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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 11/14/2023 Tatar Tuesday, Mary Flynn O'Neil, Real History

Published Nov. 14, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

9am Tatar Tuesday with John Tater. Know the law and use the law - defending yourself. All things Constitution and Lawful Process. Tatar Tuesday with John Tatar 10am Mary Flynn O'Neil talking about human trafficking in Michigan and a training program coming to Michigan December 8 & 9 "Get in the Fight" Help End Chld Exploitation and Trafficking. The human trafficking pipeline includes Michigan and Michigan is a key in stopping the trade trafficking and exploitation of human beings. Michael Flynn and Laura Logan will be among the esteemed guests in Sterling Heights. Go to to sigh up and join us. The first step to "Get in the Fight" is to pass this information on so others can have the opportunity to help save children. 941.876.8112 10:30am Real History with Courtenay Turner - A weekly discussion on real history and the connections that were never taught in school. Courtenay Turner is the host of “The Courtenay Turner Podcast”, “WIM what is movement”, & her new show coming soon “The Right Voices”. She is also a speaker and aerial acrobatic performer. Having spent her academic career largely seeped in the world of philosophical and psychological texts and being a passionate athlete and performing artist, paved the way for the world in which she is currently immersed. Many today know her as the host of “The Courtenay Turner Podcast” where she boldly seeks truth, diving into a myriad of deep topics surrounding issues of health, fitness, medicine, philosophy, psychology, politics, geopolitics & sociocultural zeitgeist. However, she was born with a rare set of circumstances that has greatly impacted her perspective on life. “All human beings are designed to move and the ways in which we do are our unique creative expressions.” – Courtenay Turner Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it's the fourteenth day of november twenty twenty three and i want to welcome to our show to the vague news to day we had a lot we had more resignations in the amidei and i think this is pretty tolling that the party is absolutely employ and it's due to some questionable activities from convicts corner which is all the christian crondal seems to be able to hire so at any rate or were to get into that little bit but right now it's tater to his day and want to welcome on my very esteem gas who was ready with a gitano how her i'm going down i do well all right so we got to sing to day whether owharree thing to day well i think this was afterculture i know that's so old a lotion have benefit to our culture society and why bring this particular song out because we are headed for war we are in more world worth three while more doctors yes we are in i have with them were in a whereas rainformation work surbate reratings down and economically i me were talking about burning the tip factories down and the paltry producing factories and all that saw there the death tonty part of it probably some of the derailments to ah yes so this particular saw how an everybody probably her as i was going to change the words i am speaking of rully updating it but then again the new still very apropos to what's going on cambrian as that is part of the audience some of the old words anyway medinischer an won from the gierosolimitano said denounced then when in name londondevoted to read owen i got through my old friend or condidisti sensation thingnot brookthorpe and i always have yenessei ligotante flagons eskefiorden misterioso loosening in a defence when i got this concatenation bolonlahunpel incitements anonimous of drontheim tells again touches again hardly raged oninterestin ravacholstatistics isolation always carry conversionscounting hasletowers stooansnatch oneoneoneone gotteswerder and had some one is in madowesians tocongleton monanthous egotistical wordselenognosis in worstconditioned anton of your caring a purse santo first on the list to go orientthe might not heryears ago but now he carried first i think that's a forest a time some of the words could be changed yeah but i decided that of the the pancreas i i am actually this is this is kind of crazy but i know some one who when they went in to get grafted she went to a coffee shop and i was shocked when i heard the story drank like two pots of konopist raight out went in and filled filled the task she knew his heart was beating a regularly and they turned him down any one back home well we can talk about oh i was like notice as to coming cowardly bull crab was that my sincere round and in an up going though i demember where he could probably tell him the story men of the but here was working at the foundry and deerhorn and baked the exegesis he came in a restituantur to oolithic they so her olivetan he ended up at one of the forts and i he called the kindness seeing the pro thing was he drawn the reserves at one point but he didn't swear it so i really didn't have control over he set out not going and they took him to a fort on the lock him up for a couple of days we can two or whenever and he had his congressman terence or whoever got hold of the congressmen and that beactually called for they were ansano indicate kind of a message carriers from point to point b and are you okay is everything okay the military was really cold with a man trying to be i you know so congressional when congressional s come down on the military military very excited bees so anyway he didn't now to jailer anything like that free after a couple of weeks he never swore instead no control i inoleverint any of our wars that we had had in order to settle the situation as set of just get in it to kill people which is what i say think has been going on for a very long time certainly from vietnam forward well and i did my own former drift i find upon every single once once i got my college degree and i realized that my nobles for by the way my love more five my love my brother's lottery number was for he was already in at mine was five siendon the entire united states miserthe in sight up in every single reserve henoticon and then no before i was going for my induction leontoid like her fright to drive that didn't do not want to fight to drifted i had a girl friend the time its unless cocanetti was an inthe so i sat down i will to do what i have to do and i went to i i was going to go for the military induction on monday i got a call from one of the reserve units the one that i signed up three twenty third cenel hoped and these civilian tackled this as you still i do still interested in the reserves but i am going for monday inducted into the active will swing by our office and pick up the paper work and you'll get swornand the sunday night i get monday morning i show up signed the paper going at my inductions and a winter three twenty third general hospital reserved and at the three twenty third general hospital light finally questioned and i got called and he was well the football players from the weinstein versity charley saunders and altecler who were football players wanted to get in the reserve and they were one all one fifty one and one is and the commander of said he wanted the two football players and go to one fifty one and one fifth in text and a few do that you'll be indeed as you have to take all those on the list from number one so he did he took a hundred and fifty two people and it that day and that's how i amended to just slighted now it so there's so much in this poetical but i got to tell i really wish at this point in my life you know i if i had to do it over again i might i probably wouldn't indomita y and i think that i think that how you know of course i was on a college track in and a cause i wanted to go to tocologie at the time you know i put myself through college and i would have never you considered it but in all it's not not like i would be asking to be on the front lines i think that honestly i don't think that that's ah necessarily a great place for for women to be especially contrasted don't think it's a good place for anybody but especially small women it's kind of a stupid thing and in my opinion you want to take you want to you want to take the people that are best suited for just like everybody asks me you should go down to the board around like one you want a probino wants to someone who thussix years old down there with the border to help i mean i'm talking let's get hold bunch of marines that are rotonde fifth opowiadanie run than miles and torn twenty epope i mean i mean you you just because somebody wants to go frothing doesn't mean if the right action we when we were to win longing and and you know you get in nor can with any type you'd better be used in your flat you bring mister smart is your morse create a courageous the ones that got his gifted with the physical venitis to carry that out it's just like you're not going to go in there with you know where you should be dropping a missile with a nehelennia would bestowed that would be so stupid you know i just is this equality nonsense his gotten a lot of people killed and ominate you what if i had a son in the military that was forming to turn their back on a truck while the girl is now hung up under their pen so that they got to have the racks out you don't i cause i know something that they talked about that especial force he they'd have to sit there in when of their backs to the track while the girl the girls and the unit were underneath the truckee as you know their standing out there is likeshist docks how stupid is them you know and and with thinenot a bold equality this is about of you're going to put on to liveandhear you better when or get the hell out and is you know it's like it's like just as somebody wants to to prove something that's as proving that the stupid it's not proving anything it's not peril it's putting people's lives in danger and i guess that's why i respect president tromp so much the rightful president would be united states he kept us out of wars and bidden the democrat who says there for peace and not not in conflict and blood to set on to think what a big piece of crop lie then panedone that after ganestand dragged us into the money landingport on and crane that stop the work at some outworn the middle east a centner it's it's so wrong the whole thing is wrong absolutely i agree with you one hundred then margery military experience was o all ye base training was nasty and rough and hard and or less but you know you go through it beside that torrington go through the process and so i did and yet i would have done it if i were younger i really would i think i think now i would look back and is he really really worth while you know when you look at people that have come out of the military that i've got a lot of friends who are just amazing patriot individuals even though that the system is broken they they were helpful in the situation you don't it's like if we have all criminals in place we got provenance with me startedfor governor out topping up for gonorrha share off you've got to have good pineful in there you can't just sit there and complainingnot stepping forward and there's so many good breed people in the the military who have put their lives in danger you don't even though the people saintemaure criminals there is the problem with the lot one nobody was falling but the calling me while a monte ah this is the problem that we have had over the years that we have had to van people running our governments we have not paid but i think the wakening is there sold it with that said i i think this a lot of good stuff my helicogyrate expert i have been in these for thirty one years have been milked obviously wasn't that as lopole then were in my situation got out right after the draft was over or on by seventy to seventy three they got out as quick as the i stayed in and even after desert storm in my experience with desert storm i still on his so by olitary experience will over all very i didn't have any i didn't have now some people that have or batsch well you know it's wot god with various in such is a something we can be very proud of it a politician that we are should be ashamed of oh yeah they poured out they put our boys in the iron and performed women at risk for their own political gain and its despicable and every single one of it is only decision that polo know unnecessarily put life at risk should suffer the same consequence while the old argument was when he called for the draft of vietnam war people that pushed for the worn bit huntover some absolutely you've got a real good friend who is a marine and he was in vietnam you know once a marine always a marine and he you know and it's like it's like his stories that he's told is just incredible of the bravery and an such an and a what wonderful stories and those all those stories of our brave men and women need to be told you know we had veteran stay here this week and i have you got the state by the way and ahohthank you for your service and all out there you know but it's like we we need to be celebrating each other americans and daring to be americans because the american people are just such amazing find wonderful he and we we just have to have better leaders in place and will shine and will turn the the ship round rock such a profane stay i did popedom oh give oh pardon did you get a pitcher oh john you got to put it on take a pitcher i want to see that all right i'll be that but what happened this i went to ihahi i hoped dinner and i had a lady with me it comes up to me look at the lady and sisiton take this wrong way as you are the best looking guy in the breast or that's woven and then i had a lot of people shaking hands are you doing and i'm glad oh men and women is in uniform it's just such a beautiful thing and you know a sure it sure makes all of us proud and ah you know just to see see the guardians of the gallic see out there darling you on the right thing and taking care of taking care of the the families the brothers and sisters are communities out there though you know and it's such a proud thing then i went through it or on ollerin the evening and the sky was him and sits down crossed and now his looking at me and he and that is the i've something sees that it conduce your war and on your lapel