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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 11/21/2022 - Live Chuck Ritchard

Published Nov. 21, 2022, 9:17 a.m.

Chuck Richard blows the lid off corrupt Michigan Politics!! He holds multiple degrees, believes in the Bible and the Constitution! Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network this is donna brandenburg the morning never had this happen before i'm a little annoyed right now quite honestly but i'm really excited about my new antoine have another another broadcast nasal which is now a new show i'm starting which is the grid we should look at the thing of an run mit dis take us a little while sometimes your fighting with the your fighting with the powers that be out there that want to take that want to take our stuff but that's okay we're in to keep going said you guys can put the one on her because i had to i had to abandon the last last one and so this one the last broadcast and rested again but that's okay we're going to get going i'm going to see if i can read make sure that telegram got that out he so that we can pull everybody along the ego we got it up there the work so anyhow please are really put it out there and and passion so that we and get more people to watch anyhow will come to brethren i am like a sat donna brandenburg and we he asked got a friend who absolutely made a bunch of interest for me pretty excited about all of actually so i'm waiting for the reservoir right now because he also is let me see if i can make sure that we've got to chuck moving forward in the right direction and then we will we will hold out on you go as my kitchen table and we going here handing okay than agathias what you get at the kitchen table sometimes things don't work out so well but i don't know why blount it off but to day it was the first time that rumble actually take a broad kind of like with that all right we'll get him so i wanted to read to something before the on the morning because i think significant as we blow in affording i say i saw your letter this that that you put out the other day in regards to moving in another direction and i play for taking i love chris he's been on before two and is in the chart now here we go he he really truth telling as well as understanding how the connective connective of the corrupt michigan political and how it works and it is crazy how so crazy the political machine works the state of michigan that i cannot even i cannot even beth the make sure that i've got the right day on here because he writes like a mad man he constantly and i then constantly writing not here let me see what i can do to latest post up here because fairly significant i read this and inger this is my response you want it we want to go through the sisters jane in a braver for fighting corruption and shall be township sally got all are his surprise winter we summarize mister grant rose leaned to expose on the garden to a shot professional pausin woman was as jane you might want to sit all balgos and objectives hanging on the wall in the salcombe and which once supervisor proudly boasted on record that they have followed them specifically the point team the count ability and balance personal professional behavior true then your ethics complain on the other speakers or spot on about mister orator mister gratior you need to be commanded to bring this concern for because he has not only directly connected to show because but also to the rogue macanaccady hated by the infamous little wink and the idolising something in the he is pretty let me i think it churchianity here at let him try again a near it was a different being lank a sentinel that one and then we'll see a few men yet roland this entire broadcast we're going to have to to try this over again so anyhow will be back at her and were run into again right pointed out that with and with he is not only directly connected to show by thomson but also the rogue i gopi had by the infamous little winkey and with an idea peace blessing as well not your presentation keeping industry and fired for lesser deeds and yet mister grace still remains and was promoted by alaric i published a damn exposure on mister grant in the detroit free press and did not mean very pretty picture of the sad thing was that there was more details not reported i wonder how and why this adopting masha masha wiser and mary sheridan allowed mister grant or brought to be elevated to the position of finance cheer even after a bribe was revealed poorly of their decision it was a known fact distinctly how come the vice custodian silent knowing of the car so i promised to resignation of wiser gent letter control the organization certainly isn't happened in fact she joined in on the hiring of jason rowe and about never trumper in an advocate for nature national power he engaged him a white gravy review medicine to do so supporting the rogue michigan deep she is attacked others who disagree including me calling me names like nat nat in a little even i'm not going to say the word and even grabbed my arm i had to file a complaint with the gronow what she is capable of or his plan not they advised me to issue she did actually grabbed shock at the ideas dope convention and advise me i issue of to against to former amideo executive caution us in an article about her instability referring to her as a mary a sheridan oh my goodness so it's a stilton him that hang out a minute this is really weird rumble has lost its mind hold on we're going to get chickenhouse this is really really absolutely not the technology some strain to take us down here on pretty extra what may the one now this is really crazy i commiserate he here on our anatomy phone right now and i did cautiously clicking and giving into that like i just hate the new one the one is just not that me an i just italian so we are because literally the last one rule literally i got to that they killed the connective and so i had to scramble it set up a whole broad cap which is weird there is a so weird and animation why because i like linen i italicise in the new incision on the other one has a lot more information behind effort i got calm which makes me wonder more to that link as not showing let me do this i'm going to go ahead and this and i'm going to because i'm on there now so limelit me see what i can do and in meantime i was reading your pa and if you would be so kind as to jump into that post right now we're just doing on the phone and tell we can connect you one here then i don't have it posted up anglicanism just the minute as i should have it just reach my iron as questions just read what you wrote because i can i think this is really very valuable for this is kinda crazy that we cannot get this this is the first time ever happened to me well it's probably not you may be the way to try to silence me i mean if you think about it gunther would love to silence me a lot of people really like me to go away if so speak will they be trying to silence me too so it's kind of like my gullet me see you the idiot is you know working over time to silence all of us that the one that wanted speech through i mean they literally have been working over time to silence all of us and in it is a then you know it's like you know god forbid should anybody say the name brandenburg or checked and in the really a game sunniness to right now really gotten to be a a very rosie and there are destructive make that work this is really the same this is very eranthis is really bad a dangerous time for our country and i'll tell you why it's so dangerous there you go ocasion acted give it a try again and we're going to keep word to keep going aesthesis important and i'm not going to let down now without without fighting back a systemic not connected this is so weird tricotrin turned a microphone in your camera and to the screen i think i almost got close was i outright now it will not let me do it crazy there's that within everybody in this duty on now weird bettina's try to get in garotte again he is so crazy the intonation up here and aside say you just keep him and we're going to keep swing and because i started a new got a new one coming on to night that's off the grid freedom and were going to be talking about how to you know being a farmer and that you know there's a lot that i can share another people who are who are proper i'm kind of a proper you know i like to be i want to be able to live without having to be connected to anything if i have to and and i think that's an important skill to have so brandanes nowheres render news network is going to continue to expand regardless of any boy his valet okay tournier anything it has no my osmiae come on we're going to dover to persevere here because this is where is going to go a longer and i'm sorry to everybody that just that we've had this technical difficulty but that i have never had rumble break the link from rumble i had other types of stuff that this is a new one entirely new that's okay they must they must not want you to say and me to say what's really on our mind is more state is an absolute abysmal failure to carry out any policy that our actual honest in her election or even having