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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 8/19/2022 - Live - Kris Kyo - WMPL, Jason Jones, Mellissa Carone

Published Aug. 19, 2022, 8:02 a.m.

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because i don't know how to do this to both paramaribo good morning this is donna brandenburg on the brandenburg news network it is august what is it to me you station to be on the christian and mary sombreroed and is going to be a a different going to be a different grades this morning and thought that you guys would enjoy this process good mornin oh yes so i done it a going to have a glass to it very so we are to program called greenacre we talk about whatever is happening in the world ally statewide worldwide and we always have a wide variety of gas and so this is like you and exposed while his will be a riviere the underdone you've never done a video broadcast a amount like this and in a radio set so so i'll be putting on my head on and and our show been doing us all well then over a year i can't quite remember but it's trollhatton i think congratulations and very excited here that you are going to be running in november it stanton was all around with us all home all about the old so i hope on are i'm summoning marianita little closet some o how we do the story it's all it's a conversation how we have always done it you so the it is meant please tell me again the name of your program my probandi news network you ariadne we have told every guest everything we don't have a studio producer were the stationer salutes a back we don't a little bit not okay the well were sooner because i'm at my kitchen table right now so here we go and everything so as my kitchen table and and we started the i i decided to start the bourmont ago or so and we're doing really well were getting about all were up to about thirty million interactions of what i write and post on line a week and so our reach is really going up in such and by her this is the way that all of all of our news honestly i think it should all be this wish should be decentralized and we should have a people citizens citizen journalist that are digging and things instead of these large corporate and media media disasters that we have going because the controlling the narrative full time in this is wrong going back to something you know if everybody had a newscast from their house and and brought to the brought to the forefront what they know and you know not just from their community but the wan in on these larger issues so i think that when in the governor's office because i'm going to stay absolutely you know unwavering and positive i will plan to do this every day and melissa i probably will go on every day just to give an opiate the same way so that you know we're talking to the i'm so glad for that i my will i who you are or what you do something one person can do one you people who are home on the tacit out to hold fast to that that he in all the analytical programs like yours they can call programs no matter who you were so i am he on that and you know i don't like to and just one person i can't do any only to my late whether we be i it's just a sitting out there and being real people instead of staged in the ashanti everybody is that i will never be a plastic political action figure this is me with typesetting wrong which no one will you know what ominous keep going and hopefully you know we get better at the everyday but what i will be as authentic and if i make a mistake you know we'll talk about it but we can't let the perfect stop us from an embassy i never would have thought about becoming governor you know this was never on my reader a million years but you know what i think that just ordinary people who have worked a lot and i have worked a lot in my life met a step forward and in an soils that worth or at the again god's calling us forward to use what you've given us again this nation back from what's been stolen and show the people around us the got do the hard stuff not the east it's not the easy step that ever that ever you know changes anything is to hard her now what occasion i and marianne put three of sweep and talking but now i'm playing the background music for a program i need to introduce the right now you and i are not on the young there so we went and herewith me right now to her life but in that if i have to move the microphone i beg your pardon because then all you'll be looking at is that it is my we're going to see how we're going to see how it goes here here we go on process improvement listening to freedom friday where we all have the freedom i speak freely we have special justin our studio to day were doing something rent dona brandon burn and i'm so excited in her and dana is going to on the bales in november going to be on the ballot as that and and donandus been on the balloon of the many been taken off and down a sort have you and so great to be a part of your show down a brandon bird news and by the way got brandenburg dobriner brandenburg for governor and if we could start on a by telling us a little bit about yourself and what you've been doing and we complained with clips were love that love that clip by the way how you got back an we want in her store the whole all right and say good morning to don a brandenburg the everybody's going to start in there all the i atherstone so nice to be with you guys to day this is going to be a lot of fun so yes i was in fact illegally removed from the primary there the republican primary ballot with five other people and the republican party did absolutely nothing to defend us so we went to court and the supreme court the federal court by the time we got thunder the federal judge said yes my i was treated very unfairly but decided that the rights of one person were not important enough to offer a remedy and put me back on the ballot and though i so basically did nothing neither one of those parts to anything even though the tacoma i was treated on the fairly for the right to one person one person they did not the legal the lawful process in the i have been asked by the us taxpayers party to run under the taxpayers party before i decided to run in the republicans so we have been talking and in the infected go through the process got the nomination and i am on the ballot in november so i think they tried to get rid of me that he was going to be gone and all of a sudden i pop back up again because i'm a little bit of a beast fighter so i've been going around the state you and allowed to talk in and speaking the groups in such which is going extraordinarily well i'm getting about thirty million in interaction line and just two of our ten values of generation out that we want a week pretty amazing to and keep moving forward there is some challenges that we have ahead of us but we knew this was going to be a little difficult because in fact i do believe that i am truly the only true not establishment candidate which is why they had to get rid of me in the first place i in fact he had a brand or news network here i've had several different attorneys one and a criminal investigator and the criminal investigator said to me first resistless you know you were set up don't you and i'm like yattendon from that it's coming from the board of election the board of canvassers and the secretary of state they are choosing are winners and losers they're doing it in conjunction with the political parties the whole system is completely and utterly corrupt we had another situation where other people are treated differently so they lost ten thousand my signatures within the boord of elections and only found again after i filed in the supreme court magically they have they wrote in the avenue came from jonathan greater the director of elections at redlintie store a chief named store novel on how he directed people to go and find the missing brandenburgers and miraculously they found them in another part of the office where they never keep sight the whole game of hers is on and on in a it within the republican party so shocking that when he got to the federal corniced that even before the federal judge brought down her any ruling i decided to tell her publications because that is it is absolutely corrupt they are elevating candidates just giving me a legion of choice at this point in time and i do believe that moving to a i think the two party system needs to go you only have on the board can i appointed as for points on that who determine who live as indisputably on that system they are they determine who was entirely on the ballot will all for position are appointed by at this moment whiter on the sad republicans and the democrats to those past we think we're getting to republicans and there were kidding ourselves we are not there's no possible way there they are chosen and appointed by that that by whithersoever on the present level they are rigging it on how the parties are elevating the candidates i've seen illegal straps were they were including some candidates and that others so that they are literally choosing the winners and losers and who is able to take that office and who is not this point time it almost impossible impossible for a dianora person which is how the nation was founded that that no people not just millionaires and not just people that have the great big pack the pack mind the monk multinational corporations behind any body should be able to run the lot praenomen belt process completely corrupt we had three republican operatives of calm that who were pain signature gathers up to fifty thousand dollars not to turn signature then we had the working for democratic congressmen they never questioned any of the signatures that were put in the democrats or by the judges and that their standards change based on what they want to see the outcome of and for example johnson breyette director of elections sat on one at the hearing that they were making a policies on the flat this should be disturbing to absolutely everyone our elections should be an air tight press where there's a lawful process which is followed that gives the same the same odd chance for any one and i honestly would like to see the end of all political parties because they are nothing more than special interest at this point in time they tell people how to vote they provide them with the candidate that they want and in a lot of these people are connected for example run wiser the head of the republican party is on the atlantic council board which is a global organization he's on the board he also donated to bid which tells me that he's either not a republican or it doesn't matter because it's a unitary they just work in together and there's also ties to breathe oil which is in ukraine which is the crown jewel of corruption for the bienne the steam of a global players that are on on these it would shock the average person to point of dis actually happening it's actually absolutely happening provable in its this week when the came out did you see the what they did is there's a group of people that are researchers most of them are people i consider fronds of mine and they went with greg phillips and toppling albright they were the creators of two thousand mules and he done down into the election there's many people that are digging into the elections to really show us what's going on i had many of these people on my show to really get to the truth because main stream face stream media will not put the truth out there even with what happened to me i have not read or heard one story and the news that was telling the truth it's all spent actress in his allies will there actually digging down into what's happening and they literally found the connection through a company in michigan called ohannan their look ocean and by missionary which is the largest land land trust land grant company i believe or university in the united states they are sitting right on the border of that well well all they are involved in the software of the soft revolution the voting machines which that's totally crookhaven to get rid of these machines well anyhow there was a way where they were passing information and they made it to the chinese to chinese servers anything he crosses the border into china becomes property of the sceptics communist party and there is one point million i'm goin repeat that number one point a million and formation and pull workers stored in those services which the chinese commoveret has in their possession which is a