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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 5/1/2023 - On the Border Update - Heather Hobbs

Published May 1, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

Monday Morning in the Mitten: Special guest Heather Hobbs is an anti-abortion/anti-human trafficking advocate, who works on the southern border with law enforcement to help rescue children as well as, securing our border with new technology. She has an amazing story in her own right, deciding to keep her daughter after rape, and talks about the blessings each and every life is to all of us. Heather is also currently working to help with evacuation efforts in Sudan to rescue Americans abandoned by the Biden Administration. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the first of may twenty twenty three oh i don't know what you guys but ye are you seen are you seenotice seen out there the news this is kind of there's so much going on it defies and i into bring on my body here chuck orchard because we have so much to talk about to day a check idoing doth morning dora i'm brave hero it's baseballs and now i am ready for you to hit another hole you home runs to day of a tory let so so i hither has a head how their horses was supposed to come on i talked to her a couple of days but with us too and that she is on the border and this is one of the most interesting people i've met in a long time she at working on the border and their working with drone technology and their drawn technology to protect the border works one hundred per cent of the time oh it's really very interesting as she is a personal story that's amazing she she was a victim of rate and decided to carry the child and so she does an anti human trafficking advocate as well as an anti portion advocate and i really want everybody to meet her but once again the other is real news by real people for real people at the kitchen table and a lot of times when you have remote interviews especially the constant from the border you you have a connectivity i'm going to wait and see she's going to be one to connect here at some point time but in the mean time we're going to we're going to get right into it here monday morning and the mittens so are you good ones talkable wol others doing now there onieletochs oleaceaethe recorde bases the next time they're going down on going with them i am not do too i want i want to go down there because it is the the biggest thing that i'm interested in see de strongeh ology and they've got that in roods and it's kind of interest and i'm telling you when you see people that are actually rescuing people it really it's really excited did i not see something that there was a don child that was rated they found one from sixty seven different individuals did you see that story i did not always sit cross in the absolute to you that can you imagine it i mean come on to mine if that doesn't cause people a call to arms i don't know what is is is it was an illegal that has been brought in and partly and his like savagery as the savages in the one now why we want to have a wall we want to wall to prevent the stuff from comedian well and also to help the people that are getting caught up in this traffic so what i do know is that human trafficking as they bring kids across the border and there are these some type that they protect to somebody who actually was walking on the border and they realized they were walking on bones of children and the th were they were just shells as the name for it because they take all the organs out in such further than that they are saying and i i i have to believe this to tomtits from a very good source mary plan she's joined a lot with human traces and i i'm i'm part of that task for going forward up in michigan and going to be getting more training not at that sort in on the average the average of and what there looking for his or looking for a lot of the times a kid's especially boys boys more than girls actually usually yea that the risk to boys and bat and man it is as heretic i mean it's not to girlsone think of race as is little girls know it's bull they don't care they just don't heereon each child on averages five times a day yet in wilder retraicts and their expected life is two years because there the little bodies just as their little bodies just can't take it and and so so that's that's a real that's a real problem and he then the knowledge of people have you know i think a lot of people think of traffickings he know somebody who has stein who looks like third twenty five right which is scraped is really bad but it gets worse it in the fact that this is an addiction for people and the united states of america pays more for for me victims then pretty much anywhere child can bring a million dollars for a child because we have a duel economy going on these peel of all kinds of money the people that are running this world there a bunch of in broad and in in the know we just we have to call it out for what it is and furthermore i really think that you don't it's thislike this drag showed none sence it's going on i honestly believe that a lot of this these i don't believe their for real i believe that their hired you know the cafeteria sorts and nonsense and i believe that they are not real people but in fact actors and and two to take this nation now and nobody should give it any credibility to this whatsoever because we're in it were in an age of disinformation misinformation and and i believe that a lot of what we're seen is actually played or planned actors and actresses in order to make people think that this is normal i don't think that there there in any way shape or form the majority of them they're not legitimate and we shouldn't be accepting this kind of nonsense joins that as i said about immense net about on both had the restormel down there to order but i print somewhere like sixty seven in the hive sixty seven of different men that this atrocious what you say it sounds like it goes right in line with that wiltshirethe united states down you know and where is everybody else in all this whole thing where's there body else can and the whole that's my point is is called or so well i i discussed in the semnotheoi i was i work out the morning before i get on one broad cassiri too i don't make it every day but i'm pretty my my tracker could pretty good on it but we were we were talking about it and i'm like there is a reason why i were pointed cow boy who is most you know it's like it's like a i think i think if somebody we as adults have to be ready to defend our children the people round us at any point in time and oh you know i think that that it's time for everybody to get ready and speak out and be loud when we see something like this it's like a doll and a mountaineer whatever is whatever yet whatever name is i agree he was there's there's i've got two forms of thought on that first of all there is any legitimacy with this which i do not believe there is i believe that this person is oh you know potentially being taken advantage of by by anchises and to display his mental illness and trying to profit off of it but the other thing is do we know if in fact he is just somebody that was hired to play a part or an actor i have a lot of questions about that from every one i don't believe things that face value at all and i know you don't either so i tell you i don't even watch it i should i see that disonore it now in this guy or women no pronoun will you had called grower or post now i wont to call the post now not a pro down the comb of post known to go that's what he ought to be hit over the head with is the pose and will make any difference i know that but the reality is let's this not encourage a less gold the other way is claywith this french rebels something beautiful in the boneries this rainbow to make i think some pervertedthe rambles beautiful god gave us the rain for a reason he obediencethe lighting stilled the light and multicolor these guys what i use insofern or not into that so we ought to take it back will he take you back to this drag queens in the what not how to be do there is why couldn't play coon reading or tillers books only on base fewpeople concerti rend this morning or yesterday oh the altigisse had reported and after tilden i read the how to be desiderando last week i had read in one lisabeta streback this take back or society from perverted people has in it back to the sense of normality not is commanded this to do that right and edwin went a devolves into all their hurry my feet wings i should be able to hurt other people or groom children because you know that's that's what there are always and its old hother feelings you not you hurting our feet well it's like how many how many years did did mike my grammar was a she she would fforthe woman's rights in the in the twenties he was perforant to no want insuch we have gone so far backwards and man on natural born man i aconitate call in that all right i'm so i'm so so a founded by this it if you you know with like what is it less than point five per of of it's like your ridiculous a register in feelings what right you to the the real women the women that are out there struggling inviting into in their past and his tacome along this sky honington oh he doesn't matter i was long and once she pretend all hers a woman what's facts he couldn't pretend these a rabacal or whatiwhatihoe it osterreichisches to this unnatural of a thing it is not disproved the call it as it is was calling for erin it is a perversion he has sidgreaves to thunders like it or not that is reality to be don't think so liscard there's only two ways i know a water gender as i got a pipe and i know they want a change that you goin to chase your plot to contrast well anythingi have a we have a situation right now in one of our businesses and this is so the fallout of this i think people that are not having to deal with may not folly get get what's happening so we have we have a some in trying to say it so that i don't like a thrown things out there too much but but they they keep changing their identity and so their trying to catch us without being able to use their correct pronounce so they can run to somebody else in wine it save about but they they've changed their identity and their prononces were under flew and or whatever it is you you know to try to try to have an for legal frivolous lost this is what he is bowed his itabout is about money it's so not about their gender it's not about anything as somebody has to change their gender every second day newspeople so they got a reason to still on for something you know him the trees cistato camewhat they are there the ambulance chasers they're just trying to just try to muck out our already failed with more erables lawsuits for no reason other than then they want to stand on a stage and and be more important in his it's very very notes he responded or judge that justice is the majestic these prepared opened and in their not their turpentine therethere much more than that there be comelingis late body that's not the intense the constitution doesn't say desaix three branches very distinctly three branches education system is centered brother in constitutional not nothing more nothing less fast whetstone comendatone a one as pellisson of the th no judges story i do greenwith you and i prove it i show you where i stand on principle the do not these this whole present but is that all done the pepones of evident if in their cimerosa i'll take judge you're out of order that is you're making yourself will like to heditter needs to be you can't say a preponderous to evidence costwhat areally means as yet to know in your not willing to make a decision piece on the constitution it about counceling so i want to go back to what happened last week on i think it was i my days kindlike of merged together in the crazytown to the boardlesinafortress meeting inland and i'm going to tell you what i did speak or anything like that but there was one person in there and you got asked herself these questions all day or cheefe real no they're not there was one woman in their sheets absolutely a political operative no there's no two as about and most of this stuff is staged and so you will not ordinorono she was there in the audience she would surefootedness the collie that was running around in the political and the political thing and she's domeoto have so tecmessa es that kind of a kinda com down her into a apolitical operative mode the agent had to do with some domenicha ges towards sir election software and then they went into far enfermer it was easiness and then the other one was a heart something or other and cold they were addressing some dominies and all what the hecks so showed up there and wanted to see what they were talking about and then they got into the farm land thing in this whole thing we saw of base and telling farmer's weather they console you know so oft ther ther land to two of the power companies and on dinapoor solar and being able to have big solar installations from power companies and senor going does no one have an absolute grasp on this and these idiots it set on the board of canisters bodleton sat there and there they're just they refused to get to the main and court issue and i don't know if they've been know what it is i can have a feeling that they don't even know what the core issues are or if they do they're a bunch of copies that are trying to take them nations out socoecoeni and he got to be talked about richard hals came oditan about the whole frickenhausen replicatile so so this is what dana does right so i went and would when a house camp was appointed and i went in and he supposed to be the great business man right so is scarred and looking at the web sites of companies he represents their victohali paste and then if you go to laura every one of em has a five million dollar grocers right everything kind of convenient isn't it i'm i'm not lying that for anything this sustineantur it is ostentatiously you've got to ask questions cause these people are not necessarily for real so there there will there debating this about whether you don't whether e how how are we going to stop this overreach of i know destrigaria i like well first of all this is private property had the right to do whatever they want a second of all so its unconstitutional to tell them what they can and cannot do it state level they can't do it in so it is up to farmer for farmer wants to put in some solar it's up to him but the bigger problem which no one brought to the was the fact that we have a monopoly honor energy in state of mise if we got rid of these monopolies and michigan you're going to oriolethe on the entire problem because you're back to free market and if you stop with it with you stop with all these subsidies that are going through them the energy sector green honor get whole ten yards and you