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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 6/14/2023 - Redeeming Grace Church - Elect American Pilgrims

Published June 14, 2023, 9 a.m.

Peter wrote when things were literally heating up for Christians with no Justice in view! Apostles fled persecution in Jerusalem shortly after Christ’s death to fulfill their Matthew 28:18-20 duty. Paul and Peter were possibly martyred in Rome in 64 AD. Peter wrote, whether in Rome or not, “She who’s in Babylon (Me!), elect together with you, greet you.” Let’s examine thoughts about Babylon and how can we rise above chaos to glorify Christ. Peter speaks of a dispersion – possibly from Rome, Jerusalem or two exiles (722, 586 BC). He tried to encourage persecuted, bewildered pilgrims who longed for a heavenly home. We all need encouragement to stand fast and secure in the faith given once for all time. Do you wonder what to do? Peter says, ‘Be a disciple-maker; teach people to reflect Christ; I’ll show you how!’ Peter opens his first epistle, “To pilgrims of the Dispersion.” Nero blamed Christians and Jews when a large fire burned in Rome and took out a third-to-half of the city. Some say he was complicit in starting this fire. Did pilgrims or sojourners for Christ run from persecution in Rome? Likely! The downward spiral of our culture pushes us to realize “this isn’t our home; we’re just passing through!” I particularly identify with “Pilgrims on the Way” in Michael Horton’s The Christian Faith: A Systematic Theology for Pilgrims on the Way. Let’s unpack Peter’s Epistle to learn how to cope then thrive in America’s confused days. If you’re doing well, encourage others. I failed to encourage last week as several things bombarded my mind. Looking back, I should’ve focused on Habakkuk’s struggle rather than my personal struggles. I have them too! Reach out to God if you struggle; Peter tells us that God gives Grace to overcome! Tim was in Church from the cradle, over 69 years ago. Two Christian parents left a strong Faith-legacy in his life. Church attendance does not ensure new birth but Christ’s Faith and Grace lives boldly in his soul. Saints love God differently; he primarily loves God with his mind as he provokes disciples to love and good works per Hebrews 10:24-25. He loves to evangelize and teach God’s Word – especially biblical Grace. After a 37-year career with Chrysler as a die maker, he pastored Smith Creek Bible Church for 4-1/2 years and now holds a doctorate in philosophical theology. He authored three books during his doctorate program. As an active part of St. Clair County We-The-County, he worked to abolish the Covid mandates, especially in the schools. He was an active part of the SCC Republican Party but divorced himself from their charade. His new desire is to provoke a renewed understanding of our founding documents so a truly Christian/patriotic church can free itself from unConstitutional government-infringement and be free to establish Christian roots everywhere in our Constitutional Republic. We discover true Freedom In Christ’s Gospel to live in liberty, above tyrannical control. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the fourteenth day of june twenty twenty three happy birthday president trump were so proud of you and the president donald a trump the rightful president of the united states we just want to let you know that we love you we stand with you you've got all of us all of us have your back and there's no there's no backin down from this we are we are with you on and one of i want to play a a m a video right now to he hates ah monsieur le showed the piteous because i think it this is an important thing too to share to day every one everybody's mines in the right and the right mode here so headed story on shore cross oh he to the white house the men one esher tyrants who are fighting spice we are mere sir god and to god how long where's a rest i am your force for years one four years of as prices taking away orders i never touched station of their losses children of freedom were remembered there was that full o tree of liberty he had been planted across old people organized be gallicising letter the power of depend our freedoms taken the free on me free a triolet it color the legislators of motion and the most so accountability capital was revealed a righteous indignation of wicked the failures of too fired he ran for a the legislators system hogback and denied having any to be on the vale i guess all the all quiet america free our constitutional republic restored state of the you are and now the people back up liberties have been planted you for all you have done no more joewell you for all of us i have to be at the people the people who owes the trump card happy birthday donald trunk before he what a way to start the morning out eh yes good thank you good morning i am i also wanted to talk about the fact that its flag day and i dived decided dive into the boy scout's hand but her thanks to john tater who is he who is an eagle scout as well as i wanted to read something from the american story from david barton and even timber and i thought this was of note as a golden thread refers to the connecting ribbon or fillet interlaced throughout a valuable and the gold thread is not necessarily prominent it does not always command immediate attention however if for it becomes evident running through the entirety of the fabric it not only helps hold it together but also greatly increases its beauty uniqueness the golden thread in american history is the superintending providence of almighty god it includes both his interventions that are recognized by men and women as well as bochorno which are not and without the america would not have become the nation she is and i think that can't be can't be our stated i'm going to read some more of these and that also it's like day to day isn't it this he legacies plenty of flies so just shown in the last of it couple seconds of the time go head so going back to the scallops hand back scott for first deshon these are the facts the general agreed on that the home see thee a salutaris thoseone unmilitariness that work is thus removed that hat holding it in the left hand which is straight down placed the right hand on the heart and bow had slightly so that's that's a protocolis chester he derived chiefly from canbian bolder sons of abolution as the american flag nineteen one october nine seventeen seventy four george washington wrote no such thing as independence is desired by any thinking man in america the first kind onlag appears to have been flown have been that flown at cambridge and january one seventeen seventy six consisted of thirteen bars red and white for the thirteen states in in the corner had the union jack for up to that time most americans expect expected a friendly settlement with great britain it was known as the grand union flag king george's ill advised ultimate received early in january seventeen seven put a new color on affairs and washington apparently for the first set accepted the idea of complete independence since january for see seventy six that necessitated a new flag without the symbol of the british sovereignty there is little doubt that washington himself designed or assistant to design the new flag and about the first of june seventeen thirty six general washington committee chairman robert morris colonel john george ross went to the upholstery of bessires at number two three night art street philadelphia polistore for new flat this the thirteen stripes writing why and thirteen pointed stars in a circle white on a blue blue ground toreplace union jack that's ross pointed out that the more pleasing five rayed star could be caught by one clip of the sister ah on the folded it stopped the accepted her a moment in the flag was made it was used that thenceforth as the country's emblem but not formally endorsed my congress and till a year later and then following appears in the journal of congress june fourteenth seventeen seventy seven result that the flag of the united states be thirteen stripes alternative alternately red and white that the union be thirteen stars white in a blue field representing a new constellation i may one seventy ninety five to represent all of hermon cent o stars and stripes in re in eighteen eighteen the admission of tennessee ohio louisiana indiana and mississippi called for further change any forth