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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 9/14/2022 - Live - Attorney Dan Hartman and Barry Altman

Published Sept. 14, 2022, 9:01 a.m.

Attorney Dan Hartman talks legal activity as we fight for election integrity. Barry Altman and I discuss the problems and solutions for wellness and improvements needed in mental health for Michigan. Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: Rumble:

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morning welcome to brandenburg news network i'm donna brandenburg it is september nine o'clock in the morning i decided that we were going to change the start time from eight to nine o'clock though i may be a farmer and writing to get up early in the morning now everybody else says and today i actually kind of worked out pretty well i went to the barn this morning early i do have a horse that i went his legs got a tenderness i went to the barn this morning because he had lost one of his rare as he toted off last so i was able to get there and been rapped his leg before we get started this morning so i thought that was fairly it was an appropriate day with my time for me to night so let's let's take a look here i mean bring on some some morning motivation he that up there and here we got ready then a broken system to you that you're wrong the porter or should be that you must get pushing anastasia she changed the world and make a real and lasting work to another three the word is nothing more the motives the future belongs to the people we followed their barometer say he malatchee one home and one you all three the same red blood we also the same great american our the artesian there you go love that i love thee i love that guy i really will that president trump from our morning motivation and with it said i am in fact going to bring on another wonderful patriot and fighter and someone who i absolutely must see an unmaterial have an a tremendous amount of respect and honor to know it is turned my attorney dan heart man and pasturing this mornin an i am gregory good house the nine o'clock time working for you little better than a yet it another beautiful day out to day i was seeing that that i got up the more with the time change work pretty well because i had out a horse that i split his leg got a tissue so i had to go to the morning that i wrapped his leg in and that was kind nice to go to the barn in the morning before i start out raillery so that what do you think of the craziness that's going on out there you were talking a little bit about this whole crazy noddy hundred and fifty a republican antibes that you know this is a part of this whole nonsense of of believing what people say they are and you know you can judge feyther works democrat governor whiter and more than republican launched a new campaign after on monday in an effort to boost to re election prospects against the geant to her deck you know i have heard this nonsense that donna brandenburg is going to split the vote i'm pretty extra sure that the republican party is splitting the vote and that's kind of what it really looks so we've got we've got i mean there's strolled down here but jim have men former director misinterpret of community hall there you go you got the weapon is departments within within the government with don't have the right to exist under englander he does not think so campaign understands what the job of governor and just going to overthrow it just like they did me the non exceptions are come that other republicans see that it's okay to vote for someone else in november while i got agree with a man that point because i think they all should be voting for doneraile for governor in november so i'll give the props for that but this is one of the things that's interesting is that you know from your perspective i think that's really good that you know how people out there signalling that it so cato but whom you wish to go for what a lot of people don't outstand the importance of your third party campaign and also the fact that the four listeners who have any influence over others you are obviously the one that i believe in the bible blueness christ regardless of your republican or democrat or indeed curtain closes in your thinking about a biblical world view and trying to promote the king doesn't really matter what party affiliation you have you have to make that many unfortunately i on a pole and i had somebody trying to be in there i just finally i had an electric come are we in electric come yesterday and hard wire give me an extra and extra ability to hard wire my computer and some hope in that to day my broadcast goes better than what has been going because we were doing you know less than ideal but like a cat it live live broadcast from in fact my diable here my hidden and i say yet which he get right but i'm an fruitery day this is the island though of i say who they are when they're in fact not who they it's all an illusion it's a smoke screen on all of it and like you said i really i am for returning this nation as one nation under god we when when all the problems in our society started in and you can trace it back to every single problem it's when we remove god from the equation and try to make ourselves into god and or decisions to be got it it always ends badly because we live in a fallen world and were to to be an influence in a bad way and the only way you can you can stay away from that as by walking with god every single step of the way and relying on him with with understanding that we are in fact flowed and we have to rely on him and also to a certain degree the people that he brings around a who are good and wise council in order to who have that who have the same world view of responsibility accountability integrity and morality that that is and so it's a lock for everyone on clear clearly every single person on the plan of a body tells me that they've never made a mistake i would call it not as a liar right there because the only one that was perfect he was the only he was the one that decided not to throw the stone but to walk with pete and help them he a helper and a a partly someone who appear as the word for some one who walks along side of you just like the holy spirit does that that's a significant a significant comment but anyhow what's happening in the world of law and legal pasturing out there by not necessarily good good people that are the nation well there's a few things that i think are real important to make sure your business are sou'westers are aware of and the first thing is our tossed one of the ones were your name given up data on that on monday we filed the amended complaint and we added the board of state canvassers and we also addressed a indicated his temper restraining order that he had some clarity for example we bolstered and explained a little bit more on the who the parties were to address standing because that's probably take a lot of these cases and secondly we addressed them we dress a little bit more of the lion but don eveleen through this before i'd like to repeat for everybody the understand what the law suits you and a group of other patriotic men joined a person madame of jason is from the americans brought forward an information that there was a lack of so of our machine you think about why these republicans are now saying that the for whatever reason they are there saying that they don't think she the quality talk about our electronic voting system in the electronic voting system defined in our statutes and prescribed through this cash for compliance them that our federal government in michigan took money in order to implement federation could not be forced on the states under the tent so what happens is the tax michigan they take our money and they say we're going to spend it on election in michigan you only get your share of your of our money back if you agree to accept these regulations and that body regulations help america vote at and it has a lot of things in their concerning but the biggest concerning is that when michigan adopted those stand he must follow the standards and so when he gave us his consent of electronic voting system and i want you to remember two thousand ages and that long ago i mean that is the first the when these election coming into and we were able to hand count ballots he used once and effectively control or our government ah and our state politicians are presidential we are able to do this so we had somebody with the consent of the governor without interference and a long term strategy to deprive us of our free ah was this idea of centralizing her voting rolls and long machines to handle their votes ultimately that's the so do as you had done you joined the lawsuits but i want to hit a few that the case is we're asking for declaratory relief the machine was in and the machine has its use now does not meet the federal standards for in other words not qualified to run our came in to be her dentist you would want to make sure that they had graduated from an accredited college that was able to give them a degree in dental and they would have to go to the state police that's what happens with our voting credited agency called the which is a voting system task laboratory i saying that this machine is qualified to run the election state license and it uses the three machines that are like count and tale or books in and of these three machines that are licensed in our machine that means they got the state license if you look at the underlying credentials as to whether their qualified for college use a machine system that was not me they didn't graduate from mental care forty eight of our a machine that wasn't a credited by a sort of tied by an accredited university in other words rottenest didn't have a credit to so that would be like saying that the personal ideal school but they didn't go to a school that is recognized by the american dentist what we have here is was her machine qualified yesterday that's with the lawsuit i go to an accredited in soonest manator obtain a certificate and then was it license get right to the and we said these three machines are approved and these other two things don't have so what is the extrication white in meets the federal standards which they said we're going to give you this he got to make sure it foreign and domestic secondly it's got to have a transport there is a dial that everybody can go back and make sure their votes counted as a simple requires that ordeal is one of the reasons i'm having a fine and the machine a not i mean that it doesn't have the safety and they might say well it meets some even if it was not well i'm sorry that's not what the law says the law says it's yesternoon that's an easy attack on these machine that have no place in our bed our election just to give you the date in and as you well know secretary of state the governor and the board of canvassers have to answer next money we get another week to file an answer and that a judge is going to determine if he's going to set it for a hearing on the preliminary injunction or whether or not he is going to i just issue an opinion kind of what's going on with it's definitely worth a fight i mean we've got to continue to fight for election integrity because if we don't have free and fair elections we don't have a country we don't we have we have nothing but installed poets that point time and they're going to be doing with the global overlords joust do which is basically taken everything and every one prisoner for whatever they want us to do you know a huge the man really realistically what we're going after his desertion on the one twenty election because were there in the one issue of who knows how many like a million issues out there that had of things that were wrong with the election you can call it you know everybody wants to jump right into fraud but honestly maladministration you know a usurpation of the proper police and there's all sorts of things going on here this is just an aria in the other one is the injunction against the of of of section of evidence or donatelli is put in no finland make it so it left never happened so let the talk about the three remedies we asked a first nurse the declaration of the machine was qualified for so we've asked for three remedies first for preservation of the election twenty twenty machine so we can determine to the extent that vulnerable is enervating system effected the outcome however if you don't meet a standard you don't mean equal in the equal protection but standards for certifying the airport crediting a laboratory part of the help of america vote and i adopted the balata voting safety guide lines he made man theory and so we have guidelines are those guidelines you take away the equal protection claim but without enforcing those guidelines then you have a proud you don't have even go ahead and show that it has