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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 9/1/2023 John Ferguson and Michele Swinick

Published Sept. 1, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it's the first day of september twenty twenty three welcome to brandenburg network in this show did we've got a couple of really amazing gas sons to day john ferguson and michel ah you are really enjoy what they have to say so so we're going to get right at it but i wanted to show you a let that i thought was fine john's beg states to he's got to jump on here with me in justesen your recheches this canon i could not myself have put so waitotara listen close this pretty funny anyhow a good morning john how you do it i'm well good morning good morning tell your listeners yet was it another good day to be alive in the united states of america i mean it's always a good day so so we thought we would jump right into his hobby bad you've been on the shell before and retucked by the southern border and securing some southern border and such so what's what's happening at an out there southernwood and all other adventure well i thank you and he and i have to have to say i'm really happy that my name is not goody jes i do hate to have matwork on change my name if that were the case he is no help here both everybody in abides by needs some help i mean it's got in to be so comically funny that that you you couldn't write this stuff right you know that that nation being the you know but i judge is he don't being that his you don't have gay ah ah this she that degousses so many different meanings in sisterly con or masonified been a woman and he made it he made a comment like that half the nation would have been like like this but i i don't know i'm assuming that this point in time they ought to ha everybody everybody is a getting a good laugh out of the joke at this point in time but at any rate you you son of video to me and i wanted to play the emetic as i thought this was a was pricing it or cat let's start there this morning because i i what we have gone on our southern border is incredibly concerning its changing aresameta the united states is works and effect that we don't have a country right now do you agree with me i absolutely hold heartily agree with you i don't think we haven't election either i mean it it wasn't just the twenty twenty twenty twenty two we haven't had an election in for almost for over it if there's selecting who gets to sit in the seats it's all in allusion that that's where matter this right now so let me let me go hat and a through fire up guise they are really telling here's all your child is gone away there go tooconsoles there goes your brother there gonson overdressedthe of detonators and there locke so that might give feel american by geo well i agrostologi us to have you have let what was that the there's a little of color language in their mythologies that's all right have it weel answer here thither some padded about that american listener some con trails in the sky over that look at that we like sky yet your and well if kate go and overhearing mavrocordato discussing could before lies the hatter a last love for very he allowed that he you allow that so you had wonder why there is not but that that is well said because it's not just it's not the politicians which the they facilitated this for the globes but we've let them do it and we got to get lot lot lot louder than where we are right now to protest this and call him out for it you know i had a commentato me yesterday ah that their freed that i'm going to say something that a maybe his truthful but he could get somebody into into trouble and unlike you know what we're so pass this time that i'm sorry but everybody needs to actually man up here and in step forward in the best passway to say what need be set and you know damn the consequences i mean that's what has to happen we have got to get in the game and that's every single person out there or your future is going to be looking pretty close to i happen to noyers already started and it wasn't just the jews there were there were fights million jews killed the five million non jews kill and then any one had a brain that was thinking they took them out right away any one that asked questions and that was that was said hey time out guys we our problem that they also took in outdid make any difference what what gander what race what anything it's this is about total control and the destruction of our entire human race really if they can destroy the human race and get the population down to but what is he stated fight a hundred million they got a greek with five yeah i you know donatistas very well said in your your absolute one hundred per cent right and there's so many layers to that oh in response you know several years ago they did a study where shows that the earth can happily sustained to point five million people and works think were climbing over eight million people now so there's this big oscar there were over populated and this is where all of this started crazy thing is is that you know a couple of years later they did other study and they realized that a well the earth can happily suited a lot more and if you take all of yours population you can put all of the earth's population in half of the united states and everybody could live comfortably that was another study that was done so as an example but ah you know i was down in a texas with hither and we were we were setting up a big banquet for etudes pressest one president occurs minnieford that i met with the president of soudan last year ah an i'm working on building an infrastructure practise for the entire central african region these thereconditions said miller thither has and there the political left found out that the commissioner was going to take it easy with this potential who with the next president salvestro southern as on the naughty list that is that me is a divrei thought it creditorentered you go in and oi'll figure out where that of the prostas in its sorry but oh you know the legal team and everybody had urged it you know that the commissioner not have that meeting then there was word out there of that eh you know this this gentleman whose is going to be supposedly is supposed to be the next self soon in ex president oh is it the left but published that he was a murderous rape is child's extraforaneous all the other step in this guise an american citizen he sees del citizen rank so he's taken over oh the country and he's trying to get rid of all of the nefarious activities so it's in the crazy thing is i am not going to mention any names but a very well known figure in the state of texas he happens to be in a very large leadership position in the state of cakes findout about this and he strived it for this mine and it is said that left and the th there not right os on the right there just there just communist just like the liberals are ah i said that both sides of the fence are trying to stop for progress for global happiness global sustainability so you know my big thing is that i have the drone company and i have a few of the companies oh you might big thing is that i want to take or technology that we have here in the united states and i was share it with people all across the world and in those countries that are gently don't get you or types of technology so i have a water machine that creates water out of humidity and if you look at dar for another on central orionville es they never had a clean glass of drinking water there tire life and i want to bring clean first drinking water energy of culture in all this stuff over to the central after regions so these people can prosper the political left in the right it seems at once to destroy that going back to the border we were down there we were setting up a big banquet for sudanese gentlemen and oh the orse whose the the rapid security forces who were in then the rebels and south sudan now we got word that there possibly going to be there so there could be a threat on this gentleman's life so we had to cancel the event on my way back the houston area a i was taking the back roads and that's where i saw those s and there were a good almost thirty there were full of legal and you know bessieres the are allowed to transport these folks all over america and you know people have come up i say where are all the workers where are they where in going as what i want to know while yet were they going to but where all the american workers right there's not a lot of mouth there i mean insane but the these folks are coming in to you now take your jobs and they're not betting these folks and i know they're wonderful be by work in mexico for two and half ten years i worked in mexico and there so wonderful wonderful one o people down there i they are a beautiful ah but there are some bad players in there and you know that their bringing terrorists and from all over the world now how to chinese terror i sat here by ninety per cent i hither and i did at a mission so weeks ago down in texas and the overwhelming majority like ninety per cent of the people that were detained were all fighting aged mail change so what does that tell you ye do you not have to take my word for you to go on you to and take a look at who they are you know you'll see videos and folks out there the majority are fighting as male chinese this stock the families typically most people with hank and a lot of people think i asked this question alone has he how many people do you think had been brought across this ah this border since biontologie and people say he is the melian two million five million you know and it's like so patenson little bit esscential culation happening there and i tell people know the real numbers are over thirty million grass what i just said don't take my word for it go find out the chan per cent increase in the population of america guys think about that that's an extra ten per son that we've added since biden the not the the real press on the right the right or present titan nited states his president donald je trumpours so oketo office we have increased the population of the united states with illegal illegal take a look at our veterans o ka ah you know i i as a veteran you know as marine you know i broke in twenty eight bones in my body i i've actually died twice flat lined ah you know and i i'm in pretty good shape for a person who has taken out a strong to their body but take look at some of the veterans out there that her home and need help and have a very serious condition pities and thematic brain injuries and you know these folks aren't getting a lot of help in you know lately a lot of patriot grooves such as mine and many others have really stepped up to try to help and i think that's a blessing but these folks they get nothing almost from the government and these people coming in across the borders he legally now they're getting money they're getting cash they're getting sellone either getting transported to any place in the united states they want to go they're getting fousands and thousands of dollars each individual cash to go and was all think that the money's coming from that that's the disconnect that i can't even grasp as people are like oh yes as coming from the government it's like you realize the government is only founded by our tax dollars and ordered the corporations that have taken us hasted well i mean the government is founded by a printer and i've too i looked all over for that printer i can't find one at best fire nothing so ye the cretan dollars they gave out for taking me the just printed up you know i worked with a gentleman ah that funds and this gentleman has told me that there are trillions and trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars of just absolute pure cash a lying in pallets all in banks all over africa and if they were to release all of those funds into the economy of antar dollar you know over night so i not sopranist it that is the plan in i've been in contact and i communicate with it organizes he has been funded by a multi billionaire since twenty ten and they've been monitoring in no voter fraud in a nefarious executive level activities and they have been monitoring you know who their placing and office and not who their voting in office they've been monitoring all of that that nefarious activities and in i don't get any classified information because i don't deserve it am i i'm not at the sloveso it's the me so i get a little bit information that is this certain out of classified that most people don't get and you how they know what's going on they know what's hapned you know president trump and the people that are around him they are not stupid they are not cut with their pants down they know what's happen and you know i have a a i have of of a bit of a respect no process pirates as i call on the go down to the border and is we now go he your own i'm here the border you know i let the don't do anything well what they're doing is there exposing what's happening in that's a good thing right but that thing that i have is fired for those they just go down there in spread miss information and think that they know what's happening in the trumpet ministration or behind the scenes with president trump we had time chop told us from the very beginning i'm not telling you what we're going to do cause his nineties this you it will know the bad guys know too which is really you know that you they're not get their rockingly there their hand and you know i listened to so many people out there that there the new expert on everything and what's going to happen and you know i was i was riding through this in my head this morning because i have quite a few fronds that yet that you know follow of different people out there and the problem that i have with trying to figure out what's going to happen how is that any different than fortune telling and i'm sorry but the bible tells us i see in the church as i see it i were its fortune telling the bible tells us walk this davy thankful for the stage and he a weakened look at what's going on just cause you know something doesn't go i mean is going to change anything it's a fault sentietur ty and in there is so much misinformation out there and people playing games on bold sides this is your ever those old spiders espy on the unrefined the pitcher of picric as i resallah is the lover evils in his kindroght the side of spiebuck but you don't we are not going to know and i get so sick of the time that's wasted listening to these people who there on italicas they know the truth they've got an endslike now you don't no you don't the horny led and hand people that know what's really going on and they ain't talking to anybody and well i don't know it's fortune telling bileses against it just cause you think you always going on means you're probably the first one that's going to have your er your throat caught here with by the bad is because you don't know how's that for yes that's true and yet you know they call me what allowance that rode the the useful idiots right so as wewoonock too that brings us back to this little book right here by my bodies carolan and boone cutler with generation were fair if you were following some of you try to figure out what's happening in the future you just got caught in a fortune telling can there i sat it and i'm not sorry i am i met a man boon cutler at john riches house from big ingrain and the color is cooled deed man but ah you know it might might favor it my favorite of these poncas pirates are like i got some until from a high level general when and the th ebs system is going to be enacted in about ten to twelve days and you're going to turn to last for about six days and you need to stock up on food and water and can goods because they are going to go through in they're going to seek rely arrest all of them is it oh my are you an idiot or what or my favourite is his holier a right so to her a caso i'm going to say that wouldn't happen to be a certain person i fell water because i know that's one of em and i'm just got a matthaesius because there is an idiot out there that i decided to put up a descanter my videos and then put it up there and they look general fling us called me out because i'm really something special and i'm like now and then you start digging into this nonsense and find out how absolutely how many things that people are actually involved in but man you got to believe everything they say it's a bunch of nonsense yet other won't bissett going on right there with that's what we got going on the united states america five or espy the books were larious i still think they're hilarious and i should drive one out ten i think my i think my biggest insult to injury monicathis and i don't want this to sound wrong but i've got it i've got a paraphrase in such a way that you know there's a there's a pot cast fire out there this kind of like the you know the the traditional socker ah his turned you know for the money it's all for the man but you know you know going round saying that your account of terrorism expert when the people that spend years training to be counterterrorism experts and i know you know a lot of people who are countergarrison experts that have lost their lives getting on of the intelligence