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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 11/21/2023 Tatar Tuesday and Real News

Published Nov. 21, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

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♫ Good morning, welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg and it's the 21st of November, 2023. And we are gonna get started right away with, yay, Tater Tuesday. Hey, Don, how you doing? I'm good. Good, so what are we doing today, boys and girls? Well, maybe I should start it out with a song and that'll kind of picked the song to fit what I wanted to talk about today and to kind of tie it into what we talked about last week, which was jurisdiction. Okay, that's cool. I want to let everybody know I've got a horse that's not feeling too good, and I want to say thank you to Lulu for picking up on the fact that he wasn't feeling good. So I had to run to the barn this morning and try to get some meds in him and such. get oriented here because I basically flew in here, skidding into the chair and, hey, we're here with Brandenburg News Network. So anyhow, let's go into a song here. ♫ that they don't like to torture nor act. ♫ They'll use in their labs for their jobs and their stats more despicable subjects than they... ♫ When you see your ex-spouse with the low form of louse, everybody sing it with me now! ♫ La Ferre, Latin in a blur, it's a local turn and color. ♫ It's called Cheating You. ♫ Money on a string, jingling a ling, got you in a ♫ Off to court, hit you with a tort, then you can't come forth, off to a resort, in his Beamer. ♫ That's good. You know, it's one of those things that has been sold to us as a necessary evil, but any communication with a lawyer, as always, it's painful, right? Well, it used to be when I didn't know any better and I hired them because you realize You always came out on the short end of the stick. Yeah, you wanna hear something really funny? We had a lawsuit years ago, and it was a substantial lawsuit that we were involved in. And it was really funny, the other side had about 125 attorneys on staff. We had four. And it's a funny story, can't say too much, but it's definitely a funny story. Well, this is the action here. 99.9% of all of the problems that are out there today are because the lawyers are out there making those problems. Well, and they'll just paper you to death, no matter what. And this is not about justice whatsoever. ever. I'll show you something. So I went to Washington DC this week and I've got some other cool meetings coming up by the way. That I think we all need to talk about because this is, it's going to be kind of a fun couple of weeks for Donna Brandenburg. Looks like a might have some substantial, substantial things, which is kind of cool. Um, let me, Cause I want to show you where it was. Yay. Here we go. This is what you get guys, real news for real people by real people at the kitchen table. Not going to be queued up like any blonde Megyn Kelly. Here we go. Here we go. So I was at the long source building and went to the ways and means thing and then we got in the tunnels. So I didn't know how many miles, but yeah, I know it's. Substantial. And. A lot of traffic out of there. Oh yeah, I think. And it's really, I'm absolutely obsessed by the the library of Congress. It's absolutely gorgeous. And some of the old chambers and such, I mean, oh, that's the, center point of Washington DC right there under the Capitol. And then we were able to get out on the balcony of the Capitol which you just don't walk out there, saunter out there. So clearly we had some significant clearance which was kind of fun and not only that it tells us that the good guys really are in control. And there I am, ta-da! Do the wave, do the wave. And so that was a lot of fun. Putting up the Christmas tree, door into the speaker of the house, the chamber. We went through the speaker of the house's chambers, which is kind of cool. So let me show you what I want to show you, though. That's in the Capitol with the J6 video coming out. I decided to touch the velvet ropes to show anybody if they've got reason to call for an insurrection like they did on everybody else. I want to make sure that I threw it right in their face. There's the proof. and no insurrection, kind of ridiculous, the whole thing. It's ridiculous. And so here's the old Senate chamber, beautiful. They still use that as a committee for committee meetings. And then the great seal, and I pinned that on Danny Bartolotta, who was wrongly dismissed by the MIGOP and Erlina Belting, who I travel with. And so back to the tunnels, Library of Congress. And it's just an amazing, amazing building. You can find all these pictures that I took. So if Phil Godlowski out there decides to be a troll and try to scam my stuff again, you know, screw him. You know, I've got it all here just to make sure that we know that this is in fact me. I got somebody on my channel too that's like, how do we know you're Donna Brandenburg. Okay, I can't help that kind of stupid. So go find somebody else to troll. Library of Congress, absolutely stunning building. There's no way that building is 250 years old, if you want to know my opinion. We don't have the skill to make it now, just like the pyramids. There's no way. So, and here you go. Let me back up. And this is the Supreme Court. And it's absolutely beautiful. Worth going. And we have, let me go back here. We have, let's see, equal justice under law is what it's. You know, and I thought that was when you're talking. Supreme court, I can almost buy that as true. Yeah, it's like, that's what it stated is equal justice under law. It was it was very amazing. I couldn't get anybody to admit to me how many levels there were. The closest I got was six levels underneath that somebody had been. And another another person said, said, you know, I can't tell you that. And I'm like, you should tell us this. We of course, there is no secret in this country. We shouldn't have the secrets. And the response was, it's to protect you. protect you. And I'm like, what do you mean protect? You know, it's like, okay, then somebody better be coughing up some real crap here. Because, you know, it's like there's, there's many layers, and nobody's talking. But at least we know they admitted to 32 miles. Mudder says 32 miles. I'm sure that's their official number on tunnels. Not feeling that is an accurate number. Never trust those things myself. Well, until we see this thing inked somewhere, you know, we have to question everything, including the age of these structures. If anybody here thinks that this was 250 years of work, I got a bridge to sell you in New York, and a big one. I don't even know where they would quarry that amount of marble. You got to think about the base materials. Where are you going to quarry that amount of materials right now? Think think about the construction methods we have. So where do they come from? You know, it's like, I'm not buying any of this. And I'm gonna tell you right now, all of us should be really doing some serious questioning of what we've been told. Both our history, because I got a feeling, and this is gonna be hard because everybody's gonna go, conspiracy theory, really? What have we learned in the last few years, boys and girls, that conspiracy theories theories are not theories at all, and it takes about 10 minutes for them to become true. John Kasich Conspiracy facts. Dr. Stevenson Conspiracy facts or misleading facts. It's like right now, I'm going to tell you that anything's possible with God, God Almighty, anything's possible. And so, we may have been so far taken off the path by fifth generation warfare that's been going on, that's been going on, not since General Flynn's book that came out with Boone Cutler, it's been going on for decades and centuries. This is nothing new, there's nothing new under the sun. We just gotta get smarter, right? And as Kennedy put it, there is no place for secret societies or secrets in a free world. Exactly. In our Republic, there's no room for that. Exactly. So I started talking about it yesterday and and all of a sudden I was descended upon by a few people It's like well, what does this do to your Christian faith? I'm like I have to do with the faith That's exactly how strong is your faith if you how strong is your faith if you can't ask questions? Because I'm pretty extra sure that God loves it when we're honest with them and actually ask those hard questions You know, it's like we got to if there's fire out there guys run towards the fire and let's figure out what it is Because i'm going to tell you what, you know, I was expecting this and i'm just going to say it I was expecting this to be a shit whole city All we're ever told is that it's constant crime and it's dangerous I felt safe every minute. I was there It was clean There was no there's more homeless people and trash on the ground in grand rapids, michigan And then studying what we found out yesterday about Devoss's and how and that they've got a Pfizer plant Sitting that they funded sitting right next to their oh We're this natural you know natural crap and then seeing that they were They were running around in the Caribbean before they started their alleged company in a garage And all the symbolism there come on guys just because they come up and say we're Dutch Christian Bullshit you can't believe stuff that people say when the facts come out It's gonna be hard for people to take a look at just because somebody says something Doesn't mean that there's any truth to it whatsoever Hold their feet to the fire and make them prove themselves Absolutely, so there you go there's Donna's rant for the morning because by night I was so sick of the of the crap that we've been fed that I'm like, all right, anybody could have a target on them right now and don't get stupid say, Oh, now he's putting targets on people. It's like, it's just just to look at what they're saying and pushing us. That's not true. And you know, you and I were an equal opportunity political hater, anybody that steps out of line power that they were given, they are subject to questioning and prosecution under the fullest power of the law, up to and including treason, which carries a death penalty. Goodbye, they know what they're doing. And that's why we have to go back to the Republic and get away from the democracy, in this country according to the way the country was set up and our founding fathers. We have a Republic and that's a big difference because in a democracy, they can tell us anything they want to and get away with it. And in a Republic, we live by the rule of law. And so we have to get back to the rule of law and Trump has been beating the drum many, many times about the rule of law, the rule of law to the rule of law. There you go. The rightful president of the United States. And I'm going to tell, I'm going to make a statement here and wait, just wait. I'm going to get attacked for this, right? I'm going to take a guess because everybody's going to go, oh no, Donna's turned to the dark side. She goes to Washington DC and all of a sudden she's captured. I can hear it coming, right? I just know what's going to happen here. But I'm going to tell you what, I, from what I had, which as much as I was hated by the political hacks in the state of Michigan, you know what, it's like pretty extra sure guys that I think they've already got a lot of DC cleaned out. And probably President Trump has done a lot better job than what anybody has a handle on, and including all the people that are standing with him, Admiral Rogers and the good guys, there's no way I would have been out on that balcony if the good guys weren't in control. Oh, so there you go. Oh, one more thing. I've been playing with my sewing machine and I'm learning how to do an applique, or not applique, monogramming. So that's my happy thoughts. So anyhow, let's go on. So we get back to jurisdiction, because we have to understand that we have a jurisdiction that is existing in the court system because they are part of the same club. The lawyers, the judges, the prosecutors, the anybody that works in the judicial system is part of that club. And they work under the civil action jurisdiction and not the Republic. So we have to understand that we have to get rid of the civil action jurisdiction because the civil action jurisdiction is not meant nor ever meant to be part of our republic. So that's number one where we have to start. But what we have to understand is that when we go to court, if we are in the republics, which I am always in the republic, I'm never in the civil action jurisdiction because I at the very beginning on paper, and it's turned into the court system before I get to court, generally seven days or more before I get to court. And I am demanding, according to the Michigan court rules, I am demanding an answer from the, or a reply on my answer of my complaint, if they have a complaint against me, I'm not going to get a reply from the prosecutor, the judge, and the whoever stopped the police officer or the ordinance officer, whatever. I'm demanding an answer because when they don't answer it, then they're in default. And that automatically stops the case right there because you can't proceed until the default is clear. That's Michigan court rules. and try to sidestep that in every which way, but you've got to be persistent. If you're in the court and say, hey, you can't do