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Published July 28, 2022, 8 a.m.

JD Glazer: "I'm a software engineer with a background in security. I had no political involvement until spring of 2020 when Whitmer declared she was going to use Facebook to track people who were part of the drive in protest at Lansing which included my wife who went. When the Antrim county forensic report was released I was able to explain it to people and try to get people involved in finding and pursuing election fraud." Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning this is donna brandenburg and i'm in to be the next governor of the state of michigan what a day it is to day july twenty eighth and there's a lot going on in the news i've been cruising normal sources i look at and such to find things that are interesting and and other topics that i can drill down on loiterer during the day but i think this is pretty funny in the guardian coveting cope has left millions with affected taste the poor soul think that craft dinners are deep prove anyhow to day going on i have a special guest and today jailer we bringing him on in a minute and i monivea quick my on him there engineer with a background and come no political aliment until the spring of twenty twenty like a lot of us lounged super involved i mean we were we were involved in the past is like for me to do a lot of research in a researcher by my nature so i was always researching but to really come out strong i came out really strong politically in about the time that a doldrum got voted in probably about a year or two before that i got more more involved in that but array comes to the realization that we have to get involved at and a different points and time so twenty twenty as when jagodina when winter declared she was going to use face look to track people who were part of the drive and protest in lands included a day's wife who went and he also won manillas and trim frantic report he was able to explain it to people and trying to people involved in finding and pursuing election fraud we all know that there are lots of problems with the elections and i'm kind of drilling down on that right now because i think the incredibly important if we might my number one issue is the corruption that we have in government because corruption leads to all other forms of of problems that we have it if we don't solve the corruption problem we don't have we have not so to uncover the corruption and the i areas is really where we find our solution going forward to fix the fix of rome and under the number one topic under corruption for me is the election fraud or the election integrity issue we have no integrity in our elections the getting into this and sent from talboton we all have come i believe to the conclusion that we don't just have one problem we have multiple problems and we're going to have need to address all of them so i'd like to bring jonathan talk dear good morning how are you a good morning to yourself i'm fine thank you how are you wonderful wonderful we've been really drilling down here on the election fraud the election failure issue and i'm really honored to have here to day to talbothays i know you've been working tirelessly at this to expose the problems that were seen in the election process across michigan so like the like ye to tell everybody all the rout there exactly what you've been working on and what you and there's a lot of people that are working really hard election integrity network michigan election integrity network there's a lot of people who are canvassing finding results finding problems pointing out exactly what's wrong with the qualified voter file qui and so i'm just part of a lot of people there are a lot of people working working for election integrity it's really inspiring to how many people are actually drilling down on the facts and the promise of it in order to bring everything to light and i think that transparency for the people of michigan is a critical so can the situation that you're working on right now because i know you're working in many different directions can you tell me the project your working out if you are involved in any lawsuits going forward or what were finding i'm not personally involved in a lawsuit but i've been working with people to get lawsuits filed in explaining the law to people example we have who think they worked for you know the secretary of state or association that isn't true or we have share if you say that the they don't have anything to do with election integrity when the law clearly says says that they have to begin investigations they don't have discretionary power in the matter a lot of people been concerned with florida but inactive does not start any legal process you have to actually file a complaint before the legal machinery start complaints have finally started to be filed by different people which is really good and the evidence that they have clearly shows violations of the law now people need to understand that they have to the officials who are enforced in the law to enforce the law a fight election law says it is hereby made the duty of people to investigate these the da has to investigate the share of house to force with is the terminal proceed they don't have discretionary powers in the mater to a bunch of the sheriff across the i tell to probably half of the sheriffs across the and are they do do they understand the role in this as you know the the highest law as far as in sure and to thee the constitutional force right there many don't many choose not to be involved and that the tragedy because they are the highest the supreme court has said they are the highest law in their county to be protecting clerks they need to be opening cases people need to bring evidence to them and the law says that they have to begin investigations and that it is one of education and willingness aren't educated but some aren't willing and at a problem that we have take a lot of public support to make that happen yeah and i think this is another example of where people need to get involved and demand that demand that the elected officials actually carry out their duties but that comes with that comes with knowledge too from that from people of michigan and to know what the light and they've done a spectacular job of taking that knowledge away in that teaching at our school systems when they got rid of and they they stopped impowering people to actually know there are their legal and their lawful rights in order to hold people countable at we can't hold accountable unless we know so can you go into that a little bit what the sheriff's duties are and how people can i encourage them to carry out their their duties to start investigation you're very correct about the children the democrats of successfully gone after our youth and got them focused on anything except what's important and we have a lot of work to do because there are future things are bad right now if we have a bunch of who are educated in these things look what people have lost already how about things in the beaten fifteen years in the future so we do a lot of work for education on sheriff and what the law says they're duty to begin investigations on any of the laws are outlined in missinaibie law one six eight which is our election practical case of that even if no if he didn't have evidence of election fraud parker interferences on there's been cases where republican inspection workers show up and of i acknowledge that they are challenging they're being accused of interfering if you challenge your inter and then the police were called on to and the police don't know the law the election workers who showed up by well intentioned they don't know the aether and so that the police do it eject them because nobody knows exactly what to do you dootchman so the democrats have effectively turned our police against so one of the laws is that an election worker is entitled to every convenience to do their job what that means is you're entitled to be close enough to read the paper until to get close enough to some one to inspect what is going on here entitled to the over being in some the law do your job well and that's not interference and so declared there fearing i simply wrong and police of to understand that so they are defending election work founding fathers gave us all of the legal tools in fathers knew bad people would take over about people be in position and they gave the people the power to do things you know or a bill of rights in michigan starts off the constitution starts off with the powers inherent in the people is not inherent in our elected representatives but we really have forgot what that yeah that's true sorry i just just itched on the here and i hit the wrong button and i think i ought to the whole stream but i didn't ourehaoue true and in and also been able to stand up and not be afraid to not let fear that you know stop you from doing something