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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 7/3/2023 - 2:00pm Live - Breaking News Special Event!!

Published July 3, 2023, 1:56 p.m.

Breaking News Special Event!! Kristina Karamo introduces James Copas as the new Executive Director of the MiGOP. Live on BNN! Discussing how connected the Michigan political machine is. The Republican party affects us all, and when they or any organization has power over the outcome of our elections, it is our concern. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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hi welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the third day of july twenty twenty three and i'm here with checkers are a doing talk gereordode the or as breaks one so i think we're going to i'm going to go head and join a meeting here and i wanted a ready to see this just for the record because i haven't fact you said it you said i the while ago i haven't faceache out to every or any one and every one across the sick republican doradoes matter we have to stand together and so this is not ringodono show you guys exactly what's going on here because i'm not i'm not we i send old to defend this nation against all enemies for and domestic and i want to find out if we got domestic and the enemies here are we got pepainousin their club so here we go i can join in them that join orwithout microphone or without a camera and i put my name and flossie kicked me out or not this ah the zumeeta with a crowne to introduce james eh cokesale reached the limit mathematicians i can take the hose for more detail well o ka this is convents i so locked me out locking realise with we can lick round her and see what else the benches he bindingand i'll go what's for can do this okay corsini kind of like a olettehan try a different way to his own phanocritus sitting at an chucking order broadcast this one way or the other we costers vanesco musk why is there a limit to this meeting why our people being kept out of the information and have a little club going on in republican party instead of if this is if he is for real why don't they just come clean with us that's what i want to know comes companion and again the one tentri on the trade and other way here and a man we'll see if i get in there if there is if there's actually a limit i want to hear if there's actually and why are they limiting people to get in this meeting it makes no sons to me whatsoever messias happen to her i got another screen i tried and on and try and get to the lake stenonis background on him oh it's not let me enjoin on that when either so let's see so let's see what you have any if not i was going to read while this is going on so that people know what's going on with this nonsense cos i've got a problem with some of this as i can he and more than amused right now a mine see i'm in cried one more thing i see if it roidirent way yet being an omen there's the thing against said i some not i can say who sent it oh there's the meeting like wise so do come reading historiques hosts to medium how i got openminded to her one kick out to all but i would get well i saw its partenopeus hanimated one more way hanging on okay oh i don't want to all right he onwere working on the sokemote apatite afootshould through this because this is i feel like it's a little bit important hang on melesias another idea of how to deal with us as sense were were not on says an ow someone saying that nobody can get in because he's too many people i don't even want em so this is so there's other people that are not being allowed in because they're saying that there too many pets really can a crazy i wonder who's actually could get honour if nobody could get on i wonder if that's the case dread would be kind of a onestamente on mine to i'm going to hire hearing my name and emil and in less chose she okay i is a querea he bees all please cried tacks yes so that's there san is that nobody can get in i i i was one in wondering about this he strike you as odd yeah i think it is because you would you should debates in this he what the capacity is well this is a tonethis can a lion in all honesty so many could aniouine two in baloukli democrats that there were smart des what they would do right so so here he go so apparently write now and nobody is getting in or there's only a few that were able to get in and i find this to be very very peculiar chalk in finding the speak very very peculs so in he read what what i have here about the gentleman in question that is in lots and anethol see this i this is from one of the chance i think this is got did you see james in copes prior to his fricassees sein old lincoln for breaking a covenant not to compete as to his employer copis was hired by smiths security corporation signed not compete along with others in the later was no longer employed shortly our off shortly thereafter copiesthe these commissioned security and corporate security so copes in attempt to enforce the components not to come the trial court ruled in favor of smiths security and copes and others appeal the mission cornices ruled that the trial did not err in its the appeals court rule in part that the default judgment entered against hopes was not an air because cupis refused to comply with discovery request and court orders requiring compliance the record thus reveals a history of ah recalcitrants or deliberate night comply with that jerry elston yet when our deliberate non compliance with discovery orders and the harsh sanction of default was therefore appropriate the appeals court also remanded the case back to a circuit court for determination of smith's securities actual damages and expenses and defending the appeal in other words the court followed cuissellos and without a reasonable basis for relief mischoose opinion number two of seven one five went to cover seventeen innisinore the caskets remanded and probably does not make it to the lower court docket until january fontebrand for hearing adams by november two thousand he had moved to illinois and taken a job with the employer who alleged all the fraud counts against him on botathon three cold an asset of his employer to his wife without the company's knowledge the pattern is developing that james pisoteando somebody's opinion that we should i in other recorded is that we need to look into his credit coelenterate ethics experience to be a new executor of p oh no i think that that i think that that's a worthy of talking about there in the old wood with that goethe old director i okay so that's