in saying that your counter terror is expert you know is is sold on a wound you know for me and recentior in a doesn't make it so it's a grafter that just wants to make money off of it and they find ways of doing it by say i don't know selon gold that's it it ridiculous price isn't taking people's you know a retirement income on scenes all sorts of those scamps out there it's incredible it is despicable because it is at the highest level to ope and taken advantage of people's weakness of refusing to get the game and finding out what's real they just want to believe the head lines yeah and you know but people have understand that this misinformation you know this stuff is there's a purpose behind all this you don't my brother is a wonderful example you know he's a very successful man he just sold his comic in you know he's happy he's worked his whole life and worked very hard and you know he just wants to enjoy his retirement he wants to do great things but he doesn't want to listen to the stuff that i have to say oh he doesn't want to know the truth he doesn't want to peel back the layers of the onion he just wants to do his part for society i just leave it at that and he told me yesterday as i got him on the phone with one of these intelligence guys that i've been communicating with and i had this guy say hey tell my brother in a water loaded by what you do any gave this big long feel about what he does and then my brother told me yesterday i won and to keep my head in the sand and he won't let and you know i love my brother ripped my heart but this is the type of an attitude that is putting us in this position you know corporals one tasted a a no reason video with them had him corolla i posted it on my face book you know turberculin clearly stated he believes that we are going to war with russia we are going to go connetick this sa proxy war oh but we are going to war with russia now if you take a look at twenty fifteen i versengte ligence that came out at a certain female that was running president he wanted to set off a dirty newcomer city and blame it on russia and you know how that has an excuse to go to war grocia rather that's true or not i have no idea but it makes sense because it all lines of so you know soon as bientot into office her pots you know the biggest thing that the left wanted to do was the one to face of the boche and they wanted to russia of its ability to be a superpower he in the world because it does a line with the deep state in the groveland the one world order and the child's extricate it ivy was in a way and you know adoptians oh you know the libyans were they were pretty happy i mean they had money they had health care they they didn't have many worries in the world and i have work i in a round libya for years tell anyway a the whole idea that we are going to go to war with her with russia this is very serious and people need to listen they need to listen because i can turn to you as much as cocker carlson can guarantee you that by next year if we don't clean this mess of but biting in his ministration we will be sending our troops to go fight russia hand to hand oh and it's not going to and it's not going to unwell there's there's no way that this is going to be that this is going to be isolated to want are it will come back on the united states of america it goes that with we and you know it already we already have war on our soil and they be outenough aliens here that are not there not refugees it's an invasion they haven't enough people here to really create a problem what did i mention on the last part cast at you and i did that this administration of his allowing a shipping containers to come in through our southern border then are full of fully automatic weapons and millions of rounds of ammunition and their some motorcycle gangs and agomentine any any one that particular but their setting up take truck incompanie and there taking these containers and distributing them all across the united states why would we be bringing millions of rousers chinese smuggled weapons and ammunition millions and millions and millions of rounds of ammunition and fully automatic weapons in distributing them all across the united states why would he be doing that why are they sitting all this stuff all across the united states we know that china developed an arborescent in all round you know the smallest little bit of a penal to kill you right in ah did i a thing with a arizona house of representatives once the college had stated that a sweet no packet of penhall kill the entire capital building and she was right now eh but they've taken a fennel and you know they developed nor can which nor can can counter the pinales china has developed a thing they call trink no i think horse tranquilizer that's coated with fennel and it in a countertenor but we know the china's developed idea an air per spent all round so if they blow their figtree anded over to the trinette by los angeles or chicago and the wind takes a wood he things going to happen right so why are they bringing all of these chinese writing his mails over here to the united states why are they bringing all of these so finding its mails from all round the world why are the bringing the mense the united states i don't know and i wouldn't profess that anybody else knows but i've talked about this with the absolute highest levels of our government and they can believe i know that and i'm telling people oh the time every single day i happen so people need to be prepared now getting back to russia they have been champing at the bit to go to fight with russia all of misinformation is going on that you know they were kicking their has who we are or not the cranians on i'm sad to say i don't want anybody to die i don't believe in this war and i publicly officially stated that ah i am i am understanding ukraine is not winning this war so brother that's true or not again valette then i am not there but there's to me this war global legal genocide because hundreds of thousands of people are dying and there's just absolutely no cause for this i do believe it's tucker is saying and that we will be going to do joe with the with witoto let's go back in the time obama i mean sorry bidens withdraw from afghanistan that atrocity they are over eight is something billion dollars of assets that we left over in afghanistan for the chinese herrick oh no i haven't i haven't done the math but how much is eighty six billion dollars of our global military asset you say you know under a quarter of our essence i mean i don't know i haven't done the numbers so think not that now were how many hundreds how much money have we sent over to rank when i put up right now is that that he this is a funding for you crane we've got five hundred million and two twenty twenty three this is just the ten billion ah two billion four hundred million three hundred fifty million two point six million three hundred and twenty five million one point two million three million three hundred seventy five million forty billion three hundred million two point one billion three hundred twenty five million two hundred five million point two billion five hundred million eight hundred million one point three millions four hundred million thirteen billion and as of eight fifteen two hundred million dollars that's that's what we have sunthat's we've set over there though that's just under under licious call it you know for easy map that has called it under a hundred million dollars a now your and you really don't know what's going on if you honestly think there were sending that much money the does even exist you know over to red so you know that there is an overwhelming majority of that that as our military asset selected to say say seventy million dollars and us asses okay and a lot of that would be old antiquated equipment that we want to get rid of any way however it counts right so if we got six million that went to china via afghanistan then we got seventy millions that went over to crane no we're over a quarter or under a half a bar global military assets that we chest gave away so if we go fight russia what the hell do you think is one to happen in russia and in one world there fighting rush what do you think the chinese are going to do the cement chinaagainst us there is no two wings about it and oh you know what it's not not only that i mean with these advanced weapons of poison thought all i directed energy weapons in that sort of thing if somebody starts throwing their way round it's not going to end well yes hisdictionary is gonna be the to see if we can get people in a word of spiritual war right now and those people that are on top hat on to kill every one and everything i mean like like president trunks said we want to stop killing people that's what we does it we should be doing to stop kill yeah an you know if we if we have to go to go to fight russia which i think is red we have you five russia then we're going to have to fight china in irons going to get involved in you know it so it's got to be esperanto have cartels that we have to deal with coming up from our southern and i've been telling people this a low but we lost our country united states is just an old country that used to eat the you know used to exist in the history of our world and people give really upset with me that which dogoter well you know what unitedstates go on the united states of america is gone o can it's a great memory had a great time parties over okayed the day that the wee lost the united states was the day that title forty two and not the title forty to have anything to do with it but that was the day that we lowered our borders and if we don't have borders we don't officially have a country any more rain so so what are your listeners going to do or you are the one to get his stove stoneground and you know can't emerca you know what are they going to do there's going iverybody but the fact that none of us got in the game quick enough to stop this they're going to fired up and they're going to get angry and they're gone to want to do something and then they're going to go make dinner and sit down on the couch watchthe that's what i hodet and that that for this is a rogettis professional bitching organizations were i disaster on a circlelike evetot it which i don't do anything in a lot of people who are very sincere they sat ocejon what do we do well some then run for you know city council run forward educational you know boards run for health care boards run for mayor run for governor run through the house run for the senate country and and dark this madness cause this is the only way we're going to get our country back on getting the full when i hope we that i you know i'm out about right now to learn the prose process to bring because the law is on our side but we have to we have to be able to step forward and do something so select right now i've i've dived into a a prose course and i also talking with the bunch of legal to figure out exactly how to do this so that not just myself for that we get a whole bunch of us together to actually just come and start start land in a one you know because that in your accinetae you're not going to get a fair shake whether we'd be borselen and bold i mean look at we got here in michigan we've got dan onosander head it was fraud before the twenty twenty election passed it off to the police passed it off to the affinee said a word never investigated and such well maybe made a you know in a decision on the basis of an to not come clean with the people of michigan run the election refused to care if that was going to impact it because we have we have safe elections now we don't then in you know what you don't you don't have to be you not to be too bright to figure that when i so what is so what is it why were we not told about what was going on because their high everything for a most because they don't represent us because they hate us yes and you know you know i i think about this a lot i think about you know i'm looking out i just moved into my house on my airport a couple of days ago i'm looking out over the beautiful kansas prairie and i see people going to the store i see people going to snow skiing people going to work every day i see people baking apple pies you know i just think of all these beautiful things that we have as america that other countries you know they don't get to share oude and this warmth in this love that we have in this country and and i just sitter and i i think that the mountains and the lakes and the streams in the wonderful people in the wonderful children in the hospitals and everything that makes up america i can't for the life of me i can't understand why would somebody want to destroy this beauty intro that's what it is its control and you know and i think how can how can they how can they destroy this nation because if it were for the workers they wouldn't have their rolls royces or their yachts or their five star you know luxury hotels and resorts and their fabulous life styles you know they detest wouldn't happen so how could somebody want to destroy this because they're not like us you know they're not like as we think that these people think like we do where we care about our families and our neighbors and our communities they don't they there they are demonically effected so greatly that they truly do not care and it's hard for eellike us to even relate to the i remember when it dawned on me that why people would why people would after way they went ask now you know it's the they really don't have the capacity to care and when you can make it that comparising that you don't feel you don't get hurt feelings over the fact that somebody jest or somebody did something that was ever or you know specifically here you just look at him go ye that's what a demon would do and we can't expect anything different but they're not like us and we can't take their hurt old stuff to heart because of course it's hot there going to do their control by satan himself you know yes and you know em people don't understand a lot of people my family specifically don't understand why i go to the border and do the things that i do and why i'm getting more involved politically you know people my family specifically think i'm just an idiot for don't for doing this and i've thrown you know my my states my comfort oh in light or thrown all that away oh sacrifice for the what i have been doing at the border and the people just don't understand why i'm doing that but i'm i'm i feel compelled to have to fight or this country because i have a family i've lost a thirty two year marriage over this and i very perspiring your marriage over this thank you oh you know it breaks my heart but you know it's bigger than me it's bigger than anything it's bigger than anybody has spicer than all of us and if we don't step up an do somethin then we don't get to pass on to generations behind us the love and the beauty and the wonderfulness of of this country and i have been to over eighty countries round the world and i've seen of a lot of countries they don't get opportunities like me to i mean and i i tell everybody this he i been to places in india and places in africa near this beautiful places over there but there's a lot of poverty and i'm not singling them out to be rude or committeethe india and india the poverty and india is absolutely a it will change your world an when you see that that type of property i mean it is heart free i've seen you know em you know back in the day i don't think they do this any more back in the day they used to children's bones and brave their knees open like forward and so they walked like a dog and you know they i've seen all dust kinds of atrocities to beg because that was the only way they had to to live and in regebatur beggars they'll poke eye out they'll do what i so then the live in the parents will do it the pits apparent doing it to make them live yet you know i'd like like the theylike the kids up and give the kids had gone and tell him to kill their parents yea and i am not here it's terrible not begrudging the indian culture i loved the indian culture i love the indian people their wonderful people so i don't want that to go come off negatively but they know they know what happened in their country years ago and you know and in these places and arrichite seen these commercials you know give your money to africa you know and yet you should do something for hatago i hate it because you smell it and you can't fool i feel the full gravity of the situation until you're there and you smell it and you have to see what these people have to go through so you don't the dear gods as what it does and i had knowledge goes away and it goes right to your god yet and you can't get that smell out of your head and like why on earth or people living like this to day so this is my mission not only to say to try to help save this country do my little ten thousands of pesos difference in this country but michael is to help get our technology into other countries so i can water machine into a village in africa they have these people never had the opportunity to drink a clean fresh of water he is slightly child i mean big thing and in this is what i'm fighting to do in fighting to get products agricultural products over to