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Horse Training - Built on Trust

Published Dec. 31, 2021, noon

Big fun getting exercise!! Horses are so much like people. They have their own language. A tail swish means something…so do the position of their ears, etc. While horses have many unique needs/personalities…there are only 2 types of trainers/horse people. One type rules by submission, threat and fear…sound familiar? The other is a true horseman/woman and spends time getting to know the horse. The relationship is built on trust. The horse who is ruled by threat, fear and submission is always angry, afraid and bitter…hopeless. The horse who has a relationship built on trust…becomes your friend…and looks forward to seeing you and happily goes on adventures with you. I think the second method is far superior. It is unfailing, consistent and it feels safe, hopeful, it steps in front of threats to protect. Trust is earned… @Brandenburg4Mi