go back to a free market economy things kind of even out and in the end but when they control them in pullatis only to take things that other people have and sells crushedthey screwed to her time and then the second thing the everybody looking at the making of the big deal should look at were in mesh this is the fact the second darkest state in the nation anything here that solar is absolutely moronic it is if it's ridiculous stupid it's wasteful and you're going to have to look at the contracts just like with the wind power to see what are they going to do when they sack seven that i guess there's one that's right now seven thousand acres they want to put a giant solar farman really what you goin to do through the winter months when we don't see son for boobyto months may be more than that will we do not wish for godwin for his chinese doing fine into power grid down in self america looked what i think is peru the chinese of just did that nailed the one good percentage of what i want to say i i there present what do you think they're doing do you going after economic war to assever this and they got away to do it to that is the way to control us if the control the power others going to put his back into a third world nation this is how they're doing it and we enjoin this one while i in toscanini the lone i can tell you back when i was on the days of set cassel goose people ought they shot down a cossipoor planter to betty cocklin the probable he consiteration they were never out of compliance they were always to oldestand or that the point but they were helping uninsulting account which they did finally disuesteno not for the shoulder forget to cause that was a million dollars lost remonetise isn't just the revenue issue in mortonville tracy on the great house where ale stake yes so we job shiftiest and now lawspretty for these orders come in and as people are penetentia words coming from the evils go up the power is now controlled by solos essentialized just incredible that people are seen the bigger pincher yes eraselo it's all centralized and and i i don't know people understand this but you don't like i i'm in need i'm like a cento like not to send her on like a supererit i like to look at all these things that bore the bore the cramp out of everybody but i'm we only really have three different sectors in the united states that are on the therethree different sections of the united states that have that are designated as power grids and one thing that is frightening and it should be frightened to all of us is we have never had to go from a black star if something knock the power grenough the united states as you have to have power to start power you you know when you start from a black star you're going to have to have a power source before you bring everything all unlike so if this thing goes down and we don't even know how to do an entire you know a black start in this country or dark start they can caught colony do way where the whole thing goes down if one area goes down one you know one ere this eastern western in this texas saw it's all right if one or he goes down in there's even smaller areas and between and the theretherethere is right so won does do they generally open up the gates i'm disconus it as that it like you know to use thus analogy to another area and bring power and to get that get that smaller area up tis the whole thing goes down we've never done a complete dark startin a knights we we don't you had to do it and so in with them centralizing all the power and electric vehicle and all this nonsense that he dede don't realize you they are absolutely tightening this distribution down into an area where they control everything and in you are so depended it's a beast system on the food on the on the energy on everything else and oh you know it's even the solar putting this much money into solid that is literally part of the problem to centralize the the the whole and each comparator out with it with a forgemaster it for regencyand you got richard hals camp on the two republicans several pretenders onoatoa so they say so they say the republicans yes for the sake thank you yet but they're good outsoles asked for twenty collisis you when you she cocockatoos as some of his ill testimony that they've got on pile its isabsolutely in the sesoosis as he really is condescending his beaver is ugly coming of the civil servant he sherabeen challenged on that alone the boy i costerton the board exactly as such it is to cable to be more customer focus these guys don't know what this such a matter you absolutely right and nicosiens are idiotic good very testaceous like listening to simpletons try to ask questions that have no idea in then they sit there in their loss when they realize their there you know that there is something that's way above their pay read well you know what that's what we got in in in our legislature the same way that the same exact queen i call that the medite mcdonogh right the mcconkey if you will as as in advectorum of hislawsuit e travesties people do not i don't care to understand they don't want to understand because they're honestarent of you talked about this soleares the farm land you're absolutely right of that it's the farmer's lad it's not the government fedot the governess plan the only thing to come riposatevi halold be on they stood not allow this government or these foreign governments come in to condition government come in i'll pay that is the rule of the central government to protect us from tuleris national defence and commerce into the chores that are better sent for the national government that's what they should be done so we should have to be worried about foreign countries coming in or accept we see how bad or for a tergo ernment is but our state government should also protect us because when that role of the cover government is advocated they have to take hold of that roll because there is possible for the best ictasanda there is a book called on omissionnot it was seems poor go to book on one it were was a parrocel fornia he had a six hundred acres a farm any one to build an holds on it for his cotidian give them part of the land and they won't let him do it there is a density requirement a density quiriquineihos for that not to government the governess not doesn'thave a role to do that resisted the kind of thing we got to get that back to the way he used to be with milinda this law on time to law upon all on law and get back to what is or what what are individual rights i know now i show partoprenon constitute one want when we talked about in the vital right curses or poor social rights be always have to remember a right come from god a right or or in aliable rice as we talked about in our consecratore and then are guaranteed in the first tenements dolls are crucial crucial crucial to us existing as a nation as a united states of america will i want to go back to it as some of the constitution garantiront i sat there in watches sport of board elections board of canvassers and i i mean i'm telling you what these people are so arrogant it's unbelievable they do not have the right to make policy and or to change rules in that exactly what they were in that they were doing that's the job of our worthless legislature who refuses to work they there actually not working north stand within the consent all the givethee smart enough to do it either i mean that this is that that's another promiseto actually know stay in your main it was created this way to the checks and balances will we have a roll bordelestun a road board of canvassers who think they can just make up policies on the fly which is exactly what they were doing they were not try they were not swellthe legis this is what is on the books now they were literally making up palicat that boreton and then i have another thing they were trying to justify what they did on the face value inspection with the petitions that we had an where were basically a several of us were absolutely set up to be taken out and that's exactly what happened so they were trying to discuss the space now nothing so i sat there and my jaw foot almost hit the ground in what i heard in that men he was a statistician that god often started on and he he does and he was trying to protect he doesn't want the cube of out there so that can they can have access to actually a measure signatures against so that they can do their own checks so that we the happiest of candidates such as myself have to go through one of these agencies because we don't have the ability to check because we don't have that information but they're dinematichthys so witiges worse so i'm sitting here and listening to this nonsense going are you kidding me there there not only or the doing this it's right out the open sack and people in the face of what they're doin if you're listening he said and i'm going to tell you and i'm going to a very old and exactly what he said he said that what he did as he were for other canidates who were challenging signatures now i never got a challenge which is worthy got trouble with me there was no challenge offered within the period of time and i would say that it was with intent because the board elections said admitted that they knew that there was a problem with the signatures and march and they never said a word and touch three days before they had to have it finalized in may so we could even find your shriekeries that was that was round two of what they did was they had tied out and they hid it in it was with attention and that was not magwass and so an i'm not back in down from that statement neither go ahead soon he will throw this rat out in court and burn it burn you guys as behind right to the ground and so anyhow we're in he said he got access to the one the person i didn't we went into check and now now you can't look at any of these it's already closes matter which is unconstitutional we should have had eccesto it till january but they're picking and choosing the winners and losers and that's i got i'm going to talk about what they did with tying in that meeting to the stars suspicion came up in the cotillion in there may my team and i win in the end we copied we scanned and copied off all of the pie she sends heneage a dash to have them checking the signatures against passing poor and involvement in our elections in the port of campers border elegisset right there and watched it happened now though the long term implication of this is that now we got what somebody showed also it is and banged with ash who not only is interfering in our election in his heavy something done with the pits they got every one signatures they've got a perfect little identity the package of where they live they did not protect them anonymity or the the voter or the people signing este and they threw it out the so just like we have one point at million election workers information on on servers and china thank you cut cannot and gretchen winter and the michigan icannothelp in corporation who with her all involved in this now the more elections is a lot has allowed people come in who are an outside and it to go ahead and take all of those with the petitions or tincture information and ship it to bank ledeth to do the signature comparison oh i'm sure they're just going to burn that right after they're done with that now they couldn't do because there comparing it with passing so they have in fact a full day to file on people signing petitions in in where a country bordered china and and i do not this is miss nan defect that it's going to cross the internet that's how they caught hillary clinton and whom it evident with on the insurance smile that you alessandroes nothing said and and furthermore i watched these more ons of there and anybody that was that was pushing a mark of a ganda or they had all the time in the world they never shut them on the time or would go off and they let them talk talk talk act but if somebody else came of it was a citizen or a person wanted to talk on their own behalf would come three minutes to her john and that violates the law there's a case called a new york times verses i believe sullivan they have no rank in the republic so they violated another law there there was nothing there that wasn't a violation of their all the voicethe even have won at this point the constitute proper lawful process a separation of power ah sinait the law oedoean throw that when out there dear times verses solvethe low to be able to tell how important they are in grant us here to go to the sumter were willing to give you just a little bit here on to do it like her you go to lese here's your your allotted time get it and quickly because we really don't care anyway because they had their minds made up before even sadie so i didn't speak i just listened to them make fools of themselves even further because that's you know i really like people i actually liked i hate criminals i a knotty somebody that is if that hates the nation and every single one of them up there was was was it ever in one meeting i mean enough think about all the other policies going on this is acua no doubt in lord talk or not is an homepermission to fort pike gijames becorse the books called lost it it is not taken our farm land and in taking it away from the farmer's himself it should be the farmer's pikethen decision not not a compromise than the chinese covered which should he try to do up pernoctantis by the way the trying to viall the farm land the other chinese have been active a pure ethelame their autonomous we don't trust to anywaysomewhere there there they live ourselves in corporations and haddon that other i and the one form was brought out by a line from oogaboo places right really great great place but a pointer is that o rights are ginetan away from as and i think you may coraclea and these guys that are glancing i'm idon'tcare so we got to get him out of this cesspool the dancing is a sessful like color not so as long as we allow them takes there and under this cover under the crop i we're going to have problems so we bring him back to the district we need to force them back to the district because they called to representatives i had esotericism i don't that's a poison potettnderne not long maker what he told me they were they were all the represented in sheshethe said and i got older not doing a job of representing his hearty if he don't know is how do they represent as they were trying to talk about the thing to say angler it was a one of us is not a shenavis she howls i shan't no sons we want people that care really cared genuinely care about us to one to make a difference again to that it be often lance they can't do that of the cavorting around it so were in the speed they have to be back and home like i compare not taking care of their childern they have a responsibility so to our representatives you have a responsibility to us to that porticanus ers differ responsibility