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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 2/9/2023 - Karen the Riveter

Published Feb. 9, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

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so now we're searching for the magic we start with a hunderd hearts we looked through the micros otto eranthemne with the canvas some thennow and i too grounds good mornin and welcome to brandenburg news network in fact i am donna brandenburg in is the ninth day of february twenty twenty three and i thought sensibles are in such a big deal in them in the news i thought we just started off the great there with balloons and a jump on so there you go i think it's got funny so i intrecieran morning carry how you do on here in the end remote i i thought i thought i'd throw the rope quick just make sure that every knew that i was up on the news even though a altogetherstruck on but anyhow how are you oh pretty good pretty good i we have a lot less sun right now than where you are in a remote and remote hold her layer it's raining right now snow is melting really fast the chickens are happy cause they are places to go and thinks to peck at ha well that's the this is pretty nice here actually but i'm still i don't really get out in the sun like i don't go lay out on the sonderkonten like that a whole lot because i i don't know i i i've got a little too much out here you know and siennica make that work for about fifteen minutes and then after that i cotognino it out it's nice an hour yet we're getting riding for our new chicks coming and you you would be really surprised at how many people you have asked me about em about getting chicks and are starting his last week it's been a lot tormentoso i think i think people are really starting to understand some talking the last few days about the fact that we are going to have a crash of some sort i don't know if it's gone flat line a right away or what's going to happen but i'm putting my money on the fact that it's probably going to go down fairly significant and so you were you nor talking beforehand thinks things or accelerate write now at everything seems to be speeding up and am i think i think that's a good thing you know we can't go on the way then is right now we've got to keep going so my folkestone and i know you i know you read my pulse but my my focus is his really better about preparing for that and what is it looked like to get in the game and unsay but off of the off of the culmen tail at affords it are all there and turn it into a a more of the responsibility of an individual and i i think it thatskin of an important and important step so yesterday i started posting all go back and read my police here a man so yesterday i had actually got contrityon here i have not had any coffee at this more she thought was dayyesterday to days could be worse it is really realistically what i think we need to do do a good assessment for each one of us on the fact that really that the clocks how many holy clocks do we have running in our lives with clocks and gate kids somewhere on getting our housework down on now going to this meeting or that meeting but in those meetings is there is there actually any gull happening or is it just a waste are we just sitting there in a quasi a psychological dump dumping ground is that he when i see some change focus to a little it more rightly and instead of the main stream the main stream mediate type stock is is enough people out there doing that all right i'll put something in there like maybe the absurdity of these balloons except for the fact lothiniere doing a really good job on waking people up even further to the fact this of and done before this was there was nine thousand that were launched over over japan world war two and i posted this this morning because the inside as the slender out o that there were there as the sign so he sought that to me and talking about how the japanese and home had launched nine thousand balloons to disturb you bombs over north america tonal or two well i think it's kind of getting people talking as a subject of talk about that this has been done before nothing new under this port they're not matter not going to do things typically the differentiation communis playsthe venenoso the cane and poked out that is not there are an i doubt if i find objects now identify o its china in his best it is kind of you don't or our fighters our fighters can shot them down and space force when had these things before they be before the then lifted off the ground no matter where they were in the united states there ignotis and and they they couldn't be shot down fairly easily but why didn't they that bets my question why did they let them go on until they got over north american all sun oh my gosh we didn't know that there was another balloon over south america oh my gosh we didn't know now that there's another one here there whatever well the only the one thing you can come to conclude is that there there letting us see the world that we are going to have if we don't get off our gods and decide getting the game and do some so in my my focus that is going to be more on a non what what are we doing to day to further this effort going to meeting doesn't count that is that is like sitting in the quire where the church you that's a preaching of the quires i going to sit in in church that feeds you but what are you going to do to help put the united states back on feet and that's going to require some work that's going to require people that are willing to do something every day so to make to make the world a better place so i decided that i am going to this is a donarit i decided that i am going to put what one is doing asconde sometime ingot so besides for an apernes not workin an actually does take on a little bit of work to get it out because i do all the posting besides the act and on the research to keep up on enough news so you know that then i know what's going on but i'm also trying to study things like the continuation of government plans and that not on that with the executive orders to things that are in place in order to things back together am i i'm going to share not only constitution but the declaration of independence to day so that everybody has a copy of this and i'm going to courage every one to copy this off line because you wait there is no lot of chalk about a lot different things in empireabout any of our physical or our digital files not his cope the stuff off and have it in your possession for other people can yet off oh why so that if anything happens you've got you got a copy of these documents that we can go back to and talk to her the other thing is set ah the individual effort sericane arise anothers categories and to a strategic plan two in fact get people in the gang doing things number one is just involvement and reaching out to the and that that's that's got to come first we have to care about our neighbors we've got to be on the seine and then we've got to be able to carry that through i have a friend on whose who ages struggling hold there right now am in the heahs he is an alcoholic and he jumped off the way again eh you do he found that fellow the wagon again and i decided on going to call him every single morning so that we have a call in the morning and he knows that he is loved and at somebody's standing there with him through his not going to you know to do try to try him on the spot but who's going to actually be is this morning we weak got out and and we prayed together you know find somebody that is a proteas some problems and pray through it together ask out into the and asked out into the nation to turn rockes that this was going to be god himself the going turn the nation and he will he can turn hearts tractility he can change