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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 6/28/2024 Turning Point Action Interviews!!

Published June 28, 2024, 9 a.m.

9am This morning I'm going to introduce interviews that I did with a variety of people including the BNN investigative Citizen Journalist Panel that has been started on BNN. Only the first part of today's show will be live...the rest are pre-recorded. In the interviews, each person introduces themselves so you can get to know them and what their involvement fighting save America has been. For Background...BNN Citizen Journalists Panel!! We are doing a weekly recap of what we are working on. This is real news!!! A panel of independant Journalists who have broken the cycle of Fake News, and want to get out the truth because of love for God, Family and Country Thought Criminals - Christina Holbrook @THGHTCRMNLS Voice of the People - Daniel and Hollis Smeriglio @VOPUSARADIO Independant Journalist - Casey Whalen @Casey_Whalen The People's Pen - Joel Bevaqua @ThePeoplesPen New Mexico Governor Candidate - Joshua James Lawrence @ Behind Enemy Lines - Terry Newsome - Behind Enemy Lines Jason Brewster - the Brewster Call X/Twitter: Rumble:

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Good morning and welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg, and it is the 28th day of June 2024. And this is going to be an unusual broadcast this morning. I welcome you all to the show today. I have a funeral I'm going to this morning or today for an unfortunate, a tragic, a horrific situation that happened due to the failed policies of the current administration and the past and the past and the past. There was a young law enforcement officer that was shot in Michigan this past week. And it's a horrific thing when we don't enforce the laws. But I'm going to that funeral this morning. And I decided to just come on and introduce what I'm going to do this morning. I decided to play some of the interviews that I did at Turning Point USA last week. And I'm going to list the ones that I'm going to be playing today. Voice of the People, Daniel and Hollis Smiriglio. And there you can find them on Twitter at Voice, I'm just going to call it Twitter, okay? It's X, I always expect Twitter. Voice, VOP, it's Voice of the People Radio. So, VOP USA Radio. Actually, if you just go to the comments and such, I dropped them all there. But we have Daniel Lynn Hollis-Smaraglio, Voice of the People. Casey Whalen, Independent Journalist. People's Pen, Joel Bavacqua, a New Mexico governor candidate. Joshua James Ryan Lawrence. behind enemy lines, Terry Newsome and the Brewster call Jason Brewster. So I really hope you enjoy, you enjoy this. It's, it's only going to be live. I'm live right now. It's only going to be live up to this point. And, um, and I'm going to go ahead and play those videos. So, so bear with me a minute, this first time that I've done this, this way, but I think it's going to work out just fine. And so, um, so, uh, you guys have a great day, have a wonderful weekend and, um, I will see you all next week, Monday. And let's see how this works here. I'll see you all next week, Monday. And remember, you're loved. If you don't have a good example, be one. Don't be the victim. I saw part of the debate last night and I was absolutely sickened by the words coming out of mumble mouth Biden, the traitor in chief. And all I can say is that once again, President Trump showed his class and his ability to hold his composure dealing with somebody who is a village idiot. Anyhow, have a great day today. And enjoy the world. God made the world for us to enjoy. Enjoy the world and know that you're loved. God bless you. God bless all those whom you love. And God bless America. Her hands. Welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg, and I'm here with Daniel and Hollis, and I'm not even gonna try to say their last name because it's a great last name, but I won't be able to say it right, so I'll let you guys say it. And they've been our neighbors here at the booth at Turning Point USA, Turning Point Action, and we have had a wonderful time, and I wanted to do an interview with them because they're like us, right? They're not taking money to do what they do, and they are putting out the truth without being influenced. And this is the strength where this nation needs to go to overcome fake stream, fake stream, no good mainstream media. And I'm so glad to meet you and to be able to talk to you. Tell everybody what you're doing. You go. Not ladies first? Well, it's so cool that we met you because, you know, not only are you our neighbor booth-wise, but... You're an actual real person, a fighter, more than just a talker, a doer. And we shared a wall. Yes, we did share a wall. We tore down that wall anyway. But it's so cool. So what we do, and it started in 2007 as an activist group. I came out of the military. And I saw some things going on I didn't agree with, so I started holding rallies and then exposed some stuff in Pennsylvania with the Kids for Cash, notably, and a lot of corruption and became enemy of the state, kind of. Obama listed me as a domestic terrorist in 2009. Oh no, isn't that like a badge of honor? I was proud. and then held hundreds of rallies in 28 states and fighting for, against corruption and change. And then I decided, had a radio show offer, made no money in Philadelphia. Producer told me what I could and couldn't talk about while we were on break, waited till we came back on air, confronted the producer, told him what I thought of him. He couldn't censor it. How'd they go for him? He couldn't censor it. He was very upset. I think he got fired. Then I walked off the show and said, I'm going online. 2008, I don't need you. 2008, it wasn't very popular then. And I know just as much now as I knew then about technology. But kept the radio show going. Our first show, we had like 1.2 million listeners. It was on We had Congressman Paul Kanjorski on, and I kept calling him Paul. And he said, refer to me as Congressman. I said, you work for me. You're a piece of trash. I can call you whatever the hell I want to work for you. And you just said the interview ended and that just kind of kept things going? Just making friends every step of the way, right? And long, long story. That's why I love these people. This is great. They're just like us. He's uncensored. He's the king of controversy, they call him. They call me a lot of things. Like I said, once you pass that threshold of like over 100,000 death threats a year, it's like you get this new little thing. You don't make money, but you know. So start talking about the death threats that you've received. Okay, so first the white supremacists always love to threaten me. But then I kind of just said, you know, I hate you just as much as you hate me. And we actually had like a weird little truce going. So that was not like support, but when you treat them as human beings and they don't come and flag their disgusting crap at your rallies, you have Black Panthers and white supremacists hanging out talking and the media really hates that. Anyway, MS-13 La Raza threatened our lives, won people's project. I was a Southern Poverty Law Center. They've had me on their target list forever. So they despise me. About 200 foreign actors. MS-13 was a big one, apparently. They really want me dead. I'm not a small person. I'm kind of easy to find. So that's just to name a few. Some former feds threatened me. Of course, I've been, you know, messed with by the feds, censored, banned everywhere. a good time so if you made it like a little metal for each one you should do it you should actually get ribbons yeah daniel ribbon and pins pin yourself it'd be great for how many times you've gotten a death threat right yeah I'd be like those uh fake heroes it would be like it would be like a it would be like a chain mail suit you'd have so many metals on you that it would be like wearing armor it'd be pretty it'd be pretty freaking cool you know so the death threats have been expansive, but now basically we kept it going. And 2016, got to meet Trump and he watched our rally in 2010 in Arizona and said, told him my name and he looked at me and he goes, why haven't you held a rally in so long? So he knew about you. He remembered. He goes, I watched your rally in Arizona. He said, you need to get back out there, get back to work. He asked me how my mother was doing. I said at the rally, my mom was sick. He remembered it from the rally in 2010. Just random meeting him in West Virginia. And then in 2019, he invited me to the White House. I got invited to his inauguration and he invited me to the White House as well. That's a real man. And now we built this, the podcast slash radio show into a 24-7 radio network. We're in 98 countries, we're by 64 million people. put a lot of money, $200,000 into it at this point and working four or five jobs to pay for it. They can't censor us. They can't turn us off anywhere. And then now we're back out there in the activist scene because my life changed wholeheartedly. Like everything changed when I met my soulmate is undercutting. I met the most important, most impactful person I've ever met in my life. And this lady right here. I met her looking for alternative help because I got sick out of nowhere, right? Went to a holistic doctor. Got some help. It was different. Then I was starting to fade a little bit. I didn't want to go to that last appointment. I said, I'll go there anyway. December 14th. I went not this past December, the one before. What is that? 2022? I think. Or 23. Whatever. 22. I went there and then he said, meet Hollis. And I was working as an assistant. I was, you know, helping. the vitamins and all that stuff because I love holistic health and alternative medicine because the mainstream everything mainstream I don't like including music and so I'm an independent artist and we're building our record label now voice of freedom as we speak I recorded a song called bringers of the dawn just a couple days ago actually and we're going to put that out and we do everything alternative like not against the mainstream you know and help as well she undercuts herself so I was working there and he came in and as soon as he started talking I was like I was like, we're going to do something together. We didn't know all this was going to happen, but I was like, yep, you're real. We've been fighting the fight like on separate paths for like 10, 15 years, you know, a point where you're like, oh my gosh, you feel alone, you're giving up. And then we met each other. It was like, boom. All I can say is you made a very good husband decision with Hollis. I'm telling you. You know, it's like when you see a couple that's as happy as you guys are, it's just a really beautiful thing to see. Thank you. And you can see it. It's like you can see it from forever away that you guys really love each other, and it's really beautiful. Yeah, he's awesome. He's my best friend. I said he's like, I never thought I'd meet anyone because we're getting old, like old or whatever. Oh, please stop this. No, no, no. You all are young and beautiful. Listen, I'm 60 years old. I'm like your grandma here, right? You all age in reverse. I'm sitting here at 41. First off, I grew a beard for the first time since I was in the