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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 12/15/2022 - Karen the Riveter

Published Dec. 15, 2022, 9:02 a.m.

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good morning patriots welcome to brandenburg news network i'm donna brandenburg in fact and it is done in twenty and he flew we want a welcome everybody here to day and i like you you a sound struck because karen is honorino said that my sounds the little light that good morning karen how you going come good i heard your arm now interething loud and clear wit your still really faint for me that's her well let it i get everybody out there on the chitose of a run of the charmante and see if somebody can respond to me just me usually takes at the hands which he gets live live in the kitchen cal here oh it's come through on mine it's come through on rambles so we're going to some that it's working an tell unless somebody tells me differently out loud clear yet were good that he were in gary morning everybody ah how do on oh i'm okay i got a toneless not happy with me bringing on it all night yet you don't let last night with kind of a weird night we i had a great day astra a couple of all my dear dear dear and who oh who will worked on the campaign near that i've been i've been kind of in the house for a while since i had my little procedure down last week so they they came over and brought me launch and it was really nice to get a nice time and then last night all my kids came over and we decorated cook you know looked and i got a tala i i'm starting to wander a allabout my children at the one it got so crazy funny it we were laughing so hard i'm one of my sons things on act funny i mean everything in the world is funny find esky me he could probably do stand up colonies and ah he started he decided that it was going to be a nauticalthe an he started making the spirit and it was ably hilares he doting i'm going to try backing out and coming back in and see if i can hear you better cause i can hardly hear you all of you try it you tried that against his hat and see if that works so any how common herself think what what work amongst so now so might that we were making reading of an hadderell nice night and then when when a whenever had had their own way we we had a storm last night it was fairly stand i actually most to night i was awake as i don't know how many people were in the grander attest but we had a heck of a storm lasting and it was odd his was coming from though the winds and such were and he and it was it was a one of those storms that you are just not going to no no possible way you're going to sleep sleep through a storm like that try to wait such cariense in hopefully she'll get her her sound out o an there's there's a bunch of things that happened in the new and i really want a include her aunt in on the morning how are you are you in your mescompter he as i good so it so just to see how it was you i horsesthat we had a heck of a storm last nigh and i don't know my fate if i kept you up but did there on the window coming from and a yeah i was i'm always is concerned when i have a big storm like that i also many properties in the first thing in my mind is o my god i wonder how my shingles we lose in awful which which buildings and such know that service so aside so anyhow how are you this one besides a i'm going to songad so i'm trying to pick a back up here i'm not sag well sewing very well so one of the things i want to talk about did you see president trumps announcement is no i didn't i was alone for the day and i thought nothing about it last night while his his announcement that he came out with yesterday and trusses america needs a super hero i will be meat major to morrow thank you yet we got you got to guess eson no i don't oh i did see that announcement i thought you were going to tell me what he actually announced no i i no i have no idea and i the heron ever master troll so i didn't even try to guess i'm not going for the the house trump in the house theory ah so i have no idea what he is going to and i but his way beset the graces nolint would be is he to say of it at some time to day jesus crisis coming back putting his foot in it right on the earth and we have our super they think i don't know for getting deportoient some from the other things in the news that i've been really keeping my eyes on and then i want to tell you what i really been working out behind the scenes a lots thorel there's about four things that i've been working on pretty hard behind these and that we know we got our online here often running repeating reading a grace church with with doctor tempare and i got a tale that the show that we did yesterday his good by one of my favorite because it was about the crisis and tim has got so much information and i got a tally out i don't know if i've met a more gracious person in my life he he is so gracious and a just really truly cares about people and as it comes through his messenger very clearly and i feel i feel so honored to know him it is amazing so we got that up and ronny and i i'm also in working on now even going through the court cases a lot and i met i met another person because there's a lot of people just now it's much as the bronson adams that's going on out there there are a lot of people and there are a lot of cork case that have been filed in unusual ways he now people more a common law proach people doing their own representation rather than going through botones it seems like it's quite a tried and so i've been really talking to a lot of these and i got in contact with with another guy and we've been talking back here here it was one of the twelve that was cited for for cove vaccine miss information is one of the most dangerous people in the world and he had just got off the phone with robert kennedy and and peter macallan he knows ino's lot of people and we really we really had a great conversation and he's he's ready he's ready to to expand his farming operations a little but by his zoning is a really prohibiting from him doing that so i started digging things up for me onlike well let's just what your what your state actually says about right to re and i so okay you can even can get around this pretty easily with right harming act that supersedes all local state and a local and state law so so you the there are ways to get around the other unconstitutional mandates laws and and and was to control the population in one that was really interesting so and i've got another project that i'm working on to look at more legal values in this is another person i met out in idaho and he had worked with tad he had worked with district an antacid in the room fixative removed a magistrate that was sitting over the of cps down in texas and aconine and this sky is so interesting and we just immediately oh you know we were both talking to same language but one of the things that he was talking about his how we'd been duped into some process that the get us to comply with their unlawful pros one being as that we go straight to them to the judge or magistry or other then going to the legislature and how to effectively do he and so looking into that a little bit and also looking the it away to do what i did hear and in byron sonner to activate a local group to to go after local issues so like general flint local action equal national impact and omit o wot i've been pretty factive here in a canotherwise across the state and deep sixteen seven of the refugee resettlement nonsense that's going and you can if you if you can a in or put together a quasi legal a pot you can have a really good of really good result and in i was i've been able to a couple of them and though i was instrumental in another one in another area and i did so i have the mechanism for doing this in expanding this and so that something else i am working on in order to enable people to effectively challenge on lawful process in their area and how how to do that as well as to come to people's aids our countpeople aid if there is an a more of a threat to our supply line because i don't i don't know if you you've seen this right now you know i have chicken so i mindful of the and in the story and poultry and deserve eggs are about seven bucks a dozen six and seven dollars a dozen i think if you go to all these you can get it less than five somebody told me that but i i think this rapid this rampant inflation we have be in their not telling the truth they are names not throwing the actual numbers out there in any way shape for there the th killing every ever single number that i've seen out there is a lot haven't seen one of em pothen it actually accurate because the accurate ones never makes the news right so i'm looking at expanding my chicken my little chicken operation and when i see expanding it i mean expanding it into helping people cross the state also some had a couple of calls whether from people that that one to know how to how you are his chicken and in it is you know you you're in this inner this too and it's really not it's really not that felt and in order to produce our own food this is another project of a working a a you know coming from a farming background and having the knowledge had a due pretty much a lot of things when it comes to feeding yourself raising raising animals as well as its raising not you know farming for plants and that sort it is actually pretty easy and any one no matter where you live in town or if you have acres or whatever any one can do this o chickens you may have to have a little bit of area but not really all that march and most cities that an ordinance you can't keep actually have a clause that you can get around it with with just not doing a huge operates so honestly in order for us to feed ourselves we're going to have to reply it is there they keep cut in the supply oh we're going to have the onfeeling ourselves lie and it's not a scary thing to me i like okay game in it i'd rather eat food that i girl myself for the people around us too and in when they start making us afraid of that sort of thing realized that god almighty has given us everything we possibly and it's really not that if we can not work a little bit hard share or what we have share our or ideas and help each other we can truly get around anything they throw it us and and so i'm i'm kind o in kind of offer the challenge in fact i enjoy this sort of thing so much that i actually put a lot of time so i am going to continue to show people even through hydrops and there's there's a hydroponic method that any one i don't care if you live in a part can actually grow quite a bit of food for yourself and it is not very expensive i mean this is not a cost prohibitive thing to do this something any one can do really their own homes whether we have a you know whether its summer whether it's winter is not a defect so it's something that we actually get around all of their nonsense fairly easy and as far as chickens it's another thing that's prety it's a pretty easy thing to spend pinetop and it takes about four months from from hatchin two a bird its mature enough to start line eggs and then you get about one agadeer and and as far as that goes it what what you really need it just to put things in person a half an acre garden thirty six he and two goats is enough to feed nine family i want to think half an acre now when you think about the surrounding areas outside of like a a metropolitan are it's pretty easy to act even in when margaret backyard gardens even if you split a back yard garden of and you just set okay we're going to we're going to get three or four five hoss together and this is going a beer patch that we're going to we're going to start doing some growing in and or we're going to spend this upandand a state of emergency or anything like that this is this is what we're talking about we're not talking about normal even if we have normal conditions we feed ourself and we don't have to be afraid there are ways of doing that but what we are going to have to focus in an we together rather than trying to take what other people have together and work together and there will be more abundance has got up provide there will be more abundant than what any one possibly even a so she is then an workin on right now and onered if you come in the chair i think this is going to a really stimulate people ask some questions and then we can get into some but i think that this is something that you and i are are very well versed and there's a lot of people out there that are like us who know how to work together with people in order to produce and i mean for huge amount of food or products put enough for me you know certainly put put business as an industries back on their feet very and before i go to the channel when a reads mimi like my rabbit trail his wife what we do here rabbit is it erased too by the gossip you one of your funny story about rabbits so back during press on my dad was a loud and he then they raised all their own food so might my dad had always a i'm almost six years old and my dad my dad always put it into us kids heads you always need to have a way out of any sect never rely onybody else make sure that you can rely on yours in have enough knowledge if you're dropped off in the middle of nowhere you can get things figured out is a really smart way to live your life because in you're always prepared no matter what i figure out how to make a you know a roll tapiro you make it out o you don't read there what ever i mean there's millingas and so he's a kid so ther there his dead my grandpa raised salary and he was that he was a seer farmer and such salable said here in the west part of and so grand pool my dad ye oksido scoop he said we're going to we're going to raise the and so my dear was little somehow we do that they had i you destroy thou throw the back in with the doll does there and he said to you he all kinds fore that's all he can to explain about the birds and the bees were there and cottolene at have to go in to while want yonder they know it's the rabiforcado out of octagonal through it the coop you get so so anyhow dear said he's out there take care the rabbits and time goes out and stand for more at orford so the goes old he gets more rabbit food and rabbits she goes back to his den again and such he an i need more aberford grosaid how are you ravishedthe and you get thinkdon't know and so grantchester tears that the he had so many free in her habits in the coup is the wool at the start cannon or habits and then no another raise in the lot of rabbit guinea in their honor tbodal beginning pigs are cash crop and in south america and i have a funny funny story about friends that had genepi and the the male guinea pig got out of his cage and went on a rampage and they had in heaven like a within a very short period of time all of a sudden they had like i don't know like thirty something pigs just cause there mail go out on ramp and he had no idea what to do with these guinea pig so they went on the past in no shots around with prophesied trying to figure out so this is what happens you get males and females together you goin to have a and he that's the way