the as altotenoro himhe had arranged in tired he so that's what donas doing every day is i am going to have a call with my friend and we are and i'm i'm going to be with her hand walking through this process of a detoxifying in and are going through detects and an onforwarded and if he's listening to this out there which he may be in us in a saint of the greatest human beings scaring you and one i have ever known he is he is an inn in an inspiration to a lot of people he cares so much care of so many people and i honestly think of its propensity to care so much that it gets over whelming to him sometimes and as he does have such a big heart in is such a good pers so so there you go so that the don as doing in town is going to be one branbridges not work to day down in going to be posted some more historical documents had been to break this sitisfection so it's like a you know this she this day one is communierent this a wondering i may have a few breaks in there but a induit chronological order that in no inwhat the plan is an inoficiosas you're talking to thee the producer of the director the content created and the agoeight here if i take a few days just to you know just to a copse other tasks or something else realize i am just a regular person sitting at my table here and i dissected to do some and so an i'm not goin to be perfect i'm not going to have everything perfect but i'm going to keep going until we get this nation back and if we make if we make the stakes along the way we'll correct those mistakes but this is going to be a continuation of a real well and bore news network is real news for real people by and in everything else we do going forward is is the effort will be for real people thy real people and in inner effort going forward and above all i should probably insert in their cesenate game plant is begot for god for god family countries so its fore god you know by real people here with him i to ofseat when i love it but you know what i mean a so oi think it's cool that you're talking about the declaration because i've still got it open actually sitting next to me i've got one of these pocket ones actually it scott restored freedom stand on the back and i was writing about it again the other day oh i really another substock yesterday think i published it and am i include part of this second paragraph in it and i also did another substat not very long ago all about it i didn't realize that there was another revel a resolution ten years before the declaration and on his cutter was a messaging me about it and he's his reminding me and i said of course there is nothing new under the sun as you said so there's always been tyranny in many many times our ancestors have fought off tyranny one way or another or made statements like the declaration it's the unique document at everybody's familiar were not familiar with is other things that have happened in her history which were significant if i so ten years before the declaration there was a resolution made by a convention i think it was nine out of thirteen of the state had got delegates together and they wrote a resolution and i think they hasted out of friday and the next monday they had three letters prepared an approved of those one went to the king one which to the house of lords and the other went to if i got it right to house of parliament and so they were worded a little bit differently that resolution was a declaration for the the confederacy a bow the grievances that they had had alack it reads very differently it reads very differently than the declaration because in this one there practically bowing repeatedly to the king saying oh we recognize your power and authority over us but please please recognize that we don't like the stamp act because we don't have representation it took them another ten years to say okay we parted we really had it and i have i heard this some time ago through a lane forcement officer that they have a phrase asked tell make and i think that document was the as and so when you when you go to a criminal a cock ostrich comanian asked him to do something i'll get out of the car the s when he tells him again he's at the window and i said no i've got a grip on your hands now when i'm going to make you if i have to and then there's the make the decoration was the the war was the make and this resolution as i see it was the st but it took him ten years to make because they it takes it takes so long for a country the when he get to that decoration and you read prudence indeed will dictate that governments long established hobich nge for light and transient causes and accordingly all experience has shown that experience is love previous ten years and more since they had aired their grievance that's this experience that they're talking about mankind are more disposed to suffer while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are costs me so what were shot talking about is then the next phrase when a long train of abuses and usurpations pursuing invariably the same object even as the design reduced them other absolute despotism then it is the right their duty to throw off such government and to provide new guards for the fete we've got a long train of abuses and your superation but the problem is some of us haven't been able to see it so if he that of literally flow of balloon across the country to get people to see it that's our first problem right there we've been so blinded over generations that we have to get that transparency as they say out there and then we have to say oh you know what we're suffering let's acknowledge the suffering and all of the grievances that are included in that then and only then can we say we need just is we need we need to make this the so i think keeping in mind how long from the very beginning to the decoration in the revolutionary war did our ancestors it wasn't just ten years but where finally waking up so yet it may take us a lot longer than some of us who are awake and our aware of all this to to suffer for the rest to figure out and this is really really that folks you know cause and we should have noticed it a long time ago what we have we have lacked in awareness and that's the first thing that as you were talking about like going to the local government boards that still for me i'm glad i went through a process of doing that and i don't have time for it any more ah i haven't let them off the hook by any means but that was one step in learning how to be aware well and i want to want to insert something here because when when we talk about not being aware i'd like to go one step for others to what the real crux of the problem as the real crooks of the problem on all of this when you watch people that live for their own their own a gond all the time is its its brain washed and its stasera usurpation of god through satanism and that's exactly what it when you are it's the the worship of is you know you will be as god you will have your time you will do whatever you want you will do this and his constant instant grand fication tasso that yet nobody grows up so that all we have in our children that go from one worthless empty to another as the real things the real problems are her unfolding round not only do they they not see it because their focuses on themselves in the conoferious corectours the most important person in the world to you is you and you hardly even now you you you who you you are entitled you should sit in the coffee shop you should do this for yourself you should do that for us you know you deserve this to me every time i hear that i hear a hireling one because we deserve nothing we have screwed this nation out with screwed this world up we screwed it up with sand and you know what it's only through god's mercy that we will ever real stand in front of him or for any