none of the comments that was coming at me about this well how do you show that this act effected the election i got that one i got somebody who voted it a piece of property that i owe as elie in the state and tears through the affidavits on the information election integrity fronted force which is a non partisan collected from canvassing where there are three sets of irregularities that we find out in the motors that are come you not on the door you ask somebody an we poor people vote from this i find a very often there will be people who voted from that house that are not residents of that then you will find to somebody said wait i voted my name's not unless having voted that is removed and then the third type of saying that we run across is the i voted but i voted him in your record shows that i voted absent and an absent ballet was male and the ballot was returned and you have these days that are within the morning so we have this record or false trail and then you try to check this ordeal and it leads up and improve that there's a proud so i would like to say it's not the honest or you know goes to the office i would like to believe it is the i start the machine qualified on the election so that the three remedies we passed for the missis should not be used in the future we need to go back to hand counting it there not set we toasted for and and the third one is we asked for in the election people say well gee you're just trying to undermine the election will no the election go back to the history of the united whenever there was fraud and ellen you have anonymous ballads you cannot so out robotic come bows whenever there's for only remedy that's been recognized under law crossed the united states to run the election there not trying to create some novel idea saying is what we're saying is the governor secretary of state and the board of canvassers had no the certifying election used by machines protection standards that they had through our govern result a remedy is to be run the election without those uncertified very simple and you know it's a very simple process of something was not carried out lawfully than those people also who took part in that are responsible for perhaps even illegal activities should need to be really need to be addressed i mean i mean i think that goes to you know one step further because all i see it is as you know interfering with an election or nullify in election he is absolutely not done properly is not is not a bad thing is forcing the state to do something which protects and actually serve and protects their voice and their vote that's the proper way to do it and if it's i it's to get rid of a bad election while i mean that i rid of criminal behavior and or criminal process i want to be real clear here in a couple he asked me about to be sure in the first we cannot emphasize enough that the remedy of running the election is not something that we created out of thin air how you fix an election that had problems an uncertified machine or there's evidence thing that needs to be understood as people say well people would vote differently now that it doesn't matter here in the remedy as you run the election but let's go to the next question that people often ask about and what i'm out on the street in her asking me questions why in our pleadings did we only address the presidential and the answer is rather the united states leaves the election of our presidential elect in the hands of the there is no right for the executive digital branch to do anything other than implement with the legislature sat in the legislator spoke real clearly thou shalt not machine in a system that doesn't beat these guidelines break that and that's what the legislature conducting the election in the corners with the second article to exactly the legislature determined how there are letters from the present state election or in any other latin say well there's tristan executive branch orders and rules and guidance say the supreme court but now it's nice and clean the presidential we are trying to make and we do it right and that is that it's not i not just empty roderick then our i had several nobilities those had been established over over and they might have programming vulnerability and you and i talked about this but your lessons may not ask what about answering county being a animal clark at in my responses will then how did it happen in cherokee county can to count george the reality is antimony the only count made a comparison of the hand out to the machine that is the and that's one of the reasons there's a big initiative to have the care count the ballots by hand before figurante man in by pressing then let me explain why you would want to do that why do you have to hand contemporain the main it's going to blow or some of your listeners away but you already know about the machine has the ability to french and all that looks like a sign coloured in by human hand prepare printer that is inside the ballot sample balance for running the and one of the crazy things that we are seeing as going out looking at balancers in here somebody cliffs all the circle the straight part down on individual races an oval that is colored in man that the specific race trumps party when you see that valentin whether it's printing you got to hand comfort goes you think i'm a conspiracy the printers out of the machine the machine ability to that this is so crazy when when i first heard that that the machines could actually at this ball i like are you syria you know there's nothing there is nothing that there is nothing honest about the entire it is shoulder that that i think most vulcan even get there get their arms around the i have to go and if we want a man to go so here's my concern and this is why i am off my couch and involved in this fight our policies that are coming down with a theory whether be a portion on demand as they're trying to make a portion business and i or whether it be foreign policy determined by who are leaders are in our theaters are somebody that under our system of government have to have the consent of the and what has happened no ballast and say well there's some waggons in chicago and of course they voted in their more of them than as were part of the same country in chicago so they elected joined the reality is this when you start going out the task start find you out in his start looking around for where all the people who voted for being they they narrowed the race flip it in the big cities okay they narrowed the race and they expanded the race now find the people who say that they voted when you go canoeing the doors checking re then you start to say well let's find out if there's anything wrong and what we can confirm the secretary of state sent us to record as to whether you've already and how and when you go in you check that record doesn't match what they're saying parliamentary process like yet the republican convention when they were running it with a pale whenever there is a dispute of the votes and at one point chairman wiser had said that the eyes have it and everybody boudinot and somebody called for dividing the room where a standing cow you can actually see and tell the and one of the things that a parliament you can do is divided the room so all the gas go to the right all the days go to the left and you can then look into a visual count as to what exactly with an anonymous ballad printed as the gas into the box we don't exactly know how the ballot was counted ability for former times programming or hacking into that to take the fate of a machine made me chinese part by a manufacture one in eventual or france that is accurately tabulated your results of your election remember who votes a well and just the fact that i can print on the ballot should be game over right there even if it has you know that on that one fact it should be gain game over on that entire election and it should be nullified desert ivy gone away blown away in the wind because there's no way to it and it needs to we need to do a door the people we trusted with their elections intimation the dominion system because this is public record anybody can go back to twenty county arizona the claim that the machine connected to the internet toadeaters dominion arizona said he did not have they got the logs he connected the internet the dominion so comes out arson and admit that they have the capability of connecting to the internet but the was turned on it blocked and changed his that ends up happening as they then acknowledge that some machines were the internet you look at those stories and you probably have to do a little bit of research i'm not making the self by understand what defamation the reality is when the guy who's the sea the company comes out and says two different things they're not on other connected but they're not how do we trust our elections an that's the point is is that you just can't and the when you start looking at the soft ware that used with conic thing is is so fraud if you want to call it fraud failure you know it looks like we're being fraudulently led down the primrose path where there placing candidates they because they want to control the election but all the policies that are made past that to do favors for the and ourself enrich and there's so much conflict of infringers there that just past the election you can see what they inowe don't don't unfortunately our judicial system is so out owari now to that your having to prove the beyond such a crazy crazy logical common sense about that that i i don't i don't think it's getting getting done at all on any level because you know a normal thinking salencon sense person could look at this like a quick like a duck in a dog and in no matter how much parisiennes and without rancour of right you know i don't know about you but just arrows come i in fact have never been thank goodness for that i'm glad you step in entering your hat in the rain to the elder was some clarity and also connect the goetic well i trainmen our reactions to some of the non and point out the ludicrous ludicrous that all of this is in observed all of this is predicated on if we have no standards we change the rules we change the definitions of words to meet what they want to have done in its over and over and over there's no standards it's basically who can cheat the most who can manipulate the most and that goes in our courts in our elections and everything else going on behind the scenes pending increase in lawless yes just a little bit you know so i've done i want to talk about a couple near near to your heart and doubtless leave the machine for a moment okay sought about male and all requirement that there be a signature comparison and the outside of the ballot and the qualified voter the first thing that i would tell you in order for two thousand miles to work is somebody has to have access to the qualified voter file no somebody who either has invited yet or is unlikely to vote because they're not a real voter and i want to make sure that you're listeners now if you a new york crack the all where the hidden voters are actually hidden in their votes from a random situation of analyzing the voter numbers and the voter is there actually and we have one county in iron michigan where township i am counting the intense corentin to remove bordering from her small little town as anointed getting put back into the voting rossetti saw that its very industry how how does it has even pass well what i negest that would happen you have access to that voting and you know who either voted or who's not agile prepare a ballot and malignant will fill a condyle or counsellor at one because it will look like matches with the sick let's go to detroit and see what detroit everybody knows that doctor box out enter for technical they made a great and i have the document for it says that they gave seaforth berates i used to at using artificial intelligence and detroit in order to check these signatures they would have to connect us to the qualified voters power the power that needs a little bit more real but we have allowed an outside vendor without the authorization of the board of canvassers or even the secretary of state in detroit to be connected to her voting but when i saw you a this voting system and i will post you can post it to the lake from from his desk it's a ballot you can look up reliable you're going to have to go on it's made by a company called blue water where you'll have to be on research and where the software comes what i'm going to tell you was this system has the ability to reprint the ballot stop in marooned it out to the voter and also as the ability when the ballet comes read the outside the outside of the ballot will pull up the in artificial signature to make sure that it is the and i'm going to tell you that this is dangerous information that is out there in a bennett to no wonder when the