a good a good place to go so oh you know we both know danny for late and he as he is that one of the sweetest nicest young man that that you could possibly imagine like like the person that everybody wants is there so he lies at from mendous resume a because he is just that smart i don't know how many degrees the sky has but he is a he is a very very smart person why did they get rid of danny who is totally connected i mean i mean he he worked with glad back he has got connections all over that all over the united states and was really working hard i i don't see the reason why dan was gotten rid of and so abruptly and i mean it was it was kind o it seems kind of crazy to me though i don't know a lot of details about it i really don't he relieved inschoole hasn't said much cooiled questioned his on rachiodontid of his pet guide and free on somewhat in his the questionable right and and like your satanic danny hasn't really said a whole lot to me haven't really reached out much to him sense though said so you know the problem there because i figure you don't get this sealsnot mine but i really just want a hisgood guy means just a really good byand itihasas for the law he stands for a lawful process and he works his tail off i mean yet the sky why why we christina take him down to the to the ocean's got all the connections and ever be respects some right and then on the way back home within within you know i don't know how he days it was she decides to let go and you know it is it seems kind of peculiar to and in this guy that you know the guy shoots that they brought in he's got so many fraud cases or or cases of thouagain him if it's really kind of shocking is an hingesthere the republican party can attention to this because what you all do out there is affecting all of us and at this point time i think the rest of the state is is a how is hockering people are getting it all this is good technology let's try this again it this is this is amazing to me that let's try again i'll stray again now see what's let's go and try to again and see if we get in there chick i can get and see if he is wasn't time else ah you're dilly one i couldn't get in a couple of the people i know couldn't get in they sent me now so yeh it's pretty common oclock let's see what losses happen again i'm benignity to sagan and we're going to see what happens i ka because i really okay i'm going to one put the screen back up again to see if we've got any a mallet of this is this is like that that committee meeting i went to any amount of anything making any sense i think it won't be there okay let's seeit what here what's going on here video connection interrupted try to reconnect well and there i can't hear anything yeah it in ye got on so if he is what's he a happenin here i'm on wondering how my microphone in my get her anything will cowell see if we've got up we'll see we got goin on here so one forty five in the chat the chief i can get in ye i'm kind o curious i think i'd a whole state should know about what's going on here and looks you know let's let's see what's going on with give it life giving a chance and see what's going on as i do think that this is important i'm unhappy here that i met workthe can now ever are climb the ought we've got randy out therefore so it will technicality go otokodate and by the so why don't a foredoomed over the historical even sidenote for her oh a long we want how you are doing well this forth the july i will cotocollo for compleases one that male to introduce or repective director of peristereon party jump copis of potation of rissoles coranto go that our party as you know we inherited in a world in party that was literally for to the crown and it led pretty much nothing laughing i wanted to think don't be largeest as our team were drilling hard to spit in operation if that the fair there was really no system there was no system as they were just dordonian ponong raising money and that bit of there was no real strategy behind the whale ran elections and we seen for gegaderian party be estimated on just level at the level of legislative away down down level and so you are not in the police of the eranoboas yle where you just play your predecessor repeated to make excuse the rest to why they are being aesthetically as they are but to do have to recognise where you start in hecame from the shore that you you have a vision of operation that should confortorono we the recovery hired to spend a toccata the michigan republican party so we can be in machinelike the generative pore in for me to dress they have been a series of plots obligations may regarded conductibility they don catimoron then will be the trasformati to washook deference state committee and they will be addressed at the state committee disparition of that were intended to damage credibility of the store publican party that they are not we hoping poor but again they will tololerated on this meeting they will be addressed at the stake committing meeting on saturday cohonestandas are that presentableness in person because peshall the nature of the navigation and online format is an appropriate to be gone all hopes wonford to what we are working on that nimishillin party if is a relative of yours penserais in program so they can biedermeier of spiting of dodmerton when roentgenol sooner but one of the punishing touches on that because was going to help us be successful and in twenty twenty four of his line to be portability to woronice at the pricing loving because that is our power of democratic issue down at which a only control of the legislature and governor and supreme court they have a machine advantage over us pustha been very efficiently organized in prdicato the ascension where they singly have a better advantage over us however what we have or people who are committed and hard to the cousins the proper work of elation we have the truth on our side we can give that truth out so we have in the ten have worked really hard very adelais in our operations and see and so one of the things that was importing for us that was to reassess our operation and as hopkinson begone or with hate the redress rothiere selling wondergood ah he very unperfectons canting of the ports of the message and the public oh one of the things is songwords that we have moved in the night is the mediate of this myself as sometimes we are dextrously parents the vision and were very much about it well that saying you have true but were not the very efficient strategy and thinking about how sometimes his words and negatively in impapult reception of us a while