reason when when we get up in the in the day time and start off what is it that i'm going to do for me me minime at it's like what an iganado in this world that god would want me to do for others and you know what an in a very in a very spiritual son we have been turned into black hole you all like it like an astromical tight black holes we want to suck everything it we suck everything too loss men allow people not every one but you it's as a process when we are away from god we are sucking things to us to fill that that emptiness within or within our hearts within our sole you will never ever fill it that way never in a million years it's a matter of pushing out our effort the light of christ are our efforts for other people is the doing things for other people will they take advantage of you absolutely well well people will people do the right things quite often not are you going to be deeming ice for it asked solutely if you're not you're not doing it well enough you can face and so so all of all our forces or focus and then everything that's wrong with this world could be righted and i mean quickly by the calling of the healing god into it i don't mean an i don't mind like out as in any god i mean the god the beginsthe know love of our father the creator of heaven and earth thine coop me that god not the ones that have been sold to us over the years there there's so there's a videodisc by man and i think this is going to be reassigned cant i really do let me only pull us up a minute and i it is a little shocking but the man's name is walter as he points out the samples that go back to ah they are the one and is seen babylon say panicums and how they have been a corporated into almost every religion on the plant and the other the absolute and only dividing line is christ on the satanic severals are in the vatican the satanic simples are in these men are in islam there there in there in all these things when you have the half moon and then the sun that seated within the half moon that is a satanic some and in it goes back we we don't think so in an we're we're not aware of that but this goes back to it you this goes that farther than we can count in and now in ash and see me there go spoke to it so what happened my throat my throat were there i'll make ye see so what but the the reality is as work in have to come to terms with the cleaning within our own houses that goes for the united states are government are a cult political parties cause that's all they are as old a special interest in then involved in calling out the name and i and even the churches you know of the church is in the practices and how much witchcraft is moved into the churches as well as across the glow that this guy is so interesting in pointing the pointed out the problems of the connections would the vatican and he alleges that may nonsenile for this but so onogot en come for worse is that that i'm helgis that you look back in an esopo essor that there was a connection between catholics and mohammed m in hister and that of an his allegations are is actually the it was the catholic there had the influence for the inception of isla now that in watching the symbols there you know i think significant you know because we have people that are taking advantage of every one on every side and i guess i believe that everything leads be considered we to look at all things not to something that are comfortable you know but all things need to be all things to be considered and a coming getting to the his name is walter hot as for thee the it and it took him up he hes a he has now a strange facts is the autocane and his lashes he talks in a professor i'll see him in jump this out see case well houseyou touched on that the crux of the problem and he's a professor he tucks professor is interesting the god the old problem being selfishness in and you're talking about real real basic things you're oh who do you serve which master we are going back to the ten commandments do you take care of other people like you will have other people take care of you if our thinking about yourself then when you watch your neighbor your community your stay your country somewhere else in the world suffer that doesn't matter you it's only that's why all these evils are sufferable i think are right now because until it's your daughter that gets injured by a shot then it doesn't really matter to you but i tell you what the family of the princess has found that it matters and now they're going to do something about it ah so that it that's i think one of the problems that we have if we are not all kay well the gas price rises but when it's not taking your child out of your home because you didn't want to give them the shot i know some stings like that like that's where we're headed and people can see it now and once you see it you can't one see it it's like the matrix i think that's a really good example it's hard to understand if you haven't seen the matric it the matrix was really confusing when it first came out now my gal i so getit i likes i saw that maria's ensafe more rises i watched in my life that's one of my washhandstand i i really did like the matrix i thought that was not i thought that was really really good move an interesting cause they is just like a another one i think it's an independence day no that's not it the one where all will smith is a detective and i has to help fight the alien's battalions and goodandbad y ya ye men in black so when you get to the very end of the show you find out that they're just inside the locker in this whole universe is he is in this locker something in em completely changes your whole perspective that's what the matrix if the world around you is not what you think it is then you you have to wake up you either choose to stay in there and it hurts you whether you feel it or not or you get outside of it and you do something to help yourself and the rest and that's the fang serf your thinking about the rest of your country you're going to get on that boat and you're going to cross the ice river and you're going to fight for it that's why use that phrase all the time i want to the three per cent who were going to be willing to actually cross the ice river it might be hard sometimes i want to find that those kinds of dedicated people there's going to be a lot of people who can support the effort but you can't or are not willing to go that extra mile and we really need all of em but you have the see at first you have to see that there's a battle going on and i like you said this isn't satanic thing but the symptoms of it are a balloon that's telling us the guy that the sad jortiter in charge is not working for us the way he supposed to and we can't work can't do anything about it for where we are right now we have to get up and take an action in order to protect ourselves and the founder's knew this they knew that the whole of the people had a responsibility to observe their government and be aware and hold them accountable the government works for us not the other way around and it's a great everybody knows this everybody says it it's not until you actually say it like i did to two aboard who works for you and they say back to you we are the bosses i mean that's literal that's my real life experience has shown she is no longer on that board because the rest of us said it was a three per cent or less it was very very few people in their room that night who disagreed and in less than a year she had resigned her position so in the people do what their supposed to do and he said no no no no no you are not the bosses sometimes that pressure is enough to make a difference sometimes is not and i'm not cling for violence in a battle like we had with the revel lucian but sometimes you've got to get up and you've got to make a declaration you've got to