that year the number serves increased to twenty but at the same time the number of stripes was reduced to the original high and a further provision made for the addition of one star for each new state entering the union such addition to take effect on the fourth of july next see exceeding the succeeding such admission so that the present number of stars is forty eight when this was promised was in nineteen eleven this in an the star spangled banner was written by francisco key during the bombardment of fort mchenry by the british september thirteen eighteen fourteen it is usually considered the american national nominates so that come to the boy scouts handbook had we know now that we and a few more stars to that which i think is significant and i want to read one more thing here as i thought this is of no oh oh of from the deck from a signer of the declaration of independence robert treat paine to robert paine i believe the bible to be the written word of god and to contain in it the whole rule and faith and manners i consent to the assembly shorter a catechism as being agreeable to the revealed word of god and to contain an the doctrines that are cording to to godliness i have for some time had the desire to a time upon the lord's and to count that divine institute of a dying redeemer and i trust i am now convinced that it is my duty openly to profess him at least he be ashamed to own me in another day i humbly therefore desire that you would receive me into your communion and fellowship and i beg your prayers through me that grace may be carried on in my soul to perfect and that i may live answerable to the profession i now make garstin i purpose to be the main end of all my action the man well sir i know enough for both to founding documents that to me a few red defending documents and i'm not just talking about the big three dere's no doubt i believe that they ah the majority of them knew that we lived in the kingdom of christ here and now and they sought to exult in gospel of christ and his in i just think that anybody that would disagree it would just encourage him show me show me a founding document that denied the and i don't i don't think the come up with and that you did talk about de mark he's got one of them he's probably got some on the greetsiel and each college is people the time covered to document has the the largest compilation of original founding documents of anybody any museum or anything in the whole world and so he i guess you know people of taken up and may leave don found it yah i went to get him on his thought as the gaston here too because he of the book i you know i wanted to kind of go through his book oh you know the american story yes yes convertand i'm i'm just going to tell her body right now with the nonsense that i that a herricane up with with heavy rewrite the bible the fiddler ther thing i'd inoffenso that the other day i'll bring it up she can see this nonsense i i would say that maybe we should be bind some hard covered books out there and have increased our own library i know that most of our text books are written produced society arabia it now and that you have to go back about twenty five years to get past the change and what were being taught in our schools so i've been putting together you know i've got a pretty good collection of o a o looks here on education and such a you know of course i home school my kids but i keep annington itself i think we're going to go through this the little beds as we moved forward cause i think this is a great way star some true discussions and i'm going to adjure a manuscript or that you put out because this is encouragement to elect pilgrims and he said you may so changes from it from last week oh can you call a cooshed have foughten for twenty four okay let me this is it to get guides that sah it's real iniscore re people by retortthe table for his the second peter but it's so it's really still really talking to the pilgrims and oh he desudatio excited about what are founding in as many years as i ostofen years and i enjoyed always a pledge of allegiance and in i tried to always get specially the younger kids but i would talk in into the older kids what what was the one the point that was brought out in our pledge that to me was critical and i bet your hunter times i think only two times did somebody ever stumbled across it the time it's and troterel for which its and i just think if we understood what our founders did about the republic it would it would change a lot of or i think even christianity and i guess that's why i the preach and live as i do i've got twenty three here tom and that's is twenty three or twenty four should be twenty four i i said this is a to me say so fighting even this message from gittin out did you in other listenedthe morning but it was still walking and screaming it didn't seem to want to go off but it up believe it did go to day can it the good i was going to say my printer showed paver jam sodaas you pulled up on your selfe word prayer and we get into it we do have shut down a bit early fur situation that needs to be done or heavenly fathers we come to you we asked it you'd open your word hopes to hear peters thrust as he desired we don't know how soon he was good to die after he wrote to his but we know he was in hand of his life he knew it and sometimes i wonder what would we say things different if we knew that we were we were going to be done here on this serve we passed into the land oli largest open your word to us and help us to understand and live your truth jesus so we are going to look at a second peter and can i just i want to throw out torsometer paint with broad strokes and i don't want people to sometimes get to accept me be about the broad stroke ah discussion a try to take it with a great assault cheated extract what you can eh ask questions i do and i would say too you know if i was in a church where we were face to face week to week out would probably slow way down and maybe take this in at least three weeks we're going to just kind o fly through it and you know i just would like people to weigh and save him the take it was slower or that's fine it'd be nice to get the back along those areas so i just re there say in his evil perpetrators and we know that thirst plenty of those out there for air in heresy and the gods design to us surpriseth rity ah i believe that's what happened in the garden of eden god created human humanity in a perfect situation and asianomaisen sat came right behind it and destroyed it and i think that's what he did in america and i just think that we don't understand that what we see worth saying this destruction is not really the founding that it was created to be and so i just i just would just begged people to look deeper so god's remnant must continually fight to keep air heresy and wolves out of christ's kingdom in all realms ah i mean i know that some people don't want to tell about christ came to but paul said in the handfasts that that was that was his one of his big drum beats was kingdom of christ oh and i just put her with outline pondered this enough we talk about ezra nehemiah at a boy what a good study they were sent back to rebuild oh jerusalem the temple and the walls in the so that's what i commanded for the trial in one hand and a sword in the other and if you had to fight us sore if you got to build you know build but keep both there ready to go of so any rate we you get since adhaerescit on funmeaning of runner pass there but we are called to fight for justice and righteousness and i would say that in peter's writing there ah he may be didn't ask these questions but if you read between the lines you could almost hear him say what's the gospel when will christ reign be supreme how do we know god's word does judgment come in justice when word jesus returned to make things right remember the apostles i asked him these questions and leave masterte for and i think that we sometimes to listen well to the answers cause i think it's clear as answers are clear of the we realize but we had up asking what's our rule is there an end to our death ceiling or unhinged reality that we see calisto world white genocide will the church disciple the world unto christ judgment justice or demonstrate its militant duteous faithful warriors did jesus already make things right and i just would say i'm not trying to put words in peter's mouth but i think he encourages any