these countries and energy and you know in in in just do something good in my life of some one to die some day and when her great entrepreneur too and when i when like about that is this is the way we all need be thinking as we need to be thinking in divergent ways if you don't have a job you've got to make one and reseen problems with that over there now you told me a while back that you've got a new company that you started in this this is something that we can learn from guy's this this is the something that's important is that learn to think this way i'll tell us much of new adventure well thank you oh so i am originally i'm jobson the job john's international calls and i boys give myself as the original patriot like ye all these other military type a coffee companies that are doing wonderful things i always viewed myself as the original patriot coffee roaster ah so i developed the bland might my platenand er back on desert storm and he got hit with an o murder in a as for hanging oh i could be wrong on that day but it was a six tour something like that in an iraq and he came back and he started what they called awarded warriors regiment for the mariners he realized that when people come back injured there is no transit and so he started the wounded warrior of regiment and he would help a wounded marines transition back into society but give them jobs in the marine corps to make them feel mission essential again get them to the reponatur so i started the inter warrior's campaign where i was raising money to build a chopper which copper of honor a chaperonor cycle for you know truthfor the injured veterans and i take on my labels of coffee i would take an injured veteran and i would put their story in their picture on the label and i would sell that coffee and donate that money to help make their carpets helpem's whatever so i did that year to go though now i've repose and i've started patriots called as this patriot's copy company is patriot's coffee darco we are only selling coffee to those who love america oh and you know there is the coffee is the second large commodity imported entre united states to short of royal well now six traffic ekings the number one commodity you know there's a lot of people to think that the coffee industry is you know i saturated but it's now and so what we are doing as we were getting set up on a job of club a subscription so for thirty four dollars a month get two pounds the pope every single mark and that say in ossian contract so were roasting for that but were also white labeling so if your organization and you want to use a coffee as a fund raiser that is a phenomenal way to raise contorniato we stay back behind the scenes we white label the coffee for you and we let you and all of your pocas fans or organizational fans get signed up or script when you make money and people get fresh roasted coffee so not that's awsome john hand and patriots coffee dot come right but for as some sowhat's here we thank you for coming on this morning and i'd like to have you come back on again that's always really interesting to talk to you and now i'll give you a call after ruffling here to day is the other any last words that you have casters a few things i had this questions i have that we're not going to time to get too but i think i'd love babycome back again maybe even next we any time i thank you for your old of your fans for supporting donna and don't i thank you for everything that you do and you know skiventy back estothat so thank you so much and you have a wonderful day to day and i was going on he soon ok the good thank you done o carrogis i want to play quick video here and take a little bit of a break and then we'll be back on with my next gastesel went very boy this is done igraine and dona ovanovitch and were coming to you about a very exciting event that's coming up october twenty and twenty one for the forty constitution party okay eh hello everybody drake to be here this morning thank you got so let's talk about what's happening there so we've got we've got the constitution partying that fall national committee met on october twenty and twenty one twenty twenty to let's tell everybody what's happening now or he don't speak yours o ka well on october twenty first which is the saturday and that's when we are going to have the big keynote speaker general michael and we're going to start out at about eight thirty in the morning with some other really wonderful dynamic speakers and they will break for lunch and then a general fled is going to be speaking it right after lunch and told we close at three o'clock he offered to take questions and the answers so it's going to be a really terrific time so here's the link it the constitution party dot come twenty twenty three meet us and saint louis again you can go here to register so that we can have our registrations done early were an ask you to register early so that we can continue to a to move this event forward it's going to be very very excited i know the last meeting that i went to in the spring in april and in itell you get that and her team does it in for the national party they do an incredible job putting these events together it was amazed i think it's one of the best organized events ive ever been to and the other of speakers was just amazing thank you very much thank you yes on friday will have the actual national committee meeting far or members from the party and now will be all mostly business of course and then we'll break for dinner later that that day and then that evening will have a gesparo from alaska and he's going to be talking about a voter fraud right up your ally and that's very hot topic right now so i'm sure that everybody's going to love that he's from a last of which our state of a last that is going to be affiliating officially at this meeting so that is can be doubly exciting that's wonderful why i tell you the speaker's last time where there is doctrine was there and there was such a great variety of speakers it really is worth every one's time to go and i would just like to ask everybody out the original soldiers out there and get this message out because we want to fill this conference for a general plan for the constitution party for taking back the united states of america you know we all need to be standing together we need to dare to be american to stand together and to come together with solutions we spend so much time talking about the problems this is a place where we're talking about solutions were were getting together were using the constitution the th united states back because everything we have to write the nation is sitting right there in the constitution of the united states of america if we turn back to that we restore our the rights that were given by god insured by that constitution that we all all love were going to be learning more about it were learning how to use them in a lawful way to restore the united states of america so i just want to say thank you so much do offer all your hard work and we're going to continue to come back to the table here to let evybody knows what's going on and ask every one out there to please join us on and october twenty one twenty and twenty one you don't have to be a member of the constitution party or the open to the public right so needed into the insistere you go have the and have a great time with all of us a wonderful statesman this isn't about people that are involved in and like a crazy political arena this is about a statesman and misses the process of being estatesmen this nation back from the criminal politicians that are currently sitting in the he will be it will become into with more on this stay to high and bad to brenburg news not not work welcome to the second hour of the day to day hang out his one second case i want to go ahead and i want to wear readsomething to you hang on just one minute we have she coriolanus men and i'm going to play video and you can see that she is on frank each and she is also on an she's got a couple of different media outrageous that's put it that way and so let me see where were at here hang on i'll shall swing ogives medios in the tributor to frank speech and founder of everything home allows the transformational show plant formed about life laughter and pursued happiness delivered by good people doing good business and good things were there your trust had resource for sharperson stories and quality content can fade while they in a humor and a supersede of sincerity to grow your rosiness and hanswer quality of life give you more professional personal financial freedom and promote patriot his mesh your home is so much more than a place to live its foundation for everything in your life from its structure contents to what goes on inside and outside of it and most importantly what goes on inside of you to assure your foundation is a solid as he can be each week michel the queen of quality content like that of interviews various experts antiernus professionals and purposereal to share their stories passions and provide real life candelstyke way she is she's also got a very diverse backcoming her an ideal host to handle lie drain of cheften business mark personal development health and when onnissantie stout current event and much much more so i want to welcome micheltoreas i am morning my friend how are you i'd good morning how are her oats a little early we got home from our old legislative district meeting which i'm a precinct committee man i am doing my civic duty and its interesting because just had me down a trip down memory lane and a made me realise that that is a that in trois to thousand night is it really well yah i didn't i didn't because i can now where you got it from because it's on the pot cass probably the one on one of the poncas of so in when i started on my setithat when a there's a different person okay that's hold different person hold different show but it reminding me i might go consentirete wolford's there is no theory is it's all divine intervention okay and everything happens for a reason and it's interesting because ah i'm the person is like in kindergarten compared to me with my ph d now right so enfixing myself because it's lienever things will little had control here right cause i be here piece sense when i do that my hair is longer it is kind of goes where it wants to go but the oiogouins care because what they should be doing as working otherlisten in he shows i said you should never be watching his shell i don't ever want any one on hand in the united states america as i to much work to be done i don't want any one ever staring at a screen i want you listening to i shall you should never know what somebody looks like kay because you're working and you're doing your victory and you're like even if you're peddling your wares or whatever were you you you're an then you're listening to acrobat any one like my point about this is this is actually i think i think you might be part of the missing puzzle piece for to day because i came on i came on ah indeed the studio this morning said do my show standing up so there's my chair rides sothere is clear so what what happened was when we started talking we hobaddan the voting machines which when we first did our first campaign this was in september twenty twenty two an apparently that wasn't enough for people twenty twenty was in enough and we tried it to the back the old sound the alarm the paleverian for twenty twenty two we started doing that on icenot on to him asking people to stand up and i i said i can't ask people to stand up if i'm sitting in a chariot on his shell i said that i what that's just separating her hoose my threat me arm i join that everybody i want you go to save my freedom dot you saved my freedom to you has pulled out succor save my freedom that you ask that's getting give you geenlow that's the locals right that's the locals but i at abernethy saved my freedom not you but near the thing the interesting about the entres i mean i've forgot that this one thing i have not but let me tell you what what how how i revolved again how i move all in it's i don't know it's with age or experience bitterness or anger or whatever you want to call it the focus has been literally because i was in elections here in this as the islamic center still arose in november eighth car so i saw something experience i experienced some things i got yelled at i almost got thrown out i'm not i'm i'm i'm hired by the county to work the election can i got yelled at five my inspector who is the only person that's above me everybody else in the pecking order is below or equal i got yelled at numerous because a question no lad question must we is not this is not a one off this is not a people had an idea you're talking about of thereof an operation and a a a supervisor whose of sight by god stock me on my son one up etholine i'm working okay i don't in time for this and bent her i dreamsince five open arsenite thirty i who boat my found in like four thirty in the afternoon press hours mean there's me molorchos but you don't people come home for workthe and he i tongs a yellin and but if what is said of me he crop i like i'm working for forty does now i'm the county right in to in it i didn't know how i dominice and his young at me saying oh you're not we've done it where we have an extensive team here i am paraphrasing because it was november but it's the our we have an extensive team that's been monitoring social medial day i what is it had to do with running elections sterngoing with these his monethis is not you guys going to boats kanani going to get real only get real harsh i after after we oughter i insomnia this because tis not how i wanted the intherestin of the interview to go but anyway i may say that then it i give you your shell back and then we're going to get down the dirty because this is i was at my legislative district meeting and then there's some major there's some major poop that's hit just hit in arizona and that when i need to share that with you because i may i histology woke up pants so went to sleep there shoework up his and morganatic it out on the audience but it overnight normal em all you know it's like if i had a spirit animal it would be the hulk smash everything right how i notiss this is worse this is worse because this is three major things in your face within the past twelve hours okay so anyway i want i want it i want to make your audience were of this so the so these supervisors says well you know we've been scouring the internet all day and we found we find out that you're going to you've been going on shows telling people would going off the election and you and you have a shell right my cool the hell is this right i did engrosses parlin enemy and on any sudassana what i was a supervisor parents my supervisor right you know i employed for the day so i guess you could just parade me right i'm sure i can want wordsby lost suit for that can i get i got to get a check and i'm so that we kind of had it out but i was being i was being iced because i wanted to cover my ass to make sure that i didn't you know say anything you know sometime hosack i was gone i planed on going on shows by hadn't and so he's yongestreet in speciesin less what does he give a crop if i'm talking on shows and talking about what's going out the last no this is not just an election to go cast about the poitanians basely said the five fine so you're telling me that you're not you'vegot on susangata shows i tell you that your shoes won't parentthen scarein the internet so you should be told me about my shell right to that after i realized i was in the coast was clear that i cause i was going to go on bright to yonder in the day and i went to the bathroom to go talk to him but i couldn't get in hoheslied stepan i couldn't get them a connection a solid enough to get in because it was always outside right and then i was going through my brain like did she get on i was there a snippet of you that could be on an air anywhere so that you could take this and shove it up his rear and right now so i'm going through my roll and next my brain and i and i think i think in the clear and it's not because i was guilty of god i shall i'll care about that i could do it of the hell i want i just wanted to make sure that he couldn't get me later you know like thronethe trump card at me i want to make sure that i was iatrophysicists then i was like okay i'm the coast is clear that i was like an then all aside as it awaits you you know you you that what i houshold be tell me by myself you been doing all recognition rights that nose so that is like while you know i bought five out you were on an shows this for thirty afternoon post monoimido you here on any shows that you are an you're goin to im in a termagant then i was like well might it for thirty it's the dinorah i got to go through the cause of a checked people and don't they antedate for this and then i was in my head as a walking back inside it's at a polling place i was like then came a turne as in not just fire me aside as the cotisations call you what they're going to do they calling out don't listen to what their actually telling him because when you actually listened with her tell you like was telling the truth oh that's so good so anyway i don't know why i got him astandin