the system was designed to work so he revisited let's go over to i'm going to go for to close that i did from or i've been following under whelming brilliance of governor get gretchen with no i that i who even believes it's like biche's like biding to point a minus were a fit where go rod o i mean this is he oisin the state of promise you know we're going to keep putting in hopeof there were going to tell everybody you know we got this week got this and so she said in this is her tree and i sat here minidoka i i am praying to god the people of michigan that i am in fact standing with our smart and i and i do believe that they are some complete and utter bold crop than the bull crack coming from wiegenden the bull crack coming from lance and i knowed so to going into my second term let's work together oh yeh like we did during those shut down a greedy but with a creedy good pain jobs may failure brings the pelicans map failure of imitating their retirement text my trail failure if she was going to do that why didn't she already o she is something hope an innovation my that would be let me let me a paraphrase that money lander into a lecture a vehicle industry so that the elite skoff the top and so everything to china and oh and bilberry plants financed with taxpayers money wilovich all the product is going back to china using or kids in our universities to do the wonderful in ovato work working with very very topics since his and polluting these and the last one building a conomy that works for every one i was seen that work yet and we actually had in the state and girls and certainly businesses after they give them the corporate welfare they generally had self does and in short let's build and even friar future for ischia it might be breakers the first bright future that your center starting out with i think it's a bright tactician so so i rode in the post i said so complete and utter failure on her first term transforms magically and who is where is that wizard i want to know because i that this would be the most amazing transformation though he has no guides then in office or as did of he did nothing for the people he colluded with of every foreign government on the planet to take down the united state version and i you know insurrection so anyhow a normal valuation assumes a failure continues to be a fine i expected to be under whelmed once again by her lack of leadership and disconnect from the real people but guessing that the visits with her globeless whirl like an oncobatis are calling the shots so that's how i feel about it she now i know i think we should get this in michigan does have a braider feature but it is to be found without withering it and every all the rest and her calling for baling it's not coming for many bon and the andwhatever whelming brilliance there so any one erected the i going to be like hacklefeather he so very long clear hair thank you i thoseletters could hear you and were a good morning we had that east wind all day yesterday yet it was brutal gary says from the east i'm jealous ah dios good morning every one yes totally enjoyed the arcs no i really i i'm glad you like that redeemed grace church we are having a really good time with and and i i really i could go bible study all day every day i very much enjoy that and gary he had scored he's got a doctorate and he is so knowledgeable in it so many subjects in such a compassionate here he really is an unbelievable example of what christian should behave as just the grace you know it doesn't mean that there's not justice but you know there's a time and place for justice season for all things and the is a balance between justice and grace now people are trying that's a time for great if somebody's doing things like trafficking people and child then and hacking kids up and that's our thing i that's pretty much the time for graces a bad as i joined canteeners meeting last night he is teaching how to fight through the legislature as highly recommended yet that a cook kirk pendegress is from its kirk's low long corner from out in idaho and i i posted one of his videos on it too and fighting through the legislature and prepositioning by on your own steam is i've got but you got to have enough knowledge behind you i wouldn't set just any one do it it's got to be i guess i'm ray could couldn't you do it but you've got to have some education into i don't just like walking there and say hey because they got to listen they're going to be way of anathoth but he just like the ed with all the rallies and lansing there there's the rent even there and ever e's doin is these ridiculous rallies and lancing the night i applaud everybody for the you know the effort however because you're on a tread men melt doesn't mean you're goin anywhere you need to know that you're actually going to achieve your sad goal and what are you going to do to hold them accountable and that's a problem i had with all these grass roots people that were organizing things they they were moving the bar at all in anything that made any sizeable now that i coude look with like a lot of visitors and it seemed like it was getting people together for a set of therope sessions are bodenbach but nothing actually change and yet i didn't resided raise the awareness to some people but manners a lot of wasted time with as sons one of the people doing the petitioning ours i was pretty involved and the petitioning process and when trump was in mesquagin i was staying in the outside getting signatures and i didn't ye couldn't do that inside so i didn't get to see the but i thought i was doing an important thing completely wasted my time ah so i get you know i just chalk it up to one of those things where you have to live the experience then learn the hard way ah i wish it wasn't that way but i had learned from it so on a lower i'm doing now well when i think i think too it's like when you go through people asked me a lot because of all the businesses then the th you know we own in such as that you know have you ever had any failure on like are you kidding me of old a lot of reinigt not to lodge that's how you learned the best right you don't learn by your success as you learn by your and you learned by the things you don't do and that part of the process is way more valuable than having all kinds of isosceles you know we've been told that you know when something fails you know that that's that that's really a bad thing we should always be going for one hundred per cent all the time on point while that's not realistic and sometimes when things fail you just put it on the shelf and well i learned what did i learned through this whole lot and what were the what were the true gains for it while we all got smarter when we fail we don't make it but also of we raised though through the petitions one on things that we did as we realize that this doesn't work and freresbut different different means but also a lot of people became aware of the issues like the vaccine and that the you know the unconstitutionality of it all in realizing how deep the corruption and in in less unless we went through this we would never ever have really got her hand it round so yet and in we created that works of people that were willing to act as there stellato people connected to that you know i don't support catherine henry any further but she is at a lot of followers that that probably a lot of them are still in communication with one another that was where can the evener came from ah so yes some of us here still together and good things had come out of that past yet we learned to through i lestonnac other and ah that calesses there were a lot of people who would approach the petition in amber heard of it never heard of it up or they had heard a little bit and sad signed me but in any fair ah it created an enlivening people oh maybe i should panemore pensions i should have known about this and that's a start that is the first step is creating an awareness and people that there things going on this is why while i and one hand i want to stay focused on what's really matters i also keep an eye on from my perspective anyway cause you can't know everything what is going on in the rest of the country and the rest of the world because those things do matter and having some alloverness of what is going on around you educates him informs your local experiences well so that's why i tend to okay look whatever is going what's going on in brazil for example it's kind of keep an eye on it from a distance i don't have to know all about the politics of brazil and then compare it to we are experiencing here how is it the same how is it this same it's a whole other country they don't have a constitution there i don't think ah so how is that experience related to us what can we learn from it how can we create a conversation about it and bring it back to water you going to do what is your roll the play so it is said who cares about brazilwhere talking about michigan here but on the other hand it's like other people are looking at brazil because they wanted to know how it works out for them and what can we learn from that to apply it's a connected so back and when i was doing the last log that i did before i was on icarians here searching into my and mr and you know i would do different things round the globe and to your point that my admire is it was really a huge seat of human trifle and we we could watch it was happening if you watch it was happening with the political players there it was pretty much as a model it was it was a model for what was happening across the globe they were just more it was more public perhaps what we see and ukraine in the the the majority right now we're looking at the war part and the bile weapons part and some of us have looked into the the trafficking for some reason crania and girls are highly and i mean have always been highly sought after across them and so that's that's a big deal so when when we look into it when you finally get to the bottom of the barrel of what's really having it usually ends on what's happening with the children see how these public functionary our actually you know madams and a lot of em and and i don't just mean just for sacks i mean i mean for her rific crimes against humanity and but i thought that was really interesting especially with a proximity to chide and so to look at brazil is as really is really such as torpoint what you just said about no constitution on am i i am so thankful every day for that straining document and its there there's you know the son the michigan a constitution of course there no word living in a very imperfect world there is always going to be in pet but if you know there's only one perfect in the sattarist but we work with all of these in e answered people were all in red as we are muddling our way through the stone called life in and you can patokan use the framework that are out there in order too can strain bad behavior and people that commit and are willing to come pure evil against other people or to take advantage of others are the or or what we were given here is a gift from god and i do think that when a riot and merlin oh i just gibbering you back to that awareness level again because are generated in is not the first one who lacked miss is started almost forming from the beginning in the etienette hundreds i lagoonal with his assisian figured that it was going to do the work for them and they weren't bengaged to what was actually happening and it's taken all this time like a hundred fifty years trust to go all really really really we must be more aware and we must take action we can't just assured that the government's going to take care of itself that's not how this work of the people for the people by the people means you have to be aware you are part of the prose you don't do that the cover it's like a dog if you know train that dog it's going to do whatever it wants to do and that's what it exactly what the government does it will tear your house of and tank holds in the reyard and and tell you how it's going to be instead of the other way round well think about york for perspective you know we we look at this is something that we are under the average person los you know how do i comply with the government in a very very much as a tyrannical punitive supposed to be a service in we pay to serve we the people bos to be almost think about it as the business that we are imposed and we are the boss of this business and is to carry out our business in a corporate way and i don't mean like a corporation but as a group of orebody and assemble an assembly of use i return sooleiman the in in and in assembled way to carry out the common he do things that benefit every one and in it it is you know it would be like it would be like you know an an i'm such a i appreciate every single that works in a red you go and get your el changed in your car i do not change my all or somebody that i ah does any any of these services a man there there's a lot of em right i long service i mean there's time the tensest that we have crossed the and i have such an appreciation like anybody that's out there is as a weight staff in any of the restaurants they want me to come into the restaurant in an tell o i i am not a chip when it when i go it in it in its not for any other reason that i worked as the water when i was in college i worked my way through college i always work to at least two jobs the time two to three jobs all the time all wise and ah i worked as a waitress on i loved waitressand really enjoyed it very much and made me kill her tips you know and and i enjoyed the lot because i went in there to make everybody's day to come in there the best part of their day well when i ii rarely tipples and i a rarely and you know and real sometimes i'll stop out now lest the weight stiff i'm likely are you having a good day his people are so abuse to others it nan just in general would bad attitudes that are in service is but ethos the people that were constiterit industry or there help us why with somebody go in there and treat to treat the people at work in these ah industries or jobs poorly there there i snatch a runaround like some cranical overlord and like a truck i made but with great granite the fair there to try to help make our experience our life better and it comes with the change attitude within ourselves you know but anyhow where the government i mean i've listened to people go to the people in the government he work for us and there just spinneret and like a fire rabbit dog in as to that because they haven't but ammonite you what you step into that position with someone talking to you that way i doubt it and you know it a time and a place old people accountable but we also have to realize and get our attitudes we we if we have the proper persons the government is in fact worked the service if they do not do the job that their supposed to do the fire that is post and replace that form of government with another story or another serve company that represents and i think we're just about there right now to fire all my i am honestly of the opinion that we are over paying for what we're getting they are in fact for themselves the and to hold us has