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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 10/7/2022 - Live - Braden EIF and Ken Nash

Published Oct. 7, 2022, 9:01 a.m.

Braden Giocobazzi from Election Integrity Force will give an update and Ken Nash will get get into deep research on procedure and corruption Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is oh my gosh evident my coffee it is in fact friday october seven and we're here to day to talk about truth in the new sense we have none out there so we have to create a new so we are in fact in is my guest to day are our brave and i am not meritorious last name all and that when he gets on as well as as canastota brandished from election integrity force and can as is going to be we're going to be doing a deep dye of deep dig here and two into procedures as well as you know a proper procedure as well as all things corrupt i want to i want to play a quick let her from we mean andrew right the day that is that is one of my favorite clips from andrew bright part so i wanted to talk about this morning because i got out of you to jail for a man i was off for a week here for maybe things that i they didn't want me to say but that's okay i sat aanyway and so anyhow i'm back again and up and running there but i wanted to talk about this whole the sole censorship then and immediate way the media's controlling the message yesterday turn out you know we've been talking about eugene who was arrested and yesterday found this article which i thought was fairly significant because that the biggest part of the significance here he not mentally read and if you critically is that she writes as did amasidia even though she didn't i'll say to dad didn't did governor gretchen whitmer engaging cover up of her dollars to scipio rations pertaining to our elections as she removes all her coniston did it scrubbed all of the concreted stories they still show up in the way back machine and google sir we bring the article up your men i did post article i thought it was fairly signified admission continues to secure its position as a hub for high tech dogs as okapa now the this article was published in december night twenty twenty one go down here mid mischances to secure its position as a hub for high tech jobs as a comeback conic a leading provider of election manager expand and establishes a sad cursin east and lance support from michigan strategic found the monatomic development corporation get down out while the project is expected to enter a tall cap investment of two hundred ninety three thousand and create fifty one well pain new jobs over a two year period the company chose michigan for the project over the competing site and was angele or the possibility keeping the job an offshore location that last angeles machine connections can assig nificent considering the arrest of eugene you and a players involved with that with angels in growth is great news grettir kongonis great news for a state or families in our economy and further underscores the competitive advantages are state has to offer growing the offer growing ten gretchen governor restore our future is bright and thanks to companies like conic and partners like and lady sleep and me foundation foundations key and others we can stay later focus on growing our economy and creating good jobs for michigan arose so i find this is really significant considering the money that's spent the state pretty much goes through a board executive board which is under under the control of whom the governor and so i think that there's probably some connections there to grace poor that we need to look through make sure that there was not a deeper connection between the governor the elections that happened in the interaction with coin i think it's it's important trust ask those tough to go in there where no one the guts to go and and truly down deep in fine this okay so i'm going to add and i guess this morning we have a can and you do renouard good morning so brandishing a let you go first here this morning i know you've got some other meetings to go to but i let everybody know out there that the election integrity force everybody that's working on that the is absolutely amazing this miss these these people are spending hours in hours and hours and hours and hours and who knows maybe maybe you know months worth of time here more digging down and looking at everything and i'm telling you the analyzing capacity and brain power within the group of people is absolutely inspiring tell us going on to the well you're right i mean it's not just a month a month of an almost two years are that we've been doing into election and we found aminta that no other group is able to come up with because we had a stuart team with people like him better and i like those guys over there a right now though we're really focused on the twenty twenty two and what i would i mentally is the presently efforts that we have for poaching it's election integrity forces mentioned to ensure unity free and transparent elections elections are the bed rock of our society and if people can't trust them than they won't trust so we want to make sure that people trust each other and the only way to do that is to make sure that we have an open and fair and one of the ways we do that to have potentate stations all around the that requires a lot of work because what election integrity ports is doing right now is working with clerks in all eighty three counties individually because that's how these done you can just do this blanket thin with the steer and so were working to get credential backed out to the so that we get at prove so that we can train pull challengers in all eighty and of course one of the main things we want to do is get back into formalities and another hunting coat what's going to be really good about a training is that you have people like myself who have been through process many fetes and we know exactly the pitfalls that you can stumble through when you are porter we know what it's like when you haven't been trained we know what poor trading or menial certain can get you we know at average training to but a lot of it doesn't prepare you for the mad house that you might get if you go into a place like what a cessation there's no issues and you just have to understand the process taking catch the and when you're in that like one thirty tables and there's so many people around and so many avenues that fraud could occur that you might miss because you you just ariosto what's going on and it's not your fault it's just bad training and we feel like our trading is going to cover real world experience things that we've seen as on affidavits from the last two years and i think that will it'll be really good if you can sign up at election integrity forest not and if they can't be a comical tone maybe they can help out with some of other enter make a donation because what we're doing is vital the state i mean being a poisoner i may seem like an insignificant pass but my succoring people stand around and watch bellefonte but but in true in the last line of the fence between fraudulent election and a free and fair one of the ridiculing you the last person that is a chance to catch that before it happens and or establish a pattern that can be taken to a lawyer so we need people in those facilities and you're not going to be alone here there's going to be plenty of other people if you're worried about going to see don't be take the class and you'll be a lot more confident and there will be other people that you can ask questions and the people like myself that can explain to me exactly what it's going to be like we can put to you through some role playing experience if people are trying to intimidate you because something that a lot of people fear in something that i see monmouth baines ate in truth if you know the law which is what we're going to teach you as well if you know they like fire sections of michigan election and if you know them it's just a few not much at all but if you know them backwards and forwards and we train you on them you can be totally confident when somebody's up in your drill trying to convince you that everything you doing is wrong and as like you that something's wrong and there attendite found boody builder and you feel intimidated by that there's no need for it because they are not above the law and as long as you sight the law to them and you know it backwards and forth will be left with nothing and it will be found that makes yet that there's a key the kite said there is knowing the law