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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 9/20/2022 - Live - John Tatar and Attorney Dan Hartman

Published Sept. 20, 2022, 9:01 a.m.

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good morning this is brandenburg news network and i'm donna brandenburg it is in fact september twenty two thousand twenty two and looks like another beautiful day here in michigan at amazing because we have a lot more cloud coverage atalanta we had the last few weeks so some very thankful for that so today i have a two special gassing john patron who is running for sheriff over wanton and i am very thankful for him he also has been a teacher of the constitution so i thought some are education system is pretty well eradicated anything that looks like it and o what the constitution is based on we would kind o go through this a little bit i want to start out with a clip however because i actually have i i signed up for the constitution through hillsdale college now i haven't gotten all the way through it but i think that this is a really great resource for every one and i wanted to play this right here because i think in the state of michigan we are so blessed to have hills down college here and some really amazing patriot when i talk yesterday about the little grafter and bay harbor of the billionaires and outstretch her i was told when i was up there and we also have an amazing groupe of patriots the state so let's let's listen to this just a bad and that i can prove i can publish the link later they have a lot of free courses at hillsdale online that you can that you can sign up for it i think it's a really good idea for people to continue to get advocated on the subject here eaton college online course called one we of course made greatest and longest living of all the constitution the united we studied that here because we are mindful backways have been a hell that we are citizens and men the our freedom in order to live well and do our work especially the work of college which radically freedom every time teach the constitution of every student here at the college and that now we're going to help you learn something about it the people were teaching in this remembers of our poem of exactly one member of that party myself and among them all they may have the most meaning of the constitute changes that have gone on around and so it should be a privilege for you to watch this and i hope you enjoy it and do you bread and continued learning about this one you live and teach others so much i explained to pen so we're going to go back here and i'm going to bring in john an organ to have a meaningful discussion here on this good morning good morning morning every one out there yet this is this is the exciting it's an exciting subject to go through and i'm really quite honestly i'm very excited talk to you about it because when we talk the there are there several different thoughts out there there is actually quite a large group of people who believe in common law or the statutory a system that we have and we can get in the scud de facto as opposed to a desert system which we've taught to before she mentioned citizens of and i know that that we've talked about that in the past whenever i listened to anything i always listen to it and come up with more questions than answers most of the and i know that you and i are kind of well maybe on a sane page or close to the same page on the subject anyhow you are a teacher of the constitution i like it to introduce yourself a little bit once again because i may have new people that are listening to this and will short introduction and then we're going to launch into the constitution of the united states of america and also i like to talk about the michigan constitution a little bit but i'm very interested in talking about the constitution of the united states my name is john taylor i'm running for wantonly sheriff cause actually there is nobody running against the incumbent there was nobody here running against the competent to i decided to join the us taxpayer and actually i was talked into it but none the less at the upper here i am running for a sheriff that i i am a constitutional oh teacher and i because i taught american history and i thought government high school for i don't know over fifteen years i also thought of concentration we built houses and some other things but none the less my focus was government and american history was hard becoming a government teacher because if you got that job that was not actually a pretty good job and there were that many positions for that position for that a post so totterdown too because i remember i remember when i was in high school that it seemed like that was about the tipping point when things really started to change dramatically true we went from what they call civics to government and government became the study of more like a general stop but you know what we all live in a republic form of government where we the people have to take an active when i say we have to we are fallen the volunteer to be here so we volunteered to take take an active part because were forced to we take an active part because we want to want ecore the government the government running on actually the government has just the public servants or actually public functionaries which is the correct terminology they are public functionaries that function any position government then we don't have time to play around with we want to go out it on the back and enjoying a sun and so on it oporto we've elected it represented as to go to washington to serve somehow all got screwed up over and they believed that we serve that's a totally incorrect philosophy and that's not what the constitution said and that now the old eloise that they sat uphold judges legislature and the exact specially today they don't pay attention to the constitution they think that they are above the law even though you hear people like hillary come out and say the law of nobody about the ashes now she tries to act like an she does what she can to be above the law bids above the law he thinks he is the last come and down on these people were going to be over and done with some time in the near future you can betcher they're going to be ending up trifle the treason is to the constant of which they swore an oath to a now when we started teaching government which started teaching a kind of a manager of all kinds of different things that the government did spent a little time on the constitution but it wasn't the main focus of the court which was you know to my knowledge and to my experience of the past years an abomination to what we were supposed to be even though when we went into those particular areas i took the text book and i worked at the constitution trying explain to i even told the kid sat if you don't know your right and if you don't work with those rights and you don't use those rights you don't have him and some kids got that not every kid got that message because they were all chased around the opposite sex and so some of them got the message and some of those people are out there and they tore the patriot others didn't get the message and the kind of being pulling by the nose by the government that exists to day and is trying to control the life of i specifically i'm not sure where you want to go with this that we want to go into the constitution and start picking on certain points or do we want to give an over why don't why don't we do this what do we do an overview and then come back and start picking it apart because i know that when when i was you know teaching my kids that and an even for myself if i go through it i want to speed reader speed learn something i'll ostrogoth ugh a book like really fast and all cats all of the the chapter heads all get the first sentence be in any chapter so that i have an idea of where he is going so that as i read i can connect the dot i think the thing that was most helpful for me to learn and i assuming that a lot of people are like me work very well off say like an over veer a time line and then then you then drill down into the interior mation behind that if anybody has another opinion put in in the comments and we can and we can only comment section i see right now though is a outback sootheth one of those because rumbles kind of odd even though i go to rome will because they don't sense i can't i can't tie it in with my aunt screen commission so it's easier for me just to sit and read read the comments section one side of a stream eric okay i got a question for the artisan see if anybody can answer what is the purpose of the constant anybody out there even answer and can answer that then if you can and you get it wrong that's okay that's what we're here for we all right i'll be i'll take a stab at it if nobody else does i believe the count the structure of how government is actually run strain the over each of the government how close a you're good except in the wrong over reach we got to go remember what i said last that if you you people that learn the language or use the language control the narrative when i called not overreached us at option and usurpation means that there at a control they stepped outside the constitution they stepped out side the road of the wife their bad people so we've got to get to the propriate terminology because this is coming down the system by what's going on right now by the patriots that are trying to turn this country back to a republic so then the question is if