that, your honor, you're stepping outside your authority or your super, your usurping authority, you were never granted, you have to follow the rule of law. And then that brings us back to the most important question. And in fact, we're raising that right now in a couple other complaints that we're arguing in. Are you a de jure status. DOJ, I want you to prove that you are a de jure office. And if you can prove that, or if you have proved that, then just give us that information when you've proved it, because I have the right, as a citizen, to demand that they prove their de jure status before we go forward. And so once they've proven that they don't have to do it again, but they have to prove it if they have never proved it before. So you ask them, are you a de jure officer occupying a de jure office? Please prove that you have that de jure status. How are you going to do that? Well, we know the DOJ, and it was established or brought into being by Grant by a legislative action. Can you do that? And the answer is no, you can't do that. It has to be going, it has to go through the Constitution that says the DOJ does exist. Does it? Do you know that there's a list of emergency powers that the president has? There's about 142 of them, I believe, and that they just renew them every single year instead of going in there and saying, why are we doing this? Some of it is absolutely ridiculous. I'm gonna look it up while you're talking because- They are meaningless. They're totally, it is so crazy. They are meaningless. They are meaningless. I think if somebody actually looked, looks at these emergency powers, they would be like, what are they doing? And it just automatically gets renewed by the next president that comes in. It needs to stop immediately. Well, it does need to stop, number one, but more important, it has to be presented as a usurpation of power. It is. Because they have no authority to do that. List of presidential emergency powers. And I couldn't believe it when I saw it. It was- I've seen it before in the past, but they do not apply to us. Right, well, it doesn't, I mean, the whole thing needs to be, you know, it's, oh, it's 100, it says 136 right here, hang on a minute, let me see if I can find a spreadsheet in this a minute. As long as we don't ratify it, as the 16 people that are being tried in Michigan court for setting up their own Republican delegates, saying that what Dana Nessel did was legitimate and effective because they're ratifying it and they're hiring attorneys and they're going to court. What's the matter with you people? You can't ratify an issue unless you have some sort of something in the background that you know you're gonna be able to their usurpation of power. Okay, let's see if I can get this to go so we can see it. So it's 100, I was short on this. I thought it was 142. So a guide to emergency powers and their use, and there's 148 powers that become available to the president upon declaration of national emergency. constantly. This is the Brennan Center and here's the emergency framework statutes. Check this out. There was a couple of them that I saw in here that are just so crazy. Like one person may not be involved in governance. I mean, why would they do that? It's really crazy. I mean, it's not even overall emergencies. It's like a hit piece on one individual. It's trying to give the president power and control that he doesn't have. Yeah, it's crazy. So anyhow, this is a real thing out there, guys. Well, it exists on paper, but interesting that it's never been put into effect. Well, I've never actually, well, it kind of is something that can be put to work here for them. And I believe that it keeps us under national emergency, and we've been under it for a very long time. Here's the law governing the disposal of garbage at sea, including restrictions on disposal near land, toxic chemicals, okay, I get that one. But there's all kinds of to get on here. And this is a crazy one, look at this. Barrow, Colorado Island in the Panama Canal zone, which is otherwise to be left in its natural state for scientific observation may be used for other purposes. Government made quake possession of land specifically in the Tennessee Valley Authority Act for the purpose of manufacturing explosives or other war purposes. Is that crazy? Yes, it is. Sorry to get on a, you know. We have to kind of unravel all of this nonsense that the government has been put upon us. And it's like the Patriot Act that was brought upon to control the public. We have to say, no, we're not following that. You have no authority to do that. And until we are strong enough to stand up and say no, as public, as the public, we will not be able to bind them with the chains of the Constitution because they do whatever they want to do. Yeah. And any of you guys that want to change the Constitution with Convention of States or anything like that, or a constitutional convention, just go get yourself a root beer float because we don't need to be having anybody screw around with this now because we don't have anybody anybody that's honest enough to touch this thing. They'll destroy it. Well, going back to the Constitutional Convention, there is absolutely no need for one because we have all of the laws there. And if we would follow the laws, we would fix the government overnight. Okay, sorry for the rabbit trail, budget, if we went back to the original intent of the Constitution, no state can make anything but gold and silver coin of tender and payment of debt, then we would fix that overnight. Oh, it's true that the federal government can print whatever they want to and use whatever they want to, but the states can't. pay debts in Federal Reserve notes because it's not constitutional, it's an unconstitutional currency. So if the people stopped paying the debts to the Federal Government and to the State Government, now the Federal Government can use paper, can demand in paper, but the states cannot. And the states will go broke overnight if people started, especially people that are out on the getting speeding tickets and getting this and that, if they constantly clog the cart systems and said, no, we're not doing that. You can't force us to do that. Law says no. Then we would make a change of this thing overnight. I know just my little bit of significance that I have been doing by going to court. when a judge tells me that, or the bailiff tells me that the judge is to recuse themselves from my case without even hearing it, you gotta know something's going on and I have some power. Matter of fact, I have a lot of power that most people don't recognize that they have. So you have to get out there and you have to exercise that power. You have to know what the laws are and you have to exercise the law and not let them skate by it and do whatever they wanna do. Again, if you walk into a court system, you're walking into a club that you're not a member of. And that club is the attorney club, bar club, whatever you wanna call it. And those people are not there for you, not there for your justice, they're there for collecting revenue. That's their whole job. It's extortion our whole government is based on extortion and racketeering and money laundry and That's pretty much all it is So here we go so That's on the way to the barn right now What happens when you go to court and the court starts giving you a hard time hard time and starts ignoring your comments and your documents, which they will if they can. And if you let them, they will ignore your documents. Well, you tell them I'm not talking to you as the judge, I'm talking to the record. You've disappeared, your honor. You're not in this courtroom. I haven't seen you. Where'd you go? Norton says you do not exist. Remember an unconstitutional law is not an act. It's not a law and it creates no office and it creates no sovereignty, it creates nothing. You don't exist. Well, you can throw Haynes versus Kerner at them, which is a court case that I've given you in the past. Haynes versus Kerner, which is 404 U.S. 519. All right, hold on a minute, 404. 72 case. 404 what? 404 U.S. 519, 1972. But I'm only going to read a portion of it, so I don't know if you want to call it up because it's, you know, we'll get tangled up in trying to find what we're trying to say. But I did underline it, and I did send you a copy of our points. It was about a guy that was in prison and he was abused by the prison system and caused him harm and damage to his body. So he took the case to the district court. And of course the district court said, we dismiss this case because the, How do they say? The prison officials have wide discretion, is what the district court said, as wide discretion, which means that they're kind of immune. No, they're not immune. They don't have wide discretion. Are you underlining, did you find something there? Yeah, just the petitioner's pro se complaint was promised on alleged action of prison officials officials placing him in solitary confinement as a disciplinary measure after he had struck another inmate on the head with a shovel following a verbal altercation. So, so that's, yeah. So if you scroll down a little bit in there, well, I don't know if we can find it. It's one of the ending paragraphs says the only issue before the Supreme Court at this point, because the appellate court ruled in their favor, favor saying that they have wide discretion. So the Supreme Court says, the only issue now before us is petitioners continuation or contention that the district court erred in dismissing his pro se complaint without allowing him to present evidence on his claim. dismiss a pro se case based on this, based on this law. Based on, well, it wasn't a law, based on a case. A case, yeah. And now I think you found whatever we're looking for. Wherever it may be limited on the scope of inquiry of courts into the internal administration of prisons, which is what you have there, allegations such as those asserted by petitioner, however inartfully pled on a piece of toilet paper, if necessary, are sufficient to call for the opportunity to offer supporting evidence. We cannot say with assurance that under the allegations of the pro se complaint, which we hold to less stringent standards drafted by lawyers, it appears beyond doubt that plaintiffs can prove no set of facts in support of his claim, which would entitle him to relief. Basically saying that you can plead your case however inartfully you plead it, and the courts have to listen to it. And then we're talking about District courts and appellate courts don't follow Kerner unless you tell them that they have to follow Haynes versus Kerner. So you really, you know, in the court system, what's really become increasingly clear to me over the time that you and I've been talking is that going back to instructing people, we are responsible to instruct them. You can't instruct them unless you're educated and know how to do so. This is one of those things that every single one of us that are out there should get really, really well-versed in pro se as well as pro per because in the state of Michigan... Oh, they're the same. Pro per, pro se are both the same. Okay. So in the state of Michigan, I think they use the word pro per. Doesn't matter. Same thing. It doesn't matter. Okay. So we're learning. Here you go. I'm learning something every day here. We need to know the exact process. We need to know the cases that we can cite. And we need to know our rights to dismiss a judge from basically from being there. Yeah, go down to the next paragraph. Accordingly- I think it'll make everybody real happy when they learn that in the court system as well as the attorneys that have been sucking us dry. Yeah. Accordingly, although we intimate no view whatsoever on the merits of the petitioner's allegations, in other words, whether the petitioner is got the facts right or he's telling the truth or he's not exaggerating, we conclude that he is entitled to the opportunity to offer proof. is reversed and the case is remanded back for further proceedings considered. Yeah, it's just like our township clerk denying my FOIA for election information because she was told by the board of elections, Jonathan Brader, to basically hand it all over to the county to the state to destroy anything that was on the property basically, and that they kept no information, which was a violation of four different laws. We have zero on Brader too. I didn't realize he was involved. Oh yeah, and I got the letter that Brader sent in order to, I have Brader's letter that sent to the clerks. That's part of you, that'll be part of your case. also the chairman of the board of Eric. We have to prove their de jure status right off the bat. Who are they? Where do they have a de jure status? None of them, none of them. Or are they usurping authority never granted? And that's where we got to start. And then we go from there. So. Board of canvassers should be removed also. If they have no constitutional authority, they should not be there. No, but there's a clear path because of what the clerk did in Byron Township. She didn't answer it in the right amount of time. She hung up on me when I was asking her, when she denied that they had anything. And I said, she said, we have a stick. And I said, well, what's on the stick? And she goes, nothing. I said, what do you mean nothing? I said, who destroyed it and who erased it? She goes, well, nobody erased it. And I said, well, you just told me it was empty. And she's