thatthink about this it's the monopoly because there isn't anybody else that can compete with them to get down what we need to have done and we have no real mechanism to replace them in general because of tenure and because of all the union the union quirement that you know take for instance the michigan state police i can not i i'm a police and no police supporter navigate i personally think that the sheriff's office is the one that needs to be led the charge because the jurisdiction the ah ah it's it's a different there's different jurisdicion and the kind of commingled at all and they they they've not stated for in their line the police so what more gave this is the police a race during covet while making cuts with in order to shift the power into a union basically answer to the governor now without oversight now the sheriffs have checks and balances which is we should have an are office schacabac are as if you don't like this cherif you've vowed him is somebody else and you get him out all the state police you don't have that because it owns union their jobs and so i left was that the elector either the force there not elected now saw your sole so if you have a bad cap they protect the bad cops rather than being able to the set down said they do then protects the bad cops and the good cops that are out there sit there and they know what's going on oh they know i i just talked to a couple of granaries in vermont and if i go into a situation that i have to some on i'll go in and i i'm like ego had some if you want but i'm to say what needs to be sad and i you know you is as a person of michigander you actually more more power than the police so in that coast for both sides of have summoned that will stand up for there i i tell you what the cap stood right there and let watched me two tail on this and all of them were lying and i jumped in the middle of it and the man the caps to stood there and they were to smile and then they'd bid camsoke record way i'm not going to back down what i said it needs to be suddenly you're all lying and you're all pete so don't expect to have any of you in at the pass for me in your bad behavior and ah it was it was kind of it was one but i do think that the police do enjoy that one of steps and backs but that was the agrines pete by the way but the sheriff seemed to be now in their proper perspective and had the checks and he in the look at that the commingling within the within the a three branches traditional three branches in government more now talking about the grand jury now metalking about though the the executive the legislature and the judicial or each one of those branches should have a check on the other to they don't as the police don't the other son wait too long winded explanation of when we go back to the chair in her a minute so i am mustameri as we planned to do a coup with neighbors ericsens crack crack he mouthed of growing food care at k he is he have heard about that eric that's we had our first gardens for amory last year and plan the and animals in the coming year a couple of goats is in a bad plan he know how easy it is to make a check really really easy i can in poster pose viroon the at for making both chatter and moths are all run it tablets in on even have to render any of the gotten for that you not to us and i my mom explained this is romanari explained the birds and the bees with their horses it's a bit at everybody has a far understands that a very young age how the birds and the bees work its it is that we were going to have to do it though dry queens and all the southern nonsense figure out that there is a octoroon and in quite not eclaireront but they are i don't think you get men birds on the bees through dragged first in the thestorides he burned tennantite beets est the pipe now you've talked about this before they have done solidity than to the lion so much and the birds he cared no is turned into robot car and come you dust yourself little bet i was probably talking too fast so that its mother of case so what were you saying after you the hysterical the and well there's yucatec children about birds and the beasts through drag oh we last careen elp in back of the go to chat here minutely a back and again are you there seven benignity you have no basis for a family say that and if you have no thanks his in his love he came back insisted if you have no basis for a family if you'd dissect the people in a sense my blurring the lines so much you have no femininity versus masculinity you have no family based on on those two gender rolls and you weaken the family you weak and the entire community when you do that same any parent that takes a child to a drag queen show and a louse them and forget drag queen show why allow a child to watch a person man or woman in any outfit or none let their child watch so in dance half naked in front of them as if it is entertainment shame disgusting it's absolutely despicable what kind of parent does that there involved in gloom the grooming and the sensitizing the child for an inn when when sexual sing children are anything sexual sing of children is is wrong it is absolutely wrong and indeed humanizes them and it's a humanizing thing it's not like they're not going to figure it out are we we can we can't have that built and god god bothe to reproduce it's not like you're going to skip that part of developed you know and so to start with kids when when they aren't even remotely now ready for this is better ways of teaching at i think farming is a great way to when you look at animals and how in the reproductive style from biological state it doesn't get into all this depraved none sons and let's see how how how weird can we make our lives like you know normal seems to be pretty nice for right now it's all i further for more yet this is this is something on to say to paris i think we need have little bit stonepart ye out there i'm to tell you what i've seen so many young girls with just about having their who has hanging out because the dresses are a short and i there is no way that my kids would have ever walked out of the house i don't nor how old they are that kind of oh you know i have it we were at a family party one oh one of the for this without putting the name on some one of the one person showed up who was young est and you know she was not appropriately for wedding and then all and another gallant was there and i won't tell him the relationship but it was really funny you know you're you're bocas almost hanging out here how do you need that you need to go and learn how to dress the and the scale said it's my right he came back and said that is your right if you want but the rest of us are going to laugh at you at this moment the and really feel sorry for because of of how absolutely inappropriate you and i think northright back to that it's like you know you don't have to dress like a you know i have to dress like a horror to ihenry nice and dress dress really very appropriately and it's never appropriate i'm i'm so so done with us like you know you go you go out and and i hate to say it but i'll never wear a dress above my mines and loss i have unless i have a liking in and are something like that i do my personal choice you know i'm fredthat's great but but realize you know you want taken seriously then you should dress the and you know if you if it is this is a whole other issue but i have a real problem with it but let us go back to this whole hold teach on the birds and bees things pretty extra share all the junk is hanging out on on animals all the time have horses spruch out there all the in and that's just the way that the world works it's not such lie is very much in academic reality wanted and or you honors animals for food to feed yourself the sociatos how reproduction works for for feeding yourself in your family and it's it's a part of it it's not just about this an immature self gratification weird so i groceries he if i am not apparent but if i was a i don't have this problem but i was suggest i would recommend to a parent when your child is getting ready to go out the door for school imagine one of your neighbors especially urinatoria area cause i'm in a more rare area myself there are people in your community who are secretly pettifies maybe they have and you can look their suppers find out if they are out of sex registry but there's probably some man in your neighborhood who is not very nice and when your child walks out the door do you want your child to grab the attention of that neighbour so and if there are at home who happen as his skirts low top shoulders bare those kinds of things a green to the grave the attention of the perverts in your neighbourhood that's how you know that your child is not dressing properly you know if you can't figure it out yourself if you put yourself in a pervert shoes for a moment which is disgusting that might give you another cereseto of how can i protect my child and in how i come this is because i have learned a little bit more about what those people see lately where they are how they operate what they see in children there i think there is no way i would put oilsof my children on line and i was part because they can take and use them and so such horrific ways that it is like no pictures don't need to be on a line at all but ah but at least he the children some decency teach them some decency and self respect and respect for one another if the little boys respect a little girls and vice versa it can prevent a lot of problems in future but if if they just want to reveal themselves as a sexual entity before their even old enough to become one where is there mind said at what have you taught the priority in their view point how do they see themselves in the rest of the world are they seeing themselves as the whole song young man or young woman preparing to become productive member of society with god in the forefront of their lives as it's not what they're looking like if there were in you know what when they go out the door yeah an it's like it's like you know what the monachil tryingthat's out there a too i mean an end i was talking with the jsenelle i stop and hang we did seal proud produce he had a bunch of military check it they tracked down kids and they go after the perpetrators and the method of putting it shipton a back door knob of that door hand on a car no nowthe and and they looked for they look for the people people will put requests and say okalokina you know i'm looking for gallet's likes you know sixteen eighteen years old a wan blond want this or that and they will look for that type of and if if you're your kids out there advertising and unfathomable you know her you you are not doing your job as a parent by not boundaries and or in their best interests they may not agree with you not everything you do is it is but that's that's okay wait till they get older they'll thank you for it for not let him do something that's you know child you know childish stand there is an adult make the great and doesn't mean you're going to be favorite momo the day or dead of the day or whatever but if you keep your kids safe you're doing exactly what god so in a were going to chance ah we had her first garden this is anne marie last year plan to add animals is coming here no that was birdthese chats are good morning for charlotte i feel they passed the marriage to cover their paddle and home o clubs these and so ah i aye i would have to say that that powis love sescent morning andre wishes would have known you back on the thousand twenty election the staff and steel were alliance you got my attention because you're willing to call off the illegal election of twenty twenty and i'm not backing down from that here i met put that out there so are the law suit with american project is still in play as and i i want to read really think about this so is bronson verse as atoms you got hegan understand that there's a shadow docket in there that king i am of the opinion i'm out would not be surprised if they've already been even tolong in his men no nothing no communicate tells me that there in process they intone is something so so if there have already been heard ah we've we've got some gentle really big news that could hit the and change our world in a very in within a minute i could i could i could change everything very very quick when people say oh nothing's happen in other happening we only it just wait case when things do change and happen i think it's going to be over we i will see if i mind from not he gets on see i down so all washed up so at what have nothin that's onto suss white doesn't she support catherine hatred why why do you not support catherine he because she has a bar torney for one ah if she did a video once she explained what she feels common law is defined to ask and what a baritone is i believe she's incorrect ah she has a strong focus on the corporate government and i am not ah i believe is the is all know that the corporation which is added administrative services administer they they they are not what a true government should be their simple as donatus said their supposed to be providing services and not the other way around we don't serve them and catherine henry is is stuck in that mine sat that we just you know used the cork system but it is not working for on so we just have two different perspectives i i think that she has good intentions ah but i did i was petitioning with her i was part of that process and i think it was a wasted the ah i've learned more sense about that process about what she was trying to do and i don't say think that she's a bad person or anything like that i just disagreed with her priority set her on perspective and so that's that's just not my folks so there gary st ah i was a thrilling lancing as well alle alexand concernedhis sartin little of the party he maintenonthe up that's a morning lava wanted no wastethe spoke o there's mother and camprather troyes people got lazy and unaware and two trusting to the government that they will do the right thing trethewoll not a government will never do the right thing unless we keep them in shape oh charlotte dana have you been on marco polo website for hundred left have i tell you the one for hundred in health i tell the man i tell you the money they make trafficking on for child secret ah i have been on marcopoulo and look at a look like the report and such and oh i think it's really really good report there there is so much money in to trafficking children because in even across the even across the border i mean their views in these kids as pawns to get across the board of the fighting an age males across the board and then once they're done with a most of them been raped coming across coming up into the united states so that's another whole social problem it we're going to have to deal with but not not only that they make it and i'm to say if they make it they can sell on their way up and or once here in here the united states is the one of the biggest cures in isle for the going to get them all montenegro which whether anybody wants to the grottoes are not americans that are into the sort of the pretty much to dowler for children and for traffic it so the