still remaining true the and on the third he pisses on either hand not remind the truth or being gesefleurd for without thinking much about halter word may possiblethe recodified the healthy medium is taking abohalis john and public will not walking away so that really a bit important to us to have part of its binding up her operations the disceptations you know where our feriatica proved and one of them was bringing in to helpers take on their role of executive directors so i really really time of chaffering to on and i do want you introduced him with every one with a there are to detentionone of the party and one of the things that very important for me is bringing his somewhat had multiple deathe periodindications direct to world in the role of negociations in the roll of pitting of operations because our partyassociation issoire of us denigration hadhad that experience of sliding opening of a proper you don't see there's one thing when you walk it was the feminine gain to have sense everything that could telling what an achaean to obsess everything that her dealing with then you can see a hawera my latin gradient i pray to die then one of the various i realised his thatwere lacking was the home of the noticecarrier arena of building on prenotion and making sure of tempers with an ecclesia to make guiltinesse theinison than a tristoma to make sure there were successful as have when in twenty twenty four because this is a philosophy of the michinipic parisiticides does not help us in that it has no possessorthomas is that is or her or flat out of it objectivisation the arecowards witting and sometimes the requires to as justedalsbrae organisation in understanding greater conditions cesariselle and cordinate in life in rivintiani more on beingarchie for one of these that we were deficient as we did have enough experience after which in the word of ization who may have the insincerethe are lacking especially noted the generals have too postalischen al has the word we in him cruel but now he had some one bustitude moreessential colecannon on that when we eisoteric and twenty twenty four to the nearness the presidential election of old the espinette house and also recitationone tetracoronis becoethe challenges his monitory the isheaven conforting on their honestatis not oppenheimii the operation as the tiresiasto stephanotises control count of the district stateignorant harmony between counting on district and that in one of the objective boyhave to have a importantohnot outragiouslie county in a most county on work in a gathered then thessalians no i really really important then we worked together and we really been a hargeshonor really really of man jem for doing tis kind o cleversomething his prodigals and that was as felliesor for me as a gem eteron in business on the issachar was several advances very important infirmitiesan for whose have to look at little day in therapia he tried to a man presoneres on his reported to have some more to legal bag or out of your right there with the by my side cause posthtomiste ourselves you know tis the predigestion sonorosities against afront but in you don't have the writing legal assistance sepiostaire is negative toagither as that will the hevery sisoes to crime is ascociating on leemitations or that is composed of really bill of israelonward imposition and littleanything than inmates of the world with confining the artillery edouleusate no with the situation we find themselves in the case you could have a lot o pericoloso people but if they are otolithes particula arreach queen are in a villinonot be sufficient as i mention his excessive bad grounds to cocain haletions dollar contract of you don't well hordoland is the billingsgatenever chesspieces at dimensioners on individual and so i posteriores several lifeorganisation is very well to that tissabeared of politicothers tackle have for people wore teethconsidered in a very emotional and read or for be incuriosity of that cannot be the fool very cool homophonie on their fiendthat were active and that was very very important when thinking about people then we want to break into the partswhose a new house police to introgatories the word of the nonmolestation the fore for question and jelenhetett here noirblack her house well after this point by point a minute every one can hear me clearly with my an said i have a possible disconnect here in the line oh my he your copis a i have been blessed with by the opportunity were passing people around the world on a variety very interesting projects through the course of my working career on heresay that i retired and enjoy retirement and then how i asked stop into this roll on that i toiled to do that in to try to assist and others and all of the medical finances all the objectives sallied there's a lot and pronous can so you folks probably no better than i in the christian face to this for the first time about hatheway something like that and almost immediately thereafter approximately of more the go i had ganhardin i desire to be an absolutely brilliant attorney a ercolano's cardprinted about what he believes in one excellent in his understand the toolong there in my view does of fabulous con or my dogherasty work with the den on riety of his indisches that are enchonhadinha quintanas asked by christian start talking bout his roll and here i am this may come the cissopis to measure how it does the same stone came as a surprise to be as well all however here i am and we've got a precognition of illiment insurmountable is connected and frankly one of her works long a good fortin and the co operation of love of people who would people more than just myself and i am over that task and looking forward to the challenges ahead so if any one has any specific questions are gone the ansering that you like me or try to otrusco you all the happy to try to do that and i presume john of that his control in this pen it's not me oh so jonathan is this pesticate there take questions i happy to try to with dresses if she ever put the tequesta are composed of the challengeless many of these no question can sounds like a no contest but right there resilence is likely to everybody with the hack well the thing here is the fact the guys said did you catch that talk lonore know way i was sorry i disagree with the bread of the bat he said kismethis tineoid meets tofore on a relaxer were more miensave were cooking go so the fact is he just met christian indian house she was so overwhelmed that this icescape billy he's been retiring he doesn't tenmino business he does not go politics i've been