the whole purpose that of the shothole purpose of the platform the whole purpose of the same my freedom maniement because of that isn't just because the we started to be a machine campaign that to go that that's what got my irritation libelous and then that was hissing on the cake and then i investigate what happened november if which no retinoo suono thing has been disclosed everything you've heard is like kindergarten level compared to the college level of some that you will be hearing about so basically or or whole or more we are exposing the corruption in arizona and an american so you can take it back in addition to the rounding up the warriors and the people that want to become with them because other than otherwise you don't have a country you know it's over okay i don't think that people in this noted think i know a majority when i say majority i mean there's probably one may be one and a half per cent of the people in this entire country that understand how severe of a situation that were in right now and i'm talking spiritual and i'm talking a ground game battle case so that's what we're always dealing with them i shall i might tell you like the worst things you ever heard in your life but then at the same time cause i need you to know the truth because if you don't you can rely to a game if you don't know what the rules are you don't have the right of qimt can't go into a battle and you're in the battle of your lifetime right now okay and miss people are like oh they throw round the phrase spiritual battle as if it like something that they saw on a core the spirit of battle portion of this is something unlike anything that you you ever allowed your mind to grasp her up because you really were life woningstede you're to locking about evil that you as a human being in your lifetime has never expert i mean and in but but here's the thing that that i'm struggling with this morning and were going to do of the now with a cot i'm a present at the old bell pecatonica got like this i got on a couch writing to run the content and misses make you feel so now you're right now miss harrit now so i we had our legislative district and then i need a share with you is goin on an arizona because i i and the part and we empower ever right now so many different ways and and everybody's got to pay attention a gay and he there might be some other people talking on bigger microphones they're not telling you the truth and they're not whether it's whether it's because they don't know it or their thinking you can't handle it there not who you think you are they are or there in that rotatory or the part of the problem that's the problem that we have is that people are intensityintensio to rephrase that i got there part of the problem say what you really want it they they're the ones creating the problem they are the problem and you know it is nihotori es sen ti kit going on and we've got a truly pray to god right now to find out who is actually part of that crime syndicate which to its core is satanic they are you know they're doing terrible things to children they're doing terrible things to adults and ah i think you probably have gone down the same path that i've gone down to actually find out what's going on behind the and the amount of panoplia that's going on in our whither or public functionaries in these as well as its top in it with the we will pay the united states pays more money for children than anywhere on the globe and in the majority of emerging through caps this is organized crime in its never level of our government its in industry is in her institutions and jesus sat it there'll be one working in two working in the field one to be taken honoble you don't know who you're sitting next to part of the time and it is a spiritual it is a very spiritual battles very real battle right and as far as the children we've done we've been talking about this on the show hard course into part of my into every inch o i mansion and i say child sex live traffic in i say ah now hot and flood and thought yalo and human a blood and an organ harvest dame talk about child attested when i say child sex like trivigant rate a kay then you to use the right words becomes in torture which of course because that's where they get the trinacromerum right that's where they they scared the children show much that it drives up the adrenalin in these so that it actually related in this so is not made up this is actually sight they's a once you this is the first time in a long time you're going to follow the science you selina's what that consoled on healing and it's on the table he soon sekaisin the shape of the white rabbit that's where the light rabbit come from i ain't even i didn't know i'd learned not a cup of mile o ko the morekills streightens the neck dat's what they they drank the blood gave the drink the blood be on taste and and it's so they can be younger and ah they also get it's like a draw it supposed to be stronger than heroine but i won't since you proud the children less elegie them some facts and i don't care about its early okay and people are like myself a little to my what don't i know much raking about this stuff every every day which should be talking about this pesades is the core of what we're dealing with what when you have to me children that are getting ripe ten to fifteen times to day and you're like i can't look at that we'll guess what they can't look away because their five years old and they're getting wronger ten times then how would you like that because you're in your house ere condition oh i got on like one of my own what cream or flavor my in having my coffee the and you've got like you said younger sometimes his three sometimes it's four daniel wood who is a good friend of mine he wasn't a cop in a pre and he was on he's been on a show numerous in and he had said that one of the most disturbing things he had to do as the police office i go to right up a report have a grown man who raves month old baby i don't even understand how that's less has he said that was probably one of the most disturbing things he had to do as seems assoore not that's not a human a human being cannot do that so when you were mentioning siteoni had sided people need to understand this is not a mental ills is not somebody who was disturbed not somebody who was made even raked as to no no no no that's that's the narrative that we ve been used in probably for years that's what told by them in or the people that have lied to your whole life because everything that you've learned in history everything that they've told you one hundred per cent alive because they don't launch you seven even remollient your arms around the end but that persons demonic there's a team and they might not that persons fold demon right but when you're dealing what and we're going to missisissepono this is your talking about different levels of dee soon people too bad she they had a little bit of a demon in him not full blow not like satan's got the cit red cape and the pitchfork and no horns thrichtes knockaout this note an that's for like your your merchandising that's for your ah we got to make sure we've an easter one at easter as they got to sell something the onset you they are brave was though they got to doctor in a cow so botteleth blithe and a doctor ashore then then they've got you so tongue down they're going to sell you something to celebrate or manipulate your brain for the thing that the st the stracted you from the truth and your life hininteshita so that's how bad it on there the feelingyou so broad that there make their mad they've made to buy the crop another lie and they just sit there and go couthist theresoever year we just keep through in this stuff with these people other domenico bleat and the the biggest thing that they never pulled my point of saying that the different levels of the you can't you can't it's not mentally it's not a menteith do be a man and rape and eight months old baby that's a demon because what is what do demons like to do they like and hers the thing that people need hershe satteens hate they don't give a crop about us they only use us as like a play toy like you know when a cat as a little mouse and that egestas this is my cause you take it and when i catch him house catch them in the one portobe here cause copies and in the mouse is still trying to do this but he's got the paw on the so the poor little mouse is thinking all i can pull this off the cat's like others the little guy he strided to this with the cant nos he got these so he's letting the guide to his motion smart because he's just holding the tale rather than hold it down the mouse his holding the tail so the little guys exhausting himself and then when he does his if i watched this i watched it noisiness i'll take myself i turned forty nine again in january last a distrest generosos probably like of seven or eight and the cats like this with the and then he had his paw then he lifted the one paw and the thing thinks he can get away but what is he do bounces into the next paw and then he's in an recovers himself and then he turns round cause it's natural and he cost back to the other pole thank god was like others roland so patty was just moved like he willed the paws aloud o she she moved the paws around a little bit in order to catch him but when the mouse went to the other one and it turned around the cat went like this and caught the tail again his dryadlike this so no matter what so the mate spent you know ten fifty minutes going back and forth in between the two paws with these and then when he was done he is like tired slain there like a too whatever so men the can he exerted no energy whatsoever had a great time i enjoyed myself watching the show every one then that the th the mouses as we demonstrate they could care less about us right they ruled the earth say who rules the art that was the deal god said fin yo rolleth i got up here buddy said here's the whatever you're going to do to my people you got to tell him for the devils like because i'll tell him to their ways esteben they won't listen everything a demon tells they don't like when they say democracy to margery destroying our democracy to their action true it's true but you have to listen to what they said so you know that we have a reptile and got lachenalias now the federal government is a legislative democracy that ten square miles that's washington d c s a legislative democracy so when you have somebody from the left one of the peoples that is washington d so you're destroying our democracy when we are throwing their democracy co they have legislative democracy that is the federal government we have a constitutional republic why following the constant standing up for we are destroying there democracy they don't like the light on the never like they don't have sole so when andre fount is his the secretary of state herein and i a idiocy seventeen seconds of pure joy for he calls all the people that play as he says claimed there was for election or regularity the love when they say regularities none of them as proud and corruption in the story to go where's matter were its matter i'll be the word of regularities commended my mouth so he he says that we are election deniers and then he comes out guns blazing it man says that were all fashions he says he calls us selection denied true i am a lection done higher i wear that with a badge of honor because we don't have elections o who will have selections so i am an election denier again i gave a two eel of how they don't why we just set in our stupid was that we are like one o there are lessons on that its entire no you don't have elections you don't choose who is in office he stole your cigarettes use your representives through your foes a long time ago and really hard corns he and or any then harder in twenty twenty two and you have decided to not pay attention and listen and accept that fact keep doing the same thing over and out where you keep thinking that this time we need better candidates this time we need better message in this time we need more money we need a better ground game we've got to get the boat out we got a harvest those balls we got to use there strategy we've got a mixture we registered voters we got a clean up the bownarrow got to do all this we got a knock on more doors our message must not be clear and we're going to win well i'm going to tell you the truth not as that's going to work whether you do all that i an unstarched wall for the next twelve months you can get the same result the same results does it matter who you vote for the elections already been denied does it matter whose running for office against there already gone away if you don't believe me do not see what happened in twenty twenty do not see what happened in twenty two so if the system hasn't changed and you're allowing the demons to run it which means now they have two more years of perfecting even more crimes more corruption more fraud and they have more money and they can bring it more people and technologies getting better outrageous getting fatter what cetomati who's onto that all the sad end it's gone get better in change in your favor if that's how you run your life god help you okay i don't i don't know how to make it more clear no chance of winning see you do everything exactly this and even if you do everything that you've done exactly the same times a million everybody in the country can vote for donald's dayton everybody in the country convoked for donald j trump he will not win the general now with the system where he had in place i agree with you on that why it's it's it's a fact yet allottees ion goes to what are we do why don't you go to do what are you going to do so you want to keep it and i want the legislative district meeting in the for those of you who don't know what that is to know what that is and you to know it and anson's called legislative in other states its called an executive omit so anybody that's listened who doesn't know what that means shame on you and in saying that because i think you're on the battle field you're not on the battle field if you didn't you know about politics you don't know politics if you think you're involved in your community you're not involved in your community because you're not a precinct coming oh i don't have the time my meeting was two hours last and the reason why one of them one of one of the many reasons why our country is in the situation it is because we abandon our civic duty we abandon being involved in these it is not her schools they took it out of our schools they they have ceased to educate most people so they don't know so now we're having to re learn or learn the things that we did not know whatever worse all present committee wanted the foundation it's the europe guys so don't think that i'm the care about my hair in i don't care what i look like i'm trying to make it enjoyable for you guys cause ii ready got the look i have to look at this without make up right i never did like beautiful your hirschelgasse from the flag store flag shirt dat com flag wither at dinganangona wish i had seen on the show and i love steve stern i think he's great and a just i looked at it in such i think it's worn going to be doing christmas shop he not is the fankwai want you to use my honor home then you want to use procleme tend you get ten per cent off though lakesidethe ten there's a lot of em i have most not ohapeople shirts seem stern is my business partner and the save my freedom movement i sell so i went to this indian works non stop he is a non stop working guy he is all agree he i have to say the past couple pass this past summer he has he has slow down a little bit by and only because we were telling him to he don't have we got some of it so don't work about it we got some one so this passover has taken to and as soon theatermasken standwhere not long and then i he saxon made during an i said you're not allowed to texture and you're no let checks work step during the casion do not take me to you come home right don't you know how he dare had metacetone what it was in he was an iceland so it was not he wasn't as difficult to refrain from communication when it's a little bit harder to actually get through in certain things right as it is of being in santiago so yenoughe did he hold good till i was like looking you know is i send one week nothing nothing of why it's one assorter ong ing with other work or holes yet now he pietywhere but of what when it talking about the legislative districts to go a precinct committeeman a precinct committee is actually the foundation of the republican party and it's in the democrat party hopethey don't need it as a foundation because they pay their people and their people just obey ah and take barking orders but it in republican party i found ation is the precinct so the fact that our own party does not promote so alert everybody that you have a problem within your party men give you specific examples of the problems within the party because we just had a major major situation here in arizona as a last night what to the next level of being a major made the precinct committee men are the ones who are the foundation there is like about four hundred out they used these numbers but what's just less is go with that this spot for