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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 10/5/2022 - Live - Whistleblower "Annette"

Published Oct. 5, 2022, 9:01 a.m.

"Annette" Researcher and whistleblower is exposing disturbing connections Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network this is donna brandenburg and it is let's see get awake up again all he had half my coffee it is wednesday october five we have to talk about it's incredible yesterday you know he had tattooed with john tate on which is always an entertaining and educational he is running for the sheriff of wanton and as a constitutional conservative also the teacher of the count so he go back in great that episode i think i actually know i would did the interview and such and we talked to i think i go back and re watch that again because there was enough information on there that was extraordinarily valuable in to day what i was perusing through with the news this morning there are many things which really caught my eye one of the one of the biggest things that caught my eye is the fact that the heron but run no my telegram channel not one of the things that's really got me and i posted a substance from concha is all about the big concealing infiltration from country over the sea and wonder how many people in the quotation on how many people are in topari now if you are wondering if our men to reflections are safe i think really smart people have a great handle on the that was something that i put in there because what is he up nine is it is incredible how much corruption is being uncovered treason east land in michigan but softer to manage the pool workers collocations campaigns assets and supplies in assertion elections in the united states canada australia sure and other places two or antoine out in a january twenty twenty one that the caverned been working with encountered oddity in some of the rouch as vote for a doom but for detroit at camp and boat for boston i can which connects pulled chief software i application used to gather personally identifying information about coworkers and where is that city right on the servers in china we have a big problem when you have people information personal information in the hands of another country who is clearly engaged in ah woeful some make work or facilities against the united states america we have a big problem so a part of the investigation and a possible to a personally identifying information of those workers i want to take prosecutors and the investigators for the commitment to eliminating sibrandus against government and decanal businesses district of tony gascon dad breeches on going throughout to our digitalis when we had trust to company to hold our confidential data they must be willing and able to protect a person identifying information from three otherwise we are all victims there is so much more to this anyhow that was from another friend of mine just human i could and there is so much there is so much more out there and there's a great there's a great vidette talking about the fact that that eugene so of michigan race conic was arrested in connection to the theft of personal data of election i think this is going to end up blowing up this is not just huge this is over you huge what's happening here because not only if they've got if they've got the information or they know that the somebody has that information over and say another country you can you can you know that anything on the fact that so have all the bad guys information which i think is fairly far effectually substantial piece of information so i'm going to bring out our guests this morning we're going to call her and not i'm not going to show her face in camera and she has been talking to me about lots of information and connections and i think it's worth exploring and talking to every one who has maybe down their own resort and our who has seen things personally up close and personal sir right now i'm going to another microphone and bring on and that good morning how are you and how does not her name by the way that i mean to do it to see way that they would do it too the names were changed to protect the innocent good morning good morning how are you good well we got a lot to talk about to day don't we we do have a lot to talk about and you know we have had previously spoken and i think that yes we need to talk about limacons womanly simarola and michigan she was distracted but i think that was real it was nine in its titanotheres district ten in his going to district but district covers the same area in michigan and her northern montoni and part of oakland and one of the big things with lisa is is that she on her face book several posts of being with foreign because the people are not you know i don't think on the up and up in fact i know they i have one costa she posted in office and that was with the boy it i run and ben most of these criminals have been in office and near hermetically and well there was an article about in and it was an article about rodin in being involved in ministering money in michigan the election s season involved in shady skin against michiganders and are she went to australia with rod begging bragging about how great the australian president can't wait to see him again and about how brought his out say again mentor friend and cow of all i know very many fresh macallister keep flying round child these foreign places to me that seems a little shake and a president is the common eastman was breaking in the post how great the australian president clean obviously thinks that were all watching sent we don't know that australia taken all by these communists like they're trying to do in the united states and there's other places at her going to the meet with the women he went to cater well and if it was commanded they were there the same time and there were the people asking about this one face book she never told the assent to a the red people asking about her going to caterina and not answering anybody about catcalled your office about he will not hear of oceans anything about that effect lamalana never get on the phone if you not called there well over a hundred times so i saw i did a piece on him had a picture of them are up and the back of and as we know it swallow is a true eleanor the same time with her was tell you what the crimes are i can just tell you it's very content some in shady going on columbia sheathe president columbia i don't know what she is she's acting as president for joe or what going to all these foreign places it is really disturbing when you have somebody who is served you know in the capacity that she is and how how many of these people are arrant flying around the globe talking to people outside of the united states to they don't talk at all to their constituents no no they don't talk to the to their constituents and another thing about this is leila and a lot of politicians never want to put any facts up they want to put their toes up of their dog up of them giving honors to somebody on one of these means big things that that she changed the name of the library or gather the post job is in saint clare to a vacant which is offended but there's many veterans out the and they don't get a post of as with her name on it but dad's one of her big accomplishments when we actually have crimes to humanity she's not dealing with dealing with changing names a post they wanted they put up all these cut nice things and then if you go in there and ask a question about something that's very concerning then you get all her little minions coming on in attacking this isn't the post to be talking about that you know your disgraceful this is an honor to the man that you know the post of his name was changed to well you can't find any post that would be appropriate do about things that matter what's going on today humanity there's no post about that people are looking at these people's be aware of that they do that in pure and that if you need to get your point across because their offices and doing it and bring public awareness post about it anyway they lost about all kinds of people dying too because that's in appropriate to everything's in appropriate they they just took that that website and died suddenly down did you are you were in that no i'm not yea there is there's a website called died suddenly and it was all people that look like they were suspiciously dying from the vaccine and they actually took that down so you know when you see that type of censorship you're kind o you have to stop and pause and say why did they take that one what did they not want to have talbot so like i discontent you tube for talking about you know research retaking about things that are inappropriate probably with this guy here and you know and they took me down for a week so i've got a straight it then they wouldn't provide any evidence or any reason why they took me down is just the pronando do it again you had two weeks off but were on solemnising people like children you know definitely the big deal because you have allowed to talk about what we want to talk about the government has to tell us what we owe to talk about what we're not allowed to talk about you know that censorship in worth massage entirely so let's let's stick to the point of of the connections that you're seeing the global connections where the politics and and you know the i just pulled up a article another says that he was appointed honorary officer of the order of australia well there i can't i don't that i can't speak to it can speak to as opposed to a seen about you know lisselan going over there with yon with rare plant roy blight is involved in that you know the michigan election tried here according to the article that i am in now that i had so then all of a sudden they're going off to australia and my balance body and then we have remaining with the limit accost of a then we have remaining with you know columbia you know had of state over there i mean the list goes on about the just as like renan body that's why we were there don't tell you the details of why she and we have a right to know were the voters we have a right to know what our elected officials are doing and you can't get answers from their office so what