involved i can tell you this kind isn't now is get in though he can say he worked with his lescasserio lings work with cogitating he as he otorrhoea the loss suits back there i got a little cottonand then with then there talking o danny have no experience that's a bunch of grapes so connected its not even fanny you know this skiesthese out there in and corporateness and acquisitions why do you need that why do you he murders in acquisition herpolitical parts tactile she liked a like of ececito with he doesn't doesn't roll over while thinksthe way that he works while his odes and up his got a spot is on japanese oh yes this is of a position if so where is a question maranatha and who's going crothers he are you a volunteer is required by his position at oh there is no portlester ended the integrals or unsentencing curious about that now i've got a lot of astino volunteering for a job like that of sets question while i've got this whole thing with him began involved with mergers and accession others such as district cheers were in go through this point by point i've got a few things in there want to talk about the casecommit onely curious i can asetettuihin when catherine of the downeses otomie angles and to these harry i was a blood say hooterville as the general counsels which is this was itineray thing of substance other than this is going to be great assistant be wonderful were going to address them pratensis but there was no as notional meat to decisionand interocean and here's spercheios they're going to go off and wait to the week end for this meeting will i believe in linnean mat can't be for that week end for they can't find themselves in ice in its close needing on platter enrobes can dakaton himself nothing i have savierollher for goes the fishergirl however he osteoclerosis the madame a month and a half ago flodoardo careers or how do you make her how do you learn that the monticello so she said again merchinston had thoopawa you know what if it has to do with the political party that's not the experience indeed at costentinese for decades the case they have been into cricinolic and parties been a machine the the efficiency one is to condone he sowveneers on fire heterotrichaceae to you don't just ipse now of getting up the marmoration but onely then montenegrino the or secestanosque tion hopethere need be in forensic odit i don't think the skies teeniest because of the things i sonomora lies in kind of concerned we so we don't want to be hot heads about this we wanted just go ahead and lay down and watch your country go to how his stormpoint be nice i geospatial get along like gets cette so to me seditionary cottage which is where every now with isigonos i don't know that he has the tionnontate while as a release corno on the meeting house on of course i rely where and you would like with any one when on one basis i agree that we all need to be transparent about there is the sotisfite and in free wish you the delegates of hellinto it is transcended ah jessie coming on that so that there are some matters if god was stayed metouali ohthere are said o that's the purpose of this for man instead for him to it all the topabout his gill son tho there are continuous of the negro perishing of the governor their art of this then that out orders the critically for our state committing meaning that we potreste purpose operators peoplehours standing was in ontario i do get gas pontremoli come mister come i hope i am pronounced it in a right when he don't reserata question again hossish roseshaped by the i i suppose the accredited committee or for by the budget or home and one thirty what was the other person and position approve and by a miner sandias christina has the talatala oletera authority as the cherton o for disposition and many others granted her by the bowlby walls of the nave the pothecary duties associated with her position chance see that it would even have a compact he never had any one prophetic otic inconsonans he i entered the involved for the sole reason that many of you are and that is were trying to accomplish as part i do islingword wilson so i hope goes he questionpressed enow if you want to speak to the rest of miser calpisque as to his she really owthereither anotherone and nothing in the violation of happening on the poenitare when we are working on is a big project of the policy of minyachin the bylaws of because the billows of the mishealdan party have been putting significantly the are residents of the iron there really interprises of people and in the stigian the gates the whole to be on working of tattvabodhin ah there is no bilofian oh yes a maningfordiensis n of star except or of the position of general council treasurer and separate carry of the hard the only party position where they voted on before i really i ah how locus see there's a question here on mary and i began a rightpeter name right or jingoes ah she said as vireos kept over her sorry the why should soneeassee now it is interesting otrians wer that with the limited time that i had to really look at gasping by in line with energies i do not see tell you that if i were interested in destroying my god the bills are currently and forced they are as a poorly rather survive as as i ever seen as if these effrenatis of our cessette such on the counter ichother sections and there's a question of valerianate letarge iceclear my vision and of course the son just my decision if i can make recommendations clearly and he instances as the inessentiality reachfor initation primarily or porticoes was whole high on his compliant oh there the light or for the legal ergasilodes odious that toodors perspective and heaviside's robiers orpyorpies by the ooooooooooo sixscore old i said i believe is the case should of the cases basically whitlows parties to do as long as their rolls and the policies by which they operate are not arbitrary and caprice a low and to result why the person of all kinds flies inside their parties and sporting aplanatic gone sorry to the public courts oh that is something that is in mine you any rate greatly to the benefit of every one in my coppenhagen that in line everything is from from that perspective would be considered arbitrary and capricious scott the what i believe to be the unrealistic nature of the pylons today predominantly as few other factors as as the central part of that prowled but him in confused here the linenothing on by laws and we just have had no activity for seven mons sunrise got in their don fronting off on it and remedial and an willystine talkin about election in henry well god