like, she just went back and forth. Then she got absolutely mad at me and started talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, wouldn't let me get a word of advice and hung up the phone on me. Yeah, that's exactly, she needs to be hit with a lawsuit. She sure does. And every other, every other clerk, local clerk in this entire state, either they pony up here and jump on board with this to call those that told them to disobey the law, they either go after them or they're guilty and they're complicit and they're hiding their buddies within the system. Once you get a lawsuit against one of the clerks, where do you think the other clerks are going to look? Well, if they're smart, they will start resigning and or giving down a Brandenburger call and saying, here's all the evidence. Let's go after these bastards sitting on the top. And if they don't, then they're involved. Then they get the lawsuit, they have to pay the penalty. So we start with the, that's the easiest track you've got is to go after the clerk first. Well, and it's like it goes up from there because then you can go after all of the election violations. They're gonna be screaming, it's not my fault I followed John Brader. Sure. It's not my fault I followed the governor and you got the chain going all the way up the ladder. Well, and the problem is if somebody told you to take out a gun and shoot somebody point blank in a car, you're going to listen to them? The answer to that is no. You know, if somebody tells you to do something that's illegal, you're going to do it and then point to somebody else, no, my fault, he told me to do it. I mean, what kind of moronic answer is that? I mean, I didn't know. Well grain there, you know? It's like, jump off, jump off the cult, guys, get out of the cult. Yes, that's, well, we've been in the matrix for many, many years, and now people have to step outside. But the problem with stepping outside the matrix is it's uncomfortable. It's not comfortable to step outside the matrix and to walk into a court of law. I had somebody that called me and said, hey, my husband got a seatbelt ticket. I says, this is a simple case. I've already fought this line. I have the paperwork, I have the documents. And this would, we could put this together and, you know, short order and you could fight this case. And of course the seatbelt tickets $65 and we charge 150, but it's the time and energy that we put out. But the point of the matter is the guy says, well, you know, I just, and the wife says, well, you know, he's kind of really upset and it's traumatic for him and so on and so forth, so he doesn't want to do it. Okay, whatever. Whatever. But then you allow the system to continue. You allow the fight to, you allow the usurpation of government officials, government public to exist because you're not standing up against it. And that's the problem. We have another, and I want to mention this judge's name because she's a creep too, Judge Cicerelli of Westland, probably one of the, well, I'll keep it. Bottom of the barrel judges. Bottom of the barrel judges. Because she is telling, this is the case that we're dealing with that I'm looking at is a clear cut case of contract. The contract says, if this happens, then that happens. But in this particular case, the judge wants to take this to trial, wants to take off the petitioner who is due her money because the contract was violated. the defendant or the plaintiff, the one that's filing the case, is being walked all over and not allowed the rule of law to happen in that court. Cicirelli, anybody knows her, Westland, Turkey judge, is playing games with her. This is a clear-cut contract. The contract says this, the result should be that. in between nonsense, but this judge wants to carry it out and make it into a nonsense case. I've had my issues with McConnell in that courtroom. He's another turkey that doesn't know the law. Bottom of the barrel, let's call him what they are. Bottom of the barrel guy. And what I had in front of him was I had a court case originally in Livonia and up on it at that point in time. I mean, you know, it's our learning. We learn every time we go to court or every time we have a battle with these guys. But I went to Livonia courts and Livonia courts changed it to Westland. So I took my pleadings and automatically filed it in Westland court because that's where the court was gonna be held. So McConnell sends me a letter or his clerk or whatever, a note saying that you can't file these documents, you have to file it as a motion, which was total lie. Because when they file a complaint against you, you can file an answer to the complaint, which I did, but I didn't know any better. So I filed it as a motion. And when I got to court in front of him, he said, well, the other group, The plaintiffs that are filing the case against you filed their motion first, and I'm only required under law to hear the first motion, which he did, and he ignored mine. So that game was played. I didn't know any better, or I would have stuck with filing my answer to my complaint at the very beginning, and went into court that way without the motion. Then they would have had to answer my complaint, which they didn't. So I lost that battle. Well, they lost in the end because the collecting attorney ended up with 8,500 beads. That was his agreement. So I mean, I eventually won my battle. I didn't pay anything. I paid them in beads. There was nothing. They're all playing games. It's like when I sued in therow Supreme Court. They should have ruled on what was going on. But I think they had coffee with Nestle that morning and said, huh, I guess we're just gonna go, it's not my jurisdiction. I don't know if we wanna rule on this and let's just run the clock out. You know, when this election happened back in whatever, when those three turkeys got involved, the three whores of Lansing, got into Lansing, there was a fourth one. The fourth one was one of the Michigan Supreme Court justices, another female. Not that I'm picking on females, but in this case- Go ahead and pick on females. I'll start picking on them too. In this particular case, it was another one of the, what do you want to call them? Squad? Squad of Michigan. So she's there on, and she probably has coffee with Nessel with Whitmer and the other dingbat. All three of them have coffee, all four of them have coffee together and they kind of have the executive branch tied up and they have the judicial branch tied up to a degree. Well, you know, anytime I see, I'm gonna start picking on this right now because when you look at the squad and these morons sitting in the seats, you know, that they're all dressed in their white dresses together as they go into Congress and such. I don't see any guys involved in this. I'm just going to say it right now. And it's all based on, oh, pity us women, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Let's have all the feels and feel sorry for criminals. And, and you know what? I'm sorry, but I might be the only one to say it. But out there, stop being weak and pathetic. You know what? It's like if somebody has to be charged with a crime, they know what they did. You can feel sorry that they did it and that, oh, you know, but you know what? You can't just keep letting these people commit the crimes because they're going to come after you. It's just like with the gun control, the gun control nonsense, they want to get that gun. Why? It's an attack on women. Just Just like the trans nonsense in sports. This is an attack on women. Make no mistake. Firearms is a great equalizer and gives us, as women, a little bit more of an equal protection. And it's like, anybody that wants it, did you see that yesterday? Whitmer put out or signed a bill that said for domestic abuse about not being able to buy. This was such a nothing burger. It's not even funny because it's already in federal law. And so I don't even know why she did it except for. What did she what did she pass? Oh, let me let me see if I can find it here. But it's like it's like talk about being a camera whore. I mean, that's exactly what this was. This was absolute nonsense. And I talked to a sheriff in the state of Michigan last night that said, hey, I'm going to kick you something here. That's a nothing burger. All laws are nothing burgers. All laws regarding guns are nothing burgers. Let me see. And the judges are duty bound to follow the Supreme court. They have no choice, but you got to point it out to them because there are, they all act the way this works. So somebody can say, Oh, help me, help me somebody. And I'm not saying it doesn't happen. Okay. I've, I've suffered a decent amount of abuse in my life. I'm just going to say that right out there. And you get smarter as you get older, right? So, but it's like, it's like, here's the gun ban right here for domestic abusers. This is such a nothing burger. And it's a great, it's a great way for somebody to jump on here and start taking, accusing people without, sorry. There's going to be cases that have a problem. But if they prosecuted the criminals, the problem would be solved instead of going, this is the problem. They're not prosecuting crime. They're going after a blanket statement that takes things away from law abiding citizens and that's their goal. It's to leave us without defense. What happened- It says gun control advocates and lawmakers. You bet, because they all want the guns taken away because they know the guns are there to protect us against them. That's right. So let's take them away. I mean, that's what this is all about, guys. And I hate to say it, but women, stop being so pathetic. I mean, that's really what I have to say. Stop being so fricking pathetic. the state of Arizona. And how does that work now? It creates an eight-year ban for those convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence related offenses from possessing, carrying, or distributing firearms. From a convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence, you lose your right to bear arms. So, yeah, I mean, I mean, here you go. So we're going to take away a right under the Constitution for a freaking misdemeanor. And we can't we can't prosecute any actual criminals out there for doing things that are a violation or a threat to national security. This is one great big heaping steaming pile of bullshit right here. And let's look, what is this Michigan coalition to end domestic and sexual violence? Have they ended it? No, they don't. They're not ending it because they won't prosecute the actual people that are committing the crimes. Yeah. I didn't hear about that ban, but that's another BS ban. And it doesn't work. Supreme Court's already ruled against all that. It doesn't work. It's unconstitutional. It's absurd. But what they want the boyfriend or the girlfriend to do is turn in their spouse and or boyfriend or girlfriend and say, oh, he's got a gun. We've already got a record of domestic violence. Take his gun away. So they want us to be the police force for the government. You bet they do. And it's not an accusation. It's a he said, she said type of thing. In a lot of regards, if it's a misdemeanor, if it was actually a threat, wouldn't they have a assault and battery charge or something like that? Not just an allegation. It sounds to me like this is just another one of these red flag crap laws that they're putting in place to try, because if there was actually a threat or there was something there other than a he said, she said, there's gonna be a criminal complaint online. This is going to be a he said, she said, that's it. Okay. So anyhow, there's another thing to talk about. What a bunch of nonsense. Well, here again, part of the problem is that I don't know how many people are attorneys that are in the legislative branch. We should find that out. What's the full of attorneys. Whitmer is an attorney, Nessel's an attorney, Benson's an attorney, and we know that the judicial system is all attorneys because the Supreme Court or the Michigan State Constitution only allows attorneys to become judges. So we know that they're all attorneys and they're all part of the same club. Now we wonder what the legislative branch is And there really should be a law in the books that says, if you are an attorney, you could not be in public office, period, cannot be in the executive branch, cannot be in the legislative branch. And the only thing you could do in the judicial branch is be an attorney. You can fight a case in court and that's it. You can't be a judge because when you put all of the same bar members or members of the same club and the same organization and then you have an individual that's a pro se up against them, then they are going to help fight to keep the pro se from winning. Because that's embarrassing to them. This guy's a pro se and he beat you in court? Attorneys will not be able to wherever they hide. They can't hide when that information gets out. So we have to as citizens change the system, but we have to get smarter, we have to know the law and we have to go after it and we have to fight the law in everywhere we can, not the law, but we have to fight the civil action jurisdiction wherever we can. And then we will become successful in making a change because we will have the power to do so. But until we have the people that are in line with us, behind us, that will not support this nonsense, this ban. I mean, it could be on the books and never be used. Then the law is useless