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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 8/12/2022 - Live today - Unity Music Festival

Published Aug. 12, 2022, 10:02 a.m.

I'll be going live at the Unity Music Festival

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good morning this is donna brandenburg and i'm running to be the next governor of the state of michigan and regular we early ableman errand were at walrond down by the crowd to gaston's going on down here this was kind of exciting because we're going to wergeland here dagon that are coming it's early in the day they're not letting people in ontario at the mercantile people in isolating one or two lionesses my ear boast i'm not sure that i'm not sure i want to just take me don't be able to talk to you with these things that so you were going to make some jobs we got lots o things going on kind of a crazy day there uh yeah we were here all the yesterday and met some wonderful patriots i think it tanner the gracious and what not lot to be trotted and a better and get talked about people and it's really amazing how many christians are coming out to take the nation back heard all about what happened at the convention yesterday he for i the malutis he this is just real time making changes we did have some difficulty getting the sublimating and yesterday but to day i think we got it all that southeast here and show you the stage as well as that are lying at so this is as the serious container and i early notes was my first body young on the campaign trail and it's been the very beginnings is actually on or opiates and i in a tell you what one of the most fatal carswell ever bein your life really really positive so i got you the same oh i don't know what to say i'm better behind the scenes all i can say is i believe a hundred per cent is all you've got a gift behind her and help essential get this bateato be a profitable god fearing aestate i estimated that they were talking about going to the convention last night and they were talking all how they were content republican cartier and i ploughed because the republican party is a dead trainin and unless unless we could win their terwilliger fight for it it goes away but right now and i'm going to say this is for the record it's too little to lateran there is no passway that if dixon is an cottontop don't like her because they know that she is an establishment candidate who is bad by de bosson et cetera sera it's too little too late at this point time and all all of us that were actual republican candidates legally removed off the ballot were the ones that were actually um the republic they moved us because they wanted their stables and they said now we're stuck with her and the publican so we've got another option on that to me going with you as constitution party so which is actually more concerned in the republican party obsolete i can like it now i think we need to say things back a little bit to the other side with family values have so that mother and were going to say how to sooth patriots that are along the the rougher get him i and now we've got here we got paleontology praise god the cimiter can be out here in i prayers and then the wind the god always does are you say unless aroused my faithful side to her and my son i see very strong son who can help carry heavy stuff and will be there for you when you do crazy stuff at the man and we got later there will come back in an and interact with people as the day goes on but this line goes for a long long way and it's a great about we listen to the music yesterday i how are you good her excited be here today as it evidently yesterday we listen to the music yesterday it was awesome yeah i can more lady down here they call accent making a title tone and set to stout of the sun senility but yesterday i have a grand for us to day dear aline did we crawl underneath the gilmore well i've got a like a sullen roller than i do on that gwenda here and so he had to dig her and igarapes a train of people here this camp and out well all they could veesitor yesterday by about two blackfoot this path is as all the way down in the next light filled up with people how are you satterday yes i love restrained her umbrella printout of san upon my coming i passed in the stonemason i used to bite ten miles a day every single day my daughter yes and then my son and i bit down pikes peak one in old and that was the clackity miles an hour on that i can hear yetmore people they've got a good view here oscar at a bad way to curtail are you mad started good morning so we'll see how far down would get before the there is pretty early in the morning ten o'clock yes the day they they were stacking up here and help they started opening gates and botanical and there are people all the way down peelite there but they are all the way down to the next light and before the labor the whiteboy so that some people that would camp out that overnight so talking about the miserable here women to agatha were you what was your take on thee on the rate of present trunk and moraga well we mean stream media you he looks at those in the average person is probably in all his orange but for us that understand that you know god is in control and actually believed that but there's a lot of people there no one is going on but what do you think donwell i think that they said that there was somebody in maritime off the f b i have a feeling that was the man the myth the loon president trump himself and that's what i think is happening because they did a beautiful job of study president to go after both olama and bidden by just what i noticed about present trump is he almost always the bat he almost always debate and said present first for organizations to go after all these but with me he's the bat in front of us yes he takes the it because he knows he's first but he knows her common after us right after they get through him right and that's that's exactly sorry i'm not yeah that's exactly what i think it is too into we've got to expose what the i heard you know besides the thirty thousand in email that she had omelet with you love chicago so this has been going on for quite a while and i am you know turning sheep but good i kind of think this is a simple maybe he had just cattewater was on them the hunter by lamp half there but i don't think it was anything of any consequence in fetters which i think is in a beautiful office of really in the open themselves up made themselves on great the old sam what's good for the goose is good for the gander etoient trump is way to great to smart to make him raise he doesn't make like that people around to actually now what's going on and our fighting for this country i mean he said that he has never been he is never not kept a promise that's it that's what i see is that he is a promise keeper and so when i see him doing something i i all manly expect that this was going to be more about and keeping his promise to defend us then to i don't salivate on hammerer to that he would have never set a sop to just leave us the way he did gales yet the too much that very cities very exciting time very very site which is so back passed the crowd again and we reget more people with talk and say hi everybody kind of perdone mobile stream near so brandenburg news not work mobile on the ground had been or at the unmusical probably come back and later when the men more people show up in tenochtitlan greater legs of the railroad rather so you go wilshire the ape she acted hanging outside is amazed at how much a theerbude all these sad that the city said to do so much so of and you know revelations this is a beautiful city miscegenated watsonian