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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 8/24/2022 - Live - Attorney Stephanie Lambert, Mike Cierzniewski

Published Aug. 24, 2022, 8 a.m.

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good morning this is donna brandenburg with brandenburg news network it is in fact august twenty four eight o'clock in the morning very early and i just want to wish you a great day to day in another beautiful day in michigan this was amazing this is the second darkest state in the nation and i'm always surprised when we have this many sunny days in a real usually in the winter time we have of clouds and dark and because the moister picks up across lake michigan and in the west the west coast in michigan and so we have about six weeks where we see no son which is a little little hard to take after a while but but we're tough were montanan we make this happen so to day we have two we have three special guest on to day and i'm hoping that melissa jump on we have stephanie lambert she is an attorney and she's been working with the go roo of our elections and how our state is seeming absolutely no ability to carry out an honest election and one that he has truth in it so she's one of the attorneys that's busting the thing apart and going after going after the process in order to expose what's happening so that so that we we can have actual honest elections the statement also tom carroll that tom carroll is a guide he is a working to organize the grass roots groups and pennsylvania and i think that he's got a lot to say that could be really helpful for michigan i went to group last night and i i really struggle sometimes putting out my opinions on things or my observing because it has been my experience that not every one really wants to hear the truth of what's going on even if it's a unbiased analysis my opinion with a lot of the grass roots roots group is that there's a fair amount of that have actually been infiltrated and who are as people in their place grass roots patriots busy without getting any traction or any go when i go into a grass root crop and grass roots grow and the person eremite person who is running the group spends an inordinate amount of time telling the group who vote for it seems to me to be it no different than a political party and i'm very content the the other thing i've got is the concern of the grass roots that i've been involved in his alternate digging you know on the bad ground of the people who are running it and it's not always what the ape like our political party we tend to believe that these people because they've got a title oh ye free time you know why don't you i'll bring you into my but thank you for offering at the i think stephanie and that tom will be in shortly i was going to introduce things before we get going here the grass roots groups as well as political people we tenable who they are by titles it makes us it makes it easy for us to not have to do any research and do you know do our own do our own digging to find now who these people are so in a comfortable thing when we get in a group almost like a gang mentality where people want to be in a group in order to belong it makes it very difficult for people to stand side of that group and go against well when i see some of the people that are in these groups and what they have to say they quite often it it's about creature who once again are not thinking for themselves that are following the direction and on top telling him what to do in the grass roots grew can be not all of them we can be the same as a political party telling people what to do what to think which candidate that they are voting for so i've heard several times in the groups where the grass roots leader will in fact say we are all voting for this we over and over and over again it's almost like a a programming that and when you dig into the grassroots people that are leading some of these groups their connections to say a p or some other money groups should be just as alarming as the political parties because they look to me like a little bit of smoke and mirrors they don't seem some of them don't seem to have any goal they if they if they get together education is a great goal but but there needs to be measurable goals and outcomes and what are they trying to do i i'm seein a lot of them that are its cilia busy work it's like the pit for the balloonette seems like it's busy work but there's not a lot of traction so i want to talk about that a little bit how to decipher you know one from the other we had caricatured that seemed to be a little suspect and want to get into that cappy writing how the other using our copy writing laws against us and also yesterday i got a very nice a very nice shot out by a couple of days ago by chief cried and i'm still wanting to talk about that more because i thought that was wonderful you know what might just jump on manfully on in here and and him to the stream and to somone really quick morning mornin my how are you a good are you very nice under i'm glad you had a few i am glad to have a few minutes to come in the morning and i think that will be a heavy tatoka little bit more after nine thirty so this is a great so he yes so yes what i mind the more well it would noise you in the background it is complained the complete that may be denied her the background here but and i got up and shut day to learn the tango that's as you at to pray about there's a lot of interesting yet disturbing things that seemed to be coming up on the horizon we had some friends that were that were in a bad care and i'm going to bring a andsome that was adding an freemen speaking out against these valid initiator the a constitutional amendments were mission which seemed to be very misleading and it seems a little suspect to me when you have couronnement that are better or or killed in such and then now we had two people in the state of michigan which were cut by forecast they only set the one car both you know both were where her and i think we can be concerned about a prayer these guys no any well i'm in a lot to go here my and they will bring you back out at night thirty oconostota thank you okay so there's mike i wanted to less levite here manibus i think is as important a lot of talk about the constitution going on right now and what that means and i found a nice video from the marines actually actually a youth is taking me down a couple of for several of my video down for copyright issues and or they don't like an i talking about which fortunate for them because i'm going to just keep talking about it and they may become a little bit a relevant because we're not going to shut up but i did want to bring this on here a minute and played this recruitment video for the marines should be a copyright and fruit all because they are in fact paid by that the by american tax texts here we bring the adamant and i think this is a wonderful a wonderful little bit the teetotalers to one on wagon and go your nineteenth i say your day idealisations elisabeth aniething that's really nice give us the feeling you know sometimes the other feeling that we're all alone but were really were really not and i think that i think that to realize how many people are actually fighting for this nation who have taken an oath of office and who keep that oath of office and for it not just not just during the term of their their enlistment but for life once a marine always a marine and i believe that's two for many of our of our military or of all of our military men and women which are an absolutely inspiring we may disagree with some policies that we see out there it's like anything else but look at the bravery of the men and women that serve this nation and are willing to lay their lives on the line for the nation to protect so let's talk about this copyright is copyright than going on so anywheres that have been taken down off o you tube as for for different things i think we've got a couple of copyright strikes and i'm not really sure what that's all about but we'll look into it as well as talking about a sensitive concatenated that so so we're going to remember that the channels that i have out there we are broadcast rumble twitter out of an face book the other ways to get to get the message out and we we really have a problem with getting to the bottom of issues and informing it seems like pretty much all of the legacy media the mainstream media is picking and choosing who they will allow to speak and its violation of our amendment rights because it is a picknicking choosing now i've heard a couple of argue whether they are and there's technicolor there's lawful terms for it but why it whether they are content providers or whether they are a value when someone starts removing conan or picking who may be on or who may not be on the promethean into is there choosing their choosing content therefore they are liable for all of it they should be liable for all but but were not were not necessarily anyone or holding them to the standard so it's a big concern and i've heard i've studied into it a little bit to to people and how to handle our undherhand led the whole whole nonsense with say the big big that companies and social metacompass and as well as the broadcast media and in it really it really is a a huge problem and if we if we were to give or the equal i say this that there is there's an unbalance in favor on the big accompanies that there's no question about it they get a pass on everything where the small provided they're always looking to shut them so when we look at engine the policies politics another word for policies or an extension of that what we could do is in the said and i think we need to develop this a little bit more but one of the things that we could do honestly is to to have a breach amount of money and monroe accompanies where providers that are under a certain dollar amount or red are not subject to the same the necessarily the same same rules as the big companies which helps with decentralizing the message i think that that could really really help it all so would get the barrier for entry out of the way for smaller companies that don't have to comply with all of regulations okay so that's one dining rid of the regulations is another huge thought and tell you get into an anti trust its situation which is the monopoly monopolisation and or the crushing of small providers which is definitely what we have going on in the big accompanies the social media companies and the media companies in general they are all about squashing the competition controlling the message and barrier for entry so i think that we're going to have to do some work on this to decentralize and two to to make this easier for people to exist within within the current situation that we have a going out be to me a poor cora then going up there is where i go he there is a when you want it doesn't come back up a guy that rites named cognitive i love i love what he writes he's he's he does a really good job and he also has a substance and i really think i really think that he does a good job of researching he's an annan appreciate what he has to say so he brought something out in a riding nine hours ago and this kind of hit home to me because i had a couple of people that i know yet in considered franz that were in a car ex not a week ago or so and it was it was very disturbing because it was one one car these two gentlemen ate and fraud had been speaking out about the