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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 9/7/2022 - Live - Attorney Dan Hartman and Mellissa Carone

Published Sept. 7, 2022, 8:03 a.m.

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morning this is donna brandenburg welcome to brandenburg news network and in fact i am donna brandenburg it is september soon a clock in the morning i am waiting for my guests to come on at the moment time i shortly and i thought i would bring a few things to your attention first of all with as you know i love dave for extent to report and the sunday have is cool of an intolerant now it's anyhow let us now a days say this morning because i think this is fairly sat the corrupt politicians in tacitus the puppet masters they are panicking that they tried to do to get i believe the last man large maybe it had to do something with the declassified documentation but i do the entire great they were i believe this is exactly what their pushing it seems a rum i might have said to a message of what's happened remember dropt the paris what the more they have all the information now they have they know this you tentative up now or fight to the very end and tried to no and to at it from their plan and i don't blame are going to have disability member were playing a she and right now this only of the most we know that the patriot have checked and the deep say players have decided were going to play to the very very i do believe this is exactly what trumpet the patriots actually wanted their bringing them down this his country in the war the world very very the dictators are what the traders are and who committed the true inside and everything that their doing right now cover up they have then what the cover up and that's what people are seen right now and the gobelin caretto it's going to look scary and i do this is all part of the patriots plan patriots are going to he got actually allow players bring out their foot soldiers remember they're the ones the insurrection and aeneid january six was to cover up whether insurrection another the over through the united states governed a foreign country and now going to try the great noise into try to get drunk once again their plan their plan is going to backfire because what promenaders are actually doing it is there learning all these deep state criminals locate counter measures are already they already know the place or because they set them up once you have individuals and to beam criminals the nation you don't have to go around searching for him make it a lot easier to round them all up very very quickly so i think that i loved i listen in the morning his but i think that the significant for a number of reasons the number reasons why i find that i what were always looking for as that is not the obvious in the world were looking for the last say when we're looking for the problems in our election if we go right to the obvious source or probably going to mess where were the actual problems are or that they're trying to get us to look at something other than werther actually committing their i found really interesting about what general flynn did and how he basil threw himself in front of in front of the bus for all of us when he admitted guilt though he was never really he was never accused or her charged with a crime he said yes i am guilty the dog looked at him and said what minute you you you were charged to the primate is not not arright i'm guilty in the dust put himself right out there what i believe is happening here is that the a real action plan is to do the same thing when you admit guilt when you're not guilty if you're really pray like general you're going to throw over one around you into an investigation and really actually fine and exposed to people who are committing the crime at the irate even though i absolutely disagree with what the bi did the kind of like or like a fallen over their ears to know like like a vast houbigant start running and also the hipper own ears and he well i kind of think that that's exactly what's happening with a lot of the old players the b in all these organizations do not really have the right to exist in some cases really do not exist only exist because we allowed them to like the covered and i believe that the falling into a trap of their own making but also being helped along by some really smart people who are going to bring the whole system down at some point time of their criminal enter without side i i i find it incredibly i find it incredibly telling an interesting what was happening so and bring forward went one way in for my gas to get on the spoons sometimes though we gointer on a todcaster day there were about i think senor eight people on the pacas join was on it and several other people of note it was it was a good post mark for mason because mark forten is on the worthiest but we are all sinners to see and whether for the detestation of the election as well as the preservation of so and now everybody was he in her time connecting and i'm not really sure why but it is what is we endeavor to persevere and we continue so yesterday i think this is really interesting in there's a woman her name is and and she is person who requested a of east lane mission boutros but in peese little suspected what she would in in which his leg a snake pit voters and i think this is interesting not like an here it's really interesting what she found was that east land seen michigan twenty twenty there were two hundred and seventy six ballots cast clothed as do eleven middle aged women red roadster all male fraternity houses and forty seven ballots can from address as that don't exist in multiple dead voters is crazy crazy and the connections that i make with us when when i read this is connachtman that is located or the a lot to do with the voting errors election due to just ride of the summons they were involved with the software connected china eugene you who was evolved in it that he have in aughteen office east lancing right across the street moabit they also have another one in a while so more connections in a lasso which i find very very and kind of might in stipple working together which i think is maybe maybe look in so any good to read part of this article for you i opposed to it and i tell franconnette three thirty in the morning i don't slip and and thought it was fairly fairly interesting michigan seems to be right in the middle of a whole bunch of bad stuff that's going on with the election and in twenty ten the current one right now i'm not sure if we hit the bottom of the problem yet with padres grand rapids that seemed to have popped if they weren't able to fire wall it off before we before we were averreth patriots were able to actually catch their errors he sure is a lot going on over in east landing in a while so having to do with the software and or a lawsuit and lawsuits that were are going to be coming more of them are going to be doing dealing with preservation of of evidence well as the in the election because unless people have been hiding under a breathing air understanding what's going on they have to come you have to the conclusion that the twenty twenty election was an absolute unmitigated disaster on every single level and if we had an actual report card on the twenty twenty elections i am pretty exposure we had a failure in every single there wasn't one thing that was done correctly so let's go and read this little but because so she had no inkling of the public attack she was about to endure for bringing the facts to light we here wouldn't want to talk about facts and truth any more because man streamed as consistent have people that are going to tack you because why because you're all i then he also nighthound ineligible massive maladministration good morning donald williams and your absolute he found an eligible voters in east landings official voters the city's six thousand voter rage should not be on the rule a crazy to me it's absolutely crazy to were one thousand nine hunderd and thirty five that we two twenty one per cent of those ineligible rose for in the twenty twenty election and their ballots turns out the establishment found hills dim a bit too thin his outer in politics began in autumn of twenty twenty then resident of east lance was volunteering on behalf of her neighbourhood to work on a housing study in the city her efforts had alerted her to public availability availability of the state official voter through the freedom of information they hear about fool sure government transparency through the guaranty of public access from her i fantasticating qualified voter for and started during a street by street property to property study of east lancing sandhill who holds masters times and soon after receiving an opening the dates of the michigan coyote called cuia kill began to see alisanda formalities in the cities home to university will go back to the fact that i think that all of these universities seemed to be a nest to he got or i can they are two tin large donations attached to what has foundations and they set them up to it looks really send at any rate they set it up to go to paris registered voters were listed as residing in non existent along with not existed their line of those registers voted and and twenty twenty hilary she canted the elections maybe there evidence were out of county military the clerk to i think that is a kind of acutely because in status given a pat answer as opinion may be we should actually get actual informs the only one of the voters at the age criteria for a military so i went back to a person a citizen a domicile individual in the state of michigan to go and actually do the investigation on it no one seems to want to do their job she drove to the site and found a park sintinced cherry lane traverse through there until its demolition in two thousand eleven twelve years ago street doesn't even exist it goes through a park and it exists no longer stransom so the new faculty housing apartment where once populated in that one policeman were demolishes and even curiosity he turned attention to the universities to dormitory i unlike in the galilean anna and i want to get her an interview the she seems like a really smart individual the assistant vice president for community relations government relation a person can spare that of miss twenty eight dormitories were closed due to covet and twenty two how did they have people voting though from those to they were closed and people were home shouldn't have been voting in their home district or maybe they were voting and both areas notable i they were there were lights out no one could possibly live in those buildings during the months leading up to and through the election all residents of eve and male could not be delivered i showed one thousand one hundred it loder register recorded as living in these