that you know that's right and if we go into these situations and we have a little preparation time can honestly we have to come prepared in the situations that were going in we need to know what we're talking about and we've got to get back school can things that they people and prepare them for like otherwise they do an incredible job of when they tear down or right by by keeping us ignorant of what our actual power is they they really take it take the upper upper hand or the high ground and disable us in the fight we are absolutely in war right now in the war the adamite there's war times of the problems that happen are most of the warfare that happens is information warfare only about i've heard only about so is a belissande as a warfare most of it is actually psychological and information warfare and that exactly where we are right now so our duty as people of michigan as americans is to educate ourselves so that we are armed with the power to actually debate educate others and turn the tide peaceful way to taking back the ground that the enemy has actually gained and that's an like you're absolutely right it's a children's minds that they've gone after and you can destroy i'm told generation and take over countries or take over process through ignorance and i think right now that's kind of where we are so we need to just keep keep hammering this truth and transparency going forward what what is your suggestion because mine is is i believe that every single county we need to have people who actually are communication with their share helping to educate them showing them what to do and if necessary get legal help behind them in order to force the issue i would agree with that the war is actually just hard to gossiping nobody wants to do their job and we have elected people in office who have sworn to uphold the constitution and there not doing that that's really what needs to happen and we need to acknowledge those people who are we can deal with them we situation while he's a nice guy but if you're not upholding the constitution if you're not doing your duty are you a nice guy the problem that we're in right now and citizens really have to face that problem well let's look at world war two with hitler coming on the sea german thought he was a great guy you know they thought they thought that he was in the deeper thing and things were great but they didn't realize that that is actually how he was taking taking taking the wrong path and because because the people want to filially human beings like to feel good and and we all do you know we all like to feel good and so ah organizations like the red cross and some of these other organizations that are that looked like there for good reasons have been able to you know smoker people a little bit and and mislead them manitou know that the red crop only twentieth blood that's tonally go was to help people in the hospitals the rest of it the rest of it gets sold so in good faith people come to donate blood and then the red crosses i wouldn't be surprised same thing with the lot of the lot of the adoption agencies out there what they're doing is as they are actually taking a huge amounts of money from our federal government in order to an order to a traffic human being as you can't have that much money involved without being trafficking without heartily and there is not there which is really really disturb so yes so i think that if we could figure out how to encourage to a to call and at southseaman saint you have anything written out that could help ah that could help keep approach the sheriff is not maybe that something that i should work on a soul work on that well what you want to do yourself to know what to tell the sheriff pointing to the law read it for yourself and be real queer that it doesn't provide for discretionary power then you want to open a complaint you want to have specific evidence of a violation is not up to you to prove the what we're being asked they're like well we can't do anything until you prove it and that's not a citizen's job a citizen is aware of a violation they reported you have to fill out a complaint and official process that's the thing needs to happen there are some shares you have refused to take meetings and that we don't want to have meaning you want to talk to our shores but they have a job to real so that starts with the complaint to it what is there someone stole something from your property a deputy would come and you had fought a complaint about what a storm of what you saw or you know whatever the case was that he has to investigate that's what has to happen some sheriffs have said they don't know what to do situation and that's a bit it's their job to find out it's the exact same thing as any other crime and to have to follow where the trail leads there are a lot of very very good county clerks and they did their job very well and on both the democrat and the republican side they care about a fair count for the people and there still may be problems in their country that lead somewhere else and the sheriff is obligated to follow that trail where the trail goes and that's what people need to start seeing gets on it's not up to us the case and these things aren't up to people's opinion a lot of republican leaders have told us to move on and they don't get to do that i want just to tell you to ignore the law and none of this is decided or opinion but a lot of people have in mobilized by the simple words i move on simple case a fire across the street ignore it it'll burn out at some point and nothing we can do about it it isn't true we're told that there's no remedy no not true any result obtained the fraud is not enforced and when i was a child i lied to my father and my father was in a position to accept that why or do i deal with that life and we are in that situation now are being lied to are we going to accept yeah that's that's you know when we got kicked off the ballot my second lawsuit that i haven't found a court they basically said that my rights were i was very unfairly treated and that my rights were not there were kind of violated and that the paraphrase of it but that they wouldn't stop the election and or included me on the ballot so for one person so that's that lack of remedy and to say thrown up their arms and said well ye have but we're not going to do anything about it seems to be stomatic across the and it includes all of our it it's really including all of our public officials as well as political parties from top to bottom were too truly seen inactivity and it's too bad so as the people of michigan we have to force the issue on them a little bit is there a worm or a link where people can go to have a to fill out a complaint or should they just write it themselves i mean what would you suggest they do as far as to to put a complaint before a sheriff a collector evidence and now which law it violates and then you present that in the new co to your sheriff's office to a complaining for a crime that you believe happened that your evidence right down which lie by a late and as file that process so the complaint forms are at the sheriffs so collect the afford evidence fill out the complaint for at the sheriff's office start maybe start a dialogue with a sheriff we were actually turned away from sheriff when we went to talk with him so we had that and there was absolutely live going on there they said that they were under a mask mandate from two days before but they never they wouldn't show us that the a donegal and lisle word for right now but they wouldn't show us the paper work on because they did not have a judas order so they scrambled after they said this was going on for two days scramble to get some together judge to sign the order that i don't even know they have an order written up before that but they were telling people that there was no evidence of it and they denied us and try because we were we were protesting masts to go in said southerner they didn't have to that is that is completely wrong you know yeah they signed it two hours after they heidenmauer you know because they didn't they did not have an order stated that you had were a mask in the court house and not only that the sheriff in that that tony he actually he had the discretion to not have not no matter what they can they run at the way they want to so he was they were kind of all in cottah other there because they were in forcing an order that they didn't have in him in to know is really i think it's for hours later we've got time stamps on everything all of a sudden the judge scrambled a shutin an order i am really sure you know so the couple a couple laws are would remind people of our on our bill of rights he says no man or set of men are above the law or get special treatment you saw that happening with the mandates certain officials weren't worrying them if they wanted us to where the his job is first to the constitution that's who he works for he is