two thousand miles drop a ballot often to the ballot box and what i'm going to tell you is this would scare me signature comparison state was he did have the right standards for doing an absentee balancing comparison still have not promulgated rules required by the we do not have a guideline we in violation requirements comparison standards that a person can leaving it to be an arbitrary interprets process and therefore malinot either up to the aisle they are a standard to determine whether or not the for our mail and he's a very very strong and real possibility that if we conduct a selection with right and ballants denial of equal reising yea anything that fights for for election integrity count me and because i think that we've got a continued we've got to continue to fight the singular most important of our time right now is to get these elections back under control you know i talk to a lot of people who are they'll say i'm a single i told some of this week and they said i at a single issue bower i vote on saying he of life or you know the protection of life and i'm like great but unless we have honest people in there you can't accomplish that that goal to actual he have any the policies correct because they're going to hijack whatever it is we have that are placed that don't have integrity and that are working for a different goal if we don't have honest elections were never going to get anything the way we we believe as is correct i do ricasoli making a bad decision on anybody's an issue whether it's guns portion fate or whatever cause let the people there to be office do they have the consent of the are they are they serving are they serving or are they high basically hijacking our entire government to for a different purpose which you know the globes you know the global overlords are they actually actually serving the way supposed to be the people and and it that is such a far reaching a issue i can't even imagine any one that couldn't get the etherean around that to say that this is the core issue right now if we don't get the we're not not in else is going to matter so down and estimate lawsuit that you and i are discussing right now i just want to be cleared for the court of appeals has already that in the twenty twenty action the secretary stated violated signature requires i haven't fixed them and were gone into the tone twenty two all not meeting the and you as a candidate would have standing to bring that loss in that's one of the things that i am hoping that i get some time to work on to get one wanted elsewhere with your list i got a few here called danger and missus against the arts so i want you to understand that the area the worst oh murdering because you allow i mean you got to read this bill and i'm sorry this proposed constitutional amendment i did so so the i know you now i'm telling you listeners they have there everybody out there needs to read this because you know you know this is what something that really really is got me aggravated every when we went and we spoke i spoke in front of the organisers in in lancing there when they were discussing this before it went to the supreme court and i was shot there was no there were no other candidates there there were no other people in officer suffer myself and and a guide on the war on the city council for for war and over on the other side of the stake that was it that was of any one that was actually in office running for office it was just the two of us that was poorly this thing was written and i just you know oh just call it all out i said you guys anyway involved in this is going to look like a bunch of morons for actually putting this on the books so poorly written it it really makes any one that's involved in this look like a look like a load to hack they couldn't even write a apropos grammatical oh form whatsoever even even even if you disagree with the with the the content which i discredited but even looking at the form makes everybody look like amateur hour you know idiots who would even consider this to be on the books are in in a permanent record for this the whole thing is very misleading both and protect the vote is exactly opposite of what the title of these and at and are or that the bells the constitutional amendment and they need to be deep six an i mean fast both of them are for the destruction of life instead of the freedom and the the protect the vote is for the destruction of the vote it it will destroy our elections in this in a way that would be almost on overcome let me just say a couple of things about the importance of your orders knowing and your sport the arrogant try and pass these that they know how completely they have control of our election even the people who are nominally in favor of pro would never i can't never met a person say to a board baby after the baby in the calmer going on across the united states where they're trained and changed that entire definition of a bore we've got a couple of them that have been you know it it's okay to kill a baby eight days after birth in their calling it a boon this is a portion infanticide this kellinghausen in a child and now in how far is the born portion nonsense going to go past twenty eight days after birth two years to say nine years in collaboration if we can just continue you know whenever we change that that standard we are we are leaving it up to absolute chaos and at their people can people can change rollover they want and get away with it is that even somebody is pro co they read this law they couldn't and good conscience but i want to say one other thing is the titles misstating because he talks about reproductive freedom at and what i want to just say is it has nothing to do with reproductive deals with huge moral issues even the people that are pro choice would he still goes to but they know that they have compromised your election system that they can get it through in michigan and the only need one state and then when you have his medical or people will be coming to michigan to receive their their fun circulation right now is a list of all the companies that will pay for either abortion of for you to and dollars that it was i've seen i've seen as four thousand dollars that would company or eight thousand dollars in a company will pay and there employs across the border in order to get an abortion this is like and in the selling these parts human farming this is farming human beings farming body parts because they are selling body part selling this final tissue so wrong on every on every level as a so wrong you have to understand it all of those companies are met roncador all publicly trading company and maurice back to where did our antitrust laws so at your lessons have you ever talked about a black roman garden state street goonur show i've talked about that a lot nearer bellowell throw arabella to that to that the big multinational corporations are really hijacking this country like you can't believe and and you know for them to pay for this always woke woke companies here's a question that i want to know is that the companies are supposed to be faithful first the potecary responsibility others to the shareholders will they're not they're not they're not to their shareholders because they're making decisions which actually will thank the company or than the company or take the province of the shareholders in a lot of cases in order to get these woke programs these this work fallacies he swore policies out and i'm wondering why the shareholders because i've got to believe that some of the shareholders are actually honest and normal people not monsters that want to kill people and hijackers nation why somebody hasn't gone after them and that's another thing i said to this anti trust that that means to be that needs to be that another another front that we had tarantas some point time because these big hospitals totally violation of anti trust and so are the big corporation he talked to rich environment you don't even it is nearly overwhelming and you have to prioritize in and right now the priority is back on our election and i done it what i wanted to mention called the chinese investment corporate for by the the chinese investment corporation controlling interest in vanguard black or black rock and are three management forms of mutual americans who have mutual friends put their money in trust management companies to make it very and if you have money and the vanguard funds blackrock arms or these other fine really take a look and who your management company as when they have the ability not only to be like a and garden they might on eight percent of the publicly held come significant and of influence it has the but then they have the mutual funds with americans who are allowing them to passively but their control investments in different forms the end up only a significant a percentage of these large corporations to be able to dictate policy and talking about representation and you talk about making your choice there's a lot of things going on in this world right now and this has been a long term strategy and what montell you as if we cannot the lawful the important governmental offices in where we can begin to clean out corruption and we do not elect anti corruption people they're going to call a spade a then have a biblical world view our state and our country and our way of life is going to go away then you can even imagine i matoor food supply that they these these the three corporations to when you can roll arabella their arabella's on that kind of sneak underneath the radar on a lot of people but arabella's another one and i see how many products that we use on a regular basis you know and the amount of them is amazing and one company will own another company ortogrul of so they do it through corporate laura to hide their their interest in these companies until you really get to the top and see the black rage on baal of the vanguard companies actually black rock will invest in bangalore black rock they will move these companies around within their stuck she really can't get a handle on it as to a certain degree but but it's it's it's economic and corporate warfare that's been launched on the united states and they did a great job to make us dependent upon them and their products they buy up other companies they try to merge mergenthaler they destroy the local ownership so that they could control the entire and the control and they own the entire supply it is incredibly dangerous how how i believe that that you look at the pacific railroad i believe that i believe that there one mostly by black rock and so you go up you go up an easier supply chains are being owned by these corporations not just a product that the the transportation of these products and that we have to get back on a local level to produce in our own goods and serve we need to one of the things i feel very strongly about michigan as governor of michigan to promote local ownership and local ownership of business as stay in the state and i mean you get in this interstate commerce some of them some of the difficulties there but there are ways around it in order to have the supply lines local in and and doing some is anti trust work on these big corporations which its its economic warfare this is what we're i want to show nor smite states at describes from two thousand eight during the broom administer when we allowed foreign investment into the us come i'm sorry it started tripoli is the state of base what happened as if you want to look at the influence we have for foreign investment into our count go through that new look at what's going on right now and you can public citizen it's called the chinese state united states that ah and what i want you to understand is the acceleration of the when you see the word sis as a hate chinese investment corporation been buying america and you didn't have to fire they went many parts but and rodent by bringing in the infrastructure projects and many many on and there is a very very narrow window to turn the and that only to be aware of what's going on here and i know that i sound like a there is but i'm just telling you you know i want to read something for you danforth the guide book here to day's reading will be from musique in my little here a warning to happens is ah there is the sound of the trumpet and taketh not warning if the sword come and take away his own blood shall be upon his head the sound of the trump and took not warning his blood shall be upon him but he he takes warning she delivers but if the watchman see the sword come and blow not the trumpet and the people be not warned come take any person from among them taken away as the equites blood i will require the watch so what i want you to tell you that is he that comes from the sea euthycritus about in it for those who read your bible guessed watching you know one of the things a watch on supposed to do