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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 11/7/2022 - Live Q & A and Ken Nash

Published Nov. 7, 2022, 9:04 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i'm donna brandenburg and it is a better get this right cause i kep she february which i don't know why i just may be even in of copy i don't know it is in fact november the day before election day nation which is going to be a very big this is going to be a very big election this nation i believe that is probably the most pourtant election that the nation is here we go i'm goin to go had an atom as andsome my guest and because i know that they've got they've got other things to do to day too so we're going to go ahead and get started here right off the bat and then then i'm going to launch into something else something i want to go i'm going to start at the right remember that the son home from philip philip sailed and he had some amazing feedback one watches regularly had his after posted i didn't know you know it's not god take things he to me about an hour after the broadcast and lo and behold he had gone to the feet and he was holding the hands of his brother who has a brother i think his brother in law who was dying look to feed up and long behold there was the song home for philip decided you know must going to play it and maybe he'll enjoy that and as he played the son his brother in fact died right there while the song was playing his holiness his hand and peace was brother in law he was shocked and it was amazed but i'm not tell amounted these i can say to you sometimes sometimes i like to say but i don't know if i hadna so anyhow hold on to me as we go as we rolled down this unfamiliar road and although the way this wave treslong no you're not alone because we're going because i because i going to make this our home mechanics so down ill all these no mind of the demons they fill you as far trouble it might drag if you get lost you can always be found now you're not alone because we're going to make this and with that in mind remember put your trust in god and all things we have not been fear no man no matter what don't fear and if a person is operating out of a position of fear they are not in all repeat they are not walking close with god at that moment and that the quickest way to determine that do pray and now that god is with us it's the most important thing that you can do right now fear will drive you right off the you know every single time does like a horse i am maggie i have you to my throne men of old on tarante riveter can dash and dan hartman he is in the morning i roam or going to start right off this morning with them before they all lection day i want to let i want to let dan give us an update and give him the floor right now so dandled on what's going on well he i reverencing all of it you're one of the most knowledge mooifontein i'm an assessment expert and on meteorite now you are one of the most knowledgable guys it there in my assessment there's a lawsuit that's obviously pending in detroit there's a really alienist i sent you last night down her about some further information that kind of come out and one of the that are going forward in the it lawsuit was other county or in and as the pond the fact even though we've been called races or filipino them when everybody else is doing it wrong to much their primary all oh no on the reciting i'm so done without you know the great thing is that you and i have a extortionately so when i write that all this is too the reality is the reason and as everybody's question why detroit invited to be the attorney for lost last you know but i sereno right let's try that again a right back to the demons don't want a talk in the morning can't have us okanagan some patriots actually speaking and do right unfortunately my phones blown up any way just that just to be a just be clear here one of the big issues in the case come out this way we find in detroit i november reserate august second twenty twenty two primary all challengers under i have an obligation not violations of disposed to respond to those in riding in that never have pointed out a series of violations of law the dozen we wanted to make part of our lawsuit and we filed the last the challenges just on the absecon primary and that would be going down again we waited to see if they were going to address her make any change and then a series of written election materials and then some democratic training videos clean we filed the lawsuit we asked the what is called extraordinary relief we asked one of relief we asked a declaratory relief and we asked for madame the point of the lawsuit or pretty pretty straightforward one of the one of the lawsuits related to this concept of the fact that um informations come out that this company can was fired by the interface a standing system for at applications in the cube the signature required one of the goals we had was to kind of probe into whether or not in addition you mean china of our at whether they gave china the cuban which would answer a lot of anyway we were blocked for the quarantania punishin of picked up that line of inquiry in their story on that which i said to last night that kind of came out on that land in the second major are related the elections we were dressing was the secretary in violation of a court of claims instruction in the case of i think that's pronounced right out of the allegany republican clerk in twenty twenty suter the absence tony ford on when to do instigator comparisons ah there is to be a rule promulgated by the secretary when you propagate rule the like a direct you have public comment as to go before the legislature has to ratify the as archers that the executive branch to execute a law passed by the legs make laws we are made by the executive agencies normal specialized and administer okay that's an araspes ization for lawyers which i am now cicero did not engage in that shouted direction or instruction to the it every signature vowed if he character so in the curtains that that's not a standard at all to the political prose in the political process in that like they would not accept her standard changing our stand not a rule so now we have that are required to make signature compared and they have no lawful no the need for a man would have been resolved to a political that's the first part is there no stand thing is the law that reflection is to make the determination we do that they are observed by a pool chigron the right and from the left from the republican the democratic part there is a process by which the challenger i'm sorry the election more the the signatures that counted doesn't it counted segregated the ghost to the board of canvassers i reviewed the so right now the meaningfully no real signature comparison going on in public aspect of a not a great it's not been done by a parable actions in represented by old major parties and there's no colchonero work is doing it new equipment paid by some in fifty thousand dollar grand mark zertho the side situation called reliable then he made during our tears connected to the qualified voters filed once again without the approval of authority of the curious now the cross why are you picking in the reality was concerned about election the he fenelon okay can't have a dirty voter he compare when the ballot is a pang through the application public oversight with the record and he tried i have no signature over german the adamite of the person voting elaine that is one aspect of the last we also employed in the the importance there's not an there's no evidence lie with the requirement of the state of the drought drop the next day white me i can't believe that this i process of ajut it is not in our stars not in any secretary of state pure it was one their defense was well everybody's doing it too when they lost baronhill troy grand rapids leonarr learn that men use a mystifier city as potentates doing is the use do not put it into a tabulator it would be that of rejecting the ball doing as its allowing to election and but to override the optic essentially you that were similar to potshot trade mark thing but they're doing is there either removing marks or adding and then there come revised what you have in your lily the admission of christ you to manipulate to do him the last stage very clear a that if the ballot has been mis marked by the ballot is i give you an example let's say that i vote for two governor entire ballad is invalid under michigan when the light the law not that the last they're doing as they'll go in and say well they mark you to diana little bit lighter the dooranee the ballot any an if they don't know which one they voted for will be raised both will be about there so that the knockout mercanson every other a violation of michigan go back to below which came out of the town one or two thousand election they said in a boat make sure that we clearly to find what a mark were voted by half inebriate obtuse of regulation was to make sure you're instruct we as to what mark mark is the fine in our law there is no ability somebody to go in to determine the voters in and to alter the mark on a ball in count the altered and apparently all these other absentee moderate the dedication as you is something that we challenge in the last there are a lot of other little violations including you know like the fact that stimulated both on the platform but they won't let old challenges and when i asked the rationale of it the reasoned would imply at the election and that was a ludicrous claim a requirements were having the system backed up so that he tailor and all kinds of different but anyway it's an interesting lawsuit and of the judges was to roll on preliminary relief we asked for this election to day ah then that that what's a going on again donnegan i talk and never let you talk and never let your other guests talk so i'm done anticipating because we've got more time than right now the nude and i know i know as one of the hardest working busiest guys on the whole planet you know i really want you to say what needs to be satrappe need to know the information as to it as we all know that the main stream media's not going to cover this they are not another and they are going to try nineteener who are actually speaking to morton while the other thing i guess i need to make sure you're aware of is the overseas and military balls abilities in our voting system were designed to accommodate the sable and i want to say voters to have a now another major vulnerability in our voting system was under the guise of helping our military people literally have ballad that is email the military to the core and it was just the military you could say problem is extended the overseas in overseas voters who have never lived for example and that i am a fifty year old man and i went over and i happen to be a citizen of the task in michigan before i left and i get married over and my wife applies to i never lived in obesity overseas for weather she exists the other thing military overseas as he pressed i email the battle into the the cork is doing detroit as they are email choices of putting it on to a machine staable ballot in their coming inside a voter systems can no longer look at the military overseas interesting is that the statutes the bow tie is not able to be by the man it eight behind he using a process of duplication post before defective damaged i met these balls not the military ball that the at that the security around military overseas ballots so the bility where there is a high crest ballot from somebody that's claimed to be an overseas that would delude and remove a legitimate military other states have been picking up on this what's really crazy is our favorite company connect the people that developed a softer to allow them to mail back the porpoise to the ballot and back and had used an alabama do not know the chosen the right they claimed that not the experienced during this election terminated the contract i asked mister thomas from the director of the detroit elections can not had no he had a executor in his election he says no there's some contrary evidence that i was bein the babu everybody's doing so much lincoln this will well rodeo that we have seen is it puts everything in the lost and you come back on me i'm sure i think that i think that truly what we learn through this whole thing i go here and in the this whole this whole thing that i think we're seeing is how out of control the entire old about him this is and the stand oh there you go now we've got down t so i think what we know now is that this entire