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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 1/11/2023 - Redeeming Grace Church - Dr Tim Parker

Published Jan. 11, 2023, 9:03 a.m.

Redeeming Grace Church online church with Dr. Tim Parker Tim was in Church from the cradle, over 69 years ago. Two Christian parents left a strong Faith-legacy in his life. Church attendance does not ensure new birth but Christ’s Faith and Grace lives boldly in his soul. Saints love God differently; he primarily loves God with his mind as he provokes disciples to love and good works per Hebrews 10:24-25. He loves to evangelize and teach God’s Word – especially biblical Grace. After a 37-year career with Chrysler as a die maker, he pastored Smith Creek Bible Church for 4-1/2 years and now holds a doctorate in philosophical theology. He authored three books during his doctorate program. As an active part of St. Clair County We-The-County, he worked to abolish the Covid mandates, especially in the schools. He was an active part of the SCC Republican Party but divorced himself from their charade. His new desire is to provoke a renewed understanding of our founding documents so a truly Christian/patriotic church can free itself from unConstitutional government-infringement and be free to establish Christian roots everywhere in our Constitutional Republic. We discover true Freedom In Christ’s Gospel to live in liberty, above tyrannical control. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i'm donna brandenburg and it is the eleventh day of january the year of twenty twenty three and we once again we've got so much going on that it's amazing at and this is all this this is on wednesday we do a redeeming grace church with doctor temperwas very very good friend of mine and i hope that all of you can meet him some day that the people that we've met people that we've met along the way have been truly amazing where the this whole effort and and a benaires atomician for the last year honestly it was was one of the greatest experience i think in all of our lives the team that kind of went forward and and i got to tell you that the greatest things that we can come to terms with is that god is truly in control he always has a remnant and the remnant is is absolutely a outstanding a bunch of very very much a bunch of patriot fighters and i also know there's a lot going on behind the so we can all be calm and peaceful about it i wanted to i think there's a lot happening and i wanted to read something that it ajust got it just got in this is kind of cool cause i've got all kinds of news and stuff coming in all the time and i'm out there diggle the good little badger or that i am trying to come up with solutions and good information cause if we can't get it on any other news source guess what then were the news and i would encourage i said that yesterday i've nobody special i've sitting in my ronald have staff i am staff if i had a company called dana and company right now it would be done and company donacas ah you know it's like it's like all of us have the ability to jump in and do all kinds of amazing things such is kind of decided that if we just cited decide that we were going to do something anything i mean i'll bring chocolate chip workes to something doesn't make any difference as long as long as we're all doing something i have spent a tremendous amount of time putting things together to look at how too if everything went dark i think it's going to i really do im whether it's whether it's a financial crash or whatever you cannot have if you look at the united states is a business you can not have sustainability with or long term with what we have going on rooms it's coming and i think that some of the communications i've got is be prepared make sure you have some you know extra things on hand in case things go down i can sanus for a long time it's getting closer because i've seen more direct communications i had some from landing i've had some here there it everywhere and the somite you about some i can ah but in any rate see i wanted to read that all commute commercial flights or grounded currently because that noon another an sister is not is an obdaining this is really really significant and all telling you why anything that not one ah ah communicates can also be communicated by radio so why is it down doesn't make any sound so i think at this point time you know even even if you have say you know the ah the different flight ratings in such their monitoring planes from the time they take off to the time you hit the ground unless you have like small there still monitory but the small the small private plans like like the ones that the flow are still being more but the big commercial flights they got they've got that is so tightened down with a what's happening on that plain that they can they in dissecting from the ground and they i'm pretty sure they could probably mostly and those type of flights from the ground if they need to to have been told that any how but i've never flown one i don't inaction because that's that's not i don't have enough training and i it would take me a long long time as i am not a note a pilot for se so it at any rate so we needn't really ask why and why now i really think it's because patriots are in place and we're all going to have to steal our hearts in our minds a little bit because nothing's going to be able to stop what's come and there's so much evidence out there that things are truly happening and in this is great this is going to be greatest adventure ever and if we keep our eyes on on god and on jesus he will walk us right through and in it's not it's not going to be a promotings that we see are as problems are probably some of the greatest ingratest opportunities of our life so never be afraid to change because it doesn't make any difference where on this called life god is in control jesus take the wheel and we got we are going to be fine no matter no matter what happens we're going to be fine and so is be ready to celebrate the state is the adalard hath made and with that set on going to bring him body chiron he then good morning how are you up got on my through mine manhood on my me you're microphones sorry that was my my bad so gonshiro are you i'm doing great it i said i was just gettin encouraged to fire it up this did to you so then i am so ready that ripped the band at off i'm like ripe of panade off this beast and let's elect do we to do and in standthis is going to be a wonderful adventure that is out of us and i'm not back in town from that this is going to be a great time to be alike you know and i think that you know a lot of times and i think you know you could see this with that with the situation with the the job and such and people forced vaccinations afraid to lose their jobs while you know what we can be afraid of change or we can just divert and say take the day that comes with us we've never really had control anyway give it up give it to god and see what happens because that's when we'll see miracles and i am so excited rep themand every single one must pick up that sword of the spirit and get in there and put it back together in it's going to be great and laid the eagles down i think that's another thing that ah that is been really common to the fore front is how many egos are out there and it's like all of us should be okay with you know what what can we do i haptonstall toilets then making difference to me you don't give me a job then and point me in a direction that i don't have to think i think to position i'm happy but if noodels will do that i will step in and try to write it and then then step out of the way sago back to doing things like clean stalls which i relieved you ought intoning i was discoverable i leave here i windegoos office and actually male and an official notice complaint against our board of commissioners go for you on going to detail but i can't wait to see what they do whether it's nothing or something but if sir it's like let let's go and i do have coming up for next friday i got a turning point you a speech on separation of church and state that congo bets can be veronese in some that that's that is so awesome and ah you know just really heavy can you send me a copy of the letter that you are going to give to them in the tell me what i can politeand i'll put it out on a talligram just so very knows telegram as my is my gotho that's where i go all the writing and posting there whatever is there whether this feller is or whatever it is you know it's it's me in my little imperfect way you know just talking to whoever might want to listen and trying to be the news is best as i can't but yet you send that to me i will potatione can see it you are doing to try on on your own nobody telling you what to do just to inadhesion to onotice the up in you i myself see what you see where to go sisterindeed you it be great if people do look because sometimes and i know where all this way we want to see somebody do it and say he did it and and look what they did really it was just too i believe it was right you indignation to be they assassinated character of my thick christian friend made clear the christians need not apply that to factories that about mark oh no this is so a friend artichooks appearmore pers ah yes said coroune but ye i will delfilisen it out and i hope people look he i think you'll be challenged you you'll see some things and later a few do not hear here see vireo my talk on to turn point i say insure the two contact man i'll go said that to you but there's a lot lines in great challenges there as well lot going on but we'll see if they get these plains off the ground to day or not or what's going to happen with the spot but it just seems like seems like i guess all we can say as patriots and control bigger and more important and that god's in petrol you know the men the so how he started this to day you're the pastor here so well what i wanted to know if you're all gate you are ledsinger enwill get it to it oh yes sure i love the race now dear heavenly father thank you so very much with this beautiful day that you've given us the provision for every good thing and we can step outside of the nonsense that we see out there and realize that that no matter what we see on the on the writer left in front of us behind his doesn't make any difference you are in control of all of it and we can give you the glory the honor and the rats jesus take the wheel and were willing to do whatever you ask us to do in our our commitment to seen that your will be done on earth as it is in have please open everybody's eyes out there if you boys struggling whatever is such to day may it be straight from you to their hearts to give them comfort and peace as well as to let them know how much their truly loved and important that you created them from from you they were in your mind they were with you for for ever and you know exactly what they were going to be like the cause you made every one thank you so much for em foreordering and i mean amazing patriots