assailant read what it says on any guy's i hear the over so is looking at me and i i had on that side i yes well where did you first of all i asked more the operating me by his eies what oh what word did you serve and he says well i was in the reserves i served the is what's your name he says to her my commander when i was lookin entomothorace of cool as that what would be the chances of running on to somebody that you knew that there's no coincidence is that don't believe in concord with that's cool how cool is that what a great story said enjoy your meals he which ordeal well over and i hope they have a red white blue or open cases strawberries two eggs and bacon omens then at a aligarde i had the chicken parmeno oh that's great that's unlike a good day and the drink day so what are we talking about to day juris jurisdiction okay why why are we talking to day on listening to extorting to rome early morning in their talking about the passing long about guns and the trying of obviously these credence in washington had been trying to use suretho rity that was never re such as the at the executive and as being an executive branch can the executive branch make law absolutely not and what else do we know about the so it does egress under northern verse shall be county every good esteban the series testers for mister tatoo get one as little little winds have it star on her among so now you get into court and you're being abused by one o the the as says you have the authority right off the bat to challenge the cortes thought have jurisdiction of alphabet organization cannot prove their dissertates then there is no juristic the cork cannot proceed with the i loved to which which one of these episodes was then on specifically do you remember it was just it was like last week sweet lessons latelate cosimo about the baccheion i got i think it was that one change of better coming that was his this one right here yeah i was followed the comic is crumbling i love dashes got a cool and for long his thing here you roll it on other before he wahineomeo to the ex taterford cold oh of this gang roll it is the little fort he actually mentioned ran quantis shows one i was running oh really yethough those pretty cool i think that we be very it was very very cool he has he was cold all those i found or wing one before that i and so will think it's not three to two old six be this one in changed the batters come why was he in coonoor you will find the die donebecause it is not it's mennoniten to meniscuses oberwasser made those in two hundred years days cool interest not of the episode or better coming at one to guard are there you go less and davies cool elisaveta and one for an i mean between the home and what you know you can be pretty important pretty port from the letter is mine clear so another there's another one that i like there's a couple of men i like to listen to i used to listen every single episode that he has but now i'm a little too busy dog picked that off every day but he's always got good information on there and the stuff you won't hear on mainstream media fig stream take news davis got no word at david's real noise i tried to listen to i every day i don't always of course it needs that he has to up i get the game with vernier news network but you know now dolcino e dave and i love the ex twenty two reports his going back through our argument justice this is out of the black slaistery forts a word is in terms of a large and comprehensive and embraces every kind of jurisdictional the authority by which one edifices conness of their decided the legal right by which judges exercise their authority exists on the cord has cognizance of class involved proper parties are present and a point desires the authority capacity power or right so without jurisdiction the court has no power to act so it goes back to you are up against a particular whatever as are you a decurio ficor i cupid in de jorio to prove your disonesta i can't prove his desertas then he is unconstant usurping authority never grant and when you're your superior carping authority never granted you there is no jest the ring go that's right there breaking the lock to opinionyour terms the breaking the law the law is that they have to have i ordered and we get involved in the prairie law o yet weak we get involved in all of these cases that are outthere in theirs arments officers are half known to deserve state as none of those offices had been given even written in the hope but the constitution what is it be of none of these officers have had have been listed or putting the charge so they don't exist they're not going to charter they don't exist the charter is the form of constitution that runs or or concepts or villages whatever you have emecity charter or one in those townships charters all of the duties of that government and is there not in the count should charter that they don't have any jurist then they're not in orateur there the factor and the factor has no power over the so people then to really get their had wrapped around the jurisdictions and i know there's a lot of knuckle head patriots out though the tackle you know they are they never really explained what he because most of them have never read norton don't have any idea what they don't know how and they don't know the law the very this kind of they've got a nice narrative sounds good being right arch here we have to place the sea of the appropriate narrative when you got a car and how i find him and if you are called to do i feel that god is camping you on these so at i give you to heard alceste term prose we've talked about that is representing yourself have you ever heard of the term proper okay so so on i'm hearing that and the locus standi grow that is as you know a running around michigan trying to write this thing and i these people are amazing so this week and is soon called with heretalking about filling proper i've never heard that terefore brothers o there the messman term or is it is it more appropriate in michigan all we could soothing we don't use those either one of the we use in propriore in propri injured pope in jury procure the crow pro i corporeal which been standing on your own hamerly really says what it is i'm not coming in as an individual proper or prose i'm coming in on my own right in jury whenever we write our docte and the cords will turn it round and say all you these we know who we are that's how we got here when we go so as the difference between but their basically the same there are one to other sayings out there people that come up with other ideas that they one enduring for free cons standing on my own right so any one or getting back to jurisdiction norton verse shall be county and people that have read and understand ortons the stand because understand orvossal become the one hundred per cent thou rognac of the repose lays it all out on the line the laws the law of the land it was a nine of cyril the all reloaded for it so hunted men if you go back to rovers his wayfor example that was the five before and at that was low for homers but this one is a nine to see nine that the law of the land and how the republics so people need to be familiar with the term usurpation the fact of this jury public functionary not public row not official not to any of the other nonsense terms that they have public functionary because function in the public their function is what their required to do and delegation and ratification those terms people need no under oh we many times that my friend ryan has said trop should have never ratified the new york i in dickens the new or they have no jurisdiction they can't hold the trial against the federal government as that's why we have friends i get doings you goin to states stuff in a state court but not federals but he cites played an i can't be if the one were question here because this this is brought up to day or the week again his i remembered this when i was doing a lot of research within the and on community many of the courts martial in ceasing to the united states i will hold the boma put in practice the ability for all presidents to church to change this code and by doing so they wrote themselves in thus the the ability to absolve them of any prosecution for any crimes that they caught notand that president trump when he got in he actually reversed all that even putting himself at risk by doing so through executive order in things to this manual for quarts make going back to the executive order the executive order and is not low well he could change this of it on abominate the right to change this your only restretching it is because ohamane wright and he with them and changed it back even to her own to my so i posted this on my telegram channel and it's a fairly long reed to sanyodo knows but i don't think that this is a bad thing to read and look at what part one preambles so it goes right into jurisdicion jurisdiction justices stablished strostin what we're talking about right off the bat that this is so crazy it's like god brings all this stuff together for us to know what we need to look at or even poison when that time is is appropriate it's amazing so anyhow i thought you might get waying out of this it's on my telegram channel brandon bird number four and i and you know as well as i do that executive order has not any kind of rules on in regard none at all not at and oh how he by pulling his one which is what i was thought he could get away with it and if we were ratified and go on with it then okay then aye you can do but we're not ratified and tropics or viatrie to pull it executive order they turned around and gave it an end trunk could do the same things and even then the right and if he did the right way i abominate it o you know protected all the presidents from any crimes that were you know they cannot go after furnieren crimes then president trunk changed it and let him let them ah commit new crimes so that they could get him on that man's a genius okay i'm sorry i'm so i don't know herewhat erecting the i were rather half now of of you know somebody who whoop you don't act like they don't know what was going on but really has it any one that's what i rode a lernean the president of the united states the rightful president of the united states and salute to him god blessed president tromp in all he has wisdom and spartan all the people standing with her money i mean in all there's no question one guy doesn't win a war he's got a hat when coonrod him you rode more and that public late whetacre ongling good people coolmore criminals but he's got real people around him that are fighting this thing and god bless all you guys out there and now you're watchin at least some of them are so let if the so once again i thorstein cork can move forward with others and so an hershe challenge whether you're in the middle of it what do you say to challenge at the need challenge at what he say challenge your turn i challenged in a chalice a jurisdiction of this cart based on the old your jurisdiction a bat they have to prove the it's not a matter of the judge saying all reactors no your honor the valley casados make its and that's why sperver just because you say it so doesn't make it so to see it in writing and so they have to prove jurisdictions so where were now changing or adjusting our documents were not necessarily interested in challenging getting but we have public functionaries out there that think they have the so now please prove your die we're going after the age federal age prove your advisory you know that the dog was established during grant's time by an i didn't know that history the other rose the warno can't learn at all you know it's a man ohoserarete en know that either but now that you know the deal roon board pine do they have are they of the shore it exists then that means that they that they need to be like take that pan out and drawn out here the j not have is not a dissury organization brought on then they are defective and de facto organs i never sonorenses in spells it out pretty well pretty clear so anybody that's a knight had miss now i know the a as you learn more in become more powerful and step on these organs so were a run around by gosnolls at this point in time correct that is absolutely sure as the age come turning is he in the factor i'm no less you answer that giorgio little dooranees in them to prove their dissertatus i'll let okay i'm glad i would didn't i wasn't supposed to know that answer cassimire know a weise i under i don't see anything in the constitution that allows in the united in her how a secretary she in the united states i they haven't seen anything in that regarding there that he any others well that's kind of interesting isn't it i wouldn't never a thought to ask that question so it goes back at the itpoliteness recognovit it menaces to go flocking out the fire sale good by all the a gone that's right and that's the way our falling in was with none of these orders why because these organizations would get out a one one time to figure that out but they have got out of control and now we have the protogene back in the box of the speaking that's kind of tough but now a mortimers shall become the out there for the people the people can dive pretty so so i do say that we the higher john peter and donner edinburgh and fan prosalt that was certainly help it went i ondecided hers well not worried about that any rithing that that's pretty much going away in there get away with wasn't like when billy boy was an ole was she was in office or or now that now that the by in this in office by me even the wives trying i don't think he's being very so we we to sleep the stand and by the way we have our faith in god and we've been tapped on the see anseline fierce and not being part of the the lexicon that we are doing that's part of the problem too many people are afraid that's what's caused the fires nonsense and the vaccine non sed people are afraid why why would you be afraid if you trust in god and god is come take care of you no matter what why are you yes he was a frog of war armed scarious it i don't opine that you know it's like it's like so so we go be with god we meet god why are we people afraid of this i don't on't understand this and so it is not something to figure it will keep protected and so you won't die i mean maybe you will because you are moving forward and doing what he supposed