system is compromised as you know how can how can we count on any part of it i don't think we can but what we've seen do is we can do or supposed to regardless of what the the failings are we to have a civic duty to get our butts out into vote into both these criminal conspirators a because they're all complete the good news is that i understand that apparently more people are going to be voting in person using these absent voting county or and amendment where we went to away from im person voting a bad anyway i have to dan i'm sorry to jump in and give you bunch of information that gatepost for a man your vote to your listeners and now once again i want to tell everybody on here that i'm a big fan of yours the order i just really thank god for your voice in the prose and good luck so much while i tell you what you know it's all about it all about us we the people and winning to gather it's not one person it's all of us we neither all win we all go forward all loose where we go on we go off but okay we're back to khristna amazing danes danes completely completely amazing and his information is rock said working with so many people out there that are fighting for this election and for our country it's incredible it really preciate dan and he is such a commitment christian he so he does what he does because of his devotion to god almighty and i think that's amazing so anyhow what do we want to talk about to day guys were i opening up for for you and if anybody wants to jump at a jason from romaine pod put out a wonderful video this week end which i think is awesome see we've got robin one i want to see if i can figure out how to add her but you know what i'm going to do i'm going to go back to dona and this is we're trying something new all of your microphones were and so this is what's going to happen i'm going to go to don averment and let's ah we're even were working this thing out because you know what i'm going to do i'm actually going to do another out of he we're going to do another another two and eight to night and i'm going to try to give people a lot of open two in fact a i think i did it actually call in and be and be hurt sangnette is robinstein test object here to see if we can get the store um he will go back to and all right robin there comes back out a minute she's there she's got a microphone so robin what happened anyhow this is going to be an experiment for all of us i think as we can as we can move forward here because i want to figure out how can a people without the video so that we can we can not so i think we can make this work so let's go back to the three of us here a minute here we are so i know that was a good process and going to figure this thing out as is what you get for my dining room table guys sorry lie video very imperfect but at the same did you see the news that came up that okay i'm going to go down through its tremenhere and then we go to anything anybody wants to character men run imagines that the committee won't pay trumps legal bills if he announces the twenty twenty four so i i just want to say right now i don't know how anybody can believe that the republicans are that the republican party is anything more than a complete and honor there there choosing candidates in their using a mater me at interfere with our election no one either you know guys i'm sorry but either you get behind somebody or you don't they they abandoned every candidate that they put in there there are the vagabond president tramp they have not stood for election integrity they have stood for anything i mean an talk about a good this will go rosscott more goats in the every day so the republican national committee chairman charwoman radical and sanitation cannot pay former present trumperies of he announces a bed for the white house in twenty twenty four so they didn't write the last election and the knocker forward shame on every one shame on every one that's involved in this in anybody who votes for these people to be empowered shame on them too that it's a lack of it's a lack of heaven any guts go forward and it's only motivated by fear this the irons executive committee later confirmed it was pity for certain legal fees that relate to politically motivated legal proceedings waged against president trump a easier is not going to carry the football in the anonymous cowards and in recent months the committee is funded trumps defend against pronounced by men androcentric since junior and new york turned general a latina jane madison dana baritone committee a the only committee cannot be liberated date that's an the stupider and stupider by the minute and i mean i think it's what it is is it very significant word that were seen the colors at of both of the parties which is unpartial truly emerged and then red opposition yet this once charwoman romanes once again republicans will work with joe bidden if they take control of what tacitus bowed the marks ideology why she speaking out now after ignoring the brutal marks stonor country for two years as some the gateway put america has never been weaker since the civil war the worthless una party which refuses to stand for anything and and on again you know shame on anybody to vote on us out of fear and refuses to stand bravely for this nation and as oh now we're goin to twitterings whatever she happened to us whatever shall happen to she never anyhow they go grassot more i want to read a something that that come to any common i think the fear in the very big factor and i've been hidden hard on my writings because so many people the biggest thing about why are they should vote southey should move for dickson as because they are afraid of white and they realized that they will not have things to fear which whether he had vision i don't think they have any reason to fear her at all but i wanted to give you a heartening with i bet on your show before i suggest to her that he should listen in and anticollision but he will listen back later i hope to what dan was saying about mosquito county being included in that adjudication problem and he let me know he set me only to a satire on mine report in which the missing county clerk said she is added the portentous and registration the primary oh my gosh i out when i knew beforehand but the nonsense with adding adding registrations but an it's impossible to get those numbers of these that their hiding an i hope christianstadt be significant to you have something that we can read on that i do have a line consentaneous text in it to me an can yet it now i enjoy in the no news for sagashuate so well i've been you know it's like the next day you know i sit here i'm like the little frog with a blanket over my lap tiny feet back and forth you know comfortable not concern so let me let me see if i can read this minit from karen and then i'm going to go back to smother things from kimballton of course they're going to answer and show up anybody that's tellin the truth so aswatha here on brandanes now work and we are not going to shut a clerk elections security managers in run up to november a michigan will michigan voters will decide consequence conical race ranging from who hold the governor's office to the raft a constitutional amendment analogues that i feel really really confident and that if the added ten thousand sets of primary security seemed top of my mission voters who will decide the number of consequential races county clerk nancy water said her office was busy in the run up to electioneering dividual municipality but being compliance with state and generation in this country this time we've not heard of any issues waters and that they waters office that it was keeping close tabs on voter registration data that had been trapped in interacting trend since august prime we that were registered for august is now to a hundred and forty four thousand oh i am so sure that they added ten thousand to that border rule and now i'm not buying any of the sorry i'm not i want to let you know if you haven't heard this before she was a county commission meeting and she was getting before the commissioners to the point that he got frustrated and she said we had a sad election elections thought that the election was excellent what can we say to that you know you can't fix stupid sometimes you like being completely unaware of your surroundings and or being see how should i say being in denial over the facts you know how many times can you present the facts to people and let them you know and watch him no we didn't do anything i think a little kid with her hand in the cook he share where did you get that cookie i don't know did you put your hand in the cookery they could not in put my hand in that cooky jar how many times and we see these these elementary moronic unsophisticated lies in the sibleys sat on leave our fate not the crumbs crumbs around her chin you know she's covered with crumbs right an unbelievable sore so are so many i mean when we talk about you know i beyant to say no oh no whit memento now saw there there are the bane of existence to people realize that this sum is is not just then it's easy to have a buggy man so everybody else gets to run around and pulled the strings with nobody looking at and that's exactly what the deep state does look over here where i'm getting the over here omitting the crime look at the democrats look at bad the democrats while the republicans are doing most of the damage under the gounting watched because the republicans feel so proud of them self and you know and the virtues signally so this weekend i had a gathering at my bar right and god allowed a couple initiators to decide a joyous and i'm going to tell you what if you want to see shrieking demons in these are like this woman comes up and she is like a look this year just a spoiler and an only came borne to have supporters i don't know how you got here we were invited and like pretty exposure that you weren't invited and if you were it was under full free there is the door you can be out and i said yes i am you're not going to come in here and disrupt anything and i'm not going to listen to your nonsense she still outside green and i mean screeching like a demon man or aisle you know all the sorting and i'm like gentlemen what your scene here right now is republican derangement in absolutely it is no different than the then you see behavior like that either side does it make any difference that it is not it's not you know every one i say oh look at the unhindered now cause we have unhanded republicans it's one party and the unity is already been infiltrated by crazy people great that kind of action is absolutely crazy when somebody comes on god in his shade in case so angry exactly what happened i kind of walked away i was now the one bit the dust oenothera name of another crazy person who who has probably should have master be taking you know that that kind of persons going to hurt themselves or somebody else because they're not thinking their not not you know and so i kind of hate to say it but i just just amuses i bade the sea doesn't hurt anybody except for themselves it like while you know can act like that or a raisin a look at you and probably laugh when you are away for how stupid you she's going to probably get a mean because a domino to is that the amount of cameras and surveillance are out there nobody can do anything without being seen so so she just might at a being a poster child for stupidity and away might be able to help me with a mean that one care because i would have done as i was you would have a pull my my phone out to record her and then gather everybody around her to pray for this woman because if she was totally completely on control no but it was amusing to the rest of the court her listening honey go to your bible pray for a little while and maybe you can maybe you can get a grass bolly because clearly you've lost your mind let's go to something from him what is the real cause of the us proxy war in ukraine well the cause of it is our own deep state tea and trained the bigamist ration who are bunch of colonies that most people don't have a clue will let's just it all started after the two thousand seven two thousand eight financial that originated us the reliability of the u s government as a partner global financial affairs was due i think it's etati think it goes back to canada but well we'll get the pass on that and russia hosted the first bricks to establish a better international financial system with china india brazil south africa and later was future bricks in short a new multipolar order his challenging the us dollar reserved current status they started with a new cold war