and should be removed. But I mean, at this point in time, if nobody uses the law, if none of the public uses the law against their own, against the public, remember, it's not the blacks and the whites and the men and the women and the boys and the girls and all against each other. It's the people against the government. Yes. The government is our enemy. It's the enemy of the people. They still are. And we need to stand against the government whenever we can using the rule of law. And we will be successful because the rule of law is on our side. It's always been. It's always been on our side. their rules and regulations, which are not constitutional in many cases, which are usurpations of their power, and they use that stuff against us. And we buy into it, we ratify it, we follow it, and we listen to it. Well, you know, and here's another thing. I mean, we've finally gotten our heads on straight when it comes to things like realizing to manipulate the population by propaganda. I mean, it's just propaganda. And now I think everybody needs to get their head on straight and realize they've done the same thing in politics. They've created a puppet class of new stars for us to look at and be enamored with. Why do we care about these people and having to have like a groupie, a tiger beat type mentality on politicians. They're just people and either they're doing their job or they're not. That's it. And that's the point. Are they doing that? What is your job, judge? What is your job, attorney? What are you doing? We're hiding things from the population. Yes. So, sorry, I'm fired up today. I hit the wall of tolerance yesterday. Well, it's the same old, same old every single day. I run into more and more people that really have no clue what they're doing, and they run out and hire attorneys. And then the attorneys lose the case, or they make a deal, but it doesn't come out in favor of the person. It always comes out in favor of the attorneys and the judicial system. So we have to change that is become more educated. And it's like, you know, you wanted to pick on doctors earlier today, the same thing. You run to a doctor and he says, oh, you got to have surgery. And then you automatically say, okay, without getting third, fourth opinion, or what other options do I have? Or you go to three allopathic doctors who all say you need surgery, so you go get the surgery. or your exercise or something might have changed the process and you didn't need to go through the surgical process. But surgery pays a lot of money. Just like court cases pay a lot of money. If you can get and remember attorneys make no product. Doctors make no product. The government makes no product. It's we the people make the money those people do not make money those people steal money Yeah the paper pushers Just paper pushers we pay him way too much That's right, that's absolutely right Let's see what's going on here get off the merry-go-round a screen here. Let's see what's going on here. I want to see if Rumble kicked me off here a minute. Let's check this out. Who knows? Looks like we're still up and running. ♫ Oh, we're still there. Okay, that's good. So yeah, it's a crazy thing. And everybody needs to stop just going along to get along and actually fight these people and refuse to back down, refuse to drink their Kool-Aid. Don't be drinking the Kool-Aid out there. Exactly. I guess I don't know if we're at our parting shot already, but I guess what I would like to say and be sure that people get it got to understand Norton versus Shelby County, because that is the republic. The government is duty-bound to follow Norton versus Shelby County. They don't have a choice. They can play ignorance, but if you bring that to their attention, they have to follow it. Same with Haynes versus Kerner. They do not, they cannot hold us to the same stringent standards that they hold attorneys, although I think I'm smarter than most freaking attorneys out there. But attorneys, they have to hold the attorneys to their standards, and they don't have to hold the pro se litigants to their standards. And that's where we're at at this point in time. So people need to get educated. Get Hanes versus Kerner, it's on the internet. You can look all this stuff up, and you should be looking this stuff up. Spend a half a day or spend an hour a day studying the Republic. My goodness, if it's not worth an hour a day, that's seven hours a week to save the Republic, then why are you here? What's your purpose in life? So get with it, even show up at the Brandenburg Radio Network once or twice a week, or come over and see us on Tuesdays so we get the law and ingrain the law in your head because that's what this is all about. We can change this country overnight and fix it, but we have to do it. President Trump isn't gonna do it for us, we have to do it. He's helping us and he's leading the way, but we the people are the ones that are responsible to make the change, not President Trump. If we let him do it, as Davis said in the past, the next 22, if President Trump would have walked in there, arrested everybody, then four years from now, we would be back in the same boat we're in today. Because the people didn't get it. They don't understand. They haven't made that jump into the rule of law rule of law and into the republic. And they have to do that in order for us to sustain this republic for our posterity. There you go. Well, thank you, Mr. Tater. And it was another wonderful day as usual, just going out there and beating up bad guys everywhere. So nobody's safe from questioning here. And that's right. Everyone needs to be able to prove their muster. And I think that that's very important to hold them accountable. So I'm going to go ahead and and I've got to check on my horse. I think the vet's on his way there a minute. And then I'll be on in just a minute with Courtney Turner. Thanks, John. Thank you. Have a great week, everybody. And by the way, happy Thanksgiving. Hope you have a great family gathering. It will be fun. You too. So I will. All right. We'll talk to you later, John. Thanks. Bye bye. John, thanks. Bye-bye. Bye. ♫ Hey, welcome to Brandenburg News Network. Yeah, this is our second hour with Courtney Turner and Real History. How you doing, Courtney? I'm good. How are you doing? I'm multitasking. I've got a horse right now that I've got a vet, the vets on his way there. And I think that, um, uh, one of my gals, uh, Lulu, I think she caught him this morning before it got real serious. So, so, uh, I think he's, he's going to be doing okay. I just made a quick call to see how he's doing. And, uh, yeah, he was, he was not real happy. Yesterday he was just puffing around. I've never seen him that happy. He's like puffing around like crazy and just happy to see mom because I was gone for a little bit there. And today he was just like not feeling too well. So I gave him a little bit of banamine and called the vet and rocked him around a little bit and we'll see how he does. Oh, okay. What seems to be wrong? Do you know? I don't know if I don't know if he's got a little bit of colic or he's of getting tied up and that's when they can't urinate. And so kind of was watching them and it can be real painful for them. But I kind of think it's like the weather's like crap outside here right now. It's cold and rainy and such. And with horses, it's kind of tricky. I mean, the weather can, we don't, nobody really knows exactly why they'll call it. And it's a number one killer of horses. And so if you catch it early, a lot of times you can stop it, stop it. But yeah, and so, but the weather, who knows, you know? And so you just have to help them try to get through it as quick as best as possible. So that'll be there in about five minutes. But I called the barn and they said, yeah, he said he seems like he's doing kind of okay. So we'll see. Okay, good, good. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, all right. Well, you're back in your office. Yeah. And so where are we going to go with today's show? Because I'm absolutely loving all of this stuff. You know, I watched a documentary this week on the Bolshevik Revolution. Oh, and it was so there were some things in there I did not know, which was very, very interesting to me. And I really I'm going to post it. DC right now on my channel. I don't want to overwhelm people with stuff because I could post like 900 posts a day if I really set my mind to it. Everybody would be like, oh Donna, go away, do something else, right? But I really want to post that documentary and encourage everyone to watch this and understand that we were, as a country, being set up in the very same way way that it's the correlation is shocking. What do you mean? In what way? They went after the farm class, to destroy the farm class and destroy basically the nation and we the people of the area in order to bring in communism and how they did it and how brutal right now, our nation is a captured asset of uneducated, ignorant people by and large, don't even realize that they're leading us right to our slaughter just exactly the same way. And there were tens of millions of people that died through starvation, through what happened with the Bolsheviks and what happened. And the brutal deaths the Romanov family experienced experienced including up to and including their murderers having sex with the corpses of these girls. Yeah. Hang on just one second. I'm gonna let you talk because I got to see what's going on. I think that that is really interesting because of the parallels like what they did she you know, we're seeing now in our culture with, you know, all the critical race theory, the was just saying that that is really interesting because it's very much, I think there are a lot of parallels to what's happening today. What happened with the farm class, they were called the Kulaks. Yeah, and they were very hardworking industrial people, but they were very successful. They had a wonderful crop and they were led to into poverty and starving the empire. Your microphone has gotten a little weird there. I'm not sure what... Is that weird? My microphone? Oh no. That's better. I can hear you now. Okay. You can hear me now? Okay. I think you just gotta be a little closer. Closer. Okay, yeah. So I think it was just interesting because we're seeing that very much now with the critical race theory and the intersectional politics. It's a very similar thing that they've done. They've created this, you know, of course they did this in the Maoist revolution as well, you know, this other otherizing. It's a Marxist tactic where, you know, one, to foment revolutions, where, you know, to create the resentment between one and the other. Is my microphone not working? No, it is right now. That's great. I just, I like your term of or those people over there. Yeah, no, there's no those people over there. This is all of us. It's all of us, exactly. And somebody shouldn't be, you know, made to be feel shameful or in any way, like have any kind of remorse about reaping the fruits of their labor. They're hard work, they should be rewarded for. And it is just really interesting that I see so many parallels between what happened then and what's happening today. Interestingly enough, the other parallel I see is that the PSYOPs, so right after, and all of it is psychological warfare, but right after that, of course, what did they do? They had an Operation Trust in 1921, which was very similar to, I think, the Q movement. They convinced them that they didn't have to retaliate, they didn't have to redress any grievances because this was everything was going to go back to the way it was that you know that just trust the plan. That's essentially what they did right after the Bolshevik revolution. It was called Operation Trust and it was a psyop to placate the people so that they didn't revolt. So I think just all around and of course right after that really took hold. It was right after the Bolshevik Revolution, and this was the meeting between Antonio Gramsci. Lenin called it. It was between Antonio Gramsci, Georgi Lukács, and Willy Munzenberg. Willy Munzenberg, I feel like, doesn't get a whole lot of attention in the history books, or just really in much conversation at all, and he was a huge propagandist, kind of a pioneer in the movement of PR. He had publications all over the country, really all through Europe, and of course a lot of that credit goes to Edward Bernays, who was also very much a father of propaganda, wrote the book on propaganda, and created all the PR campaigns in the United States. But it was William Munzenberg, George G. Lukács, and Antonio Gramsci, and people have pushed back on this when I tell them this quite often. I'm like, it's literally written down in Antonio Gramsci's grandson's memoirs, so this isn't like hearsay, this is, you know, this is mainline history, you can go and find it. But he said that Lenin was very concerned because he said that Marx told him that once we had the Revolution it was going to spread throughout the West. He was very confused, he was very frustrated, he didn't understand why that didn't happen. And it was Antonio Gramsci who said because you're treating this as an economic revolution and an economic problem and this is a cultural problem you need to infiltrate the culture and so it was then from there that they set up the Frankfurt School of course in Frankfurt, Germany and really from there they went through they made a stop in in England and they set