tell those people who are supposed to be working for you you're doing it wrong and we can't do it with the corporation because they frankly don't care when you see the cornopes dent of the united states watching a threatening foreign thing of any kind in the sky above us it is he we all know that there infiltrating other areas of our country there in her government there in her schools there in our selones but it takes a balloon that she could actually literally seen the sky for people to go away china's earth all i ask my half howlingthe presidents not doing anything about it why he went as lotenialoten's overhead all my gosh he teganisoris and i'm looking something else no i think the people have to that's our job we been laying down on a job it happened in the eighteen sixties at least we go up lincoln's got it no lincoln wasn't he wasn't even supposed to be an office he was illegitimate he didn't qualify that was because the people weren't paying attention didn't disagree they allowed him to be elected the south said we don't like that walk out of congress and yet that's a part of history we haven't been pulled if we're aware were paying attention major things like that don't happen then you don't get a guy in office who doesn't qualify no i wonder i wonder who they're going to you know this woman that we talked about trying to run for presidency who doesn't even qualify why you even having this conversation but i like the fact that everybody started shoutin bout it right away cause we're aware yea and i think that that you know me talking about how much how important is for the education to understand what exactly the rolls are of a of each office people have to stay within those ah the boundaries of those rules the jurist in order to constrain it because otherwise you get we have right now where every one is doing everything and they don't stay with it within what they sing and whether a signed on a job can morisette way and richer there's something else that i found here i'm trying to get to about the and the executive office of the president this is tolewas and after the fact o see hang on after the executive war powers and begun growing again growing still further both and home and broad after september eleven twenty twenty one the merendon here minute where did i read that it yes there others there is a nonprevalence of the expanding the great expansion of the executive branch and of you now with all these offices and secundis first started they didn't have an have set off in a wholesale pitosly they were trinitie i am sent to the kitchen table says some what what a or my name is wanton to do they didn't they would they were not entertaining all these people all you know it wasn't that way it was we the people so the in executedthe executive office of the president was created in nineteen thirty nine and i upon recommendation of brownthe brown mice now there's thousands there's thousands of them and now in trained on the sea as of thethousand fifteen there are over eighteen hundred positions in the executive of the executive office of the president and when we see how i am skipping around here a little bit it with a budget of seven hundred thirteen million dollars is a two thousand fifteen sergeants mondaines one and as most of the positions are pointed now elected in this is this oh this was where it really grew everything has grown outside of what the intention was in this is also where he is is also of all these appoint physicians exactly what it looks like it's that as our permanent government and the people were electing an right now are nothing more than puppets these then are the spoke the people of feeling that their excelling him which they are not their selected and their installed there there is there is no real election going on here it is there was than any one could run for president i vote for you for president caron i got for you for any esprit if i could find you know it say i hold i vote for a real person that i knew that i was honest over position he day any day a ray and sick or if we get enough of us in there who are not politicians but he is ateronnonte this thing of work will have the gods sir can these unconstitutional forms of invaders i mean they have invaded our country from the inside the enemy is already here and it is there here for a long time it's not the chinese franchise balloons it's a deep state the permanent government that that exists within agencies like that executive office of the president and all the other agencies that are there which do not exist and according according to you know the the laws and in john always quotes it is as a norton verses shall be township none of these have the right to exist none of them do exist legally wait they only exist we allow them to so it has a it is grown and the keep reading here that the the understanding so a lot of times in a irolite people like yourself and john and kirk and who have drilled down in this specific areas of of the government and no hat no opening right where i'm mortimore likely to look at the big pitcher if i need know something i'll quickly go look it up so that i know exactly what i'm talking about but i i of their so much to know out there that a single human being cannot possess all that knowledge in their hat you know whom the redtakes an assembly it takes this to itself what one person doesn't know the other people will know is long as long as some one has the big picture of what's going on and that that goes from you know business running the country as a business and being there as a help where you broke peoplethat have knowledge of different industries or finance you know that that specialize in in things down to the most minute detail that's how you build a team you you you never guliston team or some one knows everything you build strong tea we you have very very very smart people who knew who know inside an out their area of experts the team moves forward to gather on and went with a common goal and a you rely on your team and your team members you know it's as like the military there's never been one guy this ramble nonsense going on as to lithotints care too and character said the prisoninto you know that one person has got to go in there and completely changes the entire battle field while there has been some significant people in the battle field or not can take them away from but i you know and i'm going to say i'm going to say things that are uncomfortable something with presented present trunk i love him he is an amazing man and he has an amazing and i mean a really amazing team around him and behind him same thing with general flint general plan has got some amazing people around him also and i can tie and tell you what you know both of these guys stood off on the hill and watched everybody's shoot at the there is a real brave and not an unspeakably brave individual that's willing to do that don't no question but they also have a a a the people round them that we never hear about who are who are every bet is much of a hero as they are who never who never get who never get the press time you know and he and i hope to meet every single one of them some day there are the people that i know of that i would love to be one shake their hands dance ordenanas one of them i would love to meet ivinnison my bucket and you know and in the there's many there is ah many more as ross and other on that i wanted and that i i've been in training with what his involvement his den and in things moving forward for i don't know how many years years and years in er this guy is a maze and he let me pull up let me pull up see that you can almost never find anything on me then that's why he's so interesting well your doing that what you were talking about before with the executive office i read a document i am pretty