to all of us and make sure that the policies are not beethorpe world and papering for in a entities flake goshen the plant of the battery plant in that colossus what in the things you mention about solar he didn't hear you talk about it is government subs the fact that they can make it on their own they have to be subsidised with our taxors passate us something ratethere why why if we can't be in his soul that he theresomething along with it and so the subsidized it and their subsidising a monopoly the part i am or time with your subsidising the monopoly of hismealy es men the only man into the business so much should ask or whare the only one in business the wagonmaker works that if there's a dish is filled with altitudinal as much as the markleiten we will get fast scrocos'tal do we only have one passplainly do we have more because people like differences will the same we here wide and we only have one our company because i got thinking o wind withersones don't we well because they want to centralize us so that they can control the population this is destined a repeatable in that i can't trust is enough we have to stop sundrian that goes through the grass roots groups that goes to we have to start thinking for esselstine once a group forms or is got it has any money into it some one is going to infiltrate because there are so henoticon'character finally got a got some clear and because i don't why polo an amine i think that somers love here ah i does telekinetically get there one to each as a savattethe day there you so o so anyhow such is not feeling very well this morning oh i think she tries lock a good news or something yes she must look to something the rest of em i'll do inmost had actoriginal the rekenthis don't know problems i think there is i think she's she's had another gatecontained john asotelisto former riven to ben to over eighty countries okay this is going to be interesting guisesas good to be where we go off the grandwhat because that's what we do yet any of these organizations that when you was when i watched the other politicians that were out there case i'm not a politician stock linger are gone a couple of business they can't talk either all all these people have been given a script and they runoff a scrip that's what they do these are not that's why i want to say probably i am going to say probably ninety ninety per cent of the people that are in office at this point time are nothing but actors after is an act when you watch tell the behave you watch the boswortha use are just like the main sterigmata they repeat or people they can't talk of the cough they can't punt if things go wrong they till they stop talking and i don't know you ever met me body whose so i'm sure you have out once altered now then i am koltsoff you know in somebody's been throughout ence alter and in how how really freaky they are to talk to when once once you get to a point without all of a sudden is like and they won't see another word i mean that they'll sit there and it's like their scared to death because you've got no an uncomfortable spot for them and made just competely shot down and that's what i see with most of the politicians ought to thus they do they kept at blankthat blank face and that scorodon they don't know they don't know the subject matter the intascre clear that's the problem with our poor polical people they don't understand it well i never had a real job all their job is in industry that's how do you move money from one candidate or on one steel and money wonder from the american people that's their job and that's what they do if you couldn't if if bidden were binds like the poster child for this with sending everything to you crane unbelievable how much we one that guy has lingered to our i'mi'm really hoping that that we are able to blow this thing out of the water some point in time with exactly where it's gone and hopefully will be able to recover that money that was sent there in holding that they are i hope othersmarked and other to originating why then goncalo and this is the part to drive men egotistical the water like marjory talegreen he got be willing to say no at work with at our fall cos we're not going to put up with this any more right we're not going to kick it any more rank on me i don't see that happy i i hope i honestly honestly hope this is this is like the best case senaria that the good guys that are in charge which i lethocerus are in charge of really do the there's more going on than what we think but when if he cool if they sent that money over there do you crane and then once they got in somebody's hands it intersected it and have septenniality count to come right back to the united states to some point time that would be like a fatethe perfect case serialised up for the big fall did you see the villainsthe don't know if we can get her hands around it really is happen we've got like eight hundred and military bases around the world why are we doing that this is crazy and then not only to be of eight hundred fifty military bases around in the world oh we have something like three hundred and forty by labs in around the world that our country has set up this isn't this isn't a rogue organization if i were potent i probably would have would have done things ah the way he did it or maybe been a little harsher to is his or its or deep state is finding that war in you crane and unfortunately the ukrainian people are getting caught in the crossfire there ye in odds like i don't blame i don't blame footin he's taken care of his border and he should have been taken care of that word if you know if if tanedigaeth up there true do i call in baby case looking his history you know and some baby castro off there and canada had put by laon the border of the united states in our in a way that he could wipe out our entire populate i would think that that would be a clear and present threat and i take that as a clear and present threat and that we would have to deal with so i don't i don't make a agree with everything anybody does but i certainly can't say that potin's not in the right and beside the he talks about the child trafficking a lot and a protecting protecting his nation against that side at to give him some points if i woogooroo seen about her other congress might we knew that we could even outsourcing this of weogorna a number of nights the why is it anybody i have why have they taken and push for the rest of doctor false he is the woman that money there was going over there under and is ponyeand that worked together is called conspire and we go under act eighteen you as cowed a twenty three eighty one now that's treason eighteen ah eighteen and one through the cession god is about to feet we have to go after with his weapons the tools of law to stop these guys there proceeded they are just as bold as as those guys that are dressing his women these guys are destroying our covering ancamarca the merchelond their low were allowing to do that they were conspiring to blind out of oenomaiis time we used the logistorici needs to say enough is enough and there not i don't say no foothold be honest for you is there in and with them there heraldica off from the bed side you know that's that's the one thing that i've seen that's been very apparent to me in being in a position where you know i talked to a lot of people and and i i came telling you how many thousands of context thousands and thousands of thousands ouscotta hale and among people that i can remotethat taught to besides the stuff that i do on wine right and when when they see anybody who's got any ability to have a voice or or any influence they come they come knocking because any try to recruit you into their little criminal enterprise that have been won me done and florida when i was sighing for that the retirement community down there and watched how they were doing it with an o and the guy was so many came back to me and i mean i've got the angry texts and outeverything you know it's like how dare you you owe me a polity on like why i did not then wrong i just told the truth it was you who was robed and it loolego judge other men all it's like it's like so so so sorry not i'm not sorry it's a they offered me four million dollars and so so i takes them back on like one i know i take the back and forth and i've got all the tectosages and as the whole you offered before milly dollars i chold you snowball's chance and how that i take one dinanthe and he came back later to well it wasn't really like you know how that works it wasn't really for melliodora as wi you southfor it million dollars such a hotfaced now any had sotherton get me two million within forty eight hours this is what we're dealing without there and in there is the very i don't think because i world is so devoid of of god's heart and doing the right thing that people think oh i'll just do nobody will know so they think well guess what first of all you've just incriminated yourself because you don't have it written in your heart and when i see that it's like up that person is walking they they they're totally lost if you die from god's in knowingly you know i mean we all make mistakes i'm not saying we don't make there's a lot of things that people do just be a survival from his world that he has been absolutely have peterson's goin to come out in out a minute oh it goes the port of heaven on connect this is going to be a fine day i had so you know she is like this is going to fondenesses where we go off the rails and were not of we're not workedfor a script we just we just wing it as we go i oknow in that rest that's a good thing but but you you you have to realize that when we deviate from what god tells us to do we get in the weeds and you know it's like if you are if you're doing if you're a piece and you turn to god you'll have that piece that passes understanding you just walk right through anything in your line o ke so i die to day thus i graduation what are you going to thoughtyouth that you know who are and i you know that isn't that kind of the goal as a christian that is the goal is is to live your life right and be able to face got and have look at you in said well done my good faithful you know servant unlike yet the going we lay everything his feet because anything good in us only and i mean only comes from god almighty it is only his work in us that that will really count for in and after it in and i mean that there we have a very clear on that that it's it's only god's presence that helps any of us and when anything goes wrong we turn to god that he always sees the answer and gives us thunder stereoscope can turn on thickly the cagoterie but not a londonlike to talk about the grand new party i'd like to talk about the the battery plant and then lo and i talk of the constitution and feenished and one really means alsothere's a lot of of going on i mean they're so much further on tashota probably all day and talk about what's gatheredthese and all there and all that hold commotion to day he chose be some trial up there something kind to push out delegates we can talk about hellasand how they grew up delegates it seems to be the way to go and i want to know who's doing it i have i have to believe that the grand new party is part of this because some of the very people were talking about and what is it operating party another trying to do entisyydess blish ment that like to the marbles and didn't listen to the will of the people so they just formed their use their new party sounds like castiglia and stand grown over there in mccall yeah it's even worse there other people too have we got mechanically you know her a right you have you remember her of course she ran she wouldn't she would face off with me she ran a mackinaw with pen ifonisto emerson in or is it mere on me shot i mean laura has complication tion there that makelarge fight a good others and insanum er of names i don't know which was real but again the people run both personalities they have if we talk about tom dimestiche same ways the treasure that great in parties also the treasure of the tepees of the relies horrible when you take a look he's also the treasure of angleswhere it is the treasure of that of her disguise all operas called tom nam check we called nome chocks and to not he got eastons recorded thomas richard used into chinese premier pitcher as his emblem on passbooks avatar is like is his cicelides he exists he's got a procas she cannot be certantes he's greeted money you know going after the same sources so this is the grand new party but there's something i learned now they they really you got goneoctober him chondrochon lockershaw eh you go on deoghir out there i think he ecosoc i'll get it she fomented i'm not to see miss my i really hate him to you even think about all the best i think he's cockermouth horse doctor right the cocotte did you you can regenerate down an he's not that either is he yet not the ametetenang there's nothing i've got that somebody just completed a john forgeson sonenshine to yeobright's minute john i'm sure you don't hear me so sides so that this whole thing is not so i so please con i anderelections stand for grifters international rectors international see i i know this what he has to be beenbecause dicious like that other guy while that solid now or to think selisto it is the you don't work talk easily no no humor how all the strecker the weed aturnin the ecelino that we eterne that if you look at what he's actually done it's the big no not under not buying the none what are you got contoocook dolphins he still indeed and delicate sollers this conationalist rp and i only into day most of your dead and your entries how to control the john roche the guide that we tried to run for congress to guide and the crofter who gishikin from one to the other padeciesen know what's where he lives john le rocher what does he stand for this is the very guide now what's he doing again sixty seven dollars for deniselle in the cross to the different parties can you please this guy worse thorthat colonnathe piece information and they can all the intellectthough all i wanted to tell his notre to get these people to reason money for the grand new party per cent there getting there getting the few structure until like pansies you cain't do i want to know his totoyou know this do they have any i and number to the event how can he i number give because they are hired stained at the same trio the hired a iselo will you candrapati had number in to go do do you got a problem what cal seals tax woloot the fact that these people are raised in the ossifrage from he freely nondesignated rules as they just take us do whatever they want there's no accountability selinda ok even the cover their gonochoristic than a i shall gather in the act or the seinethe do they have any in number are they in their fair share i don't think we got a lot of cotton to as but the getting ten per cent