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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 10/13/2023 Castle Report and Karen the Riveter

Published Oct. 13, 2023, 9 a.m.

9am Castle Report - current events in the world we live in. Darrell Castle is an attorney and founder of Darrell Castle and Associates law firm of Memphis, TN. He has held many leadership positions in the Constitution Party since attending the party’s founding national convention in 1992. While earning his JD at University of Memphis in the 70’s, Darrell met and married his wife Joan. The Castle’s daughter Joanna is married to Michael. Darrell served as a 1st Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps and trained under then 1st Lieutenant, Oliver North. He was stationed in the Far East for 13 months and his service in Viet Nam followed a family military tradition, with his oldest brother serving in World War II, another brother having served in the Korean War. Darrell’s experiences during those years contributed to his strong belief that war should not be entered into capriciously and, that the decision to go to war must be made according to the U.S. Constitution which makes it clear that only Congress can declare war. 9:15 Karen the Riveter - News and views ... morning encouragement and inspiration Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the thirteenth day of october twenty twenty three welcome to brandenburg news network and i hope you have a great day to day it's one of those fall days i got up this morning looked outside o o and it's it'sit's definitely october in michigan so but i cannot like the change of seasons at nigitton last night a republican geopolitics there you know i have a lot of friends and every area of of life quiones and i like listening to every one i think that's a lot of fun and i now want to stay hid all my friends theecause i know a lot of moralistis morning than that was that was just really is always a wonderful experience to see how my friends there with this morning were going to start out with a friend of mine derechas the president candidate for the tacksthe ocsion party ascend he has the castle report that comes on every fedentiacus everyone to side up for this i very much respect dan he's going to be on every day or every friday at nine o'clock omissis case reported with his satiating are he dare i do in the old food as how's the down the tennessee well it's warmer than it is a michigan i'll guarantee at the word to sampleton the edges right now but it still pretty nice here oh i look well what's going on for the castle report to day and what can you tell everybody that's going on globally that you've seen tisthere's a lot of motion out there well there's nothing going on with the castle reports to day because this week of over wertheim getting kind of ancient right now so my wife and converse rason plan for me that lasted all week erlend so i decided to he when this way have you birthday will thank you i preciate that it was a speretted asseverating my life and my wife said the whole thing up and bit a great job for there's as like out ask how old are you seventy five as some that it's it's finlike i like getting older i turned sixty this year a couple of weeks ago and i enjoy my birthdays now more than i did when i was actually younger sons that's like he made at this forestieri walkedso any what's going on in the world right now well there's only one thing going helping that's the other he has this kind of taken you crane off the front pages as the sir has but there connected in many ways as sure you know but yes it's a mess is terrible and there's nothing nothing good about its bertenshave ah but he that's about for as i can go as some who was sane was like a it's hard to find the love of good things i sot there and suffering and misery and so you just feel for the people that are vice where did you serve ah i was a marine officer back in the in the mean and a long time ago on is spent it's been more than fifty years he while thank you for your service i heard a couple of stories coming out of the area and one of the i think they were the asking people to that it were in the service to help with the humanitarian part alas happening over there in gozan i read a story of published the other day this guy picked out of a den in his daughter and it looked like she had had a couple of fingers you know missing that he assumed were blown off when they got into the hospital it turns out and he said that the dot that the little girl's face will haunt him the rest of his life as she was so sad and they got into the hospital it turned out that the father cut off the two fingers in order to get into the hospital as a spy and it's like it's like it's really it's really a terrible thing when people put winning above in winning above peace and above in a willing to do something such as cutting off your own shell child's fingers in order to further your efforts to be a spy i think it's despicable and just just the the horrific heart of war that every single one of us is going to have to our country is at war and we'd been at war for a long time but the globe the global landscape you know we all need to be prepared for calling into two understanding that there is a lot of hurting people in this world and it's going to get worse and be prepared mentally so that we can step in to be a help to them i think so what's your opinions on what's happening between israel and palestine and h in the gas of step as well as in all of men and it may be even you crane well the as far as a man's and bomination knows they say they're not in bothe but they certainly admits of being involved with this blowingnot israel in the attacks coming out of ladanser they do admit that their involved with that and i saw i was yesterday that israeli a fore stroke the column of the iranian supplies coming to asolo oh there's a there's a reason why i wore breaking and one of the remains are involved directly with what have in israel and does or not there certainly in sympathy so you know it's you have a country that's located in the very bad neighborhood rolls neighbors say we're going to or or one go in this life is to wipe you off the place he it makes really negotiating in i tried the plan some peaceful solution very de you can have peace for a while and then so there we constantly as far as the struggle between these people right now i mean you know that the it surveying in the soldiers philaenete ries and the politicians picked their pace on both sides and how you can say about it is that shore in the unless you're there it's hard on men a council you can do anything but sympathise with the israeli people and all happens but all those people in dasaratha accepted to the reminiscences the disordinary people try to go about their lives it's hard breaking any way you look at it carton escatron the one the one thing that jumped out that jumped out to me as i'm not buying the pair of gliders getting over the border to attack the people that music festival and the something else that came out was that they changed the location of that music festival the like forty eight hours beforehand which seems kind of weird to meet you know so there's all sorts of these circumstances and i just give sithere going to fly over the israeli border one of the most sophisticated military and the world with the united states military and nobody saw him come in and all of a sudden they start shooting people i don't believe that and i don't believe you know that they didn't know the operative as it were within their borders and had a time because that would that would be almost an absurd level of behaviour there i think there's a lot more going on there and it seems like it seems like there's so much manipulation and complicity and i think too there is this there's a lot this been staged just then to inflame people to action which i think is it also equally as despicable i saw doyster where they were setting up for a for a photostat in their carrying a dead body in a bag and all of a sudden abominabilior near the and they put it down and they all went running while all gesunden the guy that was underneath the sheet got to get up a supposedly daddy gets up and runs away so i think there's the lot that's going on the propagandasoldiers is is in full full swing and you know we've we've learned not to trust mainstream media and that's pretty much all that's coming out of their right now of the there are some you know that we're being hammered with there are some stories from people on the ground that are also getting through so so there's theresome legitimate stories that are coming out and my heart just breaks for the people that are there and shame on the politicians shame on son what is seventy five million dollars to palestine two hours before the attack and the money that went to a ran and all the it's a big money game and the people are the ones that are suffering mishamed of them yes absolutely and he there a lot of things and ourangoutang for let us make it is real goth cadwall and securities some owlelike of possibility that a drone could flow with their control towers and brought on down into the powers and cute in the ice he went out to that of a possibility that doesn't make any sense not now nonesave one of the two things you old mare rich really not so that it purported to be or the sting in false about the human suffering is on the th with men not seen plenty of war propaganda myself what you were talking about you know it for remember back me resistencias he was supposedly a killing babies the had weapons of master crushed all that stuff he desire that she put out to him claimed the pubis evanition on a lot worse but yet a lot of it too and so since much of it is unbelievable or hard to believe in loathing of her waters of s and the you see a coming attack against the man you know that the that happens and you you can bet the old things that's simplejust what what do you think about it in attack the united states so like one of the founders of hams which was founded and created by the cia and most sad you know the homostatics organizations have been created by the intelligence organizations from what i see and a lot of cases what what do you think about the call for world wide had from homoseists organization they need the need to be on no targeted and my opinion and be done with us you'd have to to think that by thousands of i disposed of remaining here jennieanother we run and remained and i read some remain there for my birth getting him into the country is but thousands come across the border in saving the every day completely imbedded no one knows who they are so ye i'd be surprised if you don't have others to tax on the present the for he shot and yes i mean we speeding up with it pride we draw the lines and their pretty clear and yet ever we just look at its ill well that this was the things you know i mean he knows how we got here but here we are our country filled with corn and biters who knows who they are ah as you pointed out there's a pretty good chance that it's our own intelligence services doing so there's really something wrong out there somewhere doing that she i think we can go back to the constitution and the declaration of independence of this point time and that when a government becomes so corrupt it's our duty to take control of the enemy the now the government might opinion is nothing more than a service contract and they've turned themselves into little little kings and queens of their heavensent themselves then and made the laws in order to keep him in power and its shame it really is a shame it is ah they've completely get a grade in den away with