you know we keep hearing about tracing stop in the tracking bolbone but what we are we are not seen enough of the end user am i really believe we got go after any one with a vengeance who is involved in again or moving people for money and that means anywhere along the process while number one of a pounder is going to be our government because they're pain to have i have people moved around their paying big money there pain that the hotel two to put these people up the people are making huge amounts of me moving people around its dealing with it where they are and they know they know i'm i'm very well convinced the people that are ivory step along this process know exactly what's going on there are no innocence he yet that the makopolo is its should probably look at yes so true about service industry of us my son does long here oh people can be horrible the although the cipher like when order everybody around instead of having gracious treat him like a human being its like sir go get it me my whatever an marestel one cow and a donkey to fight off the coyotes and wolves or i'll pack is like a pack o do you know how pack is the boy after coyotes to or a dog of a like geople out and as curenses truth she sure does career michabo good morning morning mike a man down my girls and they were talking about how kinky these girls and women dressed today it is absolutely hor horrific you know is his i feel really sorry for i really really do because there he dressed by their dress they are saying more about themselves than what words could ever a and everybody neronos an ah the might make white a lot of peransand fortunately allowed their kids dress that way and then they allow them to do whatever they want a sure do it de ses she is part of the bar yet barton i'm not i i were in a sissiton right now we're a lot of people are waking up and so i think we're going to have to have a transition and i think that a lot of people get into thing in it the right thing to do and they may not even know these and so on i have to be a little bit o grace as we explain away some of these things that and as men that goes into every every industry there's a lot of people got into it and they had there comes awake up time for every one and that haste oh to always the scots last night on bronzes verdon verses atoms everything is in order a one six twenty three scotists it up in confect see there you go on a date for francis as and i'm done pretty excited about this and because it's to remove three hundred and eighty eight people from office well if you take that in combination with the couple other lawsuits in a kind of gone dark on asher i we may and obscene a come and total removal i'm on excited will see i'd like to see that happen might it might widow ya m young parents seemed to pay attention to what the kins are doing and quit letting the video games computers raised the a man to that that is a problem and their collecting information on your kids and don't think that they're not looking back through the computer at your kids too they were doing it during the lap top sperience that that was proved out the thought there's a sight or they martin hunter biden with every transaction he did on line as he was in his probably poor poor life choices there and they were watching him as he doing the wrong that should be that should be definitely watched i think all of us should be a little bit mindful of that monsieur emsheriff's screen here hang on the only get the supine but what i want your thought there on i'm i'm thinking of the bronson case people getting relected about it and there's a few different ways of looking at it when it could get a dismissed and some way or otherwise shut down and disappoint everybody in that wouldn't surprise me at all ah let's say its successful and they remove all whole echepole from public of how are they going to replace those because you still have a on lawful election process so you're going to do it another lection you still have a problem he ah you discingere lace them with all their people who are selected as i like to say sham elected people you if you use in the same process and no to replace those people you're going to end up with the same problem and it ultimately doesn't change anything in a less you replaced them with an dese which is what de assembly is all about i can't do that if you don't have people to elect those representatives you have to have a settled county all your settled count this and your stay in order to have a proper representation in your state government and and do that in all the states in the country in order to receipt the federal government properly so for the best results i'm not constantina waitingfor a miracle case to come through and in faint that we're going to get any different result in the end in less we put it to a proper form of government back into place an elect representatives that can be checked and balanced because we have a grand cherry backing so i'm seeing a bigger picture i'm not getting all too excited about it cause we had many cases before where it didn't all the way we wanted him to and again it still in that corporate systems swetelove a limited effect so i'm not getting myself too i'm not putting all my eggs in that basket wetteifer my perspective not to say that it is entrusting and if it happens i think it would be a very good thing by it would still be a confusing time for our country very challenging time and definitely a very problematic time so i don't know how positive thing is it like you said there's a process there has to be a prose and it's got involve some time we are going to have problems until we assembled well and i think i think when you sets going to be a problematic time i see it is an opportunity i loaned you know what i want group prop poles or such an amazing the kitasato you know cause we set right to hear and let the government steam roll us if we didn't finally have enough problems the were where we were just done with it and or something forced our hands absolutely are our society is not working it's not working at all they've already they've already old so much mark is nonsense that the family was number one on the agenda and we really need to get this back in order i have i would say that probably even if even if you worked within the system that we have right now ninety five ninety seven per cent of these struck right off the ride off of the th we we need you and an absolute on review of every single law policie from top to bottom the the departments the departments need to be slashed and in i mean just what i say slashed it means go in there and nobody gets stupid on me when i am sense go in there i caught em you know you you got a caught the east departments right out of exit and they'd be eliminated and you know as you go right down you could go right down through the departments on constitution so doesn't have any ah a reason to it's all its usurpation we need go through every single law paddle in procedure that are on the books and if they have in and i mean any of a constitutional conflict they've got to be and in go right down the line and you know what what was it then i think the next step is to go in and see who got the pay off with all of these with all of these laws rules and and who got the are investigating who got the favors the who is actually used the government for self ere and i know a bunch of names that are going to come full and right to the real qui and he say it but public university and to all these applic private partnership we need to be looking at every single want of them and then what were the connections because this is this is one thing that i do know working with an end because oh it working in rail there there where you can see how these non governmental organizations they they get set up by a politician a politician will find it with our money in order to create regulations and a structure for oversight which amounts to a barrier for in to any one else that can't play their game or pay into them and give them money allow money get and then if succeeds in regulation cause they appoint people to it which poor who are in fact ah menregular and and if they played their part into a good job generally they're going to get a cushy government job some point and he and then they'll be part of that mechanism which in fact seeds more of these and they they go through this whole thing is honestly they they they are copyrighting our laws as part of the process though there was the elder not happy right we've got a we went we filed a you know a copy of the regulation of the the policy whatever in but nobody ever has access you can go you can look at it a copy of it and you can't get access to it unless you pay the big box into this regulatory and you the set of which we've already paid for and taxpayer money why is it that we're having parted stables what's happening in the retirement a lot of the retired re money that is is also being taxed at what more talking about now taking the double taxation away oh ye right sells more hoping why didn't you do it before we're just going to give you a little care people feel good about her failure and continued failure to get a going with her and well now you know she she turned round she is doing the right thing now she just gave you a crumb to kepe to keep everybody stupid and place and quiet said in silk over her while an i'm going to i'm going to have you look over here after the left while the entire government of the state of michigan screw in the unmercifully on the is exactly what i pulled up the crack he mouthed at the eric said and if the cracking mouth that i didn't even know there was a name to it when when i was looking at a what what i'm looking at is that passed is a pass hydroponics and i'm so nino there's actual name to a catch she and above the reservoir of new trait rich water that's exactly what i talked about a dominators it be to it thank you so much he i goes back to gateevery thing we need two in fact robuchon of crimesthat a fur lizer also and another is a name for it a most of my went to the son earlier slipsticks and i won't well we were talking here i've had a grove this the their selling a lot of products on here but you don't what there's a lot of ways to do this really really cheaply you don't have to get it he is there they got there and i've heard that these stems and that these ly of accomplish something like that a case on that pass he can go with that paths of his container you don't have to go through all these systems most people that i know that have bought it to some of the s they actually back out of it after a while realitycan do it with a i know a couple of one and not pathsomeone core something like that it's much much simpler than when it looks i thought he othello by the lemember him our interest ochreago pass i hide you are growing median cookin a coronals a good one a five i see i are his salespeople hydroponic ferterlizer ah calcumniate madnes is in thirty control this is all right well thank you are a comin i'm on to go and look through this little but more because on la great grease or so put in if you're going to search for this go ahead and search the crack he nothing the key method and but we're going to keep talking about this more and more because i think that i know i'm i'm workin on it with the containers like a storage standing at that way because i think that's a that's an easy way it gives easy access and and like a a storage container that's nine inches tall you can i supplistia one it is cold make sure to keep the light from getting into the roots are other is congow mold so it's got to be it's you got to be able to keep everything under the soil and not going to call it soil and your water you're going to have one coconut fibre cocoanut core in order to hold and that they go so very cool thanks to machines into so jane mary's coming up and ah what does donna do to prepare herself for the year with regard to any kind of agricultural and i you might that might be kind of a fond way to do all a donabor something she conveniences for some pictures of what donna did does around the farm scathe that would be interesting i think for a lot of people he getting ready for winter as a big deal you you you don't just wake up and say it's dissyllables lots going to start freezing to now as he in it years leases of every season has a pot and at honestly rede i do the same thing with an instrument of all the metre is that we have a maintenance schedule in the certain things we do every single every single year that we do the same thing on different and the standardized it so that nothing catches you you know you do you do your roofs to end you do foresee you do eh you make sure all fillers are or our change sir in the winter time you got to make sure that all your water is or a for winter so that you don't make a lot of work select for chickens i do heed to water is and i use a kind that have the nipples on a for the not a trade because they they're going to prove it and so if you have something this receptacle of the old school a drinker's where you just fill up the reservoir and then then it itself waters as they drank im into the areas that the vacissa like little tramway those things are great for starting out with highly labored and in their dirty you you want to keep stare all as you can around your animals so that they don't get sick and they don't they don't cross contaminate with with any type of and so that's actually a big deal so i always do the heated waters and that that is you quit a little apple cider vinegar and the the the part of it where you put the were put the water to holding mother and then it works kind of everybody's seen though the water is set for say rod and set to keep in aquariums like gernals and hamsters in rabbits too those kine waters can o works the same way for and but the that they actually peck at it and that puts it into a very very very small now the site and the sides of a noise probably as the three formed millimeters maybe three millimetres across and that's how they drink and so they sell water and and that's really important you know to to take the labour out of it you aren't you want a check around in the air length leagues she wantit you on to try to you want to try to makes energy efficient as possible so even even in my house i jist put up new curtains in my house and i put insulated curtains up on the windows i have a feeling with us energy nonsense that's going on that we are going to have a problem with the costs as well as with the availability of angry if they have their way they're going to try to starve us out they're going to try to starve us out they're going to try to try to get it or or or the inflation so high that if we buy into their system defacto government that's going on right now if we buy into their system which is a a consumer base system they are going to start start or out so we're going havetherefore ways two bring her our own heeding coston and a or our own a live and make things less labor and there's ways of doing all that it is fairly easy really more self sufficient and really really cut cut that cut the ties to their the thereof very