black male nightmare it information on all their children their social security numbers the taxes what they paid their bit is assistant it is nan you know what the same to people i see so much apathy mary ann for ever it was some way it doesn't matter is happening like you mentioned a few minutes about everybody should everybody should be terrible we lose this and i you know and really bothers me when people well it's just how the way just the way the he was welcome it met right it's not okay we were discussing last were discussed discussing the in we were discussing how when people's eyes are open better when it had that things have run a and gone mad and it sounds so over the top that scar and when mary ann never talked i really i just one or the beach and drink coffee now is the time and people need to start moving now now i'm sick and tired of maine self you know used to be journalists how long have we been at one side of the story he mentioned it yourself you have you seen anything in our anything at all and here you are going to run up against this should be head lining all the so called major network and nothing's going to head line that they don't want us to know about yeah and so they've got to do dickon and and to ericson is backed by these big pack money she's a she's got some soft corn movies in her background among other things that that the democrats wanted in their working together the republicans and the democrats are working together so they chose the weakest candidate to go up against her because honestly in my opinion they want what meredith's all in both parties that way and when you see what he really did they made an agreement to bring the world economic form that classmates and and a shangaan of course of course he and i'll come to me and smither to thee to the state of michigan put the world had quarters right there in detroit this should be terrifying yell and there the water to vision and our in sorest schwab and sorties the world had quarters and their masking different names to you know like the glow the urban initiative or whatever they've got all these names sub groups that they have and when you look at her the list of the world economic former of these cometh with young leaders these people are in positions of power gilchrist was one of them that this is a globator animation who has its tom on our food supply they have are their thumb on everything they have they were this whole group of of communist because that's what they are there it's a mark is infiltration of our nice and are the ones that are responsible for the destruction of venezuela they used the dominion machines and some of the other machines that were electronic voting across the globe to my opinion to read the elections because its rigging the elections to the software and dayal and they're all connected that i hear he's a sobs right hand man he is basilican need people because can hachiman beings and do whatever we want we want to get rid of people because if they have all the robots in her a they honestly yet osorio they want to get rid of the people and just he had themselves i think that this is a globe world that god created as theirs and we are nothing but worthless did you know the we have ten thousand times coming across the border our southern border so we were one of our companies we owned back itches and one of our companies is working on the border for president trump i've got quite an extensive resume actually on a whole bunch of come do you know that we are having ten thousand kids oh weak come across the southern border and to the united states of america and they don't know where they're going that the human trafficking component of this a central issue that i don't know if people really understand what a horrific issue we have going on right now is the largest sum trafficking organization in the world we are losing or in the north america that we are losing so many children it's incredible and nobody's talking about where they're going there moving around and i think that this immigration thing is more of a distraction you know they're coming over ecoutait you know the legal illegal and refugees are coming take over company country a stack the voting while they've already stacked the voting this is this is not going to be done through immigration is going to be partially done that way but they can do it with a flip of a switch with these moniche and rigging the numbers you see before the republican primary there was a leak in the in the news media on an what the who is going to be the winners and losers dixon came in forty seven per cent and so this came out on a combination that it came out in one message and then all of a sudden to jump on us in the oh yeah yeah we're just doing at kiddie never on the before and they would have had to have round for a real task a millionaire those all they proved is that they've got bobbie the back in the back room who sit in their data entry putting those numbers that and if they can do that there the test work that means that they can actually put numbers and put out any outputs on our machines that they want yeah yeah yes and there's so much information also an i'm sure you heard this countless times as there was not a voter election oh no castle he has little scarcer they under and when you see what happens and yes they remember when that story came out about you know i don't like and and she has had i spent in my day and now so beyond praise it is beyond crazy you know when i hear over and over again from from people who know what's going on this never happened before you to be scared then somebody just i can't do anything this is so the time to do it's got to well it is good to take a business person in my opinion to get in there so like i had no political real connections before because i thought all politicians were liars then it turns out right they are and i got to see it first hand and how they move money around this state is a money laundering nightmare there's no accountability there's no responsibility there through our election through the board blesseth absolutely no process that will that it is an honest process right now because with the stroke of a pen or with that akouomen computer they can change everything to the outcomes that they want and there's no recourse those people that are involved and last you are willing to go to fight like like a honey bag and never never never give up and i think the that i am right now so they tried to remove them and destined and an outer their trying to moderation is right now because they withheld paper work and in unnoticed to me again in another area and a back we're going to get the figured out we need the votes and belots of also i need some donations of people want to help in order to reach people in remote areas and they can go to my website which is brandenburger dot com to donate and help help reap the people that it may be are not on you know that we're not quite getting to through through service we need if a little bit so i own i can tell you my resume is i'm one of the only female pipeline company owners in america which it means as i don't the point on the product we build we can but i've worked in energy for quite a while and i could talk about energy of anusia we own a decent size real are building is like two thousand feet long by five hundred and seventy three feet wide i have a hundred and thirty addresses in the city of granada i used to be like the eight chick and i did all my own concern i own a little to company and the founder of grief and loss to day and one buitran then we also own a farm agricultural train tile company i've got a lot of experience with and goes heavy oversight one of our companies as is union which the unions a totally abandoned their workers terribly we helped rewrote process for housing in in ganapati make it easier for four put it into for for landlords and city oversight to to work together but honestly i believe that almost all of these organizations they weapons the health department against americans against people from michigan they what grace went more as weaponed every single agency we have to violate the constitutional rights of the people simonstone conservative i am a christian first and foremost and my legions to to to guide as my savior and i mean that is my allegiance first foremost and and i want to stand before god and have well done and that means that all of these things that are a you know an affront to his creation or that are damaging to you know his children have to go away i think we need to get rid of most of these organizations i think the mien the nervous they should never have existed the health department and is is a disc is a disaster all of these organizations that were weak and i the eight was weaponed michigan you know if we go back to the constitution all of the answers are right there if we treat the state as a nation with imports and exports we feed our own people we defend our borders again the you know the illegal immigration that's coming in a human trafficking and human slavery this is what this is all about were in i want to know where these people coming or going to we need to have a count of what their actually spending they taught budget budget budget in order to tracts but they never keep on anyway so why wouldn't would even talk but it's absurd it's a district we need to and what i would do as first ten minutes i would be firing and two people the chicken out lead because he know they're going to be fired when i kept office and we need publish the entire counting of this state so that the people can see exactly what they got and the for me they have i put in on the money as where it goes in the accountability of that and the people of who are grafting they took a million at the end of last year and they put it into a fine called and what this was all about was to move this money a hundred and seventy seven million dollars that they designate it as an over it how this could happen i will never know and they spent this in their dire to buy votes is what you can just down to to my favor and boats the friends in their areas that did not benefit the and we need to break up the general fund we used to have all kinds of money in the road fund where to go oh it's nowhere we saw no road construction that of any note four years until the crutch decides to unleash road construction all over our highways an inter state which our federal funded or where is the money for the road michigan the roads in detroit are falling apart the roads in the skin in the atlas are the state roads in those areas their falling apart you know the municipal roads are or disaster all of these things need to be addressed as the whole plan and not a plan to let's just shut the theaetet were really doing something because they remember this because they're going to be inconvenience to get to work and on the travel they i'm fixed on the orange barrels because as i drive on the state what i am seeing in the is twenty miles orange beresford line thirty thirty feet apart is what you see normally and there's no equipment and likewise the orange barrel contre state on some of them and i tracked some of that down in the hold they increase the cost of those things but why do we have twenty miles of barrels out there with no concern for months and nothing's happening other than to give people the illusion that there's something happy just like the illusion we have a choice in who were voting for the only answer to this is to get to the to get to those pools in elections and overwhelmed the system with numbers we have to we have to get involved we have to not lay down and say i feel like i can't do anything now the time where we have to jump in an action be those action cap put the gloves on and not give up intent only jumping a little bit you know to test the water but jump in with everything we have and throw in everything we own on top of it to take the nation back we have one chance and that's twenty twenty two that is the way to no indeed we need to take a but of course your shows going on in selteneck the so we can continue with you go to donna brandenburg news network and also go to the website brandenburg for govern in the mean time you're listening to freedom at or we all have the freedom to speak freely or just to day gontrand brandon bird for governor or she will be on the ballad we'll be back in just he he on crother we yes yes i i said emissaries were to rockabout some ten finishing we should do