the holoblastic ootside to her then more and he you know the democrats save were not subject republican say let us back in power so that we cannot be subject to neither and so no one actually was the the restrictions of the constitution of the rerection lay to apply to them yes if it's that cincanto that control think what we know we have to have that in my opinion we have to have the rule of law and that which we've lost though the justice system seems on a wholly corrupt right now and i don't know if you know this but in the state of michigan we were getting i believe it's a ninety eight per cent of the cases i have involved a money judgment and i and the under this civil action jurisdiction that we have here their taking eighteen per cent of that putting it in the retirement accounts seems a little skewed and oft to me yes i does but this measure in foliage to kind o distinctenesse down on your in the ore in the stupid estate the nice as however the olive in thethesweet er on around problem delesse there miltocythes that so areticre and the just sink like all of a sudden just in the yere the house be a precipice to the now estangels really yes we got one of those george sorrows prosecutors he has a catchin release type of aditi and now as being prosecuted for anything murder if it's some port maybe but otherwise you know carthey's card jacking that oppothite studien a crime he and so the terror yeah well we need that we definitely i need a change up there and i mean the criminals are running the reinecourt with bidentatis to to china and the money the money that has changed hands with china is it's just a shame but you know what the great thing is as you know there's there's wonderful people like you who stir up from this nation and you know in time of need and you know in your still standing out for it in no really preciate you running for president you know last last cycle and and tremendous respect for any one who stands up to to to make a difference in in this nation who has some integrity and morality is so we got this we've got a conference coming up in a saint louis next week end and looking forward to that i will be there too i'll see you then yes i think it's going to be great general flinders his keen notspeak er and there's some other wonderful speakers that are going to be their fore you looking for to hear or oh well i look forward to seeing all my friends i've never heard the generalinspektor i'll be curious about what he has to say what his muse or right now primarily but the main thing is just came metogether with people like mine and conon i like that i like the miser statesmen there it's it's not you know i went to the republican party and mccolm yesterday and it is a it is it is just a shame it's a shame when when people get up there and hurl insults personal insults and other people last night one of the guys got up and started started calling somebody and alcoholic that was in the room and just it was it was absolutely absolutely absurd you you can't get things done with that kind of a mind set when you when you evolve into that what's the point and in such siliconform the constitution party gathering there in saint louis so anybody can go to the constitution proparty or constitution party that there is a lake methosesis we would welcome anybody to come and join us this is the situation we would all dare to be americans take this nation back and make a sizeable change and how the this the nation can be governed to give it back and make sure of that that is the will of the people and in i really appreciate that and very very nice people people like darling well thank you though i look forward seeing there as some will you enjoy the rest of your birthday week to have any other plans it's about over now i'm at work to day as you can say so i his behappy weaker the celebration that the wife tells me is timing it back toward i like your wife so i will have a great day and we will see you in next week friday will be at the conference so i'll be doing like some remote a summermatter iews and such sale probably talked to you there and we'll do the casserepo ah no one probably my telegram channel next next friday so that we can we can get that out there they'll be a lot of fun so have a great week and i'll see you and week or i do thank you thanks derby so he real orgies let's see of imposing like crazy this morning let me grab carrot he care and i do in and i didn't see her folks this mornin cause i didn't get on telegrams so now wondering what i'm missin well i call a i can show you in fact and i also have the power point of explaining what happened where peep of people i am really sorry that people have not seen what's happened here and there's been a very brave whistleblower several of them that have come forward and i am really thankful for that as people really need to know what's going on and i'm going to tell you what the republican party of michigan right now has got the good neighbour program is coming out and i've got i've got some real problems with us they had information on people coyocan by tremendous amount of information you see the spread she they know how everybody vowed it i've seen em in every election how you're going to vote they will absolutely be able to to know how you vote on which issues what this setteing so what what they decided to do as they created an a and their asking people to go out there and personally meet their neighbors and friends but the problem is is there supposed to go back and enter information those into that good neighbour at a and i have a real problem with it because there's big money and data number one there's big money dad but number two it sounds like a political party spying on their neighbors in using their neighbors to collect information on have we seen this before we've seen this before it's a big problem and i absolutely disagree with this process we can be out their telling people but we shouldn't be spying up people especially people who leave earned their trust and then putting that information in an apt to either disseminate to other people or get this scary this is like spy this spy crap going out and then also isittimetogetup with that if you could crostarosa in formation polestarthe information all your foe and sudden it to china and how that's where i think the scold be so let me i'm ter play i'lli'll go ahead and i put it up here i didn't i didn't do any i've got a bunch of ideos and i'll disturbing these a little bit so you can see what was what was happening certo in that meeting lasting because it was it was and we see what he has been all i didn't see on the stop that go back to now i do have to do that a closed out my aunt so it see what hap happened here and tell her reckon business oh i want i want to show you what what happened last night cause i think this is important and what i did find out last night that i knew i knew some of this cause i actually have the entire document dump of the mackinaw island conference i've got all the contracts and i mean all all of it all of its out there but there's there'ssome snow worthy things you know that they paid him coshed and ten thousand dollars to come and speak and it went through i believe catholic services which i has questions there there's there's a lot of oman ocola trafficking that's gone through these do good or organizations under the guise of religion or religious organization there getting paid like huge amount of one of money for moving refugees and to the areas have seen it i've looked at it looks at different parts of this and an i'm a goin to tell you right now i have huge and i mean ahuge problem with us that is in my opinion when you pay for in entity large dollars and i mean large dollars for an entity to move people that they're getting paid for that's human trafficking people and a wet we need to be aware of that but any other payment was for an for though through a catholic organization catholic services of relief but a one i want to miserliness and then you'll know exactly what went on because in then i can i can go to the power pietoso you the exact what he's got up one on the screen which is exact transactions and what has been paid to who selects listen to this ant here the baronets one goes back bout year when i got recalled on ossulstons twenty two the which was then committing me thing that somebody from christie's campaign as declaimed rush wick curled her husband's stephen was the treachery of the house of last raseife to do conderasto and i been together an twenty thousand dollar hundreds in present koromo the ottowa this also people and potatores charge on it thousand box and her talk governante on anybody into any thing and i even fascinating et valarsace as i used to work her john officers death second the tow thousand eight two thousand ten cycles i went on prior's care being i on her for him to act in all and knock doors robertinians because his ethanediol first started a countless just out of dropping on fol he opened with a domenjon son wholebut the very first boy was atoned who was on my best friends who was that michigan state and he got this should thou i always thought liticulans had loved do you think upon everything so i was gravitated towards the triplication of mono no just all i openopen former alcoholic ride recantation teniers and atomisers i can and everybody knows i write checks i don't take her it shows how i do this it was the one thing that my wines that be do as he januaryst row in a mantle minoote holes i noweternity or on no written is foredoomed i would hasten read all the articles now which still a word more on us that would more my shining my worshippedthose pots she sat for was going to do this that you can to choose what you throw though you get the cows what you put in every one in this room is to choose what you put in this is hard because then i dare not going to get everything that your supposed to give i not tell you why i ficoronese ceninensian i do no longer than to longipennate people are going to talk anythin you do not know what you informed tell you right now for his coming that's so my frescoes sinister a woebetide me consocius my life tootooton i couldn't take one calls at nine o'clock three nights a week ever wore on meeting but with different landing on a right chacon the week and too these means or it wasn't starving that his understand he and in as the late reason why i resided politely what i was tosensible sing because i did resign to after machinations to which for actorsnero called as the heaven meeting first small wasn't personas bill go came to me and said he lisotakis with people ministration back at all and trouble will you will you run you ask them is then one wanting was on the call she conducted along chokiness in true over not that so we forded or into it in what you said in how long a talking about the program in we nonescape and like you was like to signality we onsetthey thousand dollars in the bank account and he was staring down the girl a hard eighty thousand in living if to which the doll in those was like one schwacher this whatheaven and those six weeks that you had to wait too much before them to me so what i here soever men plan and i do that night and there on the matting on saturday when i did it they came back with me i came on with the portosantan are you in doing you would you you do now worships on pillycooshy thousand dollars but he could afford to polterham some reporters to the grand to be got colorist the food denotes to plan to license we have strong hold because the working to do that and as the segestria and every time you churchmaking on high and pollutions the first in the consoling all take for results is one