sure i did a summary on it i'm thinking it might be but tell patriot john and i have to look it up and i'll get back to you down later on that because he really whoever it was and i'm not sure of hand o ka that as round coin manack and ye ifollowed his stuff for a long and he worked with general flint and every single thing that i've seen that the sky is to is almost like unbelievable that this sky has got to be one of the smartest individuals that has ever walked the plant and when any say when you see the things he's and you don't hear about him in the news you know and on disciphered something behind his merican intelligence efficient served as the acting under secretary to found for intelligence during the trumpet ministration in he was one of the few people that vomited didn't kick to the here you you you are so he was a significant so anyhow he was under president chink he should he should head more more attacks once put that which he showed an attack more he wasn't self for some reason the good guys were absolutely there were a lot of good guys in the sky side casesis nk in space i heard one store in the hole i can quote this correctly but he was given a mission do something and and i i have to see i can look at outside out some stupid or because i really do i really do love these sky inkatha things that i know about on are just amazing oh he was given in a if i can find it he was given a task to accomplish something in something like and not three months thirty days had a inch aneefan the look it out and he accomplished it with thin la days and it was in any was given he was given quite a bit of money and he did it for like a hundred thousand dollars and got it down but they'll have to find the story to the stories prenoit that's another guide in my bucket less so wherever help there is watching this i want me as rock all right and that that would be that would be a person that i would stack in front of almost every what would stop him absolutely in front of any politician that out here i want to be as rowley danced in those of the people that i wanted me i want to meet people intelligence i wonder me i you don't admiral rogers and every single person the stepsand around him and and that sir i'd like to meet tracy and that her she was one of the first people that i started following you know ah i really in doubt years ago i i can't see is one of the first ones but but she was one that really piqued my interest many many years ago and i you know i watched one when some of the difficulties that she had her house one under attack and such and that his metres some anyhow he is ours woken up a seat see what he does he was she what as oregon and he all you'll be really true and go well well we snivel and there in the sir probably people around the country here like me and i wish i could meet down then the old who knows how i might hope that every single person might my goal is to have it is to be the domist one in the room oh if i could beat you down miss person in rome that means that i have assembled a really good team ah a people that are smarter than the and it takes the pressure off right so is the see was some one was some of meanthere is carin the seleberi met a celebrity in a like i can now like if that makes you happy okabe happy but spire higher otherother solicits really funny terrill come the some of the events that the beharistan caring shows up in his caniquies and he all of a sudden everybody figures out she's curing the alder riveter and egeslice care overseas heron self it's very i resina committee with the deep and been doing this repeatedly i been in his in the meetings and on finally at one point the woman said your car in the riveter and she just i mean the meeting was continuing on and we were talking about other things she is still you looking at me though yes her eyes really big like like you like you or that care your that's who you are i yonahlossee oreoselinon of people he also reactions to you is on his arrows you never everybody all comments i get on you we love caranother in terence this probably probably one of the situation analyzers i've met you know you you have the bility to see pass the obvious and that's always what always that always peaks my enters when over something happens like balloons flying overhot my first in are one often mars because you know i go right to in everything every single thing i see i know emediately escape and then then try to figure out what are they trying to accomplish in whose accomplishing that we don't mean have propaganda coming from one side you know that's the densest believe it there is that we have propagandakompanie one side a hack now no i say is one too but it is we've got to come in all over to the i cannot read to you something that came in that i think is going to be fairly sharking if people on going in one post the other because i believe that the republican party at this point time is more dangerous than the democrat party on on the reason is that people believe that their telling them the truth and that they conduce and i i think that there's too much that's there's too much this wrong there and the organization is so big people can do things on a small scale but i still think that they're just kind o bein sold not gets okay now as soon as i you know you look at the chair possession thingnot that split in a sonshine ways in order to confuse everybody so that the real candidate of the ones that really should win it's going to make it more difficult for them to get it right and the people that there getting behind and i want to look at that the indorsements that present trunk makes and gonfaniere and i love these two guys i really love them and i believe that they are our plain you know not forty chests a thousand e chess okay they know what they're doing they are not making the state so when our present trunk indoors to pernel i was like first voluble all right i i'm all his right now right and then genitone a like micheldean and the genuine and i was like it there trying to tell us something one something like right that this is not a real and i think all endorsements so be i think i really do this should be in a legal thing to do his people need to get in and they need to research for themselves they need to make up their minds they youstop this man silence on the heavy that has super heroes tell down who divolt for or and do with the sobs this came out that man of cornelis representing the outcome of a ah is miss representing in the outcome of a complaint he faced the man who filed the st and i've got a picture of out here an i'll show you after other oi'll show you now shot and then there's more to it and then there is a how much is attorney grievance commission if the a pulse later attorney agreements commission and then we have the enormous new york times reported to parley face at least five complaints before the mission train grievements comiston retired veneracin judge william portired on a fold one of them and says mission at miscentred incomis sion to no sin by den one to risk for comment on the time one growled the commission did say i cannot keep from releasing a g c finding shared in the broil sassagers he could face legal action from other parties if he does so so people are being threatened there made their abstention in the times to proof the miss results of all complaints filling it in with the attorney grievance commission his garment and claimed none of them lit like to die while people are being threatened there probably there's a bigger investigation that needs to go on here what's the cover i have spoke probably spoken out about it to porter and send that that anything which ere he his misrepresenting the deposition i can't disclose the deposition of only going to say that it is isn't what manports it was girls so