to set regular basis i love in this in the two and now were both over making notes what would he had mentioned about the illegal the kids coming and i'm just wore that in its you and i had talked about transcendere melian bodies a base as i don't know anybody else is but i feel absolutely greater every you know i don't but feel he actually unbelievable you know you know it's happening thinking about it it all goes to and you know i think that's a good point to the reflex act and it's kind of like when we were talking last week and really one of the best i swim in like prior every day that in itself is not a really good because it is so overwhelming marius wanted don't shut off your mind this is too much if everybody is of that opinion anyway and we actually do set it down for so i'm glad for what you're doing in what were you in and more people doing so yet so when we come back because after their short break were all going to have less than twenty minutes so i want you lieutenant you know your pa congratulations on a waiter doing now and and thank you absolutely the so so whatever you want to focus for the next twenty minutes the is yours and so important to your viewers and the porter listeners what it what are the things as i can talk on a million subjects it's like you write nedou's import alienate me here that i can read which i think is importance of its point people think is important and that my response to how i think we should move forward and some selenitic are good idea is to go in a samson because we all know what the problems are and you know so we can we can certainly talk about that i go into the problems lack cause that's my man when i want to look at that rome how i think and then i can go deaf the problem but we all problems in others yet more proper i come out every day but you know the problems are on i love this it's not quite her but problems there like well now what and well she heptameter i can talk about in five and how to some of the inflation in the energy problems palate school issues and such as i can talk about how to fix the school wilson i have done i talked to half the sheriff in the state so i looked into how the criminal a justice system is mason what we need to do as far as how they've overstepped and basely turned this nation and a cord and a corporation and taken away all of our rights and made us property of that corporation and how we back out of the and also so those are all great topics and also here i mean when they had the mandate business is here you know it's a small community its and so when you see your friends neighbors and oftentimes you know your relatives likelihoods so that's you said the schools that the huge issue a charter school that brand new as postmaster marianne as a last bolster also nursing we've got a lot of elderly he did all these are letters the inelastic sion just like this when you get maletroit i think you outlining the problems in your area as you know is a fundamental you know i can talk i've done studies that i find it with the western illinois university on wind power i can go into stuff like banian going to calais and i bet when i think i need to do is make it pertater viewers or and what's important in that area so i will just go into this in you outline with you know in those areas and aispenhayne you throw out there some brahman all my near but yet i would thinking it was like like a hundred ninety miles long or her halfway to the moon on isle the last that i've got is like where does the accommodate somewhere but i still haven't found it at this point to right yeah somewhere over the rain beat and and yet and the in our communion but right you and everything else to to the man praise but i pray it crazy this is amenity not the transcendent thing anybody that's out there that is into this craft is an idiot the the mutilating their children and their doing it for social reasons in order to be ex by a group of people it's almost a gang mentality the kids are these kids are there it causes the oberlanders create brains wallington sterilize the kids in something on sanpritchit it was not not opinion back outside yesterday and dona ring for governor shelby on the november ballot we also tutor you can check her out one a brandon bird no work to an into that you can also go to brandenburg for governor so we're doing a really neat thing marianne i on her show and she slashed is it grief you want to do this once a week i'm all in on this eugene mother of molasses here you know and i just remind you listening to freedom friar we all have the freedom i speak freely so back back back to time an you know in our and will work were radio sumerian we just look at each other a lot done but now for this the way we're doing that is for capable but you get lotions enjoy but some the a period onlook at it at a community level and we all live in our own we all live in our own communities of and then you and on top things going on around the state and then round the world but locally we've got issues with schools of winter by eenterest in our area nursing homes people dying alone the mask people have its warmest people getting sick because their wearing the mask the test tank and then you know just the common inflation gas and food prices not a problem i think it is a problem so those are just a issue and i know your problem and you have ideas and that's why you're running and this so how about we address some some thousand please feel free in the next the minute for a a stalking about the mass mandates and all of the vaccine mandates and all and weapon our health system in all this is nonsense in it was honestly ever anyone that participated in this committee exists country because they lochearnhead way and the weeslade the shot third party murder it was third party murder in her nursing homes they went against recommendations of the actual health workers and put obedient into our nursing homes are you kidding me they had other facilities they could put people in if they needed to and i am my own opinion on coati think this most of this that though we saw something we still don't know what we really had or you know i have a tendency to believe that it was an engineer virus and that it was more or less by weapon that was wanted against the united states of america and the mask mandates were all about taking away our identity shtealin us down and strain our businesses and using the out department in the two insofar nanny look at the death that happened we really had no more dust and what we normally have having to do with the foe but now we're having lots of problems as if he as a result of experimental marriage therapy i refuse to call excavation because it is not its i think that we need to talk about all of these things schools and how they used it and pornography in our schools he says nothing to do with education or a future of a child at all its cultural marks as i and it is it is it is a crime or criminal to have draque showing their junk to children and i'm telling you right now any of these people that engage in this my need to be prosecuted in this because this is absolutely this is not o k there's no part of this it's okay it's groomy children and going back to that the problem that we have with human trafficking and or grooming our children going forward so i've got a list here and this was kind of interesting is the top lowered to term issues in the rank by rank by what people think is important so the first one is rising gas prices that's ninety two per cent or concern inflation ninety one economy economy ninety one energy policy eighty six violent crime eighty six election tragedy at eight three school issue seventy five abortion rights the thing to be a life of a saying to be like not abortion right election cheating in a legal immigration on that is the top border mid term issues now the top legacy meditate stream media issues are climate change ukraine wore capitulation covenanter and altimeter i think that what what we have that were looking for here is a top the top issues the matter issues all have to do with what what immediately immediately affects our families our life or our money in almost all of these have to do with a control issue the bottom issues are a cultural mark is a salt on as to instill fear climate change in war the capital it covenant in so the number one enemy of the people is the main stream media which i think this is why our ability come forward like this is one of the answers to the main stream media controlled the massage we we are not getting the truth so we can't make it formed choisi think the decentralizing everything is an important issue i wrote a rollinat says what were really seen is the stream media is is the narrative of a missus cultural mark but we can address an address issues which affect families by encouraging competition in the market to bring down prices cut regulation unnecessary financial administrative cost to companies go back to enter independence chief energy equals more good being jobs stop human trafficking and immigration the disaster in our borders right now including the state of michigan boarders because we have an international port decentralization local control of schools abolished the eminente the sanctity of laocoeon to natural death and from those who seleucian babies as a salable cattaro or the killing of our elder population which all about genghis is what this is all about those those things all need to be men be address so he shot down came we have a bunch of businesses and so i told everybody i actually went up to a couple of poles a laforce men and i put my arm i said orestes i will not comply i'm not going to shut down and i am determining that we are in a central in all things they just kind of laughter like now to get a rest i said then stay away because i am not going if all of us had done the same thing this none this lie that they put out there on the masks and on our business and such would have been done in like a day a week it would have been done if i can been closed down what the using and creating crisis is to control the part and that's what we need to get away from what i mean we seriously need to get away from so when i look at the problems we have with our schools i can of dissected it in a financial way each student is worth about nine thousand dollars a student to the school if we seven thousand dollars of that money in hand that go under the parents do with the children no matter where they wanted them to go and private school charter school home school one over and had that under the parents is the whole school if she becomes a little bit more more complicated i didn't fathom school my children and i find that to be a really good option i am a very organized person in my oldest son was actually graduated at cannstatt going to college at so i am i am a very organized person and from going to do it on the dot right right so but there's some complications if we want to if we want to give money to parents for home schooling or there has to be a little bit oversight i wouldn't have taken the money if i was home schooling because i want control of what my children wanted but we need to have lots to options so anyhow we took seven thousand dollars and put that into the under part discretion as a boucher or such to go anywhere they want and we kept two thousand dollars back into the public schools a lot of people there that may be don't have parents with perils that are really going to be helpful so we can find things like auto mechanics and willing and the extra curricular perhaps we could do like sportsmen if your home school or whatever you could take part in some of the community community type or skills building activity is the the equipment is there and then you know you think about if you had a bunch of parents as you know what i want to hire a sure teacher we're goin to put but our kids together and we're going to develop like a home or a one room school house in hieratic a certified teacher if you had or ten kids you have so many to go like you know a hundred and twenty five thousand dollars you could pay a teacher the kids and the involved in their values and it's not getting rid of jobs it's in fact giving higher paying jobs to the teachers at nobody in these things like a business person would and put this into a proper process that would benefit every single person in the system smaller class sides more go and in local control from the parents and what they want their children to and how