is for him told now in full that the thing is or not raising the money that there they hoped to even paid the salary and they're going to wanthwaite information they'll never know how i get it or cowtis coming out o lassocks you can do concretion a rightyou are you and i you and i are kind o like like a couple of really gripless you know we'll go out there to willkeson remember were in a game of spiders spither guyseeh done it that's chapter for those people want to know that's chapter two of the artois so you want to look it up is about have inspired gonnigonrhenhi go does eginitis is like citizens fine out work here i wonder if you really have got one out of the park or not when that is he it's so to talk about happens spies so that he don't have the bit o war but we are in a war like or not in this grandery as part of it there's no doubt about it i continued you to do things that are just concert i mean their contrary to what we want to be as he united front as republicans there doing everything they can to defeat christina there do everything they can to the beat the people that are in scars like in her not accustom mother and ciciano about doing the right thing is to personalityethical is well and i can any time you get money and bold in anything politically or on the grass roots troops are anything like as we've got to think about decentralizing the way that we approach our anito or messages in such in every single person is to take responsible for them not not join a little kindergarten club type thing on and he also everybody plays nice on the play ground and were in all get luck no this is going to come down to individuals who had the stand up when everybody else is in plaice or oregon to go on to get along cause it's it's definitely a colt mentality that we have been brainwashed into and we're going to have to figure out how to get out of this in question everything that we have been taught is ok because it's not and a man stand up one voice can change everything i mean look at president re you hear people criticize while why didn't he hire people around him and have in no better people queryon o find them you know that the whole thing was when the talk about a swamp it's not like kate's a bonnie in the swamp there that he's going to be able to put you know this is like snakes and spiders and analgesics that are ready at whorsogroffie them he's not going to find them in till we stop oh and say you know what i don't really have you know i don't really have exactly the answers they want me to have but i'm going to stand up with honesty and integrity and over single personal there needs to do that and and i and follow that up with every good apparent cowboy boots because this is you need do that's that's working boot that the works holy good if you have to kick tail that's a great one to beware i operate under a luciernago or stop paddles cut rock in the bold the goth his treatment through the the tables in turn the cables to grandpapa sunday we were doing the same thing or tired of excepting the spanish carwe are tired o them cropping on his like pigeons i ka we're not going to take it any more and we're not more sickenin victimising our kids and i and o and the poorest southern border and all that sort o thing i mean this is just absolutely none and so am i i just i there's no words to describe it and oh i think i think that we discoasted up and do what's right and it comes down to an individual individual effort you know think first and foremost what do you to do and you have face got well i enlistedto the republican party i listened to the democrat party and then i'm sure he's going to say oh good job good job nodosis in her honor rallies did you got megiddon a thing great or the protest that he protested the capital they called for these these these rallies and process as the politicians are looking out their windows laughing and every one they don't do no theowe can fight this with a lawful process you go and you do it legally you do a legal action against them and i actually have been doing because i've got a bunch the loss suits out there and i've got i'm finding more ways of doing this by starting cases on somebody because there's one person that i know committed a fourteen year feloniam going to work very very very diligently to hope flee her in jail because she she she had the gall she had a register herself as the governor candidate good luck with that i hope he has on and i hope you have findelwesen we am and of getting his case forward and i think you know we see something like that you got to say something going on the police start a case and the ticket on you keep checking that up and it doesn't cost anything really to do that but you have to be willing to step forward and initiate the one and then required the police starosto do something if they do not investigate if the sheriff does not investigate your case fan he's in violation of his old of office right there too and now you got another one in your not to go after and you just keep going but you you've got to do it on individual as sorrow you know i was dealing with last week the open i know we don't have a lot of faith in him an i got to say this of the ones i don't with the ones i truly have felt with he work there's good guys and good gals and in an i'm assagies cause it's michigan everybody's a guy and meschian right this good the first of a gender non specific term and we all use it so you know is it's a there's good guys and bad gas in every organization was at decontagion might my pronouns with somebody wants to ask me he apronianus better than you and every single way if they want to have me use or ridiculous pronounswithout oughttotell going to bring men bring john on her a metathesis waiting back stage here so i'm in adenochoiradelogia sospetti we can talk in later day about the cochon plant martial plant lore doing so the legal manoeuvers that's going on that i'm portoncin the scene and these people don't know oh we can talk about what what is the marked hogansport you as attorney we can talk about some other stuff i'm going to initiate a state concause is coming out ologone got a lot of stuff in speaking up in mount pleasant on wednesday night and i'm tired of talking about supply chains as well as you know the the the theme of this is what happens if lights and we get we have complete darkness this is the thing that i love do you know love this kind of stock because the answer is againwith that water guard well the lights go out here and we lose our power or you know the connectivity in others enough talk about in peace going off you know it's like i shall saw that in desert storm they had these they touched off the mp and it was only on the news for like they showed it just a couple of times and then it was just like boom it was dark and you never saw it again but but there was something that took the entire power grid out there and then they stopped talking about it it was crazy but if the hetereity of that in this the thread of that it's a real threat if if we and up having the power tienstin to do it right now if to the centralization of all of our power but is something happens and the lights go out or all the connectivity or we have a total meltdown either monterrei don't know of this going to happen but i i like to be pared and all sit because that way if something goes wrong you just couldn't like just it's like a horse on a trail you just step over the log and a dusky find going you just don't you don't stop you don't freak out you just keep moving and i realize that you know god's going to lead us out of anything that we're going to go through cause he has emphatical a escrivian go with the tony nottingan in comes up wiping now yet here goes like who in and give us two fists onter one for chaloner down bad bad at out of the park to day it was aderhold what we both did you do to i do it i play i knew that was coming so great already have a great gong i have blessings to day yea you too have a great day to day and will be talking as so we got a lot to cover ootgoing on but i make you guys think you see later checkley an how are you dad i'm going well how are you good welcome welcome for being here i'm glad that you were able to step in for how there this morning looks like we had some connectivity issues and that sort of thing so that's what happens i was tellerhis is real news by real people for real people at the kitchen table the that's true that's true well thank you for having me on why i listen to and i got to meet how there in what an honor it is to me her eyed love this woman she is totally amazing i'm not teleradio the this is the real deal so when i was out o missouri at the the the statement for the separate which is the constitution party it's only michigan that were the taxes having it pat secretary and so on and she was able to present and imitate you what my i just such a is woman and i just love her so i'm really glad you could come on to day well thank you ye ah it was his kind of last minute but we made a work he that's out its we do we poked that this true that's true i can roll with the punches oh you know i am i have a lot of things that i could talk about i don't know what all you want to talk about you know what i know in any direction it doesn't matter in fact when i get out in morning this was literally my amelia don't really prepare you know like a lot of news news o probocas that they spend a lot of time preparing and they've got the notes there and they go down to their known long bionetts not how we do it i get it and it's wherever god wants us to go because first and foremost you know we're here to serve god and serve his and he wants us to go in a completely different direction in any point time oot for adisoke any anywhere you want to go i know you're on the border with heather and i got to see the dolans off that was going on down there and look well this is so cool and just really honored please introduce yours well i'm john person i'm the chief executive officer of saxon arrow space else and he the president of she see which a saxon un mandoit trains so a couple of defence yea and rolling press that once a year the guide behind the all of the drones and the the asisinates down there and that sort of thing so you have in you have incredible amount of rest for you because i'm a little bit of attacking her on ice oo see what he is to put together down there is really inspiring i wish that every body colde could you do you think you could share your screen if you've got any video on what you've done ah ah let me this is where we can't use this suspicionating thing so i'm going to don't my screen off here a minute i've got i got a song i heard this morning when i was working out i worked out before i get on in the morning a lot on a lot i just you don't get got the heart now going on and it's i'm from the country by tracy for have you heard that song oh probably i am not one to to music or watch tv because it is a destruction for me like i drive away across the united state ah and i'll never turn the radio on because i'm too busy thinking and strategist about my next move so i had with that i stopped watching tv probably thirty some years ago i might average one to two movies a year i don't like watching movies i told what ice and that i'd rather have quiet yeah well well i have a i have some videos em there popped up here out o the thing that that i really i i absolutely despised poncas pre you know people that go down to the border and just want you know do you live in her views and show much people come across the border you know those those people i got no toponyme for those people i mean they do a little bit of good i just because they're actually hoping getting the the word out there but those that want to do i just want clicked or they just want to elevate themselves and make themselves let good and raise any for personal gain and stand on a religious platform and talk about jesus and god and the whole time filling their pockets you know i absolutely loathed those i i do i've done some human trafficking on i had a bunch of investigator friends that got in and we made one of the guys down their girl friends upset because we were broadcasting this and she gave us access to all of his financial so that we could see exactly what they were doing but these guys are down at his apuntado erent organizations and their downthere doing cocaine and small and portion the desert and they athwyo kids and their caps and their talkingabout and we got it we got it and so funny we got in behind their files and they had hold filon me for whatever reason i thought that was pretty amusing and one of the girls threatened me and i like let's do this go ahead and sue me because this is going to this is where we start going fiftyfifty connections outside you see we're going to bring us down less for your whole thing down saerth you well you know every time i've ever been screwed over in my life miss mostly in by people who who stand on on a religious platform you now so now i am very spiritual i do go to church i believe chris and i am i am that guy eh but i just s do not appreciate like i say these pot cass pirates of there down there for actual the elevated themselves now i spent two and a half years south of the border combating monarch i am like one of the only people private companies or private citizens in the us that i know of that have actually gone down there for long as i have that cartel in ther omback yard so an as using my drone technology so i eventually worked my way up to the border and you know the atrocities that is the border or a terrible act so my actual career for the past twenty plus years was piloting some merciful be so i travelled round the world piloting under water some and i bent to all these different countries have been eighty countries he so i have seen childs six tracking human trafficking all round the world and i thought oh my god good this doesn't happen in the united states well sir right so i of aalso on a coffee roaster cold jojo and we roast and i i said for years copy is the second largest commodity imported into the united states just short of oil and then nerastre at the time ah be actually realized now that the largest commodity imported into the united states and on being creditors yes so so that disgusting at rampant here in the united states magdolos all the way up to the highest office of the and oh every one is one but while i was doing all this border work i realized that there is a bigger threat the and that bigger thread is our own government in our own so you don't people people say how they listened to the news magnetite what people listened to the news and actually they say well there's five to seven million immigrants brought into the country since biting took one do you act believe that i don't i think this about twenty five million that had come across and here you're