it is the railroad tracks by which government operates then that means it's not in the institute it doesn't exist with that that is correct it's not written in the constitution then it does not exist how about executive orders i don't believe they're in constitution no there are neither neither the federal constitution of the state constitution of what the function of the executive brain i'm not matriculations at linoleum in and had winston here and give other people a chance to to come in on this too go ahead there's no boy this jump in another now the only function of the executive branch is the carry out the will of the legislative so this so called resident that lives in the care that thinks he's the president has no authority if it doesn't come from one he doesn't have the authority to write executive orders or to write any kind of orders on the people that's not as function that's not what he job is to carry out what the legislature is asked to the carry out an it's a samite more doesn't have any power unless the legislature says she should do a certain she is the police force for the executive branch basically is i mean for the legs she carries out the exact she carries out the legislature intent in ideas so that's why when you go to when you go to the who makes the decides on the taxes and to pay a tax and so on and so forth the rain into funds doesn't come from the president it comes from the legislature bramante executive branch carries out those orders through the treasury through another but i guess i have to the knoll that being done it soliel right now that that that every single every single part of this system is broken so that if a broken so right now we're kind of plain cowboy round up with a system that's like you know a bunch of wild mustangs that are going and every single direction and trying to kick anybody that gets near him that's a good way to look at it i agree so what kind of government do we have i will i've gone over this i think last we but but i'm going to tell that question out because i still hear it everywhere the type of government they think we have so as the audience now what kind of government we and if they do where can you find that guarantee and the guarantee is in the constitute do apprentice now i'm going to feel this test because i'm also listening atlantean these things article four section four of the constitution guarantees of republican form of government everywhere from that is from the federal level down to the state down to the county down to the city down to the township down to the field every single form of government is a republican form of government who says so the fourth amendment i mean article four section four of the united states as we are guaranteed a republican form of government so we get this and who is the chairman of it branch right now since in the main seldomer nancy and nancy says in her and her power that they have the power to do whatever they want and that we have a democracy and she swore to the united states constitution saying that we have a republic form of so dancing around telling the people we have a democracy when in fact she swore at that we have a republic along with the whole of others and she's a sure she's a servatory good and the goat aetiology right here yea and the disturbing thing that i keep hearing too it went the people keep calling it a democracy their also heard it called a constitutional democrats i've heard people put that those two words together as a constitutional democracy and it seems a seems a little confusing to people because i'm not sure where the getting that from but i have heard that several times what is it democracy for is a republic my exactly which is as voting upon which would shake their going earine basically what it is so when you have all of these organizations such as black lives manner can't even think of all of them that are out there all these organizations that think that they are accumulating a group of people together the power they don't have any power the power is individual because in a republic we each have those powers the same power in the same right that you have done that anybody of any skin color has legends we all have the same power so long as we play the game of the democracy then we stayed to find against each other and the government has very easy control over the system they can dementat individual groups i then get an excited get him out there protesting or whatever they're going to do and tell the people in general that you know these people at groote individual it is always spent big problem that we that i have with all the political parties and all the special interests in the sentient even like the bolder guides i think the vote guides and the polish uld be illegal i really do because it is they they they are they exist to divide people they exist to special interest and it is unfortunate because it over it truly becomes almost in the way a democracy a nature because it's my gruel does that make him absolutely that's exactly what they're trying to do assuming in every which way we were divided between the japanese and the american during world war two a violation of the constitute a violation of the republic we were we were separated during the korean war we were separated with the with the people black lives matter and they say ah well they were slaves well what was history like a period of time you can't pick on us for to day for what happened twenty forty sixty hundred years ago we have no control over it happened a hundred years ago when a control over what's going on now well it methody as somebody for a crime which they did not commit and it really is it's a huge huge form of races if you ask me and i have we have a multiracial family right to me i'm done with this nonsense this is nonsense you do not you do not charge a group of people for the crimes which they were alive to commit and and you know it's like you know it's like i look at my ancestors my ancestors fought to you know they weren't involved in any form of slavery that i that i have any knowledge of we you know they just there are history did not have that in it but is so how can how can all people who are white be charged with with it as a crime it's nonsense and most of the original slave trade came from black slave owners in in africa and they want it because they think the government has an just kick on the printing press and principle of billion dollars when the government does that this is a form of taxation just called in flat the more money they dunno the system less but money is worth yes the work twice as hired to watch used to use for buying things in the past because the money is and it becomes worthless basically over time and that's where we're headed at this but you're right we have to stop the nonsense separations of people and get come together when we come together as a nation of people governments they have no control over you know i was in the military and i didn't mention that earlier for thirty one years i retired a soutane colonel some of that time even though as in the medical service store some of that time i practised the studied warfare and how do you be an army in the field you divide them however you divided through the middle through the sides of from the flank whenever you beat them because you can define them into certain position stop their flow supplies that the flow of ammunition division is how we do how the our government has been doing it to not because he cannot fall in to the category whenever they say the category is and we say yea yea we get these rights yet we're going to get a pocket full of money is going to be worth half as much as it is to day because the more they tried the less the money is worth while not only that anybody that sets up is sensibilite kingdom in order to get special favors on non any level beet you know due to do too you know race gander or any of those any of those categories is honestly they just become their own special interest to prey upon the rest of the americans and i think this is not sneering mistakes in their lives every single person has done things that are right this is the wit is to be a human being right and hopefully we help each other move forward and antonia the not just not to restore one's best good and sometimes westenra now i can sit there is a female snow flake you know and so i want reparations for this damage that was done to me because i was not allowed to go forward you know and on like now i just looked at it this is it you know it does in antionum going to make that person eat so much coin lying it didn't not me down it just to just walk away dust dust yourself of move on and leave it behind if somebody is going to be an idiot leibnitio did i figure it out if you go telestial when you come back later and they want your business yes you know she had probably made a better choice about idaho in years ago and that early feels good so i mean you know but goodgroome around you know a lot of get over religious here but i did want to throw out one thing are we here was the purpose of being on this rollo here for a short period of time why are we here my understanding from all of the studies that i've done and i've studied christianity and couples and several bodies and in a few others and my final conclusion was that were here to experience and in this experience of life we don't always get on the golf course swing the club and hit a hole in one if we did life would be more so we have this opposite side throws the hurdles and