they want their children to this is a huge huge opportunity to teach life skill we need to find trade schools you can't you cannot get an electrician a plumber or a skilled carpenter to save your soul out there right now adage for a kilcatrine at four years old you know that so we need to build up our trades well there's automatics and people that do something instead of just going to the markus indoctrination camps universities that we have people that they know everything but can do nothing report and more regulations more rules and and quite honestly very little value to themselves or society the the other thing with the trade schools too is that we can and people that go to trace school that come out with no doubt and he are making like a hundred thousand to a year as a as you know it in the trade i mean that's entirely past i think that we're going to have to do some back to work programs where we get people back to work that have been on entitlement programs and there my grandfather worked for the span the forts and the they did i mean there's a lot of models out there that we can study that work really well he worked for the case and we can look at some of those miles of how to get people back to work creating products for this state and use em as as exports and such while were teaching them reaching them the life skills that they never got in our education system and or perhaps they just were number tattoos so that we can we can truly be a help to people so the way i would do it as i would say okay here your title man are here this but will give you a job that's a little higher a little higher pain but next month this is going to go down in the next month is going to go down again and down again now you may not like where it what it looks like at the bottom but we have to get people off of these entitlement rules and make it more attractive for them to work rather than to stay home and live off the backs people that are working every day to pay these to he looked at we need to publish our entire accounting system and go through a tapeline we should take a pause and governmental functions shut down for a little while the last time we did that we took the government down to twenty per cent i didn't miss it i didn't even notice it was shut down so i have no idea what these people if we shut it down to twenty per cent what a skeleton a skeleton crew basically to keep essential functions going while we figure out what they've done and how much money they have drifted off then i think we're going to get a handle on it i do know that i've got a person that i know who is a investigator with unemployment and she said there talking three billion dollars at went through an employment during this whole shut down nonsense in its entire whitmer she took off readoption and most of the fraud was committed within an employment with the workers that were employed there but it wasn't that much there's no way that they that they fraudulently had brought over forty forty billion dollars and probably close to sixty billion dollars that went through our unemployment department because of braunau protection taken off they knew what they did and they were doing it from within on employment we need to look at these things the bolero or bills are not we have two thousand bills a month going in front of our legislature they don't have time to read that or you came we need to have a limit of doing we need to have every single person voting on a bull to sit for that we need to have a preamble that states the goal of the bell and then all so a sunset claws that if they do not meet that go by a certain time the bells go away we need to get back to the constitution we the simplify decentralized cut cut cut cut cut and make sure that every single function within our government benefits we the people managed as an asset of weepe who own this giving them the benefit america first michigan first and serving serving as a service to the we've got three minutes the greatest as so many things cannot my attention but i did not want to interrupt when you had been the less things that are important then and then you know on the top of covertly my personal opinion a weapon and because to it all started what retainment locked down and then the man day said than all this stuff was going on behind the same antique it's just this edition the day so i i mean i would scream that alehouse i wouldn't wear a mask a man you know so i kiesewetter for one minute i we wrapped this up you have mentioned earlier about the police he told up i'm not going to come mary and i received a call from one of our a gascon that at some sometime but within the last the song is by blind joan is called i will not comply got a check it out i will know you have got to so anaitis so let me direct everybody to my share quick here before we get up so you can find me at brandon burford governor doom and that brandenburg for atherton not tom i might telegram and i write every single word on telegram and i do all the posting and i also communicate with people on telegraph that's a brandenburg the number for i were also on all social media and i can go to my rumble channel if you want to see back outside of brandenburg news not work we will be spending at brandenburg news not work my goal the thalia mother bright part did with bright art and have an actual nessita people talking not not these notes a plastic anchor people that are timbered media every day by the face stream media and i hope we come back on again crisis was wonderful i love talking and i love her talk that we've had of came that an and i he this has been timonareum at the one you're listening to low emplanted to night when when the and you also can check a double you nine twenty come with god release chuck that out got on the log we little bit about it so with that okay one we've got to one final rowhani was not born what is it agreeable to say to grace right now and that's a hoof you want to say for your i will eat great recent i would say that i don't think i've seen so much power is lack of leadership and absolute attack on the people that you are sworn to protect you walk away from your oath of office you committed treason in this state and you led the entire state for as a as a absolutely no cow pope of the global and i i don't think i've seen so much power as a lack of love godless behaviour in my entire life i'm ashamed of you as our governor i'm ashamed to to him it even acknowledged that you had to be our governor and i and i i truly would say to her that i get in as as as governor i also i endorsed by general michael flinn and i told jones i want to transport planes that run full time to get molester going to not only talk about cleaning the swamp were setting and they're going to they're going to figure out and have to find out what the consequent of absolutely being murdering lying destroying the human beings has he has he has a price to be paid and they can sit in and do get out with god himself we energetic in a market so much thanks for being our guest i will talk to you soon affectation call later thank you he lows awsome it was go to donna random that word also brandenburg for governor they got out the great day your listening to freedom friend for we have the great of dis again oenone's a crashing we traded a different show every hour okay i'm going i'm going to add and what we've got jason and we've got we've got both jason and we've got can here so i'm going to add now we're going to go to jason's is our line and i'm going to throw cannoneer minute to his county's been sitting back there within this and say in high seconds going on not too much wanton me might come not everyone stay high you could send me to the back and all i can winnipiseogee so i'll let the two of you take over all right and you the backhanded went on the red now that can asher faithfully as a as a so the soldier he is to make sure that everything is if i run into trouble here i can piece what do you think you know i love that orientation it is an idea worthy fantastic so that was the great interior the land i was just finishing up act by able pot i'm glad you were so gone on so like my goblet but it seemed to work out pretty well as how as the interview because i caught the tail in an tell you what in response to that as i was like now i know i midn't know if she would even bate me quite honestly because both her interdiction are kind of to and you know it's like i listen to him talk they can talk for a few minutes but in that he may not be a nice way to stay up at work past be nice and have to talk about reality neither one of em are quarrelin any way shape of yet one that an attorney so what she do in the use she's using any any method she can to get around servicing the people so whether it if i had to give her a score for unemployment she would be negative numbers negative numbers it's that what happened here was a noticin spicy theory it was criminal conspiracy sedition trees and as far as far as turin goes she has gotten up she has really no experience if i were going to hire her she's worked for her and she's been a newscaster and she's got you know softies in a background okay what does that qualify or to be governor other than an embarrassment to the state and you know and she's going to be an order taker wheresomever what to do she's going to just be a rubber stamp candidate so either anemony got one of the other but the same people controlling either one of em eyewater sitting with his funny them the pack the big money at the fort alarmed michigan honestly we have forty families in michigan that form an oligarchy and there buying pain for in controlling the elector and the money is coming from the money is coming from the global as organizations the big corporations which are the affront to our nation honestly and i've gone into the lot has been turned into a corporation of which we are as it owever on our property ever it can always be taken away and we don't have proper the proper lawful process that the founding fathers had oh absolutely you know i been doing you know i've been trying to get into mistaking in uptodate with what's gone on because as you know last week i was on vacation so i kind of like to technological sabbatical with goatish superne i recommend anybody do it even for like a long week and it was great aladdin what there something wrong with me i addicted to this you you know there is a thing i think there's class but no i know but there's so much is going on you know it's crazy they have one of the reasons why i took setback ground glad i'm forced to take a step back in a way for my the last thing i remember was that whole stupid spirit that happened on a log that was the last thing i remember that was on wednesday afternoon we know when other have whitehaven governesses like a whirlwind of more onion behavior from all of our three letter agencies in you like this you where's the next one going to come out you know you concerned is a concerted attack you know i like her so much good it was kind of nice to take a step back because and the thing that innis my old opinion an obviously validate this with any what it feels and sees what is that they are putting out so much mount confusion into like look here for a few seconds and looked there for a few more seconds and other asbestos why are they doing that there is a reason for that consinor new cycles me whatever normal looks like but if you actually look at historically with how the new cycle quotquot used to be back in the day preadamic creator he had cycle where follow along it was it so the like they got a five gallon bucket the with the stories the five gallon bucket and before you know it overfilling beaudelet in all the stories are overflown don't know where to oh my god now you're trying to keep track of all the stories and you do got one big giant mass now you're just overwhelmed the your ands up which i think is what they want us to like ocean i try such mass cognitive distances with the cry to create such i was happening there is a reason why and i find it so comical i don't hear any mocassined media talking about or interior than like local radio stations on i hear that as prominent stations on comrade to independent easter in her interviewing for people for governor i'm hearing careladen i forget what his name was i had a house name but he's running dor come show yes they and i might think myself why are they not going down and there's a good reason for it they don't they know what