shillispers in gentil here for matinal he to keep going shook the word or back elishaknown vestals forest just infalleble nothings reston to am i started cassopolis on the somerses and now i diditach the janamejaya do you or erichsen's je me paul horace is numbering or go home sarcode he sent something to her i know it graspedmany meaning i asked this hemiparesis id all that money that we raise us not back in on money right that's the cot the machinalmente and they raised the money rights onlihtest all in fact the head of alsonewbery things as i shoreseashore or corrector right he was otherwise and if ye rollebose resist me in as i can't leave the adroitest as he was a man one as like you and i you mansanilla the filings are you got you got no first torn collect twenty one to me like twenty one seventy five like thirteen hundred dollars bridetona ions come on the exact romanes as pastors sageswhat are you people to partonlike to that in all i just went against your set that softeneth no the foretopsail nomocanon any more hard to sides i onesthat these all that mynysters pickets cosecant your macsescnen so you are a sport anstehenden of the hieway thonotosassa fivethousand again then you are person had thought thousand again now you can't support that client because you were misdirected in this that's nocuous which esesthai can do all this past and then i can i feel like an i'll take it all right no man is a marcantonio's meting and that's fine i got presentorono to lie stocker saw itself denotantur this the astorians stat handed us the poise and pagesintended contractors for the first three months before quenches a legal mentor porter back to the mutual toys on men as a fact when all of the right is to witharington legal i don't know as that a legal i can restore it is not legal theirselves conationthat no coroners some berries prosewords in the room do not somersetlord dissension so for the word i metals would hidation of ostriches or have the people there were old it horisontales why they didn't want to pay you so beieinander monts and as i have access to that of concretion that was a lot to have ten asses the best chansenote two weeks by the fathers by the first of march there were to toledo the days in or promote in he came with them with a big check were like he just what you are tendentious sorry's no how portieres entoderm retires we've got to reach the wall or the who knows that this sale the ass where they don't get on by the pipes conscendentes the people retortednever acton if he has for a quick the filesophia ion as monestaries this is one in the rituals of psephophoretica by the wind mattercomes rated i know in the sorties the soorog ariston you know you got cecinerunt in her i found this then but this tecocavitl or not account dashed some world there is question what of the report the anchor to the thesing but i never pray you that in one anybody praised organs out of my elation okay as kidool here we go there's any telocaset he was one the tone eleanor checked este trans for the panel charitythat then how you go hold no she is othello the access of the torpedoes to an outpost horse pictering hers to depose her march to down there to have terentia the count go back the bed the pathan so was the frenata the encerramiento right then on a ooliganism of the big confraternities what is that the party is in debt to sichtseeren some osteolite ah that is not never word in through a well we don't have finding a is startin your hope harness operations going oh folly the form of chirographosophic that all and it has stayed when he has the first accomanodatin when he sat on the livistonias and that westport is the transfer all of our unprincipal oh to pay off the death so it elorissant ofrecen was pathescope of that and i was christisonwhose you don't you don't get me genoaactions he's got pay all lethingtounes there so was contortis serreceives riches are you all as never finds in it ephestasan one point i was transportations administration poff what was his talk about everything before you arefurther that was where on wise or paying off his own hat with his own predicar with his own name attached to it she couldn't call fy for line of credit because her credit is in my crown wiser's cried we shot now what he paid it off before hand and you would get i say all i gave her the choice he left that money in the account he left two hundred and eighty thousand dollars in the accounts for her to decide will you pay down all the dead be free from it or hers to one any thousand dollars to ramble your after operations for jester you here you have the scotish a primarily left o prinkeries in no his body why he sells out money people have to take money out corinthoccupation the snake party pantecoste for man then the togetherthat the holes she lied that's a lie i'm done with this one don't be a nice met there the transferring the from the depth it was a long the lad portlethen all winifred and shortenings as she would have access to some here's where goes into rice of the benotons in this dependientes that toshington at the beginning which she takes over it then on march thirteen a sondistance that was the money that was left there for her in manibangono he left her enough ought he left her enough the seven the my offerjust what i've got the chance or the new bed there's not fosterson prepare no not a passion an oroonoco to honor a seteientos caregrin were the check instinctively never saw your horse that checked yes what is no isa but this for i have a thousand dollars a catechol have to interpose its mesoforty of money do we go this was on the paper the few issues of statement about one of the transgressor is old okay it's only to tenderest i pay seventy five thousand dollars in it as a coindication secure custom security in the way to cast them security every one's got to back in all documents as she stopped in on portaceli that was me on i ate a vendor sevier on to his osoyoosensis i stole him secessions you are the tonightnothing that seventy on somebody on destronase of things but on envisions l are not going to say anything anymore welcome and i do i never tentseveral sires question if the pan happeningthis dollars for it but they were putting averything in in the setico why do they always part doing averything in the petticoat on april first because i marched thirty first and in the sunny fire thousand dollar into the doesn't have to report in distracters in the administrative count to you what i never known on that jonas not a sometidos known in binifield have done these thoughts this is your party don't associate for an eye when in fact outingthe west i know it we lower i infactors when in which you more space for her to wash pas por his stuff often if it is not asooooreeeeiro did so we thought what this centrists is much you ossiachersee we have got twentyonesters balls stifterfamilie marketing twenty five dollars to destiny for dollars at that the ninetynine dollars were tocology of structure that the form pride nine grand o here's another ossalois for it morsel to this assistenti personal pack that he used to run for office missus from all bostonites organ this is everything transaction natforsch the tenors something i do an for sensations to celestite dollars to dealsometimes weorscipe how can ye charge on what he charges husband is on packhorses you're going to find out more about this onrespectable what were you powers what more holes i thought if i told dollars on your back to astrogate there is a lections going on to day where a is the porter is dead where is the pulsating prayer is the infrastructure perish orten on so no one in one parted on all right it is now no wiedomosti to pichancourt which he is as masorite chop off shore that store when sonsonate where this range we now we have three i don't know what you are at flores in my past to paperthere to the door now the noise cool stuff these are the secretary of state came intestinethe letter she sent out all of this tencriffe thousand dollars on my packetts a slight of parbuttee wants to see it out this place i will show you she transfer that money and at exactly the time the cones were negative to cover in check and as soon as the response from anathoth to come into comeretraced the fifteen thousand dollars and one precatio as he did eowetling you she's coming the this is teteuchatai you what happens where all parties are worded in i don't know say the primary season how actor you going to be in mistressthat be destinations the house is going to be protected to raisin money but where for your life or arians what that your commissioners were much you marse relaciones tory was one of that happened of them as for the test i told them if you don't replied by the second of october at midnight with all these fine lations that i haven't even touched people but i got at all the comfort be it so much trying to fort thet but i saw some disasters ponse i never in visible record people research this en redit miss van response this son was a histiophoroid responded by this time this sisters are no more requests were coming for you in an audience is renascent this is the response and a leaving thirty it was too intent on the sand at eleven thirty if i was pistores ponse they are not serious no serious the one okes i listen for foretastes retentator of comparison i got coodn't have toward it was his to back to the words thoughts what was presentent twenty does minnaloushe cousin entorpece asheford a realisation right now thirteen honestetee the soffeits i want everything down to do this for him well for my host prechythe at what hour now then i had thought you take on my prospects but as nothing more cortonese periosteon rushes or is responsible or having more either bolders developing polishemen teres the corcovado i confine cadets canisters of mistrels deprivationtheir they are to vesselfor at work this people and this often in this spring i know that friend for office and that that party provides sport you know that there is your party you are for your debit make home call which i could the officers the shorter another known after reconocerlo nothing was for deserting thought what this this is what you do onochonos fly by the way so i think i must stop there because i can go on a little bit further but it's a a i have the power point to that shows all the deposits as such and the contracts in such an i think that i think we got a lot of questions as wes you know being part of the constitution party which i am the the reality is is that the republican party a fact every one these large parties affect every one and ah i'm i'm i think that people should know what's actually happening out there so that they can make an informed decision no matter which way it was i i would do what you know i would do it no matter no matter who was involved here if the constitution party got off the rails i would be probably the first in line too too absolutely put it all out there for people to see we don't have any money because ah it's a third party and we don't take that we don't take the ah so far way to take in a large donations it it's all on personal effort which is the way it should be you know our elections should not be bought and paid for i have some fun of mental disagreements with these large dollars put out for our elections because right now this is what we have not only not only do we have elections that are bought paid for but we have it by large donors as such the whole system is backwards the entire so what say you care but if there's a lot of money in that a lot of money tremendous you but the hands grottos it's either it's either people's harder though nations or its corporate fund and if it if it personal to you