whatever those hurdles some hurdles are small and if we overcome the smaller hurdle than the next hurdle will be also a little better a little heavier but not as bad but if we took those hurdles and we shoved them in a drawer somewhere we didn't attention somewhere along the line and a bigger saw the abbe objects of the game here is to protect these or attack these hurdles as they come toward and when we do that most of the time were successful because that won't give us something we can't have so we are able to handle everything and if we come through the process thinking that and if you don't want to call him god but creator or whatever you want to call that person that brought us here has given us these little hurdles for us poor and for what's the purpose of us were here in service about that's why we're here to interview of ours our politicians have all there in service of the that's not what the fun we are supposed to be in service of others in one form or another anywhere that i am that that's my religious a lecture for the day have not i want my pinions i've got you know i'm an unapologetic christian and i have been right out there without evybody telling you know what my opinion is and my first responsibility is the liver god in the way that he would want me to but i think it's all so important to realize when you say in service to each other this is a very short life were here on you know on one side and a very short very short way and and the only thing that's for sure in life is that it's going to and some and so i think the other part the other part of what we are here for is to in fact lead people to a saving knowledge of jews christ and god so that we can all go to heaven together as as a family and and i think that's you know to me that that fairly significant and you know in the way we do that is by you know as by our word and and like you said in service to each other so that the the people people become acquainted with god and dacotas he is he is our salvation in all things whether in life or in death salvation and i'm going to have a jump back to the constitution because that's where we are supposed to be in peril but alone on an we talked about norton versus shall become my last week and among give that sight one more time those of you that have not found it or have not bothered to look it up should look it up and read it it's called martine's becoming he was and in case so a lot of people that said that while it was the civil war that changed us from the constitution to a new constitution or to a corporation to all that and then that though the war was over in eighteen sixty five the civil war and this not here shall be kind community eighty and what norton versus shall become did is it actually spelled out what a republic is supposed to look like we talked about the nine terms last week that can go back and look up the night and on agoratus in tunnard with some of its norton versus shall become scarce daylight after government out of the bar on the judges and the attorney and out of the public functionaries to i know that because i've been in front of judges and i cited nor inverse become they don't want me either in their court room they don't want to talk about it dismiss my case without discussion all kinds of stuff there afraid of speeding tickets not that i speed anything like that necessarily but to get caught going five miles over the peedee and while i rabenhorst have it you know i think i am ostinato you go in and you speak truth and you just you just let him have it you don't backdown and i love that about you and that's why you're so well suited to be sharpening thank you so that brings me to the second most important case out on that's out in the other are many important cases by another second most important case who is in charge who is sovereign in this government thinks that they have unity that they have the power because they sit in a particular office and they can do it ever they want because they have a unity if they had a unity as they claimed to have then you and i can ominously to the day a bird i am going to be a mile from anything that i do wrong always back to birth because i'm the sober not that that's elnathan's asking of big subject to ponder while i want to read a little bit here this is also an eighteen eighty six case it's called two verses have interesting because not mercy shall be calias in eighteen this is also one eight but it's us three fifty six so it is a date tattletale it's a little different case this came before norhala's martinpuich becomes for twenty five in this the according to the when i wanted a real if that's okay with you because i i can't say it as well as eloquently as the supreme court justice in this as in the wall versus hopkins he says when we consider the nature and the theory of our institutions of government in which they are supposed to rest and review the history of their development we are constrained to conclude that they do not mean to leave room for the play and action of purely personal and arbitrary powers like a government so itself is of course not ladies very carefully not subject to law not subject to law for it is the author for we are the author and the source of that but in our system while sovereign powers are delegated we delegate savern powers to our government delegated to the agents of government seventy itself remains with the people by whom and for whom all governments exist and and the law is the definition and i delimitation there is a very powerful that was brought up in eighteen eighty eighteen eighty it further goes on to say it is indeed quite true that there must always be but a fundamental right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness considering as individual possession are secured by those maxims of the constitutional law which are the moments showing the victorious progress of the securing to me the blessings of civilization under this happens to be the massachusetts bill of rights that they stole the government of the commonwealth may be the government of law and not of that is the title of that yet why i seek space capital that's fifty right around norton versus saloon that judges understood the case and the purpose of the united states i at that time frame is pretty interesting from eighteen eighty six you know and then you get to eighteen seventy one and watch the changes that happened within our own government between in eighteen seventy one there were some very significant changes that were made which i think is worth discussing at some point time too we're going to back up just a little bit eighteen seventy one comes before eighteen eighty a gay while i go i go back for as there irritate the time frame because the eighteen seventy one as they call it they called it the while it's the act that supposedly took the ten square miles of washington d and put it under the control of an interim government is what happened act and i can't remember the name of the top of my head i can bring it up next week we get talked about it is the that the so called and all to call a patriot some of them are some of them are misguided patriots but i suspect there probably the government throwing the stuff out to tell us that were now in contracts and now we have a new farmover en that's being regulated by the people in washington d c and that gives him authority to tax us and that gives them the authority to do it doesn't it's all as well in and on it one of entourage like the one of them always leads to the next to the next so when you watch the chain of events that happen right right through right through when lincoln lincoln became president in and when he ran for he ran to be president through seventeen or through eighteen eighteen seventy one and then further forward it i guess what i am saying is that this chain revetted of time was absolutely critical to where we are right now in my opinion my opinion is that the constitution was never never adjusted this for the united states and what was the other way they said is for the uneducated and ignorant people a philosophy for the government to control now we we know that the government has been trying to control the people of america ever since the revolution they wanted to be the king of england and they were not happy that from me and became our own sovereign while we establish the constitution that's made of stone iron clad not change except by its own right through an amendment other than that you can't write laws to take right away even though they say well we went the sixteenth amendment which is though the right for government attack people individually directly people need to and but but if you listen to the main street media the lying main stream media and you listen to a lot of the politicians out there tootlin because they don't most the if you listen to those people and he don't pay attention to what they're saying and you kind of follow along oh yes that's why we live in the quartier who live now we live in the quagmire because we allow it as citizen we didn't go out to the we didn't understand the constitution we did understand our power and therefore we allowed these government so called weak we invent whenas growing up and were public servants than they became public officials that they became leaders they're not public functionary and the problem as we got away from the language we got the other language and they controlled the narrative because we lifted their language that's why we have to change the language again we have to bring them to