military. Like, where the hell are these gray hairs coming from, right? And I'm sitting here talking to these people, right? Like, oh, they're educated. That's good. How old are you, 20? I'm like, I'm that guy now. I'm like back in my day. Hold my beer, I'm 60 years old. But the thing of it is I'd never go back for one minute. I love being this age. And I don't feel a sense of loss or regret. I love being 60. I would not go back to 40. I would not go back to 30. I would not go back to 20. And I wish somebody when I was younger would have told me, how much better life gets as you get older. It really does. It gets better. There's hope. There's no loss there. There's a point of settledness when you get older as you age that gets to be so profound. Things that you thought mattered, it's like, why did I care about this? This is kind of nutty. Yeah. And you get down to things that matter in life, like meeting really good people, establishing nice friendships with people that just really love the world, love God, love the world, want to help other people, and that the reward of doing the right thing is the reward. There's no reward other than the fact that you did the right thing. with a sense of honor like you guys are doing with your broadcast and such and that that that's a reward in and of itself is that you get to do good things yeah so wisdom you get as you get older I think that comes from a lot of the pain when you're younger and what you have to go through but you get to as you get older and you get to live that wisdom and realize like you said the things that when I was in the music industry a long time ago I was still doing it but you know you have to be this and that and then eventually you just like no and then you're doing it for yourself for the right reasons well you know you always were but you fall into these traps and that's when you're younger so when you could get through all that and you start to enjoy things for the real right reasons and let me just say hollis sells herself short all the time because we don't have ego she toured the world she is like she plays every instrument in the world she's super creative, she's super intelligent, she had passion productions, which fits, it aligns perfectly with what we're doing with the record company, with everything that we're doing, just kind of a place of love. And she is the master, I'm sorry, I'm speaking over you, I'm mansplaining you. Wait, I'm mansplaining you. What I always wanted to do was build as... alternative hollywood one that's like just what people were doing with independent media and stuff like there needs to be a new music industry with you know real people and not like record labels manipulating all this horrible stuff that goes in on in hollywood I learned like I lived there I lived it you know I there was a lot of bad experiences and I just wanted to build an alternative for music for putting truth out there and doing it for the right reasons and we wanted to build our own record company so one day I can help people that and don't have to go through what I did and what many many artists have to go through like at the mercy of record label executives and industry men and all that stuff it's evil there's bad stuff oh yeah and they blackmail people for sex and they compromise in that way and then all the kids that have been murdered in in conjunction of this and there's there's cases that you can look up that you can't deny that this is happening and that's evil It is evil. And then when you listen to the music that tears people down, it makes them angry and demoralizes them. And, you know, I go back to the Bible. Satan's job in, you know, before the fall was he was the director of music. And so when we reclaim those areas that have fallen to evil by good people doing good things, we can flip it back the right way. Absolutely. And it's a huge thing, and the talents that God gave you both are just amazing, and your experiences, and willing to poke the beast a little bit to get a death threat so that you're standing and you just don't care. Hell no. I love it. We'll bring them on. And I love it. Look, we're here, like I say, freedom and the Constitution, everything that the men and, you know, women, all the people who fought for our rights that we have, the Constitution, the Revolution, everything that they fought for their life to protect us, have honor, integrity, to do the right thing, and They gave their life, their blood, the story of the Star-Spangled Banner, of their bodies holding up the flag. That is what this is about. And I say the least that we can do is at least speak up with our voices. We're lucky, we're blessed that we don't have to. He was in the Army, and thank you. And everybody who's done that. I didn't have to do that. The people who didn't have to, we didn't have to physically die, but they died for us. So it's our duty to protect the Constitution, protect our rights that they fought to give us. We have them, and When they're doing things to us, the biggest thing you can say is say no to what they're doing. Just use your voice. And that's the voice of the people. Well, thank you guys for being on. We're going to do this again. We love you. You're just a beautiful person. We had so much fun this week. We can't wait to do a proper interview of you. Yeah, I'm so happy we met you. We're going to do more interviews and talk about all these things because we can work together. to bring the real news out there because it's like real news for real people by real people at the kitchen table here and adding friends to the home here, the home front. So I really thank you for being on today. Thank you. God bless you. And we're going to do this again, and we'll be right back. Thank you. Oh, you should probably tell where they can find you. Oh, I forgot. I'm going to start over time. Don't edit this out. This is a blooper, but it's real. Where do they find you? is the long, long name, but that's the website. There you go. Go check them out. And I'm going to be on there, too, with them sometime. Very soon. They're going to be back on Brandenburg News Network, and we'll be right back. Thank you. Welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg, and I'm here with my new good buddy, Casey Whalen. It's nice for you to join us today. Nice to meet you too, Donna. We've had a great time here talking and such, and you're an independent journalist. Yes, ma'am. And you've worked with a bunch of very high-profile people to bring truth forward. Can you tell everybody what you do? Yeah, so I started out as an activist back in 2017, essentially, and I was concerned about law enforcement not particularly being informed about the Constitution. So I got 140 full-size constitutions from the Idaho Secretary of State's office, and I handed those out to the sheriff and police departments. long story short after doing public records requests I found out I was being disseminated to the fusion centers and then that my local police department was putting out internal bulletins about me handing out constitutions and filming the police both constitutional protected activities so that was a litmus test to me and so I changed tack from being an activist to becoming more of an independent journalist incorporating public records into a lot of my work Wow, that was probably very shocking. It was, and especially when I told the community about what was happening, they really couldn't believe it either. And since then it's compounded into, we know the fusion centers are working in tandem with the police departments, the law enforcement, the DOJ, FBI, and essentially the DOJ and FBI are working with human rights networks in North Idaho to report people for engaging in constitutional activities. Wow. Explain the role of the fusion centers. So the fusion centers are mandated by, there's generally one fusion center per state, and the main fusion center is mandated by the governor of the state. And essentially every police department has an intelligence analyst that relays and receives information from the fusion centers. and in conjunction with the FBI, DOJ, local human rights networks proactively reporting people for engaging in quote-unquote hate incidences, we are currently living in a police state. And in fact, our Idaho State Patrol is working intimately with these human rights groups and helping proactively report people. For instance, in 2022, on June 11th, 2022, we had a, there was a Pride in the Park event hosted by the North Idaho Pride Alliance. In a nearby park, there was a Catholic Rosary Walk. The people that were running the Pride in the Park event asked the director of a local human rights education institute to report the Catholic Rosary Walk to the FBI. And I have the email stating, yes, I reported them to the FBI. So this is happening. It's weaponizing our departments, the unconstitutional departments and bureaus against our people. And they're using Marxist ideology as the hammer. Wow, that's shocking. What else have you worked on? Oh boy, all kinds of stuff. I've been going to a lot of events over the last handful of years. I've been working with the New American Magazine. I'm good friends with senior editor Bill Jasper and Alex Newman, and I've been conducting a lot of interviews. I've just been doing whatever I can do through public records requests. trying to help other people understand how easy it is to do public records requests and just try to inform people that is an answer to help uh fight tyranny in your communities by doing public records requests and exposing it to the community and it has a I can't even specify enough how great of an impact it has. And so my heart is I want to teach other people to do that because it's easy. And then people are just not aware of how easy it is and the impact. Well, I think that everybody is kind of like intimidated by the government function because it's just this massive squid of things that you really can't get your attention. arms around and when I know that in the state of Michigan when you go to look for information it is impossible to find what you need by design unless you have somebody that can help you figure out this this labyrinth of you know mess that they've created it's it's terrible it's really terrible well I tell you what I would actually really like to have you come on for a longer period of time Sure, absolutely. And go through that because I think it's fascinating. Now, you've also been in working with Bundy's and... Yeah, Ammon Bundy moved to southern Idaho a handful of years ago. He's since moved due to a defamation lawsuit where he and his friend, my friend too, Diego Rodriguez, whose grandchild, baby Cyrus, was kidnapped by the state of Idaho, essentially through the network that Ammon Bundy created called People's Rights, which is still online. It has a different domain name now due to the defamation lawsuit. But we helped get baby Cyrus back to... Diego Rodriguez and his family within a couple days of protesting at St. Luke's in Boise, just getting the word out. We enacted our network and let people know we need people to go to St. Luke's and help get baby Cyrus back, because what they took baby Cyrus for was so minute and ridiculous. It was just, he was having a problem keeping food down, and it was kind of making him a little sickly, but the family, the parents were