closed doors and two hundred seventy six the voter turned as residing in the house or organizations tallied i thought five hundred twenty so there were other fraternity so sir in coat check the ages that revealed at three hundred forty two of these rags for more years at it now i'm sorry i lived in the doors when i was an intolerant that is not accurate the if there was one there had one guy that lived in one of the arms psychology who wanted to live among the weird all enough of itself but he lived with all of the students in in college where i live and but there was one the rest of the people in the dormer generally between the ages say maybe i don't know eighteen and twenty two usually people out by that at really weird surprise eleven middle aged females raging ranging from forty eight to fifty three were register as living and a male fraternity house no kitty i'm not kidding so once again we need to dig in and and more this this article is sound one hundred per cent that up and the work that an hell has done is absolutely minagold encourage you to go and look it up and go to either my at my telegram page genially one hundred per cent that of check out all of the all of this information that here including the connections with my with nose making a threatening a candidate christine a chromo during a trumpery as in the lake that this is so crazy and these people are not even interested in remotely in bringing the truth to the forefront with acacias brandenburg news not work is here donovan postering to bring the truth to the landing parties every day in an information were as well as a a one war and were ardent going to stop we've got a call to action that's going out to day but i see that a heart maniera on board and then we'll go back to our called action morning the antidote good morning how are you i'm doing great with the evident in daneland the more i get your basket talents ah you got a daughter to go a high school somewhere in a crematogaster day and i brought the fact that nasty know i heard her threat to christina came in you know what i've got to tell you i know christina and i am so disgusted by what i've seen attacks on her all the way around she's a very very nice the a person as you never want to i have been telling people out there that you know when i hear all of these i hate to say it by the patriot group i am so discs by these online patric groups in the mount of a nonsense well coming out of their mouths other people who should be on the same side of the table you know and i say all the time to the issues to either your either your up for putting the state back to her or you're not going after people on a personal level to as for me just like listening to the gate the how common a these people's mouths and i don't care what they call themselves they called himself democrats republicans patriots i don't care terry down all her people on even and level so wrong and it damns them just by their own words and it's like everybody just not in officiating as she is a really nice person and of an i'm sick of it i'm goin to call people out of her to go after generalised else i must go to call people out not in of you those people out there in that they are not for putting the united states of america back there just tearing at other people and they are certainly not on the right side of a eternity going after individuals were supposed to be praying for people that we disagree with not tearing them down were supposed to be there to help them not discontinuing to add you know and to the fire and just now officiates she's a nice person ever the magi points that i would like any person the job through my past they would find apologize i might have satisfied in this is great because you know what when we do live broadcast all kinds of things he happened which i know what we are not we are not classic political action we are not lawyers we are not packing that and others as to my wife as my proud his pillow you can find people in your past that we're going to want to do and what's your interesting about christina's husband having made the statement and co that a lawyer one of the first things i would look at when i test the veracity of the statement and asking a jury to consider whether or not it's true is a wind was at first made this was first made less than a year ago after christina ran for office first time he raised the allegation supposedly happened sometime fourteen they were last together or some and then he waited seven years to make the allegation at a time when she is run for office the second thing is that if a person were be at the type of character or have have acted in such a manner and you went through a costly battle determine who would raise your children of all those things would come out and twenty fourteen you wouldn't back some salacious details years i mean for me the case is over when you say we get cut and how long has she had cut and when was the allegation however really interesting is the way our laws work as that if he fills that in a try and attempt to the media can pick it up and re and it is no longer actionable defamation because the recording or something that is a court filling even if it is kind of recklessly and that's one of the risk you take as being a public so what i would just say is that christina is a strong christian woman used to dirty people playing dirty politics and and backroom she's moving forward to get out to meet as many votes as she came and the only major michigan politic that is focused on i i'm sorry to say the panel has decided to go silent on the topic she's the one carrying the without election into and a restoration and faith in god in not going to recover simple as i'm going to add to that i think i've done a pretty good job as allotment give you a good apotheola i recourse face here danced aeronautical and coyote to a new one because all tirthas been fighting in fighting with the vanderveer claws for election integrity in every single person on here i can diningroom here try the other politicians melissa are right there in the prato and what but i'm trying do i you know i'm here and i'm not out so we when i sidenote around and i mention in a monte christina a lot i these times they get these bubbles he met me just once again just say i do thank god for the fact that you have stopped up you have prayed and you put your heart her and you know i've been next to you while you fighting in the do not come stop some stop was really exciting to his is that your game a lot of track a lot of people are beginning to how this unpartial the both the democrat in the republic and they want something different i am very yeah there's so many people working on this that you know we want to make sure we acknowledge everyone because we've had so many people on areas many people in being and the quiet workers behind the you know the work that the annas are doing that you know in the narative that whole community of people that are researchers and you know they're just quietly working and then you've got you know yourself in the legal team an election integrity force that's moving forward on this and there's so many people in different areas that have that have done a significant work and everybody working together having their peace of this is how you know in personal involvement is how we've got to get people involved in its just like with the election i decided to do a different strategy where i wasn't going carry the majority of the weight on the other some but a part of my strategy to help people realize that they are going to have to get involved you know the many states got to be done and and all of us speaking out equally all of us should be research and equally i would very much like a campaign managers across the state of michigan that just he you know what i'm going to take this district and in i am going to win this because my candidate is donna brandenburg and that's honestly what were seen emerging as the amount of people and the people would put our trust to actually do something about this the only one that i've seen the last standing that it originally came out talking about election integrity in this is the all the politicians only one that of the still with it besides the running for office say myself and melissa is and it hasn't wavered as christine as she has not she has not wavered on that where every one else they get in front of people and as soon as they get they get the promise of the almighty dollar then all of a sudden there the other platform a same thing with the the whole thing with the rare was the one blot proposal for freedom of what it was about prostitution here for an abortion there was no one else that showed up except for myself and one other person who is thus ah in the county of war that showed up not one other political candidates showed up to for the rights of the unborn i was shocked because you know what that's a powder keg to jump on but i'm jumping on and i'm not going to shut up what happens is everybody wants somebody else for them yes and a people can sit around and talk and social media and have opinions what would i do find is that while there are remain out of been a lot of political leaders that were there there is a lot of grass roots support and within i will tell you is the i was on after an call after noon call yesterday i got out of my my day job at five p m and ten by fifteen i started my first call and as you well know i was on what you yesterday in the morning and then i also was in another meeting with you that another person later in the morning and what i will say is that slowly but surely the people that are out there are becoming aware in their giving a bob or touch in the getting involved and i like to say once i got up and election integrity and realized what was at stake and started participating and i can asedon until and what i like to go back to twenty nineteen and live in bliss and think that mattered and not after worry about actually i files and ageing files in checking ironically when i went into my desk to call you sitting on top my dears because my wife was cleaning out the air was a report that i put together in november of twenty in which i did and analysis the fact that there was what i suspected both added and removed then an analysis of the voting age population turn out historic i had done that in twenty twenty just kind of diving and looking and what's really interesting as is as we have had information became more and more available people are beginning to get more and more involved we're beginning to see some of these trends i'd like to share with you a little bit in your voters about something extremely important as kind of going on as a kind of a kind of he called attention so a lot of people have gone out in response to the milan all in the true you haven't gone to the true summit and reviewed those videos i