to uphold the constitution for the benefit of his he doesn't work for the governor he doesn't work for the state police the sheriff can keep the state police and there were so shares said they were not going to enforce those mandates and there was nothing that the governor of the state police could do about it now that she sent people need to remember that the other thing i would mind people out of his supreme court ruling by chief justice marshall in my barisani one said that any law repugnant to the constitution is on waters cannot do things in the constitution and either give lip service to that or we apply it practically people standing up and people have forgotten that that it's easy be pushed around into accepting things just yeah and i think we've seen that is that this golong to get along mentality from our elected officials topped by that i don't know what you but i've seen very few people that have had the guts to stand up and do the right thing even a noble and and we've got the whole group of one dead on and legislate the you know there were some good launch horse officers that refused to enforce the words for sobrante where they set the example and it was a share of that dentical went up to two cats and i sat on kittening toasters mad because i will not comply and they would arrest me i was like a agenoria at this you know because you know to get arrested for a right to cause is in my book a badener know it truly is to do things that when people disapprove of you even though you writing to do supreme act of bravery we saw no one in the political parties we saw no one sitting in landing not one of them stood up and and you know pitched absolute tis fit over this until they forced the so now it's going to fall on as the people of michigan tis fit and demand that the law is but how i'd like to say three things one brought up hitler so not if people recall the brown shirts where what were used to terrorise people in hillaret power and it was very similar to the health official appointees that went around harassing i'm very very similar action small groups of people with no real power no elected power these are appointed people a lot of times was no medical background who were harassing a rat was going to say similarities to hitler and what's going on now yeah it's never mind all in its go well into your point to your point when you look at the background to some of these people george sorrows admitted to going to different houses in world war two and seizing the property of the jewish population there in world war two i mean i mean you want to talk about who's in a they're not even with them the forwards fords were tied in with a antithetically they came from the same instanter in fact involved and he can see these people what they do is if you really do some deep digs you can you can see how they change their identities and they'll change their identity going forward in different changed your names the bush family change their name to make them palatable in america so did the winds or in england if you sorter background you can see it so then you can honestly see that this is then an age age age old play book were doing the same thing and once you see that you can't honest seem that with what they're doing you know the brown shirts the color evolution has been going on i mean they did want you can anthonie espoused the same play book that they've been doing for orfeverie back long time i remember he was going to say no it specifically says a representative it says instruct the people in the representatives i don't know about you but i haven't seen that happening anywhere i haven't missed a county meeting in two years except one and is one in two years and at no time had any representative came and ask our opinion or take from and they say well i did this bill i did not do well under whose instruction on the hand count that occurred at the state nomination convention all the grass roots people all a grass roots because they were organized for the first time not one single republican representatives that that's a good idea what conies now people need to ask themselves why that is which party are we a part of very clear separate what they say with what they do that there aren't any republican representatives for they're not telling us information they're not telling us valuable information i have a republican senator she sits on the energy commission we're having grown out brown out for the first time ever and we had no warning in a too you know what's going on there so a very very the process is broken in terms of representing the people telling the people what's going on and that the people's input michigan the people's input is being completely ignored by those currently and republicans have a problem we re electing incumbents want to change things to start voting people in and we've never voted enough different people in to make a difference that mind set has to be well and if you look at it right now it's a uni party they're all working with other i don't know i take people but what's really been amusing to me is or i'm sure you've talked to a lot of felony that but but when i've taught to these people that our bringing bill forward they think this is a they may think this is completely a joke they we have two thousand bills a year going in front of our legislature they know when the right these bills that it's only for objects to write a bill at a certain topic but they've already taught to somebody cross the isle that will kill it and then the boldest then they go to a shot a cocheforet laughing at all of us because they brought something that they know is the going to go forward but it's just to appease that withered heather fighting hard for but but there working to gather to bring something just merely for optics to get growed gun and then the body on the other side they've already he had drink ever thus and they know exactly how they're going to kill it and in the mean time were pain the bill to bring these bills the floor and i don't know if you know the exact number of what it's costing but i've heard wild aftermaths of five hundred thousand dollars per bill to bring to the floor now i don't know if that's accurate i think there's probably some stores are writing those bills and those attorneys are charging thing triteriteites and dollar paid bills at whatever cost per hour to write that a most surprised at that at all crystal about the terminal absolutely time whenever you want to talk about this is your you know this is really important people need to understand going in we have to defeat this bill within thirty days after the state nomination convention which chromo and the curtain which upset the establishment a great deal both the house and the senate passed the term limits currently if you switch between houses you could stay in for a total of six people don't do that with the term limit bill does is it reduce it to so that is a reduction not one little part is but what it does is if you stay in the house doubles the term from six to ten you stay in the senate it almost does it from eight to not good much more difficult to get incumbents out and the people that are currently in their want of travis we are always told that they never have the votes for a michigan we have a republican majority in the house we have a republican majority in the senate and we have a bill that allows a citizen over ride of the governor were always told all the governor's vetoes it in stock there's nothing like that's all what would happen if the senators came to the people ten senators pose to be working on our behalf rallied the people in support of the bill and collected their signatures i think you would have the signatures in two weeks none of them are doing the travesty of the term limits bill is that in one day of a one how third super majority at the passes with a two thirds majority if you understand how difficult that is and then on the same day they sped up the process to the house house and senate past it with a super majority in one day now you have to ask yourself how came this party who cannot get anything done ever they couldn't get right to life they couldn't all the things that are happening where were extended their job in one day says a lot someone is directing them someone's telling them what to do someone is coming to agreement we are not being represented in this process did you have him put into that process cause i didn't in we have to realize what that means in terms of we are always told a wide former years to get anything down we couldn't quite get it done reelect me will get it done at the thessalian we keep falling for it we have to break the cycle this term limit bill high lights in the most clearest terms for everybody what the real problem is incumbents don't listen to us they haven't paid any attention to all of the ballot initiatives that got signed and dropped on the steps completely ignored are not