you're going who your lined with and when i say who you are likewise not the people that has been in he decades and believe not it's amazing i'm actually in the middle of green say i guess it's a retired a retired federal judge it's called the great american adventure it was published this is not pre in this guy so everything that we do now that we've been all wainwright with the cabal in the child trafficking you know all that stuff right that thing that we've been awake to last twenty four in the great deep in this exposed like a hundred twenty seven pages long but he was a great deal of it no back then if you were to read it then he i and just to now you fast forward to it the expense or like all my god this guy was a visionary like you what's in this exposition it back dancing's he you know we only know they are at it so and so forth but now were to upon everything that this guy talks about it is exposed has come to pass and then i mean what's going on and again back to the why they don't talk about you why they don't bring you on to volumes to me in anybody yes they are very fully aware when i say the rackets very aware at her well i tell you on my campaign manager was up and lancing one day and there was politicians sitting around and basically there there sitting around king and i came up on the dumb to all right so i well i didn't even know that was going to happen because they hadn't even mentioned my name lionel as brandenburg you know throw a blanket over everything don't at this come out it's horrible she so we got a hide and so anyhow there watching this and she said this guys were standing around or under campaign and these guys are standing around drinking and they just stop down nor in their transit look up the gambusino of the guys said she is the only one that can be whitmanite guy take great big shot he said she gets in where all in true and i see this accurate they are all which by the way what was the radio now work he said i was up north what was he reading network disobedient that come i got home section i got to see her outside decided that i need to figure out how to i've got the comments from you too and face book come upon an my coat side panel here on streamer i need to figure out how to get rumble of because we usually have more people on romancing as because that's the link i put you know maybe i should post the other ones and that i can i can actually interact if you but i've a very short i think return that moroccan put the contention on you tube in her not coming up for some reason or remoter so anyhow there is an active a very active looking there another a very active that's the only thing so i got figure out how to get into the comments section to read a couple of to me so likewise sanderson is coming furiously threat through the window and its literati mouse massive glare the he without of a baby that's cool you know that's just the inter child of me coming out i love you actually would have saw my first car side bar about my trip my car little on the road i had so many eyes and under body light and in fact i have you know the light that was kind of light on your car while you drive which is so stupid but they tried yet no one i because i had read a belated and so tried to get the year that and were i was that kentish a staroste that we were more than my first first car the dollars it was a blue dog there is a girl that i used to date back in high school she always called it the barbe carpeted barbe ah but i had like lonely everywhere i trow but i had had an alpine heroism of anybody who is radio you'll know all in great least it used to be in my day and so i had these big twelve inch sub walker thousand here coming up a couple of miles down again my neighbors toiled on the country what as a county at how they work for i never got well there you go your mom had to be making you know cookies and dropping of cookies their family buying off fever for a heliotrope one week or something you know she goes to this comment while you were still doing your interview since good morning i just registered on rumbled sithence so at in let's a governor candidate the bat let's see see their options which i think will be funny that never let it happen a very good they won't because they fear you she destroy the in a debate these michigan homesteader to wed a covert operation to follow where they are going and these here he says well the flag sonneteer the fascinating yet anyway the great american adventure that was to but he is though that's why they won't in the relativement that the men debating when they were in the wood before the primary and they had these ridiculous joke of debates that were up there you know we're going to ask you one question and you've got one answer to give to this complex question and so that we can say yes no yes no instead of actually creating solutions that are moral and compose you know some of these things you can't give an answer in two minutes some of them you have to and your case and then honestly to talk through it to the point where there was an intelligent answer not just a yes or no answer which is not really an answer it's it's only it's only a sails tool to sell the candidate and the other thing is that these debates why i have such a problem with the that is the primary first of all in your debating political go the half of them you know you know you know that there's a half a man ever going to be there but it's more than that it's about creating a secondary tear of so liberty status quasi political who are going to promote candidates or remove them in the effect they on the candidate because they own a a quasi indorsement by these people just beside him air time in such in a buonfigli you're in trouble will guess what most of these people that that schedule esteate our part of the problem they there all patois so your your literally walking into a rig debate to test whether it's not your debate kills or the there testing your compliance and i think that that's an important thing that needs no brought to the forefront this is not about debate has nothing to do with debate it's making candidates either look good or bad and have one more one more weapon in the war that placing people in a direction or removing this sort isolate and it's kinda it's kind of become a really sad said seafarers when when when it's not really out there that this is just part of the game part of the political theater that they have going on stupid a waste of time and contributing to the problems that we have you know and why is it that we don't have a thirty day election we have billions and trillions of dollars go into these campaigns across if you start and adding up the the the number of that people are putting into campaigns across this nation would it staggering you've got local elections you've got you know collections you've got state elections you've got national election all of these elections that they're pouring billions and billions of dollars in the by the election to place their candidate and then they've got the media involved in all the advertising in the only advertises that gift favor to the ones that fact reinforce the money chain that's going on with these politicians the whole thing is wrong all of it if we had a thirty day election cap i don't know even for a governor's race a cap of a hundred thousand dollars mac to get the word out there centralize area where people could post their opinions or questions or forum where they could get on and just just have an actual discussion on a form in that that would cost anything and you get an actual answer to their questions instead of a stage debate with an actor of their posing rigged questions to the to the to the ring candidate therapy don't we let every one any one that wants to be on the ballot on these forms and then watch it watch it just kind of it out your good to see the best and that the most brilliant minds come to the top without the money being involved without the pay to play and into we get to that type of a system were dad because were dead in the water they are literally installing candidate reading it from a tomato not that i'd say don't boat i'm not seeing that i said go vowest overwhelm this fact system with which sheer numbers with the assembly of the people in sheer numbers we can still we can still get it done but that is the only answer sheer numbers of involvement at the polls supporting a good candidate you know is going to just keep it you know take loading there and just keep going out that's the way we want no back down no crying and whimpering at the corner you know hiding the fetal position and oh my gosh this guy foaled fallen all right it's all false what are we wine is so in above it and there get to work and back something that has some go behind it put down your ten the golf game let it go off game go or something like that and get in the game you know like i said early we need some donations at this point and i hate asking for it it's very painful for me but to reach borders that are in a way that we can't all that i can't quite reach okay because there's one of me there's eighty three counties and we are at work as big but of course everybody wants to see and talk to the candidate i love it it's wonderful but there's other people that i will never be able to reach unless we get some donations and because the establishment has they have unlimited my they own the media they they have the clear path to win and that is dixon and withering of the same bird now your absolute right jonson was raising something else as you were talking about how expensive it is to run in this it is fact actually it was done dunniewassel he had a great video i posted it i posted on it my been on my channel robe people repose with dan junior vide are beyond the only way to do it or the only way to do it is to he tole plato teething the are beyond saving when he season to foreseeing of the intolerant in his too and then in negotiations i always made it distinctly with the bistonians many of these stations so many lies and anyone on the face of resistance and again in michigan he wanted to annotate the courtiers the guy there came up to me to estimate and he went on going on as to the screen he had tarnished were i got you now misinterpreted by the left when it begins conservative door people don't speak of it when they all wonolanset ordered to the beatitudes totalisator meteorometers the only people they want to carry them or any of those of your estate else in one portion to he cantered on alimentative only in centralized militarized law enforcement is entirely consisted i but i there don't like in right the right guaranteed by the constitution god given rights so that wrong but you know you know what i mean it's like the thereagainst all of us it's traitors against against we the people a adoration is actual quaint as on this her line where actually did i quote from which was not a quo i something i pulled off a telegram and we were all misled it was not a quiet all find it very intent either but now is the making a palace only you know but this was a colt by abraham you stayed there during the february twelve he said i the rightful masters both congress and the to overthrow the site to overthrow the man who add to that the lady of the late great just it back in case which was the united states of the at i would basically he stated that the grand jury belongs howard authority the day and that's what i've been reading more about this great american expose i also read a man as i do it at another show where i go right now i'm going over the two thousand dash military it as believe it was as that number again as the straining my art training manual two thousand at otranto is it and and i find a lady douglass cart forces operators back in the general douglas garters commander the in the navy i believe it was forces a big on the training and do was called the restore america plan believe that if memory serves me it's cooperation that we basically with the man does is nation because i recall had no result receding seat at sat vacant in the direful that but all the way government is full time that was led by for british or that's why all these people are installed back to the like you were this kind of what that expose was talking about they make earhart to run for office spent i don't want office they make it so damn hard possible hesitated the basically be a millionaire or be back by in and then it basically creates that two classes well i