we could sit here and we could talk in and he names from now until until the sun goes down and we wouldn't even hit a portion of please help us keep our hearts pure our eyes focussed on you that every word that we say every step that we take every deed that we do will be all to your honour and glory because we lay everything at your feet and praise you for being our wonderful compassionate loving father we love you and jesus christ precious name and pray that i had so hour to say ah sensically first in church service of redeeming grace the year of the year so happy new year i guess i can say that and so i won't say this is the pot pourri massaged by guessing some ways it will be i always hate to give up christ and so we're going to look at christmas in hebrews and romans to day no notice that i've got my christmas trees so upbend me it's got like twelve hundred lights on it and our christmas season was so convoluted and busy et en ribbed with problems that i'm like i'm olive the tree up for a while some merry christmas every day a man so i want to say this i i am not into prophesier anything but i want to say i just pray that this is the year that we that america returns to our founding were christian faith and practice holds its gothic place in our repose ah to be it clearly doesn't people scratched her hands and wondered why i want this year to be known for a return a big return is loadconnections that have to be made corrections have been made my mind may be for sixty five years so i guess somebody people might be said to me what are you talking about well i guess i can i can explain that later lot that's coming down on that turning point you say so christmas messages celebrate the gift of christ and marvel as we did even redeemed i believe wise men came to worship christ child so to day we we move past may be explicit christmas story and an look at christmas i believe in other passages i i hope this is encouraging to you ah it's been a couple of weeks since we've been on and our last we in talk about the the sorow bethlehem video and that was on no december twenty first with our last time together and i just felt really blast that to the next evening thursday eh the star of bethlehem popped up on you to be night i watched it i i took more intricate notes than i ever had before i think that there were a lot of things that i listened to and may be gathered what i wanted and then you kind of may be checked out to certain things but i was amazed at alpine oh fred larson was in and how he unpacked his sight i would still encourage anybody to get a chance to watch it whether you ran it by intercoms upon you too if you can get it a watch it in an pertection take no oh his website for anybody that wants to look it up is bethlehem star do not take you could pass that down ah there's a lot of information there that he has available to the public ah he dated christboth in late september of three b with the wise men seeing jesus on december twenty fifth two base now if people know you han kepler was the man who basely ah how do i even say this he put mathematical formulas into outer space forks into the stars and he was looking for the christ of men but he he plugged in into his understanding and hiss may be paradin perelisis as we talked about before we are talking about later as well his paradise was that ah king here and died in four b c well ah fred larson says he believes that king herod died in one b c so capilaris the whole star of vent that he was looking for me cause of a wrong paradim no so i resent hoste oh and i i was amazed at how many people certainly he mails him begot a listen to this pastor listenois servant and there were people that wanted to macarthur forty back to marcy's pro po washes and trust me i lose to a lot i love to lisette good preached and especially under christmas story and a reporther suggested a couple of things that may be i had never really thought about and i wanted to me be just throw these out here and give brief commentary before we move on one of the things that he talked about was he thought that the shepherds i saw and his robe in luke god's chikin had glory and we know that the chicane glory what before them when they were going through the wilderness ah and i would say that i think that he's right that the chicane glory was shining suggest that the chicane glory was the star i think the star in the chicanery were two different things so when gabriel showing up in and the angels despite his celebration i do believe the chicane glory why shining the star may be in the background at least that's how i in vision it self i think there was both there he does it i mean i think maybe if i talk with him he hexactinia agree with you're not but arise that's the first thing the other thing wissinee heard anybody before talk about to contingent the mass of people that came with the wise now he talked about a history we could say church history but i was not aware that babylon had three wars with rome ah what in sixty three b c fifty five b c and forty be and so there was already some huge battles going on and he suggested that the group of people that came could have been as high as may be two thousand well with a lot of warriors because he said on on to get this is just a thought that we got to think about when they came to worship jesus the king were they going to help install the new king were they going to fight rome again and i guessed for what carchester it was very scared witnessed she up how can we find like a sore on that oh i can i can give me a source for that set the people could look that i i will have to find it so that i want to down a accession till his e really interesting to look at you now to look at that as that why he said last time about the large conteenuing with wise men really does make a lot of a lot of one and if it makes a lot of sense that they are and wondering if there were other other writers out there could she know josephus was a jewish historian that was in now he so jesus was actually very tall he was he was tall and his thin and he wasn't a carpenter is kind of been a miss misquotation because he was attacked on which as he was a stone mason in a builder was stones which makes sense with all the references to to corson and theseneither thing cause me where are you going to get wood in the holy land i mean they're connect to go up to love and honor somewhere else to get it it's not like this is a dense forest area i'm wondering if there's somebody out there that was a historian that could confirm do more confirmation on it that would be a really interesting study langethal to pull so my history books off the shelf and get into that i just i mean i was just kind of shock and as you said it does fit ever sans hootings and this is why i say it people don't regard the wise men and an i don't buy into his i said before the idea that dated now what they were covered for him was just kind of hit in messene shucks and by golly it's like i don't believe that at all but my point done wanted make here is that if we might have to push her thoughts to it if they were come in to install the king this is what we're supposed to do he came as do we install him as king in our life or do we just look at the christmas story and say well he he can be over there but he's not our king to day and this is one of the things it really shocked me the share as i challenged even in the republican party of jesus came ran for governor would do vote for him and i was kind of shocked but maybe not almost everybody that i talked to said now we wouldn't vote for him cause he couldn't win he and his like if jesus is our king to day if we don't live in his kingdom then how do you understand scrips when i see what i see with on the mistake that's really being made across the board and in it goes to your point that they jesus would never be in chosen to be installed by anything the political parties because you've got too many people that base what they are how they live their life on what can they get if they do this that the other thing personally instead of dido the right thing under all circumstance and an untold we give that eagle up and say you know our able to post the the correct person and to no not based on what we're going to get back yet you know what i mean it there's so many and i say it it's almost a colt type of mentality to build these substructures rather than saying you don't we really only need one structure and that's one nation united under god and the rest of it is hopeton god being in charge in my opinion and it's i mean that's the whole thrust of my turning point you saved message we so often do understand our founding documents alone these and so we we struggled to know where we fit what are we supposed to do people sit on her hands her the fraid to get into the fight and i convinced that god has been at war with satan and evil since before he created man and when he calls us into his family where were in his army and and worse pose to take warrior mentality into every place that we go into people need to be may be challenged may be motivated and this is why as you mentioned earlier with this completed on violet against the border commissioners we got to be wage even worn at the theneverybody gets excited all turned and are you talking about comes on bullets on i mean i'm not saying it might not be that but that be the minimum but there are so many other ways that we fight when we think about spiritual warfare is not necessarily guncombat rany thing like that sort but but we were in a word i think that i just want to wake people up to that fact we are in a war so get ready strapped up and get out there and lord there's there's no way you can get experienced without getting out there and learned well and i think it is to your point to its like this gentile jesus with a land set on his foot which so many of our you know the artistic renditions of it that's what it looks like that's not exactly i think o the way that it will certainly is an accurate it you know if you if you go back in time and will go home any babies and kids were were passed through the fire and burned you now burned alive to bail as the shareindeed there and not say anything as were free to hurry on somebody's feet wings instead of getting in there and say this is wrong this is wrong and you know i'm going i'm going to stand here in your way and you are not going to be able to burn baby's life in the fire and in its like it's like the they're all these things as christians were going to her have to hurt a few people's feet wings to tell them that there you know what they're doing which is hurtful to others to stop and no back and down no wavering on it just very pragmatically this is wrong so moving from that thank you down a thingyou'm sorry indispose ah what i want to say i just kind of want to back up repast when we think gospel god tells the gospel and if we think that the gospel is an attached to the birth of christ i think for raw and we're going to get into that hole thinking lobet later just the