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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 5/19/2023 - Morning Coffee - Karen the Riveter

Published May 19, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

Morning Coffee with Karen the Riveter and News Update - the Durham Report, unifying America after the deep state devistation. Expecting a special military guest!! Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am in fact donna brandenburg it is the nineteenth day of may twenty twenty three and it's a wonderful day to be live here in michigan it would be even better if we didn't have greet queen gretchen on the throne but that's where supperclothes anyhow the glands are here it's kind of be a beautiful day to day that you eat is always those and i would rotmy body care in the riveter here and where to get this party started morning cerini do in wanting i do agree with you i don't think gretchens one throne i think god is hah kay got it you're wrong wants cannot tattered me that's the attesting shootshoot one of onthemaker i don't even think she's there any more quite on all inimically i really do think i she like or unlike by now in bins there either and whatever is standing in his a dismal failure of whatever it is he again to make sure that that somebody i i might call right now and i've got a hang out one sect just realized i've got to give the amongst yourselves what the rest do you don't know is that we sometimes chattel little bit before the call em we can talk about all kinds of stuff and sometimes we can joke around a little bit so we can start the shell in any kind of mood depending on what we've just been talking of thout and sometimes that included do belated joking and so he started day i was going to find that my day with one she's like she is like one of the few i'll get up early in the morning and this is early in the morning for me i don't morally get up his early em as i do for data it carolinecoronation loving know what we always say i said is that you know what you need to get through it oliver ran you need you yesthat's what oneit's like this was that many years right if you need and i now ye only need what and in in over this now this comes back to years ago i had a friend that she was dealing with a little and i i said where is it all right this mover of on around crabwise i saw my be there at six thirty in the morning you'd better be up or i'll be jumping on your bed an ele and so so i got up and i went on to sikes work going off or don't drink to day i i don't either species you need to have a complete paradine change is clearly i am happy i drink a lot of coffee so we had to make a case oh i went over to her house and she know that she knows that i don't make idle is dressed in red and we went out for coffee to we sat so first of all i taught her how to generally coffee in one so i got her a pavement mal catlett much charge that in the violent that much of a pre on the top you can't fail with that right that is like one of the best as in the history of the world i here drink or much because i will literally blow up like a balloon i cave there there hoped gale no but i do in fact like so this is really god so is a iterato hours just laughed and i got her laughing about the things going on you know that is the lot of time through it or fights to humor you do not take you can't be right that has nothing to do with us ever it just shows us there insanity or sopesando really could set back no ah if i had watched a sick what's going on in this i couldn't write it i couldn't write a sard as we have going on right yes it's very serious when by it's also it's kind of an adventure because of the end of that god sol two hours of her stupid on bradford making her laugh we are laughing to gather in you met we were just on he had we i mean to the point of cry and you were sitting there at the table and were just absolutely losing and she she went home in and you know what she called me at once here later re talkedtalked et i have not been in depest sands we went over coffee that day i like i know right i said the answer to everything like i told you one stupid friend copious amounts of chocolate you can make through anything that the reality is the gods always on our side for chocolates super foundrede held this line that joke that that i think the thing it's only i do think the though there was the flood that was coming up in the kynges up on his hind and he searched prenanthes lord save me as the flood waters are the sky god comes through with it with a with a canoe and as he jump an i'll save you is now i'm wait for god to say and you like o ka said in the rough sea later so now the guy comes and and in robot low willates now i'm i'm wait for the lord to say okaygood luck with that ecgwela water the flood waters are coming up and guided as molo in the guise of their going lord save me save thee go in the room and and is like now i wait for the lord to save and more oepasses flood waters comes up guide drowns gets into haven and slices at god and sees says a god you know lord why did you save me ah i said you can a robot and more i tell him i heard a similar version of it gyachang an off of a ci yes something bad effect eh yes so you know it's like our preconceived notions are usually with hangs in silvery anyhow let's go back to o lassies go back to her talking about yesterday ah on i go down to we were talking about how in a hole resolutely i can't handle this it people sayest of her on me like that you say whatever you want but i'm not going to see however on flannel friday they earn and also we're going to say exactly what's on her mind i don't want to hear anybody on anybody even if we go back to what age these wonderful as said he you know i listen to what he has to take and i knew the scripture was out there look at off so anyhow i want to i want to go through and read this is tell your hops on important thing cause i want to read the whole pack as while every wismar line at all the jesus did he said to his listen carefully to what about the the son of man is going to be delivered into the hands of man but they did not understand what this it was hidden from so they did not grasp and they were free as the now i do i think we got a lot that he in argument started among the disciples as to which of them was the great would be the greatest hess knowing their thoughts took a little charge and stand beside then he said whoever were little child in my name welcomes and whoever welcomes me as the one whose for it is the one who is least among all who is the mastersand john we saw some one driving out demons and your name and we tried to stop him because he is not one of as as to for whoever is not against you is for you to all the nonsense is as bad as is lying in the moses it's none he all this is kep goin here is as the times this is luke nine as the time approached for him to be taken up to heaven jesus resolutely set up for julius and he sent messengers i had who went into a samaritan village things ready for him the people there did not welcome him he was heading for jerusalem as they knew best they knew better than he when the disciples james and debt john saw this he lord do you want us to call fire down from having to destroy octoron starts is turned them then he and his went to another it as they were walking along the road the man said to him i will follow you wherever you go foxes have downs and birds have the son of man has no place to lay his he he said to another man follow me but he replied laura first let me go and bury my father he said let the dead bury their own but you go and proclaim the kingdom of god still another sad follow you lord but first let me go back and say good bye my family no one who puts a hand to the plough and looks back for service in the i love that he as to it's about forceson priorities we talked about that yesterday too if you're looking for god we have one not in michigan we can use pot holes my husband likes to say here's another one for tom i slipped up i said his name his better tattenham it's his night in his mother went on he said these always said well if you're if you're writing by er you're driving a car and you're looking at the pot honont of you you're going to hit it you just guaranteed the hid it because you're lookin right at it if you look where you need to go to avoid it you can avoid it this is how you void stumbling blocks you focus on god there's another analogy from a wasudevas follow the yellow brick road they don't say get off the road and pick the apples or whatever else is distracting you oh poppies no you stay on the yellow brick road ye'll be all right you focus where you want to go and if you're focus as you want to go follow god it's a whole lot easier do not look back onesthere and la isaraelites if sarah you can't look back you've got to just keep going forward because you know it at the end of the day it's god who isn't control of averting so we can look at all these things just for analysis that are going wrong but there there's there's nothing that can happen without god allowing it and in the fire the lions he saved in the act in a just like in the accent when he separated out into the the she overbody was after that it was all on egypt and god's people walked through and his walk right on through and god's blessing on and i and in some times how many will fall in your right hand how anabal your left in her to walk right up the middle and it's kind of it's kind of a crazy thing i actually and eat a really good example that years ago that oh you don't they got at my dinesen gotter an old what a mite oh and ah and ah i was i was coming back from india i doffed my daughter she was very and i had one of my sons with he was loving years old so it was just as my loving hours old son and my my o my daughter who has three the fideliter delight about a lot of things strordinary ses i i was a couple of days there i was literally so through my my bro my under her even finally got her to add had he ever see the had he there is no medical care and help her there that was going to be able to to and this is a real long story but i am going to dust how part but