they're brainwashing but it's all part of their black magic their black magic. So again, it's not for us to understand per se, as much as it's what they believe. Well, you got to see the threat too, so that they don't like rope and gag you and have you down the road before you even know it. That's the strength of looking at things that maybe people don't want to look at. We've got this human trafficking summit coming up And a lot of people are in. What's that? What's the date on that again, for your viewers? December eight and nine. It's in Sterling Heights. And you can go to and you can sign up there. And so all my buddies are going to be there. And I think I'm going to be coming in on Saturday. I thought it was going to come in Friday night, but but I ended up having another event. I'm going to try to squeak them both in that weekend. But everybody needs Everybody needs to be able to look at it. I mean, think about this. If we don't face these things, who's going to? CZARSEC isn't gonna be them. It ain't gonna be the DeVosses. They're gonna run like the little rats they are attacking the rightful president of the United States, President Trump, and funding the true rat pens to $22 million. It's like, look at these people. They're disgusting, they're despicable. should be ashamed of them. And it's all over the dollar and and these these horrific these horrific practices because they think they're better than us. They think they are descended from the gods. They're descended from Satan himself. Well going back into this, and the Zion into some interesting topics too, regarding their ancient religions of their Baal worship. But like, they look at us as Goyim because they're not of our descent. So we're, we're, we're brothers and sisters in Christ. God's DNA runs through us, right? You know, even says in our DNA, if you stretch it out, that so much to the point where they want to say, hey, they want to change it. The reason why they want to change it, this gets into again, the Osiris topic, which is hard to comprehend. It's what they believe. Now we believe, but they're descendants of the cane, uh, families. So that cane and able put the two words together. There are a bunch of frigging cannibals. We'll get what we're doing. And you know, not, I mean, I think this is something that's worthy to talk about when you look into the grain of chrome and the blood and all that sort of thing, it's for real. I have a friend that was at a party and they, somebody stabbed him with a needle within a minute. And it was, it was an intentional attack. Of course it didn't, it was one of those things that really lit his fire because he didn't know what was going on. And it was, you know, this stuff, this stuff is for real. These people are absolutely evil and I don't care what label they come up. You know, and if we don't look at it, we're going to not going to know. It's like the Nazis and a stand for socialist party at that time. Z. I was the Zionist. So when they joined, it was the Zionists that joined with the Socialist Party in Germany and they killed. True Jewish people, true Christians, gypsies, anyone that came against them, these people are evil. They're descended from some Egyptian sun god. No, you're descended from hell. And where they came from, they're going to go right back there again for the attacks that they've made on God's people, on God's creation. And I got this feeling that God is getting sick of it. Here's one more thing about Amway. Somebody brought this up in the quote system or the chat, is that their uncle worked for Amway back in the 70s. pyramid scheme. Think about this. It's a money laundering scheme is what it is. Yeah, but it's in the shape of a pyramid. You know, they've got, you know, and so I mean, that's how they do it, it's a pyramid scheme. So, yep, there you go. But, yeah, it's kind of a it's kind of a shocking thing. And the thing of it is, is it's, you know, we have been living with this nonsense for so long. People are conditioned not to question it. we do question, oh no, what did they say? Did they dare to question this? Oh, they're just going off on some tangent. No, I'm pretty much extra sure that people that question are not. And look where we've gotten because we haven't questioned it. We haven't held people accountable. And we've got this two tier. Not only do we have a two tier justice system, political system that attacks its own occult attack anyone who challenges their structure. We have a two-tier system, and God talked about not being a respecter of persons. We shouldn't have this. We should all be equal. We should all be equal. It's not that, oh, we have these people that we think are better than us in politics or Hollywood or anything like that. Why are they more important than I am the dog catcher and I'm gonna use this again can't run to be president of the United States because they don't want us there because they've already parted us out as worthless feeders and as people that are Well, here's here's a really great Image to leave with people is to go back and watch President Trump his address and if you zoom into his coat, at what point was the change made from president to commander in chief? So now you get into commander in chief. What does that represent? Well, that has to represent a few things about DC because the old establishment has been replaced. The British Royal Crown, that group has been relinquished. So now you get into Commander-in-Chief versus President Jeedon, who's in the DC area or whatever it is. We're dealing with the duel of two presidents, or Commander-in-Chief versus and this topic now Came into so clear and that was this is that Gerald Ford? aircraft carrier that whole thing is all encompassing and symbolism of the military industrial complex right in President Trump went in there and he wore a coat that said And then he put on the hat of the Gerald Ford aircraft carrier in terms of the calmer communication I got from that was, sorry, boys, I'm taking over. And that day forward, all the people went in total panic because they were like, Oh crap. He knows about where all the bodies are buried. He knows about the military industrial complex. He knows what's happening and he's taking over and The old guard is on its way out and he stepped in and so these are things you gotta Yeah, look at these slight little symbolisms that he tells people Without having to say much at all and I love listening to everyone in his speeches because he always drops a nugget What are you talking about? about something, whether it's a mask or whether it's by gold and silver, or to say, hey, make sure you're just prepared for these transitions. And I love when he said, when he said, Hillary is a we can no longer use that word anymore because I don't like to use it on masks and because they're telling us if you're paying attention. They sure are. It's just like looking at fake Biden there. I'm so sure the guy's 80 years old that he falls up the stairs to get an airplane and jumps up like a freaking gazelle, you know, out in the city. And you know, it's like, there's no way. I mean, we really need to think these things through and pay attention and trust ourselves to have observation. God will talk to us and He tells us what's going on. But you got to trust yourself. Don't