freedom of speech or or silencing people i'm so done with this whole thing i am so done with all of it so the anatomisation our turbines let's go let's go let's go to battle because they want a battle as it more eyelet me clear when i say i'm so done with it that means that i am in fact a the war horse his sword drawn ready to absolutely level this yet we can't you know i listened to republicans talk about rehabilitating the system are you kidding me can't rehabilitate a system at this point time that is corrupt the two interconnected like chopin of the an arm of a square second matter you can chop it off but you know what it's going to come right back up again all right try again shockingness together either to that sense load the moderates your own devices not connected this is we yeah i can't amirican my life or my came and we're going to continue on and guess what we're going to do it we're going to do it this way i'm going to bring my water to last up here in sycamore i get my coffee you got your coffee yea and i got my computers that my lab all right and i've got rumble up over here on one scene so crazy i renounce raoul i ride i'm in a minute i got to see if i can bring something else upon the other screen there considered if you want me to read through this and then we're going to talk about to the horror of the people in a state of michigan who have been trying to sail and checked see all of you we are coming back were coming back bigger and it were never going to stop and fix we were talking to martindale to have you on like once a week i'd love to have the speed of monday date of the of the tom foolery out there and michiganian whatever woman a collie come up with a bunch of different no no no i think that's perfectly legion we talk about the political opportunity imperishable cause soft i have a few other basilike call but i just do but the fact is that the people are offered him and i really don't care about the truth the care as their own well there one power this is about and if in doing it for years folkestone but has got worse has gotten really worse with this latest regiments epidote salamanders really it's really an absolute shame been going on in this it and i think i think one of the things that really bothers me above all of this how coordinated these people in our and taking down anyone that's willing to speak of the it it is i mean this is a concerted there is no two ways about this is a concerted effort in order to silence who really love this nation because i'm going to tell you what what i saw when i you know through through the time i've been in here and you know like i said before i do not conceive in so much wrong with that there's no way there's no end to what we can say i do not concede the trader i do not on too poorly run and inaccurate maladministration period this is not not happening so and in an it is so organized it's unbelievable need i terminated taken because you can see what's really going on but right now and i'm so briefly and then before we got to what i wrote we just finished all action with his finical on with our i concha was the same thing at the on the federal level are connected to one thing the people get elected that this mean true republicans that does it mean about pushing truth he pushed and as long as the canoe was the god their dog that okay well for any of us so we saw the connected their deeply connected because their pushing money or power or we look at what's going on with the mc brides going on prizes in republican party come to be above that were a party of law we look at the mine thing we look at a local in terms of a county one happened two years ago a bribe or attempted drive come come along is that we have allowed it to happen why a public servant supposedly to take care of our wishes but they haven't they taken care of their own and so often we hear people speak of they work for the note don't they work for themselves and that's what this problem is i will entreat much money oh yes they do not may be not directly but in many other ways they certainly have benefits beyond a norte they leave their office to the conferees years or eight years a petitio guess are seward warned antennae way how do we say that an with all outside back up it ready folks be even to day there is announcement ah one senator is under investigation i haven't even brought that out yet and that's a breaking news and there are many more when i talked about the chapel iris we thought o not just chapoulot others involved and that price by the way the democratic national art democratic party has made a god or priority to go after republicans we don't have anything for the glass they can't go after us cantabitur behind all this we need to clean up our party so i'll leave it that one of a you continue sorry now that's okay i don't believe that we can clean these parties out because the problem is is that so the corruption in the ties and to these multinational corporations the dark money and all of it i think that they become nothing more than they really become nothing more than than a money laundering beast and i mean if you think fracas a problem get into the political realm check out how these people who were actually being paid by apt how their trading and there made me deals so many other directions that there's no there's there's no describing woolen robe and was distantly related to it and i do really to uncover her the world copyright now right people aware of the pale as political influence alias going on there how did purge this point twenty two world are you aware what happens the car bought a french sacerdotal team they also bought how many air busters agreed to it and the french primmins went to the representative from france the former respected player and told him he realized what's on the line here and he came in and gave this could ottocar has patineurs ago influence guinevere talking about her in corpse is so pervasive distort money usoof and initiations it in impolitic and why should we be surprised because people love what our and money yes and you've got to you've got really ask a lot of questions about the why is this such a pole to keep you know what i know i that abased lovelace they've taken god out of our lives out of our schools out of our families out of everything and people have made their god this material world other people's approval for accumulating and in it it's really really too bad i think he got it now theatergoer now he suddenly the somebody but were of none of us are anything without god i did you leave i think what happened like to be a like to feel like her up there on the pedestal a girl came up our money believe me there and what was it notation said absolute power corrupts absolutely and i think that's what we're seeing it were seen a lowe seen it all now with a couple of individuals how they are lining up and preparing for the next run on the latter so why is it so important to people climb the ladder what makes people think that that when you get there is a great great position i've been there i've been up the latter and to believe me it's lonely because why because you can't share all the information with people like you normally with you like we done to day and i don't think people understand that and that's one of the goals of brandenburg news network is to have free you know a free ability to communicate and to say whatever on any one's mind because i think we've got to restore the and i mean first of all it's a right given you know it's a right given by god but a sure by the constitution but secondly it is the right thing to do is to listen to each other listen to her i thought and our ideas and that sort and then we can only come to we can only come to good solution if we allow everyone to and put into things and her people out so condition to listen to label that that it's like while we're in with this person in the bad person basket in this person in this bad person basket while he does work to a certain degree when you have especially political operatives and there's a lot of political operatives out their tons of hot it unexampled a prime example of that happened oration when we elected the minority leader over the miserable party or of the of the house gay and the mission house the minority leader was left why did they let why did they choose animal for the other the people running for the position yet malmani and and hermetically stepaside i persevere inside that that wasn't the reason they chose the first one dead was because he got inside information on contentation is but they have been sitting formation by doing that the old man that the old man the old imbecile they know he's not going to spill the beans on meeting else it out there it's all about black man is black madhav got almost every any one that gets it gets in there anywhere if they're not part of it all ready they will black mail to by something even if they place it on so this is one of the reasons why i am absolutely again when he had waingongora otaheite to the understand one when when a new representative state repetition new states enter goin to the officer i get on to get elected the first thing to do is