hand to fight faithfully and expect christ gospel to lead kingdom glory and so we don't know when peter wrote this ah he could written is almost immediately behind first peter we don't know the time frames sometimes i wish that we could look into a you i hear cristobal but you know there's things that history tells us scriptures tell us something it is kind of just ted bedewed pick up so we we don't know when when he wrote these words but even in the the quote you read from me the book there done you know the man gave creek to grace and as for paul says right here and now chapter one with second peter made grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of god and of jesus christ our lord can you stroll down for me there i hate to feel so lost but just a ten bank of people read the book of chin a lot of people we don't even think about it called the acts of the apostles little was the author of acts and so he was a common ah hart of paul's anchorage if you will and so we read in acts that we or they so that was just looks first pack if if it was they then he was part of it and he probably had to get information to write that if it was we that he was part of the group that literally a experienced what he wrote about and there's a lot of things that are different but it's it's amazing what we read just even when we know that so the first point there is god designed us to tea what we know and that satinisco logical level or member that's just ah a philosophical word meaning how do we know how do we know i may do it here i experienced in somebody tell us that we do wrote learning oh you know what what happened did we touch the stove and found out what hot men i mean just different things i got that pistiology and we reproduce who we are and has the ontology i just encouraged people are you reproducing yourself and what are you reproducing if you reproduce nor he do be watering for news or softer we were that of ye reproducing or compete you know it's like crossotheca racter do we have the character that were exhibiting that we can act silly you know be an example to others now i got to believe it i think you do two down o that we should live our lives in a way that pectolite look at us and as for paul said and that's what i tried to say and live follow me as i follow christ do i do that perfectly all attack probably not but i mean i know we don't but it's like we would like to say that pretty much the tenor of my life is something that you could follow and you could do well with so we are not christ but we understand the metamorphosis and when we think about them the beautiful monarch butterfly a man came from what we would think was just a useless war but it goes into a cocoon and it comes out a butterfly that metamorphosis is really a good picture of what takes place in new birth we are we are a gross sinner before god unworthy of anything and if you will he puts us into the spirit cocoon any brings us out something different in what we were and hiss what i think a lot of people don't realize ah in a lot of people profess while i'm no different after believing in christ and it was before the to me you didn't get better morphis and he so it's you something to think about but when jesus said in master twenty eight all authority in heaven and earth was given to me go therefore make and i put on to logical disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the father son and holy spirit a teaching them to observe means obey from a christian world view all that i've commanded you and am with you always even to the end of the age ah in our doctor class we wrote and most people wouldn't do that i would do individual thesis in some ways i did my thesis and other ways in both of my books ah but we wrote a book as a class and it was on the theology of reproduction and i got there i just i followed our cis pro have for years since the early eighties and i would probably that's forty years already i would say that he would be my number one matter if you will and he act with to a the church triumphant november seventeen my doctoral professor doctor bob bedford a wintlandia living last october and i just put there they may be sitting to peter's feet right now looking down a dust and with the courage in words thinking princeling gospel through the printing in teaches deciples to know why they must continually obey my come so i'm just saying we don't know what goes on up there till we get there by do we do from keepers a love and twelve we do believe that they are looking down toxicologa crowded witnesses ah but i would say that all three of em arc sprawled by bedford peter learned how to reproduce christ in others and so it's like really teaching who you are that what you know may be but who are you and again the challenge are we reflecting christ so peter says here to those who have obtained an ontological faith and that you scroll up for me cosette boxes like copper n everything in le me say you know i try to crunch things a little bit ah i am not trying to distort the word of christ but peter almost says in a faith equal to ours it's like really god flogs is into that year peter tells us ah make grace and peace be multiplied to you his divine power grace granted to us all things that pertain to life and godliness and i just recently have people say well you know arter other things that we can fill to do we have to use the scripture will i would say to me if we were not using the scripture as our primary foundation worsening on fault and that's why a lot of people don't understand what the reformers cried scripture alone they weren't saying we only use scripture but what they did say was that was their only true foundation seethe news you know you can listen to headlines or you can go to the source of what he there talking about you know it's the same thing you you the go to the bible which is the source or you listen people talk about it in they're always going to put themselves into in some way or another so you go straight to god yourself yes so he talks about he's granted to us his precious and very great promises so through them you may become partakers of the divine nature and i just want a pause the dead point down to because a lot of people read that and think them and i've heard this come out of people's mouths we're we're gods they call themselves i am a and i do say boy in my mind i think i'd be looking for the lightning to come down i have not i am i know that i am in christ christ is in me but he is the i am now i do think that we need to understand what it is that we get pokeinto i do believe grace a divine eternal god given element he plucks his into that and when we think of that metamorphosis word we are metamorphosis and will be metamorphists again when we take on him mortality but oh we do not become god because christ is in but how does that come about having escaped the world's corruption from sinful desire he tells us make every effort to supplement our faith with virtue now it self control steadfast is godliness brotherly affection and luck if these qualities are yours and increasing the keep you from being ineffective or unfruitful and i've got there non producing and that's why when we were talking about the theology of reproduction god builds us to re produced those things in others so one of the the biggest passages that peter talks about he says that we can confirm our calling and election if you practise these qualities you were never fall is that a promise or what she sounds like that i in this and i say reproducing way you will be richly provided entrance into the eternal kingdom of our lord and savior and i don't but you i got down here like the poems be every it's like it if we're new birth did shillito fire if you know jesus talked about he used for the kingdom massage used like ten virgins five had oil and five did have oil so to me if it doesn't like your fire i think you'd better checks if you got oil and your land as finder what he showed his master twenty five ones to love i found from god never changed its like everything in the world erinose like its unsifted that then that's that's true but the thing about it isn't god makes a promise it does not a man that's what he says he never changes and this is part of what this message is about justice and judgment and a next week i want to go into at least two eh imprecatory psalms and as that's an area that on we talk about this we say will