literally we got back in the united state and there is a little guy that showed up and i was missing a paper and they showed probably turned me round and with her despatch india but the little guy shows up at the cost and i was standing the back of a line and everybody was leaving india was coming up to election in their closes on the boromean holding was disaster and the longer version of the story were making how how how in the world did all of this fall in place god there's no other the sky shows up and starts waving over a trennor o hot ellis you those can possibly not not hot there's no possible i'm not that import asinaria you know other kid and a and finally i looked up to her old his incredulous totaling creoles and is like that i stepped out a line i walked over to his work and not another person as i past only hundreds i saw this so you know when when you live a life where you you don't god is literally walking with you and you put everything in his hands and walked forward with one having a free anything and he just do it you know he'll give you the you give you everything you need or he'll read direct and so may be a safe harbor from and that in that is he never changed he is the one that we can put one hundred per cent faith and because he will like i literally walked through a through so many dangerous situations i mean ever snipers on the building a pointed pointed out a sweet never twelve people blown up in the street the week after we left oh very very volatil area and you know i never i never felt not that one minute did i feel s presence with with where we were we god's presence his were right out o the streets we were right out she in other words he monkeys wild dogs and st credible incredible incredible of and i never felt so red and i think it's probably because i'd have i have to describe it as i felt god's constant all the way around us you know i keep going back to that to tell everybody you can walk with god on his this but you have to lay down all of your axe just walk where ever he says once you set walking away from you know obedience to him as like okay dot your way he'll let you do it your way gives us and then sawatch what happens things don't go up things will go always very trot you not that it's always per when we lay everything down he will give us he will give us an answer he will give us a way out and i honestly i think it takes years and her of walking with him to as the author the the exercise or wings little bit at first and well is he really going to be faithful and then you'll get an ante in the next step is and the little more braver this time let's try to get and again and then all of a sudden when you lay things down in the then all the sun you'll see these miracles that you won't even realize it's not that everything's perfect is the office but you have the feet to walk through anything and going to be an interesting without any fear and going to going to go his way whatever way it goes it's going to go his way going to be a that's going to be the st in an it'll be a oh i read you of an event that covered a week end and on it was all about stepping outside if your comforts on what can you learn from that so we went through a bunch of exercises ah i ended up you know breaking a board with my hand breaking up concrete brick with my hand i walked on hot coals which is fitly cool five never noonoon that it's some there's a process to it you don't just do it you there's a procession oh and i was wheremore in your mind isn't it i mean you he absolutely you can with me there is a thereanent of safety where you have to be with people who know what they're doing to do it there's a lot of preparation it goes into effect for that slipped on get hurt cause people can't get hurt going to see ah but i was just explaining this to somebody last night and that i call with a friend and ah so it was its kind of sticking in my mind the whole thing is about stepping outside of your come in for me one of the first the first exercise that we did was one of the hardest for me i've done it a few times and i never like it it's the trustful yetthat's that's aught that's an interesting thing to do is it i and i i never worried at they're not going to catch me that's not it's not a worry at all in my mind i don't like the feeling that i get in my body when i'm just tilting back and about to fall i don't like to falling sensation i don't like a roller coaster ride i did the long ride at michigan's adventure was an howison all the way down and his lack the concentrated oostindischen i went on both of the water slides when i was there that day and i hate it because i think it like that softens the kid but i don't like i don't like my stomach riding up into my ribcage i don't like the feeling of losing control of my body i went through the ropes course at of john alias example they have a rope course there and i i don't like it when there's like one rope and you have barely not anything to hang on to and its sliding out from under your feet those are ware i am at the edge of my comfort so and a bumping against it and i don't like that feeling when i learned about myself in the event i i like to see something get done before me if somebody else has done it in on report back ha i know i for example this is for me for somebody else i've never been married before how do you get married was that like you know you could talk to a bunch of people who have been married and he'll tell you all kinds of things ah or it might be something like starting a brand new job like governor you don't really know what it's like because the people who don't it before you have done such a terrible job but you have a clue because there's there's things written and documented and you seen things and so you have a clue you cannot any examples there though this is good to be this is going to be a katanoein completely off the rails to put the nation back on the because the rails that are there now are fake fraudulent ah an absolutely a league but you when you come up against your comfort on you are the type of person who goes oh this will be fun in it a little more hesitant about saving that so will you just fell on osses you follow me because i'm the one that i'll just jump right i did that when i was about eighteen years old i did a rood and everybody on the road course less crying including the man and that were there were as alsike the hack in eis knots see nothin i den i hope yeah yeah insistence contrate off the road corsendonk well let's see ovandillo get if i actually and so i politely jumped and his like free boom and the hit and that the analthes fety cordin such an assenter swinging around goelette secsecant fond i am frost pro deckupon the course those and i finished the plenipotentiaries to the hand as in an eanwini radisson one what took you so long you know eh well in in in not when when i was a it woke up early it's go back to are we talked about the innate mind verses the educated mind that's a that's a bed palmer principle so my innate mine woke me up early that day and i was exhausted from the night before i mean we did all kinds of stuff and it was very emotional and the next morning i woke up and i basically it was weird i can i have a conversation with my they will you what did you learn yesterday well i learned that i don't like to be i don't like to get outside my comforts on i do something i've never seen done before and as like well then you know what to do right at me other part of me is like yeh i do know what i need sufficiencie wake everybody up and then when we got the breakfast in an we got to the location of like you got a charge i have to be the first one to do an exercise i heard that there is this exercise and i but i hadn't seen it done and they will show it once so that everybody knows how to do it properly and safe but normally am like well how letta couple other people do it so i know i get a better idea that it can be done and how to do it and i can visualize it right and then i'll get the obras enough i don't wait until the last part then then the courage and but i said okay what i need to do to day is i need to be the first one to do an exercise after that safety demonstration the and i did at first that it is this was the brick so i carried that bread but it was it was a cement paving stones and i was like all this is heavy goatyour potatoes and i i go i like watching the instructor these remember i know he remembers what i said i there's no way out of this i'm sure ye he remembered as i hadn't read the first one to do it but but i had done the board break just the day so i also had a little bit of an idea what it was like bedouin a brick that's i mean that's dead that like stony know you got to do that and and i sometimes have problem a problem with my right wrist too and that's the one we punch etith and we i did it and i hadn't no problem doing it when i got to do it i was like a hog came on on you ready for this now but that that's the lesson about myself i do hesitate when it comes to doing something completely knew that i haven't seen on me for i don't have a really good idea about how to do it then that's when you have to let go and let god as people say that's not in the scripture but the concept is you have to really trust and god like you did with your daughter and you may not of actively consciously thought about it like i didn't this example you do trust in god and when you do that that's the piece that surpasses all understanding you don't know how you got through there and viritrate think you're not chester they i know they can't they cannot even related to the fact that the coon figure this out you know last drop out of plain is got to be parted on rabbit in forthshot on on the way down and figured out he shal that this mentality he now me that one the grinning for connor i had a lot of em tell me aught that a long way you're doing this wrong you're doing that run you got to do this you got to do it why weren't the the question it this is crematories but we want a nanny to comment and do all the work and we want we want we want the navy to comment and pick up all the pieces and we want to say you got to do this you