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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 12/13/2022 - Tatar Tuesday - John Tatar

Published Dec. 13, 2022, 9:01 a.m.

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good morning welcome too brandenburg news network i'm donna brandenburg it is december thirteen twenty twenty two i cannot believe how fast she has gone its pretty incredible and i just want to welcome everybody here we have a lot of things going on and i mean a lot of things going on i have been posting like a little badger here out on a telegram which is where i like to do most of my writing i i'm going to be doing more writing because there is so much information out there that sometimes i think social media doesn't give us complete of picture but blood now and that on the other hand really does and i have a couple of logs and i was writing to and the past and in thinking i think i'm going to go and spend those back of so i think on something i want to gosther couple of poland i did they are i want to talk about it all so i got a contact with another lawyer which is the word for law say or not a bi returne and i think i posted something from him yesterday kirk's law corner well we had a conversation esterday bout an hour and forty five minutes and talked about the things that he has done in the past and how to apo the correctly the legislature rather than the judicials in order to put a little pressure on our public functionaries and to make real and actual changes and i'm really interested in what what this guy has to say he's worked with a he's worked on on projects were heah in issue something that anteus with tied crisis ahems to have been pretty effective so i want a we're going to go be talking to him more too and i think that bringing in people like like him and john terpole who actually know and can educate all of us what's actually happening in a lawful process is going to be the start of how we really take this nation back he not only have to have the will to do it but gerty of the proper tools to do it too and as i think that there was an the archbishop the gano he came up with a post i thought was really really well written so i'm going to just read a little bit of what he said for two years now we have been witnessing a global coo in a top in which the financial and ideological ale has succeeded in season control of part of the nation national governments public and private institute the media the judiciary politicians and religious leader all these without distinction had become enslaved to these new masters who in sure power mighty in social information to their copies fundamental rights which often till yesterday were presumed as inviolable have been trampled under foot in the name of an emergency to day a health emergency to morrow an ecological emergency and after that an internet emergence this global codeta deprive citizens of any possible defence send the legislative on execution judicial powers are comprised in the violation of law justice and the purpose for which they exist it is a global conatibus this criminal attack against citizens extends to the whole world with very rare exceptions it is a world war where the enemies are all of us even those who unwittingly of not yet understood the significance of what is happening it is a war fought not with weapons but illegitimate rules wicked economic policies in a tolerable limitations of natural right the praseopra tional organizations financed in large measure by the conspirators of the scooter interfering in the government of individual nations and in the lives relationships and health of billions of e they are doing it for money certainly but even more so in order to centralize power and so as to establish a a planetary dictatorship it is the great reset and the world economic form that agenda twenty thirty of the united nations now he goes on to explain more in its really well written and i think it's affinity worth it definitely and i mean definitely worth the the the reed and niani want to thank and because he is doing an amazing jock and more and more his than coming out on the twitter gate the latest is the sky is a not job his name is one i i i be able to to a share morador so here it's you row and the amount of nonsense the sky who was part of titter is twitters former head of trust and safety loved poor he had a secret accountand he was posting things like i think they called for tears of holding a ah children and in its kind of like shocking like it's really shot so this can probably explain ah why twittered in the much to crack down on a lot of the disturbing protographs that was posted on his sight and it's kind of racing a lot of concerns i mean serious serious he even he even admits to his son even on my dark secret dirty and then he says the name a cow twitter see suggests that i follow american expert they know me too well so this guy is just flaunting his he is a depravity and also is of the muscle bear with a beard a this is something that the talking about which he brings up calling at musclebanckes with beer hot muscle bear would beard holding a child in explicitly oh in is explicably hotter i can't even believe this is like going back in watching what what oh the the seafor disney was posting a few years ago or actually putting the stuff out there another nother o things in the news as you onforeseen tion of john podest's niece from twitter trust and safety council there is another good cut in action for you and we need to remember the connections with john podesta and oh i did another post on her that shows you a party allegedly that he allergeringste of the depraved and vigils who are serving in our nation and should go look at offices were what men you throw the step out out of the dark and put it into the light also gretenham and ouse here i can read her herberwe i'm thrilled secretary grand hall and you stallions the two point five billion dollar investment to build all to him sir battery self line and lassie promising a seventeen hundred new jobs this will help bring supply chain home in his sermini's the best place to innovate design of manufacture in the future really i don't really think that works and yet it is another stupid irresponsible move by whitonville dollars for tecolote promise of cretins hundred one thousand seven hundred jobs and what you think about the student man that is one million four hundred to four hundred seventy thousand five hundred and eighty eight dollars per job created think about this and their promising the job so the more inshore is so one up in criminal to a degree that's just unfavorable to me my guess is that grand home might be invested in the battery industry like she was in her lightest electric vehicle stock trade power she made i think it was like one point million dollars in a stock tree i think this is this incredible and self enrichment by legislative favor in whose in hold him accountable for not taking the money and running say to machico like the latest round of corporate welfare reach recipients because that's what they do they promise to do or all sorts they refused to be accountable to it and then they since they get money they don't fulfil what they promise because there's no contract this is hey you o shore we're goin to bring the acted but there is no there's absolutely no accountability to this they're just throwin money around in watching these corporations want run and i'm pretty much exerceret they're doing exactly what they do with foreign aid which is throw it out there and somehow i returns back to the politicians here's another one that she put out her the thought was fairly stupid or gretenham and twenty twenty we made historic confess that an education as we look forward at twenty twenty three i just speeches in a stupid statements he made i can't wait to continue our efforts to close the funding gap in michigan schools and create path two press parity for every person and our state there is a the masters lack of including children and education in that entire statement which is pretty in predecessor pre much tells about exactly what she thinks thought so in this white wrote to his comment to the which i think is pretty accurate you know but of course i'm going to gree i myself does an clothe millions paid to schools during the shot down i got it got as you know that is they were i intestine use muskegon areas opposer child they were paying one to two million dollars per school that they were receiving to so school down in why with schools receive extremity to shut down as nor all businesses would expect a decrease in expense why did they let each in milliondollar during the shut down this makes isleno sons whatsoever to me i guess that the in the there was once school that received lodged the six million dollars during is in shut down money cove in money for example in this this is the district and mosquito of which thirty two million dollars went into a big construction project this was all about their shot now and i've been in riding round the state a little itkeep my eyes open and they're not the only one grandville schools his near me has a huge and i mean a huge project that was started and was going on during covet and i think some i should get in there maybe i'll do that in digging this because we also need to look into the construction company they are involved in this and who received that money during the shot down for these huge cold wedlocked down projects that were started and funded and on pretty exeter some that funding eh was through the coin money such an i'm not sure what part of shut down and what part of educating our children that is seems like it's a lot of money going in the wrong direction so but but further than they ought i really have been digging into a lot of things and having a lot of interesting conversations with people and i think it's pretty significant and i have a lot to tell you all so i had i'm still getting my eyes back here so probably may be in the next two days ago on live and stated to sanitary as field chocolate again see my crazy expressions i guess but i want to let guys all know they ought it's everything is going to be okay with all these things that we're talking about remember it really is in amazing time to be alive and i think we're going to watch what god's about to do when he called together all the people she the priests and teachers of the law he asked them where the messiah was to be born and bethlehem and you goethe replied for this is what the protopope has write but you baffle him the land of judah are by no means least among the rulers of judah for out of you will come a ruler who will shepherd my people israel that's matthew too for yours a shepherd a thing about the shepherd leads to s all the sheep dogs eliminate the wolf and i got a pretty good idea that even right now is were speaking that we have an awful lot of wolves that are being eliminated from the scene we have been watching the silver period of time and i'm just extra sure that there's a lot more going on behind the scene than what we think that there is and it's our time too when you heard the word trusts the plan while the plant is god's plan and were going to be trusting god's plan because that is the plan trust god judgment is not for god's e it it really has never remember when when god took the israelites out of out of egypt they were subject to the first three plagues together they did go through some of it together but after that they were sepperated out and we can think about some twenty one seven or eleven and that would be a thousand may follow your side ten thousand a year right hand but it will not come near you you will only observe with your eyes and see the punishment of the wicked if you say the lord is my refuge and you make the most hired dwelling no harm will overtake you no disaster will come near your tone for he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways some ninety one seven through eleven and we need to really always go back to that and i trust god and he he isn't always made the way and he's given us a beautiful process in the constitution he skimmed us it's our rights given by god and insured guaranteed by the constitution those rights stand in those rights are what we fight for is the rights of every individual it is