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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 2/27/2023 - Chuck Ritchard

Published Feb. 27, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am in fact donna brandenburg and it is the twenty seventh day of february twenty twenty three i want to get right to it this morning because he's lots of topics to go over and it is in fact blow the lid off michigan politics on brandenburg and the amazing so welcome in welk welcome and to day hopping out amine and screen here and he welcome alonetom chuckie doing and doing fine thank you it's undone time for you in the deer one thousand againthere comes the sodomas yes how are you to day to hear whether the with the oardings to day because they're so much going on the no way in so was wellcomprehended me to kill it and go for i in no sir can never be her check right now because i want to hide ressentiront i want to make sure that i body can he i matinesyou can't hear em make sure you let me know so that i can say whither could hear chuck and myself hang out in it one make sure that you are in fact you the volume is much as we and i and i think it the porteo oh there you so a yeah i think we're doing okay well let's see how this girl is here but i think i think everything's all so we do soundchest their guys let me add this anyhow here we can jump right into the the only lot and a lot in a lot that's been going on and i'm going to into start right off by we're going to be able to do forty five minutes to day and i have to catalan here and so and what we're going to go through things very fast and furious and so less is go head and start so i've got a lot of my mind because i've been doing some deep digs stringeret nonsense which i do not believe at all so down with so let's let's go ahead and jump in to jump into what you and and i got it figure it you know what you don't as my tip and why this whole thing is a it was the copper and the bearings the tires too many disparities there in the cocklers in the are the couplers and the bearing showed it up you know you go ahead and keep talk because you know what i did or do i didn't i didn't put the son though i did not put this on notes yet so let me get to suit sachibut digitalin ok whether going to take the whatever happened where they're cold variationrelation censorially think it of me he the i looked at a post to day but all the nor thunder dozen in all that time goundron the world hacking and are we are we merely the suckers go on go conspersis he every day and we ask yourself we got here got to do for maybe maybe we have more awareness but even of forwardness is we know that there's something on invest because why we do not trust our goverment we do not trust our media so where do we go to get our to go back to her face have to go to our faith that her friend to look to see what that truth is because rebell were the conventionary in cogoleto another subject he talked out later caught a new wake our purses are great awakening back to our fathers will stocklein that should later on he conceded on this topic which is the train wreck i don't doneforgetting don't that you benedetto think there seor or good age proposed else i i think that there is a lot of questions and first of all am i can tell you right now that the couplers that were used on that trick this is why i think they had to go after them youknow what i didn't put the text on on on the my normal telegram channels the sorry about that guisigin t his son i had that there dhinstion i got way up i had a long week gone i'm so in so anyhow eh the colors that were on that and this is why i think they had to take down the reporters there they didn't want any pitchers of it out with their suite and the coppers are not couplers the currently specially on his map or on some some other thing so in such is the severance of the bearings in the so when i am looking at this i'm going happen or if it probably did happen but it looks like it was staged like a move and as and on any hypo to you the first thing has in there were the controls you cannot tell me that eva i all those and has been another those pig have any now why were they followed on interere wide something else there that one the practitioner these trees the coconuts to do on the pope's to do on her crop i don't you know that different radio on plans sees all times is these ties are good caring to like we do live now on we only discovered yet question what else was on that i am not i am not buying this i'm not i am not buying the train the train itself was a hundred and fifty nine cars including the locomotives that is that is not what he would do and also the black smoke if they if they arrange this train in order to cause a problem eh they couldn't a done it the more spectacular way because the petrol and products on ther to set them on fire blow them up like they did honestly what what were seen in my opinion as a something that was almost staged like a hollywood movie and i'm going to stay with that because i really think is in a poor i think this isn't really important thing to bring up i really really do in ye need to look at st now as he costerman of us what to the tree yes i have the manifest and i look dateand so ye have i have the manifest for the as well as how they did not separate the cars the way the no protocols were followed swore one these and the narrative in the narrative that the putting out there on the nobodies even mention the couplers see how we picked that on is that i was looking at we were looking at that and then i onocentauris right and i'm looking at this and i'm like got i am not buying this at all because they would they would never have they would never have the equipment the colors are the way to sisseton the way it is therefore i have to reject this something that's a in holes and then when you look at the there's a guy out there that's talking about and even with the chemicals that are on this train it's bad but they've got everybody believing that this is going to poison everything all the way down the mississippi through the ohadi on wet realize that dome a couple of train corks they could have and should have constant and there the teeth did not and then they should not supposedly they sent they sette up in a michigan to be buried i'm not a sure of that because honestly we are believing the news media and every other media autoritates the truth and they are liars so why are they we believing them now why are we believing them now we even when it even when it looks like this and we think we've got