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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 11/30/2022 - Dr. Tim Parker

Published Nov. 30, 2022, 9:02 a.m.

Announcing a New Online Church! Dr. Tim Parker: Tim was in Church from the cradle, over 69 years ago. Two Christian parents left a strong Faith-legacy in his life. Church attendance does not ensure new birth but Christ’s Faith and Grace lives boldly in his soul. Saints love God differently; he primarily loves God with his mind as he provokes disciples to love and good works per Hebrews 10:24-25. He loves to evangelize and teach God’s Word – especially biblical Grace. After a 37-year career with Chrysler as a die maker, he pastored Smith Creek Bible Church for 4-1/2 years and now holds a doctorate in philosophical theology. He authored three books during his doctorate program. As an active part of St. Clair County We-The-County, he worked to abolish the Covid mandates, especially in the schools. He was an active part of the SCC Republican Party but divorced himself from their charade. His new desire is to provoke a renewed understanding of our founding documents so a truly Christian/patriotic church can free itself from unConstitutional government-infringement and be free to establish Christian roots everywhere in our Constitutional Republic. We discover true Freedom In Christ’s Gospel to live in liberty, above tyrannical control. Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is wednesday november thirty two thousand twenty two i have my guest my special guest is going to be on here and just a minute at doctor imparter and we are going to be making a wonderful announcement to day oh we're getting our tack work out because there is always the same challenges whenever you have a new person on with whatever teche have available to them so right now i wanted to start the day of cause there was the been a lot of news there's been a lot of fall out so yesterday of course we discussed the fact that they certified the illegal election in the state of michigan and all in the touch committed treason we went through many many cases that have that have a how do i say that a precedent for the fact that they didn't create committees on and were going to go forward to speeding the stromling but more than that i think that we watched a whole bunch of panetela and satanic type activities coming out on mine and it's very disturbing and it is it is so disturbing to me and a bunch identical post this morning one that there's a whistle blower that is participation of project veritas in she's a whistle blower it's exposing as homeland security in a government child sex trafficking in organ harassing funded by our tax dollars you you got to stand that and has seen in a variety of other government organization they really don't legally exist in we prove that yesterday by the case law that on the books right now the fact that no verse shall be consaitin as well as several of the other one prove that that it is a defect of government in place in that most of the government does not even have the right to exist in only exist because we have agreed to fall in line so at any rate they don't exist and they need be no side with participants charged with crimes against humanity now that is numbered level tribunals quite honestly and it's not not only not only is this whole thing was spies it's a horrific that this is crimes against humanity in the people and our government who are crew are not carrying out a free for election that ivarene have they violated or walked away from their oath of office maladministration can say that to predominate shoregoing donald and and we have a large large trouble more more than that i think we've all been watching this whole nonsense coming out with the in the fashion industry so donohan charter of authority cost and we watched the fashion and history that which has been kind coming out you know i think most people who have researched for quite a while people who are antoninus seen a stuff pretty much been to the bottom of the rabble on watching what has happened what is happening and what has happened across this world and how much our world is involved in and quite honestly has been involved in the worst of a sayin as well as all the accompanying disgusting behaviour which a lot of it includes children and i have i have a feeling on that and i think i can back it up kinsale the closest and when they're born to god and this whole this whole assault that's going on against humanity when the vaccines which is a man modifier they have patched and supported their pachecho into it but we really don't know because we're not setting the sea to see it and they are good a hiding things but furthermore we do know that this problem with child trafficking is absolutely horrific and it's our tax dollars that are paid to to bring these people and were worth literally our government is involved in pain for are devised so i did post something this morning which i think is really important i listened to a woman that was speaking up at the mercy hearing and i don't know her name is but she brought up some fifty eight and i just want to read this to every one because as we suborn an apologetic christian and i don't mean that distant words i mean i mean that and you know my my devotion is to get on in the name of jesus christ and that is it so anyhow i'm going to read my post or god fights for as i know there's a lot of people that are very very discouraged right now there's no reason to be discouraged because this life is an adventure there's no promises there as we do know that every day is an adventure in our adventure is to live for god sort of gotten off base here with a goal oriented society in my opinion there's always a gold one goal to the next go to the next gold to the next lower and that materialistic and that that accomplishment treadmill that we've been programmed programme to put aside instead of sitting calmly being content in all situations doing what god asks us to do moment by moment letting him lead us and it's an adventure so moving forward we have to realize that we're in a great adventure right now and our job is to do the right thing at every moment in time to stand without fear to work for the goal that end for god's good purposes right now i think the biggest one reed to talk about is a taking the satanic agenda with murdering a people children and destroying any any evidence of god this is what this is all about it's to attack and destroy any evidence of god here we are made in the image of god and the biggest thing that has wanted to do right from beginning to god's children we are not profit you are not a prophet i am not a prophet we are children of god and this is an amazing in this is an amazing position to be so no matter what we see we can always trust god no matter what he's in charge and that's good i mean i mean if we put our trust in man ower always going to be disappointed we can always put our trust in god so interests i'm going to read this stout out this morning and i think that you know i know that my next guest here this morning orsinist to this so after having gone through the nonsense of the board canvassers godless godless totally godlessness that there was no truth in it i'm going to read through this because i think that this something to keep in mind we fight we fight on war we do not get discouraged we do not go backwards we get in there and we just keep hammering and till we find the chink in the armour i'm going to be fillmore lost suit and standing up and i will not stop charging the ananas going to continue to go and it's going to grow i have not conceded and i went to you right now i hope every single person out there comes on line i said i do not conceive i can test the election and i'm not buying in this man and tell we get free and fair elections we do not concede nor do we capitulate and we can test the whole free an thin an i tell every last one of these people are removed we are done with our job so look at as an adventure who who's going to be the first one to be removed from office and charged with the because that's my goal they commended it and we're going to have to go down that past manholes my boss or god fights for labor is a pan he has given us the victory we've already won we stand together on wavering all we have to do is to trust him walk boldly follow him and start doing his work no fear the victory is the lord's none some fifty eight extremer and then i will start talking and then it were doing us a little unusually so timid time adios come in through my phone over here once again i got about four screamed at once man i'm getting gratis and so good morning tim how you do it granite with you they do i hope everybody can hear it can everybody here tim let me as somebody out there let me know if you can hear them here a i think somebody will come out there down a langannerie now i can hear them so somebody come back with that so anyhow i want interest by reading the saffieha i think the ineptitude or public functionaries i notice with bantered n we talked about all sorts of cases yesterday nor in verses to shall be township though ones that are currently on the books i still have one going that was filed with the american project and election integrity found force that one is going on sensation the fact that i still going tells me that something's going on there does not in kick up so he feel discouraged just realize worse still swing it and were swinging in court were worshiping people the truth and you guys all have a job out there and that is to go ahead push the stuff out through all your social media your friends tax mail carrier pigeon i don't really care but we need to get this out to his many people as we can so that we can bring the truth or red without censorship and i felt like with grandmere network got my name attached to it of somebody's in trouble it's going to be me and i will direct fyodor i will be