trust what you see or what you hear. Trust yourself. Trust God. God will guide us through every situation out there. He is faithful. He is good. When you turn to God and you ask Him, He is faithful to help you in whatever it is that you're up against. And that's what we wanted in the first place, a relationship with us. Exactly. Yeah, I gotta get hard stuff. I gotta get going here But all right I will say this is that for anyone who is listening if you're involved in that say Group of people or businesses or whatnot be the lion Step out Ask the question say something and I'll tell everybody who's part of what's called the ID away board This is the board that runs amway Every single one of you guys knows knows. Who's going to step out and be the hero? Who's going to step out and say, you know what, I stand for Christ. I'm going to stand up. I'm not going to let fear control me. And you guys know who took the payments. You guys know what blackmail and greenmail is. They have the proof, guys. It's time for you to step out. It's time for you to be the voice of Let's close this in prayer if you can sure absolutely and those are the same guys that are on the UN board aren't they? Not that particular group, but the group that's above them They're the ones that oversee what they're doing So they're the appeasing the people and you know ultimately you know you bring something to their attention They say well hey, I'm gonna run this by them and try to get it approved and do whatever They're just appeasing people while on the back end. They're signing the deals to do banking with China and, you know, turn everybody's income over when they know exactly what they're doing because financially they're paid to be silent about it. And they're funding the Republican party. Well, they're refusing our politics. The RINO GOP people who are trying to fund gun control and gun bans. They know all this stuff. They know the houses, guys. They know the airplanes. They know the other things that they've used as payoffs. They know the business transactions for different corporations. They know the insider trading that people are doing because, you know what, they're on a board and they're following the transactions that you're doing. Guys, the gig is about Christ. He is willing to forgive and love and move forward, but you've got to make a decision. You've got to pick a lane. Yep. Choose to stay whom you will serve. Exactly. There's no middle ground there. So why don't you go ahead and say a prayer. I'm going to say a prayer for the next hour, but go ahead and then you can get on to your meeting. All right. All right, Donna. To all the people listening, to all the ears, we thank you, Father. Thank you for your grace. Thank you more for your blessing. Thank you for the eyes to see and ears to hear of those people near and far that, you know what, they're drawn to this program. They're drawn to your truth to be able to go out and do their own homework, their own research. We thank you, Father, for blessing our country. Thank you for those people who are rising up and standing with the righteousness, the sword of truth. Thank you, Father, that, you know what, you are the Alpha and the who've been called, they've been called for your glory for this time, this country right now to be able to rise up again, like our founding fathers in the beginning of our country, where people came to say, you know what, we're going to stand for something right. And restoring our nation, restoring it, looking at a beautiful picture that's founded in you, father. And we thank you Christ for what you've done. We watch over, we guide everybody. Thank you. In terms of what they're doing. We thank you for Donna in terms of everything she's doing for the people that she's reaching. Bless her family, Father, coming in and going out. And we're just so thankful. We're thankful for the joy that we have. And we thank you for the divine help that we all have because we stand in your word. And we glorify you and give you all the credit and honor. In the mighty name of Yeshua Christ Jesus, Amen. Amen. Thank you so much. Well, thank you for coming. got more stuff to talk about because we get offline and we know it's like hours, you know, our online conversations are blowing people's minds at the NSA. Got it got to kick a few bees in us there. So you have a great day. And next on is is Holly and Alexa from Michigan red. Let's see red pilled Michigan and kind of excited about this. This is individuals that decided to step forward and just do what they knew needed to be done to get good candidates on the ballot I just want to say thank you to them. I'm hoping that you can meet him at some point in time So have a great day tomorrow. I'm not gonna miss Dave some wrong because that guy is a stud and thank God He was one of the guys who decided to stand up and fight and Get that message out tomorrow people need to hear Dave summer on you guys talk and and the fact that he's coming on with you, that is so awesome. And awesome that he has a... You know, we got to get more of the videos out from, you know, the 40,000 hours. We need the other 4,000 hours, which I'm sure he'll talk about. But you know what? It's just... It's so great. The people who were there that day, they were called. Yes. For this important time, which is awesome. Awesome. Have a great day. And I'm going to take a real quick break and we'll be right back. ♫ Good morning, welcome to the second hour of Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg, and I wanna welcome my next guests on, and that would be Holly DeBoer and Alexa. And I think I see your last name as an ah or oat? Ah-dee. Ah-dee, okay, well, I was close, I was close. So welcome, I'm so glad to have you gals on here today. I wanna show your website here a minute, and then have you tell your story. So anybody that wants to look this up right now, It's And they're joining in the fight to help constitutional, I like that word, constitutional or candidates who are focused on the constitution and getting this nation back on the rails because we know it's completely off the rails. So welcome. Thank you. Thanks for having us. Oh, you're welcome. So tell everybody your story. How did you get in what's your event coming because you're we'll go a were volunteers together committee um working to r we were working on a really big event and coming up on a lot of different, you know, I guess, roles and hits and, you know, slowdowns and watching cement hardened in different areas. And we ended up, they ended up canceling the event. And we didn't want that to happen. We had put a lot of good time into it and we had a lot of group of volunteers that wanted to see it that we wanted the event to continue on. And we actually had two other packs that were willing to pick us up. And one of them was actually working on getting their stuff up and running and they were hitting some delays and snakes. And so Alexa and I said, we need to do this ourselves because now we're at that point of hitting the cement, watching the cement harden again. And we didn't wanna do that. We knew time was of the essence. And so what we did is we filed And a lot of people come alongside helping us. We've never done this before. And we launched it at a great, awesome group of volunteers