electioneer or a senate majority led the next thing they do i the houses or the senate rules do i give allegiance to the leadership o no use the voters as we think we have power that we control no i don't if they step out of line then they will lose their chairmanship or their position or money from these the lobbies only one all against the man that was accountable me say this and i go i haven't checked on this i believe that originally signed that solidarity or centres he did that was given up or right he may resent it later people don't because they get threatened they get black mail it is pure blackmail or they take him off of the committee assignment so that that what they do is they silence them while they're at off that they can have no you know people are going to cave underneath type of pressure you know whether it's blackmail or whatever and most of the black mail going to be planted as somebody gets there who is a good person they they told me right off the bat i said this is how it's going to work when you get in there there gentlemen in the basement of the camp like explain to you how things work and i'm like and lock with that i nyabigma because this reason what without it that we could work like all of us and the real world to harrel and none of her note had obtained the ones that i talked to they've never had a real job there are political their political cares and in it they are the political parasite and they go from from eating eating at one source politically to the next to the next to the next after after he acts only one example is prepotency democ that we had gontran this is one example i've got a lot of questions about how many more crypts when under an what the plications are we that how many other efforts are there out there that they have co opted for their own game there's a lot you can look at grandmother o what a one point six million dollars gain on a stock trade and the bandit the money is roomy and you will then get on the story now you know you because they're getting their money behind the scene to you don't see it and you would say so you goin all her not getting me that much and yet they are the three ansley making a killing and not only they make at a killing or involved in this killing did you i don't know how much you can watch in about the jonathan is going on in canada but i'm like loobitsan going on here too though the cares actively the hot and they've been paying the hospitals to murder people so i mean i mean this is such a big issue right now and people listen to people that are out there so trying to play nice with these people going you know we just got a plain night it's like a raging yeah it's like electioneerin with that now content like it when i'm old and i'm sure they do same thing with you oh always oh yes so that's why i know i just don't want to face something but this is to the political merit i wrote to day just morning because i just people need to see what's going on in it and then i speak about what hap what's going on in the state of my good i'll just read a little bit out we can stop along the way and back okay i want all and i want to go start reading comments in the car when i get too far behind that i can't you know nobody so the gastronomic and leaden the chant by now you know i'm determined drive out some if not all these corrupt political across the i know it angered some because well they just can't handle the you a crusading your comfort on but in the end that has been the objective a sort of collars or country urbaner attack from so many groups that would make ancient china was her and gardiner war try to recall a little of the political action of across the state has passed we by talbot taccourt i count even my friend and to caution the most concerned county in his fate complained with some now blocking me because of my boldness if that is the price of freedom and so be it he rode king's vilasville and accountant a fifty fifty in terms of true conservative republicans i genewine or as is now known twenty thirty is clemley we will see what the impact group has under atouni diophantine undesert it'll be interesting to see if they will rustle control from those that were behind the scenes and attempted to bribe former chair david crow of the chairman's position after the twenty twenty election it is so bad enouncement they had hired here the road buonconte folks like stand brought as some work in the scenes pateroles and old elected positions we need to nearby what role mister dealer and read the four played an entire mass along with others railleuse next week at the octagon will stop there that in hatton i covered the lot and a short time more but that's just out of account it is a little bit abandon them a little but we got time the county go back to twenty twenty there was an attempt to bribe the former share david crawled a way up and not to run for the germans position of many things he recorded the conversation got one case and to help i'll clear you that way a minute how could they dare to bribe of all things there could itinerating like he was a bad person when in fact they were doing things illegal trying to stop so what did they do so then dreda meeting face to face meeting this was all the mystical the scene the face to face man what happened i decided this schedule madame got all the people involved and they they ought but this too meaning together and guess what they voted and the conversation where some people that you would be surprised if also was and just the same that they did that they took him out and einstein place they took the secretary of the second congressional district or name was read to for they made her a chair and he made a giampetti okay well that interesting because if we look at mister demanders background what is he associated with the christian coalition so most people as the old that's a good organization organization may very well be what italy what kind of a christian like mist that one uses in high behind offers i got to tell you that i am so and o so done with listening to these christian coalition is christian this is christian that this christian the other thing i am afraid to cross on and it means something to people are republicans are there this or the they are using these labels to mislead people and you want to know something by our works we will be now and just because they've got that title to me doesn't mean and i mean anything any more because it's like this is how they were misleading people and had they been misleading you know where their trafficking kids they been using that title to lead people astray for years and years and years and decades and centuries and thousands of years that they use these titles in order to lead people right down the primrose path and because they don't have enough knowledge and they stop at the titles they absolutely march them right to their own deaths and that's exactly what's happy poor that when we talk about these guys we continually in honor and devore right the more upon in april and to keep it under all his sudden out assimilated that role is for the last eight months or seven months is assumed as a role now they goin would not happen in electing i take over the chairmanship and eventually did okay the intervening in an automatic it appears that it does the guy and they're not going to do that and they left it late on how that work of you if your he is a part of the game will guess what the galleon and the happy often going to see said a next week they will go a new chairman and worse the impact group are able to sustain the gains that they've been making he may be orontobates who had tried be after a strong as we think they are they should be able to take over the chairmanship and how mister downer come mister donald as he passed two down in a caounty doesn't know that we know about that is well any also i did another organizations that are questionable and so he's been in those working and so you know you when i ran for a chair i incantation seductions is but we never got elected by by pulling oceanica on the usual time by the way we filed a six page bisonette my god and others ever done by a hesitate operate either friends friends are friends you don't mess with her friends and he spent so much time wasting people's and and that's what i see in a lot of the grass roots groups too because the grass roots so many of them were set up specifically patriots time gives them the feeling that they were doing something when they were actually just been run around for no stone nother political operatives jest as somebody says the christian doesn't mean they are at some says a grass root that label means noting periander and reported the republican name means nothing the democrat may mean nothing any of these labels a bunch of political nonsense and misleading propaganda that get a untethered don't realize this thing was already if you go back and look at one of my mares going back almost two years i said what they were doing i said of election for the next the next election cycle and in the belief is that it was bribed in incorporate i got why would they do that for a lot of reasons it would take too long esplanade but if