knowing what your rights are that education is is he do you have a do you have a number you're going for as far as how many people you really need yet so to your pinpoint knowing the law is so vital because the intent is a peaceful and even process right we don't want people led to get boiling that's what they want right in if you have somebody itinerant here is probably not the case in most places across the state but if you're a place for that happens and it does happen you need to be remain calm and within the law so that you're not you don't get induced to permit a crime unknowingly or to break a rule and knowingly and that what we wanted to man and i'm sorry what was the other question how many it was you what your many people you'd like to see to how yes so attention there are probably going to be at least a thirty tables during he sets of county that means that we need at least thirty people and some of those people end up dropping out throughout the day and that going into a continuity because you can't leave based on the rules a worse we really do need probably three hundred people just in teeter alone we were trained interstate train on line or do they come to trade in different location training centers are going to be online we're going to have to do some nineteen o hope we're going to have some recording one that's going to be my old wentsteele you pool because we feel that so important so that everybody that goes through our training class cannot be in the problem anywhere because they know exactly what they have to do it to be comfortable so were going to have unlikelinesses going to do in person training partnered with eva and tim gravitates going to be going around the state as well as i will as well teaching classes in person and then all to be teaching some classes online and hopefully we'll have a permanent online video quotation in time that people can watch any time like you would with you know of some kind of corporate that fantastic that absolutely fantastic you guys have anything else going on there absolutely so complaining you can always donate at election tennyrate team because it's very expensive but we're doing you mentioned that two years of work that we've done in purchasing and for a infiltrate state as tens of thousands of dollars and that it adds up and we are in all volunteer all non profit a ironstone the funds and so we rely on grass its potations or make this happen because of the donations we receive support all small ones we've been able to come up with data that no one else has been able to come up with that we will eventually probably get into a court of law and that's really good but besides that we also have another is run by a man named rendered and the challenger working with and elected officials local law enforcement around in order to educate them on the data that we have in their just for the specific counties in the specific location so that prior to the election they can may be clean up their odorous and prevent people from voting in the principle so the election the check the poltergeist line of the fence but hopefully we were all so trying manitoulin better the problems before even got to the and so that's what the boots on the ground literally but it's attuned and involves going all around the state to work clerks even at the present level i mean i think the he and so it's a ton of work and we really could use antiradiation and if you'd like to get involved visit election integrity force to come and by doing so you can sign up to help with the tell unalachta have right now he uniontown and help work with the polarisation fantasticating i did put the election integrity force and the doom in the comment section atoacan go to that to find an easy easy click and link to it and thank you so much for organisation it you know we talked about him and you come back an maybe not weak but we'll have a longer discussion on the process of people know exactly what you know what do you got to realize is just like andreas that word a war here whether anybody wants to acknowledge it formally or not we are in a war we are an information war we are in a war for this nation because they waged a war on the american pole yet i mean when yet that's a fair description however if you look at it that way it's also remarkable that we can resolve this war by having people just to a little bit of action is across and we had some hundred poltarnees and twenty lawyers rather than twenty pollingers and two lawyers that and in a lot of well right well none of this stuff could happen in one estate because truth and honesty would have controlled that room the only reason they win is because people are apathetic or the guinevere and they don't sign up you just get up a chair and an halter one day just to one thing don't something we can win this it's not that complicate been in that room multiple times it's easy to get this apathetic attitude or defeated attitude but there's no need for it because if we had the people in that room they would not have the upper hand and i also want to say that this potentials partnered with em for i which is a great partnership for the unities that guy that a working on the drop and they benandonner doing some really great video or a really great work prior to the election as well trying to save these elections and it's been great working with pillowland louis that's as well thank you for coming to the find it interesting that you need three hundred it sounds like a story of gettin you just need a three hundred take this thing three hundred exceptional people not not half way people so people get off the sofa go out these guys brain meter help and you know how support the state we need every one to get the game no more set inachus is a participation sport from her on so anythink you so much breathed we'll have you back on next week okay the lateeners election integrity for to come think you have a great name good morning and so we're back to you and i hear again the wonderful sea again and be here thank you we had well i thought i'd just see what you want to talk about to day we've got a lot of things to go through you do a lot of research and you have a lot of things that you been into bring forward on a procedure and corruption and a whole tin years you know yesterday i was i was on the road yesterday and it up in in detroit highland park we were riding all over the madhouses owners i'm going to post the picture and went to royal grill i just love this place i i'm on to tell you what the people that are in that area there is so sick of the corruption there are so aagot a lot of solution and there was it was great to talk to them you know everywhere you go people people have ideas and they have they have things to say but i tell you i tell you what wonderful patriots in that area and everybody out there please go to roland and dick and i all indeed and give all a fisher because they're doing a great job i had the cheese green i've been there a couple of times that i like the cheese thinking about who had gone on her other but then we wrote around we rode around for a good portion of the afternoon ended up you know the billboards and such as though we stopped at one point because i had a pickup some business cards the sky pollyanna's on my telegram channel while i never thought i get to mediate said this is crazy and i am driving down the road and there you are partitioned so we take some pictures and take this is happening all over the state we go out different places that the support is unbelievable absolutely unbelievable support out there so that was fun in the new into chamber commerce meeting last night and and a fountain that for nice little town fountain if you have been there that is my that was my first time ruin so i think we are a delay will try not to talk over your no problem it again i like listening about yesterday because i had other things to do so i couldn't go and we people yesterday with you to catch it up on your your visits and all the people you get to the yea there is a lady this running for office and on all put her up there last name is to stay to taking a pollution issue which could impart not only that area but though the great lakes and and i think i got the paper work out it is pretty the original paper she smiled and such whatson thing that i like to look at that a lot of people contribute to sharing with me is actual the actual initial paper work when they start fighting issues and and the reports and such that you have complete information rather than rather than just taking the sound