the answer figured out why are we believing people that we know are proven liars on every on any part of this their tried to get everybody to be fed and now here we are being pushed from bol sides it doesn't make any defence we are not being told the truth there there is not one that's out there right now that i trust so i'm getting in there doing my own research which i've always done any way and trying to figure out what's going on but i trust not he for nine eleven what do we know awareness of those crabtree your seeing to me that there's couplers were not so was not doing their job in its intense and all and is this sopevi can tell you it's not somebody into the job this is a group of people it would have taken more than that and we don't even know if the pitchers that were seen our actually of the actual relent there there is an all propaganda right now coccineus is an indorsed time i mean we do soreback toward the reading of went back to reading the federals paid here obeisant they were talking about the because of a lack of the british covenant the registry to do what he or at a similar time and as far as can get into the great awakening first as the new wine sweetser liked or not where he had a period in their lives there esenwein going on in uncontingent religious waking as well in some people like the look back and you see the times and then in the times now rustic government people haven't i verses osteolepis the thus what the will to do they will be dis people at our analytical that put me soothering hold you're absolutely right if anybody is out there in their trying to shut you down and there controlling the narrative and onevery every single point so so this whole thing wild with the train thank the trick they are still feeding as propaganda about and and people are going are believing one narrative or the believing the other to believe in the narrative that of right now the lot of people that are actually awake not walk but awake or believing the narrative that oh no they hethlon it was it was the thought the caballete train that in their poisoning or water under doing much that i there believing a narrative knorry it's there at there's no fact to that that is only an opinion based on and and and polluting it also either absolutely so we dosed a to what they will do the one to put e ricopiatre plant yes then what he used how many how many how many cost wait a minute no water for we all resealing the water from up there at the in the a ieweler he called that place up the nasty nasty plan scaling the water there we drop in it there the water and now we will come in photobacter plant which we know nicolas a condamnent we know nicolais harped organist was called to order there work oolenoe squadstand why they want then going to terminate ours oconnell and her own country the plotter the gonewate which is it could little change and whatever go cock over the china or you having the chinese comite done something bad it no way i relate anywhere near the chinese are going to kill her own people while they got three plies and got takesone hundred thousand i could he care will have over gone in the harbor free serosa here right hard fresnels like china to me is like if you smell the bad smell the pathogen smelled the smell the smell of that and you will smell will smell em smells that he is in the going good getting portended i find tell my wife go long time go when the is like amazon or her i should you not you're not trying that one over neotoma you're sending aconito out of the ear you praying the destruction of your old harry oh how you get the by are you gethon no you're soonout in and helps anomy this point were helping the enemy we have got to be is finding the enemy even on a personal level every single one of us and you know i am going to i'm going to write something down here because i figured it out i figured it out how they're doing thus he was the cobblers and the bearing but it wasn't just in this one instance it entire entirety of what were being told were watching a move no you're in it every single person is in the moleand were either participating with what their trying to convince a saw with whether one way or the other you know or the plan doesn't work and so in antecedent work as long as we parted he there and as the older no not grand on the internet no where died oidores hearers the waters be used by the good wait a minute so what is put in near to out there trying to hit over time they're not doing it we won't you storythere filling it up so wrote story thought about that cotgrave in oneput heretraceable what there there tried to shake us all as i poisond think it bring to co the negative side where once keep you the war gonotheca right now they got a problem with one are you aware that the i put out a post yesterday got so it's release power waters going sotaer by the ways pentecontateris states i spect each relates about it you know we've got to be aware how water is a precious rest in or or legislature gave it away when they even on the original one with the water played there in at double the old gilt we called and we got no revenge no rubiginosa it won he was escateopan then i giessen ensconsing as a rough they collide everton i don't know are the one pole from this chinese pointoise way and why and why is it why is it that the the people of michigan are not seen a benefit of the resources their stealing away from the stake as ethereal what their do you know edward and and i i am completely in agreement with you here and you know your batter badthousands so there's a big boom over the target so you're absolutely right and these are the things we need to be talking about not this political quibbling and you know like i was listening a couple of things where you know i'm not going to beat up on anybody because it's hard to get away from the narrative for people that are in old talking about the mass mandates and the the the vaccine mandates in that sort they need to stop but what's the answer to that going back to the constitution on every sendal level and in this is also goes back to the listed that constitutional and not one the and in how we protect the resources and acknowledge that the research but long to the peace of the state not accompanies and this is what this is how the multinational corporations are based really screwing this entire nation and every single american out there and i'm going to make a call out there for every single person out there we have got a stop being republicans and democrats where in white african american women met in all the sorts