having anything that means something to or or word he now wore with dame more down and five laws than the sette others think that lee that's kind of knots under there's no plan in that's lawyers i agree is his his lawyers speak that's all were talking here a the another what i really am prove one about holt to combat nesodon when the low i go without a like the ethiopia these have no doesn't want expose it to right on or the should know that to down management whether enjoyed morning elliston on by harewood to look at the law suits oh then file now you can of to i like the loud below there working on owing it is mainstream have a better how your age i thought withouten and then god anotherall bad when we are kind of mine up in the time it gets ternissure don't have even to the only happen to speak the dorensians have onybody in the sure there you don't boycotting then it will make our hampers the lot for to come bad you have the the the pineville you have a couple of alcinos with the democratical in the man only honor and protropi democrats do not go in the way he wanted to onopordon erected tail to make it a very difficult not in possible where you really working or re is that the nontradition stratonicus you all how i was heard yet the nest your i say is from cane how blessing the democrats well that only when pleased me more i can't see that murder the trout to tosiasioille holehaven no we have a plan this orando i am the work for the plans he does get it all you are insecurity at esamer why i know what is in the wide and what has been rains well the development of devise no nateral responsibility of christina has the chair function is to review that one in the context of the financial realities that exist at that point of time i wish of course it is this speaking lipaseidine let's see and sentry on stoques tion scissarsto the question my there or answer the pascal gentlemen i was going on in the budget committee which really sounds in what is he essays sir your question i defer that to christina become yes sir i thank her will and now answered the question anyway then the flowers say that any member for hardiston the percentage having a poet saturday but you're a person opens soricidae a man that has his oh so the friends i thought being worked out on the moderation wished no i don't know these questions are so set on my screen tapestries anything helps he never oh no that they about him in on the hinder cried he ah within their hare on that make verifies what then their parties oh yes i have been o to be where it onto be where i don't want to be and who want to be for mine he had premonition and secret not ere sallet me go back to the sun in got a clock clothes meeting on saturday where melinda's not going to be there or mat johnson who they removed danny's gone then is good guy eh you know you got there it seems a thorvoddsen to do with him manethoso neritono they have given estanave get a reason hoghostraet that he doesn't have enough experience and he lotteriesrepression politics you can in business and the nonowit's like witches i guess inti'lie wiessay that what his plan is that james is got more experience to dan in his and mergers and acquisitions we were you do mercerisation in a political party odontopteris the ibig words chopin wordsthere i agree he i had my fill sees device to samaritanfor to me they asked about the money just now so was investigandorum more were doing this is not here rollo a very i erpetion fostering was acting for the being such more wodstreete being a love as potometer and to do econdenser of the pond i wonder he noon soeharto on the professional format discussion person than professional formed that nobody can go to a treaclethat somercotes meeting now the gowlansthe recuerdito and there your repose togetherwell yes your question and they will be the best monasteries themselves the pother and our state aye so nothing him said ottonieri at the party in cloonacartin all so still consulting a talk about why danny's gone or why man is the lovedenengraved where daddy really i was her hands up and her but i want you could have no like me i have a way moreover that of mothering is why he had gone instead of in deformatio there he os'teotome contristation were persons adquiescere tenenensis this contest in is not actually somedeal questions my lord on to that is one of the wide etheostoma terence and questioning while we got hanoniense oh it's that i was removed from this meeting you know it now it says that just came up you are removed from this meeting the session orations when our thirty two minutes and i've been removed for meeting she tried to join again also happens the inchicore what's happening here will be what we should be nice i'm going to ah like the heavens open the removed them they removed us from may rise there meetings it was a little bit ah it was mostly of hashono on so they're not they're not letting us on the meeting right now and so adenystrse notes i talked to the one he's he's kind o then kind of reclusive right now so kind of you know got on too reader with that note so this is this is kind of interesting will tie i get on for another fanestris try this again i'm going to join from ah if in it back round on her and you want to try are you still on chuckerot the kick you all too i i i'm i'm off that i do just listen years i then got in so i now tried back in i desired to show there is a lot of nonsense there and other helot of bees we call as it is it's be as his forbesii under one thing to sansistah up not all the dance thirty this cordance i cannot see i can join again now there moving from the meeting so that's okay well at any rate i heard all that i needed to hear there because it was nonsense and from professional perspective the whole thing was nonsense so it was not on the didn't answer anything it was all the flection in there was no there was no eh this is one of those meetings as the color that you got in in two and you follow sleep in the middle of the meeting cause everybody's got big promises nothing to act no actionable i dons and other than that talk about by laws rather than when how do you win if you don't talk about election in your aunt riddled me that how do you win if you refused to talk about election integrity and of all anything of substance because i didn't i didn't hear anything it was just all it was just all you know and i'm sorry that they need to be questioned on this there was this was a this was not a this was not a great meeting ah if you can't talk about election integrity and you just go to buy a loss they're talking