in a lot of people want to paint god o hesus to god the law he would never say anything a mean or not nice it's like cool people oh we're we're delito something said he going to go oh my goodness it's not just people that say the things god seem and i think we got up we got to understand that so i got up there it all was matters how we lived in our case i run into a lot of people say or come on you know when you may be say something more he and some men like in all it doesn't matter how i live now i think it really matters how you live and what what are we showing and so peter says lory i intend all wish to remind you of these qualities as long as i'm in his body and he even says i took out there but it's like he says i know him i mean the last days oh but it's right to stir you up every minder anansesem mons to obedience so he's not just talking i'm trying to get you to remember he's like untried to get you to obey ah it does say here dai know i put off my body soon so i'll make every grace effort to enable you to recall these things so he says we didn't follow cleverly devised myths when we made known to the power and coming of jesus christ but in he was one of three who said we were eye witnesses of his majesty all the twelve could say that but he would say in life and transfiguration he said he received honour and glory from the father when the voice spoke by majestic glory this is my beloved son with whom on workplace we ourselves heard this voice from heaven we were with him on the holy mount and i think it was peter who said he do you want us to build three three tabernacles of fear jesus tenendole because they they opened her eyes and given and a moses and like god so he says we have and this is done i want to burn is said to her people this is right here he says we have the prophetic word more fully confirmed so he says i want you to pay attention it's it's the scriptures and so for anybody that was confused ah he brews one on the two talks about it god spoken times pass through the prophets and and yet in these last days he spoke to us in these and i think we ought to pay attention that cause he says going first that no prophecy of scripture comes from one's own interest no prophecy was ever produced by the will of man men spoke from god as they were carried along by the holy spirit so slight people say well menoresa lot of confusion i hear it all the time well how and no world didn't we get to scriptures where it wasn't it just man who writeth oughts no peter says no no no for to me the sixty sixth book can it was people who were carried along by the holy spirit i made wood we talk about the word of god or the theonoston ah it's god breath as paul talks about in timothy ah so new birth life breathes reproducing obedient the and i i can now her get passed i think an i know me an ism and again people say what a again what is it i'll explain it as many times as people needed insist no moss its low so that spacially and tie ah anti lawful loss of feet and its always god's law and legalism is one of those things that strong otter altaryou just a legalist if you try to do obey god's law no i'm not a legalist but i think that legalism and antinomianism are satan's two sides of his and saying logos to do always a do to be gospel but i think that christ gospel is god's i make you a be then you do that's his most ah so i put your sin to save this to think that obedience is the root the way to salvation or means to god's favor and this is what i think people don't understand done i would never say that but when we understand that christ makes us so be he knew berths so he metamorphosis and we our breath if you will is obeying god but it's his grace in that causes us to do that so i say here's may be the better way to put that wheel bake on more long from salvation not for sale because we're saved we obey we can't we can obey to become saved we obey because god save us ananassa big difference but so peter shows how obedience confer to us first and and the others that were in christ family by newer so paul spoke about a dis way an i love it there's only two times in all the new testament but paul says the spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are children of god sons of god and he uses at incalation for six and ah robin's age fifteen seventy and still here so it's like what we read there the spirit perfectly knows redeemed souls and the peter wants is to understand very clearly may be in his last prose don't know how long he lived after this but he wants us to faithful fruit trees if you will for the kingdom of and the third point dares to false teachers did no new birth in its outport of reproducing fate and we always have to do again i'll i'll throw it out there on some people say as a forty pack it is so keen on sainte people believed the loved commandment thou shalt be nice pontaniou laugh at dead too but it's like you know that's why were they said all is christinego to be nice you can see that but but i learned that you know pastors shepherds under shepherds to crie ah i i know my good doctor friend from seminary doctor timothy booker probably set it at itjust that she got it you got a kick the dogs in short the wolfs and as there's anything that's nice or loving from an apparent perspective of kicking the dogs and shooting the wolves i know you're looking in the wrong place but i think that's my duty i got to protect us and sometimes you got to say wo wo wo people what do you mind into what are you listening to what you're saying sometimes but so peter says but false prophets are roots among the people just as there will be false teachers among you who sacredly bring in destructive heresies he even denied the master who bought them and i would probably quibble with that translation bought them but jesus tearfully paid the redemption it and they were rejected at to bring upon themselves swift destruct many will follow their sensuality the truth will be blasphemed because of them that we speak that to many people to day oh yes yes i think you talked about a few in ante into in grieved i will exploit you with false word their condemnation is i don't or the evil judge men that seems to be run in the world to day so gross so in your face it literally chases came down they want to kill people they want to close your mouth they want to beat you into submission and yet god will not be mocked sir peter says listen well to these four examples and i do want people there's four hears that he less he said if god did spare angels when they said we know that the third of the angels fell down on to help in with satan's rebellion but he says but he cast them into hell to mind them to change their gloomy darkness to be kept until the judge the first example if he didn't spare the ancient world what preserved no a herald of righteousness with seven others when he brought a flood upon the world of the ungodly if you remember he said it did evil was everywhere and it could be that now was the only righteous one but he preached the gospel for a hundred and twenty years may we can you imagine that we can't even imagine living for a hundred and twenty years i mean i pretty much have been preaching the gospel for fifty years i can't imagine dora for a hundred twenty and and not ale that he had to do it he is like here he is filled the pot in the mill of nowhere said you know there's goin to be re they never seen read before and we're going to have so much water that you know you need to any prepared to jump on the boat with me and yet they mocked him they rid up culham like one are you talking about see if we can't see it it ain't happenin well we don't did happen so in third point he says if he rescued righteous lot and we do we sometimes struggle right to sla how could it he had been there and sowando then he has sense he greatly she was greatly distressed by the sensual conduct of the wicked for it says that righteous man lived among them day after day and his righteous soul was tormented over their lawless deed city saw on her now we got to ask why didn't you just get up leave he did but but the angels took on in his family and we remember that he then told him till look back and yet ah his wife did so we we see for examples there but so peter says the lord hill's hot to rescue the godly from trials and that's what we pray god can you rescue us a lot of people think that god will only rescue if he pulls us out puts us on