and let's get back to being in american standing together on the court issues and making the making the nation compliant with a contract the constitution is a contract in our government has breached the contract on every single on every single point they are not paying attention to the contract the contract is debt according to them therefore they are in brichesire government is in breach of the contract here iterate your gettichius and did you go right politico he was reading re reading the yes i was reading the by a pensieri e from a hare is really fascinating to see that discussions or were called on the or discussing now your point great there to make in american what that really means it that argensola who we are where we came from and why we are we we do smeech i oleoresin in democrats holes ridiculous get about who we are why do we why did he come here the canyon a freedom of person and even i know they all separates this state in a ongeonge that discussion to the good in a long wild but a child we pursue freedom to an we look back to what was occurring in the fetters on and we looked the deep onacles had confederated and watch olachstrasse which you know as i was reading i discovered something in it or friendly and sample gotehe all the credit i loved land helenental to i don't see istreones even today seven i'm going to tell her no costeven before that the articles of confederation when you look at it and they were set sasanof the thirteen colonies thirteenth when the shoe fisher sent for and what they did were not to say dilated their carter what they were sent represented but in the end they violated the charter because they came up was some that wasn't intended now to become up something good do they did to call in constitute it is interesting itthose i reely ratified the correct way that was laid out people do the starter stephen his ansars a long time and i have to say she's probably right now how you group that i guess it's well see where it goes but it's just amazing i incur your uncle back and storbeatind no free reading the of the federals you don't owe us was free people don jaym changed madison and altanera they get into beggestere anticipater thine into a biggish john corone its oreleto in white it's more what the philosophy do you know why why they wrote the my lord not feel in so every day in the go helical said go ahead i groped roots not expose a political one rigid in and round the way but they really were doing it adoption of the cock of the s why they rode and rode for the reason and they one long as leech he wanted to one give more credence to it because by anonymous a name like publius almost as storyright was one of the reasons the other reason they did it was too because he needed nominate hourreached say what is precise the third thing wish giorgio to this was a way to get tiotiake what it was three died spent even through the even though the years had children some years the gates uncles are here what we were a why does mother come we've got what we got and we have to we have to infer gathers a lot of judith section of there right now of that what they really met in what then what or for other men but regardless it is what we have we have to make sure we live by it is the truth it is the the bible and the constitution i like to say that is the reportthat is the basis of republican well and and i i love the way what you said there the constitution is a contract the government is in breach of that contract right now on every they have not live not they they have contempt for they hate us and instead of serving the americans the way that they should its all about this money game and you and i have had lots of discs i believe the political parties are as you only go up within them and have access vast amounts of money that these parties have and worse the money coming from i have discussion with somebody this morning and about the fond raising part of it and like the fond raising isn't coming from individuals you you cannot make the money he there there's stockingsand to give in on them our harder money which you are already taken to but look at after he and some of the other funny mechanism through the dark money hun these political parties are almost entirely backed by the corporations and these dark money funds this is what's back in it is not the money of the voters the voters do not the money the voters give spite compared to what their gate through the romanari activities afterand in so uncalled the firing mechanism for these parties which are wholly selected place in installing candidate i i completely believed that our entire government right now is made of probably north of any person of political assets or those who were bribed to go in there and carry at proverbal almost a hundred per cent has once had got in there it's not that the croppen they get after they get in there already cropthere they hit the old and the dale operationsand dollars to do to gain pools there was cold norton expose that idea there already bad younger he wings to the getting has the coracoid is the form of its isexactly only only who wished in quite the number two men at the onset who now was on sordidantur last her with departing to the hoonderts great guide see a garison quicken ocasionaron bring on the nation as oh i boblibindo that but we realized other good job and the i need to on your local community it is where the real reales scorn over his in your local areas to that collectively as on a red are collectively we will do what we want to do his people what in their as proteins don't let him get golden yes the way that's the idea in scorched too because stopped there the women of just what you i appoint that you're making account the indies you are fully a hundred percent in charge would you say the pony does it come from your eye they have first a doin there's a town called the love of cole one comes into a door the tonicote as yourself how wish oneideres all onwise your pedinidae he engaged the mind taken us in her thus to where the money comes from from porto sister kapitonich a man you a thousand from a medical net ekanimity two ridethirty five thousand dollars or local company came on pontecoulantwho just senior who a thousand dollars a year seventy two he you're giving him twenty thousand dollars in dobletons came and now which letham what were the monitor what do they do what do they this wire this inflection this policinel talking about ye omit it is it is so a soul such an egreegious of it this nation these people are traitors they are absolute traitors to the and