being listened to and the incumbents are doing what they want and we have to deal with that we have to dance it it's on both sides i mean it is truly a uni party that is the problem that we have what is very becoming very apparent is that it's a political industry that exist protect to protect itself for self and rich so they literally are feeding their part people of michigan is a very pertinent organization nobody really does anything i i don't know what you but i've at i talked to a few people and dug and dug in the lot of them have never actually held a real job they've gone right into politics and they know how to work the system in order to to pull money look at as for she got in and she couldn't even afford apartment right in the latest that in what is she have in portfolios in the iligent twenty some million dollars in a portfolio plus million dollar stock for folio are you kidding me hogan broken come out a millionaire but that service are our political system is not a retirement program it's not a career but we've allowed it to do that by as long as we keep re electing incumbents this is what we've created this part of the problem is on us it's not right it's supposed to be service you're you're supposed to live the american life as a capitalist and then take that view into government if you have a job and politics is the only thing we know you leave college you get indoctrinated science and then you have a career in politics that is your mind set going in and the only way politics continues to make money is never ending projects that's not how if you ran a business like that the business would die and if you had a business that ran you know election fraud oh it was a or it was a clerical or if you had any business that had suffered clerical errors to that degree would fail immediately and yet we allow to keep perpetuating it some point people have to say people will never have political power until they start firing yeah and it's got to fire we've got to clean house top bottom because you know it when you think when you think about this all right this is isotta questions right this is where you start asking and i'll go away out on askin so yes somebody that's an office for for how how long was holloway in years thrifty years right and so because he's been in there is like i've been in office for or however many years you know millionaire he was in office i like to know how the system works i know how to fix it well if he knew how to fix stands to reason that he would have but i didn't fix titanotheres so the term it you cannot run in office you cannot you cannot run in opposite effectively if you don't have the experience behind you to know what every one else in the state or in the country is going through i firmly believe that and if you can't get it done in four years or eight years compassed with a man on to somebody else who has a different skills who can address a different set of prose not like one person's going to fix them all we have not clear about you'll be daisies every it takes every one and the goal of any one getting in office it should be to replace themselves somebody who has a different skill at that an attack different problems effectively so that that it's it's a nice even rule out that that sustainable and that goes on to protecting the rights of the people you know but i found our founding fathers created a rotating system for a reason they were very smart to do that we have to rotate even if some one doing a good job the somewhat i know and he's done a octob but he wants a career i don't support that and i never will the example was set for us by george wash and george washington did all the hard years of fighting the revolution difficult hard physically and then he became president the point when the reward would have been the absolute greatest step down after one term and he intrusted it to some one else people around the world cannot believe he would do such a because he believed in the system one of the biggest lives we bought is that i need political experience for i have political expert not what our system is about new people the new people bringing ideas or system counter to our system and we have used accepted that that experience issue as a reason to keep in commenting and that is our contribution to the problem that we have while in the other thing is this whole pay or play thing that's going on because you can't run in for upper office on any level the question i did ask every time is always about the every single time it's about the money why is it that the entire system only caters to those who can not spend other people it aroun have answer to that word of mouth defeats money but money works because people stopped participating and taking the silent majority really killed us our founding fathers created hundreds of delegates per county for a reason you can't control that many delegates and those a number of delegates would be sufficient to reach the people in the county the delegates controlling who gets elected and reelected and candidates should be seeking the endorsement of delegates and they aren't because the delegates don't so much money was required to win how can they have so much money left over at the if all of the delegates were participating in their communities were of mouth would defeat money and the right people would be elected because there would be much better check and balance system that the republic the delegates would be sent you haven't asked us you're not talking to us you're not doing what we want or getting rid of you if that was actually happen we would have true represents as to get back i have i have an issue with with with one part of the delegate process right now i watched the candidates market to the present delegates and i believe that that is wrong behold the marketing or not marketing this should be communicating to the people and the people go to the delegates to tell them what their wishes are in the delegates should carry out the will of the so even even to the to the point of having candidate marketing themselves as i actually have a whistle blower who one of the candidates called an basically was using coercion act tactics in order change the vote of the precinct delegate that it should be absolutely illegal and wrath to those present delegates should be talking to the people and representing the people in their districts rather than be marketed two by the the political establishment enter candidate so i went to one really that was that was going on in the state and this was really disturbing i was it out to old muttie the the rally was only for the purpose of making the present delegates feel good so that the establishment could get their candidate that they wanted and you have that is wrong and backwards it's not even funny because that's once again part of the pay to play problem of buying buying votes and they admitted it flat out i couldn't believe what i was hearing this was the republican this was a republican even that i believe that the speaker had i believe that the speaker is incredibly smart and i have tremendous but to watch the subversion happening underneath him what outlined to me because it was planned aversion of the process and it should have been a legal and every single one of those people and the republican leadership needed to be called out for this what they did was patently wrong or they won't be called out they had to be poet and replaced it i read the constitution which sosthene have the right to instruct the represent the representation roberts what you just at macallan at the leadership conference my dog manager released the statement that said meeting is a great opportunity for the grass root to hear from our policy makers now who is their policy makers that the reverse press suppose to take instruction from us not the other way around but there now that the grass roots is waking up they are trying to get control of it so it is subversion its absolute subversion and its intentional and we have to not let that happen will ever tell you what happened limited what happened and this is what they're doing to like with his macarian conferences i was never you know i was never politically attached to any parties or anything like that before her i started runnin i looked at i was asked erroneous cheaper party before i got really going with thee with the republican party but i looked at the value i think for myself nobody nobody tells me how to think you know and and i've got a little bit of a stubbornly like to feel tomaytoes people that would be my sole job is the different odo because of me went on we were doing the handsome attalie numbers and we had to get them to agree to adopt this process and so we call people and some would agree someone but i had one guy and i respect him very much and he said disagree with you but i have talked to my people and this is what my people want though i'm going to do it now that is the