much in they've got out there now we don't have the a system like your describing oh which is interesting to consider or with our chickens we use the robber boles black rubber bollison get from the farm store ah bounce out the frozen water and am replies time year as it starts to get too cold to species not work so we bring in water or from the house and the coop is near the house so it's a little bit more labor intense sin than summer time it's a system that works for us we can use so like a gallon a day if it's really really cold it might have to bring out more it is really really really called i put some into the coop box but usually it's just in their pens they have to come outside for and it's wrapt so on in the lenetie so there's less wind out there but the constant when our goats were talking about using a heated water bowl his were new has a goats that's new for us to he of coriell you what there is a when i was a kid so we were i was very very poor we were we were really pored but we had had some animals and i when i had a a hand of we had a barn and in the back and an old old barn and i bought myself a couple of horses i decided when i was in my teens and was younger but i started working on it was always working i was making money from the time i was like eight years old and always figure out was missionthirty en i bought myself a horse and she was pregnant she had a baby i was i was out there dealing with my horses and a pretty pretty pretty much five myself in being we would put up hay in the summer my dad who a his friend had balances they do at a field somewhere or and we put the hay up in the pretty pretty much on my own there right i jest i just wanted horses and saw that so i did so i worked on tellico by it by myself and so there was nothing special in mean i did everything wrong it was you know thirteen year old leftalone in a barn pee red figure had to take care of horses would not pretty much no help whatsoever and a and so of all but i could on take out of our basement in the baron was about three hundred three hundred at least three hundred feet from the so i could take two five gallon buckets and is pretty i was pretty little out of you know i was always a little skin my class i got to be about fourteen and then i got to be sore on average size but i was always was really really little and so so i here's here's under five foot me with two five five galenbeck ts and i would fell moping in the basement when hot water every single morning and i would walk through the snow to the barn and trudges through the snow and i remember you i'd take a stop and then move the buckets and land anno moveth buckets to insane on the snow on one side and he moved the less such take a few more steps and then have coats how like to the barn in the middle of winter give the horses water sighed that twice a day to five gallon buckets that a georgina there are the horse though sometimes steep snow you know and oh was i you know is a kid you do things everything the hard way because you're not hogrenning better waste at this stage of the game you made all the mistakes you've done everything the hard way and you learn to do it he on italy you put your money and you and otto water for the you're going too the knew best friend on the plant he run an extension cored out to that pope you know what a relaxed her water into it every day you have no loss the spence with we had now you may have to go out there with and set it on a gal an every day you may have to go out there whiteheart of a gallon depends on home our home birds he but oh that's pretty much at doesoen the top pour a little extra water and in you don't have to you don't have to have continued to disinfect clean it dumped over anything there at propinant make sure life much easier and now is all these things that you can do to make your life easier you know oh but in the winter time you know there's you know you check on you know you checking your checking your fences and you know you check your fences periodically throughout the year you got to go back and check all offences and to make sure there's no damage because chasing the animals is no fun was the lover what it out electric fence or whether he had heard fences i mean you you got to got to just continue that maintenance never ever stops you know you got to make sure of your farm equipment as all greecestate berisae and i you know tires are your tires are pumped up that all that stuff all that matins uff needs to be put on a scaddle so that when you have to have it it's ready for you to use at any and all times is er talkin about fences it made me you reminded me when we were first talking about goats i never wanted goats i had put it off for years i we do not goats are notorious for escaping that's what i i believed and i said that's they're nothing but trouble and argo at we have two goats this year that the need to us i have not once tried a latch they've not once tried to escape the feds and maybe that will happen next year when they really more comfortable with the property oh it's not been a problem for us course or bother very small too ah so maybe that bears a has has a bearing on it they haven't tried to jump a fence or kiotense or work a lather on tie something they haven't been a problem like i thought they would how what can have brought sore i dare not norwegian dwarfs i know their own ah i might we'll have to see how it is this though i don't have a milking and i've been told that is a really important thing to have if you're going to get regularly eh what we were told when we got them was that we got them from a breeder who was down side was that if you if you sell the kids and kids are what you call young gold ah if you send the they were not traffic if you sell the kids in the spring it makes up for the feed cost and the reason we got them was primarily because we have brush on our property we have a lot of wild raspberry and it's really hard to to maintain that to clear the property of the so we thought well get a couple of goats and that she take care of that problem but then he had seen goats and that increases your feet cost so we may be we are maybe we can sell goats and spring and we'll have a little fun with them while we have on cause their dish most keen bonnie entertaining little creatures in the world but ah that's what i think great now liebethalthe have them maybe we'd be like we do otesaga we'll go to one third god for a lot of different things like if you got poison ivy on your property goelette poison ivy because like goats and horses that i'm out right and horses horses leave poison ivy and i don't get poison ivy so it doesn't one ah my dear the same way neither one of us can poison i can be out there and where where my brother and my man they'll they can get it off a door of you know and we if we came in with it but horses and goats and animals are not subject to poisonit so if you want it if you want to clear an area poison i begin a couple of go it's got a hurt to go godson a lot of go in there for a while and your place ninety problems are going to be going as i later right down to the ground and a clear clear the ground of all the the the bad stuff that you have that poison on pillions we thought that maybe we can because there are people who do that for servants and in all but but dat's we ended up getting a couple of goats and then we found out back and on oh pay to have him brought over by the owner and three days later she took him home we had to costantino ked out the bird of the vine things right at right there grotto he was he was both adorable and hideous at the same time this but when his when you have animals like this she goat sir are very different creature for us i've had some experience with horses i had pet sat for a woman who had sheep and goats to owning them is as a whole other experience from other kinds of live stock and one of the things they learned is that mail goes will pe an imself and they they seemed to believe that this is the way that makes them attractive to the females they'll be on their own faces and if they are a breed sombres are different than others in no region dwarfs the females have monthly cycles so they can get pregnant all throughout the year other breeds are only a in season like white tail deer in the fall and the male i won't go through what whatlike whitetail deer it's like what you would call a most and elephants so they have a more monocycle too so he had read all the dogs in of so when he came to visit as he was like we oh excited it but he immediately he exuded this horrible stand and by the time he had read both once he had bred both those one one day and that the other one the next day that she could guess she came in the season radway and on the third day they wanted nothing to do with each other and his odor went down a lot right away a wallet i mean my husband handled him briefly to move him um into another place overnight because i thought he was potentially going to hurt one of our dogs cause he was just harashar and he came into the house he didn't wash his hands he didn't think anything of it and it was like an they were right about that stage just carries all throughout a house doesn't it finally figured it out that it was only in the part of the house where my husband was sitting and said did you watch her and in now you need to change your clothes you need to watch her and that's fontenettes carry it does carry with you ah i would not want to own a back here we could tolmein for a few days because the smell it's just it's not for the wastes predigesting interesting how pia the animals really really a how the reproduction process along like stallions for horses stallions will create a stallion at and ah they as the stallion pile which bell do it most moteless i've got one that will kick it all around the stall but generally they will inside outside they will create stallings and it's a territory type thing but that's the you know hig girls and here kind of thing but they'll go find him anyway but where is where is a mere scatters their drop i can guess it all they they it's it's part of it you know it's as like you know there's all these peculiarities that you know whether your with animals and how they behave the sossago created a right and in so a mare a mare we'll scatter we'll scatter all of you know oothe place in different areas and such and then but a not only that they scattered their where ascalonis honestly their kind of clean and it makes it meeting them makes it you you can telegrafista the morning and out rething and the stallions are like a man you took my pile again horohoro that last night and now i took it away and let stranover again to day you know in the oneida pasture to the do they like mark territory like a predator does no no they don't her animal at his tetias him seven mansomething they talk about an nastagio raph ic very often he was see charlotte says the of fifty thousand affidavits of this corps bronson is ah shall be county he easenot somebody at the he orthis what happens in your might my diningtable hold on here i thought mongst yourself of any somebody's getting it some here no idea was not going on there the sire so anyhow charles i think we stand for bronson if we are santobono it will work and we send out as more affinitate the court redress is what we the people must do grand jury of the agreed i think there's a process for everybody to write a letter into the supreme court i'll i'll pull that to them my telegram channel including a oh had i seen a ah sample otter you can send there and you send it to them in the ascent of the bronze and brother so in the apostate egram which is at brandenburg now before am i oh the there's there's some down and pastors out there on telegrams so you got to make sure you get to my channel in fact and if you don't know which one that is i'm goin to make brandenburg for governor dohonest you'll find the actual and or brandenburg four an i don't dis click on it cause i sososo some people other that of decided even used my picture and register a donfron por don of permischen cider something like that and it's not me whatsoever i desist peoples business does not belong a statutory love as can't count is a subtle county why is the protestants i can enter that the that's a good question people asked that of michigan from time to time will if you guys were the first state to saddle why do you still have whither because we don't have a full lawful representation of all our county we have a number of counties which have settled but we need a majority of three quarters of our counties in order to have the jurisdiction you can't exit you can't have a representation without a all locked representative and you can't elect that representative without a people you can't have that people unless you gather them together an assembly so which you start with is an assembly you gather people together who are like minded ere their grievances with one another here is the problem with our county here a problems that we have in a i think of an unsettled county name your unsettled county here are grievances with our government that's how you start when you settle and michigan has a pattern for that its work mosquito county he can't county mason county a number of other counties win county is settled ah take wine county actually was the first they have an elected representation through that desire settled county but that elected representative we call them a delicate cannot do anything till we have a lawful jurisdiction for them to take action with so there what we call interim status there is waiting for the rest of the state so this is why we were kind of frustrated because what does it take for the rest of michigan to assemble settled the counties and then together we can once the unlawful represent a representatives who aren't not acting as the proper contract services and ministrator's because they're not doing the job that they're supposed to do and they're going outside the scope of their duties and harming the people if there were no what is the national assembly website role national hyphen assembly do so you can find you can contact michigan through that way you can find out anywhere in the country there you are as i think at this point all fifty states have people trying to gather and there are a number of states which have an assembly started and there are other states working on settling so there somewhere in the process they have to get their county settled just like michigan did michigan is a settled state because we had the same number and specific counties which were settled when we became state so we were the first we are the vast i like to say but we were the first to do it successfully we've gone on rebutted that's why this you know this is real because we have given notice publicly to all the states in the country and globally and other countries in the world cereornis are nation state of michigan well i want to say i in short onecoracias i have strolled down on this test senones on an fridays with us i shot out to jason he doesn't lot of pakistan and educating a pretty well he i like listening to jason sometimes i sit there and listen