that came alongside us immediately. And so we are launching our event. Our first event ever is coming through from, it's a lot of it is from ideas that we had before. And we wanted to make sure we had crossed the finish line on this. We never missed a target and we weren't about to miss this one. So that's how we got started. So here's the event flyer on your website. I'm going to be going to that. I've already committed to that data to go to that event. And so, yeah, so, and I like your graphics, by the way, it's very fun and it looks celebratory. So it looks a lot of fun. going to be there. And for those that are not familiar with Ian, he refused to shut his gym down and has had a crazy amount of persecution for it, or he did. But he stood up and he didn't back down. And I mean, this is where we are in this entire nation. We cannot back down. And I don't know if you heard before, but I is talking about the finances that Christina Karamo has done a spectacular job refusing to come forward with that. And not only that, just the amount of felons that are sitting in the seats. What are you going to expect out of an organization that is clearly, seems to be bent on tearing the Republican Party down in the state of Michigan? I mean, they lost the last election spectacularly, and And that was that was you can go right back to we're talking about with DeVos's funding funding Tudor Dixon Whose dad was a globalist just look into it a little bit and then all of a sudden at the last minute Oops, we're gonna pull the football away Just like just like Lucy did cuz they knew what they were doing They were doing this right in the beginning and it looks to me that that they kind of they kind of pulled the same Nonsense on you guys who are who are truly just really wonderful patriots and Not only did they? not help you, it appears to me that they kind of try to sabotage things just a little bit. How close to right am I? Alexa? Okay, you don't have to answer that. I'll answer it for you. Because I don't have to have anybody tell me anything. You can look at things and see exactly what's happening. And it's the Republican Party that was, that from what I could see, has been sabotaging these two wonderful ladies' events and efforts in order to actually get good candidates in place. And this is the first time I've talked to them in person. Nobody pays me to say anything and nor have they influenced my thinking whatsoever. In fact, I reached out to them and asked them to come on a couple of days ago. So these opinions are all my own, without any influence, without any, I don't take money for anything. all, this is all freely done on my own will, in my opinion. And the Republican Party of Michigan is nothing but a cult. And if anybody steps outside of what they have planned, they're going to get their feet cut right out from underneath them. So that's why I had you on here today. Because, you know, it's like, it's like, I've watched this little goat rodeo that they've had going on for a while. And instead of being there to who are willing to put themselves out there in front to lead a charge on something that they believe in. They want to control it and stop people unless you are lockstep with their little commie method out there. And I'm going to say it again, this thing has turned into such a cult and I believed in it. There was a time that I believed that things could get done has really turned into something that's very negative. And the DeVos's are involved in this guys. And so, and I think from what we were just talking about, people need to ask themselves a real question. Are they part of a cult or are they thinking for themselves? And I'm gonna continue to talk about your event because I support anyone that has the initiative to take things on by themselves and try to create this nation, which is exactly what you've done. So, so, bravo, yay. I'm so thankful for you gals. Well, we just want to kind of come on to and just let people know that we can't wait around to be rescued. Our state, again know, in our businesses and our schools and everything else. And so for us, we wanted to take a stand and show, be there to pave the way for the next generations. I mean, Alexa has young kids, I have young grandkids, and we want to make sure the future for them was brighter than when we're here that, you know, we can kind of uncover this and, you know, kind of scoop it out really. But it's nobody's coming to re people in Michigan have t sit down and wait for the you know, a lot of people know, I don't have time. Y You have time to hit a do time to go to an event. Y a phone call. You do have to pass links, don't have You don't, I mean, you ca and complain, right? Yeah So you need to get involved. I mean, Alexa and I are new to the political scene. And we don't understand all the ins and outs. And we're learning. Like, we're going to school really hard and really fast with this. But we are being surrounded by people who understand and want to come alongside of us and teach us and make sure that we have the proper tools in place to keep this fight. We have referred to this as Gideon's army. I was talking to a former friend that, Donna, you and I have in common and saying to her that it is Gideon's army right now. It started off probably 10,000 strong and it's getting whittled down, but the 300 that we're gonna end up with will still accomplish the goal and cross the finish line. We're here to hold the line. We're here to ensure that nobody is gonna tell us otherwise what we're seeing of all the things that were happening. We know what the truth is and we're gonna keep just busting through until we can do it. And this event is one of those platforms. People are afraid to give their money to other organizations in our state. And because of that, we're patriots, you know? And we don't have any other tendencies except for to raise money for good constitutional Michigan leaders and get people elected. And we're aligning ourselves with good people. We've been on the phone with people who have been kicked off of Karamo's team, right? And what better way to grab some of these people and to help and glean from them and have them come alongside and help us to push through. And if we're the first ones to push through this dome that we've been trapped under here in Michigan and we can start pulling others through it, that's how it's gonna be. It's we the people. It's gonna be we the people that are gonna be able to do that, so. Yeah, I think it's great. and I'm really, really proud that you guys have stepped up because somebody has to do this in a non-party way. And this is one of the biggest problems, is they really, the way that's working right now, and both President Washington and Adams warned us about these political parties. Right now, all we have are special interests that are being funded, heavily funded, by those people the United States of America. So I would tell everybody too, I'm like, keep your money, you know, keep your money and put it into the candidates. And I think we can see the trend here with what Warren Carpenter was talking about, with that he was exposing for what the MIGOP did with the money that was supposed, should have been, it should have been put out there that the money that people paid for the hotel rooms in September