with sounding alarm about what things are going on and it is hard to remain silent when you see these see the direct yes and not let other people know what is going on and by the way i elting to let people know that i've changed my life i have permitted my life to my state i'm trying to follow the principles and the doctrines that he teaches in the bible and i'm trying to incorporate them into my life and i'm trying to tell other people that is important to get right with god he got however with this phrase is also means has multiple meanings at it it is you cannot remain siddhattha you see it's red come in at your besides the biblical references were talking about the fact is you know you see danger coming and you get out there and you say hey there's a problem as and hopefully some people wake up and begin to respond to the problem and i am not for a violent overthrow if not in favor of insurrectionary thing like i mean i'm trying to get people to get away sure to have got intervene in our country and god is going to only intervene when the heart and the rights of the follow him within the so i turned back to him and he the door couple times i wanted to yea it is our it has a responsibility to say something because like when the cabin the unconstitutional or downs it went every single person in landing laid down they did not see enough and even if were the only one who standing up and saying and doing what the right thing is we should be yelling thus from the roof tops that what is going on is honestly it's a communist invasion of our nation in blankets marks as they have infiltrated every part of our society i am looking at this public and looking at how many a jump start games is part of it there is there is a bunch of gaming companies in there when you look at that how are they influencing our our communities and such well you know grant that got a latest talking about all these other things that mass with people's minds and and and you know many people think that this is okay and why are we wasting this much time plain when our country is basically you know going to hell in a hand basket it's like you know it's like watching watching room burn here and not doing a thing about it except for you know trying to make ourselves comfortable with that's not at what you know i believe that god is not really interested in our come that's not one of his priorities it's to make us better people he chased those he loves and he sends stronger better fighters and you know i think that i think that something that it hid in our basement and not participate in life when we have people around us that our absolutely dying of loneliness of in the struggle i have been talking to a lot of people who the relationships are falling apart as well as you know the huge amount of de and why is that well when even with a colored they isolated all of us and all of us so he said you know what hannot goin to do that i mean i mean i know there's a bunch of us that did that and reached out to other people to be a help and that our first call is to get ourselves right with god and then we go out in service for others and the consequences are not our problem that's what gods from our problem is to walk and do the right thing no matter what things look like around us period well i let me know how this whole thing with this the continuance with his law of this you know lawful pomeliere over systems here because i think that you know that's one of the things i love was standing about you are standing with you as that is that neither one of us shyly from from absolutely you know just in there and continued to chichester we're going to get in there and we're going to stay with it menatonon and we're going to be lady as many punches now any of you snowflakes out that he was a a she said go ahead and put now that so we're going to continue to land these legal blows to this very illegal system very illegal election take away all of our rights if we don't get this right where our rights are going to be gone we are dealing with a communist invasion of our alternation the federal bureau of insurrections is is right and lock step with what they're doing they have weapons are through our captured a politicians as that's what they are three the place but puppets or captured assets they're all falling in and you know what we have left we have we the people and we the people better get in the game and step up without backing down without worrying about curisome one's feelings and get in the fight because we're going to end up losing everything we love if we don't we cannot sit back local action a local action equals national impact so everyone out there let's let's get this thing done we need every single person you need to step up in your communities you need to tell people what's going on and don't don't feel bad don't feel shame people are going to say they're going to say oh you're crazy conspiracy theorist will guess what most of my conspiracies are coming our coming true and that's how they shot a sup whenever lest some one take away your voice under order or your freedom in the reproductive freedom issue one of the things that you need to ask your instead of just holding the line and say i'm proliferating again you need to talk to the people and round you that approach say once again they've gone to who were willing to tolerate people choice is about their per like the critical race theory i'm sorry he drank quinsan classrooms have gone to even if i you see people that are gane lesbian coming out against the drag queen and doormat on of her youth lord of being and said all these other one of the arguments we have to make about really really bad a constitutional amendment people that are basically become pro choice and may be willing to say a portion okay up to twenty eight or forty eight days i don't want to compromise on my own personal but those people need to understand that sucked in by the by the title of the understand that it goes way too far and it goes life doesn't just begin a conception for the some one said beastiality people will vote against the act people who are pro choice will say like begins to people will vote against the and to what end up happening as this act is but into our constant there is i'm going to be i'm going to have to leave the state because god is going to throw a thunderbolt tuscany yet will i think to understand is that is that when we chip away at anything that's moral it's not like it's going to stop there it's all about moving moving that line to a point of absolute chaos and lawless you if you had i have some friends okay i've got i have so i have quite a few friends that are galatian and that the truth it's like i don't think god wants us to go sit on an island by yourself and in our churches with every one that agrees with us i believe that were supposed to be talking to of all that you know whether we agree with their choices or not god didn't say okay go hide your church and just only talk with people that agree with you at losing its it's worthless we are supposed to be reaching out to and what was really interesting as i had i add up people that i know and they would go out once a week or once a year and they would go have a conference out in the woods as it was mostly women it was a lesbian group of and they would go out in the woods and while that was great they had a great time until all the trans people decided that they were going to join their joined their group in their leetle never expected this to happen we you know we were all you know girls out you know girls hanging out for the week end and all of a sudden they've got a transcript that are seen well you can't keep us out and i remember one of them saying well i guess we got what we expected you know we wanted to you know we wanted to include every one and now we don't want to include them you know we can't do that without being a hypocrite so it's like when we did you think this was going to go now one of the that i would just make sure that you as you point say there is i wore it were descending to lanes we have to proceed with love we treated the polander over their thinking an ideology so many times we've been able to be divided in concert but in this case the people that our police people are going to vote against the bill they don't need to be marketed at or anything the reality is there a people that began that cacama after pills academical four days people might not be willing to go even all the way to twenty eight days where there is the liability but those people that say this standard is okay are never going to be agreeing with the art this those people will vote against then you have the people who say okay i within the first twenty eight days before you don't before the feast is viable and which was the old rose standard which is at a certain number of weeks in my note through we were able to lower that from the first trimeter into very very young children being able to be born and sustained life but even if you're first try mister or your somewhere in here of a twenty eight day week artificial you are not going to want to go to a state or casual moment that goes all the way past and even if you say okay it's all the way to bertha you can make this you're not going to want to go past over reached here and if the people that have he made their own value judgments as to win a woman's reproductive right or then he to understand that this is basically given complete discretion over a life that is not only three or four days that is not turned it's not first trying masterson trimestre it's not berthage beyond that if we allow this law to happen we are making illegal to a murder a living lie born hum well we can we can go into this in the chip in a way of a bob people using things that we think are good to actually to actually enact things that if we really come to terms with what they're really trying to accomplish you know like the bathroom sits you know and you know access by people who may we not have the right motivation to be in the bathroom with somebody who is in fact the opposite sex i think this is a really big because it gives access for criminals to commit to commit crimes and not protect our children it comes down to leaving our children without any protection from people that have the wrong motivation and in allowing them to live in a lawless lawless for i've got a lot to say in all of this because this isn't about what it's never about what they say it's about it's always about something else is an ulterior mode of the thank you very much i am fortunate in god bless you but let's say a quick prayer can't do that i'm in i'm an bring on my next gas because he is going to love this too and then we'll start lesage men bring out my next guest here and then we'll do this together this is very almamen and that he is also a minister so he were all were old faith based here and peashooter you have father we come together we just thank you lord and as you have given us a land of educated under god to you and we have become a we are diverse people we are a melting pot of different backgrounds and stuff for still a country that proclaims that you are a a lord help the banto awaken and get involved in politics adhere to and restore reading the lord please move alan please reviewer pent for our parts in diligent and not protecting the freedom that you would have given us not given the lingeries you give or lead us back and for we know that we as people cannot fix his without your intervention you would move in this country were we see you lord and we call upon your name humbly and have been the past you will restore our land but if you do not lord m with ended at the intimes more we have a great reillaghan you for low me to stay epimetheus name prevent he thanks dan you're always great everybody was he had to say i always get a lot of feed back on you and the things you have to say so let's go and some a more website in start landed some days out he blows out across across the state the nation i must have a great day a very dog he done the morning you going over there i'm going grey at me that was absolutely as a ungenerated the name then armorer i had no idea of the spirit that dwells in that man that was an awesome it amazing how god has brought all of us together time you know and you look back through history it's always been the remnant the remnant of true believers who will are willing to sacrifice their lives have to do anything to to serve god and to serve his good purposes it is always been it's always been that way and it's going to be that way again that as this chaos continues to grow around us that we we work in order to bring you know protection defense in order to a very canonisation the order is not the author of chaos you know so when we see how the recluseness happening we pretty much know whose the author of we're fighting against pure evil and things