you are pre being protected in that post can't tell you how might one way or the other whether we live or die with differences of make i mean you shouldn't be afraid of it it's like you i shouldn't be afraid but that were spirits real living in the one person the ninety ninth pret so we are in by night per set spiritual and one per cent physics so why are we afraid i dont no people are people capturing them out either what yet this let it girl and let god take take the reins and you find out how how good life can really be when you let it go and not hold on to things you know quite i don't honeyoye got to be focused on on god you've got to he you've got to have a proper mind sending a turtle mines not one you know that it's like i don't understand the obsession where in or with the how howing how many choice are you got lassen your life and what's epopeo to anybody you have stuck people to hate if for it it's not like they're going to goodwillie with this person did they'll go oh while they masticate and their way through a theme on pointhe roothing there couldn't pass of lee somebody that actually just worked to make the opener pseudo it's craving at the ends it's crazy it's crazy it's a word got i tried to take what people have worked their whole lives more and thereby you get craft like inherent with no illegal shootabout a legal one on interested one should we shouldn't be there property tacks in an illegal shouldn't be there is a legal i agree one hundred percent solidos sagas we we can fight others we will find and some winconsin he had with one away to steal from me to again to you now find them for things that aren't crimes and an take you know it's like its ill gotten gain and then they put it in the retirement you know counts in this title action jurisdiction illegal you know one thing that he loring my studies the draft of the practice in your life can't be read the world is reacted in niches on his so think for camp the ah the virus that came upon the fear reactive react to the what they said in all my god on good cove nineteen i got a mascot when i got he backed or protective i'm not on looking through it and see what really that's but i have an understanding how to do and if your proactive then you don't end up in the nones a being reactive and afraid the spot inmatesfor just by lights flashing behind like your heart goes down on the lid on the whati'm going to do and the cock comes up to the door and your fumbling around and you can't talk proper in all gascon crush you or whatever and really it he seohare you de curioser occupied i do curious ah what you me where you get a hold up on martin linsasha be god i'm going to ask you that being prolactic not reacted osselets talk about cold wet again did i have a friend who is a doctor and we had some wonderful discussions about this and he said you know what what i he said i tell my kids you know if you get anything to looks like a virus the one thing that we have that will absolutely to care of an assignee and where to find that listen he said i tell my kids gets some listerine and just gargle with that during the day often feel a sort heroicall coming out it will kill viruses and i start thinking about this as you know i've looked in over thingone of those you know proper health food oh i'll turn it if medicine people thus esecrazione hat wearing people you know it it works and so whenever you know when i was a kid my dad never got sick never thrust his besickened and listen every single day couple times to day and so anyhow mister and no i'm not con paid for this ah you get i'd tell like that too it surpelis gorsoon aestaca with listerine and this is from a doctor this sodatwo killed virosus so you may get a little bit you may get little bit sick but it'll keep you from getting the worst of it you collocastis another one that's a huge virile you you start oiling yougoslave just in the air i thought you a nurse and it killed eighty five per cent of the germs are born within five minutes there's a lot of self on there i gave us all a little all of the ingredients ye timenames from time the er tile i'm a real big invite amen see and one of the other lads silence proper minerals and i i have a hole slew of minerals and virements i take in the morning a regiment that i i'm not the long time ago i had as for five i mean to for when this collecting it i had something to one but i don't know what but that was the only issue that i had that i had and psyche remember one even so you you have the ingredients out there to take care of yourself do not run at ronneen models all day long an old man and others the jointhat canoe out yesterday they use a comical annotates were them and i guess there's warehouse the full of these potatoes in french risindenter that you that he would be i cannot be in that warehouse cause they have to offas then is operose so i'm senior going if you can't even be in the warehouse while they of gas with his preserved of on mcdonald's fries and i'm going to see a lot of one ah what do you think this is doing in our bodies i now you know we don't know hereof the crop putting into our food and this goes back to its time to raise our own food locally instead of these big multinational ah corporations which are trying to kill us and send you to manage or for supply of every single person out there better start properantis of in they will you know the meletamata it's like are you kidding me as well you've got this information in your name as we don't know if the militaris don inawhat they're doing and if the teeth supplications at the military's copple don't know that we have now in ingots all it's all hope i'm in pipe dreams of this point time i would like to say that's true but i don't know if that's true so in the case that we know you not then right now cause everything is properly and aftertoronto the good god is no bad god and it was clearly stated that disinformation inaccessible that so let's all get smart innocent which you will little preparation you know you don't have to smart to mar economic situation on there too its collapsing it's going to cost and if you think that there's going to be one person out in a tonogiad no how you and your family you've taken stapenhill you need to be sartin little preperation notches ourself but for those you love or the high like lee of is that her what will you love i agree then is wellilook at though they takes me chased all over this plan we're knocked her on dock the only reason the world has not collapse as because the united states and there do in everything they can the tribes the cane the strouted state the world turned round become a free world not like the world that the his but there do everything they can the one to take the guns they know their talking the while for the mendment about the pony have to be transparent yet we do poniesone we have to know everything about what you're doing where you're going how we want you to be part of our city dcs the money spent but begone or what were thinking they want to know or to a crimes is such that you don't wereinto make easy for em screw all of you globes out there they are not even well we don't you don't have to try to wonder what we're thinking screw you and in more than half in a mouth there boisevery body out there ah ah makes more of you have in your exercising your second amendment rights which means or mopinge alone ammunition because the first revolution was run on by guiseppe the in the trees with her squirrel got into the you know good luck with that ye ye have finally pissonotus off that none of us are going to back down in effect were actively encouraging people to exercise the constitute the rights given by god guaranteed by the constn absolutely i so here we go back to what we can do as when we have an a loud people complain and tell that the world is upside down but what you do while you do about it what you do about it is start sting and fighting back wherever you have not speeding ticket like the i don't care if it cost you a hundred and fifty dollars to fight fifty dollars spending the point of the matter is your out there fighting your other saying no do it on principle or in as officers selsertown ordenence you get the understanding behind you are you a decurio or occupied with deserve your honor you don't have any jurisdiction over this come and that an you pose push back that we have to do and if we were have been pushing back his would be in this one week of his stop back we could escorted pushing back in he when the income tax lock now i can happen i'm not filing in confortetur i didn't know any better i was a kid rolled up my dad said that's what you do so i did it without knowing how i don't know i don't find no i don't think i know them prove your desert status in turn revenue and mister retinue prove that you even have the authority to do it you have no ear right and you don't you know her i'm going to give everybody a clear and present protest right now the amigo p is now for people resigning from their leadership now the latest one is a dane a cocher's departure on the heels of jessica oh barfield's on the heels of of a worn heroson as well as madansen and all i can say is the warning shots outeverybody the republican party did amigos going to be solely responsible at this point type for handing the state of michigan over to the globulesand communist there allhead of the republican party in any one that follows them right now well well bear the responsibility of handing this state over to the commune that's exactly what's going on so i am i posted this this morning including the resignation letters from a jessica dan and oh and a mat johnson often the budget committee they all have seen the the criminal the criminality that scoring on there there trying to set so nor building the dig their sorry behind out o trouble financially that they don't even know and so here we go exile it's like its high time we lived up to the responsible and trusted obydos we regreso will not have murdered into it they're not going to do it at it this point time it's the the titanic is drinking other have an alternative out there because they are going to hand the state with criminals holded in all and i'm not going to just say that the republican republican the democrat of parties they are all involved in this and any one that comes not incitements called the personality is going to be complicit with that it minimising over and you know what an everybody that's out there people you're going to have to work out for for manning the state hopeless being marked as ourselves because if you are involved in these organizations you stand for nothing he not going to sell the yoheave it it's not going to be solved to this point these are criminal enterprises and senior going to fit it like somebody with that the nazi party of germany said well were just got to stay and hide disentry to fix it really how that work how on more so i and our inviting right now to be as teichears party of michigan which of the constitution party we will fight instantit any one that is willing to stand and fine pontothe criminals that are in place we the people in to be americans i been set by excelledthat rosine ran around the rona roun me daniels was involved getting the leadership of the republican party they had not won an election then the federal level very often case ran round rightuouse then is a croon like rock just like rome run round me is their family it's an only there is its complete and utter nepotism going on looking out conwincing on an atocanti over here the ones that you know have paid say em a joe moss as organization would joe common for liberty there up to em a worn carpenter said there in the ninety thousand dollars at this point times seventy five thousand dollars for a web site and there's no no way to elinor had torontothe obsidere go are you kidding me the web site for the sex years party pretty much cost almost nothing and it lessens away to either to join up and such as like you know and were not based on money anything that's got money and rolled with it is going to be criminal now what now to asotin and watch elder siphoning is off with the side and prenacrois the restive there all there all involved in the the one pre that follows them is complicit in taking this snake so there you go jump away get away from saw their up well the hevene last words to say i'm going to i have i'm married fonthill fronting yesterday his were fighting human traffic an hit you need to commentthe is a gettin the fight a summoner's coming up and oh and sterling tightsome eighth o night and general flint's car and fastened jones and laura logan and mary fled ill i'm in a put the sup on were in topland this i take yesterday i've never done this before re taped and played a video but we're going to do that next what is the december eighth and night i am in a post at samitelle gram channel and all sound it to you but i'm going to ask everybody out there this is michigan is into say right now i opinion is it's number one in the united states for human tree esther's destination points and they can get these kids out of this nation and sell them from the state of michigan and were not talking sixteen year olds were talking infants were talking about chopping a mock and a count shop and starkother organs worked with all this and the pipe line in michigan in initio scontro then get him right out of here and erectors and are and in sondmore they want and if we are not in the fight with this were complicit on this too so it likes encourage everybody gathered santanoni it's not a lot of model it's like fifty bucks for the for the friday night a panel the the panel of people and the sothseiere which are amazing people hector of into the lights can be their talking about it and actually there's a cortication you can get to actually be able to end in a low enforcement i beware the same and craft came in your communities so people don't know what to do this is one would just like the sob that john's doing when fighting properwhat is it popinjay injury from in der topia right proper propio yes in the fighting that way instead of in or or illegal courts that tom and i know actually getting out there and doing something there's plenty of ways i don't want very more scant is not of people and you know what to do i'll take we can't make us any clearer to you you're going to affection for something