was going to take away from what they could actually use to fund candidates. Now that seems kind of subversive to me. Going to keep the money away from candidates and so just another way to tank a candidate that would be a good candidate and have control of it. I mean you don't have to be too bright to figure this out with what's going on there. And I think that you know and in case anybody's wondering if I didn't think these gals were doing a good job I'd be the first to fry them. So, you know, I really want to tell you that there's got to be a mechanism here to help good candidates. And I don't care who it is. I believe that anyone should be able to run for president. The system that we have right now is, unless you're part of these cartels, these political cartels, you're going to get knocked out. I was at the Attorney General's office this week because we have three people with 27 felonies against them in the Attorney General's office. I was talking to the prosecutors and I'm like, this political nonsense we have, if you get in like I did, I had no connections. Talk about being on a fast track of learning things. Hold my beer because it's been a crazy thing. I approached it as a business owner. To get in here and try to ferret your way through all these liars, these, I mean, you're sorting through this full time. It's like being in a game of Frogger. You're just kind of like moving across and every time, there's a car that's ready to smash on the road there. And it's a tough go, but anything that I can do to help you, just let me know. So I'm going to give everybody a job here today, just like I did yesterday with Dana and May Justice Kavanaugh about what they're doing with Pro Se. So the job for today, guys, is this. We're gonna go to Red Pill, Michigan, Red Pill, Michigan, and we've got this upcoming event here, and let's see what we've got. See, this is the other thing. Check this out. Okay, just check this out. They don't have the beg button at the top. Every other site up there has the donate and great big neon letters up here, the beg button. No, no, no, no. is they actually put out content first to earn your attention. It's different, right? And here you go, you can purchase your tickets there. And please come up to us at this event. And this is going to be at Thousand Oaks, isn't it? Yeah. Thousand Oaks. And if you go down, there should be videos for Ian Smith about how he stood stood up for his gym in Defy the Governor there. Which one is your favorite out of these two? You like the Tucker one or the other one? I like the Tucker one, the Glenn Beck one's shorter. How can you not watch Tucker? All right, so Glenn Beck is cool, so is Tucker. Oh, and I love Glenn Beck too. To prevent the overflow of our hospitals and to allow us to meet the demands caused by this global pandemic, including the ventilators, And a permanent shutdown was really never an option in terms of what we're doing right now. This would be completely unsustainable, produce debilitating economic fallback, and lead to catastrophic public health consequences. There are consequences to shutdowns. I was present, of course, at his coronavirus press briefing today. Fox News medical correspondent Mark Siegel is on his way to Washington tonight. We're sending doing to contain the Wuhan. We're gonna move this forward, see if I can get, yeah, we're gonna move this forward just a little bit more and see if we can. Okay, this should be his gym. I'll find a new link. Thank you so much for coming on. So, the state is trying to shut you down. Is there, first to the science, is there evidence that your gym has been a vector for a hotbed of the spread of coronavirus? We have record of every single person who has stepped foot and the total number of check-ins well exceeding the thousands Not a single case has been reported so far and we've kept detailed record of that all the way through Okay, so I mean this literally you would have been better off joining a mob of rioters torching other people's businesses Then you are Responsibly following the science and trying to keep Belmar, New Jersey healthy healthy. There you go. So he followed the science, which he didn't have to do because it was entirely unconstitutional, but he kept his, his gym open. So I think this is going to be a great guy to talk to. So I've got another question for you. So, um, this is going to be directly to Holly. Why did you get involved in this and what is your background that uniquely qualifies you or gives you special talents? Cause I do believe that God, you know, I believe Alexa, I believe you're a homeschool mom. Is that correct? I am. So that's the tough free thinkers right there. I homeschooled my kids. And so you've got to have a specialness about you for that. And Holly, what's your background? And let's talk about how God uniquely gifted you and your experience. Because God gives us all experiences to bring us to the point where we are when we do take action. And then he equips us to carry that forward. Well, exactly. So I own a small business in the events industry, hospitality industry, and I do tablescape designs. And that was one of the things I brought to the team, the first team that we were on was like, I can make the events look cool if you want to use the product, like we'll donate it and kind of dress the tables and roll the red carpet out for the guests. And through that, I went through similar with Ian. I didn't go through as hard as he did, but my small business, we got, you know, hospitality industry got shut down during COVID and we didn't shut down. In fact, we got access to move into a church during COVID. President Trump, bless his heart, churches were exempt during this time. A friend of mine left us because brides weren't able to go into venues and different things. So for me, it's the hospitality end of it. I also am a I don't know, I'm on the Board of Education as well, too. And so my passion for serving others is is one of my gifts that I love. I would rather take care of other people and doing what is right by them. And it's something I love to do. I love getting in the gritty, walking alongside of people and helping others out. But dressing tables is probably the thing that I love to do. That's a gift that God has given me. Maybe the gift of gab too much, too. And also, when people tell me you can't do that or whatever, that me to say yes we can. So helps us keep in the boun the rules are with that. go out of my out of my sa that. But yeah, so that's kind of do right now with industry, hospitality bus So that's cool. How about my kids before I home sch they were at Grand Rapids Public at one of the Montessori's. And Montessori hadn't been as leftish as the public schools are. But then a couple of years ago, I started to see things. So then I started going to the school board meetings and going to all these other meetings around town and trying to figure out, okay, what can we do? And I became a precinct delegate. I was elected in 2022. but we need to stand up. And if I'm not doing it, how can I teach them to do it? So I became a precinct delegate, went to the conventions, became the secretary for events and fundraising for Kent GOP, met Holly and so many, so many great volunteers. And then it all just kind of moved on. We had our spring