with russia and china us national debt is now at thirty one trillion told us death is at ninety two trillion and told us unfindable as a hundred seventy two trillion dollars and all that without any us government surplus to pay for any of it only more debt and more money i hope we get some really smart people in office to dig out of what this is an unkind not seeing that intelligence love with deal with another just as who knows you know i think i think we got a handle out quite honestly it's going to be a surprise as i really do think that the population is definitely awaken knows what's going on and we're going to vote these usurpers right out of office and but other people and so us government knows that without the reserve currency status it is without money printing on the back of other nations that simply game over for the us but not just for the us the u and the western democracies followed followed the us model animals debt in money printing that's why they stand with us and support the escalading actions that seemed totally logical to most people why is the eye sacrifice pity for a us proxy war in ukraine because if the us is collapsing they collapse to their alliances as glue by fear of failure used to track the wants of the new global financial touraine is the tool for conflict with russia and taiwan is the two overcoat with china eventually the us and nail be at war with the rest russian china that they simply don't have another choice if either more with brush and china stop brithmar with out with russia and china the sabre or financial collapse of do you see in the entire data the money printing it was never about the people of ukraine ukraine is just a side show the man evans yet to come the two options are poverty or nuclear war comes from i i find them money aspect of it absolutely credible we had thus dollar was involved on pretty much every contract through opacous a third world nation that needed oil it was all in basically negotiated within the us dollar and through the commerce clause of the dollars involved so as the federal government from the united states so the world went around every time say vietnam wanted to buy some oil it had to be done in dollars so our federal reserve was printing dollars in order to back their oil transaction they don't need the dollar in future oil transactions those dollars all come back on and were experiencing tremendous inflation right now because all of these dollars if you will or coming home and in line with what they were talking about there was because of the dollars influence on all oil contracts china awhile ago decided to set up their currency backed by their oil so that for a long time we thought it was the gold standard but reality oil and energy as where we really watched the value of the dollar because we need energy so bad so china recognizing the united states control through the commerce clause in all oil transactions did want to be the hostage if you will to the u s commercial interactions they decided to send their dollar up the canyon against oil as well so they started trading platform of foreign exchange where that oil would not be backed by the us dollar it would be back by then the chinese a and when that happened when they got their exchange set up to where you could now exchange oil for you on it open up a whole other market for all the other organizations global that you will to have an alternative platform to trade on with an alternative currency and russia being a major player in the oil fields and industry that being their main product if you will send the collapsed if you will oil from russia they jumped right into the wan and became one of the major players if you will in that foreign exchange which took basically all oil out of russia as for the dollar exchange and meeson to keep some notable is the economy he didn't have the total global alas but russia was the first one to jump forward into that foreign exchange and begin using the one which obviously says the dollar doesn't have the demand that it had before which increases the supply an increased supply of the dollar creates the inflation that we all feel down in our as it is certainly a global in fact if you will but it was started way back when when they that other nations tried to get away from our commerce well and i think that was one of the biggest reasons why they took days that that was they were not on the patroller whither were they were only a couple of nations that were left that were on the patroller and i think that was one of the biggest rates well of course all of these dollars we all run all of that through the united nations now so you pretty much look at the united nations is the world bank the world bank is pretty much the english debt based currency coming hamilton and burr were shooting each other over something and it was money one is whether we actually have tangible valuable money it the gold standard or whether you as a nation wainfleet to base currency is based on an creating a debt to have the instrument released because these collateral behind well i have republican in the democrat parties have done a spectacular job of leaving this nation absolutely right down the primrose path because we want to put our faith in something that we see and listen to and then it's kind of giving away the responsibility for our choices but in the end of the day wore still responsible for our choices it whether we follow somebody who is virtue singing from the right or virtue signaling from the left it's all virtue signaling and they're all in this together in their trade the traitor the united states of america they are they are complicity in the crimes tshomane because they have enabled because this is impacting the currency so bad there has to be an alternative right mean that you they needed another avenue if you will in order to further controls first of all but also put together what it has the semblance of stability so one of the major things that's happening right now on a global scales they're talking to the various central banks in every single one of the nations in order to get them into a box chain based curt into a crypt style current and if the central banks will begin to move to a crypto currency type situation the standards and crypto is like a protocol on the internet we all go to a hedge the protocol for the layout of our age and so every page is come right now the world banks across the globe or basically implementing protocols for the specific financial transactions in a work all the central banks go into a black sansterre it'll work kind of like our ideas that they managed to implement in the united states for a long time nobody wanted the central national idea coryston nobody wanted it nobody wanted it everybody voted against having a national what have done now is they've created each state has an idea that is able to be recognized and validated by the national system and so the real idea that we have going now is basically a national idea care but not run under a national id card of rolla instead it just in a grated of all of it aspects and avenues and so of all the difference so once you have every state into a compliant system once they are all in now have effectively and a national a one supersingular system and we now have that with her in her the same thing is in effect happening to the monetary system as the english banking system and of the corner stone out of london of the world bank as the implement block can security features transaction tracking certificates of affectation the occasion and all the rest of the banking systems go into the block entire you'll have basically that one word world commercial infrastructure just like we now have a one party or one world national identification kind of recognizing what's being done in through technology in the cyberspace is really where we need to look at to safeguard ourselves if the dollars can a collapse of all the central bank in a glass to some degree to drive the move over into a place that does seem liable than we should be looking ahead as individual consumers that perhaps having crederetur note isn't the wisest thing you know hate to say it may be in some form of a theory americaine bestower whenever the so many points out there but the future an assent global central banking system is not in the national forces it will be more of a universal you he will have to see you know i'm kind of sceptical in all systems at this point in time because that any system is always as good as a people standing behind it and that's that's my problem because you know if you've got a cryptomerias assumes down you still don't have anything in your hand and somebody else's controlling your access to what you have and i've got a huge concern about that because what we already proven is that unless we clean all of the criminals and those that are corrupt out they're going to figure out a way to get in there and and ring the system to their favor favor we have seen when it's not just now this has been proven out though you know that we've got we have people that have been pretty well fallen or evil right from the beginning of time and if they can continue on their evil for they will i know so i mean the lack of prosecution and lack of coming to terms with with the court issue as a chorister got a spiritual problem right now people who are beholden to this material world as well as the rest living in the spirit with you know with a right in there there behold it to this world and monetary gain to money to the setting instead of you know what just like lay that down unless you see what happens to cause i am of the belief that you don't do things because you're getting things back for it you do it because it's a right thing to do and you know i think one of the best stories of you know an example of that was abraham and lot when they when they parted at and and oh decided to choose as he was he was very tight into the worldly system he took the valley he took what looked the best with his own eyes and he said you know what i'm in a go down to the valley because we know that the veil you know he knew that the valley had the water and had thought the luster pastors and and at the safety of that in abraham aside he said it doesn't matter where i go god will bless me no matter what and you know is like a hen people ask me if i will what do you feel about this election on like i serve god as a matter to me which way it goes i'm only responsible for walking forward in faith and faith in god in doing what he asks me to do the outcome and no matter what happens you know going forward today to morrow and next week two weeks five years years the outcome him to our job to walk forward and with no fear in what we know as the right thing to do and i'm to go back to that again when i see somebody that that that is fearful or that operates from a point of fear i can tell you right now that they are not walking with god it's one of the quickest determine that you can make because an alias to spiritual problem they are not walking with god because they are being driven by the spirit he said that be a nice little clipper what those sunday servants those notes great eternally wollnow and then it is an amazing thing when you do walk you know walk with god you can go into any situation and we have no fear because the outcome truly is in god's hands and whether whether we're here for five minutes or two years or god twenty years of fifty years or you know who knows how many the outcome of that is in god and in his outcome is always good even even with that gallant show up this week end you know little screaming demand that decided to to make an appearance the which i'm still kind of like i feel sorry for i really do that anxiety and in craziness going out i truly feel sorry for this person i really do it was really really both pathetic and amusing at the same time your amused at the ideality of the dean you feel sorry for the person because our fight is with is with principalities and powers not with flesh and blood and she clearly has a spiritual problem any large to have much craziness and it was out there for everyone to see how absolutely not to control not she was so i'm an added another friend here to the street and we're going to put my kin he may call you to a man harrogate to see you mike said a few weeks or as i'd like to be back on being on before the action and i'm like a today a great day jump in her body all right so i only have four so election how we get more people to be for you and this may be in the trappers seniors people with disabilities aethereum well we're outwards but remember this