you look even right now this is a chest match set up to a presidential cycles for the control control behind the scenes as already stated we see or hear issues with continuing into working behind the scenes in the end the matter rassedin johnnie is her political opportunity individuality time so but anyways that covers really kind there's a lot more we could go i'd like to go into a comatose county next because because the ritec other oncounted servants problems but again with mutual actions going on there and that seems to be across the state why will one of the identification in democrats they use and i'm sure it goes back to this unpartitioned adored that while we keep him as you said running in circles we keep it divided we keep them we don't give him all the information no i do you think delusive known what was going on the rules etcetera etcetera wellin'ton the rules because if you did you might just take over the then the old old premises with it unless i question will go on to muskingon lombock and read read down the chastisement diligent quick red down there it's going to take a five months is anomalous as i go down so allasame good morning i will stay as long as i can i be morning michael bade good morning love the new in interested about that most see if we can get the sole thing to work to morrow if they don't hate chuck and atropin on tomorrow here you are ah john massaged morning danger looking forward to see j li charlotte it's crazy they keep sending stuff out for eleven thirty charlotte they saw the titmice trained to fix the gopis like cutting down a tree but not removing the root and margery and love exactly michael led antitragus that when you have eight two party system it will do a destroy america charlotte stamina is she sent payments for so the seductions i think we're going to find out how many how many it's a un apart doesn't matter they're all in it together one will blame one side at one not one to blame the other in the mean time the covering up for each other this is an entirely corrupt local from the masakisale i have been telling chuck this for years political parties are not organic to the founding of the country perhaps no other way so he said that you know i listening to but i don't know like wool trying to fix the deposit trying to polish a turk i like that little a crosthwaite but that i was i oleomargarine dare not unlike donibristle donovan and jack you bank did it vance at my deal petatone couldn't pay me off so we got to get rid of brandenburg we can't wheeler on our orator do you know for saronia running for a chair at eleven thirty he sat mission sent stenographers are both named in the supreme court case along with three hundred at six other traders saw that were coming out of utah and then thank god is used sample the doncaster all seven statable now should have been indited long time ago for a lie he thank you very wothan you done when you call them out for the hypocrisy for calling them crocisa oh i'm so done with it look look into bethany christian services i did a complete breakdown of their nine nineties when we were fighting a rocky tristement that they were involved in which is nothing more than you know human trafficking a time you hear that i hunted smith obligates need to wake up at statianus idiots state party and i tell them stop referring to themselves as patienter it in washington at the chamaeleon ring really were just trying to make the present delegates feel good in art that means that is manipulation all that is that's all been done as manipulate these present delegates fanariote washin's how i felt when we were told not to say american vote republican be operation trust if you more credit than i would republican party that's ay the says america mandarinate mesquite county has done votes christie has that anton as i know chucks of course they do no yes it's not a unitary you must be antique when the drug says save america topolica its black and white then they want yasine to denounce humanities solicitous cue you know that not a chance it's like we should be able to look at anything so they can go they can go hoveton early no i think that they are helping the page by keeping them busy doing nothing and giving them at a boys totally distracting them from the truth of their crimes and money laundry tango right there early as aaron all down as hard equations when comments are fly actually i am old so that when i make with that every gray here that you will never see then earned and same thing with ringstetten wore through the cats to keep going guys all as we've got the other check insectlike for screens going on we have in the morning and hang out a minute have not dan hartman is a minute let me and we've got some stuff going on here and he might be moving forward a more selection against the state o joy christina is and so is donald williams jeff or good morning good morning good morning good morning people that are not free to speak in many are free to criticise the crystal ricky frias siamese i could see you and the words william's maladministration good morning patriot and he talked from bethany that david crossover super good guy dan hollanders a bad guy from about the dirty dog is good for years not a christian above work and now from colonel not a bunch of little groups a party system is divisive and evil from bethany he said yet bouterie year old cataballa stamina botanists nothin's a small village where jesus found peace and hospitality botanist not promote these values botanist services has got an incredible and i mean incredible amount of money when you knock a part the nine ninety ogosho that i mean i can run through that within less than five minutes you know and it's it's pretty pretty out there it's right out there and love as my gray as a full display good for you i'm not i'm not there yet i'm so hid some mind if i had good gray hair be one thing but i've got the little mouse gray her everywhere stay as it is forty to okay go ahead grant ready now in light saboteurs masticate and i and i wrote carry one considered most to dread was one of the eighteen counties in his fate and became solid blue or democratic in the last election in fact the county board of commissioners has only two republicans and no longer hold to majority what happened these failures have to be placed at the fettlers who rode that letter i reposed in a few days ago was fought on and at the bar of the ottilie seaports were yet to be disputed one of the complaints had been that the chair doesn't give even give him ugly report and so none of these she come as a big surprise it is it if they believed delegates are dumb and they keep controlled by only telling them what they want them to know and worse how to vote the osage old practice handed down from the gondola political exactly what exactly are they afraid of may be the simple truth miseries i like anyone to disagree with him and will manufactories beating or force you how ihonatiria a post to you last and challenge you and the same post called me down a jonas i never posted to me if you notice his block me or something i saw it i pull i never see it usually because unless some sentiment that and so that's really quite because he knows why it's toothill go at him it's child's for elected officials to come out in a a cowardly rat what will come out in the open will not stand behind what he says calls himself a christian and then public post assumed that has never done anything to this man dominating this had i the said is punishable in being kept me out of the convention this done to me in others now i love to mister waring's called me chuckle head because that even demonstrates my point further and his power is going to his a son started out good but quickly changed over to the dark side now he sees it as follered we shtarted out calling me names like that but quickly elevated to grow her names and eventually committed battery he called me chuckle head which i accept with other because a nostalgia is indeed chuckle the original act back and put it into iscariot will be interesting to see if romantics dulled or number will have influence on both chairman larry and i harpocrates they all ate elected a new chair by carson is that in the windiest reverse roles as he been indicated what i meant by that was that the reversing that will become the vice chair melinda the chair i said that ominous reversal has been indicated they will try and they will fail visibly a lot of stuff going on in misticot because they did not really they did not find a couple of people i did not like him because they opposed them and some of the ways you are doing it so they chose out the sun okay i unaccompanied in another brown and tan potentiality and now they don't dat's what i indicating that if you don't agree with him the kootenai christopher fermitage leslie tortoiselike first i get all we very well i love chris i think cesspool oudinot of work and an anybody that shoots up any patriots or subsuming about any one that's put as much time in it as he is is he has they just need to shut the hall up because misanthrope have with the air this is the professional i call it our professional bitters class in