up shop in the United States starting with Columbia University and It was called the Institute for Social Research at Columbia in 1923 and then they opened up all over, you know, the United States in particular, but particularly through the Ivy They set up another Institute for social research actually in Michigan, Michigan University But yeah, the whole purpose was to them, right? Hmm you of them, right? Mm-hmm. Yep, University of Michigan Yeah, and I'd be taught so they yeah. Yeah down of the same playbook was used in China to allow the CCP in power. Interesting to note, it is the same families from them to now. Follow the wives, surnames pop in and out, however, tend to jump a generation. So this is really interesting. When I was watching, this is what one of the things that I found so interesting is that there was a gentleman named Schiff that was same as Adam Schiff that was behind the Bolshevik Revolution. Interesting. And so when you see the names of the people that were involved in it, it is basically the same people that are involved in the money system and that are behind it, including and not limited to SHIFT and that sort of thing. So is he related to Adam SHIFT? I don't know. That was crazy. And that's as far as it went because I've been so busy, but it's really a crazy, seemed like a crazy coincidence. And I can send you that video, a link to the video, cause I'm going to post it on my Telegram channel. I know you're on my Telegram channel, aren't you? Yeah. I'll post that today. And then I think this is critical that people start looking at this because the color revolutions that have gone on all over the world. It is the same playbook and it's the same people. It's a cult. It is a cult. It is a very, very evil cult and they infiltrate. They don't start anything new. They're not smart enough to start anything new. All they do is they take, which sounds an awful takers or infiltrators or parasites. Yeah, well I just did two shows and maybe for the next week or the following week we'll cover this, but I just did on Lucas Trust. Are you familiar with Lucas Trust? Oh, yes I am. Yeah, so I mean I knew a little bit, you know, I knew a little bit about Madame Blavatsky and Theosophical Society and Alice Bailey, but I didn't know really just all the connections between, I didn't know that much about her actually, and I definitely didn't know how connected it was to the UN and what they're doing. It's a, yeah, it's definitely satanic. So you wanna hear something else that's crazy. So I had somebody on yesterday that was exposing Amway and the DeVosses and how much manipulation they have had into our society, our elections and everything. They've got a Pfizer plant right next door to their natural health. look at us, let's go all run around in the fields like deer sniffing flowers and such. Well, they've got a Pfizer plant right next door to them, which they funded. And then not only that, what was told to me yesterday is that their board of directors are also on the board of directors for the UN. It's like, this is so insidious and deep. So I'm pretty much guessing that right now, Grand Rapids is scumbag low life central here. here. And we just got to keep digging down to expose this stuff and you know and keep going. And we need more people because the more of us that are out there, the less likely they are to shut us down. For sure, for sure. And I think they're gonna really ramp up with that. They've got their last gasp of anything. You know, the one thing I'm right now because I don't think that the Q movement was about making people active because I had something yesterday. I think it was to placate them, not to activate them. I think it was to get them to ask questions to break the paradigm of knowing what's going on because I look at how many people are asking questions and doing their own research. The next step to that is learning because you've got a whole society of people who have no clue the lies that they've been told. Well, you got to wake them up first. And as far as getting people to ask questions and get out of their little cocoon of, you know, of propaganda cocoon of manipulation, break the spell as it were, you're going to have to get them to have to think things through, which is wildly successful. And so, but I do think that there's a lot going on behind the scenes, but that doesn't absolve us of getting in. And that's a misconception about this whole thing. We were never, never told to sit still and do nothing, but also have faith going forward and confidence going forward and trust the plan. Right. I think, I mean, I obviously don't know. I'm not like on the inside there, but What it looks like to me is it looks like... Are you there? Did you freeze? Did we freeze up? I lose you? I don't know. Hmm. You're frozen. I don't know. Yeah. Hey, oh That's too funny, okay That's hilarious Okay To play with us a minute. Okay. I'll check in a minute. Okay I'm I'm on Yeah, I can't see you you're still circling Okay So, you're on the show. Speaker phone. Okay. We can hang on. Hmm I don't see you. I just see a circle I see myself, but Okay Okay. Yeah, I was just gonna say that I feel like you know, it look what the way it looks to me You know, and I I don't know for sure obviously it started out as a genuine type of a movement and then it got co-opted and I think that they used it in order to you know create cognitive infiltration and Okay That's so weird Wow Yeah, I guess not Are you familiar with operation trust after the Bolshevik Revolution Okay, yeah, let me see if I can pull up because it was a psyop. Okay, okay, so Dictatorate of the Soviet Union. The operation was set up by GPU's predecessor Cheka, and it ran from 1921 to 1926 to set up a fake anti-Bolshevik resistance organization, In order to help the OGPU identify the real monarchist and anti-Bolsheviks, the created front company was called the Moscow Municipal Credit Association. The head of MUCR was Alexander Yak Soviets began to allow the former specialist called Spetsi to resume the positions of their expertise. This position allowed him to travel abroad and contact Russian immigrants. Yukashev was arrested for his contacts with the exiled white movement. In the same year from active actions as he was convinced to wait for the development of internal anti-Bolshevik forces. Kutupov had previously believed in militant action as a solution Russian all-military Union led by General Baron Pytor nickel Nikola Vex Wrangle I'm sure I butchered that one Kutupov created you there Yeah, I have you on speakerphone Oh, so weird, I don't see you Okay yeah, so I was just reading from the Wikipedia on operation trust and Reading what you know what it says about it there Should I continue Okay So here where were we Kudupev also created the inner line as a counter intelligence operation to prevent Bolshevik penetration It caused the Cheka some problem, but it was not overly successful among the success of trust was luring of Boris The Soviets did not organize trust from scratch, which is kind of how I see Q. I don't think it was intended initially as a PSYOP. I think it got co-opted. The White Army had left sleeper agents and there were Royalist Russians who did not leave after Civil War. These people cooperated to the point of having loose organizational structure. When the OGPU discovered them, they did not liquidate all of them, but maneuvered into creating a shell organization for their own use. Still, another episode of the operation was an illegal trip, in fact monitored by OGPU, of notable emigre Vasily Shulgin into the Soviet Union. After his return, he published the book Three Capitals with his impression. In the book, he wrote, in Russia was reviving the Bolsheviks and would probably be removed from power." And then he goes on to talk about 1993, a Western historian who was granted limited access to the trust files, John Costello, so I guess that would be kind of like the declassified CIA file. John Costello reported that they compromised 37 volumes and were such a bewildering welder of double agents, change code name interlocking deception operations with quote the complexity of symphonic score that Russian historians from intelligence service had difficulties separating the fact from fantasy. The book which was written was co-authored by ex-KGB spokesperson Oleg Tuzarev. Defector Vasily Mitrukhin housed at the SVR offices in Yasenevo but were kept in the special archive collection of the FSB at the Lubyanka. In 1967 an adventure series with Operation Trust was created and in 1920s and 1930s the Soviet Union also pursued multiple trust-like deception operations in East Asia including organizer Or yeah, organizer, they called it Shogun dreamers and Makai mirage all against Japan Like trust they involve the control of anti-fake Soviet operations to lure in their rivals. Oh, there you go. I'm back QQQQQQQQ. Let's see if they take me off Screw you guys. So funny. Yeah Well, thanks for carrying that that. Of course, yeah. So I literally just read out from Wikipedia about Operation Trust, but I do, and basically they were saying that it was a counterintelligence movement that was not originally a counterintelligence, it was a co-opted movement, and that's kind of, you know, what I was saying, how I feel about Q. I don't think that it started out as potentially a very genuine organic thing, whether it was one person or I don't know that. Well, in the Q-post it says that there are ten, three that are non-military, the rest are military, and that it was, I mean, there's a mutter says, Donnie, use a Q-proof, it's impossible not to be true by percentage of confirmations from number 45. I get that, and I really do think that the problem is, is the same thing that happens with everything that Satan puts his hands on, or the communists out there, anything they touch, they co-opt. And it doesn't matter if it's a Jewish religion, a Christian religion, it doesn't matter if it's a corporation, it doesn't matter. But it's just like the Bible, you go back to the Bible, you go back to the Torah, the original documents, and start studying it, there's no confusion,, shape or form, you got a problem. And so I think, you know, like with Q, this is my opinion on it, and I'm just going to go big or go home here. I think of the Q things were the Q that Q was absolutely brilliant. And it got people to think never made any claims necessarily to fix anything, but help people to ask questions. Right. a lot of things that were too... you couldn't have that many things. There's no way there could be that many coincidences. It would defy any probability problem that you could put out there. So I don't think it was about fixing things. And what I do think though is because I was there kind of right from the. And so but at any rate What how are you in the Q post? What did you say? Q called me out in the Q post What's that can you share what he said what how did he call you out he's Q said we love you Oh, and so so that was that was the call-out the shout-out that I got and so on something that I posted online. It was wonderful, it was a huge deal. But I was there right from the beginning. And the thing of it is, is that what happened is you get all these people that want to be self-styled sages, that want to make money off of it. Same thing that happens with the Bible. Why do we have Christian bookstores that have a million self-styled sages out there for people to watch? It pulls them away from the Bible. go to the source documents. It's the same thing that happens in court system. They've got us looking at every stupid, absolutely stupid effort we could possibly look at and people don't go back to the law. What does the law say? What's the legal, you know? And so that's the problem. It's like, no matter what we have out there, political parties, economics, companies, and such, the failings is a human failing. And it's because we get so easily distracted distracted by evil itself. That we refuse to stay in the purest form, with the purest documents, which always lead us right back to the answer, and that's what they don't want us to see, is the distractions. So that's Donna's opinion on it. And so... Yeah, I think that's it. There's a lot of... I would agree with a lot of that sentiment. I mean, I do... as I was genuine, organic. I've talked to some military people who very much agree that yes, there were military officials involved initially, and this was like an intelligence type of a leak. But I do very much think that it was co-opted. They sure tried hard. I mean, it was like, started with 4chan, went to 8chan, then went to 8crune, and then, I mean, they sure did try. It's like the tech guys behind it, Ron, he did a spectacular job keeping the chans open when they kept the tech. Yeah, I mean, they did a spectacular job, but it goes back to that. It's like, if anybody thinks that there's anything in the purest form, they're kidding themselves right now. We've got to ask questions, think for ourselves, and realize that the enemy wants to take us down. about prowling around, you know, as to devour us when they see a, when he sees a weakness. And so, you know, you can't sit there and sit there like a moonied-eyed cult member going, I believe everything. And even in, in Q, it said dis gets co-opted. Absolutely. Yeah. So absolutely. And I agree. I absolutely agree with that. But I think there's even, even in bad situations, God uses everything. Everything is used for good to those who