going to find that my audience is already well familiar because i call you know it's an organized crime syndicate running this nayland but it's not just the nation it's across the world you know we think of china as the country with boarders will it's not it's like this this crimson goes across all of our traditional things that we think of his borders and their all connected its economic warfare is the traffic in a drugs in its our own country that is the best possess one of the biggest child traversedthey know we have many problems right now this is the condition the united states ever been in ah so you have the medea and the liberal left there wanting a connetick conflict they want civil war right and they're going to get it the problem is as it were at war with our media were at war with our own government were at war with that catania where war our health cartoons were at war with corporations were at war with cartels were word with the migrants comminatio not an outing traditional worsen connectit brand but we were the united states is strange and when we have all these conflicts you know you're tearing off one little strip of the string cheese at this time and were down to the last little bit so now we're having supply changes shoes with china were out more which china people don't realize it and i i i screamed for years china was finding the cartels years ago and nobody would listen cause the interested have perform the people like me don't typically have a platform we just shut up and door job in and we were in so now we have all these things migrants coming in there just watch the news there all fighting as man is in a now you know that right so you got to be really harnessing of what's happening but also although the mine i been saying for months that there is no fit in all in the united states to kill the united states population ten times over now how news a couple of weeks ago did report were they an anise for three hundred and eighty million pounds in in the united the that's enough to kill every man woman and child on the entire planet a king now we also have intelligence and confiscated shipping containers that had been smuggled in from long beach and in from the southern border the shipping containers are full of millions of rounds of ammunition and fully automatic weapons motorcycle gangs and lo on to call them out motorcycle game have been setting up page trucking companies and going down in getting the shipping containers follow this ammunition to include the human trafficking they set up fate trucking companies these containers this product whatever the product may be their distributing them all across the united state do anybody know why we don't really know why but we're in a wise i'm sorry that we can take a pretty good gas you know it's like i done plan eh i consider him one of my favorite people because of his ability to stand i had not waver on his son on what he does you know he's the one that were he really got in trouble was when he was uncovering the gannet work and the gold net worked his to sleep her selves across the united states and he started talking about that and all a sudden you know this is this is active this is active in the united states where they were training omerica soil terrestrian and you know you can you can see what they're doing is usually when they find them and conquer there will be kids there too their use in the kids as well as as you know that the whole thing is it is a is a organized crime nightmare and is going on in every community its right underneath our noses i i i do not believe that there is one community in the united states that doesn't have somebody and a that is actually that is actually trafficking it helping to traffic is such a big and mister again is a big prompt is got on the water around and therwhiles you know seein things on the water here when you when i was campaigning in as the governor candidate and i am still not conceding the election because you now screw all these people they have literally cheated the united states and there is no back and down from any of this but what i saw is like up into an i think hogans a big jump off spot two traffic kids out of there because you could see these big yachts like the absentes of there and if you go in and you sniff around a little bit on i start looking into the door little research and on nervetonine out what they're actually charging for crucethus nd dollars a cruise on the great lakes are you kidding me were only good for like three months out of the year and after that it's so dog gone cold out there oreturning yourself into an monitz gerald and sink in it with ice corseleted i mean i come on what art what did it the house stupid do they think we are you know so i'm i'm kind of it a wondering about the submersibles on the great great legs because we've got international port here just like in now california and these containers are a big pole yes well you know ah i do i never really believed that i would ever be a public speaker on national level because i am the guide that you shuts up and does the job but i had to get up on a platform scream and talked about all this stuff because well these nothing left to do right but i take if you can if you look at the country right now you were screwed when i had it i hate to say that i had this old sea fo and he always used to john when things are screwed up look in the mirror you know and in his right we as americans we have to look in the mirror now o king so we all have a bite of his so we aloud the democrats to steal the elect we allow that mob and republicans the unipartite in my opinion we've got a complicit onaparte case not one of them do anything to stand in the way none of it they were silent as the great and the state of michigan that correct so you the democrats hold the election we let happen he stole another several elected we let it happen or an they're goin to probably steal the twenty twenty four election from tromp you know and we as republicans or conservatives or just american we are led happen just makes me so angry me as if fifty three year old man who lives in you know i have to go and get back on the jam and go get so and i go down at the border and i go down invasion terrorists and cartels chinese military in an crossed his border look people need people had to wake up they need to realize what is happening in this one and they need to give off the cape and they need the help they need to help some way she perform because you know what this is he this is the this is the last stand right now now if you look at the presidential candidates such as donald he oh course some people love him something blocked i always call and the rightful president of the united state president donald trump is fit for president of the anacolutha solutely you know he's surrounded by bad people i met nobody in cans and another representative kind o susto last week there some people around him that we know that or corrupt but how are we ever oninitta message to him right ah be he asserting that we've been working on right so we know that his security detailed you know how those holes in it and in that sad getting back to the elections and or responsibility we as americans we have to responsibility we have to mobilize we have to do something because his people are wing you know i've been saying this but you don't twenty twenty four hadn't even now there's going to be an american and i don't mean to try to sound like a conspiracy theory of sir whatever but and be welcome here so go ahead and say whatever you want cause that i got so i was saying that he probably won't make one for country will probably going to be called something new i mean there were getting rid of our dollar the whole world is mobilizing behind other forms of currency that are not the sole or the as peridola the banks are going under the ushering in this the the digital currency and when they do that they have full control over you people don't realize this and people say and i hate when peoples well work were pretty much a digital currency already no or not and you don't want the government few put fuel in your vehicle by a vehicle by a gun my groceries by land whatever you don't want the governt to have that control over then absolute pure communism dictatorship it's it's an authoritarian rule that you as americans do not want i've chilled the eighty countries round the world and all these countries always look at america as being the last basin of hope or well figured out figured out we are the last fasting of hope for he and if we fall the world that's a lot of responsibility and all these people who sent her trying to figure out if if a man can go into a female's bathroom or not or ah amazingly amazingly i don't know how we did it out of all the technological advances that we've had from the i don't know from the thirties and the forties technical advances that we've had as a country just ourselves as the united states so amazing we have just reason with the last few years we have discovered that there are actually more than two genders who would a thought what is her like a hundred so much genders now now there's only two see i completely reject that and i keep saying if we're going to be that kind of stupid i actable that moses people are actors there properly set by the cia or something like i don't believe it that i think they are the stabilization then so believe it so i think this is my this is my plan for this if you want to say that you are a woman in your gothaner going to take this right to the lodge of a conclusion and you need no we need to get the sods and the chisels though and cut down in your calliditatem you look like a lock is once herwhere's on the ground and they dig you up and about a hundred fifty years and all you are as bones are going to say that in the fact is hot because your heart was as a guy's pals now there you know so i mean it were a play this game less shoes pushed his right to the end you can be worn when you modify your poles then i'll get out might be but then you'd better forgot how to grow some over he's too and i dare that sorting or i'm a injestion this i've been working for months on i had he kind of the kind i have some mice at sing to it but how can a but this test i'm i'm going to market it in its own to send it on all over the united states i don't want any money from it eh but this test is really going to tell you which gender you are but the next time you go take a shower or use the rest one water but you look down and we'll give you a charge yon what types of o no reproductive organ you have but if you have either one of those two that will be the actual in conclusion what gender you are it's a free test and you can do it anywhere it's i i onetorides on that ye think i i i think that's it's crazy and i was told eserli er and that we have somebody that they changed their gender every couple o days just as there trying to get you to use prononst they can he hollers behind then the court that's like etretat's what it's about it's about it's like any of this fracturing of our nation it's all about a money grinets not about what their challenges and then the brain washed people into view a driven by their fee wings and statooary feelings or being hurt because you're not binding my psychosis no and that's why i work how boy boots and pointed one is somebody comes in the bath room and they do something really bad i'm going to raise their octaves a couple i am raised her voice to couple of acts and will see what happens with that i hate to tell you that but it's like i won't put up with us somebody grown not many came in the back or in the bath room as the proditor you know i'm i'm sorry i do and well i don't care who you are not i'm not a bad as for anything but you know i can tell you that i had had a beautiful daughter and beautiful granddaughters and if if therein the restroom in some de walks into that rest room well my dark my grand daughters are my daughters and there it's going to be a rough day for them they'll probably be the last time we ever want to go into females rest room ever and as not a threat that's just absolutely a promise to be a priest but would you know we're we're soaking busy orisonance et josserant so like i loved man i love women i will uslyshish grand thing in an oasis the canon hold bunch of brothersister together then hoise the world bring on the tacks it masculinity bring it on you will lose it is your time well you know cassianeum conspiracy there had on fersorthe hoke ah my belief it so do you set back charling around the world a specially having an office in in the uk in cold on the guys there like why do you americans need to have so many guns the one you know ah and there like wool what would you do to get rid of gun violence and i always say look at the diet and the like we're talking about good billets where he turned about diet and so we think about it in the seventies they send oyster to long before additives and preservatives into or fold and that point you know are a david starting to do rise consider hot rod the fence in our diet too and we need go out yet and then and dived youththe red dies and all the other stuff right so so i believe that all the additives in preserves and the process foods are adding to or mental mental illness here the united states so if we can rain back or or food ah in the products we put in our food which i believe or meant to kill us oh you know i think we can reduce the a little bit reduced little bit of the gun violent but also i believe that the foods the stuff there putting in our foods is we the masculinity of men take a look in the fifties in the and look at men oh yeah those days and now take a look at men now ring man bonds and writing scooters okay so they want a more conforming a less chastise rome filled mail because we're not going because they're not going to fight who have loved of adonis i wore were full a test of round there at year you're not going to look at and in at ben promotes cross from an end be but people like me are the ones were going to fight middle aged him middle class american there was the gazer going to fight so they've got to push down pushed out the middle class and they got pushed out the middle aged because those that ere going to rely going to fight help bring this country back because it is not going to be a lot of these younger folks so that's and in that so i believe that they are intentionally trying to the masculate in addition to that bringing all of these people from around the world into this country is eventually going to breed out the white the white guy right not that that's i'm trying to be a reason or anything you know those are integral things cept think so out and i'm looking for an oustraation of the demasculinization of men over time cos there's a really good illustration of ther that shows what the average paige of man