baby explained it a material to that when we think about god's sharing the gospel a and again i guess if i can talk to my people if i had him in front of me in pews or seat so i would ask him half as anybody looked up oh it all i'll get the sight so may be next week i can give this sight there is a if you like google it you could find the gospel in genesis one at and oh so like we all genesis one want in the beginning god created to havens he but in the beginning of i believe may be it's barroom but that if you if you know hebrew had i studied hebrews beyond me but it's like in hebrew it is literally in the beginning is the gospel in a note it is the sun came to be the lamb and he was sacrifie ah but if you go on line you couldn't you can find it and i will get a sight for everybody for next week so we we see the god tells the costebelle from in genesis one on ah he clearly and the curse of sin talks about to gospel were oh the war with jesus and satan would be if you will come to in and whether it's a heron a but it's it's just amazing that six verses later i am convinced the god he plies the gospel sinful adam any they died spirits the because the aid of the red the tree that they were commanded not to and i believe that they were in spiritual death and how believed that a pre carnate jesus literally sacrificed lambs in front of them then closed down with those animals and so when we wander about the gospel and what they had to do with jesus coming that's what we understand that we are clothed in the righteous garments of and we see that in genesis the twenty one and in costantino fast it says that god took animal skins and clothed them he's no commentary i'm always amazed at how you have such an amazing ability to do a really to paint the picture of what was really going on there and men in its clear that you've taken enough time he not only study it he asked some further questions and ponder exactly what was going on at the the time at once again it makes one so i want to i want to hold up i don't know if you could see it in front of you and i guess the light is on maybe there's a little bit of it ah it says christ in all scripture and grace for all of life this is the gospel transformation by the us telling you about i mean clearly way before her this bible i've studied grace significantly what i called biblical grace first thirty five years hard heart and gone down many bonny holes and but i would recommend this bible years ago when he first put to out ah i was ittogether for the gospel conference in louis balkendecke an they were selling these for five dollars and with every one you bought a che got a tee shirt that set that so i was like i wished it i bought a hundred or ah these are so good but the the thrust of this they literally look every book of the bible as a gose is that it he is he that these fevers on it is the head be virgin which is the version that i over all i think it is the best i mean i know people who argue at me we can debate taught but he discussed but i believe in all the years that i have a rescripter studied scripture i believe that it is the most comprehensive it so i believe it rather simple to understand oh this was the coldest the mother of the revised standard version i mean i know revised stander version came out i had a pass through that i believe was more than he realized was a neke amid a king james only disciple now there's different varieties as james white explained but he is to always tell me too what why are you used on that perversion and in the reason that they called it a perversion was precely was the passage from isaiah that doubt with the birth of jesus that a virgin would bear a son now a lot of people don't realize that god often has layers of prophets and so that applied directly to the time that isaiah was talking about but down the road it was looking at the birth of a so lot of people say what it doesn't give credit to be an aversion because it in the revista dard it said of young woman but if you get into the history the young woman had to be first and so it's just it's amazing but but he would always say tell i i just can't believe you keep us in it but he was one of the greatest preachers i ever sat under and he would very often say what here's what to king james says but it should better say thus and thus nine times of the town the thusthus was exactly what my replace standard forthon well and that that's a that's amazing it and i think too you know if you if you go back and forth between versions i think it's really it's it's really helpful to i and and sometimes that there's not words in our language for what they were odirection like i goalthat not that i you know that i have all the answers here which is for my experience there there is a like when they left out the hammerstein they said the abraham planted a tree while the fact that it was a ham or tree was more important than then what we can imagine because it tamisis the slowest growing tree and the history in the world and so when they study planted for shade it was kind of a joke because he was never could see the shade probably not his children either but his grand kids so in the kinless you unless you had somebody point that out to you were they you know you you quired that knowledge on it you would miss the fact that this was actually a joe and you know i was mad to make the people that were there and that context everybody knew it's like plantation shade you can be and again they looked at em down rope no it wasn't just about to day they were doing things for their grandchildren and third their posterity we don't think that i mean here so many people would get locked into what can we do for myself well i think i think o this is one of the principles my dad was always my dad was always fixated on the fact that that god promised abraham the lad but he never saw the land it went to his descendants yes and that's the fact that you know what we do here is isn't should never be for ourselves it no matter if it's in a one daily basis or for what are life's meaning is in the long run you know where we're here too to serve others and in ultimately serve god but what we do should have a very long term ah vision on it in a vision for an eternal perspective for us and a long the long hall for everything else we're in a move into both hebrews and romans cause i believe the story is there more than we ever realize oh but i want to bring up one verse if you want to call it up jack and be john one omai's goin to take me just a minute here take consororini tach i did not attach he it ontongottakka alosioho but oh i would say that this is in john on thirteen i think this is declaring the birth of jesus and it's a stop everything moment and challenges i believe everybody with their salvation parade i mean we am convinced that the majority of people in the church have the wrong paradim of salvation were no talk about them little bit later s we get into a romance but so dare in twelve there i'll just say well even a loved we think about again we know the story of jesus that he went into balcraheen they had no rule for him in the air there kay so here we got he came to his own and his old people did not receive him the part of the christmas story i believe so and true light inverse knight really but to all who did receive them who believed in his name he gave the right to become children of god on this couldn't be right there and romans nonington were going to be talking about a little bit here the stop everything on because everybody in convinced the majority of people who go to church to reach scripture eh who here the gospel there going to hear something like you can decide you are you goin to do is repent and ask thesis to come into your heart you'll be a new person well here's what can winter ten said school were born we know spiritual birth not of blood or of the will of the fine or the will of man three things that everybody would say oh i can get safe through johnson's apsley not of i just encourage everybody to let course i mean there are things that were not set to day there are things will go on at it in this means this but wouldn't we read stuff like this we have to put some of those thoughts into this ah so in a paradin paralysis we all get paradine slappes and sometimes were trapped in the and i'm convinced it takes god's holy spirit to get us out of those ah i guess this might be a good place to even if collision corinthians i'm convinced these if people in my mind done i would say this is one of the top five passages of scripture the people should study and let it burn into their mind and if it burns into your mind i mean scripture talks about meditating it will become part of your practice and so this is part of even looking forward to next week we're going to start in close ah i can go to and it looks like you're still in john go to second corentin's ten oh okay why did this not go i'm not sure put in ten second corinthians sternly a rat will let me let me settle with this sedition go better you talking so what i was going to say was next week were in a start a study of colossians and more than any book in the in descripture at talks about a false evil ungodly philosophy and so this horse is if you can't find it i won't oration sark or but it wasn't coming up and so i i finally got the origo just push it down a little bit i want to look the first six verses i could read it out of mine but if you got it right here i'll read him so says i pull myself entreat you by the meekness and gentleness of well there ah donna as you say the meek in gentle jesus will i understand what you're saying it i'm not i agree with you but but to meekness the paul talks about and a gentleness of christ here would not be one times what pee think it is but i who am humble when face to face with you but bold toward you when i'm awake i beg of you that when i am present i may not have to show boldness with such confidence as i count on showing against some suspect us of walking according to so a polisander we get almost by pass at but i don't want to so pulsesin that sometimes when i'm face oh i'm not quite as bold as i held when i can write ah and in we all face that we all may be we want to be like we don't want to be looked down it we don't want to be looked on as the rough guy and this is what you were saying even in your interlegatio tell people the truth and so paul is good to do that but so in treelets into the mean of this passage and i would say if you could say three is six that's the passage if we've got to git in just day in and day out for though we walk in the light then we walked a tent and it may not be the flush of sin its the flesh of the body for though we walk in the flesh we are now waging war according to the flat for the weapons of our warfare why where's warfare come in not in a lot of christians vocabularies but but assure dodson paul's mind for we do not wait for according to the flesh for the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power destroy stronghold and who then about strong holds