is a something that i think is is a missals is people have the opinion and and i learned this when i was putting together the hospice stuff that i was working a grief and lose your dealing with mostly people who are older than our losing possession people too but but if you lose faltered so that all repeople are having him these close personal losses a lot more their friends are dying there there on the spot so everybody well you know old people are not on the internet they are not taxed it's like you to break you know i was i was taken a programming classes in the early eighties and bananas sixty years old so i am i'm i think i am like almost here to be considered a senior citizens a shortly here whately funny our older population honestly is as tax save as a younger population as compared when you compare with every grandma and grandpa on the plan at niagara sit there where their phones and they'll be sharing things tattoo about their kits and getting information out there you know what every single person out there jump on brandenburg news network jump on my telegram page ah because telegram doesn't sense all the rest of you tube twitter face but even my man that the i do you're getting down a light on those channels at that donna brandenburg light where if you go to some of the other the ones that we control like brander news not work is actually ours or dot com man which did on there grab these links and pass them on to all your not works people tell them what's going on so that they in fact have the information in the refiners and i think it works been a hundred million engagements on line this week after i have a couple of friends or so there were other remuneration of my honored he might come back i thank you so much i really appreciate this this is not a wind for not a brand bird this is a wind for all of us we heroes is just i'm just i'm just stupid enough to stand up in front everybody and take all the take only know the screen in a narrow when that she ah then and democrates in sunder omono right that's right so yes so i said to a line to my potations election the poast he jumped everybody there i love that i did that with jason with his hard line too and and a terrified on there with that so that's cool i really appreciate all the work you you've done my you're a man patriot and and i just i just can't what a what a beautiful sweet spirit you have because if i now what might does and how much of his life he does care of other people heart warming inspiring and you are a tremendous tremendously person like is your living right thank you so any other question not not for good i just want now at the question i had for you i should i should ask if you weeks ago when i was supposed to be in but now now i will get into the bush turned the last fight for hours like a does he pray for you i rancorous what would you like to pray unlined for everybody out there in that atelier now melinda how father was a four your blessings we thank you that sir good god that you love us and your love our country station at patriot people and bless dona campaign enters campaign just round to the end let us pass good peaceful that love and want of serve you in her otranto our name but he asks in a defamer thank you my son they think the common one to day is there nathan to say you can stay on if you like for a all right so here let's see what are wrong off into that anything to say carondelet that's a rare thing the boy friend is go question and i asked you earlier than i think people would probably like to know your your answer what is done doing on election day and although election day an election night so i'm kind of a home body honestly i've got my uniform for to morrow which is my new plan i decided to go with red and black flannel and i'm going to be hanging out just kinda kind of doing what i normally do i don't really i don't i don't get into this this nonsense too much of an abject or over anything you know so what am i going to do and probably get a morning celebrate life pray listen isumbras music you know and i'll be on my john tater at nine o'clock in the morning tatterdemalion tater these amazing a cherished date from the stairs party for wayne county and he is the guy we need an office no use history teacher teaches the constitution and when he's just a very he is the right guy that's only i could say a lot about him because we've been doing tagetes days on to continue to do tattooed probably look forward to be announced friday next week what ever renato i mean i'm not going to sit here twiddley fingers and stop i probably i've got a couple of lawsuits that i want a lot and because dan's right turn so i think i'm going to keep unchain matter no matter which way i go as you know i'm not going to change a thing continue to go for we're going to continue have a voice or and i think the other thing is is a just like wandering in the desert or in captivity that people are in stay stop god goes before us he shows us the plan one step at a time if we get in front of god we will screw it up every single time hang out with the people you love take anybody that wants to call in and might do another canaan and or you know i rest my phone number and came and and they whatever you want to me it's not going to be enything fo me and start i might start a i don't know drink coffee at my go for a lot you know how i gondelaurier on me do it always do you know me go forward with it just going to change the direction that that it'll just change the direction of maybe here i don't know where i serve god it doesn't make any difference where he wants me to do whatever he wants me to do i could care less i'm just going to continue to serve god doesn't matter to me a physician a position is only too make the case i think it would be you know i have a lot of tools might disposal to make some very significant change for the state in an restoring and nobody better say democracy again i'm sick of a democracy with concepts and you know we're going to continue to find out fight against the common un apart because he faces the system of fascism the hate the evil trained to gather up the lost a place to council how can people process the anxiety no matter which way things go i just don't it just doesn't affect me because i don't get crazy i was thinking about what what is careering to do to morrow night what care i well normally we would be watching the news if you can call it that you know we would be willing what are they putting it in there and now i like well probably such a farce that i don't know what the actual results are good as we and the actual results will be hidden for a long time i'm sure but what are they going to report on the new sicilian keep an eye on that and said at home and laugh about it because i think it's going to be some garbage but are they going to put the truth out there and paris the ernother question is the election going to be rigged her unrigged oh i marrerbones no work in your the truth regardless i think i think we are going to see an election happened because i think we have to see something yet we must show them as not and in yet and i think we've got some more learned i don't know what that exactly going to be maybe you break in algeria may be whiter wings and she ticks off the whole state and we all drayman some significant changes that way may be dixon winds and everybody throws a fit because they really didn't like her to begin with may be done in buying a long shot and surprises everybody and they all trooped somebody's going to be throwing a fit and i will not let what absolutely we have assurance some one is going to be through in a fit to the i like us would be sitting conybeare in my mind it's most likely de certifiable and it goes all they back to twenty twenty dear oh yes oh yes but we were watching further back out and what dan was saying the morning and have to go back and watch that over again listen to what he had to say because it's shocking the level of illegalities in our election already this year and like chris gilain he's grey into be watching that water and thinking because he's been i am aware that he is bewaring in mosquito county for some time and they've got a lot of bad all they have an accent report they put together and it's only part of the picture what are they going to do they don't know how to adjudicate properly if they don't have proper rules proper guide lines or whatever you want to call them those clerks are really tough spot this year i do not and by them or the water or challenges you cannot certify an election when you know the things are going on so i'm sure that chris kalendas team will be fighting in musitional the election because they've been fighting it the are responsible for carrying out an honest et somebody outside of them are above them is actually rigging in election the responsibility is still going to go back on that clerk as some point time and i think that that's what the powers that be that our absolutely bunch of communist unitary a crap are going to try to spread out that spread out that responsibility and pass the buck on to someone else i'm really concerned that there are people out there that think they're doing the right thing or going to get caught up in this i really and the election denies all the way to the bottom the election a crazy okay here's to you something catboat all hired nationals see what this i'm going to read the rest of this this is kind of interesting i have i have another theory on this too i think that a lot of our pemican think the gas and that to exhaust to kill thousands of jews during the transfer the transportation were designed by a colonel walter ralph he was a friend of holocaust architect rinehart padre and oversaw the killing of a hundred thousand people yet a few years after hilario the israeli service hired a spy and help him flee it justice south america also worked for westernization agency goes on further and further and further this is so big that there's a lot of history that we were taught that is absolutely false and a blatant lie an it's keep going here let's go back to the election because you have to wonder how many of these people are actually working within our election it's a tough spot i like you were saying it's going to be hard for the public to because they're going to want to place blame on their local clerks no matter what happen yes they are some of that will be due and some of that will not be due so i be said before be careful with how you interact with your clerk some of them are just doing the best they can under the circumstances and there may be so as the one who claim that she had excellent election who are entirely or want to do things her own way versus the way of we the pope what is the will of the people that's what's most important men of you said that before two you want to know what the will of the people is so if we can see that that cannot be counted on in this election but no we can't certify it but if we can determine what the will of the people is well you watch what happens to a trapped animals which i think is what we've got right now titania they're going to start donald william so perfectly in the they will turn on each other and i think we're going to see continue to see them blowing out their ammunition and turning out each other and creating blame in the setting who who to man up here and and get in the game for real instead of playing politics and trying to fit it it's almost a gagement with some people were you know they've got to have their it really it really is and when you look at how how they start growin younger people to get into these political parties if you ever seen that i have and i thought it was like as i was really kind of concerned in watching the target a people in colleges and such to jump on the republican party were legion it looks like a brown shirt thing from germany how it goes and in intellect to those you know parents or talking points from their grooming overlords and i may grooming politically grooming his is there their definitely or devil doing that i mean that's exactly what this whole nonsense a school was all about with coveted to condition children's brains to be what afraid so that the control of all they want us to be controllable yeah you you mentioned before about how they were treating delegates before trump rallies and he tried to catch me up in the not too because i had been a delegate and i reined in january because i said this is not for me any more on warious on my assembly work and other things and i just not interested in being a delicate well i later on when trump was coming to michigan i got a