files from cases work inpoor fight for these kids that are disappearing to the tone of what we know over eight hundred and fifty thousand children a year and probably more in the millions because we just don't even the disonesta are being reported so the panel going to have be information regarding what's the solution of conall in actually giving a seriation so that you know what to look for in your communities to be able to report to the proper people and and then that or in places are actually fighting this anorgenischen that you can in fact ah he have heresome some legal osculeris diction right now and i mean none of this all the self when we get this whole thing right at under the deseret system that's great right now we got to work with what were working with and use all the tools available to you at the time so so that's what that's what i ever say about it so there are actions will out in your community local action equals national impacts or yes here omoplate when that you can run ah you can make of your own minds so if you want out you want to watch why can watch in the background you and have to leave me on any more so i thought that he can what was on the morrow that great i'm in to bring cordinator or she's got the road right one courting you will be on with real history laughter he but it on and then the now against sigismondo to be by her he gathers the video off of that that a merry and i cut so we who were winerennet we welcome too were in and burgo's night work i'm here where is my very special guests and friend mary flinnigan mary oidon and nice to view with you very nice to see you again i know were great friends but i love i love around juliers full of energy and i love it cause it's in a am i hottentot agonies i hope your hole in your whole family i mean i you've got a son of hers and fan club right here with general plan in yourself and you had the you know it's so it's always a pleasure i think you know general linares him but they don't reel realize or know that there is other people in the family who are really a force to be reckoned with natoikot be up you know were were here to help him you know in support him and we love we look this one you just retoure here to support america and our let everybody out there know that this woman is somebody that you really should get to know respects she is she is eorthe and we can't were coming out to day to talk about some very very serious subject in one that near and dear to both of our hearts and that the subject of human trafficking and you know a lot of people don't know how to get involved well you know what i'm going to tell you right now how to get involved there is a very easy rate of in this and what we won't we're going to talk about the unless you talk about it a little bet they got when the five so were we started this kick off project to fend and protect our children last year and more love great great event ah i wanted to ah bring america's future which is a seventy seven year old organization lots of history in this first non profit in this country general flint as chose ah chairman of board for a loan and we have like smith as to as afford member and of an a great veteran a worker who works for the vast step pooaker so we kicked off this project to a educate an explorer to expose because we have such on her you know like general flint and laraoan whose lot of work she's not its own a work on child trafficking in along her career and so we wanted to bring these the training and these to the grass roots to the communities and the a how to protect and keep their children safe so it's really based you know by general flinn's local action national impact local actions were its that in the local communities need to understand and get the tools to the children and their families from this this really evil trafficking child trafficking and exploitation of in in basically their sexualized in cold and there up against a lot and families are really struggling to try to figure out what to do so that's what we're here for this he could be on december eighty and night treschristian shirt thirty three eight o one vandyke avenue sterling heights michigan four eight here won two and this is a way for you to sign up for this american america's future what not given the fight and we have the man passes here that people can sign out for besides the thesauria night panel and then then lassie i skipped past it here friday night pan all in in the class is start on saterday and there's a bunch of different classes a lens piper loomis another friend just love her to pesos and oh when i saw jason gerontes od man we've got to like smith and bring gameanotherand another good amazing people wrote a book rocoules of general joe lambole nance well some or whinstone and a base a basil bass and heard so much good about them especially with horses the amazing a they are actually in nineteen ninety three were one of the beginning people that rescued children that's past their foundation and partnering up with them as advisers these are advisers to our group and you you need these advisers you cannot do this alone this is not something that you can which is escalated child trafficking and exploitation has escalated to a multiple you know level rate now you cannot do this by yourself you have to have great people and people that have been in this o for quite some time in these are people that dedicated their lives to ah the panel is as you know a great panel terry terra rode as who is spent then and she has you know whistle blower a chest that's picking up long the whistle on hassan's very serious a name when i shake and he a service hartman and that is a very very well funded taxpayer funded organization that his child track that is exploiting ah that's the forster cares system that's the unaccompanied minors i mean this this is a a supply now that has come like nobody's business so she blew the whistle she knows about the water and she knows what these people are doing jason jones is another one that of hero on the border and michigan has a border situation so are the things that we are going to discuss is your state and what's going on in your state of that border is extremely important child trail comes from one border to the next port of right up through your estate and now it's going to be an interesting panel also christine doll and she is a woman who is an investigative journalist's great print men doing this long time she has done extensive extensive investigate and stories on child craving internationally too and knows a lot of and will share a lot of information for the communities and the people so and then corresponds goin to join us and bos is you know a call to action man hes groundfloor knows many many children they rescued in your area knows a lot about gangs a lot about you know really a gritty nitty grey stopped that you're going to need till understand how how your community i don't think we pollinate the a grasp on how large of a problem this truly is that this mess you know we talked about election electing integrity and election integrity if we don't have good people to see were not for going to have a country that's going to work this whole thing would human craft is such a a huge problem i don't think that people are getting their hands around how big that you have some numbers we can help people about well we have you know first all the government is not reporting any kind of i've numbers any more this is of this is an administration that refuses to get there a stacks up in there recordings and their reporting a not doing it so were good dealing with like twenty twenty fours to care system six hundred seven hundred thousand missing children the border now we've lost over a hundred thousand ah in the border since they've been children in by themselves and getting them into this country that's terroris des there's the reported eighty five thousand but we all know that it is much more than eighty five thousand missing in this country right now from the border and there basically bringing children and by themselves without adults we started seeing that when bientot and now we're seeing a supply increase of children o gists very important that we understand how serious this issued supply and demand is this country stopped going up people started going out of the country eight years ago they stopped having to do that to rake a child eight years ago they could do it right in this country right in your own in your own state so that's the seriousness of what is happening it's more than the i i of the draw them out of money wise you know the organization finding entually a child trafficking the most a revenue its commodity a base you know it's about money in this is a big multi billion dollar is so am i heard that they can sell a child like five times or more a day and then that they live times or more day the consul over and over and over again and then once sir john with that they just had just colemansone for organs and factional the blood lethality so the reason the very important thing to remember and so important that michigan needs to understand this is that supply if you understand how clineman works the increase of children and are coming into the they needed this supply to increase so a child that's being rigged for money ten times a day for an example there life span is about two years they live now that's if a doctor is helping the child to get them back in to work now there are doctors there a medical people there are judges there are people that are sending a child fixing a child a doing it behind in a legal terms as you know as helping a child half helping the traffickers fix the child so the doing it you know for money and so for e to keep a child alive there half there has to be nefarious ought ere from doctors and so so they don't have to do that any more i supply of children that's coming in that child on killed off sooner not doesn't hester's five more children right behind that child put in so this supply is up the demand is up and they don't have to keep a child alive as long as they they have in the past and then what i'll do is organ which is a huge amount of money multi billion dollar amount of money and we will talk about h h s and what they're doing on the organ and so there's there's a lot to go on here with what they're doing scoring these children into of the demand of the supply and hoped they have to keep life doesn't mean anything does not it's really sad and how how many people are involved in this is really shocking also we can triceratops the no that i you know sepsis mon be largest human travers on the planet how many there they blossett hundred and fifty thousand kernes and that not from their notereturning all of them now they're not reporting it because there's just not you know there's it's too corrupt in and that's a ces and human services that's the health and human department he at his finding the forster care the you know the sips so it is all part of the same central system meaning when they were checking kids in on the border it's the same system that they knew so you know when tower discovered you know children being put in and then disappearing there information disappearing and then they were already gone there was nobody tigedon't that they don't thethethe interesting thing that is something that he just does too is there's no federal rule or law that a forster care person can go into another state if they've been accused of neglect or sopworth in one stay there's no law that a poet you know other forster care or other families other states they can go in and apply for a license in another state with no problem there in other words they are information doesn't follow them into another state so if so somebody has done something wrong to a child and as a forester in family they can shut down and go into another state and but there yet their licensing so we need we know bess it people don't understand that but that happens that's a i a change we need to make in the laws a you know it it's very similar to oh you know a a investigative in a person that wants to get a license he there backgrounds need to follow them same thing is the force i would go one step further than that is that it's not the thebackground see to follow them if some one touches a kid right that is that is in a fons that is unforgivable in my opinion you had or not going to rehabilitate these people they know what they're doing and that's unfortunate they have to be removed from over being able to do that again and ruin another who in being like now it serious i mean that's one of the things or is you know why we have a rooming bill that i would love to get past in and i do have some connections that i am making legislators they are so we did his ill it came out of illinois at because i grooming kind of stocks a an an actual attack or views from happening if we can cut it off with the brooming bill and make it a felt then we can cut off the whole act of the in that let it get to a point where there's where there's an actual assault or a rat or so forth on a child and then there is also the death penalty bill i know michigan's tough politically but i know that it basically is a red state it's just that it had so much ah and it really is a a home for people that do believe i in life in enlife and protecting children i know i know it's there and now it is you i'd say that michigan actually is far more conservative than what are you know our rig elections emessa that you know are elections are not represented to have of the people ohnaway and when youth they aren't at all and so you know of course i believe that there can more after the area that had the most concern compassionate ah you know people that we this one out live the life of lets of liberty and had an end to take care of our children are our older people now there is no more the political parties any more or nothing more than a unit party it's us against the government and for my experience there is a weedsfor in corn or there they tried to divide us into right and laughterat republican or innocent you know a slice and intestine way you want on it comes down to the most of us that are just normal average people walking to name it's right that's really it and there's a lot of american spirit in so i know the i know i mean you know my my brother general flynthe's been up there several times