norton befeather are you sure and that when you go to court ye ask the judge your honor are you a terriffic occupying a diary in fact i had a couple of people ask that same question to a judge and one judge had a i don't know what that is how could you be on the bare if you don't know especially if i set to to you in a document which i did because i always know people that work with us always send documents for war and never walk into court blind and try to talk your way out of it you put it in documentation form it becomes part of the record and the judge has an opportunity to look up the case that you sighted and if he doesn't look up for whatever reason and most of them or ignore the case which many of them have this kind of nonsense then gets carried forward people lose and remember in the district court level if you lose it the government knows if you lose it the district court level your gun to go home with your tail between your legs and you're going to pay the fine and don't go to bed so when you get in the corn they try to make a deal with you we're not going to give me any points were going to test charge you hundred and fifty bucks two hundred bucks a runner the case we're going to make the money for us but we don't care whether you get points on because it's not about protecting you on the road for safety it's about revenue in hence so we have and whether coming from in order to who the enemy is in i wanted to point out since he already talked about yet overshute i was later think that sometimes shows up at a certain time period and then that's the end of it like norton very shall become was a nine decision that made it means it stories that means that is the law of the land until somebody challenges it you go in and you sit norton's selects starry well there's another case called down versus bidwell reiterated you heavers hopkins and downeses bedwell was the sight of that is one eight two hundred eighty two us david nineteen o almost over almost the hundred years later that same case is brought up and i got to read this part too because this is critical if you allow me to do that you written by justice matthews of the supreme court and he says further in the language of justice coolly the constitution itself never yields to treat enactment it neither changes with time nor in the theory bento the forces of circum it may be amended according to its own permission but while it stands it is the law for rulers and people equally in war and in peace and covers with the shield of its protection all classes all claims of men and women obviously in the males all states all classes of men at all times under all circumstances principles cannot therefore be set aside in order to supposed necessity of great crisis no doctrine involves more pernicious consequences has ever invented by the wit of man that that any of the provisions can be suspended during any great exigency of government now let's back what a he had a government violated the because we had a government that lock donnera couldn't do good if you know the constitution they couldn't do because down horses bidwell says steve been or yields during times of here we had a crisis to yours bonito thousand nineteen and we shut down america all war manchurian executive orders it legally to get back canadian people ran up because they didn't know what the right they didn't know how much power the i never wore a man and i never and i of course didn't get vaccinated and i went where i wanted to go a course they were a store that when louis we made a deal with the with the owner of the store and they bring their food out to their car and i don't care anyway shopping for me i'm all in favour of that anyway i got shoesoles it was convenient for me and i followed the pair thought process because they didn't know they didn't know that the government had no power to it had no power to put people in senior citizen homes under any circs doesn't have that she had no power to lack down she had no power to him to arrest people that ran their business even though she said that could here and downstream the cost how clear can you get but if you don't know it i'll know you're right i how those people let ran around with her for one reason or another didn't do their home work on of course if they did their old they would have known at bongrand they were not what their rights were this thing never happened well an it goes down to the fact that it's not just one person knowing what the rights are it's all of us needing to know that an that's another a failing of our whole system is keeping people in the dark now what really what really they did is they use the human need to be in a herd and be accepted in order to move every one forward into a very unconstitutional askwith was to comply so you know it really is it really is the rare person who will not comply when there being forced into a situation by a mob mentality or group people keeping in mind that our government people that we elected representative people that sit in the power we delegate this is not we delegated powers to those we didn't delegate it they don't have it i can't make it up on this on the fly with me o course the people don't know any and so we sat back and say oh yeah he made an executive order that we have to go where masks from such a acted but they don't look into it why man what is this all if you have paid any attention to your life over the past ten twenty thirty forty my case over seven years then you would know that the government at natation in our country such as come nineteen o then it went on back in marconi stays in the eighteen hundreds marconi developed an electronic radio broadcasting system built all these great and tennis and then died but that was the first pandemic that if you want to look it up you can get a book called the invisible rainbow by doctor train arthur first it gives you the whole history of all of these pandemic and the spanish flu nineteen seventeen to nineteen eighteen one happened in nineteen seventy excuse world war one and world more one they developed ship ashore radio where they told broadcast the electronics and ran and radio broadcast this information back and forth to the shore in an eventually from short shore and where did the first pandemic show coincidence during that time period that doctors were running around trying to the healthy people sick to see if they could transfer this so they ran around and they they took healthy people and sick people and eupeithes room and they let them breathe on each other they even changed us with each other and blood with each other and i know that couldn't get the so they proved that it was not transferable person the person in any way through the air threw blood through any process that the government said that it might happen they did this with horses to the agonies and then they put them on the healthy or then make the help he so what caused the problem while first the bird and i believe it was correct said it was the electronic electrification of the earth that that period of time we were not living with any form of electronics all of a sudden tom we have a new radio broadcast it's going to let because license our bodies are by electrical so there's something in the system that affects our body were going to get sick so what happened in during the hongkong flew in nineteen fifty six about that was during the same time period that the russians were going to shoot missiles so they were all concerned that you know we're going to shoot the bolt the radars they put em all around the united states and guess what we have a new pane same thing same story and then in seventy two or three and i don't know remember the day exactly for the spar the loon was the agent same story put these set up twenty eight satellites into the universe we never had that electronics coming back to the earth and we got how a happening was going on while we were locked in our home going on i think they were working on some five and all kinds of stuff exactly they were rolling out five government buildings in schools and everywhere they could get so they were rolling out five at the same time a supposedly had this come fire that was killing so people got to do a little his there's several books out about the contagion myth the several books out about electrification of the earth first and ergaste best that i've seen doctor collins the best that i've seen on the contagion met and white pass it from person it has to do with the terrain of your body whether you're going to get it or not and how do you think the terran or body you have to have a good strong men and so those are the canadian up the track here but that's important that we understand the games that are being played upon us that have been played upon us for years and of course we don't have an enemy we really don't need to the government has to keep an enemy going one way or t o to russians and now again it's the russian disanimated that but it was the russians created the cold war with the united states in a tone you can go back in history and look all the the bankers have been behind all of this they make money because they bet on both sides the side that loses still as the money but the side that wins as the baker so the bankers make lots of mystical wars are bankers by the way a video in the into that talk about all arrears and if you haven't seen that beneath is the title all wars are in all wars are bank great and it explains why and i explained from world war actually before that time period was the