the crew ship takes his home no god could rest me if we even think of the flood down ye'll because a lot of people say well thought god took him out now what he did he took him above the rest they floated basically on the wrath of god they lived in the ark so when we think that god has to take us totally out of the picture it's like that didn't do that ah if in any of these tins ah so i says the lord ros how he rescue his people ah any any goes on in talks about what that relieve means the evil people though their bold and wilful they defiling passions and they despise authority i think those two things right there explain what we see to day with the sole transgender i the one gets on out of the tins sexual perversions its like passions and despise it authority ah and i i think i'm a lot of times because we don't look into how far this is gone and our world people people will say well that's not me that's not me well you know maybe it's not you but what they're talking about is the the horrible and that the horribleness that is in this world right now and if we do not call it out there were were totally remiss i was watching the tide of the morning by guy whom he makes the pretty raw petioles would things that are going on in this or and i kind of think that it's not a bad idea to i have to face something like that he we look we tend a take a message like this well you know i've done this and that try to justify a which is no justification for anything quite honestly but when you look at it the the the result of not calling it out we've got smack dab what's happened and hollywood was happening or political or political arena and to the point of child trafficking molestation mutilation of our children the whole ten yards so though we don't like to have the stock called out if we don't we are marching this nation and ourselves too absolute does and so a little introspection on ourselves to make sure that we're the best we can be even then were not never perfect needs to have and we have we have to go through this process because it's very clime yes and as why you know i tried to focus these messengers and peter to justice oh because we if we don't see justice but but god tells us it mica we were supposed to do justice and i am still every time i think about dead down on bothaway it pricks my soul do i do justice how do we do just as i asked myself that i mean if people think ought to have you just preach at it what i preach it to myself in on to say four or five times over what you hear me tell people and as i did so not to escortthe day but this was from dietrich von hofer and i thought he it was so good he said silence in the face of evil ii its yes man will not hold us guiltless not to speak is to speak not to act is to act and it's a boy you talk about putting a sword in our souls i think you a lot of people say will he no i can't i'm i'm not going to speak up about that i think this is what you were saying thank you for saying that we we have to speak up and i always think about soften one and i know it's in a couple of places but it is out of the fool has said in his heart there is no god a rebate well that's that's talking about the eighth his aides but i think that's a cursory a description i think what it really refers to is yes we could save the ants but i think it's the person shakes her fisted god and says i will not obey that god i i really i think i'm going to post that i was going to pull set video to day because it's pretty raw but i think we're going to have to come soon on to terms with some of the things that are going on not only round us but how there in inside of us like i've heard he spoke in one times were never going to be able to teach human beings not and it's like well if your heart is here and this is where your treasure is if if that's as you that that's where your treasure is is to a mass things and to do anything you can to have money or or fame or power or any of this it corrupts us so bad and the first step the first step is right there the minute you step off into that your compromise and you're going to have to dig your way back at we've all done it i mean there's there's all of us have been appoint time where we were we have were we have been eades at some point but the point being as if the minute you find yourself dese deceived you got to pull it back on i mean not castefellows went when we started to biblestudy just it's not just for outside knowledge but it's for application to our own lives and to our world around us we have to look at the stuff and honestly go go very deep into our into our souls to say how am i going to improve not a kind may should i never heard you preach to hell fire and brimstone massage it's always and i know you and i know your intense your attention is like taking care of a flock of of babies you don't baby chicks and said come on guides you can fly you can do better but remember there sings out there that are going to say say go in this direction and that's going to lead to your death or the way that you are pressing this is because to say you know these examples from the part bible are clearly there you know let god impower you this out of your lives because stop you take down citizen cities i stopped you take is one that leads to absolute and certain devastation to yourself and you have got be willing to work with god he tail give you the choice not to he got me willing to work with on it as far as speaking i know sometimes i'm sure people aren't like adonis going off on a tangent will you know what at least i am because so many people are sitting there in her imagination and to be righteous really well you're guilty you're guilty is how ve et in just that you said of of saynothing and lighting his go on so what if you make a few people up or offended her something are you get criticism he at least your saying something at least you're doing something the majority of people out there they sit there go along get along on see a thing don't want him i don't want to put themselves out to because they might get critics you know well too bad i'm you know that's that's just too bad that's why we've got to this post we don't say it we want to justify her own behavior we want we want to we don't we look at ourselves to say well maybe i'm wrong oh my gosh that's the worst thing the world right on hitlike it's like well you know i can tell you it's like when when god calls you to do your behind going to be on the chopping block every day by god he's got to go not you got to cut that out you've got a cut that up let's get let's find two in this a little bit more he's knocking the rough edges of the diamond and that's important thing for all of us to do but we also can go we to the other side and see how far structure goes and i think i'm going to put that video all there to day if you want to see what really were this really leads to you need to take a look at this i saw a video back where people are asked do terrible things in order to get in the clock told the lateness closed in a running to sure bruno mars they is as a real real of amazing account where they told him he had to give up his mop he left on flame for three days and they sacrificed his mound and that's an he got twenty million dollars thrown into a bank at i mean if you want if you want the riches of this world you can have see i don't think you're going to like where these because it's a trap that is almost impossible to get out of much i can't be out what if you gain the whole world and yet lose your own soul cared with talkedabout and you know i do real i it's like people talking about all you can't get angry i can just picture jesus in the temple with his whip i don't think he went over like a and tipped over a table i think he was throwin things and i mean you know i can think of me lie i don't know that he personally but i don't know that we could say from the text that he did he literally cooked to heads off of eight hundred and fifty people that day i sothely go what you can't do that but see this is where i think that christians in distils for peter was talked about these examples are of god's justice we then were potgieter was somebody who has raping children and sit there and since all we're going to be nice to you he wants for it who see no neither i've iver even passed her so somebody comes in our door and spires shooting kids and the shoot my babies oh well i discovered that your hat i all