bites which is pretty normal for for mainstream median the nonsense out there so so i'll be publishing some of that people can do now what he happened looks like people are dying from some of the froth dangers grown water pollution he had that are we are the in thinking about the election integrity force and in a batteau idea is that robin or time in our skill freely many people around the state that are putting their their time their efforts their skill into uncovering these things and so i pay second what was just discussed before whether it's the election and denry force digging him to the the paper work and that the proof if you will of what's going on in the state not only the money in the donations but it takes really the efforts of the time unfortunate lot of efforts are looked at by the monetary in the and but the real value is the boots on the ground so the people putting in the efforts to dig up the paper or dig up that the trail and bring it forward this weekend we were going to be we've got another gun show this weekend which i like going to gunshot it's great you know we can first of all selski usually buy something whether outside of that and after that we're going to be doing carpano across the state after the gun shows this weekend were caught were starting to ingrown fair grounds we have a bunch of vehicles and then we're going to cruise around for a while we got some stopping points i'll put that car cruise so anybody wants to join us we've got flags and magnets and all kinds of fun things and we statesman say lo and smother some other towns and make me quit stops there and the then and up back ineditos point which is always kind of fun and it really tethertown created parade when you do the carbonic that's a lot of so that's that i were going to do so they'll be sunday at three thirty starting with the anemometer so an i'll be there on saturday as well as sunday next week and i believe it's calais during the week next week tuesday through friday i'll be up in the upper peninsula with upper peninsula tour so we ate a lot emotion going on there something going on every single day and till the election you know besides brandenburg news network please ovipositor mation on to other people in your net work possessing call e mail carrier pigeon whatever it takes to get the information please you know help us and and get involved that's a great way to get in also donations we do need some donations because we are doing some some finishing to to get the information out to people who who may be we can't reach and traditional methods so if you can if you can go to the website and do a donation to day or cry your friends and say he done i'm supporting her if you are a portent this domenico we're going to get off our couches we're going to you know we're going to get off the sofa we're going to oregon to take you know five minutes or half hour that's not all that much time and you know too you do something call people but if if everybody could rally about about even calling like five often people of fronds and such a say get on the website here at last holdout just a little but i'm not talking about you know big money even take any pack money i don't take any dark money so it's all from supporters and people who who just want to see me represent we the people so we the people need to get involved if we don't ephestia you know you know representative government which is the republic which is what we have i think one thing that that just touched them in the wet your going to a gunshot and you buy some things there and he speaks to you in peter toosdays going through our rights and each to the fact that you're a second amendment order in re people that again or concerned as to which party to vote with you know ultimately people are voting to keep their rights by putting a representative in the government within what you just share it would be your view point as to the right to bear arms and why we are are and hopefully other people not only participate in the gun shows in the convoy as a way to show their support for the second month same way you do as well as contributing in order to help make sure that we in somebody in there to maintain those second amendment rights i osteologist this because you know we don't have to sit here in this question what your opinion on the second amendment it comes out from hearing from you and i know it's the real you for the people that are just getting introduced to them at a hibiscus with the gun show when i believed him a second amendment rights i support the support the vendors there because they are doing a great service to this country as the people who are you know who actually you know provide products and also i got most my christmas shopping done through the gun shows which was fantastic so there's there's always something their yellow that's really cool and and i have got a good time shopping there but yet my the stance i take on second mountain fact i believe in constitutional carrie i think we should have not i think we should have no it should not be regulated it's it's a right it's not it's not something the government sheepheard in at all but with that sad i wish support tax credits for of fire arms ammunition as well as firearms training and i think that we should run the state as its own nation almost at all of these regulating organizations right out of the state you know the governor has the right the ability to do that so that's one of the things that i think we need to move forward with the no right being in the state nethermost of the other three letter agencies which is then we poised against we the people and are corrupt criminal politicians even in abated by the main stream media have helped them wage war and we the people in the need ditties to truly bequest and it needs to come to an immediate an immediate stop one of the things that you mentioned is is supporting the businesses and the amount of regulations and in dainties and some studies i came into that roll of the attorney general from nineteen seven before so it's about an almost a fifty year old document from as a michigan awry use or comes from the bar one discussed the role of the attorney general it was real clear back on now in seventy four when i was younger that the torney general had a specific role in it leading the business and so in supporting those businesses there also rain as business is by the attorney general that giving of tax credits for for the if you well towards the public and the people in purchasing ammunition or products the appropriate formal regulation on the business the state created attorney general all through the constitution on the as to be there to make sure that the attorney general while as that constitution had lost that down in florida where the sentinel an attorney general who decided not to follow the law and wanted to run their own agenda and the governor was able to step in and correct the attorney general to follow the constitute the attorney general ability to regulate control the licensing and sanction the accounts of businesses gone owners to as we saw during the coveting a pretty much every retail store or even restaurants and they told the business is how to do what they're supposed to do and the people are not to be regulated by the state agency like the attorney general who is not supposed passing their regulations down to the people but actually over the business i think it's important to get straightened back out and i think we governor who can like to see was able to do but implored checked to make sure that the attorney general has actually exercising their proper authority which is again prescribed by law and set in the most to maintain those businesses that created under state license i think it's as you discussed you recognize that it's the business is that need to be supported the businesses that need to be regulated and it's not the people who have at all tamarit to carry i annihilation across the board businesses people now all of it because it is gotten to be such a tyrannical state for everyone the regulation and the addressing of the businesses even by our government has got to the point of of absolute absurdity now and you get into like the multinational corporations and such though those entities are are so dangerous we have they they have weaponed the those entities also because you know a year ago i realized and i saw what was happening was a barb so barnstable business a model as well as many many organizations the corporations like what they would do if they would look in town and find