we could take about four trees and you know everybody could take about go on up to a castle and you got an army trying to get in to a castle spores that's pretty tough and you could bombard it and bombarded it and i can't remember maybe somebody could neither help me or die it wasn't me sadthe te the jews went into and up believe it was the romans that that they built up a dirt a basically a dirt a rod a path to get up to messala because it was like way up in the mountain and he really couldn't give into the fortress and i believe that's where the jews ended up when they basely committed suicide in mass rather than let the romans subelevatis wrongs come in and take them alive but so will we think about strong holds what does says is that satan build strongholds in our minds by brick by brick so i had we heared out nose strong holds its like poiaetaen byedays so it may be regatero a brick every day for going to tear it down and make correction forgot to tear it down so he says here's what the strong holds are policiesin to say we destroy or give men and every lofty opinion now we andsopersac i note means not to get away for the next one raise up against the knowledge of god so in any argument or lofty opinion raised up against god's knowledge his that can be our stronghold so what do we do with it so i says then we take every thought captive to obey cried now i got to see how i was never thrown into a police car but but i always tell people i you know i've seen it whether it's antimio maybe even in real life the policeman will put coltonobory and throw into back to the car he may not even talk with him right on they may have to go out and get more information but it's like getting back on the car and i'll deal with you when i get to you oh that's kind of what we have to do if we're going to tear down strongholds we got to put handcuffs on every thought are you a good thought you mad thought are you trying to deceive me you try to take me away from the truth and so that's that's one of the most pivotical things we can learn take every thought captive to a bag cries well are you go if you go back to a the main thought of our salvation and our faith in god you if you go back to the one you is sort of like you have to make a choice and how your going frame everything in the world wants you make that choice frame everything that way is that one thing has to be true if it is not if you choose not to make that one thing to throw you're going to struggle with every single thought that comes your way and i think that's where the double mindedness comes with you at her either stable in its like jesus as my saviour i'm going to put it all in his hands stop right there oh there is a god and he exists full stop right there and you know it actually takes more faith to to to em think that there is no god then that there is a god when it comes down to it it's a isamazing but those those pivotal foundational points of our belief everything rolls down to the so once you have that that that basis to compare everything to and go back to the bible i mean go back to the bible but go back to that cord belief god exists he is good all the time he is in fact in control jesus is his his only begotten son the king here is the self solair of the world the rest of it is just it just rolls down from there and you don't struggle quite as much i think i mean you mention some down on or just throw in a pitch for a book by frank turret of i this is a very good book in this topic but it was i don't have enough faith to be in anything that's their testedthat s the title of the book now i disagreed with frank turksstory ogy is doctrine of salvation because he comes from ah in armenian perspective but it is a great and so may be if you want to deal with you some of the thoughts of men not saying he'd got to go out by but it if you were not purchased i think you'd be glad that you did though i actually just bought them that by long line that you brought up yes i'm a very quick person said to jump on stuff like that because as so what is it i don't have enough faith to be an avaient to are cable yet that there bible you brought up if you if you go on amazon and i'm not always of row you know i mean they are fifty two per cent discount or when i am most it was like twenty five dollars that's the stiletto a good perch i'm trying to find out here in this sixteen dollars if you want to buy it on amazon m and i have enough faith to be an atheist twenty five per cent of to day solosmeo hadn't by this his paper back of sixteen forty nine hard cover starting and i get nothing this is this is titiopolis links or anything like that i get nothing out of this this is not a sales thing it's like i just bought the book we'll see what and then along read it and throw it out there cause i think that's great because i do think that we need to also be able to defend why we believe what we believe and yet only comes by studybut going back to those corps coprinces if this is true this is true this is true and we know this is true then the rest of it can't chip away on that care of and we become very stable yes i mean in frank turk is a known as an apologist that i i love people with policisto minds how abtholutely i just i think that some people get carried away with that in that they believed that if we can give people arguments to believe in god there go to there going to embrace that if we go back to that verse we just looked at and john one it's not the epistemology whereby we get reed new birth we get new birth in our soul and then we create the mind of so i'm not eliminating the mind of christ and a redeemed epistomology but we try to win people epistemologically in their dead soul it doesn't work that way god works through the soul he knew bursts the soul and then worse boston take on the mind of christ which is what philippians to talks at a thing it's like him had in the holy spirit and he icamehereto dwell with man and have him you know he can live it now when he lives within our heart in her mind he diocsarea path and adverts so in that's really when become live and subjects you know a body walked her own for survival here so less you still no man here numbers verse six says being ready to punish every disobedience when your obedience is complete and this is just the cheap tem parkers commentary on that ah what every means is we can't correct the wrong thought until we in ness what you were basically just saying got a we got to think correctly so it's it's when when we obey christ in and capture thoughts and start believing the truth that's when wekif you will go back into the back seat that place and do with the hand ah enemy and straight at out so it's only when our obedience is complete can we really do that otherwise we opine i want to move on to the book of hebrews and we're going to just i mean go through some real quick things so if you could do turn to heber's ones wherein to do it i'll just go through a real fast ah overview so here's five themes that i think we unpacked from the christmas story and hebrews so don't charcoal then here what i'm saying unless you see person and work of christ is isn't that what happened in the christmas story yes oh so as god jesus redeems a lace ones as man he is our substitutes ah he was both god and man and so that was just that's just a row quick snip at number two christ is superior to all old testament mediators an institution after the order of melchisedec were redet ro fast in shortly a number three adam's children needed divine redemption exactly what the incarnate son brings to a ship and that was the message of christ by the angels by zachariah lisbeth by mary by seven by no by the wise prenist amazing how much that concerning never for god emphatically warns in five passage and here i think the great to look at so a lot of people are confused sometimes but he is success to encourage us to guard our faith of number five word couraged to persevere in our dynamic relations so if we only see salvation as static i i got saved rather than in organic relations were were going to rule a son we're going to be confused or going to be locked in to wrong so we can learn if we can overcome that we can grow in great so hebers one one long ago at many times and in many ways god spoke to our father's by the poet and i can think of the passage in galatians for forest ah where paul says at the perfect time if you will but this is what he says but in these last days he is spoken to us by his son whom he appointed the air of all things in our diethere you go think here also he created the world so you we we understand from other passages that always say well who is the son his the unique one one and only the first and the second adam the god man son to redeem his elect ones who receive adoption is set the graceful essence of god's it is this kind of unsorted me interrupted i think this is really significant something i learned was that you know the life is in the blood and the blood comes through the line of the father so adam was created by my god so he had pure blood from god and till they said and we had a problem in every every other blood line from thereon down was of back or of a influenced or had the influence of that impure blood because jesus is father was god himself he interrupted that blood lying and had he was perfect so the power of the blood is that he has the blood of god is what light of god himself which i think is really interest and passport some of the nonsense were dealing out with out there to day oh with what with a what their join with blood and such i think we can be really really a aspect of curtings that are going on in going back to the fact that i think that the sets jesus apart in such a unique way that his blood came directly from god himself yes it ah that is so true and you know there's comparisons were going to get into a lot just a little bit but but even in monteith i don't like to know her control there but a fine what the point is i thought you made you did make a good point see i'll be i realize adamaneve work more early only two humans that were never more created ever created was was the god son created yes she let people take and say well then that means that christ was a creation christendome into being told jesus was parkknown no no no no as the second person of the god had the trinity he took on human flashed now he could just taken on basically he in flashes man but he was actually born that is a little distinction but he was in in what we just when i talked about that he was the only unique one never to be another one ah the first born the second adam this is what ah he became because he was incarnated and so it's like a dirt there's some comparison there and yes adam and eve did not maintain jesus did so that's part of what we got we got to a so number verse three he is the radiance of the glory of god indi exact imprint of his nature and he holds the universe by the word of his power now on what honor i say this or a white girls to think about something different a little bit we know