know you done a half he talked about some of them there are videos there that will explain a little bit about the essence of the voting system in what at rest here i want you to know that there's a document cast as a report and that is the table of what happens a ballot you put it into a tabulator an optical scan and it reads that balinini a this is exactly what happens tell which bows cast for president which votes cast for senate for united states representative and the twenty twenty elections gives you a line in a spread sheep that goes all the way across the race and a that castle supposed to match each and every ballot that was so as a result when you end up having a when you end up having a check that cast a record that's why you act you verify whether or not they had a bald and he had been one room of so anyway the when you end up at when you actually end up looking at this casper that goes across the and you are able to look at the paper ballots you can match up the ball actually and the cash record is kind of the information of the tabulator what most people did previously when they started looking at election integrity as you go get the tabulator in the tabulator tapes just had the totals at the say how many ballots they counted up and how many for each race the result and that was the total mike wendeltreppe out to ask them he cast but record all records are an important piece of information that we need to be so what the response has been as we found out a lot of interesting these are mandatory records that to be maintain i was on the farm with the county last then has requested the cast all records they have about seventeen thousand reis that i left the vote the cordon to the road turn out and only two thousand cases are available and what's interesting to me is is that when you look at this you say okay that's so let's look at the august and at that and when we look at the august second twenty twenty two he had the same about a castle the court was gone out of the corps well now you you you'll have to talk to dominion because we don't know how to retrieve those these are essential records to entirety of the election and they're not avail at some days and so now you start to we start to understand the activist in that local area that went out master these coasters are now beginning to say that they do not have an auditor our statute and call one sixty for to find nadia it is required in one a point seven nine five which has the requirement that a voting system have and when it doesn't you you have to ask they counted the votes as we actually required by equal protection and in it blows my mind because when we don't have the basic information to verify election was run proper we're supposed to accept them they said that the way it happened i'm a man a face in my unwilling to believe in god willing to take things on faith but i'm not willing to take on faith that the selection was run i'm not willing to take it on faith at all because they have done one thing right so i would we believe a lie now you know it's like somebody lies they usually gentle again and you know if they proved to me that they did one thing right i probably would say okay let's look at this with at this point time they have proved their confidence or in any part of this so now we've got not only make sure that there is any truth to what the theater say but may improve it well yeah so there was a couple of the things that were interesting and of no yesterday and am there's a gentleman by the name of a cartel one from the thomas more society whose and he has gotten some recognition recently and so resolved one of the things that i would mention about eric the one while the last successful in getting a drop boxes three of the cities of milwaukee green bay cities and wisconsin of had the drop box which as you well know are a but so a part alas come and i've been fortunate enough to be asked to team up with him for local county on you the first thing that we did was and sent that in opposing that abortion the import of the ballot for the language over broad and as you know the board of commissioners held that it should not go on the bay languages that clear the would not have understood exactly what they were signing in the language of the ballots and that hasn't been resolved yet but the board of commissioners of the statement important step in preventing that that atrocity entering on to our also when you look at the signature gathering process that probably was being there would be some more concerns raised about how that is applied the second thing that he's working on right now is he's got a new litter out proud to point reviewing in checking and it relates to the genesee county what jenison was required to do was to have equal represent within the political parties the major political challenges and poll workers election and unfortunately it is did not do and this was raised and he is working with the group of people and genesy tony they are very very concerned about the disproportionate they want to make sure that there's enough eyes on the election he filed the demand later and you know we have a lot behind that shall we not be able to these little victory because as we begin to cast light in the corners of dark election corner we will begin to the result faltered and purified in but one thing i want to talk about right now re discreet platform the notion of removing ballots everybody talked about ballots remember that balance can be removed a man giving just a minute to go ahead and talk so just keep talking her okay alarm then the removal of ballot is something that i'm extremely concerned about right now and what i mean by that is when you introduce bolts into the unusually large turnout we received an unusually turned out by my calculation of looking at the voting age population twenty election we had about six hundred fifty thousand more votes than you would expect it according to historic turned a thousand more but now that we're starting to look at a little bit closer analysis seen evidence that some bolts were all removed you say well why would why would some balance be removed and not go into the remove before they ever got to the county and let me explain how you could very easily remove a ballot in a worker in detroit that was able to use a simple standing device like you go through a grocery store and you stand the outside of the ample and it will identify or from the outside of the pale the voter and who tells you where the voter is voting using either demographic or as be able to identify what i have voted in the past or the area that in voting for when that boat is transported through the mails a male can read the external part of that ballad anybody that comes into the outside of that ballad including the county clerk's office has the ability to look at the outside of the ballot and determined if it ever makes it into the pile we counted on election and when you have an external marking that identifies with voter is on the outside and then that goes through the mails through a male and baltic is a horrible idea you end up with this crack your vote means that people ah the tamsel can you and i was extremely disturbed and detroit to find out that they have passion oh that they to a verb in which they are able to be connected to he qualified voter file for this information in this device and the softer was made by that company connect out of these plants in the haste reported two chain yet so now what we end up having as we have as and now read the external part of the ballot and decide whether or not my ballot say not sealed well enough or my signature is not well enough and they can purge my ballot from even making it to the county clerk's office by intercept in any process vote in person or hand to live as loosened because even though i very much opposed to absent one of that i have is that i am planning to work as a all challenge and i'm going to be in another jury and i will be there from sun up to sun down and longer so i i'm in the process that i may have to vote absence in order to go and safeguard in election and another area and that that something that i'm going to do he can rest assured i am going to bring my ballot as for so it can't be tracked and it's going to be handed in to the coroner the day before the the pile anybody who has access to if i were a male in hold no division that by his to handle a lection can't tell me they're not going to scan the outside of the balance and figure out whose vote is coming through and it's just a horrible horrible scenario down we have to eventualities voter rolls to have a new call where everybody goes to the voting precinct and register we register that a burden of citizenship called for jury duty or get selected for i register go down to your towns and then we need to clean our vote rolls that way and that we need to go back to voting in purse a hand car and a transparent recorded and transmitted process there's a camera right on your clerk as they count what the challenge your left and challenge a right count the ballots and of the night and we tabulate in the old fashioned way out of chalk and tell you that there's no reason to have computers the subtile to foreign or domestic interference making these votes in and that's the only way we're going to get the we're going to have we elect agreed i think that there's a lot we can do you know i like you break down one problem that i have with the whole system is that it only eludes the republicans and democrats is there apollophanes because i am of the opinion that we don't have democrats republicans were in leadership of those parties the parties function is a unitarian their working together at the management will now though the person that when you get to the level of the people it's a different story but why are the other parties not allowed the the same ability to be challengers and watchers it's either republican or democrat and that whole party to party major party system what the and the ability to fix it my opinion we can stop up wi a kind o work with it but i'm of the opinion that political parties need to be gone we need to be done with political parties we didn't start out with them and i and i really think that that they need to be they need to be scrapped and we need to go back to just be in americans but it may take us a little while so within the framework what we have right now that's what we have to work with but but i think cleanthes the voter files are you know it's incredibly incredibly important but that's my two sons who had that and the poll watchers and challengers is incredibly import so others coworkers pull watches and pull challengers and while i that two party system that has some serious flaws in it and it needs to go away at the end of the day an absolutely done it does existens that are designed to people in authority