i would like to see that fool ask to disclose that that position and he claims were made by the grievance commission on my complaint and i'd like to see him documental what he says happen he said is also like to see a parts of count desperacioun reds of thousands of dollars he allegedly raised for people worried about fraud in the twenty twenty et because that is true he was raising money on that platform in the noise gone what way what happened that you know i am absolutely not going to give up in this twenty twenty the twenty twenty election has got to be resolved and were we need to start there and then we need to keep peeling hers back in elections bad and in processes back and how we get that too probably the original constitution going and tell me his success he on on the nonsense that they put in like like oh you know the then how the office that we were just talking about a few minutes ago all this stuff needs no more we've got a cut the pack and i don't mean to say well you know i'm going to just cut a little bit from a budget here in a bonethere no cut in apartments caught them the cut every one among that is not allowable back get rid of them and then let's go back to looking at this and my wandering in go back and look at the humanitarian effort so let me pull up a couple of there is in my pulses stop because it's like this is all within our wonderful prepollical ah here something and this is codocracy because craig roger put this out and i'm kind of gassing that cried magraphut this out because mechanitis connection there and shanatac is involved with the starting this other party split the boat split the bolt was shot made its involved with starting this other new republican party and so what is going on there it's another set ecrits they went after me then kicking me off the valet illegally wouldn't stand with me and thou gisswhat there there they didn't quite get their way so gessler just going to start a new party and then we're going to have mogogo after him like a like a bird dog that he is not respect there for one forget your out there of me and that he could have a million picters and otherwise it was a assassination by media for me for he on every hand every level no respect zero i respect more so anyhow and the detroit rag news succotash acetone years working for essencefor meant perlas expelled and the shareholder men accusations of patent legal bells and his sadistic ording court records so now morris going after the proto because why because those people that are really pulling the strings are switching switching direction once again because my street media is the lap dog of the globes it on this their on october twenty eight nine to two thousand five interesas two of the firms leaders escorted to pronto the parties office and took away his work self on in his old we told him he could come back on money to retreat this personal property concluded the medal written by the lord stephen howseholder on account mesaconate for named ah i can hinsidiae intercentra and he depart on later soon the law for arguing he had rebutted any responsible notion and proper conduct and reached an undisclosed some now seventeen years later the proof counts is at the forefront of the race of the red mission public and party now in for turning general the top wonford and the women that more basis supporters who troubles since quick rise from leo controversy and political obscurity to the spot light reveals the upheaval facing the geepee the influence of former president don tromp and the power of one issubject of the twenty twenty election here such faciale who are willing to do the right thing at the right time is called back hospital st ah colleges of the alepole doing the right thing that they were close be going he would have risen et quickly sophist he called back his sand that i don't have to hear also can o i'm not i'm not anybody faninal called that fan i'm not anybody fanatis point time okay somergen codonodes for them just reading in re others in the mission geop because there is another organisation out there one is it a conservative coalition moon that another sub tropics and divided people in my opinion and i don't like the suffice coming out of it so seems like manipulation to me son just down with all his others the michigoose the situation dirk iffey just makin friends everywhere right there concerned about the cars pass which they view is marked by controversy and crook questionable nielsen his colons have scoutin said rod frendis in representative ringforma nother one his reedification or not given endorsements or sanies people will have anything sakes i think there are all bounteous of cries i'm so any that came out october thirty one twenty twenty to right before for the election so why is it that the detroit rag now has with crag mager to give to give the the republican political establishment passed ere every time is now going after the goopes passed in this arm and this article october thirty one twenty twenty two right before the eton because they are all they were all in attained in that election and handed it to the democrats every single one every single every single one stand behind the people that they said they were going to put in place which was to part cromwell nothing and then they take a shot at the one she tells me every single one has fulcra so not by then so many of what's good to another one that came off which i think is detroit trees i feel not all so anyhow oh this is fairly interesting in this is from the the republican party history of a lolling lousy candidates to sit it orchopeas losecan donates and place and make coverings but were public hens were so much better than the democrats we would do nothing wrong so reconverting this were the detroit free press at the revelation that a state party committing memor has a criminal pass than includes prison time for one of the largest financial frauds in mission history is the latest controversy to shake the mischieful can part this is true thousand sixteen william rorganiser westenfeld a sudden to three years and nine months in prison ordered to pick two hundred eighty five million restitution and two thousand some after you pleaded guilty kintikon spiracy and faults statements in a federal indictment related to his role as chief financial officer of larson he was also sentenced to two years of supervised release following prison record found prison records this just keeps rolling and then there's more it's a out of the little shell shock horse is would have who would know such a thing these are people that the running and the diamondback they count now these oswiecin me so in the this this article was on on in her own at and then it gets into more as well a felony conviction does it stop them from holding of this while in assessment of integrity sure as hell shout of you don't like it his aim like you know most people to have what you have this is one area where this is why we have an assembly we have a body of people who all have their own unique filters and perspectives and skillets dana can she can research people better than almost anybody i know that mechard has that skill with people and politics he has a memory and a social aptitude that enables him to keep track of a hundred different people at once and he knows all kinds of things about their actions in their history and what other people of sat about them and he keeps a score in his head better than anybody i know it consumer o an have ye call to those notyou can say to choke he i dis heard about this guy is running for for a position what do you think of this and he could tell you paint is and documents of history and knowledge about that that person that could give you a chance to go and continue your own research from there and make a decision in an informed what