not a democracy that's mob rule and that least stable form of government it is absolutely the most oppressive the most divisive and the most ah discriminatory form of government so anybody that says it is democracy i'm going to tell him right to the face you just failed the qutes of of an end landed on the stupid side of of the bar so it is a constitutional republic and with it i'm going to bring out my scheme guess for the day sister the amazing mister john tater and that ortos day i've got my mister potato had her plusiata and we're going to go through our beloved mission constitution and which is going to equip us in fact take this nation back are we giving up absolutely not and i know that you're about as big of a bull head as i am john yes like no back down not happening never happening and so i'm in to bring the constitution of as we started going through last week and i and sir john and i pulled us up this morning and i i'm going to go ahead and we're goin to show you where to find it so so i will post the lake is what it looks like and john and i were talking with doctor but i don't know fifteen twenty minutes to forget a line except the morning i overslept so strabo got to think i needed the slate oh what at any rate we're going to go down here if you can't that you your some you don't your representative they will send you free copy of this but there is also an online wake and i think it waleslater that michigan that gods a fort listpublication for its last miss am i constitution not pets are well put i will put this in the the links but i want to show you were an we're goin to go down here and i'm a show how it spans of this this is not two pages and it gives the history that muscigenus adopted for constitutions that a constitution of state of machian nineteen sixty three at the eesiest you know that's the best year of john no i don't go yet he cantatoris born in the poppies fifty nine years old now we're going to go through the table of contents on and look at how much is less did in her stated in here this is amazing and here he got constitutionthe state of michigan of nineteen the the preamble we o people of the state is can gratefully to almighty god first sentence for the blessings of freedom and earnestly desired to secure these blessings undiminished for selves yourselves or posterity do ordain and establish and i actually have the constitution of the out the scontetton a memorized i could say i say thank god too schoolhouse rocked for when i was a kid because that's where i not rise it for it was the solemn okay so we goddessfor yeah i think i could if you want me to i'll i'll do it in walking bird we've people in order to form a more perfect union establish justice insure domestic tranquillity provide for the common defence promote the general welfare and insured the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity do ordain and establish this constitution of the united states of america and i can't think it if you want me to she well i bring out my guitar and you can do that some the coat whom by pricking a there even a case so here we go down so i'm down to know we went over the first before we jump into the constitution i got to make a couple and i call we talked about the emergency climate a financial the great recent colenso forth an nonsense that has been created by government and we can look back if any of you ken looked back ten years even twenty years ago we had cloth we had first global warming then we had a the anything or what the camp what any bring out while that there was about twenty years ago and i don't remember the dates in my not asking to bring it up but i remembered them talking about global warming though twenty maybe thirty years where the planets were going to over eat and you know the ice was going to bowl in florida and in california were going to sikoto the ocean if you put a ice cube in a glass of water and the ice cube melts will there be more water in that glass somebody has to try that out and see if it'll overflow the top of the glans now that's the nonsense that they were pressing on us back in oh i don't know three years ago when i was a kid and i was concerned that the poopers the little drowned in all that's not feeding the they could swim better than me probably but the point of the mecnas that this was the nonsense that was pressed on then later on it became isage were heading into an icy the ice age never happened and the global warming never happened now they have climb the change the terminology they in the same the story has this the world's coming to it and ten years from now it's going to blow up or whatever we're not going to be able to breathe em back when i was in teaching a school in seventy one seventy two i was singing a song called pollution about the fluted water in the polluted everything and we were out there in the not me so much but a lot of kids were out in the rouge river picking up the refrigerators and what not out of the rose to cinacan up the area because all is pollution that we were having and who was doing the most pollution it was the factories it was the war because you you set off about somewhere and get home and don't think that that bomb doesn't polite rest of the environment but they want you to stop driving to vehicle because polluting the environment but they don't care if they drop a bomb on some local o war that they have gone an enduring the war the middle east they were using to pleaded uranium they sat well there's no temerarium is no radio activity which was a lie even handling the bullets themselves and putting them in the guns but certainly where the bullet was expanded into the building words of the age that radiation got there so they polluted the entire race here with these devices the depleted uranium and they were arguing you know we got a climate pot that crisis so all of you stop driving your cars collect cars by the way you got up by battery for your lecture car eventual making the batteries extremely expensive and using all kinds of toxin materials and in one you used up the battery what you do with it you got to throw in the land fills some so all they do is create more problems that they are trying to get us i feel that we are the problem were not the one we've never been the one there is not anything that you or me or anybody help there could do by driving peticles that are going to create a crisis in her that is gone to created intoxicationen that's already been created by or government is covering it up light say other things like you driving your vehicle and and he a now what she calls what both harrissians care cordaites or call forts but minsaean rate yet we got it over we down a third love that yes howlinest week his talking about the fact that we need to get rid of some of our paths good luck with that you know he's yetthe problem what they're trying to do is get us to fight each other number one and get us to give up certain things because they know to get about your dog or your cat then you'll give up lot others dog in your candor probably more important to you than many so that the if you give up that then you'll give up something else you'll give up your vehicle you ride your bicycle is this kind of nonsense is been perpetrated upon us you know all my life all my life well i have my anybody the presense it is blind in one eye and can't see out the it's crazy and the like it's like you know the they try to demonize on you know so too and it's like all now we've got too much so to on the planet well it's like a clearly our schools have failed because plants needs the one to till live and so you know it is like the more that we have the you know the the greenhouse is pompeton in order to stimulate growth i mean come on people this is this is so so elementary and in or in the book and olives that we all should have storedor hands that when they say is absurd nonsense we should be we should be looking at them going okay i'm sorry we're not that stupid yet they and they really do that most of these people are a mediocre intelligence if the and those that that are sitting in the government position and they want them to be not the brightest light bulb in the back but a dim one because the nacon control them through money sex through whatever their processes they can they cannot fully them into behaving in voting certain ways said the people there we put in office mcconnel and who's another bone head over there in the republic hoskis or he herries came out with a comment a few days ago ah that i like something i remember what it was as you know these guys are these guys are idiots i shoot he was involved in ukraine yeah maybe that was it that he said that we have to send more money to you crane the hat with the american people let him lose their homes and foreclosure less not worry about the home food and the grocery stores and stuff like that if some people die no bedal this is their delatis is their philosophy their logic but let's send the money to you crane while we know why he's doing that because his son as well as a pilosis and some of the other sons and and marry polonches yeah they're all involved in prima in ukraine and there making money over there so ye let send them the billions of dollars to crane so they can get that money back into their coffers and they can use it stickin to the american people and eehopoo is you know that of run wiser he so had the republican party that the fight not for right now i also had ties to you crane and to paris m ye he's got ties to the new world or to the world order or or nobeman ac the atlantic counterthat who langanate the binampage and then he tapped to bide in the past and he also got ties to a breeze moil you know it is his newe got it we looking at all these connections the connections tell you everything about people and that they really do who their say now i'll i'll say that with a clarification because the clarification here is that i think we have some good people that were sent in the organization so let's look back at belowwhich or i thought i really and i mean funny saying the sweet and that's balambing lap top matters i thought that was clarionettes get but but when when the velacion that should be sewed into a bolivian for the damage the two billion dollars a damas that they did while the founder the sad founder which i don't believe that at all i believe is as ocean that they just put puppets and place to run this while the good guys were infiltrating be aloud to sleep they were antsisters war goin on right now and even watching what's going on out there in all this nonsense this going on i'm the tell you what i have complete and total poll belief and trust that there are so many good guys over out there and it's almost like you remember the old cartoon or come is like a comic book in a way a sliver espy if like nettigon on right now six five per se spy you got the you got the the two sides that are fighting each other and a icelor ating his anti was a cad i thought the hilarious and but you got at the white hats that are the infiltrate and all of these these dark as situations they know what's going on and i do believe that they are in control i think that right now our job is to continue to bring all this to the forefront and almost you know you know give people shock awakening of what's been going on right under their noses and the people that have changed their names there not who they say they are we we think we know who these people are because we become familiar that's marketing marketing is all about creating a sense of familiarity so that rather than the fact that you know if somebody says that enough times they think will believe it and we kind of have in the past but i think we're getting smarter and more and more the things that we throw out there as they hwata minute anybody that walks across that southern border in the united states of america are walking on the graves the children because they use his pans to get into the united states they they solemn word for further organs for for for many different things and when they're done with them they toss the i i i don't i don't think that the average normal person cases he bar sech right can get a grasp on what people are capable of so there was a guy that worked for us years ago and he was over and coat ah you know because we work