to his deep digs out some of this tomblike all my gosh i wish i had i wish i had more time in the day two i rely drill one you know is in the but this is the way that it's supposed to work we all have our or no i'm a pretty pretty well versed with it but you know it's like we all could have spent more time with sufi does early good lad and so he shot out to his heart line pokishe can find in thee and as some other methods so there you go and i think it's important for all of us to get to get educated on lawful processes that we should be following because if we don't know that they can lead us out in the and you know and then we we and doing he doesn't really get us citywhere like the and such a good good a resource lots of nice again move on hers and arises any legislative law stone of unconstitutional class should strike it from the whole law i absolutely aged various myths so tired of red sciences by a fish pretty please master that's exactly what i feel for please let us here here are complaints you know you you overlords my untoward in for not at all let o think care for answered my question yes not working at all cause they just laugh at a people they they have there making up whorls on the fly their own word it was by the word canvassers tention you know and and a i jitendra there all involved in the the thelephor election for canvassers ich is done every wanted do and if they don't like it they just change the secretary state banks and just changes the rules and while you know this is what we want to do swordssince the rules to allow happen will not of its le i i think that one was as we started with the talking about the petitions and learning through or increased awareness we've already learned that all three branches are corrupt so that's one reason why i like with this supreme court case i don't trust the supreme court just like i don't trust to the rest of that contract services and ministration ah it it's all a a corporate government that should be replaced by the people including the supreme court that's going to take time i git that but i i have the feeling that things were going to continue to get worse and worse and worse and worse and till enough people say i ka i see what's happening now i disagree and i'm ready to take action what do i need to do oh there's an assembly thing o ka tell me about that how do i get on board with that how do i support that says and i don't that's why i like a question whether the bronco bronson case were worked whether it whether it successful or not there will be challenges to it and i think it's going to have to continue to wake up the i would rather that we got this done in december of twenty twenty two that's not going to happen it's going to take time we're going to have to suffer some more in order to wake up more people and i still think that that the awareness of the human traffic in what's happened to children is going to be the last straw because everybody draws the line there but you can't just throw as you and i know you can't just throw the truth about how horrible that is it everybody you have to give them bite sized pieces which is why i think were seen the twitter stories coming out piece by piece because you have to see you a little corruption here and a little corruption there makes it easier for people to wrap their mind around how deceive they've ben except it process and move on to what else have i been des and overtime is everybody's going to get to a point where they say enough is enough not every one's going to one step up and go to battle but there are support units that need to happen so not everybody is willing to be on a green jury an that's totally fine by every one needs to understand what that's about so that's why i ain't courage every one to go to that national hyenamy dot that web site listen to some jason's pot cass for he's talking about the documents of foundational documents assembly documents my latest sub stack was included some coverage on two assembly documents so it should become public notices so that people hadn't can get a better understanding of what that is all about if you understand the truth about history then you can support that new process even if you don't want to be directly involved in it because we're going to need as many people as possible who have an understanding of it in order for it to be successful in a long run i another very critical there when you even watch the way the the the the subverted the normal the normal the normal which should be abnormal political pas is that they really have made so celebrity status out of the politician and they turned it into more of a popularity contest and people will say well i like this person i don't like this so it comes down to like or don't like rather than can they do the job and then when it comes to getting behind some one they don't they haven't done enough research on them or what they want to see don what can really change any so that instead of the get behind these pseudo celebrities in these organizations that were created to in fact the special interest organizations and nominate come throw most of the grass roots of out organizations in on that it's not the grass especes on an italian we the people are sick of it and people stepped up to do stepped out to these grasses scripse stick as they don't know what else to do and then they know something's wrong in their trying to help but we have look at the outset go an ain't going nowhere because frank lot you organate is were in fact created busy with busy work instead of actually being able to go to the to the root cause of the problem and they they were there there's you know there's a lot of people okay and ah an now you're going to laugh at that onwe've got an inside joke here there's there's a lot of of a people that set of organizations inside she then one to keep you busy and and they'll get you off base but when you start see who are they connected con start seeing a structure there taking orders where does the scope back to ah there several grasses organizations i can i would lay any monomonee somebody wanted to take to make a bet with me out at you though i'm not a betting person so that so retorted but of that that they are in fact grasped the great the couple of these grasses ones or in fact funded by people within the republican party there the right hand of the republican party which was there just to throw people broader like you're doing something like the delegates delicates of mansomeone gain and i applaud everybody for what they were doing but it was too little too late they they heran their lock out twenty twenty two because it was the republican party that literally enabled an unwinnable candidate to get in place in that was ice completely unqualified and when you look at her back ground and her father's and i don't want anybody say oh you shouldn't be pickin on her dead or dead died this year will so did mine but truth is truth and i'm sorry that he died my dad died this year too and regardless life goes on is not were restepping ask for p we are were on the point of losing our nations s time throw the truth out there regardless of the circus her dad was invoked with a very globules organizes called falls a false river one of the headquarters and when you start looking about at it talking about there and they were on information sellers among other his but if you start looking at all these connections and look at what she did she started something called lumen student knows well i got a pretty good his is to be investigated a little but more when you look at the a the forty for it ah that they put out there on laura was like five million dollars as what the what they're not was on the rover how in the heck you do that with the ten minute a day student knows thing that goes into a few schools and was not big news all right this is how in the world they hit that kind of a threshold and if you look in laura watch help people will will report a five million dollar there's a lot of em there's a pattern there they'll go always put five million dollars in this just and thenthrough five million dollars against wallen well there isn't this is an estimate this is something that they just put in there snotter sat a true reports that tight in with anything fit and it makes me ask a lot of quest but then one step further is there by the devas and largely packed croosade big money in state look at the effect that sherburg zucker box had on our election how much money got thrown into the elections and lo and behold the dig a little bit further and you'll find loman education its loman loman is a large oh antityssus ante that is or education in pres involved in that all the pretty extra sure that if we looked into the solivet which i had back hale whose involved in that all the vases so zac so we've got the we've got people that have connect all over the place and you you start rolling people in and looking at those connections don't listen to their words what's behind em i think we should be doing back on checks that on that given office and honestly i've seen some that are pulled one that our of influence in it can be pretty i know one person whose trying to carve in itch out for herself and there are alias if i went on laura and started finding all kinds of ants her single day registers of a business the registered in the day in their dissolved in the does that raserei see miss spelle i see a variety of i an outside a lore and other sources where these has he many many bankrupts and judgement that have been levied an people who are very very nave its like all but this person is really trying to do something i am sure she is and i'm sure i am absolutely not going to be quiet as these people in filtrate a very very very nave populate of the other a root and that's they do they use are the use human beings good hard you and wanting the right thing against the and the people will defend them because they they can't even imagine his person joe this don't think like will know they don't think it a psychopath associa path not does not think like a normal human being and i know what you it is it is it's a pathology that cannot it it is almost impose a person around once they get to a certain point and a you know and some of it is hard wired in the brain but they they look like us but they are not they have no ability to have empathy they do not about you and to look right near face they will lie to you without a backward glance they would take your children and chop them up and laugh at you as they were doing it and when when you look at some of the processes an uncomfortable thing to look into but the child sacrificed the ritual satanic abuse and all this stuff it's going on on their right and i me right under our noses it happens and now right right under our noses if you look at the hampstead cover for the franklin cover this was this case as that or cases coming from in schools where there is a group within the school and they knew who the special kids were where they could victimize and not even no one would say a word and they were bringing you know the one the one girl talks about wednesday you know they would wait till mobs were gone and the coast was clear and then the staff come in and they would the little girls by its old as what are they do what you do in the land to its taintest gator that was well this is where they do so and it was it's just it's just right out there is in a very she's so i just very very like this is normal she doesn't know how abnormal this is for four year old kids they haven't had an infant area there when she talks about it when she's layin his ow and and then she just talks about it its normal and she talks about her how her dad taught her how to be had a baby ah and that's it i i thought i knew your you go i have i have seen little video this is this is a few years back isn't it now this it is tikerkin particular case but oh it is indicative and don't kid yourself of his going on yeh and workeing out how and a psychopathoses oath would do something like and without a backwards glass i have a glance i not a french who does they never meet to rescue who have been involved in type of satanic ritual abuse and one of the things that they'll do to kids is they'll have a sister or a puppy there or something else like the and they'll say ok um ah you either kill this baby or we are going to kill you and they make a make a hole and when they try to protect their sister or a puppy or something they loved the person will will will have right there to see you're just like us here and they will spend the rest of their time telling how worthless and evil they are and they'll get the see horrible thing they'll try off i come for for sacks or little happened to other crimes and i because now they've got not only ah there is a child but they said that the st see reblack made which goes on and on not and one day actually do in se and they go they go to dese they go all over the place in order to help people you know understand that as a child they had no code this this was this was very evil people that racked ah you know that really wrecked them at that moment in mere life but the answer is in a situation like that ah the there there are answers and help for people that have been forced in forceps through the traffic aside the same thing with a traffic forced prostitution see or nothing about a horror and i talked to a woman the sweet who actually was raped at tom gangrad thirteen thrown into a mental institution for nine months and they never went after the re and blamed her and this stuff is going on all over the lake and when people finally get grass on this that what what is this sexual what are they doing to these people what are they actually doing how are we going to dig our way out of the how do we or you know is far to help people who have been truly truly victims that nothing but absolute you know horrors done to them their entire and then you've got the other side of it with a sociopathic p if you let them out into the public they're going to do it again they're going to try to convince these people are master manipulated and they will they will start building their teams again in order to do the same depraved activities cannot be real ability in anybody that thinks that they can and wants to help these because they know they deserve in the they think they're good enough that there the smart enough at their close enough to god to help repel the litigate the is a very very very night in an absolute depravity is is capable why human not in possible this that all of this is a rings us back to when you have a government in place which is not doing its cob you ah don't have inwardness because they don't tell you when they find it and be they don't take any action to stop it because see they are a part of it it's more one this evil depravity on godly it doesn't go away when you have three branches of government which just feed into each other rather than check and balances he hated the only way to get justice because it's not happening now clearly is to get the people involved when the people are involved we will have just cause were those of the sitting and listening to you