that satan has been at war with god since he rebelled and cut kicked out a heathen are other things here that satan be lived over yes so i jest onesto think about that because as we were just talking about strongholds say is full of strong hold in some ways he created for us we often think the same way that satan so when when i say that of we know that satan lucifer was prone to jealousy she was like well how could he be lifted up and not me i was the worship leader not wasn't good enough you know god doesn't he only gives us some snipe but what was it that so infuriated lucifer about the gospel i have a feeling that he rebelled because he got a little billet dynamics or teaching about the god what you mean god the son is going to go into humanity and and literally child i mean just like peter if we remember when jesus asked the disciples who do you say that that i held and peter several years a christ and in right after that he is said look i'm going to jerusalem to die peter said all no not on my watch not happening and what did jesus say kit behind me said so peter was taken the same thoughts of sin i could have been a stronghold a dark than to his mind oh it's like no jesus came to the and so it's it's amazing satan thought oh he s exact imprint god i'm not i mean i've got all these people astray i'm not the one you child you xactly for him that was something that i believe upset of oh you're the creator and i'm not yet he's created a lot of things but they're all evil they are all against god in rebellion god again back to that second critians tad i made weak we build up thoughts agis god i'm not sure that satan is created anything he's nothing but a little gutless worm all he does is he he cat these paste and put his name on it and a triestest it you know can't i can't give him that kind of credit i don't think he said oleopolis i mean it's like well who created the kingdom of darkness i'd say satanities if there's pointed death i think we can say sadedinenhies ofsaying if we go down that path there so many things i think that satan i don't believe that he has creative power like god does but because it is evil he created a lot of faiths i believe no strong oars were carted about those were created by see he created it maybe that's not maybe i should put her quos around that he created a lot of things but they're all evil he never created anything good you never created anything godly never created anything beautiful so oh any rate i just walked people to think that you know even as we go through this premise of god's son passage oh we we got to realize what is it that we struggle with what do we fight against what do we reject because ah you know we with there's so many truths out there we got to know which one is true that's where we got to take those truths we had put hand caponsacco to this line up with your word or does it really ultimately reject your work i just throw it out so verse for that's right dear happy becomes much superior to the angels what was saying fallen angel fallen angel and maybe the top dog he may have been very easily a ball whether he was an archangel a whether he was a bold lesage riel or michael we don't know maybe they were all in the same plane but yet paul says i believe the writer of heber's says he became as much superior to the angels as the name he has inherited is more excellent anne what are we saved in verse it's my faith but it's the name of christ that's what we pray for and in so a five for which of the angels to god ever say you are my son to day i have been got you or again i will be to him a father and he shall be to me ever happened to these never have a god wote you some of his language to the prophets to his redeemed people never to his angels his angels are set one what we see in insolenter he makes his angels winds and his ministers a flame of fire but of the sun your throne o god is for ever and ever the sceptre of righteousnes the sceptre of your kingdom tanager wish the people understood that line write there to day the scepter uprightness the sceptre your enginesnothing er after after righteousness and justice yes and truth i do i mean at every day it's like i'm dislike in like i'm homesick for having you know it's like dis to have ten odin people and do the right thing at every turn and you know we're going to make mistakes here and in that that's understandable you know all of us make mistakes were all in perfect but to to try you know even in a course systems in the way that things are raw and in a business and our relationships without people and doing the right thing above all above all gain is going to be one of those things that i look forward to as much as anything ah with your friend and as for what i'm saying when i challenged my republican friends this year ah it's like if we're not in christ kingdom i believe it christ's kingdom as real to day as it was when jesus was on earth and righteousness is that if you will define his kingdom and i challenge people why if if you're not a is wave like thread here in night you have loved righteous he did wick or for god your god speak enough christ has anointed you with oil of gladness beyond comp and so for me i appreciate what you said don we we grown to be in heaven even though we go i know you got many things for us to do here or an i'm ready i'm in the battle o my sword is ready it's polished it is sharp and operate to go but so i'm just said i wish the people could understand that well and i think i think that when at all costs mentalities you know out about in it all cost is not necessarily you don't do things that are unethical just to win just because you hear your willing to win it all cost there you you've got it you know you've got to say i will live in thclearing in god's hands and the wind will be his and not mine and that compromise on your policy to get where you think you should be or two you know what i mean you don't win at all costs you want because it was a true and honest wind and that goes with everything in her life and sometimes you know sometimes i you have to walk away from certain things because of the things that you ask to do compromise that relationship with god which you do the wrong thing you're going to compromise the relationship with god and that has to come first and foremost of men i know you're that way that the most important thing in the whole world to use your relationship with god and when when god is the real person to you which he is to us you know it's walking with the real the person of god himself of christ you would never do anything to make him sad or two to compromise that connection you have with them the most important thing that you'll ever see ever experience or ever have in your life and nothing is worth compromise yes i mean no there's there's like three passages in roman you got six chapter six is prize poet and first part of romans a saban acceders i would say there's four sections and not even rome sevinteent five a seven seven to twenty five i believe that as were paul describes his gestation period just before his new birth people are meover at me but i'd like it now i can i can show you what i believe from the scriptures ah go on to verse twelve there gone no try to advance things a little bit oh but but there's so much there that we can talk about two eh yeh like a robe you will roll them up like a garment there will be changed but you are the same and your years will have no end a just irremissbile in hebrews thirteen eight were tolbooth same yesterday to day and for over or a revelation one ache tochter the alpha and the omega oh so i want no transition into a a romans overview were not try to skip through some things here but ah soon give her over view and nowhere to be lookin at romans nine and ten little bit so if you want to call that out but a roll insis pivotal the gostino through and john wesley all claimed tromentas book that really converted them is regarded as the most complete gospel summary its major theme is the power of god to salvation to every one who believes which is in one six here's a few things that the to bits but oh god has mentioned a hundred and fifty three times law seventy four times christ five times lord forty three times in jesus thirty six now if i had in action with my people i would ask him this might not be a big deal but you know how many questions or enrolled in look on her tell me you got in front of you maybe not i got the book of odes does it matter would it would it surprise you to learn that there are seventy ninety ah so it's like would people think all men to read to this book these are just summoned the things that may be some one that goes deeper like me we start asked that what why are there so many i mean you know this is kind o how i i believe that jesus did dat i think paul did as when we want to teach somebody we ask is so i believed it paul asked get our minds to he doesn't want it just lay it all out there he wants us to was the truth sociating yes that's what you're saying or got so in rollins doing three almost within a or even as but say the jews who were looking her should a looked at the birth of the king any having on her rate our spring fry could wish that i myself were cursed and cut off from christ for the sake of my brother my kinsmen according to the six but it's not as though the word of god failed cause he wonders what light by our table levers and this is right here the second half six for not all who are descended from israel i longed are we deal with that when there are some people that will say all israel will be sick now paul says said but he's really talking about all elected here he's talking about flesh is he says all of them will not be safe and in seven and not all are children of abraham i cannot be because there is offspring but through isaac shall your offspring be there's people that are in his falling and after sarah did abraham married and i believed that he had a i don't know maybe i know it's three or four sons at least there were mentioned solved all children of israel does it mean there his offspring and even even if we could look in that in the jacob line all of those are not redeemed so we think about that we doubt should what does it mean that says this means that it is not the child the flesh who are the children of god but to children of the poet as one one of my favorite topics is i think that what he's talking about the promise talks about the new covenant so all would be saying here only the children that are in the due covenant no more born from above or countered his of some people struggle with that i mean i was just talking somebody with talking other day i dare or people in the church that do not believe there any divide in the people of the they would not see let's say the seed of king in the season babel division and i could probably lest her bout a hundred divisions throughout c that to me clearly say that there an evil line and a godly life so it is amazing what people think as we moved forward we don't do it go on twenty one so again people