civil war why the civil war was for everybody thinks it was the tree the civil war was fought because the people in charge the bankers look that americans said he america get really strong we got it becometh began to make it weak so they decided to have a civil war between the two and they created or problems in congress and then it became the congressional people were kicked out all the sadistic manson created the war which created the civil war but have nothing to do with three and the slaves and had nothing to do with all of the other stories that we've been told all of all over these and to do with the bakers not wanting america to be as strong as they were to be if they stayed together and work together which they were doing i omit which is really it which is really significant because information warfare were in a war right now we are definitely at war we are in a worricow in the war we're in right now as an information more they can throttle down what is being put out their with which they're doing all the time people keep telling you got to put more stuff on face book it's like guys in postal kinds of stuff there taking it down it the censorship is amazing is that a way that they control the message that's why honestly why i like rumble and telegrams i love telegram and i love rambles they don't release sunset's like the other like the other than to where you can actually say whatever you want and that's what it was till people that want to come and be a aisther is no metaphysic you can talk about whatever you want whether i agree with you or i don't agree with you i will always let every one say with one my that that ability to express ourselves in talk as how we get to that truth because most of what's been written about history there you know the victors right the history so we have so few real accounts what really what really happened like i kind of like i kind of like josephus tearoom just and you know to read to read other accounts of what we are what we are studying in order to get an objective viewpoint a different a different viewpoint different points and quite often with that will do for me as it will lead me down a ablest looke for other information and not just take it face value because i'm sure you're the same way i don't take anything at face value because there's there's way too much information warfare out there which exist to manipulate people so that going back to your point of the civil war that that oh you know that that is a significant point and when when you can still downmost of its economic warfare through history taking the advantage neither want the land the resources or the money and the way that they get that is by by stealing from the people and keeping all of us basically a as a slave class so even our money system the simony system that we have in place right now which is just blows my mind how it got here and the fact that the federal reserve was even part of the united states of america this is a foreign entity that controlling our money supply which was incredible to me and then renting it back to us where we had to pay the interest on renting our own money is so so there's so much to so much misinformation it's incredible exactly and you brought out a very important point about the teutonic you know the federal constitution doesn't allow then there's two parts in the constitution on a article one section ten claws three which says no state can make anything but gold and silver coin tender in payment of basically says that the state can't force you to pay in theory they can only force you to pay gold and silver which does exist in the market so that's part of one of our arguments that we use when we go to court and we say how your honour i would like a motion of a more definite statement dollars of what and because when you tell me to go to the store and buy a gallant i'm going to ask you what's the question i'm going to ask how merriwell you done just please go to the store give me a gal sure oh yes he can ask i don't know where you're going with us so just keep going here a gallon of what right gasoline gallon of cocacola gallon of milk gallant a gallon is a measure so is the day or is a measurement of gold or silver so when somebody says to you to pay i going to pay a dollar you're going to see a door of one a dollar a being by the way it several times to discharge debts with the government cogitate he seen in new common got to go through the court system in order for me to pay it and beans but the minute it goes through i give him the laws article one section ten class three i give them michigan compiled at twenty one point one five three and one fight for which is still on the blocks which says that the only species that the government can demand from you or except is gold and silver and silver artifice federal reserve bank notes are federal reserve treasury that none of which exists in a market place so your owner would you kindly tell me dollars so that brings them to and then there are other there are there's a court case called eugene montgomery ward's persistence which we can get into one another day we can talk about this whole process there is also then of course neronian an unconstitutional act i demand an impossibility in it an unconstitutional act to demand money that doesn't exist in america because the federal reserve not does not the so all goes back to the process what is the law do you know the law do you know what your laws and what your rights i've heard a lot of people concerned about in all were going to be a cat by the blue helmets or governments go make our immaturity with the un to take our guns away and then president washington right now once to make take our guns away with the un and the lines on to take our guns article three of the united states constitution spells it out pretty clearly and it says and section two article three section two sets the judicial power shall extend to all cases in law and equity by the way we don't have an equity and another hole story another whole rabbiting under the constitution the laws of the united states and treaties made or shell which shall be made under the authority to all cases affecting ambassadors pollyanna in all cases admit in and so on this imitator and based on the united states constitution under the united states not in the case they can't make and the one is not a nation so how do you make a treaty because it only allows them to make treaties with initiations is not a note nation it is empty or group of people that got together and called themselves the united nations you can't make a treaty with a group of people so united nations treaties absolutely no effect in the united we're just monitoring what do you answer to so when the worry about the blue helmets come into the united states and taking guns away so far from reality however you know how the deep state plays the game they issue a law knowing it's unco and people that don't know better flack to do whatever the loss if the law says turn in your guns on such and such a day and get a hundred bucks they all run in turn and tear not the patriots general they'll run in turn in their gun because the last sense and then it will go through the united states supreme court ness fremecourt can but it will take two years or three years for to get through the and so in that to years ecstaticise their door they have taken guns of and that's the way the game is played so if you don't know your rights you don't have it you get them up and by the way they can take him from me they can can't right laws to change on the you were born with those rights you came to this country with his right you still well like i said it's a matter of convincing people who don't know the law to capitulate or to two conform to what they want you to do when they went when it at any point you can just say no and walk away from this illegal manipulative correct and we need that we need to be more and more walking away from the system that senator not playing you violate the constitute you violate it erleboro actually creating the to be kicked out you need to end up by going to trial for that's the kind that's our attitude that's the way we should be focusing the public functionaries that filled our law violate our rights i i am sorry i didn't mean to jump in but it's going to be because we have been used for so many years and now the same grattan up for it against these people got guns an one ever and analecta afraid all in angela ninety nine percent of the time at the so bad that has no basis and no ability to well it certainly isn't going to happen if all of us stand up together and say no this isn't happening and it's he it's he it's a power of the assembly of us when we assemble and we move forward to gather we we the people have all the power against tyrants and i think that that that can't be overstated you know that that i i believe that if we think somebody's going to come with a cap on to rescue us at this point in time there's a lot of people that are working to restore this nation to to you know old school boy supposed to be because we're so far away from it right now but it's going to require every single one of us to jump into that fight and to fight for this nation together not to take it for granted any more but to actually but to actually fight for this nation as something worth fighting for and you know like a susan declaration of independence to pledge our lives our fortune our sacred honor in order to stand shoulder shoulder as what as americans not republicans not democrats