speaking and every time it's been you know a wonderful kind of an event and people get together it there such strong american spirit there and an antwein know that it it is is very corrupt and i know that it can be it just staying the distance going the distance and remember without children we have no is no future without children we we have to protect them there the builders of in each et en every person matters every third man and you know what i amended with honinggen i started seeing what was happening to these hints that i will fight this with my last dying breath the car you know think about it what if it were some one you love your children were parent sisters or brothers that all the sudden of the pure or yourself it's recantation way with order waiting for something to come oh no i tell this up all their wit i can't i can't do it down i usenetinternet be you know they think they're alone and you know we cannot we cannot forget that they are alone we have one child or brother always says you know to save one child is is you know the heavens rejoice and in its true so you don't do in learning something and we have found that the training that we did in floridaand we course opened the pilot really and the whole inothing what we're doing with a project of it happened in florid and lemme tell you its men a huge impact it's made a huge impact we had four lown force men at some of these training we had people that were medical people we had a lot of we had real estate agents we had business leaders we had all his its mate in huge impact people went to look for in their neighbourhoods you know zip ties on cars you know a colors of houses you know a lock on a house on a door there's all kinds of basic information that we are going to share with people and you'll go walk out of there blown away at what you learn and i can't tell you how many people have done that with ages sogeco it there floored by what were the and i an it's really important to listen to people like laura lives crowing listen to these people that have you know investigated this stuff for so long and they now and there's no more conspiracy about this this is reality this is reality you know these are there are pilotical players there are low enforced and there are judges their business leaders there university people in schools there involved with hurting children you know how the dense i was glad i play at i'm going to go ahead and slain prose you don't he look you can look at what happened down in a wide and this is he in the you know the clinton found agen in going to say what nobody else wants to hear but i'm going to tell you what this cosden so wide that you know i i want to make it in sheroth everybody understands if you do don't know like you have a purpose and you don't know it what cotoneaster the lives of these children are being tortured and murdered on a daily be in ways most of us could never even imagined and then and that's right i and you know why learning things and going through these horses these training you will know what you can do it will go on you something will dawn on you in your community either either getting together with families getting together with people that what you want to get together as community getting guess with the founding fathers did they all gathered together in these go and they came and supported and they put their heads together and they you know everybody knows what's going on in a community they know who's the sherif they know of the principle is they know who the you know the car down the street that ned shouldn't be there you don't those kinds of things and being aware of what's around in your cineole aren't our where what's round in their cone and i need to do that that's another thing that we need to be aware of as we have so many illegal in this country right now you know being watched dogs in your community and you can do that by learning just a few feel little things that you need to understand just some informs i can help you build on what you can do for in inopinabili every son one of us has responsibility to the nation to god almighty to protect these children and we have an opportunity to do this stand together on onbring the flier back up here so here you go the mischanceand hall on o that's called scene have an obligation as citizens to we have a duty a duty get together and and the you know involved in our communities that's what we have we we cannot stand here in just think everything is going to be of that's what we've been doing for decades and look what's happened you know we really just want to bring you know the weirdness to the community in a level where we are as a team we have great people that are you know great influences that have been through the mock theben through everything they've lost their jobs there you know their lively hoods in some cases in lawsuits and so forth and e you know laura you know how many chose she been cancelled by because she so honest about you know what she talks about in what she reports as well we're doing we can do all in him if anybody thinks this is not going to touch touch them if we don't stand in a fight now anyone ye for lated in your home on this is something else is neighborhood this is somebody else's problem dear and to me it's owing to touch you and we reconnot walk away from them to some one classes demand reduction practical ways to hindostan responders train program in hospitable to human trafficking program overcome some in our rear with some in the light rome and artificial intelligence discussion that then be willing noteworthy is the signature it really is parents and carrying adults program and unexpected help cries the peintre and help her and fight child sex trafficking comprehends of equipping corrigeart thasians state regional vasserine a comprehensive certification we just had sixty five in the class down in ear and florida and that is a nation wide net work that certifies and you will become an advocate of you will become you know a real leader in this in this game it's really important those those those comprehensive the long souriait december we cannot or yahooin sterling horsemen to run with that is the summit yet eighth and ninth o in stirling hikes moths began i'm going to encourage all of mine yours and embody else hearing this even if you're not on my doors on a joint as enough though it seem ninoshima this insists is a defining in moment when we despise to take his stand too truly to company to protect a is not a park in about it how it is impalancas a real call to action this is something you can do to find your way in this he and there is a phone number you can call two to register its nine four one at seven one one two and the website is america's future got not a right america's future done with an ass for number again nine four one soon six in one group concealing his name woostershire going to set the example for the discharge and let's let's turn in the state in from a minnit a boxing glove and go after these traffickers and seneschal ren free in them a like you your time you control is some one you are or save it for ever what what honor calling could we possibly had thanks so much for behindevery we're going to have you on the down and again and again and again and tell hokanipen thank you miss again thanks longshoring and i back it is was that agreed interview i really enjoy mary's plans so very much my bring john beck on for just a minute and would you think john he can not that i am try that again i say i will be there i put it on my calendar perfect i that sounds that sounds just absolutely awesome wonderful and perfect thank you so much well i'll be out in just say that we're having a meeting on wednesday night on sons body do so if questioning i get on you can call me at nine six eight or seven three four nine six eight four seven three five seven one for ah give me a call and i'll put you on her mailing list and see what one thanks don of get immort over the court and he turned to right now and who will see an next we'll see next to say oke were back here minute and i'm going to get on i bring courtney out into the second looks like they're getting connected here and now in her record a high corney so just one socket here and i think we'll have the handle anyhow i i really would love to see michigan then out in mass to this to this some human trafficking ah ah and not word for it they get in the fight meeting over there in detroits of we can learn how to fight human traffic some sweet for the camera to turn around here courtney and then i'll get had where were making it we're getting on stand and ah courtney's got a wonderful husband by the way and he's doing all the deckworks for it is to bring us to bring us court to turn or and rule history from a from the road she's moving round sides on the see think he so much coming on to day give him meant to get settled all right here we go carehow you do on i am well thank you horrorthen your wit think you're wonderful husband for siddington liking her work behind the scenes so to testators always get to see think you are coming on to day this so nice that the neri think the consistence is good because people like to here you know ah i have something to count on it very on an crazy chaotic world and you know what i'm getting so many compliments on on you and and the time you're taking to come on here and educate people people love you and they love your mastodonsand you know you're your story of of overcoming and such an people really love you a lot the things that your teaching people are so valuable in we have to we are having to re learn everything at this point in time and the things we were taught in school the things that were propaganda on like we're going to have to read learn all of this and i just want to thank you so much for all the work that you've done your dislike lovely pers oh i think you do i love you he wouldn't do otherwise i i think i found a video on tavistock that i posted my channel the wie can i i thought in our last week i posted it so that people could see it and hopefully get on body up to speed with the stuff that your teaching a little bit more cause i think there's not enough that we can teach having to do with the indoctrination to have a stock what the organization has behind the brain washing going on in our nation we need to know these things so what what what you want to talk about me which it did you both in your curious i have often like what they are after sweet on i'll have to find it and i can't do it when i'm on lying very well unless you if you start talking i'll search for it eleanor like who it was and what time period and of you a little bit these two really instinct fastens to tavistock and i think they're both really really relevant to day of one of them being at the war time research then strolled and tested on civilians and the unfortunately often hand weaponized on the mouths so i thought you one the choregi think the first time we went through how it was born out of the wellington began to be o that lad a united states and bring into world war on and though recover a little bit of what they were doing a prior to word word two but then also talk about to hear about how they were involved in counterculture movement and i think that's very relevant he had i don't have like any quantifiable evidence of this is is my personal or no is where i call the new new race movement and have a better term for it but it looks like it's a re branding of the new age being targeted at truth i what i call truth hers if like this movement in you know i distant right i could say but it's a movement people who have had recognized that we like to about everything didn't he i know and there really trying to discern and the truth about our reality and he but unfortunately of course she knew in this sets of movement there really ripe for cointement tration and de ineditiore she campaigns and in there perpetuate dialectical narratives and i this happening is even more dangerous so then the previous new ease here the new each we have been for those hard familiar i was very popularized by the society with madame love i am who i know is very inspired by like allister crowd it is very much couched in van his love and like tangolino vernacular and sent men to and so it really captures a lot of people who are anti stablished here abut and also people who tended good kind of a believing heart people i don't mean that eternises of the lord i have see me that very you know authentically ah it tends to capture longerhate people who have really the st but it's a very deceptive because it is rooted in a lot of luciferian typos a lot of alcyones in her is this side as all being the one and i know without any kind of a duality and i don't mean to helleenisess of esterly dialectical sessions i mean do alitajuinen that very obviously like a maiden i in of course it's trying to run counter to a biblical perspective and i think that the reason it so i think the intention behind and the ringing so factories because it really does push people towards this notion of you know all is won and we are all one and it while there is some now were you you talking i talked to some arenilitic psychological warfare and the always talk about how to sigh of are not and tempers i just in from cassini because you had shared this would be my analogy of the ice cream cone where because i feel like the ice cream gripping why with their answers for hooking lie it then there's all the and in the circles of the truth and you keep sprinkling more and more true so they take up the load to set reading all of these in truth in like a cat found in some really went on up hoping the whole gripping lie which just what you wanted you because it was so enticing in for you know what you'd finished the iceing and i think that a lot of the the root again a lot of troops there are a lot of troops in and and of course he knew there is a the reality that we are all red and he you know there is that a connected fabric however does it mean that we are all one there is still the individual on both taneously i right if you take away the individual does astor this kind of collective consciousness that their trying to push for a ride they want these collective a one world governing body they want of centralized govern a centralised lion i think that's what a lot of these things push us towards and the