are they hiding because if they're not going to answer you and give you direct answers of why your of to guitar whose another crust little country what's gone with it really you know we are corruption all over the globe there isn't there buddy who in may that hard for people to understand too that what has been done in the united states of america has been done around the world they all all these countries had been all these countries had it all of these countries had their statues taken down all of these countries had to bite all of these countries have propaganda and censuring so that you see you know people like lescande n't think that we can you know that we know how to get to and the truth is to come in your show down you know that's where we get the truth from his other fellow americans in who don't have at their not getting paid twenty million dollars a year like doleman i'm seeing that we're doing it because we care about our country and to get the truth across to be so we can no longer trust the news at all and what they say and i go to her fellow american citizens to get the because they don't have any reason to we are the news i mean we have got it right now where we are the news they taking up trust anything on the main stream media and that what they look like is a doing our own research our own research on going to source material source document and talking to people who are educated about about issues not just so upon it who is out there spanning the story or a single time actually getting getting together evidence and things to back up or talking about i think that's very important i love to see all the articles that you have and i think i can post them you know costell on my telegram channel which gets out there i love a telegraph they don't censor is much but i do have some questions it is a late and their policies and such and so we'll see if they if they're still left standing because it looks like everything gets infiltrated the eventually so one of the things that researchers do as we move around the lot will move from one form to the next we decentralize we don't trust one one platform because those people that are running the platforms can take a soft at will whether they agree with us or not they they take us you know if they don't want it they don't want what we're saying out there they will take us to another thing was that clean as that this guy his name is cancer now people know he's nothing but like a little moist and he ran around his several of the american first candidates the most candidates that we need no the signs down he has tried to start a fight with them and even that they can get it in camera because they want to make these people the honest people they want to make it look bad so he'll start poking at them and and doing things to try to get them to get into a physical came been mentioned several times face book as i don't support you but i don't mind cantabrigian me as he's nothing but a fat several several things i've seen comments like that he goes into messenger which he had done to me he basically barabras people and threatened and if you don't agree with his opinion in the candidates that he's propping up i mean it just goes on and on and it so when i see that the other day that you know melissa she was her you know can carry know you can doing this and he's doing that he is a good patriot no he's not no he has not and i believe that he is he is meant to the range he has several people that i know that he is horace he mentally dangerous he is one of their hired there's no doubt about it because nobody would go to the extent to do the violence in stealing that he was done as one without being paid and i think that's a direct connection to some claim as well the kind of people that mastiate themselves we really have to prove that though an andsome you know at start asking questions if we if we have any thing that we suspect but we certainly have to prove any allegations like that and to prove but they have to be trained work from leslie is around her with all of her campaigning he is around here so he is connected with her and that was the first place that i had seeing the name cameras with a clean and around him definitely there's a connection there with less and yet so these would be allegation that i can see but you know consistent things that we really should chase down and may be look into a little more and i and i think i think that that's so eothen we see things that don't make sense we should be asking quest and that's the point of anything that that you know either peaks are interested that's why i am so against any type of censorship because honestly whatever we want to look look at we should be able to look at it we should be able to you know ask questions we we should be able to truly have somebody help us run down if we really think somebody's doing seeing like the intimidation cause i mean i can tell you right now from melissa's tax that i receive i don't care what she said after the fact the first one that came through and her information she was threatened and you know she was threatened now he does that change the outcome for me if i'm threatened by double down because somebody is been i've been a tried people been trying to to threaten and coerce me and so i i actually one point time had microfiles rothschild's threatening and i immediately said that the secret service you know that in any but i'm not playing in this game and any got real quiet after that i didn't hear any more harassed me after that but it was like a saeter want but the good change the outcome of what i'm willing to say exposed and do and i have a friend that said that mister leary actually grabbed him and in a vat so that's that's a batters to be a consistent idea consistent behavior patter on seeing we are seeing so much of this intimidation her assertion portaging the hand and crushing cool or you told me that that somebody did that who was that he had done that to somebody that i had talked to you i don't have for senorita have heard shaking the hands crushed trying to crush the hand because of a provoked pep he had somebody do that to me one time too and they've done the hard grabbing to mike indolent hard hand custome window so they're going on a plate they sure i actually had some myth to me too and it's like it's like you know i hate to say it i'm a pretty tough gal and you know i'm used to take it a pretty hard hit be heron horses as such and so for me i just tied there and look me in the face and you would have gone any further he probably would have got a foot in the great the growing for me because i'm not going to put up with that kind of crab you know and any new the was doing and i well you know it's like next time i next oiseau's hands out all probably spit on em i'm i'm just joking i would spend outwelling that it would be deserted because if they point at this point the these people can do anything they want but you can't do any you but there are allowed to be criminals and get away with you and they are they are trying to prove a emanate there trying to provoke an arrest and they will they will stop at nothing you know say remember the hand gray now that that's it that's the normal thing so you know people might get a fishbone once in a while i from a little concern with my surroundings yes and then there is in i have a tete county clara that was on face book where a guy i'm not sure exactly what his name is but he was talking about the samanon money and people account let me try to get the volume on wall or a and he had showed the simians name it showed that she had over one million dollars in her account and he said that i don't know many many people that have this kind of money lying around certainly looks to me what course it right yeah now we don't have like that kind of money just hang it out should and in why do we had that much money in our elections in the state of michigan i am so against us and isaiah the best elections that money can buy when you look at how much say say the dark money accounts i found one a few years ago that was that was funny but whitmanite they're fine guides at the gangster not bigger not to union in their funny boat was just like the bushes that were sitting in the north sea during world war two they were providing products standard oil was providing product to both sides of the war so when you look back to your history is certainly a play book because the war really is about them consume them against it is the politicians it's the global crime syndicate that which is against we the people and they've got their actors and we look at how many people are actors that are in office i think as got there because she was she was answering a casting all and then look at nowhither actors we have a lot of actors and actresses at that lets go to dick to dixon when is she justina an actor as he's an actor so she worked with the seven years for her for her daddy and you know you look at look at their families look at how powerful their families are withered was in charge he was the head of a blue cross blushed michigan and then you know you can start seeing the connections there will of course you know dan landlooker after him and there was a huge pay off in and i think it was two thousand eighteen nineteen it was one of the largest bonuses ever been paid and he has been credited with sure that what margot put in place the ulemas forward these plans the leister on ye was a comedian actor dancer yes this is it happening around the world the west the actors in place so they look the last she and fonso that all is in he could look at you like material there another since we're talking about you crane let clean voting record from what i can tell is democrat as voting democrat she's a right i call it roast democrat now because no just doesn't fit good enough you know what i mean so they put their plan both sides of the fence and they do it very very well you know if you're not experience with a looking at a lot of stuff like i've read then you might not catch republican everything she does is democrat we have the battery place in account with here not concatenate opendon he has read about no batteries they have child slave labor to dig him up and then they manufacture and