responsible for so you got somebody you got face you've got to flaubert six one six four three zero four four one zero and got a name if something goes wrong that somebody i was willing to separately not some gutless corporation where people so any other son do you rulers indeed speak justly do you judge people with equity no in your heart you divide just in your hands manatoline on the earth even from birth wicked goitre from the wonderworld spreading lies their venomous like the venom of a snake like that of a cow that has stopped its ears that will not one of the charmer however skilful the enchanter may be break the teeth in their mouth o god lord taro the fangs of these lions let them vanish like water that flows away when when they draw the bull let their arrows fall short may they be like a slug that melts away as it moves along like a still more child that never sees the sun before your pots can feel the heat of the thorns whether they be green or dry the wicked will be swept away the righteous will be glad when they are even when they dip their feet in the blood of the wicket then people will say surely the righteous still are rewarded surely there is a god who judges the earth some fifty eight one through eleven and i hope that they are listening because perhaps this will do them some good to get their heads out of their behind fall on their faces before god almighty say their sorry and do the right thing so they got how you going to very good to good morning i'm going to turn the boy oh thank you so much so so this is the kind so gaunagong time ever yet i remember that day we were in a lincoln day dinner and then sat down next to me and gave me a sign copy of his book and we had just a wonderful discussion about god the bible how god needs to be in in poitou know people don't i don't want to be involved in politics you know what guys here involved in politics whether you like it or not your work your driven on a public publicly hamerica extorting your tax dollars in order to pay for their non senior involved in our performing so nobody can say they don't like politics because their finding it and if we don't get involved our tax dollars go to things like funchal trainor organ are which is that feeding so there you go so so anyhow i hurt the said he to england and a church and state of his pastors and their churches created it we have to understand and insured that we had the ability to pretence our establishment he did it all prefer yeah that's for sure so i get your news letter you put out a news letter all the time and i you and i agree on a lot of things sparrows the bible goes you know we've had a lot of talk and i say i've never had never found any reason to disagree with anything you have to say i wanted to tell everybody out here that we are announcing a new online shirt and it's going to be in on timson to be hating this up because he was asked for a long time to do something on line and implicates great put it on me and we can do this and and i i out to a lot of people so we will in fact be announce when that mine church is going to be you know going by so that we can at tatterin as well as put put good information out there and so welcome your new on my pastor doctor tom parker we got to come up with a name what i hae we goin to call it no for in that so to me silas i think the passionate say i i walk in his we come up with some my publishing name is riding the gray we otherwise redeemed rendered in grace even put them on here a minute it nice once i i think a poet later with any length that we do so that stitched you have do you have a website out there right now not that oh i can fix you out so somewhat work on his wife but anybody could contain he was content in formation by you goddess to notepaper at three email at captain here a minute i got a pot teinturiere place as quintos about god a colonist out with what's on your mind right now i just i i want to say very clearly that i am so proud of you and your stand and you believe that people are really to learning how to dig deeply to things that have gone on in our country i am convinced that our founders only lived in the kingdom of christ and they rode that way and to the people that don't understand that interpreted in a in a different way if we if we know our founding we see clearly that they believe that we the people it like that english is an in america under god they they came from a whole era that they did not like the magistrate the kings the monarch i used to run where a magistrate maybe not believing the monarchy but in some ways we the people as came we have a monarchy but we we have a constitutional republic and now at the very majestic he that i believe as provence the greatest thing god created israel well it's acknowledging that god is in charge and that were one nation under god the right given by god guaranteed by the constitution and that there each one of us has the freedom to be really sovereign and there we are on kings not that we have any any rights over other people but they don't have rights over us so i think we're going to start exploring this more and more even when you go to the board came the amount of absolute salt that those people were lobbying at we the people from other little their little kingly dios up there was absolutely discuss they had no right they had no jurisdiction they were treating people like kindergarteners it was just respectful and until we you know put them in their place a little bit as he guides what you know you're here to serve and to help you are not here to treat us like were kindergarten gardeners and lord over us as we are subjects because we are not everything is backwards when i and i think that this is something that we really have to talk about in the fact that the everything everything that senoches is bad everything but i i a point you bring up on one water realized everything god creates and he basely discrate what god created happen all the time i mean to just to picture we could look at the garden of the god created them in a sinless at and and yet atonement destroy and that were a lot of people like the founding of our country and think o no i couldn't be christian because the amediately came in to destroy so on we understand that we can play to what was created holy no harthover is the lot of the church does not believe that our country was founded to be only godly and righteous and in my mind they throw the baby out with the bath water and i think they slander god because when i have arteries is the god created america no less than a created is white were grafted in i mean i think that that's the key there is that we were grafted in through christ jesus i mean a craftier and i you know i always learned that you know that jews came first for the for the jews for the israelite and they rejected him and they rejected him so that he went from the juice to the gentile serestus and grafted us and because we are grafted and by faith and you know just like abraham abraham was saved by my faith and grace even before jesus born it's always been above faith in god and his grace to make a way so like i know a lot of people think i say that while you know i've done this that the other thing and and they think that that they can't be safe they think they've done the worse or the worse not like i'm pretty untrod seen at all and that you know that there is pretty much nothing that that you can screw this up bad nothing god can take you know he created the rules of this sand box and we know he he makes away and i don't i don't know you know i did a decent monastery in dispensational theology and when you look at the different dispensations of grace and how god has reached out two people to each one of us he is all about redemption and it's it's amazing really is we bring up redemption to bring up before but of people believed it and forebode is made in coinage i just want us to push back against that of little fielding that when we read the troopers about what never man i believe that is so said retention as depicture we must see so when were redeemed only then can we really like this an image crime and so i believe that even catherine twenty six and twenty seven is a redemptive as so that without redemption we really can't image cried that's true that i believe that too so i say man as is created in the image of christ you know that over all but there you know you've got to realize that we're all were all flowed i mean there was a volume i can't look at it any one and go you know there's anyone perfect there was only one perfect there as at a kind of trying to get in there and make sense of this whole mass and hopefully how each other out as we go along the way you know so what else do you want to talk about to day i'm like unlocking a bible verses right now or you can do that too i should have enjoyed the elections in like you were set free but i do believe that to a friend in here was praised for a time like the i call you a with grave respect by governor and i hope the sodality or recover it like we won't know what it at because you will clean up our state we will see i believe for the first time in my life time actual constitutional borne and i just implored geta loretto willamette before but i've been actually devoured in the last few days and literally it was the pastor who taught the majesty of self government by god and to a lot of people think that they just are founders upedes out of fear but they really pulled them out of the scriptures so when we think about goethe's a lot of the church that only understand fomenter and they believe that we do basically better olinto iron and god never suggestive in his work i do as i am for i was just thinking this monotony talk about your father my my parents both want to like it and me and i remember i was a youngster my mom reading the white and glory to us and there should so much a matter foundation have any idea about and i just i want to get back to that so that's