in that's basically obviously you are a disruptive force and that and an but i want to mention i went as a colchonero michigan citizens for election this group is a non profit i know that election integrity for it challenges out and i know that promote the vote which lastly militant well when you to work militant it is a very leftenant on had pulled challenges how the poor worker is where the parties actually have representation amongst the volunteers that are actually process the pro but the good news is if you are wise third party you are called was a certain party i do believe you can be a poll watcher or challenge her and when i was talking about the equal representation within the within the process i was particularly disturbed by the fact that even though a jury legal process the way that they was in amongst the masses well there's a republican and the democrats sitting there doing the juice and they have to agree the safeguard that they think that they have done to make sure that it you know the reality is this as you have only way that we're going to have a fair clean and transparent election if number one they stop hiding the data from power we can actually see what happened but number two we need to get citizens engaged in enough to care about too many years we were happy because you know the price of gas was the when enough selections people are not aware what the so there aware of you know the the people in power making related to our health care they are aware of getting involved higher higher sunday when i was at church our past his preaching basically said very clearly it is time christian it back into the you know into all aspects of life and and talk about our i wouldn't offend other not you donut some some christians had been quiet and afraid to speak their and and and you know because other people would find it offensive who is promoting requien ideology are not afraid of our mutineer just going to blurt it out there i know i've made a conscious effort to try to make sure that you know i mentioned that i am a follower jesus christ and i i've turned my life over the principles of the bible as often as i can when i'm in any type of a public because i think that even though i am not a perfect human being and i am still reading my bible and learning and applying the last in trying to live like christ and i will fall short yet my knees and repent every day at least in pursuing an idea and i like the doctor and you can read it in the the book of mass you were a lay out at sermon on the mount a very clean doctrine jesus wants us as human an earth to follow and if we abide by those society would be so much better i would have a society of loving or our brother we side of servants were we would help other people and now we would check our ego there'd be conflict and all kinds of and i'm just very grateful that we still have the freedoms in america to be express our religious views and public and were not sense like the or another place in this world and that before before we lose the that we need to recognize that there is a and god is moving and we need to get involved if you are a christian person who's been sitting on the cot need to pick up you need to need to get involved in the political process express to biblical world and i understand being set apart and being sanctified supposed to that's the mission field right now and thank you for serving and thank you give us an alternative that for governor that is somebody that believes in jesus christ i believe in the bible and wants to do the right thing and other people and even though your full of fire your heart is tender and you at do love and care about everybody it's amazing to see that beautiful contrast where you are going to make sure that at your views are are heard and your views are supported that's why you're gaining thank you really appreciate that you know like we all stand together i think that what is really important for people understand is that if you are a committed christian the first scrutiny comes back at you and he i think the illustration that makes it really good is if you're pointing a finger at somebody else like this three of them three fingers pointing back at yourself and that is where the that's what really starts is it checking your own you yourself every day to make sure that you're living with integrity with honesty trying to ask god that you would direct our steps to do what is honor it to all those things which charge in his honor and glory its you stopped living for yourself you stop thinking about the same things that you did may be before you are christian and there's different stages that people are at in their christian walk i mean there's some throbby christians that have just become christians and it takes a while to mature and have had that maturity and you know we all know people who are seriously mature christians who have been christians for ever and their calmness and their wisdom comes through their actions cried inspiring to see and then but but every single person who walks a price added at different stages of the game and got as is a patient with us as we work through and he works through that salvation and are behavior passato so but i think that that's important because you know all of us have known people who do the hell fire and brimstone type than and pointed everybody else and had changed her behaviour you know we're here to help each other and maybe we can maybe we can point things out that are destructive to them that they could change but it's only in love that we should be that we should be reaching out to other people you earn the right to talk to other people you don't just go and you know i have the right to tell you you know how you live your life for the setter thing they have the free will to do what they're doing god gave it but if you come come along as a foreseen destruction or seen that ar negatively impacting your their live and you really care about them you've earned the right to really to really you know as a friend talk to them and and in their best interest i find this is really interesting you know it's backwards for most people but that service as is so important an everybody needs to get in to get in the game and and serving serena he other and serve serving god is serving each other as serving god you know that's what we do as we try to take people and find the lost sheep in what was a man or body you know be being i think another favor saying that that that i have never never never misconstrue kindness for weak someone who is his kind is in my opinion some of the strongest people out there and what all you what kindness doesn't mean that your push over it means you're going to do the right thing so when you watch horses you know i've horses and i train when you watch i take this stallions for example stallions are reproducing male they are and have the ability of being so far it is it's incredible but their fierceness comes from the fact that they only have two jobs in life that and one is reproduction to make sure that the as carried out in the other one is to defend the herd and i'm an tell you what if you if you put horses and in the mayor's are the same way you you threaten their babies threaten their hurt and this beautiful wonderful gentle loving horse becomes a force to be reckoned with and am telling you what if you're on the wrong side of their protection of their other their family you'll gain to get your behind hand in to you and no one certain terms and and i think that that's a you know that's a lot of people think jesus is i'm kind of sick of the gentile jesus with the lamb sitting next to him patrono because that's not accurate first of all the ewes jewish and in his hand nature and pretense that he turned tables over and and made a wet of out of the cords and let people have it he was definitely promotor when saw things that were wrong he spoke out but he stuck to the he was very gentle and kind with individuals he spoke the truth always but he went after the issue he went after the people that use the law for their own gain rather for than for you know to be to beat up the people with and to put them in a yet those are the ones he went after people he opened you know he met with open arms and he was sitting with tax collectors and prostitutes and you know he was going from home to home he did not sit in in the just with the people that said that they were righteous and that they were they had all the knowledge you know the self styled religious pages that go around telling everybody what is when if you really looked at their background there is dirty as anything you can find i mean the hypocrite and he called out for that i think that those are for for those who are not and believers truly it's the aloof what's been sold his christianity onward we that in the end times that the church would be a past by and large right now is a past age when you look at pasters pon i get salaries not that they're making their own money or their producing their making that off of the hard earned cash of their prisoner in my opinion is wrong if you're asking people who are making fifty thousand dollars a year support you to the fact of very high salaries i'm sorry that's just like the politicians pull salaries of the back of the tax payer to have these lavished life styles there may bleeding people dry in its wrong i heard yesterday that the boss bill for the people i think it's in iowa something because a direct contact eight thousand dollars a week the bosboom the people that are sitting there serving the nation are you kidding me i'm sorry but but politicians and leader should never behave in that way and i as soon as i heard that i thought what another caught we can do in michigan i want to find out what the good as bill is and we're going to cut that boswell down to zero goin away and we're going to oregon to say you you want to sit up there and lancing and drink yourself to the point of being an idiot gored but you're going to pay for it were not going to were not going to find this is not what you're so an let me bring bliss on she's in the background here and continued to talk about this he i am less he now you got you there how are you glad so what do you think of them as many well i had entourages as an meteorological tell him our legislators are out of yea i think it needs to why i wanted to on what you sed about about times and in other bible talks about the a time when wickedness would grow and people would be confused about what is right and wrong and were in a time where people claim that they don't understand george will tender and i mean there's a lot of confusion and to our children but what what i just want to say is is that i personally as i grew up around the iranian get involved in my personal testimony was leading up to aniela i began to look around and see what was going on first