a local business look all book seller that have been there for a long time and they was set up shop right next to that local bookseller have their big multinational corporation buying power of price price drop for being able to buy inventory try the emma was to put the local business the best selling business out of that was what they were all about you can see that with that that predatory mentality with most large corporations most of them run run with that without us the the local businesses out of and now now combine that with the policies within our government and you can see that their kind of working together politicians and the policies that are created in order to camote small business they make it hard to even regulations the regulations they make the having to do with with business are we so overburdening to the small businesses that they cannot see and business and it's a real it's a real problem ah there's a a lower and she gin over on the east side of the state and i found it because one of the candidates general of michigan rosanette and worked over it this law for over an on the side of its calton he had i noticed that they have a government relations group and you can look them up in line and may talk about their business offerings in their service offerings and they have a specific good group which is a government services with them the lawford they talk about the services they offer the assayers about what they've done and what they do for an they basically admit that if you're a corporation as motion afford it you can go there and they will help you draft legislation that can be eventually submitted into the house in order to grant the permission or get the lad changed to your corporation can get away or or or get a new law that allows them to do what they want to do one of the people within a group help right intellectual you know allowing you know a registration tierces with taxes related to it and after the law gets past and eventually then of going to cortes to whether or not it masterson allies and applied to all of the different and i think it was a combatively ended up in the law and these organizations these large corporations have the ability to basically through a law firm like that create the law that they need in order to present a shop where the little little guy campaspe company on them needed to some regulations changed in the medical industry so they could set up shop down on with the call temacin i know that the hospital miller whatever the meeting medical mile exactly that's earthenware action for you know untenanted there that have relationships with the legislative peace would have never got our regulation enacted into law so we can set up shop and do what we want to do and so in a man local hardware stores like you said have been put out of business we can prove our homes any more without the giant what was it hope peoples which were more in quick to chase you out of the store if you didn't put him at i want to be able to in town a small enbowered stop by a discourse or you go free and the whole sailors would even provide to the local small momentarily they wanted that cater to those large organizations that could by train carts full of product alone and so you can't compete with those multinational corporations that get those tax breaks it the regulation changed for and combine train loads of goods at a time to drive to the corso that the local business works and can take and business the man like a coordinated the tack when you go look at the very people that even unequalled of that group who used to be a speaker of the house in the legislature and they say he is the relationships they have with congress that makes him so valuable just something a little more and doesn't have and that's that political cloud to get along rated for their business yellow me tell you it's happening was cyber security which is a bunch of none so this is a two part authentication to get into two cyber security insurance case making so many businesses do the circuity insurance i have asked some restrung belief on this that of the large contracts you can't get the large contracts unless you have circuity well it's kind of lazy on the part of the large corporations because they're trying to kick the can down the down stream to the smaller businesses are contractors to fulfil security so that they're not liable if there is a breath even in their own so this is all about dickersons ability this is all about them they want to duck responsibility because nobody wants to deal with the actual problem so they leave the problem word as and then just stops in place so that you know that it's like a maze almost so that the responsibility doesn't land back on and that game being played right now that's absolutely the so so what what this part of this nonsense as is that they make the regulation so hard in cyber security that most small businesses cannot comply with it but you know what they've got a wonderful answer nobody can comply with these rules and regulations that change at the drop of a hat but you know what you can go to microsoft or google and they've got it just exactly right in for you so within that what happens as you have to dump all of your data in a microsoft and or google and gas what pretty extra serpentine happens or something else happened again they own your data and you are done they can shut your entire business i find that to be extraordinarily disturbing as one more attack on our small businesses and they're doing it through not only financial means but they're doing it you know like capturing capturing your finances in case what they did with in canada with the truckers and such will discern of the bank accounts anybody whoever controls that information control you secrecy that we have got on but not only does it control the sea the insurance agencies can shut you down and a new york minute step outside regulations that their trying to put so i kind of like round robin here each one of them push the needle further into the attack economic the security attack you know there's so many attacks going on on the american people it's not it's not in one direction multiple directions and it is a concerted effort to aeration really leather going to tell us who were going to work for how we can make money when we can never houses who we can get medical care from what we're going to do what we can say the they want to senserunt church what we can eat because their controlling the food supply that was part of the montanists fast the attack on the american people using these corporations to attack us take away sovereignty well i i was partitioned dot com blue all the way up to outlive going in and i watched it yet i know what the teacher and i watched as we move from transtevere you would buy the product under license and use it in habitation product not to hear something in it was new to the industry back there the soft where as a servant and so instead of bring data on your hard drive because you use a copy of my prose whites micropositos to where they can in effect keep everything back on it you get they serve everything to you as a service and so like you to you just got out a outbore their services that they offer to you that they mataaitu there's there's an interesting dynamic that's going up and i think it's great that you brought up security and information control and their efforts to regulate and monition hand and keep us sequestered and a lot of people have seen the bit goin in the virtual securities and virtual coins and virtual money and there's a big it up in that industry right now because when the black the software came out the mediately the regulated companies that created the time between your financial institution that bearance and this black cheare that of an opportunity out there can hang i think we might have made and can freeze up there montanan talbot anything that they don't want to talk about and get what things freeze up may see if i get all the canonical reciting he anyhow this is real interesting black chain is very interesting i'm going to see if we can get canterin because we have actually looked into this and we asked our programmers to replace twitter years ago when i got kicked out to it i had a decent twitter count and i was removed same day that the flies were also kicked off and everybody that was associated with general flat everybody got got need the same day off of twitter so as her programmers a light notations that i would like to see re write it so they've been working on a black chain at for communications