the united states where they just want a target people that are actually doing something most of these felspar against you like priscilla the proof of their professional political political act i a antivari and their trying to discern any one who was actually doing the right and it's a it's a shame you the ages back apollinaris as a professional engineer engineers follow process is all about process and that's what he was doing and you don't release something that's happened right as so he was doing very methodical orondat and details takes time is not something you jump in and oh you put your finger into the air and so i got it doesn't work to christ's taher he said among the other untruth i ask then to fix the article the vice chair and that won't is absolutely because their protecting themsels and the things are getting delivered the more so might a delivery come in and hang on wonderful and they they protect them so and what they're doing they change the story they protected because they own the media they control the narrative and nobody is the wiser because there aren't enough of people like myself out there that are absolutely just hammering this thing to death and won't back down we have got to absolutely hammer that and never shut up the everybody knows and i'm goin tell you what rainbows network is here to stay it is going to be it's going to and i will hear any one on here that wants to speak what's in their mind or the truth whether i agree with them or not because we're going to get a bit costermongers and chuck her share monday in order to see what to get in there ye it's like in christiania christiania he said they probably untrammelled christina myself and shut and we'll see how you answer for your for your go on the neither find out author of that letter because every goes crucial because that person who are bettifers i herded number ways but thought i wrote that letter i did not i had no bearing on that i didn't even know about the letter to loraine and i heard about it and then to that that's why he income i mean he was that is liable i don't know he knows that is liable but he was doing it a public official spreading some wasn't true in any new was true then he herondale i christalan he can't do that i'm sorry at your listening are this this is what we come to here is that the losing control on the truth out there they won't have to worry about it and prognosticating good morning right forever thank you so much and then patricia contradicting a drop black and white no papal pistols down isn't for you o joy good to see forethought no idea what you're talking about try to be a yea little bit more clear on that because i'm kind of i'm kind of missing that i don't that some fan of patriots i say contradicting a drop black and white no palasadoes it for you o joy good i a i actually i read all the curbstone he drops so they go so any now i will never i will never denounce wherever you want carlo who is that a fanatic's trash where was this in twenty twenty we had our canvas proof that we had issues was athenian temper and patrice chris was growed and funny i put in that work under tree sure what you're saying here i'm a little lost her fan of patriotic please ah oleander a little bit clarify this for man so anyhow he going so any way so agincourt really the letter that was right at all highlights what has transpired over the last two years to be a thing is going on in the prison at other people's boys and i thought appointed to meet is regularly and i thought awanting of what is going on white so wasn't just that no use to also not having a good to say about mister bumstead and then later on we started seeing a change in her we don't know or profess to know exactly what's going on but we can see what's what is shown on the surface but we see is that only went to a fundraiser should and then we see changes we think it's tied to the casino and made by the way they even at that they said i was not well when i said it's not a otdelenie in all the orleanist out that picture of the crow that was for them because reality i was get on because i got the information out of lance i don't get my information local because lottie people aren't argentina's going on and antennae now that those who do have the knowledge willing to share because they've got a polite race so to speak commensurate that crazy men you got the red glasses and when did that was the last of an your carrying around oh yeah that right glass averred glass eidoel that's interesting itself he showed up to that was a all people right so he can't deny that you might like to say that all you know he came he was part of it so he can saound like he said somewhere on the way i don't know i won't speak for him i'll be well get my next week or whatever it epithalamia he's not a line then all is seen as he posed for him and that was even when i was running as a republican he had a couple hippolyte and said you know look what she did she didn't so at no like look at the clearly you put them in the same category as do you research darlin that really didn't have a clear shaler a sight pitcher what was really going on but that's a well well i beatitude we talk about these people overtaking about is where i want what drive in the mind the senate people may not know that the audience might not know it is an it's no that they want to see cirofici this article by people they get a taste of power and then they want to their office so there's rumors out there and i can form that lettie erster that wonderous rapids one to do that for a while and then more competitions up when the turmut and then ackronnion sheeted out the typical way these people operate is that they want to go to the next run was like ice that taste of power and a man they don't quit there looms like a drug what it is like for these pop and that's what we see going on a teenty so recoiled at that we're going to go on and but if we can get him on next week that be great then we can talk about at about but the latter he metalanien my own counting her it's my adopted home actually i grew up in this incantation county i a county things have been a little together as well but we will see how the new chair can bring it together at our county convention our problem had set her on a current in mister and his conquest practice now looking in girls on other roads not with him as they say where the smoke the the tune what happened there was i commiserate the affidavit of a of a he is resident he moved because there districting supposedly well someone filed a misapplied report and after david he replied to have investigated it is not closed bedeviled did not see enough evidence to show that in fact he is living there or not or not living at his legal residence mister savouring the campaign against mister bumstead as well as i did during the campaign raised the question of mister bob it down on no i won't say what it is but in the sea again operating you know like a carpet bagger as clearly what he did as he to day breaking new an investigation going on him now do i know what it is now i do not oh not yet i will just came to me this morning gonostoma he's doing anyway that was king county so lean and then i was relating backcountry the commissioner is under investigation and there are other people falling upon his other boards i don't think he's being honest i think he is there's a questionable practice so we'll leave that to them and we'll see what the convention holds on the twenty eighth and who is the new chair of there is or if the new one regrets look at agincourt next i done a phenomenal job i mentioned sea the current there of the amazing county gophered job writing the ship previous shares the ben are called rhinos ray to the rate letter added matter all bad they were if they were a republican the rhinos there there man or woman whatever for that's what happened and she's come down to lanaherne not just to migliore party by laws are their accountableness in secondary job and i said chelidonian the ship for dedication commitment to doing things right has caused some consternation in the beginning but she is on many over it was as the older concession to monitayans to night so it might they have their contention will see how well they do or don't do not going on the gotobed put a headquarters together go for signs out oh i think they've done well by all all means and a turned back a faction and now they seemed to be growing in that tone that's concealment to awakenings remained quiet there but it is at the silence before the storm i didn't have any time tact with them as weeks i don't know there is you know there was a lot of turmoil as her there because of the gointer ventions and they had liked to say they don't but they did intervene they tried their best to the pose the chair who became the interest in chair was going to be elected and they found a way to get her out she still the vice chair and a grass root it done a great job in he was holding on to it but they were tumbled over the last six months they stumbled and i don't know corrected or not to because their coupling on the back i commented and someone called me sally seven people knew that how did you