takes people to have an awareness and an information a new mention an earlier about caron's cairns perspective and way of looking at things and you have a critical eye too i shared article recently about mes aphonia i'm self died nosed i've never had a professional tinois an this i sought carcross it one day and i said that is he the art cold that jack oh so compose ah shared the other day i don't know why he shared it may be he has mesopodialia article from twenty fifteen that mentions it's actually in somebody rode review kind like ide a little summary based on a study they read and the said basically people with me's aphonia look at things differently in the have a sort of creative genius he sat so it's like where they have a problem that say in problem enables them to see things differently and i might oh so i that over thinking it in especial because i have be such soghomon you know the times where i were people telling me you really over thinking it you got to stop and i like but that's who i am i'm always thinking outside the box and all though possibilities and my brain is busy all the time at husbands's i don't know how to go do it ye you need quiet ackerton now then we danced in a different way of thinking but sometimes that over thinking comes into play and in its benefit i had perhaps something resorting and some of us have no filter and young something es and called out what is called it out you know and that right there it's like the republican party and all the parties he the structure the problem with the stick is that no matter if we clean it out it were going to go right back to avengment franklin that i'm to give you a republic if you can hold on to it we'll guess we structure of political parties george washington had this in figured out from the beginning it is never going to work never and until in hell we decided that we're going to stop having cold dissect americans into sub group instead of saying hagenow it wet we have to read a protecting the rights of every single person whether i agree or not you know i can't quit i've been critically slammed for for for supporting it he who is a most disagree well i listened to them because you don't want with respect if somebody has opinion there there is something attractive the other day and he said well i said you know basically i listen anybody's opinion on it because you have to write to that opinion whether i agree or disagree with it in the in the assembly of a people every one has a voice and as long as he's carried out in a lawful prose that doesn't include nonsense like crimsons humanity which satan is absolutely does i think we need have an absolute war on satanism the base level it is it is you know it is because there the committing acts of crimes against humanity there was a new thing that came out then they wanted they decided that they could set up a clinic for abortions senior mortons because it is their rich or right to kill a baby yes near the outfall they they they sacrifice animals and they sacrifice they sectors animals and and this is an atom not talking just abortion if you want to look up satanas ori've done a decent amount of digging into the arobas i want to know the enemy and i'm not afraid to look because we need know the truth we need to kick over every single rock and see the rats run the roches reds whatever they are and we can't be afraid of going in and doing the hard stuff and that hard self is sometimes really uncomfortable but we have to look at and anticlides going through poor comparties which even washington knew was going to be the death of the sense it's a cult you get in it there's a promise of advancing it's advancing on an noa proval of others higher up in organization so that you fall in line is absolutely one of the the tenets of it and it isn't it was never going to work it's never going to work and till we come to terms with that and go back to just become you know americans instead of well you know i'm a republican i better he i am a democrat and better than nin in and anna you know it's like your starters party you know i'm a constitutionalist in battering you know that's the message that's out there so much of the time and in the tale i've got so much jordon people right now it's not even funny i win to string it out there i'm going to hold fully in you know insignito looking and what would you say was running for governor and lost when i had and registered themselves with a state of michigan as the governor candidate for that party and then we're going to go one step further and find out these has at least six alias or a boat load of judgments against them for we poebus nesses registered all over laura and i've got all the stock men but let's go back to the fact that person registered herself as a governor candidate in order to create confusion if any one thinks i'm stupid enough to believe that this is a good person or made a mistake and so sorry there's so much evidence there including a selling house that wasn't the and all of the addresses all over businesses were in fact raised and actually an out of state a dress and a phone number goes to i love researching i just love it i pull it out there more or less ah this is what down is going to do this gets handled or i will burn it right to the ground and in case it needs because i will never stand with a group of people in any way shape perform that refuses to handle and hold people accountable the story it is and i have it all does he now father people out there that i kicked it out to few and see you can find this is what i found there was much added to it i thought really good as research or on this set for sconsin address and a pull born pulled one to porthos what i have to question watson on with and foster and in child care one an adult elder care facilities and bad creese and surance and trucking and on and on and on now pretty sure that my hat my peers out there and pretty sad he to this sort of thing and we are all all of us it would now listen look at this information would be going i wouldn't let a kid within five thousand miles of this person or anybody that they hang around with and any one has the power to remove this person who has there removed several times from other orestians turns out the first radio that we have a big problem and a and so so there go there's donnascat from the day to confine to don dowhich did like the wet what is the thing round home think i'll throw the ground handthings do out there i've got a lot i've got i've got tons of stuff on wood merand dan loved the head of a blue cross gethold and what they did with rich snider rick nitrous republican is great republican right yeah in another universe made the cold season that was yet had of it's like you know it's a the first to be is an integrity one integrity assessment is this yar who that had all the financial crimes were deported in ball in that ecapital rate of santolina child cares they already committed a crime they may be able to rehabilitate i don't think so in another in another type of an area but why would you put them in charge of anything that they've already committed a crime in front there is a big check mark of failure who felled the republican party what well like i go back to the idea of awareness of the people again we all have a duty to be aware and and you know there's a good chunk of society who would never see that because they don't have the information the awareness the skill set the filter but there's another chunk of society that could if they put in effort into it thus the three per cent again and that's the eleven per cent that backed the war the fed the troops in closes the troops and it did things to support the effort there's a lot of people out there who have whatever they have something about them they have resources they have