and and it is see why i had my i entreat he'll be out in a application for that where we could replace the standing options that we have out there this is one thing that i think we have to realize as a nation is that when we see something that's wrong we have the ability opportunity a lot of times to get in there and replace that we just have to use the little bit of orange in order to do such activity because because in that a right and it's also there's always ways around pretty much anything if you can use a little creativity so when things go wrong i actually love it when things go wrong with things you'll wrong all i see is opportunity just like with our government right now how poorly how poorly our government is working well it's not a disaster it's an opportunity to change things and make it work better so we can go down go down the line we can we can assess em talk about all things that are wrong and after a while people are like enough all right even we talked about the novelette certain but every gentle talk about something we also find out you know an issue when every talk on issue we always find more information surrounding that issue that we can go after and in a fine green kind of way issue and i think it's it's extraordinarily important to keep that going so i really want to caneback on her again and the rest inherently and where he is right now and get him to talk about a canakin of wealth of knowledge he's work he's worked for some very large corporations and not only stating he's the technology guy he understands you know i've got a decent background and technology i have taken programming and such a little technology company in such however i would have to improve the level of programming if not a not a great programme i don't do programming i don't enjoy programming i understand programming and i understand the system involved in an languages and such but it's not it's not my thing i can't i don't what attention span to sit there and dig through hours and hours to i can call her mine if we can't get him on my fire eater we can just talk to this is what i get from a live feet nothing nothing father i'm going to call cantwell do this we'll do this through the few old fashioned way through the phone hello antagonist outdoors on you know what that's okay because if you can't come in there i've got you on the phone and you are alive right now so we could even do it through a phone call i don't i don't think that's a bad way to do it either if you want if you want to go in that direction we can do that if you want to try to try to through the table we can do that to setting up on the table right now i had it but i see old address as to the annoyances five eight seven you can all your life right you libration can i'm going to go ahead and take off your open then will i wait for you to come on to the they got interested i'll caulonian all right we'll see if this work riette much better i think better signal outdoors for the type of set up mine because i'm not hard wire now like i used to yet when you had brought up sabreur an information revolution that's going on and people are familiar with that kind of the block chaining used for abercorn like the common bit coin and some of those other things and as those were released by the developer a various regulating authorities got in and insert themselves into this virtual space where the the block can exist and after seeing that happened the original developers come back out in september in august he's really been making an effort to bring the black chain if you will back to the people which is where it was supposed to be in where it's supposed to exist and with the new implementation that's come out under the original developer organizations like beaman and recognized that the block changes us data integrity it gives the peer it appeared appear network to where were all close enough to each other through our own devices we end up validating with data that gets exchanged on the network instead of somebody else regulating and controlling that data so the right notion about when you were gone as that that i got need of a twitter years ago i had a big account i got no job the same time to fling no and i saw as our programme to build me something that would reply twitter and use you know so we got workington application in order to communicate you know appearances so that was created i think i think that'll be a week we perforate connection because if a these providers like like you tube and such continual people were or going to replace them with other other methods became either either they start a supporting free speech or we're going to replace them we the people have that ability to do that and that's starting to have now and so the first implementation became vicini look back in kind of like nature we had nature which was started by the little guy and he kind of got attacked by the court on the powers that be and at the same time nature was being attacked clasped much the same exact thing and now who who is what you get which is the big regulated approved not corporate entity to replace the little guys nature had my pace before they got attacked and taken out and you got you know subsurface and so in this case as with the black chain in jumped to those people that would take it over after the little guy released it and the error of their way actually showed the people they waithmanite is the way it needs to be so it can't be controlled in that way and so there are platforms popping up now where the little guy that we have a people the ones that aren't going to be regulated by tonto of the dana a bacchanal not only secures the data is yours as you posted it is your intellectual property so no longer do yahoos an advertising entity on your content or face book take your picture and put it somewhere else without you knowing it you have the actual intellectual property key to her identity and then your identity such a complex key that it can't be recognized as yours or can't be traceable back to you being the source but it also but can only be opened by you so the integrity of the data within the new implementation of the block changing to be the type of thing that but an it's not begin any more not because that was the corrupted currency of those regulators and somehow it moved into its known as these you know the teamsters the pension which he was the original element in creator according to you know everything that's coming out right now when he's going through lawsuits and dealing with those original organization we the people have an opportunity now to do those platforms in best share conversations like this that they would find a warming to them because maybe they didn't want your second amendment aperient there to all the people there there dearie financial security and there is also anonymity because of the complex so there you know this translates over eventually to data integrity for the election the tattoo a quick search and see how i beam is involved with the block cantering it were threatened detection the moment somebody has on the network making something happen within the network is automatically recognized and that begins to be put into the black chains all the evidences in the proofs all the way back to the padres in the individual who is doing it tractable traceable and by those the systems they can recognize the key that's doing it the canteen the data but they can basically pull back and see that this is an attack and it olesome body had attempted to corrupt the data and that it's not going to be possible to form you know security as you but at every redundancy there some a little bit of redundancy so that the now too so that you know that that is a great way to be able to compare data against his eltondale to go into machinations not well we have a deliberation yet that well it's the perran so your peers are actually the ones that are capable of validating that you were you know that this packet came and was produced on the network and they bowed at the whole thing and so you don't have to go back to a central regulating authority in order to validate that you know this was transmitted into the network by a validated member and so are group the big chief its wetmore is some level or continental community wants away to interact without having these local you know going based the occurrences that are struggling against each other when there is in effect a global economy that that does a this is the technology that address that the information is the power in the knowledge and when people with