right thing to do that is how is supposed to work when he has got elected we don't elect you to go give your opinion tentaculaires our platform and our wishes that is really that's exactly correct so and what they're doing with these like the macasla conferences this is to keep the people away from the pit they elected or that this political machine because i tell you what happened when i went in september of twenty twenty one i decided to go up there and see for myself first and first time megone anything like this and to see and try to unravel the structure you know when you're in business in your use of putting structures and organizations together you need to see it on the ground for yourself to see how it's work so my husband and i went up to manila and we couldn't get rooms up there because the rooms were flooded and for he was only a limited amount of people that could actually at they did the tackler job of keeping people out and i'm going to tell you right now i think that we paid for ten hundred dollars a night for a room and i found out you know god bless me with great success it was happy with it but i knew there were certain things that i needed to do in order to swim through this so and i wouldn't do it again because it was a joy so at any rate we went up there we did that and then i found out that there were other people there who are running for office that the party paid for their room part of the action process and when you look at the dark line how the dark money funds his campaigns and how detached candidates they were already starting this in september twenty twenty one by pain for room there were in their mission keeping every one else you either had to you either hand have you know the ability to pay for some of this stuff or is it going to be the same swam for a jump on you know the jumping on the you know the titanic but you know tanais going down we are going to take this thing down in switch out the old guard tapped to bottom an it's goin to be weak the people that does it because you cannot put any faith in any of our election elected officials because they have all ready the they are already guilty of sedition in trees and every at the every single one of them except one and i say that to keep myself at a ligature because none of them did their job we have that conan we have to realize the sheer number of people we've elected into office who won't do their job there is one of the senators down here her promotional material is that she is endorsed by many law enforcement agencies and she sent out a picture herself i think it's five sheriff standing next to her descending in a cornfield and that sounds good i'm endorsed by law enforce but i read the constitution that said no man or set of men are above the law of these are sheriffs who let their counties get shut down do not stand up for coverts on i don't believe they defended their people properly the constitutional rights and when you have law enforcement upholding an elected officials does that do that makes an official above who's going to prosecute that official i mean it's not you don't want that it sounds like a good thing but it's a trap we fell into no i support law enforcement i believe in law enforcement and when a police officers are doing their job absolutely it's essential to society to have good men in law enforced but we need to be a good man in law enforcement means you have to do your job we have to really come to terms with which these nice people that we know of no of people we know but they're not doing their job we citizens have to come to face that fact and find people who will do their job because we have good laws are founding fathers gave us good legal they gave us tools that are defenses against bad pepe but as you said earlier you know people have forgotten children are being taught we have a new generation coming in he don't know these things they don't know the beautiful things that were given to them in our constitution that allow for the life that they have people have to apply those tools simple but it's difficult to apply and that's where it is if people would just do their job according to the law right now it would change a lot of many times the answers will lipabi people don't want to enforce the law they just want to make new law and is like saying that someone robbed your bank will we need to pass tougher bank was but that's the mind set that were passing all these bills is kind of like runnangore going to stand in place but you're not going to gain any ground whatsoever because we we can't enforce the ones that we have most of em are unconstitutional and that's one of the things that i'm planning on doing this to run through every single law on the book and have it even examined for for for the constitutional compliance or whether it's even allowed because we need a strip down everything we have is the decentralization and said the tarrington of this monster that we really need to focus on right now because because every single one of us every day of our lives is involved or as the altering one law another confidant you can't but keep on law but you'll break another one which is makes it ritorneremo in old testament he had that at you know god gave us ten mananan i think that the religious establishment at the time added six hundred forty eight more laws and there was no one to keep them so for some reason this this isn't the first road on this polonaise breaking down you know no it isn't our political system that we have is very similar to what the israelites had under and it's one of self government but there was a point where they decided they didn't want to do the work of self government and they wanted to kick they got here on that precipice right now if we don't get involved what's going to happen to us many christians use romans which says subject yourself to all authorities to just check out and say oh i'll do whatever i'm told but that's not what our governing authority is our governing authority is the law which requires citation in it god gave us self governance supposed to check out when we check out people come in which is where we find ourselves so christians have to engage god tells shine the light to speak true that's what we need to yes seamanlike this i've been i've been doing a lot of research into samuel and kings as such because you can look back in a bible perspective a biblical historical perspective on the promise run into and they the people israel were screaming for a king and samuel told the people exactly what was going to happen if you have a king this is how he will treat you he will force your sons to join his army some of them will ride in his chariot some will serve in the cavalry and others will run ahead is on their it some of them the officers in charge of a thousand soldiers and others will be fit fifty others will still have to farm the king's land and harvest as crabs and make weapons or parts for terooah ers will have to make perfume or do his cooking and baking the king will take your best field as well as your vineyards and olive or yours and give them to his own official you will also take a tenth of your grain and grapes and give it to his officers and officials the king will take your slaves in your best young man in your donkeys and make them do his work you will also take a tenth of the sheep and goat you will become the king's slaves and you will finally cry out for the lord save you from the king you want it but the lord won't answer your prayers so basically god says i'll give you what you want you're not going to like it and you are so i think right now we're a time that you think we think maybe the prevailing thought for a while was is that we want to solacement god's goin to give us what we what we want in order to show us what we wanted is absolute poison and the tyranny that we live under right now i do think that people need to be shown what the results of their bad choices are and i were certainly getting that under them nor the resident in the white house you know we've got i refuse to call him president because they don't believe yes a president or a leader would never treat their people the way that by a it's an exploitive and this morning i was reading something where he was talking about the game and how o how the gas prices have haistened thus as'cra put up here her morning re gigantic quote a direct cockatrices of been dropping for thirty four days straight about fifty cents a gallon so rantipole be thankful serves that saves an argive about a month i know those extra dollars a sense means something breathing and we were not done working to get gas prices even lower oh here's a question thought they didn't control the gas prices i thought this was so of free market at coney admitted right there that they are manipulating the market price is not what is oftenest admit their guilt if you listen to the words they say they admit their guilt complicity over and