when they go dead at cost thousands to replace and then their junk laying on the land your selling the consume consumer total garbage because you buy a new car and you don't realize it's going to cost you ten thousand dollars or more for a new battery that manly last you a year to a year and a half caste long to the consumer that is an informed about these electric vehicles there by their buying a vehicle in that battery the dominie draining you and draining your training by thousands and thousands of our so you're enslaved to them because you bought this vehicle and you're still making payments buying and what are the batteries were barrister down we know as an so what do we just have gestorben were that's the consumer john but least clan is real proud of that battery the mornin of the green initiatives when you truly look at it from say a business perspective you know when you when you evaluate it a business perspective you can really find some flaws in the entire thing not to sin as scientific as we all know the science is bought paid for by some one you know it's like they can prove anything it's just like numbers yet statistician can prove anything that they want to prove however orator information it when you when you go to that when you count on that you truly can so the folly in this whole thing these the batteries you know how much child slave labor goes into these batteries and how much actual earth you know the coking coal the composite materials all the sort of thing that goes into any any of the green energy options is terrific what you regattas worse for a it's worse for the landscape its worst for everybody more pollution than if we justification i cause my son here not be red back nor got a family first to its like it's always interesting when you're on life life at an go to the ottoman over your un rumbles connoitre ting the fierce or that is decided to get on yesterday and start a calling names and the setting and he likes to call me you know cannot come me different names and quite honestly he said i'd lost my vote than move on what's the point of you know gossoon you can put your time into things that are positive rather than continuing to just be abusive and i did put a post out yesterday on my channel that i will be cleaning out some tea these absolutely abusive abuse of behavior for my chat because for my cap from anywhere because it all it does is further divides further divides our nation we honestly if we're going to discuss issues that's fine but just to come and and and absolutely you know and all their time attacking it's not it's not i not a good plan if you got often that's fine in a eliseus that just wants to you know wants to ask penduline lying here you're probably going to be now you're probably going to be banned because i'm not going to take i'm not going to take the abuse nor nor should any one you know we watched how terrible president trump has been treated by these people who are plagued and as been going out and time it is absolutely been going on for a long time and what's really sad these people like flee fierce america they hate america they do not want to talk about anything real they do not want to talk about they don't want to talk about solutions an ennything these people say if you look at their their words first of all a evidence if evidence contradicts what they so all it is is just some one that that wants to get on there and in case trouble so i was gateways of handling this and in having free free is one thing but he having something that's just outright abusive is another we you know and and they want to say oh you don't you don't believe in free speech i very much believe in free but i also will not take the abuse from somebody who all they do is is absolutely is absolutely athlete childish they are absolutely childish their information there is not all it is his allegations all it is as allegations of if the thing is like how kids plan a playground sometimes and they want a genuine so what are they do they sit there and they call names they run round they tell lies in order to build their own to that is so answering american it's not even funny if we have if we have information then then put it out there you know it's like you're no matter what they said and this is onondago back to this because everybody's talking about that italian prime minister georgio maloney bright and how she's been talking about family family family all i see and that is to tricoteuse that's all to dixon's talked about his family family family and in the same sun she went right straight to ukraine and gave the end bactra and gave them weapons stalk about her actor there so once he called and congratulated her you know what i i wouldn't take his congratulation if he called me for any reason whatsoever i would be like you're just you just are you know you just have found your your new worse friend and now because i'm not going to i'm not going to say it here and say thank you for your congratulations if i act believe that person as a criminal i really believe that the fleetest going florican akawoia it's just a page showed else's campaign and are probably working for republican party while we balugantes she is fated to give money to ukraine more than one time i haven't tried out lately but i'm sure that she probably voted to give the ukraine money every single time that they voted and the thing about this mister giving to a corrupt country and its money laundering there there selling in her sewing that guns in the black market to the no they are on the soothes politicians knew about the hundred by late and that under binangonan were in in a brabanter involved in it doing the inky over there and all the money wandering that was going on with joy and underbid and they knew about all the dust in human things that it were also on that lay atop that relates to in the botanical that there so this is how they give the american people's money to he agreed to give it to nothing they know what the time about the pope they knew about it and they give them money anyway to a corrupt government and there's nobody can track of the american money and where the spending it and where it exactly it weakeneth is what license this is how she gives your money away people and i'm mad about it i am mad about it a man in every distant of them that do this this is just you know it's like we are government is taking our tax dollars without any accountability responsibility nothing it's just it's honestly there they're putting it wherever they want and we don't have any weren't have any representation we don't have any say about it there's no and gold they can honestly do whatever they want and there's no you know it's just like we talked about you know the immunity from any type of of legal proceedings for the drug companies or or anything the government is involved in they have complete and and and total protection for what they do well this is part of the problem with the two tiers we cannot have going on this process going on the way it is right now which is basically you know we have a different set of rules for the people in our government for the companies and and the entities that they that they back that they are involved in none of them are accountable to any thing so they keep committee crimes and they get away with them because their judicial system is completely trashed but you have you know people think for two seconds that there that the individual politicians is not benefiting voting for giving our money to ukraine they are that's why they do yeah yeah in and you know because the kick back so they let's talk about kickback because i talk to somebody yesterday that just got out of prison and we were talking about the condition that prisoners live in now i am really a little upset with the case prisoners because we have political prisoners on american soil set up by the federal bureau of of insurrections and entrap and i'm in a stay with that because i believe that totally this was absolutely wrong i know a couple other people who judy mike of it as one of them was incarcerated they rated her place that took all of her her research as she did she was never arrested in a rough after five years taking five years of her life so ran specially when you look at the federal bureau of entrapment and investigate insurrection being part of this this is so wrong it's incredible the this the city subject that keeps coming up should all be concerned about is the qualified prison contractors or any of the qualified contractors in any part of our government supplied so wrong so he was telling me that when he was when he was rested he didn't even have his socks anointing like that is dad put his sock on em as they took him away would not let him there was it was kind of it was kind and then he was talking about the fact the way that they did out food at the prisons it's all done by inmates so there actually there actually trading food around in there because there so their hungry a lot of the time he was actually given his he's a christian and he was giving away his food and use as a ministry opportunity said there was one guy in there that he gave some crackers and peanut butter too because he was able to buy him in the commissary and he said this younger guy he he just broke down and cried as he said no one had ever given him anything that a very very telling and i do i have a friend in prison who was in this man has five expert witnesses that say that he is in and when that they allowed him to have the money to have these expert witnesses and then the saying that you know the supreme court neufontaine you aren't allowed to have these witnesses to begin with so we're not going to take that into they're going on a made up story by the prosecute a complete made up story by the prosecutors because the call decent the word attorney comes from the word of they get in front of the jury and they act in play out this whole thing then i was through the whole court it's a again were talking about at and equalises this is an inlawed in this as in a low i don't know many people out there stood about this but a person's life on the line and going to prison for years everything should be able to be talked about in that court room and it is not well just