outhouses that is very long mondayabout i think we'd best with her trying to towards with this new a new new age movement because it is harkening a tree the movement the disinherit in whatever level you want to put on them and braking of rare ranting of as i thoght talk a little bit about what he did back in this and that really pave the way for them to be able to do that now and just on general for people to know that so much it so rare completely organic in now in very small localized regions of course you can have organic culture asterby product of human nature you know mass spread cold ocos like pope culture the experience is not natural in organic in or there may be brutes of it there may be a elements that are organic and then they get colluctantes hi jack and not not octavia they those and expound on them in order to create a mass of peel and part of whys successful as cause it is taking a colonel of something that organic but oftentimes spread propaganda and targeting engineering and that is nothing a monster of an they typically dew dew it through the arts though it was a saturdays ago i had done as speech you were seeking some funds for the next cause fast over his were not familiar caused us his creative artist on to every one and that the reason why we started case for my background as it i'm an peterpeter hederaceous really saw how the archic how often purposes engineering the masses for culture creon and they use it because it's so effected and so i really wanted to give a platform to in created artists garter showing credibly important the artist or typically the people who i the analogy of youth they can care outside the lines and creek things that are appealing compelling and even potentially beautiful but aren't necessarily incite those pretty confined and boundaries that have been laid out for us so if anybody's going to step outside the sources circle in another or my term as he speedeth her medicines alchemists they literally yes at charm they they cast the smells and they these dialectical narratives and i think that artiste if anybody's going to several side in or outside of those who are narratives setter put forth it would be the artist would often times those of the artists that don't have a voice in order to be successful in the main stream music industry mainstream hollywood i really just any means stream are it's often in no co opted and you have to fall in line with their narratives of the wise i give you a chance so right here it is this is the videos to mantes long at you might rellijon this okies repose to it on my channel at brandenburg number four mildenham to you sergeant of the doorstone ortnit the serea on its end cothurnos at the time probable title now for the mind hoogefennen and bring washing orvandel's psychiatrists politicians and sydmonton change her boys and be surgeon explains how alien bees can be blinded in the human brain to induce fear anger and excite he writes that of the results caused by such disturbances the most common is temporarily in part judgment and in suggestibility this results in what psychologists call or in state and it is most portending war epidemics and all some or periods of commendatore which increasing ziety and open of the individual compassest ability the altar of nas control and searing human consciousness describes telisto as a cooperative effort of british military intelligence and the psychiatric establishment his rights the top as stocks to tons reaches the mass corporate media operation as governments and the psychiatric establishment one said the world spiritual racial economic cultural and intellectual bankrupcy we are now in the midst of to day is the product of a carefully planed tavistock program taking twenty eight bernardin his book propaganda that the conscious and intelligent in the dilation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society those who in the delations mechanism of society constitute and visible government which is the true bring power of the country scissorwise innoculation enabled war and totalitarian broke over men is a wide and well content every one we are sleeping with frankly his gaining as so long a prearranged path toward our ultimate enslavement and the prospect of never ending more and done click there you go this is all this is how we can beat it you you you have somebody this wonderful like courtney come on and tell us things we don't know and then somebody like dotages in it says moonified out more bottendorf nd the video that that can also support it and then post that bidythe people are watching ainbrosins work what do they they do they take it and then move it on the mats early what general lined with the digital soldiers we we get in we find things up we we help each other along the way and we pass information for back and forth in order that's what the that's what an ons are all about is you pass it freely we're not looking for for notoriety we just want our country back and we want to stand together with other americans as a family's one american and on so there go that was the video i found that that was a gory video really any ties together yet as great money the invisible hand a itmember their worth that he was using but that best liberalityand resent and i think i had read the clothebut he was talking about how this scholar it comes of course you know for calmness or a literally what literal definition is a group of people who actrates treated idly out of the the with an enemy of their country i am at what he said they should imitate and creed but it's also part of wide they are such a shadow it prior to twenty when the transgender clinic of thapsacus most icehad never heard of them before and at that i think that's why because they they talked about how the had behind the scenes and they should not be heard of and they talked filtrating of course you know they said he see institutions would be of the church and with the other one he said i get the church in the education the sunday said would be the head easiest but then since then obviously they've long in through the media the entertainment spear and really just every facet of life i want to i want to go to that point that you just brought up is that the infiltration of the i you know i'm a i'm a christian i am you know very to say i'm a believer because the term doesn't mean anything any more really doesn't it has been so watered down and i would take anybody out in a debate about this because two closes down during covet more a lot of the churches there were some they did not but the god always has a runnemede that will not that will still stand for him and believe and in truth right but the christian church jesus called it out and said that the christian church would be a poste and in in the antibes and onatel you what oh i'm in to tell you that every religion the jewish religion is long em all of them have been used by these horrible people who are at their corpsthe christiane or they are being run by satan in their their ain't and their leadership and it was should we be surprised if anybody otherhis chaser that your your picking on the christian church you darn right i am and got talked about cleaning out your own house first he's going to be harder on the rd then he has anybody on the outside and as it should be in the same thing with with a you know with judaism the same thing with islam look at the leader that of that spoke out this past week or so i posted him twice he was the son of the founder of hermas and he's like we are going to kill every single leader that's out there i stand with the sky you know it's like he looking at the corpse of the problem we have love have leaders that are stones who have installed these terrorist organizations and who have made in who of infiltrated ah you know christianity judaism islam in all our structures the corporations there the enemies it's not us absolutely and i'm so glad you brought that up to the thing people are really in deceived and fortunately it there to last time about you know he gives and they use that in the play on people said you know passions and compassion in order to weaponized comes against each and so if you look at like what's happening right now with a sand israel i being here on one book le to read is the mind i own no he was a diplomat a journalist and he wrote this is really a tone but it's a great book in the second half of the book is exactly what's happening right now i with thee is long fication of ear up and how at the thentente to use that of the fabians who intentionally did that in order overthrow western civility and when you see it now coming to a head there doing it he looked throughout history that the same people who pulled the strings on both sides of i would argue every war but you know my least most word o i agree with him and certainly most revolutions at the same goes for it in hell take neither time for he he saw again like just like culture some organic component but it doesn't grow to the magnitude that we've seen through the the histories that we read about a sachelus on that we read about it nothing to that magnitude without there a funding and propaganda behind it and so the same people are pulling the strings on both sides of the i really i can impress it nough on people that these people don't care about moslems they don't care about you this is about to her care about crostetedon care about any one no but he pleaded to the sensitivities of people who do care about those relations and those faces and enter then the the narrative that is what one against you is oh well then your and i so metteger and the genocide june or by first one that you don't care about the the people on goesandyou don't care about the ouse you you just ain't them and so you're your hollington the genocide both the comebeing decimated right now is it that's not what this is about but they they play on the and this sensitivities of good people who have a strong as you know whether con form of ivica the lions or whether it's just one they've been a probandas to have compassion for one or the other when the reality is both are being decimated at long with their pains him and not israel and you you in disagree with any of this faith but ultimately these are antinope who have been see because of the powers that shouldn't be the parasite class he who are at who are nothocrates for their own or i mean if anybody goes back and rede storoumena tion and go back and read the belford deflere it it wasn't about creating a face space for the jews and now you can look at bible and s about that but that's not they were literally creating a military industrial complex out post for these and i would argue they were all so creating i narrated dialectic because you look at one hand that the jews are the scapegoat for everything right that it's the the jews there there sole for of all evil in the world and that there they blamed them for everything or we have them on the other side the people who see them as the sacred cow see anything bad about them were the reality is there's good and bad and of all things and taken on this label acutism who are necessarily believers and no true people of faith to me have done things that are not so great for humanity any more than like it you know i was usin example of the jesuits i think that they can they did a lot of things that i onnecessarily con don't either but i would not blame catholics tespotha you know but well i let's come down on the jesuits a man at the jesuits are the military branch of the vatican and so you look at any of these ruling structures are any of em got not a one of a not one of them or any good now look at the five on one seat for that are out there and that how many of those were used five ones before as i once three during our elections estaches for balettis is about like you said monarchising or cape our apathy and in nitric training people to look for a cult to the and because all of them or are the same mechanisms the moon is used that all these colts that were across the now history member my dad you know when i was grown up my dad's like he was terrified that somebody was going to you know somebody was going to recruit us kids and to into the moones and so i heard about the ones from the time i was born you know the these are bad people in such and such a single back to the monies and all these crazy this crazy cap that's upholds it was one parasitish the jehovah's witness they were coming knock on her door and pittypat troughs like no don't don't answer lifting the in love to debate them it would be ganelon you bet i have em if they come to my house i'll sit have a discussion with them because because in his endowit's like that there's so much you know it's the i'll have a discussion with anybody is so just the suggestion of a discussion with anybody whose christian jewish moslem whatever were in have discussion because we got to get to the and there's so much there so much a post at and lies in all of them and what they were based on and when when say say em the the extra books were added to the source that all of us you know came from answer really studied at no no no we can't do that you know the jews had aunt had six hundred forty eight more rules to get him away from god and start to depend on themselves and you've got you know you've got batonnin in there a saething happened the christians all of these self help books to create little colts of personality out there casts all is in it takes it away from it takes it away from god don't you love it when somebody talks to you in oothout i've seen it over and over again you know somebody has a problem oh i'm praying for you to me maybe that might be an encouragement but how about turning the surroundings she say and give the glory to god god is with you he's protecting you and turn that person instead of all this person is a praying persine to the fact that gods gods do it at all we don't do anything it's god that does all of it and to turn that glory give the glory back to god no matter what it is instead of trying take you know i stolenstolen valor from god i mean you can say stolen valor from those in the military you can steal the glory from god too and you do that kind of not insects it's all a god we do nothing we just stand you know we just stand on were called and you know that's out in winonathat i mean it's got be calls us right wawenthe that's the no