what's wrong with the constitutional amendments of the trying to push through the protected vote in the other one medical freedom or whatever it is they have been speaking out about this and very very the point in speaking out about this well they were coming back from an event and a long behold four cars hit them they didn't hit any one else but they hit the cars they hit the car of that they were in so one car by four other vehicle and there seems to be a pattern here of using the castoreum other cars in order to take them out we had a congressman from from indiana who was killed shortly and we also have had there's quite a less laundress of people that are being hit and ram with with with vehicles and taking people out who are actually in forefront of fighting for for this nation so i would say that we imbuing this this up again we just had a stefanino carol join to bring them in canoes that we can talk to them and see what's going on with an unlegal front of fighting election maladministration will call it that as well as what's going on the town in pennsylvania the grass good morning the morning donauwoerth i think you got to sit a little closer together i retaliate went farther i know it's weird when you get on cameraderie announced one so yes so i wetmore there i go it's always backwards when you go on these streaming services and such so good morning how is that you guys are you guys are not michigan right now and so welcome welcome its beautiful day here and at nicaise to talk with you to for having these so so tommy heard that you were then you've been very very busy organizing the grass roots groups in pennsylvania and stuffin your fighting like a little honey badger up here an on election and you know the election and taggert trainer store it i'd like to hear what you guys are working on the while working on a lot of things so i have something exciting that if an informer there are a number of groups that are working and speaking with the regarding running a faro ember twenty two election i think that on every one's mind rinaldo that they were election and every one moving forward once to have a vernacle and so there are a number of groups thought the united states that are meeting with the clerics in asking them to either not used the machines into a full hand count or run the bulstrode machine and then immediately to hand count right after the election so that every one knows that their results are accurate and there are a number of places and i don't know that i can necessarily say that during the primary use the machine the machine came one resolve then they hand counted they got a different result and then they put the balance through the machine again and get the so that's why everyone believes that this is really important that he count the ballots remote election and that way every one knows that the results are accurate and if there's no problem there is no problem and if there are problems with the machines and things were not done in properly then we have thousands of witnesses through the united states to the well it doesn't he go back to the clerks the responsibility to run an honest election where honestly they they are they are the ones who have to make sure that there einar actually run ireland has an honest outcome is that true that is true and the decay michigan law that the local claret is responsible for the election is this you know solution if you will will prevent any type of fraud right them if the clerk is rayonette balance don't have to worry about any halitherses a number of problems that are solved from the start so were hoping that a clerk threatened states for november well either just you full in count or if they were to use the machine immediately agreed to count at least some of the races not announced in advance to make sure that the results are ah that i think that reduces a good idea because that that's something that i've seen that's really disturbing as that whenever because we on a little to company and such and you always want redthroats in my opinion even if the mistakes are made were unintentional you're going to have mistakes you opulence a man a redundant function we certainly know where the incoming out and all of the research coming out on how they stacked their elections from a supreme court race in michigan that's really disturbing and explaining a lot in michigan right there but these machines are just absolute poison they have poisoned everything from top to bottom so i think that if we can get the clerk to two hand count that that's a definitely a step in the right direction and having honesty in our election i agree and i find it concerning that there is some push back against the clerks being able to encounter after they used the machines the mediumistic i can't think of one lachares why people would not want the clerk to him count yet it would seem like it were again it's one and accurate to isolate interesting and that that's run flag in sore looking at that where the red lands where people don't want these balance where where is this coming from as that or are we having any of that in michigan is arthur or is there a way to find out which areas which districts which are rich prey our fighting back on the so that we can explain to them that they were for us rather than seems to me like it's an intentional it's an intentional thing wherever i hear that people are not complying it sounds to me like it's an intentional hiding of information and or manipulating things behind the scenes you know i just say what everybody thinks i think you're right every one wants transparency and we have to remember that these elected officials work for the people and esperanto work people that themselves on missus happening threatened states and so there's a number of mons that are planning to send their kids back to and they played to in in groups at going to the clerks office speaking with that talking about their ah and then getting the clerk to a great hand count so i think that's genesareth next all that's awesome right i love that you know actaeons and dads to protect their kids and you got an army of supermortal out there who are who are you know fighting for the you know what we leave as a legacy for the next generation and i think that that such an important an important direction to go when i think billy about this when abraham planned a tree in the translation is sometimes mess but he planted a timorous treat and i find this to be really really significant the tamate is the slowest growing tree on the planet and when he said that he planted the tree for shade a kind of a joke because he he will never he would have never seen the shade of that tree nor would his children it would probably only be as grandchildren and people passed that age the thinking and with longevity and the things that would last for the future generations it should never be about us it should be about the people around us and what we leave after we're gone because this is a temporary assignment to be on this earth and i think that i think that that something that all of us should keep in mind is that we're here to serve and be stewards not to not to rock rector everybody around us and have no concern so to to make sure that that everything is in proper perspective and we we have good people lacked and that we realize that it's not just about us it's about those that comatose that very very well they have their children to protect their children's future right in the conversation that i believe that the intended have is not a contentious one just anatomy and out the the ballous ally the institut is now did they program the chinese the interpolates now gray and step by step those tender takes care of everything and so this is just a friendly conversation you know saying we want transparency it appears that not the vendors running her election i will you hand count the balance and you know the intention of all these meetings that so i think it's a very positive thing and if we do that will have transparence i think restore then in our elections i think that an encouraging people to do this but with a smile on their face is very important it is very important that they clarkson that and get people to get calling the presence ment to say these radical crazes are out very respectful people to come and say we're just here to ask if you questions and be very polite as always the way to right and most of the clerks in my experience are actually very good people that really want to that really want to run a good election so it doesn't have to be contentious at all and you know in any way shape or form is just just holding people accountable for and i may be bringing something to the forefront that they may not even think of the machines are if for me are really are really a problem on you know last last week what emotional records of our election workers are sitting out a server in china we should be very very concerned about that not only not only protect the elections but now we've got another layer of concern which is which is protecting those election workers whose information has most certainly been then come and dear shall we say by a foreign entity and that that should be very concerning for every one too because not only did they get social security numbers but they also got a information on their children and you know that it seems to me like that that's a big weakness and a problem an i don't think that we're ever going to be in a good spot until we get rid of these machines because these machines are a most most definitely tied into foreign interest in our luck if inexactly what they had contained right in senator country could hear elections right with her all about that so why there mealiness like an easy stop and from the feet i received as that the clerks were actually excited about this plan because it eliminates forecast that their wondered we are allowed a transparency after the twenty twenty election that's how we received a lot of data important demetrian and so the clerk believed that this will eliminate a number of the fireside in hand count for the canvas and reassure reanimate result is as accurate you know in michigan john i am sure you remember that we have the forecast where the state said the that is this the most secure election in history and the forehead that the number of voters was off by over one hundred thousand from her own website in her voyage so her fidenae we asked how many people voted in michigan it is would hundredths last and with her webs so we obviously have a job problem here in michigan so i think if we take everything to the local level in the local clerks work to reassure her on that the election was at to me yeah i think that that saving a son a local level it's like anything else you know decentralizing he was much of a sweet and in the hands of the people that are local is the way to go always what have you got anything else going on with adams township right now holliston you know stephen goes a patriot ran she stood up for an insensate went to make sure thing is variance ah she is continuing to do that the cases pending and there's a number other clerks that have come forward as well they wanted to the sea than not just in michigan a thomas working in pennsylvania and he has worked with a number of recreator gunston i can even homicidal interestingly i ran for district attorney of montacute nineteen and i saw on the argono having issued an executive order making all these counties by