like everything should be able to be talked about on line to get to the truth i mean were doubt people's lives and were talking about systems within our government which are set up to be based on an you know it all by on money it's all it's all based on money the like a bunch of rats or to you know squirrel away the most amount of acorns for the winter you know i mean the one you know or or scraps of food or something like that i mean this is what it's all about as the feather their own nests really i mean in it's a long story what happened to my friend but i can tell you right now for the people out there was that done said that she will change this court system in michigan he ease if you think it can't happen to you it can happen to you and a plank of an eye it can happen to any of us any time in any one of our rights our vile even in clarinets you put in accurate and convince the jury that your guilty based on acting a play in front of them and i am one about ispirizade was a courtier that showed up that that started reappeared talking about you know this is he had the whole narrative had the whole narrative of the and you know trying to make people look like their heartless because they didn't want to do this that or the other thing it was i require settlement the situation which they wouldn't admit to but i knew it it was because i'd done my research on it presented the facts and he got up there talking about how anybody that got up and talked about not heavy a heart for these refugees by lionlike just look at the money exchange here in the fact that our government is actively involved with slave trade slavery human taking drawn trafficking weapons trafficking and how much money is going into it and the companies on the user and or the end of this this horrific practice who are making so much money off when they're getting you know i've seen different different rates but some of these people are getting paid four hundred to eight hundred dollars a night to houses peep even this is an even you know so we got a look at even the hotels hotel chains the are involved in this we started going down theatreland this is this is really so super damning because it's not people you think it is you know it's just there's there's an users and they're not going after people that are making the real money off of this but it's coming out a lot of them are non profit they are great at hiding they change their names they move around the there is there is absolutely in organization structure there and when you follow the money you can actually see what's going on and yet loathing the present levantines that too worrisome tom is no different were we were is sensitizing take children from home and then all of a sudden return him again why because he at the money out of that kid in the tramworth created then they don't give a rip and the court system doesn't give a rip it's all about you know it's all about its smoke in mere the whole thing is smoking in the prisons you brought it up too how there how the question has to be as how many people in what's the incentive the quota that's the thing done is that that there making money of putting innocent people in it had lain the their riding the ones that are guilty as how best out right away to go and the ones that are in a center captain there forever but you know that upsets that satan's work like there because we are working under a satanic is your truth truth is innocent guilty and the guilty are in the that is what we're dealing with its asenath we're dealing with and people need to realize that this can happen to them and blink of a night and when my welcome sure that we have you voted in for governor i have proved what you doing think you have that you will take on the job innocent people and that you will make sure that the court system is not putting in a set people jail and that we get these innocent prisoners out of and recommencing war one on the way for you that we are this thing is going to come to a screeching halt that's it with donnerent going to tolerate this and the problem is as i keep her you know you keep hearing this nonsense about tutoring shall what what are you what are you going to do with an actor in there you're going to have the same thing that you have in minnesota with as you're going to have the same thing with all these actors and actors iterance fill a spot you mean we need to have actual people you know john one thing that i wanted bring up here where we talked about de people don't understand that present a trumpet is extremely intelligent man is a genius he has the death people don't want it people don't want to know the truth about that but the trip is a manner is he playing three d in the deep and he will put people right straight in the spot light that he knows her criminals can't tell the people you have to show i agree with you a hundred per cent as people ask me that all attitudes endorsements because so many people disagree with them i have never heard one person say that they actually agreed with his endorsement not at and these say to be late in their confused or like what is he doing what i finding the deep stay in these oddingstowe would even doreen even the people that a present we know it ended but would it president trump but petite background he put him right run of the people see what he was relit the other on mine and so i think that this is exactly what he's doing i really do it president trump he ran under the us he ran under the constitution party in the night he was and he stated that clearly that he was against the two party so now if he puts things out there and just lay it out there and high light is like doctor are you kidding me that meredith's the joke i mean and people were and people who work for his impeachment or you kin he isn't he's a joe bidden you know he's not sitting there like sabathiel you know it full time when the spirit is stupid like joe bien there's no chance i mean the man is absolutely brilliant and he doesn't make mistakes he is he does in what he said he is followed through an i really think that he's trying to wait people up and say all right stop me independent on somebody telling you how to vote it getanittowit of the voter guides we should be listening to the fate poles we shouldn't be listening to to his antelope don't even listen to me exactly don't even listen to me what he's telling people is if i tell you to jump off a bridge are you going to so without dishonor you goin to do it now you're goin to vote for don brandenburg because you got a brain that god gave you start using it executes putting these people in the front to expose them and let people know what their boat i agree i agree with you it was like a like god came in and stole tutor dickson's words right or mouth at the railway she could even speak he was looking around after he was done speaking like she didn't know where to go or what to do not a leader and they've seen things on face book like you know not everybody a good speaker what ye to be a good speaker if you have you know i'm not i would have no formal training to speak but i can talk i can talk to she attacked about nothing like that in a play but over and over and over gratitude metritis greatheart you need to tell the people what you're goin to do ye moorish does it she's like vote for me because i'm not gretchen witmer okay well what's the plan i know is the plain how it nondescript it's the same it's going to be go along to get along same old same old day you know sam radient day that's all that we've got going on there and you know i want to go back to president trump all right he has proven he pache doesn't you've got to look to understand what he's done you got to look office i was obsessed with his executive orders i studied those executive orders like you know like they were like my wife was depending on it i wanted to know what he was doing and you could follow what he was doing with the executive orders but once to think about this you know ah donal trump is like he's been like dan at this the united states and when he stepped down i think they gave us exactly what a lot of america wanted we're going they want socialism we're going to give them to him that's a godhead you think you want this all right i'm going to give that to you and let's see how that works out for you are you going to get smarter are you going to stay to so you know when i look at what president trump is doing he is doing what a good father would do trying to get us to not be having he doesn't want us to be dependent teaching benavente panda and in return what he said you know it's not another for your election and that we're going to read three store the government to the people will the people didn't even know how to have the government handed back to them because we were we were led down the pro primers pass by a path by a bunch of communists in order to be dependent you know the marks as play book they're going to make us dependent on the government and then they're going to they're going to you know a weapon is all of our businesses in order to business and kill small business in order to have a fast in place and you could not enter regular everything to person out there and speak back against you have a child they will you see is as a weapon not you i wonder heroically understand that don they was created to weapon as a weapon against the people to keep you in mind that you orientate your children away from you and the enemies to the hottentot they get paid to do it and then you theophile in prison upset people in prison now the inmate in they say oh well they investigated they didn't investigate nothing why is the families of these people paying for the investigators pain for the investigation the palliating says you can't use that because you aren't allowed to have it but it was in front of the judge entellus it they played this game and get you in a terrible and then there's no end to keep sucking the money out of the families that that's my wondering that's what it is he will look at look at what's go back to the prison again oath present so they keep it really cold and there cause of i guess a bacteria they want to keep the bacteria down so they keep it cold in their italys freezing and there they have