taking care of it, and they're great parents. They should have had their baby taken from them, and thank God, we were able to get him back relatively fast. CPS and these organizations that say they're protecting children are the biggest human trafficking organizations in the world. They're getting paid a lot of money for taking kids out of good families and making up charges that are absolutely false. So that's some really... And the fallout from the defamation lawsuit, one of the things was the People's Rights Network went door knocking and were letting, for instance, some of the officers that took baby Cyrus, they made up little hand flyers and they would take them into the neighborhoods and just let their neighbors know, did you know that so-and-so is helping proactively, you know, basically kidnap children. And so that spawned, I think, a defamation lawsuit, basically, where Ammon, Bundy, and Diego Rodriguez lost and were essentially charged, I believe, $54 million between the two of them. So they both... Diego was planning to leave the state. He's in Florida. And Ammon also left the state. They confiscated his house, his home. Wow. So it's very tragic, but... I mean... We got baby Cyrus back, so that was a good thing. That was a good thing. It's tragic, but what do you do? You've got to do something. You've got to stand up. Well, you've got to fight and then take those gains when you can get them, and sometimes you're going to experience some losses, but the only real loss is when we stop fighting against evil. We're in a battle between good and evil. That's what we've got going on here. This isn't anything other than that. This goes back to some very, very evil people who are willing to harm other people because they're psychopaths and they like doing that, or they want control or they're looking for self-gain. And that is evil to the degree that we can't even imagine. People that are normal, that don't think that way. Well, I really appreciate the work you're doing, and I want to set up an interview. Thank you for coming on. Absolutely. Thank you so much, Donna. The turning point is great. But also, the interviews typically are pretty short just because, you know, there's so many people here. I mean, we've been sitting here and it's been one right after another. It's been busy. I would really like to get into things to a little bit more complete. So we'll just schedule something. All right. Sounds good. So thank you for meeting. Tell people how they can find you. Absolutely. I'm on Twitter, Casey underscore Whalen. That's W-H-A-L-E-N. I'm on Substack,, where you can find a lot of the articles I've written about the, for instance, the DOJ and FBI cracking down on constitutional patriots in a program called United Against Hate. I'm also on Rumble, North Idaho Exposed. That's wonderful. I love Substack. And I really like when people take time to actually write real articles on there and educate people. It's amazing. Well, thank you. Absolutely. Thank you so much for your time. Yeah, thank you. And we'll be right back. Welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg, and I'm here with Joel Bivacqua. I got it right. There you go. That was a practice one. And he is the author and creator of the People's Pen. Well, not the author. I'm the ad manager and the general... Gopher, do everything to keep the wheels rolling. Yeah, it's like, so I'm, you know, janitor, trucker, sometimes editor, sometimes, you name it, I do it to get it done. That's like the best position. No, it's horrible. No, it's great. It's willing to do anything to get the job done, to get the goal. It's the best position on the whole. So tell us how you started with a people's pen. How did this come about, and what is it? It's in Idaho. Yeah, so I was living in Santa Monica, California, and I kept getting in arguments with people about if I was wearing the mask or not wearing the mask. And finally, there were riots in my neighborhood and there were tanks on the street on my birthday. And so I heard that Coeur d'Alene, Idaho was pretty cool. but I didn't really know that much about it. Then I found out that on the day they were rioting in my neighborhood, about 2,000 people in Coeur d'Alene showed up with all their guns downtown and scared off Antifa. And I mean, they want to say Black Lives Matter. I guess they were kind of one in the same at the time. And the sort of BLM people that were in Coeur d'Alene, they sort of were... I mean, I think they were well-meaning, you know, but there was a whole string of anarchists that they were busing in to Coeur d'Alene. But they couldn't do anything because literally, we have pictures in this particular issue, there were like thousands of people with guns all over the street protecting the city. And I said, wow, I think I want to move there because I want to be someplace where people stick up for each other and where they live. Well, and it goes to the Second Amendment rights that, you know, to be able to protect in the militia. And the militia is the people who are armed and do protect their communities. And so that's a beautiful example. I love that. Oh, yeah. So how did this get started? Well, so when I moved there, I thought I would be hunting and fishing and, you know, doing outdoorsy stuff. And, you know, I do animation. So I was going to sit around and just do my animation, drink my cafe mocha. But then you start noticing the things that you noticed where you basically ran from. And I was like, wow, well, we got to do something about this. And I bumped into some people that did like an old paper from Idaho called the Idaho Observer. And I said, hey, I used to do electronic music magazine called The Heart Data. And I said, hey, you know, maybe we should start up this paper. So we put out this paper that was basically questioning the PCR test and the masks. And we printed about 5,000 copies. And people were into it. the local Republican Central Committee couldn't get their ads in the regular paper. And so they said, hey, can we get an ad in your paper? And I said, well, yeah. Hey, you know what, I think if we mail this out as if it was like a grocery store flyer, you could get to every house in the county, thereby totally bypassing the mainstream media, the local mainstream media. They're like, okay. Next thing you know, our next issue, we print up like 77,000 copies and mail them to everyone in the county. And the bad guys went, what's the word, apoplectic? Is that the word I'm looking for? They went nuts. And so, and actually that was a city election in a heavily, I guess you could say, Democrat stronghold or Rhino stronghold in Idaho. so but the candidates came within about 20 votes of flipping the city council and so that was like one of the best results they ever had so then we just kept going forward with that methodology and uh next thing you know there were a hundred percent win rates on the recommended slate The Kootenai County, the county we're from, really got a lot of influence on the state politics there as a result of their success. We were part of that. One of the things is Idaho, North Idaho has a strong, independent, liberty, conservative movement in the first place. So we actually gave that a voice. And the other thing is we used the paper not as, we're just the paper, just listen to us. We used it as a way to bring attention to other media in the area. So if someone was doing a podcast or even another paper, we would talk about them, promote them. We wanted a general dispersion strategy. So we wanted to inspire other people to kind of step up their game. That's really cool. So how many pages are in this, typically, and how often do you publish it? Is it an ongoing thing? Yeah, it's ongoing. We're on our 14th issue. We come out every couple months. What was the question again? How many pages are typical? Oh, pages. Depends. I like it to be 16 because it's less work and it's not as heavy. I've been passing these papers out and my shoulders are going crazy here. But they generally tend to be 24. We've had one that was as low as eight pages that was a special issue. So it's whatever really is effective for the narrative that needs to be out there. You know, not all of our papers come out right before elections. So we have, you know, a lot of, we try to talk about Idaho history, get people to know where they're from, what they're all about. That's really cool. I'm looking forward to taking a look at this. And do people do it by subscription or do you guys just pass it out so it's free information for people? All the above. We have people that subscribe, a fair number of them. And it's kind of funny because, I mean, we've mailed them out for free to like five counties sometimes. Wow. And so they know they can get them for free, but I think they actually subscribe so other people can read the paper. That's really cool. What's your favorite story that you guys did or that you published? Wow, well, jeez. We put the most effort, I would say, into this Gunda Lane issue, the situation that I talked about. But we have one about the Ruby Ridge and our latest issue, a retrospective on that. We did my personal favorite, and one of the reasons we're here is we did an article about the People's Party in Idaho in the 1890s. A lot of people don't know that there was a viable third party in America in the 1890s, and it was huge in Idaho. And it was literally called the People's Party. So in issue nine, we kind of did a history of the People's Party. Yeah, I bet that was really interesting. Oh, yeah. I mean, their main complaint is like, look, the Democrats and the Republicans are the same. Let's do our own thing. And it ended up silver was the big issue. What would back the dollar? Was it going to be gold or silver? Well, Idaho is all about silver. so the populist party they called it populist because it was too hard to say like you could say democrats republicans but you couldn't say the people's peoples right so they started calling it populist and um the republicans split in two uh there was actually the silver republicans joined the people's party and the democratic party to form a fusion ticket that actually elected one of our most famous governors. Wow. And then 73, I think it was 73 state legislators were elected from the People's Party. Wow, that is huge. I've never heard of that. Yep. It's crazy how much history each state, if we actually talked about that at the state level, because, you know, I'm a states' rights person, you know, I like the 10th Amendment to be always called to the front, and less federal government, less, less, less, less, less state government too, but less, you know, but defer to the states over the federal government and decentralize a little bit. And then to study what's been done because there's some wonderful case studies on how to fix things when they're broken. Right. So, well, that's wonderful. Well, how can people find you? Just go to if you don't live in North Idaho. In North Idaho, you can get it at a grocery store or it gets mailed to you. But you can subscribe if you're nationwide. Just go to I think it's a great idea. I love it. Oh, thank you. Yeah, that's a really great idea how to get to everyone and break that cycle of indoctrination and narrative by the mainstream, the fake news, you know, fake media. Yeah, and you get to reclaim the post office. There