his essays instruments and brussels for he that's why the one so as so i don't know i mean even wrong honmachidori time his glory they are going were gone even jesus put this focus right that one god jesus had the forceson god and you know god put the focus on jesus's a believer in christ you'll follow christ you even look at that of the base in its too it's get yourself out of the way and make sure that god is standing the forefront it's all god all gowaris children make no mistakes about it that if there's anything good in all any of us it only comes from god they calls us that talks to us that leads us out of out of our own human corruption i i will stand by that by the tithe day we die in you know and hopefully somethingsomething good bye lane they'll sing aside that we can stand together and love each other and take care each other in care your jewish is long purple poke not you know called one is you know god created all of us and so you know but there is a difference in people and that that comes with discernment you have to have discernment to know whether it's just the human that's fumbling through the world or somebody who was coldly sold out to satan himself and committing gregious acts of evil against human beings i the other day saying that if gard less of what religion you or faith you or pockethere of you subscribed to i think as the human race we would be much better off if everybody would adopt the of love fine neighbor and honoring free will then that ye if we took on those i think we would be much better off and by wereviscount it doesn't matter give what in what they subscribed to were so wise love each other and i think it's the intermitted people are so busy fighting each other this silistria to be right and it's like you do not if you are if you are a christian or if you are a jew here if you're you know a moslem you aren't not going to get people to have an honest discussion to get to the truth by beating them over the hat in ettikit i'm right here wrong you're goin to help i'm sure that's goin to go along ways with people that's kind of not just kind of failure that's like an attic failure in communication you just created in an not if the if we can have honest discussions no matter who he talk to and remorseful way you you gain the right to talk if you you don't just automatically have it and it's like you gain the right to have those those ah you know we do by god octose one's going to argue with me get stupid with me on this point but the point being as individuals you gain the right to talk about real values by with another pecan being thy being respectful first not justinian her face and say you are you are a despicable post individual you gain that right to say let's or discussion i want to know what you know the hope nowherenot anstey hanging is good for all sorts of things you know i may it is discussed a lot of things that who are not familiar with them might call them conspiracy theories and that i know that a lot of its really just history but it really fanny could he book store and which i found out his a change suspecting but we had have to assemble upon the flag ship one there being there for hour the tie and they had all these like old books and one of them with a book from work timer in that on the back i talked about you know the leader of the frankfort school and how the man is just like on the back of the logan and he was one of the forensic for school the cockerouse she in a culture and i remember reckon twenty twenty the constant some one who comes the frankfort school of tithonic furies of redwing consistory and like literally history is and you go and you look at the books of their own words and did they think that they talked about and how the price is not conspire theory this is literally was a conspiracy open main line history i think yet but if i had a prochorius here in a word from their mouths as a pose to mine and your plant little i know it's like what anything if i come at it from an antagonistic position of your just wrong you know then there are automatical you're different okinawan anybody who that aoristeven some levity into the situation listens to it one of my kids bought this for me because i actually like the show called the wiles and it's not that i agree with everything the wife else but i like asking questions but i think the houseandand coheiresses in came at plataeacannot go mechanemata i think its evil hilarion eniconetta king about avowing and and you know just just with the little bit light heartedness i mean you know got god has the ability to help all of us through the direction that he wants us to go to and he brings us yet if were true seeking the truth like you know knocking the door so the open you if we are honestly looking for the truth not just to finding our position we're all going to find error in what we believe at some point in some level and or were going to prove what we waterbeetles true so we have a better a better grasp of it about or argument and a better knowledge of god absolute while i genewation to the idiotie both the true he together talked about how they need in carrying the civilians and also a lover that for a media and entertainment which is really very much where tavisoviso the mental and doing so i i don't know how much time we have i could cover a little bit about the war office selection moriscoesthe not with night his home to day right now so that i get all right i soothe then the first time rewording through it at widecovered i'm a little bit about camps thrill and a noircler who i created so that they were instrumental in the propagandizing of the radio the course i you know it's human acrodont really change and hogan to really don't chase that was one of the things that it was when i that speech of fine men were talking about propaganda obviously in the propaganda is used in all different a forman mechanisms in through the arch and that his are arguably the news like throughout the beginning of mankind in das look at rockefellers of intonement with oil and gas propaganda news flashed every one we are never going to run out of gas and oil okay they they only make money on the transportation which is why they need the railroads of a latin happen nothing to happen it is within pardner and with the carnegie who were in the steel and yea and that occleve hang i've drunk a couple of shots on now you know the rockefeller take over it mate and the partnered with that casewho were doing scientific philanthropy and his keen made after got the name of the the article the general that they rode it was in the late eighteen hundreds but this is where they haughtilie this notion as the anthropy which is essentially you know really just a code for them to be able to create shells for themselves while putting themselves on theirs and stealing money from the tax base exactly and of course the modern iteration of that would be the effective organ and i think people might be familiar with that now because the sand bank went freed who recently got evicted for a hundred and fifteen years that they in the picture that they were that they drew of him in court he is looking like a chisel super hero and on like man that is is like fanny it doesn't even look like him he is he's kind of i don't know he's kind of normal regular person i made out to be like a soritical oh i mean that i think what the whole affectedly this all about it he a in chiltern mrs the end just by the means for the greater good wires also kind of a re branding of marks they there is a way for them to pack themselves on the back everybody else is so by wing with all a bad and right he used in our throat nine history progeny and i started with my one of the eland the earliest he that we have is like this his stable that he he created out of samaria and he had two hundred and forty one mows were not in and is where we get the idiom and i for an eye so still is that to day this is an samaria so and then couched the greeks whom he used it for daring like the created what would now be the modern day and facts and they did a lot of propagate which you use as entertainment of course theatre a sculpture or and dad then corsero we had a lot of art artistic propaganda so diseaseits i not need all but the technology so we asked for were you nineteen thirty seven and and rockefeller were a remain dark moth and the i worked on it was working out her partnered up with harvest there the harbors taphologist are in the a partner and up to the psychology of radio with happenchance and would be leading for capstan the branch of the toes and then in nineteen thirty seven they found it the rockefeller say rockville foundation pending office of redhorse study the influence of radio under her verleider and the the author the invasion for morris the study of such and this was her castigation of each she well wore the morals and actually the the study and rockefellers the results with let him publish it for several years and that was very and then yet of course they worked on that elevation so it was fred angry who was a habitacin your staffer he was at the title of the article was working hypothesis on the psychology of the and be it started with this it's the college after effects of television are a christianable interest though the wood be social engineer this is really what they are always the interestedness gating he is how can the old enormous and when you start looking at so will her saying that theology which of course we have till now and it's edward breese and who is the founder of a sintenis modern propaganda machine through film a and now come sachis rom if you look at there website and a lot of they have so many offshoots which makes it rude dipolo track a lot of things i but there very involved ay and the social media and their targeting in tween and there doing a lot of research on nassicon ious ness he to a virtual reality what that something that i watched a video on when they were trying to give kids the job and they put these virtual reality goggles on them to make them more predisposed to take that shot and it was kind of like it i was horrified are i hworfin yah i ke think i think were i think were rotating it but were going to really see an emergence reality moors and by that i mean where it is canonlike be it now heroes is like a shove you know like you have a vision or dream and then you don't know didn't really half an orange i imagine not and i think people are going to start having that mere sense of reality a virtual reality and i hope men of verse type reality what happened comin will thinke knowes before eric mood and i mean look at the prophets that were there that foretold what was going to happen and i mean you can you can look at all of that and so satan's going to copy god and you know do it through do it through an a mechanism so we need to be aware of that shore dorothy they were using a lot of that technologies how the through that though if any nor of course as a technology advances time step very involved in doing the how is an operari in the world economic form right now currently involved in that case you know you've got her areout there whose a psychopath sand they can hack human beings that guy's not i mean i think he's just a mouth piece but you i think he's been told to leave programme a condition at a really think he's much of an unracial thinker nor do i think he's a leads how the worthis is tomoshimi we've got to cut also we've got for aoohee talking to us we've got wittington out there was you you couldn't make this crap off on on you know they've almost kiacatu's out of themselves they had not they have they have any they have to be extreme personalities the cause they're the faces these movements i don't know how the tide is cossack except that the lad they do a lot of the rest and then they create methodology to be executed by the steering comite i got in somebody who's like arguit me on twitter or that they had mentioned the i think things that were created at british intelligence and which is true however there is a mansion comstock and they were like bone wayhorse cob i think that what happens is they have he comes in my opinion it looks like it's the mother of the fine you look at it temporiser institute and institute which were very involved in a lot of in war time research or also involved in a lot of a technology search for military industrial complex in elect dark buff colechurch of the law of the research for a dark in a lot of his in expounding on and i see this kind of like they do the testing the research and then they haughtily method all in committee tanteralized fostering committees would be like chophouse they would be like counsel for relation is trilateral comin i know it's too bold a deer international fair he bore society and ought to hesiod and that world economic form that which to me that would be a steer i don't know that he between panisage that it looks like they use a lot of this research and methodology for propaganda taken at the so back in forty two who they created this war often office selection boards and the or of his section boards were then it rise it was eight they were used for the british army in order to figure how they were going to officers and this later became a part of the oshatsh see that they were using they called them in but they really varied as we casemates to mental ability and is the collegeoregon these were our docks and ere stonsted to the sixtieth movement because his son was allan trust who was the a producer for the grateful dead and we knew long yeah the step corse brindando parted there whole delaceration the impact on the masses there were really trying to see what the impacts of the mind control i would be using elise and a second when i don't know into im chatran son these other techniques that they've used over the years so people can recognize them and know not what their seeing once you see it you can't once it yeah we howsholde whole such one hand held your eye i believe that has the for and called that a lot of the in they called his shellshock his were the actual counts of planing was born because it had the marquis havis the educated for the one who is connected to the down there of scold it was him and all on the top cave what walter and he parted with so fontetapers he also related to president caps reasoned he was him it was his hat descended who create who donated the money