they can they can't you know bring anything in they have to buy things in even under where from the commissary right or and what i heard was that everything you buy in there is going to be time before times the moderates the amount of money and the trade things between each other and i heard that a discomforts as like as like gold yanyoo it is the innate you it's an inquiring if people in a survival mode in prison and you know it's not like we want to give somebody and say we want to set eyes titcombe so that so that they don't come back i get that and that it's a punishment there's truly it's a punishment however when you are sitting up upon achmet make it a punishment not that i mean this is what i'm going to say that it sounds like a i have humanity its inhuman will just here hear me out here in this is what my analogy of it is if you've got kids that you're trying to change behaviour you change the behavior but you don't pit them against each other situation where they are trying to either extort each other for more stop or whatever you you address that individual you don't mind the situation where now they become somebody who has either going to victimize or take advantage of the people within the prison if i'm going to have i'm going to have somebody in talking about this because i think we need to truly explore this a little bit with a prison the prison and how the prison systems actually work and how the family same thing with the jails the jails in the counties a few of the sheriff and i talked to which are doing a pretty good job however because we fallen down on taking care of mental hell the jails are full of people who should be getting mathew how and they can't hold the people who actually need to be incarcerated because their spending too many time you know just baby sitting basically because that's the only word i can put to it and it were on watch suicide rather whatever else that's what sort of chartered it is like why is that because we caught mealhead help the mental health patients were actually shutting down the emergency room during colenso that any one with i saw it i might with my own eyes so that people who actually were in truth could not get in they shut down with there is one point where they shut down in emergency is in the hospital with one of my kind and shut down the emergency room because so many people were trying to get seats he you know to help them out so if you even had a hard tenanting you aren't getting in that hospital because it was shut down that everything is absolutely backwards and and and the accountability and you know hollenstein around in the direct and the direction it should go it's got to be a comprehensive so away i say no mass mandates no force mais will course that's like against constituted but there are bigger there are there are a bigger problems there are there is such a huge scope of problem he that are in our design troy or are the fabric of this nation from the inside of an it goes from schools it goes for fonograf in the schools and growth growing children well you know and the same as if it siesta i don't think people realize this and you may not either but i had experience with situation no my son not my child nice of me and i won't get into that extorts when a child is there is an issue with you have to call in spain the the place was episcopate and the situation and they're not involved unless she be comes back to them with a cut and then if you talk to the police and say no spies will not do their job you have to investigate you have to handle it what would that please department will tell you and i can tell you negotiate small town place and carteret agosti the state one cause i dealt with after tell you won't give us the paper i won't give us the information is going to have take that child to animation is going to do this sepsis going to do that i'm saying no you're the police officers you would have to investigate the crime against this cry artillery i mean that the senate go that told me i will not give us the paper work the rover ization a total in complete control over everything about that child as one not do the right thing for the child right and report trust will not prosecute these criminals i could tell you something else about i will make sure that these children do to a terrible home they will not because i tried to get a faster license so i know the route that they do and i know the people that i see no class these people that i sent classes was outside the truth i can't look like they were on look like they were not quite right they were of i could not get a poster license they kept coming back at me with we lost your papers you have to do this new after do this in new tooth and i'm not bragging dona i'm in not even middle america under that deserve governour there my house is queen it is well taken care they wanted me to rip up my paepae put it in put an egress window in because the basement would be a danger because i only had one door going to the basement o god forbid it if you go to the if you go to webberly rough neighbourhood in the trailer part and i'm not cutting up people that live a tripartite but if that is the drug retailer part they don't even have a bit living space to how children they will get a poster license because i seen it happen i was in these classes but i couldn't i couldn't do enough for them i couldn't put enough a warment door because i have an above grunting i untied and that they came here they picked it apart pitapat picked apart picked it apart and i did not get a foster i do not have the background my background is completely plain you don't even find the speeding ticket there i'm not good enough and you cannot get the police to investigate because because the capsill say well ses won't do the episode that i tell you to go to he got a game going back and yes nobody in they call it michigan on but if you have a problem with cups that years suppose to there's another gamut forget it it's a waste can spend hours they waste everybody's time doing all this and you never get anywhere general toleration in this to be able to put the phone up when your governor and call some i agree i mean the problem you have citizens have the problem like that we need to be able to pick the phone up somebody that will actually help the i grew that the people are out here going to prison people are out here watching children being abused and nobody do enough in about it people are out here watching the people that are that her innocent there's nowhere to get there's nowhere to and that is to stop down and i know that you're the personal do that job well my old thing is to clean his mop you know to go in there and you know we readjust our expectations of how the government needs to work and eliminate all those things which are at war with the people because they are we're being moved by the system who we are in the all of these systems have been weaponed against whom against us as the government who has waged war on its own people that this is exactly what's happened and when when you look at that weapon ization of all of these departments they have lost the right to exist then they actually never had the right to exist in the first place but because of what they've done they've certainly lost there are the privilege as it were will call it will call it government privilege to that's what it is to exist we need we need to clean them out and clean them out decisively it agoin back to that and more the one true thing i hate countries why is it we've got you know and i've heard i've heard up to seventy per cent of the people set up there and in lancaster at their desks and produce nothing they visit there i watched i watched the the hollows it there and they looked like a bunch of four grades on red bull twist and turning in their chairs you know i'm wait for the paper was to come out and sit and like is this the actually adult behavior no it is not and i think that we need to call all this maybe if we need them in their maybe they should be answering from trees and taking that taken all look at how many calls did you in fact yet to day what did you do what's report where's the accountability i think that our or people that are sitting in the legislature need to have a you know and jobbernoul include taking feedback from their constituents not other politicians are not running to cautiously or the setting finding out what they are what they are doing to in fact follow the wishes of we the people and be a great start and then get rid of all these stupid tories i mean i you know i dine in a joyous these judges are directly connected to see and they work in silesia and the judges will do whatever spies tells them to do well because there's the so called profess there's nothing professional going on was professional going almost and i can tell the parents out there a little bit of advice that they come knocking on our door and they don't have a cord arter you do not have to let them in and do not let them they are just like anybody else we don't have to let the place and to her house if they don't have a code order you don't have to let sebaceous they don't have a court order that lies like anybody come not in other which supposed to let him in they come back in in your door and don't have a coudrey had no right to come in your home that it just yet do is just go back to the caution that it abe here a man may know your right given by god on an illiberis given by god insured or guaranteed by the constituted start reading what you start reading no no you're right no no you're right because that that's the weapon we have besides our vote you know your boat is also a weapon against tyranny everybody needs get out there and boys that he that you know is talking about that eugene you one who was arrested the other day big news it's really big news because they're the ones that were behind the information soft were in our election longing magination on although election workers to pull workers and such even their their children some at his terrible beyond all belief every person in this country that was working from when i understand they they have every single bit of information on how many killed you know have where they live every the pioneer american citizens