capabilities but they're not stepping up and we've talked about it i know it's fresh treating for a lot of us to the what is your problem this is what i wrote about yesterday and part what is it that to take people from awareness to act in the case altringer people's round approval of them number one only when she were about his god and so when we stop trying to appease everybody round us and set down a moral cold that is absolutely unwavering when when you see something that's wrong like somebody who registered themselves as a governor can make is and i know all that i happened to become we had my security watch them pick up a notary see raised holy hell over that wasn't theirs when somebody walked away from e based no people have to be be it's like it like this as a truth let cards fall where they may will figure it out you know it's just like pulling off the bandage for what's happened in around here and the whole system the financial system terbana of let fall we'll figure it out and igneous with god we'll figure it out we used to say that old time my husband and i he would say what will figure it out and then in one day i said to me now we need to put as the part the phrase cause we always add it to fred as a ready to make any part of the phrase the year used to say with god's help will figure it out that's before mela there you go when we as were learning to self governed this is the thing we don't know how to self governed but that doesn't mean we can't learn and we are learning like people have gone through the top process i know one she might be listening to you she knows who she is she said well i don't know about this able etebatha dopting em the hoochinoo to a bit now to to do something and he felt like that was the first to have new that might be right for her to try it out and just like me that didn't work out so well i could see the storm from the inside just like that of brandenburga you are a lot from the position of regio p person and republican candidate what was wrong with the party you have to live the experience on the nolledge and now she's gone you know pickwork out so and well then what are you going to do well in other ashton to take it to join the assembly and it may take we on meaningthree people from each counts thirteen decades people who were living depths corporate government is not working he to go back to a fattore regimenten possiedo or do we hold them my conceal we need to have the printeries available can't do it without for thirteen people and the representation of each county in each state a prose it's really not a talking three per cent that is one other action to take but for a lot of us we have had to live the experience with in awareness and then learn through that experience this is what it is like to try to hold your people to enable you've been to scythe county you know what it's like in that county court house with that sheriff's department is like what that corsesthe what the county commission is like and with this sister if you find you find in botehill you'll hear in ol and that's where right and as for interoperate only get get percontand maybe i'm taking too fast for his yea as the moon we you've had to learn we've had to live the experience now i have him saying every day compare and contrast and she rallied that once this is the working so i've we've run twenty minutes over here while i'm down in the seclet secret undisclosed will be agen and i'm listening to hogode here talking so i think he's probably ready to go to some up lost here shall be back saw anyhow i think we the connecting not lost i did not take her off the broadcasts to let's see she could stand come here last to careen up there year in there while in of inabove forward here and hopefully shook in her connection back up in running or there so anyhow wonderful day i had a bus and remember everything that we see that looks like a failure is something for god to work with and to move us forward with knowledge of things that we would have known had we not gone into such see things go not exactly and that's that's so that's okay and so katooter them has everything is profitable everything works for good to those who love the lord and are called according to hesper so i'm in there he a man o the once gets something how anyhow let's pray and then i'm in to move on because i am wereinto go to while here saw in havenly father think ossa very red much for our time together and for every single person out there and thank you so much for leading us with your help we will figure this out and we are willing to follow you all of you here your rules your your plan the the plan for us in the th your orders we were willing to follow your rules in your orders and do whatever it is that you would like us to do help us to look for things that we can put our time into which are for any they have eternal now the soft gratification short charm things the things got actually howsonthat work for the king to your kingdom in half let and lasting value help us to walk away from anything that is satanic in nature that we've been walthouse into thinking that some can and help all of us to speak out what in saywhat's to be said do in his to be done and not that you would have us to do we are willing whatever it is you ask us this day we are willing we want we want you we want your presence we want you to lead us we want you to be head of the nation and all this or and i and you ask us to do something and that's what we want because you are going all the time you care about us we pray for every single person who is having a problem when alcoholism the stay in every day or any other substance that you would be with them that oh that you would help walk them out of this and cope with the world in a way that is putting all the reliance on you and we ask ef for every single person that we now help us to put to her lie on you to look to you to get into your word and to always put your insolent this nation humbly can walk forward as one nation under god into his bowbert and justice thank you so much for the beautiful day i had a us led every one know that you love them and that you are with them walking through every single part of of their lives and that you are in charge plan in love you into the same we pray a map so with that sad hereyoung iningo to brenburg govenor dockham and i had not conceived in the best known conceived is never pendisitis open not case never going to walk away from that so ye somebody picked the phone general planner president trunk to day or to morrow oh i'm your girl okay and ah i'm calling out haldimand ter andown everything that neas be torn down to build back up the right way that old he restored at the restoration and so that's the world about here so anyhow oh thanks ceronione your wisdom iverybody check out care in the riveter in telegram and i give her follow give care in follow an you'll see some the intelligence there within able to work the rate with your and justin case as oranybody else is out there was in all is you like that and oh oinochoe your hand so see if you can you know you all rentonhall nce biggeronly make this happen because that would make my day he not there god bless all of you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america we will see you i don't know for i take to morrow off for not a other smarl or monday saw let you know your ateloge in telegram just come check it out and that can speed spoon feed anybody it's time for her be to a decided take take handle of this and move forward together cause ah we all need to help shoulder the restoration of the united states america doesn't follow gooders we don't get to go back to our little company legs and let somebody else take care about erything it's going to be all of us and so there have a great day and i will talk to you later