thing i did as i started looking around trying to figure out what was going on and and strange as it sounds i expicted up by some master domitian i was i looked at it and i put it down i said you know what i'm going to return to the biborate bible and see what that means and i decided that i didn't want to listen to and fro anybody else tell me what the bible said i wanted to re read the bible as a and you know something that crazy as i consider myself a good moral purse and i didn't even own a bible and i probably had had and i realized that had been ten years since i had been in the so what i did was i just stayed home and i read my bible and i started to make sense to me i started in matthew and i jest started reading the bible and i was like we this big sense this is how i want to live and this is what i want after a period of doing that i made a commitment to god and the night soon a church that was going to teach me in the bible and i would encourage any that hasn't been reading their bible on the day as back in whether you believe or not just read it and i pray that i gathers a got out there and where you are lord we all be understand this if it will begin to make sense and it will begin to reveal itself to you and and it will begin to make sense be we are in a time where we need people that abide by the biblical world view and follow god to get involved in and i would just encourage everybody to do that being the adoration play something minutes this is an easy thing so you know you know you know i'm an organiser and i feel very strongly that all of us should be because we should all be just like we should all be involved in politics we should all be there to minister to each other that's so anyhow i have a a channel that i like to lie and it's called and i find this to be wonderful in what it is it's all scripture in its one it's all scripture and it's very considerable this at night when i and because i want that to get into my brain and you can't believe will come but listen to this guy like the guy's voice besides that it makes you know amazing aunt the even he starts rosythe next crop it is it is it's not common to scripture he goes from one to the next minute and they have like healing scriptures they've got you know different that one is like twelve hours an obscure listen to answer scribendi you listen to his life stuff at ecija like last night i listened to an one of the minor profits in the old bible he read it and may take fifteen minutes to go through the book but then he replaced over and over and over and it's only three chapters and so what was i like that and then the next day when i get up i can actually looked at the bible and read and try to put together what being a and so i'm very encouraged by the fact that you do the same thing which is so at night and and let that get your heart and end the teach intent that's very soothing and tom and as a result i would be out like the light and in the background ah so that i will try to it purges all of the political poison out of my body so i could get up in the morning and actually the people otherwise you know otherwise i think i'd probably have be a lot less calm than i am right now you know maybe a little more has definitely politics is equal you have to be reading your bible and you have to believe in god and it's just so important well something it is and something you just brought up and i'm glad you're out because we were talking about the absentee ballots and that you are going to be a poll watcher alcander populating or other done and and that brought to my mind the fact that you could not vote in one of the elections they told you if you left to vote while you were working in the polls that they would not allow a humiliation and finish your job so i the sectarian even that was at the cafe that was working with dominion and i get that people get you know they use that against me all the time ill she denote into twenty sixteen or twenty twenty i didn't vote in twenty sixteen my son was in the ice for two weeks with a man bronchitis and i didn't leave not to vote at all i didn't i am a mother it's not it was my first child i contend you know it's an even cross it as a mother i was there my son was so i did not go in twenty sixteen twenty twenty yes i have these emails back and forth from dominion they told me i could lead to bowen i got there they said no you cannot leave if you leave you cannot come back so i had that i had to make that decision and to his day i believe i made the right decision with a solidarity really wanted to vote i was actually running as the precinct delight and i am not invited to go down to the tessera the pulled challenger and i made the decision to go there but i didn't realize and i should know better i got to my township at four o'clock before and of course they had the closed at four o'clock i couldn't get an absentee boat and i was going to be in detroit for ours for ours plus away from my home but you know i made the decision that because i was going to be involved in the election as a pole challenger then i would be influencing or potentially more important things then my vote appear even for myself as a present delegate i did vote an excited to see what i get the qualified voter file whether somebody voted for me like tom as they were going to find that out is that an milesian address something because we were talking about the christian a crime on her allegations that were raised in her past and now that all of us have had a life before we got here and i was telling jonathan if somebody were looks through midas and to come against me things about my past some of it would be true some of it wouldn't be passed i mean i should be very destructive and nobody would be qualified to step forward into i and what i just want to tell you and i just want to to you and i wanted to thank you for being involved for standing forward and dominion and as in coming forward as a whistle blower thank you for your courage and in telling the testimony the time you were saying this you look like a crazy woman because nobody else was aware of it was going on but now if you go back and you watch what you seventy twenty you are no longer belong voice crying out in the wilderness saying hey here's a problem here's a and took a tremendous amount of courage and you've been attacked personally for it and i just want to speak to the viewers here because i've heard some people that have said well gee you know unless he was an eligible to run for other offices and how can she be on this and i want to address this what has happened here is that as i look at this of state made a decision that people that had filled out an affidavit of identity or the process to go through becoming a candidate on the ballot i challenge you i've looked at those cats and i didn't know you at the time but there's the reasons you might have been able to contest it but i think god has it to be right now and the secretary of state has tried to you of the ballot keep you from being somebody that we as i vote for and i think that you i thank you that you were right here and i also would say that encouraging to me that your mother that your patriot that you had these experiences and the people who want to sit around and be makers throw things at you either from your past or because paper work wasn't killed outright or whatever you're in here and still fighting as somebody that i i respect and somebody that i can follow it a leader so thank you for that means a lot to me really does and yet it's rough because when your speaking out in your speaking the truth they do everything they can be silence you at whether that be lost you know throw as more plus adding what they want to add to it and in its crazy what comes out of it but i ve done interview for an hour or more in the way they caught these interviews you wouldn't believe it they cut them into two minutes and they make you just look completely and say it is outrageous but our our legislators going into that hearing i had no idea who was the democrats who was a republican i didn't know i don't know anathema the time i just knew that they didn't care to hear what we were saying at all and it was a blow my mind to this day that we have legislators that signed an unsaying that they won't talk about election fraud you know that we had this out happen americanising in michigan nothing's come out of any any of us i mean that people don't understand our legislators are their refusing to look into this road they are refusing to do it and that says something it tells you a lot they were all part of it they all had part of it you know they they were all involved and by the way if you go back to looking the other way and not so germany nemaean you can't say i didn't know you chose to look the other way and there is seen a lot of people who have i have not wanted to expose the and so you know one of the things that you mention there was this you were coming forward in the process trying to do the right thing experience what every whistle blower in the history of the world has done and people don't understand when a whistle blower comes forward because they say something offence their sense of morality in the sense of what is right and wrong and they come forward to tell the entity or organization comes against them and try to destroy them personally he tried discredit them because they don't want to hear what the men and you know you take out else about they want to say about you the question is you said as and then of course they want to sift through your life and they wanted look at things in that we make you know i am one of those people who did not make it years of age without having made some really bad to some really worldly and if somebody wanted to picture my past and say that's the way that i am they would they would they would have plenty of ammunition but i will tell you what i have chosen to do right now here to day is examined my life yesterday and when we're done with this phone call im onesime time i think in about the time i did right yesterday and the things they did wrong and consulting my lord and saviour about it and moinard with the better attitude to day than i had and amelius wanted tell you that you a person of courage in your person of integrity for a coming forward and basically it being one of the first people to explain what was going on behind the and i would just say that you're one of the early heroes of this movement and thank you for running for absolutely and so much respect for you i mean i really have a lot of respect for you for your knowledge for your ability to think through problems for your duty no back down attitude on everything you you really are an amazing woman and a wonderful mother and a great truly a great role model for and yeah it's like the reality as is fighters in the world to things that are right are