because your five thousand or less when inches support a candidate that you really believed could make a difference in your circle of the world that means a lot when they suck in that five thousand or less and to all of this garbage with it or your thinking well there's a lot of corporate money going into these candidates and what is that doing shape the candidates perspective over the top of mine and yours and in the other people who are supposed to be providing the instruction not the corporate entities so either way you look at it that funding is an important concept and when we miss using it so badly and i kept hearing him say over and over even if you don't understand all the i don't understand everything he talking about is he's talking about a lot of rules that if if you're not in the party and you're not used to that amiable process of things you may not catch what he's talking about i kept hearing him say it legal illegal how hegel oh my goodness he led a political party isn't playing by the rules the laws of the land ah and i i thought it was really interesting when he said it's almost as if they're trying to destroy it well and in here's here's here's another thing when when people like i i really didn't do much asking for money i have a problem with it because our people have been so tapped out and i wouldn't take the pack money or the dark morning at all you know there's the i don't believe we should have elections that are bought and paid for the system needs to change it it needs to dramatically what is somebody says you know i really feel strongly about this and i'm going to i'm going to put five thousand dollars into a campaign like as a person i think is for governor you can you can johnsonone hundred and fifty dollars per person i never got a donation that large to sovereyns in amicably hodibly found in ninety eight per cent of my campaign i've never done a statistic to see exactly what the amount was but on going to tell you that's probably about what it was the problem is as if people are given the side thousand dollars on a personal level to these campaigns believing that they are going to make a difference now you're not because you you're better off keeping that money and i'm just going to keep that money keep it in your family don't tintothe political parties it is honestly they need to have some money but untill they decide to cut the corporate finding out the dark money out the pack money out that you're you're five thousand dollars is going to be so overwhelmed by the amount of corporate donations at it that it's truly it's doing it's doing harm for ter family and i'm just eggertii you've got a candidate that you want support you the candidates should get should in you'd better know the candidate because your passiniano you give it to candletime little one at you another candidate this of the game is plait doesn't generally stay or you intended it to stay in lessonthat candidate or that person really well they are going to camp compromise the money the campaigns are can't compromise in one you can't win this on an individual basis with individual donations any more and i in there's another there's another video to put up that in the budget chair was talking about the fact they can't get anybody to to get involved any more terentil time i mean i can throw up some more videos you can see how the game is played you're right now i'm going to tell you this if you were if you were one of my kids and i was going to give you advice as a mob who cares about you your money do not donate your money to the tin to these organizations any more in and i and i mean all of it unless you really know the people personally involved and you know that they will stand up and put it in the right direction otherwise they're just stealing from you your family probly needs that money with the amount of and that's what it thisieline can donate if you can donethat's fine but if you're in a position of hurt and you can even even put a some time and the time is more important than the money that you can put it in any of these in any of the campaigns or any the political situations if you put in your own effort in your own time i don't care if you've got marksconsisted don't care i don't care what you do if you find some one that you believe is going to tell you the truth that is willing to honestly fight for you and you're going to have to know him i always help people i wouldn't give anybody in endorsement i felt strong enough and i trusted them enough to leave my kids and their care that then at its eleve familiarity that almost no one has you're giving in an nointot vi and large there giving their money to strangers stranger danger out here stranger danger people you don't know to you're giving the money to you do not know how they're going to use that money you don't know anything about this an is as proof there is no accountability to these organizations or the people who are sitting in the seat or the people who are necessarily even giving you information it unless you get in i do little research erself that's that's honestly what i do and and i said i i was attacked and i mean viciously attacked when i was speaking one time in front of a sand up for michigan a group a sinatische and the guy that was in charge of it and by the people were worthy were shocked because i i got up there and he was very very very ah ah condescending ah he was making fun of me even before i got up there i mean it was it was you know i sent the two rose away from a and he is shaking now for it was he been of my barn and his like is there is there a down a down of badanah a donna brandenburg in the room and i mean to shortlike that and so i went up in front when when he called me up and he could see me in your hasrather and i just kind of you know put my horses on the potamian made a joke out of it because it's like i just don't get that over people stupidity like that well when i got down and i'm up there just talking like a regular person who has no idea how to campaign you know i never i didn't have any speeches i just talk for you know what ever came to my mind and in an answer questions to i did not know how to campaign i just i'm like kalets get the thing figured out and people were getting like you know you could tell they were like wow this is so different because this is not a speech it's just some one talking is like what we do every day on brand burg news network there is not a script i never know what i'm going to talk about when i get on in the morning is this like god direct it truly and i'm not saying god to be manipulative i'm saying god because of the way it is you know and so he papoose and when you forsarian me on i would say whenever talk about to morrow morning or one we gonodal about this morning and you would say what will just like god leaves sootlike i need to know what we're going to talk about so i could look into etitorialroom on toorather going to talk about meeting or were going to talk about a laccassagne touch we might have that we might ha i think i ontak about this what do you think that's it and we've just go from there and half the time we don't stay with what we even thought we might go with i was up loading these videos as we were on with darlaston egos of following viosmenils on throwout the but but but the people so any i got done and he was sitting there getting agitated and i had so some people that were with me and they said you should have seen him and i may i dehatatass he was just like furious because people were actually listening and what i had to say cast it wasn't planned it was just having a discussion with friends and all of a sudden he gets up and he's like starts talking about financial miss appropriations by everybody else in the planet in settingthere going what is this have to do with me you know it's like an goes why should we trust you and he put his hand out there at each toscane and the people the andes were sitting there like going to what the hell just happened here and i you know i don't get i don't get you two grated under too many situations and i just looked at him and i said well i give you points for asking the hard questions that's for sure and i said here's the answer i said you shouldn't trust me and you shouldn't trust any person he stands up in front of you and tells you all the pretty words that you want to hear you need to do your onesearch and hold them accountable and you you need to hold people account of the reason we're in the mass were in right now is because people want to believe every single word that comes out of some one's mouth and be lazy and sit home develop these teas of these cults of personal or followed the new savior there's only one saviour and that's it and he was only when it was perfect and he and throw a stone he was willing to die for you that's the person i would trust a person that was willing to die for you laid it all on the line all of these people that are sitting in the seats they're there for political power or gain you can't trust people like that but she can listen to him that's why i listened to every one i listened to every one rather i agree with them or not and i don't debate hem i just let him go on there on either either survive or do well on their own or they're going to hang themselves in public and in you know honestly there hanging themselves or their hermoving forward faced on what people see in it athetic presentation of what they have to say i do not agree with a lot of things out there i i don't i don't agree with with shipping people off into little sub groups i do not agree with a lot of what i hear but i let people talk because that's the only way we get transparency and i don't have many heroes i'm going to tell you very few currents of hero cause i know she's atonic and i know her personally and yes i would in fact leave my children with karen to take two to dotake she actually cares about people animal animals and i know she would do the right thing under all circumstances because that's how well i know her and but there's not many people that i would put in that category that would do the right thing under all circumstances to the point of taking a bullet over principle and the rest of em there all be invaded right now this is a betting process to see who is telling the truth and who is lying there asses off and there's a lot of em there's a lot of people out there that are only in it for gain look at the entire legislature did they stand up for elections no not a wondernot one not one of them went to the man on that about the political parties none of em stood together and went after this election not even election nonsense we had and an organized manner to hold them accountable in a legal way and start firing these people and bring it breen it to a conclusion there's ways of doing it and honestly the people that i stand for are sandwich there all doing something like the bronson brothers are their trying the the the people that are serving notices to politicians their trying their absolutely tried the political parties as the group no this is what you seen a political party you see them arguing he you see them arguing you see them getting nothing down there no action of stops to any of this zero it's a waste of time it's a waste of money and the political parties need to be no more their special interest groups that are by and large being funded and cooed to waste our time and your money they don't need your money they're going to all get it from dark money and pack money that's that's that's just the reality and that's what i see in the republican party and the donatary they're there two wings of the same bird and there's no one who is willing to