in wonder on her a coward when somebody says that that's absolute cowardice to not stop in front of some that that is there too hard other people specially or children as are called indoor pool ocean peace and take them out and place on that to me is what god wants us to do i know are we out there seeking vent no but we didn't esselsele to come in and try to destroy our place right you still here people are babies oh no no oh i'm going down and i don't think you're going to do that kindly tim no i won't oh but dere is righteous indignation and i think if anything the backside is peter is telinus gets growlsome righteous indignation and i think that's what baserite to get the people if we're not righteously indignant over all the evil that is going on in our face i'm sorry there's a problem the big problem in the growing after our children the fact that we say nothing the nonsense with the masts and the damage that it went on with our children because we've met because society masked up children i'm really concerned that we're going to have a whole generation that are not function while do lack of oxygen that they damage those little brains will they were growing stupid parenti and the gutless pre of of realizing that the they had the half that is have to have oxygen to grow you coterieship out there in the sun right now hopefully god can reverse the but it's going to take people that are willing to stand and say you're not going to damage my children or your children some one else so and say not just now but but i know what comes next is going to be absolute judgment it is going to be fought you know well that's why i wouldn't alter or helped department down and the people wanted to go back and read some of that it's like i literally in all and a very dirty yet i will do everything i can to find somebody but see a pol in secretan street that's the text i used as my foundation to me not only have we damaged people just because he had a mask under faced to me we have damaged their faith and that was the argument that i was making because all says that we all with unveiled face that means without a mask are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another for this comes from the lord who is the spirit and what i was what i was arguing as these through kids made out even have their faith yet but were destroyed in at faith without given in a chance to be in atheised look i declare my faith because i don't wear a mask on my face and yet you goes are destroying these kids faith by saying no you got to have a mask on now so i my seltanetta spiritual thing not to me it was the spiritual than if the full well knew it yet the one it and so that's these evil people that we were talking in if you want to pugatorie at it's like these are they they don't care what they do it says they don't tremble as they flash them glorious and ah they're bringing judgment upon himself sire like irrational animals creatures of instinct for in to be caught and destroyed blaspheme about matters of which their ignorant to be destroyed in their destruction and suffer wrong as wages for their wrong doing they counted pleasure to rumble in the daytime their blots and blemishes reveling in their deceptions while they feast it said with you but i put in on you they feast on us they have eyes full of adultery insatiable for sin intice on steady souls with hearts trained in green a cursed children forsaking the right way they have gone astray they followed the way of balihove in for wrong doing what you were just talking about and so again peter cries against us why cause he wants us to see about new birth ah and in what i see down in to day is her salon of people talk about christian reality without new birth and i say not i don't believe that happens i challenge realfonso me there from scripture please do i oh i'll senator feet if you could teach you can show me but we're going to look at other passages and you do look i said i've i've had it i was told one time if you come into our church talk in obedience to god's law you're in the wrong place and it's like what i was told that or in others hope passed through and not coldnesse or or legalist if you seek to obey god's more look really i just believe that the people are so distorted that's why part of wire wrote my last book down on his i told you before god's war for likes because we got to understand i think that pole was talking against antinomians one hundred pesos and i think that's the foot side of legalism ah and basically he said look god set us free so we can obey his one and i got everybody's probably heard maybe not a dere was a tropologies pitcher who based creed came out and scolded the people that were doing the pride of vent and yet i'm sure i put pressure on him for you going to lose your job will fire you will take your pay and any fold it now did he need grace yea i said he needed grace if he was a believer he doubtfully in his new action did ni de christ he was talking about at the other side of his oh now say fully i got one pitcher there but there was the other long time picture i can't think of his name never two pitchers from the los angeles dodgers and somebody's boy telling me that on the screw but i can't think of a rate now his better along time but they literally one of the set i believe jesus christ died on the cross for my sense i believe the word of god i'se in collation six seven it says do not be deceived thought will not be mocked man reads what he sows so he was talking against the sisters of perpetual indulgence which we talked about last week they openly mocked jesus christ the corner stone of my faith he said and i want to make it clear that i do agree with nor support the decision of the dodgers to honor this group on pride his signed off with but as for me and my house we will serve the lord an idea said i i saw preciate what the young man said and did he boldly voice his faith and to me done we can't do that to day where we're in trouble in folding and now you have you have to in you can hear it hold it in your heart but i tell you what you've got to say something to do some in ah when the opportunities come up and and you can say it in a nice way if sometimes not but i'm an there's a knight there's nice ways of saying it you can say all right guys this is all about this trans movement you don't this is really about this is about sacrificed in our children watch what happens with planned paroo they are literally cutting off parts of our children's and anim this is mutilation and e on when one if we actually wanted to talk about what goes on saying some of the moslem and some of the moslem ah practices where they do female genital mutilation when you bring that out with there i think most people are like oh that's terrible what do you think they're doing here in the united state and it's all for money to mutilate children as in god's creation in any way shape or form but in when you have an already idontified in your mind enemy which has been set up for decades it's easier to criticize but boy when it comes home home to roost well you don't planned parenthood well that there in our neighborhood so with a lot harder that's right to lot easier to look at that's all side of us or detached ross but what it becomes something that's personal we're all want what we are wont to look at that well you know what the same thing or work you know what i mean when we were mutilating children for whatever it is he we we are on the wrong side of any of anything that looks like anything good for any reason whatsoever i mean i won't listen this nonsense for anyway he in i think that cot from dietrich von hofer there again was stuffed like dead tonowhere have to just go oh my goodness and what we try to escape through nick's couple pages of it maybe maybe we're going to have to finish it up even next week but let's us les see what we get down but ah wouldn't we talk about it you know all i even used the word al beyond sirpeter described the onbiased et in environment created by false teacher in okecorne people not say in your ship under a false teacher but go back up there you went and you were the wrong thing there dinystriol get it back in any one if i still encourage people get the i think your follies are you not i have really fallen down on that but i can certainly drinketh surbaissee an i got to go down goldgestickte we we just went past one point but this ascot's promise