oh it's downthepath pope yes again ariseth the it's like it's like you know you ever see some of these big maggot churches this is something i've always had a problem what where they're begging for money and these big megatheres and and the pastors will live in like a onethousand to a million million dollar houses no don't begrudge anybody from for making money but if you're going to make it make it honestly not by begging me to and in having people and this is the in things and having who work every day fustin their tail cicero their family and then the pastors or these politicians keep in front well you know it's on line you to save this and to further the work of the lord and the sedatest there and their incredibly huge crystal palaces are whatever it is why aren't they giving everything they have because of what they believe it for the people why are they doing this why are they out there begging for money when you know they're getting it through the back door on every because we're trying to impoverish the populate there all involved in this if they can prove population then the pole a tie having work harder and the camp fight back esprit's aristiform of slavery and the churches are involved in the so or so or almost every humanitarian effort and you want to know something else i know is that almost every place as that they are helping people out of human traffic were helping people out o human tripping were helping women or protons those of the people your probably going to find that are involved in because there could acquit themselves in a position in order to have access and to further there are the arm got his you have offered to one without wisdom in what creations help you utter these it was i am your mouth acratopotes is one through pool or one to four on god's dome i mentioned because his rigging and the line were going to saint of these people the average person is force they have looking after self in other est a quasi church organization like some of these services that supposedly it on and go it is said a cell because he really heard he does say that their helping humanity but are the truly helping because what measures are they using to to as i don't know but i can tell you this i'm very dismayed it will see we saw that with colvin a very dismayed with some of the a hanging on a distressso should with coleorton are the certain god no irene sowhatever she something is amiss here i'm goin to say no they're not unless they're doing what the of the people the the his as were doing you look at you know what this how these scenes live and they share what they had the early the come people in it shared what they had they they didn't bag so that they could stand on a stage and flip flip their jaw all time you know flapthe jaws they actually got in and they were working in their communities and in watches watch let's have a lot of martian with these great big global corporations are global humanitarian relief and what happens with that it's a money laundry there the money now not all of em now not all odesses after are but bonatelli you'd better be real careful one seen where that money is going you could get into something like no i'm sure the canalthe clint foundation everybody knows you know you have be living under a rock not to know that one or the son that overs involved in john of god was keeping breeders cause they are forming human beings and their using breeders to do that that's its easy that's an easy one to prove he but the church is you don't i mean just look at that people that say i am a person of faith what is that even me what a what does that me that means no more than saying i am a repose and how many people the signal there little titles that they labeled themselves or with and all that is a sub groups in order to divide us in this is god a stop the corps issue is we are not holding those accountable who are scorn and all are should have of the haven they should him to uphold the cone which is a service contrast with the american the service contract is should be a service organist ization not a purity of one that writes rules in order to extort money from the population and that's all we have right now and every single one of us need to be absolute furious with what's going on here with the political parties so anybody within the political parties isn't working to and the political parties they are set there set up again the the nation because all the the money in the fright the financial in proprieties that are going on and the lack serving the american people in any meaningful way it's most of it she like you i citolerer about the legat we got an i'm goin to give you a time check here cause i've got a leave colpetty pretty close as it like a consolidare in thirty seven and we're going to go we're goin to go to night forty five i was happy in back in the seventeen thirty to where we were with him risen the great waking a corse by the god reformers and and the post there and it brought about we should agree weekly to critical in the new awakened in wonota about how that plendonto this teaweeks with new leaders she leadership of dalehousie people are whereby allegiances by legiances for the belief can acolman blekeke things better for every one of us go when i look at this i see this great awaking back then and i looked at cocainae this see it going forward but i'm an old people countable regardless with his friend or reisa that is because we have an oblige our fellow men we have that because god is he gave us a parable a callous not the peering with and it is like people like you and i done that are doing exactly that were bringing or green forests here bring forth our faith were we living our faith is not sister we don't onwe do we're doing the best we can so people can hear as it is in condolethe things look at the leadership i got to see a plant i know in critical i know in critical right now but i want to see the plan i'm a coach right tincochaca so having a plan iscrs i got cross the if they give me a plan and i can't look at it a cable to push it out there we can collectively take on these verie enemies or get enemies no one decacantha in chinese neabody else russian who gettingintoas my worries imposed it why we got people like this grand new party the green her old ways into a citied always on packoptical ways how see me talked about the man cruel call or or as i lately could say how i see there to hide an elector they in that's so we think hello see we think business right we think civilior oration all they think of losers on liers and dance appears because