got to do that you got to do this do you know with what ten million people stupidly ah unrealistic that is you know it's the like for me to get in for me to get it off as i had hired he had it figured out how i would running companies and owning companies at a sitting now with one of my tone i years ago it was really interesting case i desist and it doesn't even occur to me that it's unusual it's it's just as right in so i was sitting there and i peopled waiting a come in no talk to men and a pretty much keep most of it my head to the takoto long to find it notes you know it's the got right things down and now it's but but i've got to have it longed in my hut so that i can grab together as i the journey the tourney looks at it me when i got done he goes i can't believe what he's what me you just went back and forth in an hour and a half and it was just like a yeah because this committee crape were where nobody is willing to make a decision on anything because they're afraid of the consequences of making a bad decision is a very cowardly way first of all to manage and second of all nothing gets done and so i mean absolutely nothing gets done and gets bogged down on in committee and there is because everybody's so afraid to take you know well i i fail stand up i say okay i failed and then you go for it is like i do i i are so always tells when they come in into do not make it went wrong do not lay out what went wrong give her the giver the facts and only answer the you for don't just start to as it'll go really really he and then you know and that's how it always goes since they got asked a few key cause i'll go into it knowing knowing enough you know allthese vision making that that has to happen in any manes if you're not prepared you shouldn't be a man you have to be prepared all the time and in having a homeward one that och so when somebody comes in and talks to me in a majestic i don't want to hear why we're here i don't want to hear about the i'm going to ask if you ke quest and then we're going to fix the disaster where in right now or make a very quick and then improvement because you got a deal with a crisis regardeth a situation at hand and then we'll go back and woorali what was in the past by by the normal standards everybody is tried blamed every what d you accomplishing other than covering your own bed nothing it is absolutely a colossal waste nothing did so it is nauseating for me to sit here and listening the sea ye none because it is just a waste and in nothing is it stall out trying to blame somebody and i want no part what do you come no animates most times the if people step up and say ha i made a mistake and it was an out you know was just now in st the heouene got to believe that yesterday sedate a day before he i had to take ah there was there i had two vehicles that had they were involved in somewhat of a one and the first person to and insures probably listened to be right now love and sakis accidents happen now but nobody nobody goes out since or distort ran something into seing it just happens looking women and so so you don't my responses and o ka mate no no yes herds are rely on can you drive you cannot be driven and what's the but i like you can be more careful next time i down these i it was literally within an hour later to somebody else here and they had an old guy and parking lot the side of the vehicle miss calculated dointo and didn't stop kid it isnt oh irside of the and it is like a sally just kind of say a back in on like i wish the chances of this happening in a matter of two hours you know you just the problem and i know the now there's no no value in assessing now other than making the other person feel like crack for making his and if you're going to managing to be doing stuff they're going to make his in if you can't expect in have a way to deal with them you shouldn't be in management go go plain your little sand box where it's a safe one and and do something else like it but management is in a place of very very that that is not managed personality at all so i thought that was kind they are toboth of my accident victims out therefore what do you oportet an aspect of it about all their people wanting to tell you what to do but they noted the wanting to do it this i establecer than have had all the tewas runner mouth thetherehe the fosters or me nigh on im work for you at all i was seeinside i follow deer sat up and wishmritam trying to save the name and listen to a bunch of half cock onomast of people now there's some very very good people out gerry who was on the chat rite is one of them so are you and so are there's there's a long of me the ton and mace and there's a bunch of people around but sedandis people but the rest of them get off your behind stop for one people round one other well this is the thing though about the whole thing like self governance is is what we're talking about all of what we're talking about if you want to self governed cause you say when we representative republic we should so covered o ka that sounds great you know what that means the right let means that the people have to do their job the netted to apoint somebody else to do the job that means you have to do it yourself which means you have to one have face number one you must have faith you must trust in god you must not look at the pot holes you look at where you're supposed to go you must be willing to take action even if you come up against your comfort on and you got to step outside of that and here we are up and up into her comforts on as a whole country going on horse covered its hard the tooyou just go save us to you favor we we don't want to do it ourselves because we have no faith and we don't have any masculinity in our men and we ticoniuswhose back and go and what you will in one of you the right thing really really even my grandma my grandma was born into a nineteen o one man she was a tough woman omanite you what people i have here donna brandebergs a tough woman you did meet my my grand was a tough woman and you feared the then from laughing we could lay no what ye mean concini whipped off a slipper before waved to hit the dog is oviscapt the room when the note intention you see was not an idle threat nobody in my family was idle threat my dad was a he was xmilitary and he he lived by the wild if your five seconds late you were going to hear it and it wasn't going to be a second behind it was going to be more like more like a probably an hour long join if you were lucky i mean i watched him do you know and i probably a little like you don't i i experienced his weak long behind chewing anything pick up for it where he left off he was amazing kephision shononsese you in asked he would see he would start she when asked and all of a sudden i sudden you just like a i wish you didn't have such a good moreright he gets up in the morning oh he starts off right where he laughed off in he would stop and hill into satisfied that your behavior was there was going to be no miss is not going to be repeated or he has got i was listening general full and got on one day and he said the same thing he said now you're going to watch how how oh you know and ask you in by a general and he suited exactly and i was in laughing i'm like one ah i can probably teach the lessons on this because i had the greatest teacher on the planet which was my dad and everybody sells him stay the left and stocked it less on stock its yet now i think there is a funny saying is that when is the stop when the behavior of and i'm not a heart not is now like other that talking about being people just go go eat go to adingto the on this night whethersoeuer or you can die in your misery and he i hodoipore speaking of play i saw that he posted this morning and i shared it with a it what he kindredthe little shift to these is really his talking about local action but he's also to day he mentioned basically a what did i say that account ability now accountability justice justice is he is the only way we agnes it is also accountability in the cow drops of exanthematic ally what he's talking about what you shot it you said it i'm going to do it suck it up every one somebody and one of the little patriots callicrati if he had come crazy i'm going to hold you know in space it's being a dull enough to be able to look at any sort not worship the source however thinks on the i had on eve's cowardly to cant woke the he drops hero i have another a topic that is as kind related something i noticed i've been kind of noticing it but it jumped out at me this morning and one it's interesting to me how so many things are shutting down and i know you've noticed the same thing too different kinds of things are changing and it's like it's like a by product of other actions it's not a direct thing but it's a by product kind of thing so all the things that we really don't need in our society are gaining exposed and done away with one piece set a time and so i had some examples i wrote down this morning when i saw something in light a lot of it is like okay company will shut down because people boat with their money that we all understand that you know bed materials on there's a bunch of different companies letter losing out the de beer companies as the nother one uh we get that because it's a social political fag but there's also like a competition aspect some companies are shut down because competition the one that triggered his was a twitter to enters going to a low for up to two hour long videos to be posted on twitter that changes everything for you to the lot of people about like you too because of the censorship for i go on prophetswhy created branber news no you can't unless you're talking about s and dives and fluffy wonderful things and it's all good and we're all brainwashed into the globe little everything so that's right i have you are adapted in that sweet twitters doing and twitter because of the large fowling they have and a lot of people who have not received the message who put it that way who are still on twitter will have access to videos that they can't get on you too they will have citizen journalists if you will sharing all kinds of stuff on that platform i could be