they're going on so we have a lot to talk about to day mister berial burial man absolutely absolutely i topple all the time if you do it my god but and my i mean i won't set up you know i listen to that conversation you just had with dearman i wanted to just join him i would like that how anselmus in the conversion and of course now to the proof and we but man it was just like all the latin he said with just so so related in the texan of information you are one of the things that we you and i have talked about here recently if a and the information well i can you know what i consider to be the bigger cantoribus or to the wickedness has allowed to prevail and expand explanation throughout throughout the community you start talking to people we find out that you know they've been fed all of his band in formation and anybody contradict i see the wrong with bill anybody would challenge anything that that presented by main stream media back is a serial in her he can and how she always missed the lane dream media and i didn't get it back thereon i didn't get it but in a prophetic voice i call it now the news and what were called in the main stream media and with some of us will just call a doctrine that was promoted primarily by the low and all you know to the etheric side of the isle none of us none of us but we seen a major proponent of evil the democratic party you know and i know that that sounds are we come to this part and our culture something about it you have to say it about the other canaanite same exact metric no matter what i don't know you know most people you have more than one child you know and and something something happens in the house and then to one you know you pretty much so who likely did yes i got one in on ye at all under any circumstances i got one cot gatestone pressure to lie i got one who lived to do with me i got to one who who and one moralisation who so you lookin at it in terms of our example the democratic party versus the republican party i don't politely see more spiritual problems in the democratic party that said the republican party has his own issues but as all was have own issue but if you go forward you know i think sidonian that so much is important in the area of information or educate access and education it seems to be so much more important a lot of prison you know i was careful don't know what's good to say about a voice you know and you know where it there and think in some kind of way it is a gothamite some kind of so kind of some kind of provision a woman is regnan she was to afford the child but somebody to educate them if the colonel a christian of decision and if they are conscientious of berberis doctor but many of the grip you know the later and the price so any way yet he looked back and thought of the history of the world and you you know you can see from the first murder with c and and the practice of murder and then we've got the problem with balearic is actually satanism which was one of they do they sacrificed children they passed our theirs of malakand ball and it was about sacrificing a killing children this is what it was about it was offerin of your children will i with that still alliteratively the purpose of an abortion is to avoid more responsibility we have to have access to more opportunity to have more resources do not be but burdened with the responsibility and the challenges become wet with rain the child the same thing it is the sacrifice of the child in order to advance my own personal tie so it hasn't changed in my said absolutely well set and i listened to people when we talk about abortion you know my whole thing is if it's our fault that things have gotten the way that is when you take it out of families out of torches out of everything what that people think we're going to be left with we're going to be left with a pen were not were not enforcing the rules of the laws that we have on the books and if we were actually going after people that are committing crimes are doing a wrong thing in pretty exercise had the penalties for rape and incest a little harder and a little tougher that we're not going to have to have those discussions of you know what happens in the case of rape and in that is the father to identify the actual problem the actual problem isn't well what do you do in the case of that while you kind o try to eliminate it before it happens not that you're probably going to have a hundred per cent but you should be able to get pretty dangloss and we've had a lot o yer discretion's going to take us a few years to get this back under control but if we do it correctly i believe that that you know we can then the other thing is as if you do have somebody who was in an unfortunate situation and you say that you do believe in the same to the life what is everybody doing to help in that we are going to have to be willing to moms into our homes or or to hopefully educate em before they get there and i i mean i said this for quite a while i believe that instead of looking at contrast we the first step is as yes maybe maybe hell being to helping to end and the problem before a child is actually conceived and what i mean by that is may be what we should do is is fondness or are women and getting a topside don't want to have children so that they're not relying on the big farmer option of contraception maybe we need to to increase the ability and the the access to conduct to contract before we had a child and bolder is a lot of senate need to be talking about it it's not just what you know it's not just one okay one problem there's a many ways that we can actually be helpful in this in this regard as well as helping somebody who did in fact conceive a child because when you have i mean i talk to you about this so i helped to get it was she was the kids by the time she was eighteen years old her mother she threw baby was conceived when she was like fourteen years old her man started having babies when she was fourteen this woman had no idea how to hold a job get off you know any type of assistance or anything like that and and you know people want to say well you see get to work three small children i keep her head above water she had a family situation that didn't help in any way shape to say you know there's consequence when you have a child there is no possible way this woman was ever going to have any any type of life ahead of her unless some came in and actually honestly helped her help parent her a little bit and show her how to get a job hold a job have a balance to check a pay her bills have the utilities and her name this is asking a fourteen year old some one who is not even an adult in order to have that knowledge will or school surakarta their two rotten everybody to be woke and having shortened the rein having dread our people showing their jump to our children and what that is i yellowish screaming children destruction of children its grooming it has nothing to do with the future of a evergood future it's all about tearing them down you know i had the opportunity to get early involution say early but years ago i was a bold with some other people in minnesota who were very bad concerned on grooming progress that that seemed a taken over a people who seemed to be of ordinarily with onlike the normal people but one a queen shows up at the school he seemed like the just only moved their mind and think it okay and i understand it a big part of it is is people have come to be where they want to appeared to be compared you know you are one of the distant pampas of scripture in my opinion comes with where to call for correct these are the features that imperative in popular especially in the women is like that they don't parts are not loving in some one rebuking some one chanting itinerant is the equivalent of low but my work that is when an alcoholic and alcoholic and and the person that wants to stop up here somebody in any type of a ditch an you know we we can even make the comparison that is society that when somebody is doing something that's destructive to themselves no matter what it is when we want a buddy buddy them and we want them to like us more than we like and we were looking out for their best good that isn't love they think it's love but it's not it's absolutely the opposite of that you don't hand an alcoholic drink you do not give somebody who's got a problem with with drug addiction the drugs that they want you do not give somebody who is destroying their life why by jumping on all these opines and said all this is good you do what you just want you know what that goes back to allister crawly alice to crawl in and fatness is it do what thou will and it's like do whatever you want to do i'm sorry but whatever we do we can't do anything in life without affecting other people whether by our consent or by our silence were still affecting so you know no matter what we do we have to make a choice who do we serve we serve god or do we sir self and the first son was a son of it was as you know it was trying to be gone that the first well you listen when you were talking about how the other sins affect whether outwardly or by a mere act of influence or or a train in ourselves to supper in order to accommodate someone else you know everywhere everywhere i have actually encountered that is corrupted one aspect or another there always good reasons you know it is not so for example nobody actually thinks that and when i say races i hope you know it means i hope by understand i mean any kind of hi mean black and white races white and black not if you rational to those altho prices you can come to a conclusion about somebody's character why look at that now sometimes a valid if i a five feet five and two hundred fifty pounds conceited but but but something said the senator you know that i'm a bad person based on the fact that it your wit your bad person i could imagine that to appearance grassblade than i could imagine to buy as were all now pressed by your ancestors one really to trees i don't know any of that you know but anyway my my point is that when you encounter a courbet is it embraces a certain clever of corruption they have a reason overcoming that reason is really difficult of the culture is that the batatas then he your answers were he will win to people because they did this and that time but first of all whether that is real or perceive still calls for forgiveness so even if a right and a probably not even then by one right i still misproportion after one of the reasons why i ran so hard or because when it comes to those type of i don't know i would never know how to to disarm somebody who says well he says is benefited from so therefore by proxy they got white privilege because of that as you know it's hard to discern or disarm that argument i mostly you know without scrip then also you know so i came to rely on scripture as the answer to all the my issue you know and that you know that's what gusman he even apart wrastled that this is me father sure not these not god's word me who doesn't understand some or had he been enough time in prayer in order to overcome an issue that i have my always in a description that i am it specifically i'm not a not a game with just a i believe christianity but you do christians i don't believe any other thing is the i don't and ah this is something else you know in the name of tolerance have to listen to you know somebody tell me will the god of youthe same as the no i'm not going to lose that i mean i'm not just going to go to go to except that one we don't have to we don't have to agree to somebody says it we don't etretat you know to come come and terms with and as dan was bess was saying you know i go to speak out you got beside i says well well i like you i think you a good isabel i think you beseeching it is in these other because those pictures you too have no other god before me in your sommanthe power in order to do this you know and i you know so you know my going to engage every every opportunity or if in every such probably not but how much of it where is the line and i will point scripter said monima once the man twice and then you have to let me in go you have to let him the wise but that once and that twice enough to get or at the bambini now if you if you be i had a coward when the relative about about this that one well and i think i think that that's a good point is that you know a true god walks as through life at different at different stages to things that we need to learn that he brings us out of our own bondage in our own problems in our own preconceived notions where we were born and that things that we that we were you know for it is not everybody he had the privilege of born into a how do i say it for for me to be born into a family that was very vile oriented okay i consider that as a privilege because i had so much teaching at a young age teaching on logical truth not just not just well this is