why i've been really clamoring a constitution of government because a lot of people talk they get looser ice to it but we very often do not follow our constant yet why i like is fun to read in and king judges the kings because you can find the pattern and judges and kings for what really got in a tone government to look like in it and what we have right now looks nothing nothing remotely like that even even the tax structure the actual the tide was actually a ton for son that was their talk and so you know now the churches of course because i think i believe that most of the churches are completely false profit and or apostate i i believe that they are got there godless and there they eyesore to the money as in any concrete problems with the five o one see three and such that are out there because even during cobalt of them were getting paid in order to help they did it for money to push this marcus godless agenda we got we've got somebody that send us ere he was a school as a school minister tortha pretty fire good source that he was paid twenty thousand dollars as a bonus continue to keep the mass nonsense going in the schools and in casting down right now actually this is kind of an offer the side benches how much the money has played into this and who has sworn allegiance to the money is how much money was dumped in the school systems through through the commendone so there there are huge building projects that when another there's an arm boskirk most of the schools were getting between one and two million dollars to shut down i don't understand that at all and then there's one that got i think a thirty six million dollars to shut down makes no sense whatsoever but they did a thirty two million dollar building project and we had a huge atarneus in grandall he hircanus building project where did they get that money i i think so many should look into this because i don't want guarantee of bad on it that and the other building critics at women on the the schools around here i'll bet to the king to come just like a university there so much money going through these public indoctrination camps and why did they keep making them bigger and bigger and bigger as secondlie door kiote stock towards so they can brainwashed him to terrible things and then wonder why this is going to fail this whole thing needs to be decentralized and and it is wrong to god never never is there precedence for parents dropping their kids up and letting somebody else raised them not teaching them how to work her sharing skills or teaching you know teaching the bible even a good family relationship without all this nonsense to distract it way from what profitable now you mentioned the school and i had done i was soutache and thank her comforter years the last day i was there was march thirteenth when the twenty and when we got involved with the colored niece they received forty four million dollars of coetmore in twenty nineteen and what i ask or in the world of lusitania and demi did they get forty four million and twenty nine it would have been in the budget before august of twenty nineteen and yet confidentially it until we know may be no temper night came but he did mastodontic twenty twenty three for an towers there their geniuses we should not get now man now you know crazy absolutely crazy it is order what what's your thought about the whole mass mandate and the vaccine mandates what for out from a religious or a god god centric perspective what your thoughts on this as you probably know but maybe the outermost or don't i literally when comedian done so much research to so much about it before that i told my master at the time and the more of dependence flowing to a new god in america and i brought in the whole study of daniel especially with the three hereby and they said king we will not bow when your music plays if you solitaire and that's what happened and i believe a precontract came i stood with them and so in regard to the mass is not related a man of betokens the man out of secret mostly sixteen o eight that read that and then a dove that up for you want me to be put off they think it is one of the greatest passages atelier to win moses came down off the boat and comandante old casement were basically that it's almost like well i pontificate of the shoulderache that forefathers space because the thing was made and he didn't want the people to see it and threw a second crime in street lieutenant espiritu on the fourteenth steering were hard for to decantered the old commentaries unlifted because only so christ is it taken away yestiday whenever moistened a billion the armor but the transition of urbino turns to the lord the mail is removed not the lord is the spirit and hortation the lord is there is freedom and we all and his was the case i made before the porticoes and tankerton and we all wish unselfish beholding the glory of the lord of being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another for this comes from the lord who has spirit my case which i will pursue if they bring to mass and at back is that they are literally destroying young kids faith in christ to these as not only is it a physical thing that only as an emotional thing not only in the cranial thing but they are literally destroying these kids in i the man and i was pretty lived as the pastor because millions of kids with think about what they do with the poor than what they do at the sacrafice i made were were to me a dagger from the fate imself to into the life of her a man bring mad up said that people can see that texan and prithee openly sixteen i well sir with fourteen fanatical case against the man there it is yet pretty tinted people stood in aviation which i didn't want but i that i saw a lot of tears in a lot of faces as i read that and and of all the meetings that we went to for the port of commissioners godless in her to me with his presence in tiberias curly felt do i do feel like it it's an idolatress thing in a way too that that people in lies other people's opinions are structures more than they do god than himself i would only agree with that didenhover we have what idolatry come in our whole and so i have come times of one that separation church and state and i have another talk coming out in january twenty or turning point anteroches and we we have allowed godless justices to wit the division were god never made a division and we've got to understand that terence never a separation of church and state the separation was he was the one to her because people only understand roman thirteen as i had previously or or they don't understand it god demetrio stand against purity they all bowed to her any decision at all was that we english romans who wonder wonder even as the painted and i think that pastors will properly and oddly interpreted to basically declared that they must go basically unhindered obedient try and i don't believe i don't believe that anybody could come up with any first showing that in fact god certainly laughed who opposed her and so we had in analysis with the three previous daniel himself all for those were magistrates for standing up for the people and trying to make a wall and ah god i one of the first stories you have in scripture was when good for talmonides you kill all the baby boy and the basically did not refuse to do it and they virtually lies to the the farol another doing and god blessed them and so a lot of people think well we just toward the truth now there are some people we don't own the truth and that was clearly one of those cases and that the time that master in a perimeter they were killed all the babies just like the tritill the babies when christ was born they set hoedown up art and the ninnies and everybody should know the whole history of moses than they are like so at the beginning the midwives were memories you know we beaudenord to baby so good disobedience once in a while as a as a godly principle yes not only the attestation it is antisoviet were really a man god and now was one of the the flags that emir as if you will in our country sanitation is obedience to god but we we have to make use that word just so bad but but really really god and as a result of obeying god we refused to obey i persecute any that's where we get our freedom standing out the well i think this is a good start to moving forward here and i'd like to continue on with with godly governance as well as i can we go into more into separation locate to day a little bit to separation of church and state in an go into the hole deeper we can win gonneville go ahead and end in focus on that to day i think godly governance and or separation of church and state in the then maybe when we get you know get the mincing and we you know we can certainly i'd love to see you do bible studies on on here i think of what it would youthink out there what do you hear you want to see a inhere with the online church because i think we can continue to do like an oligarch work people can actually maybe even you know that a comment certainly i could read the combatant i think we can also interact with people it but maybe even have a call in here they call in and they can actually talk you know talk or have actually interact outline but to be found a few and a yesterday said they would get older mamie now address again tom parker making fifty a female dog come i was then out of the nether one of the two paperhangers on a church and the first one was born the history working in america so long way back even into the eight hundred of philotime that we actually botheration ary war or independent that was the first on the second one will be the turning point had a message and i wanted to when you mahanataka this is like establishment was what wholesale bit interior and exceeding me a prisoner and i appreciate a memorial it mortalis through legion must have a tree to be followed right inordinate is to be followed ministers of divine qualifications to teach doctrine and administer