new machines and then so that year the balance were spitting out of the machines they found balance under hundreds of ballads a week after the election was even over and stopped too them and i was waving red flags after my election so it was a little personal at that time when i first started speaking outside pertending before the twenty twenty elections i've been involved with this impingement election in my war local word in betheniville ten years and i noticed what was going on so we started training people at the local level throughout the leyland that to south east pensylvania where most of the population is in some of the bigger ponies were were teaching people how to run four and get on the ballot for judge of election inarticulate back to because another part of this the fraud that we have seen is pervasive it everything and every level an so we can't just look at one aspect of it we have to get all of us we imprecating at every single war and every single precinct whose your judgement on who are you clear ask those questions i'm thinking about sending for a request on to some of the county saying who are your judges of election because a lot of them the empty the rain they don't nobody runs for these spots and then the county administrator a point it the last minute sometimes we find that they're not trained properly and purpose of that there's chaos in the pools in treasonable system but in that sense and we otford and funny thing whose writing against this is the republican establishment how dare you train people to go into the post to do their job and then now there's a grass root effort where more than one hundred organizations from across the state representing almost half a million people now sylvania have coalesced on this one issue of the election interweave done an election of declaration that we should mittenheim jean where we said no more machines the person voting et cetera and we have a rally in bloomsburg pennsylvania i think it is the saturday where were expecting thousands of people to be coming and were going to make the man on our legislators we don't care if your republican we won't support you further in this uniform system that you have in harrisburg unless you get this straight we need in person voting we need a voter in and that was going on afrosinia and were hoping to have some impact but we hear that our legislators so that lace and without distaste i would say in many cases to put that way discipline won't be in such an again into after the election so well any by the way you will be for these radicals because you know you don't want them in power will going to the point that the republicans would no better than now so they have to hear a clear message and were hoping that that is very loud as we that's all some i would completely agree with you on the unitary part of it that it people are believing the associations that other people have rather than getting now the individual in the individuals involved because that this youth unartificial is absolutely a train wreck here they and at their choosing candidates in as well as with the board of elections i got i got rejected again my paper were by the board of elections twice disqualified and twice nominated to be on the bell which i think is kind of amusing at this point in time it's like you know they've got to be terrified at something that's why they don't want me on it right so they they held my paper work for three weeks the last time around just like they did the first time they held paper work and didn't let me know while other candidates were allowed to come in and make the adjustments that needed to be made on the clerical all you know with a clerical issues no no no they waited three weeks to come and then basically said that i was off the belt once again the party had to reach him in and have another he had the vote vote in a candidate to fill the vacancy which was created by the fordable action and then the the wording on everything was unclear we didn't they use terms that we didn't even know it couldn't get an answer on we would call down they wouldn't return our calls nothing and then all of a sudden you know he had to make an appointment will they had no lots for the entire month of august which makes it an undoable thing to give anything resolves up and there was a very nice man that it helped there that this in when you see how this is working as crazy so in michigan and the board of canvassers our people on that supposedly to democrats and supposedly to republicans but there all four overpainted by the governor there's no possible way to be a clean process its bias process and the parties have been so infiltrated that just because somebody says her republican they're not the republican party and michigan is a failure it is a complete and honor sham it they didn't fight for present they have not fought for election integrity and it's going to come down to the establishment which is both parties versus versus patriots which is what you're doing so so that that's incredible do you have any more information for us to get that we could look at and maybe maybe move this forward in michigan because i haven't heard of and in anything moving forward in michigan quite the way that you are doing it he is interesting the grass roots so we have some connections the various members of the group crown the country and the interesting things are stranger weakness in this sense then as conservatives recent to one let other people from outside our area influence us so there's not really connected to the level that we should sometimes not coalition of pennsylvania the first step and something that should have been done a decade ago and i'm hearing from ambition the grass roots is a lot less organized but i think the demographic in the two states are so similar you know very similar populations very similar demographic or inverse were relic heteromerides that there's such differences but not really when you think about the corruption that is in utterance she had probably equally as bad if not worse and michu what's your website tom let me in tom tomatoes jake caradori that's my email address in thomas j carolina carol and i spoke her the arrow colombine said do you have a website for the effort that you've got put together there the chairman of the levellers which is master part of the state and that the nation's largest grass roots the party and the coalition right now is still in its formative stage so i would give you the bettor website tittlebat party and we then losing all ornavit but also be starting to position this coalition and as that develops will send people to it when that gets further along that's great because what i can do as i'm looking at the thing and this is a really great idea may be that we can spearhead this up in michigan here because there we have people for our campaign and that were working with other organizations and every single colony in michigan and crazy thing is i think that my reaching about thirty million interactions a week on line which is kind of interesting so our reach is really growing like in a substantial way so i really think that if we look at this and maybe you guys give us a little more coaching here on how to carry the sound advice and do it effectively so you know we can maybe get the mons of activated here in michigan to but there's also other other organizations here the state that we can probably we can probably call and say hey you know we need some help and give them a goal you know that that that's a weakness that i see with most of the grass roots groups first of all i believe that there's quite a few of them that have already been infiltrated when you look at the lot of the grass groups are already infiltrated they have connections a p and some of the other other organizations were to come for money and then they don't actually give the money but they cooper energy in your time in the money you have raised to go into their cause and they sit horrible with we have some women in pennsylvania that have really done a phenomenal job retain of a couple of them with the man elbert and enough and the auditor people on the free peeples think we can find connect you to some of these women who have come for nominal jobs across the state we work with the couple of them very close yeah that's great so maybe we can mobilize act by active you know active people here the weakness with most of the grass roots and i see as they don't really have a goal and they don't that's all some of them will say here we're going to talk about this week or that week but but there's not an action plan to actually do something and so the kind of its there kind of mullingar you know they spread information which is great that leases to happen but i think we can handle a little more a few more lofty or goals that have have measurable results i don't think that they understand how far along the process of the marches take over this country has happened and so some of these people i give them all the credit of the world for stepping up for the first a great lion accessory is and of what one of the bad things that happens is that anstey really get involved in see how ugly this gets in the how the republican establishment is in there to infect all sorts of things to sort of put his back or place than they they get involved for a few weeks and then they say i can't take this athenian more we have to really if them for the two to say stand up to this don't let them distract you and by the way there's no time for when we need to go back and blame people who didn't educate people a decade ago or whatever is here and now we have to fix this now or we're not going to have reelection even in yeah i agree with that that is a problem to especially to stand against the austro you know being ostracized from groups and from people that you had in your life that you care about that that's a huge that's a huge deal you know we are to open a unwholesome on and say these people are good people but we can't let them distract us we can't get into that argument any more move on next person make her take the influence because we're not we're not going to get anywhere by feeling bad about the fact that some of these people have lock this on social medicus they don't like what we that's a that's a really good point because you know i think all of us who have stood up of taking so much so much slack which you know it's kind of a bad divinely you know if you're you're taking flat from people than you probably over the target with what you're talking about what you're doing are you do you have any more plans for the future as far as for how how this is going to how this is going to go look going forward to see besides talking to the clerk well done have so many he says that we continue to take out a pieces were now representing all that as operation the request had been denied her that we have in amalasuentha have come forward so it will work in incredibly busy some of aikanaka out just yet as confidential letter appointing to work charlestonian open active instance every single day in michigan as you know i think we foreannounced that he has the yukon open investigation regarding the secretary of state and the dalahaides the aforesaid received you know and i think it's a shame it poltroonery theorist so we sort of looking at their own dandther own cataracts which talked about how you over sixty thousand people in same derogation in michigan for the november third twenty twenty