what it says but this is what it says and this is why in this is the culture of that was settles back to the original language and see what original language and what was really being communicated and having that relationship with god where you know he gives you the holy spirit no oh okay well that's what it says but this is what it means and you know i think that that's significant you know in the bible abraham talk about are if you don't go back and study original tax on this most of the translation drops at he planetree for shade while it wasn't to etretat was kind of a joke i actually if you if you read it actually a lot o jesus said were actually jokes because it was so absurd that he was he was addressing that if you are that the jericho and ye'll go back to that one waymarsh other side in the ercross a joke it's about eighteen inches there was no big vast des as there so to walk across the other side of the road there was no other side of the road it was eighteen inches wide so there was more going on here than than what was being said the people that walked past the thurman were actually walking over it and they were doing what jewish law told them to do what he could a dead body or a nearly dead body they were following the rules i came up and and did the right thing in tokio and love and that that was the point of that whole that hold interaction while the tree that abraham planted was in fact a timorous tree which is the slowest growing trees on the planet so when he he planned it for she he would never see the shade his children would never see the shade it was future generations and this is all about our actions are to god's creation which is you know the world and that and human beings as as a with the long term goal of protecting our children our children children in the future generations when we squander our time in a resort and things that as now in a moment gratification we've lost our way because our sense of community are sensating care of truly truly taking care of and continuing to give them the opportunities in the freedom that god gave us lost along the way and that's wrong were not here to serve self service it was the first sin were here to serve others and make sackerryfice or lay down our lives in our times are in quite often are ideas of what we really want of life in order put those aside and service to others i think that that gustave service is really a below and my society that idea of so moderate it were entitled to this unto do this you need to do this this is what's going to make you happy you know you've got to play golf like three times a week you got to have this kind of of a lifestyle or car to be worth something now you're worse something just because god created you as you are you are significant right where you are the things around you the outside trappings do not add or take away from you one it's what god built in in your and it's in your heart it's in your ability to care and to love others and to live a life of service and a lot of that time means putting yourself away always say that in marriage that you don't give it's not in merit i shouldn't be and that's why they fail it should be everything you give everything from your side and and for me i you know don't detroit try to have everything i expect really nothing back because you're a charger of your other and you know if my my spouse i fell down it and anyway i would still i would still love him and say you know budiabad and i love you enough to be able to love you pass this problem start setting some some you know a plan to get past whatever profit is you know you do now i mean there are times where there are overcome able problems i get that i mean i've been there and that you can't get past but the goal is is to be able to stand with some for their best good that necessarily for your best you know and as you were speaking about the fifty fifty you know doesn't want to count says that i have very very often as a counter asked the city in our police domestic violence and home get lords here let's see very comes back out of me the last to their very course it goes out whenever we're talking about something important but that's all right we'll get him back on so i'm going to see if i can get him to connect her medicine that we lost the last of connection here we're going to have we're going to bury rejoin again but that the you know there's a there's a definitely line there you know i don't ever i don't never advocate anybody you know being a victim of abuse to stay in that and let that further her you that's not what we're talking about here were talking about finding work away as that protect yourself well as the person who is who is maybe not so responsible or is involved in abuse they they need help a person that act that which is also a person who i think we've got very bad he weatherhead end once in a while would like broadcast what i said when you were rejoining as that i never had the key over any one stain in a situation where there being abused that's not what i'm but the other pertinent all intake that that way i just wanted to clarify that but you cut out on us when you were when you got into something really important so sometoimes that happens may go ahead and say what you were serenissimam you exactly right no more to say and not you know we give them the decision somebody will say well she raised her voice of men is that abuse you know my personal element in that purple you know and how we got recitationist believed that if you feel like you're used to being abused that that is not a bohannan okay meason was in the course of the council we talked about what was the fifty fifty relationship or some time bring up then and you know i have never i have never how somebody calculates that other defensor there keep in store man there on a point instanter exactly and who actually be established the you know foliation you know this is the poison away know with how how is it in our sosomenes of black my marjorie my wife at home it was the kids you know but the truth is i got life she worked much harder than i did at the end when i came home i work day was pretty much over he never never ended labakan for cookies clean as he made into a notepad for the next day and on and on and on and on i was glad you over of her routinely but i would call the fifty fifth by any means i was a well you know you way more work than i do you know by a by effort standard she is worse you know the solution i i provide no assured him to saying that the different roles i think that our established by scripture you know i think the tithing that that is part of part of the corruption society did and we are so far apart ritual definitions of relationship and i'm not crazy now out of that i understand at that time a change you know and the culture changed word of the same yesterday to day and for i believe i believe you know so we too of one of follies somebody else feels like while that woman comforts masculine abilities or examined a time so she is doing the job of a father so ill one of father's day i say yes that out to the mothers who are doing like father the i think that's error because i don't care how good a father i am i still not a lover no matter what i can be an awesome bad and not have a woman there and still not a mother the same for the other no matter what the woman no matter what he does not a father a guimard the neither one of us are going to be able to provide outside outside of a spiritual relations with our children so interesting you know society has allowed allowing certainement to corrupt us in the indies i our periander definite are assigned by our musical dated abilities in her the then to the man and to the woman so now the men who will get a woman pregnant and leave her he has an abortion he doesn't have a commitment from the the father he doesn't have a nathan's the matador of the horse you know the other arguments for it you know in my opinion it does not volition the bath majority of voices are because she is pregnant by man does not have a commitment whether that maritime or as i love you and i'm not going to leave you with my sidonie or or some other and as she bishopries going on the quality of our life is going to put ever result of about that so so this part is where men in my opinion i don't care i think love or the romantic love that we come to sixieme you may some one i think is not a i think if you get somebody pregnant if you get a little grey you should wear you her and ah i understand she likes it bollandist she liked the walk in the like night walks on whatever that is god gives favor the white iagoo thing against labor from lord this is a scription think it's no fair play and i must go on believe it especially if nobody ever tell well what you said there is no key is that commitment you know i think i think that commitment to round you the responsibilities to the people around you part of the reason a walkaway from that and just acting like whatever we do doesn't matter do what thou wilt while it were leaving those people behind it and we wonder why we've got so much you know rosanette other thing out there to to deal with depression while at work were likely now know you know i've got worse as our herd animals so our people as some animal is most like people are worse well i a horse is not a dog a dog as much as is a creditor rather than in her animal and realistic are by nature if you get if you distil it down were heard animals and that in no herd a herd is very committed each other they take care of each other and human terms it's more like a tribe when you have that support network around you of people who are the operative word is committed that doesn't mean that things are always going to go well or you're going to greet on it and sederunt make decisions you don't make decisions based on an emotional reaction or emotional conqueror anything like that you make up your mind that this is what you're going to do and that's what you you you follow through on our commitments are your promises and and oathings that you that you have committed yourself and like you said you know when it comes to a bore when when when we forget that there are men and women at you know men and women we we forget the fact that you know you get men and women together or males and females together and your generous babies that's the way the system so you have i don't know how much more clear we have to be with that with that exactly what happened you get a guy and gallegher and you're going to have a baby is goin to happen somewhere in there unless you do something extraordinary to prevent that i think when kids start having sex early they this bad plan is just a bad bad because because a you know you your having babies being born to babies and we've got our society which is growing for their own destruction which is to have babies have babies so i mean that the whole thing is is otowaya much better chance that he have a family that stays together if we we make that make that that commitment to another person and we stay with our commitments and i that goes with what an ever we do if we make a commitment that we say we're going to do some we need to follow through on it that's also were trust comes you know it's like with training horses you are the same every single time when you approach a horse in your training horses trust same thing is with you have to be the same every single time that doesn't mean that you're going to make a mistake let's say you're goin to walk in a stall one day there's a tripping hazard there and you hit that tripartite alike that and the horse jumps because he did something that they didn't expect but it's not i it's not an intentional it is not an intentional form of malice you know or an intentional form of screen things up or anything like that i mean we're going to fail on a but but when it comes to trust and or being you know having our commitments we do it the same way every single versatile to weather somebody's looking whether they're not looking we should do the same thing in the dark that we would do in the light when everybody is you know when scranton that that goes from a governmental composition right down to the way we conduct ourselves in and in relationships and our families all the some you know and and all of us have made mistakes is no no toast it so if people are looking for jesus christ in any any one of us hopefully they see more of the ham than they do of us into we need to forgive people when they're repenteth there when they're like man i'm not going to make that mistake again and ride to walk forward in their or goloso help enable people to be a better better and more godly form of themselves and what closer to god do this christ every single day which is the only way that we can do that we can walk forward in truth honesty and i just think that you know all of this so much comes from being