know it i shall obviously at people know it now but for more i loved it that and because there was a person that was owed that i know personally as a good person okay so what was the reason behind it i don't know no no i know the person i was out and i guarantee or strong his why i don't know get a answereth the sackbut turnabout another one this is another one eighteen counties that went up when blue then the county arming inapire resorted with blue hood maybe the new chair i said antony nature should be solid red maybe the new chair mark smith can really troops but gerlinda on are they will be in business as usual rumor has it a separate group is forming in benson's well there the treasure tried quitting and they went better quit until he had a replacement and there were some funny business going on there so organise how this all falls out with a new was the new committee and let's see if they clean up there i think we should give him a fair chance i think with a keen eye and if there's a secret group forming there you can get to going to keep any of them but let's turn eyes now too and our ears to maybe normalise would need a very animated somebody on her to think so as smollett now she would not their spitting the votes may be you should ask him about the cupola was an uncut sustained on the most eatable is like the republican or political or the political operative battle cry if you look at the actual totals the totals of the came up with a clearly there showing that there are licinius that can't even do the math and a ragged election by and i have no idea what is the heir coward they won't come out with their names so they can snipe from the corners fantom patriot with a cue in the all so is too cowardly to uses rename it not the snipe on the corners we told you how a campaign yet ere that was in the political field that told me how a campaign was something that i was willing to do because it was all compromise they want you to do it for money they want you to to listen to exactly what they say it's all of controlling the candidate and because i would not be controlled nor will i be controlled nor will i be paid of course intimidated in trentatrante you can shove such a shot as so i go go find your own thing and as a inattention oh she is posted it spoken spoken the drone out muckata we all know who you are so just go away frank something better to do and no tales listen to you now and now you're just just kind of a what are you like like oh i don't know and i got no more no more responses to animate you are because we're not we're not going to and to your literate that's coming for a political operatives so let's go on there are a part of it it's amazing how many of these people are out there and how their how their play disruptor and they're not there to listen they're just there to disrupt this is honestly the the process i hit my face right now and need to get another curtain here in my second black this off cause i'm totally sick of the any i can fix a semiprofessional because cabalistick and sick of the late my face right now i see can do to fix his go ahead dansereau the county it was not only an honour to be invited but welcome by so many that made all work while i drive through a smooth road for a judicious had not mister grower was the chief his wife attended his potato not too clearly but he was not there to support her notice then even said it i i did that is just another indication of their eleven i was at that maroney boats and laugh when retried taking credit for the meeting not being rocks you think mark having the true docteer present may have had something to do with it the impel question and how about your ever present stagnancy grabbing darlina or michelotto you're the reason we lost election let me explain to arles darlin was being sued by tanganika and michelet were and for tarapatapoum night mister chair by the way she also was on that mechanism one of the ten people lyon by bringing the truth and she wentersome she is really not a cheesecloth a woman on his someone had her who is this michel she was young that you were washed it darling she said you're the reason we lost the election but at the convention at the state convention in august she we all in a bunch of people from our because we were there and that we wanted him out they didn't like it they do they want us they knew that we were in favour of mark not her not ten of atropine had it a bunch of our people let sterilising the retail so she held her back mollenhauer what happened after that was it as to any claim to me cause i wouldn't see it apparently she was working the isle and the house or or supposedly narrow and she yelled at her then darling dosalo like a drill sergeant as laborare he said of jooneer and then darlaston said something like an aperient when we got to have that baby you have that bad damaetas what said i guess and kind of funny because cheltenham so so that's where that reference was but it was the noon but continue on i said no michel people like you and the arracan has so sure osberton in this state the same thing at the state convention and i were you must be related to likeit your outburst as he did he first i was amazed to see how young some younger guys with them i depended the convention came ironton along with a lady who had a scare bad headache she is believed to be connected to the gondola that these guys and these fancy jackets we don't have money for candidates but we have money for fancy jackets that doesn't make a lot of sense somers were queried ship once again that things they do victory separate victory centers why do have vitrines when you have county county parties you know what i mean what's the function while they entrust the county party anyway because some of marionette they trust the district chairs why because the many of them are their peter pan people they control remembered either controlled thirteen in it is the hadith are michigan counties versus thirteen ditchers and i went on i solomon that the battle is supported delegates are scrupulous there most likely pottinger battle attesting that electrifies although i agree i disagree with the standing up to cast your boat i think it was brilliant as it showed people to colors and a couple of boats ben joseph and gianforte me one was perrine other abstention emelene what i was saying about not liking that is because and putterin the old days local parties would do that to pressure a person vote of gay by making them stand was the one i should go as an up for what you believe it yet but some people can okay they he can't do it okay but they went to a private boat just like we do currently in our elections that changed in nineteen eighty eight when we were on our presidential election and in eighteen ninety two in our congressional election as i want it see how that came about one and so i maidenhead in a growing inland aoul people they showed their true colors and i am sure there were others than other people followed those who are to act on i think lineback to this silent vote he betises coming up a lot the reason why that so important as because in the beginning of our country they were the employers were were literally pressing people to vote the way that they wanted them to in order for to trellis to coerce into political as the other piercing the vote so that their business would have the benefits that the vote so i absolutely believe that a silent vote this the singer were all out there on our politics all the time isn't always good because there's a lot of people that are coerced into being silent that won't tell the truth how they really feel and or feel pressure not to actually motier ain way because of the because people feel it's okay to ask everybody and if you don't answer their questions while then you can't possibly be a patriot and your this that the other thing because they feel like they're entitled to have that access everybody feels like you're entitle you know and this is where you do have to say mind your own bisness tousand then you are seized or the ostracizing for he havaii or different opinion is how they honestly it's another way to rig the elector men talk about the station too and what start all this the king can was to think on a question it upset a number i said to question that in anything he tried her or pinamonti well i question why they would he would endorse a candidate that was rumored state for education who was attempting to blackmail bullionist how did you come about that you ask there she came to our men at guachapali aforesaid well if i was a enflame to what your against a man asked his art and a letter to portway and of course of course answered i said without should not but i said it you endorse them this person without doing background check and i should hate to me desire well you no answer then he came out with his pain to place came at the head it was their way suppose being the the rhino i said no no no you're not being rintoul in the right use o i said really because the rhineland the money to be able to do it and so challenge doesn't have the money then clearly they're not going to be altaforte won't stop their letter or their signs and so i said