the ones that have made a few mistakes not the person that gets through rarely became never friends with somebody that doesn't have a few problems in the background because they're too shallow their shallow they don't have any life experience and they've never come up against adversity so when we see somebody who is who is in fact a plastic political action just hiding there is better lying in hiding rather than rather consumed whose actually been in the middle of the fray now and there's no doubt that character when somebody is hurt if as somebody is perfect all the time honestly i don't really think there's any doubt of their care they've got a well enters and we all fall short of the glory of god that's all that's others to it and you know i am thirty five i have two children yes i was when i was younger you know everybody does things when they're younger we make but i don't believe that's going to credit you moving forward upon you know and also just about the tapering and all the news and all the media with that you know i would two hours from lancing and my daughter was three months old when i got that phone call from rody to come testify i was in landing the day before hours and my son was four years old and a school and it was exhausting i was exhausted i had no sleep that night at all and i had to get up and go reckoning we sat on an arranger five hours just sitting there waiting for one of the witnesses to show up that was scared the very first witness jesse was her name she was an engineer just out want to come and testify and that was the main witness you know her every one says i am the main wineing in her i'm sure you remember her testimony and she had a great taste and we haven't heard from our sins because she won't come out in talk about it any more she just what they've done to so many other people like myself she doesn't want to and that's what happens that's what they were trying to do that was their goal is to make sure nobody else would come forward you know people don't realize their goal what what they're trying to accomplish there attacking someone like that always have to look into that and to that person that they are attacking because its normally that person is probably right when their putting that much attention on the one can attack the message and you know the reality is the but you know the thing about this crazy melissa that they were to actually take the time to expose some of the amazing accomplishments that you had in your life and the victories and the overcome mines and the things that you've done and how if they were to look at your children and look at the other positing about your life there's a whole much more well rounded store the reason that you got involved in a just one say that nobody nobody volunteers to do what you you getting called and you were put down you had the strength of character to kind o go through the attacks what i'm goin to tell you is that i still once the while where people in the patriot groups really don't understand and they still have some of these remnants of the you were the subject of it a very champagne and just like i said i needed to get up and re read my bible because then many years from that i think everybody needs to take a fresh look at who you are and what you're about because there's a lot of really amazing attributes and qualities about twenty twenty two you and that's what matters because as we go forward we need people that aren't aren't afraid that are going to speak out there and they're going to know what the truth is even when they come again up hopposition you're going to have to stand their bravely and say that you're not going to compromise in the one thing that i know about you is that you won't be bought off and you won't be and that to me is two essential requirements of anybody who's going to lead in our nor and our government so thank you and that means a lot to me unfortunately i have i have to go to you have any questions about anything that came up out from our discussion yesterday or the lawsuit related to any anybody had any questions the insane i didn't see any questions out there in the over sponges that i got on it were wholly very positive and yet i think that this continuing to you know lance or file lawsuits is a really is a really good plan and i know we have we have more work on hand right now that are going to be coming to the forefront and file probably fairly soon so that we can we're going to keep land and blows here on these people on to we see better behavior and i think that that i think that that's what's necessary that we need to be continued to be moving forward with this and unrelenting if it is any part of the election looks like the last election were done this is the last election in my opinion this mid term election twenty twenty two that we will actually have a chance to make a difference in hamitic if we continue to be the same unitary candidates back in again that are going to fall into we are going to lose this nation and we will see it this year this year is the last so i think when you say people need to be a little introspective on to they are and what they stand for the time is now to decide whether you're going to stand bravely for the nation where it whether you're going to be a lemming and john of the cliff with everybody else or whether you're really going to stand as a patriot and again whether the approval whether there's hate whether there's persecution whether your friends say you're not whether there is you know people shame you or whatever this is the time to stand and not back down and endowed got we've got two months that we have laughed before that election i think there's going to be allowed to s going to happen between now and then you know but we're seeing paris separately and make those decisions for themselves and not just be be programmed by the establishment and i think that significant is so significant to think for yourself to vote your conscience to vote to pray about it and say you know what i'm not just going choose the lesser of the two evils i am going to take the best action stand on waver to take this natalie that well i'm ontell you that i'm excited because i am one of these people that i do believe that god has a plan here and we have a this country of weather not we are and whether we are going she and two tried to seek leaders who will agree to follow the principles of god and if we don't we are going to fall into ruin and destruction as a pagan and ultimately i am very encouraged not only personal commitments to god but you have made commitments to try to do everything within your power to improve this process in this great state in this strait so i'm very grateful for your very grateful to fact that you guys are are here and having this discussion and i appreciate the opportunity to come and talk it's an honor to know un'stand with you in this fight i'm going forward to listen ation truly is it honor and if dandering for office he would have my a hundred a thousand or ruther at that i run from oh oh yeah well that's all right you're to go to be in the fight whether you're your crazy enough to be out in the forefront where people are slipping at yet you and the like of the guard protect the every other angle i am dorothy definitely have a role to play but it it's not for elections are right now to provide some legal caper and to be a prayer prayer warrior on your team as well nikita a fighter death of oftener and the eating the beguiling our chilly on the ground you contented the reliquiae difference the last shot that you have filed in the lawsuit that that stuff lambert file doolittle that all have different that they are filed and while you may have a lawsuit that attacks the machines from one angle there could be another our lawsuit that donna is plaintive filed in the southern district of the southern division of the western district of michigan it is a very narrow lawsuit and i wanted just sure everybody hears again what it is about is about the election voting system the electronic voting system and mine squire follow a guide line federal government passed the election assistance corporation created by the help america vote at passed these guidelines or what we need in order to have a secure and transparent election the ill with the security of our voting in part and so michigan adopted those and made the man even though their voluntary voting system guidelines from the federal i made the mandatory that we must follow them and then we find out that our are not certified by credited an from the election assistance corporation as is required use uncertified to actually vote in tony and it looks like we're headed unless they pull a rabbit out of their hand going to the twenty twenty two if the machines are not certified they shouldn't be used and they should have and so our lawsuit as for declaratory relief that not only is this requirement made it makes it a declaration as to whether they were in the past that they are required to be in the future that declaratory and then the next question is we've asked for some remedies somebody asked me well why is this only about the presidential and i want to explain that united states constant says that the legs has the for how we appoint our electoral votes in the presidential so that means the and the executive branch don't get to weigh in so that makes the lawsuit really clean and really narrow the legislature in a machine it must be certified to the standards it's either yes or no use the machine that's not certified the action that the governor secretary of state had in certifying our election result in twenty one i bowed and we need to run the elect the legislator the way to do it so there's no argument about state thus under the united states constitution the legs the press and that's why i the quite frankly the other two parts of we ask for is to preserve the election data required by those so that we have the data in a transport for me she can look through self out security of an election and then the third thing we're asking for in june of you can't use uncertified machine i become convinced after attending the trial of the machines are subject to both domestic and foreign interfere and that they are they should not be used in elections and by the way crazy because we didn't have the it's not like going back to a paper and counting where there's maximum of three thousand ballots in that's what we need to do we need to go back to a a a local town not a centralized where we have local control neighbors coming neighbors we need to understand that this is part of our freedoms of democracy local and that that's where our lost so stephanie involved in a lot of lawsuits very unco speaking about her different last i do know that she is involved in lawsuits and georgia the dog feels in arizona and lost but i am also a little bit