right and for he permitted one with penalties for non submission there never was an established religion without all the so when they use the establishment cause very often were not establishing religion because we don't have to sporting we just want to practise the christian religion if we do and so this is where when people want to cry all the establishment of separation of church and polly even the separation of church and state came from a letter from president and as jefferson then very aperture of connecticut basically declaring they had the right actually practice the christian religion and our government should never interfering at practice and so the separation of church and state and the establishment clauses are usually so distorted that they mean exactly the office afore our founders and as it is isn't it shame that that's not being taught so that so that it can be a can be twisted when we don't know when we don't know the facts about any issue it can be twisted on us and to achieve somebody else's goals and they're not always good most time their bad and so i guess it in the picture and i heard a lot of church people say well we should get into government this was a point that i appreciating separated made i know that i myself i have a huge before puritan background and i for her that it was the reform people who brought in its and we feared really make a distinction here but i will it was really i have but another and in import because the prior the one that said s government dirty we shouldn't get involved otherwise will become dirty to it was the real reform puritanically believed that we know that government can get set but we ought to get involved to clean it up so that again affective vision so this is what i have always believed and when i was pastor specificate the black robed in all where i committed to precepts from the pulpit to know you before president trumpeters the canon amendment but i like a athenagoras in a crispation the poet and that's how basically people got their new again and some oh i think that one thing that we have to understand and i challenge the people this year when is that i say a nine talks about the government shall be upon shoulder i've challenged people if we profess to be in cracking and we don't submitted government we are really wandering god at the minimum we at the worst are declaring we will not submit an income i think people have to really do some examination of their souls by other and his love because this is what i so love about you and what i found he amedee seem a cainlike you've done as it is portentous pastorate in christ and you are to bring back only constitutional govern and church people we should wish it with because that is the potation of creating two redeeming the culture which god called we think about her advantage be giving the culture is part of the well and i think that there has been such a miss miss communication on what the bible says because we've got so many faults profits and faults teachers that take things out of contact in order to turn it into a profit center for them that that i don't blame people for for walking away from anything that looks like its christian because it's been so it is become such an apostate but and when we don't have enough people speaking out of it you know true you know true ahulah with god is truly that the greatest freedom and is also the greatest hoistin right but it's also the greatest community it it kind of fulfills everything when when you appeal that are willing to lay down their lives for each other to help each other when does that happen society not very often do you find some one say you know i've got i've got this this this is this on my schedule will some bleeding on the ground next to him all we're not going to stop here on to just keep going because i got a schedule and that schedule becomes their bible or what they really what they follow instead of a step by step you know that may change step by step and minute by minute and what god asks us to do and later life do we lay down our preconceived notions we lay down are our schedules we lay down what we think is important and sometimes got goes canoeing to say now we're going to go we're going to go in this direction for a while and and we may never go back to that other direction but that's a kitin adventure it's like an it like life to me is like an exploration we got a whole table at lagos first of all that we can build stuff with to help each other but also it's like a quiet and you know it's the greatest we we learn things along the way that that we could do for the next attendent become the and game for me and i don't think he does for you either but it's a quest and you find buddies on your suit and you experience things together and you explore and create and you build and you help people and that's the greatest quest of all it's not you know how big a castle can i build that i can control everybody around me it's how much help can i be to thee to god in his world whatever it may be you know it may be a man would like something may let into entirely different in a couple of days that's okay could look entirely different two years the sockatoo you know and and i think it's kind of kind of a fun fun quest but he requires us to lay our lives down in service what of the and i've got like a running thirty to last why man that really really challenged by fall my being was teaching a lot of people don't know much about featherstone the dame he was involved in an assassination plot against him her and the illimitable the allied forces when a free germany but solomon implicate the church and what i believe that god wants needed but he felt that he had to do what god called otoyo and i i was just so fast for one of the things that he said and this is why i love you you will not stop talking proficiscere my soul years ago i mean i know as a pastor that the truth you think a lot of poles and as to say i quit and as we your mind one day and chapter twenty first nine magically said i quit attack about his name any more i will not be an he said there is a fire that burns in my soul and i can't put it out and i can't be quiet but he pondered tientsin the face of people is evil itself and that's what happened in germany people again those pietist was her old kayaderos and watch all these people go on the train and alessandria with her own portion thing with the sex traffic people lose their mouth and i refuse to speak out i stand for the truth we we fall short of what god wanted to sometimes we got to get dirty in the midst of digging deniging things out you know sometimes sometimes you you have to do things that that you never thought you were able to do in that process of getting in and actually you know not not walking out looking like a shining star every moment with the traction there and you know make it a difference and that's not always that's not always what people may be think that it looks like oh so there is a concert on a newsmongers that i first went to do with the turpentine a lot of lot of people even may be on the outside looked in the antichristian the macousha they look at but god is then in war with fate before he created mankind and he to infer an when he called us to himself to be a relationship with with him he called us to be warriors and one of the men that i think doesn't get a lot of serviture so and donation jonson story where he and sir eternities that they did not have epicaste palestine to take things from them they were out walking in the souletins abantwana top of a wall and the sad look maybe god will cause us to have victory so it were going to go up to work in the brutalities and a face we're going to go up and take a tithe say that well well no not to it is a far said whatever you've got in mind to do john at the with what i always tell you do whatever you got by you when you still the wall and they mascarille the garrison within about a thirty five yards and and god caused a great victory that day so i encourage people what is it god longshore just saying what is ignorant to do to you i think we don't ask that because if we asked if we might find out the god constantinople and i think a lot of the guest that you had on this last year i hear that often i never thought that what i'm doing now would happen for it would take up like a half isn't it amazing to see that develop in people where their accelerated it pick me and then they stop and they do things that are just incredible in its so inspiring to see i could lift osso many names of amazing and i mean amazing patriot and people that i've met a long way and and if it's it's really me it's really incredible in you know god is in fact is in fact nonotte the rest of the story with jonathan of having to come back and face his dad thought was a rough moment for him i was because i saw gothinians while he actually i endeavoured on the chinese do and what he did and he matalista anybody tokiyori but before we complete the battle against the police they will die and so the majesty of it as the people stood up and said in a rotting to kill john into day because he caused a great victory to occur so the people acted as magistrate the hand of the king and i just think i mean the continuation of the story is that jonathan who had every right to be king of israel perfectly okay if i well the harbinger partake it is to me is the majestic story the friendship between david and jonathan how john the was so willing to say lord i'm a tellin your man and if the old jest the throne beside me i am perfectly okay with i was kind of cool too i mean he basically looked at that that challenge and said we can do this just two of us can sneak in there quicker and take this guy out then you know we can take the falchion tjust two of us and it's too much work having you know willet complicated moving the army so so they went in there and to see that the right thing to do and they just did it i did it and they did any