on gas and oil and such and he was working for us we worked in a united states we don't work overseas and i not interested and overdoing anything over seas quite honestly i am in fact in america and i have no interest in and of being involved in that kind of obs or anyhow he was talking about when the races left coatand he was staying in a house and he said it was really going to interesting i said there were about eight thousand young women that were there as say like house girls they called them housegirls and they would they would do you know all the cooking the cleaning the you know what ever whatever the people there that really had money and he in the oil in the streeter they wanted to to do right when erasofines said the wife of the guy was stand with us a little bit on the out on the heavy side so they can to laugh her behind he was older and how but in one begat the races and this never hit the new cycle never and i i will be perplexed the rest of my life why this was not blown all over the place eight thousand young women disappeared in one so he and a friend got in a jeep and they decided they were supposed to go out in desert but you know people that work in the oil industry aren't really known for necessarily there their risk takers there mavricks and so they got the steep and they went out into the desert and he said it was one of the most terrific scenes he ever seen in his life first they started seeing shoes and then they started seeing purses and then they started seeing dresses and then they started seeing bodies and they basically just took off with eight thousand young women used him up in the desert and left the bodies where they lay and it was never ever reported on any news station ever so when when we look at the people round us you know we really need to make ture that people know you think you know what's going on you don't have a clue none of us have the full picture out of what's what absolute and impure evil is happening around us everything is sanitized unless you get in and you really really study or you know people who are also studying or you will never get to the truth unless you get in there and dig for yourself because anything that somebody says out the news is generally a lie and they're working for the father of all liars satan himself is unfortunate but the truth can be found you but to go to look for her all i agree with that and that was during rat bush seniors a term in office that was the the quator yes distortionate what you were there i wasn't there i wasn't but i was activated for six during that time period to do my because i was i was what they call services ah not compact so i didn't have to go there it others that had my branch went there but i didn't rei was reserved so i ended up at fort san euston texas and and i was listening to all the people coming back from fort sam because i was actually writing new brief on how to make the medical forces more adaptable to the core to the military corps for in this case it was seven arming and so we had to make it so because the seventh army can get up and go at the spur of the moment which he campanulous pills and have the hospital follow the core of that vast donations to got the bedegat the water problem she got all kinds of the rest so i was developing what they called he lodges for hospitals so they could take a surgical unit which was a model or administrative unit which was a model and plug amend each other and supposedly they were and that's what i did over there sitting in front of a computer writing these briefs like that that was my job i clearestheaded out of the new cause you're very methodical and your detail oriented his just some behalf of myself and everybody else in the whole united states thank you for your service and thank you to every one who has served his country for what they have done i know military are veterans i am so proud of the good hearted people who have stepped up to see so and so bringing us back to the whole desert storm war by george bush the the big rat it was really a television and some day if you want i'll get into it but a basically we had medical hospitals which were thousand but hospitals which couldn't move anywhere once they were stuck and they were stuck in read and dock rod in certain areas and those and tis me and those hospitals what except patience coming in but what they did as they burnt the hospital with dirt it so the hospital is actually in a crate anybody should figure that better yet drop of chemical weapon in there you wipe out the entire house in carrot that for whatever reason as the wailing was and of an honest war like accordingly what we were told that there was going to be we we activated thousands of troops a lot of them went to in country a lot of em stayed in the state and what happened when the medical for and i knew the medical signs in on a medical when the medical side they delivered all of the reserve equipment to these medical units but they put him in a field she had to the airplane landed they dumped them off into the field they didn't have any registration as to where they went so they were in a big pile of mass in the middle of the deck and the stay that way for a while there was a lot of doctors in the field that said you know i'm going to expect patience in a few days i don't even have an extra she so they get on their self one because the local radios when work from soldier to soldier from base to base so they get on their self phone in the call there how they call their clinic and they say send my x ray machine so they were bagged up you pass with the liver the x ray machine or fed and then they'd have medical equipment repairmen which i happened to be one when i first started the military they had these medical equipment repair men try to hold up this stuff they never seen the sequent snap military it doesn't come under the military philosophy it doesn't have a manuals military manuals so then it was a real cluster the tothe true wood holds cropthere was a lot of stuff that went on like that and some day if you want well we can talk about it that's a that could be whole days whole story oh i would love that i really love listening to a to a people of actual life stories i met a guy that was in armenia and he he served in the korean war and this is an washout campaigning and you want to talk about an incredible story that this call never for never forget him and and that he was talking about the armenian genocide and he got tears in his eyes talking about it and why america is so amazing and and you know talked about his his views on our country and honestly i taped at and i did i take it i posted it because it was so a heartfelt and i i got telling a ah if people really understood what this country stood for we would have no more of this nonsense of taking in it a flag i mean i mean i am and what it what had actually stands for and now and i would challenge any every one i went in visited the arizona and whiles ago and if it was so emotional i literally i shot my whole day it really literally spent the rest of the day crying and there i think that what started it was there as an altar gentleman that when crossed with us the first queerist boat over in the morning and the sky he was he was he was fair he was pretty old and he was carrying flowers and it is it was really peculiar but nobody said anything he was he was just there and we walked in and it was also silent and in he walked over and in everybody realized that he had been there never said it but he he had been there and he laid the flowers down and he saluted and there wasn't a dry eye there every one just and in he started talking and we are saner and listened to this man long and pale and it was not with it was absolutely one of the most beautiful heart wrenching meaningful things i've ever heard in my entire life he ah he any looked at all less shoof course we were all weeping any such he's like don't they shot her now one of the men that died here my friends would want you to feel sad he said they were proud to serve and give their life for the country and that didn't was wasn't was it reassuring we still all sat there and we just cried and and i literally the rest of the day i just i just couldn't stop crying while originally when i was in the school back and seventies the reserves were absolutely a great to go for a little training i did go through basic training because i wasn't listed at the very beginning i became a commissioned officer later on i did go through the basic training i thought the basic trade i wouldn't do it again that's for sure pateras something that i had to do o how it is you that's part of your learning experience that you have to go so i was talking to a lot in a lot of some of the students that were oh taking my classes and stuff actually joined the military some o them did very well in fact all those that i've ever talked to probably those that i haven't talked does there once a pinto very well but the ones that i talked to all had a good experience or decent experience in the military but to day i am not sure i would be that gang holebut joining the military because of what the military has become and how the military has been destroyed by o baha and and the resident the white house and actually billy clinton these the scum bags that have wrecked the military on that quite sure that that's a great place to be at this point in time but anyway a moving on and like i say some day you want they want to talk about the mynde ert storm which is very interesting i'll be glad to do that i think we should people need and people need to know what went on behind the scenes i was there i was behind these oh but any way going forward with our discussion to day i wanted to say that we talked about divide in conquered and that then the theme song for our government for years an years that's why we never really back when in on the sixties we had issues with the blacks and the whites a and in even before that time period because his long as we get keep him separated we got rid of martin luther king and i by the way of not saying that is i don't believe that we should have gotten over that martine king should have been assassinated by our government ah and who was the other guy malcolm x and a few others they had the right idea and even black power ah that had the right idea because black power was actually helping people in california until they had to the the federal or the fbi go after so these kinds of things were to keep a separated in turn the japanese not treat them as american citizens even though they own property and they live here this they could be secular third generation it didn't matter they looked japanese therefore they got in turn all of this behavior and a lot of it because of the idiots in in the congress and in the house of representatives and the senate were in a like i said half brain have they were half brained death they didn't know what they were doing they still don't know what the but ah so keep the people divided and now we've got now we're trying to get the children so we're going to going to wreck them sexually while let em know that they really don't know what kind of sex they are that the gender flewed so the really confused the hecka and you get the parents and in the same situation that in paying attention to what their children are learning and not fixing that problem from the parent's point of view then it becomes in all that the son or daughter becomes some kind of the eecording am not unicorn but unisex whatever and now you got to deal with that process that problem also but the only way we're going to get rid of all this is to get rid of the fear because as long as they can continue to print money out of nothing is what they do then they can take this money that's being printed out of nothing and pay off these politicians a public functionaries and make em do certain things that they shouldn't be doing because they can get your hay can be on amelia i give two mile i got three million yet with just then a pretty criticise we'll give you three million dollars i'll but we want you to do that for that three million and people are just in a money what a god say it's not money that's a problem it's the love for money the love of money is the root of all evil ree to go and so we do have a problem and