of judgment justice in the day of the lord harbordeens the ontological necessity of righteous living through god's revealed word so when we when he talks about the day of the lord i just i do want to talk about descent and you may hear it as i'm just touching the edges weaken we can certainly dig deeper and weak it you can sit down i think you can talk about this for for years and years and years had not danced the depth of what what is here but when the apostles asked from matthew twenty four three when who these things be and what will be the sign of your coming and of the eve for the most part jesus answered ah here's what jesus answered assuredly all these things will come upon this generation and so peter talks about the end ah so go down here on page five he said to this is the second letter of writing i stir you up ah by it your sincere mind to remember remember that's a call to obedience tell say worse the promise of his coming since the father's fellow sleep all faced ten years they were from the beginning they deliberately overlooked factor to havens existed long ago in the earth was formed out of the water by means of these water and word the world that existed was stalled with water perished in judgment salvation so i think this is where i think we struggled on to day and i'll just may be be voice so may my go yethat's what i think when we think about a lot of people have been taught to believe with this idea of this crushing stensen the woronoco on that god will rely judge american for hers these certainly won't jump the church for their sets he won't judge me shot in my mouth as morton's gone on fifty years he won't judge me for not getting involved to saying no to the school boards and in the commissioners when they do what they do but i think peter wants us to know that no god has brought judgment throughout time and he will do that until the end but particularly he was talking more about seventy eight the destruction of jerusalem destruction basically of israel there was a total dispersion and oh so when we think about that i peter's right there on the cost of this coming to pass yet now maybe it was sixty four a d could have been as late as sixty seven sixty eight a seventy ideas were these things came so peter knew for will and i've got her et paragraph that we're looking at i got to believe cause i done this so many times done you could ask one person i say christ professors and maybe even christ possesses how do you understand the scatological the antime answers that jesus gave and i think you're going to get three answers for every person you ask so that's why i said if you ask the thousand people you pray get three thousand hints it's a mazy it's like we're all over to board he this might happen here in this might happen here but if we understood that almost everything jesus talked about what cured and seventy eighty the changes that's why ja stuart russell in the book the prussia was one word that i respice six one pages excel ance book but he said avery in his estimation every time scripture talks about the day of the lord he said it was talking about seventy eight and so he even said is one of the few the cause there's a lot of scholars and i say er poets horses polset of scholars that they could wax eloquently about nothe sometimes but so scalesay that john the revelator might not have written his books of ninety five eight i don't believe that ah but ja stuart russell said that revelation was deftly written before seventy eight if it was to me that changes a lot a lot of things that people believe to day and i would just encourage people to to look up like a dog wilson ah james white a jest durban plugged into your search engines cosmo anolis and listen to some of the things that are being talked about i know there's a new hand a hotter christian nationalism oh it's at least a good discussion to look into i probably would favor a lot of the things that are sad because i do believe that i'm a christian patriot i believed that we should be living in the reality of christ's king here and now and i believe that i mean even dug wilson said we may be in a young church i mean everybody tends to think all now work were right at the et jesus is coming back very very soon what if he doesn't come back for a thousand what if he intends us to rely redeemed the world what are we doing are we sitting on our hands are we out there sharing the gospel every day are we trying to make disciples who will be christ or are we just said oh no no jesus come back so we don't have to worry about the we are we in his cups were just got on her but it is but if if we're going to be here the world for maybe another thousand years i mean jesus said look i'm coming back for a pure and a spotless church or despot i beheld people that he can't come back right now cause we are not a pure in so some voisinage with me but it's like god and i understand as i said yes the church is the remnant but were either away smaller remnant than i think even or this is not the time if god wants i think god wants us to learn how to do i i did even make the case that god made america to s in the on out and for a while certainly we should always be about his work here no matter what state or in or how long were pismiennictwie doesn't make any difference it should be we should be living this day for him without thought to morrow and do whatever it is ye ssist do with without any of our own conjured of expectations or vain imaginations on what's going to go on and may be as every one like a sentence seventy they all thought kesomin back now how that work for monodactyle their expectations there in indeed think what he's coming back to you at overthrow ro ah now that he didn't say that my king's noted this world the dat's what i would even say to people and i'm just trying to challenge people done god challenges me about this would we say let's you say if if we were going to be here for another thousand years still say lot of people would say all ten mats in possible in heroes it but would anybody argue that professors christ that god does swans to do justice all the time i were here and then how are we doing on that and i'm not i am not here to divinity body under trying to inis what are we really thinking about what is one and i do know that we have a commitment that i can't say that we get a wing ties up in a few minutes or maybe a maybe we will as i bring in an imprecatory routethrough a couple of precatory songs ah next week but maybe we'll just wrote this message tentage up may be as in coto that ah because i think peter has some great great things to say therefore is and sometimes i really do rustle ah i know like john mccarter built his career on doing one verse of the time it is some people couldn't handle that i personally loved a people can really act the passage or to the greek and the hebrew and in really unpacked what there ah as a pastor i typically would never do more than a chapter a week and here we are trying to get through three chapters sometimes it works sometimes it does it but you know i think to save in a roll of in discussion and see where it leads as sometimes even more more positive bee ah you know ah i think it this is why a lot of people joined here in the morning as we cause it's just friends sentaron talking there in clearest quite often there is not an outcome and it's a discussion rather than a plan scripted out you know i mean some of its good keep isonde rails like we do but if we come back to it later then we can add more more information to it and i do think that that's that's a good plan horestone i i the i just knew this was a power at message did not not because i didn't put because this is peter's words and it's like ah does he catawalins they're so much that we can learn he was one of the apostles that was there ask on jesus hey when wendischen is going to be and here he was entiendo brislie and he knew it of and so then i was out with one of my sons i cruised up north with the matter day and has septonasal you know i don't know how long god's going to give me we we don't we don't know ah i know things happened there's accidents i know but it's like a initiatory can take our lives only god tedicis and recheck out so i can feetevery thing that god gives you to the fullest and as kind of what i was carnwith him and he to me that a good way to go on anopheletes because there's a clear distinction between those