the four hundred thousand open slots and there is at least her in eriza for every precinct committee man as me my job is to be basically a liaison between the party and the constituents which are the citizens my community my neighbors as there's one o me for every hundred and twenty five in my community that's it like my walking are that's my people i am supposed to reporting to them what's going on keep them a brass what's going on and the community police you know things like that and then also encouraged them and and give them information about candidates that that's goin to go verily well come next year when that's a persevere to des a lot of existent before that because that's just nothing to my not here to promote candidates i have no use for candidates i have no use for politicsis call them the turks the legislators the administering turns they are useless they are useless idiots they are the problem and i encourage every one never never never nerve give a dollar to a candidate to a politician she wore litical party or party on or in sea goes ah or a pack and if you're going to give it to a non profit or group you better have done your homework on whose in that group and what that groups really doing that you're about ready to marry them then you can write them check that's her right as then on a war path against the pack and the and the of packs the dark money and all the money that are in politics shameful and it's really buying the election is part of the money laundering going on in andesite is all money lender and it's not as cesarismin at this point because verona the already predetermined kay the only reason why you have the money going to campaigns is literally to get it from dirty to clean or to move it from bank accounts of an because like look at it look less less is commented because they pinched what they chose they have an arrive right so they placed the narrative and then with anything else and they put the narrative out there because there he had the results whether it's an election or the way they once should make a decision or whatever they want a product or service they want you to buy yourself because so they put the narrative out there three six twelve months it matches there andahthere other ejective or the results pentalie the cove potaeriou there now again because when they flipped the sweet and all the sudden halt you see all these visuals if people like either drop in door for our other heads exploded from whatever new fake thing that they're going to put out there they need that to match what their telling you now so like they're going to propose oh this is what who's in charge was waiting at a the tentmates the narrative there telling you campaigns cost fifty million dollars what now he was you not him with an asset makes you mean i tell now mimetite million dollars ec when they place an anfion its for commercial i don't know who watches commercials okay everybody fast fled so that they're putting money in the commercial either aid or line or be their ciscoing it for the narrative a ka or to a booster set commission off has thus inititate it's something ridiculed so that's a den it's money wandering everybody winced everybody benefits so you are mincin people we were not even or not even rounding that is his name he would not know her were not were not included in this because werethis nothing to do with us we fear to slaves o ka rel slaves was were slaves to the po the chess board the ponds that we are because we don't have a say in the matter so were not included the entire election system is fundamentally decided to control the outcomes you're not partholomus and you're not part of the process the fact that you go in vol i can go to day is it matter does it matter so the more of you that we his great i'm not i've never said don't go i'm telling you how to fix the problem so that when you do cut out and enters and and if you don't believe me then i would love to be challenged by anybody in the country on the only person that's investigated what happened on november eight an amusing marioton mercutian county anarchy arizona is the prime example become you guys all saw on the news you sat in the social mediate clubs you saw the things that happen that were unlike other than they happened other places it just wasn't as visual so he he he kicked it in gire in her ah i i welcome any one who wants to sell you're not going to win the debate but i mot for i would love it i would like to get we can run a football stadium he can run a rank rank the largest football state in the bring em all on everybody who thinks the one at anybody wants charles replaced ye what'll do as we want even charge you because the conversation will ask glass about three men and then because otherwise i want your money back after i destroy whatever comes out of their mouths so were not going to charge you for the you can come in her free and in the last about the a alethee half billythere have to leave the so how did they so how do we fix it and what happened why can't i go the succotash because he hasn't been exposed he outand i have to cover my roar out so that they don't put me in prison because you want to still know what happened so we have to be careful because look what they do to people when you tell them that then you tell the truth this but people have been telling is really not that think of ideal no worry it it'll be it'll be sure with everybody it's coming it's goodit'll becoming out but it's but it's so it's information that's horrific a terrific and every time i am looking into things it's worse and worse and worse and natatorial ready see a lot of things that are as herethinking manoteaban you don't no thank you see nothing you seen absolutely nothing see stuffer kindergarten level i'm talking ph d and i've seen nothing stop that that is out there but i look or looked for to see and what that is because there is you know certainly crossed the united states or a lot of stuff that's come out you look at what happen in michigan with dan and oscillate hiding the teasingnature registration the registration stuff before the twenty twenty election if temporis blown up here in michigan good i'm glad but that's that at one scale from one is he say that's the five won't morgenthan i have possession here five so one was thirteen comoediam really looking forward to hearing all of this i i don't know maybe in it we might not i wanted it to be in september what will say it's an it might be october depends is thin we might have to file a court case in order to i have to file a court case to have the courts say it's okay for a public person public documents that were requested through a public record request that our publicly available with the one that's the world you live in we actually might have to file these again a public person her public information paid for by the public was received through a public records request share that information with the so there's haste cotherstone there's a whistle blowers when i get its it's a whistle lower tones corelli look forward to that erythesine there is a whistler as the sounds like it is it may i did the home work in a body on the plain it could have done what i did here the thing public document public information that nobody has chosen to look at okay that's what makes the pope open for anybody to okay why has it any one me they don't a wonder of mock i don't know you know it or have likethey told you that's county and the state his common sense my point my point is said you have all these people spending all this money all these losses all these election in terror which is not a thing a lection integris alive o c it is a phrase that was created by the th or incite strato from what really is what you should be focussing on which is what all of this is all of the stuff is distracted selection of terry you can not have integrity and a system that is fundamentally designed around fraud and corruption you can't have integrity in as the people that are running it or literally demons and they don't know how to spell the word integrity so you're trying to force then into a system that is impossible and you wonder why you keep losing okay you everybody for the past two to have years has been fighting the wrong battle and your leaders are not on your team and you wonder why you haven't moved the needle you have no idea how your lections operate but yet you want election integrity i haven't haggerty there has not it's a lection fraud prevention system is about fraud and control and corruption then you need to fight the corruption the fraud and the wise controlling it you guys are all like one gone to find for a lacerantur and the demons are like this isn't harassing like they come to fight the battle and they've got they've got swords and they got shields and there ready to go and it's like you got shoup to football came and the super ball with a pink conpede and you wondered why do you get feetand on when the ball gets thrown its imparting for demon that's why in the mercerisation agasias the tainment and i worked for the county cause there demons again if for the things that these people do that have committed crimes treason is crimes against the country she ah someone's getting paid somebody who's in on it you have to plead to manic okay you can't do what they did in that election knowing now that i know what they did go to sleep at night with a clear case pure evil people this is evil a now if i was to teonen i've got all you guys fight in your election integrity battles showing up with you pingpong paddle a sort find i've got i've got a machine gun and you're sitting there with this low paddle in the air fight the coyotes is i i feel bad for the other i do contreys you not handsome way so far was the demon and i was run in mary crushing county election and like a god his people a barbarising themselves fortuneher we showed him in twenty twenty and in that nobody's fig that no one no one come here to look on balances no one even said it we can have replayed book please so i could see as when you want you want to play again you read the note i was the first thing you do when you want to learn how to play a game learn the stack look the rule book doesn't help you if you go to play baseball game if you have the roll back that is work so if you want to i i say if you go and like to a store of hougues have i keyashuta key is to god put everything together so you want to put all this stuff together you want to go got up a piece of furniture like a shell in you put it together what you do reading strikes noise reading instructions it's will as structions really helpful as to give people some hope that there's something moving forward as well as to get the game do something as i know that doing something you never say the were doing something because of so christsomething you need to take action because if i had ten phone calls and people said he massimelle excited i want to do something and myself called me back i want to do something hamish i am i ready to take action whom i got cal o my going to confer the guy that set i am ready to take action because you are committed at that point the literally get on the battlefield and in were in our opinion what's what in your opinion what is the action that everybody should be taken and the machines the andine if you have voting machine first minute the poles open in the first primary your country is at over you have no way to take it back and a store i drop the demon might boom that's it the other very short window of time that's what we started the campaigns banded machines last september so in just all in doing as i'm repeating the same stuff i'm growing another election and there to show you guys yet again that you cannot have these and when i say sees people like the shovel what about the mail and balance oh okay if you guys want to read the instructions may annul which everybody should read or one pins in your county manuals because your life depends on what information is in there and you can take the time to read then you would realize that machines are three components you're etablts which your own sight day of voting you have your east side pollocks is your check in a registration books right and then you have your machines that are actually at the tabulation centers here were calm and secernebat is your third party services and by the way everybody your elections are unconstitutional all elections the election system in the entire country is unconstitutional in and give you as one looking at the clock homeport six e told me we had an hour so here's i'll give you four things show you prove to you that your elections are income third parties are not to be involved that includes the government and any other entities means right then and there one thing shows you that your entire lection process is your government has no business or any third parties being involved near election ballots shall not be counted in secret what happens when you bow it goes into a machine counted in secret unconstitutional nother one corporations interfere with the chain of custody the moment that you are back your ballet goes through the tabulation this is the ballet going through because we in orison on that a flip it four times on this is the visual says is the ballet going though so when your valiant goes into that machine you have lost the chain you have lost the chain of custody that includes the machines and the programs that is unconstitutional and by the way the constitution says elections are one day so they are goes through may in mail out so when he talk about banning the shins you got some arrogant people you got some loud mouth said i was wont to charles from shovel what hot the maryland ballatis more than she if you read the p n asked specially her in her son i only use there is on it as it as an example cause i'm here but living in a breathing out have been doing in every single day since i got home at nine p on gumber eight after i left the election center as the tragico just what i saw then which is a fraction for both for compared to what the stuff that i know now ay that's jus what i sang front of my fate and how many times he got an argument and mascots thrown out by mansetter not to mention almost got thrown out by the supervisor whose offside i think god he wasn't on the side we went got a nice little old my point is is if you would read the information you would know that the entire election system here is all intertwined it's like it's like an infestation it's like its so when you get rid of them seeds cause everything heavily relies on the machine the thread of a sweater starts to pull and then what happens in the cartoons when she pulled the sweater the carton characters naked it unravels the wholes so if you can get to the point where you how band of the machines you have to read you play back you have to rede the instructions manuel you will then obviously then have no male and mail out ballots because the whole thing will entwine if you can get a point you can so that's what needs me the old other way the elections need to be held by the people according to the constant so not only do you have past performance beyond belief port your argument of the constitution is support your argument and we have a whole camp and click email all campaign that we're doing here in arizona but we've opened and up to the country because in order to make any of this stuff work we all have to work to get because it has to be one our legislators are administring turns and calm the turns for short which is anybody in office they don't listen to the low o ka nobody follows the law and then you don't have anybody holding them accountable caiaphas happen in a trip every single one of those come has no merit has no teeth in if there attorneys actually what follow the law they get it all thrown out oh came with the lightly on my my my partner in all this he's already got the homework it's already all its honest wooer counties on numerous spaces about it it's it's a dontey they choose not to i don't know why right we've done at home work i've gone in i cooperatin everything that he's shown his passport cases all that shop so at least we could say hang we we get our park to clear tromp and if the tones which we hand the itwent to handle every but it was delivered to them they choose not to set as an nobilitatitrade got to eight get eight chests or what abalitis find we've done our part we prove in its like with done in the cases we've given the information in order to win the parties choose not to use it whatever that the reason why we want everybody here in the country is the nation what call to action i member i told jo and i tell you the down a orty an to tell you the truth it might not you might want to hear it but i can't i can't watch people play the wrong game any more again when i went when i was referencing the demon i was a demon her americorps county and i was playing an i'm in like a all star player in sport and you guys are showing up at like third grade level i feel bad that i'm just going annihilate you on the plain field so if i am a demon i would make it even worse but so that's why twenty twenty two was so bad henderson because they knew who cosswold do anything they know there's no consequences to the law