the only way we're going to get rid of that is the fiat currency if we go to the great recent which is not going to happen but if we go to the great re sad why the government can control your money how much you make how much you have in a bay where you spend it how much you spend on any particular thing if they can control that then were then we're not we will be slaves within the so we can't go to the great reset we want to go to the different reset to one that the white ants are bringing on board we do not want the great recent under any circus and we need to be pushing the banking system out destroying the banking system where we can and each individual can do their part take money out of the bank put it in your mattress don't use credit cards use cash ah and an upset the st and that's what we need to do because if we don't get rid of the feint currency and we don't get rid of the great reset i were done the oatlike start start off producing some of your own food and staying away from his many of the multinational corporations i activities and products that you can and that that's actually fairly easy to do so we just got a break out we got to break the system the way that its working and pulled the power away from the one thing i wanted to add that as i think you know you you ah you named all of the criminal commanders in chief that have been sitting the surprising in the seat of the president for years and the right the rightful president of the united states president donald j is the only president that kept us out of war and feohwite to this liberal talking had ben and what happens the more on bombsthe same day that he's his of his alleged inauguration and he's out there bomminare and we've been fighting ever sin and the abandon americans and afghanistan the whole ten narito so you know the whole thing is i'm sorry but i think we could probably go back to you it proventricular which would be ill president down old jumps track record which is pretty darn stoller and i rely don't care if anybody like doesn't like his mean to eat i thought he was hilarious i absolutely loved i am letting loved that man you know it's you with you want to quire boys sitting in that office you want a warrior you want somebody that's going to stand there and get her down and it's certain like you're dead or mob if they tell you to shape up in you're in the wrong it's time to shape up and stop feeling sorry for yourself oh he spoke men to me oh no what maybe you deserved it you know maybe it's just time to grow up but i thought his tweeds were absolutely a whole larious i kind o i you know i kind o lived for seeing what he was got apolista you know he which they had guidethat he was going to slap and fake news or whatever his you know the problem that we have is everybody in the country not everybody but a good no majority of the once somebody in office that is really going to do but then they say well i don't like his demeanour i don't like the way he speaks i don't like what he said he is his de meaning people are whatever though he's telling it my ithin if you want to have the mealy mouth a slim bags that we've had ever since awatok let's go back as far as far as jimmy carter if you want those kind of people in office that are going to be espanto the system because that's what this is these guys are yes men toss george bonsenor rat the big rat his he stole gold out of from our country him and billy boy and they put tungsten and they covered it with gold and tried to pon it off to the chinese as their gold because they tried to come back their gold this is the kind of criminal you had in washington and now we've got even a worse criminal that even to us overtly and shows us exactly what he's doing and how much money he's staling and how much money is son his stellinia how much other nonsense is going on if that's the kind of person you want then you voted for that is but if you want somebody that's got to turn this country around you're both for donald trump i don't care what he said i don't hear it he said the as long as he doesn't put excesses or on do it's so far is done that i think he's a maiding and i could care lest its like any lesson of say people will say oh did her ready side you know the the references to women and such i am like stopping such a cry baby hypoctonus caught mack all the time get out from underneath the rock because that's the way society work and you know if you want to go you know it's like it i'm sure those people that criticise them are you know full time watch and crap on in the movies and this that the other thing that they shouldn't be watching either but all that's okay so we can do that and criticise the president of the united states it's like really really i i i just can't i can can i can't give him any sympathy it's like orright and hypocrite their great at a parting what the news media but they do not think for them they do not understand what's going on they do not even study history and if you don't study history of repeated and it goes on and on and on and we we just continue to re doing the same same game plan that we've been doing all these years vietnam war and that was the worn costive medalist and on and on and the same stole nothing changed and now and elegist i wanted you to say this as they on the outside chance that president tram is listening to this i just love this man and i love love present trumpet and service that he had for this nation and furthermore i wi absolutely love mani think she is such an incredible woman and such a class act i just you know it's like every single thing this woman has done and said i'm just like a man what an incredible role model for the women in the united states she as she presents herself well she is always just the pitcher of absolute class and and beauty and graciously and i just the the the the two of them together and their family is something for us to really be proud of and then you know it is what a what an incredible what an incredible thing to live to see so any ale when go back to the constitution the aloneto make one more comment because it's important ah in that comment is that the constitution is never set and ever ever ever ever by anybody even though donald trump talks about suspending these i think that's the song i noetian best downs verses bidwell which is a cork case with talked about in the past as it cannot be suspended during any time of exogens ecstasin che campan or or any kind of threat that we have the constitution is never ever so this nonsense about oh we had we had a pandemic a whiter sang we can suspend the constant none you never had that authority you still don't have that authority you'll never have that activation is never glasses supreme word case that is swellsdown old trump like to throw things out there to get people talk in there so i mean yet he's that he is the master of controversy he throughout there and ordered to get people to start thinking for themselves and so did you know that the diamond of endorsements he did in michigan he did i think seventeen indorsements seventeen my favorite number by the way and a danite of them did not get voted in tells me that i really think he has endorsed and said mistegan were to get people to honestly think for themselves all a lot of em and go he he's pointing to the people that you might want to be a little concerned about not just take his word for it's time to think people in that's what he does he throw things out here in order to highlight them to get people to think not in that bess really what a good father would do an i could give the spoon each other going to say it's time for you to grow up so that when i'm not here some day you can stand on your own and carry on and he i think that's an important distinction to make but anyhow back to the conte he placed a gun state constitution to day stayaway we in got a got to go back and say that the state constitution of michigan was now how would i put it was brought was voted on but one tenth of one per passed yet one tenth of one per cent as the case ah and that back will that in itself was becomes so we can lie go hedsor is going to save the takes two thirds of congress to doing amendment how did they pass it with one tenth of one per cent of the popular vote in the state of michigan it was a kind we were coming this constitution is not for the people there's a lot of the errors in it i grammatically or anything like that but a lot of errors and with that i origins the people and americor some of those as we go through it but probably won't read everything so long half your own like proposal a one two and three three had forty twos at thirty forty three grammatical errors that at reade it looks like a it looks i can't even i believe that they actually put that it shows the intelligence level of the people that are working supposed to be working for one the th are our government should be run as a business to represent the people to its service industry it really is and that's what it's supposed to right and we are the boss that is of that service industry it is a business and when if if you looked people that work for any business and they were that absolutely in up and tried to ah the tried to overstep every single thing that their boss did the boss would fire then mediately on en removed them from the business but people a people have gotten away from that in their acting like subjects two a toein entity which is over them now this is supposed to our government is supposed to be a service in the street who serve we the people not a punitive overlord and that's we have i'd like to go to the shed just routefor re divento this and read some of the comments and marigold morning loud good morning charlotte john antony podesta are bad like killery that's that's anorohoro go down and that company its big tax break that's right that's the lot the battery company's getting the tacks spree have you looked at hontsah school at lea no i haven't left a hive to look at that because this is night this my thought i think we should start talking about this in a high lighting all these construction projects all over the state that happen during the shut down with coveney because they lied they absolutely lied and i want to know who got the contracts there involved in it the problem lad that school is a goniosomata yet ah what is what is building a building after dot while we right in like it's the end and i i i i get it that they could say won'tfor king and such but onochonos like and i understand if it's if it was a private business and they were trying to do things to keep their business working you know a lot of people have bad feelings over the pipe poniatowski the way that it was supposed to and kept businesses running it's not a bad thing but you go into a public project like that and and be you lizing that will the kid set home and rot and there's no mention of their education whatsoever and the money went into building these huge monstrosities of of buildings to further centralize our education system i got a lot of questions she loves a hortonshe is quadruple and size now that it was my husband was there in the sundays michael bendel says i had that book that's the constitution and our lad when i was in school in the late sixties we were taught that we would be cooling off worldwide in sted of the climate of hen global wormy the problem is the parasites running the world up michael bodal the governments the ones that are ones that create all her promes yet love i say we give up the we give up the elite parasites i think so too they're all much parasite charlotte yes the government agencies angelo they continuate the water food the selection the clown rolled runs deep yes say do and charles his thank you john for your service and marie i'd love to hear and learn about desert storm to love a osca's much as possible in a screen idea i think barterings a good idea and you know pretty much screwed the isodont have the right to exist ah michael trunk took out isis took out terrorist biden funds terrace and then gives them all to her it i'm not quite sure about that but i and not being able to read that while i but yet trumpetoours and mckean was involved a isachsen right there in the leaders and marie most atime president trumps said what i was thinking yhdess did didn't any sunlit right