so i've got a funny story that happened this week and i met with a want to be republican because we know that most of the people that are sitting at the top so that was sitting dead center in the billionaire central up there in a harbor who they start ease was in think a little bit of manipulation going on there i'll just all to say that and finally i got on the subject of trees on and my thoughts on it is that every single person who committed trees and again the united states america needs to be brought to trial for it and tried for trees and and with the accompanying punishment when he and i and i don't think that we can give any favoritism on this either i think that you know i think that this is the crimes were so agreed that we can't do say what they didn't mean it now they did they mounted and they met for a long long time the attack was against every one of us they knew what they were doing self advantage and they forgot the rest of america they knew what they were doing and with us said i think that there should be a whole bunch of perhaps indictments made there a bunch of sealed indictments that are already sitting out there right now i kind o like to go back to some of the work that durham is doing and i'm pretty extra sure i would meet that guy some day so just or reather knows that you get a message to durham that's a guy i want to shake his hand you know it's the godless i've got a list of of a few people whose hand i want to shake and he is among the right my thought process here is that this probably concealed a dickens that are out there waiting for the waiting for the most opportune time in it's going to be in we're going to pull that pin or we're going to pull the thread and the whole thing's got on ravel and on these people who think that they set themselves up in an untouchable manner so as i was talking to the man that was dead sonoranians billionaire country up there and as it i threw it out there and you know he was trying to make excuses for things and i said the people here i said this probably why they don't want me in office is because i've talked about it enough and that would be that if somebody committed trees on which they all did on the last good they need to be with it they knew what they were doing they all at work were bunch a godless cowards that went along you know go along to get along and they were part of it that this this was this was a concerted effort in a tack on the united states of america in this goes heronsmere a politician through public functionaries of every every size and shape and and such they were all involved in this a people that did commit treason without saying anything you know that they shouldn't get past because we were charged to protect and defend and we say nothing we do nothing or guilty as how and that comes down to even people of america at this point in time we have a chance to walk away from the and those people that just want to sit here and be comfortable and enjoy their little golf games or enjoy whatever it is without throwing in with the rest o the rest of us are guilty as hell city back to complicity when when we go along to get along whether it's at the voting voting election times or with watching his nonsense happened the school boards or or the city council meetings of the onwards or any of this and we just like sit there quietly being the you know the good sheep all that we are we're guilty were complicity we have the right we have the duty we have the obligation to stand on the table and creatures of the jail so the living hall out of them for un for unjust treatment and they may not as down a couple of times that's all right to repatriate anybody that ever fought for a thing if anybody thinks they're going to give this over easily they are not they've been in control for so long we're going to have to stand there and every time they every time they come in us we just call back and we give it to me again and we don't walk down and weep and we just keep landings on to we get some better behavior and put them in their place a little bit because i'm pretty exposure if we don't they're goin to do what they've always got a history which is the targets and they take us out so you know if it comes between between you know the survival of our children and then they're going to get the corsic for patriots you know very well put except i am one correction had i continued that is not a bad deal you said wore an old to america arimondi on my rank and i did go on and i might not get every word right but everybody out their hopefully understands they listen to me long enough to know that that i understand the constitution and really date only think that standing between us right now an absolute tyranny if we i am so against this this you know the constitution of states the constitutional convention that i am so against and you know what i'm goin to amenothes i was at a meeting one woman shows up and she is pushing you know she's pushing the constitution of states that you know the constitutional convention that i don't know what to call it right now which he was pushing you know they come under different names every single time and basically one it is as the attacking his she literally jump up to the boom and come down on her knees to make her pulling and i'm like who the world is this woman it's like it's like like a note not rear presentation you know to use shackamaxon any type of it manner it seemed extraordinarily manipulative to so of course i get up there and i talked after her and i'm like not i mean this is absolutely not i mean maybe this would be a good idea if we had a legal and moral alondra society but i'm pretty exposure that we don't so the the whole thing is nothing more than a way to tear the nation down it's a bad bad bad plan and it's like like a if we finally get people in place that may be understand the constitution for our laws go back to what worked we are going to need any the nonsense there deflecting what the actual cause of the problem is in want they don't want on it the other one it means that they're all guilty and that they have to actually do what for the laws that are on the books and get rid of all of them that are constitutional oh my gosh that would just be way to wait too much for them you know so we're going to take constitution under guise of a when missus the problem that we have had the because we the people have been to quite sure that word had been given too much two and to live to fancy life i mean we have everything in this country and that's not everybody but in saying a good majority of the people have everything in this country that they can possibly want so under these circumstances you don't not upset with what's going on with the government because they're kind of and when they're over there they really not affecting you and me the residents of this country makes orders makes laws make rules make regulations through his executive orders but they really do the only effect if your if you're a military they may affect you because you may have to get a vaccination if that's an issue but the issue is that they can't kick you out because you have a first amendment right but you men stated that he ventured in a half a david farm where he swore the only way that they can say you don't have a first amendment right is an affidavit and they won't do that they won't sign an affidavit saying that you don't have a first amendment right military so you really have the power not to be not to follow along with what the resident is telling you to do but in all its well and alive fight in one large along to go along to get a long remember we are a nation of law not a man the resident can't make up something and call it a long if it's not in the written law it doesn't exist and so we have to get back to norada not constitutional if it's not the jury it doesn't exist and so we have to go back to those basics and understand who these public functionaries are what they're trying to do once you understand norton and get along and understand bounds and some of the other carcases and you read the constitution now you sat listening to these guys on the radio and the television usurping authority in never given you'll know that it'll just make it just kind of pop out at her because you know the real background of who you are and what it is all about well and look at look at how far we've got i think that the one thing that coethen the unconstitutional like downs and the poison of americans and the killing people in our nursing homes and killing people in the hospitals and all this nonsense the palaces are affecting us on a daily basis and you know it was easy for them to sneak in and start instituting things like the at the bi the federal bureau of insinuations as well as entrapment and expert and illegal search and seizure we've got all of them got the health department that's telling us what to do we've got every organization on the planet weapons against us what then when all along they had already weaponed the nation or are our government against us to taxation without representation because we do they just retentive as we have no say on any of this nor do we have any sand where its spontaneous keeping more and more and more on the backs of americans is just easier to see right now and i see that it is affecting us on a daily basis if people can't see that now i can't help him nobody can help him you know it's like it's mean it's been so much so much of it that it's just it's just time to to to and the nonsense you know they