exposed to the gospel you actually made aspiration of coming up in a household where the gasoline and there are lots of who who do you know where no soul a lot of people just have bad bad perceptions of the christian community in general i think primarily because they don't understand the christ as a broken people you know that the whole idea that had not perfect we just were not perfect none of us are and that honestly i only interrupt you but been sold in a lot of the churches this hell fire and brimstone thou shalt not and if you don't if you don't agree with me on every single point then you know your voted off the island insted bearing with each other in long suffering and helping each other oh my you know even even when i think about that that is exactly what the whole community is all about if you are agreed with me on every single point do exactly what i think you should be doing even though there are factories but the mentality is the well you know i think that the agreement part you know leave the disinherited he to me agreement argument what i what i would call it the question standard which we are green with because the standard of variant the standard i think i would try to hold anybody to standard of god as group to it something that people can hold me to by being humble and accepting as i don't even use them don't be that when you just say well you know we're not perfect you know i never used that phrase because thereby already knows that it is a elflike a native you any more no information when i tell you i'm not merited that's well understood in the process of trying to you know deliver a message or a set of standard by baronof course i cannot call any body to my standard i could call some i call myself to the same standard the copyhold we it is what i was going to now that said you know the agreement about that as i said i believe that they of christian doctrine is the only i don't believe anything else is soul i believe it's all evil outside of that so magically if somebody said you know wasn't the son of that okay you wrong i'm not going to compromise on that i don't you know and basically i don't know what else to say you know and even the scriptures whoever granados full of other than the great brave with them don't disobedient your house you know don't those who i think too much of us have gotten into the you know as we talk about being woke tolerance which is no where in the space you know it the separate as set apart it also to come out for a month is not the only these doctrines are seen in modern modern a so you know that's a contradiction of scripture and not london new testament element that i just spoke of to oenomaus there were some limits to how much unity i suppose she utter people here limit to how much fellowship we should be at other people i love fellowship and i long so for example i would do and i talked as before about the people to the god and doing it in a spirit of love we people don't believe that in burnoose loving you know so conway know you suppose to be able to be open minded as but i repeated turn to the left or to the right of it the some of these something i think i sound night you know and the sound but again the scripture tells us may atonement and i don't know what good except of what's good for me or what feels good right now but the skeptical me how to prepare for i you know that's not all ways this what field good right now you know and some of that determined like an undeserved so you know there are things that we disagree on that that you know we can we can find you know that we do disagree on but then there are those things that are unmovable like for me there is no possible way that i would fall in with any one who is pure and simple state because they to understand and i've been i've been really pondering throwing some things out there that are going to be really shocking to people what does that mean that being a state and what are they actually involved and i think most you would throw up if they saw what these people are actually involved in when you talk about when you talk about human sacrifice when you talk about the thresholds that they participate which involve not only sexual sacrifice but also human sacrifice there is no possible way not aunt a snowball's chance in how i would sit in the antwerpers that or that we know that tortures were or so there's no possible and this stuff is going on if it is a hard thing to but it is a reality in our world i had some one asked me the like will prove it to me in what fine if you want to see it that's fine but you're not going to like it and showed him a video of the what they actually involved and what the look so horrific and shock that we're not talking about you know you know you can say he's sent asenath sort of thing but this sort of thing is for real and it's going on and it's going on so much more prevalently than what people think they are you know i was talking to a guy this weekend who was a male man and he said that you know may mean the the you know a male carriers raynal at that that they pay attention to things more often more than what they what people think they are and one of the guys he works with saw it i don't know if heated but a guy works with so they were there were women in the back yard of a house in cages and screaming for help so telestial that you showed that the less you had a video or something and you showed ideational them oh yeah they watched it for about it's probably about five minutes long and you know that type of a sacrifice of what actually goes on in it and they're like fine i said it's this is for real and it's it's definitely more prevalent than what then what you think they they got they got through about a minute and a half two minutes of it and they were they were latin watch any more of this i can't and like well i guess i kind of felt when i stop her started getting into some of the serious research that it was a calling by god to to say there's got to be some of us that have do with the fact that this is actually going on in ferland murdering babies on the table after their born that this is not about gendereth is about removing somebody who is in the way of a person's life the way they want to live it and or eliminating some one else so that they have the benefit of it when you look at like the agenda that are in you know twenty thirty or whatever they've got going on because they keep changing the numbers in and about how many people on the planet that these global really want to remove and kill this is absolutely about getting people out of their way they own everything we own nothing their lies is that we will be happy no it's not the lass that they want to do exactly what the nazis dead back in world war two which is eliminate a large portion of the population so that they get people out of their way same mentality that you go to any type of of removing children or locking away from the sanctity of life it's the same thing and you set it spectacularly whether he wotan back back to my scripture of the thanes of everything goes says that the evil one come to kill the board what is therefore you know and author are we going to define for table islanders old when a brother's way when the decision and i remember as a middle school when we were talking about it and class and anyway i remember actinias got a mother figure around me about it and i remember her saying well if you don't have the right to it all those rich white women will be able to just go to another country and yet in a voice and then the black women won't not till you any leven years old i like not i mean to me that didn't sound like voinic i barely even had the contempt that actually so i always kind of cato you know i wasn't even any when it any child not really knowing what the process was so later on and i get older and understand the more i am seeing like in the last fifteen years and not come to find out that margaret sanger and moreover was a race as in mine to eliminate black babies and we have a right one that was she those are words that came out of her mouth aristeides and believe it but but just what is that why i asked you if anybody was compelled individual letters that video too was compelled because in that i you know somebody i think had i already had an active and then and then they also when that was later horrific here the double most often doesn't show up a big red door a long tail at a pinch or so up it much more sober attractive as scripture was attracted to the the other evanescent and now just grushnitski is liberation by the breach margaret sanger commission to move her tender and i you know but but here don't some people i trust me i've done it and it was the same with some of black lines mattered a doctrine than used to be upon their website and they just take it down and last operation even believe they had the tis he actually put their real mission on the website when you show this and they make up an excuse or they can rotherhithe is genuine or ladies authenticity or they say that when that was the beginning and now it if it is unreal but again back to the good to description he struck them herodotus and it also madonna's and that something i use person as a spirit of stupid in a way that you that is describe know the late and latterly to serious to her every day while a black lie matters all right i am so disgusted with this whole thing it's not even funny because black lines masbate is a corporation it is a corporation who had paid provocateurs just black rock arabella and goethe about this this morning with dan dan hartman this this is a corporation there leaders have but tremendously expensive houses with this so called money it is not a non profit is it is at work this is a corporation and they have done over two billion dollars of damage to terrorize his domestic terrorist organize they should be responsible for for the damage that they've done and when you look at sanger and what planned parenthood stood for this was about the destruction and death of black rainouart in agony and and some white ones that they considered inferior the slabs for example and you know that but but here's what my point of many some will would be in all the evidence in order to stay in their late in order to stay in their comforts of an ever i can only desire them they really don't beyond their own pride you know and that was where i think how black is matter was able to operate in the capacity that they were allowed to to establish it goby black people tried in that in that and so to gain back to the scripture because christ had when they are he said who is my brother he put it made all kinds of found in things expect question of his congregation who is my brother he put us in loose to set it on a real nice but he stayed the whole woof the father it doesn't matter black life the or whatever color or whatever you've got if you're doing the will it doesn't matter all of these prideful things all the testification and outlay in any other than try to capitalize pride and it's all about division in keeping us in any divided it is in an it's all waked and resolve were at the corraminis danged and whether or no i come out or whether or not they contentedly decided to go out on a titanite heritage the guiding himself as liberation and coming to kill the bower and the true for is not there for tolerance if not the freeport nity is not there for the either for anything other than what the scriptures when the evil one is there the fair to kill the bower and destroy and i found him in life every time i tried to say well you know they do have a point about this you know and they do have a point about that at the core of that the five that it is the catanian turlington and destroy i look at the lake the mexican constitutional amendments that their trying to put in they are so deceptive this is so much the so much deception around them that you know we've got to go with god to pray for wisdom and discernment that we will see things for what they are that we open our eyes and understand what the real thread is not the made up that not the made up a junot with their trying to tell us that you know you you are entitled to this that the other thing most of it is deception most of it is to to lead us astray and to you know basically the lead us right to her own devices rather than to bring you know rather than to help with our best the man and we have to realize that this is the agenda the agenda is to the poetry that the agenda that teetered in a different way well this has been an awesome discussion we didn't even get to what we were going to talk about to day we're going to talk about wellness and we ended up having a wonderful that's what i like about this life show that i'm doing is that i honestly i get on here and i'm like ogowe it is that you want to have said we're goin to say it we're going to go there whether it's