love the Lord and are called according to his purposes. Clearly stated. So I'm sorry. I'm, I'm, I'm on a, I'm on a, uh, quite honestly, a, a pissed off at the world day. I was starting the day, you know, where I was listening to excuses for lack of performance and it had to do with saving the children that are being trafficked. And I listened to one of the lamest excuses I've heard in a long time. And it started me right there with, I'm sick of it. It's a game to win or get out of the way and the adults will step in and get this thing fixed. Right, right. To get a fat free cookie and some herbal tea and calm down clearly. Yes, I think I need some that too. Apparently the weather changes definitely I Woke up and I sneezed like ten times in a row. Oh Yeah, I love you. I love you to pieces. By the way, I really do you're an amazing Nice person, you know Thank you and so I thought well this I think is a good segue actually because I think what I was gonna continue with was the and what Aldous Huxley was doing and yeah, they were, I feel like, definitely trying to create deception and control through the drug movement and the counterculture. So, they, and I'm sure you're familiar with the whole LSD and cannabis, and they were doing all these experiments with LSD to see if it would be a good tool for mind control. What I've heard from people who, you know, like MKUltra survivors is that they tell me that it was not, that it didn't turn out to be a useful tool. I'm not so sure. I think that they, I think that that's the narrative that they wanted us to believe. And they said that cannabis turned out to be very unsuccessful also and that's part of why they, you know, didn't really crack down too much on it. Although, you know, they they illegalized it and now they legalized it. They went back and forth on it, but I think part of... Yeah. What's your thoughts on that? On cannabis? Yes. So I have multiple thoughts on it. I think that, and this isize it so they could regulate it and control it. And then, of course, when it's illegal, you create a black market. And then what happens there, they have an excuse to further the regulations. And when the price goes up. Price goes up. But I don't think this is just fiscal. I think what happens is now what we're seeing with cannabis is there's a lot of patents and they've modified it genetically. Peter Thiel is very involved in that. He's now also very involved in the mushrooms and the psychedelic industry and creating synthetic variations of that as well. And so you can patent something that's natural and organic so you can only do that if you create a synthetic or a genetically modified variant of it. So I think that it was so that they could now control it and they can do and basically, and also profit off it. So I think it's multi-faceted. I don't think it's just about the profit model, although of course, if something is patented, they can sell it for, they can control it and sell it for a much higher profit margin. But I think they also, who knows what they do to that, right, they can do all sorts of experiments when they're creating a synthetic variants and they can use it as modalities for control. I think that's what's going on with that. And we see a lot of that with the cannabis. It's very getting organic. You have to really like search for that. It is also one of those that has is a crop that has a lot of pesticides in it. And I you could say that they do that also for profit. But I think that they I think they know how damaging it is. I mean, you all you have to do is look at to lawsuits against Roundup and you know of course then they banned it for you know private use but of course they still spray it everywhere for industrial use so and they saw I mean the lawsuits proved that it was carcinogenic and so they're still using it which indicates to me that they either don't care or they're or they want it to be damaging and I have a very of the powers that shouldn't be. So I think we're like right there. We're like sisters on that one. Mother says drugs are gateway to build their, I says instructor, but I think infrastructure, a hundred percent Courtney, endless possibility. Yeah, I really think that. So they, you know, and it's a, I think there's also, this is very tied to the new age movement. They were trying to create, like, so it was with the theosophical movement, Madame Blavatsky popularized the New Age and you know, then Alice Bailey, Alistair Crowley, one of the things they all have in common is they talk about, you know, the demiurge, that the world teacher and how everything is one, you know, that's the big through line through all of these different, there are variants in, you know, these different New Age teachings and religions, quote unquote, if you will. But one thing that's, that seems to be common amongst all of them is how they talk about the oneness and my theory behind that is that it's because they're trying to pave the way for a one world religion and when you hear from people who have these psychedelic experiences, one of the things they talk about is being connected to everything and all the boundaries have now been blurred. There was and I can't find his name but there was I saw a video of this Canadian entrepreneur who was a very kind of conservative, but you know it prior to his, I think it was an ayahuasca experience, he was very, and then he went down the rabbit hole of a lot of psychedelics, but prior to that he was very, what we would probably perceive as being conservative ideologically, although Canadians, it's slightly different, you know, Canadian conservative isn't quite the same, but he was you know an entrepreneur, very you know capitalistic, and he had this experience and then he talked about, oh, now I understand, we are all supposed to be one, there is no, and he talked about how like his whole worldview had been flipped upside down and he used to be very against a lot of the tenants of things like the World Economic Forum and this push for centralized governing, world governing body, and that think that that is the purpose and that's kind of what Aldous Huxley talks about. So, in 1953, he was introduced to mesclun from Osmond, one of his friends gave it to him, and Huxley suggested the name pantorime from the Greek word to show and spirit and that he said, to make mundane would world sublime, take half a gram of pentorim. But Osmond chose the word psychedelic instead from the Greek word psych for mind or soul and delon, I'm gonna, I don't know how to pronounce that, delon for show and suggested his riddle was to fathom hell or soar angelic, just take a pinch of psychedelic. And he announced it at the New York Academy of Sciences in 1957. So, from pretty early on, I feel like you can see what, you know, they were hoping for, is this kind of blur of boundaries, and to create this oneness. And Huxley first tried LSD in 1955, and he got it from, they call him Captain L. Hubbard, who was rumored to have connections to the CIA. I think we talked about that last time. And so, that So that was his first experience with it. And then in 1961, there was a hand letter written from Huxley to Timothy Leary. Timothy Leary, very famous for the LSD experiments. And he mentions meeting Dr. Jolly West, who was a CIA MKUltra operative who did a lot of experiments on psychedelics and during MKUltra. And he goes on to say, you were right about the hopelessness of the scientific These idiots want to be Pavlovians, not Lorenzian ethnologists, which I thought was very, very telling about what his plans were and he goes on to say that that he says urged Leary to form a very secretive kind of an order. They call it an LSD Illuminati. Create some intrigue and make it spooky. Right, exactly. But he, but I have seen these, you know, the, the letters to Huxley, from Huxley to Leary, and he did talk about creating a, a secret type of society for human betterment, as he put it. And he said, that's how everything of culture and beauty and philosophical freedom writers, poets, jazz musicians, elizabethan courtesan and they in they educate the intelligent rich and then which is very much in line with of course you know anybody's read Brave New World and knows about Soma right and then then he has this quote this is famous famous quote which is I think it's from the Tavistock group in California Medical School in 1961 he says there will be the The next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but rather will enjoy it because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological And this seems to be the final revolution. That was his quote to the California Medical School Wanted to show you this are you familiar with creative artists agency? Yeah, I was an actress and a producer. I lived in LA. Yeah, I Talked to see a I have many friends who worked for CIA Yeah, this is kind of crazy, but I heard about this for the first time yesterday it is definitely placing people in positions in order to, it's a propaganda, it looks to me like it's a propaganda arm to use artists and musicians to fill the positions. Yeah, oh, I don't, I don't get it. I'll have to look at that page. That's really interesting. Have you seen that at all? It's kind of crazy. Let me. firsthand as an actress, but. Yeah. It's kind of a, one of those things that, you know, you can kind of, they, they do, you know, wow. Yeah. It's a, for talent. Let's see what you have here. Look at all this. CIA, China, client business ventures, football, hockey, events, all that sort of thing. Well, for people who don't know, um, our CIA has been working with the entertainment industry for propaganda purposes since its inception. You can go right to the CIA website and they actually have a page about their film liaison department. They're doing recruiting, they tell you to reach out to them, they're hiring. They, and there's many, many films that are public, like Darkest Era 30, the television show, Alias, you know, there's a lot of films and they have it right on their site. This is very out in the open. Not even trying to hide it. No, but that's what's just funny to me. Cause people will attack me like, no, our CIA did not work with Hollywood. I'm like, it's literally on their website. Like, this is not speculation. This is not like theory. it's right on their website. Just go to the horse's mouth. They tell you. Yeah. So I love, I love that when you bring something up, that's truth. And they're like, you have cognizant dissidence. And it's like, I'm pretty sure that that's not the case at this moment in time. Yeah. Right. Like, uh, no, it's not cognitive dissonance. I'm just reading their website. I'm just reading the facts. This is not, yeah. I'm just, I'm not coming up with anything new here. You know, that that seems to be pretty factual actually. Exactly, so I think I had mentioned last time about the Marilyn Ferguson Age of the Aquarium conspiracy and maybe I will do the Lucia's Trust stuff with you guys next time because that was really interesting. There's actually an Aquarius, Age of Aquarius community page that's an NGO that's recognized by the UN. It's like a community page on their own website and they have like a whole thing for the age of the aquarium. Yeah, the aquarium. It just gets worse and crazier and worse and worse. It's like, it's like, I don't even have any words right now. You know, it's like the stuff that you bring forward is so amazing. And I just, I just really, I really appreciate all the time and the studying you've put into this, because you're totally amazing with the knowledge you have. Oh, thank you. Totally amazing. Thank you. Well, some of us just bumble along, trying to get things figured out. And we keep coming across treasures. And I mean, like, true national treasures who know more than we do. And I just really appreciate it, because nobody can know everything. And we put all, we stitch together all of our knowledge. And it's just fantastic. You're fantastic. Thank you. So there's a document that I'm going to dig into. I have to, I can't like order the book, so I'm going to just have to print out a few hundred pages. But it's called the Changing Images of Man and it was written in conjunction with the, Joseph Campbell would be probably one of the most famous names, but it was a part of Stanford Research Institute. And for those who don't know, SRI was like one of the brainchilds of Tavistock. They worked very closely with Tavistock. So is RAND is another kind of like a think tank that works with Tavistock. And this document is really interesting. So this is a commentary that Stanford Research Institute put out a few years afterwards. And It's only a few pages, but yeah, changing images of man. So of course, Willis Harmon and yeah, Mark Lee. But it was edited by Joseph Campbell who did the hero's journey. And this is where it always becomes a little bit, I don't know what the word is, but I'm always a little sad because it's like, you know, don't meet your heroes kind of a thing. People who I read in history, great literary figures, and then I find out that they were propaganda assets, typically, to have a stock. And usually I'm pretty crushed to learn these things. But that doesn't necessarily negate their value entirely, you know, like I still stand by Rudyard Kipling's poem, just because he was a propaganda asset of Tavistock does not diminish that. But yeah, so this, it began with the argument that the fundamental concept of what mankind is and the image of mankind