scratched their heads to a how is it tom that we have evil ones good ones paul says on again one of those questions he see her start right off there ah if not that we're going to go through it but in nineteen there's a question to question twenty o are you old man to answer to god question what is well what is moulded say to the moulder why have you may be like this question the question is twenty one has to potter no right over the clay the clay of humanity make out of the same low one vessel for honourable use and other dishonourable use i believe he does ah the text i have talks about vessels of wrath prepared for destruction i guess maybe i need to put together a teaching of all the verses that i believe ah talks about those two sides of that division i might have that at least started somewhere as i have to go through and dig it out so order we understand the gospel to me and i will say if we understand christ's gospel you we could better understand the christmas story the corollary to that would be if we really understand the christmas we will better understand the gas oh i guess i could never go back into john three and enough but i think that people don't dig into really what jesus is talking about there oh ten nine inrolments before we go to john eloped says if you confess with your mouth at jesus lord believing your heart that god raised him from the dead you will be saved so who is he talking about what does he think of one who do you say that i am the son of man he this is what he asked of peter and his disciples had but this is a conviction question done you and i were talking about this earlier we often think that you believed the gospel one day and that's good enough my name's reddon haven and as good enough if convinced that we most just like i say that secretions ten one to six is so pepita the corollary to that is we must to ourselves every day your wicked lessen the gospel messengers and we should we could read gospel pappas sages but if once we learned the true gospel we should be preaching at aspeto ourselves every day we need it well it's like it's a difference between just being saved by the skin or teeth from the fires of hell and actually having the ability to growl and find the richness and christ you know i think that that can't be understated it's like that freedom in christ the richness and christ the character that you gain from it an end the things that you gained by moving forward with walking with god is immeasurable and so i mean if if somebody wants just say i've saved on olive my life while you got have to hammer that out with god but there it's like cheating in a class room you can get through a class and a cheat your way through the task and get the passing grade but that doesn't mean you have any mastery or that it will assist you and every part of your life i mean in of think it's probably a little bit more valuable to actually be connected to god so that you actually have him telling you in exactly what the best path is very step of the way and set a muddling through it making lots and lots of mistakes if you if you listen to the way that the instruction manetto there for life you've got to save yourself a lot of problems and also you prove yourself trustworthy and iustly i think that's what i rewards are in heaven it's freedom because we won't abuse it in the more freedom that were giving much is given much is required of us the more freedom were giving and were given the question that should be asked there as i am my worthy of that freedom well i make the right choice to the best of my ability every step of the way from here and throughout eternity because it's it's it's a urned that that part is going to be earned you know that the trust in a week and trust god but does he trust and you know a full relationship is where trust is established on both sides not one and i have a ceiling at that's really what god wanted the first place is to give us that freedom so that it wasn't we were just like otontanto you know that we're just not robots but that we actually choose him shows that relationship with him that we both know each other enough that there is a special bond of trusts there that's a whole differentthen somebody just telling you what to do and just doing it because you're told to do it it is it you you understand why you know and will bring them back to horse training is only two kinds of trainers in the world the in its true teachers there's the one that stands over shrewith as in order winter beat it if it doesn't do what what they wanted to do it i mean i've seen that over the years i mean i've taken in horses that have been beaten to the point of paralysis and it's horrible there there trust their faith everything is just really broken and there in survival and then the other type of trainer is the one that says i know you got a bunch of herds and you really don't know quite what's going on here i now trust me and we will become friends and walk forward together and in all help you every step of the way so that you are truly never alone and that's what i really think that god wants from us you don't because that's really the best that he has to give us is a friendship not not his punitive innot the punitive part but the friendship were where we will always do the right thing no matter what that word what a tale reprief and have the subinspector conversation replied the moths there is one man in scripture we go little snippet of he turns from a sinner to a saint to a preacher in the matter and he's been preaching for almost two thousand years and i i know i'm strecednes minds you know who i might talk and about jesus died they both railed on him but one said hold the other what are you talking about he finally sold her pap and in his soul it happened in his mind he says what are you saying about this man don't you know this and he asked jesus which you remember in jesus son this day what you be with me my king he he say we wait did the hebers believed that or they believe you when in the sole and waited for thousand to jesus was talking about a reality in this man's soul and i might might he's been preachers for two almost two thousand years if we just get a snip it this man sieges like one trying to tell people with these passages i'm convinced that god knew best that that's why he could open his mouth and give praise that's why he can say lord remember me take me with i want to be there with you sideyonder with me this day while well what a cool moment that would be you know he i hate like monthes cool moments that the cool does not run out in a moment like that you know ruritanian about this think about all the people that were accusing jesus the whole time thus accuse and blame and blame and blame and blink and look at what our society is turned into you you can't go anywhere with somebody's like their faultthere fall this is happy that having you don't what let let's for this in perspective pretty pretty much exterior that goes right back to the garden what with the analami e he blaming the serpent they were both wrong i mean they did the wrong thing to do the wrong thing on up to it say yoursor and move on but stopped to rain to be don't blame everybody else on the planet for your own failure and he goes i don't see that to everybody i mean it goes to me it goes to every one every one should step up as we're all going to fail at times as were imperfect but you just sit escreet up that one guess i'm not i'm not going to do that again i hope we'll all be smarter than next time but to blame somebody else to dock the responsibility is despicable secuto it make it right move on and just holefull real get smarter each time with screw up you know but that that blameyou a maga stress and the you know i'm i'm sure i don't know of jesus he had any anguish from before the playing i really don't know i think you probably sat back in what was like you just you to expose yourself and you exposed yourself and you expose yourself and you exposed yourself he didn't have to do it he stood there quietly and let them run their mouths and run themselves right into the grouch and show their true character and ever times that he fully exposed as for he happened in john ache he said sure of your father the devil that was where they they cried we're not invadedst anybody hey oh yes you are and as for sensatory greatest passages you know if you believe in the son the son will set you free which is that new birth only one is perfect in that's him yes and the rest of us need to win when something when there needs to be justice dealt out that there is time for that but there's such also such a time for grace and mercy when somebody makes a mistake you pick him up some back on their feet so common we can walk to gather here for ligoise for can walk on through this but not with kind of nations but with compassion knowing that we're all subject to fatal only when perfect and the blame came and and you know it's a common coming out after christmas and listening to a lot of stories about families getting together and you did this in you did that year like this in this is sotoyou think in this is what you do it's like will hold the phone you just opened up a pool straight to howl in that would be your mouth and so it's like you know you don't do that to people it's like you know it's better to just sit back and well well well dear jesus please help them while the whatever their struggling with and you know and not try to nail omen you know nail on to some sort of self solouth of whatever they've done because you know we really don't know what lives inside of people's heads or you know we can assume we know you know i know this person did this because of that will really i didn't realize you were god enough to be able to read their thoughts and know exactly what they were thinking of what they were doing you don't know and it's really it's really pretty to think that its people are come el are so complex we don't know and what we do know is that we don't know and ah now we can debug things out in a in a legal form at we can devote things in a procedural format and we can pray to god that every one tries to do the right thing but we don't know it so if you want to call on john three eight i guess i can never not go back to this one is probably a double negative and not price should he set at waybut i think people know what i'm talking about i cause there we get you grace and me grace working his computer with very very wish i had better skeletons what what i want to do is just sewatis that one were talking about romans knowing to ten and one of their lot of people that put nine ten and eleven and two a category that i think a man so i think there's a lot of people in the church i just kind of run over chapter nine ten little even without it i would encourage people to open your bible forget all that you've heard about stuff like that and read it read read it after the redemption of paul where he was new birth no chapter eight and how he includes that we for we know that all things work together