text to call he do you want to come because we're going to have a back stage thing just for the delegates and i said well that sounds exciting but i'm not a delicate any more all well you're a delegate until august and i said no i resigned and i wasn't going to pretend like i hadn't just so i could get behind tramp and get these special treat that they reserved for these people that they want to manipulate a not that manipulative any more or manipulate no but emotional in the menagerie girouette i make a word with a man a bit oh i didn't i benevolent trump victory what you referring to this is another deep dark hole of despair astarte nobody seems to understand exactly what the trump victory as it's a money making and that are manipulating people's lack of knowledge and ignorance is a oh yes we need to be part of the club we need to do now this is actually something that's run by very high levels within the republican party and i think they're using president trumps name in order to to raise his huge amounts of my you know this is something else a i noticed that that really so i'm an observer and i watch pan i make connections i don't overtake things that face value and this is another thing at that washington really that i saw besides writing out of water besides one having no hand santissimo having no food at two o'clock it was a shame it was shameful that this welcome president of the president of this united states these united states and to the state of michigan in such an absolutely peaceable honorine way when he is proven over and over how much he loves the american people by his act and they just honor him by not treating him with the do i have the in planned out as i am sure they were all set in the back room the republican at having their water and their food in ignoring people who are really in trouble on the floor it was absolutely i was so mad about that i was how i will not be part of something that's this dishonoring president and i was furious i walked out of there i was talking to myself on the way to the car i was just like you know where you talk to the ceiling in your life and it wasn't against president trump it was about the hack sham republicans at the top who arranged this little little sam rally to dishonor this man and all of people that were there it was so manipulative and i was kind of just watching the interactions and i was watching what they had on the board and on both sides of the stage of course it was all about the money dear you know dear give give give give give give give give give give we need your money we need your money babberly because they were out of water they needed something maybe a good swift kick in the behind on their erfurt perform that that was the first thing that came to mind you know and a second one is to have you know it's funny general flints of the other the other day said you're both to get in as you in from a general while an ask showing from down a brand and burial more capitan than in pretty sure and ask you for a general because because every single person there would have had an asked to in and it would have been and we would get a move and that's including all the law enforcement stood around the other whether thumbs up their noses or one over their tombs were open now and absolutely no performance whatsoever they were all standing round looking and going will woodworking wathered even see the fragerolle and and then to sit there and look on both sides of the stage and have the bag for money but she that was going on there that's all it was and then to her over and over and over again were only doing this to make the pratings delicate presidentiel wood you know and in like your manipulating them your putting them in a state of ramabhai water or food for these people you you you bet your manipulating them because you're you're putting them in a state where they're looking for an answer for some come in rescue and help them in your lack of performance should he land at every single person out of that place on their ear to tito a welcome president trump in there with the honor and in the car for the people that were there not just in words but in actual deeds to make him an everybody else proud i'm disgusted with all of em i'd never stand on the stage with one of these miserable people and well i guess maybe i would but they would certainly get in as you in that they would never forget from dona brandon bird people might be a little bit you know i am i could give lessons on as you and i'm an tell you what there is no excuse for any of that and that not only is there no excuse for it was designed to manipulate the people that were there from top bottom and i heard it from their own mouths over and over and over and over again was one time i heard it i heard a multiple times by his hack would in communist unitary members orders of the united states of america and who should every single one of them should be called out and tried for trees and that's election interfere the psychological warfare type thing and it's a big only i and then they sucked the present delegates and to the convention over and over and landed i actually had some people there that were telling me that what was happening behind i clearly travelin during and artois report that got back to me was that she was standing back stage scream so many are and over and over again and that and the fix was already ended the deceive the present delegates once again because i'm going to tell you what these people are throwing crumbs to making them feel like they've got they've got a sailor an option in this when the whole thing take a bottom is alive you know i broke pesitistas with tudor dickon in a real debate because the old the fire you have in just telling a story about this respect for the president and a manipulation of delegates you had more in inspiration and energy behind that then we've seen from tutor dixon on stages she likes you were totalling a story once about a little kitten and how they're like great you fold them in a little in a little ball in your hands that's how i imagine too because he's like he's like a little piece gone she's got no courage or fortitude from what i see at the she's going to fold if she was ever put to the test she she's not as she said so the getting through many i am for family by miss tatanemance we're all going to be happy happy joy just like we have for so long really so for you didn't even have the guts to colonise to make it to the board to cause the stand out or for the for the shanty oh i received to life to dedicate really where where were you where were you in a bit when it when it's it is time to talk of the coffee as everything i've ever seen her do as all been stayed no not believe in one word of this not one word of it let's see i turn into a dull and adult to taroundant to see what you really do when you have to face an adult without as militant he had a daemonologie and green water into a live debate any time anywhere and i don't need a sure so up you show up prepared just without all your little crowing minions and ilissus see how while i stand because i am going to take a pretty good guess the hat the absolute horror of having some one who can i and he have knowledge might be painful the saviour we we we speak from what overflows out of our hearts and when you don't have a script when you don't have a package when you don't have a box two ly expressing the being that you are i think like karen just pointed out your genuine when you speak it's not prescribed you had a batelier where i said well boy that's a servant right there i can almost cut out the rest of the radio and just take that flat right there she talked about where your speaking with passion about respect and how we treat each other hooven amongst a political difference again that this is you for i naturally out of your heart it's not the same thing as you point out where they have caresses box trespass basically a front something to act out instead and so to call people out the say i'll be more than happy to dialogue with you in real time without a to say i make my heart available to be seen if you're willing to do the same thing i think a lot of us are sick and tired of being played at it and i watched a life time in commercial and they don't have any impact on anymore i don't care a tomatoes on and sings a great song about their water doesn't me go by no and so a lifetime of being advertised about hot dogs to to people to everything i'm just so done with i don't believe a single advertiser but because they automatically have some kind of impression they want to make one and so a candidate had become a whole bunch o oscar mayer liners with detestable been basically written by a bunch of marketing experts who went to college to manipulate honestis is what the voters on assay got to say this come on you little train to little jump for the tree tom to i mean i don't just hematite that's a thing there but a little political tool poodles plain political patty cake and you know just do it with their told what to do you know here jump in the tree you are all drunk brother you talk about the one that came and visited and how at and the word is fanatic right where we get our whole concept of being an seen a the short word being a fan but officially a fanatic and so if you're so fanatical about one party or the other party it's just amazing how much effort and energy goes into that fanaticism and at the same time imagination of that fanaticism was actually turned towards truth towards his then all of a sudden you wouldn't be acting in such a way because she eyes would be towards that light i considering i but that's exactly what it is that political pancakes is what their plan and the jumping from the tree here you do this and were going to do this for you and it's all about this this buying and gardiner in favor you know how would freeze over before i would stand in with that on the tiller now it's like a you know there's you know there is a hell michigan and if you go there right after an ice or you can get pictures of their sin heliatrope soused to have one so we know exactly what that means to you we know where he reads over too you know this is a funny as this everybody needs to choose who do you see are you going to serve fear are you going to get in the game and do something for your fellow human beings with no back down a outstand when everything looks like it against you or iron at the cotton run first sign of trouble you know that coward to cowards cutanrun at the first the first sign of trouble when things are going exactly the way that you wanted to do and then we run for the corner and we saw and we cried we stratam everybody else somebody else grows as another dog treat and tries to make everybody shut up and sit down these are done i don't know president trump ever listen to anything i do i have no idea i'm just conceiting you know if you're out there president tramp no back down its portion too won't and whatever but bidiane the shammer public in parting the sham democrat party never stood for anything can again they couldn't run a warm farm because there you know they couldn't run a war for it he put in front above you know because they're not they're not interested in running it because they're all in a perseverance but you know what if you're out there president who have never talked to you know what i was never had the opportunity to even take a man it's like i feel it's really a shame but you know it's like i support you i'd never say one disparaging word about that man or anybody else you had the guts to serve this nation even you know no matter what it is i'm thankful somebody bring brings a package of chocolate ship cookies to an banditti point so many people who are at and we that we receive in a glimpse of a glimpse of paris you're just like oh my gosh you know the world is good for another day well people people were dank beaurivage for their service and as you know i whether her landscape a cormorant of the military structure a captain or a teniers to get thanked for their service while in ultimately the president during his office is the commander and head of that same service so few within a ancora or a private in comforter service even though it's been years and decades and they been why wouldn't she think the commander in chief for the very service that they did at the same time with the same refutation train to shoot at the sky and then every single person in the seat on behalf of the united states of america for your trump you didn't have to do any of the and anybody who stood with him thank you for your service i'm thankful and