aware of the adams a township where stephanie scott is involved in that law so amber of the dale so she is set to on a lithe other day king really for a lot of different narrow issues as well and by the way if somebody files a law suit on ortegal says he they're not certified in the court were somehow to disagree in say a it doesn't matter mean that other loss it have an audit trail or there's other reasons you could attack the this lawsuit stripped of all the extraneous stuff and was really clear machine either the voting system was either certified by an acre or was if it wasn't i shouldn't have been it's a very simple question and we'll see what the court does we draw a good he needs some prayer and i as you fill this lawsuit and no thank you donnegan to be a plain to bringing this very important lumination to our voting and i thank you for green to represent the people of michigan in and not only as a voter but as a candidate try and make sure that our machines are properly certified if we to the standards that we have agreed with the would be our welcome and i am very proud to be part of the law suit i think this is an important and it's important to continue to go forward in this manner so thank you for other work here doing two down in an so there you go well i matignon you've got to go entyewenninekenneh day because i'm sure that maybe this week's going to bring some more news and always does you know every day so next next next move on the one chessboard less keep getting it out here for people so that they know that they can come to brandon burdens not work you so what's happened in melissa to day that was great yes that was good i wish i would have been able to heartening of it but just stop my son of the school and conversation with the teacher about a couple of things looking into every morning at a panacea and i got through and i hope so many emails so many different organizations i noticed that in a couple of days i noticed alack i noticed this but it was a law suit from one of the election integrity and it looked to be almost i would say close to the one they and but i was just that just want to know the difference but there's a lot going on out there there so i want to bring something else up today so saltersgate come in across the state there's four of em that they're being discussed right now nathanheimer and dickon and i actually am very very excited to debate the well how do we do that because i will ask several people i'm going to tell you how we're going to so i to day i am going to be the questions so how are we to thalatta about that right so we have drafted it a text some working with right now i'm getting some great help and this i'm going to read it but i'm going to post it and i'm also going to put in the phone numbers of the station that are in fact heavens be decided to be soldiers in the mouth piece of the uniformity so each candidate the other two globes candidate i will call them out for what they are established will candidates which would be grown reciter and tutor was and that i was to stage having their trains so i'm going to read this if you were seen this messages because your part of donnegan family and friends we are going to get down a brandin the televised debate debates with what her and to your parts very easy we are launching a coordinated phone call campaign to all the hosts of the debate demanding that jonathan equal proof equal participation rights there are rules or equal participates and there violating the equal the equal perception rights of the equal access to meet it like you know that that can't be stressed this came from a support it is i be personally and personally will be handed over letters and certified mail to those same above is the contact information so your part this is marching or tavern is to call each and every phone number there and acquire inform them of your need her from all candidates on the debate stage and ask their surance adana brandenburg's part will be there do your part alice numbers for donnybrook more in your own words keep calling a leaving messages calling speaking out calculate numbers leave messages or cartoon in each location equally important share this message with all your family and friends or or any one else with a cellphone that will go back and re read re read this passage and start repeating repeat and then please you can call i've always got my number there call or tax after you you have of landed and we're going to call it a call to demand action punches as that were calling us when we all were calling to demand action so it's landing now and colin and tell you get so think that this is this is going to be important and numbers are abate numbers that we have are would now i tip eight eight nine three nine four zero two fine i the and i do not have a number on that when yet in thought to detroit is to four eight five five seven two thus before eight five five seven two thousand if so so we've got underneath is a number freeze two four eight two of nine four five we're going to start calling them and saying you know what a why isn't done a brand of portions and you know he'll say the argument has been well they've got to be pulling at four percent well that's great which polar you looking interested me that were we everybody wore number one had everyone now if you want to take the fine new holes then in use that to noroe going to have manipulated numbers and that's not what we're hard up and so we all to think these poles ye coryanthes polls are just terrible they are terrible for have never i'd never taken a pull i've taken a pole one time in and it was a volunteer in and men and that was before and i didn't know you were on there i didn't even know that you were running i didn't know you so that dearly that we reelection paul where they were leaving candidates out other than their chosen candidate so the holes are rife and full of corruption and its election it is in their picking these these groups of people that are like minded and they they know that the groups of individuals i don't i could say i pulled i could say that i pulled you know my group of friends a group of like minded patriot and that they all thought the election was stolen they all agreed that the election was i mean so i mean the people in california that don't and we've got nowhere you know so it's like what is that the poles i don't i don't believe any of them bisanthe rag so i want other candidates the other candidates were it were conducted on line pole it was absurd it so it's amateurish because it's really shouting out that they are part of the crop system because they're willing to do a pull like that which is ranged from the beginning if if i sat out there and i pulled every one of my supporters just my supporters i'm not talking numbers of people that were looking at unbiased one hundred per cent of them would say you know i suppose that on a brander you picked to do the polls you know stan a change can change the numbers to make numbers of like anything so the polls are already you know you go you go on to art yet but if i'm going to do an honest poll i'm going to look at number that can't be inoculated and they're going to be fair like i want to know the truth i want to know where i actually fallen in the in the line up of sport and honestly we are so far ahead of every one in actual real numbers it is at it it's crazy it's crazy the numbers that are really out there by illahee about them on fine news and all you will not and it's it's funny because when decent winter were walking across the meteorite both had burnaburiash side of them and i heard that in the heart of that i heard that there were but i heard they were very upset about that there are a couple of god words on each side yes the alias great that kind of gaiety and you know and when they know that their country is being taken from them when people had been put through what we've been put through in the country you know enough as enough and they don't want to you know their done people are done dealing with a corruption we all watched by happened with we all watched her you know other other candidates for stray ears and then installed we watched it happen we know who finding her whoever sending you one that's why she hasn't spoke up about the january six political prisoners and how they've been tormented and abused and mentally and physically abused everything these people are being there he is like living in a third world country she had been in commotion she doesn't know insomuch i elongates what it is you know and you know she's not going to be a voice for the people she people think everything's going to change its not really not these people are global it started that the deacon that i do being the secretary of education under present i was reading a lot about her in her decision what she did while she was secretary of her yet of education and she made a lot of really bad decision and was called to step down several times did not well done i'm sorry no i'm sorry now had not done williams made a committee quit calling our constitutional republic of democracy then you means of a democracy which is it is that's actually fairly a fairly i don't call it to jimcrackery call it a constitutional republic well you know we understand that it is in fact the constitution a republic and in there's a reason for that a democracy is one of the most unstable they fail and they fail quickly it does not defend the rights of the the minority of pinions or minority and i'm not seeing that as a racial but but it only goes with a democracy only goes with the majority of what the majority of what the people think with no representation of those who do not have that majority opinion so people that don't and it it's very unstable it blows with a wind of opinion rather than get taking the time of listening to all sides so that you can roll them into a holistic type plan that that serves every one not the majority of the people and in that you don't really have if you don't have that majority opinion you are left out of the decision making process so i think at that surely significant to understand the difference between a democracy a constitutional republic a monarchy and the other forms of rule which had been going on in the sense world you know since the world began pretty much know heap you have a system of system which they live within that they agree on for a set of rules that everybody abides by you have that families you know you have you have like a a rule of law in a family that the smallest smallest component of governance really you know and then you go up to the larger forms of governance but a constitutional republic the most stable that has the best chance of surviving for and the best chance of making sure that everyone does in fact have same i represent represented so i think that that's very important to understand