that's the collection of people they got eighty two or kindness to one god who is roseteague of canopies as it pains onoverheating he uses some who is there his conchucos thomas richard he uses like i don't three for nameshence a lady i know it another tally anyone after could no reason this kind after green with something he wrote to day or saw yester elevator the dry queen she supposed you to dry quichotte more than just put the post and then doing something with it anybody can do shore leather case cry queens potentissimos all the other negates of the people rode the creamy take thy people that are doing everything under the sun ononoeomere i will agree agreed that support and give them cover the conestogos it's almost like i got to tell you one second district like a boy he calistoke old and no cilebratin the is is that you know what day look at lyonse's pole they sheepecote of capital i loganstone's really it's more like the cesspool of your ground that's the difference is altho differ views of on i know i think i grandport there grinned their old ways their deceitful ways sir dishonesty their cheating and the great to party and there is acetate away the thunder others to leadership got ogeechee mean when he greatseven if i dislike some of the things they do you still got to give the the same so people don't want them there they do not want the day sure you they want we show manage back and in power and are doing everything they can to get her back into king in your margin if americans all came together no labels just as americans and we actually stood together instead of being this is republican platform this is the den you know i've tried to so many democrats out there as well as republicans and when it comes down to much everybody wants the same thing it's just how we get there is what we quibble about and because people are so stuck on their own ideas being right we never get to the end gate and in began that that is amazing you know it's the will stand with any one who wants to take this nation back all are welcome open her arms up any one's welcome come and let's work together on this the the people that we are again it's not americans it's not you when i the godless crimes indicate which is held as he not just decades that sentries and where does it go back to it goes back to satan as every single time and don't want to talk about something you said about about local politics that in is really the place to that what do you think the masons the mate the masons to any one at the third degree who will not be compliant you will they are wanting in the first three onondio and so it's like i know i absolutely have been dulled into that and i can tell you why because of a some very close connection nonsense and it's not just nonsense there's evil there they that people and once you get to the third degree either you're going to go in or they're going to stall you out said wolf you're not quite ready where have you heard this before because unless they can compromise you and your willing to do anything on the pain of death for breaching your allegiance to this organization were disseson familiar you will not move forward the creating and polite it was out it's it's it's politics this is yet so in him i i won't come this morning i've got a stupid had taken in like coolies it it right now we've got i've got to get off to the otoe i ran as he he went last words it was in our preamble to in order that for me more or as the very base of his preamble that we need to polisson and we can concertinanot er shell but we really need to get rid steps there's a lot going on is togonegern i understand but we got a lot more to cover there so much more rise i have ivermore to morrow i have o my law suit was piled and responded to the cistelides one which is going to add as probably going to go into more discovery which is going to think we're going to uncover a lot more people within the government and some of the some of the crops now i think i shall have the crone it's going to end up in criminal and in criminal indictments and then not only the as contestants he yield that beings so going begin them for somebody else to do usseems as a way to get to some of these other people himportant to watch it there sounds got well i'm i'm let's say you're quick prayer here and then i've got a wee fly okay so you hate thother thank you so very much for chalcanthite work that he does and i'll exposing truth and bringing us back to a got godly governance which you have guaranteed the rights to us or rite come from you now from the government not not from a document only from you and we thank you for giving us that we also thank you for giving us the constant holds the government in check and to a service minded organs is what you attended for all of us were let her be out there now that their loved so very much to day and that we care about them in that you care about them and that we will stand gather in order to serve them and help each other first and foremost created to live in harmony on this planet were so thankful and bring out bring glory to you in all things that are words are and a so say we love you and jesus say i pray a man i can gushes were we to the momentplease go to bridemore for governor to come because i have still not conceded and a a the election of twenty twenty two election and will not back down until everything is right and including the twenty twenty election which was completely and utterly maladministration the complete and utter failure and what that did his take away your voice my voice and only listen to the of the people see so anyhow have a great day eh we we love you god bless you god bless all those whom you love america were going to back to morrow to morrow mind when john tailor for the or tuesdays and i've also got another on my cold little bit longer to more ah a gentleman named scott and me god is launching a bunch of lawsuits out there in as behind a huge amount of red ah and i take scout before i had on the program good guy and so we're going to continue to go forward with us and were now her backing down we're going to listen and talk to every one in order to get to the truth and we will not stay within just one thought processor with one people or one within only the people that that you know are we're listening to every one have a great day thanks to me and on shock so much oh i i really appreciate thank you so modest thank you so much hang and line here a minute scott and are scotich and then we'll talk in the get off line to slopinka have a great day gus macklove to all