i will be part of that i'm sorry i'm misnomers mealock male scene really sir and there in the political parties and all of them all the counties have been involved in this potato bottom they are literally getting pressure from the organization and now you know that great if it's honest but we know it's not so now we inaugurated county did he come to it nor did canadian tell you for sir kay then i'll give it a past that may be not all of them at our but yet the majority of one the majority of them are involved in this to fall in line because they want to get promoted this is so all about falling in and so i have to say to incanestrato ask chuck on the fact that even a present poteet political party would make a direct an honest to gosh think that we have got to get rid of these political parties the structure of them is always going to land it to special interests being paid off influence of the voter buying votes the influx of of the corporate money which is actually pain for our election we will never ever have a free and fair election as long as political party stand because it special it is with that this great another now a tall make an honest at downing you an example why i let no you know i had this discussion and i appreciate that really nellie said nothing as of face we can talk about it and that's what we need to do this is the whole point is that we want free discussion because that is how we get better you know my ground inequality and encampment and we have to go continued that by discussing issues that are before us from under under a rock somewhere like election fraud and like a dinner but we put it out there so oneadatote political parties yet we know that ben corrupt the penitence money behind the same that oatmeal the mind also put him in jail suddenly get macaroni the traitors they are and shrinkage the pronando in offers did you and control you in that control such that they so good an this atomically engage automatic it distributing bribe i am automatically two things happened one merely distant and immediately subject to criminal the japanese pianists have something go wrong she earnest okay i immediately resigned i don't beanpole tis that has the gods to actually fall on the sword just in saight now verdant they all can they all they also i can't think of anybody that it peasantry or the ungrateful not about any hereabout separately be onomatopoetic laughing you guys will get mad it is a disgrace because they don't they don't hope to all what they say they're going to and now they just as because that he and i dematerialisation to call himself a trinitarian way shape or form but they want to for me ran and new party will that promontory don't work we have have a different he has got it it's going to go for one party to that screwstown us to the next part of the screw no because the political parties don't work in the reason that while the reason why it's to pay down it's too much based on money i want to get away with money you can't run an organization without money so they've got to go away money too and dark money is a little bit is that as money coming in to back door this man he can generated when we talk about the levantine comes to him and there was no there's no monitoring of that money and you know there's money to come in posterities nobody really tracked colonnades parties are free to sing over the dean do then we find out that there's the other sources of money and that mercurial there is the government sinisterly an honor it all is nothing more than a balance sheet coming in going in they can hide a lot of money differently so it is a little bit of a fatal as you said we need to fix it yet we do it to itinerary defines it like action at first to find what it really is what really occurred and indeed to look at what the potential for solutions are and in industry we use different forms it cause doctor dominican detector was three legionaries just a findramore is cowardice lay out there was cause is and then to go always forward but we can't do that unless we clearly understand what went on so then that's the case with the party or with election why would we want to do it the way i want we want to know what we're wrong so whatever we do go and forward we understand and we can sit overcaution when i am on thing is at the organized crime how do you how do you reform the mob my dining in a cause it's what we have you know it's like it's a cruel organization at this point on political parties are how to reform that without somebody has already been groom to take the of the people current people that are in the swamp that have got the whole thing figured out i don't think it can be done i really don't think it can be done it would of thought or a nose like me you know obviously he potatoes i'm not coming up and no will that we can with the right coalition of people put together and which extends in a firm believer that checks abolished for others and that was an idea we need to put those ample that the rights of the individual are maintained not one of the problems they see you in this one the rations are eudamidas entity as citizens united the stables and that now the supreme court case and in the whole the whole corporate welfare that we've got going on here and giving them a pass all of it needs to absolutely be gone all of it neforis an individual do you know i can get twenty thousand dollars will certain number ten but average person cannot give point to a dollar to political canochet we see what we see obstinately thousand dollars from one to one god individual here and then we see very table and other hand getting twenty thousand fifteen thousand and owanork times this money coming back through all kinds away we've got his delicate keep your money out of it i cannot do this regatta what's going on so i agree with you on that point i do believe that we can make a difference i really do i think it just like poaching on you have have a strategy already you ever given the gold oeconomica party and you are running for onontio gooja they have even talked to me at once i mean other than trying to see if they could buy me off that was the only communication i had and then there is that why i am so trying to do in this adverse trying to do it for a twenty thousand dollar to trump indorses if that i would i would do the pathetic scenes and orleans and i was pleased with the person who has retired congressman the king i ripon my asked so you wouldn't have no son that i would do because i knew where this was as like he was kind of a hesitant to say but he says he says look he said she lived to be miles away from me and she knows she needs you because all the other candidates are so bad and i like well you got to prosecute his girl doesn't pay play i'm not going to kiss up to you i had all of these grass roots or these quasi political organizations that can want me a bow down to their great that you know things either you like me or you don't you know what i stand for i have put up a matron of conduct if people don't know who i am while gas what then they weren't really looking they were absolutely des falling line behind a political for parties as a bunch of sheep because quite honestly i had so much stuff out there all over the place i grant i was censored and you weren't going to hear it i mainstream media because he had they had bannerman things and would not mention my name to political parties would not let would not allow me to debate they would not allow me labelling and then i was getting traction outside nonsense game political party jeopardy that was going on who they control the game i don't believe that is six of i absolutely do not believe it's fixable because one guy like you chuck cannot change an entire system that is national international connected with the globes wisely and agree don't have that reiteration and atreus motive even if you had a hundred thousand ondoyante do it in a stock unction and ask where i where i look at doing the gosamer horneebill by jumping into evil you know that that's my home thing it's like okay so this thing is like you know it's certainly i hate to say remains going to make this and i soon talk and i love the and and i do this as important right as this is a good dose how do you reform a group of petofi jumping into a group of patois and saying you're going to fix i did gooooooosh the bunch of political operatives stealing from this nation decade jumping in and trying to reform them first of all the cut throat before you even get started and you're going attractions that by the time you made any traction you're going to be done on arrival i don't think it happen because there's not enough good people in there that that actually will stand for an maybe the people on the ground maybe i think they're just strong political crumbs to make it reel good it's all but feeling not yet you could never do the sort of corporation say you know we're going to have one person in there and clean it out unless you went in there and fire the entire company you'd have to get out to fire every single line these people from top to bottom and i mean going right down to the to the local level every single person would have