i have a couple of ideas that do a really good job of explaining it came through the mosquito general girls and as specifically car in the raider has i loved karen quite a she's quite out and analyze she's an amazing a person who does a great job of a nail as good you know a huge thinker you know she's a tinker she's not a sheep of and i always love to hear what she says and i do repose your stuff on a case she actually had a a beam that she i think she made this morning and it showed a dim voting for dixon whitmer and or living free under governor dunnabridge which at a tasting that was really unwitting channel to day that was really really well deathlanders he has on to caen the river big big love to you he anyhow well i think that it is almost ten o'clock and there we could go on forever or to morrow i'm going to have a friend of mine a wonderful woman and fredersdorf and to morrow a number she stepped over yesterday and we got talking about reverse mortgages and how her family has basically been preyed upon it and at the tattheration of actually what her family's been through to athotes reverse mortgages have stolen their family home and made it impossible for them to his they really they prey upon people who are older and in fact they are even advertised on game shows and and that sort of thing to cut out to to suck and people who are older that may be could use a little more financial disclosure rather than just a sales person showing up at their house i had that with my mom when my mom called me one day and she's like i think i did something really bad i like one to do well this nice young man came to my house in heat such a nice young man and she goes to this over and over right and she said he had me he was going to have me in all these papers and he had a great idea and i just thought he was just the nicest young man and so he is i started singing it at all a sudden wind my social security number i get scared she said i told him that i needed to talk to somebody for which was a good thing that my mom did that she had gone right in and hook line and sinker signed his papers with her signature and then thank thank god god was actually talking to her and said hold the phone here i think i might have a problem but these people that prey on our elders he there as thick and you know some one was talking to me about that too at one of the iron at the wine parties i was at i was telling me the awful story oh my gosh it was so awful i asked her to come out and she has an answer me at but she was to these probate it is really bad explaining to me and this happened with her mother they put her mother in a nursing home obed and then they said she ran she had got lost they lost they said that she was in a hospital and her mother actually ended up passing away without her even being able to see her mother and they took all of her belongings and gave them to the state of miss and at this happened at so many people and my gosh i was talking to our distant understanding how she could actually like hold it together because i would be so i would be so mad i was just wanting on for this happened over and over again whether anybody wants to get their hands around this or that this is a shocking thing they are literally killing people in the hospitals because he had some of his truth cares that the incentive the incentive it to the care of two hundred thousand dollars per person who day so and that she wore part of it is that evil cares act in sonoita people and in taking that that money they did you know they did the same thing and this was pieces to probe because in the end the bell it was in the nineties under ten they in son of eyes really child trafficking up to a million dollars per head to the room a home i mean that's really what was happening there our government is involved in human trafficking weapons training and drug trafficking there there involved in the gap and the murder of people from for dollars and sanifying people to do it cogitable she was talking about this one end of the dalai was so i was does man that works for the court they put in and he he gets all of thee o he gets like it's like a nurse kind of like a nurse with their patients he gets so many people under him if she found out how many people were under this one man those conservator yeah okay ye so ye had a big there's a big problem with these professional conservators they will cut off all contact from the family and their loved ones captive thousands not got a conservator ship on my mother he's still alive and she's not really able to manage manage her her fare properly at this and when you have it and you don't do it if you're doing it in the family you don't do it for the money i mean you know god knows how much i put into this to take care of my mom you know i find see my mother and my dad but to so that they could have really good care but these professional conservators at work for the state they're not being but legal and they will have they want hundreds or like a sad thousands of people that they say the conservators for but what they really do is they take the assets of our other prey upon our elders or sanction sanctioned by our government by the courts and you know and shame on all of them is a despicable despicable act what a terrible what a terrible career to have on what kind of honest individual could ever do something like that right to somebody else what kind of individual does it take to actually do that and then this man it stole the property like her her aged her mother's property but he's doing this to all these people that he that he having over he's a conservative conservator or over these people and their families don't some of them don't even see what's going on here he recently retired and alencon and when he retired he moved away because so many families were were upset and found out what he was doing and she even caught him going to one of her friends parents houses that was and passing away and actually drinking in her house with his friends like having a party in her mother's house when her mother was in a nursing home he had put her there it like one of these people doing what they just think they can do anything they want to do coleroon you know a free just to total free for all with these government and you know what these government place and you know even when you said earlier with his boot lawton my gosh look at our legislators and it's like i mean i know six or seven of them just from my area alone our full blown alcoholic hold on alcohol in every single time i see them they are drinking or drunk every single time is that somebody who you want making decisions oh i heard a really funny story from someone who was at the camp and all and they were really recounting to me what happened and you know brandabarbaran upon the jumble of ronan he said people were there is a group had all the sudden everybody got really quiet and the one guy said the one guy said she's the only one that can be whiter when they flash my pitcher up there and all them agreed and then one by ticketing of whisky or whatever he's drinking and she got eastener all in trouble guarantee that was probably the only trip truthful statement that was set in that room at night but with no imitate were all drink and so hopefully though the boasted her tongue up to actually speak truth when their line most arrested that's what it that's what it does but yes the these people they we are so in trouble in the state if we don't we are so much trouble it will never get fixed like you said of this alien get fixed in this with this election in twenty twenty two in november of this year if it doesn't get fixed the year it will not get it will not i agree i agree with that so what would that sat at say it lets a close up to day and and get detective here i've got to morrow i don't know how i intenable to be and i've got debtor and then i've got a pot cassim doing this guy that's coming here that is was not lentelli story but coming at the end trandafir out ah supporting a why anyone would support me as someone who was not in the republican and i think it's going to be a great it's going to be a great interview to come at it in the kind of an maybe a biased way a biased way again supporting me and i do know why so i think that this could be really significant and so he's going to be he's going to be over to morrow and i'm not sure what time i got a call to be here but i think this is going to be a wonderful interview i have in fact a call and i talked to him and i was on one haste other day and i can tell you what is that foremost he is a true believer and i think that he's really wanting to get to the truth no matter what it is he is not wanting to be a sheep he wants to get to the truth and his main motivation is get to the truth and service to god and man that i love that i really do i think we all should love that way you want to pray to day or do i mean to break they have my father thank you so much for the statue given us for you know everything that you with this election and bring the fraud and what has happened to light her thank you for everybody that you brought together people that are like minded great friendships together and thank you so much for that man you for providing legal system somebody that has such a great heart like an on and help us so great for him on the and he look over her and the entire state and they are coming open her eyes and get them we that you watch over us as there are we ask i thank you very much i really appreciate that so everybody out there just let just letting know that you're all in our though prayers and were thinking about you every day you're not alone there's a tremendous amount of fighting for you and your family in those things are important to you so i just want to say to day that you know god but you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america thank you maliciously and the great god atwater thing we had to do this thing okay wanting winging me man go to my gate witches a brand on birds or governor dot com i write every single word on telegram and i do all the palestine there that's a that's a brandenburg the number four my yucatecan contact me there very easily and i do i am affect one that responds to all of the love the responses on there email not so much but i do the one so intolerant quickest way to get a hold o me and or i always look pioneer out there you can always call to that's also an easy and quick way to get a hold of me no matter what you want to motala so anyhow have a great day it got you wonderful day to day and you your pet beyond all belief and never lose sight of that fact that that you are pre and that you are very much loved and though there's a great future how to us when we laid down our weapons and we stand together united as one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice that thank you