a death bell so to speak for you too that's competition boatewes for as many on its like betuen face look in on now i got to mere clintock off there but yet we need more men more desert in all this i know i proof i brought a hot enough i could see it but brought up there historical telegram on a telegram i i have a criticism for almost every other eh a platform but one thing i like about telegram is in so they got to a bots on they've got pots on their reasonwith thoughts and is pretty to write a lot and it's been fairly stable heffer so legitmate you can make a long post post to in it divides it itself instead you have to make in that to be hard for people to read but it now if you don't like the i'm one of em i like the short and sweet as i scroll eh but i'll look i'll look further if you get my attention on a short post and and oh what's that article about you know that kind o in oh i agree i like i like telegram but man you you sure get a lot of hogs in your group tremendous he must love me that's what he to him they like everything you have to say they know or popular these truly half to they truly half to a cot in the ingathered this article second by by america's diet general plan one of the greatest human beings that is ever graced the oh in veroniceae families very and they have truly stepped up to help the united states of america and to because of that you know we do all them a debt of gratitude bigly they have put so much on a line in themselves everything they have in in jeopardy for this nation and i mean really really i mean the mono work that they do in such as really amazing so a ministry be angry america be really angry and now with that anger to good use by raising your voice and fearless unison to bring accountability to scoundrels destroy along the long way to do report is out but americans who love their country and abide by the law will not be satisfied instead of issuing indictments albano biden crew and the dockets perpetration of the greatest cried the durefort leaves as simply with three hundred six pages of words one right we've got as we have the right to be angry americans deserve where is the justice where is the accountability to hard work americans who are duped force thud as fact the russian hopes for nearly a de where are the consequence the cabal of power hungry liars this one and that in there who set the witch on in motionthe bassaris u s cos wise false charges against innocent americans while illegally spying on them weapon is er s st users to interfere in an election in the transfer power and i spit on the sanctity of this nation's role of law the survival the united states of america is now in the hands of we the people their geese the durham report makes a crisis one statement or investigation are the cross by did not and could not corroborate any of these allegations in the stale report the report makes no criminal referrals instead of pursuing does it whitewashes the fined by the two thousand i campaign so called seal dossier was the discredited evidence used by obama's department of justice and fbi to open a broader investigated called cross or innocent americans strielits and families ruin the reputations and it was the promise use against the entire country and the president we elected down a jay trump it was a trigger that spark the old bone the canons regine i sat if whiteresidence community as post election report that falsely length president trump the rice president united states and his spokes supporters to it was the source of a hail storm of media lies supported is against the american poet now as she on april ten to the sixteen a few short months before his spy there ran propaganda operation as presidential campaign a boma the canyon sat for an interview on set for an interview on fox now sunday and told america i do not talk to the attorney general about any investigations one i'm sure that worked up i do not talk to any of the directors about pending an vestigate strictly and always have maintained a guarantee that there is no political in in any investigation conducted by the justice partner or the fbi not just in this case vestigation of hilary use of a private in any case fall stop period liar liar the canon's line we must not forget that the man ultimately in the i have nothing against can i have it against people who lie about o eyes a able to be united states who had no ability to do that legally we must not forget that the man ultimately responsible for endangering the country's national odin and justice and aterica barack obama ek a barrister at least the ice at least the germ report recognizes that his department of justice and fifi failed to hold their important michigan mission of fidelity fidelity to the law so the progress die i do i do ontonhisserta in things like the canal that sort and what what they did in this nation his absolute son what they did so well done general general general is and i you know ah and president trunk the rightful president of the united states president donald were i not put that in every everyone a try to remember that he's a people say troughes president the the rightful president of the united states was cheated out of his rightful place by a crook government headed up with my very stores where by by bill gates sors and sab and our own queen grace court her squire dan enosso and court just and i'm nothing within ever single magister of the i can call to president a moke with it but on the other hand take all his not president technically he was elected as the see of the corporation harbeck he is the see but he was also recognized by the assembly as i have written about any substance or two o o by a he was recognized as our commander in chief because we recognized what he was trying to do his borrowing you know what what what he did with the ten even the taxation or the american are not supposed to be finding everything it's as here you're taxing the sales tax rich we have re now is basically to break the american the advantage to foreign anti oh that's do i hold read i was again to do where am i speech at that i well i ottermouth there you go there's her body but fitz generation warfare don't get caught cause they're trying to weaponis all of us become their little parrot on carry the weapon of okay here's my and i wanted the i'm hoping i could do this he stilling like water all over my the canaanites at their curets coming down into the into the water on to make sure of any saw that and there's a s are day seven cale so we're getting there that so i now go we're not onforchoonate from time to time because my nose is running and i'm sneezing to day i haven't been outside in the windows are closed but there is an hour thing going on right now with the rain and i i have taken i have to tell everybody i've taken up when me a pathecomedy this is called an allergy call it's one word allergy calm in its by byron be oh i biorn i don't know if i tell he pronounced it but that's how i pronounced it and ned so it's got to combination of remedies in it the one i can't find this it easy enough to do it and get it on amazon while you don't want to give him their dollars you could try your local help food store troops the one remedy in it that i know works really well for me is his histamine hydro chloric his demeanor hydro chloric come in this o i've got then i got a three pack one of these i got his three pack one of on my gates of two packets scot like eighty pells i can take just two at a time we'll say take five i don't think that's so i could take a couple at a time don't drink before or after within about thirty minutes and they make a big difference for me with the elegies with the goats as i can go outside i could deal with hay like your fit if i handle he ah that kind make me sneeze and ruddy knows a little bit but it might not last very long but if i hate goats and more than us like petting and found the hot there with the men cuddle and with them which i really want to do but i'm trying to avoid it that will because of the ouerge if i know him that i do it ahead of time i'll take a dose of valery calm if i'm not if i'm just going out and doing other things and then i can feel it starting to come on i'll take that and it takes it makes the orgy go away pretty well that is better be good for me the i do also share something that i get out of the my last couple of visits with mike chose natural health practitioner i call her couple weeks ago were to see her a bit gone every week for the last couple of weeks stochek my blood cause i had my my blood stream was so congestion i've never seen anything like it and i've seen my blood on the microscope a number of times then i had heavy metals and parasites and fibre and all over the place it was it was horrible and i i didn't think i felt that bad but when i see how my blood is struggling to get anything through and all these other things that you don't want her in there you're natural reaction is and when you talked to people that go all you need to be talk and you need to take this to get rid of parasites will i'm got a war you all when you do that when you get a parasite died off in your blood stream that texas your organs to clean out the blood stream then you've got the talks and from that florou in there and that makes you feel worse don't go on iterating way you know this that you don't it's called when you're cleaning out your body cause i'm i'm in answer health and to go home birth my it i i hate i don't go to the doctor i and i haven't for years and and i got i got diagnosed with a life threatening illness and i despisedfor pointments sounds down with his old after it had my and so i appreciated and you get hurt him more actions her at so you'll feel like sometimes you have the floe so whether it's a parasite of fibrous or a or you know anything like that ah you you can you can literally o feelfeel like you've got your feeling worse before you caring not that they are getting normal thing in that tells you whatever you're doing is or then in anniethat's not a bad thing to but you need to when you're going to do any kind of heavy metal de tacks or parasite detach you really got to prepare yours your body for it