the truth into the box an it can't be oh taken out or corruption so in their that'll go for our currency are ready to your means everything will be eventually you know so artisan yours and won't be able to be turned into a lie and so the truth i think is what's been a prevail in the long run i think that otasite as well now will i pull everything beg disrupture and and you know god first as it should be that i should be the new nor is god for then and our service to him under godly governments as well as oeconomie she now and hopefully every day we get better at this as you know at this whole game of life and and moved forward with a grace and mercy and improvement one of the who now can freezing up again if we can see what happened here can you froze up again on so such a such an interesting subject though the communications and iron increasing our communication we can do here where you go see if we can do this on phone here so that we don't have any more or interruption it looks like a wife i can action is not nearly as beneficial as our line okay well you are in fact in an so we're going to just do a voice one with your phone so sore she now that's all right it's good enough for im going ahead and an american flag to your spot and now we can distort my voice to go ahead i mean conedoguinet incognito can going on in a black chain and the recognition of a integrity and now that organizations are servicing that the corporations like imagining to recognize that in the now using it for treatment and again on the carpenter well i like the security part of it because when you look at so when you look at the surveillance state that has been increasing over the years absolutely unacceptable the amount of surveillance we have going on and how how organizations within our government anti how they use the other use contractors in order to gather information to kind of skirt the low but their really not you know the original intention of the law is not being upheld the distant in a quasi legal move in order to get the information through different so five yes the five billions was really a wonderful case study of exactly how they were doing it and now they're doing it on bridges they've got local companies that have cameras and surveillance on bridges we got surveillance on our phones we have surrounded every where you can't get away from it the amount of gathering aggregating and angering information is shot that the information is available on voters is not if that works both directions i mean that if the truth prevail said also says that those that are in the light are afraid of but those that would and i and cheriton the darkness will come to light and so they eventually surveillance work backwards from those that are upright and honest they come out above repose prove it prove out true enough but i just sort of like any of the i don't like the way that man that they are doing it that's my problem you know you mentioned out souring in these corporations doing out source i am that glad document from anna attorney general's office they talked about their special division and all creating budgets in order to help source special litigation teams when they need the resources and in an howefer later on the attorney general coatuit a few cases in fact some of the conversation on castellanes lines it was about the attorney general's basically hiring outside council in allowing them to to represent the government or an agency on behalf of the government through the attorney general's office and then receiving the the lawyers fees are the attorneys one in hoorooar own attorney general outcroppings to provide the government function that that officer supposed to provide it tremenhere i think that that happy and security too i heard i have got a person at work and c and in security and the finding that goes into securing our buildings are government buildings almost all of that goes to independent contractors in a way that i think somebody really needs to chase down the money for that too because it's not nothing that nothing is being done correctly and they're taking a bite out of it stop that go down the ladder the taking another bite out of it which is you were talking about that with the jails esikoko there's certain profit organizations that are created in order to say all the reading material that's provided for a i didn't know that pretty much there is one corporation and i don't know about their whether non profit or whether they are scooter there's one corporation that pretty much as the contract provides food and vending services and that sensual another contract would be the provider and the same thing with the radio conference linette would have for visits now the phone system in gainsboro non profit rations that are granted the approval of their products and to the people that are in jail and so they don't have a full supply if you will of books they only have the ones that are authorized renders and so you get a doucette contract to be able to provide yourself ebook to those to are incarcerated the there certainly alike with the security or at watering else orenoqueponi and there's always the attentaeter with her with these were seething down to the private individuals make private contracts between em and nobody else being able to to compromise those or enter into those in the future of the purport which is really what everything is if you want or made a deal for beans for corn but appear to be contact from so wittenbach into the future with data and the power that we have in our devices altenahr party regulator that taken a piece of every transaction between heat private the same boy used it would caminiti with the new infrastructures and new systems that are coming out i think the truth again is upon us coming out of the clouds a confusion so they're so much of it is just like the cramped prison contractors as what were talking about this is going on in almost every sector of our nation where he that you don't throw the who and it usually involves a money transaction that somebody's getting paid off over some entities getting paid off then you get the contracts as long as you keep jumping through the roofs so there are in the house are not necessarily good ones you know when you look at you look at them money transactions in the prisons and such that what we would pay for it i heard this that what we heard but a person pays for say like a pantomine and the prisons or in jail would be about three to four times the cost of what you buy it on the outside unalluring a situation where you already have people who are a bad situation some of it my choice seriously some of them you know they have to have the responsibility for their actions right but if we're sitting this up for a trading items in the prison you really have a bad dynamic there and then anything they buy the contractors are making more money off of it i think it's ridiculous why are we not going to bid sister you know more of rabid system and in and i know it's so most the he shared with me a dynamic and i didn't get a chance to look it up and validated so i have two still but i heard that michigan is at has more people incarcerated to the whole country of were that man of business all the the one that's basically putting people for violations and so i the people that are responsible for those actions there quite a bit of people who had an foretasted against them they don't have the money to pay the bill a lot of the lower income people that are going up and family support and i you don't pay the googoorewon the meeting about the local jail as that you know they use that statement innocent until proven guilty and it's like the word until it is already given and that athens ould be innocent unless profanity so the poor people get to betimes or whatever for noodles and romans and items that just because they can't get out i will lock don't they also merely bound themselves they don't have access to legal resources and things of that nature so it really does the comedown for more and not they might have to stay all the way through a whole proceeding where they might even be found innocent to militate and yet they trample this time incarcerated because they couldn't afford to get out so i eustaces anybody that sitting that push on the latter even further and then was loathe do you know and they love the actual criminals are untrue in order to repeat the crime it this is absolutely not it's a failure to really assess what the actual risk is and get to the bottom of the problem rather than dis go to the symptom and it did