say this is nonsense and were not doing the any more her other one and that goes for pretty much every one i've set back mais folios watching out this place okay same thing with israel in palestine there's no heroes there none of them the people are the ones that are being the victim of large government organizations there is no possible way that israel didn't see or know those attacks coming and he united states and the people sitting the insets so power there is no way that they don't know that were being invaded by terrors groups to our southern border and through canada and through our port every single state is a border state the governor's every single one of em is to be tried for treason because they had the power to do the event sheriff's offices newsvery few sheriffs that to have done anything the whole system top to bottom is corrupt and it's a war against you our families all of us unless their complicit they've been bated if they get in the seats they've been vetted to see if they can be compromised and we'll go along with withpoor structure that in places the marks is power strucke if you bucket you aren't going to be in and so the ones that have been kicked out that had been moved round along the way those of the ones i suggest to start listening to because and save your money take your family out for dinner start preparing in case this thing melts down it's going to that if i ansilica ors and everything are all there if we get through this without being attacked on the united states for finding a ran through the manipulation of the oil prices directorios to the money wanderings on in the ukraine and is real and pack in palestine there what's happening over there and our government finding the cia and madethere working together to create the terrestrians as something to tofight against and to common in to attack the people we stand with israel people we stand with a pillow palestinian people there standing on the ground not the terrorists and the terrors are any one who violates another person's human rights and i don't care what label it's under be aloud terrorization and the terrace ars you can you can go right down the line i you know look at look at what happened it's it's been having for decades this has been having for decades and decades and decades and if you can you can go back and you can you can see i i look at the money that stand up michigan took with with buying the contact list of soldano look look just take a look at them it's it's a big it's a huge organization and i yield for a minute because it it's it's sad our country is being destroyed in its being destroyed from within they sought they were going to do it that way and they are ye yes sir day oh i was precoci yesterday oh i got triggered by a geoponist cement put out by miss king county because they hadn't is really flegentyne stand with israel train of thing the basic clyde now thee any one who supported from us and i i i i felt angry about it because they failed to recognize the w s roll in it then so that i throughout the day i kept coming back to this idea of i stand with it used to be i stand with eucrate now it's ice stand with his room or i stand with pakistan we have people in our country that are either way and they will protest in the street for it who stays with america right i stand with what do that men now you just hit it and i feel same way i don't stand with israel i stand with the is innocent is really an people the night i know there's different ways to put that israeli i don't know oh i stand with the palestinian people who are innocent and have nothing to do with any of those criminal activity ere any of this terrorism i'm in the iranian people who are victims i stand pakistani people who are picked i stand with the chinese people who are victims in an thinkthen people who are victims of the cartels and in all this we stand with humanity we stand as americans americans americans i'm dare to be american i stand with republicans i stand with with democrats i do not stand with these parties and i do not stand with a criminal governmental organizations which are killing people and who have funded things like covet its teapan came out the sweet sad one hundred per cent proof that covet was engineered one hundred per cent one hundred per cent proof is out there that the vaccines have killed and damaged more people than any vaccine or legged vaccine in the history of the world that the proof is there a young do is look at and who founded who founded it the criminal politicians who don't give a damn about people about god's creation about about making sure that god's unscrews they've all put themselves on the throne in salt for money and power and it's a shame but we stand against any one who who is who is a dire dragged her effecteven struck a comenting who is not here to defend the people wherever they may be globally we stand with god's creation for here to do his purposes to serve the people in any one that stands against the people they have to be eliminated because they have committed terrible terrible crimes against people in human beings against you know we'll go there animals we'll go you know well the the the the the pollution of the planet under the guise of green energy all of it it's a lie it's absolutely a lie and the amount of lies that they put out their or are incredible their incredible leading the sheep to the slaughter an unforgivable crime position think about how many we don't really know how many were killed with this by yours whatever it is plus the vaccine so many pomeranio we you ever know the truth though any of it but i imagine it's larger i hate to put it this way but i imagine it's larger than the number of people killed in nine eleven and who perpetuate the dis crime absolutely who perpetuated the crime probably the same people who perpetuated mineeven on our own country so was covered in the vaccine coronatoris act on her own selling we don't start thinking about things in a different way ah so that's why i'm not like all up in arms and sand on we got to go over there and we others destroyed some people well who're going to destroy him to destroy your own country you haf to root out the evil in your country and the evil in their country and as you've been saying when you say israel israel doesn't have boundaries is a country when you say i stand with israel who exactly are you talking about are you are you talking about it entity of land or inflammatory crossecoople or you talking about the government or you talking about the terrorists who occupied that place or or careen or the inflammateur and flammatory policy do you stand with with what's going on there or do you stand with the people and you know how you know it this is this is a crazy bart of it this is so easy to fix it's just like with with go with government with the government you don't you fix the government you don't let you fixed all these problems you caught the money supply one that's why honestly why want to be governor of the state of michigan because the answer is caught the montespan all of a sudden you watch these rats their john though absolutely done what are they going to do there only in it for money and then watch where they go if they go to another illegal activity down game over came over now they all crowd committed treason there's so many crimes that there are the guilty of racketeering eh you know money laundering all of these the all these crimes that that the guilty of treason sedition that dan could hang all of em on honestly yeah i think you're touched her a very important subject money follow the money i've i still think that one of the most interesting things i have seen in the last several days was a post which had a clip of the landscape saying there he needs money he said rushing money and i don't know exactly what money he's talking about but not money that came from russian sources for reconstruction was the term he used he wasn't talking war he was talking reconstruction that is a big change and maybe it was the only time he said it maybe he dressed it in a in front of a journalist and not during the speech but that is a major shift to me that he's talking about i don't i'm not asking for money for war for missiles to find the the food supplies for my people are my soldiers i just need it for reconstruction after we provided all the money for weapons and blowing the country up now here longcott back together and the same things in happeningsreal palestine and very likely an let'slet's see let's see where this thing goes you know and in oor nation if our nation does not get hit by some i am going to be really surprised at this point time you know of some serve tacker and other i would be so surprised were not just a financial collapse or already there guys were there as hornthere you know he bought for tantecose of the time anything of this when when we were wingoak and they're going back and forth in doing all this political game a catouse over here ah he says this as the israeli attack was happening and so you have a clearly you cream is now a loosing narrative he knows it he's recognizing it he sang o ka well i got shift gears i still need the money and in what it tells me as were pouring a law of the cabals money out i think that's thinking of your being i think that's the curt thank let loveswhat the habit but the letter of itway let's go there for a minute now i let's let's go through some critical thinking here on on what's what's happened or what's going on right so down is not being at all that the messidor the israeli government was told to stand i'm not buying that they left this hap o they knew it and they let hal there's no way that they somerled into that nation and sir shoot and people when they moved the music festival two days before turnconfound like it was the sort of some sort so and we don't even know if pitchers or all of it we don't even know how much of his propaganda there's a lot that we don't know in these but let's just say that the good guys are in charge and perhaps the money's going into a direction that we don't even know it's going in spiritwhich could be cool if their peeling that money away from the cabal that money could come back to the united states if there is a new person in charge the connecturall manage it okay that is one supposition that we have renown but there's not enough people wake yet so we need to win people up now the other thing is as what have all of these weapons if if if you are if you are going in to make a sizeable change and let's ouse this mine fielder you'regoing to rorging into uncharted territory you're going to have to get rid of all these little gold weapons that are evansold and trafficked from the honorosa biner hillary clinton who were trafficking weapons like a you know like a weapon thadiocus the cross the world and allowed them to sit there and both things up and getting rid of the world's weapons stores i don't know i'm just wondering here i've no idea i have no access to this disobeyes it's doesn't mean any thing it's possible that their blowing off all of this the aeaean in different areas of missiles and whatever it is to take down the global supply and which would mean that maybe the large change that is coming that they're getting rid of some of the threats that are other night on now that i don't know that for fact but that would be a really interesting turn of vats disease above the stuff may be in a more controlled not a good thing i'm not saying any of this is good none of it but when you're in a war which were in where in a war how do you keep the most amount of people sake nothing's ever clean on us in this world there is no action there's no bomb proof action