to our phones and everything there there pinnated donatt's what they're doing yeah i absolutely they are you know and every time you talk to somebody on the phone there they have access to your phone you were a i had pictures who about his for january that friend of licensed were thrown up the nazi sandstone body that doesn't know who that is you really need to start looking at these symbols for satanta it's the one we see this the nicois it's a noise what they can outrun can on the camera here it is the intrepid it's supposed to be the seisin if these simple might be in a rarely got you've got to watch these things because you can you can pick that out a long ways away when you start really watching things all of a sudden you'll get it figured out so listen clans husband was in picked his friends were thrown up or satanical and that was the night before january six is what i see on the video that and i did send you that widodaren mer seeing a dirk had time to watch it i know you really i so any way so these signs mean something and that not why is isaac and hanging out with pop that are thrown up note since the night before january i can the answer questions about the as the countable to the people she is accountable to us things like that matter and she in cheating we have every right to question her and that but the way the system is set up right now not going to answer it she's not your countable not esther refused to go then they refuse to do their jobs the way that they're supposed to be done because they just ignore it it's just like with what happened with me in fact i got to talk to somebody yesterday in the investigator the investigating some things that happened with with my run for governor it's going to get really really interesting i think pretty quickly here because of what they found that i think that this is going to be really interesting in a tote report comes out when the report comes out i think we're going to really get some questions answered and in a way that it should have been address right away and that's what we need we really need honesty and in going forward and what happens when people when people break the lark in a crime they have to be held accountable to the and honestly if there's somebody who was a victim of a crime he needs to be restitution for what they've done and i think it's coming i really do i think there's going to be restitution to the american people or what these criminal politicians have done at some point time i have titania to believe that that this is he going to get turned around you know going back to president trump he made good on every single promise he did and what did he say the best is yet to come we need to be a little bit patient because i think that you know we didn't we have this global crime network organized crime that started a criminal network the didn't start you know just like two years ago this has been going on for centuries and here we've got the opportunity to get them all and when he said we have them on pretty exposure that he only knows what he said when the man says we have at all he has a so now we politicians coaching this right now i'm just goin to step back and say yes pretty much bother in the people i support present trump i support president than these are with these fake politicians and then there also to people trust him he doesn't know what he's talking about strump says i have it all people all you criminals out there he's got it all got it all in with the co plan done up because i have studied it extensively and what i know about her is that there was never a day give there's never a time given and that the propaganda news media cut down to so bad but they never said why you was ritter but then again let's go back to you what if anybody out just think that bad do you research in i'll give you a good source that you can watch to get information i called don't the cool lad seventeen and rumble no space and that he though educate you if you watch a lot of em and put em serpentins together you'll shortcoming the dots they will educate they are posing patella in this country and around the world like never seen before they are exposing the satanic does nothing but pray and chilled to the point that they are sacrificing children their god is safe and it's a hard thing people but these are just bad pete these are an organized satanic mafia control of the government i and they sacrifice children they do things to her nobody wants to hear nobody wants to deal with it but what we do do we nominate with it we certainly know that through planned herohood that their selling features and one of the things that they're trying to do is allow babies to be killed up to twenty eight days after birth the latin abandonment this is one with the goals that one of the girls and i like what's happening to all these feetmarks waiting all these babies and i'd really what's happening all these kids that are disappearing through spies we got a lot of questions to answer and for me honestly you know we're going to go there if we're going to go there to that to the seventeen and talk about that a little bit i like to go to the aggregatory and that that way you can just without anybody's commentary on anything read them there are things such as cups there are no and when you get into the canon are most of the canons as people just talking about it that means that there asserting themselves in their bases in we drink don't drink the cool athought is no talk yeah it's one name after another after another and but means extremely powerful i would i go straight to the cube post if i'm going to read anything i like it's like to me i go straight to the cups because like i said any on anything else to as are takes away from that it is going to have somebody's bias into it and so when you're on the computer what are they going to get to that downiest to make it you can go to its a point up here a minute there's a couple of mount there i think my favorite one is this was important for people to start educated on the you know an idea lot of research to weave these underground domes and their saying that every walmart has underground facilities that they are using to traffic child it that's what i found and so this was the other she this is the site that i like to use from going to read i mean i want to check this quaerts got a this is the actually why i got kicked out a twitter years ago because a night a pretty big account i got kicked off a twitter i was silenced because they don't want me looking in you know what what's goin to happen is it it's a slow roll it's like anything else this is teeters they silence as on one topic there's going to be another one and it's going to be another one and all of a sudden we're goin to be any olio know what's going on with the cispadane where to silence your ability to read your bible they're going to silence your ability to speak out anything that you disagree with they will silence you and with a one that rule starts it's not going to stop it won't be obwe have to say right they're doing it right now they should and give em an inch they'll take a hundred miles yeah and i mean why shouldn't we look at this to ask me this why shouldn't we look at it i mean for god's sake we've got you now see in you know the communists news not work out there all over the place and all we know that all of their stuff for mainstream medias a bunch of so why is it that we can't look for ourselves into any we should be able to look at any issue we want if we have quite they should not be the gate keeper of information or what accessible to us because we on the contrary they have no right to do any of this we have the right to do as a free people who ever we want to do without their inner intervention just like cayooses you know we never really on our property any more in the week our property if they can come on our property if we have to pay taxes and if we don't if we don't do exactly what they want us to do with our property or anything they can seize it then we don't really own it because that means that that we're just jumping through hoops to appease the real owner of it because if we really owned it they'd never be able to take it away the real owners the government right now it is the government entities and you went to anybody their fingers and they get they can do it to anybody situation that remain do they can take your children away put you in prison this terrific crimes that people don't realise just you you know you go in through every day life and you not educated to what can happen to you the real deal that that can happen to you in the blink of an eye you don't agree with what the goal board says in your speaking out they'll caught they can they can use the take the cosmetician be afraid people because we've got a top and well the way to combat it this this people are actually i believe a hundred percent these people are actually in bed was they go by satan's rules they go by satan bible they go by all of that completely opposite of god why you truth truth or wise innocent or guilty guilty or in your children are your children they say no those children are the governments apearance back and it was that combat bitiou come back that is the word of god now pray if you put the armor of god and you and jesus is name and you go right at em you go right at em you do not back stand in front of them and tell them you will not tell the rate this you can't marinoni try to make me feel play on emotions play motion may be little tom that's what they're doing and then and then for it for so they'll stand back in that same and then if you do say something they don't like it keep going at them you speak truth you speak truth you get the ammergau you you prayed for it the word will be there with you and you will prevail that how we go at the i don't bag down i now fear fear of fear is not of the lord ever and you know the thing it is as we can bring we can bring a certain piece we can bring that piece of god in any situation we bring truth and we bring unwavering and unafraid two things in the bible demanding up to people because i think it's very important as to what's going on today my people suffer from recognized in the bible people educated that's what the lord wants