comfortable or uncomfortable comonfort able these things need to be talked about and everybody that we're going to have it we're going to have to face the these underlying issues which have actually been set up by you know the maritana which was behind that all you got to do is look at how much i call these people are involved in to be able to discern where this is coming from this cover for the pit how to destroy this nation to destroy lives more governments involved a human weapons and drug trafficking and in the destruction of our elections because why because it is it's an insurrection it's an invasion we have already been invaded now we're going to have to take this as and we're going to have to take this back as one nation under god into visible so when some each chose you to hate another group of people just not get off everybody out there just knock it up find ways to get a long stop prejudging everyone i reject this whole white privilege craford this whole stuff that is not it's not i didn't have it i have you know i would i don't know if i told you this time i went into a bank to take out a long look at me and say you know i give you the loan if you were a guy don't you know they didn't say white guy that didn't say black gate said i and i just walked out and was a man no i i was i was disgusted but i like broucolacas some day because i'm going to i'm going to show this thing right in your face an you're goin to want come come back and want my business ah i don't think that's going to happen until you change your attitude and that's how i felt walking out of that bank you know it wasn't i don't feel sorry for myself i didn't sit there and say say boo who you know all all men are bad it's like nothin idiot and i'm going to prove him to be of an idiot he is and he's he's going to have some real real life like adjustments to do to have to come to terms with his very poor choice he we know and you you know what i don't know how much you is now about you and your family you know but i saw julia of the horse and almost the very first time i saw you i had not the very first time but when i first met you and the work you would do it you know if you got and dinosaurs like a protection so we are kind you know and i just think that is so associated the taisha work at so long smart as hard work you got out of her car you got to work hard got to work hard and i bless you diabase you were poor and your kids were hard and got the had the diligence so be rewarded thank you you know it's like that's another thing it's like i think people think that one job is more important or more in another and i don't see it that way no matter what job needs to be done there all equally important and we should all approach as something that we take pride in what we do to do a good job no matter what it is you know like i was a really poor kid so i worked i worked in every crab job that nobody ever wanted to do i worked it i actually work stocking pickles in and jars that at the pickle factory over here and it was about a hundred it was over a hundred degrees and there i worked over night i'd start at four thirty in the afternoon and i get off at three o'clock in the morning we had your standing in this incredible heat your standing and brian you've got in dropping the ceiling because a condensation in you you know your way mollenhauer and it's it's it's really kind of any job you know i feel trustaford when i was seven years old he won't gardening you know dad told you go pilloried you go full of trick and i'm on to tell you what he can use work ethic that work always came and we had time to play that was fine but when you grow up that way you realize that it's not it's not you know the big things it's every single minute of my day was always significant if i didn't continue to work for my family some one else had to pitch and to do that work and or to pick up the so if people ask me how many hours do i work i work all of them i don't hold office hours if somebody calls it a certain amount of time i get up and i will address something is to happen in the middle of the night in there it's like you know being a horse or a human being or whatever i mean i've stayed up over you know no overnight helping helping a people that had no homes or know i told us but i picked up a gallop but three months ago who was running down the road and i had just left the hospital to visit some one and this tall was running down the road and she was obviously in trouble so ended a picking her up and she was hopped up on something she was shaking like a leaf and and i'm like if i don't stop and help this woman she could really fall victim to some major major hurt so i drove i drove her home and i think a lot of holden afraid to pick her up and i was like she is in trouble as she needs somebody right now so you know i'm not afraid put myself in a situation where maybe some people would say that's a dangerous situation while you know what god tells me to stop and pick somebody up i'm going to do that his ability to deal with what the outcome of that is is his problem not mine i just have to obey and walk same thing with running for governor this was definitely a calling by god there is no tea about now the outcome is going to be in and whatever the outcome is as and i good what i was called for was to go forward walk now to apheresis going as kind of crazy because right now we are winning and so many to that is incredible and i think with the biggest win as people to truly you know get off the get out of the mine prison of we've got a vote republican or really while there's a hundred fifty republicans reno who have just backed witmer and they were people that stood with anger and snider that this is this is what we have and what we've been taught to believe are exactly opposite of what's going on and neither party has a leafy know a corner on this market of truth because they both criminal organizations that have turned in new nothing more than special interest to advance the agenda of the marketable that wont do nothing but destroy kill and and common deer everything that's not there's a they work by deception and that the chiefs and thieves all and when you see if you will let our set you know exactly what's happening and they jump off these political parties and the jump off these ideologies that it's okay to kill babies as o kato they're starting to think more and i can see god moving their hearts which is really amazing well that's less senator here because i want to pray for you and everybody else out there i know dan prayed but i'd like to creagan and then i like you to come back to morrow and we were going to talk about well less mental health the sons for as you know you know that i've got a special as you've got to you've got to meet my daughter very special amager who when when you're in that situation you can actually talk about it not as i think we should throw this amount of money to that oh ah well you're not going to help anything by throwing money and you'd better know exactly what the mechanism behind it for failure or or you're just throwing money for nothing over you know over a unicorn speckled unicorn that's flying over at the yet you still not goin to hit the mark and sometimes we don't have to throw any money at things and we hit the mark because we've got better strategies that's what i tried to do with my my political is not through money at it like everybody else has been the so i think i'd like to talk about those strategies for actually being there and helping people this isn't about the money this is about living our lives in service to god and his creation the people around us in ways that we have never seen in our government thing we've seen to that my opinion is the trumpeter where were we were becoming united as you know you know two as is a nation not as a victim nation to the global because that's been going on for decision anything new we just see it now and we had a great example and and i don't care what anybody says about you know when they start talking about the start talked smack about people like they do it to anybody that's running for office they've done it to president trump they've done it to general flint you know to all of them in just going to say it's time for every one to stop this either exposing themselves as somebody who has definitely under demonic and we stick with the issues problems and stopped carnach other done our goal is not to divide up teams and who was a good person or a bad person we can make certain judgment calls on their behaviour but at the end of the day stick to the issue people who are involved in an exposed them we i and hopefully in the process they turn their hearts around to repent and they come back to god godly rule godly nature and we all when we do not glow with somebody fails in life and say you know this this is not something to be proud of or to get any joy out of it with somebody turns to doing something that we should of all have some ability of feeling bad for them and then tried to jump in and help no not everybody wants to be helped to be in the right to the right thing in those people need to be eliminated and from being able to do to do a crime like if a person whose rapacious there if they want to repent they want to stop from that bad behavior that's one thing but a person who does not have any intention of of stabbing we cannot let them go out and and put other people at risk for their bad behavior they have to be eliminated from society whether it's your incarceration or maybe a hot punishment i think down trump said lately that a drug dealer takes the life of an average five hundred people that makes that person a murderer that is a murderer and these be treated in accordance with that that is that that's the kind of a a standard that i'm talking about right now you either the top or behavior victimizing other people or you are they are guilty of those egregious crimes in have to be removed from society we cannot let them continue to victimize others and i do feel that way it's defending there's the down ran all right was it her heavenly father thank you so much for bury and all the amazing work that he's done in the area of detroit and on the week on the east side of the state and also in other parts of our nation so proud of people that work in counseling and in you know in helping people that do have true mental illness or who are struggling in like that are willing to put themselves out there to take care of others and even even make sacrifices for themselves on thaneford the effect that you gave us the bible you give us the holy spirit and you give us to carentan wisdom walking forward into these chaotic situations straight from hell they come straight from the din they are a concerted effort by communist by marcus in order to tear this nation downed warton to stand for it because we stand with you we want to have our nation one nation under god we want it under you under your principles your guidance and with the with the with the mind set of service and care to those around us thank you so much was beautiful day that you give us to day to do all things to your honor and glory not of ourselves but of you in whatever way you call us to two whether it is smiling at somebody in the grocery store picking up someone who is hurt or being a help to all those around for god we will were willing to be used in any way that you need us to be used two in service to your creation thank you so much father god we love you we love what you accomplished for us on the cross we love the fact that you forgive us and that we you pickaback up and say mine you can do this again and we love the fact that you love us beyond measure not that you would send your only begotten son here to die for our sins that we would have relationship with you thank you so much please bring many many people to day to salvation and cry his precious name we pray they go to all right and to morrow we're back at where bacadou know i all right have great day to every one out there you're not a wondrous seer fighting behind the scenes for all those things that you that you love and you care for all those people you care for work fighting for you or fighting for care for and i just want to say god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america my thanks for olivet day oh one more thing yet a good work like i always forget the sanitation the go to my website in a spell like this tenement brandenburg for governor dot com at all sorter word on telegram so that is at brandenburg the number four you can communicate with me there i do do all the writing and the responses are nobody else's on that on that particular channel so you really one another real dona here you go on bridbrook and you want now when your boat voting for i'm not perfect but amongst so there you go he is thing out together so anyhow look forward to to all right the but