look at what they do they take the tea people like a c who couldn't even afford a frigate and now she's wore twenty six million dollars this is the democratic adown a crew up you're not on the other side of the isle for us we're on the same side of the isle and the olifants puppets of the place are on the other side stealing a nation if they come on guys get in the game here we need to all get you know it's not going inanities together and let's just absolutely dromon these people we need to remove them but we need to be standin together not as pilot no more republican no more democrats we need to get rid of this whole system because its corrupt as how and we need to get together as american stand the gather and traitors we need to do mermaids mite she disappeared as she contest he was gonostoma the sorry sir good morning sir i was looking for a like good morning are you good well we're talking about the traitors that were dealing with an you and i are dealing with them on a daily basis and the disgusted with the whole system what i was going to further to know where the shorthorns from in this man but it says in this man all in a amember amain the middle of it was a right here people delphine eighty seven he should be upon the proposition who are all under the articles of confederation all any single state might exert over the will of the source and the final derives its powers first time you human history the people assumed control and government no really recognize what their power and authority is and that they need to stop acting like subjects on to the government the government are weren't we all this nation we are the owners of the united states of america michette are employees of us carry out the common good of the people not of the ukraine not of of you know the schools that politicians have set up around the world this nonsense of terrorisation even her own people or educate our children without having to have some demanded due up their showing as junk to kids or something like that is nothing to do with any you know i'm so sorry but but there needs be a standard and this is we got to establish a standard that doesn't move in as soon as the bar moves in any direction whether it be sanctify or whatever we are plain we were we are taking on the role of a plain god and determining base on wings or where the wind blows what what's going to happen we're going to make a policies on the fly depending on who is in office what the agenda is if they are you know what's important them it's an identity politics type thing instead of what is the best benefit to all the people and then get the government out of the way so the people have freedom to live as they choose under god and to oregon the way they want to raise their children away that they want to conduct their business way they they they want and get the government out of the way and stop bunny this the memoranda terrorization on the planes us government my opinion their drug trafficking their web on tramp for doing all of this their entrapment by the by the federal bureau of the insurrection now you can that's absolutely right it's just posted a link and the comments in our private chaotic post and the actual power but i put the link to the training video for these new airs oh man that here and it's ridiculous it solicitation my kin i muse i make screwstown got a try the right so if i screw it up i'll back out of this but this is one of those still sat he seen as we go latimer time but let to go back to seattle me see you know and i'm going to see if i can i'm going to grab it and the american make this work at an might be a little bit of technical difficulties but we'll get a hard squire there yes for they are a mark and you too i got it over the rumble yet so i don't know if i can if there's a good man can you tax it to me i'll take the dog and talitaua seaton a general to do it john knew dissolution that guy and he is like his and if there's there he'll sail sniffled resources like to like insolent command the marines you other donaldson there to donald you're on the every day the engenderer what is amazing what he did and my campaign he works so hard he was one of my of the two people that worked on my campaign and my campaign was severely infiltrated in the beginning and i got to the point where i i had to get everybody out of there and or was he as the most loyal friend and he will this guy i mean he's great he's a great researcher he i love john he's not amazing person he and you know what this is the thing is that you know a war all kind of in the name of the same mind set is that we you know it's like you and dayanand canny and all the other people had come on here we are into being loyal the loyalty factor for me and doing right thing in front of god you know always always always loyal and and i treasure that over anything it doesn't matter to me as much what people know because people can learn that you know people can learn anything but what really does matter to me is as our people loyal because then you know what you've got you know you can count on that person and you know and in a pinch well i think about this and your worst day if you were in a you you know you are here almost at the end of the battle and it's a deer dimond who are those people that you would want to stand there our way out of it who is at the going to be brave and it's not going to lay down honestly i don't blushing in the comments anello people ask me there like why did you choose melissa as your lieutenant governor they want to know and and i think that here you go go ahead john and i gave you a link attending if you set that up with your camera all bring me out and delicious into the waiting room in a another process improvement as we go here i love this i think people like to see this anybody can do that this is not he this is not a huge deal and wired gravamen go do your thing right yet the news of but they ask me the lot in with you and i'm like i know more i said the reason why those melissa is you are one hard working gallini they don't know your person like i do they're gone they're not going to know what happens behind the scenes it's just the way it works you know you make it as but when you actually walk with somebody and i see that you know what that person is going to fit in ballad down or go whimpering away like you know a little little coward leonore what i see with you as your leg is just a going to suit came of your stand great what was your first reaction your first reaction was this the great i hope he does soon ease i've got a stack evidence this launch and i'm going to throw this out in front of everybody and you know he's got a sou now and the first punch but i'm going to land the next twenty if that was that was a summary of how you approach us in unlike on i'm saying next that orlright there now it's like i'm not going to have to be the only one fighting because you will fight without backing down but not only that your ability to organize and to to move a lot of stuff quickly is amazing your i think you're incredibly intelligent when i hear how much information that you've got in your head that you could pull off in a minute without it you know you and a lot of property kind o like me in the chatelet on the fly you went right and but but i think you're just such an incredibly intelligent a woman at a and and i'm i'm inspired or tomato you because you can distill problems down very quickly but more than that i believe in your character so with all of these things involved knowing what we have out there to choose from of a people who are willing to step up and and actually do something that pool of people who don't want to sit in the corner and their little comical and expect the world to be those pulsating step pretty small and we went to a meeting over in the saint clare this week and there a lot of people that call me that they're a lot of people here more than two hundred people there that that night a elian i had a lot of people follow up and say what can i do to help you we have to get you i said to lovelee thirty night talking to people actually was i was there hereinafter that's why nethinims always amazed by and and done i always messmates well and it's so it's i it's so hard to find some one like your saying as a loyal individual that is not going to go behind your back and you know the trade and it's so hard to find somebody that you know is going to work as hard as you and that you know isn't going to back down when we go back to talking about it you know in the beginning when we both announced our run neither one of us were willing to work people that we knew where in this to benefit themselves or climbed the political ladder we were not willing to do it and that's why we you know were pushed out of literally dishonestly disqualified both of us i mean it so so much and people don't understand what happened with us action that you know we had fourteen candidates running in the governor and then as republicans one democrat whitmer that helpmate the democrats are they put one end so they can cross over in the primary and vote in the primary against the other the weakest republican but then that's that very smart but that you know after working together because they want what means were going to put the lousiest candidate in there that then even if she does by some crazy crazy weird act of inaction by by lemmings here get her and instead of voting for a strong candidate while she'll take word and then that's a strategy in she owned by the device family the machete on her they owned her the issue she has boundary she can't go you know they won't allow her to know what they've done with the sum you know common core at that was a nightmare the total absolute nightmare for it ultimately brought in critical race the now this is the family that in her i don't know if you saw the information that i pruneface look yesterday but i couldn't help it worked for or win free for rosy donald to she worked she worked on the opera went free what is an accident channel for the oxygen channel that prawns and revery vagabondish there right and i posted it and so many people got mad at me they got mad at me and i said listen i am putting out facts this was the candidate and in one of my friends actually put something on her i don't have time to look into these people at command i may stop and to see how many friends they have and who as you know who who's the common friend you know so you could that's one thing you can do a face as look to see the people that anybody coming from they have in common with you and who those friends are well one of my friends said oh it's very interesting that every single person on this and this thread has one friend in common and that one front is the same individual i haven't looked into his because i just saw that a man but what these people do like the messages they make faith and counts and then they ate have their little you know a cadogan there and blow that this post has over two hundred and fifty pounds i got to show you this picture this is out for a while here and i believe that this is fairly significant and a man put the upper hope ever redisposed his later you want to see this is or wife i don't remember what or girlfriend was i think it's a gal and and tom and now i want to answer this as what in the living is going on here like us it's like a bra her body and thanks and he's got a picture of the looks like how he had got something going on with one of his eyes that says i'm not allowed to talk and what the heck of with the piazza clock in the back ground ainslie's going on here i wish i consummate books are or than a buck i want to see what you know i want to see what else is going on there but he looks out of his mind scared a zerline going on with us i'm sorry what's going on with all these kids shoes that he was posting for a while and the black crape is going i mean you can't ignore this kind of stuff in earnest meagreness the individual that brought obaa she would be rising did you see what he did to john of god down in an metamora so the sky john of god biggest fraught we had got convicted in a court of law down in brazil of i keeping breeder women and he would he would have these starting in i don't know levendale years old that he would himself impregnate and pregnant and sell the babies and then part the girls out when they got at eighteen years old for their organs somebody that opera was pushing out there in the media now a cone step further into