to be removed well how are you going to replace them with any one of any with any measure within the and rest best organization it is absolutely impossible you you have to in my opinion your inshore you go find that many people that are going to run a fill the pitfall the positions and then the old people are going to be in their coach and i on how to make sure that it runs right which is going to be indoctrination into their system into things god be leveled i really do and start over over the new system that's actually representation and that constitution i etienne know that but they thought i give you consorting but but you know because i know that you're a very very good man and in it i give you i give you all the credit for jumping and trying to fix it i mean a lot of people said the same thing for me trying to jump in politics there like you're never going to fix that i'm like well i got to try the differences dome is the true one to fix it there is no political game for me to it walk away in time and manacle with love in it by dead i know i know i know that there is no game for you there was an it wasn't any gain for me either i had no reason to do this ideologically we have exposed a lot of things that people just no it's going on i mean i do i great what was happening not out of this because i am not conceited i will not conceive in the good fight this thing right to the last there is not an honest about this whole and i mean any one that gives that much effort to it like you for trying to to you know revive the republican party into something that i should have worked it showed have been honestly give it cried i give you credit for trying if you can make it work there's a million road to rome but i just have so many quests i got a mediator sharply i got to get ready for a fire party obviously not for the daughter and in a grandson so but i think i appreciate you let me come in and appreciate the audience and i think if we can get back on and robert teamwork social call me and i'm a down my so he got dunciad dobson or dona does here let's find out if we you know what we don't know that he seems to know that we don't like to know what is batteaus the domed as a vice president narrow space i don't know a shoemender directorships and all the things i've done i do i think realize i was dumb but i thank you for that you listening for a point that out because man is sir as sir anatomically glad to know that i've got a different last name i wasn't aware of that so you know it's all it's all good will see but i an interesting well you know what socially i really appreciate your time and went to the sex money again i think it really to hear because what you have to say about the state you've got the most inept and noises of any one that i mean it if if any one can help their republican party i believe you're the guy that could do it you i've got resource so intelligent and and also the fact that you know every one that is involved and you know how their connected in you know the games are plain and you refuse to jump in with them i'm in tell you what if there if there is one person in politics that i more than you i can't tell you that person would be if tidwell yet god there you go but that's really god i mean that's what it is because because that is why we do what we do if we go back in the last we look at what the basis of the asiatic and operate i look tell came says were great eruptions chapter five a collonato and looked about true but what were called to do not exactly what we're after were called were calling it to abort and filling goerner going to continue to do that and if that means god will will tire of this were doing something wrong fumes i monteventi you guys think everyone a lasting we got work to do that so i can say years well and i wish you really well and god bless you thank you so much and i really want it to come back on again because there's so much more to talk about one good all right thanks to annoy that was nice said chuck on here and i really appreciate all this time solidifies onions five one now brothers and sisters about times and dates we do not need to write to you for you know very well the day of the lord will come like a thief in the night while people are saying peace and safety destruction would come upon them suddenly as labor pains unimpregnate woman and they will not escape but you brothers sisters are not in dire so that this day should surprise you like a thief you are all children of the light and children of the day we do not belong to the night or to darkness so then let us not be like others who are asleep but let us be awake and sober for those who sleep the at night in those who get drunk drunk at night but since we belong to the day let us be sober putting on faith and love as a breast plate and the hope of salvation as a helmet for god did not appoint us to suffer at but to receive salvation through our lord jesus he died for a so that whether we are wakely we may live together with him therefore encourage one another and build each other up just as in fact you are doing now we ask brothers to acknowledge those who work hard among you who care for you and the lord who admonish you hold them in highest regard in love because of their work live in peace with each other and we urge you brothers warn those who are idle and disrupt are those who are idle and disrupt encourage the disheartened the week be patient with every one make sure that nobody pays that wrong for wrong but always strive to do what is good for each other and for every one else rejoice always pray continually give thanks and all circumstances for this is god's will for you and christ not quench the do not prophecies with contempt but test them all hold on to what is good reject every kind of evil may god himself the god of peace sanctify you through and through major holt spirit soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our lord jesus the one who calls you his face and he will do it brothers as pray for us great all god's people with a holy kiss i charge you before the lord to have this letter ready to all the brothers and the grace of our lord jesus christ be with all of you you would you what a great wine and this to day and i'm just i'm just too so honor to be standing with with so many amazing amazing i mean true patriots out there amazing verses while yes next money you guys raided great let's get back on her anybody else that wants to talk about what's happening in this state because it's so corrupt i got in fact a sun something from isabella county that i think it really jump on today and we can see that the votes literally deaconate hateetah a complete a certain point time stephanie sent this to me and we've been talking about this last few days and i'm going to say that we're going to have to address these anomalies in the election because you can see what happened with you really look at the row data and we're not going to let the cow but we're going to stand here for when each other and continue to fight i have one of us has a different path that god put us on we have a different path some of you want to be a go in this direction to attract try to attack it some of us may go in this dire to and i would encourage everyone to go within which ever way god calls you to go because to find the chink in the armour of the best this corruption that we have in this state if we don't give up heart and we continue to fight a gately exactly the way you're supposed to go and we can have peace with that knowing that he is always faithful and moving us to that direction some of us may just be here to just continue to poke the bare little bit and continued to expose things that a wrong bring it bring solutions and our lawsuits forward i got get off her attack to a copy bosom legal work that we have going forward because there's a lot going on behind the there's a lot of us who are in fact fighting for you and i've got to i've got to go it my chickencoop delivered so we're just misericordiae and then will all all beak to morrow with john tater dear emily father thank you so very very much his wonderful day for chick we ask your blessing on every effort that he is putting forward as well as every patriot here thank you so much for rayner this such an incredible time to be alive in its adventure may not be going exactly the way we want to go but we know that you know the end you know where this is going and that you will never leave or forsake so thank you so much we love you in the name of jesus christ we pray at the show ring to say god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america check out brandenburg for governor dot com and brennard news network to night were on again special edition at seven o'clock which is off the grid freedom with christians is going to be one with me night and probably a bunch other patriots of them we get the link to work on and put the link out there and see it rumbles anagnos the broadcast as amawombe twitter you tube and face no but we're going to continue on were fighting for things that god puts us on our hearts and so you guys have a great day to day will see its marrow john tater and they love to all you