over and over again in these people are so stupid that it's kind of shocking you know it is the response that they expect from us are pretty predictable you know touch his mind every week every week a something different now how can a medical doctor come to complete different conclusions every single week the mass work they don't work vaccines worked i don't work back vaccines don't stop to spread the just mass the symptoms i mean crazy the things that are said i have no idea what's really going on behind the but very weird things are going on behind the the most i can say about it he's a lot of good things going on behind the scenes but the just to trust a bad man that's poor with manna is even more insane to me i mean the sky is doing experiments on kids and orphanages with as he's done experiment in a antelopes with a sand flies eating them alive this man is a mad man and any anything that comes out of him the world held organization and the any national organization that has to do it he is going to have a bad outcome because the goal is in fact to i do not to be true and all of the people that are dying for any health official to look a straight in the face and say that it is not normal for young people to have myocarditis and for young people to have heart attacks and for top athletes such as soccer players and basketball players you have heard attacks an age it's incredible that they would expect us to accept that as truth that that has never been true in our lifetime is not normal of for people and yet are there many doctors saying that this is i say and we have to stand it we really need to stand up and tell that you know all tell them you know this is insane and i refuse to go along with our hum and in his goatee all of us to do that so can you can talk about more of the investigating or the professor involved in right now takinaka and colony and explain exactly what happened there to everyone and as bewildered about anthony so the lookout then it you know if you can go either way currently what i'm working on is a lot of canvassing results by a lot of good people across have found significant voter for problems in many different violations of the law one for example would be locations where voters voted from on addresses that you're not allowed to vote from either like an alcohol store or a gas station for real or eating that and i could say you know a mouth that shows all the pens of all the different you know just thousands of location of these places where it's not legal to vote from because they're not a place of residence people who found homes that it's obviously a for bedroom home that has seventeen people voting from the locker one incident all of these things are in violation of the law so now it's a process of taking those identifying which particular michigan election law inviolate and the putting that into a complaint and then finding it and then as to go to a county with a judge that will rule on the case and a county was a sheriff of prosecuting because we have allowed a lot of bad judges to be elected we allowed a lot of bad sheriffs be elected the democrats have done a better job of long term planning republicans need to start thinking o who do we want for drugstore want for detonator seraphically we ignore those the democrats were very smart and they got their people in those posts so that leaves us with we have to find evidence in the right county that has the best chance of and that's where we're out right now you know that do you have conically that you identified that this would work well a deal i don't want to talk about that right now there's a couple of things that are about to happen and i don't want to speak in advance that every day is like waking up to christmas you know it's like you wake up to christmas and there's a new gift colinet's going to be you know another way we're going to take these people down i love it that it is it's a tricky thing because we do need people and we do need support it it comes to complain citizen has to file a complaint and a citizen has to be strong enough file a complaint and go through with it and that person is going to need a lot of now that initial process is scare and heard you asking a person to be very courageous and you know it's like if you're in a word you're saying okay you're the person has to charge the machine that as first and is playing hard ball and so there has to be some process to get rolling you know in case the goop decided to unanimously agree to ascend the twenty twenty elections important because it's a decision that we're not accepting falsehoods anymore and hopeful people will catch on to that and my point that is people have to start standing up together and do this that initial process is tricky until enough people start finding courage to do it we need township clerk to stand up when you share is to protect their clerks when you people to stand up and support their clerks when people to know what the law is we need people putting pressure on judges to do their job no one is above the law and one of the tools are founding fathers gave us is called the writ of mandamus and what that allows is for a lower court to tell a higher office do their job it happened as a lot of elected officials think they pick and choose what they get to do and they use their discretionary power which causes them to ignore everything but self interest and take our election law it is hereby made the duty there compelled by law to they don't get a choice and so if they don't lower judge can say you will do this or you will be subject to arrest that's a tool that our founding fathers gave us the its circular no one is above the law every one's accountable but we have to enforce that and enough people have to say he you have to do your job it's not your choice and this gets into the whole and no one he is an a process that is dependent on any one's opinion it doesn't matter that it's my opinion that it happened and it doesn't matter that it's that a person opinion that it didn't happen what was to happen to be investigated properly that's what has to have no doctrine westerman astray that you know it does require people closer to the to the people officials closer people to actually enforce it up the chain not the other way around we have a lot officials to be above the law yes we have so here's her can you explain what happened to cast county how that process is sold and wonota look like that was led by our secretary in our chair or secretary the party found out what happened in ancona and they passed the courageous resolution and said this is what we believe is is what we stand by and i think you found out about that on monday and he talked to our chair about it and they said this is great but do and with and so we changed the wording slightly so that it would fit our county and then we all passed it tuesday night unanimously it was the unanimous it was really exciting i wasn't expecting it when i walked into the meeting and as our chair was reading it it was there was electrifying how love it's really nice to see people who are willing to take a stand and fight it really is an amazing thing to we start standing together if we start making a decision it will matter there's people who are kind of waiting around which was when going to blow do i have enough support i don't want to be the one without a chair when the music stops so just start not accepting falsehoods together and start saying he were being lit to pay you need to do your job yeah i can on me or where can we find i've got a copy of it but i want to make it easy for people to find that resolution or would they find that if they want to go look for that themselves i am pretty sure they intend to make that public i have been told like where they're going to put it i can send you a copy thus no problem this i'll text i have a copy but i'd like to get one directly from from the source and somebody closer from you know jusserand ing that yahia lot of people are it's my understanding that will be forthcoming but i don't have a that's good to know so so realistically if we had people in every single colony going forward with something like like this resolution and forcing the issue that would be incredibly helpful i it would one of the effects of that is people need to realize that an audit to the clerk clerks to make their independent decision about to audit their own data they don't need any one's and some clerks think they do need person now it takes the house of representatives to force a clerk to audit if there's suspected problems but any clerk can voluntarily audit in any quaranta the results if there's a problem with it and this is something that has why the datas preserve for twenty two months if there's a problem it can be correct begins the support process because a clerk like okay my alone one of the problems that republicans have allowed i have not seen a single republican representative or senator