by less for the republican party are you kidding me this is all low oblaers and then there also pushing off their concerns until the saturday meeting which is a clothes meeting so that nobody knows or can he have those those answered oh the so what i've seen is that like the attorneys of the biggest part of the problem a here and that's the service and the other thing is what what does mergers and acquisitions have to do with a political part who the get a merged with as is the private probably private partnership yet you don't you don't these are big words but it really where it is mergers and act positions have any part in political parties that's not a skill set you need the skill set you notice to be connected which dan bartelot was really connected and you don't like it's like even even the talk the day at any point time you have known him known him sense you know sense you know i first met him at cale's not one of these guys that returned your calls or answers even if you reach out to him i can be days or even weeks because he's so busy so it's not it's not like em you know he he said the move all the time and i don't mean that a bad way if you're approachingthe you know i'm going to be over your side to state you want too good to say high i'm going to the coldmeeting or something like that it's not it's not necessarily if he's working he's real responsive if you're not working together then then is focused on work okay and his ease to great guy he relies so in then the questions but we need somebody whose hot headed and you don't not in bolsena well what was the point on that i think i think on back to danny whom they removed is one of the least emotional people i've ever met my life he super super stable and i be et smiles all the time he just a very smile he usance he's a nice sky and i'm sure his mammonite very very inopoda his whole family and all the people he's worked i mean the guy is known all over all over the united states he's just a super super nisean really really hard workers of lanthorned was just political speak so i i i assumed they remove you to this meeting castris oh i heard was to giouanmaria and i thought this case a lawyer now understand and i hear talk bout i was a great mind and orcesi said you got to begin to be something to dinner but it's gone alessio yes i like to know that because i don't see it i thought you had i there yeah well i just so we were easy on we should not be easy on i i just think i just think this whole thing right now is that that you know i've got some real questions cause once again they didn't talk about anything that seems to be interested other than you don't why would you re write the by loss they said that there's so much confusion asters confusion because there's no leaders and that that is a porter's doesn't seem to be a plan and though the plan that i heard is just like making rules to keep people from the outside out of their meeting if they would reach out and and he how do i say i'm willing to work with anybody that wants to take back this nation but when i see some when i see something like this were this guy has got so many court case as against him with with of the nature that they are i'm i'm absolutely shocked that that he got to seated the table and he can be a dis as copped it you member how hillary clinton talks she gallanilide that and she's just nice and she keeps going on and as she's just nice that you i'm like really we're losing our country and it's an they want everybody to be nice and not in motional we'd better be emotional re lusein our country and if you guys aren't if every other isn't kind of a little bit annoyed or angry over this there seriously something wrong because you know i mean i mean there's the seriously something wrong if we don't have the passion for this nation for saving our nation for fighting for our families there's something wrong we should be passionate i am pretty exsortis you the original patriots didn't sit there and were cold to be nice and resist revolution without those bits are going to be great i think we can work together i don't think it works that way yes doesn't so yeh so there you go well that was an interesting thing eh i'm going to keep i'm going to keep a putting things out there and oh i really don't care for the peelites me at this point time when i see something that is this question of all who management structure i think we need you address that he has what they do affects all of us doesn't make any difference what side of the isle that her this is an american issue we should be working across with with each other on all things no i'm not i'm not one to drink the cool from somebody who is issing outside of my comfort on and best practices and on in now on putting people in place that nobody had any contact with there wasn't a very process into the growing to all these meetings that are closed meeting so that people can't get in and see what's going on there there's a real problem in if they can't stand a little scrutiny on what they unwhat they do then you got a really big problem if if somebody's in there you know i have taken so much criticism for the last two years it's incredible and i spoke grondante chance i watch her people say all the time just call is kind o hang out there looking i don't respond i just conto look and sothat people say and if there is there criticisms are merited i listened to them like if they're not like the waters one chat where they literally were calling christchrist the potato and i don't appreciate that at all i thought was childish and that that's not cool but if you want to go after the palaces are bringssome what in whose got all of these corcases against them and i think that this week were going to werethough some more things were going to be going to your things such as their other filings there's other things all through that were looking at joe because because what they do affects all of us it's not just what they should have been screaming stop the shewent twenty election from the beginning and you never even heard president trumped the right for president knight states name up in machine island why is it that the there hiding with we've got a right the by laws what in the world is that that that is that you could send anything stupider in in my opinion of rewriting the by laws because you do the first thing that should have done they should have got in there done frontseat if they had that much legacy doin there why did they not come forward and say it why are they not coming forward with the stock can sayingthat that's what i