event and that went really well and things kind of changed over the summer. And now here Holly and I and our awesome volunteers getting ready for our event in a couple of weeks. That's really, really cool. You know, we have to be able to be willing to jump in sometimes to fix things, even if it's not a comfortable place to be in and or to redirect if things aren't going well. And, you know call it that way, to the GOP leadership right now. You know, it's like either support people that want to do something, you know, or get out of the way guys, you know, and this is all about, this should not be a top-down, you know, the pyramid, it should not be a top-down organization. It should be, it should be, you know, the people need to be determining how the state is run this state is run. And anyone that's willing to step forward to do something on their own, I just seriously hats off to you. That's very cool. So tell us more about the event. What's it going to look like? And what preparations have you already made? Well, first of all, we have to give a shout out to our awesome, awesome volunteers and fellow Patriots that have come alongside of us. We could not have done this without somebody about somebody doing, knows how to do IT, somebody knows how to do the campaign financing, somebody knows how to do, you know, flyers and, you know, graphics for us and putting together items. We've been putting together auction items for the last week and creating great donations from all over area businesses and people who wanted to help. The event, what it's going to look like is we have, of course, Ian Smith, awesome patriot, fighter for the truth and knowing what his rights were during that lockdown. And we just applaud him in just how he just took charge and became a leader in the community. And everybody, as soon as you hear that, when we say Ian Smith's coming, we're like the gym owner. And people are like, yes, yes, the guy from New Jersey. And so they know who it is. We have a Trump impersonator coming, which we're super happy about. It's we need to add a little comic relief, you know, to the time. But hey, we're you know, if if President Trump could show up to this, we would take him as well. You know, that is the guy that that that like will stand next to President Trump and do like an impersonation of him. This is a guy out of Chicago who is, yeah, he actually is an actor and he does the voice and he dresses like him. So, you know, for your photo ops, we would have loved to have Captain Deplorable, but I think he was busy at that time, you know, our time frame that we had to move it to. But love Sean. A new talent. Yeah. And then we have, of course, Michigan's Justin Barclay is emceeing for the evening and I think he just had Ian on yesterday. They did a taping so that's going to be coming up. Ian's traveling right now and moving some stuff so he's on the road. But so we're super excited about Justin being our emcee. He's been just a true patriot, you know, radio show. And so it's b cool to have him come alo we feel like we've got so for this event. Um, we al other things that are goi would probably ruin it if we let the cat out of the things, but we're super e start to finish and just for even just people who surrounding us in prayer, who are surrounding us in support, and kind of coming together to make sure that this event crosses the finish line. We have seven, right, days for ticket sales right now. Yeah, next Thursday. Please, please click the link, and get on there, and buy your ticket. And we have people who are buying tables right now, and they can't be there, but they're buying a whole table. And then they're donating it to, we have one table is gonna be veterans there, which is super cool because we actually have a veteran that is gonna be speaking for three to four minutes on the historical point of where we were during Gettysburg, where we are now and what the future looks like for Michigan. So we're really super excited that he'll be, get to sit at that table that somebody was willing and kind of, you know, push through. And I surrounded ourselves with, you know, with love and support really is what's going on right now. So we're very grateful for that. Awesome. Well, everybody go out there and let's repost this, their link to this, to their website, including their event. So I know everybody out there has got a whole bunch of groups that they're involved on, on say Telegram, and we can post it to Twitter, we can get it out there on social media, and let's see how if we can actually be some support to these gals and help them get the job done. I mean, if we can get good candidates into office where there is a structure for people to have a little support instead of just kind of being out there on their own, it would be very, very helpful. And it sounds like fun. Well, I'm looking forward to going, I really am. I'm gonna bring Karen on a minute and I bet she's gonna have some questions for you. Hey Karen, how you doing? I'm good, how are you guys? Good, thanks. So I thought maybe you'd have some questions for Karen. You always have good questions. Well I don't know, I'm curious what stands out to you as why you were doing the things that you were doing compared to the things that other people in the GOP are doing? Well, the GOP, just in general, in Michigan, Christina Caramo got rid of the events committee last week, last Friday that email came out. So they're not doing events. The Kent's GOP, they just have their Christmas, we just have, sorry, we just have their Christmas party coming up. were canceled. So there isn't money coming in to help support these candidates. So thinking back like 2022, getting ready for that election, my yard was covered in yard signs and I was able to go down to the office in downtown Grand Rapids and just pick those up. That's not going to be available unless we make changes. So we need to help the people that we have or the positions that are on the right in the right and in order to do that, we need money or they need money, the candidates need money. Well, and Karen too, when I ran for school board, I couldn't do it without the support of the PAC that picked me up. There's no way I would have been able to, I mean, we were hearing just to go through of their own money. And there's a difference when the community comes together, even if it's a dollar or $5 or $10, how much faster that actually built up to promote, you know, candidates get across the finish line. I too had signs in my yard as well and picking things up and realizing now when Alexa and I are running this event, what things cost and realizing how we have to, to choose between this flyer, that flyer, sending it out digitally, and are people looking at it, or coming on even Donna's show right now. It's the incredible support that we're having with that. Some of this stuff, with the money going to the signs and then the ads and different things, it's just not going to be there with that. We're watching good patriots, such as Warren and Danny get booted out of positions that they were doing this. And that's why they got into this to fight. And that's why we are doing this, is we wanna make sure that we weren't, like I referred to it as we were watching cement harden over here and it wasn't moving fast enough. And