for the comstock connectacut buildings do shatrak there he rushed as on soldiers which we now think of espostos disorder and i think so much of bad is what he but using and the ultra to greet thomasine i all research enfilading wit he used to in they were also doing sermons the i wish my a bolbiosele out of the mather institute there during a simultaneously but there's a lot of overlap with ten it is connected to a lot of the ties ologists the ad onewas isabel mensis and the erecting these and with pointers included were self description were dashed matt anserine resting because they were using this to create opposite the services which he and which of course became sea and then also like a lot of commercial enterprises like unalienable er now in a big contractor with military industrial complex so at leesethe also for like fire services police forces so a lot of over are in this type of and i shall that was really interesting they also called themselves the invisible college which were the precursors to the royal side so this one more word words a mere office of selection boards really had paved the way to create the royal society and a man of course molebout that the brossoit there very thei would see like a hearing committee and also very much as shadow kind continuing of governess a because they are steering compremise that most people don't know too much about him that dalethey later led to the forming the tenses and it was through a grant from the rockefellers where oh here yes before that before the war were off his selection i that the rock fellow foundationpresident maximas assured regerminans ier that the program of social sciences he himself with his control the control of human behavior so i think once they had these king modalities and lay they had a better sense of how they could then steer engineering with the then did you the ground the ground was in nineteen forty seven and so is she from the rock fellers which enabled and making for some i shall wish really interesting time because his right round that vera after he and i was right is in nineteen or as all sorts of things were established than right the sea a i was going on all of them but we had a lot of hinglisher that on the suckeberge is actually rockefeller's grandson interestin i heard another of yes i've heard that he's a rockefeller gerould have to look more into that i don't know but i do you think that he was the was recruited you know his kind of a project to be goforfor and foreign for it and groom you know sort of like a sort of like the canyon yea i do ahexactly kindersee that there the whole i dare life love connection is very interest i like logosthat down on the thousand for i go ebery two thousand five for two thousand four topophone up february fourth and never to the switch the label that folly did well the witch label with the the biggest difference between life will ebooks of factbook the his propaganda and culture creation to make it very cool and trinity and of course you oft in because you are to be a part of this net work and you have all these they appeal to poles bandongan orchises have le they really used a lot of the cultural propaganda in order to entice people and you do have to often were of life love with a running a log on collecting data that was where terminates this the down and often it will be cold it'll be fine so we and caps for the sheep and voluntarily a onethird yea marry is also i very much he a lustering principle ray that you have to to often they can't force for them very well i with a rapid one same time curt low and we talked about before or had created the research censorfor group dynamics and it was in conjunction with the ane which so they were working cypride the national training laboratory it were a lot of the indoctrination began it has the actually called to they were doing out of these national a training love they were doing what was and this is we hear about sensitivity training and no a corporate they do these corporate and trainings and the cold sensitivity train and i think it really comes out of this for back then they now when you look at a lot of these in the earlier do yet they were very there much more transcend well it would really amazing to have this time line really written out so that when piattino people that have been forced in sensitivity training and one of my best friends was forced into it and called a white supremist a right supremacy in this training and said if you are what you are white supremacies no i'm not and they pulled her aside but they forced everybody in her department to take this train i know many people that have been forced to take training which is abuse of it be rates them coming in their in sons that it assumes that just because we're white you are white supremacies you know i get that i get that you know over the years i got at of course a few times and i just shot right in her face i'm like were mix trathal families of you got women in your house you know it's like it's a really really that's that's great you know i'll just keep keep it up you know i'm sure that the proprii ege was there as i was digging through you know manople when i was fifteen years old for were i here right you know i'm sure to me how privilegiis we'll have a discussion on in that way what is your way of shutting down the conversation among compassion in order to be if people don't want to be labeled the races would be a horrible in to be recess so but the reality is at the opposite is there is an inverse exactly resisted so to make everything about reason to be dividing us all into pero to think that you need a whole training you have before had i deal with some the song the color of their skin i mean that's actually raises the hasvery races is incredibly raised or to see the difference or to try not to be raised as tells me outworthing i named know that their racist invitedthere they see the difference in their their behavior is being modified you know it's it's a like false modesty and that sort o thing all your telling everybody is that you you know you're not modest at all you know if you're racist you know thee and if you're accusing people be in raises your probably raised us gowers ah that is it is kind of it's kind of funny to watch that happen and in action i've got warm my favorite stories as i had a news team i was fighting a development that was a evil evil to the corps was not had not in the euthycomi unity and so the news team wanted to come out and make an example of this white woman out here that would fighting against this development some of course in my you know my black indian child and in talking indian because she's from pricking inanities know it's like bring my black hathen child out on my hip and that you should have seen the faces of this came a crew their like in goosebone what do i do you know it's like yes she's little i wasn't going to leave her in the house alone and so was like this is just part of our life it wasn't stage like yeller and hornskin of fun you know a excitin everything the rest of us poor shacks that are out there were just hout your trying to live ah that were oh it is the stop right now more when you would hood as we talked that this last time you asked me about which is like the the agaricus to see which was kind of the offshoot and united states of four cavistock et and relicone to a university as universities in ten if you print who went there brilliant but no it is american university with which is very afore that's interesting because there is an attorney working here for the republican party and esthetician west he moste the truth for out here who has a let's say ah ordinations that he's as affiliated with or the esedro off and eats specific out ah on those on those fine lines there are some chinese names an old fillings and chinese chinese people which led right back to rice university and experimentation being done on bioluminescence crossing the broad blood brain very interesting i got he sweat right now he's watched in this because i morenita investigator right now not just on that person but on all the aliases that are out there within the republican party and who there attached to an even people in the grass roots that claim grass roots and i hope they're all sweat and bullets right now it is conical when you can get in and find all the organizations the way that they money low or yogathe can't hide it well a contrite this company wingelock for it i will see that a lot of in and there's definitely ties i there's a whole a research at an when the university of meschen the one you know there was the cabiners which is where a francesco senaatin there is one in well it is designed for in that purpose so my goodness will there is breaking news the state of miscenti didn't i know about you can bet coldthese initiated long s were done at the well there now that that's red well a pecan totally can pick up a cinema pick up with her huxley and already laying and that i love you it is that foretell and this is so crazy is so good and i hope every out there's listening and so you wanted to how to get in the fight i'm i'm telling everybody how to get the fight sign up in the same retracing i think and share the information that we're branding forth on brandenburg news an outward share this of the court courtney's footing out there you were i get paid for this were out here firing for this nation and you know what it's like if there was somebody else at one to come forward that wasn't infiltrated or deep stayed after nothat wanted to join in the fight he you know what is going to take all of us and so you know pass the surround pass these links around so that we can help educate our fellow americans this is what it's goin to take and he are you hear some any people i don't know what to do whatever should i do what i stooped i mean i hate to say that but it's like wordlike it's out you know i'm going to be broad brutal here on the truth it's like there's so many things you can do if you don't know what to do do something you anything in oftenest homewhat ever shall be to me i'm so afraid i might insult somebody you know you know if we were thingbefore and i saying that one were all instruments were all vessels right well i personally believe we were all endowed the conditioned upon to discover lithernesse them home in them so that we can be acted so yet everybody has something they can do and something they're good and in something is of great contribution he also went she prayer and then we're going to have on our way we won't let long they thinks for the time and then a next tuesday it's real history with there you're after john tater cater to say so here goes thetet days so do helenathe thank you so very much recorde and her wonderful husband and we asked for travel mercy to them as they make their way home and they do your work going across the nation educating people and truly truly am fighting for this nation it so so refreshing to see it such a beautiful thing and were very thankful for them were thankful for what every single person out there does whether we agree a hundred per cent on all things or not we stand together as your children and let you work out the details were here to support were also here to call opossite and those people who are at war with you and we ask your blessing on bringing monning down all of these structures which have which are truly at war with you we want to be fighting for your good purposes and standing with any one who is willing to fight with you and you work out the details and the salvation and on their on the things they do when their life you will lead us out of this and we trust you fully in all areas of our lives that you will have it that you have exactly where you want us to be and that you will lead us in the direction that you want us to go we trust you we have faith in you we have faith that you can do amazing things that we cannot even that you can even conceive of and we ask that you would touch every single personthere to let them know and i have faith in you in your character that you love us that you love all of us that your good all the time and that you hope and in wish that we make right choices that we are open to your truths to the truth that truth is truth the dozen change and the only truth that's out there is your truth we know that the rest of it pretty much probably a lot of our lives but we turn everything over to you we lay down everything that we do that's right at your feet of the cross and give you all the glory because it's only because you care about us and that you pick us up and you do guide and direct our lives and we love you for it your great friend to us we want to be a good friend to you too we want to be friend to you help change us into your image help us make good decisions every day we want to honour you and give you all the glory in the name of jesus christ would pray in i'm so thankful that you're on i'm thankful i'm thankful that we're friends you're sectionif soul and i'm just so thankful for you i just want to let you know that if you don't feel love to day your love my me ah they let me an i thankful for a time that we have to gather so much and the information that you're willing to share so with that sad her hands beriot there god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless them merimake it a great day it it won't be starts here it's sheer it starts here and it starts opening our hearts to each and so you know look for opportunities to bless those around you stand tough with all things that you know are wrong don't go along to get along that's just absolutely what satan himself wants us to do is to be silent and to go along with a to be captured by what's going on here on this planet and evil refuse refuse and stand stand for your brothers and sisters and which is all those people that god has created and hopefully we can take them back out of the hands of principalities and powers this is where the war is it's not with each other its principalities and powers and jesse was clear on that that its principalities and powers that we wrestle against we fight again don't let them pitch you against each and that's that's word for the day so have a right have a great day and oh let's go out there and ital yet intent sandford what's good and righteous and in work for god's good purposes so i have a great day osanneet lk on what i had thosho it