in this very fallen world until every one decides to fall on their face be before god almighty and that's not we're not there were not there we've had an incredible of assail attack on god and his children we had it going on for years and years and he we've got people that absolutely hate god hate thought a god because all they've been told is is what is is propaganda bout good in a very corrupted sister you know look it out look at all the real religious systems across across the planet not in to go there right now this is not going to be comfortable for though the law of the land and in israel his pretty much the topmen tall men is babylonian satanism read it check it out and read it islam go back to the bible what was the core book there the bible the christianity do we go back to the bible no i'm listen to everybody in the whole planet talk about pondens spin the bible put their own words on and get people away from the document that actually is there that is it is there that all three religions go back to and it goes back to the same thing it's the god gave ten commandments what happens while the jews had in it six hundred forty eight more come loments you're an er in violation of that law ever mended over the day we had the constitution we had the constitution in the united states we still have it and it's very simple but that wasn't good enough because people who were in it for self gained oh where do that alteaten jew as religion islam all of them in also the governments have to add more were got a complicated so that we can we can put everybody in violation of the law at all points in time i divide and gained control so what are we do we got to go back to a work we need to go back to words the the fundamental of every one of those religions is the bible emerson he said in that funny how works funny how it works we are the problem i know we confidently at all she theforenoone me and as i can i can to wander if if people were at the toll at you you realize that the tone and talks about its o ka to have sex with a three year old in it says let it says that the impairers it's nothing to go out and screw a three year old is like poking a small child in the in the tale is he so kay not to me it's not pretty and simple to me you don't screw kids you don't groom children you protect children you don't take advantage of people who've been disarmed like they were in israel who disarmed on their own damned government did whose tried to disarm the united states of america or government as are scared to death of an an armed population of a telere right now goes this yourself out there get yourself a fire arm and carry it and disentraining on it if those israelis and all were trained soldiers they all spent two years in the military are all trained and not of em carry because they had such strange gun control the government left their people disarmed and absolutely certain like ducks sitting ducks to be picked off one by one they've got all the guns people have nothing they've got the food supply the people have nothing they've got the tax as we have supped person tax rate people have nothing and the political parties are part of it their stripping your wealth keep it see save yourself keep you know take care of your families until we get this rat's nest clean out coat's all we got and we got god looking over so i do believe that god is walking as out of this captivity a very evil people he's done it before he did it in egypt go back to the basics and leave the rest of it behind case alcalinity by saint nests sat on the top that want you kill you he take what you have and they've got no remorse these people are psychopaths so here we go and it's it's global global let not another lad in liii don't like the iceing and with israel i stand with you crane kind of think cause we're fighting a global battle this isn't about standing with one country this is about as you see you use the word humanity and others some people i don't like the word human but i did wrong he in love i'm speaking of the people of the world as an entity because our the writer yet you're either right or you're wrong and or your innocent or guilty or you're a criminal or not you're a terrorist or you're not we stand with innocent people of the world and in that crosses all land boundaries we have chinese americans or chinese who are living in america right now because i have a job here have nothing to do the ecb they're innocent so this will this hatred this is for example saw video last night they are some polters some some paper flyers put up some forget which country was in europe ah me been france oteut they had these fliers of children who were missing after the attack in israel and they they had here some people missing nobody takes down that stuff well some women were were tearing them off of the wall and some one set why are you doing that this children what about the palestinian children she's yelling and she's angry and it's like so you have hatred for the children of another country because you are supporters of people of another country there to the you hate shilling your hate is so great that because some one has a label you don't like you would hate their children so much did she won't show support for their rescue like what is wrong with you this is this is how far the hatred has gone this division is about labels you pointed out many many types when when you allow the government to convince you that one country is good in one country is bad or one leader is good and one leader is bad a people is good or bad then you divide them based on labels and stead of based on who they are as people and you lose that sends of love and kindness and grace and mercy toward innocent people or even guilty people because letters a core aspect of who hears americans you were innocent until proven guilty that takes the emotion out of a situation when you're asking for justice it doesn't allow for vigilantism it means everybody has the same equal rights here don't forget that cause we can get really angry roll quick and say i want to drive that die out of that house and beating him in the street you do that you're going to catch somebody who's innocent one of these days and now you become a criminal this is roomright said the father you have the right to defend yourself your property you have that right then you know the to defend yourself somebody comes to your house you have the right to defend yourself and you know in live the way that you you so wish we do not have the right to infringe on other people's rights and i ought gave it the choice god gave as choice is too too you know i'm not talking criminal behaviour in talking about differences of opinion wendin such and it's real clear i mean it's pretty it's pretty clear what what criminal activity is it is is speeding to criminal licity no it's not there is no victim there's no victim in speedy okay just wait is if somebody comes in your house and comes to harm your family or your home or your property is that a crime active yes it is and you have the right to defend yourself some becomes in in and comes after you on your property be it he masterwhere er i think moses a terror start and say there's there's no possible way i'm going to stand with terrace i would not stand with viola i would not absolutely not stand with them it's a corporation it's a terror store ization and they should have been the should have been designated at that before they had two billion dollars of damage terrorist damage that they exacted on united states of america terrest organization and heavily founded by who oh i believe that would be open societies by who george sorrows by who world like an omicron trace it back say not that but it's interesting it is the same as the parties because you're talking a lot of these don't needing to be corporate and a lot of the decisions were sorrows or the cabal at say and the lot of those donations were also from innocent americans who believed in the midelton and the lie of who be lamas and what they stood for and some people are on for finding out how too late they found in a terror store ization so there complicate accept it except it realize your mistake what you got to do about it now you're complicit when you do something wrong you have to offer restitution se like if you find it something or you were involved in something you got to come out come clean and you know say ye ityou have to do something to counter that i i think that this is this is kind of a now i like principles that that a lot of different people stand behind like there's a lot to be learned with what happened with the liberation of india and god ah do i think everything that was done there was right no i don't okay i don't but i think one of the things that he was asked somebody came to him and said said i i killed him i killed a moslem child and there like what do i do i'm going to burn and how and i believe the answer was then if you want to get past us take taken or and moslem to child into your home and care for them there things we can do to make things that are no dethis gives us forgiveness i get that but when something when something is wrong we should actively do things to right our mistakes and and and offer personal restitution am in that's that's that's a accountability parent if you find it below shame on you if you got sucked in on knowingly while that happens that does happen but what are you going to do now what are you going to do with that odenwald away or you to try to make it right and that something that that we can do on a daily basis when we wrong somebody whether intentionally or unintentionally you can try to make it right can we always make it right now that's why jesus comes in and gives us forgiveness and says o k you know you know wake up wake up don't you again okay jesus offers forgiveness for sins he wipes it ways of it never happened there's some things you can't write but the things that you could do to make the world about her place you can do good works to can stand for things that are right you know you can you can you know turn your heart hard round and and try to do the right thing you know and i think that's a rule good story though one with the moslem child that some one killed now no seeds by virtue of finding this stuff is guilty so what are we going to have to do predecessor we're going to have to try to do something not only hold people countable in you know we're going to have to hold people accountable terras comes in and to this nation they have to suffer the ultimate penalty same thing for treason it's the ultimate penalty for those to sorts of activities but we were finding at her part of the funding were i to make right we got a lot of work to do i had of us and you know i whether we were sucked into something jaltor unguilty of it were still here to do god's purposes on this planet without regard of hardness and the consequences there that god sets god's as our business is to do the things that he asks us to do and ah i think that that's i think that that's an important you may have to step up and do some very hard things in the coming days and on i say that to every one of the you're mate loose fronds over this i'm pretty much exercere you're going to lose the friends over this just because there is there's a lot to be done and to stand to stand with unpopular opinions where we're going to have to stand with those of some things that are on their own popular does it mean that we just walk away from it we still have now legation to walk for it and do the right thing regardless of the opinions around us because the ways we have him in epilated at some point or the other where we listened to things because it's on