meanwhile, it's almost December to earn the money that we needed to. I mean, how many days away are we from the election? You know, and so just trying to get that stirred up and we know Michigan's a key state, we know that. And we've been watching all of this stuff happened to lock us down, basically, and tie us financially. And we were like, yeah, not on our watch. We're not doing that. So that's what we needed to do and kind of push through. And it's so important for people just to get out there. And even if it's a financial or phone calls or whatever, that everybody can contribute. It's we, the people, have way more power than we realize. Way more collectively how much power that we have to overthrow what we've been trapped underneath on this state. So it's pretty awesome. We can't do this without, we can't do this out without fellow Michiganders, that's for sure. Hey, she said it, she said it. Michigander, the term of the day is Michigander and Holly gets the prize right there. It's like Santa. Donna, you're right. Donna and I have a little debate about that. It's Michiganian historically, So I stick to it prefers gander so Right there because you said gander that was great You you ladies are bringing out one of the problems that Donna and I have talked about a number of times that Money shouldn't be a factor in this and it just shouldn't be because you're making this point very Dark strongly that can't good candidates should not be washed out of a campaign um, and by campaign, I mean They're running um, we typically think of campaigning as a monetary equals marketing scheme And unfortunately, that's just the way it is um finances reported at least on one website of Where was the money coming from for her campaign funding and? It was coming from Donna chiefly and then from her Grassroots supporters and I mean that term legitimately in her case It was not from any kind of other entity, you know Spending a lot of money that they knew they could direct her actions later on. She didn't have that. Well, how could a Republican Party absolutely wouldn't even include me in their events, let alone even speak my name? I mean, that was like the name that shall not be spoken. You know, I don't want to mention Brandenburg. So not only did they not support me, they never gave me the opportunities to actually be really be included or involved. And if Kelly pulled one on me one time when I went to an event. That was with the help of John Smith and John Rocha down in South Michigan. It was a setup, and I told them it was. They changed the time on me, never told me that. It was supposed to be a meet and greet for Donna, and I get down there and Ryan Kelly's there. They've got on the flyer his picture's big as all get out. There was him, there was a doctor, there was another local candidate. print at the bottom was Donna Brandenburg. And that was promised to me just to be a meet and greet for me. And it was basically something to just absolutely discredit me and, and put me at the bottom, like, you know, who is this gal? That's how the Republican party, it worked. And it, it literally was not only not helpful, it was actively involved in sabotage of me being able to get out there. And they're doing it to everybody. Cause it's a selection process. It's not a... they're selecting with an illusion of choice. That's why I like what these gals are doing because they're doing it on their own, you know? And that's what needs to be done, you know? Yeah. I want to encourage you and I might have to work to dig up the name. One of my followers some time ago instructed me or informed me, I should say, about a candidate that did but a few thousand dollars really. And another candidate had more, but the candidate with the lower amount, and this was in Michigan, had actually been successful. So money doesn't always make the biggest difference. And I also wonder, maybe Donna can answer this question, about the Green Township folks. I don't think they had a whole lot of money or marketing when they were fighting off Goshen and yet they did what these gals did but they they inspired they inspired the heart of the people and that's what wins Elections for that for the people that are outsiders. It's what won it for for President Trump, you know Of course, he's got a little bit more cash than I do because though they call me a billionaire I don't remember ever seeing that financial Statement or even anything close to it. But you know what it is is it's inspiring people to do things they would never think that they could do, and to find that calling that God puts in our heart to serve, to serve our fellow human beings, to serve God ultimately and His creation. And that's when you to get good people elected. And the fact that somebody such as myself, who had no political background whatsoever, but I was asked, and I said, sure, I'll go ahead and do it, and see what I can do, unraveled this nonsense like I would a business to see what was really wrong. it would have made it a lot easier had I had someone that would have walked with me through this. The average person does not have the level of stubbornness that Donna Brandenburg has. And that superpower is the only way you're gonna get through that. Now, I think that if we do have organizations like Red Pill Michigan, that are individuals guts to step forward and say, we're going to be part of the solution. We're not going to just have these little bitch clubs that are out there to sit around and show up at meetings and bitch, and then go to the next meeting and bitch, and then go home and bitch, but nothing gets done. They're actually doing something. And I think as they grow to be able to have people that have experience that that anyone, if you're honest, call them because they're going to need you. We're going to need you. If you are honest and not part of this political mafia that's out there, call them. You'll have people that will be able to stand with you. And if you feel lost, perfect. That means you're not involved in the criminality that's in there in the state. If up a position and help us write it. And guess what? Are you qualified? If you're honest, you're qualified. So you know, do you have a phone? Do you have a phone number that they can that they a quick one that we can talk about so that they can call you to quickly get if they have any questions because this is just it. in a jungle, given a butter knife and saying, survive. That's what it's like getting in politics, if you're honest. Now, these gals have just given you an option to land into a camp that's fully stocked, that can help you get through this. And so that you're not froggered on the road here, you know? So what's a couple of phone numbers that you can give people that they can call? have a volunteer button on our website, which is really the best way to connect with us, because then that way we have the information. If you're sharing your phone number first even, or if you're just sharing your email, that we have a way to do that. I kind of wanted to jump in too with really quick too, Donna, is we are having an event in the spring that we're labeling Calling All Superheroes. And it's just that people who have never done this before, to get involved who think maybe they have what it takes or they're scared