you go. Using the post office for something good. Yeah, it is. Yeah, that's fantastic. Well, thank you so much for being all right. Yeah, thank you. Appreciate it. You know, look, look at what Joel's doing. This is kind of a creative, wonderful way that you can do things. Oh, look at that. Look at that. We have a great artist. Dan Brandon is our cover artist. Dan Brandon. Yeah, and we have another new artist that just started with us too. He's doing a kind of conservative comic strip. That's come out in the latest issue. That's really cool. The illustrations in this are fun. That's really fun. Yeah, well, that's fun. I'll read that. Yeah, Black Lives Matters, I think they should be designated as a terrorist organization. Oh, right. And Antifa, all of them, because it's nonsense. You don't terrorize people and take away their rights just so you can have a temper tantrum like a child and break things. Well, you know, one of the things we get in is how organized from the top it is. I mean, when they were trying to riot in Coeur d'Alene, they were bringing buses of people over. They were all kind of going to one grocery store parking lot. And it just happened they were just swarmed by people in town. There's a whole story about how people were using different social media gaming sites, actually, where the Antifa people were communicating through these gaming networks. And so moms were having their kids go in to spy on them. So every place they'd go, people would show up and they're like, How did you know we were going to be here, you know? That's beautiful. And they have organizers there. They have people that are like, you know, they get paid. Some of these people get paid. Well, they're a corporation. Like, Black Lives Matter is a corporation. Yeah. And so people that think they're joining something to promote an idea, no. They're just being pawned. They're just being pawned in a corporate scheme to create chaos. Right, yeah. And ultimately, those corporations are really at the pleasure of the government. I mean, you know, that's how they're... Yeah. Evil, like, seems to find each other. Yeah. Yeah, evil finds each other and finds ways to do more evil. That's unfortunate. Well, thank you so much for being on today. I think this is just really wonderful. And I really want to look at this some more. I think this is cool. Now, are you going to run for governor again? I never stopped. Okay, all right. Yeah, so I'm not conceding. Supreme Court, Supreme Federal Court, we just had our case last night that's there. We've got working with the Attorney General's office right now, and we've got three people with 27 felonies, and the case got bound over to the circuit court, and the judge went on record for over an hour saying basically that this was the most... important and significant case that he's seen. And so I'm hoping that we're going to be able to throw a little bit of a monkey wrench in their election cheating scheme that they've got going on. It starts with President Trump, the rightful president of the United States, which I have to say that, and they're going to try to do it again unless we stand up and create some problems. We've got to have the big bumps in the road so that we totally, totally derail their plans. and then bring it back to what's supposed to be a constitutional republic where everybody's voice matters. You know, it's like when I got kicked off the ballot twice, illegally, it wasn't about me. The fight was never about me. It was about all of us. And it was about having everybody's voice heard equally. And I think it's a huge disservice to the nation not to listen to everyone's voice. Because God builds in us this innate goodness. And when you get so many voices together, the goodness that God built into us is going to rise above and drown out all the evil. But that process has to be respected. And the people have to get in the process. They've got to vote. I don't care what anybody says. Get out there and vote. Just because something doesn't work the way that you want it to doesn't mean you stop. You have to take care of your responsibility and always do the right thing, whether or not anybody else does it. God honors intention. So as long as we have good intention and we keep moving, I think he's going to honor that. So I think we're going to get them all. President Trump always said that. We got them. We're going to get them all. And I believe him. He's never been wrong. All right. Thank you so much. Thank you. Welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg and I'm here with Joshua James Ryan Lawrence, a friend of mine, who is running for governor in the state of New Mexico. How are you doing today? I'm doing great. This is great. So we know each other. And so this is going to be a fun interview because it's not just coming in cold here. And we have had a lot, we have a lot in common with Michigan and New Mexico because as your point you just mentioned is that we're kind of in an experimental state to see how much people are willing to tolerate and also for education purposes. So where are we gonna go with that? We can go in a million different directions. Oh, we absolutely can. I mean, number one, we both got a tyrant running this state, right? Who's not even lawfully in office. They don't follow any of the rules for running for office. And Bernie, any of the rules to operate constitutionally in this country. What is the constitution? That's whatever. She doesn't even know what the constitution is, right? Right. So, yeah. Just like our governor said, it's her oath and the constitution are not absolute. Well, that's special. Yeah. Yeah, well, Whitmer, I mean, she locked us down. And I asked, I went to all, Josh also ran for sheriff, and I went to about a third to a half of the sheriffs in the state, and I interviewed them, and I asked every one of them, why didn't you arrest Gretchen Whitmer for what she did? And the answer was, across the board, who's going to prosecute it? And that does not absolve you of the need to do your job just because you don't think somebody else is going to do their job. That's right. They were bad. So what are you planning on doing down there as governor? I think we're going to be on the same page on a lot of this. Well, number one, by executive order right when I get into office, all laws that are repugnant to the Constitution will be no more. So basically that takes us back to 1987, which is when the state of New Mexico was created. So we'll no longer be the state of New Mexico, we'll just be New Mexico as our preamble says that we are. What happened in 1987? In 1987, started by Governor Tony Anaya and completed by Governor King, They hid inside of a workman's comp bill two statutes that amend Article 3 of our Constitution, taking away our Article 3 courts and creating the state of New Mexico as the corporation. Wow. I'm always shocked at how they hide things inside of other things. We had our proposals or propositions last time that were so deceptive. And these people, their M.O. is deception. And that's how they've done a lot of the evil. 100%. Yeah, so we've talked about a lot of subjects having to do with, you always blow my mind when you'll throw something out there and I'm like, yeah, I didn't know that. I didn't know that. So let's talk to our viewers about things that they may or may not know. Well, in this country, in America, there's no law enforcement. They all use the term loosely, law enforcement, and the majority have no idea. But when you read the law enforcement codes, it states in order to be law enforcement, you must enforce the Constitution, and you must be bonded so you can be held personally accountable. Our police academies teach patrolmen. They don't teach the Constitution. There are procedures to be followed for patrolmen. You have to wear blue uniforms. You're not allowed to carry a gun. They're not allowed to carry a gun. They're peace officers, not enforcers. They enforce ordinance, not anything else. Which isn't law. Right, absolutely. Mandates, ordinances, executive orders, none of it's law. Statutes aren't law. That was ruled by the Supreme Court many times. And ordinances are wishes, like... It's the social compact. We all agree upon, look, we need a stop sign here because we've had a lot of people die here, get in accidents. So could you please stop there? But as far as giving a ticket, a fine, a fee, forcing court, taking you out of your job, creating judgments or warrants off of those things are absolutely 100% unconstitutional. Yeah, and it's amazing how the corruption isn't just at the top levels, it's all the way down into our townships and in our small cities on how how everything there's no there's no checks on anything so these these guys and gals are just going in there oh we think it's a great idea to do x y and z but no but there's no basis for them to be able to make that decision there's nothing to constrain them and the reason I think is because they've walked we've walked away from the constitution and when you take that first step it's that slippery slope it's just all downhill from there and we've had decades and decades of tearing down this nation and the rights that we were given by god That's right. And there is nobody policing the tyrants because there's no law enforcement. And then they write the rules in their favor. You know, we have to, in anything that we do to fight against them, who is, number one, going to sign a warrant and who's going to enforce it? Who's going to make that arrest? Because none of them have the powers to do that. So that's where, you know, the preamble of our Constitution gave us those authorities. The Lieber Code gave our veterans those authorities. U.S. Code 18245 told us that it was our duty to form our constitutional law enforcement, and we never did it. And so they did it, and we just comply. In fact, state police all over the country were created to be that constitutional law enforcement. And for whatever reason, I'm sure we can all look back in our history of how that all fell into place, but they don't enforce the Constitution either. And that goes for the FBI, that goes for our Attorney Generals. I mean, you go to an Attorney General's website, a lot of them straight up tell you that what comes out of their office is strictly an opinion. It's nothing more than that. Which is the same thing when it comes to judges. Yeah, judges are still practicing medicine and law from the bench. Most of them don't even have an oath of office. And those that do, it was probably signed in by a judge that wasn't licensed anymore. So there's just so many things down the pipeline in every role in our government that we're unaware of, so we don't know how to fight it. We don't know the remedy and recourse for it. And remedy and recourse at every level has just been hidden away from us, if not just totally forgotten. Yeah, it is amazing. So nullification is what I'm hearing of anything that's repugnant to the Constitution, which I agree with 100%. I'm thinking we need to get rid of about approximately 85% to 90% of what is on the books right now. Absolutely. And we'll go right back past probably at least to the 16th Amendment, probably the 14th Amendment that needs to be struck from the record because they were modifying the original amendments, which is not allowable under the Constitution. And