at all frustrate his manor and then there before but really it nice it debilitates eventualities so in they don't they don't start letting to point into like senators and the music starts redeemer i hear a lot of people that locasto and by my bellward such and indian lanesport when we were were talking people with intaking about candace the governor and i think what's really no worthiest homeport people came the really worried about stepping off of the herbal whether used to with the parties and i understand that walking away from something that is normal that's a normal thing but this is this time as truly unprecedented and our ability to make fundamental lesson changes or huge so i really i really think it's going to take a lot of bravery and and thinking outside the bait so i had a i think that there is some very fundamental things that need do though and truly god then althea others abode i checked alan see that to us he mortifies terday so i how you doing good i'm not alive regatta in it all okay smood aside i do and we talked quite a while yesterday i had joined our discussion so i just i just want your perspective on things because i i love something to say as to day a daring daylight i was tiarella meeting last night for delegates i was in mount voting process of got a big problem regards to some delegates to instant so we yucatecan i will not discuss the man but lord and in painful life emotion so yeller to a lot of people that were a convention last night and and you know some good things but i unfortunately were talking saluto love too late for the selection cycle and to fix that but you know pathetic is unfortunate but but i think that we're going in the right direction and i applaud everybody offered every one needs to get involved in turn the ship round and we don't have time this is it no hopeful you realize that we don't do something this time around not a regular what's about to happen i commiserate resolvent and you know we can fight the same hole it i praised it at yes one takes him to everybody ivery's got agitated so now will i my nathanmeyer day i thought we were tanacharisson a halter few people and she with her opinions are unting to go on yes he emendation no i had more byeword yet when we talked horses like the talk and tell your opinion on things to day appollinaris that was my uncle property much polished them all the otaheite yesterday service it's always been christians that move that go and step up and right things from their heroes to rail against me thinking ah so heretical all to her much to think about things oh sir temper at the best of all that detention what you running eyeteeth so you talk to alastair you do so so he i'm down and burdening for governor on the steers and so great sea my everybody in and sat so and yeah the regarding gatineaus we left now and it's time to bring it to nationhood and is really kind of nice to see some patriot here and people could wofford out here to celebrating and and phrasing a great right brisoners now light on down here a little bit so i think everybody is give there get making up getting the craft again so you know what i think we're going to do and another body over her can i break in your conversation all right so here's a boy had he retaking yesterday while and to smile you chance to talk about whatever is in your mind to day here politics or whatever my mind today another praying that adoring am i in courage by the lady's part to try to make a well of credit for that nice that you're down in talking to that then draws a saw together with women life and part of that is politics he actually had a conversation in the line and with one another because we trying to navigate out were red and white or red and in and so were encouraged by darwaish i thank you what what's the biggest issues you have right now for egotistically for me it's a border my someone side of the isle but the and i'll always be a border because i feel i facultative that mother than any i don't care metoosin or governor or whatever they got there equally in properly at there maisonrouge the place i think that think it's on steeds um i know when we go to the grocery store right now my wife and i bolted you know cosimo millsboro cases for boxing you come home and you say woman not good how long this but this is not good it squeezes and it makes you make different decisions in your household budgets and if it wasn't for my faith lord scared we're going to go forward and try to fix that you have anything like say okay so yea let a nice discussion yesterday and some of your friends the friends came over and told that i slept was really nice treachery know it's really sad because they took civic at a school they installed in marketing which is all we don't want to take a politics and the terrible thing in which is going to happen peopling will you know what we have to talk about politics with a disseminator as that nor state and i take in our country away from us and turned us into basically debt slaves instead of the owners of this nation and that's where i am a big problem in etern it back into the other way round and start start having weake be treated like and ensure as the owners of the nation rather than than just mere detector of the talismanic it's just a big money wandering organization to two further to further take our taxpayers pertinently and kicked off the balearian party as republican party right now is absolutely in a destructive man and i know that the present delegates got to her last night but it's too little too late they've got candidates in that ere supported with my big money and i have some really big concerns you know quite honestly see that both sides are properly come and it said to know who entrust what an yeah i get it i get what you do i've been in the table to say that for houston totally disappointed in the way that you think that place should go or the people would do the right thing and so often their just not because it's too much money involved in it and it's money for them the outport people not certified and that's the problem that i have would hold than the face a man i think i feel the same way said where a tantalising and by whose pain attention unfortunately to people are paid attention in the sole don't get it yes i get you i ah i'm not spectators stood the petitioner but but yes when i go on to state and i watched the construction and when i see one mile of one barrels around it was making one of the barrels of the going on to get there up in the mind not yes the then i looked at all he found out the boat proved it as because stickin a crescentic or a barrel while good for about a man yes the place of and in one one thing even the guidance that don't do it but they do they did anyway and the silent dictated the he resented suppose the adolescent antoine going to state road see nothing so ostentator talking you all and thanks for talking to me nice to meet you too booraba governor take back every one think you were going so long thanks for your other than school yes so we're going to come back again for eleanor back to the billboards there for a bet maybe no smarter so so this morning on the new cycle i posted a few things out there and i'd like to review them may be in a little while but this campaign donation thing and where that money is coming from it the huge huge issue and because in your taking donations from the pass or from big doors like that to people are all in the king into the and basically telling them what to do there there's no way around it and very very disturbing so i think we're going to do is sign off to write now in an arena here and we will we will come back out of the little while