crazy land here and i don't mean crazy that work crazy i'm crime crazy and how you can make the stuff up she's got schools for girls over in africa what in the world is this woman doing with all of you know i've got large question or dope are going to people are going to wonder what were you mean that she has schools in africa and why why are you against that so that's going to that's going to be a at the big question is is is you got a connect and win her backing and pushing somebody that's already been to vice of this kind of horrific behavior schools in africa as school where the river sight what happening in these schools with these girls get in papers for medicine one time generally you're going to find coal crimes in other places and are these girls and being put in a position where there also being victimized and they just him gotten caught yet it's like i think that this is one of those things that we need to look into if there is an innocence there she if there should if there was an innocent she would drag this jan of god out in the street expose him to every one on the planet but no no no no no we're not going to talk about this because we have promoted him now we've got her schools in africa now why aren't we talking about this and you know if a person is in they will trot things out there for everybody to see and i i i didn't know and now now let's go after this person there horrible now sometimes people are set up i'll give you that i'm i'm for revamping laws on possession loss for say on an all a person who has been in convicted of possession be at dragoon even pornography and i know that that's goin to be unpopular too easy to plant this on people and in actually get somebody who is set up rather than going to the person that that is the provider we go to the providers of pornography or injury we got his provider or or drones and go after them you're good and knock the whole network downsteers too easy to set people up in evidence and all suddenly created a fall guy and an innocent you when you go after the providers and you can protect innocent people but by changing those laws so you know going over with her school i'm sorry i smell you know something of doesn't melicent may be passed bids you know long tight the sniper's going all the time so who knows what's going on there you know then a sooseeta a lot of sense with what you just said about braathen with her bringing olama in and promoting obaa the way that she did you know and look who's running our country now am behind the scenes in probably orontas and sure that opera has a lot of sayin what goes on in our government right now as well we probably have no idea i mean look at the white house looks like a french it literally looks like a french it is embarrassing it does embarrass every country is laughing at us you know i just don't understand why they have to have these people walking around the way that they well then to galignani don't know jason i don't know if you've been de lancy but go to lancia to see a ghost town you go you go entered oh yeah is really were it only religion your car now ruinous it's so weird i like you walk oh you walk around in where is everybody and and you know you go into buildings in the offices are empty and and you know there's a few people here there and if they have if they have a session and going out you might have i don't know underpeep that you see all day the upper security guards in these holding security is but there is like nobody there now there's not it's because they're always that the deer never in session these people are always ambition like right now the borrowin there there there and home but where when they're even supposed to be the you have the anybody so wear are they who the you know i had somebody reached out and comments so you said that c was at but yet there are still people up there that are filming and i saw as there you know on an some video whatever as forgot what it was when i say i that in all the buildings as people can go in and out of c and etim they want the building he the dog billy those buildings because they are or be like you said in lasting they're all like you said except security guards that are you know washington but all those billions of people realize where all you would the banner of the to the sea the the treasury there all there all been realize that was ran by the as raby and they got i what orders he said you have to pay it or at the left and i think that's private it's really it's really crazy time but all i can tell you is what i'm seen with my own eyes and if something looks like a duck quack like it's pretty much going to be a duck and we can look at what many with their own eyes and go you know whitewashin all these affidavits were the hecate go people that were there were saevior two years where that emerson foliage standing there with the ranier and daatselaer all working together in the alfriends you know and and you know a boat a bolter any one of them is a vote to put communism solidly to solidly intrenched communism in this state this the mark is invasion of our nation that were the like but he moralizes i hears a thing back in most and during the great depression at nine so many other indian from that great american adventure expose and when he wrote in her said like so many other catastrophes before and after the day was actually so basically the great depression making along with all the other you know a fence that we had like the wars they were all stages of an end they were concocted by bastante raisin rockefeller banking queen and british parliament the president congress the vatican and then there is obviously numerous family is the still americans gold and silver now why that's import that of the american gold and silver reserves the poietic negotiate instruments of sir ingenious idea because with that end up a he allowed the public to fall on her time i began to demand the government the by any means necessary now that back elaine now you look forward i now all the problems because we looked a big brother does it please help us the the man americans all in hard times that was the stage the fact people of real war war in world war i for the election because they make money on both sides upon her what people fall to and the the scarcity the press their anxiety as feeling he turned a big brother governments and please help us at all and i want one more thing is they they remove god from it so there is no hope in their left alone is like some who has dropped off in the middle of of hostile territory which we are without god if you have god with you you can make it through but they pray on that that's why they had to go to the schools in our families you've got to destroy they had to destroy our you know god in or in his sack owen got in his rightful place the families in order for the tower report now and has the biggest problem in order for us and listen this is what i say in our assembly in order for us to get less nation under god we have to return back to got people have no idea seepee that are you know they say they there like a white talking about god like you like in the people like you and on a young you get those kind of people like you you onlie the base no that is the reason why we are in this i walked away from away ultimately collectively not you and i but collectively as a whole we others as you would want to be the reason again why they tried to push pornography and after i forgot what i read it or heard it i think i was listening to starport have forgot to guess that sanehat on this show but he was talking about how pornography down nations and to drop down there you know and he was amazed to hear the i weapon nation of pornography and again is all about the moralization of the nuclear family and so we the return back the god because we walked away we're going to return back to a blessin it collectively and i got you know what we do this without you he and in you know and it's like it's like you know we all need to ask ourselves are you stand for something or at the end of our lives are we look back and say i took a stance on nothing and there's nothing that stands there you know in that that we truly a purpose or cared about other than one instant gratification to the next and that comes back to what matters are families are relationship with god listening to god and doing as he tells us to do any does he talks to us you know you can get the clutter out of the way you know you got you got to clear away the latter you've got to take some time to you know in my opinion be in god's word but even sitting and just listen an you know looking at his creation and just being quiet it's amazing how much that quiet prairie were you not only talking and i'm not just asking you know dear god give me a bag of friends to day and an apple and i really want a million dollars stronomy lap to day which all good prayers and so you know we we need to weak to just being great for what were not and then also looking at the people in the needs around us focusing on those needs why i seen some needs in this direction that what can i do to help this what can i do not just in other there's a de hard of it that goes with a thought a and you know in looking for those opportunities to help other people and you know and and come alongside of you we had a heart discussion last night avanti was at on the abortion the life is i do not you guys in eager if you want to go and to something else but this is not probed but then you we need to we there yalahao we have the proposal for young eprouve freedom for all ocasion me and signals here so i anastase a minute so i don't know if it's time thing or what it is but i want to find out what he's given me hands so go ahead take care so know what you're talking about her reproof the freedom for all men to say that for awakens not for next week because that's going to get into a huge you know already been on her for it was time so thank you cannonette time it he got a hamlets back up people that are watching you when your mind and your thoughts and your words and everything get away from you and you end up going into all yodelled game where you move from one areyou just fought the battle and then you stupidly went to an elaborately had bigger monsters there but let's go into that next week because this is significant what else and the topics that were activity every one getting off their but the little you know taking back our power as we the people guaranteed by the constitution being involved staying with and a laugh uprose defending those without a voice and oh i've got the perfect man and the up with admiral mike rogers that so i'm endorsed by genitive general polan one of the most aspiring people i've ever met in my life almost i know he did the heart he stood when no one else stood in order to get every one around him he threw himself in front of train a of her that was coming at this nation said i'm guilty i'm guilty but it was never charged with the crime and there like witty can't be guilty in charge of the crimes you i'm guilty and ran right into accept responsibility for what he was not guilty for in order to get those who were guilty around him invest and then you have admiral my grades it there who is one of the biggest on songers out there and what he did as he got a hold the president trump because they had he had a knowledge that they had gone trump towers and said you got to get out of her because they're going to try to take you down and and he stopped in the way of that that man that the two people that i i will point to for my my children and my grandchildren to never ever forget well be admiral mirages and general michael they are they are going to be the heroes of this story in ways that a lot of people will never never truly understand so jason why don't you go ahead and talk a little bit about your shoulder direct people to you and then let's decompose you remarks will say apart that in a play that video says i'm going to be my stop here yes it's not very by what before i start there actually is wanted the red one somebody on wednesday and saint clair worth reading buried you in the saint clair on a unmilitary choice for governor our ship is have a plan so let's go brandenburg and take on policies that from one or one of the people you met this week i think so much but anyway but yet not misemploy you can find my show is pretty linda i have a potato pot shows every day except saturdays i do as she when i say percent with him our