and you don't want to do it when you've got something like i have with the congestion i went to her because i said i i the thought it was just an hour dressed to the kids whether it was their mother's saliva or hanging out in the straw the time cause i was watchin trooso carefully cause he so tiny and i wanted to make sure he was able to nurse enough cause man's only got two teats and she's got two other kids ah why i thought it was a straw that was i was allergic to and then i started to wonder more when i wasn't sitting in the straw with some some so she's like all your terribly congestion here's your problem you know so i dropped all of the capsule forms of supplementation that i was taking to address any other kinds of things because my body wasn't going to be able to absorb it into the blood stream it is just wasting money basicly so i just went with things like cora phil and she's got me on a i bet performance mister i think it's called in a liquid concha cut up and with those and a nice started doing on a diffuser with something that was conohel clear my lungs and make sure that ah i must gain keen in faction and don't have an infection in my lungs but i've been congested for weeks and in all when i get in get out orgies sees only an it's been more and more and more of a drag every year so this year is like okay i can't do this i mean more i've got to something about it so i've been researching home me off a the and you can you can eliminate our je responses if you know what you're doing you have a protocol for i am not there yet just by doing those things to help reduce the congestion and am really focusing on darling back on stress and getting more rest and all that in in avoiding the goats as much as they could a instill enjoying them the next week i looked at her we looked at the blood stream in at first it looked great and then i get all clearer clearly i still have quite a bit of congestion but it's much improved but i didn't see fibrin and i didn't see parasites not much i didn't see one little bugger swimmers the screen in the sea high you're on the mikerscope and not my body any more and i and i didn't see heavy metals well anything nor holiness be cause i'm not taking all the supreme i needed to do was give my body the ave addressing the congestion mostly the only other thing that was taken was ecelesia and that that's all my body needed to start getting rid of that garbage so we're doing the same thing for another week before we're going to go into trying to address the got more directly oh and i have the only capsina in a right now is a pro biotic cause it doesn't need to enter my blood stream so much this is my theory in no quantitere got and help ensure that the god struck so i haven't had like chocolate i've had a little bit of there's a keto friendly crunch that i have set in there tom it's got a big sugar in it a very very little sugar i been using maple sirup in like yogurt and some granola but i had caught back codosiga and the cut back somewhat and cheese i stand really really want the in i caught back in cars at his godthe american diet is really brilly awful and let in i went beganfor five years and then you know now i eat a little bit of a little bit of butter i you know i bought her a a little bit i did at grains or anything i just say that that was her it was so is like a dane when you do that the fundamental things that change within your body it of crazy with illuminated all those things that are hard to digest animal proteins is really a problem for every one of us and there is a study called the china study that proved it that it confuses our muses so if there's something to fight your body will it your misissem can be really convey and one of the things that they found is that they can turn off all kinds of cancer if you eliminate a animal i think it's really it's really its and so a yet the diet the die it is that you want to work with your body and the things that will actually clean you out so that your body can do its job and your body will do his job with the help of god almighty to to all kinds of things that you wouldn't think he then on bagatine so i just i won't tell and now informed people you know there this is something that we started to say last week there is another way the this is one of those other concepts and that i was just talking about with regard to are our society is letting go of things that we don't need and what it's doing we have come to realize through this awakening process that are health care system is garbage absolute meanpeople are really waking up to it and it's becoming increasingly popular to seek alternative methods of medicine and food so people are like well what can i do without fast how can i prepare a man this is really simple how do we eat you know cutting back on tees on my golcondo how can i eat he eat pass without and she hated it's not to say you know i love pitman i am all those italian food that's my weakness and so it is for a lot of people it's an addiction ah but what i'd been doing as i make my own on tortola and i caught up mushrooms and eve long as they put him in little tiny bits i could handle mushed ah because that's a good feller at a do taste and it makes me feel more like a meeting something that's more fault and i put lots of me on a like sliced ham on it and i caught my own organic tomatoes were not growing on but i bogenfriese should be grown the madeand i'll put that on there and i'll put a little bit he's on tocause it's not petewith out but when i'm but i'm trying to use less of it finding out how much less that i can use because it's harder to digest in that way i went on doing yet a doing what i want but i'm doing it in a healthier way and people are making healthier choices because of what they've seen with big farm that's a great thing to see elslein go off all the rustans in the entotto foods all this of is so bad for you now if you will limonato and you you replace the bye with things like like pine apple or a red can you start you stopping at within to e or taste buds will literally he and to me sugar is a repulse i don't like i i'll let a little everett i don't like more is my taste might my taste he his so these things now though the one thing that was really a you know i can actually tell you how to be vengenance successful at it because i did it for and the thing that i see though that when people want to change their diet they want to replace the bad food with something that replaces it in his just like head yes and and that's where you're going to fail every single time you've got a leave it behind walk away and don't look back your taste will change and all of a sudden you realize that other food tastes actually better because you stopped over loading your sons you know your sensory of abilities with something that's actually nutrit in all his son all the stuff that you create it goes away you don't even want it any because the the good food and an beenable cook good food at the venables the in your vestal just the way god made them becomes what you really start to crave an then you then you'll all man i want some some girl disparages like that gathered there's ways to do it is like a rulelike a rouble but i like it differently then then what most people like a rogla i'll put it i'll put it in big pile of argola can it with some of oil salt and pepper that's those are my favorites pepper when you really learn to like the food for the food without being smothered in all of this high calory ah in nutrient less sauces they have no food value at all you'll go all of a sudden realize on my past the food taste but i'll offer like a rouble is a little bit better right all at a pile of rollo but i will put a boil salt pepper and then i drizzle just a little bit o honey and it tastes he green sails i almost through always throw fruit and green the in another thing is this you've got it you a little bit of balance scene with some starches the tato will really help fill you up and the rule the really neutrons if you if you realize that sake i've got a balance things out a little bit i'm going to do a little bit of potato with my salad in with my salad with some fruit gives so little bit of a sweet an after a while or beans throw some beans on it i for a while it's like you don't want any of these so bad after the edith to light on your toes and it's kind of amaze yeah i've already it because i've caught back so much and sugar i now musing more maple sirup i haven't been using honey very much lately i oisanite bit more with it his new vivere and in a very good foreman majestical properties of it it's just really amaze so as i i wanted went talkabout something alter so confirmed and how i wanted to to talk about the like vot but let him thisthis books another edition have had the probably for i'm going to say oh i don't know how many years but a long long in my soffivean other one because so i want to bring this i because this is in fact the farmer's almanac and i pulled up their thirst all kinds of resources on here for gardening as we need to be getting ready for gardening in michigan were almost her little better frost last over by the barber was a loss or pretty much done or ready to conterere too while on i called again ah the the the gardening land lies am anyhow oh the companion plantings of this thereshall kinds different ways to can plant to conserve space so you can do sprouting and micro green but she can also companion point and i liked the farmer's almanac this all trains of i find one here which i think as a love of home so i wanted to do show you his was also charged it on a future things that are good for each other or were just going to go through this abominate to give people an idea why why you would do things so so tomatoes everybody likes to make those right i don't nonbattle tomatoes if you plant basil with tomatoes not only are they good and sauces so ill a tensile s together we've probably if you went back in his as we develop these tastes it was probably because they had a symbiotic relationship with each other in a plant in the plant world so people and already knew that now a lot of us have lost that have lost that knowledge but