there are so many of us that are thankful for what you done and listening to these miserable a shows out there that think they know everything that have never done anything but run their mouths you know but not in her the crazy the rest of us who are standing here with you will not back down and continue that ball forward with good economic policies and and and a miss i miss seeing you i miss the tweeds i miss everything you did because you were you were amazing inspiring and and shame on the republican party for not standing with him for not doing anything about the the election shame on every single one of them for dishonoring his man who didn't have to do a damn thing for stopped up bravely to where nobody else would have or had stout and you know you him you had a military hat military intelligence that this stood up with him but who didn't the political worthless political he have you any entertains a full point for real and i with interlinking when you were in front of them can for such fighting for the right to be on the ballot it wasn't just about you like it is not just about tramp he's a following but he is for we the people of the disrespect trump the disrespect the will of hope i think the big thing that's really happen in a testator people really focus on but i think you recognize it and that is there's a different congregation a different assembly that coming together right now and i believe it that millennial assembly that that multitudes if you will that in themselves behind the true and i i think that whether or not his body if you will that cluster of those of us that are for the truth assembled yet where we can actually exert the dominance of the multitudes that are in his name whether were there or not yet to have a big impact i still think that that assembly is coming together that the new party if you will that is a line to the truth is there and i i think you're already the governor and that which is why he's got you serviette serve in his name come and i think that that party in the long run is going to become more and more established his his kingdom is truth seekers will begin to conceal once were altogether in his name it becomes a party that so large all the other remaining frogs and lies and pony just crumble and disappear and will all really recognize the house that we stand i think you're already leaving us in that way by providing this type of avenue by brandenburg is network by being involved in the races that your involved in so i think as i guilford i i think we're really being he is putting his kingdom together and tenths of us that she had truth and do have that respect for those people that serve even if when there be beset by lions well and i think that the next step is to confiscate all of the illegal gain that they've made off the backs of the american pole the moving people across the board of michigan confiscate every one of their assets or human trait and go and this is not all we feel sorry bespelled know what they're doing that they did they knew what they were doing and we can't give them we cannot continue to go in and just a dead men it were going to turn ruination on turn out they in the knowingly did what they and they have to be you know it's like you know they can stand before god i don't really care it's his problem but you know what it's also our problem to live here as the body of christ and handle and we have not this nation this nation has to be maintained we have to maintain our nation and it just you know god gave it to us and it requires maintenance so let's go maintain it you know i mean that's really really what needs to and i don't know about you but i'm kind of committed to doing exactly that is i bring the thing back into in a republic that is in fact run by we the people in the only way we do that is to look at the failed political parties and say ah you guys failed sorry you lose for good bye bye bye oudinot it's not even that it the the actual illegal actions that they've been taken to in michigan we look at the two say the politicians themselves failing to do editor doing her duty improperly going outside the scope of her office and also committing crimes against the people by deliberately allowing or pushing on things like mandates and then we have the body of the the party people like ron wiser all the things going on in caounty again back to muskingon county having corruption so there's illegal actions going on in the party too and that has to be addressed but it hasn't been addressed properly the parties should be illegal i should go back to just being american the part is a turn in the special interest that are being founded by dark monnehan and all that sort of thing and then they choose the candidates and just give us an allusion here is your candidate republicans yours your candidate democrat we approve of them now going approve of our choice well yet as long as people allying themselves to that party or to that system that's that they take what they get it dismayed that how people continue to align themselves to something that is apparently no matter which party even within when they look introspectively on their own they acknowledge the problem so i again in still amazed at how many people that would choose to stay stuck to a party even though they also claimed to have a faith or meet the majority of the people that i need not all throughout michigan hattention talk to regularly all profess a faith and so i am always back to that one question what fellowship can have with an equity in it so you find lies in garbage within it why would you continue to even herself to it and like you say it's far barley really naterally gin a stick with that party because you're afraid yet at the same time you know it's crumbling itself grew deception so i just amazes me and again and then the statutes if you're going to fight and argue and compel when again you would profess the faith that says you know i walk in christ were the fruits of the spirit are not one that's quarrelsome man argumentative and arsenal instead one of peace and comfort and you know again but blest to the pole peacemakers you owe it i just don't comprehend associating with that which is unclean if you will to know the party of such to know the manipulated for so long and yet still what for some reason decided i'm i'm just going to do a lot more time you know what i like voting for the lesser evils i'm going to vote for you the least evil to a injun my monomania what it is well the employers i voted in the least evil system have men i make a great point and i think that the other argument that they'll have as well it's just common sense because we only have a two party system really and maybe that's let no pellitories may be all one flows people need to see to witness for ever that the third party can win with the proper grass roots as well grass roots candidate she hasn't got all the money into her marketing and strategies like the other parties have but she's going word myth and i think that's more powerful so in the end let's say down in the election on numbers and it surprises every one will then may be that's the lesson the people need dear your parties really do not have the power that they thought they had over the people and now the people can see how weak they are really when your corrupt the people will decide that you were corrupt they don't want to associate with you as can suggested well you know what we're trying to bring that do in our lives and some people are kinda digging their heels in because as to his said a few times we had going back to a bunch of bible stories and i've been doing that in my mind to sometimes god says he go wash in the river seven times yourself well that's a dirty river why would i want to do that well when the man did it he was cured sometimes you have to find out the hard way that your common sense is not god's common sense he has a different path in a different way out it may be that the election lesson this year that we need to a man alone inside love the fact and karen knows that as we speak in each one of us what's going on in her mind as a whole bunch of bible stories and evite this of the world and of the election but he christopher a whole bunch of lessons on that little truth that happens all the time you know that just that pasty little truth is amazing okay so i just just opathies of the one and to i urged that first of all that petitions prayers intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people for kings and all those in authority that we may live peace and quiet lives in all the goodness and holiness i'm not done get in please gather saviour who wants all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of for there is one god and one mediator between god and mankind the man jesus christ who gave himself a ransom for all e has now been witnessed too at the proper and for this purpose i was appointed a herald and an ape i am telling the truth i am not lying and a true and faithful teacher of the gentiles therefore i want the men everywhere to pray lifting a pole hands without anger and disputing there you go for the derangement and rome to stop it i also want the women to dress modestly thank you and decently and and to proper and pity adorning themselves not with elaborate hair styles are gold and pearls and expense but with a good deed an appropriate appropriate for women who profess worship and got a woman should learn quietness in full submission i do not permit a woman to teach or assume authority over man she must be quiet for an was formed first than even the adam was not the one to see as it was the woman who deceived and became a sinner but women will we save your child but buried if they continued faith while withholding is a propriety some of these things to require some interpretation and i think this is very because we have abused that you know a lot of people have used the bible to abuse others which makes others turn away from and understanding if you go to these meetings and watch what happens most time because women tend to become a emotional and things quite often they don't stay in a lot of times when this gently with the woman that came and was screaming and yelling like a not job a this week end that is not an appropriate reaction that emotional reactions and you rarely see that out of man rarely you see that our man you know and i think that i think that we're what we're saying is that the women because we tend to be more vocal more than men rurality you know i think i think the word what i heard one time is that makes up about two thousand five hundred words a day where women we can hit drifts of thirty thousand in a shop and it's very burden to remember times of being quiet and not having to say all the words some of the words and not using your words also as a weapon so as a woman i can say that may be with a little bit more elegance or or explanation had iversen that were you know a woman will jump in situation and they talk and they talk and they talk and they talk and they talk and they talk and the that not just to explain things to down the people around them it's very much a bullying tact and i think that there's a point there that because we're different as pointing out the fence but there comes a point time where we sat back and we let the conversation on fold without emotion with a logical thought process without getting you know without having to say all the words because sometimes it takes guy a little bit longer to formulate what they want to a kind thing when the words might come to a easier where actions might come to an easier it's a kind thing to step back and let other people have that time to to formulate their words i know that like with my husband one of the things that i learned that was very very important with my husband is realizing i allotted times i'll just sit in a long and i'll let him just talk without responding for hours it's so cathartic for him to have that motion or that time where some one is we and i think that that there's a time to talk a time to listen and listening is a very kind activity just because something is easier for us to do than it is for others a kindness to step back and let them have their moment of framing the world to and in in a peaceful way but you bring up a difference between men and women and i agree with that i think that's a great scripture i think men are kennon for problem over yet oliphant's wrong honey let me fix it if you and i you know it took me a long time to learn this said what a beautiful ministry the woman is for a man i think that that emotional being that is the majority of the women a trotter