want to know and how in the world how in the world or are they in whyerthat's effects all of us is just like it if if the democrat party put somebody in whose straight up with sorrows which they dared with water don't dis affects us all we can't well that's a democrat issue we can do what we want or this is a republican issue we can do what we want were club were better than every one now we're all americans and if if there if they're putting people in position of power that perhaps are not necessarily standing for the things that are important to us we are proud thethething is a top down men at managers she is there trying to control it from top down the trying to control it that way and start off in bringing everybody for were from the precinct the precinct um delegates should be bringing back information from their constituents not listening to what the cult parties telling them to do i got to be proved with us i agree i think oh i didn't hear anything to day anything that was really rocked by socks not enhiongahaittik off the side oh yeah because i don't hear it i was so as good a charge the up and say let's get em let's go after those dons there's nothing its flocks the coach you got a charge of of it you got to charge or of not with the monitor not with a guy like a jimison have it he costhave the energy just have nantthe posestre yes so i but i can tell you what he doesn't have an he asked to have and he dogshooters at egestion did you said great but this isn't the game were playing for not talked to fortescue itions for talking about being was strategy were talking of being the democrats sortasking about the getting people on board and helping to porogatives see how having his solid plain to him will of the plan the work in work complaintnot a bit not a bit this is a six month in and there now planeshears sorry if she wasn't listening if she wasn't listening to any one around her or she was in when she was listening to now the last time i saw when when you look at say like joe mosser joel steed to baker that seemed to be standing extremethe look at whose she's talking to and ask some questions who designed the web site how were they paid how much were they paid when when they're talking about this being a paid position but he is volunteering to this really who is pain the bill so one is paying the bills somewhere nobody works for free and that kind of a position and like we said you know there's thestiades on to learn you know and it well it really is some one finances just like the dark money type stuff i not seen to this is you you have to you have to ask the question if a you know if somebody is is a hero i said is voluntary all other time ah and i i don't know there's some there some really they're some big there's some big questions there so that you notholirion i follow tour in that yes we do but in their surprendre his scale well it's my little pot on process here that i've got on you know where my broadcast that i on every day and actually we reached quite a few people but it's it's like i don't you know i think that you and i just want the truth out there as we just want the country back and i don't care somebody's a republican or a democrat a constitutionalist libertarian i don't care if they're willing to work together to take this nation back and not just blow a lot of smoke at us here out anything substanceabout in is a problem but there's lot there was lots of big words going on there for sure you know it's a murder's an acquisition things that got me how many times we have to say that who cares you know i mean worse with you words with plaethos got to do dry it draw it drop contracts for murders and acquisitions with a political party with with who you know what wise in a strength and why why is dannie why why did they get rid of danny why did they have to get rid of him so fast that that's a question did they never they never said non performance was it because he was performing i know you he is working his tail off on them you know on so many different projects from them just set disthroned know that much but i know that he was i know that i do he just seemed to be busy all the time working on all kinds of thing and this cannot dis kind of crazy that they would get rid of somewhat who has multiple degrees men his multiple degrees and eh what why would they why would they get rid of him with finewith this you know nameit's kind of crazy all right well i'll go to see what the fall of when i don't know and like i said i pay no doubt the words any where's danielitwo keeps sewers dandy yes cosusamete sandy where's sandy that's thatergal oh jane ah just so ready knows onoway that their mothers and fathers would be really proud of idon'tcare some restif years all you know it's like it's like gothecore mother is really proudly you chock your mother and your father cause you speak the truth you know it's it's true it's like it's like we we always want to do the right saying no matter what but when it comes to this country in being run down into the ground and no answers and no accountability in so many things that are being hidden and the there heavy clothes meetings to get there's just things in committee you don't want anybody to well you know if if he have a committee meeting that's open to every one's in opened meetings act or something like that you know it's like it's like a lot of times you you keep your business meetings because they're boring you know where her boremes or your work and through things and you'll lose half the new people that come in with the walles welcome to come but you also want to have have you know you want to have the ability for every one to know and i think the th precinct delegates should be no i don't think this should be all all topped down manager you had these little creed should be by direction yes very little time in terms of response in rispose should be done within a day at he ended have a quick response by directional we i have a thiralatha and when you talked about of where comes from he participates he never the people like to say the preachers are they willing to risk are they willing to risk personal risk life or or or like our and sister did like our poor father's did i answer risk in risk of their family itself that is what a patriot really is that we will pack we look crack atheris and the service we look at it what they will the rest of those life i tell you got the one o'leeght plan for me to the bosses life as a navy seal shot down i look at my my dad who worked poor years and got all shotoko many times over bullets and what not and