election and over a thousand of those people she has reflected is not boding which doesn't make sense is her own damaris i i mean i can go on animal how the secretary of state at his off so everywhere is continuing move forward to their works follow the law you know despite all the legations that have been made and we are over the primitive evidence and you know that i be pursued in a revealed in the right time in the right place and mister of that level of all the work we're doing tenerani together luckily tenebreuse we have a lot of work that we really are going to have to get to san i know that i'm going to have to cut off or relatively all right well thank you so much you know i really appreciate your time and for dominion for jumping on the morning and given us a date here that this is such a big issue for everyone and everyone is so concerned and unfortunately there's so many people don't even they don't even know what to do and you know the little bit of a sense of hopelessness but i keep telling people there's so many good people behind the scenes like the two of you who are working tirelessly and and i know i know that you guys are putting in so many hours and truly in truly inspiring patriots moving moving in the ball forward here and i just want to thank you on behalf of every one in the united states of america i'd like to thank you for the work that you are doing inelaborate you're fine i'd like you don't don't do it now but when you offered same kind of motion and michigan or help to help but if you don't have it there's not a contact person here i would certainly be open to putting with people and or helping in any way that you need you need this to be attacked when increate the forests that were receiving in the act continue to sagosto supplied bacon were hewing each demon that were explain explain the process once again for the foe and what you look ken for what you what you need he can some be help you right now a number of groups of his on his dilatoriness in the so people sharing their pedanius is incredibly help so they send it to my mail at stuffier paramore it and we can get in touch with outweighed them in any way that they might tell exactly what information are looking for and where there boyish be filed and the information specifically that you're looking for were looking forward to lamartine a anything that they have received from the local courts office in michigan and in premature red so anywhere in the country they can send us what they so people out there can go to their local the local precinct or their local county and do a for election any type of election day there was a wait calacanthus the medicine of the of the essence in this situation because these by state and federal law depending on the state etcetera that deadline for them do starting destroy election data from twenty twenties coming up in just a few short days we remember a lot of the people that are listening to this may not have any experience in doing doing is now or that process so we need to give him as much information on how that process what it looks like as possible so that they can they can go down and very they feel confident and in doing a foil and walking and getting that information so i think that any any more information you can give people to give him the confidence of what this looks like to walk in and how to do this is going to help help people feel confident sure we were at give the ideas that they want to sedentem but anything that they water request whether it allison electronic information from the election right there's a number of different class that they can do they should fill out the forecast in one state acetate of the you ask me that and the specific data would be electronic and copies of the ballet is there anything else you're looking for anything elegant the twenty twenty election right there thurston of dario who you know how did they go onbelievers your return she and again some of the wine was may vary from state to state from calling things but yeah that's kind of it's important to have specific on this because i know that what we found in michigan is its common and this is something that james come did for the director of the f b i is changed spellings in order to hide information so if you if you change the spelling at somebody's name which has been done here by people in the republican party which is very disturbing to me you can find it on the worst that they changed their name so when you go ahead and you footnote sometimes you can't find it because they specifically smaller name differently or with the the coachman connected in a posture on of there are her name in order to have multiple multiple listings under multiple not quite not quite accurate spelling so that you really have to dig in there a little bit and look at address as i don't know how how pertinent that is to the election results but i know that in other other circumstances that sometimes he everyone can email us tea yeah i've got actually quite a bit of data on this about them changing spellings when you have like for example to cheermaster name mechanician there's different there's different spelling there which should be very concerning some of the bi did it with her he would file under corny instead of come because the r and an an looked like an arm on a file and so if you want to if you want put full data on and james come you would find it because some of the information he had undergone and so that that's an obi trick and those those of us researchers because i'm a little bit of a research nerve who have got an you know behind the scenes a little bit will will go will go and look for information in a very diverse way because we know that that hotheaded it so connachar and michigan has it has lifted and different ways within one of their listings behind it now you put a boy and under canooering for any information any information on these filings you would never find it unless you also found the misspelling or the alternate way that they file and there's also there's quite a few of them i got in there and i started looking into the the names of the people like we have hung you that is associated with conic well what came up when i went looking for that is there was another gentleman i assume as a gentleman who has i can't even tell you how many files across the state of michigan same name few of the dogaresse like twelve twenty different business entities under one address under you know when you look at the lowest and then all of a sudden you'll find another twenty addresses under i think it's you can and that that will be in different different cities but us start tracking it down in a trilobite i see as i see specterscope re goin to have the curious were just going to start another meeting and we appreciate it so much and sanitaetsrat for the all over moorish mou know big lobby thank you for everything you do and you have a wonderful essay to day use that was intent so it looks like we're going to try to immunity to get a hold of both tom and stuffier of air this morning and see if we can see if we can connect with them to work with with the clerks in the state but remember we just talked about the illegal the how the thing out of mental how we can organize and have an actual gold going forward and gain from traction rather than just in ways that looks like melissa and here a minute and if we can move forward with talking about some things going on michigan because there's a lot in our mean here to an it's goin to be lornton i'm afraid so well make it sometimes you go on live and terence aramai can connect you with melissa hopefully shall i refer i should be an adjustment here we can talk about more things going on and state of michigan i really like the ideas that they have in the goatee moving forward with once again we're going to go back to the tax the taxpayers party which is the theatre to the tax payers party the constitution party same same people in michigan for the us taxpayers party michigan molests people came from the tea party and are right now were giving a mass accetosa public and to the taxpayers stardi think is a really great move let me jump back in here a minute i really wanted to show you what cognitive care yesterday in his in his for so back to the back of the car so he montage interrupted again which is good so melissa's back on an lat me and her a hello he how are you mamma good god to what we had the eye oh you know pastor the pastor people that were involved and i got the paper to be attacked on we decided you know i said leoni don't want an art i don't want to argue and say with any we never bring problems like this to school approach and to the school with her you do said that was very intimidating stress mathilde now blown away that you did that very sorry that he people he you know allowed oh the paper works great i haven't even opened it yet i was running a little way came over to my daughter light i mean with a paper work because i asked him to bring it to the school to day but i need an obviously for paperwork in the office so i had to go in the office and grabbed the pastor that i had to that everything well as it i said you know i don't want again i don't want to argue with anybody children school they love the school we love the school i said you know we don't want any i don't want to have to worry about my children and the he had a talk with cream on apologize to be coming round i don't know you know i said there is no reason why we all need to be arguing like this he said obviously there is some issues there withstand granitoid he'll never be able get along with anybody i said he's definitely compromised i said we don't know who we so i that you know we should all be getting along we should definitely don't or no rage or the turk that that's what really got me as is the puritan unchurch at school it's like her arm first job oscarina but soloman not not later bring this nonsense in front of them by minorities never and i don't i don't i never yelled in i mean all at my kids ah you know if they're really bad but i don't yell in front i don't i've made i have always been very i've always been very calm around my sure that there's never arguing and a couple of times that birthday parties and some were a family of i don't allow them to see that and they were terrified they were terrified what they see there are six in two as their mam by a i like that it was shocking to and to have to go to school after that early well to start off the dais to like that is israel right right and and neaera phones with it its i'm getting on getting on back you noiseless that's a lot better a perfect opisweni have it on my car has a call and then my daughter think that my ear was are we so yes you literally use some for a else i can only a year out of the nobody can hear me talk that's funny in the so we we have a lot to talk about actually there's a ton of things going on right now it there i've been focusing on researching on seifert different areas the pit is incredibly interesting to me as well as what's going on with the election integrity and just got an article from brian kate brides of grinding i really like brian and he's a really really good research and this is his latest riding is based on what i seen uncovered in the past week and a half senate pit researchers started digging into the conciliation when the bi went digging into this they uncovered a mass of scandal implicating the dod and several inteligence agencies know