seem like anything or government touches the screw and there's another reconceive when on the seacoast came and everybody complained about compelling all you can't go you what to do yes and they regulate into do and if you put a don't put your seeonee yet they still call it a crime and if he don't wear your seat felt long enough i mean they will eventually sites on when you nor because you think it's ridiculous for the son their takin you off to the jail at because you got too many i didn't wear a seepage and so there's a lot of people that are in right now that eventide would call a corpse delecti i come no item no body no no injured party it's just compelling all and isaotta theoretically based on that second darleton general even in that same document they said specifically they can't compel a man or a woman to give up information and an examination of it ewell gave the right to remain silent we don't have to give information and do their job and they point out specifically that through license they have the ability to create contracts for the person who has the license on them to maintain a line they can compel that person to trianon the trial they have to go through the examination and for contracts and if they can build on a contract with you to agree to do things in the dante can further sanction and her chin further so you know the attorney general whose you know got the ability to liquidate a mark or even dissolve there their license you know a marisel can't be arrested but the people using walmart you can have a share o walkin there in arrest the man or woman that running in if they're using it rodolphe's the spirit of this point in time an understanding about how the attorney general is supposed to regulate manganese and to make sure that they're not being used fraudulently and how that the share of his able to go in and arrest the body that would be using that bus a lot of us have a licence somehow and using that license were once to examination on entering her agreements which later on become violated in end up some people in the basically inventor person which is supposed to have come he well and what were talking here is actually the structure that's been compromised now intersection and justice you will you have to have the jurisdiction and the separation of powers and such is there for a reason and that's a kind of been blurred and especially through if you i like orlandino she was the restaurant owner hedn't recognize you can't run a restaurant if you put miss on all your customers and so it didn't make any sense for her as a business owner to run her to business in that way and so immediate eventually was incarcerated over how she ran her and the attorney general has got the ability to dress and find and do these things to a business but not to the body of his using it and if it was a body that was using that business to froebel and take advantage it would be the share of for that would be responsible for walking in arresting that business owner for committing a crime you know what happens is because of the agreement like mariana betokened follow all of their banishment they turned around and managed to gramercy nandy she basically was just running the business under loepel or constitution rights because the governor the governor of the attorney general came a man or a woman but the business as can be told to but one specific policies and procedures and so there is a line worthy attorney general step sober it seems like a working with the local prosecutors in order to attaman being to the ridiculous policies but so fortunate i think we need you for a governor because you can make the like chicken the power of the governor was seen down in florida when the same said he the attorney general is not doing their role constitutionally it's a man it's a matter of having somebody in there who wants to do the job who want you know we have to a people in office who want to defend the people you can go back to i don't know through to history and there's very few people that will stand in the gap between people and protect them donald trump at a very good job of it my opinion i think i think he did a wonderful job of his policies were amazing and you know you listen to this nonsense of oh i don't like his mean tweet really i didn't want to quit girl in there to be dealing with these people either because we're dealing with some very very evil people in our government and also in within the corporations their evil it's not there's no there's no other way to describe it they there sycophant and society have no empathy they roll right over the top of any one without a backward i really do not want to see you know a small kitten walking into that office i want to see a lion that goes in there to the fun the pride and that that's exactly what i felt we had with donald to he had good neropolis we we the people that i talked to yesterday and detroit were saying the same thing the donald trump did an amazing job in the end and they were ostracized from the communities mean tits are you kidding me i go in there i would love to read if you more as me tweeting ahead and take these people down we cannot continue to you know to play you know soft pitch any more it is time to get in their employ hard ball in order to take out this criminal element which is taken over a nation they learned the line they created confusion they have waged war upon our families and our children we have people in the school systems that were taking payoff and as is one i know of for for instant in you know for for continuing to to uphold the mask mandate they were weaponed people that were weaponed by the people in landing and then the people in lansing what do they do they lay down like a bunch of neuter did not the and and did not protect the people i mean i'm kind of down with this whole thing i want to see a lion and that's going to go go for go for actual results the branch think these were opening up opportunities for the corporations that are international in scope he allowed them to bring their money back home so i don't have to be sheltered offshore for excessive taxes amortization are to where he didn't have to write often percent of a capital a gooseberry years be ten years to get the money by corporations were allowed to make a capital for toast and be able to write a hundred per cent of that right away oncelot of his policy and procedures were not regulating a people but actually regulating international what we saw portshandon and economy tease of those policies the governor is that chief executive every executive branch of the state level as you need the same type of efforts that are done on an international to be done by a governor at the state level and you know finally that the town level but she executive the equal to the governor of the equal to the president of the federal level it is the sheriff and so that person is the one that can issue executive orders for the county we seen it done another state somethingorother bit as budgets of color those departments on so if we keep our focus with the right people in the right positions then all of a sudden economies can implore for they have a governor here that's actually trying to dolorousness is up the suitcase to the way that a trump but economy and business opportunities of neoplatonism national state we have a governor there runs the state similar to the united states of america which has a president that runs items michigan conceive a same four times by having a business minded governor lithesome one who is familiar with running multiple organizations with multiple staffs of cross diverse business areas each you know having their own nuances i am indeed needing to be able to operate in that belongeth a seamless body that's productive him i don't see that what were with us we watched the covenant attorney general pretty much wiped out michigan and in anybody's savings and corvesier dealing with inflation and i can i don't see where tolerance to do those types of things have for the businesses which again is what the state regulates entertain corporations is is exactly what the licensing and regulations are supposed to damage you know it is a people of wonder a wonderful opportunity went alway employers and supplies are not being squeezed out of existence but being helped by a thinker to majority of it the international community national corporation yeah i think i think we can go a lot further so i am a fan of maybe a launching some antitrust suits against some of these big multinational corporations and dealing with them to