the man wants to fix the problem the woman collarette as a problem i've got a father something that's not right this is brother and the man follows scripture and he keeps himself in christ then he's walking in the proper path and i think in that aspect the woman can feel the same comfort she can see his the moment he steps out of that instruction soon as he steps out of christ he chose leader goes off the motional bell start going off we've got a problem and you're right depending on the flare of the understanding there then that that go on for hours and tell me you know again he gets on the fixing and again it is in marriage situation he's told to take that role in the scriptures now the truth follow me he told them and that way women you can support your man because he's following it so i think it is a beautiful relationship dynamic that it created between the man and the woman and is supposed to be in front you know picking the problems with his chest out and she is to be backing unreeve got a problem you know the great thing about it is like like i have i have a great marriage my husband is absolutely the love of my life he is he is an amazing amazing individual mark my best friend and you know it's not to say that everything is like oh yeah you know not let not it it's a very wet you have two notes type a personalities but the triple personalities the kids always think it's funny he said they that's like watching an a movable object being hit by an unstoppable for some time so you know it's it's kind o i think it's pretty pretty accurate because i am in no way shape or form of poor but when when there's a problem i am absolutely not going to get in my husband's way because he is amazing and in an amazing irish i absolutely love and i now it doesn't mean we don't have our disagreements but we you know you talk through them and you work it out and as as a wife i i give him a lot of opportunity to talk i want to be safe spot to be able to express whatever on his mind even if it takes him a little while to formulate the words i can tell you he has focused on a problem is amazing so for me to listen to him too and his analysis it without being stuck with my analysis of critical and that skill of us can develop of listening to each other divorce in ourselves of our own can see notions sometimes so that we listen for information because that person whether you agree or disagree with you is giving you more information than what you have and i want to listen to those things those people i disagree with even if it's not exactly maybe it might not even be hit the mark there may be something just off for that that actually gives us more information to make a good decision you know they had you know you'll go out and and and i think that what's happened as you can that you can see that need to dominate from the feminist of communist movement the feminist movement was one of the most destructive movements in the history of the world it was about dominating it was not about working together i completely and utterly disagree with that most movement because it's very much a bullying movement you don't have to act like that and we don't have to put down another human being a man and our society in order to feel superior to them special favors i i absolutely i absolutely disagree with every part of it i disagree with anything that honestly put down another human being in all of us to be able to lay down our weapons each other with rest no matter gander race age and have that re listening to them and then coming to a peaceful not emotional peaceful resolution which is in every one's best i've got other shoreport at last consensual yourselves unto your own husbands as is fit in the lord i love your wives and be not bitter against them people often get stuck on that submit yourselves from the wives well as you said as you noted sometimes and my husband says this many times she's taught his lesson to women they you know women don't like having the idea of a man putting his thumb on her so to speak and that's not what that verse it recognized this that women will step up their game if the man does not do the job for them they have their family to take care of and they will step up and take care of business if they have to but if they have a husband that's willing to do his part she should submit to allowing him to do it on the asteroid there in the next first that men are to love their wives and as cencoatl but in other words a man has a responsibility to listen and then to take care of business and love his wife show love and tenderness toward her while also protecting his family if they both do their part it's a beautiful team as donatus i oolalik at the scripture too in a sense like like mansion should treat their wives like like christ trait treated the church headline down he stepped in front of all danger to protect and devoted and it is a beautiful thing if you was obsessed with those videos for a while trying better about how horrible people are to each other a random as of kindness about ninety seven per cent of the time it was man that stepped in they would jump into burning buildings they would jump into into the water to save a dog they would jump in front of any threat without any concern or thought to themselve now women if you're going to be to somebody who's a protector in a defender just to be right every single time you are in the wrong that is really an abuse of someone who is willing to do anything to put themselves in the way of danger to take care of their families and to prove a point on any issue of that is to you know it's a kind thing and here's a statement that i can kind of been his kind of also been something that i've tried to live by sometimes you right you just write but sometimes it's okay to be wrong for the healing of others you know and that is the higher colleague is even to accept the gilt something you or going to decelerate or to create or to help another heel karen sat a great when it works perfect into beautiful union but there we also got instruction in there on how to deal with it when it is broken and when there is a problem and it tells the teeman when your man is not walking in that face you still have to stay in that fatal and it says the same thing for the husband whose wife isn't in the lord i might you know again a big in the lord and be the strength eight within the relationship allowing that other party or the opportunity to come around and see the light ensoleille that i heard somebody asked it and as in question as you know what if the husband tells the wife to have an abortion asherancally supposed to listen to it will attain what husband is following the assaying honey go kill the baby you know betatakin of very many so so there is a time when somebody has the the burden the obligation the responsibility so to continue in the lord and so an especially when the other partner if you will or the other half of the whole body is not necessarily doubt their eyes turned to lord there is a way what is broken to continue enduring if you will well let's go back to this and how much how much damage has been done honestly by using by bible the bible as a weapon for gain for self either a monetary gain or to control another human being that is wrong wrong we are supposed to lay our lives down for each other and give deference for the free other instead of making it about you know about what we can out of the situation in all sits step in and help another person and lay down lay down our credence notions or what we think is right and let somebody else but their input and i mean honestly that's what people in office should be doing they should be listening that wisdom is going to come from all people it doesn't matter who they are there is nobody's got a woven taught to worship human beings and have idols in place as human beings that are making the decision then we step away from our idol and we let them do what i do do which is nothing and then you know we refused to get involved you know we got you know the state of what is it was on gilliland i can't remember it with thee as a statue and delegates island they brought up and it was kind of funny come it was the cornerstone we've got our we've got a political constitues up there in our political in our you know even religious people are pelletier to instead of respecting their authority and helping them we want to shoot at them and you know in fine find fault with them while you know what that's where we stop getting agitated and have to go after people and turn into republican or down a crayon know derangement ome and be able to sit there peacefully and all situations ago howell that's it god stone control so what you want me to do parties he d'hargicourt parties because it's all the or so and how a house divided against itself can stand on it still can't bother people with faith picking one of the parties of division or manittoes make it a noerre we ever really going to come together in the body of truth and skipping divided while an i feel for people who have been have had a good deal of religious abuse because there is religious abuse out there and i don't i don't agree with that either i mean it you know there are people that beat other people over the head with a bible which is actually antithesis of god and you know it's like a horse trainer is only two kinds of horse trainers on a planet and i can talk oh talaat length without the still horse trainers that are you will submit to one in their constant and hold something over somebody's had to get them to and that's a terrible terrible position to be in but there is also horse trainers that come along in the say for the good of the horse to keep them safe come on will do this to altogether and they earn that trust in that friendship and then that other person realizes how you know or the horse or the person realizes while this person is for real they don't won't really mind anything they're trying to keep me safe and it's not about telling me what to do or igualmente you know that's exactly what horses do i am not going to listen to you or your anointed me what to do and they start with a queen and the head and the kicking in that a people do the same thing or the same you know so is that it's a matter of time and trust is entrust is not true never be given and we should never lie you know and he and i that grew up if it's a good person gruenwiesel glad told me you know i didn't know because we don't have that vantage point of god at any point in time we just you willing to walk you know what the horse seems to learn what you want one the horse figures out what you want they will almost always give it to you by just asking it's amazing yeteve about you put the halter oh you want me to put the hall trotter face right in there and give it to you yesterday as a friend to keep the just somebody who's trying to tell them what to do or stop them for fine their happiness they realize while this is great we can i find my hans we can still do things together and actually within the safety of a network whose here to protect and defend so i don't have to be alone first by themselves or person by themselves is subject to being a victim of pray that a problem with the proposal three sets are children up to be victims all of these proposals are bad but proposal three is specifically about setting up children to be victims of creditors they can have somebody come up and give your kid and sterilize them you have not been a child can be a victim of any one they can you can wash one day if i a little boy and having an you know a doit may be something like a i don't know a geiger know thet i don't know what the aconites are not kind of a loser when it comes to the igorrotes that had coronal the master gordon don't forget i do and cornelian south somebody to say love they're playing with a doll they need to be a girl and all of a sudden sterilize a child all but oh in i found this oceangoing the upright now because i'm so done with this cramp it's not even and in the lies and the victimization how much money has been made by these absolutely lying of crap that want to gently utilize our children the amount of money that is into i hope i can find your cause i know i know i i to my new feed here business of doing these things as it is of our over gently utilizing underneath milady under the guise under the guise of of trans gender now this is genitalia sterilization children and it doesn't stop suicide is what their telling parents oh this is going to stop the susitna that's like an okay apostles equal but cora like this is all about all about this is about victimizing children by