at five eyes okay well we will go there in a low but in either deliberately handled and this open door into our elections to the sector they did it accidentally from a confidence not by and there just so anybody knows either way the bi was looking at a mass of scandal that would implicate tap to officials an intelligent agency officials they were faced with two actions pulled the lid off his pandoors box and pursue it wherever it led or make it go away by flipping on the whistle blowers who brought the comic data to gregg phillips and catherine and bright of true devout i'll never guess we option the big brass decided on an i am so done with these three letter agencies it's not even funny that this is this is absolutely not what what's going on out there and it's like it's like everything is upside down what's right as wrong what's up is upside down everyone that that this stuff is okay and that as long as they talk and of that will believe them that was going on and there's people too many people at the thing is you know you can never argue people that actually do believe it literally i just a hatred i have they have these so many people the strong had tried trump derangements and herminia i think i mean you go on twitter and you see how bad it we i but you know here's an example of what happened to me well i so i got from norman in about a no no i would like to obey the guillot it to my door i was what in the world is this and i get an absurd the last one from face or one hosanna menacing i was never a never i never went a new map because of what they did to like wendell i do not appertain all and i refuse to go on nasality dead was they cut him off while he was talking because they did one and in the coop he actually one of the journalists got up and walked to let him it roly awful it they did to him so like i'll never go on so that man had and then the fact news one i went on ledbetter the he had every word every one said everyone merely julian now and there's about maria i don't know how sarasate gave us a certain amount of days to respond to the same and the renaissance is where they wanted us to drop he will it will get the reason the people that are in the all hands and it insolent they were what are the people that deliver a i forget what they call them on they were does that but they had absolutely no idea that smart man any other anybody to drop off paper so when a even now what i had but what i do do you know that i recorded myself walking in there i recorded everything now said i recorded so i walked out of the while i i get and it is you violated as the pen submit what we asked you to so i i said don't tell me i did and some meat the paperwork couliou asked me to submit and i violated in order i said i didn't work and here's the recording of me walking up to the author literally saying we have no idea so that they put our address to drop the so you do number one your being like or number to your line to what there there is so much of the going on i don't hate like i hope he will get their hands around this little bit so that they can they can understand that that there they're giving bad information in order to lead people astray in its happening over and over and over again the risk they use terms that nobody has seen before and your sitting there trying to figure out you know takenouchi definitions and and changing terms not only are you having to respond to this absurd nonsense but but to try to figure out how to do it sometimes is pretty convoluted because you you've got to figure out even what you made up terms are or address this or who you need to talk to so they send you down a you know they sent you down a path that that is almost unabated you know uneatable yeah and have you seen this new that video that i sent with the the er the i arrest sorry that how their free while that every end of that when there are arresting at that the agent said the guy said weyman be said ingred that persian i mean i had something that you've ever heard of anybody getting turned not like that not like to pick him up or conspiracy or anything but that old video that that that entire video is like the east one capit looks like it in a high school gymnasium and i mean i am so very sure that they would be training is agent in that manner and i mean the doesn't look like there's anything professional lawful it is trying to joke i mean the whole thing looks like a joke but its very scary and it's going to happen the lot of pope and you know with that as supination that i got the to at my house the as he ran the paperwork and says we have believe that you are you are in possession of don while yeah i worked no i am in possession of the addresses i don't have anything to hide there the ones who have some hide why do why are they by the like in i am the threatening a treatise threat and intimidation that brought an intimidation look at what they do in president trump i mean none of this and in the real problem is is that that this is be pointed every single person out there this can be this could result this keeps going there's not one of us whose homes whose lives are safe and the amount of nonsense lawsuits and subpoenas and if their plain legal they're just plain legal rather and hoping that one of the bullets will land because in this as our own weaponed government an agency this is so wrong and every level i hope that everyone out there realizes what a what a disaster the and furthermore you know following these absurd political parties that are in charge right now i think about this we have had in michigan the house and the senate for how long no and then they think that they think that they are not that they are not involved in this you've got to be twitting me they're all involved in this because it's a unitary if they actually like an vines going to change things so when he gets in office after fifty years to do nothing are you kidding me by was there for fifty his part of the problem the republicans holding this house in the senate in the state of michigan they are part of the problem because they had the power to do something they did nothing so to believe any of these yahoos are going to get in there again or be in a republican or democrat that that that i don't know that that's like believing that we're going to see her unicorn fly over the house here it isn't going to happen that they are they've used distraction diversion to make us believe the rest these titles or for real none of them are for the real note of the legislators even there they've done nothing for us they've done nothing not only is our cubia over eight hundred nigher we more than that not pray probably over a over a a in legible people are i have done have gotten a bony bay and i but there they are not all eligible to vote not legally a i cannot so our legislators think as two years be had all this to anyone we need reparations please do something please to what happened he reacted and did not you know why they got re elected as greater in the republican party together just qualified the front running republic so they all ran on a pole he did it to you guys with the and i don't know if you saw it i'm sure you did she cried came out and said i'm not i am a bride you know and and i think the that guy got screever because he had done a work they were not only campaign he was pulling at the very top from but the point they will put you in there they will get where are they want you and then when they get off for some to put you out and everybody in the state that happen all of he sat back in such a problem because we're just allowing cooper the walking all over every single one and in their donworth want it's like making a policies on the fly i mean it's incredible and if we think this is going to stop her work genius that the seven thousand armed iris agent are you kinnereth think they are the postal service too i heard that at one point and that there was a fire arms that were purchased for the for the postal see so now we've already seen the president for using using government agencies as a as a police force i did it with the sea they did it with a health department they've done to to terrorize americans american citizens they use on government to terrorize eleasar seizure allege illegal in inanition at illegal everything they shut down business as they forced us to have vaccinations are taken right away which they have now no right to even be talking about this is definitely a mark is invasion and were watching it in a time before our eyes i really believe that that everybody means to get a grip on what's happening here and that these eighty seven thousand is agen in fact accused you without proof of anything they had been doing at the the bias been doing it for years they've been setting things up in tramite whole tanyard it's not going to stop until we we we houthulst and halt to this none so lately and you know what else i will i want to make this clear about this but very the last or the the violation of then that i on monday that seth districts can it was august same day stand right by defamation august i got and then august led the the same court on the same date now he's a you tell me that that doesn't sound a little that both on the but they both fled smart manic i now smart modicis software and that actually i've never even mentioned not i've never mentioned unbusied work for him i worked for don so i so i would i mention spermatic i had been by throughout the last two if they are affiliated my answer yet was why in the world as spermatic seeing me when the man it would not be because there are affiliated with dominion says you know and but they have denied it though for the last two years they have denied to the they said that they don't have any affiliation he six hundred pages the piano but information metapedia about smart attic and he how useless bowing software as outrage truly outrageous and actually that it was used in venezuela one time we it wasn't their it was somewhere that manipulated the they decided they never go to venezuela after that so you know i just think it's a little incident the clerk same day through the same court as while an what's really strange you look at the software name you look at the names and all the companies involved in it looks to me like there all connected and just like the change definition they changed companies you know in order to create the smoke and mirrors to us feel like once again the title of what we're looking at it something other than what were really seen that that some very apparent the day when i was working with the he here at her real name was went by daniel that as asa so i not daniel and i have a list of all employees with their phone numbers their addresses all of their information i've given it over you and over i but nobody called on his people that they've never been held accountable their houses are being you know but anyway story about dominion body he had been working there for a long time she i domini actually started off they got bigger throughout the last by well i and i started thinking there i had i thought to myself you know just confused she they were buying up companies they were changing their and in that beatty what have so crazy when at remember these combers and we start putting these puzzle pieces together how steve was her behavior gave away so much she started crying it before that white and pale he allowed her i believe that that was she didn't want to be that crime she didn't want to and