coming to north after an to the childlike of my brother then enheartenment one year twenty four years he corsendonkense gentle look at my other bones he served three years army and myself for years her forces patches messaging for this country and stands for the values of the heart and soul stands for god that's what this is about and we need to do that then missenden ent state that's what words were talked of her talk about the very valuesthis people we hear they don't care but it's all about them it's all about margerison of thepeople hear and hear i think you'll know what is talkabout you we are in this saybecause we believe that's an not shall end in you know you got a sore as through some of this stuff but what you know i just i just am in king of you know if this was a row wrong meeting it just fell flat on his face and you know because it wasn't even a good motivational meeting quite honestly and oh you know i just i just really it's just kind of sad it's just really sad because what they do affects all of us you know we got as we got to come forward and maybe he had a plan of this is what we're doing this is what we're doing this it were to you know i get it sometimes work were building we're relationship building and that sort of thing aloof the questions are sitwells isn't appropriate here we're going to put this off intestacy don't you just answer the question just answer the question and not put it off to a day when nobody can be there that's not an answer and i don't i don't understand that it and why is it that they're not opening up their books widen they not do and audit when when there's this much question that people are being removed from the budget committee because they have been asking about in all the responsibility for payments that are being made that they want to know what's happening and why things are being a work done without without the proper process entspringt composit to bring in copsewoods backgrounded take in or by rose you send my petty times over i look at it and you take a look at my political background in the holton had betallen i would say she had the air you re think she would reach out to me and they can you work on the strategy on me cause that's done willenhale died way as the lone execute a coach or twenty eight years or on state board aside her wherever on the many other things they served out or directors or vice president i look at her in the tacchis listening to self body that is taken or do the wrong path and i got to believe in it like the lofty he loved whatever and in others and i think they are really recomfiture office she is listening to the wrong people oh i think that i think the whole party you know all was always a of a large thanks to these people who were removed and an explanation a real explanation on why they were white they were removed i'd like to know what they wrote danny for the sky who was gotchogona the front why would they remove danny for some one who's got allegations of thought of protusion and mergers or a right speculator were yeh please dear god bruce some adults into this party that no stanton wonder who is to is advised her it is wrong and rod there's no doubt about it and it sounded like lawyers speak to me all lohars like to you know put out put out the fluffy good words and in trito debate young stock etoiles any and move your own but anyhow fail failed of failed to they don't even get many questions either i didn't see any many questions if they did see now i think they were yagonirunon to coppet i think i raised just like one where where's the substance here and if we got questions i will answer these o sweet god soporate here for in no making be there in the line can't be there to defend herself and dan i can't be there to defend himself and may can't be there to defend himself or anybody else that is you know that that his been ruled side of heard the is a few others too that were or moved aside structure such it's like i i don't get this i i i we do not now understanding ah the better have a reason to the conte remove somebody and they better have a reason other than murders and act positions you know so all right well thanks chock and everybody less the appropriation because we're going to need it and you know i just just go ocock to that i i don't know we'll save for tisaster having the father thank you so much for guiding us through this and and that helpless to maintain a good attitude more rochense of the stuff going in a crazy direction we ask that you would would help every one to work together that will work for your purposes and walk away from this money the greediest talk about about raising my taking money murders acquisitions whatever is please expose everything so that so that we can in fact go in a direction that's honoring and glorifying to you we are not we are not happy with watching people lock into or or system of governance that we have questions about in large we want to know that the integrities there we want to know that they're not i bring and people that are in fact subverting the nation through the political parties rothenstein for the nation a standing for our good pere we love you give us wisdom into serment help us to see things for what they are and a and a truly had this nation as one nation under god and jesus name a prey ergo so thanks are coming on to sanfedesti gs for everybody i i'll be back on to morrow and then friday are not tomorowe nes day and a fire works fly a wood shocking down on the one friday because i think we're going to see more solon friday so honorthat already i read now that is do we have bycanistes on hand just in case their needed on a have to be so to intestine is a memorycarries for everyone here is remember this i can out that of the remember you are removed from this mean you there you know so you know it's like we couldn't have a discussion of or the side it wasn't disturbing their meeting they couldn't hear us but by gosh we should send or any one who has crept questioning what's going on here and i'm sorry they deserve to be questioned especially when they bring somebody on this cut this many cases in the theresien the batonthe they're not they they needed and go gassing questions so anyhow her break have a great knight and in a great day to morrow had before th of july and were giselbert creed and because you don't were to continue to walk forward and fight for this nation never give up never back and down and a and a standing probably with each other is americanamerican not republicans not down the crats not this or not that we are americans havefor the