really sick he and there so much money in it and i wondered if i can find this ninetyone daintinesses is this is incredible how much money has is poured into these the surgeries and an in victimizing children and now it proposal three they can do with our appearance without any in i mean any agreement from the parents to do menagerie how influential commercials may be or advertisement to me i've seen a lifetime of commercials they don't motivate me too hardly even think i'm a topic and are you you know advertising brand new to them i mean it's the more susceptible thereunto and the opportunity to advertise it use even look then playing with a doll on a those types of advertisements and all the attacks on a new brain on a new canvas if you will is really scary because now all of a sudden the child that all of a sudden catches their first commercial on maybe i could mutilate might all of a sudden sophomore they even had years and years that realizing that the influence is just that someone selling some product of service adroitness slightly greater there's a greater risk for suicide when they are at therese's bigger and there what their tranchant find right now i'll have to see if i can i don't know where i put it you know i have so many things off when i'm on when i may doing my research and such it amazing so i wasn't plan and going near the morning but you know now from the kitchen table so who knows you know where this is you know it's kind of a it's a random thing right now but but yet this is all about this godless this horrific practice sterilizing and gently mutilating children that what napoleon to her about your choice in children the disuse in people as is idiote there the agenda hoping stay ignorant enough that they don't really know the truth of what's really going on the you know it absolutely when i was in front of the board cases on this issue which uterine er had to get to show up for as to good talk or in kelly or any of the more acutely was there either all they've got all the answers seeing all of these where are they runagate in a bunch of money for it but sure keep a man going in the political round but he wouldn't fight the election fraud that he knew his happening when he said he was not going to concede except in surikoff really quickly not ready to fight you're not in the game our traitor sorry i feel about anyone that's not willing to set forward and fight say with works behind it i chose chose a party i mean again your back your nation is divided and you're going to choose one of the parties in again if you profess faith how could you choose to be part of a divided nation there's just no division in grace it doesn't make sense to me i believe he really choose his party line and so now drop back in order to push his party the same problem that's gone on all the way along an orinoco hours so aniela's okay so good i moroseness but let's go ahead and and this i do you have any other questions from you flowers subscribers anywhere while the others a few of them out there i was in we will add them will all had them on the channel because i think that we've had the two hour mark here and we can always open it up again i set all tritet on as much as we can but if i don't get to it then well come back night do another one and so i'm looking the actually all the new stuff that i've got that i've got a safe off their athanaton on in the news absolutely incredible amount of information and things that are happy not these and all thinking is happening because there's a lot happen i just as a squirrel the direct line is drawn you're either a patriot or loyalist anyone voting with these political parties is guilty is how collaborating with the enemy that's from exploring with mike i agree with that he dorine you're doing a cue and a can you tell us really quickly what you think of the all love the sudden new crop that we had yesterday i don't know i think it's absolutely i look at everything and i think every one should be able to look at everything in the value wartensee shared i will throw everybody because i did pause streathern she re you heard while no i i want to i know you studied it more in thy have so was curious what you thought of it leike four nine five nine what groups are financing ukraine why are they financing ukraine why was hunter in ukraine why did to by threatened to withhold from ukraine joe a billion dollars who benefit what did pop receive in return why is hunter not in jail a male question mark bribes question mark extortion quest mark question mark who do you control a leader question how do you control the country question are you ready to take back control your vote matters you have all the tools you need signed good advice to me yet i like them i liked the last couple of lines and be so you're going to call me a cute that make it a bigger statement there than just make sure that you come a tired on every label whatever he called shattered just take two of these our tired than covers everything in it lustering you know does made stick and stone and i like that i love that line i do many find your happiness so i told that's what i told republican derange syndrome cite other night you know it's like going to happiness mind it were an i and hope you can find some because i'm pretty sure that person is a little bit friendless like a rat perhaps he didn't read it but he makes me to lie down in green pastures you know i just can't get worked up over it and gone so any well i say a prayer for the day guanaco back on to the sea i'll see if you want me to do a question an answer to night if i am a very unpretentious want to get on with me and then we can negotiate know of you what we know a joy such a joy you always have wonderful people to benson for great guest mountaineer talk about jason and the past and yet if he needed just live now i be glad to be here we could do that to night at some and that might be really really wonderful so caeterae her dear having my father thank you so very very much for for care and and can every one out there listening to the bridges we know that this is a very tumultuous time for our nation and i believe it's the beginning of a new nation one that that we get to pit the restart there do over and bring back to seventeen seventy six style between the bales right where it was then between the loyalists the patriot which side you are on clear message to all of us and we know that you are siftin right now your fiftieth are goin to who is going to be standing to the end brave or who is driven by fear and is controllable and we thank you for this so and so that we know who is worthy to stand to the inn and fight the fight to defend those without a voice stand in the way of evil or who can be compromised and who has who has that double mindlessness or that weakness of heart that needs to grow up a little but that you would pull so many people out of this weakness and this the fear that they would lay it down and put all their trust in you heavenly father because you are always good all the time you defend us you protect us we have nothing to worry about the gate great future had of us in the end whatever it is wherever you want us to so be it were well that your will may be done on our hesitant haven't thank you for this wonderful day we ask that you pour your spirit on this nation on michigan and give people a a peace that passes understanding that there is no fear but there's only joy now in that your will will be done in that you in you when every time we know that we know how it ends we know the end of the just so thankful for that thank you for so it's going to be a beautiful day here in michigan and all our friends and family that we care about so very much and and our neighbors and our communities and in all these wonderful things that you've given us to enjoy in the world animals apiece of people enjoy hunting and fishing and some people enjoy crouched mittening and in taking you give us such a wonderful sand box reply in an it's your sand box and we respect that will continue to serve you in this world that you give or stay we love you an teustepe the man you muted their candid tumours ah that way you don't hear me going all the loriner wonderful engines i love you oscillate such a wonderful thing i will you know it's like whether whether it ameliorate or another i think we're going to continue to do this morning moreno regardless you know can you imagine a governor who steps of every morning is well here i am said that the kitchen day what'll want to talk about and oothout senor she offering like that but just walk in forward and sahara you have to say won't you come out and talk for a while no let's just not be in this political you know go diotima evil but sit down is just people and have a cup of coffee and taking out figure out how we can put this his i think it's going to be it's not going to be you know professional bitter class talked about so many times that we are going on but actually people who come to the table with solutions because they love the nation they love each other and they want right that does that is a professional pitcher but profile with all we got to have a couple of professional benches because they are responsible to telling us where the pot holes are so notional over her governor i'm on this morning and only can have susan from grenville come on and tell us about the bottle promote governor can get on beginnin as a highway sixty nine round flint is the worst stretch of road the whole plan at it i swear to you i think i think i should more things went loose on my truck there than anywhere in the state i don't need it tell me all the tuscania or do you want road come on but can't have both keeping the right because we got a regatta give money crane we got to pay off these you know we got to give money to pull the abaris we ought to pay you know for you crane and ship it off to hear their because you know what the politicians you know there were plain political patty cake out there just don't have enough money to make himself feel like their import it winsome donated to the republican party this year and put it into the road we constable oh you know what is it that you know what we need to come and hear that money well what i did i i think the numbers on friday for the overall cost the election money donated in expenses was at a quarter of a billion dollars so i mean people pony out of their own pockets just to have the conversations of the goethean of a billion dollars mouth could have gone to feeding a neighboring road mispronounced or the peniman i saw a bright like me she's collected fifteen million but she spread eighteen just just to see has been charged with the finances of the state in the ego and most of that came from out of the state to so i just get hilarious money follow the money as the editors are being fed by the dark money funds and notation corporation that's not coming from me the people this is buying favors and as people are owned there nothing more than a sham shame on them should be illegal i think it is a legal which be demons great fornicating there there i don't know i heard that the republican party is now working at a deficit of a million dollars that i'm sure roninhohonti of in the right a check for that or somebody else will but anyhow all this part of the show we're going to do this thing i meant brandon bird for governor bradford for governor dot com and or brandenburg news network dotcom lots of videos jason put a whole bunch more up and i think we've got a series of men and answering questions talking questions that were there were asked to me and such a insinuation doesn't matter what does like it or don't like it i'll tell you what i think and then you tell me what you think and maybe you got the better answer and i'll say right we're going to go with that answer you know and so i it's it's wonderful it's what it is but putting his nathanmeyer with a vast and ran how about them now about me only answer but there's millions of millions of better answers i'm sure than the ones i come up with messenian a brandenburg for governor brinberg news network and let us call it a day and made it ennison o'clock was about two and a rosiere and see who calls in or if anybody calls in her way of creating on or you know how chastitie in there wringing their hands over whatever shall be community do that soon we love it redoubt there were fighting for you there's a tremendous amount of people out there absolutely fighting for you and your family i god bless you god be salthouse whom you love and god bless america thank you can and care for being a dotation the day i got my anointing