perhaps service the people rather than these corporate entity if they want to do business and michigan that they're going to have to deal with in one business incentive and you know there's a book that i read a long time ago it was called the coming battle he talked about so information and super computing is going amateur the the country the government and it pointed out and of and that in the long run prevention to be like corporations go on that gives you the best service the best offerings the best opportunities the more people will consider themselves accident of man with the ability to tell it out people can pretty much be anywhere i have friends that are efficient that just went down to rantaine the state of texas other still michigan a voteen oh potentially the intent to come back here so the government to provide the best service companies have been you know registering in delaware and wherever they could get these breaks the people are gone be choosing their jurisdiction based on the service offering of them of the government amelotte have been enjoying florida because they got a governor down there that can understand what's going on and fell take the step on behalf of the people and run their economy of gobelin think michigan is calling out for that when the when you went to we went through the republican fiasco with changing of all the signatures and all that stuff and you you were one of the top republican candidates to name and put it in the esthetically this fiasco and immediately the people said he no no no we can't lose an she's goin to exist in this no matter what so all the people the sidetrack on the ballot your back in and the taxpayer party is for the people that again or getting tired of outsides being you know play on all of us as a way to do it they wouldn't be allowed here not a wherefore on the ballot it doesn't matter what party it is any more because it the body of the person to have i can do it for a season measure to be included in this and i think that to come out more and more as a people go away a minute another the party system it is the new uniform and not necessarily a beneficial thing we need you know somebody who can play compassion that got him that wasn't supposed to be the same thing as a youth one that still there sitteth that they're doing everything they can to to not make that happen in domination abolishing you know what would amazing as last week we had thirty we were above thirty nine million thirty nine million interactions online last that was even that was even with being taken down by you to where were still up there so so i know that is higher than that the other information that's come out recently as at twenty per cent of the people have that twenty per cent loss between the vaterland and democrat parties people are sick of this to party communist unitary system which is choosing our winners and losers and also sixty seven or sixty nine per cent of the people are a petite two party system the dissatisfied with the way things italicised because every every bit of it is about taking in the choice away from with people i think catessa great actually great place to stop i am actually exhausted i have been traveling constantly right now but i wanted to get on to day to bring to bring braden yourself on for a little while so i think i think when i'm goin to do is go grab another cup of coffee and tried to wake up a little bit more but let's go ahead and this with the prayer i have got a schedule that is just crazy for the next thirty some adays and were in macedonian here i'm going to come on to brennan some of it will probably be remote which is okay as i travel across a state next to the scientist that this coming week i made up in the peas well as money i have a photo shoot that i'm going to be doing for sort of video photos which is going to be interesting and then the next week and i've got a gun sosthene days for me are going to be notation every every minute of the day i'll try to do some work a remote broadcast say through a do that through integram quite often and i know that i can do it through rumblin such rolls a great option if i get kicked off of the fine other social media that us remember that rumbled generally as pretty stable so that's good and if if i get kicked off rumble or somewhere else look for us to reincarnate in another area such as we will become our own provider and i will i will i will that on our website which is brandenburg for governor come here's a spot i'm going to a pair o i work my technology of over the weekend see if i can't make sure i say on extremely that way we can get the documents if we were going to do screeches the documents and such people can actually take a look out at what were looking at i can also post on telegrams please everybody go to my telegram channels at brandenburg the number four am i they're not sundering there but i do think that there's some some nonsense going on there also because my numbers have been changing there in an in directions that don't make sense so so we're going to just kind of keep an eye out of but they don't really sensate don't senor my post which is really good so i do the majority of my writing and posting there so at brandenburg the number four my silas the holy father thank you so much for the wonderful day that you have a hot otanethi strength that you give us in the wisdom and discernment in all things so that we could cut through the nonsense itself there in an things that appear to be in confusion we know that you can walk as though anything that looks like darkness we know that you can walk a through any situation that you're already there had of us that you are watching out for those we love providing our protecting and that you have only good attentions for all of us so as we walk forward we don't put your trust in man we don't protest in women we don't put our trust in systems we do not put our trust in and who is standing there necessarily talking to us we can go through all situations knowing that you are the one that we're supposed to focus on no matter what our eyes you are a perfect companion our friend our father or our guide protector thank you so much for being with us and for seeing us through time of transition that were and where the old guard is being removed a and were back to the best is yet to come and we know that that always flows from your hands no one else's but directly from your hands are father our saviour and our best thank you so much jesus we love you in june crise precious name we pray a man antecedent so much and think you i regret just let her really know that that here it is being amerman please go to brandenburg for governor dot com if you can donate we really do need some donations to yet this to the end of the race here which will be no memory we could use some donation please if you feel like you can do that that would be wonderful or ask france and like a such popopo share share share a email call carrier pigeon i don't care whatever it is tell us get the information out there and help support them that campaign that would be wonderful and we love everyone thank you for being here can thank you for having me and you're right we will everyone we so so just now that you're not alone out there we you have a huge amount of people who are fighting for you and supporting supporting you but we also need you to support us and i mean that with prayers and just standing together to see a godly roorback in place for the nation unwavering and moving forward because we have a wonderful country god has given us a wonderful wonderful gift in the united states of america and it needs maintenance and that's exactly what we're doing right now where change not the old guard we are taken it back for to put it back into a godly form of government which is what the founders intended that's why we had the fondements they live with the same kind of tyranny that we have right now just look at the declaration of independence in the graveses that were written you you will see exactly they lived with exactly the same type of tyranny that we have right now and that's our way to back out of it go back to what work what work the bill right the declaration of independence the all the founding documents the federalist papers where they discussed all this stuff this is all important and to the structure that will move us move us to a better place to where we are right now getting rid at this corrupt government that we have any how we love you god bless you god bless your families and all those whom you love and god bless america