so we've really got a problem with it. So what are the other things that you would do? What's your plan? Do you have a plan? Yeah, got a huge plan. I'm sure you have a plan. So what's the plan? I mean, the number one plan over the next two years is, you know, I've got a fifth wheel. I'm going to be living all over the state in every county in New Mexico, creating the town halls and bringing the people to the table to help create that plan. What are we going to do? What do you want to do? What is it that's hindering your business? What's hindering your livelihood, your children's education? What can we eliminate? What can we improve on? I mean, we got to get the people involved in these decisions because I want to put the power back in their hands, right? I'm not taking a paycheck. I'm not doing this for any purpose other than getting our state back and bringing it to a constitutional level. So, you know, I want to make the law enforcement true constitutional law enforcement. Otherwise, they're not going to operate anymore. Everybody's going to be able to be held accountable. I'm going to ensure that all elected officials are following the exact rules of being elected in our Constitution, and they're all going to be personally bonded so that they can be held accountable. Because our state constitution says that if you don't bond, personally bond your oath within 30 days, you forfeit your elected position. And once you have that bond, you have to have it on the Secretary of State's record. The Secretary of State's supposed to have a book of bonds for every elected official in the state. Every county clerk is as well for everybody in their county. Is that, so what we found in Michigan is they're doing, a lot of the counties are doing like umbrella bonds. Right. And that's a problem. Insurance policies. Yes. And what we've also found is that if you take the policy numbers that they may or may not give you. They don't want to give it to you. But if you can get them, because we have gotten them, we called the insurance company and those policy numbers didn't even exist. Really? Yeah. Wow, so not only are they not following the rules, they're perjuring themselves. And nobody calls them out for it. Right. Because how do you even get to the information? Because they're hiding everything. And there's been multiple times through Supreme Court history, I think the last time was in Nebraska in like 1956, where every elected official must be bonded and it cannot be a blanket bond. Because once again, you have to be personally accountable. And any state that has those rules in their constitution, in order to even own a bonding company in the state, you must offer that elected official bond because it's constitutional. Otherwise they wouldn't even have it. And so when we started contacting all the bonding companies in New Mexico, many of them were like, well, we don't have any sort of elected official surety bond or whatever. I finally found one. I was like, oh yeah, here it is. Wow, I didn't even know that existed, you know, because nobody does it. The background work to find out what's actually there. Not what we think is there, what's actually there. So what else would you do? There will be no more taxes. If anything, maybe a small, sorry I was about to say lithium tax. Like a consumption tax? Yeah, same thing Trump's going to do, you know, a luxury tax or something of that nature. But otherwise, no taxes. We don't need taxes to provide for our state. I mean, our state's not providing anything anyways. We've got the worst roads in the country. I'll take issue with you on that. Because I think Michigan is right up there, you know. I don't know how much driving around you've done here, but I'm pretty sure that every mile that I put on my truck when I was driving around equaled two normal miles under better conditions. what's election season so there's probably some orange cones out there right now yeah we've got orange barrel problem is what we have here yeah somebody's making a lot of money off those barrels yeah I'm gonna tell you I was riding around and there's like twenty twenty miles four different different lanes of of orange barrels you know rows of orange barrels and nobody working nobody working and I'm going down so I got my camera and I set it on the dashboard and I started to um I had a driver course and um I was recording this as we went down the road and I was looking at the equipment and there's no equipment there and finally we go past like three pieces of junk low-level equipment that you you couldn't do five feet of road with that kind of stuff that's just irrelevant equipment yep there's a hundred and fifty feet of irrelevant equipment and 20 miles of orange barrels who owns the barrel company All right, and how much do they charge per barrel? Right. Is it like the toilet seats in the White House are like $10,000 a pop? Right. You know what I found out on ours that's owned by a company, and they ended up making a new rule that you had to have reflection, the reflective tape on the barrels, which didn't under any studies improve the visibility of these orange cones at all, but it raised the barrel price like a significant amount per barrel. And I'm like, okay, there you go. And who's related to the guy... that has a barrel company. Who did the deal on this to trash all of our barrels and have to have new legislation just so they can get a payoff on the back side? You know that's happening. Do they have insurance on those barrels? I don't know. So if somebody hits them and now they're dented, they also get an insurance claim on it? I don't know, but that's a really good question to ask right there. There's got to be something there because all these people do is figure out a way, because they're parasites. This is the parasite class. They find out other ways to bite into the things that they should not be partaking in for themselves. Everybody gets a piece of the pie. Everybody does. So what else would you do? All three lettered agencies will be removed from New Mexico. Gone. Maybe we'll leave a liaison or something. But we're going to minimize our local governments. So no more Department of Education, no more. All these groups, literally, maybe we'll be back down to five or ten departments. Which ones would you keep? The interior, the treasury, agriculture. FCC? Well, we've got to get FCC back on target. We've got to get that back on target so you wouldn't kick them out. I've got a bunch of them I'd kick out. Because right now, I mean, in fact... FBI, out of here. Oh, yeah. Absolutely. CIA, no more. The clowns in America. Time for you to go bye-bye. I mean, of course, we build the wall. I will start the wall day one. And I like Ryan Zinks, ran for Congress in Texas. He's one of our J6ers. Ran against Jody Arrington, head of the Ways and Means and Budget Committee. But anyways, he had a 50 by 50 plan to where every 50 feet on the border there will be a 50 foot wall and a 50 caliber machine gun. And we'll just, you know, protect our borders. Every 50 feet. Every 50 feet. Well, that's like go big or go home time, isn't it? We're the fifth largest state, man. We've got a big border down there. There you go. I was talking to, I'm friends with John Ferguson, and he does the drones and such, and his way to approach it is really interesting. They've got the robo-dogs down there and such, and he said, you want to see people that are criminals run, stick a robo-dog on them, and they're done right there. Yeah, if we have a leash on DARPA, I might take some robo-dogs. But, you know, we've got all the military bases down in New Mexico, one of the most guarded ones in the whole world, Los Alamos. And DARPA is right there. I mean, they've been a part of a lot of negative things. So they're kind of all working together. Okay, what else would you do? This is governors plotting to take this nation back right here. Did I already say we would put the people back in charge, allow the parents to create the curriculum. As long as we have a basic curriculum for the schools, we'll allow the parents in every county, depending on what the strengths of their county are to create the curriculum. Trade schools, yes or no? Oh, absolutely. Trade schools, yeah. 100%. Two thumbs up. Not that I haven't been talking about this all weekend and all week for years already, and I can't think of a lot of things at the moment, but... It's been a long day. I mean, we're coming to the end of the day. President Trump is getting ready to come out here at Turning Point. But I wanted you guys to meet Joshua here because we've had some wonderful discussions, and there's some really good candidates out there that you need to get to know and really communicate to the good candidates and stand behind. So let people know how to get a hold of you. You can find me on any platform, Sheriff Joshua James or Gov Joshua James, Joshua James Ryan Lawrence. There's a lot of different avenues on, like I said, every platform. I still have Soon I'll have But you can find me. Anybody who wants to find me can. Well, I think we should get back on to being on for a longer interview. And, you know, really this is kind of nice. We're at Turning Point here and supporting everyone here at Turning Point. This is a great organization. I think this is so well run. It's amazing. And President Trump, the rightful president of the United States, is going to be on in a few minutes. So thanks for coming on and let's have lots of discussions because I think that you get good people together that are willing to stand up and have a lot of ideas that we could fix all the problems that we have. We don't have to be afraid of change or the things that need to happen. Sometimes you have to go through a time of change in order to write what's happened and it's our fault. The things that have happened here are in part our fault because It was and it wasn't. We really didn't know. We really didn't know how bad it is. But we, in fact, allowed them to take over our country. I mean, we're in an act of war right now in the United States of America. Now we're going to have to band together, get past our petty differences, get past the political parties and stand together as Americans in order to right the ship. And we're willing to do this. And we're going to listen to everybody's ideas and change everything you know in the way that politics works. Because politics suck. We're not politicians. We're not politicians. I never even went to a political event except for a Trump rally before I ran as governor, and that's the truth. And I didn't want to have anything. I hated everybody because I thought they were all liars, cheats, and thieves, and they are. And so it's going to take people from the outside. You need to run. Everybody out there needs to run. Run for something. I don't care what it is. It's going to take all of us who have the courage to step forward and do things that are difficult. And you know what? Whatever God calls you, He will equip you to do. You just have to walk forward in faith because He's going to lead us out of this captivity. And I really do believe this. Courage is contagious. Courage is contagious. God already told us He won. He did win. He always wins. All we have to do is put action out there. We just got to stand or walk, whatever he tells you to do, and it's going to be fine. I think