they knew you guys were already fighting the wrong battle and they knew you would not actually just look at the information that's public to find out what really happened so they said let's have fun with this less to go all to wolf i'm actually disappointed they did it make it worse because i would have made it a hundred times worse because i knew there'd be no so in my then cares for mercaptan county that they didn't do they didn't make it worse i'd be so there do not as diminishes i thought so they'll make it up for it not do you have the son i see go sobs so the rest of aconine one to join the subjects youre going to go save my freedom got you asked save my freedom don't you last now click no thanks but she's going to she's going to subscribe but you look on the bottom there if you click the bottom looking the bottom as no thanks underneath that so no i don't want any one chickeno thanks i want you to subscribe if for the sake of the basha now what i did hear as this is six websites all rolled and to the subsections of a vehicle it's like a news letter accept its online for everyone to see easier to get information out now if you see they go if the on the tap on the top what is it say what is the first cab say what is an end of word machines i am so i want you giselic that click the ban themoin machines going to take you over to as saves america not you ask that's as saves american not you as this is the nation whyers to ban the boating machines now the reason why were using arizona is because we've got a ground game here we've got grass roots we've got prestandomi tie men we've been talking about this hard core for a long long time and their three campaigns at you're going to do or there's actually three three approaches three four clicks that it so were taken care of the ground game the reason why we want the country to join us in this and it takes less than to me because we need volume value meaning everybody's got to get really really loud and we need the mass amounts of this is agathodoemon is the one click email all eight two hundred and fifteen arizona officials i called the thirds for short so that's a legislature to the administrators this is a danger campaign this is about public exposure this is about public a cord of public opinion this is about awareness this is all about demanding that these people that are your public service because keeping my all political power is inherent in the people these people that we are sending these emails too not only are they paid for us their supposed to be our servant leaders they actually worked for us so when we the people realize that we are not the governor that when they say consent of the governed that's not as were not governed were for people or go all right came from god it goes god and it goes then it goes was government corporations so we're not governed they lie to you when they say oh the govern you are the govern no no no no that's not what i said that's what they like you eber everything you've been told to lie every single thing that you have been told i entities and your government popped out of the worm is a light literally a one tis like they say the love of all money is the root of all the well that's not what it sets as for the love of money is the root of all just like when they say consent the govern the governed is the people that take the oath the fall the constitution to represent you those are the politician they are the gover their governed by us twisted and re tickets all the joe i may play your brain adminiculate indoctrinate now they knew elise's betchworth childe so these click these campaigns is one clicking milk onlook of the seven fifty one clockymill campaigns we've got the ground game we've got the boys we've got the track record of a disaster i've already done the investigation on the election which i meanbeing that information out to everybody but in the mean time if we had a million people click these buttons every single day and a million emails went to the in boxes of the legislatures the two hundred and fifteen of them here in arizona which includes the ninety legislators the sixty one borde supervisors the fifteen county attorneys the fifteen unconstitutional sheriffs there is not a constitutional sheriff in the whole country there is not one so don't don't don't be into their full crop and don't buy don't don't town at any money as when we were talking about the machines last last fall we were following along with habit which is now it find out on constitution have i gave you wanted to play the either way there is screwed when it comes to this right because if you follow how about the habeas how it acts as the machines see to be certified we know that in thirty six states the machines aren't certified so the machines are illegal so what did we ask the sheriffs to do when we had meetings with them one on wather an arizona said god sees the machines this one she then arno we can't the county attorney said that well they can't attorneys to the bad people soon listen to them can there's no such thing as a constitutional sheriff because you have voting the you have constitutional surtout there you want to earn that bad he shied using their laws not the kind of the constant their last say that machines are not that they're not certified that there legal great what do you have that happen of emberton to schrand on the election directors there were our part of this roster as the characters i call the adams family of arizona people are demons if there was a million he mails going to those people then you're going to get most men reckons they're going to react to that right and then we have a grantly have the ground game and then were calling out on soshamedi and i ask you that even pick up the phone i care be yellow i don't care you sobechan saw the hang of the port i don't care at this point i don't care if you are you want to set especially you miles says you and the machine sucked they must go the narrative of the nation the conversation of a country needs to on late enforcing right now on banning the machines and demanding but the people in that you have quoquille ed which you did not think not selected do that here's the day once you realize that you hold all the power the people are the ones who make the rules it will get really really easy to bend those stamachs cause doesn't matter what the hell they say we they fall what we want a kabut if there's only ten of us doing that ordinis you're dealing with demons the man like is only ten of them at the meeting on the listen then i wouldn't listen you there's a thousand of you then he racefather me there's ten thousand of you used to we got problem there's ten thousand people come into this this board of supervisors meeting and there's five of em up there on the pole where they put themselves on this pete oh the i would say to my body i don't want to go out there there's ten thousand of em well yet did you see what they're saying on social media i yah then they're gonta get scared and then you tell them guess what not only we got hadwithout that you threaten her going to take him out office rent you don't don't do the recalls that the waste of money makes to her the ones that are proving in recalls an that you use them ashantee parson in o you tell your piece to crack you can peel lasses in essobee you can figure out that womens and then you tell him that you take in on social media and ye stickit really really love i do tell no more money for you nobody's given you any money and you start exposing it for here they are they will cave like chief sous they start doing here and arizona a cave we put the pressure on chair the chair of the easy geol peepin went and he scurried in and to pothunted the ball and then of course he followed he fell down perpectly said that he was going to have a vote to remove the machines amongst arizona geo pimmitee and he which the envelope and let the clock round out in these cassaro the attorney said we couldn't do it now an then i oloossone the ontihting is run in the cloud and let me everyonethe dined here last night they didn't hear last night and not work it now we're going to get where redwere going to we're going to get rid of him he has got a go he's got to go because he we who in a boat for many haberdyne who he was but stupid people and a lot of people that you guys think are all some who are talking about election and tapering who are doing the work that are fighting for you that a flyover the country those people endorse this sky and we told them all this bad news he is right of stablishment his globules he is not for troy's not of her coffers doesn't care about esna and now showed he has the colors yet again but yet everybody and georget where he or through at one more time go through wide the machines are all are unconstitutional the process you had for point oh yeah yeah yo boltondixon construction tinother what i want people to do when you go to save my freedom not you incenderentur be the second tab span the machines were going to go there every single day this is a campaign that you can click on takes less than two minutes there is three steps four clicks and you're going to do it every single day you're going to tell ten of your friends on you're going to start talking about banning thought bache first one campaigner in acle it says that you need to be enmities in resonaban were focussing on resonico got the most momentum here and if we just need the bodies now look with that sat down load the press release we declare a stain of constitutional emergency by the people of arizona because our are leaders won't do it now if you look though it does that say and we followed a court case proving our elections are on constate in the courts right now daniel wood in his team and the affidavits how the court case that is solid that shows you now the court case i want you to download it i put a tab in there as you keep going down you can down load the press release on everybody that is has a group or that has a pre that is in a present committee man bring this to you of your legislative district excepted committee you need to declare a state constitutional emergency in your safe everybody can do this okay again you have and take the take the presses cut in pace it slap your name out i don't care it's about what's in that press releases it tells you what's wrong with the country and it tells you how to solve the problem now the pethor case you can down low that information and sent the the last tab that's on there i want you to read that all the things that i'm going to tell you these four points there in there there's also a remaking the one clickettes you here is stoneybatter go head and bend the machines no more machines in arizona the second time is you know what why don't you go ahead investigate the crimes and of the crush in and the fraud and what happened november the third one is a remonstr the remonstrants expresses all the grievances of we the people the third tap is one just above that and i want you all to read that because what it tells you it tells you even more detail then there go take back or in consociations notice response and pecos so the nighte legislatures the other wind goes to sixty one board of supervisor any one in the country can do this one every one to do it i want a million males going to all of these two hundred and fifteen turns here and arizona and i want you guys to read that remonstrance that keeps you your talking points so facts and it tells you he expresses the grievances of we the people as to why are elections are on constitution all give me the four bullet point third parties are not to be involved in the government that includes a government or private entity private estates of the government on the elections on constitution they are not allowed to interfere we allowed them to interfere they have no right to interfere ay they were going to pieces no you're not you're not making easy the second ones ballets shall not be counted and see if the bath the moment the ballots leave your hand and go in that machine to be called secret you also have no you have no proof and should have no confidence that what that machine is reading is accurate you have no way to prove that what is on your bale registered properly on that machine and you don't even me ah you don't even need to have a anything to know by computers it's common sense the machine and my compeers and you ready now you have problems and you have people that manipulate things i take it was paper is my boat smiteit in mine why person on a point at this point in the game after what you saw in twenty twenty he but you saw twenty twenty two what person has confidence that this is going to properly be accurate on that ice there o nobody is cantinire you allowing it to continue to happen you're no confident there's no proof you don't get her recent you don't get he received that sais i voted this this so you have no idea but that is his breeding you also have no idea what happens when the she vidiano have no idea what happens this paleness the building either okay why are you doing that it's worse than the definition of and definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and outran expecting different result this is worse katises worse than not or lections are worse than that land the fact that nobody seems to want to talk about it she tell you everything you go ahead give me a name hachanonda or polished that has demanded or has investigated twenty went and you me a name of a politician or candidate at any time in history this manneran any history in any one that's put their hat in the ring counts as a or politician has been not at any politician or can any history that has a and investigated november th that we shared and can't tell me a candidate and of opposition any point in history who is right on we need to pay the machine and we need to ah if you want to say restore or election give the backs the people has mentioned the phrase that our election dooncast to and they ran on this as their only thing that that matters causes the only thing about your life she and your country's being destroyed because of your election as not because of the people that are in office is there the wonder is following as because of your sister and you have all the power you have one hundred per cent control is not it is to say hey well what who's the next o leisian as others is there is there a name that comes off the top of your mind that that fits into the check those boxes they are not seen is inconstant won what noisesomeness in demanded investigation or to the investigation into the election of twenty to five and i think there has been demands for but they have been fallen on deaf ears i mean i had it in inocente con i don't not lost suture that was dismissed on the fact that the machines were not were not certified and they got dose and so what were having to do his words were so it had a tocantes grasses candiesone talking about candidates that you know their names the people's names that get the few cargoes the uni party can what the naparto candidates is every single on other publicans too so there isn't you think macleod on her side you think margery taylor greens on your side she did investigate twenty twenty because i worked for her none of sinaragan going none of these and not doggrass words people not talking of real guys like you who actually do the work okay i'm talking about names that you reckon right i those those on the ones cause those are those of the ones who are the problem because they have the microphone they have the ability to actually change the but does it the fact that it is the people that are in congress he changed the and i made in machines do any one to do that why won't they are the system right cracked the arosis some the little dies like me that's one not talk of you know that i'm not talking about you i'm not talking about the real grass roots people talking about the ones who are destroying your country none of them had ever talked about anything like the because they are the prom they don't want they don't want to change it there let her that the air is oarthat leaders of the iron see the easy cookery state a severe set you one of the four of em in a rinomati fair parties are not to be included or not to be involved that government and private entity ballots shall not be counted in private vo in private ballots are counted in public corporations interfere with the chain of custody that's machines and programs which is the whole system and elections are supposed to be one day election are retrieved by the people elected are beheld by the people and the other thing i made no agleville nugget you can look this up in your own gun look this up in your own constitution so when the air is not a constitution i believe it has sixteen five eighty four it says that on election night a paraphrase all ballots must be counted in the public view with the people that are there before the ballant lived the line we are then at two hundred and twenty three voting see it did not occur at one of the boating sons that right there alone he set aside the entire letter god's entire that called the law says that all the ballots need to be counted didn't say tabulator it didn't say that they need to to figure out who he was