our heart to create peace yes it is a god made us to be peaceful we love peace we would love for all of us to sit down at the same table can't sit down st people with same table with people of soul out to eat they have no conscience in your boot to going to reform them be it don't think that much of yourself be gay now people are like all i know i can save this situation if i just try harris inter there's sometimes it doesn't work in when to tell and these people are going to come back look at what's he happened in and like sweden people that have taken people in sweden oh my gosh and and i'll go in and take in a terrasidius got to give him a place in the learn for my good behaviour and they kill them in their sleep happens it's happened all the time stephanove the globe don't be stupid in that just as plain to so where are territorial we have good verses evil the santon is the author of confusion so we're going to come into some very confusing times a lot of people will be fearful or even panicked and so when it comes down to things as you said the basics simple basics what is our obligation well we are too find joy and love in our faith and homecome in the storm we come in the storm and how do you do that if you have faith you're not fearful and if you have love you can't have hate because that's what they're going to try to do is make people fearful and fear leads to hate really quickly ah if you're afraid of every one who wears a cover over their head because they simble symbolized to you the terrorist you're going to chase a lot of innocent people that's not godly so we're going to have to be really careful and really discriminatory but where there is any confusion fear and love and kindness will rule and guide our hearts and the i think that's really important to keep in mind because we can be angry it's okay to be angry about what you see about the wrongs happening right in front of us or across the world we can't take action everywhere so i think we sometimes feel like worse stuck ah worse stuck in incapable and it makes us angry because we can't take him action we can't help that child in israel or palestine but we can help child in our own community and a kind of went out a little rent yesterday about how people were sitting on their couch saying nice to and with israel and then you know they or their marching down the street protesting about what's happening in another country while there walked by a home as veteran sitting out a cold on the sidewalk in front of a hotel where the government funded illegal immigrants to stay while their perpetuation wait for a signal to perpetrate more are you protesting in the street because you're effective that way are you missing with going on right around you where you can make a difference in a positive way then an i'm not picking on your audience i know their wiser than that that's why they watch you is what you know that's thatskin of thing that makes me angry you know the right to do righteous indignation that goes nowhere and does nothing good it's empty that's what got me on a fire it up about the the muskegon county republican executive committee statement what is your statement actually do does nothing where are you when are you going to tell the truth the county republican party is told the truth about elections but are they doing anything with it are there party commissioners demanding that we go to paper ballots are they demanding the truth out of the county clerk's office where is the action coming out of that party are they are they screaming from the roof tops about trafficking happening in the county what are you doing making a statement that goes nowhere and not making a statement that does go somewhere occas so that's caring getting a little fired up but alesion overplay the sink is it you know how they they'll tell you what we're doing and in the movies i think this is going to be a good videos of his inolitas it down but but remember when luke sky walker and star wars he's watching all his friends get cold yes athenatians like stars all right i think i you know i grew up with star wars i love star with well see i ensevelis is the c ofanother sure i she before he or and on thorney towards the dock side ontogenetic you seinesgleichen so thou one ewis to blow you to vixen he there is no consobrinos lf to feel they've been poor i don't believe it destroy me now you won the estimateshow or of the god sin and do not like it you will meet your discolored in this context i can't watch the scene without thinking of so rose i would think the same thing will not i on still he rest evermore you densitometry her now his feelers if you will not turn to god sir then the happens she interest senescere and color helper hair like never know when we got was behind gone with that is to be never know what she going to get at the kitten table on sonoridad birds show that's right you just don't know if you're on a million there dragon but doesn't that doesn't that look familiar the one just me at witley who was the one that he should ishogo race straight for the issedon throwing the smoke a giltit you know that's the high knoll of this you know i even what an i think i shared that could not very long at it because it worthington the same lines give in to your hatred you know that more that's what they're trying to do to us and how do we battle that we we have to not give into our hatred and do the opposite and promote love and kindness and feast well you know it's like it's what i watch people on a daily basis of co after protected groups go inter the terrorists i mean you know this like you can't you can't damn entire group of people for what some people do you know you just you just can't and i'm sorry we have people have the choice to do things that you have chosen not to now if they had extends to children to keep yourself in your bodies in your own private space leave the kids alone you know that's that's one of those things you don't you don't go past period period you violate somebody else's right you were in the rock you don't you the children are the right of the parents with no conditions on it to raise children way they want we are not guaranteed government schools which only turned into indoctrination none of this so if somebody wants to have a a as long as there are not out in the public organized and proselytizing o what's just say as a political party or whatever a a a ah how humicola this without calling everybody all because they could i could name protected groups that are in it just for the money and most of its just just for the money a lot of it stone wise and a look at the dillenian nonsense that this nonsense cultural engineery and it's like why would you put suckit out in the public like it some badge of honor i had proved the way it when people were wearing the the king came out and sachs like for pets sakes i'm like that is an absolutely such a low i think we have we been fighting for how many years to try to break down the barriers between between the genders and all of a sudden tax ignicula ity i'm going to put on part of my my my genitals on were on my head it's continooing so that either makes you a dick had or something out i don't even know what to say to this you know it's like it's so ridiculous it's ridiculous it is called the necessitee i can platform is look at me look at me look at how weird i can be to day why don't you go do something productive cause that ain't it and then it goes into the tocsin masculinity i can say is bringin the toxic masculinity i'd like to see some guys get out there and handle the business at esben people that have a little bit more height and strength in me that would be helpful if i in a consternation water going into a gun fight o kak you are sorry this i got actual somsomebody to handle the situation frigout the cholacacan please dear god bring it out you know so i like you go on for this forever but with that such let's go back to what work here we go this is what worked now he's got to go in and they're going to put an an an advertisement on here but let's just listen this is what the bible as iscriptions this is not with so i set it just listening to the words she assures as the shield which you alith kowooses god old times per solication to that persse making supplication from all the things get it to crete mystery of the for which i am an ambassador in chains the i may declare it boldly as i ought to i say for per even to your old age i am she grasica i have made it i will bear i will carry i see so they for we for pretends the life of his none is tilsitpeace of nebe condemned so so are my headpieceand my shield i know sixteen but i will see that of your strange i will sing aloud of your steadfast love for you have been fortress dressingthe day of my distress second cripple it not we are flicked in every way but not crushed perplexed not drivendes air persecuted not present struck down but not destroyed rogers at other and we know those who love god all faiths forked together for good for those who are called according to his and i'm no stop that right there cause i think that's a beautiful way to stop that for all all things work for good to those who are called according to his pre what a great way and miss the craziness out there you know what we can always turn got any what woowool that like god i mean i i don't even get this you know it's like it's like if you listen to what he says in his in the ninth word of god when you listen to it just then cut all the corneensis of you'll you'll have a pitcher of who he has its amaze and all the three major religions go back to the bible not not with a attitood go back to the source fine owthe said and you're going to tell love with god and you're going to go who the patient he should a wipe humanity out a hundred times over and he hasn't cause he's patient he's loving and he's a basin and that all all things good and you know you listen people who put themselves in and think think they're going to be the new self sistile stays sage of what god says and god now just free the bible that's all you need go you to bible and find out what he is you'll fall in love with them and without people getting in the way with her own jancus that's what he happens so but and truly i mean it time research and we know what whatwould you not love god you listen to those words how could a person not just go oh he loves me he really cares and all things work together for good he's singing songs of of our praises his happy with us when we do the ratichon you not like that like the best encourage or on the plan it scapes me totally to escape my great that's why should people leave the focus there and i want of them you know palatine to say stuff like that i'm talking to myself to i i don't feel like i'm in the the best that everything in it my faith did a ladder on for grosse oh no they both heneages in thomson i am not a discipline as they could be yes i got a wattonthe girl but sometimes that's why i say those things because it reminds me when i say that loudest but you know what are those are those things that god says or is that what you've been taught surely i want to think about that you know or i have to be more i have to do more i have to give more or a yoke just away you are the answer is your occa just the way you are and anything that god wants to remove not what people want to have gone because they've got thrown jundus but he'll make it real easy to remove things that need to be that better work can for your destruction though a lot of those things are human human constructs o i see what you're saying but that's not really what i'm referring to referring to how for example studying to show thyself a proved my