it's going to be okay. Well, thank you so very much, and we'll talk to you. I'll schedule you when we get back home. Governor for Michigan, I will come up here and help you run as much as I possibly can. That's awesome. I love that. And we stand together, and, you know, it's like... I could snap the cameras on any time you want and get a message out there and use the video any way you want because I really do believe that we need to support each other, those of us who really want to do the right thing and can't be bought, can't be coerced, can't be threatened. We're not willing to go to those areas because we stand in faith in God without fear, unwavering. And we'll see in a little bit. Welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg, and I'm here with Terry. How are you, Terry? Terry Newsome. I'm great. Thank you for having me. Well, I had a conversation with Terry, and of course you all know my focus is on election integrity and also child trafficking. And the things that Terry brought forward were so interesting that I wanted to give him time to talk, but I'm going to tell you what we're going to do. We're going to do a shorter interview today, a half hour. You all know that we do long interviews. And then I'm going to bring him on when we get back to Grand Rapids so that we can show the FOIAs and the stuff that he's pulled, actual evidence and admissions from people. This is one of the biggest issues of our time, and everybody needs to be educated on this and be willing to step up. So please share anything you want because I think we could probably talk for 20 hours and never run out of topics. Yeah, so being from Illinois, we have problems with voter integrity and human sex trafficking. It's like it's epidemic. Yeah, it is. It is everywhere. Illinois, I was raised on the southwest side of Chicago, an Italian-American, all Democrat, union family. My dad worked for the city. My uncle Mike was president of People's Energy. I'm in two unions, even though I switched careers. I'm still on Screen Actors Guild. I used to be a stuntman. I worked in electrician, a grip, and a stuntman in the movies. I changed careers. Which movies? Can you tell movies? Untouchables, Excessive Force, Hoodlums. As a stuntman, and then I was an electrician who gripped most of my career. And then the back end, I finally got my SAG card. And then it was right before Hollywood punished Chicago in 1995. They stopped coming because of our unions. You know, I'm a union guy, but unions are at times is crazy. Right. I mean, and so then I got into high tech sales and changed my life. I live between I grew up in a southwest side in a 700 square foot house. I live between doctors now. So I went I'm still a blue collar. You know, I'm still, because your son saw me, I had to take off my Home Depot headsets, right? I work for a big consulting firm, but I'm still, you know, who I was when I was raised in the South Side. Well, I think that's true of a lot of us who have actually had some measure of success, is that if you grow up and you're really poor, and I was, right? When you grow up poor, you learn how to work. And you learn how to MacGyver your way through anything. This booth that we put together here at Turning Point, this is where I go to touch my background like I do at home. We put this together in two days. Because I didn't know that I was coming until this past week. But we literally put everything together in two days. And when you grow up where you're poor and things... It's the greatest gift about your life because you learn to do things in an alternative way. You think your way through the problems and you find great solutions. And I think it's a beautiful thing. I'm never sorry. No, I'm proud that I'm a Southsider. It's who I am. I am really proud to be a Southsider. that I wasn't privileged, you know? Yeah, you brought up a good point. I think the problem that America's facing right now is because not enough, the people, these young kids, they forgot what it's like. They got everything. They got soft. And then we got China, India, all these people who are poor, and they're working their butts off to climb to the top, right? And they're working hard. Right. And we can't even, you know, I mean, we're worried about pronouns and other crazy stuff. Yes. The college student, I mean, it's crazy. And that's why we're being crushed. We don't have enough people involved. And we don't have people that will work. You know, you can ask my son when we're done here. But his designer jeans, no and absolutely no. It's like, there's your Wranglers. Be happy with them. You've got something to wear today, that sort of thing. Yeah, one black and white TV and one phone with a cord. We didn't even have the long cord. I'd go by someone's house, wow, they got a long cord. You remember? Right? It's like, whoa. I do. And remember, so I was a really little kid. So to dial the dial phone, it would almost break your finger going around because you'd have to crank on it. Especially when you're excited calling a friend. You're trying to hurry. Kids don't know what that's like. Mangled fingers trying to get the phones to work and such. So anyhow. Yeah, sorry about that. It's not why we're here. No, well, it kind of is. It's tied together. It is because, you know what, it's all about us being real people and just sitting down and having real discussions and, you know, being able to realize that we're all the same and we've got something to relate to. And the stories just make everything so rich in our experience. But let's talk about the whole stuff in Chicago because there's about five topics we hit on when we talked earlier. Yeah. So, if you'd like, I could kind of highlight the things, and then we could do deeper dives. I want to do that. Kind of like my roadmap of how I got here from nothing. Yeah, this is like the timeline, and then we're going to go to the textbook. Yeah, so I've never been involved in politics. I was raised a Democrat, didn't know anything other. Because politics sucks. Yeah, my mom and dad are in their 80s. They're both alive. And my mom, when I started gravitating, I say transitioning. I transitioned. You know, my mom would get mad. You know, oh, the Republicans are greedy, corporate, you know, maybe it was like that. Now it's the other way, right? The corporate greed is on the Democrat side. It's on both sides. Yeah, yes, that's true. The thing of it is we've got a uniparty and they're working together to make people believe a false narrative. Yep, yep. So three years ago, my kids were going into freshman year of high school, my twins. I'm a grandpa dad. I went to my first school board meeting like in August before it started because of the forced masking, right? I was like, I was mad about that. And then they, so I showed up to a board meeting late, 30 minutes late, and there's like 10, 12 moms and one dad, which is normal, I found out. The moms are doing this fight. You probably know that, right? The mothers are fighting more so than the fathers. And so I'm like, how come you guys aren't in the school board meeting? And they go, well, we got kicked out, the one mom said. I go, for what? She goes, well, I went over my three minutes. I didn't know what that really meant at that time. But I knew that the board is, you know, radical leftists and they've been disrespectful to the parents. Right. And then I said, I go, listen, I'm going to teach you how to fight like an ex-Democrat Union Southside Italian. I go, and I'm going to give them the same lack of respect they're giving you. And they all smiled. Well, sure, I'm the national attention for that. And I really meant it because they're abusive. Even through their masks, you can see the disdain and disrespect for all the parents that showed up. Yes. And then that's when the mom showed me the genderqueer book. Are you familiar with genderqueer? No, I'm not. I'm not familiar with it. They showed it to me about Freaked. It's genderqueer, and they have oral sex images of a girl wanting to be a boy, a boy wanting to be a girl, performing oral sex. When I saw that, I'm like, this is not in the school. I was floored, right? And I thought, okay, I'm going to get Democrats, Republicans. I was more mad about that than the masks. Well, yes, I would be out. If my kids have been in there, I've been outraged. I homeschooled my kids because I was done with it 36 years ago. I was done with it. I'm just totally done with this. But it's just gotten so over the top crazy with what they think is okay to do to children, to groom children. And they're ruining people's lives. Sexualize, separate us from our kids. Yes, destroying the family. And so they were saying it's not porn because the author's intent isn't to stimulate and arouse and it serves an underserved community. I'm like, it's an oral, I mean, it's like nasty. The guy's on his knees with an earring, a boy, wanting to be a girl. It's like crazy. So I blew up the posters from the book. There's more. I'm not going to get into it. It's all kinds of nasty stuff. It cost me $350. I had six big posters. Nobody would hold them for me. Really? They're scared because you'll hear what happened to me later, right? I'm like, I'm not scared. Oh, my God. Antifa. They all came after me. Domestic terrorists. Yeah, yes. So they, I couldn't get any, so I had a friend that was in my neighborhood that was a proud boy, a father. I said, listen, could you guys come and hold these signs? Come as fathers. They're not anything they say they are. They're not racist, white supremacists and stuff. So 12 of them came and they held my signs. And then a bunch of parents didn't come because they were intimidated. I told them, I said, yeah, I got these Proud Boy guys coming, but they're coming as dads. I don't want them to distract from our message. So I told them the truth. So we'll have the signs held. You don't have to worry about it. But they were still scared. So it's me and like 200 leftists. And they held the signs. I yelled at them. They had two law enforcement agencies right here at FBI there. Remember when Garland put that message out in August? So this was in September or October. And they showed up. One of the moms that's a radical leftist husband was an FBI agent. He was there with his partner. And they had riot gear. So it was on the news. It kind of launched me. Sun-Times did three full pages, front page. Proud Boys show up to disrupt board meeting. They said nothing. They said nothing. Nothing about being dads. They just held my signs up. Wow. And I'm yelling at the school board. I'm pointing at the rubber thing. I'm like, that's porn, you know? And so as I got more familiar with that, then they had children's drag bingo in my library. Children's drag bingo for sixth grade and up. They had a man named Aurora Devine, a transvestite from Boys Town, that was going to come to my library and sing Katy Perry songs and play bingo. I led that protest. We shut it down. That's awesome. Then the Methodist Church in Downers Grove, where I live, has a transgender. It's not my church. I'm a Catholic. But they're all working together. All these crazy people from the school, the library, right? They're having drag Santa Claus and Christmas in the parking lot. Drag Santa. So I went dressed up as Bad Santa. Remember the Bad Santa movie? So I went in my real Santa outfit I had for