what is that and i you offer she didn't she knew that that was going to happen her behavior when i look back on that so i what was going on and was asked in me for rieback and i did want to i wonder my pain i didn't i was trying to think to my do i have any trump stickers and my car or is there anything hanging you know you know what i mean i don't know what my power and makes in harlem you know i don't know and my car say how much to support i i didn't want to do that you know but i will go terrifying don't really you really know who who you who you're dealing with most the time you know you mentonniere and thee the concerned that i have as a two hundred and thirty thinkest two hundred thirty thousand dollars panther received from matronise and the reason why i believe we have just when vane it seems to be connected right now and it is this this is he this is a real concern while further than that i mean to put back it rostand grand that we have to look at the behavior of people and the money that's involved how they how money is moved around in such so am i dear p of wiser and shot a point of him as finance chair now let me ask you a question why would you appoint some one who has already proven to have may be a little bit of a problem in there in charge of the finances that the seems really really concern you know and and then i don't know it's so crazy and then you watch the the the lawsuits filed against you and against amalric and another guy who is mary and all of these names that are most definitely connected in you you've gone an you just got a wonder what in the world is going on here in the action against mark for an leamington and be my notepaper macan we every one of us should be asking the question why is it that this area of mahallas been so targeted across the state and in what is going on in me caltha makes this such a bad of a man you know there is a few words i want to use here but i'm going to withhold that everybody can fill in the blank such a hot bed of not she ain an macomber can servant of county that in a landslide it is i love county i raly a had on and twenty twenty read the election and witnesses and everybody started coming forward and talking about the initiate deep in the sea it down the middle one way half one there as the mare i will tell you that the election wasn't stolen or maybe they'll say to you that there was election fraud but in invited one and were going to run and then there is the concretion more analyse in a word and they wanted they went forsooth went to hold our elect if for the action we want to get good people elected her children in our country and to make sure that we keep our constitutional right of the american and you know all this i souris pride this is what it all comes down to to disown a one issue who is fighting for that on it and freedom farland who is not so you look at this and there involved men is all all really amplified in their attack a force mark for van and the pursuit of the his request for the frantic adityan there are this is what this is all about you know and when i look at the republican party they're just as capable or more so than the democrat party because because of a however they go after the tit'sebe that not one of them fought for an out not one of them thought for president rumpot one and now he got to ration running and her pet is her name asked who basically his said that that you know trump would be as her second or you know whatever pet how in the world he is mad i think we need to do an intervention here and may be all of us constant president trump and said say yet you know i'm pretty sure he's a pretty smart guiding those what's going on maybe he's pointed out to do her own digging a research so that we are not taking information and for out for a controlled source but rather finding out for ourselves but i really think that every one needs to be understand the republican party is picking in installing candidates will not uphold accountability or responsibility they are rubber stamp candidates who are part of the problem and the much more dangerous in the democrat party they it's like a judas kiss the tagus trust them because of the title in the label now it doesn't mean that there is samaria now my opinion doesn't mean that the republican at all it could mean that there absolutely you know their absolutely a communist infiltrate it could mean that there actually democrat it could mean a million things you know just like when i hear people say that they are christians i had in interaction last night that somebody that loves to say that their christian and i was asked to contact this so i reached out a hoodoo it nice talking to the response that i got that so absolute hostile out of line with the way that any any normal non deranged person would talk on like well isn't that interest you know i'm like while god bless you and have a really nice day that the only response that you can have when somebody is that psychopathic all crazy and i can also look at it and say well the connections that they have their definitely and the gender you know to be that that hostile and the three just out there to attack instead of to him a conversation really fix the state their hiding something he had there a you know what what the republican party is doing all i am that he and hiram that is only there is it doesn't take a right a race rum and an then make any sense they are going around lying and thou you and i that these republicans so now and i thinking oh my god oh doing on now the stern no but they did you bet they did in it in an absurd first fall a vote is our boat so you vote for the people not the party i mean i go back to that that's how milliner part was were brought into power it's about these political parties you know i don't think they were ever a good idea quite honestly i think we should just go back to be an american because it's too easy to call of a system like this and it is just way too easy to corrupt it turned into special interest just all by itself i mean that's that's the reality of what's going on there and they did they set it up and so that now they've got the you know a screaming fit say they're trying to ruin the party while the parties already becoming irrelevant they done it to themselves and i mean they have absolutely done it to themself maybe we're just the one brave enough to stand up it seems to me like you goes to history the people that are brave enough to stand up and say this is nonsense is criminal behavior and andy know so to speak out within are going to i wish we would had one person up there in landing during this coutances the attack on our constitution the attack on you know the force vaccination what this is wrong none of them did because you know they would have been labeled i heretics person hates people they are going to want to kill you that's what they would have been labeled but you know what those people if they would have statute would have been the hero of the moment because they were speaking truth against the prevailing brainwashed nonsense thought full of lies and you know and we've got to stop we got to stop killing killing off and i don't mean i mean that both in a physical sense but also in a in a censoring or a censor in your son censuring to shut people out or trying to bring the truth out to warn people we have had so many we had years now of people who knew that there was something wrong and tried to warn people don't do this don't do this this this is really bad tholing to you and what happens those people are attacked their targeted and their shut up because they don't go along to get along and in that rats the problem you know that that is truly the problem and but you know and look look back through history through history what happens any one that stands up for her what's right against this this global agenda this is an anything much going on for for centuries right you can you can trace his back in there the roots of the magnate's decades but centuries of where the sotheby these people are free there in broad freaks you know you can listen to rothschild's talking about keeping love in the family are you kidding me no wonder why they don't now to think of their psychopathology know i'm waiting to find out that they are got idiots or something who knows you know because they they it's a i cry and i remember years ago you know he and my dad said to me he said these people you'll never see somebody get left that is not and that is not in the family famette bush you know in that i got the meccan look at you know the cheneys look at wapistan got her behind handout there they they they put people in it if we think we actually got these people and were worse sadly mistaken it's just that right now we've gotten to the point where we know what they've done and we had the opportunity to remove them and actually have actual non dynasty family candidates in their who represent the people instead of the smoke in the air you know we care about you now don't they don't give a rip about us not a chance i don't think we've got one of them an office right now because if they did somebody would step up and said some so when served his term one every one just think about it what when his incumbent president an incumbent somebody who sat in their you see these rallies where a million people at a january you read an article on mine and i'll say i now a thousand now look at the picture as there was about a million the so many come from everywhere to go to those rallies all over then biting his nobody he came to mistegan was at last summer it was a howl and we were standing on the road grayson thousands standing over there everywhere he goes he gets attacked by the lad then we got at after she got bored out she lost her primary as saying amy not saying beaming the at ran the one which she only been what would happen any literally this is not so i've got got another guess don mike and i'm in bringing a militia joined into this conversation were going to bring him at nine thirty she graciously got on earlier when we were having a relishing everybody out on time so i untrained in gory wonderful wonderful where you have in this my so wonderful patriot we like to have a good you know good mix of people and here talking and waiontha issues all right he other boon harry now i can hear you can you hear melissa now i can let's see i think i think i removed a lessee can get her to rejoin again taking the shape when you're only right woosenham days are better than others you know but you the main thing it is that we're out that i can be put when we get into situation don't go exactly as plan and to whatsoever to join a man so here we go we'll get molestation and she can come in and maybe i don't know her her microphone was working but you shall come back in what do you think about what we've been talking about to day might ten and ten stuff you know elections and a transalpine and as i why don't people realize this when people rise singing on yeah i don't know if you know the apathy to it you know to sit back and i don't know if people feel like there's nothing else that they can do and i think that a lot of people feel like like what can i do you know the powers that be are going to eliminate what i really want done and they really taken taken the wind out of a lot of people but you know there's so many of us that have been fighting a long time and perhaps we should have been fighting a lot longer than what we fought but you know now were in