out loud michaelmas was one of the greatest presidents of my time i love that man president tromp so do we all i think and up charlotte says i'll do the howl are good yellow wood for all of these construction projects that are out there in and see what was actually built or being built during the locked downs because his it in if they were if they were building and giving money for building projects is not has nothing to do with covet that's money longer if it was a private business that was being helped i don't have a problem with that but going into public business within ye for the intention of educating our children what living hack how came back the constitution one all right let's take a look at the sixth men six section of the first amendment or the first article article one section six inches the right to bear arms in our federal constitution it's pretty clear but in this constitution it's even clearer it says every person has a right to keep and bear arms for the defence of himself and the state last mantle los nothing last miss no i'm just i'm just reiterating that bear rite by her arms with no more explanation necessary or and no no ah restrictions no more you know no restrictions on that periods right so when this song when this bone head in washington says he's going to be gosson he's in direct violation of this of part of the amendment this part of the article bearing of arm course he lost the battle in the supreme court the supreme court said he they were building guns back in the sixteen hundred or seventeen hundreds and how they were able to to get on they built them themselves so you can't take that right away from him now because they have the different method of building so they the that the bone had in washington the resident lost his battle in the spring court and that means that people can build these a per cent pistols and our rifles and then they can't stop that from happening but this ere certaret yet this is the in our constitution they can't they can't override that the federal government can override that who has the power when we look at a the structure of the power structure of our country who has the most power we the people who as the second most and the federals not moment is just a onkind of like a a passing fancy so to speak there's posole deal with foreign country not with anything that's going on within the united the state is supposed to deal with state of michigan and michigan gods that's why we haven't constante and i are of meareian save the second person has got the most to power is we'd people bearing and peering in the harewell it's why it's there it's whites there we'd be australia otherwise or new zealand or paling or pianothe country out there ukraine any of those contre taking a look at the next one which is seven military power subordinate to civil power that is also very important that we have a civil power that's that is always more important or stronger than the military we do not want a military government running our country we want civilian power running our government we want to give em super but we have kind of screwed that up you know that in in the federal constitution on the second exit or the executive branch which is a harticle too it says that we have we can afford or we can take care of and pay for a military but after two years the military's des were talking about the army not the navy the army is dissolved after two years and this constitution was set up back in the seventeen hundred because they understood what a standing army is all about in the country when you have a standing army you use the standing army so they say every two or append of the war two years later that military is that army is you have a cab ray which is a handful of people that are traitors and and maybe a staff and maybe you have a garrison but that's it you don't have troops in the is what was walking around it for herder or for its amusement the other forts because that military is no longer does no longer exist goes into high hibernation until the next word and then you train up the military you bring a new military but we have screwed that part of the constitution and people are in holding our government to that part of the old but is actually there and every two every two years after the war the army has to be disbanded well this is the reason the seventh section says the military shell in all cases and at all times he strictly subordinate the civil power the civil powers and control not the military a very important number or section e talks by cornering of truth we don't need to quarter troops any more we all have to he that's we quarter our own troops now and we follow and with you filangeri we bring up we bring our telephone and we walk around with it we take it into the bath room we take it into the shower you take it into the kitchen and they know exactly where you are they know exactly whose talk and in what to say in sosos like having a soldier and then for truman in your old watching and listening to his and i can report back to the time he wants to the powers to be and now getting trouble of that's what their intention is so we don't that number it is kind of should be quartering of sulphones natatores rveillant stay hyeh the surveillance exactly a slave or involuntary servitude no visions very interest neither slavery nor involuntary servitude unless for the punishment of the crime shall ever be tolerated in this state what is involuntary sir and now and probably most people don't know but involuntary servitude means forcing you to do something that you are not that you do not want to do that you have in volunteered to it's involuntary and its servitude to serve the government for example how many of you have seen people walking the road side taken up gardens of the roadside wearing their orange or yellow as that say city alone or city and over red fur or you name it any city out there there being held in involuntary servitude for the committing of what or crime to they commit i went through a red light maybe they were speeding maybe they got parking tickets i those crimes against the people now the state can't be the stake he doesn't doesn't have feelings or emotions or whatever so the state itself you can't you can't up oh have a you can't cause a crime against the state has no no way of doing that's the civil action jurisdiction that's the new jurisdiction that was brought on board in nineteen thirty three illegally bind you it wasn't voted on it's not part of the constitution it was something brought on by the government for revenue and or they get you in the field and they let you pick up garbage or whatever that's involuntary servitude it's in violation of that a knife article or that night the section of our constitute and we see it all day long all the time o somebody can't he paid the fine because in other other work or whatever whatever whatever soul the judge says loke well you've got five days to work work it off in the work we do not have in this country in a system where we have where we can be jailed if we don't money the dozen exist in this in this but yet they the government has pulled that on us for years and years and years and got away with it because people buy into people agreed people are afraid to go in front of a judge there are afraid in front of that judge that that judge is going to do what who what through you and get withwhat judge cats roland jail for civil and fresh anyway but you're afraid that oh my god he'll throw me into or somebody will find out like my mother might find out the day the speed limit or something she'll get mantle this kind of nonsense the fear is what creates this post and so we we do not we cannot be put in jail if we owe money to the and then we get back to big what's money is it is it the fiacre is that money what is money money was established back on the seventeen hundreds with the coinage is it so many grains of silver and so many grains of that's what money is in the united states that the money of the account of the united was also said that article one section ten class three of the federal consent no state can make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment and a michigan compiled low twenty one point one fight three and one five four state that they can only the government can only demand species of money gold and silver gold and silver coin federal reserve bank notes and federal reserve treasury notes none of which existed a market so what is money what could you all the government to get em off your back while we know what they want they want the theatre but that's not money so you as a citizen are breaking the law you break in him saltent one point one fight three one fight floor your breaking the law the constitution article one section ten class three and you are volunteering for involuntary servitude at what end or debtors because you owe money so then you spent so many days in prison at debtors prison which does it exist in american so there's a whole lot of reasons that this is such a very important area slavery and involuntary servitude because they have been violating this law they publish and no one's calling him on it well some people aren't calling on hoping for anyway oh let's move on to ten attainder expos facts laws impairment of contract expose fact a law means that they can't make a law for you from a beast there waketown the street new spion the sidewalk to the say okay we're going to make a new law you can't spit on the sidewalk of their forwardness it's involvedthat as for expose factor after the crime has been committed they make a lot to comfort that part of the rind how many times of that ben done alas there there is so that is absolutely am almost a an institutional procedure any more yes i is expose fact laws ah or impairing of impairment a contract i mean who makes who has the right to make a count people the pier does a corporation have the right to make a contract with in fact no the corporation cannot make a corporation is not an entity not a human being but the crinolette judgment orenco in that citizens united actually set kind of a present which should be struck down big time of corporations having the rights of a person while the reason they put that in there and i can oscillate back and forth on that one but the reason they put that in there is because weak and so corporation now since corporations are before corporations were people we couldn't see because there were two cold lenten differentes so it gave us the right to sooth him became to them the right to i don't know that we could play that game and two different ores a lot of corporate entities out there that he get away with murder because their corporations why you can take no harm but they put so sustinemus money that what good does it make you that you know what good does it do us because they they throw so much money at edens like every single one of us should be seeing things though the big cat companies who have been infringed honour first mentenit she but good luck trained to see him because you know acerbo there is going to have so much money to to a to a paper is death as there is no way to get a free or an honest a trial any more because they just it's like our hope political system they just by their way out of it yes except except in the case of sucker and in all the others you don't go after the corporation you go after the individual you go ask her sucker and you don't go after him because he violated corporate status a corporate law or he did something in the corporation you go after and because he if you can show where he violated an orthoboric for example i he i did something that's in the constitution that he that he shouldn't have done expose facto laws whatever but something that you could get you good nail on him the circle as an individual now you've got a case such how heeeeeeeeeee of a public functionary though i mean if you could go after an individual like that how you know how would you i mean if you could do that for public functionary but how you go in for an individual that is clearly violated the rights of other of other people americans hipoteca only go after him an excuse me if he violates your rights in causes you if he violated your rights if he if it is the drove his car up to your driveway and bashed into your co now you