about running for positions such as school board or anything locally or statewide, that we want to be able to have kind of a meet and greet. We're going to actually have it at NODOS, and we're working on that for a spring event. But what we want to do is align people with people who've been through this somebody who ran for school board and say what they would have done differently or what you can do to make changes. And so I've got my own formula that I've adapted to as I'm on the school board that is working well for me and I can keep morphing it and changing it. But we know people are going to want to get involved. So we want to do this event, Calling All Superheroes, and we're through the political system before and they landed on it just like we did as newbies and found their way through it and have some knowledge and expertise to share with the rest of us and to encourage the public to come out even if it's just helping candidates get elected or making phone calls to things that don't cost money. And there is a different way of doing this. I totally agree with Karen. It doesn't it always doesn't have to be about the finances. There are other ways to to promote and get the word out about candidates that are out there that we need as good constitutional Michigan leaders. Everyone has a role. And, you know, it's like, this is something Karen and I talk about all the time. Everyone has a role. And you look at how General Flynn organized the digital soldiers and got everybody online and posting and doing your own vetting. So like, I'm kind of against the voter guides, okay? Because that's just a cartel telling you how to vote, okay? If people follow an entire voter guide without saying, well, I wanna look into this and I'm gonna weigh what they say, but now I'm gonna take this a step further and I'm gonna find out all about them, you know? Because it's not out there. I dove into looking about John James and the money that's behind him and the organizations that he's in, and the ties to China. That at least I found it, you have to ask questions. Those are not going to come out in a voter guide. Same thing with Tudor Dixon, her dad's a globalist. They have Falls River Group, which goes down to Naples, and they've got places all over the globe there. You are not going to find those in a voter guide unless Somebody gets in there and really looks around and what were they involved in? well, besides ruining the foundry industry in Muskegon, they sell information they're an information broker and her dad Died, you know about the same time that my dad died But I didn't push it out There is a platform to run on to get the pity vote that has no part in running this nation because it's a job and our personal life should be separate and who should and can do the job. But we need to get out there and vet people. And I think this is great if you have an organization where they're actually listening to you and looking for good candidates and are willing to really dig into people and find those honest people and give them a place to talk, not engineered. I think this is fantastic, absolutely fantastic. Well, I feel like we're at this position right now where things are going to change. It's not going to be the old systems that are all over and over and over again. This is an opportunity for us to birth something that is us taking control back. It's the Constitution. It's we the people. And I feel like we've kind of, myself included, kind of coasted along for a while thinking, voting people in and they're doing their job, only find out we have a bigger mess, you know, from when I was a kid. I mean, you've just watched this whole process. And so even just going back how I got involved was I went to a board meeting, somebody asked me to go to a board meeting and I had been on the school system for a while and it was like during COVID and I could not believe what was going on, violating the Nuremberg Code with the mask usage, you know, the different, and and, you know, so can play their sports. I went through and we're helping other businesses like you need to stand strong for this. This mandate is unconstitutional and we're just not going to go down this road. You you have the power to stand up. The Constitution is the law of the land. in a sense, what they were taught, or they're too afraid to take a stand out because they just need a refresher course. Hillsdale College offers it, and it's awesome. You kind of walk through, have a refresher of what this country was founded upon. What are the tools that we need as we, the people, that take a stand for what is right? And both Alexa and I were like, I've had many people ask, why are you doing this? Why are you running for school board? You don't even have kids in school anymore. And you just point to your kids and you point your grandkids. And this is because it's for the future generations of our community. I had friends who were like, oh, forget it. I'm moving out of Michigan. And we don't want to be a part of this anymore, this mess that it is. And I said, no, we need to stand and fight for Michigan. We need to hold the line. And we have the power to do that. People, we have the power to do that. So don't be afraid. Message us. We'll get you plugged in as a volunteer or some form of expertise, you know, an area that we're not really good at, I'm sure is out there somewhere and somebody's willing to go alongside. That's it, that's it, that's the key right there. That's the same way I feel about the assembly. It doesn't matter how many people you have and you go, I wish we had somebody. No, you look at it differently. You look at, I am so excited to meet the person that's going to fill this role. They're out there. It's just a matter of time for that that you know sheep to turn into the lion and when when they join us They they have a role. They have a spot right there There's a seat open waiting for them and this is this exciting. I also wanted to say about your event it can be discouraging sometimes for Groups that don't have money to come up with speakers who cost money and And you feel like you can't market the event well because you don't have a quote big speaker and if you find speakers you were talking Holly about you want to find people who can teach how to run a successful campaign in But but yet you're doing it differently just like Donna You're learning how to see things differently and campaign differently than it's always been done before because it should be done differently. So if you've got okay, so you've got a local there Um trying to read on my phone. I justin barkley fairly big name well-known speaker But if you had a candidate who had a campaign that failed and nobody knows who they are That might be your best speaker Because the people who do show up Who want to learn? whether your speaker is quote-unquote big or how much you paid for them. They're gonna care if they walk away learning something that they can use rather than just like Donna said having a bitch fest where you're just gonna complain together and nothing productive comes out of it. If you have a event which really inspires and encourages people so that when they walk away they're bringing other people into the cause then you've got something. I'm turning back to, I told a story earlier this