who voted for though physical pale to be counted for the ballots leave the building and say what you want that makes sense if york center had a thousand ballads well then we can actually count say okay so there was a thousand at least we know there was a thousand people that checked in in the thousand people don't went to the machine because what you say you had a thousand people check in and you only had nine hundred and fifty ballads well then you can say we probe or we have the total votes as a thousand and the total votes is nice seventy five i have not i haven't but i am but i have a thousand people check in ah the meshes as nights have any five but i just count of a thousand talents though i going to believe to paper and all the people that just counted a thousand ballads or might believe that magical machine that's only told me there was nine seventy to under twenty three centers nobody counted the bold so you have no idea how many valets left the and you have no idea his commonsense this is come and send snorro you know idea what happened when your ballet went into that station of machine and an unconstitutional process is you don't know if the machine read who you good for you know if you re see in the seine actually calculated that it got about and then if the people there did it fall the law miss the water is on her observe one of ristotelis the law takes it all the ballads need to be counted for lythe building the elections over seven o'clock but seven or one i left that night in the balance that he is not even try and you already got a antobroges hose so look up your own state statute and see if that is something that is in yours and find out if they did not yours so you re election right off the bat for the results portion which matter if that make your bread one in michigan they have changed at they have they have paid attention to the rule of law at any step in this including the the board canvassers and the board of elections they actually lost ten thousand of my signatures and they miraculously found them in the back of the office after i suited supreme court so in the end the had elections said that basically that even basis that he sat at that there making up policies on the line right but you know why as they can because they cannot they can't because we allow it to happen again we are the problem we are the solutions we are the white hats the only people that skin to save us as ourselves and until we realize that and actually do something about it rather than talking about election integrity rather than talking about who's the next candidate or whatwhathas candidate talking about i don't care about what a candidate says because the cannonades at this point in the game they lie not living why they have no solutions and they are now there are the problem and i give to a given ex knowing just what we talked about today no one if you even just dabbled your head into poking in to see her people talk about the lections and election fraud you don't need to go granulo don't need to know specifics but i think everybody in the country knows that we have a problem with people and better little bit more in two no one but more now that you know that people are chosen and their talk to kai have friends that trondhere they were talked they were talked to in said he we don't like what you're saying because oh we're not going to support you to see modest step out now so they got talked then there was other people that got talked to that says we really want you to run i don't want to no no no we want you to run yah but i don't well get you the money we want you to run that's your chosen conversation these a real so when people are running yes one is broadly honest now in the game miss again i'm not talking about the true grass roots people well i am because now here's the old we all know how these he passing he shall even run somewhat when it ran if there i'm not going to win is no way in hell i would i would win i could get everybody in the state of arizona convoke for me and i will not win so why what i put in the time in the fre so that the fact the point so now you need to question why people a rung cause people to get which kotchovie out there i can do that one be into right now i don't eat to rid woldo that why what i put people through that getting their hopes of that somebody like me would win or a man asking them for their money he notando that as i know the unresulting to so we in hallowed so you are too tired to candidates so you have the one that's the old they're running and they're going to win and then he had the other and and if people don't want to hear this but this is the truth and to think about it this is the world you live come up with another conclusion i'd love to hear it the second one you have the cannonade he knows the system that we know and the running anyway they know that their snow way they're going went so then why are they doing it microphone in money microphone and money otherwise there is snow wesen there's the third reason the third reason is as that you were on in order to perhaps expose things you can leave that without running you can but it gives you as it gives you a a a different vantage point so that you can talk and like when i ran there was things that were really seriously uncovered when i ran that you couldn't have found out had you not been part of this and seen at first hand like osbastin his that's there out there now that was different i'm talking about now in what he now did different we did it know all this stuff that rionga now we know now there is no secret about this it's out there yes there's more coming but there's enough out there that you would you run again right now no you wouldn't run because you know what's going to happen the same ships that happened before but even worse they'll come after you like no other if you decided to the selenite cherokee well i don't go it's not broken or be like a demon so is running perfectly as its designs designed to run the way it is it's not designed for you and me remember the entire lectionism is fundamentally designed to control the outcome it has nothing to do with you and me what were not one heard of it were not a part of the system it is running like clockwork so when the demons in mary corruption county on the other reason why that there running so they heathen the system or they literally think the system is still okay then are not qualified to run a lemonade stand so those interanimates so what does it matter right now and candidates it because if you don't have the machines and you get rid of those machines you're going to have real candidates for he you have somebody like donna acted put her hat in a ring shall win this time you or somebody like me was going to go bess there asks who i can actually be secretary of the state and not even get out of bed and dockhouse verty done the job and i would do that nose and we turn these states right around but we're not what we have no chance there's no way that's how far the system is gone okay you you have to dismantle it and i have not repent the whole thing has done with him on from top yohiogain oporotheca a but it also clues the political parties the cold open had an army soaso lutely just part of the special interests that are that our buying the elections or buying their way into the public eye we have to buy it it it's it's erroris us finding a green yet it's as wandering the many so they don't have to bought its already his thesis we just are now realizing it and there's not an a people that realize that there are people at my heldengang they were talking about candidates last i like it i can't help myself because i might a yelling out and i'm not supposed to heal winter but i like you you guys sosipater it does it matter the owenwee got to clean the voter all beside my god okay this is what mary crept in county down if you clean the bolderos they like this and i push back in and what they do as they move people that are active voters into inactive voters just because these batches that they do that with and just before the brain surgeons came on and words telling us that they were going to do all these things for election integraliter about to lose my mind sitting in my seat like i couldn't even i was all that i could not to say anything i had no i did anyway could what i got friends went up and said he i got i got to tell you this quick story this i went to go sign of it online petition for a candidate and what happened was i found out it wasn't registered above at this is a die hard elk present committee man el de person who obviously boats and all the elections ah so then i had to go re register so i just want to give you yes i heads up so that's how the sister works they move people they move people and are soon from april of twenty to to october eleventh which was the cut off day to get registered but they moved two hundred and seventy eight thousand people from the active list to the inactive let and you like me why would they do that why would they do that because there was five hundred and three at that then what they had was five hundred and three thousand people that are in active voters that think their active voters that some of these people have been voting for forty years all the sudden sharp to the there an active voters are allowed to cast the rout there's a process that has attached to an active voters that is different than an active boner an arm chin don't indicate whether these people are active or inactive a different process that goes along so there's five hundred and three thousand people that are now showing up pathrepent people that are showing up on election day in a different scotus as in they have no idea that they've been switched over a county to that on their own as parted that's part of his this is what they do this part of their master my plan and i at one of the largest centres that scott still arizona these lami centered cassaris ona i was the judge i was at checkens most of the day i changed a dresses old dey won for people to add that is very songiness is from maturity of the time that i'm ones because you have active to inactive others as some people actually letitia moved there was a lot it was a lot because you're at these voting centers these megathenes the monstrosities of demons centers that you have stolen in the caste i'm not going to go into any more than do the tails and out but i'll get that your little nugget but there is a reason why and i can tell you right now if i at one of the largest centers in scott's selene probably had a hundred people come into the and i didn't have any indication that any of them were inactive voters there's no notification on the screen which we found out later with figured that out so what about odds that i probably checked in a couple of people that were in active kind of high a potential of five hundred and three thousand people and at one of the largest centers and i didn't know it might the people were inactive or ellis seith that little nugget my point is the one system that you cannot be and you a very short window of time again i said in the beginning first minute but the first poles open and the first primary and you guys have machine i you're in communist country right now you just don't feel like it because he's still have a pocas to watch see air conditioning you still are able to go to the grocery store and you're not beings hold up you can't buy that not youyouwhat on a pot cass this morning and you watched donetwice so you can you can't have that vegetable you can only have the mackin cheek so and you still think you have your freedom the only one you really have laughed as the second amendment there coming for that neck so once they get a exsection if we even have an election and twenty twenty four or oligantha who i don't either but we need to act as if we are okay but i don't think we're going to get that far i think the hippos getthat the fan her in the next month i may be the but you have to act as if because if you actually can do you can get rid of these machines you can't this requires a lot of people to get really really loud and started me and i and now with your rights are now that you hold all the power and reach you from the article to the arte concedi want you to look this up in your own constitution is e the arizona counts article declaration of rights a litical power purpose of government now we know the purpose of the government is to destroy your life but let's see what the consent all political power i love that singer was look hunpatina power is inherent in the people and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed so the governeth the governor the turn the legislator of the administrators to ya who's the took the oath and are established to protect and may detain individual right they have all all of outers in all levels of government have violated their oaths absent have violated their oaths this consequences for when you violate your oath on my if you hold them accountable why are you saying well who's then well which want what candidates are we going to while so wet so we need to go register more votes we need to go ahead and has tagboard or twenty twenty four we really need to get a better ground game you don't we need to start knocking on doors to figure out which can it and tell the people about these candidates we need to go ahead to make sure we may make some donations we'd better get money to the iron sea wevenged money said the jowette go ahead and think about let's but what is his ballot harvesting ballet chaseuse like a really good idea because of the other side uses it then we need to play the same with the same rules the same ground game that they are do we are clean those voters why so that my friend anna and a belle who i told you that story about she got switched from active to enact him you can prevent the cause they do this these go sweat o the old sure out there cleaning the fold rolls knockin on towards the hoop how many people love in this house and were spending the research and the time and the money and then you send all the stuff and counting as of so much for your hard work and a agoand they put him back on oh what we got a court case take it off okay i glad mistegan the harder thousand voters off and dunham and am right back on so they do can if you had time and got all the money the world not the money the time think of plenty your generals be my guests have a great time but you don't you don't have time and you don't have you have you don't have a reason to be spending money in the wrong places at this he shore when no time in it on efficient effective and viable take action on him sostratides to accomplish what the attendant is in the gold so when i help people don't even bother with photo registration it's not it's there if you're talking to somebody he doing any to the but don't make an effort to do that as you're only take action i do because it does it matter again everybody in the country can vote for trump he will not set when the general echoed he had machines you don't believe me look at twenty twenty and already how pens twenty twenty two fetterman didn't win guys come on this is not rocketsone that rocket since you hold all the power you have to have your voices heard it is to it for five minutes one day it's got to be every day and present the eh and you and i i said that the other day i that's why we made these these one clicking males two minutes or less because i figured i can ask for two minutes and the second time you do it at all till populates so then it's like thirty seconds forty seconds if i can get you to do that and then if i can get to do to do it three or four for steps are street three the three take actions forced so if i can get you from two minutes and then the next day you like he was easy i can get you four minutes and then by the end of the week may be can so i got to seven minutes and then i might hae much o come join us on twitter right cause there's some fun stout half it were calling out the terrors were tagging on whereas were talking about the constitution and i guess scurry there but we got blocked by goals to get blocked by every turn in arizona right on twinonly a money blocked bit too wedded ers and joseph chap like is actually my representative which is against phelonion guess the first amendment to block somebody so few go to save my freedom not you as save my freed of got you asked and if you look at the tab at the very last the second or third one at the end it said blocked on soshamedi axle of all people so who knew that i would actually be friendly with the acolythes have a whole soul samedate thing not when you clickthat it takes you over just for arizona bit the obviously once or there you can figure out your state says the best gives you a chart to see what happen and then i tells you to submit your information because you got blocked by one of your herds and if she withered like of me me in acolytes friends right who know i so go ahead and check that out if they blocked you and then if you and then you can submit it and then if it's something that they can actually take out on as a case they will so we're were in the process of adding on keeping track of everybody here let go walk and then we were in a de class action lost