were gained in a back of this herb basil helps this greater yield and repels both flies and mosquitoes marigolds marigolds are another one meleagre because he algerenes to bunny still like bunnies do not like so and now this other garden in also other i offriends of tomatoes are sparagus salary and the onion family ladislas this kind of meat to a neat to study this a little bit foes are campages he spent all del rushes he is wise corn earworm intimates subdues efectivo the same like so keeps peppers i not he basil once again i nothing about the recipes that we make and historically probably the redingote times came out of the fact he and work well to so basil a good friend of papers i recall a fat spider to and flies so once again we've got basil planted all of your garden shirt with bodies and you can eat that a raw and sail it's too that makes a really good sand his beans beans and in poerstoke because because the fine we now you could probably grow up on a pole a green beans corn and beans grow well together because beans will grow up the cords stocks which means you and have to build the bees also fixed nitrogen in soil a critical he don't have to do so much of fertilizing and which is good for the corn marigolds sister sham rosemary and summersavory repelled being bald as some savory improves grocery and flavor other companions are brockly brussels sprouts and other members of the cabbage and along with cucumbers peas potatoes and rash the boy think about that when you read the relationships together think about that all these things are tastes that were familiar with in recipes probably where the these came out of the symbiotic relation of the rd ah you combers plant miracles once again mardale mister sham and a man your cucumbers to recall what aphids and bells a bean celery lettuce corn till peseries argued cope rachis go grow next to almost aromatic herbs well said will stop the growth of one inner it should be planted near onions because onions will repel the care of fly think about that with mike make in making no miracle or something like that where you have say um ah onions celery and in canceres though thus once again were used those and in a rose to be planned near onionsscallions or were pale the care of ly i ansells chase away apes to plant them near eighteen but onion friendly vegies other good friends of aisence beets cabbidge let us which also suffered from the care of fly tomatoes i spied a larger margin savory and rosemary foes are asperous beds i am reading this because i actually do know that we have a few people out there that do not read that watch so many continued re and are this is actually true friends of among your lattice less i think sangree if i don't they will sit let us man you can do plant lettuce everywhere is a feller put him in your path in discophore with a with a serrated knife whenever you want to and come down and tender or i that tone's couple weeks and they got a good ah let us crop and you can plant them in set so that so that you just keep the lot of girls a spirituous not so much the spinaches is good but it's cold weather crops out when you get the heat of summer as finish cones suffers little bit you can do it but you got to work at a little bit friends plant men among your lettuce to keep away the slugs that feed on lettuce chives and garlic to repel beans for pies radishes a marigold there is our body than marigolds also work as good companion plant marigold's attract a fed eating lady our foes are parsley because it tends to grow small yet bushy and it will crown your late torquas and zuch you are i don't know if you've done this why you ever been an area i clearly in an area where all a sudden everybody's trying to get rid of these he kin see you go to your port and somebody's left you a whole bunch is a cemetiere like now no more so kencote for the weyill will give thee a chickens the stuff that we pull out of a squash oh now in one end my husband cleaned out the ticket paniquitas it over here and the other side of the fens and extinguere got a bunch o squash crowing over the tkiotana day is hold by to my then squashes on her like i didn't do any work for this the business colliver crop coming so the corn squash made good compact squash place to grow squash also does well planted along the radishes dell and mirage again give much of fletamento be bunny free and aft potatoes do not like a squash because same like carrots carrots love tomatoes arland the heat sensific is why they grow well with tomato plants that can provide that a shade tomatoes are also known to be solid in which is a natural insecticide that are tomatoes benefit from carrots carrots are the soil around the roots to the allowing more error and water to reach the the carts are also good combination plants since leaks repelled carrot flies and here on moss and onion flies that you got your carrots leeks and onions there rosemary sage sage and chiv al so pele foes are coriander and dilatable produced compounds that harm her and parson from the same diseases and a part it to minimize radishes radishes he planted among cucumbers to re you cover miles away from the they also do well among heirs because their harvest and before the care the radishes and he loosened the stok soil as the case start to take off so radishes or an and a spiritor actually one of your first of onions beets cal tabis led to spinach is as a good friends for the rats a foe is his and we corn loves be escaping in in the soil that's way out in the agricultural areas like a like a one of our farms that are all in a in iowa we we there's a crop rotation schedule so you here corn for a while and then throws beans on it and goes back and forth a little bit nessos helpful to rotate cornwallis buggies that nitrogen in the soil a greedy stocks also make a great troubles once again for doing or trailing plants including beans cucumbers peas pumpkins and we insiccation in planted among the old tomatoes they don't like tomatoes as they in corn are attacked by corn earworm and this too far apart to minimize these so an here's a really nice little i pulled the soup song now back a companion in in i ohitse by him i actually took a screen shouted both cause i wanted to share this arm line with everybody and if it is the quick refference that there's a bunch of mouth there have a bunch of different ones miss cronise little little planting guide in these mrs almanac soemangot the chapman at cave from the tomb detaine or winner body is sick and so is cleansed releases see a near los fast as were the body is by so relief is helped by vitamin c red bransbury t left hank you also red raspberry tea is good because it tones bowl muscle so if you've got it so she said but agorante it helped or if you are constipated at helps in you don't become depended on because it tones the bottle muscles so red raspberry redres retinas good too because it's mild and pregnant women an children coldlake it's very glance of to blend it with more taste herbs like lemon balm in habits good thing and you know we have a lot of raspberry out here is why we got the goats and i checked yesterday and they're doing a pretty good job so far of of farm keeping the raspberry down cause lang love and i let the gods out into the other part of the yard last we can they went nuts over the raspberry that's not too far away but also the rabbits ah like some lit raspberry leaves it helps a mother's ah when they first give first a feeble to produce milk it's it's got some kind of influence there so i like to try to pick some raspberry leaves for a rabbit those he all these things that we can do together there's a lot o there's a lot of sights out there that have good on companion a planting as there's other words for it is intercropping is another word for campan in plant and that you can enter crop you can do companion planting there out there in a croppiness more or less as space saving companion planting as using the benefits of one to help the other so there is a differentiation here certainly not all you can do to get toxins how quickly from cave but seeing raserie tear big ones and down a right about eating cleaner wind or sick or des yet you really need to eat clean it means it fresh roots and vegetables you know people think the familiar con you're going to die nackington what take a look at our session plane is another thing that you can do and i talked about briefly before were you where you plan a crop of light of lattice in the now you know we can half later you planted other water a week later you plant an another one or another so in your garden you watch the the plantago up as you're ready to harvest and so you cropped down and you got a bunch of other ones coming up behind it so that's case might my man when i was a kid my dad always did corn that way so we had as about oh the two weeks on a busy was to weeks apart you planted other robes sweet corn and the two weeks and other royal and you could probably you probably get a month that depending on the the crop of corn the replanting is something the longer growing seasons second planting or successive planting allowed you to extend your hares by staggering propagation of the same or different crops so it's not any more work it's just opens on a you know do you want fresh food or do you not that's what it always comes if he just wanted your short season garden go but if you want to continue to grow is ah though micrograms in the house you grow miaren all your work all your long you o to keep up an in a low but best way to do that honestly as get up in the morning like a farmer would do you take care or animals before you take care of your sing out of the first thing i of the shoe tend to your tent to your garden near micrograms move on the stomachsand know it staggered winnipegoosis onos guise i throw coloradito what to do he to his armored it is a fine make me but really he's my husband is very good at he gets up earlier than me so it usually he come and tell me when he is relieved that all the animals were taken care of or he'll say the holster taken care of thought i didn't do this one on this thing and so then when i get up it's the lesser vital kind of thing it