told what to do they didn't have to a great plan created about they just did it and that he had to come back and face a face up to the fact that he broke a rule that he didn't even know existed and it was still the right thing to do he a torpor is that retaining an army i mean god always we got to have a lot of it for but it's amazing how often god just the thing through one people and you know i can we we think for we got to have just a massive and help me here god says i be with you and if you pleesant your camp i will fight with and for you and so we got to be willing to say lord i piece that's what god has a believe it some nine i may have solicitously solicited me to quit justice and so it is one and that's a job of dinosaurian for maintenant merpeople that god uses or those who say lord unimpairable unready holbein the fight where you want me to do for noriagas one of the two spies that came back and thought people don't realize that you know when there like wandering the wilderness for forty years god was essentially killing all the power i mean canadensis came back and said oh yes we we can't go in there their giant replica take gosh and canisters giant god said he'll be with us we can take it wasn't that they just kind of had to go about a mountain as i've heard god killed all the coward and he had a grand people to visit the promised land and i think that's a worthy to take no too you know a god got is going to deal with people in their disbelief but anybody that's willing to stand for something he's there every seven the way you don't even eat don't have to be too bright you don't even have to plan you don't have to be them but you got to do something you know do something say something and not just sit back and watch him by do it expect the they know what to do in case they bridnorth y're doin either of the following the wrong person have got a couple of you that then taanach here chris says i do oitermobile we've got money few things from the chaps here are metalwork taking his normally it's hard to meet him to maintain all this especially if the attacker michabou good morning lad good morning tomalin good morning the algerine lot passed yesterday garry smith things that were once in our being revealed thank you for but not becky from the truth the enemy is going down bedtime and all gloried a king jesus too is learning may god bless our fight against corruption very i hear him good and let in your domicile to it in her tefnut i am not listening to it the way you guys are little bit soft but we can hear a black robe was solely pilfold black rod bradamant and there's a twelve that most of the churches are all about the money to robinhood revolt against king john was from a three per cent tax now they take thirty to fifty or sixty or seventy per cent tax from the working class where our revolt a man tom and that in love says that too if you're talking as life i used to go there the pastor turn out to be not reliable according to law okay jerry smith discussion on christian world view and godly governance galilee that garrett in the kingdom of god is present present reality and future hope like that one to the christ for church i go to is involved in politics from tom that's right the focus as on worse being got but we take responsibility for shaping society i love you when people start writing in the chase and talk back and forth as if i could figure out how to bring more people on a share the end bit link i think i have i think i can get about the ten different people that i can throw in here but it's one of those things that you kind of got a i'm learning this from my kitchen table you know my dante every every step of the way of gaskill so maybe maybe one of these days i'll put out that invite lincolnshire or to opinion for a few minutes but occasionly governance king of god being present in real reality in present reality and a future so all of that i think is you brought up he was the bearer and joyous so many poor and confiscation few arrogant oward continetur to the rites as all comprehension and he asked me to be questions we should all as herself has gone doneraile a constricted for stansmore against evil doers so when we realize that we're in a war god wants us to engage in that war i mean he gives us a baby marching orders in the patience but winebottle and very often we we sat on our hands in the face of people instead of rising up and fighting again i got a samovar the over the years i think a lot of christians god people have stood up and i think they've been down you know i think people are in a state of confusion we do we do but i like i just convinced we can't give up he no more i keep going and like it like this is it just what were you going to go you know i've heard people say i'm going to move out a state of michigan go somewhere else or good luck with that because i'm pretty sure that this is stomach corruption is everywhere see their stands or fight or you're going to be doing a lot of moving once you find out after the first two minutes that you had the grass the greater grass was probably worse than mere you came from because at least you knew the threats here you know and knew where you were you could fight but i i really think that launching my next step as i've got a few lawsuits that i'm going to launch and i'm going to do i think i'm going to start doing it and very unusual way i've got some ideas and i think that there is i think that there's more and more and more but we got to unite so i got to tell you something i saw yesterday that's more about division in its division and i can tell you i watched what happened with this an absurd in it when not only is aboard camisas ago rode but the parties of political parties are are a cult they are they are set up like a colt they've got the same characteristics as this great they had they had a the wonderful people that are taking back the republican party met at the convention is great and there doing the right thing there are sobbing their moving forward their taking back their but but what it happens with the leadership which has completely and utterly corrupt removed them all republicans remove them true republicans remove them all right now they've got how many people vinrace the same thing that they did at the last election how many candidates can you break the market and to the people in an absolute disarray look at on a fallen while alessandro or i go over here for onondago's the new favorite and now watch it's got a half an alteration put on my oh my my profit hat here which i'm not a prefect shall go but as in the puny prometheus i see there what's goin to happen as god is going to send a great confusion into the pulpit that's just coined you know it's like it's like their dividing it cause they've got so many candidates in there that are going again poet were people need to go because there's no freak in orleans and there the breaking this up just exactly like you would if you were marketing something i mean i've got marketing my background right if you're going to break something up and look at a market segment they have done a spectacular job at and so they're going to have percent over here twenty percent over here so whatever here at over here nobody went and except for when they when they do a political you know political removal through character assassination and as that the other thing and we've got a lot of the candidate that can't win because that's what they did in their ante te somebody better to stop up that not in the leadership of the republican party because he gets failures there there absolute failures just like the board canvassing the people are great is so so any one of you out there that flemister not we're going to completely and utterly reject this nonsense it if nobody else is going to do it in a managerial form then i'm going to do it and please dear heavenly father bless him with somebody that doesn't believe all this grass roots nonsense is going on because most of these people are placed as so figure out who they are because their work and with the best most of all do a little background check i've got a few of them that are carrying aliases and criminal stuff in their background like hers no tomorrow that i checked out titan on the same stage of these people i would with a i would with the white people that are true republicans absolutely but the leadership godless paid agent provocateur same thing with cressogno most of them and i a sametini most of the churches that are out there they shut down during coeducation they did it for money you can make that cut with that absolute confidence and start your own church there's no reason why everybody out there can't start a church in their house start doing bible studies let's figure this thing out we don't need a fall in line with somebody else's lead everybody strange began with them there you go the oratorical he was basically forty when he was a spy and to in and after the forty years he was eighty five still as strong as he was at forty when he basically said of me that most and he had to kill a band an etonian to possess what was later known as like i desecrate people to ideas that in god or like me he was so wintertime stop in antiradiation say this one is up with the retirement stuff this antonona continently i'll just say it right now you know i am almost sixty years old and there is no possible way i've ever got to retire you know there's that i've got so many things that that i could i can put my time into them productive at that i can't even i can't relate to this why would somebody retired you know there what there's a million things to do and you know what the the people that are older and i mean i can get through that being you know being close to sixty here in sixteen next year that quite honestly as you get older you become much more stable you see a lot of stuff you know you see that and horses the more you ride a horse the more stable as they go on on on the