especially those who may be i haven't heard these kinds of stories before it's really hard to wrap our minds around it because we haven't heard about it for our whole lives or we've been led to believe that it's very very rare when a child goes missing we just as soon that the that most likely and most often it is the case that they just ran away and they'll be back most of the time that's the yah the worst can happen and it's worse than you ever ever could have could have conceived when you you have to wrap your mind around the possibility that this exists and then you have the after minor round the possibility that their government is not only a part of it but allows and purposes itself to do that what are you going to do to get rid of such a government cause it does not lie in an people in just eliminating some people in some seats isn't going to do it you eh atoneable that grand jury because the court system we have now is letting these people go ashton give them a veil they can handle lettin go to do it over and over and over again what's it going to take for americans didn't listen recognize how pervasive this is how horrible and really is and then though i ka what we got to do till we got sopra i'm of the opinion that honestly that we probably are going to have to have some military intervene because at this point time and i would welcome that because this is the so horrific i would not live enough i would not i would not be able to live with myself if i didn't fight this stuff with my last breath and i don't care what it is he s so horrific i guess is i've seen too much i know too much of what's going on behind the to lay down in want accomplice any more that's not my primson i could get here a lass we're going to fight this thing out and if the military step in i am going to do everything i can to help enable these brave people who have stepped were it to that to the task cleaning pravity out we're not talking taking you know the scope of what's happening he see paslow responsible for losing eight hundred thousand i want everybody to think about his eight hundred thousand where are they where are these kids and why isn't sepastian helicon case or get paid ye get pen relegated napping one to remove them from their their families through a through the act the goes back longer because they just find new ways to repack age there their industry of drugs weapons and human traits globus and i am in just say it i've shared so many times is sit back and think they are going to get a pass when they've heard are they know that the stuff is going on they're going to have to face all mighty god sitting there and not getting the volces if you don't get involved on the other we sagthing go back to germany same thing when all when it wasn't to the jews that were murdered how men christians were mere homines they were they were genocide in whole groups of happened in armenia a half ended in a it happened all over the world popo i mean look at these people that go into this is not a one of you know this is happened throughout his genocide were in it were in it and now they've got the eugenics of of giving people who are homeless and and canada to suicide and on to tell you what when we see the crab has gone on here with with the fact scenes and merging murdering people in the hospitals because they have ben you withhold i others another person i know that died recently and they withheld food and water for over eight days friend had the same thing happened in the and every single one of these people that were involved in it they are guilty hell of crimes against human the this goes throughout our s in worming clean this mass out with absolutely no young i do you know i hate to say it in that's a hard thing for people to say to her i'm sure think about it how do you give me somewhat who knowing or for money or personal game killed a hundred thousand kids a year lost by a government run agency and i on people that think about how many kids are in their local school district as an example how many what does the visualize what a hundred thousand kids loose and then visualized how many employees are there in sips who have to be involved who have i know who have to be involved in order to allow a hundred thousand kids to just go missing there aint you one kid goes missing in in your custody one what kind of effort would you put forth to find that child eight hundred thousand a year and we don't even hear that number we don't even hear about it locally at any level state wide we don't hear about it nationally they should be on the new we get cold fiden olbers on the news these fake numbers there coming up with the fear monger as but they're not talking about the kids what is wrong with the media what is wrong with their government how many people know this stuff and do nothing and core you going to call on your local prosecutor to deal with his your laurel gone aschenberg with it now good luck without because they're all installed exactly so you know most go back to the brown sand case this is why i okay so we're going to get right of three hundred and eighty what five people wang now replaced them you still have the foundation honorat which is going to be structured to perpetuate the same criminal activity it does not stop until the people are back in hard and i oh if people are going to have to see this the going to have to get that bad they're goin to all have to understand they're going to have to all really really want to take to the set and and i i don't mean literal street protest i mean get off your butt and turn off the but all game you men cause the women have been working on this kind of stuff for a while you get a pop and manner and a most bear on it and then we'll have some i think all the distractions that were involved in an we got to get on something that's actually going to make a honestly the only seat in michigan that was going to make a difference in the last election which his wife went for governor was the governor as the governor actually of governor that wants to use the powers of checks and balances could have gone into the end and we saw the one instance of it oh that that to sanders too the right thing by moving the turney general it was that was out alone and he had in but we do did not have the one office that could have changed things was the one and you can't go have i still have i know you're you're not giving up on your fight now while in the atriensis you can't just say yes you know it's unreal listenyou know i've got a lot of friends that in the the national assembly and and that sort of thing and and i i were on the same side of the satisio there the table we know we want our country back how over realistically from in administrative or a business i understand she you cannot just necessarily the plug on everything in one day and say all i guess we're just going to do this he because we've got kids in cepheus hit what are you to do just like a band on the right at this becomes before you transition to a news ye better have your heads screwed on strict because they were work tracking a huge and i mean a he humanitarian effort were nobody is left you know left alone out there so we got his the sober the structure and place we're going to el transitioning and the transition is going to be good if military showed out to morrow i would welcome casavant out be pulled off and we've got to get this thing this ship turned round and i had it in the right direct and on i would just you know i would be i would be glad to see that we're just not going down the same it into the same or an a hole his hand exactly where we are seththe change has to have every one has to get prepared mentally the change as the periclean is a spiritual battle where do we start you're exactly right by by getting yourself spiritually oh radio and reddy for it yourself in a good set whether you want the change or not the change is going to come is either going to go in the way that the globe want that to be which is if you think we've seen in a lot of deaths with covent blocked downs the forsennati ns in the hospitals hold my beer is the start of murdering an it ain't going to stop i tell they get their goals to which i've heard as seven out of eight the gal that's the state of gold so hold my beer on that emit are we going to let them force this change on us or we going to get into this fight in a way that says so you think and to think so that's not here not now not of my march you are not going to seven out of eight that i know and or maybe that i don't and were cause cause why because all of us are going to sit here lock our and weird not going to budge and tell the last one of these marks a master you know it's really it's a mock it's it's under the model of marks nothing knew this has been going on for a long long and until we we back out of every single thing they put in place hold every one of the accountable i'm kind o or o you know i'm kind o for nuremberg to point all and a as well as is a conviction of for acontecido that have led to a conviction of trees which both those carried the death one and not cannot quarter some one who has done in a conspiracy and not conspiracy there the criminal case which include every form of high cried possibly a man and we we cannot let the score without and i think the only way to really get through this is the military has to be involved in this the cofection of treason through a military tribunal these people who are guilty of crimes against humanity in all the other acts that lead to you know the transits humanity and trees they're going to have to be dull with the bucks got to stop or you either decided take that path or don't start ever whining in my prose anyone when we start watching all these deaths had by not just the one i am i am sorry but there's a lot of people that have chosen while everybody was sounding in alarm to go down the path and i'm really sorry there's a lot of misleading that probably had to go through this post and every every one of these people committed this type of crime against humanity is going to have to pay for those i would like to challenge every one to go back kitanink lot of people have done it within the past year maybe six read the declaration of independence again read it and hold and consider what puthorse really down in the shoes of our foes what their life was like how oppressed they were what was their complaints against there government at the time ah and what did they choose to do about it the first thing was they told him he year herding us eat all like it but when nothing came of that answer they had to fight for they said get out you have to get out you have to get off our soil and leave us alone cause we're declaring our independent but read the details and focus on the last paragraph where they talk about the duty that we had because we like to throw around the concept of we we want to be like our founders with this is what our founders did if you go back and look it sacrifices they made and acting on that the risks they took cause they didn't know how this was going to end we can go back in history and say well a lot of em live through it that's really cool and some of us are they they are ancestors literally is or descendants of these people cause they survived will not all of them survived they were willing to risk their whole lives their willing to risk their whole property their homes were burned they lost their live stock their food for the winter it was everything to them and they were willing to risk it because of their belief is they knew that their freedom and there way of living lively body pursuit of happiness or property were so vital to them that they were willing to risk everything and what are we doing what are we doing here we're not talking about going to a physical battle and risking our lives in that way and some half lost their lives along the way some have risked than have lost their lives it is a serious thing for the most part because there are so many of this battle is not a physical one it is an assembly one it is of a matter of our voices taking action its note battle field with constant and there there may need to be a military intervention where they have some arms in some point to do some of the things that it to be done but that's not our job we don't have that risk i agree with that in the military not havana everything is subject to we the it is that the event even the the military to do the will of the people we are not subject and that's why america is the is the the last greatest because we already have president everything is set up for we are in charge we are the owners and then we get to his side how we want this run in the military is there not as an over lord neither is the government pr and our common i i wrote a series of substace recently about this and in their i described how in eighteen sixty one when the congress part of congress left they adjourned what we call sin die because they didn't have a they couldn't do it properly they couldn't adjourn proper so that left the military in charge of the government in a sense ah are military however they do believe in america and they don't want to be in charge of the government there are some places in the world where military is government but that's not how we do things here they don't want to be in that roll they're waiting for us to take the job but they have been working for us that's the cool thing that's why i wrote about it because most people don't realize their like when we have to tell the military what to do to save us there are ready acting in a way to save us we are already in charge of military but there waiting for us to take up our role to do the next cause they can't do it without us this is the joint and some one posted yesterday there is a line about a am i else slash civ military civilian in icedrops in that the case it involves both aspects of things we need them and they need as on their waiting for us to do our part so when people cry out and say well the military has to help us and they will do it whether bronson works or not whether your case works are not we know that everything is eventually going to fail in the i at least that so i believe ah we have to be there to sit in those seas in order to do this properly we don't have to abolish anything like the declaration of any penance says we already have a system in place we have an original constitution that's just been sat aside it's been taking back up we have it we have to fill that those government see we can't do that without the military but their waiting for us to get that job dog cause they can't do and that's why i'm i'm kept set in kind of frustrated some days because and and i know you are too where waiting for everybody get off their butt we couple little bit more come and foomigaseong are ready to fit our rolls and you're ready to do that you're ready to fit your roll an i'm odonat i can in mine and we just need everybody else to pick up their roll to play you know in the simplest things i mean there's very simple things to do it first of all as heaven is growing a back bone a little that's the shenoweth first thing is man got to grow back on now the pre