shouldn't have any ability to make one combatant or first amendment rights and or the second amendment rights or any of them from top to bottom you know and it's like it's like the second amendment is you know and i may be a little bit a little bit out there on this according to some people but i believe a constitutional carry in fact when i get an office i believe in giving checks credits for fire arms ammunition as well as firearms training let's have a well regulated militia meeting bigger go home we see go bigger go home time and and that's going to take going to take keep who are just like yet we're done with this time go back patriots style secretion all over again only this is going to be a lot more of us in the three per cent that it took to take first pretty good i got up to light little story sent you brought up the department of health and human services of miss when they came out with a rolling that you had to wear a mask and you had to get a back scene whenever the ruling was at the time i do remember it was two thousand nineteen i wrote a letter to the department chairman of the health of human services commission and it and the nest and in that letter i quoted nor i said that there is no constitution authority for the department of health and human services to exist and exclaimed a couple of pages but next day the department chairman of the health and human services reside i don't know it was because my letter and i'm not going to say it was but it was a coincidence that had happened so timely that he decided to get out of there at the office because i explained and that he was creating a he was running at the apartment that didn't exist and therefore he not only usurping authority but he is involved in stealing money from the government to run is to be paid as pay check and sansonetto quite a quite a detail was about four paces and he resigned and that's why i kind of believe in it's not a first time i written a letter to a public functionary and i have gotten something back from it not all the time i can't say what person but those i don't know sixty percent seventy per cent of the time that i write something out and send it forward i get some sort of response a reaction i rode a hundred and forty three letters sent them certified to congress over a cut judge potentiometer in her name because she judge petenera judge downtown be and i wrote a letter about her to the to congress a hundred and forty three top letters i get a call from carl levin whose note involved in listening and he said yes you know you did this and you did that and i'll look into it but three really can't do anything to the so he basically back crawled and got up oh but the interesting part of boutet was when as agnes name be guite that was doing the trading guns and mexico cantonment from was sitting in congress and congress asked him i want you to go and ask obaa is he usurping authority he was never that word usurpation was in norton vershinin spelled out by me and they never used several days later on in public they now was it a coincidence ocatilla calling out a coin none the less they are if the letters have done well there paying attention there but on the they're trying to protect i'm going to go on a different a little bit of different somewhat you ever heard of the demonstration court product or the demonstration project i have not that that is really interesting as that there's another group of people that are in you know that are common law students are study they study common law and i have really like the people in this the crew as far as the information that they have you know corsetieres of us and we all we all know what we know you can't know in everything not an none of us but anyhow check out the demonstration court project because there is another judge in michigan who basically set this up as inability for even elections commissions to make up rules as they go so this kind of goes back to you know like mister brander said make it a rule on the fly and it what you said earlier makings up on the flight check out the demonstration project and i have i have it more information on that if you want to if you want to look at that but has something to do with a judge of north i think it was in grayling or gay lord north a made some very poor decision and at supper some some real problems there in a court system the court system is absolutely corrupt and then of course when they crumple systems which they did through setting precedent you know a convoluted mass of of nonsense and the only way to get through it as to get rid all this get rid of the squad goliba to the north you know go righteous but it was ercole donald down williams said arthur you not looking through this task and characters freaks that have held office over the year and their free simian it's like i'm sorry i was going to say at latourette they they they just they they have absolutely i mean how many times can you you know can you see these names up over and over and over again and in what in the world how did they get there how they got this robing appointed and then once all of mariner they rigged the elections to keep themselves in power so that they can they can't appoint more freaks to stand up there on robin still let off the back americans on like there's goin to come out there's going to come a day where the was on really be a problem you know my little body up there and in communist billionaire control up and be harbored hope he's watchin as i was i was more amused than anything i listen what everybody says the one hang insoles you know is like an give people enough or open to hang him salutary and it's like it's like every one of them deserves to habentes plan we got in the air the faces are well i am at a right down there to get mo turnover the military be done with all of them now they may bad choices they made really bad choices and and i'm sorry but you know they may get they may get apart from god but but you know that's between them and him you know it's can't let these noting on and on and they can move who who who did mean it you know whatever you know they have if you want to if you want to repent during your life for one just to you it fairly quickly everybody that's out there because there's gnome a point in time were justices get a prevail and i think it's going to be sooner than later quite honestly and even if it's later they're going to have to stand before god and answer for what they've done don't think it's going to work out very well so they might want turn their lives around right now and ask for forgiveness for what they've done because we all know what they've done you're not stupid i'm not stupid people that are out there listening i know i know that the people that are listening are not stupid because these people are all you know they're all fairly well educated i mean i've gone around the state and they think we're stupid they think we are stupid i actually speak to them like their in third grade and i like a tall anybody with that i'm like are you kidding me i i'm never goin to treat anybody like you a third gray antepast you know whatever on my mind and i i will i will have great faith in the fact that there that you know that people for miscegenation are was smart and that that's as honestly how politicians think i had that told them the don't know how many times i like are you katie i have retired my gout there right i can keep these lists i keep these lists we is an expert in which areas because why in an office these people on goncalo upon speed dial because i know they know more than i do in different areas and that's what you want you you want to have really good consul where if you don't know something you know if i don't know something hamot i've got you now i've got you i've got a bunch of people in the us tax payers party that no what's going on then and you know military emanated fled i mean you know it's little i have you know you know i communicate with him and he's he's in my phone to contact some of the tell you what and and all these people who have the knowledge to help you know how but the nation back you know i might be be willing to stand there and i try to do it but it's going to be all of us standing together i'm de stupid enough to dunford and take all the abuse that out there from people that brings up another subject i got to go off on a subject you might have i do a down raniero because of all the nonsense it went on with within to it so many people that are trying to judge constantly what's in other people's minds oh i know it their doing this is a good person that's a bad person there digressing teams left and right like you've never seen is always a team building going this is a bad person you can't talk to that person you can't touch you should be talking to this person amonges what as a free american outtalk to whoever i want to talk to whether anybody approves as it are a bit or not and you know and it's like it's like you know to get information and now everybody that you talk to is because you want you want to sit down a christmas dinner with them sometimes you talk to people because your gaining information and you don't just talk to it's just like sitting in church or at his loveliest and church and they want to listen it they want to talk to the people that they agree with because they want that person say you're right you are absolutely right i agree with you wapakonatta you know i'm sorry you got to sit down with people that that you don't agree with i mean it's just like we'll go back