trail when they're little chipmunk out anon they jump out of their skins and they think they're going to be eaten by a chipmunk by the time that there are about twenty you know fifteen twenty years old lying could walk passing you know i mean the just are not going to they're not going to move because they just look at it and go all already know how to deal with something like this so so you just don't you just doesn't like it doesn't get to you so grant is a grand but called to action we need to all of us so i've got a roughening is a black roraima centring the up amenti want i want to show her body i don't know this is right susie that you talked about but is that is that a correct nature i can see go down to it for i can not abandon real good job with the microbe and dan fisher as well i encourage people to watch deniers egotistical up on that utopias quite a few i do you teaching on and i recommend if you did to him there's one almost as the nine minutes i think that's one of his better ones than i think someone actually pastor and oklahoma and mister gray man because a great presentation as i strolled aviator her hat like a fisher of men irene's a million fisher a million was a spell it up dan dan the fisher i go all carolan her brother i was tried a search it out first because you never know what's going to come of i oh he looks on i encourage people to watch that because foremost part people have no idea of when on in our revolutionary war let's put the sign to disparagement quickly it wasn't necesarily presbyterians but king george called her revolutionary war the presbyterian rebellion or revolt he was literally presented a eratosthenes there and eminenter cannonade of the heretofore and maywater recipe in their church and in her town and not sentiment war they would leave them into the war he that leadership thing is of a talbot on a tight now it's you know in any type of management idlers and the leader has to be willing to put the you know take that first step in i mean this is something you know we talked about our parents sometimes the first nineteen now the the male i eenamost he antoinette our pastor could not but the time is come to fight the good fight i am bad liberty others mind his right they fall i hope to see you some day for the shadow of death memorials and liberty is he to it was beethoven i may he i while there we go i think i think that was the end inundated and i think that looks like it he would be a very good guy to watch and and get into his actual speaking in and acting i guess or not acting as he is he is the one point o'hara at one point in my starts with with us outside uniform of an talbot i documentaries and by it will be finished to yeah that's cool weather most people don't know anything about i know the first time i watched i was going away so i actually took the blackburnian old under the particular and it's a mean something to behold into the try to be to that type of very go i think i got it i like to do this in line while we're doing this as i know i am researching here while builders the burdensome to world largest library of bounders document i mean there's a lifetime came wilson but i think come come the document and when they read the documents they have to go on we were wrong and quite a speaker historical documents here oh there go apart greater good person you can put that on your post at the every good lanoe's got several cogitata freedom life for because a mile of mine and atone fastener heard but he just came pouring truth out there is just a man in while that's really tatoo the oscarians a free by free to show the biblical support behind every phrase in our fellow her founding documents to be old and trying to figure out the cores a train figure out where heads where the the tacks are canities are just documents a causeway church and that parton and i think you'll see a few okayondonghsera she and i can not i got off in twill look some of those of insanity is not like the one room school house to cowhide to freedom do sit i youthful i've got it which by and you wanted to throw that up for a few minutes people would give taste of it and now that if i can find a disappearing almost every phrase in our fountain your own away so that i remember the past or stand but he introduced him in any thing off and that she just so to live a very cool services and special amount very cool will certainly go in there and now eternity even or ever more as he can fisher and services for people that interesting very cool all good things to learn from right definite given or even serious for bill better he's quite a patriot ah that's very cool wonderful and and now tis going to be having his own here in brandegoris that's awesome so very very cool it there's so many different ways that god taught to each of us individually to tell us exactly what we need to know for that day and its amazing very madness go on and go ahead and look so down on a little but so thanks for bringing that up i want to find the old to the the black robe renounce can find in manner when i'm in doing as i've been putting this in my telegram postal the posts that are all of the links that i bring up an organ another curtained better a night but it was under the maharana the a church broke create in practice and the government are what they got in the malecontent in the presence of god covenanter into a still body politic to act just and equal laws unto which we promise all to the mission rather than seeing a separation of church and state the new religion as into politics and i said tried to tell pastors all the time we think we're not supposed to be involved in politics or you can do is talk about the gospel and receiving the culture and you ventured desire of politics we can have a godly politics and we should go to everything in her power to eliminate ungodly and unconstitutional politics i gave out in instilling her so i cannot i cannot scarthoe things a little bit while we're well were looking at things it swastika on a paper wasn't i have much herbage i find it on the person saumur i can contact them and just so you could possibly it out there will figure it out and put it up so michael bonassus god is my lord and say here my two michael and tom always learning that the that's right was agreed with what you were saying down i got that so love says every one thinks i am in the ana sat are state but they are turning purple people are not being attention their governor is friendly towards china while that's where my pans came from so that she tell you you need no ali be lapses in sixty four you either grow old or you die young there you go well you know what it's just like barnave if he died eight days before the liberation tuscarora ation present right i mean how how chocolate tom says the horses and world war one where is brave is the man riding them yea they sure were horses horses can be very brave that's the way they all so quite often they rode frisonnette and presence a hallblithe ride because they've got the big concomitant that interests a different we can probably relate to bologna the just to the stanhopes something in look right on side of the canyon the horse just jump right to their duckworth multan still in none know this also a horse if they like the rider they have like a personal investment in it and will actually step up to defend the rider so if you if you have a horse that really likes you and they see as they see a a threat that horse becomes really popped up and we go after that threat to defend the writer which i think is passmore then paul that that minutes sometimes do this and not the great while actually i guess i'm ruinationin the heri would call his government and bedcover mentalities of separation church and state with deathlike either lucerne a wreck lagoverde lies races what our founders created a nation to be which was under god palaces basically under a ministry or a civil government or very often a tanical church or leaders and and then he offered to arrive with the assembly groups to the jury government versus de facto government but gordoletti we therefore a simple created the bees got involved we the people to make changes yes there is mark three i said that over toinette bring that up a minute did you talk on that town i was down i got it up on the screen somebody i can't read it on your screen less ipomaea the justice that's one of those things that that comes with having wisdom better wisdom and worse eyes and marcionites thirteen so that one over to thank you dad let me see i think he mentioned somebody said the elements in timor senior he temoin testing to here laborious love is when people post the stuff and bring bring to mind what it comes to mind as were talking i think it's really cool because i get to see what's important a people and what they focus on where they focused on it this tom is a very good friend of mine to him times he became a naturalized citizen and after years of living in the united states i think he was here for years and and he got his it was beautiful when he passed this test he called me and he was crying on the phone and we were crying together because he was so proud of being an american and his first his first act is an american was actually designed my petition and that was his really beautiful it was really cool i just had to switch bonbons the market is as like the alabaster that you find out of problematic twenty five but make one to focus or on the back and and for maybe i'll read to night to thirteen he says to be in your guard for they will deliver you over to counsel and you will insinooate covetous and kings permissionaire them and the gospel must be in portland to all nations and when they bring to trial and delivery over do not be anxious before him which you are to say but sawteeth you in an hour restoration spirit and brother of the more protheroe to define father his child and children rise up against parents and and you will be hated for all by my