and who do you the first question that should be asked if you lost every one to day and again by by what you did with the time that you had were and what are we going to do with the time that we're givin going forward who do we serve answers that entire list and i gives us sit to get the courage to do things that we never thought we would ever be able to do and ah i think the some very simple things that we can do as we need the talk apart from the censorship and do not stop talking if they try to silence you like they have all of us that he stepped forward you know we've all had we all had death throughout we've all had censorship we've all had i mean i can tell you every single high crime committed on the planet is then either attempted on me or i guess onsetters ponte oh not necessarily as succeeded but that's sure sec of tried and i the other thing has his even just silence the silencing it is few agreed to silence you know it's like because well you don't want to make any body may add we don't want to we don't want em you know we don't want to wreck our relationships while may be telling the truth is the best thing you could ever do and we need to tell the truth were guardless what anybody thinks we got to keep to and if it makes somebody a little mad jest wait you're or if you're telling truth your vindication is going come from god and it doesn't matter what we are we have an application to tell truth but even just you know the last time when i was censored on one and taken off i call i don't even know if i've got the belief you get back onto again because i know if i get back on it again and i do in these broad casks ah they're going to therepermanently ban me for life and side just like dropped it i said fine you can not you're going to kick me off and give me stripes to kick me off on distant an not go on your plate and that's what we started berneburg the first time was but ranger news network because i knew what they were doing their going back through time too and looking in order to find something that they can in fact bandy so on like fight in this not on oi might do some hey you know em all off all puppies and kitty fell brain and berg news network and do something like that to say advertise toninnes that's least stared brandertons not working now we've got lifestream ye of and commons and in polled of these but but ah ah the to the ship you have to shift in the new god to give people away to find you when you do she whiteshod never stop you know how how mahar is it to get on say telegram every day and start cheering good information to your net works not there his lot of people doing that not very hard all when you find something that you know is going to be a direction that is that people need to hear got to share it and i don't care if it's by tax e mail carrier paid in the in the morning when you go off to bed now instead of talking about ah you know these the laugh about how women used to talk about so he so benisoof erst were round in the golf or coffee and such a stone and yet distendisse oppress let this let wasserman million years people would watched her self up for his then go too go to have coffee or or lunch ladies who did they talk about their self propres i mean this is what they're there the life's revolved or on iremewed that when i was and though it was in it is what it is now and so it at any rate you know we can be talking about thought this those things that actually educated people in matter and and i do think that fairly signed i think you and i can talk to you for ten hours but it is actually eleven thirty and the we covered a lot of stuff in to morrow jason's good beyond wecovered more sole and i think if that that often is anything else you want of address to day and then we'll pick it up to morrow again at nine o'clock and on oh yeah one more thing i was thinking about last night i just wanted to acknowledge that for a lot of people this month is the tough one ah there's been a lot of loss especially in the last couple of the years ah a lot of reliefor tunate things have happened with people as you mentioned your family is experienced a loss and that can make this time of year really difficult for a lot of people and sometimes it results in more loss on fortunately see he knows some one as hurting reached out in bake them over talked to them oh what he now that they're not alone cause the ecole a suicide this time of year specially a people are herding and they hurt more sometimes in the holiday season and a cause i feel more alone thinking about the people that they've lost so i just thought we should take a moment and acknowledge that before regatta christmas day oh as you often say at the end of the show you're not alone and that's what we're here for his were trying to help one another and support one another so i don't have a a large loss myself this time of year but i know that other people do and so i think of you be to have that experience and you're not forgot on into not a loan we care about the gets a real important thing to say it i'm glad you brought that up ye lost five uncles and aunts during this whole coven nonsense my dad died or were you about twenty were over spire over twenty five one of a one of my dearest friends of my entire life was in my house every day for tending they killed her in the hospital and it was the she went in with low oxygen and within fifteen minutes they blew her longs out and put her in cardiac harassed as he and she walked in she was eating drinking walking now you tell me that that's not how do you how do you blow somebody's lungs out fifteen minutes and put him a caretaker este and there's a lot of people out there that have been murdered within our health care ah and there's been a lot of suicides there's been a lot of suits then a lot of a lot of a lot of low and you know like for me my my faith is so strong i know my day on up there yes proud plain you cur with a with a few other people danster up there that i know i gather of their plain euchre you know cheer in asian all right stopping a bunch of weskit and there and do what we would have done it if we were here to be but my dad wuden he was kind of his he was a lot like he and i are alone so get up and go on god's got you know nothing is ever lost god as the redeemer of all thing think about what he says in the bible he can make all and it may be there may be a temporary pause in her near gonesse and and it's going to be one and these in a loss it's going to be oh god god's got his and if you haven't eternal perspective you you under i guess yonder stand that that get up and kep goin and realize that there's so many people out there that i feel the exact same way that you do right now so let's lock arms and find god's lost he i gather up the one in its going to be okay we're not going to turn her back on each hosegood help each other we're going to help eachother through this and that could probably be at one of the best times so ever have been alive and in ways that we has surprised us in in great and great turmoil and loss or always if we if we adjust our attitude always the greatest opportunities treasures an organist you know there's a lot of things that i miss about my day and my dead is one of those guys that could have talked to him about any and a and we were so similar in a way that we looked at the world that i very much missed that relationship don't get me wrong i know of my day and sitting right here next to me or if he's looking at me from having who knows you know for as one from the body present for with the lord i've always thought we gods everywhere that means the probably sit here looking at us you don't we talk about the you know the you know being in front of the multitudes he talks about it the bible who knows you know we may just not be able to see him but they could be said or her will that coals i don't know and i desasociacin of heaven is at hand were is a hand that's pretty much set right next to where ye are so i got a lot of questions is not that i've sat and anything but i have which you know i if my dan were sitting right here which koos you know eh who who really knows i sure know god as my father you or hevenly father as in any of her radical tell you it my dad to be sayin right now is a stop you cried as what he'd say to me i know and i wouldn't say that entonces it was the onions mething we don't wrong hossaback if you were sick of sin of the more mondeforthe so you feel better get out nodded sound and do something you know but that he never he he was he didn't he was very soft est and he he truly he tully very very un he cried very easily when he was touched by something when somebody died he was the first one there last one he would always bring food and they were very very involved with taking care of people they were shaped my dear but with that sad with his own kids it was like it was like buck up you know that would be what my dad to say and i got makotono in our net didn't didn't i and it was a vast thing that he could have done because he made for it to tell you up for me you know he made me into a very strong person and ah and you know it's the one thing happened you just kind of petit roll with it a little bit expecting not to go the way you want to go and you'll never be set and that you just look at what you got go forward and it's going to be okay in these and in we have the opportunity to buildings into a better situation than we've ever ever see and yet we miss some that's a right god taking and god takecareofher temporary year temporary universe and a everything gets and o k because where we're going as eternal and mentored by verse luke on thirty throughe but the angel said to her and i'm going to read this these words remember that do not be afraid mary you have found favor with god you will conceive and give birth to a son and you are to call in jesus he will be great will be called the son the son of the most high the lord god will give him the throne of his father david and he will reign over jacob's descendants for ever his kingdom will never god's kingdom will never ed cornboer just got to keep going to let's go find the last sheet yet the get the flock together and ah and going to be okay dear heavenly father think is a very very time would careen i love care and i know you have cared very very much we asked for her healing in all areas i think all of us have stepped forward actually have quite a few things that were dealing with his keep goin in the stubborn as sector to belinus and i think thank you for the flos you build into us the that you use for your good part and we thank you for the day thank you for every single person out there let them know and sperience not just you know not to know but also experienced it to be able to say open their eyes up your movement around them as we can see it every single day all we got to do is open her eyes up and look for you you're right there and your moving things around for us every day in your doing miraculous things you walk with us and worth thankful every day the wonderful things that you are always on we thank you for giving us the ability to in fact have a part in writing all these wrongs which we have allowed continued to grow and had were part of it and now we're ready to turn round turn you and say you know what we screwed off we should a jumped into this earlier i never have tolerated it but you know what everybody was so and now were waked up and we are ready to sure that everything is under are our laws are rules that you are the if you are the king and the most high god almighty and we want that right relationship that jurisdiction it is all under your churches the laws the governments how we treat this beautiful world that you created for us and the boundaries that you set for we love you for every single thing that has come from your mouth or hand your heart and your and we know that it is good in that you are walking before us and behind us every step of the way and and it's good were thanked thank you for this christmas season come in and forest happy birthday or celebrating your birthday the birthday of jesus cried father lord and save human form and were thankful for that were thankful for every then you've done for us and were thankful that your still bearing with us that you have turned your back on us but that you're walking with us and we trust we know we declare your purposes are being fulfilled and that were watching this adventure of us walking with you unfold before our very eyes their people through his that wished to see what we are seen right now unfolding upon the face of this earth and we are great i am so grateful we are grateful to be born at this time we were born we love you and a and a let every one out there now how precious they are in your eyes to day that you've got jesus christ precious name we pray at in where a girl so off we charge into the day making changes where we can let people know and leave the church for word for who for god almighty in everything we do get late at his re so for everybody out there he's part of the show can't see it but i'm not say it bigrement not nein go too brandenburg for governor dat com i have not conceded i will not concede to traitors or people who have who have done the wrong and i am content the election twenty twenty two and the twenty twenty election and probably for the back the matocantes everything that goes back out of otagothe governments as well as the that protects the rights of erse the rates school given by god god almighty and guaranteed by the constitute and we will not stop we will not lay down there is no backing out the boats are burned and were fighting our way out of this so there go on i want to let her body know that you are very loved if you are feeling alone and your feeling like a there's no way out there's always a way out got always makes a way when there seems to be no way there's always a way out and he just you just got to turn to god and find those wise ones put in your life you know who they are everybody has somebody around him it may be something you don't even like you know that they have some answers that you may be need her to god does always tell us what we want here but he will tell us what we need be and he will he will send those people that are strong to help you when you feel and he will in fact walk right alongside you carry you through the toughest times and so it's going to be okay i'm so just so i've ready knows we love every one of you were fighting for others there's so many people out here that are fighting for you that care that care about every single thing you are concerned about right now and are willing to work with you to help you and be there for you strent to so with that sad god bless you and is there any er there any that last word you want to say can i did and we go god bless you with heart hands or of god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless her will be back on for our morning at nine o'clock in the morning and i with jason jones and will be talking about more good stuff going on can there's just a lot of good stuff and the bad stuff my bye you're gone we're going to live in he thou love all have a great day