studying enough mastering at all marinier feel my pack marionthe lead that i need to study some more in a praying often i should be praying more those things that the bible does tell us to do in the i know that i'm falling short of doing those things then and he in reminding other people to do it i'm reminding myself his a mingo the chair here don't you so i haven't been to the comgo p meetings let's see oh vasesad your morning glad to see you in last night as nicest always i did he said i haven't been at the calm geo p meetings in three months i haven't signed up for the elections i dropped down the election and tagaro and stockbridge lancey what's next down an the entire public in port party along with the democrats should be abolished a man to that absolutely it is a complete and utter mess including the house in the sun at both in candia thoroughly disgusted i am too and the the party system has to be abolished i and i mean that's all of them we we need to have a clean system and we don't we have he don't and honestly that includes all the parties all of them we need to go back to being individuals who looks at the policies not for social agendas but how do we want this nation managed i like i know write now the best that i see others constitution for party because it stands for taking things back to the constitution to the wreck there there's a lot that needs to be done though do i believe that that party will always be if that party grew it would be infiltrated and compromised some point time also not right now but that the system of parties it leads to corruption and it absolutely it has to be abolished crossboard denis said i apologized for the types of just so angry listening to your pop cast of the meeting last night mccann even the mansion of john ye i'll agree with you with that all will agree with you the mention of john apjohn ya is got some real problems he's down there in the caribbean that should be your first clue that we've got to problemstheir votes down in the cribantha a problem so we can listen if people and inanimate apart no matter who it is apart just because somebody shout something gives the presentation too we've got to be thinking because john ab is down there and and there's a mass down there in the caribbean and why is it that they got the the virgin islands has nine boats for the propiciar where when this happen that this is incredible to me how far reaching thesis you only to fix it and i believe that a frequent recurrence to fundamental principles of loss as donald yes your correct the we walked away from it and loves as i think the party partly why the mainstream media wants wars because the ratings of dropped hoping to boost the rat i i would agree all about that but the main thing as his were gonstan god we're going to go get to know him again because we can sit here and watch yourself think all round us and he's going to keep us exactly where he wants us he can't he holds us in his hands you are precious to him there's no condition on that you can turn to him and he will welcome you in with open arms and say we can do this i believe you i believe in you let's let's fix this let's fix things than our broken hearts and are broken homes and are broken nation we can do this he says that i believe in you and he doesn't turn you away you know now their certain things that we can't tolerate here right we can't tolerate it and he also talks about absolute judgment and no stone you you talk to kid he olearias out so there there is the certain things that we have to abide by and is are these are lawful principles you you you can't get away from the fact that there's there is there is grace and mercy there is also justice and a parte graces being able to give us the grace or the ability to walk according to what he wants us to do mercy is the forgiveness and ah it's a it's an interesting path we walk and discernment needs to be used in all things and i could do ask him for it god god be to servant who tell the truth now his lion both you're going to get it he's going to tell you who's lying then in who's a whose actually telling you the truth and the wisdom to go forward he gives the desiring relieved and we should not be concerned with being rich of the things of this world but be rich or the things of the spirit being able to have the gifts of the spirit and walking with god on this earth you can do it it's possible and he he cares about us and he will absolutely quip you in all situations at all times you don't have to be afraid and even to the point of you know who knows you know disarming some one who's come too to a do you harm you know he is going to give you that ability to do what you need to do and in in all seasons so we don't have to be afraid just just talking close to him get in there in his talk in and long rapping his in wishing his little hands and his big hands and comported with his wine wit's ingrate and and and when god when god let somebody have it it's going to be decisive he's not going to just give him little tap you don't see you come to yoosoof comes to harm his children he hillnothing go on for just a little while but when the hammer of there's there's it it's going to be a decisive drop from god with its sad dear homely father thank you so very very much for walking with his weed love you we love your word we love hearing your words of love and encouragement and all that you've done to show us your character through the years help us to know you more and more every day and that just now you but to become like you more and more every day we went to walk on this earth with you we want to walk three ternity with you we want to be with you because you're good all the time we fall down you don't your perfect and we're like children we each of us has gone astray we've all gone her own way and we want to keep our hearts close to you so that we containare continue to maintain a heart that is like yours a heart that's that care is that that doesn't tolerate the nonsense but also that also cares and sees people for four in their failings away it is we're all thought failed the only way we can we can stand or anything cause good that comes out of us as because you give us that ability and you you live through us we ask that you help us to be your body on earth and to do your your work here that we whatever it is you ask we we ask that you would give us the strength to follow through on what you ask us to do and rest rest in your love knowing that the stay you love this not because were perfect just because you love us and that we walked through all these difficulties cutting away anything that is not godly in our lives you prone us so that we become more productive and would become more ah the more productive and more like you in all the areas of this sort we ask for the gifts of the spirit we ask for discernment in wisdom peace and patience that whatever storm goes on around us that we stand tall and we do the right thing regardless on what what we see and we hear that the only thing we hear is your voice your presence and that we walk on this earth with you were so thankful that you love us and we're thinking for the day ahead of us and i'm all people that are out there let know how much you love them give him peace give them peace night you have this is going to be kind the and it's going to be a we can walk your difficulties don't before were going to do it again because you give us the strength to do that you provide for you quickdon't before and you are in charge of everything we give you all the glory and all the honour and the physician in our lives for not only our country for this world that we would be one nation one world under you that it would be honours it is in habit in all things we love you so much you've been a great friend to us and we want to be friends with you to you please talk to us to day continued to talk to us a guide us shows woldist would want to do next to get out of this horrible mess which he helped in creating were sorry we were poor part of it and so show us what we need to do and were willing to do whatever it is you ask for of us in the name of jesus christ a precious precious savior pray amon they do get so let's what wherein to do to day we too live it right we have great day peace scene none but that no fear beware but don't let her now fear see firewalk run rideto it off i for that's been proven that that works before sesoke protect your family and your children protect them sir our duty before god to stand his times to stand and a red planned going forward sometimes we have to watch things melt down in order to get a planet even not we have to work with it the whether the people are going to stand or whether they're going to be bachelors cowards and go sit in the corner and feel position and and being afraid of whatever it is that comes next the most is colde prop again to just like the coldness in the shot nonsense you know and get educated before you make a decision in turn the tedoff mainstream media dick gone it's amazing i made a joke with with a guy that i know an osgoad n i sedisses you know is really amazing it's amazing that the ormiston get didn't get covet and ah i said i know why the hoistinges i don't have thievesthe laughed until he was about ready to cry it was sepittneet out refused to participate tone and to god too and your radio the so with it said in the last words came with i like watching mainstream news sometimes because i find it entertaining and because i think it's a trusting what they're high lighting and what they're not but that you know for entertainment an informative purposes but not for their following along with what they want me to believe yep its cant is this point time it's the joke is on anybody believes that nonsense war they're going to capture once in a while i get caught once in a while were well look at that and begunits like it'slike ah it'll get you allegationthat you got to go oh okaytwenty wily cool my list in to her and then sit back in in short through it in the be resilient as the oka and hopefully to morrow be smarter than i wants to day i'm hoping for that opera really sometimes nosing out man i wish he were smarter on some of the stuff truly so i but it's it's a daily struggle and we learned more and we help each other so you all help me he solitaire that we can take through things together follow god and take through things together and will be okay so no fear so out with it she deeming minegot brand oberoende i of the best non conceder who has over knots i do not concede to the twenty twenty two rigged fake fraudulent maladministration is so that you donald ah ah a process of non elections but selections sure were careened not concede to lir's cheats or thieves and need or should any one other so with that sad i have a great day is going to be a good one to day god bless you god bless you every one whom you love and god bless the marica in god bless the world make it a great day it's a choice metal toughness only sucked into the nonsense you know the stuff that's she's trying to push you round by your motions the nothing good ever comes with it from that i'm no go ahead play little bit more scripture here we can to all have a great day to day as john to twenty eight there thirty i give them the cornlie never marish snatched the knot of la o my father what's given them to great not able to state the gotfather hand i then the father or one and i go stop right there that's a perfect place to stop as for the words of jesus christ are saviour god's only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish but have everlasting life as he loves you and no one will snatch you out of god's hands have a great day goggles you all