namesake the one who enters to the end will be safe so surely as franco it's the freedom that god puts in our soul and he talked about in john at the thirty one to thirty two but in that whole contact the jews were basically said we're not we're not undermined but these told the mere under pine to your father a double not if you believe in me the truth was set you free and i see a lot of people i think in the church said i would say i know that freedom in her soul because when that freedom even your soul cried lord let me attempt nobody wants to willingly say lord oneself for you but in some way that the cry of her soul when he regained because i used about nature but after we leave the land of the danegeld of the living what better thing could we ever when differentiate immortally clinton you know only she did it stupidly i must say it truly what difference the make we live diverted you know it's like one place to the other and an i'm kind o good with the other place too you know going to have some good place to me so asiatic between the two in it you know i thought to go when i thought he and as the antiaircraft that line is gone out entirely if i got too many to existence he must let me get out of her place first to do and too that then he called his son and we have too many people to take care of her you know i can't abandon them you know it's like we've got work to do we've got we've got people to feed we've got people to take care of it set with him a smile at me and make sure that they're okaihau how much jesus loves them and what that really means you know when when you talk about salvation that's another thing that people can't a lot of people can't come to terms when because we had such a lousy lousy teachers out there and it's like it's really hard i think for a lot of people to say i am a flawed individual sorry we all know floower going to be honest with ourselves i flatter you i'm glad i know that and i would love to say that i'm always done everything right in my life but you know what that would be a lie and you know it but you learn from those things that you get up and you move on and go well lois really stupid in that situation i guess it won't be doing that again and you get out then and say god please pick me up then i promise i won't do this again and i learned and i'm not going to be done you know and and hopefully every day gilmartin you walk forward and got forgotten and i think that's misunderstood but what to you when you talk about salvation if he before not say or don't understand or don't have that relationship with delicate it truly is a spiritual rebirth when you when you become a christian you are you have it's like god breath spirit into you're not just up you're not just going and living but you actually you actually it is a changing moment and some some of the changes are dramatic and some of the changes are are small and increment you know god works with every single one of indifferent way to bring his children into relationship with him and home so when you talk to people about salvation and you give a message to people understand that opportunity to be saved what do you say i had to apostolicity and old people do and some people would say enormous radical the way you do but oh no you are here what i'd like to do is go into john three were pieces spoke to the a what i tried to pay the picture or an ear how i often thought the people i have my youthful chopin i have the stuff children but i felt all biological children and i know that women unless they are put under for the bird they they know what it is like to see a man before but but i have the question of when the venison it is great that dress cause life or does it great because it has sadly i have a lot of people that will call me him that first fricassee of that but that's exactly what she said no no no a fire have to be spiritually record and as what i call a spiritual resurrection we according to the cases too were dead in our sense but a people think that there's more of taitbout some people with sporadic i think that is as unidiomatic thing that whereby we come to he does not think the baby doesn't choose why it has life therefore is free and that's what i believe that thee was teaching that the bee that is the spirit new birth you will do i live in faneuil preface so that's all i salute it differently but i believe that i'm very consistent with what jesus taught and i believe that's what all untamable new birth experience like sacrifice the older any man being prices a new creation the old old things to pass away the old all things had become new so it's like this there is a discontent occurs cases one stegosaurus the king of darkness and point the kingdom of his there sunbeat is are there only he had the word and the greek that tosabo transfiguration when jesus was transfigured under the three apostles that same word as in clashing on thirteen o god literally transfigured such from the king of darkness the distorted spiritual life eternal life and so that is the new birth experience just as the baby you know that i necessitating back into my father's room and before he and we almost flash at it but he was serious and in his thinking and yet this is said it is a spirit he says i like the wind on his as the meaner the wind comes from the word go but he said that the same way as with the spirit and never it comes upon people are upon we don't even sometimes now why how when or where i came from and yet with god knew her we live in the faith we grieve said and we know that's how i also appreciate you question i'll just very quickly do up a sanative and teach erbout grace i believe it grace always curious to first and to make a santos that's a quick adoption what i understand about new birth that the how i think grace too as how we look at other people and see other people with god's eyes natron where we see them and in their flaws and such because in we see ourselves their laws but we give them grace knowing that god is in fact perfecting our faith and teaching us day by day by day and for his with his purposes for each one of our lives and we bear with it we bear with one another and are in perfection because we don't have the perfect in part and tell work on that now be here on this on the earth you know then that a wee become perfect that we never become perfect until we move on and so we we can show each other love and grace and when somebody screws up not lose complete minds about their crops but say desire out what you did wrong and you know are we going to do this a reader repeat this again or have we got the smarter in our we set our so you know and fratricides life and tried to try to be more like him but he perfects it through us is a holy spirit that that that does really all the work we just have to be willing to follow him and in accept his gift of eternal life that he paid the price for our sins so it's not automatically in the story machine and to how would you to have an you to howdyedo what i mean based on our actions is our faith and he knows our heart and he paid the price and that's all we need he covers our sins and and i were we accept his gift of eternal life apart from you know apart from our actions all the time though you know the actions do come into the play a little bit but that's not the salvation part of it i guess i foreshadowed because that recitative a measure born from above you have won the cane and that's why he said i actually just much of my doctor work and john three because i like you know he says the pleasure didn't born of the flesh and the spirit you don't have no life in you and so a lot of people think that for the water it's like they think of this appositely there's a water immoderate go through in our flesh for that as wiesbaden we can be biologically more does it mean that we billy reform anastatius feminist an offense the guide i understand that your new born by the spirit by god so we have to be earned but then we have to be reversed and i call it recreated and of what the language of all and secretive seven i remember when my dad became a christian and every one that knew him said that it the transformation when he gets saved was a night and day differ only then when you see somebody that goes through a toll transition or transformation like that it's it's actually very shocking and is its immediate the change the change can be very immediate and it can be i had many people say that there's no there is no better testimony to christ and and that report the salvation than to watch what happened with my dad there was meanwhile to people not understand it first of all because the theologising and so like i know that we must have a change to pestilence the christian rose view comes in with when god gave us on the logical to earth and we change our mind after the mind of christ according to police there i say i'm sorry go ahead i'm gintleman and a manner if you i think that sacristan on to six one of the greatest asses that i think that we will go to where is caribou that when we were torn weapon take every son captive to the obedience of before one from the fabian do that because we're in financial title of my last for the one of the day you over it the more room for life so the way she repeated without sin canyon panted we were not a foreign where in the bondage of sin we can't think the thoughts of god we can obey the fact a roman at does need me and on oleron from all and so it is that old new birth experiences you said but your dad is like wine see somebody just come alive in that ominous what happened with the woman at the well i mean she neither was the sinner jesus exposed her to the core yet when these same i can give you the living water ah when she got down there being water she ran back into town and basically brought the whole town out to jesus and he had several days so it's like when we see somebody now her it's just notice and that's why i even pageant think about it i it's hard to really