you to do right now in this situation and what we're dealing with today as to get educated in the word that word of god the other thing is our that's in the bible reason why is because the truth is going to expose these criminals that of the abuse you know in richmond right now the city of richmond and michigan they have it harleston going on where you know the governessing wait okay to what trans gender but by going to the women's women's rest and it's okay you know let the transcended girls going the boys bathroom and everybody out there with any common sense now that this is wrong it's against human nature the reason why they want to do it is to grow these children so that they raise like animals like women don't have privacy different from men men don't have privacy different from women and they want to just include us all in one that were at werrina to shower in front of each other in the lap the backing of each other it's integration of human quality yeah it's great even you know like for us it means being somebody who does some farm and set you don't put male animals and with female animals unless you got a purpose for it doesn't work while generally it just doesn't work well and you know it's like i'm not not in that situation you know and you've got you've got kids in there this is for every wrong purpose when you know you know what if you if you if you give a horse a bath mahratta horses and your givonne you know with the house is next to each other human beings don't belong in that situation well what i'm to say is that i can understand what you're saying that it was satirical privacy and it it's not it's not appropriate because it is absolutely not appropriate it all and animals and you understand what you're saying you know if you want to read a male with a female that that's what you do and that's normal situation but like you said you don't put him in together now you know no you don't you don't you know you know there's certain things that the way god created the world and i guess that's my point is that god even says that you know that that we know the world is is a created look at the world so that nobody really is without with excuse on this one that's my point right there yanetta were that done that we would we can't figure out this something bad probably going to happen you know then then i coexistence that we agreed in what they're doing at this i watch the school board gardening and tallest night and these people are holdenough to put it up and they took they took the bet cut community big paraded them in front of the parents after the parents pointed no we don't want it is not appropriate my female my female daughter does not male transcends in the bathroom which are in the restrainer you know you got young wine women and cycles and then they get these boys out there that say just they decide to i'm going to wear skirts going on in a commensurate they are allowed to go in to the other girls are austin that is dear and then in course that with hilarious stormont what exactly what it is so then you have people getting up there there was one lesbian woman she claimed herself vilas she spoke was disturbing that she was a minister of god for these people not to allow these trans genders go into the bathroom of virtue not allowing them to be the person who god wants them to be she went on to speak about when she came into the to use the rest room and made it clear to the parents in the board she came in there she used to be you know and you ewing these strong things to play on these parents and motions that there's the bad people there the bad people now there is the bad well here we go you know it's like what what about the rights for the people who don't want to have that around them what about those rights you know why is it that why is it that some of these same people he have her completely disregarding the rights of those who of us who are conservative or those of us who are disposed to shut up and go along to to get along on sorry you know what i convergent connal not not going to happen soon my rights he had been violated so who you know is this crazy and what's the outcome of what's really happening i'm sorry what is what i might be and to get educated about it because i want to die these children and what they will getting at is that they want to go along with the ball the one woman dona came up there from the banana ab whatever community brought up the about this trans gender is okay what people you need to understand that the young is connected to the global who want one world order and we all have to go under what they say so my parents are listening this when she's bringing in but diwisions the hun as part of the communism the hun is part of over control of your free when they're talking about that there's make it as something but i'll tell you what if you know about it you can tell the school board those are the global those are their rules to bring in communism and take our freedom away so why did you pay this woman in front that were not even going to agree with the colonel people need to be educated about the things like this that they're saying and they go up there and they talk fancy and the parents are an educated about it and what education is so important right now while there the shaming people into going along on the theologising things when it actually is there it will when you there is no reason why any of this should be in school whatsoever this is not this should not be included in any curriculum in any school saying what is the absolute what is the what is the goal for education you know for education brownhead going to transit just as these children and to not understanding what set they are not understanding that this is inappropriate i cannot this has no liii really don't and i don't care i don't care what honestly right now if i do aerodynamic it's terrifically damaging mention i don't care what sexual orientation anyone is it is not appropriate in school absolutely out of bounds it has nothing to do with education all it is no matter what because we have so many predators out there that our goal pertect these children yet because where the predators going to go they're going to go to where the kid are you can me so we went to protect our children and give them a good education when they can't even when they can't even accomplish things such as you know reading writing arithmetic even at that level they they are so unprepared for the world that what were teaching them is how to be victims of ideologies rather than actually have the knowledge and knowing what how the government works knowing what that father owners of the government knowing the rights knowing the things that are going to to give them a future no there there there indoctrinating them into some sort of of a of a weird ideology captivity and their leaving education right off the table right off the table we shouldn't be paying for this in our school that the education is not the main factor not at all and then here at one like it okay i'm an emanation in certifying a company if you're riding a company and and you are you are finding things outside of the function of the company what's the gain for the company you should be looking for a return of some there's there's no return to any of this there's no return there's only damage and it doesn't matter which orientation anybody is this is not appropriate in school not appropriate in so and you know why i really honestly think that we need to go back to uniforms a lot of these and everything that children have got killed over over the years and stuff like child labor making those cinema those name brain clothes it's coming from child slavery there and people need to understand that and know it when they go on where that is coming it doesn't matter what jollier in any country is still coming from children and it is a lot of it really is it all of these companies are owned by the globes and the control and their using child's lap lay what they're doing allowed a the cold wall mind and that's a horrific pitcher the cobalt mine the batteries and yet you know i and that this lioness and when john buses the goosey know sacrifice them great them murder them they are disposed and if we don't stop it it's going to be all over in the united states of america they are degradingly children to be nobody that is their goal is to be nobody in these public school well i think i think that this is what amazing as how god is brain a bunch of us together to fight this propaganda and the destruction of our nation to do it you know to stand unwavering in the protection of those to avoid stand in the gap between the throat things that are clear and present threat to our nation and to individuals and were standing together for god family and contrary and that's true without backing down from this niani's another thing is that it's an amazing thing to be a part of an truly god is truly walking through this tremendous darkness right now and is not going to leave a will never leave us nor will he forsake us in manipulating up that i think is fairly significant one you know i'll talk about what this another a woman from this community got up to poke the were not done at were not stopping here she was from now and what she was speaking to was the parent she better back down because we're not going anywhere we're going to be here and these i have rights to whatever and she had enough nerve to did no more about what's going on than the parents that statement right there if you break down the video and look at every inch of the saying is one moment tell your parents how stupid they are and they don't know any they're taking the way the authority that the parents have to raise their children and their home how they the school is saying that no more than the parent really unbelievable that they've got the nerve to throw this the parents and if you know it the parents the parents need to get educated they take the video and they break every inch of it down they will understand more of what they're dealing with and in need when they mentioned the kids no more than parents when they mentioned that we have a lesbian woman bragging about going into a man's when she arrived at the pool break every inch bit down i think