my kids, and we had to wear a mask, and the gruffy mask and cigar looked just like Bad Santa. HBO happened to be filming there. It was on the HBO special, and they're all leftists. Santa, why are you here? And I'm like, I'm here because you guys are indoctrinating children. I go, if these young children are so naive... and innocent that they think Santa is bringing them presents, right? They believe in Santa. They don't know if Santa's a transvestite, if he has a winky or not. I go, you guys are doing this for us. You're doing this to indoctrinate. This has nothing to do with a gay child when they're that young. Right. Right, so guess what they're doing this month in Pride Month? They're having a Pride reading for two-year-olds and six-year-olds, my library. Two-year-olds to six-year-olds. It's time to shut these schools down. This is crazy. If this is what schools have become or libraries have become, it's time to shut them down. This isn't okay. That got me involved. I'm like, this is crazy, right? I mean, it's crazy that no one's out going to war for our kids. So then I started to learn about how the RINOs, I became an elected committeeman. So the mom said, oh, yeah, you'll be more important in front of the board. I don't want to go. Then the RINOs didn't want me to run. That Rhino establishment, because I'm radical. I'm a right-wing extremist. And I won 62% to 38%. I crushed their guy. And I walked around. I showed all the porn pictures to the parents in my area. I'm like, this is in our kid's school. They're like, wow. And I killed the guy that lived there for 28 years. And so I started as a comedian then. I did go to January 6th peacefully with a police officer, a friend of mine. Now when you say you killed a guy... I'm sorry, I killed him in the election. Yeah, sorry, oh my God. I always say that when people say that, I always say, now don't get stupid out there and grab your torch to the pitchforks. Oh my God, I'm so glad you said that because I screw up like that sometimes. Yeah, well, I know what you meant. You took him out in the election. Yes, I peacefully attended January 6th with a police officer friend of mine. And matter of fact, January 5th, I was on an IV for immunotherapy for skin cancer, stage 3. I shouldn't have went. My friend begged me. I knew him since I was 14. He's 15, a year older than me. So he's like, Terry, you just relax and rest in the car. And I'm the kind of guy for my school. Crazy shit always happened to me always. I'm like we're pulling it exactly, you know, so like that one of those guys that that's like You know, I go Rob, you know something goofy is gonna happen and sure enough that happened We went down there to see Trump and to protect people from being beat up, even though we're older You know, we saw in November December people like my mom's agent, you know, they're tacking up turning tables over That's why we went there. There was no insurrection and then that you know It's a fedsurrection. Yeah, so then FBI went to my friend's Cook County Sheriff's Office with our pictures that month. He just retired, you know, and his old boss called him. He's like, yeah, I know Rob. Great guy, you know, just retired. And when they found out he retired, they didn't do anything. I'm assuming if he was still an officer, they would have made an example of, we didn't do anything wrong. We didn't go in, we didn't fight. We were there, but we didn't do anything wrong and nothing happened, right? Two years later, guess who I get a visit by? FBI. after the Southern Poverty Law Center did a hit piece saying, I hate women and all this stuff. Then they started tagging my work on Twitter. They started tagging the FBI saying that I tried to overthrow the government. The author of the story said, when we asked Terry Newsome why he tried to overthrow the government, no answer. They never asked me that. I never tried to overthrow. I left before. Well, they lie. All of them lie. Fake stream media lies. Then all of a sudden I was a domestic terrorist. I didn't know until we were going to TPUSA and I had my twins and my wife come. My kids were VIP guests. We go to O'Hare Airport and all this crazy stuff happened. They took my family in the back, their two friends. We missed our flights. And one of the agents goes, he says, man, you're on a list of really bad people. I'm like... You know, that's how I found out. And Matt Gaetz had one of his attorneys reach out to me in January. And he sent a demand letter in my name. It's pretty cool. It's in, you know, Congress. To Garland Ray Mayorkas, in my name. I'm demanding to know why you did this to Terry Newsom, blah, blah, blah, blah. They all acknowledge it. Not one of those three scumbags responded to Matt Gaetz. I talked to him again tonight. In two years. So if you're in that position and you make somebody a domestic terrorist, right, and a congressman asks you, don't you think you'd say, well, he did this, this, and this? They never answered him. They don't even answer him when you see him on the TV shows, right? They lie. So they're totally rogue. Yeah, they did. So next time I flew, it was even worse. I went to CPAC, and then I go through the high level security, then I go to get on my plane, they got five agents coming with the cart, the bombs cart, and undercover marshals pull me out before I get on the plane. So then the next time I traveled, Matt's letter came out, and then Congressman Troy Neals from Texas reached out to me, wrote a letter to the TSA, and I had to fly for work. I'm like, oh my God, I'm going to a conference. I'm a nervous wreck. I left early, and all of a sudden I was off the list. But they did take my TSA pre-check. I'm a platinum TSA, you know, so... Those letters helped me, and I'm off the list. And I had the FBI at my house in March, two years after the fact, and it had to have something to do with the Antifa guys, Southern Poverty. They put me in Sedition Hunters that they tracked. Oh, yeah. Yeah, they got three pages on me in there. I believe that's part of K2 attached to Kroll. I think the Antifa guys are working together. All of them, they're all the same scumbags. There's a structure behind all of them. And you can look at organizations like K2. I don't know who that is. I want to look that up. Yeah, you and I have to talk a long time because there's a lot going on there. And they were involved with the... said security of j6 and so you can look at all the players that were in part and wait I'll send you my videos yeah I got Laura Logan here I sent her and so I mean I got videos behind Epps just coincidentally and then the Buffalo guy guys that look like Antifa I got crazy footage I love that shaman I think he's hilarious Jacob he's hilarious So that's another chapter. Then I was one of the only guys, there's four of us in the whole country that put a petition, the same amendment 14 to keep Biden off the ballot in Illinois. So I'm sitting next to all the Trump guys against Trump. I'm next to Biden's attorney. We're debating in front of the election board. And then, you know, so we said that he, Joe Biden shouldn't be on, you know, they said Trump for election. For Joe Biden, we said he doesn't deserve to be on our, the ballot because He provided comfort and aid to the enemies. So, remain in Mexico. He didn't listen to the Supreme Court, right? So, all the cartels, our enemies, our military enemies are coming in, right? Texas, Supreme Court, he went to the Supreme Court to try to stop them from defending their own border. And that's going to help the enemies. Afghanistan, he left the weapons behind. So, that was our debate, our argument. While their debate was the Senate Judiciary. Oh, sorry, I'm talking too loud. No, no, you're not. You're gone. That's why I said we could probably talk for 20 hours. They threw ours out saying that ours was hearsay politically motivated. I'm like, hold on, the Supreme Court? I said, yours, I pointed it out. Theirs is politically motivated. Ours is the Supreme Court. So they threw it out, right? And then the next phase I started getting involved with, they started dropping the Venezuelans into Chicago, right? And then Mayor Brandon Johnson said, you can't come into Chicago anymore. So they started dropping them off in the high end suburbs, right? They take the buses, drop them off at our train stations. So my neighbors will call me, they're like, all these Venezuelan men. So I go there, I start confronting them. And I got some of the pictures here. And we'll talk about it in depth. The Trindelagua gang. That's the prison gates. This guy just got off the train from Mexico in my nice suburb. He's flashing gang signs. That's how grateful he is. This guy, Venezuela. This guy flashes Trindelagua. This guy here, yeah. These are drug dealers. So they're all over Chicago. Then I started going to the shelters. I got inside some of the shelters. They have metal detectors, wands, and that led me to doing the police FOIA reports. Then I got human sex, this is a police human sex trafficking using the Vortex phone, which is the Obama phone, back from the Obama days. It's called Vortex phone. And then they're using What's Up app and they're taking images. The police found 10 images about sexual acts and stuff and they're using women. This one is about an 11-year-old girl being targeted within the center by another Venezuelan to try to groom her. They're beating the heck out of their women with the phones, without the phones, strangling them, dragging them by their hair. They're stabbing each other. I have a thousand foias from three locations of 30. Wow. And it's crazy. And then I have Catholic Charities. I'm a Catholic. and Catholic Charities is getting paid billions of dollars to help take these people. They're basically the logistics and distribution arm of the cartels. So I took a Spanish-speaking buddy to the Inn of Chicago location where the Venezuelans were. He translated for me. There's two men there. I go up. I'm like, yeah, I'm Catholic too. And so it kind of broke the ice. And my friend, I'm like, ask him if the Catholic Charities is helping him here. And they go, I'll see. And he's like, yeah, they're helping him. I go, did they help you in Mexico? Yeah, they helped in Mexico. I go, did you have to go through the cartels to get to Chicago over the border? Yes, they did. And they're getting paid tons. So we have all the emails and the FOIAs of Catholic Charities with the deputy mayor, the city of Chicago, state of Illinois, Northwestern University, ComEd, People's Energy, giving these people, you know, Catholic Charities was putting them in 50 apartments per day. And we've got homeless people living in tents under bridges. Wow. Well, I look forward to going through this in depth with you. No, you're fine. These are my best favorite interviews when people come on and they just talk. Because we need to hear what you have to say. All of us do. And I really look forward to going through the pictures and your photos and the FOIAs and such at a later date. And I'm really thankful that you came on. Thanks for having me. Share the story. Tell everybody how to find you. Yeah, so the best way to find me... In one spot, if you go to Twitter, x at Terry Newsome, 357, T-E-R-R-Y, Newsome, N-E-W-S-O-M-E, 357, then I got my link tree there for everything else. Okay. Awesome. Thank you. Well, thanks for being on