week about my township. Well, how did the people in the township find out that we had a noise ordinance that was 40 years old? That they were going to make a minor change to, but it was a really big deal. There was a man who put out a flyer by hand, going door to door to some people. She's waving, I know that. had a lot of friends or acquaintances in the township and he spread the word and he put it out on Facebook. And that caused such a ruckus for the township board, they decided they had to take the meeting from the little township hall into the school because there were going to be so many people showing up. And that's all it takes. You get a few people, key people in the community who know others. Oh, you can't hear? Let's see what's happening. Oh, I thought she was just waving. She's waving at you. No, let's see. She can't hear. I can hear. Can you hear us? I can hear too. Let's see. Holly got knocked out here. So can you, let's see. I'm not sure why we can't hear Holly, but we can't hear Holly. All right. I thought she was just agreeing with me. Unmute and mute your microphone again and see if that'll work. If she can't hear you, she can't. She's not going to hear it. Yeah, Dawn, okay. You just failed the IQ test, Donna. So hang on a second. Let me see if I can bring her on. Does she know sign language? Hang on one second. We'll get her on a different way. We have to do this with people once in a while. We do it with Chuck all the time. See, this is exactly what I was talking about. Sometimes you have to learn to adapt and do something different. That's right. You just punt. Sometimes you just punt and you make it work. That's just it. When you don't... Give her a phone sign with your hand. There you go. Hey. Hey, there's more than one way to skin a cat. This is it right here. Oh, here you go. You know, I am the queen of the... I'm so sad I just missed Karen. Oh, I'm the queen of punting. So we just punt. So and to everybody else, this is real news for real people, by real people, at the kitchen table. This is as good as it gets. If you want somebody to lie to you from a script, go somewhere else. This is just us talking. Well, I love it. It's like we're just talking about ways around this, and this is a way around. You know? Yeah, this is, we didn't even have to go to a committee, did we? we the committees that Christina Caramo flushed. We don't even need a committee to get things done. It's just the strength of the individual. Read the people. All us women. That's right. That's right. Yeah. Oh, that's so funny. Well, anyhow, thank you for coming on today. Let's go ahead and end this in a prayer and the direction, please, please, everybody pick this stuff up, get it out to your social networking groups. And I hope I see you there on the 12th. I'm going to be there. You got to let me know what your decorating colors are, and I will try to color coordinate with you. Oh, there you go. So, there you go. Dear Heavenly Father, thank you so very, very much for all the wonderful patriots that you are bringing together. You bring us together as a family, your family, one nation, under you, and who knows that the only way out of this is for us to step up following your lead. And we're just thankful. We're thankful that you go before us, behind us, and next to us, that you're walking us out of this. No matter how bleak it is, we know that we're walking right behind you and you are the path. You're the light that lights the path before us. And we're just thankful. We don't have anything to fear. There's no fear here. There's no trepidation. There's no concern. We know that the election next year, whether it goes one way or the other, you're still walking us through this, and your purposes will be accomplished, and we're thankful for that, because you're just good all the time. I ask that your favor to do something and not just sit there and complain and talk about it, but they're actually doing something. And I ask that your favor would be upon them, Miley. I ask that you would bring people alongside of them, that you would send many people to sign up for this event and be able to get together with some other patriots who have a heart for you and realizing that government is something that you put in place. to do is we got to look at the Bible, and you gave it to us right there in Kings and Judges and Kings. The system is there. You laid it out for us, and thank you that our founding fathers listened to you, that they knew your instruction, they knew your Bible, they knew your Word, and they listened to how you, the format you gave us to have a government that served the people, that would bring peace to our land. We ask that you bring peace to our land, that you would help turn hearts to you. And you have just been such a great friend to us. And we want things all to go to your honor and glory, expose all things. And we just want to let you know that we love you. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen. Amen. There you go. Thank you, Donna. We really appreciate it. There you go, help them out. You know what, they stood up, they're standing up for the state like I did. And you know what, if somebody's got the guts to stand up and do something for the state, we have an obligation and a duty to get behind them. This is not a nanny state happening here. We're not expecting somebody to come in and fix all of our problems. We need to get in there together and work together as we the people to write the state. So everybody jump on with these gals that help them out. Ask the first words that should come out of everybody's mouth is, what can I do to help you? There you go. Yeah, thank you. So there you go. So have a great day. So I'm gonna have to put this down a minute because we always end with hard hands. So everybody knows. God bless you all. If you're feeling discouraged today, God's right here. He knows everything. He knows what you're thinking and you're feeling. Don't try to hide it from him because it doesn't work. And he doesn't work like the secret societies. He's kind of like clear and present here all the time. But just so you know, God cares about you. And so for everybody that's out there, don't despair. We're taking this nation back and we're not asking permission. And we're not quitting. We're not giving up. We're moving forward. God bless you. God bless all whom you love and God bless America. Make it a great day. It's a choice. Make good choices. Put your time into things that are full of virtue, value, valor, all those things that are gifts of the Spirit that are not materialistic, but that are lasting forever. Don't lie. Don't cheat. Don't steal. Do the right thing. And if said, I'm going to have a great show on tomorrow. Tomorrow is Troy Smucks, who was the first person who was arrested for J6. And a couple of very good patriots who have stepped up to fight the fight, to end these political prisoners. What they've done, we have political prisoners in this nation. We are swearing our oath is our time, our sacred honor, our fortune to each other, to protect each other's rights as one family, the family of God first, for God, family, and country, we're going to go forward and we're achieving it. So have a great day and we'll see you tomorrow. Awesome. Thank you, Donna. Thank you so much.