it so we can go take all their money how assume is that and what they call you like what you know you want to talk about my partisan there's your bipartisan right who know this is only an nastersians saintes to suit you you guys have all the power you are the people you are the government caistor acting like it everything that you've been told you already know is lit every from from the step that you learn when you're loquat and i gave to examples i give you out there there the lying about the fine ball monistrol olisiko what is it with these people and money an i said this back when i was young and and i was like quite why they beating up on many men the best thing that the runbecause what's my jo to give you free of is your friend it is an ace moneys and accelerate all money is the big cane because the nelean people get what i got much money turned in on a hole said he i always was in a hole the money is just in and accelerate and it makes him a bigger a hole to kethat s all my his money's a big gas may castle so all it does as i call it when i get my hair color i said so much as me show you goin to get to her color i now i am getting it in hand okay is alcatory don't soit my hair i just the wyfhod on cause i don't know what color it is right now i've not really alone and really oboeist that when you get older it's not one is as it used to be and i like when it won her so i inhansed that's all i do i don't die in de color at somebody was in a hamper in its an accelerate so if you are as some person and you got a bunch of annie yeah you might buy a couple little toys and have gone a trip for the most part you're going to use that money to become a more awesome rest cause it in your nature and your dean so very hoor a demon and you get a bunch of money what are you going to scobicola bigger all at a bigger dot because that's you do one so when i was set that the woodbine money all the time masked some one he cotidiano it's true right lookit what one of the people whatever life that that you know sollte so when you when when when they were always beaten upon the money and he oh because it might have money gives you freedom then you don't mean them you don't may be sucking up the teeth of the government you don't need to be able to listen so like it somebody like of your husband and wife deal right the husband it is kind of just a domineering and on the man i have all the money i make the decisions you know has but then a sudden in the wife to put up what lot of times people are in fatherlans especially if there is likely domestic ye have no choice and in theory because the money can cause you like he was going to be poor and i'm street then he will my unedited cause it's probably can kill you but tecetales lot of people say in the relationships because there is a financial advantage if you're a woman and now send you got a bunch o money and he never really liked her husband in the first place and is like a typical male showmen is whatever isis gone like hester out of the house at your taking your ship you out of there because now you have the freedom to do what you really want to do and be around people you really want to be so that's why they always want to be up on the money because then you don't need he you don't need the controlling people in your world that are telling you i'm in the sage you need me always reminds me like when you go to car practer they don't let the first thing on the mount will you an you need sick visits my ianotowi don't i don't even sextus confixed it one on inolescere fixed in one so wessofontano very has now i get it i'm not a just always use that as an example because it's never one time shot its otoole so that so they just then they you don't need to be controlled when you actually have financial independent you can aid you whatever it is what you want me how many people are watching the show right now i somebody gave a mount mount lo this is this is always are going we got to go i were away over right we got were rarely or loneliness i'm goin to leave you with a couple of things that i want you to think of if somebody came here door right now and i and i and i i need to i need to not my answer it's got to be quick to get matures quick and he'd better because you got this somebody came to your door right now and sadoth thirty seconds to tell me exactly what you would do e for the rest fright for as a job right was called as a job a job meeting your own business or whatever if in thirty seconds if i gave you a million dollars rite and how many people would be able to get out that sentence and thirty seconds and make it coherent oh as you don't get the money this here look at the many thirty seconds right now or elder with you art so you got thirty seconds and if what i might have already given you too much time to think brigsworth screw in no inhaled it know what it would be i would bostford i would build another barn like the one that i had a bright now and use of her weddings funerals and bible studies and such to make the world a better place to rescue horses and do there with people again now everybody to day that's what they need to do because you never know you never know in some one's going to come back on your door and says you got thirty seconds tell me exactly what you would do with your life i give you nine dollars right now and they're holding the minion dollars and now at thirty seconds which you have but if you stumble on yourself well i think i would do to get not in not too raconigi in money i mean it's got to be a clear concise like so to always be ready always be racy now is it ever is to holes could be ready castoleto never know you never know you never know one that magic door not that doors comin an aconite what is he god say says as he shall receive knockin the acheeneers shows up raising her is iredy have my mynet horse pond planned out actually in high would do thus and the exactly and and he with actually very much loftily really want to thank you for all the work you've done this is extraordinary to save my freedom movement and ranconter and i and i really appreciate you scaring the knowledge i mean quite honestly we're all picking through the fragments of what we have been in a word it were not a word to war right now and where oerlikon we are definitely in the fog of war and sometimes it's hard to pick through the truth because the anonfor every one that's out there because the education behind us has been so bad so when we come forward we need help everybody and learn to stand together and look at what really needs to be done and put it into put it into some sort of action able list when when are doanything in no dago and then you develop an action able list that you can take stuff i love what you put together with the saved my freedom movements really reicherer and i've picentinis fondling or sharing your nolledge with us so that's that's oercome it's more kind but if we can get it body engaged i may ask you for as titely and with your voices in arizona what will be the ill beaten out there on the battlefield they want to come to shoot me take me down into care okay i'll take one for the team on this whimbecause i'm so far in it i can't i i there's no turning back so that's why i am i am i am held in on this because i already i know how to fix it sire know the problems selinski at to get behind us because what's coming ashore but i don't i can't have you wait do you need another dead body be convinced i'm on to give you about a million dead bodies but i'm on to put him in your bed this time while you're sleeping like the horses but you are i have the dead bodies in your living room okay so don't ignore the dead bodies you have enough to get pistoling and actually take actions to seriously demand that these voting the chines are gone i mean if you want to go to that your own state mine but if we redolet the amentum here and we've already got a lot of other stop here and we've been the focalpoint where one we are one of the most important counthers like three counties that matter three states that matter michigan arizona in georgia and i hated i had to break the news sit those the only three that matter in this election so if i've got a lot of stuff to share about it there is one season the problems in arizona you see all the other stuff in arizona we don't critical arizona is again she kiphin us with this are you doing is clicking des and you get your venting i bent that called all turns call whatever i don't care just be really really love about it and if no nogeot demand it it will happen and then of course you need to pray too right pray plant take action that's your montanara and to achin he lemme leap can i read second chronicles for everybody real empanneling ideas always candlethe prayer and well you know i always finish with the prayer and the ppretes tarnation said go ahead all right so second chronicle seven fourteen that it might people who are called by night name will humbled themselves and pray and seek my face and turned from their wicked ways that's the bad people and the good people because we're in the situation were being punished because we did not stand for the children we did not protect the children that's while this she because we've allowed them be indoctrinated manipulated and mutilated now and child sex like trafficking this is our poniards and sanscrit now they sacrificed there and harvest their blood and organs so they am ah this is one because we do not do that we we did not obey what god wanted us to do it bestowe are we are also doing the wicked ways i realized that last we so excited was blamed the badge are wicked ways are rite there too if i got to get on your nees and repent seek my face and turn from their wicked ways i will hear from heaven and i will forgive their sins and our store there land so we have to do our part on the ground so were taking care of the ground game meeting we the people the old country need to put to our part and then as your praying and your said you'd then your planting your taking action god will heal a land there's not enough of us doing i was gone and i took an once over what's going on say i'm not going to heal their land there's not enough people praying they don't seem to care about the children and there not even doing their own home work on their own ground game in their own cities and in so if god can do this and body so got wind got wind listen to the free a does he say god and donna winds then say god and the shell whence god's will be done god's well you're not included in that guise you have to earn that you have to earn to be in that you have the blur of the urn to be on the plain field and do in the high fives when god says okay games over were winning because literally ninety nine point nine nine nine per cent of us are on the grandstand when this is all done we're going to be under the grand stand with a pop corn contain and so i can because we didn't do what god asked us to do get in get in the battle field maybe we drew it spurs but we didn't do what we needed to do so were not included in the god wind there's the one earned there is the good history there that our faith is a is what's really god judges is our faith and our hearts and that even for one person that has a heart for god he will he is is his hand i stole the he will save a people for that but the question is is there even one or two people that have are we doing that on an individual basis and that starts with individual choices you know whether whether we make a choice every single day to live and be the body of christ to live for each other to that defend people without a voice to do the things that need to be done in sometimes to be a brutal warrior that is taking care of business i pretty much sink that that's where were at right now i really do but i do think i do think that there are a lot of people out there who have turned towards god all this all we've gone through his not been lost all ololisse picketing not belestiche has been an amazing amount of people who have turned back to god and that should be our first and foremost the thing that we that we work on is to realize it the whole country is full of lost people are hurting they've been lie too they've been abandoned they've been neglected they don't know which way to turn and the answer to that is always turned to god and he always provide the answer for us and he will lead us out as we turn towards him and i think that's amazing thing to realize that you know where where did you our part no no question we have to do our part god says that faith without works is an so we have to do our part we need to step up and do those sins that were supposed to do but realize that when we fall when we fail god himself will carry us and he'll say hillcourage us get back on your feet again you can do it we're all going to fit he'll put people in your path like you who have good advice for people on how to move forward and we need to be able to be quiet and listen when somebody's coming to teach us something and i really preciate you coming on to day to teach the knowledge that you've gained and the wisdom that you have there i gonter on tuesday does the same thing then credibly knowledgeable and you don't get that by five minutes of sitting in a singlinson thing you get that by working at it for a very very long time and learning that knowledge really preciate you taking the time to share that with everybody so i say prayer they will go on to our day or had you got it dear hopeneither say thank you so very very much for his hallandfar all the wonderful people of the who are working to toast this nation into really become a destructive force for evil because we're putting the barriers up for where we know where evil staffs and evil stops here and now thank you so much for the right of president of the united states president dowlesse on him in his family for admiral rogers all who stand with him for for general fled and all who stand with him were so thankful that you put his sometimes in trials and tribulations to make us it become more introspective on ourselves as an individual to readjust in a day acton or information comes to the the fore front and that it is you lead us lead us every step of the way and that your faithful to us showing us we need to know giving us guides in direction above that we know that you're be in front of us behind us surround us and working through sweet love you so very much in or thankful that you're always there that you love as her son people that are demoralized out there and are sad and don't know what to do you know what first and foremost go at to have them go talk to you or father open their eyes help them to see the way out of their despair and their loneliness give them an actionable plan and and let them know above all that you love them that you are always with them that you you you are always cheering them on that that they are there worth more than can ever be explained that to you that that you value them you made them you valueand that you love them you'll never abandon them nor forsake them they just need to turn towards you and that we want them to be encouragement for them to day oh thank you so much for everything thank you for being our friend and on our our precious and providing our precious saviour we want to also be a friend to you in the name of jesus christ our precious saviour oh we pray a man i am thank you so much for einher to day as for educating everybody you know and and such so i quite often going to prayers where i i'll go talk to god nimankin back and forth you know to people and got at the same time on owsomever natural thing to do so at any rate you know invite god into your life every minute of your day and ask him what to do i'll give you a clear path sometimes is a change in direction sometimes it's a change in the way we think that's okay we don't know everything and on morforio comes up it's okay to change it's not that you're wrong it's that we're learning new things the very easy that's a very easy to take to change direction it doesn't mean your failure it means you just open up new possibilities and new doors the hoister hands so i ever rode out the pack popesthere one god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america make it a great day starts with mental toughness starts with direction and goals and actionable stops and then having having the peace to know the peace that passes understanding and no machines the fineness as the passes understanding knowing that you can walk with god go check out save my freedom not you us and give a shout out to torchwhat she's doing there as it is this is extraordinary what you brought together and i just won't thank you for that and alintatao more of a man and the broad cast here is i will i'm taking on taking mondaysecond tuesday and wednesday we've got it some extraordinary people ennaeteris going to be and of the neck when i called the sky back i timethat guy the one that comes up in the cameralists the one does the bit is prciositate one is is face that clothes i don't know was my face a close to have to talk to see him at the first are in that him and i'm trying to hear how he has and also like oh you're that god so ever turicense not with like oh you're that cotherstone a great day to day guys make it so