was right after the election attorney general must went to the washington post and a couple of places and said if you are an attorney despard if you investigate election fraud now what did that do it was illegal for her to say that shut down legal help for people and the republican party has not stepped in and said here's attorneys who will help you and nobody can not said he that's wrong there's a lot of returns most attorneys won't get involved now that's a real problem i mean when as an attorney have remodelled in the case of the so money to be made i mean they will see over anything okay but now people find that they can't get legal help the other side was very smart to do that and we have allowed it to stand you know why are we in our fighting for this whereas our legal help this is something that that our elected officials should have been dealing with this process begins the support that clerks start exerting control over their data so what i really hearing is that the clerks can do it and should do it but if they don't do it the people need to do it in force so if if people if the people in the different counties go to the clerk and for issue with with a clear the clerk if they won't do it then then that we the people need to step up and band together and do it he represents the people that elected that clerk and their first they worked first for the constitution and the avidity to uphold correct data for their people and they need the support of the people that represents them the people should not you now rise up against their clerk unless there is some truly truly radiation and i don't think that's the case for most clerks occasion want to a corker people and people need help as it were in a fight as you say the our who have never fraud he don't want the uncovered and people need help so what they need is encouragement and help and a lot of people are understaffed because a big job you know to find out if a voting file is correct or not it takes a lot of investigation my vice is a help for when i say force the issue that means not stay home and watch t v all day but actually get involved and yet involved in getting a total find out what the steps are to encourage them to forward if you need to get these sherifs involved started investigation you can go in that room so onlike yer a lot of pals to get this clerks on either side care about doing a good job and think they have done a good job and most have done a good job sometimes it seems to say oh the clerk is bad and that is not what i'm saying i want understood i understand and i'm grateful to clerks and but there are when there's a problem it's uncomfortable in it's not comfortable for anybody if you have to confront some kind of wrong doing is always uncomfortable so that the the rock we don't know where the wrong doing is going to ultimately point at the moment there were things that happened that don't involve the clerks it happened above their head the senate oversight committee confirmed that our data to and then comes back before we see it so what happens when our data leaves the country and then comes back to that's not a myth that's confirmed by our senate and they think that's okay so there's a lot of things that happened above the clerk's head but it does start with their data because all the townships controlled the local data and we suspect that that's one of the reasons why there were those orders to erase them drives or surrender your son drives or you know the the local clerks are in charge of the data source of election in the gleeson the right thing that direction stuffy lambert was on her she's an attorney and that they have a whistle blower clerk who was brave and stood up they were told the destroyed that most underived from from the secretary of state monson's office but davis critical and that then his critical what are we trying to hide i mean the thumb drive how much is a thumb drive cost you know or this the stuff like even on the outside lestoype a hundred dollars for sembrich is absurd you would never pay that much for what was the purpose of destroying that data unless your trying to hide some agreed that data critical to our freedom and our election integrity and we have to stand up and the friend that date the law says is responsible to pass that data on to their successors to predict the day has to be preserved or law accounts for that the whole thing is kind of a kind of aspremont of reflection and questions you know and really really look at each individual i think that this is the biggest message we can give every one is get involved a general plan says it all the time you know a local action equals national impact so sometimes i think we feel like we can't really do anything the machine is too big and how do you fight how do you fight washington i would add to that now the law he really needs to know the law in your heart so that you can stand on it one thing that happens to people as they know a little bit and then they get into a situation and some will say but he you doubt like well may be the right and then you back down and so you really need to know the law for yourself that as you go in to this battle the right way you really armed so that you say no that's not right i'm not back and down have you ever looked at the hills the college courses on line i haven't myself but i know people that have taken it and passed yes i think they do a pretty good job of explaining the documents and they've got they've got a course on the constitution as well as many other many other founding documents and information on at the base it out this country stands on and if you know the basis you can kind of drill down on some of these other you know it's just like learning learning you know matter with you know you start with doing his sums and an encounter and then he certainement that to your alreaty tragically and an deficient go through all entire he goes to the tire curriculum well we can start with the constitution and the pounding jack and build on that this kind of a fan is a front thing to study early is to see what's come before us so that we we have a basis of building from bullion it i do think he'll still does a really good job in the free courses i'm not i'm not there not there either not endorse me i have no connections with them invintin it now not notions about them as well sandersen is just one of those sources that i found over the years that i find to be very very informative help and they've done a great job of putting it out to be accessible to any one and i well i really appreciate their efforts when people do things for the right reason she had really not money in so that when i see money involved in any effort i asked the question all right what's behind this way and but whenever somebody puts things out for good reasons are less hard hitting but not always typically want to question everything and i think that's a good process everybody should look at the truth never i do trust but personified heard but trusted that i go right to the verify forget the trust they're going to have to earn that with me but none and if it's a erkowit one cross in respect or always need to be earned there not given they should never be given not to any or not to me not to you not to any one when we start blindly trusting people that's when we get into trouble you know and and trust god to lead us is the only trust that we should have is that you know trust god to lead each and every person into all truth when i and i think that that's a process we should stay with every sin am god says judges the fruit the fruit takes the longest to produce in it will be either good or bad and it's not so says it's not even say june with the leaves look like what is the fruit look like you know i'm going to know this is a painful subject but i question arising patriot group out there because i think i think that most of them have been infiltrated just like a government has everything else and i challenge people to two even even question the leaders of the grasses and the patriot groups because they have an jonathan not all of them but it's just like it's just like in in every weave have good actors that decided to buck the we have doctors that just decided to fall into the system and doctors that were actively involved in killing people and i do i do believe that the same thing with the patriot groups we have some really good patriot groups grassgrown people that that want to do the right thing and then a lonesome one a very onerous it was what you get with me and like a penitent and went about if you look at what trump did i think trump set an example he called things out and problems the and the exposed things and accosting difficult things we have rovers we the appointment that he did in an election cycle and it cost him he paid for it now if you look at people who and the elected officials there not willing to sacrifice their job to solve a problem i just want to