itself determines the behavior of mankind, to change mankind behavior away from industrialism into spiritualism, which was the mission of this changing images of man. self-image in its fundamental conception of what mankind is. And here's a quote, images and fundamental conceptions of human nature and potentialities have enormous power in shaping the values and actions in a society. We have attempted in this study to one, and there are three parts to this, illuminate ways our present society, its citizens and its institutions have been shaped by the underlying myths and images of the past and present. Two, explore with respect to contemporary societal problems, the definition, sorry, deficiencies of currently held images of mankind and to identify needed characteristics of future images. And then three, identify high leverage activities that could facilitate the emergence of new images and new policy approaches. Of course, this is why Tavistock is so because they do all of this study of mankind, right? That's the social- To manipulate us, right? Yeah. To the emergence of new images and new policy approaches, the policies that will be a result of these studies, to resolutions of key problems in society. We use the image of man or the man in universe to refer to the set of assumptions held about humans begin origin nature, abilities, characteristic relationships with other places in the universe. A coherent image might be held by any individual or group, a political system, a church or civilization. Most societies have an image of man which defines his social nature, for example. An image of man is the gestalt perception of humankind, which did all these transformational workshops. And of course it was Kurt Lewin and Bayan, these were all Tabastock people who did these group research dynamics, right, they created the Research for Group Dynamics division. And my, you know, my main takeaway was that the corporate America is single handedly building the new world order. And this is how they've done it. Right? They've done it though, through, in my opinion, is this what it looks like they've done it through the fields of organizational psychology. And so, yeah, well, one thing that I know is so like, when I was in college, I studied design, I studied a bunch of different things. And there's a thought, a movement called the Bauhaus movement, and that is all about Gestalt design. And that came from Switzerland. And it's a whole... And I spent... When I was in college, I didn't know a thing about it at the time, not until as the more you know, but study that Gestalt method of design, where each piece has to stand as its own, but also has to work as a collective. So, it's a collectivism type of a mentality, and they're doing it in graphics. That is a graphics, that was a graphics in a way, in a mode of communication. Yeah, yeah, well, that's fascinating, yeah, and I think that's very much it. line right that this the Aquarian Age, the New Age movement, they're all trying to draw towards this collectivist type of concept of man. Yeah, I know you guys that use Helvetica, you're using something from Bauhaus type. From where? The Bauhaus movement. was one of the elements that came. Here we go. I'm just going to pull it up. It's calling it Germany that Combines Crafts and the Fine Arts. I'm just going to pull it up here in Wikipedia in a minute. We'll take a look at this. You've got a bunch of artists that were involved in this. We'll just go here, even though... That's what it is right there. It's for building house, German art school from 19 to 1933, that combined crafts and arts. And some of the names that you'll recognize are Paul Klee, Kandinsky, Stahl, and Nagy. There's a lot of people, anybody that studied Mies van der Rohe as anhaus, and so it's Heinz Mayr, all of these things that, after World War, Germany's defeat in World War I and the establishment of the Weimar Republic, a renewed liberal spirit, liberal, liberal, liberal, get away from the evil, poison, allowed the upsurge of radical experimentation in all the arts which had been suppressed by right-wing views are influenced by the cultural experimentation that followed the Russian Revolution, such as constructivism. Such influence can be overstated. Gorpius did not share these radical views and said that Bauhaus was entirely apolitical. And I can tell you right now, that's a lie. Right. It absolutely was political. And you can, you can see, like, this is a this is an example of of something that you know that you can pick out as a style of communication and why that was so important in moving things around color theory color theory is huge through that you can predict people's people's personalities by giving them a a the Lucius color test. Yeah, I really It's, it's something that actually I have a decent amount of knowledge. And so I haven't thought about this in years, which is really interesting, because you know, when you were bringing this up, I'm like, Oh, no, wow, this is crazy. No, it is. And it's a I forgot the name of the magazine, but there is a magazine that would do like, it was essentially predictive hindsight, at what those predictions were, you can see the geopolitical types of propaganda that they were trying to push forth. And they were using different colors to, like, a few years before, you know, the Ukraine-Russia conflict, Serge, the colors that were surfacing were blue and yellow. And they were pushing that into the fashion sphere. I think they use art in general, but certainly architecture and design is all designed for propaganda purposes. It sure is. Oh, how interesting. The Lucier, the Lucier color test. And I actually, there's tiles that you can use. And the way that people pick colors tells you their personality. It's one of those things that is crazy accurate. Sure. And so, and I wrote a paper on this. How fascinating. Yeah, and it's, you know, back in the day, which I'm 60 years old, so subtract about 42 years and for about 40 years and that's, here you go. Next. How fun is it to go back and look at like, you know, papers you wrote years ago? Yeah. I feel like I've been doing some of that and it's just really interesting that, you know, you don't know what you don't know. So your perspectives at the time before other, you know, information and data points are brought forth. Yeah, you walk into it, dope, dope, dope, dope. Okay, let's take a look at this. You know, we were all dumb college students at one point in time. Yeah. And so it's one of those things that you learn as you get older, but the connection to Switzerland is undeniable of what's going on there. And the bank accounts and all that sort of thing. So you look at Bauhaus, you look at some of the other things like the Luscher color test, and it all works together. This is all very interesting. Switzerland and they're, you know, they have a whole arm that they're connected to there and I could probably, yeah, read that. I have it right here. The Switzerland branch is in Geneva, Switzerland. The following groups will be participants and this was in the 80s, so I'm sure it's much, much more connected now. I'm sure it's much more extensive. But it's the World Goodwill, which is a division of Lucia's Trust, the International Commission of Juris, Pax Christi International, Transnational Perspective, Amnesty International, the United Nations University for Peace, and the Bureau for Affairs of Non-Governmental Organizations of the United Nations Organization. That's just the Switzerland division. So, well, and of course we have a is in Davos in Switzerland Yeah, and sir, you know, you got certain Just a hadron collider and all that So this book right there the illusion the the lucid color test is the one that I worked with and then you get all of these Tiles and it was great. It was crazy I gave I gave it one time to a person who is a was a practicing Satanist and And it was crazy when I put the tiles out in front of that person. It was crazy. I could have predicted what she was going to choose with my eyes shut. And this is another, okay, I'm going to give you a crazy Donna fact here. Most people can see 250, you know, if you get above the 250,000 colors that people see you're doing really good. There's a very very very small percentage of people that can see over 2 million colors and I'm one of those people who can see 2 million distinct colors. And so it's kind of it's kind of a one of those crazy Donna facts, you know. Wow. I I would love to take that. When I was little my mom used to pull me out of school to help her decorate the house. because like she would have trouble with visual spatial, like knowing what would fit, what wouldn't fit, but also with color matching. So she would have me, you know, she would look at a rug and she's like, is this gonna match the, you know, the wall or whatever the accents were? So, yeah. Yeah, so here's the test. Oh, wow, Walmart's got it now. So this is interesting. You wanna go play with this puppy, here you go. with the tiles and take them out and see which you can take tiles out. I had movable tiles and color samples and take it out. So the person who was the Satanist, that was the first color right there. It was predictable and she wasn't, I just said, Hey, I need some help. Would you look at this? I've got their homes or around them or in their clothes and such. And you can predict a personality based on the colors that they choose. Wow, that's crazy. I'm going to look into that. crazy, weird, scientists thing. I mean, and it's weird, weird, evil scientists kind of crap going on there with them. But we've all been subject to it at some point or time or another. And we're in that period right now where we're waking up and saying, you know, okay, all you creeps, go back and crawl into the hole that you crawled out of and let us be free. We're here to fight for freedom, not to victimize the people around us. And that's what they do and all of your stuff in advertising if people don't think that advertising and marketing Isn't complete and utter manipulation marketing people are You know, I worked in the field. Yeah, it's like, you know, it's like You need to get out produce something instead of just doing that kind of stuff because it is a soulless Yeah Yeah. It is. Yeah. I mean, these people were just like, and they were so clueless. It was just like, oh, we're going to make more money. We're going to make more money and let's go party. I mean, that's really what it felt like. Well, and exactly with what you're saying. I mean, one of the, one of the places I worked, cause I've never done drugs. I've never even smoked a cigarette. Okay. It's, it seemed really stupid to me and I'm so pragmatic on things that I see something I disagree with. Yeah, y'all take care of your crazy over here and I'll be okay over here. And when you crash and burn over there, that's fine. But I literally would pack up at three o'clock in the afternoons on Friday and I would head home and the rest of the place would go in the back room and do cocaine. And I was, I was like, I'm like, I want no part of this. I've never done drugs. I don't want to be around it. I don't want to have anything to do with it. And you know, so, you know, and, and honestly, it's the same thing. It's like, I've never even smoked a cigarette in my life because I thought it was stupid. Yeah. Good for you. So part of the reason like I found this whole thing so fascinating with what was going on in the 60s because I see such a resurgence of it now. They're really trying to push like shrooms and you're seeing it in culture everywhere. And whenever you start seeing it, I mean now there's like mushrooms on children's clothing and furniture, mushrooms. How is that like? control. So that the less control we have of our mind, our senses, the easier it is for them to manipulate us. And the greatest weapon that they have on this planet is human beings that they can capture as assets. Absolutely. I was seeing this and I'm just like, this does not look like an organic movement. It reminds me of the way they're touting it, like the micro dosing culture is very reminiscent Mother's Little Helpers, right? So I- What was that? Mother's Little Helpers? Mother's Little Helpers was, I think it was in the fifties where it was like stimulants and it would just help them get through the day, but it was really pushed on housewives. I know they drugged kids back there because I had an aunt who is now deceased, who was kind of like a, she was like a mountain gal, she said, she said, I grew up in the mountains away from everything, ended up going to college, you know, she got a master's degree in nursing and such. She said, yeah, she said Tuesday was wash day for all the women in our area and all the kids got these little drops to sedate them so moms could get their laundry done. I'm like well yeah, that's what they do with social media now, right? They just hand a screen to the kids. It's the same thing. It's all kids on Ritalin and tell them they have ADHD. and play and sit in a seat in a classroom with their eyes propped open trying to answer their stupid questions, which has nothing to do with learning. Let them go outside and play and develop and get their hands in the mud, you know? Exactly. Yeah. So I, and, but I think about the culture because I, you know, I mean, I, I have experimented with things and it was mostly because even my own mother would like, you know, you're such a prude. You're so, you're such a goody two