look like say like back in the forties and oh i when i'm what i'm trying to run in trying to run like four screens here all at once and so i otitis a matter of finding that right now and i believe that there's so much of withthesectionof last they are we and then you look at the damage from florid and some other things that you don't floridas is he it was he a waste product and industrial waste product and it was based on one study that they used to validate the in an area where everybody's teeth in that area were brown bad bad teeth but no cavities they couldn't figure it out while they had they had high florid and the area there based the whole study on that one stohelina study and a guy from the women of industry talked them into dump it in the water so like his he had to get rid of the tacks that's what came from wow and so most cities things when you look into you can see it's just like with a political climate it's almost always done for money and if you follow the money you'll figure out exactly what they've done and damage that the hands are no go back to them what you said about the red died on the red died you'll the trying to get us eat bugs right now and i want every think about the senores die comes from bugs it's above based a lot of it comes from from a insects that they dry grind up that some of the some of what we have in our dies right now so they've already got us eaten bugs if you're eaten any of the red dyes that the is one of the things that they use for a red die if they thought she could like that house so in fogs carried parasites and so when we look at the parasitic connection and i be main and you know they want me to to get rid of the aberracin i have horses so i am i am kind of cold girl and and such so you know you look at that that's one of the reasons why they've got a stoptthey want as while that's that's hsintsin i had no idea the red dyes actually came from bugs i exactly shocked to find out that artificial vanilla le actually come a gland of the beaver who glad yah the beaver glance you know the eingeweide in the horse ones a beaver and lland well i wonder to say that is ilinissa anything out here we have a real honest discussions and i i'm sorry but everybody out there's been watching you know i don't want to be or the errorthat i occasionally you'll catch it when you're somewhere and i'm sorry anybody says oh jeansoulin this isn't polite and i your probably watching a bow and regular tv some pretty exeter you can at and i have the for sure of well you know i'm i'm the guy that i'm going to do the things the people an and on the site on i have nothing to cover up you know again going back to you going back to the reasons for all this coming you know china this admist and the cartels there are all working together and their learned literally wanting to the united states destroy this country now going back to the fine we've scovered that the chinese have with caught arvers men all round then you know how deadly pin all is perfino you know just small small small amounts will kill thousands of people i mean small amounts as in like sugar packet a mouse i've heard that that one ounce contains four hundred grains of a fat now and that one green is enough to kill human i don't know that the science behind it but all believe it because i know that again the size of a sugar packet he can wipe out thousands of people for a wisemane an artillery round explodes three hundred and the wind this personal out round amongst you you'll devastate your wife a whole entire city imagine off shore vessels the shipping come for artillery pieces can launch these over the city of los angeles re san francisco or san diego these people don't believe that this country can be invaded i guarantee this country is being invaded as we miantonomoh s can i show you my screen yet i want to see the drone videos too with lake o how there's texano the back side here which i love i have slid love having haingles lost part of my can i had a bunch of people that had some things in the geganius again because i am too only a few on when i got when leave an come back it cannot it kinotrade it innate we're going to have to reduce some of the chants yoooooo say that repulse began yes please share your screen on the dronsfield you do is a maze o thank you ah on shore my screen now you share in the night that i then i popitent that i then i'll pop itins once you sure then ask coming in mine i add it and here we go and we're almost in business here guys and rose advanced technology happening okay so you see the screen right here occa see these are cargo vessels the green or cargoes the red are oil and gasps aren't you can click on one of these and i if you pay for the servants she can actually you can actually see what the name of the vessel is do you a website for this because i do that with plains i i i like to detract any yeh his ossorin this is marine traffic do come now you look at this and you think now there's an awful lot going on there this is the west side of the united states he degree that there's a lot going on here kind but that's a big space so when you actually get down drill down to it as it has logan cachalot of traffic rather a cat so what you're seeing here seeing ah this administration i literally there they are trying to control or supply chang the chinese are the submission or controlling the chinese they are all these vessels that are parked off those o so this is this should be disturbing to every american are you having problems buying vehicles baby formula medications whatever this is where it's at right here in this updates every hour o so so again you know american really look at this very very very concert ballots illo that that is the worst we with you know you look at how how they have shipped ores are jobs o in our industries overseas they've been actively toward oneing this nation for you i remember when i had an uncle who was a comical engineer worked for salones and ah when they destroyed all of the the millstone north carolina we used to have wonderful mills here and how they've destroyed the inditer we don't produce anything we don't have a we don't have a country we have produce and you know you hate what onore latory a nine nine government organs regulates into oblivion cossets what a donna weaponized these in there are i paid all of them that china they do pay attention to these they they can go and do whatever they want and have ever watched with they do in the workers and apple all my gosh the ample factories as they give people they have put nuts installed the capcir jumping off the roof is here so depressed as conditions are morganson that amazing yes the sea here okay aminosure my screen again ah shure i see the drones the drones are cruel oh i i have grown and i think their cruel okay for hooker drone you got other and real del so this right here i can you see this video for here i believe so yes okay you know what that is oh no i don't there's letters to corthell that's cartil patrolling armed patrols with fully automatic weapons on our side of the border he now full screen that and in plain that work if colon after the side in the little small but i can't oh i can i can kind to see it but i i think it i don't i don't have the ability to make that larger for much later differently when it's got to come of ers i don't know and you see this right here i can see it the same thing there's looks like you got a button in the lower right hand corner not that's the that's the vesting ah coote view at the top were as view ah i don't have a the top of the bar there i think you could make it larger by do in the hut but i don't know i see it i see it on your screen but we can try plan it and let's see if if people can see it okay ah i don't know you see this i see in the pictures but it's not plain okay how about it how about it is he maltese we can tried that way o ka hi gonne i let me i'm trying to think how to get it to you i don't put my normal email address out there on this because i use that for a on the tregothick whereof were to tell you sidedtoo are your love prove this maybe that's the okay see this use that he here i tell you as many on em can you see still a screen of a present again here she spread opeless try this can you see this ah there you go on it all right you did it all right so there is there is cartelling armed for on our side of the fence the someone there in america there in american doing armatole carrying drugs child sex trafficking victims let me go to another one his great i really appreciate charinomos information absolutely while people need to see this stuff can you see that ok didn't come back on to try again sc the got it those are those cartel armed curtel patrolled and bringing drugs into our country so if that doesn't bother you i don't know i don't know what would here is ah this right here can you see this screen this is some of the technology that we use going down to her there that that's a combat dog he died or owner that's yeah caldithe called dog drones and they can come at what they do oh well they call it a quadruped the this thing will run up the thirty miles we use that and i'll show you a i still see this video right okay this is one of my drones that we manufacture and that's a military grade m we provide this desire craft around the world this is down to sit down on the border were flying as he has turned to the left a little bit his kind of canted to the left and the reason why is because we're fighting about twenty plus mill hours very cool automatically just for that very cool i let i like you thing this stable assation is kind o fond to look at that technology yea and so were you can see up on the top of the screen you can see the wall rank there so were his flying out to go i go to amster and in this river bed right here we have a lot of cartel activity now the coop part about this donna is when we go down to the border and we do these it we do these patrols we literally stopped the cartels in their track i get so angry because they can't move without getting at they get on this side of the fence ah they absolutely get cold so when people say can you shut the border down the answer is absolutely we can shut the order down we can actually went we can stop these people from coming into this illegal we can yet we've got him some of that wants to do it one of our companies was down on the wall working for president on white with our wee were doing work on the the wall down there yet ah round their little before verebek on okay here here's one of my fixed your grand she had screened yes he can this romancero i owe an airport and and then this is where is he he comes in which is sansenbanri enter oh there's this is this is my craft agin all he supported for wing or craft and will yet i used the air crept down and now execootioner to help a trick down and find curtis to entracing victims ah one body drops kidnack kidnapping pick them hence that's so that is so cruel we we provide this aircraft to so military military type contractor organization a very large again see their name on the ear it at this incentive in idea what we do here is that grown cried harry function to try ah well there's all types of things we can do oil and gas pipe line oh inspections we have thoroly ah where we can we can do thermal imagine to help do ghastly we can do mapping you know it is entreating the serpent ah the military we use ter practice i had so her intelligence surveillance forced in addition to that the serb provis perfect for using sor missions which asserts rescue and i actually working with the country of soudan and have recently met with the president of soudan somercote and were towards a porter infrastructure package over to the country of because they care about their warders you know so for her we're just got a plain around but this aircraft will fly over a hundred miles an hour that was my next question to sophistico and connect go fast run we have had explosive ordnance of the on the front of this aircraft how we had jamming head is put on the front of the sir crowd so we know we know the aircraft is very as another one of my aircraft here if it is for siding i love watch this well thank you then i am i i'm so excited about what you were doing down there when when the heather was telling me about it she showed that she showed the videos and such and like all men this is the next level cool yeah we we rely we really work hard at trying to ah we really were hard trying to provide good quality products and we really like to get the aircraft into the hands of those that could save lives it might human beings behind it in what's happening such a humanitarian crisis and his across the globe its horrific it is it is really is a well you know and you can see here that we we even machine our own connectors all this stuff is machined and how so we don't want to worry about supply than is set right so we build most everything and how so ah and assure what this video is what people don't realize is that it's pretty easy to bring a manufacturing back an we own a buckie trenchers the company that you know we onbyrigdon went cold with started we went ahead and did some re design and found locals fortress it reached yeah yeah well unfortunately we had were a situation where legonier start manufacturing s of we can survive or we can dis out source it to try nimaxic and be it now and all these other places and in no survive as a country promise is that the consumers yes don't want to spin estanson the money they want cheaper what she or brought and that's what we get so but we can do it we weaken as a country we can we can do it absolutely that's cool the so so the other thing we use the satellite imagery if you look at house stable the aircraft is and sally in medowes the satellite a meaning we triangulate offer satellite so here there's up to thirty satellites that are telling this aircraft in the air so you can imagine thirty satellite saying ha aircraft stay put you can have good satellite you can get a lot of satellites but i'll put it in more lamented he also used in the cortes which has real time can i matic china away to the satellites so have thirty satellites with you have a much stronger with all other satellites then the aircraft will stay very still now what these aircraft can do we can have a pond or a little mound of dirt and we can fly over this mound of dirt and we can measure explain of that the mound of dirt or car or pepsy can or whatever right and down to a couple of centimeters wee anchorite down to a couple see so we could even tell you the falling the soda canon or the maid of dirt rayette you the fog really is you can like during the building of the wall ah the cartels were believed putting a in the way of building the old so with this aircraft you can fly and you can go mapping set down to a few centimeters of accurate you can actually build a map you can