today. No, thanks again. It really formed a wonderful thank you, and we'll have you on soon. All right. Welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg, and I'm here with Jason Brewster. How are you doing today, buddy? I'm doing all right. Got a media booth row, media row booth just like you have, and it's my first real major outing at a place like this as a media row person rather than an attendee, so it's just a whole It still doesn't feel real, you know? It takes a while to learn it, doesn't it? I don't know. I mean, I got to tell you how I started, right? Sure. So I started, and I'm friends with General Flynn, and he said, you got to start making videos, Donna. Michael Flynn. Yeah. He said, you got to start making videos. And so, he's not very scared. He's a good guy. And so I went, I went, well, I stood in front of my horses because I was not a person who got in front of the camera, and I'm like, come on, buddy, we can do this. It took me two hours the first time. I didn't get 30 seconds of good video. I'm like, I can't talk. The camera comes on. I'm done. I'm done. Walk away. I kept coming back. But after a while, I just pushed the go button and said, good as it gets. Yeah, I mean, I found, like... you don't necessarily need all the fancy podcast equipment I mean I purchased probably like a 20 similar to these microphones we're wearing and we were just wearing them when I was over yeah she was she was great and had an interview but um uh the microphone That was probably my only purchase and everything else. I already had I Honestly, if I'm gonna be honest, I think I brought too much stuff, but you know scouts on or be prepared as my attitude here, but what I found is you and a phone camera is all you need to make a difference if you have a message the people will come and do that message and listen to you and then you can use that platform to help spread other people's messages and tell other people's stories so it becomes a a growing It's a multiplication game in this media space, especially because the mainstream media is so in derelict of duty. I refuse to call myself a journalist. I consider myself a wordsmith, which is roughly a combination of James O'Keefe with Angel Studios, if that makes any sense. There you go. So what inspired you to do this? Honestly, I don't have a solid explanation. I can tell you that I... I mean, I have a face for it. I had two false starts. I had a YouTube channel called Gaming Wizard 101 and then one called Captain Creativity. It was... Cyber Dialogue 88, Gaming Wizard 101, which was just a name change, and now then Captain Creativity, and then I created a second channel, because the first one was just three name changes, and then the second one is Jammin' Jay, which was like music stuff, but none of those really worked, and so I started getting involved in the sort of political realm, and realized that I can't be the only person in my generation. I mean, that's what they want you to believe, that you're the only person who believes the way that you do. But in a country so big, in a world so big, there has to be other people. And I mean, that's one benefit of the internet, is that you can kind of connect with different people. Even though we're more disconnected, we're also more connected. It's a double-edged sword. You can exchange ideas very easily now and very quickly in a broader space than what we used to, which is great. So what are some of your most memorable interviews that you've done? Because you tell stories, right? You're about bringing out stories and truth. Well, I'll go back to the first interview because I'm going to be honest, most of the interviews I've filmed, just a few interviews today is probably the most I've filmed in one day. But the only other interview that I've had prior to this was someone who I met at AmericaFest. The name is Dr. William Moravitz, a college professor in Texas. And usually you expect, you know, I'm from the state of Massachusetts. And you get to keep that in because it's a funny little play on words there. You expect somewhere like that in a tyrannical one-party real estate to be the one that is censoring people's viewpoint. Guess where Dr. Moravitz was from? He was in Texas. Texas. And academia, because he wrote a book about policing in America, and it had some statistics basically saying it's on a case-by-case basis, but a lot of these things are more dramatized in the media than they actually are. And he didn't just assert it blindly. He had statistics to back it up. he went to CPAC, promoted his book, and then was fired. And the method is always the same. There's probably a bias reporting system, you know, oh, I think he was being racist against me, or oh, I think he's discriminating on the basis of my gender identity. And they use that as a pretext to take somebody down. So Dr. Morovitz, my first podcast interview, even though it was virtual, was his first podcast interview after winning a, I'm going to butcher the numbers, like $270,000 settlement. Now, he didn't win, he didn't get an apology. He basically, he received a settlement and was told, you're never going to work for any of our campuses again, which is fine because he didn't really want to. But he had a lot of good insights about the place of conservatism in the culture war, kind of how it's changed over the past 50 years, give or take, because he's lived it. Well, it's amazing. I bet that was a really interesting interview. Well, it's also, I mean, he's an academic. Even though his primary forte is in criminal justice, Still, I identified with his articulate. He was able to speak with confidence on subjects. Even though I am no expert on every single subject, I kind of pick up bits and pieces here and there of different things. And I also know which things I prioritize over other things. What's your priority list? Well, free speech is number one. But as a rule of thumb, I'm more of a domestic policy guy. I can tell you very basic, you know, here's what I think we should or shouldn't be doing. For example, I don't think the Ukraine war is a good use of our American taxpayer money. But notice it's that second half that's the key part, our American taxpayer money. If we weren't funding them and it was just a random war that we weren't involved in, I really wouldn't care. But because our elected representatives have voted time and time again to put us more in the deficit spending and to send more money to Ukraine and Israel now, it's almost like they force it to become an issue because it's impacting our tax dollars. So I care a lot, you know, free speech, culture, because the bright part of politics is downstream from culture. And all of the other ones are really offshoots of that. I mean, the Second Amendment is the final check and balance against a tyrannical government. If all of the other amendments fail, if all the other checks and balances fail, you've got an armed citizenry. Pro-life issues, I think that stems again from culture. You want a culture where abortion isn't necessarily illegal. It's unthinkable, because who would want to do that? And so it's just a lot of these nitty-gritty issues kind of fit under broad umbrella. One other thing is that I don't really like to be categorized. I mean, the conservative label is one that's still kind of new to me. I used to be more on the left-wing side. I had to, you know, grow up and actually be hit with reality. But for me, I have the temperament of a centrist, where I feel like if a left-wing person were to watch this very broadcast, they'd be like, you know what, he has a point. And that's something I take pride in, that I'm kind of able to be a good ambassador for what I believe, to articulately state it and kind of make the affirmative case. Like I said, I don't like to be put in the checkbox and so my attitude is ask me about a specific issue and I'll tell you what I believe. There you go. Well, it's nice to approach it that way, because a lot of people want to just ram it down your throat all the time. Well, I mean, Trump is a great president, but he did a bump stock ban. And that goes against shall not be infringed. I mean, he's a great man. I think he has a lot of, like, strength. Like, I don't know if I could go through what he's going through and still be okay. I mean, in a micro sense, I have, but certainly not to his level. But I think that the Bumstock band is something that I can criticize him for because I'm not blindly following a man or a party. I have principles, and when something goes against the principles, I can call it out. For example, the left-wingers around when Obama was elected, they were like, oh, Bush is bombing children in the Middle East and it's so terrible and we shouldn't have that. Okay, elect Obama. He gets in and starts bombing children in the Middle East. Shouldn't there be a greater moral outcry from the very people because it's now your side doing it? And there's silence. Yes, but yet what ends up happening is now it's somehow okay because our guy is doing it. But I'm not going to be like that. If Trump starts infringing upon our free speech rights, which I don't think he will, but as a hypothetical, if Trump starts doing something that I don't like, I can call him out for that because it's not a blind loyalty to a man. It's not a blind loyalty to anything. It's critical thinking, which I think is severely lacking, and nuance is severely lacking, especially in this younger generation that wants to put themselves in the box, whether it's the Myers-Briggs, the astrology, the, you know, I'm a Sagittarius. I mean, there are so many different personality tasks, things you could identify with. That's why the gender thing is able to take so much root is because people want to fit in, people want to have a label. I'm blank. I'm this, but I'm an American. That's a label I'll embrace. Yeah, I agree with that. Well, can you tell everybody how to find you? What's your... Yeah, sure. You've got a broadcast. We had a discussion because I call it a broadcast. It's a broadcast because we go to lots of different areas and such, so tell me. I've been calling it a vodcast because it's a video podcast, but I like that. So if you don't mind, I'm going to kind of take that. Yeah, I just call it a broadcast. That's good enough. Broadcast. I mean, it's not a copyrighted term. You could look me up anywhere. It's at the Brewster Call on X, True Social, and I believe also on Getter. Mainly all of my stuff is uploaded to YouTube, but I'm working on putting it over to Spotify. And when TruSocial comes out with their streaming platform, you know I'm going to be on there. I also have a locals channel. If you go to slash the Brewster call, I believe it's where it's at. If you want to financially support me and also get bloopers and outtakes from different interviews we do. Like weird ones. Yeah, we've got people saying happy birthday Trump and interrupting us. But if you want to see that, go to Rumble, I'm sorry, and that's where you can get that exclusive footage. Thank you for having me. Awesome. Thanks for coming on. It was fun talking to you. Fun talking. Go and find Jason. He's great. And listen to what he has to say. Because, you know, the voices that we need to be listening to are voices like you. Real people of real concern that can connect with other people. So thank you so much. Yeah, God bless.