Goody Two-Shoes, like I would get this messaging even from my family. And I'm like, I was born with a lot of, you know, physical challenges. And I really feel like a lot of that played into why I don't like it. It's like, I already feel like I don't have full control of all my faculties. I can't, you know, I don't hear as well. I don't see as well. And it's like, if all of that, if my physical sensorial experience is then muted further, I feel really out of control. So I don't like that. So this is not a judgment on anybody and what they choose to do, but I was mercilessly made fun of for not enjoying these things and for thinking that this was, but so it makes me think. I was too. So what is with the culture? Where is that messaging coming from? And to me now in hindsight, I'm like, this is not organic. It should not be natural for human beings Escape reality. Yeah, escape reality. And so that's really, that's probably a good way to wrap up because the purpose of this document, the changing images of man, was to say that they wanted to return to the Sumerian image of submission to ruling elites. They say it must be dropped. The Zoroastrian image needs to be worked on. And the Indian image of Yogi is good will contribute to the self-realization ethic. So there, that's what this document was all about, was what they learned from it. And I feel like this is so relevant now because this is what they're trying to do is to create, return to that notion and to destroy, of course, you know, the Old Testament, the New Testament, and what I'm seeing so much of that currently, right? There's this whole, all these movements, and they, unfortunately, they really target, you know, it's not just on the crazy leftist commie side. They really target the right, and you're seeing movements, and I try to encourage people to understand, because this is how the dialectic works, and the purpose is not just to attack the Jews, we're seeing so much of that right now, it's to divide them against, you know, the Jews and the Christians against each other. They'll overthrow Judaism, but ultimately the goal is to overthrow Christianity altogether. So it's really the whole Judeo-Christian premise, because if they overthrow that, they can overthrow Western civilization, which is really, I think, the bulwark against for the freedom of the free will of humanity, which is eradicate so that they can enslave man and have full control and dominion because they don't want us to have dominion over nature. They want to have dominion over us. Well, and I want to put that's to your point. You've got this. Well, you know what? If you had difficulties in hearing and seeing, that's okay. God gave you a bigger brain than 99% of the people on the planet. And I'm thankful for that. But I Jewish, I'm Christian, and I love you. I think this is a very cool time, and we're working for the same end. And this is an important thing that we have to come to terms with. It's biblical. It is biblical to work with people that aren't exactly like us, and'm so sorry. I wanted to bring this up though because it was a really fascinating question. Somebody asked me the other day They said if you were to be like for instance an aborigine, uh, you know in aboriginal in like You know australia for instance and you were never exposed to the bible to the bible like you were never exposed to Those teachings never read the book never, you know had any awareness of it at all But you were a person who is a you know had a strong moral compass and lived your life you know, very much aligned with what we would call the Ten Commandments today, but even though you had never read them, never heard of them, had no awareness at all. And they asked me, they said, do you think that that person is going to go to hell? Because, you know, they don't acknowledge Jesus Christ. They're not even aware. I love hearing that question. We all get that question all the time. Well, what if, you know? No, no, no, but I thought, you know, because this is, and this could you then say, I think that person would go to heaven? Like that's just my personal opinion, because they lived the good life, they lived the life that would have been in accordance with those teachings. I don't think that somebody can be, you know, the fact that they didn't have that information brought to them, how could that be then held against them, you know, in their judgment? I mean, it's not for me to make that judgment call. That's not my place. But, you know, just as a philosophical thought experiment, you know, I think that is really the one of the primary tenants of The Bible is that man is endowed with free will and I think and that man is to then Because God wants to be chosen interestingly enough according to the the biblical teachings Satan wants to be chosen, too Right, that's why there's all these opt-in systems and it is for us to be able to discern good from evil but all that to say that I think that the you know, the love thy neighbor and honor their free will, it should be judged them by their fruit, not by do they agree with the same teachings or do they believe everything you believe or do we align on every single thing. I don't think that's what it's supposed to be. It's really supposed to be judged them by their fruit. Are they good people? What do their actions indicate? Yeah, I think only God has the ability to truly judge a human heart. That's what I said. It's not for me to judge. I would... Yeah. That's saying it the same way, really. It's saying the same thing, is that God is the only true righteous judge of a human heart. And, you know, you never know what hurts people live with. If we don't walk in somebody else's shoes, we don't know what they're coping with. We don't know how many hurts that they're carrying, condemnation, they're afraid of this, that, and the other thing. We don't know, but what I do know is that people are the most like animals of any animal on the planet. They're the most like horses. And horses act, they act out of fear. This is what, it's fear that they to things and realizing that the rider who will always keep them safe is trustworthy and faithful. And it's the same thing for us to realize, you can go back to Abraham. How was Abraham saved? By faith. He knew God was going would send a Messiah. He knew that he would make the way. And so it's like, it's like, you know, you look at a horse and a horse has faith in the rider because the rider proves himself to be worthy and consistent all the time. And it's kind of, I like that as a picture of how, how we learn. That's how we learn to walk with God. You know, you don't just all of a sudden decide one day There's gonna be some trial and error and when you do decide to walk with God on this earth Which I believe you can do you I really do believe that you can do that. Yeah, it's a it's a practice It's like you really mean that God are you really here for me? And then all of a sudden you you realize that he is absolutely bomb-proof Faithful and all we got to do is turn towards him focus on Him, keep our eyes on Him, and He will help us do the right thing. He will help us navigate these waters that we're in that are truly murky, like, you know, like that we're in, that the manipulation we're in, because every one of us is subject to it every day. And truly, we should be praying, you know, praying that God gives discernment and compassion, know the difference between somebody who's just kind of fumbling around as a human being because we're all flawed and somebody who is pure evil. There's a difference there and it's a dramatic difference between that. So like, you know, when we're talking about people that are evil, I do believe that there's quite a few people that will say, Oh, they're talking about me because they've got guilt in their heart. Probably realize that that may be just an overall comment that we're all dealing with to a certain degree. And that's an important thing to know that people, we love each other. We love the Chinese people. Even though we talk about Communist China, we can't stand the people that are in charge of the Christian Church to this day because it's completely apostate Jesus talked about it and it was talked about in Revelations. He went after the religious class He didn't go after the people he sat with prostitutes You know, and so and it's kind of like hey guys, you know, let's try to do better tomorrow but perfect. And that doesn't that speak loads of God's character. God bare, God bared with everyone throughout time, who did stupid stuff. You know, there was not, there's not one hero that's flawless in the Bible. Yeah. Except in my perspective, except Jesus Christ, but not, not, Yeah, exactly. So open your arms up, guys, and hug and kiss each other and try to help them. When somebody falls down, pick them up because you're going to need their help someday because we're all imperfect. Absolutely. So with that, I love you. I love you. How about we go for a prayer here and just bless everybody. Yeah, I'm good. Dear Heavenly Father, thank you so much for all the blessings and the myriad of people you've put into our life and help us to reach out to them and understand them from your perspective, to see them with your eyes, not our own eyes because our eyes are flawed. We see things when we see things through our lens. I'm asking you to give us your lens to see this world, to see each other, to see the You died for each and every single one of us, your precious son, because you love us. You walked us through all of these millennia of time. You bared with Noah and Moses and Abraham and all of the people that came before us in walking us through your perfect plan. And we're thankful. Give us love for each other's eyes and hearts and be there for each other as we're walking through this very, very imperfect world to avoid the landmines that have been set by evil for us. And you know what? We trust you. We trust you every step of the way. You are always good all the time. And you always make a way when there seems to be no way. We know that you're faithful to us and that you love us. I ask for you to pour out your favor and bless my precious friend, Courtney, in everything that she does. Give her your blessings that just overflow into not only her, but to reach out to everyone around her. Increase her audience, her voice, the people listening to her, the brilliance that you've placed into her. She's She's got the one person fan club sitting right here for all that you brought her through. And you chastise those that you love. You put us through hard things in order for us to know what it feels like and to help us think and grow strong. And the gifts that you give us through hardship, we can never get any other way. And we're thankful for every, even negatively perceived things in our lives, It's probably some of the greatest gifts that you can give us. Thank you so very much. Bless every single person out there. Change their point of view on things to look at you and be grateful for every single thing, every single person you've put into their life, and for not only the good times, but the bad times where you're teaching us to be more like you. Faithful, long-suffering, honest, true, full of virtue and valor, rather than the despicable materialism to try to justify our existence here. We don't have to do a thing because if you say we're okay and you created this entire world, you created each one of us perfect in your eyes the way we are as you lead us through this world not because somebody else tells us what to do but because our direction comes solely and totally from you. We understand we use people but we want to have the purest form, which is a walk with you, to walk on this earth with you every single day, hand in hand, as you give us inspiration through your Holy Spirit, as you lead us through every situation, as you talk to us, as you show us the world around us with your lens. You've been a great friend to us. We want to be a great friend to you today. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray, amen. Amen. There you go. So everybody go to because I'm a non-conceder, whoever non-conceded in the history of the world, and I challenged President Trump. Prove me wrong. So anyhow, he conceded too, but I have conceded, I think, even better, and I wear cowboy boots. So there you go. There you go. Well, Happy Thanksgiving. Yes, and happy Thanksgiving to you too. What are you doing for Thanksgiving? We're going to my mom's in Florida. Oh, very nice. So everybody's coming here. So I guess we're going to do it here. And due to the fact that most of us are vegetarian, we will be, or pescetarian, we'll be doing smoked salmon. And I know we're going to have a smoked turkey too, for those of you that still eat meat and such. We don't hold it against you. for health reasons. So there you go. Yeah. So God bless all of you out here. God bless all of you. God bless all those whom you love and God bless America. Enjoy your Thanksgiving and your family, your friends. Remember, you are important. You are loved. You are precious beyond what any any of us could ever express. And if God says you're OK. You're OK. Forget the rest of the world in what they say. The naysayers, those that come to tear you down, going into Thanksgiving. Sometimes family dynamics can be a little difficult. Remember, God says you're okay and no one can argue with that. Have a great day and we'll see you next week. And love you so much. You're amazing.