do this every day now you run it through what we call change detection software where if the earth is disturbed the earth is disturbed like planning an aide deucesthere who actually called this out said he there's an anomaly here this earth is disturbed by here you should check his then you can go and research or you can investigate and see that maybe hostility of an eye so the sechs rarely cruel ah i mean this great technology it's great technology ah now the other thing his fellow those that have chinese trams like dice many other if you have his drones all that had you know our hydroelectric dams power lines sell towers railroads pipe lines all this stuff your back yard all this of his being made datis going back to china has the whole world almost her writhing woe and so trot passed a mandate to no more chinese drones ah involved with critical infrastructure lot of the problems long the memo and so our critical infrastructures being mapped law force men are using these damned desirons and all that the dais going back to china so we have a no china policy in my company we don't build anything which riesco now there are you see conductors and since off like that he have no choice cameras all cameras are watchin oh yet no choice for anything that transmits the or help transmitted oh we haven't no chinese poles we do not we absolutely do not have chinese products in our ire that to no report except for a camponell or wood so ah it's very important that just remember that when you fly your desire all that day is going back the we need to go back to made america and control everything you know i think i think that the one the one thing i was reinterred with is the one chip manufacturer in taiwan that has you know the stellar really there's nobody that can compete with him which technology and president trump made a deal to bring him to arizona and i thought that was that was a real smart move soldnothing give you best shot china you go after ten you got a big rock as you can a check meteorite there with it is nothing in china works without those so give your best shot he he's so smart with how he proches it's amazing very very god of tecla a dress i think if that amasis you know is really weird i was in desertsor and surely i ever thank you for your service i lie i know i'm always very appreciative to anybody laterano served his country at some masinissa preciate everything that you done where were you so after we got back from desert storm i got out of the military for the ah then i think it was where was it he washes somewhere he came rememberwe invaded a country ah right after i am trying to remember what country was i thought i thought it was old were the navy seals went in and they were all sitting on the beach filming as as the seals were coming up out of the water being clamped as thine sneaking up on the beach there is the media said there watching him and the sight goodlord yo all off because they want to get footage in order to no capture and create the area and i think that's real important because i keep bringing this up cause here my body put it it up here my toy general michael flann my bodennebel general right there and five five g warfare on office eration warfare what we're dealing with is their trying to capture people's minds and weapon is us and we are the greatest were the grete a threat as well as their greatest was and people really have to work very very hard not to repeat what the mainstream media is saying because you're being weaponized when you buy into their nonsense without backing it with anything sothis is the talking point just like that the train derailment i'm not buying these trained to romans nohow no way in old fort he a thousand meet in plants have been destroyed but popinot buying a lot of this stuff at all and you know i was out riding yesterday and i actually on a very decessed real facility one is so i'm pretty familiar with with a or facility is like two thousand feet while on by like five hundred and somatische where on the main line there second and decent grasp of the rail in a strether so when these trade or ailment stamp and it was like he not not buying the solet's go and drew dig down on the you don't why they were trying to kick out the reporters cause they didn't want to have pictures taken and i got a hold of the manifest of the train and i like not don't know how this has happened there's no separation between the types of cars is so then i rolled down on the couple and the couplers are the old style ones that they go like this is nothing to have one while the way they do it now as there's like a thumb that kind o there's a thumb that will well trying through here as he then do it i don't if can it my hands about wellnot given somebody to middle finger here but be basicly there's the lock that that the couple colindo but one of these things the kelso it doesn't allow it to move they had all scold stout couplers on this tree so i've got some real questions there and who owes the catching on fire twenty miles we left friction bering to me years ago this does not happen and some of orontides terday and i started seeing like the rainbow slicks and i also put this out to ah this is a uoisent like oil floats it doesn't you don't take a stick and stir it to get to the top and people saying look at what's spilled it on now these were bacteriosis that were there so all this was her object i ewaine into this stop by an into the narratives and letting them alone as to weaponized us is individual i'm agents passenger disinformation well it is in you know what i was saying earlier is that all of this would have not happened under one it's all happening under finn's watch in this is now it's it's all planned a man two too much coincidence right so i after biting the the complicit sec p actor you know no one by an all of this i mean even for him to look the way he has he would have had to have plastic surgery done by somebody with with i denote nology or something like that because well more possible way and i believe we walked with a pop at i mean the guy is the guide i can't take it seriously well he's perfect for the you know for little bombs and clintons and sorrows and gates and all these eteocles go back to the bush as i mean the boys witherspoon on just recently found out i don't know it's true or not but the bush family all oil states goes through the bush family the the tribute to the twenty per cent distributed to the oil or to the military i don't know that's true or not but i'm not the kind of guy that believes that the popes a hologram and all the southern stuff no but i do believe that hayden perfect a puppet for the job there is you know and and i you know i do believe that he signed his death for when he put in to run for twenty twenty four there done with him it's time they he did as much damage he can do and now well i can't say that but ah i think they're done with them and i think the removent on to bigger better things outside of bien but if trumpery and office none of this not thiswould have ever happened and i actually myself a putting myself in a position as a poet servant for for the united states your i can't say too much but oh hear the next couple of months old he i'll have a different to help to help protect this country on on higher level till ye sapeste so anonaebo y has set everybody needs to stop up you know sicome writing for governor in the state of meshigan i was after encouraged to run its very strongly and well you know i've got i've got more guts than brains a lot of times some like cocoa we got to save this nation then i guess we'd missed otterspoole everybody needs to do that there wocal areas too and one to say you know if you feel like your old of your element there it's good that means you're not part of em just jump in got a lead you and i to no god will lead you every step of the way to do i go go back to what happened with you know with a whenthe ah every time god is led he doesn't just kind o give you the entire pith he leads you day by day think of the pillar of light the pillar like they stopped and they didn't move until god told him to move and then it is a god will literally give you everything that you ever needed to accomplish a job you willy quip you he doesn't have beninghen you will lead your sublicious every one just in just you know average joe america you know in nor in just do what you can because we need you you are the best part of america it's not the politicians it's not the corporate leaders it's not these people that think they're real big squeak you know begoniacea with baggage ships on the side that's not it you and i does people that like me you know that that i you know we own companies but we all so you know we also horses that i clean stalls and that was out moingewi you know that just to normal activities that's where the real intelligence of hivernates comes from and also the heart that's true you know sometimes like your saying sometimes you just have to jump in you you need to just leap the and figured out when you land and i lived along my life that way i've been in a position where i knew i was going to if i got on this airplane what to this country i knew i was going to the i knew it everything told me i was going to die but i still had to get on the iron it might i member my son remy cowering in the airport as a kid saying daddy please don't leave please only you know and with tears in my eyes had turned i had to turn get on that airplane cause that's what i had to raise my family sometimes you have to realize this not all about it's about as saving this one and sometimes apt to make just don't know how they're going to turn out but as we say in the military it's better to me in so people that are in your audience that are there listening to you know they got a run for city they have to run for hospital administration they have to get constitutional sharers in a you know in office they've got her man then they got to go to reducation system the school board meetings and the coinagewith got a rope for for higher office i used to think that he had to be like the super incredible intelligence a whole year than thou president of the united state clearly not any more nearly now we've got a kid sniffing pat opie and office right now it's like organpoint me i mean i mean we've done that so much count of felo and these people are facilitating i heard somebody say that they are the middle man of the human traffic you know not too there are the ones are sitting at the top now they're the consumers were the consumers in andesand there also protecting those people that are trafficking children destitute network at what end at their drug trafficking their jowing all of us ices are on government has steinheilite the other tell you bout that eight year old child that they had discoverd it was eight eight year old girl years old a girl ah they found her body and they turned over toward patrol and they did in analysis and found out that she had over twenty different types of e in eight years old you know and people think ah well that's some unhappened here in the united states wrong without it that's seventy happens in texas and new mexico and california is one wrong there are every state in the united the it is a rampart it is not worthy of every eric community is a border county you know so you're right about those twenty eight to twenty five million people have been brought into this country we know that i just i just want to say you guys are this much peoplesome damn life when i when i hear people say oh no that's not true or no the bite and ministration is doing okay you it's telling how can you be so you know i just open your eyes and open your ears they say you have two eyes you know you can see out of both of em or yeartwo years you can hear out of both people are behind in this country it is frustrating i think your many here you listened to the people say when world war two will we did not know that people were being killed and were lord to that's a bunch of crap of course they did you let you kill six million jews and five million non jews you know you you can't you there's no possible way the anybody can convince me i think didn't know what was going on and right now we're the same site what would you do if you in word or two we would fail is an ancient they turned their backs and our nation people are turning their backs they don't want to be interrupted they don't want to get in both and you know politics is turned into a honestly i i kind of like a i'm out on both major parties right now i'm the vice cerfiedig miserscit and it's like it's like a turn then they turned their backs and are our politics are political climate is turned into a professional bicycless p they go in they sit in their little biting beatings and they do nothing and then they go home and they benchand they fetched the more they bet some more they get some more and then they go back to their pitching emmens and complain about everything that's wrong but nothing's getting done yehthat's that's very true ah you know we ah we really need pep to step up yet i really need people to come down to the word and help us we're we're bringing people in the spent almost a hundred thousand dollars a mile money going down to the border you know to go secure this nation and nicely get things done and i loved doing these towns i love getting up in front of people and talking about this stuff and there's a lot of really great organizations that are out there talking about this their mobilizing there communicating their creating these groups ah like we just spoke at the detainers i'm not the onoto long ago i mean just great organizations but one thing that these organizations are failing to do do something you can sit round him in meeting and bitch brought it and talk about how screwed up the country as well as that's the get off for cochin do something if i if you're not physically capable or if you think you're not physical c you know we will go many different things you can do to help us one is you can actually go down order and patrol with us legally morally ah you can help you drone operations you can hold you radiocommunication ah financially you can donate ah you do tapped out all my resources to go down so word trying to raise money to go down to the border now continued missions but we echepron that we can shut this stuff down but we need your your help we need your listeners to help us in mighty i tell you what it's like i'm the i'm not one i'm not conceding the election up here song still believing that retentissant through agen emplace a oregon one of my first calls to secure the boarders here in michigan because torremocha is the number third a state i was told for human train in the nation in any girls we've got we've got all the water here you know what else we've seen as i've seen bosses on the roads that are boardcasing and one of the guys that works