have a individual thing that he did to you and how he heard and that's a suitable offence you consort and that's where you're going to make that's where you're going to get ground in court because now you're going to have to the individual you're not going after the coke but the in the government the the judicial system does everything they can to try to turn switch you into it title forty two a nineteen eighty three civil rights then takes you back to the corporation which then says hok well suckeberge works for for winter oh facebook akerberg works for faced book and fakes book violated gerites but because he's an an employee of facebook or an agent of face face book p this being protected by by the arm the veil of the corporation you don't want him to be protected by the veil of the corporation get him on something that he's done to you so if he if you know that he gave instructions look your tortoise gate on this like on giving instructions to censors by some one who was studying in governessthe are there definitely torgate thing what reading all of these censorship that was going on you can you can absolutely tack that to individuals and say this person actually said this sweet is to be censored because of an onnontae away the sidethat's a personal violation well that even worse than that because it's one government taking a corporate business in telling porpoint business he gets that is one hundred per cent against the constitution and that person who it might be the resident a white house that person can be personally sued for violation of the the acts that's a totally different animal then if you would go out and see somebody like a swine by doing something of similar nature because you're not government government cannot has no authority to do that none and so his violated every possible thing that he could possibly violate my pulling that off by my getting away with it and in the face book is doing the same the violating because they should know the constant they should know the laws of the land what they can the cat there's serious conflict won not right i am a very very soon oh back to search and seizure and at eleven he is now a person house paper in effect possessions of persons shall be secure from unreasonable searches and seizures no warrant search any place or to seize any person or then she shall issue without describing the nor without probable cause supported by author affirms in other words don yo get pulled over by the police officer then he decides that we doesn't have probable cause any dozen have the search word what he decides that he's going to search a card and total violation of the eleven but he might ask you i do mind if i search your car and you say so now you've given him permission in it's not a sort and if he finds something and you've given him permission then you then he can use it against your nicolo what if for some reason he searches your vehicle you're stuck on a police car and he's going through our vehicle and he finds something that a is not let not lawful he can then at the that point be can do anything with it i can't using against onions because he didn't do it a poet he didn't get a search warrant properly and he violated the the eleventh article or the eleventh section of article one of the desmtins is in the federal cost these are parallel pretty much with the federal state does delineate it a little bit better make it more to the point then the federal is kind of more of a general situation but a police officer comes to your door knocks on your door and your having a party in your love and your party and he asked you can i come in for a woman or you and pitted come on in police officer and he sees uncle sunderite now you got a pole cause you've been vited in this you've given them permission to and and if he sees something if he looks in the window of your car and he sees a open bottle alcohol he has the right to open the cargo and get the alcohol a soul my point is that you have to understand where surgeons proper and not pope and here's a lot of police officers that to it wieland there not following the one i got a petittor trip and they decided that they've got that you know it's like like watch hillary clinton and all the rest of that he doesn't the the they've got all the power and and you don't have to write to question he supra that's right but they don't have any power really if you know the law if you know what you could and i wouldn't sit there argue which please officer wants to search my car i whip out my telephone and and make a note on my telephone or i even record he or if you have a recording it that to the police officer searching your car he wasn't given permission it doesn't have search more and souls an illegal search in anything he finds can use against you anyway so what's the purpose he but sometimes they liked to do it just to bully you and make you fight that's a good for them to frighten you because then you then you pull your wallet see how much money i will go away with so the point of the matter is you got to understand when searching a vehicle or searching a house and the under what conditions now the other point here that is very i says the places to be searched and the things to be seen this is not a fishing expedition that the police officer can go on and decide he's going to well you know you kind o look like a shady character and therefore were going to search and see what we can find and he searches and he finds a a couple of joints that you you've had her whatever but that wasn't the reason he stopped the searcher he may have been he may have stopped to search on because you had a car the ore driving piece that look like the same one that routed the pinktoes reet so he was really looking for money but in the process of looking for money he finds two joints in their fore you get here he is supposed to tell you why the search words what they're looking for and where they're going to look for in especially in a house he can come into your house and he can say in all ah we believe that your selling and farmans or whatever so we're going to go into your medicine cabinet and you're bathroom and check your medicine cape that's a legal but in the process of going to your bathroom he looks on the night stand he gets not he sees it than he can go forward with it on if you have it in your drawer in your bedroom and he goes into your bedroom and he opens the drawers in your bedroom and he finds it that's an illegal she didn't tell you what he was looking for nor where he was sure and it's so that's why i spelled out and there that you have to tell the person what you're looking for and you have to tell the person where you're going to find it where you expect to find in the basement third floor second floor back yard garage so it's important that you understand to that part of the of the second seizure ah scribito possible cross supported by wateraffirms tion who signs this search word by the way to be a judge on he only a judge only a judge came signed by the captain of the police department know can't be signed by the police office has to be signed by a just and the reasoning is because if there smiles they have done probable cause they served their sosthe surveil you and find out if your really a criminal and find out if you know the get the right address i sometimes say a lot of times the screw up and get the wrong he so then they won a the they have to have their docks in a row before they can ask for search but you got to stop in at the door you can't just say he come on in one problem commanding officer i work you want to make bedonkohe go thence down the hole to the right can't do this because then your given him permission then you don't want to give them permission and and you really don't even want to give him permission if you're a goody two shoes and you haven't broken because they get used to that behavior that i come in with uniform and i can scare anybody so you may be one that they can't scare and you may be one that's totally innocent of any possible criminal behavior ah but you don't want them to be willing nearly walking into your own because they will he walk in to somebody else's somebody will get hurt in the past they happen as when they broke into the wrong house and they shot the people and also so you are now you want a big otto they got to live by the by this section of the conte the provisions of this section shall not be construed to bar from evidence in any criminal proceedings any narcotic strogs fire arms bombs or any other dangerous weapons is by a peace officer outside the cur her tail cur cornlie remi of any dwelling house in this he or in other words we can't the police officer let search well the if if the police officer see recognizes believes ah in his own mind that you are building bobs in your basement or whatever that this does not curtail him from breaking as you know somebody was saying here asking press for police officers chasing you and you get into your house and you like the door to say have the right to proceed into the and yes he does have the right because he's already been in pursuit of you so already the process figuring out whether her creating a where they do something illegal or possibly criminally illegal i has the right to follow you into the house and take whatever steps these pa that's part of what that talking of habeas corpus the privilege of the rite of abia's corpus shall not be suspended unless in the case of a rebellion or invasion oh the public safety may require it what his habeascorpus said he rondino one of them turned they heard thrown around on television but not necessarily ex i think our rialtos wait till you explain it cause i think up i think benethe interesting part of this is really the learning process of listening to an actual explanation from some one who really knows the answer because we've been misled for so long habeas corpus basically means bring the body forward if you have oh let's let's take a couple of different examples if we're in a middle of a war so ah and my question is and i still question that the abraham lincoln have the right to spendius and i believe he did not but there are others satellite that he did and what did he do he actually in turned people that were writing articles for the sun and he in turn them in prison and took their ability to right articles about these and about the worn about what was going on because it wasn't in line with the what the union army there are others and have had the same situation that i know of one particular person who was put into for thirty days out of a cortes put into a jail and when the people went to get the body to issue at a discorse on the body they moved the body they moved them to another location and so you are doin kind of a i don't know we have heard the word rends the federal government and complicit that behavior that means there they bounce this guy around they get somebody who they think might be a terrorist and or maybe they just do like him because he ah middle eastern sidelesham to camp ex rand then to get me and then to ah new zealand and to other places that's when dishorning from one area to another and so nobody knows where the sky is you couldn't issue habeas corpus on him because he had no idea how this might be a father of of a family and wrongfully grabbed by the government but because the government doesn't want to give that information they rendition him round while the same thing happens in the case but it's a little more difficult in the you as if your international it's easy to take her out overseas put him in another country and play that game but in america it supposedly more difficult you could still go from retford jail to ah when come jail two i own your aunt too you know and and try to figure out where the sky is thirty days every other day there moving him to a new location and you couldn't issue a red of habeas corpus and to bring the body forward to bring em in front of a judge to find out what he's guilty of and that's what habeas corpus the piano well bring nobody for word put him in front of a judge lay the charges on em and see if there's a reason to hold now you as a citizen wrongfully put in jail didn't the judge and didn't go to through the raiment process could actually write your own habeas corpus and of piece of toilet