the game and were trying to you know grabbling to do it i really do because there are so many people that are like you and i that are just to death of what we've seen is just round on every single level why i taught people my family just covenanters like and they've gone up and i said while they still hold so you see pardon michelot and ah and my mom said my mamma specially to or no you know i southerly and my aunt too and low people my family distinguido give up don't now vote because there tametomo any more and i don't give up don't now to there still i believe it i see it that's why i support you when i cannot the running as concinnitas and at less important is very important yeah i think that we're in a spot right now honestly that if we can if we can all run you know if we can all move off of these parties and both the candidate this is if they want hope in if people want hope and they want to take this nation back the time where everybody stands up and bravely dust something that is it it's really takes bravery to move outside of our comfort one and tiptoe everybody whose disenfranchise with get out there and vote and boat for the jerry bent sickle he is our age candidate for the taxes i absolutely love the sky and i think i think that i would give him a thousand you know percent endorsement he is for real he's not mad when when you look at people who are in the communities and remaking a difference i don't know if you know this about jerry but when we went to lanion to fight the board elections nonsense set down there because motion so many people involved in these government agencies they are not who we think they are in all they are not they are not there for us they're there to serve the marks of masters so down there together and it was during myself and bill more from from the party and we met mark is now sidown there and had had a very very good outcome there was a very good man in there that was there to help us which was but my back jerry started showing me pictures of a broad and he makes he's got a hobby and he makes about a hundred loaves of bread a week and he just takes us out any gives that to people in his community and a ontell you what this can i make some absolutely gore just and in a various various types of broad like widowhood of this this is one individual who just he goes through like four hundred pounds of flour a month and just he usivulele and tell them that their care for i mean this this is our attorney general candidate who honestly tears about people and who who he actual effort and work in the ground he does is sit their talk about armistace an air brannagan some amelia we're talking about we're talking about the disenfranchised voters and people who don't want to vote because they don't feel like they can do anything and might my kiss people round in the hesitating about to get them to the polls and vote and what other things have you seen my laramore susie have a large democrates are so unhonored and hate tramp apriority in our building because you know and i tried to avoid conversation when i can but i now and then i'll say something just kinda in blue but i just i worry about them a canopied the orleanese can i can be women can be because the pope especially the older ones the fat and then the continuous away too because a lot of them are really good use he yea they you know one thing that seems i like talking to democrates because their perception of the republican party which is we know the republican party's crop they done a great job of of doing a political hit on all of us who are actual conservatives and by conservatives i mean get the government out of our face and you know reserve freedom the freedom god given us with the right outright that understand is they think that were like a bunch of hard hearted upon't care about anything and in uninitiated yet and when they find out how you know how much a horse rescue and dogras i've done and quite honestly the amount of giving that business owners actually do as the corporations of the problem business owners and solita care of their employees i have two of them right now one of them just got back on aback to work but he ran over himself with a lawnmower home and it was just as gruesome as it sounds the other one within two weeks of each other this arter two two of my gustation on for a lot of the rani's hand into a saw that was pretty grew some he didn't lose the dugout but when you're when you're working with it either have industrial or your working you know on the ground there are some things that happen no matter what you do so so the one was done at home the other one was done at work but but i just don't want it was done at home too i called them and i say know he's worked for me for i can't even tell you how many years and i'm like well i don't want to have to worry about your your sustenance so i just continued to his salary on turned his recovery so he didn't have to his good employee you know and and when you stand together with your with a people a year on equal footing with every one if you're doing it right that works for you no one is any better than any one else and when when somebody when somebody gets hurt i mean it's in my way i look at it is a responsibility in i feel like it's mine not necessarily to count on the government because we know they screw up anything they touched rayonette in and actually give people tangible help when they're when they're nadine's notorious hangable hell you know solitariness bientot this for you you know i'm coming to milan yes tangible person and if it individual and that's why it's he i that are he and do you know and business owners that's one of their employees still i i am thou and so such an amazing business owner he hereat his employees so well and you know i respect in what he's doing for his employes and how he has that he has he allows added and he helped in our it it's hard to come by on that a like mike in deep that's how you well and more than that it's like you know when somebody is not loyal cause loyalty is really important to me and it's not the loyal to me it's the loyalty to the organization so i tell people when you if you do not communicate what you doin if you decide you just going astray home one day realize that all those people round you on your team it's not it's not a problem against me it's about the people that are on your team that you work with every single day and you need to be loyal to them because as you were together you and want some to to dump something on you and goes right back to the bible you know you treat people the way you would want to be treated and that commitment that that commitment that loyalty goes out to every single person rother's not one thing we do in life that the consequences of our actions don't touch the people around us you know and you can look at like a like drug abuse or things that you know alcoholic i see is as a prothonotaries a comet the copies and i don't point the finger at any one for having as but let's go back and ask a question are the people round them actually stepping in and finding out how can i help you what is it that's got you so varied that you're having a problem coping and having to go to these other this other issues and then not only that the people that are around them are also affected by it by it because they love the person and now they've got some one that that is just breaking their hearts by their biterres you know all and there's no ridottos effect a people are out i see every way yet i think too that gives us an opportunity to look around us every single day and jump out of bed and morning and go you know jump out a bad dinner severity and how am i going to be a force of a force for good for this world what can i do and how can i look for opportunities not the big ones not the one erylaus that i can do and i don't care if it's smiling at every single person in the check out lane at at at the score dearest that i think is really precious to one of my kids might my kids are my kids are frontino well one of my kids when he was little he kind of like a blithe word roundhead a little less estada and nodding a coffee or say i love you anyway you know you you you know go colette somebody doesn't take things peterman's not affected by the peach i think it's a beautiful acharat we were reached out and he was just as the little tiny kid you know white white blond here all of us start out with absolutely white hair and my family not none of it wasn't always you know darknesses pretty close to my natural caller but at any rate we all started out with absolutely flaxen white hair and it got darker as we got older so standing there with the big eyes you know staring up at the game just staring at her for the longest to night and all of a sudden he you have a beautiful many he just looked at her this woman just absolutely melted which is what i would expect him to do even to this day even always in thirty it's not that he wants anything it's just an honest combat that would come out of him he doesn't filter right and seeing something like you imagine if we sat here in our home like like i do this with my husband were in most people rome they'll start talking and if i try to be as unaware of time as possible even though i have got an appointment i'm not trying to get there on time as i like to have that time had edie to be there yet but to give people that time and say be able to look at them and say tell me more what what else is father why why are you so upset i left intaking up what happened you know being interested in what they do and then looking for ways to help them and what the way you have to be within a map i i am out i am what you everything a scholar final about and when you involved in politics a geo you know even duke up with them and when i was running for a cause that was really roonoonoo a london of them an i wasn't home i point where i just the hat was not even to new i just can't do what more you know it's just now worth that just the fighting in the arguing in i like everybody was so inappreciative looking at her thinking of never going to get the man back he's not no longer looking at me as mother more looking towards her granma on an narmer and no with adults all within our i think it's very important for us to say like i did you know sort may be and that the beseemeth the crown i just we must we all must sit down in i know there is the they literally camp a gun feels to many deals with the other side i do too much as we well i communicate from its communication scales so even if you are in a bad situation and somebody is launched a tax against you you don't entertain personally as their craziness it's not yours and you can in the in the face of when things go really wrong this this is me all this is me i just sat back it's like you know and i just listen to him be crazy for a while as as i am plodding there there nemea's gonna happen here and how we're going to deal with us to respond in a crazy manner to somebody who's already crazy isn't that is never the right the right you know response you can you can do it without even a huge emotional response and be much more scary if you really want to know the truth then somebody who goes off and attlay crazy deranged lunatic they just look like a smile who is you know who is about ready to eat themselves instead of actually in ousting up there like an adult controlled the situation it's like we're going to have to increase with us you know it every time we go to lands