be re elected and have to look at what people are really what do they really care about they really care about solving a problem for us or do they care about election if they're not doing anything to jeopardize their election an indicator it's a need to look at it because we are in a position right now we have people who care more about their job than doing their job yeah exactly and i think i cut out what i was talking about the part groups i think we've got a lot of people that are in them doing the right thing with good hearts and they're getting involved in illegal and you know we have to hold them accountable no matter what position that their in and ask their find out what the connections are are they actually planted or part of the system to lead people astray or are they for real hosannas teresa real simple that must there are many groups that have collected money on election integrity hardy was forced to admit that they are spent no money on election integrity and one of the things are the hiring attorneys are they standing out for the legal rights of clerks to come forward with data those a real practical things if you really care this is what you do if some one had given you if you raise a couple of hundred thousand dollars or you can on election integrity what are you doing with it what is needed was needed as attorneys what is needed is protections for clerk was needed is an awareness program to bring people to an understanding of the law and stand up to the law so if you're if you're telling people to move on you're not a patriot you don't have the right to tell anyone that opinion and are you educating people on the law so that they will stand up correctly for what's right doing the things that are necessary the people rose a wrong that has those it'll be very clear if people are doing the right thing so what we really should be focusing on going forward to is if the political parties i don't even like the political parties i think it's just a special interest and it's unconstitutional we didn't start out that way of having a two party system controlled the winners and losers with only the illusion of that's what i believe furthermore if somebody really wants to be a leader i believe they should work on empowering people through education not only not only hiring attorneys to fight for the will of the people but also why aren't they doing why don't they do in actual classes in order to classes or studies almost like a bible study why aren't aren't we doing something like that here we can form and groom he has have groups through this so it's it's a decentralized finding out the truth i know a several of them around that are very good as he as a good group in very county that i really am i really like these people a lot the wonderful and some of the desirous out there whateley know their stuff i you know you walk in there and i disinter like the one ah tell me more now the sole heir so knowledgeable and silent now i learn every day i will agree to pontarlier there are people on things that are meaningless and yet they say they're fighting for us and we have to look are people really fighting to actually get something done or is it just token lips now well is there anything else that you want to talk about do they had an keep on as long as you want because i not i i would just say encourage your county it starts with people banding together in agreement so you know one of the things i get your county to a vote to send and that start someone else doing the same thing and it will stir the mind share of the patriots together it's just beginning it's not a result yet in but i would start there and then figure out as you said to you to get involved and now the law there are good people who do need to be educated so learn law and then passed on that sounds great well thank you for all the work that you're doing and the wonderful patriots that you're standing with a happier of them and it's an inspiring spring process to a paris and fighters to fight the good fight and stand without wavering and i just want to thank you on behalf of myself and the entire state of michigan whether or not people yonder not how much work that you've done thank you so much for for a state and and that forfeiteth and matrons and for putting your time in your effort into in a very selfless way it is an amazing process to watch and and i'm honoured to have you on to day to talk with myself and and to all our viewers think you want you deeply you know i like to always and with a prayer would you like to preterite me go ahead your heavenly father thank you so much for j d and all those people that he standing with to the it is an amazing amazing thing to watch your hand move across this nation as your bringing us back under yourself under god we we walk away this nation walked away and we allowed these intended we are so sorry if it will not happen again i won't repeat that mistake we're going to go forward and do the things that you have asked us to do restore this country to a biblical you know under a biblical world view with the in certain servants had serve god family country hold the constitution and the documents that were created with a moral with an iron moral people in to do that that means we have to follow your so much for every single person out there we ask that you would bless every one with knowledge and discernment and with bravery through your and continuing your favor upon us in our nation we are deeply grateful father god for everything you've done for us and thank you for the day had of us let it be let everything go to your honour and glory and jesus christ precious name we pray a man really wonderful once one praise over the oh is not that i add i like it to my honour you have a wonderful day to day and i'd love to have you back again and so if you've got more to talk about to just let me know and i'll have you back again aweeping at even if it's something you want to do to say take it take an air of the constitution or what you know and do a segment only on the actual laws on the millowner that we need to look at her how we can put this process back together or involve people i'd like to post i write every single word o my telegram channel and i do my own posting what i would love to do is put something to gather and say a post or direction which people could heap into the sea this is the process of step by step cross and how to approach as i think that would be a great thing i maybe we could work on that together or i can do that or be happy have a wonderful day you to thank you but we well we had a great interview here with dynamiting that i came on to day and meriting you know i read the combats were going along and such hoping to bring more selfless people who are working behind the and in giving them an opportunity to sometimes the people were talking to that are out in front of the camera aren't the ones that are doing the actual work and i'm very interested in those people that are doing the actual work behind the scenes because we're getting information moment by moment in that in that direction which sometimes never makes in the new cycle on and i'd like to think every single person out there who is engaged in fighting for the united state so anyhow have a wonderful day to day you can always find me on my telegram channel which is brandenburg or am i so i faced integram and there's another there's another channel that it's a log i put together that i'm posting video too so i watched i watched fifty so scribes lilas fifty subscribers overnight on telegram last at least me asking a lot of questions you know we know that the censorship all around i e can watch anon and all the other channels you know when when we were going through kind of amazing the censorship going on but you can always find me on another side to it it's a bog that i put together in its dana number for not at its donna number for am i not come so you can go there and i've got idiotised and i've done some research i was posting to it for a while i had other logs out that i have been writing to over the years i decided to get a little bit more active on this one because if they decide to new coffin my social media you're going to be able to find me there because we actually control that one so we're going to be able to read it and bring information to two you at any point in time if they knew me at that there we've got a million other ways to bring that up in instantly and henry direct so anyhow have a wonderful blest day to day your important gateway in this many many people fighting for you and finite future our future together as a nation it's going to be a wonderful wonderful process to watch us unfold as we fight moving forward to take back i take back the american dream have a wonderful day and we will see you to morrow to morrow i have scott and meantime he is also involved in criminal investigations right now will be really intend have a wonderful day