for good and that's one of the the promises that we can stand on it oh i was just talking about this costana's this morning that there's a lot of things that happen in life when we can look back and say all men it was so destructive that my life and we we get staringjust a weckerly talk into eternity about all the negative things and we need to attack point i think there is a sense that we're all talabout weeping to the behind certain things on pressant the prize the gold would call into the ycinesse so when we think about the passage and in romans nine and ten were tacked oselati and is an just re quickly came on and say that i i did a lot of my doctorial work on exactly the new birth especially john three and i could probably unpack things oh many many many times from these fires i onesheshin about it there i believe jesus makes a genuine comparison and maybe we could even do i teach chart ones between what takes place in the birth of a human baby and what takes birth place in the birth of a spiritual ah in new birth and so jesus says to have been three truly truly a city unless one is born a gap i can't see the king some people will say it's up in three tots to one i was just in there donna not five we'll get to that so perfect computer rone called no no problem donthought that i might if i amused by self like this is so i just say his hetrogeneous me ah but it is proved that i am in perfect which he has me lot to leeway for behavior so so when we think about i mean it's like we get wakens that something about a human life and until it is born it can't see all the things in the world than that would be if if they have i sight and they can see while we know that their eyes are changing for at least the first six months so may be to begin with all i can see is you know light and you know vague figures so you you can actually see them by the time there six its like the really the really start to study your face and so there is a progression there so jesus the sand sotnias simple if we can make the comparison between human birth and spiritual so it's like that's such a dog statement until your born from a boat your new born you can't even see that it waken be biologically alive and we can't see god's in but when he knew bursas we ah i see i can believe i can put my faith in you i can repent and in as one of the things that did i learn yours to go that cause we often take well he had to repent and then you could be no more while that's again the dew to be formula and i wish i could shatter that in people's minds i'm convinced that god's word talks about god makes us so be then we can do formul i think of people could get that street so much scripture would all of a sudden makes in ingraced way so what jesus is telling nicodemus unless your new born you can sidicino god now for nicodemus he he was he was a rally he was one of the fairies jesus bashilanges later you're one of the free season you don't even know the simple truths of the gospel you don't know that you must be born from above in tacitus didn't he clearly did sitting on dem is says to him in for can how can a man be born again can he enter a second time into his mother's womb be born so he's confused cause he's locked in two a spiritual i mean a physical birth jesus is talk and spiritual birth but nicodemus is locked into the now there are some huge comparisons oh but so jesus answered again truly truly i say to you unless one is born of the water and the spirit he cannot enter the kingdom of god a lot o people is over so many people say what that's that's the water of baptism i will differ with him in about a hundred wives hold on even to that and try to agree i am an i got have an agreement with that that's how that's really how i was raised too is that it's the spiritual birth it's not a water baptist so now we can have water baptism into water baptism just as signifies what are thy god did our soul but here's here's this is to be poinet so confused with those but when we understand that jesus is making a comparison between physical or spiritual part that that spiritual resurrection in new birth his is the sad look you can be physically more but what is necessary born of this now i never bore a child i saw all five of my natural morton children so you're a real man oh yes he is i demanded that on the back side of the time that they wouldn't let fathers into the delivery room i said no omne it for you ah but so i'm just i know that anne odile and comes out and i may say things the little ignorantly but i've been there water breaks and that starts the baby coming down the canal and then it comes out and jesus is saying his look really what i'm talking about you know to be born from above which yoredale about in inverse street you got to be born physically before you can be born again what a those done moments but we come blodeshede different ways in so my point is yet he said look unless you're born of amniotic fluid or physically you know an be born of the spirit but he was really focussing it on being born of the spirit so he just if you will double down right here that which is born of the flesh is flanked and that which is born with the spirit spirit his sons again back to those dolmens don't marble that i send to you you must be born again and he got better of what why that goes up for of that these gophers you saying nicodemus what what is it is dorn understand it's like you know this is not rockets this is basic biology on one compared to basic ah it can we say no birth graced by along i mean so it's your say in lock their physical birth and nurse spiritual birth and this is what it trying to talk to you sooicide'll has onhappy while we already know not of the flesh it's not a ottewill's not the will of man it's a god so he says the wind blows where a wish is then you hear in sound but you don't know where it comes from her where it goes so it is with every one who is born of the pre so you might say both come over there is he going to get it i don't know but i can see things when i know that god's work when i believed that cessation is going on and we can be a midway if to well and we can help birth so setwork i mean sir my maywell how much is that happen i don't know but wouldn't we start to see some of these truths and may become a reality we can help facilitate a new birth and when they come out we can wipe their eyes do goneclean him up to and bring along as a baby and grow men to christ teach him grace and things like that it's your stop i hope that helps a little bit for people to understand dynamics but again what would i would ask you to think about as i've talked about is it is salvation of matter do to be or do we see from john's free it's a matter that god makes us of and therefore we can i think that's late up very well and efesian to test but so i wol not maybe start rapid things up just a little bit christmas is not only about a knowledge he the christ child it's about what do we every day this is what you talked about earlier appreciated which what do we do every day because of what the christ child did not that's really in a nutshell that's what our life in christ is all about believing that god is god believing the weak and take every thought to be and it's like you know as you mention i guess this is what i got away from it in i was talking about the four passages that omens from so ah heat it starts right off again questioned what six one watch how we send grace may abound psyche most has a spiritual harder take but that's what you are asking he conception and somehow think that god's going to bless this or work good in me no no grace does it allowed grace does it and see this is where i get that's one of the the passages that i i learn grace from tello from paul more than anybody grace and ables us to be holy so we don't we don't see in so that grace so grace come so that we don't this cone like when you have a kid it did you ever in your kids was a born attorney i did that was always looking for that loophole you know so we sit with so so we can send more and that way you can give more grace than it it was so now look at you can't like that you're like so how the amanitin law school in or something like that because you know it's like looking for that leopold now it's a loophole is this trying to get rintherout's supposed to what's supposed to be you know but i remember that i knew i had an attorney i had for years old he's not an attorney of course but he thinks like one i don't let's let's find the technicalities to get us out of trouble so we don't really have to do what's right and and or to just discind an extra just an extra loophole there in and see this is where it does help down if we go through those passages many of those passages there on in particular all talks about and he tries to crush antinomian so it is the antinomian mind and again everybody stumbles over this i sorry ousieville and average and anti god's law set that somehow i cannot do god's law and think i'm okay or think that he smiles on me oh it's like no god requires perfect i mean if we think about that it's like isn't there at what may jesus christ her thickly obey if he didn't perfectly obey he couldn't have been ours it would have been horrible if he had not he obeyed now can we perfectly obey no but these did and that is the essence all our salvation and so am i just convinced that a lot of the church is antinomian a terble ah and so that one passes is exactly paul was trying to attack the notion of antinomians a rod six on there's other passage others passages and corinthians are believed at six so he had turned to a roast on a hotel you these consisted of back to to the book that i wrote in galatians down and i know you have it i i said one of my main thesis if you will get drove me no right at b was i said that if you can take revelation off the table of this is galatians is the most misunderstood book in the new task roman seven specially summoned to twenty five is the most misunderstood chapter i the in bible and in these passages first grandians people go oh he always wondered about that so many benessas might give to you to day a first grade then sir thirteen if you can call it a great if not a word read it gieeson he but it says all things are lawful for me but not all things are helpful all things are lawful for me but i will not be dominated by any thing so if we if we look at those sir a six were six twelve to thirteen and so ah i said gratiosis the most misunderstood boy rome in seven is the most misunderstood chapter and these three verses and am going to point people too i think are the most misunderstood verses or lest one of the most misunderstood so is paul teaching is truth think he's trying get a pretty thank a little but he is but here's what i would say if you just scan that page is there anything that paul ever writes where he puts cots now if he is quoting an old testament verse he will put cots but these have quotes on and they are not old testament verses so my point is he is acknowledging what an antinomian has said ah all