know we're going we're going to for these these crazy deranged people let us sign of my signature on the pan so they can remember that i care about them in a foot and lack of control what happens i agree and you know i believe that at we need that we need to talk through these sees a lot of our elected officials won't even respond to well it's an automated email rose don herero dovery body a well look you how worried bonito and we go when we go out and it's like you know i've had people come up to me and go to work for me like that nunlike i don't in fact actually legally i don't you know i i decided to step up to be of help because all i saw was crazy ness drain deranged man all the way through from both parties and in fact i don't work for you but i am willing to help and represent you now it's time for you to get off your tail you know and i i can feel a god appointed me my mother planet so the encouragement will be there but all so that you're going to be in the notice for a while until you get your attitude and justine a good human being and you know i contribute to the planet instead being as you know a little deanery one you know that any athenian want to behave better then we'll be able to talk it i will help you but if you're going to aliandra monkey all your help will be gone because ever look how they treat say president trump when he's on when he's out of his muse i'm going to tell you this right now i would tolerate that crap oles for five seconds not a man they can impose or just voted off the island and tell you the side that you want to act like a like a normal human being and that somebody who just wants to be a jerk that about you but i do love his re at i love the way that he handled things he remained extremely calm he literally just and their great every single time my response was going to be and look like your ham in a hard day to day little body maybe you should go out the back door go get a rope or flow i actually saw the people in business situation and you know winnerin the world and when you want to come back and act like an actual sale adult then your welcome back but for right now if you're going to act like a drenched we don't allow children in this room it's time for you to go figure it out grow up and come back and at likesome ody who really wants to work for the i was not so the forests before you know i like a between holly tree in a press and all the democrats treason of the republicans and now has radaratoo really don't know how put up with it i read atalantis put up a you know what happened to him said is going to happen to a right something happened to him i think to myself were not we are you know what i'm sorry but behaviour notification if they want to act like children i suggest we treat them like children well that's another thing i am all round in about me all the time or i am a de the drop she the reality of it as i last time i drink was probably here and if i do a something i have a migraine the next i don't want to wake i don't period i have children to take care of and i have again i go through a day with you know that's what they throw at you our or your crazy will let me say this some one he how embitter her face and are you going or are you just avoid that in there i bet i ll go to avoid well right back abuse of their behavior as that that you know they don't have the most on't have the guts to say it in your face a lot of these patriot groups that are on telegram they've got some they've got some people on their who i believe are plantat to lead to patriots astray and in they they will say absolutely horrible things about about other people and some do sometimes i go in under under other you know under other names just to see what being set out there so so that i can see what has actually on the and the minds of people so i may not win as downrange may go on to something else just to see what the talking about and i also know who is out there that that are working towards them you know putting back this nation or the ones that are just trithinn in you can your pretty it's pretty easy to identify planted assets because they are this is not just in the government is in the it's in the grass reservations as patriots organizations so we can't as in the political parties is in our schools is in the corporations it allotting is everywhere yet so i it there is an elected official here they don't allow to what their sign up on their the petition set them down as inorganization look at look at the rocky on to go and beat up the churches for a little but though i am a very committed christian look at when when we tried to get a prayer group together to come to an event you know we had that events scheduled for her general plan while in my dad was getting close to dinan i say really don't think that we should have this because i don't i don't think it would be a good thing if my dad died the day that we had the and you know it's like i was a piece with my dad dying and i knew he was going to die either on or near that often so you know watching his decline pretty extra sure that it was going to be pretty close to when general flames goin to be here so we went around and we asked the churches you know and said can you please for you know ask people to come and let's just hamaliel praying for this nation for prentiss of michigan tramor good things amantha we had not one church that we call withthem would provide people just for prayer for this nation we don't get involved in politics really let me ask you this how much money he did you take or rosanette affected shut down during couthony was bonito these people in pretenderette our school or school administrators that we know of at least one that i know of that was given a twenty thousand dollar bonus in order to nordstetten what's that man one about it acamas men are whole diocese no to abelard being a prey masanath thing and i know you remember proprietor god about it when general lee was coming call my grand and ask him if general his church was just too small and it was its indoor he said yes yet i rather in so what was really amazing you know it's just really amazing about this but think about this jesus went to homes and it would be it was the religious establishment that rejected that rejected jesus they they were the ones that told him restait was the religious establishment so when we look at these these structures that that we have been taught to trust bechuckst cal party just remember this is been going on for centuries and in the one that we were taught to trust we have to question everything when it wears the money connection there what are they actually backing who are these people we do not know who these people are the believing titles and in that sort of thing but you know it's just on fortunate but it is unfortunate money from that is start taking in money from the government and in and they are going i don't see supported by by the government once you will allow them to step in and and dictate what is going on in your i at with my grandpa i just so out of the i what was going on in the it is not going on in my home school long church you know decentralization get away from these big you know i like the password for medical reasons as such so there's just a lot we can do well i think this is a good time actually if you guys want already to to sign out here we we can do this again i like his great having you on i mean oinometer people that that that rankin a professional broadcast or i'm not an actress it i'm just a bite trying to get in tingitanian have our onesidedness in you know i could satellite news breeze but i think it's a lot more it's a lot some are fundator effective just tabaret and talk about it such salome to have you on our red you know and you get the longobardian that antonio you know as less than i can now animate or four people on in the morning i think that would be outstanding because a yeah i think that would be a really nice you know both of your delightful so irradiate one of you like to pray regiment and i praise i dare easter holy father thank you so very much for my in melissa and for stefani and tom that came on to day and all the wonderful people who are willing to step forward take the abuse and take the you know but i not be daunted by this in the west you would rise up many more people that bravery to answer your call she and stall a godly government and godly governance that is for the people we only have two different entities right now and that's traitors and we the people that were that are in play while with the people want restore this nation under orders diction wit with all of your rules that you put out their forest in order to have a peaceful harmonious world where we live together in peace and in love and in service to each other we ask that you would widespread your spirit cross his nation in this world and help people find their way back who those who are lost to you to salvation that you provided and to the guidance that you give us every single day we love you so much god were so thankful for this beautiful day here in michigan the blue sky the beautiful water that you give us the you know the animals the trees and also the people around us how us do we do agent when we get up in the morning to look for people to help we don't have to do huge things we just have to do little things at all the sudden all these little things add up to huge service to you by the people your people that you created what everyone know how spenserean everything going on in their lives and there's nothing too big for you to help to resolve and to bring to bring healing peace and joy into any situation thank you so much for the day ahead of us we dedicate it to you our thoughts are words in our actions and we love you and jesus price precious would free so anyhow everybody out there and away we always do we love you you're all in our thoughts are in our prayers your important to us never ever feel that you're alone we are always we are always here you can find you can find us i am running for governor of the state of michigan i am on the bell it with most acroamatic governor and november and we are working to take the nation back for four you and service and it is a duty we we want to hear from you we would love it if you pass our information on to others that you know please pass on these broadcasts of brandanes network broadcast they can get on my telegram channel telegram as brandon at brandenburg berenike a cesarean brandon bird the number for me also the website is brandenburg brandenburg for governor do to come and find us donadieu can is really it is really helpful to us to reach people that may not be here with us every day pass information opposition out and select every day and that for the four four one zero or welcome colonati if i can't pick up right then an there i will get back to you here i will have somebody else get back to but we do care and that's the best way to contact us honestly is that detector call that number and were trying to be responsive but there's there's ten million people out there and there's only you know there's only a handful of us who are who are stepping for a redeemer people we need more help and we need you to help us make it easy for us to serve you to it all of us standing together brandenburg for governor dot com on the ballet with with moliere under the us tax payers party the constitution party so anyhow god bless you to day and all those whom you love thank you i have a great day