to hell hilary if i had a chance to sit down with hillary clinton i would i would absolutely book to that appointment because i would have some hard questions to ask her and i would want to know why a person could commit absolute evil and now were the coming from i want to know that and then you know it's like like everybody if you don't agree with some don't get out there a character assassinate them all over the internet and then he come back an tell the rest of us what a great christian you are that's no absolute and utter not a fit it is hypocrisy you know get on your knees and pray for these people that you disagree with and you know i actually do something to help them rather than to sit there and tear him down everybody should be ashamed o themselves that does that i'm i'm so far against it it's not even funny this has been my weak and listen to nonsense about everybody on the planet not like i'm like everybody the gingham and juice something productive shut the hall dinner knees and pray to god but what were they doing to tea people down on mine and just waste everybody's time is nonsense you know i'm kind of down with us you know we actually prayed for this week and we prayed for forgot to put people in front of us that were that were in need of help that were in need of help or or or i don't know that we could be helpful to instead of to just tear him down i have a feeling right now that that you know i watched a malicious she was definitely threatened she sudden onlie i can think to ericson's in that same position i really do to see how that's gone on and you know it's like i just i just refused to sit there and and you know characteristic i see somebody that that means that i'll i'll come out and you know as far as but it's always a tact a procedure not a nation opinion that can't be backed up with evidence because the and were dividing people up so they go down ran well i agree with love if we all came together in this country and not divided ourselves between black and white orange and yellow and all the other colors all the other in her belief is the and we spoke to each other and we communicated with each other we wouldn't be in the shape of mass that we are in present because we able to talk to each other now castrelins left right whatever you want to oh and we would be able to come with us solution forward the philosophy of government is i'm right here in republican nouronihar you're wrong i may let the wrong and made they they stifle communicate calling names a shutting and they don't give you an opportunity to explain why what's your poison i've been worrying a trumpet ever since remember he fired four or five years old and i'm hoping that i would get somebody to says he why are you wearing that he's not the president i i want to engage those instead what i get as i like you better as a lot of people out there that like the trump hands around him and tentativeness let a lot sutrain next tuesday i dan hartman was supposed to be on to day and i'm not sure what happened with dan because we've got another a lawsuit that were were getting ready to file which is kind of fun actually we did hear back from one of the clerks that they were instructed from benton's office not to destroy evidence because there was an ongoing case going on which i felt really good about because i'm pretty sure that's the law suit that were involved so which he has many people on that law suit in fact it has republicans on that law suit it goes taxpayer party on that lawsuit it scott it's got the america project on that law suit so good luck with him arguing to restriction this is actually people standing together the way it should be and i'm very proud to stand on that so in all the work that that every one is done on this this is what it means he standing together it really does so why don't we say in unserer and less you would like to do that i'll say a prayer and we're going to end this for the day and i like rebuild like to make one more and were running to the home election choice as to what candidate you want she as you what has ravishing ton done for you protection has he given you protect the as he protected you from being strong armed by the federal government and or the state govern and if he has then what's he doing in that that's all i wanted well and released on that too and that so that's all of the puppets in these political parties they are puppets that are part of the they are in stall you have a choice to make a very brave choice to to depart from everything and be with me with patriots who are who are committed to removing every single one of these traitors from this a they were part of it and that includes the political parties that includes a little minions that are running around on a anastacia median elsewhere trying to create the vision and and programming people i've got a lot of names in that direction to which i think is one poyou know it's like it's like you know you know you know who you're talking who you're talkin you have so one of these people i don't know how exactly it is i've got a pretty good idea i'm a little bit of a spook who like to spoke around behind things you know this person likes to bring the in truth and is a part of like a hundred different that as the moderator and i'm just a page a right who is dumb enough to believe that this person's got time to be a member of a hundred different chance as a moderator it everybody who's connected to this person unbelievable it's like not one word to be listened to because that's how the deep state works in the place same thing with the people in office and same thing with i don't know you know you can see people that are just creating division all the time and and you know the place i mean were smarter than that no matter what monteath go under you know you can see it under the patriot montour the grass roots till not everybody even the thesprotians some of the ones that tell you to stand up from texas and was a communist organization careful who you follow because there's a lot of these organizations and people that are out there too divine keep people busy lead him astray led him off of what their actual power is to take back this nation because if they can keep us in busy work and divided we are completely unyoko in effect so i mean i mean i can i've got names people keep saying through the name out i'm like i like i'll i'll throw him out i'll throw on some point time but for right now i'm giving them a few minutes to may be rethink their positions on things before the whole house of cards comes tombo you know i have told to him like a sophist anyhow one eightieth everyone go to my website that brandon bird for governor dot com i altered everywhere telegram because they don't sunnandag my romola held to which is brandenburg for governor telegram is at brandenburg to number four my solitary do have my father thank you so much for john and all the wisdom at he's gained over the years for the effect that he could have culottism stand faithful to your melioration getting feed back here a faithful to this nation and serving the nation and trying to bring the nation together as one nation under god that with our right given by god and guaranteed by the constant we think we think for the wisdom and the discerning that you give us in all things we thankful that you're going before us in your opening doors and that you are in fact give me as your favor in your favour is still pointed states of america and we want this nation to be restored under you is your playground as your sand box with your rules and we respect that because you've been such a good father to us and you are our good all the time your purposes are always good and all we have to do is to so very much that you gave your only begotten son that whosoever believed had been him will not perish but will have everlasting life and we look forward to eternity with you where we can all be together and and the best place in the whole world is right next to you all the time we can do that here we can do that and you know in the next life we are content in all things and we are grateful that you have given us that ability to be content in all feel at any time your piece to turn to you and have you who has a of the world but an infinite view of the world who can judge men's hearts and now what's in our hearts because you created us more grateful for that thank you so much for your grace for that opaleeta you love us in all things that you an unconditional love and that we can always turn to you no matter what the world looks like you are our safe he so much god bless you know god please bless john and every one that's out there listening to day we love you we love father got so much precious name pray the aid your microphone so wonderful well we're going to were going to stop there for the day god bless every one out there who is listening to this your love beyond all measure we are there fighting for you vote for john as for sheriff and wanton you know if you vote for it reformatively great idea i absolutely will throw all my support behind this man for that office i think he's an outstanding choice proven he is very knowledgeable and i believe that he will protect and defend all people so i appreciate that so at any rate you're all love your important god enjoyed the day find something that makes you happy that god put in your heart because he does put things on her heart that he's going he created you specially in unique at any rate god bless you god bless all those whom he loved and god bless america