it's through this is the degrading degrading well i think too you know i like the goal of the goal of say say business or civil society is to to watch out for each other and not bully our way to have her own way is actually too not balloray but to be protectors and to watch out for each other when i see that focus on i'm always concerned because that that spirit of self like that will sacrifice every one around them to be right to be in control and to novelists as for that person rather than for others it's not it's not something were actually were acting i got to think about what i want to say it's not something that's actually benefiting anyone except for whatever it is that person's mind and that's that's not a good way to approach life i mean honestly i really believe that all of us should have a servant's heart and go forward with that servant parcelling i think it's a great time to really to stop here on it because we've really you know we really see that there are a endangering i mean i don't personally like to pick out one of ancaster all of them there and allow these agents were created to divide us so in the fight we have is between good and evil point blank something's coming against our children our families it's probably evil because that is the smallest form of government of government right there is a family so if we can destroy the government with a family you you can destroy all the members of the family and leave them without protection go i want to go through and i'd like to read that done i just want before we get off i want to mention where people can go watch the video outboard sunday sent to me an i'll just putting on my telegram channel so that the red had telegrams i just mention real quick it's rich man community schools bored the education meeting and september twenty two out the parents listening when you listen to it go back to watch and again it wait a minute sir severe to a rich man community school richmond community school board of education meeting and september twenty six community the parent and the people in community in need disport and and work through this to stop it is well it is really horrifically bad winifred really nobody's business how somebody wants to raise their kids you know it's like why we somebody commented as the tuition and as sir they just put it in the there there desires on to an entire community you know it's just seems just kind of wrong is the activism thing you know there's a point where i just becomes really obnoxious so that on the right the right to sit there and and you know push push their own snow flake a danaan one sorry you know they eat do what you want to do and you know do what you want to do you're going to be accountable fight for the choice you make in life but to push it on other people you know doesn't doesn't need to go that way i guess anyhow let we all make choices some of our goods and murad were going to be held the colorable to operation every word that comes out of our mouth and that we do moreover right now because we are in biblical times and his historical what you say and what you do matters i want to i want to go to the roman sixteen eighteen persons do not serve our lord christ but their own appetite and by smooth talk and flattery they deceive the hearts of the nine to see to it that no one takes you came in by philosophy an empty to see according to human tradition according to the elemental spirits of the world and not according to christ i honestly to very pertinent scripture that we can go to and really listen to that roman seen and cautions to think it's really appropriate for a very appropriate one and i go in i goes too really not not not being told what to think rather than trusting yourself and and going to god first asking i give you that discernment is sometimes it's a little tough because you got to wait through it a little bit and it's wait upon the lord and that process can take some time some but it's it's what we're supposed to do and that's where we don't get laura as we we will not get let us try if we truly see the lord because he will you know lord jesus christ so in a put that out there because for so many people throwing the word lord around out there and half of them don't even you know we don't even know what lord the so that the serving at this point in time because he seems to be a lookout like the government even infiltrated and the place to baronetted so the church has been imitated and their not teaching the people they don't bring sat not in the and wired the bringing stumping the church because they don't want you to know that that's who you badly did you know that that jesus haytime have you ever done account of home times jesus mentioned satan a a lot a lack and he went into churches with whips and told them to get out to geneva he was was gone to my father's and everybody's like what jesus wildenthal i don't think god would say that oh no gatehouse he's going to punish you if you need it and if you go to do what jesus did you not going to allow these sing six things to happen jesus did not allow them to happen and he did speak out about it he's so pretty frontey don't teach that the church down well i will go ahead i'm going to go ahead and let's say a prayer manitoba i'm going to you for just as we pray and then i'll bring it back in for some clothing or marks her dear holy father thank you so very much for the day and for the ability that we still can make choices every day we can serve you we can make choice to speak out when we see things that are wrong and i ask for you to give us the strength and the bravery to walk forward boldly without fear without hesitation and doing the right thing that we don't dugong get along the violets that were a peculiar people in that there's always the president said that there's always only a roman the laughing we know that in war thankful were so thankful that we have the ability to be salt in this world that really is as water everything down and in the truth as is hard find some time he is to always speak through how us if there's anything that we said that was inaccurate please let us know so that we can we can correct the record on things because we really want the truth to come out we want to bring up these hard topics so that we can have them investigated and we can look because usually where there's smoke there's fire help us not to be afraid to talk about those difficult things made difficult choice to go to you for for the answer for discernment to go to you for answers for wisdom for strain because you have all the answers and all the help and always to do as we know just come to you for that he so much for this day you've given us so much we have so much be thankful for we can't even enumerate all the things we have to be thankful for i think for the clouds and think for the blue sky and think for the sun and the moon and the people you given us in our families we ask special blessings on those who who have lost them like family members there a person comes on the chap who lost his dad yesterday unexpectedly and we ask for you to blot with family that you would you would hold them in the palm of your hands that you would truly give them comfort at this time a great loss and pain for their family and also people who are in the hospital has a lot of sickness again and a lot of people who are in need to have you with them not only to acanthus but to give them healing guidance to guide the doctors and the nurses that they would get good doctors and nurses who are there to help accomplish good health care to to really truly take care of thank you so much a day ahead of us we love you will love your word we love it was accomplished for and cross by jesus christ our lord saviour so much for the day and we want to stand before you some day and look in your eyes and celebrate the home coming that way she precious name we pray that the man the so so we have a great deal of us there so many good things going on right now they're just as there are so many good things going on right now never let it get to you there's so many of us who are fighting for everything good and so this is where always do this they may meeting go to brandenburg for governor dot com that's my website alright everywhere on telegraph and i do respond on telegram yet if you want to go there at at brandenburg the number for i really care about you we see all this evil that's out in the world but you know what there's a lot of good that's happening there's a lot of changes look at what's happened with connectin the arrest that was made there there's many many many things that are going on behind the scenes and people who are working tirelessly in order to back america from the enemy and to fight this good fight between good and between good and evil to live for god's good purposes and to walk that hard road the road less travel so in your very much love we love everything we love everything about the values that i'm sure most of most of us ascribe to we want to see our family taking care we want to be those whom we love protected we we have we have good things in our minds for this world and that's exactly the direction that we're going to go but we just need to clean some of the bad things out of the way so that we can restore things to god began the gay world where people actually care about each other and are willing to lay down their lives for their fellow men if they need to not power in the corners and being afraid well at any rate god bless you god be all those whom you love and god bless america is going to be a great day thanks for being on to day and a really preciate it and i'll come within are we dined not yet so if i can just have like two sons advice out there for the parents and resumed put the armor on say partagas with you at the community get educated and we can be god god is going that this is god's ban and god's going to beat us where we're headin in a really good direction and we stand with god almighty and in this fight it's goin to be amazing it's going to be a great ometepe we're going to see how to prevail when there are when there are big troubles like this that god will lead us and guides you will every theban right well have a great day to day guys to all right loviot a roman by