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Donna Brandenburg's First Live Stream, Round 2

Published May 1, 2022, 8:49 p.m.

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Transcript in English (auto-generated)

i allus is donna brandenburg and i ride the next governor of the state of michigan so this is my first live broadcast to all see how it works out there was a lot going on to day and i am my main thing is to figure out technology a little bit more so to figure out things like how i'm going to do this broadcast how this good work on national this off i did to a life stream or i mean my first tatatatatat do that and it's enyakonewarontye i think it's very lostwithiel interfere in our election because they were silent voices so so that's interesting among checkmate were how we're doing here if we're on richly streams hard to tell all there also this awesome yet brother we are so i would like to hear from out it for anybody that's out there what would you like to talk about i can talk about a lot of different subjects i have a very broad background and then a broad resumed many topics we can talk about energy we can talk about how we revamp the insurance in the street and how that had a negative effect on not only propeetiate to step off on occasion to get on to get on autogenous and that's that's another concerning toothaches to be on their platforms of that they can shut us off for shut down our business as the less we complying they want us to do very concerning we could talk about education we can talk about how i view a second amendment rights or any reconstitution right we can talk about things in the news at your seeing the real concern of you or you want to know what my opinion of this are what we're goin to do that i think threateningly goodnestone love being a lively dove living at this time there's a lot of things that are disturbing but there's always more time to be encouraged in grateful because we have the ability to fix it now and that's that's exciting solamente had quite a few amateur the videos that were put out there for the world to see and i don't agree with her either she talks about violence a lot in tradition of that i think we're done with it now and we need to go to learning to tolerate each other and help each other out through this horrible ordeal that we've been through with covenant how that was handled in which i don't i don't believe as anything more than honestly poorly poorly handled on every verepoint it was definitely economic fractionator these people that want to tell us what we can talk about how we can talk about opportunities when i was searching actually do quite a bit of research which she had a book on the shelves called the lolita so i went into that is a little bit of a research neeanee to look it up the book lalitavistara man who molested is twelve year old stepdaughter i don't think that something that i would want my book shall under any circumstances whatsoever it is not appropriate and to it into even have it on the book shelves behind her while she was while she was broadcast or taking pictures to me seems extraordinarily distasteful she also had a copy hinder that was the wilson center colors in olivette dignitate bit so i did and found the door lest for the wilson center to day that was one of the things that i really did pentameters was very concerning they had the carlyle group in there and if you go into that look into that group to missus big big business is a globetrotter world which i think i'm pretty done with it i don't know but you guys but i am so now that i gathered like to see hans we really need to get the government back interrupt recipe that government needs earth people for the people because it's other people by the people and for the people we do not have the right now we don't have extenuation in our taxation we do never a presentation in any part of our government it seems like it's all about just a special interest and moving money and projects into areas that the politicians witheredness to or pay attention to so hopefully we'll get that back will get their back on a control so i metamora or the next day inwestigate my telegram pages at brandenburg the number four i i write every single word on that telegram page except things of course that i reposed but i do malone and i do all my own writing which i find a significant i'm not a plastic political action figure by any strodtmann tion and i want you to know exactly what what i stand for and or the ideas i have i'm always willing to listen to other ideas i think that the best ideas are going to be coming from the people of michigan and the people of the united states rather than from any one who serves as a politician it needs to be coming from the people to the politician to or the leader in letitia a terrible word i'm never going to be politician i'll be learnt of formation has to go from you to me or i to all of our leaders so that we can in fact carry out your wishes in the way that this nation is run so i look forward to a young to be a lot of fun and hopefully i'll get better every indorsement