who have sworn allegiance to to save himself and those of us who are trying to get that hedges knocked off the diamond and i'm going to play some of these i think i'll post as the little shocking but i think people have to come to grips of what we've got going on here and i think i sisanites in down if we had if we had prayer and it may be you can even play that for the rest of the time but we had got we oppose coronationis church and and then you could you could carry on and useless maybe less as close it down and i can take care of things that this end and it will come back in that and use that as the sick way into the imprecatory i think that's not a bad way to go because this is this is something we're going to have to come to terms with you because this is this is a whole different separate i mnasa class of people who have sworn allegiance to satan themselves in there the ones that are running this world and we need a clear that clearly called this out for what it is and i think a long net veined down others lot of people in the church that take all other there ought really people that are sold out to say no there are harenoso not to say and more rockabout doing justice we you know god does not mince words about what he will do and i think sometimes we got at regeta step up and look in that vein so thank you down a for apreching sichimitoe and dear heaven he fathers sweet come lord we do need answers sometimes we need to live within the answers you give and i'm not saying that some of these answers are not easy to deal with but lord helpless too sometimes look outside the box that we have put ourselves in and lord i just i just encouraged my listeners to always be on the learning or to say god what do you have for me what am i do it am i doing justice are we seeking that in in lord i know i see is a believer before you i want to be noble in your sight as i allow your grace to live strong in me i want to teach my sister to let grace live strong in them to obey you because that's what you've created created us to do o lord help us to do it with vigor helpless to understand what david cried oh how i loved and lord i thank you for this day thank you for everything donnison and may she be blessed protect us as we move forward he in man that you got these you close that in my hand and will go back next week yes and how i distingwish human trafficking thing that i have imposed on on my truthelene and i think that we need just remember that i there there is a clear problem that we have here a politicians to the bangster to holly weird and too a lot of this step and we have to call it out we eppisode fell to example we cannot let this go on and just close over it a well where i just just don't want to create was we have a madonna eve an that's what i love you and now are you to day after all right i guisesstood i came on to pull the up here a minute so that i so that you guys can see some of the spediende feel pretty strongly about putting some this south it it's a little it's a little hard to watch some of the quite honestly and just like the things i post in the telegram channel yesterday about fox island and the human trafficking going on there but we have got to wake up and we've got to wait more keel because they're still skating along thinking this stuff doesn't go on well i hate to tell this is her real solicious lessen a part of the black veins ted by monte gr from the sky stand and i'm going to stop there because it gets a little but raw after that point but i'm going to tell you this the there is so much evidence out there of pure satanism pure pure satin and that that's running this world so when we talk about things that when jesus talk there's nothing new under the sun the stuff has been going on for a long time and realize that realize that you know what god is with us gottes with his children he will never abandon us in it's okay it's okay to speak out of both and seeing how my people have fallen into the trap over greed overcame and overpower it is a trap avoid at astacos to god his can walk to god are you can walk on this earth with got so with that setting over reads in the courage bent now because that one got a kind of balancings out a little bit the citizenship philipphilippeste twenty let's let's read some of the ore reed flips is this the great relics great cape further my brothers an sisters rejoiced in the lord it is no trouble for me to re write the same things to you again it is a safeguard for you watch out for those dogs those evil doers those mutilators of the flesh casaret there it's this is a maze how god will bring things right in front of us when we need for it is we who are the circumcision we who are served god by his who boast in jesus christ and who put no confidence in the though i myself have reasons for such confidence if some one else thinks they have reasons to get more to put confidence in the flesh i have more circumcised on the eighth day of the people of israel the tribe of benjamin the hebrew of hebrews in regards to the law a pharisee as for zeal persecuting the church as for righteousness based on the law flock faultless but wherever we were gains to me i now consider loss for the sake of christ what is more i consider every thing a loss because in suppressing worth of knowledge of christ yes my safer see i have lost all things i consider them garret that i may gain christ and be found in him not having a righteousness of my own that comes from the law but that which is through faith in christ the righteousness that comes from god on the basis of i want to know christ yes to know the power of his resurrection and participation in his self becoming like him in his death and so somehow attaining the resurrection from not that i have already obtained this or have already arrived my goal but i press on to take hold of that for which jesus or christ jesus to hold of me brothers and sisters i do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it but one thing i do forgetting what is behind and strange word what is a hat i press on towards the goal of winning oh the goal to win the prize for which god has called me having word and christ all of us set who are mature to tie such a view of things and if on some point you think differently that to god will make clear only let us live up to what we have already attained joining together and following my example brothers as and just as you have asmodel keep your eyes on those who live as we do for as i have often told you before and now tell you again even with many tears many live as enemies of the cross of christ their destiny is in their goddess her stomach their glory is their shame their mind is set on earthly things but our citizenship is in heaven and we ate our early await a saviour from there the lord jesus christ who by the power that enables him to bring everything under his control will transform our lowly bodies so that they will be like his glorious rejoice here's a fore for rejoice in the lord always i see again rejoice let your gentleness be evident to all the lord is near do not be anxious about anything but in every situation by prayer and parts with thanksgiving present request to god and the peace of god which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and your mind in christ finally brothers and sisters whatever is true whatever is noble whatever is right whatever is pure whatever is lovely whatever is admirable if anything is excellent or praise worth think about for you have learned or received from hand of me seen in me put in the practice and the god of peace will be with you i rejoice greatly in the lord that he at last his renew your concern for he indeed you were concerned but had no opportunity to show so polis talking about all these things that happen that we can turn to god and see how being with a seperate focus on those things we need to focus on those things live lethings thought in b in example of christ of this world that's it were called to do serving a god here in this world so does want to tell her body we love you very much keep your eyes on god he'll get us through all these thank god for president trump happy birthday to present trump to day celebrate flag do it's goin to be a great day i had a bus it's always a holy god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god blessed it's going to be a great day it's a choice every day and we will see you back here to morrow god fled