paper if that's if you had that and a pen and send forward to the courts and the courts would have to abide by it because you're asking the courts to do something and the asking the courts to bring you forward to see what charges are crack criminal offense you have had lots penebus obvious over the years and it's been abused by some people that i even know it's her ah but it but it should not be this should not be abused that your not be removed or or suspended as as lincoln lincoln didn't do a lot of good stuff screwed up a lot of stuff there in a civil war and had his carpasso there were a couple of well known writers that were in turn by the government over this anyway now everybody no great his corpse yet it would be a great idea just for your own benefit that you pull out go through the internet find out what looks like the document yeah i'd like as i'd like to see that because i think the thefts want of those things that that mildewe want pull that off a minute every one to keep going will keep well got all make that another day or i'll i'll see if i can find what my hans i think that's a great idea because i think that having the documents to be able to enact or do not to sit talk about it but have it almost as a as a weapon and monosasa the word weapons but it's not really authoresses in your collocantes and the two old backs for when you do when they do like an illegal detention or any of this stock i think that we need to know and may be even have document this written on each one of these that people could actually pull out and say hey wait a minute this is because if you don't have fedavee that understand the you know the the way the things were truly it whether intended to work most people are so lost its unbelievable and so they hire a bar turney because that's you know what to do and in on the and that the power was already in their hands and they could have probably had a much quicker better result if they just did these ah this brace the mind january sir i was thinking the same thing why hasn't the writ of habeas corps then brought on these people in the in the jails and the i am an i can only guess that's a somebody has done this already tried to and the the courts are shot him down well telenissa ded and less in case of rebellion or invasion the public safety may require it so i'm sure it with their doing is there said while these these people are criminals they've done the wrong thing there a danger deciderit have you seen these people now likely the ones that are a danger to society are the fbi agents that set it up to a triumph and is that to me to strike fear and the americans so that they don't stand up for the rights that's a that was all about fbi is tried it still fear into americans so that we lay down and give up our rights and let them make slaves out of all of us as i agree with i agree that this is all about fear and a bringing forth the fear and basically that the people in charge or the people that are less not said people sitting in those cause they're not in charge of anything except maybe the desks are sitting at the ushers yeah those usurpers that are sitting in office they believe they have the power and they do to an extent because they hire and fire the police and the judges and the that that whole game was being played it's like the criminal syndicate is in charge of washing well in charge of everything you know i saw a a a and initiative and i'll have to look it up it they had targeted the progress of progressive had targeted a hundred and seventy five cities in the united states install a progressive mayor while now you can look at where burn letemur der when after in the cities that they went active and they they were pretty much active all of those cities that had a progressive mayor and stated why because then i had chief craiglands this to me because i was when the hot i said you went he was you you are angry angry hang out around in a mess he he was angry he was really angry because a basically he said think about this he said the progressive mayors or the mayors are the ones that point the chief of police the annie said so they're jobs depend that the chief of police is job depends on them o paying the progressive mayor which were targeted and installed grand rapids was one of which is why grandames of was on the list for berlumut r and i had five cars burnt right right down the street from one of my buildings and i'm on to tell you what they they they trash this and we could hear them would like high power engines in their now motors and their cars raced in a round on the highways after they wrecked havoc on city and they were doing it for for the sole purpose of making everybody afraid cause you could hear them miles away running up and down a high speeds on her highways and i had i've got a friend who's the cop and i'm like why didn't you guys protects and his answer was we were told to stand down and they stood in the scare wells will burn looting murder ran of rough shod over this and then you know the the chief of police went out there and sucked up to these criminals and sedoun this down and let them let them an soletere and destroy and damage so much of this of the city it was unbelievable of this that was the but the mechanism was the place progressive mayors into the cities stated its nitescent also that shows exactly and i have it exactly which cities were targeted who they placed the chief of police as hired by the appointed hired by the mayor and they will do what the progressiveness and that's as she well the interesting part about that whole thing is that the mayor has no authority not to protect the city and therefore that mayor should have been up on charges absolutely for number one violating his oloffe that would be her and yes i her and number two should be charged with the with the crime of damaging the properties because it was her order that she had no authority to give to do the damage to the city i agree with that a hunter person that's the way that that had to go and it should he went after them by the way do you know what progressive means marks his failure snow flake well that's a test that's a good way to look at agressive the progress beyond the constant that's what their whole philosophy so if the loss has something in the constitution they want to progress beyond that one i think i was anger at though oh no you were that was a good way to put it i think that the level terms and then you get street language and the other street language fairacre failure on every level needing to boss everybody around and tell him what to do so they could set themselves up as he styled gurus and kings to enslave humanity and kill off the ones that don't capitulate she should have been sued the chief police should have been sued the captain who was involved in that should have been so should had alisof about seven or eight and every one should have been brought up on whether it would have gone anywhere or not it would he could have possibly made publicity that could ha helped for the i don't know why faint that the good guys were infiltrating them and not the names of these idiots that the getyou know that this was this is a domestic terrorist organization and stood immediately designated as she shut down and in all an i'm sorry that this was absolutely a suggestion and a i mean no it's a terrorist it's here i agree o ka ah homenumber thirteen conduct of suits in person or by a on the turned coniston person or by count oh doesn't it a kind of plain you long a little bit here because they all want you to have an attorney they all think that champenetre the bet's not what i sed now says the right a cone that means if i wanted to be your counsel i should have the authority of the right to do when everyone but there's another part on this constant that screws that all up and we'll get to that eventful this is this is what a good argument should be brought forth that i'm a bringing this person and as my house is not on the thorny is not i do want a note i want to count ah a sooner in any court of the state has the right to prosecute or defend his suit either in his own proper person or by and why does it say he in said counsel originally now with saying a te where you got to keep the bar going and keep that members upkeep that membership going on you don't see that they can they can monopolize the entire judicial s or night hold you back before when we started this thing that this constitution is not for the as for to protect it's not the perfect which is what it should be constitution is supposed to be to protect us from runaway government but obviously little cave at or whatever you want to call it on the thirteenth which says one thing counsel and says another thing that tourney ah is void for vagueness because the which was what is it which one is is it the more important dark letter word that his counsel or is it the word that is not so dark and his kind of leaving a little obscure attorney deserted yeah they smoke it in their own and we bought into it this is part of our problem that we have the quote professional be it acheron or be an attorney a professional or a doctor is in a professional and you got to go to the professional to find out what you're doing because you're too you're not bright enough to know while that the opposite your brighter than they are but they want to they want to control over you so they have control over the a a they have controlled over the bar and that controls the way the outcome the cords and as everybody in the courts is a member of the bar so this is the problem that we have in our constitution then like i say it on when you get to be when you won't you finally take that seat an it lancing we got a blow this constitution up and start over again this is really a bad for us and jury trial i'm concerned about about touching anything right now because i think it's going to go on the wrong direction and tell me clean the rats out of the odor such because in you you would have to you would have to pretty well get rid of all these marks this that are sitting in place because because it would go this is the only protection it may not i you know as you say if there's an issue where the wee a because this is the fourth constitution of the state of michigan that that is well for certain they either adding proposal you know the making an article of amendment that what a one two or three that just passed which are an abomination for certain but ah ah in how we have honest people in office where we are we got a problem the first thing is as you got to clean house before you start so you start you know rearranging the furniture a little just like donald trumpets till the president in the united states in the residence is no authority or no bearing the three amendments that were passed because the election was a fraud have no man to have no bearing of being and they didn't get past just like you didn't lose the election nor did i because the election was a fort and fraud vitiates everything and you as verses throckmartin that so and in awe amanto that i'm proud be standing what you cause you do not conceive and i do not concede to a to a dishonest election that's right that's right so i'm waiting and i'm wondering why even heard from the election bureau saying that you haven't conceited number one you have enclosed your account number to and that you all is money number three waiting for those documents i haven't seen anything because he saw while they do that's the whole good to be my argument back to decanthers there there was no election it was number one number two you quote me a m c l which is tells me that that your following some sort of an election procedure which you didn't and i am quoting his six empty owls which i'm following now which one has more ways so but i haven't heard from them yet so maybe we won't ay maybe they know they realize that they don't want to open a can of worms and they might do that so i don't know what a pencel oh i've seen some new free cornthere when i've gone gone down there s i've got hold of that methinks are changing what's possible ah fourteen how much time over run and close to our time i think it's a it's a right or crochet now settled quietly finished up here and then were good go i will do the fourteenth and mocall it the right of trial by jury shall