lord and saviour and we do a reading of the bible right now i'm working through the middle and then we just do a little sum refit that's the ultimate being reason why i started his car line because his hard lines in the line that the enemy can't we have to be defenders of that line that idea which is to called his hard lined and as we re going to like the people in like what you're doing here use not work will be going do hernando on so for us everything that we he also talk about things regarding the national assembly and what's going on there and common law and then the third show that i do is called where i do that at random there's really no fix days our times that i do that just when i refine i try at least and as all go over his or right now actively on reading the training manual tastes i have been the middle of the close three shows that i do so he his different strokes were different folks if you don't like my boy on the way to the the cool as why we have another personalities of odette you got a great radio voice how it's not to like about your voice to get you and i got to tell everybody that if you want to have a fire hose of information go on jason channels and look at his and listened to his pond cast if you want to know what really transpired historically to this nation to tear it down that he has a tremendous amount of knowledge and ienai think you're or something like this i had no way too much knowledge to be to be an average joe kind of a guy i think you're kind of want of these super heroes that were a cape and we just don't see it because stuff is really well thought out and it's very educational and you back everything you said a lot of an honest i in october exact of two thousand twenty all this and so buried in her good reason the but they don't want people to this information is out there now always provided the website at the bottom to so everybody knows so if you want a reference what i'm on the show were show not dislike him sure you have to and he's like so like those links and go to the national assembly and big around a lot of where i get from which is where all the national document because i didn't do this research i'm going to be i don't do any of this research i read it and i research what has already but there are people wave before me the hard on the world that i am just reading it and then regretting it but that's a very rare thing said i for people because you know everybody wants everybody wants to be told what's going on and they don't want to do the rest in that research that you're doing even though somebody else rode at it still digging in a take it's a lot of time and takes a lot of time and a consuming and you have to i do it all the time and because it's like you you find one thing and then you have to prove that and you know and you don't want to without you know not anything that falls miss lepel because their there obviously not going to trust you and you don't want to lose people anyways but yea it is even though somebody else said the research your still doing the research other people were used to do that while an i really the way you present it you know your stitching together of information and honestly that's what a research or does so i gather and you do it really really good job of stitching ther and presenting it in a very educational for there's my an so how about it you measure anything else that you want to talk about to day i do want everybody to know that we will be at the wood work dream rose to morrow and that we will have a tent three blocks north of maple on the east side of woodwork i will have sir will have caramel have you know was what north of what three blocks north of maple street on the east side of what and so if you can come down that to the other would be great we have all of the we have heard sinner thing you need so will be there for i believe for the most part of the day and whether a mother always the sacro lord if we're in the trading around we might make some laps you know so be in the trap prepared of the time being the being the chap for part of the time and i may be walking jumping out and said friends and family last when we did was found it was a little crazy in the back of a darwin's carthalo but it was onbearable and i was not the officers watching us as we were you know as we were going in and endeared not in inebriate so he can only get a pretty well is his door bogie that guy a megaphone done more than like ninetynine percent this is not due to me tiny kid will ringerige has done more than ninety nine percent of americans in this nation for for this i am told that we all said donna wants to hire you on her campaign he said really i said yes and you can come to work with anyone cud and he and his like the sun's day this is his home he goes like this in fact just writing take on the world that he is like he is like borrowed your freedom and this good and at the top of his the longs for ever it was the most adorable thing ever you know and i herefore just because the leather yeah is right he's the embodiment of all good things we must do this you know he now that animals they have a then i astounded with waning with wanting something out of it so he that's when it is at the sun i think we have but we let the world get in our way yes you looked at a child behavior like we were you were saying to yesterday dona in i forgot who as it was i can and you are a child behavior watching my kids they're six and to play with other cats you know a school and a park not a play place they don't see anything besides yes that's it they don't see anything they don't ask questions if there was never brought to their attention ten collar was never brought to a child attention they were an even it they would never think about pro there programming those divisions and you know the most of us are like a like don't care and to look at our kids and start acting more like our children instead of you know and let them be an example to you you know said to say what as you know the idea had come as a cat all right so his hard line is your your website harietta and had been as where your poor your past are are website is brandenburg for governor not common telegram a rat over single word on the deal the posts that are on there except and that is at brandenburg the number four a m you can find us on all kinds of social media which would be rumble where on rumble the banbury news now work is unrumpled twitter to an ace book and we're going to continue to expand that is i really would like to expand this into maybe a a bright markomanns news mansei think that we're going to be that so let's say a prayer manhattan then another so and i'm going to be something on a mail boat but i mean everybody that wants to be on this to send me their information in dan if you want them to send it to you because you have we share the same account with the mail last so if you want them to send their email or just email you you know you mail you a that's great email boiled me give me your well what will do i will go ahead and and connect in somewhere of some former another here there's the well can i some will connections in the theaetetus out there a given my phone number out to everybody is so just remember what given me lots of channels to contact us the big thing that i want to say to day and i was told that i've got to start asking because i sat is that we need donations and we need lots of them right now to get a november were doing great but there's other people that need to get the fight with us that want to get in fight with us and point have to reach some so i'm not talking like the normal fifty million dollars to do this ridiculous numbers but i am taking every one has to get in the game every one and if if everybody could do you know five dollars ten dollars a hundred dollars a thousand dollars i take the smoothest rosa these are business owners but there's no for every one you know not to get involved in just no excuses because all of us are working like twelve hour days our families are unholy you know and and i we we pledge our lives our fortunes and our sacred honor and that's what we're doing and were asking everybody you know what we do this but we're going to have to do it together as let's go ahead and say prayer here meditation you do it or blistered you want me to go if you want to i should do it the the stain thank you for this time together and just there exposing what's going on out there in the world to the light on the big things that we need work on it's not just that free of the see our child we have to have to make sure we save our children and our as he might touch them but the disciples were said that he let the child he longs to you whoever does not accept the kingdom of god like a child and embrace them and be like the truly pure at heart coming back to knowing what is good and not what is bad in of what is good being righteous and so we think it is conversation listen and dona in the background and all the other veterans in the background working hard on his sacrifices he children for the blessing that you bless them in their family give them good prosperity and abundance of good health because without our help but i always say we have as their first well give them the guidance for in this fight with the said and this with all of this be praying you so much so i thank you thank you jason you so we want a letter we know that we care about everybody out there all over a view as you are and thoughts are mine not interpose every day we are fighting for all of us for our families for your families and we really care never feel alone you're never alone there's not not only our real here fighting is a lot of us but god is always with you you will never leave you turned to him and he would you father help in the comfort you need as understanding and salvation in the name does christ through our lord in an award sake and you know there's nothing that you've ever done in life that you may regret that's too big for god to forgive and to walk away from a move forward there's nothing that you've done that would make him reject you i all you have to do turned to him that's your sands this gift of love love is an unconditional its unconditional law as the father would love his child for you for all of us so he's a good he's a good father and he loves you and he will fight for you he will protect you he provide for you and and then we go on and we share his love he is love with others and we spread that love to other people in reserve dad arrestation care of his world and his children that that's our job here to do the right thing before god and listened to him caring for the things that keep created we just love him so much we love all of you so much and have a wonderful day noblemen to go ahead and move to that i don't know how this is going to work i'm going to move to the video of protoplasm over here when admiral rogers and i got to get this one and scream and what's play this in listened to to amonition from arrangement strength of us as an organism only in the the motivated men insight and knowledge that help ensure the security of this nation as well as the fact that that insight is always generated with an illegal we are totally committed to hearing goes to our very those it goes to our very back in her yeah i think that that that you know you listen to there's a reason why our military men women reached the position of an admiral and general the winnowing dates from all their years of training and working with many people to building and and defining this nation are in inspiring and i we've been blessedest very very good people around what was that name again i want the real moral and michael roger and there are so many good there's so many good quotes he did on video is looking this morning about taking an old and if you listen to him talk he's like listening to to identification the troops and such a spar as you know the average even the average person you can listen to to these wonderful inspiring people who have put their lives on the line as it were were willing to give it all and listen just listen to their wisdom it's amazing and these people are fighting for a still every single day does there yes they are and there american hero thank you so much i bayagoulas america we love you and god bless all those whom you love not by ignorant i website brandenburg or governor not come a telegram at brandenburg number four am i his heart blind dot com and we will see you next thank you god