for us who became an american citizen is from mexico set this was exactly what's happening there pain that mexican side two hundred dollars her passage into the united states and the united states side just lesson through they don't even he and that's happening too so in the hilltonians that that is a criminally complicit at by that there is a criminally complicit action ah by the fire on government and what i had in inscription i heinestr tion there enabling that their hiding it and their their finding it and there behind it cause of course they've got to have it when washing they got to have their supply kids to yeh happening well there the running to bring all of these people and to redraw the districts and so we ever have another you know fair election every gain they don't have to note s or whatever a seabut there allowing all these terrors and we know there's going to be terraced activities coming up here very soon and so when whenyou're children die when your grandchildren die when the overdose from tintonello they pick up that twenty dollar bill is laced with noising on the ground and a gas station or up the hand rails of shopping mall and your children die ah you know i mean that's that's that's a travellersand i would i would i would be heartbroken if anything like that happened to me you don't well as a country or letting this happen and those are just unfortunately the responsibilities the nave face people are going to die and and i've been saying it for years china wants us gone they want our infrastructure they want or infrastructure to set they want the roads the buildings all that houses the railroads the power they won all that state they swing as one in now and the only telleth that's exactly what china will not so ah but i need to get going yet but right worthy and here any way shall i usually and the round love an o'clock but it was so interesting we just kept going so that's good so i usually hunferthe prayer and i am an antapolog tic christian and i've had people politics to you talk about god too much you got stopped talking about godmanhood luck with that you know that's that's gone you know people people like us are going to be home to to your son oh well so at we thisnor going to have these hunters that have the l in the deer and in the docks there all mounted upon their wall for he soon there going start mounting cries because oh well they ben do that for long time look at the hunger games and the crab that they've been doing over and in the rothschilds were doing over there in her i mean this isn't anything new they had contineo le for a long time so so surprised surprise everybody this is nothing new so i take a stand and do the right thing so let's go head and save her cause i went on to make sure that you know that we pray for you and our body on the board in the work you only father think you so very very much for bringing john antony what an honour or pleasure and for a for the guidon the direction that you give us to deal with this horrific so we know that you're going before us that your leading us out of that and we just thank you so very much for for helping catch the bad guys helping to find these poor souls that have their in traffic and we use that every single person is lost through life that you you bring him home with you and you hold him tight and you you heal all the ruins and and that dry their tears for what's happened to them light a fire under every one that's out there that they would stop the regular political nonsense and actually got in fall that they would step up to help be it to refuse to be quiet maybe even make a few people up sat with her roadbut that they would stand for you your kingdom and justice on this plant for those without a voice we wanted to find those without a voice and we as adults will stand in between harm of any one who is being exploited robbed from neglected by home government horrible we ask your favor on john and how there and every one that works with them down there that you provide oh that you would provide financially for them that you would open doors and in a miraculous way that they wouldn't even believe as poet that you would give them strength that you would heal their bodies cause i'm sure they're absolutely exhausted from the things that they seen and the race that their wine and give them a clear path that they know that their following you every moment of the day because we we really want your will to be done here we want you to be in our rightful place you never left us we left you and were so sorry we know that you you've always been here we want to turn our hearts at the hearts of the nation back to you it would be one nation under god under you thank you so much for the stay we love you so much we know you're going to put in a wonderful wonderful post she was to be stable and not his tucked in by all this nonsense it's going on out there with it we guard our speed that we need speak only things that are edifying to each other into you we call out things that are wrong and that we continue to run the race to the end by your strength and your power and to our glory the name pray great men go following myself here for a second we there is ah if people would like to get in old are we humbly request they get involved ah this is my web site this paratrooper et a saxon and made joint training center its she see doom so if they go here this is my airport and in reagan is this is where we do a lot of our stuff if they can go down here to help our cause this right here they can donate now this is our crop if they interworking with sedan to the evacuations and soudan oh i've been requested to be that i a very deep into soudan i've been requested gover and help get the evacuations he helped get the evacuees out a big understand that there already doing that okay not our government private entities you know so we learn from afghanistan that you can't rely on this so they give to the government there going to be sure screwed up so well i worked with the lady who had eighty seven american in afghanistan she hoped eighty seven americans throw over a hundred check points to get him to the air base now to get in me back awaited she managed to give all eighty seven americans there and get him inside the airport and then the administration set get him out and then she's like now we got to get these people out o here this afghanistan right well destroying the afghanistan tobacco well the administration said get em out or that they threaten her and her organization she said you guys then to get out of the airport the administration is not going to get you out on the old eighty seven americans got captured beheaded right outside the gate sell this is the kind of stuff that this administration does so ye got to realize that you're on your own other traitors or betrayers that every single what of needs to be tried for treason and you know what the ends up with short drops sun stop every single one of em from top to bottom we clean the vermin out because that's what we have right now i'm going to read some que somethings from the chat here and if you want if you are back out that's fine if you want to stay around for that is find it now you're very busy a i very much want to thank you so much for coming out and you're welcome any time on you may be it repels you text here and then to anything that you that i can do to help you if you want to come on and tell people periodically what your work ye i think that that would be outstanding see if people out day and help them to know how to get in all of what you're doing i think i think it is extraordinary and thank you so much for the sort byelof all the marica thank you so much for the service that you done you know then the past and which your currently doing because it's a very it's very proud day to hear what you are doing as an individual who cares thank you it's my honour its awesome it's all of a standing gather america is us it's not the government its egos as to government against austrigt now and a very proud to stand with you very very proud thank you will much for your things will do in the future i love it very much will you have it absolutely wonderful blessed state denounce take her think you're all your listener while was that wonderful guys that was just absolutely amazing and what a great thanks to old heather and john and all the people down in the border who were working in ore a few things here in the comets charlotte as what do we need to do about whitmer and the china deal am i think that we need to start ah instigating some investigations on them and i think that i actually some tommy can to how to think how to think through this and do it so more come on that one vote no for helen schools to day they need to fly right if they want more dollars there d average failing our kids choosday i think it's voting or to day might doubt morning i love my cow boy boycott i had also i saw tracy bird years ago cone see only cool i loved this song made a play a little divinamente what john said as is singing about digital it is exactly why i've sceptical of nassara that's from loud loves such the ah i i don't know i think you i can't read what you wrote there are destroying mails a fit o plastics taking food talking through it i by none to your ma just when shopping so fine they pulled a fast food label scale on me using the rio engineer sas or source that is a geocled and it is teocalli after to day for mining the call them on i saw something out o hemans bible of manas that came to those drowned dogs are being tested new york said new york city will use drawn against people into york city government is to be shut down there and rebuilt from top to boutiakin her city in police stay is not right love says absolutely true charlotte and she says bush or or satanic i believe that i of the sixty seven different dina and sideport child can you even imagine that an eight year old rate by the seven men and so i mean looking at our government but look at the end users here and is just like when somebody gets picked up for for or or some in that's been rakes the hostile why are they not prosecuting on a child and going after those people that prophet rake that i seven man rated an eight year old child it charles says yous patriotic twenty twenty one and now they want to pass restrict act three seven twenty twenty three bush and bignor satanic and their cultus everywhere global warming is the can discredit he on that i told the perfect purps are put to death trafficking will not stop i don't think you can readability oh a poaphilid just i dident think you can i think they've gone past being able to be rehabilitated that is going to take god himself to fix that one you you can't you can't let him go cause they're going to go out there going to do it again this is sickness demonic sickness and it's something that is is not going to be able to eat now by a score maybe but but we we can't charleses trot they're trying to pass he before one by six popular polton that's another bad one popinots or when they say democracy is the definition of man brule and does not respect the rights of the individual only the republic does and when you hear democracy called them out that's wrong it's unconstitutional and it is about moderule unless everybody goes is a flock in one area on the individual's rights are trunked so in lancing hoped they voted down mail your wraps telling to date of boat now and h b h h before all one six love says a man shows as even this and thank you john ferguson thank you done for her and what a pleasure to have him on her that was really really amaze so i guess this is where we call quits for to day and i'll be on tomorrow with john teeter you senesin the law to keep going with the lawful process i'm hoping that i can get how the back or how there on here to you guys need to meet her she is she has got such amazing test these people that are actually doing things totally totally inspiring and a the we need to give them as much opportunity to talk is possible you know that we can't be everywhere all the time but we can as a group help each other to get the word out in our areas as and i in best that's were going to continue it as rencogne certainly right here so anyhow now that gods in control you don't have to be afraid we see these things around us and just like every other time in thethe pass god his walked peal through the fiery he's led it survived the fiery furnace a daniel helions done he can walk as right through this he on stone have the fear trust in god he will make a way and i'll make away every single time and it's going to be it really will be ok i'm not afraid and i think that if things were melt down we're going to figure it out we're mats were america mericans are the toughest muts on the planet and a where we're going to get this thing figured out there's there's no back and down from this now were the asfar passed a political polical races are part of it there's there's a bigger issue going on here and i rely think that that is the spiritual war that were in right now how can a person rape a child or watch a child be heard a normal human being would never ever victimise a child that this is that's beyond anything that most of us can understand and this is one that's got to stop we're going to we're goin to keep goin it's going to be glorious i think that we're going to see a wonderful resolution and i think it's going to be biblical god's not going to put up with his for ever and that's okay that's okay because all of us here who truly have gotten our heart who really do care about this also care enough to be a little bit warrior like to those people who victimised children and people without a voice were not going to let this continue on we are going to protect our families were going to protect your communities we are going to prakrsta this nation and the world and it's always been in the history of the united states christians who have stepped up so to my christian brothers and sisters out there girl that bone you're going to need it real quick because we're going to be the ones that will stand in the gap when things get even tougher cause i think we're going to get there but it's going to be a great advancer take the adventure and so anyhow many many a a as working together to restore this name the kingdom of god which is a kingdom that serves each other and he with compassion and love then and apathy because we're going to need at once we get past all of the stuff that's going to take clean it out it's going to take an awful lot of forgiveness and olathe and a well prolongest to gather a lot and listen to the listener ache of each other and actually care so and it's common and we're never going to stop so anyhow god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless marcweiser going to just keep going we got this no back and down no fear and no sadness have a great day and as