maybe i needed top off a water or maybe i'm going to be needing to add more green to the gold or something like that and that's a real help to me in days like this where i don't really feel like getting up early exporttion don't want to go out sidetables right away around here we've got in routine going where after i do the beans with that there's an expectation in the dogs tom going outside to check table when i have the sermonthat i love you too and i really do appreciate you getting up on the one i think i think this is like we talked about as like a it's like johnny carson and advocating so i think it anyhow here he got seed or transplant only portions of our garden leaving space to plant more later for example planted rope led us one week then another roll a couple of weeks later and so on until he ended the soissons i supply throughout the rather than having it come in and all at once work fast with plants and short see the harvest time like radishes or hand a single heavy yelled like lattice spinach and rogala boyar i had bees but my my bees got to take by a by and last year so i got a for one re up my eye killed killed on and a handle on it somerindykes dilly we haven't heard about your chickens for a while who man the great were we had a little bit of a rossitor thing going at one coup so we quarantine on and entreated it you know you listen all these a large farms out there in the sand that they kill all the chickens cause they don't want to deal with it it's not that it's a dangerous thing it's like you goin to take care in animals or you just going to kill we don't kill all of our animals we go on were so this is another state nonsense out through the bird is diether he can have yet you get him in anslingen him over when they have a problem you've got to be willing to try and are we to throw the eggs away and told their out of corns and then their fine so the we need to get some meat bird chicks going but we win debating about raisin so some o hands raising hands for people who don't know takes a lock longer time for them to grow they are not fast growing birds but when you raise meat chickens around here it's cornish cross usually it could take only six to eight weeks of the new need to butcher the and there is no way not and so i raised vanchasers ago oavanti of antrosciano be ready for butcher at ethe yeah you you don't want to let em grow longer than that because they're not healthy beyond that point i might not regolarissimo will raise my but my dear knight bore your my letter go too long at one point time to read like fifteen pound chickens he thinks we like or chionaspis arab there stools by the time they're like four weeks so titanothere or deviseyou can stand them with weighing hands for maybe a week and then they outgrow the laying hands and they can hurt them because they're so big just by moving around sit next to him or stop and all of them the o lag his to take montanus to get them so the point that you could join him up with a regular flock and have them hold their own so for fraser thinking about is getting some poets this year that somebody else is started because we've got another little coop weak in use until they're big enough ah so i do know where in then and then which breeds were kind of wheel it we were like to add some bravos because we only got one but we really like her and he like a really good lang ones but i would like to get some more colors back i might like to get one or two of the blue pink or green colored eggs they just don't lay his often those those breeds they don't tintillate as but the greedy i like that we've got american as they lay every day so so the i've norendro bem with them not laying like the other layers at well they will they are willing had of emthey quit earlier in the fall and start later in spring so that to notes the thumbs as you can put diatomaceous earth on the ground by the head to stop and well i wish it would have thought about that because we actually use it for other things and i didn't even think about it says it won't hurt beissel thank you i came from the thought that she email have that we use that other situations but i never thought about putting that down there that's one of this dull moments he ah so method also called reeling method involves growing different vegetables in the same space throughout the growing season once too hard mester early season crop or place it with another crowd so how works after harvested your early spring for cool weather plant beans which prefer the hot weather summer cassoulet ice the same trellis already place growing multiple cross the same place however you can touch a soil and to plete new dress so be sure wrote may be beneficial to add soil in moments ah between plantings or using compost home made for light as boy do i of the market cornered on that here's the companion the intercrop method as makebates looking how cute they are trigorin root crops and fully crops together such as inns and lettuce both of these plants grow well to get loose so very winged and the intercropping in all this stuff to do in an o in a huge you know in a huge job a valuable valuable discussion here for one to get into that case i think i think all of his farming stuff is stuff we need explore and both you and i know how to do most of it after you ever put food up no eh there's a lot of things that worse starting to think about doing more of because we've been focussed more on meat but we also rely in freezer like we were talking about recently with the free dry cobs afternight talked my husband about that would two is like you know what what if we what if we don't have power and then all that meat we have stored in a fraser she had protected go bad yet we have a generator but we have to go get few what if we can get fuel because they don't have power and it's more than a couple of days and he's like well you're a store osanottoon get it if nobody has power what were we do and we have other stores too but with regard to the meat on like room maybe it we should go back to i think he's explored researched caving before and that might be something that we need to to look into chass on that that would be i thought about teaching classes in all this you know you saw my movesome bread that we did the sour dough and the danish that you don't we can teach each other i'm developing a start on her how you develop a starter he don't have any as enigma all this stuff out and nothing basil and its rule not that you i got to do it the same way you've got to make sure that you've got your intervals there crops you got to have a if you walk away from the age it found be gonosan broke bosin your power rebuses so so she is a harvest right i believe makes three tries and not pain me to say is as a volunteer tired i show you when i know so and i know somebody who i know compete have a harvest right that's the one that i would buy and i thinking about buying when this year to yield with his so these are these are really really is an interesting way you can put off about six of food in a day and of ah it's really an interesting as to watch and i think that this is the food of last really twenty five years so all kinds of things here on harvest rite to look at and as laces what they put up there for their main vireo you nationthere one card i am jack with her to day i'm going to so the entire free strike i tore see how fine great wait or on restrongar your left i wold sails or on and freeze tries family love s are even mind pen nearly every sterry eggs and meals like messina a bad stroke before we get started let's turn on the frieze drier to let okay to day i'm going to freeze than scalloped potatoes and so preservatories apples and ice pits can this prepared for the free striver a star by spreading the scalloped potatoes on the a good rule of non totolo and you know more than that of the as comfortethe hand by laying nice thick slices of try to keep the slices under a half inch now our fresh rose going to place them on the the great thing about freeze ten you can place more than one item one so on the other half of this train i and i sliced these apples with an apple slicer in cape the last thing is going to show you are these eyes created i like you small ice cream stand which is the trinitee a capital of each palace one thing one it allows the water to escape from the pouch ill do it quickly so leaping as the freshies nice and cold by now we won't have like a tree in the the door patten place turned the handle completely to the right and on it it's that is plant is a prestre is going to freeze the food for your fifty ere and the paccinotti ally turned on and creative acoincte teche the free stride gradually the sultans of as a god so did the process takes about twenty four hours when i stand the frise drier will be entirely automatic will come back to morrow and trick out of old net hole it is cool the hot you know how yesterday we talked about what women noticing things some kind of chuckle because which she is pouring the raspberry shot you simply put them in the tray and in all i could think about was she's goin to have to wash that bowl miceanother ends berries in a bowl and then i know it's a commercial but now she has to go watch the bowl it was noticed that at the cooking shows if i ever watch a cooking show which i don't do you often but you know they always have these little glass bowls with all the gredients and it like they just just take it out of the container now you have to watch till to so they get you know that's the thing that women pick up one like you were talking yesterday it no we figured on all kinds of the so this is medium one here one to go back as look at the commercial as i was looking at like the commercial course i'm i'm going to have to do it crazy is that what we do where i and i went to see we have here as those are those are home freezers that i look at in his commercial or in the door on mingo bigger a home cause i pretty exarsere that everybody that i know is going to be like hay down i can you freeze out dry food for me oh yeah what's doo the heap so this is for it all for the community he for fifty pounds of food per only twenty five why by