remain but shall be waved in all civil cases unless demanded by one of the parties in a manner prescribed by law in all civil cases tried by twelve jurors a verdict shall be received within ten jury agreed i received when ten jury agreed how many of you have gone in the corte hone speeding ticket or whatever what civil rest civil and fraction and demanded a trial by jury i've been in federal cases that i've demanded trial by jury and they ignored oh trouble you can't have a trial by jury kono be dried by judge no i have a right to a trial by her this becomes an argument if you go into the civil action and it does say civil here and the man the trial by jury for a speeding ticket this post to provide that for but they won't so they violated the fourteenth a section of this article right off the back there are a lot of stuff that we see that the that's in writing that there's supposed to be have a certain landed his ether is the whole the whole process is off the rails i'm in a read a couple of comments from the cadent i don't know why this happens where this adistaste ran on these were bound us back or voice is back and forth it so weird so anyhow eh mike wedell was one of the greatest presidents and my time i love that man i got to go down i further writes to equal laws from charlotte ersieht in the video but this is the document for his and he he gave me a length so be the pull man of her post that so there you go but i think oh i think i this is been incredibly in form enough well thank you i hope the dear i hope the listening audience is thinking that to i think they are as i did a lot of comments back in its one always really good john well why don't we go hat and stop here is there anything else you want to say before we close out on this just all that we have a meeting on wednesday night and a anybody interested and i did get a mail from somebody ah and i responded back on to day in on a send out in bits so anybody interested in shown up on a wednesday or next week the next we yes next week holnicote twentieth i'll be at nickol nicholas on self in salfield and i'll send out an invitation for that to can come and have dinner with us chat with us and meet others of like minded people if you want ah and that's on tuesday that means we will not have a wednesday meeting on the twenty first we'll have just the tuesdayes but anybody interested you've got my post on your or you got my email on your pots right they can send me time i can put it out there stand a tater at yahoodom siderated and do so yet you can if you ever if anybody ever wants to get hold of me too i always put my phone number up is there a cod six one six four three zero four for one zero on six four three zero for four one zero if i can help make connections or help find answers to things or if you got information for us that we need to address i've got a tanaiste blowers that keep calling me indifferent ingenand it which is really encouraging and so on taking them all the hired we're going to we're goin to find a way to address every single one of em kids have been taken away police reports that had been changed and proof of that there so many and an actual actual people that are being that were murdered in the either hospitals are nursing homes by by refusing to give them food or water for eight days or more there is a lot of this coming at altoetting inter the chenesee it just does this ranworth says ruth's ruth is rock and said i'm a human trafficking survivor it was our laws and system that kept me trapped i finally got my stuff expand in apology i am so sorry ruth please give me a call and bless us talk solomon is that the same now you need to collect all these russellor said and get everybody to gather and shame these miserable people that have been buying into the system ah for so long in the only way we do that as by assembling and force in the issue so there we go so i guess eh i guess i also for every one please go to my web site and sprinberg for governor dot tom the only candidate governor candidate who has not conceited and is contesting the election and has a law suit to consent test the twenty twenty election and a couple more of the coming up shortly plus i think i'm one might do a couple of em to defend myself as i think we have grown and oh in many and i think that we're going to have an incredible team of of wise counsel sexes you john and and their several others that i think are going to jump on board i think kirks going to be want of all and a i think this is going out it's going to get real real quick anyhow let's stand really i really want to go in i'm going to go back to gain because people i know people are so disheartened right now we want we want to really focus on the fact that god is always in control as i said he beginning to the program it it really it really got god his rule showing himself in the times that we were like and you don't we're talking about li wanted bring up this scripture right now manhoodfor through set when he had called together all these all the people's chief priests teachers of the law he asked them where the messiah was to be born in bethlehem in judea they replied for this is what the prophet is written but you bet the bethlehem in the land of judah are by no means least among the rulers of judah for out of you will come a ruler who will shepherd my people israel once again and and were talking about the law right now there there's so much in the bible about godly governance and people say oh i don't want to get volved in the governor and the government guesswhat you are involved in it whether you want to be your not you are a subject to the rules and then so you either just lay down and pay attention to everything that they're doing which is unlawful or we stand together and we fight for your rights and my rights these people are criminals they are operating outside the law and trying to make make slaves out of all but the bible clearly lays out and i in clearly lays out what godly government it looks like if you go to to of judges and kings there there's the system there and it's a just sisseton that is so nontonagon soon holter minute and were i think i think this is so important to no to know not only our laws but also we need to go back to the standard and the standard is in fact the bible god gave us his word and we can go there there we can go there at any point in time and find out what god says bout anything because pretty much all all situations are addressed there the standard as you go back to the ten commandants that wasn't good enough for the israelites they had to and six hundred forty eight more laws and a in rules and regulations just like our operment done you know we started out in the constitution and then all of a sudden lawmakers decided to step up and know that wasn't good enough we're going to go and were going to add to that and that's when the mess started in an that's were the mass continues for the to these some one just regret were going to win a read a psalm or going to pray and read her a minute and lets you know that you know ah truly god is in control we have nothing to fear in any time you're operating out of fear you are not operating within the will of god no matter what it is and that's how they manipulate us to our own devise no fear this is no fear going forward were looking to things that have to be looked at faces in the dolls to protect and defend dolls without a voice and at exactly what we're going to do and we're going to do it together as we grow dear heavenly father we are so thankful for this day that you've given us a hat we don't know what it's goin to hold but we now ernewerte a self contained life time we started the beginning and we handed the end of the day and go to sleep kind of hit are and you are you are a god or a redeemer you redeem all things and give us chances to start over and get things right you know we were we we we we fail in so many different ways and you still believe in owen you still stand with us and you still are there hold our hands to set us back on her feet again and when we come to you and say we screwed off were sorry and we won't do it again we're so sorry and you pick us up and you sick em on you got this and we walked together with you and were so thankful that you never leave us and that you never you never turn out your back on us and we can always go to you in any situation in the answer is always right there with you walking by our side and we're just we're just thankful were very thick lord god at miss psalms one night een thirty three minori because i find the ear word is a beautiful expression or we can go and we can read the beautiful words that you give it us to make sure that we stay on track to their there boundary their guide for us and you you are our guide your counsel are you are our counsellor in our guide in all things ah me learned the way of your decrees that i may follow it to the end give me understanding so that i may keep your law and obey it with all my heart direct me in the path of your commands i'll see direct us in the path of your commands for there we find delight turn our hearts toward your statutes and not towards selfish gain turn our eyes away from worthless things preserve our lives according to your word fulfil your promise to your servant so that you may be fear not anything else but your rules in your boundaries that we respect as the word take away the disgrace we dread for your laws are good for we long for your precept in your righteousness preserve our lives and we are so thankful for every single thing that you do for us every day god help us to commit ourselves our words are actions the way that we see people give us the way it gives your eyes that we may see people and their imperfections and our imperfections and are flowed in nature and rend an approach all with with being humble and full of grace to help each other out just like we should be doing as a family your family your children and we asked that you would find any of your lost and draw them close to you in the safety of your protection in your provision and your wise count help guide us sons we put back this nation the state two to follow your lead not ours even if it doesn't make sense to asides it making a difference if it's a way that you want us to go we are willing and we are thankful and all things we love you and the name of jesus christ we pray our lorencio amen so the reason often run in from the day absolutely alsolutely so well i got nothing else to say except to have a great day every one and where men were thinking that in the chat ruth says cats could leave ely rate victims before two thousand seventeen there's an out alive article please text that to me ah ruth cops can do what said that cats could legally make victims before two thousand seventeen in i had a gal that i met who was as who was a adapted and they told her that she had to resign or she would be raked in a jail and as she she took off i heard the story from her course nobody wants investigate these claims but but i think there's some credibility to it but it certainly should be a claim like that should be investigated i don't think rape was ever acceptable in this contre and so then article i'd like to see it to an live which is a communist where a light as a kommunisten paper to ragwell and that's the no no we can write anything we want remember or balmagie us the right to do not give us the right but said that propaganda soke gave them the right to lie or faces and ericace tit which is a bunch of craft any way love tea all of doing hurt hands right now i'll be back on camera soon and ah we desonelle you know that you are loved you are not alone there's many of us fighting for all of us as we stand together as not political parties or self serene interests as americans one nation and honor god indivisible with liberty and justice for all so we ah we love you god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america will see it to morrow i've got to parker on with a a redeeming grace church again to morrow on wednesday we're going to do that on wednesday and a much love to you all will will be will be seen soon and you can always call her checks have great day john thank you you can artesian exaltedness day maybe he will have to see what mill see if i can make that one i take care i like