things are lawful to me i can send any way i want oh no no no no but not all things are helpful now see that's what he and i know men might say i can see any way i want no they may not be helpful but who really cared now god says you will be my law every time as i demand righteousness and i demand justice and i give you the power to be righteous he's talking against antinomian so what's next one all things are lawful for me but i will not be dominated by anything he doesn't really control me oh yes it does well and so then there's the next one for his men for the stomach and the stomach for and god will destroy both one and the other he says the body is not meant for sexual immorality in any goes into a whole teach he is his speaking anti no man thought so this would be what we saw it in set gratian's tent we would have to take those thoughts captive and say you know that isn't ungodly statement that's what all trying to get us to so if you can turn and head to chapter ten terse twenty three it says a similar thing serene siringre job so what if he had these are not from old testament passage quoted so these are statements that i am convinced that an antinomian would say and he just responded to so he says again all things are lawful but not all things are helpful same thing is before all things are lawful but not all things build up the gain if he's talking against anti nomian thinking which i am she is i think that can help people because i find the lot of people i know what when i was young in the faith and really rose with the i had some bad teach on his first and it was very very very it's like you mean it really doesn't matter how i live see i've had a lot of people say oh yeah we can we can do it ever we want ah no we can do it ever we want and righteousness but as a new born people we don't have the right to go sin ever ever so tis tehapin i mean i mean we can think about it too as i how would we want to be treated we should treat god the same way as as a friend and you know in the only one that's perfect and you know we would think that he would really that be one of his greatest gifts as that we could do for him from us because we can't give a whole lot cause he's kind o got you know he's kind of self sufficient but but for us to actually obey i know obey his instructions treat him the way that we would want to be tried in that same position and that would be with cross and honor you know if it if we want to if we want trust and honor around us it's got a start with us making that decision every day to live with a tigery trust and honour and to your point i think every one who actually becomes a mature believer got has gone through that time of wrestling at the beginning when they are when they are first saved and it may go on for many years before you really get it figured out and got his patient good and he stays with us through those times which is amazing even when we don't deserve it he he is amazing he stays with us and you know then that's when we walk his friends we get to that point and we walk as friends yes and i i try to i know a lot of people think that i am very hard he i think i can be hard to understand but i try i work overtime if you will to explain things so i may i die deep but i dig deep so i can explain simply now whether i've complished that i guess everybody some people say oh ten yeah really didn't do a very good job and others say tim thank you very very much well everybody can be saying thank you very much because when somebody does something that's one of their heart to help i mean that that's the time that you think people for what they do and for my perspective you know it's like i think you're one of the nicest people i've ever met in i mean truly gracious people i've ever met in my life you speak but to taught you not to talk to you as in in watching you talk for other people i or you are so gracious to people and kind and that that so clearly comes through it's kind of a mix just because you're talking truth doesn't mean that you're doing it without love you can speak truth and in love and you're living example of that because you do it every time i've never ever once see you take a break from that and being just gracious speaking truth but speaking it in grace and love and i i really appreciate that from from you know from your friendship why i thank you for the down in and i think you said it very well and i guess if i could say anything may be in conclusion dee what we're talking about here as it ties in because of all the study that i have done and as deeply as i have understood grace and i just without mentioning a name there is a woman that i talked to you yesterday i was ready not a religious exemption for her cause she wanted to take off the trip for what the school oh to france and she said i think she's a new believer but man could i hear the vibrancy of her faith common through loud it clear as she said you know what i really want to hear is to relieve learn the essence of my salvation and i guess this is where its like again lot of people get lost in the weeds and otto want to get people lost in a west but the the greatest thing that god taught me is what i believe is god's doctor galatians to temperers of verse stephen says that god puts grace in the heavenly in the unlike for all the generations then that's why for me the subject of grace is so primary because grace he came to me grace makes me holy grace empowers me to reflect christ every day and i tell people if we could really understand biblical grace how is you often hear it be fine you got to dig deeper you got to say look i'm not going to no goin take these we definitions are descriptions or finding out what it really means when we can find out what grace really me and we can use that's why i mean real quick again i'll say would jesus died the veil was rent i'm going to rightly god took the mercy seat we don't ever hear what to mercy seat again at the only references in revelation when it's in to happen but paul talks about hers for sixteen let us come boldly the throne of great it was one questioner herheras her one of my submittere we're not come from he said to honourno is is all the men take what i think and see it says goes on i says let us come boldly to the throne of grace so that we can receive grace and mercy to help in time the that first he that speaks everything god opened veil he completed salvation and i think if you will he put the throne grace write we don't have to go to the ball as combles well how do we do that with joint and or you say god i'm coming before you see fill me with your grace help me to reflect help me to be a way in in view what i said beginning if we are going to change her we got to be engaged in that he and bring correct an we got into his true so i want to thank you again done for everything that you've done for this online church hold a thing anybody that listens and i hope that you're willing to to reach out and say tim confused meanswer this for me would you tell me more this is such a blessing i love doing this church on wednesday with you and i learned so much from you every time i listen you talk i mean you're ermazin out let's have got the chant i read some of these and she fictionat a tone in here in the the come incase i think people are really trying to absorb what you're saying when they lie come later so might go elsa's good morning the people of stated moskenoed i met so many great people los says good morning gerry smith i am into prophecy i hear from god through the prophets the events and movements before it becomes news very couraging jesus is the hat we are his body and garry says right this day not some day so this is this is the day that the lord has made this is the day that we can choose to do the right thing choose to go with him and be become his friend and walked together in acceptis gift of salvation where he did all the work he did all the work all we get a dousing him believing him realize it that is our salvation and that we can go boldly forward every single day in trying to know clean the drain is sapinero bodies in our own minds and evrything else and walk in a closer walk with him and truly be his friend so i i'll get things so that's wonderful i want to thank you for doing this to cause i really think this is amazed and i'm so less would you like to say that the closing prayer today i can i would not that that'd be great be happy to do so lord we are humans and we we have frailties oh how we do lord if sometimes we would only look and admit but lord the thing that just excites my soul is that you choose put yourself in us you put your redemption you're cross work in there's so many passages that deal with that lord you give us your empowerment to even be read and to imitate lord i pray for everybody that set i know we have a work to do words so many wars sometimes it's hard to keep the war tried but you have power as you give us your freedom and yet once out it wants to teach people it wants to grow or i just prayed the to church which challenged get off of its hands get in the say lord what is it you want me to do there are just millions of things lord helpless to worship you every day of every year live christmas every day of every year gospel to ourselves every day of every year take thoughts obey you because of your grace for her glory i remember his son much so well this is a great day and we got a full great dear how of astonished as can put the south there lesse he regarding in the men go to brandenburg forgotten her dog come or you go to brandenburg news that work we got a maternities up there now which is kind of cool so so yesterday were talking about the the onspeakable problem tiras or whatever they are faced fokidos yesterday during the broadcast over back on there to day in moniplies they got an old fication on like wow that i might as well said sponsorship sons or ships on the ship the so anyhow to day were red and face spoke for you too was so got me in a weird spot so we have bread and borgenese work do ham and all videos are also played there besides on romble can also go to be nandatrtha that's there but a just want a letter ready now how the hard hands now her hands so we love all of you were fighting for you were fighting with you and i and we care about you so god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless the erica thinks him any other closing words no you said to us you get great toe and i just i just pray i want to say this fools oh read through colossi during the week poetwhat we're in on packed at o don'tknow many weeks will do it and that's what we're going to go through and i inanother assign to write there from teacher town it is so i read your colossians it may be a month to wantwell slip in joan in at least talk about that maybe a week or to as in on great one well everybody have a great day love your pieces and will see it to morrow to morrow is on to morrow care and the riveter is back to my great which is always thought caron well all right have a great day and we'll talk to you again