thirty seventy thirty five high that's about the space one for this poppy and it will produce five thousand pounds of fresh food donzelot of food right the sosoeteti at every day so by this thus low food and as get on crazy now and has the small one looks the small one like a he fifty oil severely as so twice six ninety five for medium one is erica's before for this unforseen on thousand for menestaton fo year thirteen pounds i think i need to go into the tent to milan who hattige maker the sentent three pounds for bath and it's ten in hundred on it now we're talking now we're talking for taking twenty five hundred pounds of fresh food petewawa year still runs on one into and dedicated twenty as sir circuit required as he the ideals to or for five pounds little guy and there so and i heard people say that missis in here go as asperity for the twenty three pounds for double these endouble space by pain astrabore in hundreds so there we let's compare free driers sing through all the stuff look at these woods so geotechnic little comparison chart nice oh ho ganhardine so here at you give got another step of a instruction information from what other hops started on as the hopes he held her hand cart is condoned because it's really fond to find people that are like you like minded cause man i've been doing this for years and you know i buy i buy raw meat and grind weed i've bought you know the the sealed buckets and all that for yer and probably in no started with that but islets kind of the way we lived it wasn't just like a hobby it i know i can't remember a time or a season that even when i was a little girl that we were putting food up you know where i am in when i was really little i mean that's how i grew up as you put food of and a in everybody that we knew did the same thing all my aunts and uncles and gramps make my my grandpa and my grandma's and such and everybody everybody just did it this away we live and wondering about like a even the small one that's out of prices reached for a lot of people so that's where i wonder canning's probably more on fordable way and what probably why one of the reasons why a lot of people do canny couple hundred dollars for a good canner you got to make sure i feels are really good so you want to check your seals ever year and replace and periodically slade don't get on to tole on the th the new canes that we have right now or pretty safe the ones that my grandma used to half or were not and a lot of people got hurt by those old and they bring it up to a lot of things you can can and interested just a water back can or like a meat you can can meet in now if you don't put any vegetables then that you can can eat no worth but i and in anything that's got a high sugar cone like fruits to can be put in battles cannot you have to do that with a sure in order to a stop the ensi mace but a yes he canters are canners are pretty cheap way to go to put food up and it's pretty easier just got a watch and a little bit i think if we did listen we could share share some of the space on some of these larger ones that would be a real good way to do that is have little community and sir he you know what we're all going to work together on ole community garden we're going to get ourselves one of these little frieze driers were going to put the stuff up and it's going to be for to be fought half fun doing it or her and back to this large one he did you did you researched the honey what are you caught the honey hive for on that i told you i told you i heard about that actually that system that you are researching the the the flooring hiding the eat behaved people hated it and i passed out on to you and what did you find i didn't look in to that yet because i'm not ready to get these back on the property again because i probably not going to but i i want to look into it but man it looks like a cruel system of course be keepers of god have got all of the their processes worked out so you know they're going to stay with what the familiar with and my opinion there's probably some legitimacy to they might really socket but it be one of those things that i like to talk to some of you actually has one and why they like them or why they don't like right the you know what this is crazy i've got a strong bleach smell i i'm smelling right now i'm not sure somebody else in the house that's clean that this is check that out o mine by the magic of find out rope so what on a well i tell you what when we and this here i think is the great place to end it and move on to our day i'm going to be gone this week i don't think i'll be back on one so i ought and con take monday off cause i'm going to a a large vat the sweet think it's going to be a wonderful about a very very aregoing amazing people you're probably going to recognize all the names if i if i set all the names of the people that are going to be there oh my belle carrie lake is going to be there and some oh probably general plan and some other people will see ah i expected there's going to be some musicians there that everybody knows names of and i think and to be a lot of fun showing very much very much looking forward to this and i tell you what happens when i get back oh anyhow so monday monday it will not be on one day and that it will come on tuesday with taters and then after that i'm going to be expanding brandeburg news note to brenburg news network the night and ah i should have some really interesting people coming out at it so so i see how the scull was and i don't know if it's going to be the following record following we after that because i want a since i'm doing all the scheduling and the producing and the directing and the force screen thing in the talking and all of these it is a onemake sure that we're all set ready to go maybe somebody's step in and help me out on my menvolunteers thing like you have so to get people scheduled in in such so everything's going really well i would like to let her body know that in fact we or on a good and we have nothing here but because god and fact is leading us through this and i really do believe this where he leads us he will provide so all was to do is be willing to infant i have to be willing to step out our comfort zones to follow god and not be afraid but in him no matter what we see her here i trust god because he's got a lock aster all the sins it be made de have any last words than i'm going to go howdray going to say have no i thank you just you just summed up a lot of her conversation there at every ten very parsonating everybody gets together in unity so dear heavenly father we are thankful for each and every so thankful and we are asking you to help lead us into ways to relate layer lies do you provide for as guide as you let us help us to lay our lives down so that we can in fact follow you can't follow you and less were willing to lay down things that we think we have to have in that we tried we recognise we we thank you for calling every single person in two the service because were all called in the service and we asked that that you enable every one because you also enable us help help us to be what the more willing to follow you as to be willing to go in the directions that you lead us because every direction you lead us said it's going to be ah in green pastures and still waters and in ways that are better than we could ever imagine or even create for ourselves thank you so much for being willing to stay with us for leaving us for providing for sir calling every one of us to be born at this point in the history there's no mistake in all of the gifts that you've given each and every one of us to bring our gifts together reels who was then pretty much destroyed by liars chiefs he where were ready to walk away from that not look back go forward into a glorious fire a following you caring for each other ah are doing the right thing hearing for stewards here and we recognise we don't own a thing it's all yours and we're think that you've let us be thankful in front of us or thankful for providing force knowledge his friends and things that we enjoy are food the blue skies and even sometimes rain its very enjoyable all no so much for the state it had of us we're going to make it a great day and we're going to claim the victory and christ and every single thing that we do the victory is yours the battle is yours and were won to watch the most glorious things happen that we never imagined possible because of our so you are the the creator of ear the one that creates the and we have faith exactly what we're going to see going forward we just want to think for every single thing that you do for us and stand before you with great humbleness that we are alive now and actually being able to witness wonderful time in our nation he notes history oh please give her one courant please give every one great bravery there resolved to never stand down and the ability to turn it vision faith discernment wisdom and all those wonderful is we love you so much the same reply as he then there might else as in ruddygore more see in the is short time i and so home offithes good for there you go well gastigo a cocher the bleach smelles common from and that you have a great day to day upwatermen thending you brand or covengardenhaus i am not conceding the liars cheats and thieves the best known conceder who has ever know conceded in hiswere as well as a letting now that i'm not conceited from anything in life for not going to back down because we have stubbornness chess worthis seen to fail at any keep going might fail to is going to be a stepping stone to success we love you not alone make it a great day it is in fact a choice that's the mind set in it's a mindset and it's a focus on to santa i forget all the nonsense sangapulo might with the beauty of the red because you know what all the other nonsense and in filth and dirtiness and is gone wrong he's got this he can deal with it he's bigger than all of it swindle you owe bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless me it's going to be a great day helpless make it so join us in the spot we need you we need every one and in edit justice and under god we all stand together as american stared order