put a captain but i think there's a sense that we go through he causation period the human baby is about a nine months process you know we can it is what i think that relation god is good that all a mess that just station period there's an under hers and galatians and i believe that all is showing us the dynamics of that spiritual just station professor by god brings us to do to me it is a justice when we can see it that way a miraculum men here the pearl so tom says tom what do you think is it possible for a mature christian to be bitter about the past and then he says i pray that every christian grows in the fruit of the spirit a man danai know better christians i pray that we all grow to be more christ like or like christ certainly better i think that we saw that i don't know that you can have a better picture than joan i believe was resurrected in the wall for the great fish when he preached and i felt like the king of men of the actually reached the better servant and does but to win upon the mountain and was waiting for god to bring the fire of heaven to destroy them and he was pretty much better because god didn't do that no i think the christians can be better he should we be i think we've got to go back to the foot of the cross and realize what god did in us and what he wants to do through us and i think we can lose that bitterness it's a waste of time you know bitterness is such a waste of time we all have things that we can be better about in life you know and it is such is such a waste of time and when you're better is just like hate it only robs you of having a better life it doesn't hurt anybody else except for the people that our hang out a mention something the voice may here it only hurts it only hurts the people that our whole on to that bitterness it has no effect anybody else nobody knows that your better it doesn't he have any day or any any forward motion it just it racks him at ahagur body it's a choice as you know it is definitely a choice but it's a waste of time and space why why would you i would you know i actually was talking so many about that yesterday because they were they were actually this is funny i was actually talking about that somebody was a man as men meaning that we were having which people were fighting over some of it they had good reason for some of it they did not in all of them came contributed to it right so soon like why are we putting any more time to this so yesterday is the dream it's gone let it go and move forward yard experienced at my experience it over and over and over again and i've done it i mean we've all done it and you know and shame on me for doing it you know you just you want passing kay that was yesterday it doesn't exist any more stuff reliving it moved to the future get past it if the problem comes up again hopefully at you that we're all at least fifty per cent smarter than we were yesterday and know how to deal with the problem better either put boundaries around or you know but you don't enter relive the wrongs that happened to you you can use it as teaching become smarter and moved forward and use it in a productive way there's my answer you can it's done but you can yea and i was just going to say that if the question is like the memories francis a lavengro a whole rebaiting and he suffered i should have been better by any of them and all of them and he and we see in chapter twelve she had a pacification for you and that's why i believe this we can learn to live in the empowerment of christ which i believe crazy we can overcome through great estimates of creation overcoming power from god to for our benefit and for our whole god have minutiae the flowers grow you know and that's what our lives too if you don't have any maneuver in the past and crapsey know that you had to go through you cannot have growth that anything that's meaning he had turned in manure grow great things out of a craft happens in her past and and turned into something for otoyo know there's no there's no no point in sevenpenny on it and wasting time that could be put into something productive and let it go it will connect help you when you need it so anyhow ah and get messages in it talking aestate go ahead so well a couple of a couple of yes by thirty and i why i know the other day and i know you were alluding to things that you make it into i wanted you to know any more he clarifies so that it be i think it would help if you could share that maybe you can't i know that you're always doing things that people are not aware of and i i would just pray let that out when you can people need the encouragement i certainly will i'm going to go a couple of comments and then i'll tell you what the next i with the boxing with the bran and bracing gloves going to be i'm going to coin that term the breadbox in clothes not remotely done with the pommel okay but tom says thank you says the print we all grow to be more like christ thomas thank you it hurts our witness to it others witness when you're being better who's goin to listen to somebody who is just you know better all the time i won't do it i mean every single one of us does it at times where where were disbeliever thing and and we go off at the allytheer ainly everybody does but but you but not in a bitterness way you know say when he's be said be it out get rid of all the stress and the nonsense and and the stuff as it were human we're going to have that and then let it go thank you and a recess while had trouble getting connected better obak and relate to day show oh yeah and anne's loman gesindel picters that she sent me of herself she's up in that up wonderful yeah there's a lot going on behind the scene so that i can talk about some that i can't talk about it and some but i don't know but what i do know is that my next stop is going to be continuing to go after bad gas in many different ways so the law suit that we have that was filed on september to i want to to think about it not nothing but what to see because they're still to do what republican party the leadership is not true republicans all make the differentiation but there like look here look here look here look here the news media as gascony running a different direction following different people different ideas this is the new news this is what's going to happen to day this is what you know dat dat dat dat day train it gained some control in a situation ottocento a one thing you got fo all we are one job to do don't throw it up any focus on to that is the rest of it the peace of her going to change the orders going to change what we think should have an is probably going to change but the end of the day by lionato and his plan is good all the time one job focus on god with this sad going through you know were presented with opportunities to make changes and hopefully to go in one direction but you if they go in one direction for me the commitment to take in this state back for we the people i just want my state back are as a as a person who was never in politics who never wanted to be in politics who never envisioned myself being politics but absolutely disgusted on seein what's happened to our state that's only reason that's why i stopped up i just want mistakened that doesn't have a time frame to it that doesn't have an association with or some o that i am asking permission for a to do this a sovereign individual in the state of michigan without anybody's permission is going to go forward and work to take this statement now anybody that wants to join the fight to take the state back i would encourage you if you know it either to either come up with the idea and run your own game or to join me i really don't care but i'm going to continue to run i have at least two lawsuits that are on the docket to be filed and i think that yesterday god laid something on my heart which is going to take probably not a lot of effort for me because i love coming bad gas okay i like a good a good verbal sparring and i don't mean you know anybody to out there grab your torches and pitch for so what are you going to do they got thanks and nurit that's stupid we have to out think we have to out think that and the two out think the minister ate as were all of our time should be while it see there messin with us here how are we going to get it's not going to be with grave your torches and pitch for so help me god so many came my channel the other day and in a rage someone and started talkin about you know shedding blood the setting are you a complete and utter more an what are you goin to do pull out a cold forty five and i mean i mean it all sounds that previous great but it is not going to achieve the ends that we want we need to think the thing through a little bit so my my strategy and as is to continue to to talk truth to stand with other people who are true pat patriots who will not compliance in one a first step is just not comply with any of these agencies get yourself educated so if you do get drain a court you actually have a standing cause your educated enough to be able to fight there on lawful jurisdiction in such so i am and the good news this is that the strategy is gotten better you will be the first to know what i file something i'll come on here and tell everybody and read the court cases as i post every single time in my telegram channel i posted the source document on the the complaints and all of this stuff has been posted for everyone to see in a entirety retort cases and such but were still going after the fact that none of the machines were certified and twenty twenty two election and a good portion of unworthy twenty election we have to go after the twenty twenty election it will not be right until we go back to twenty twenty because that's really when the when we started i seen and knowing what was wrong and i think we need to go but further than that i wouldn't be opposed to going back to you know there's some people to say go back to eighteen sixty when you know the eighteen sixteen sixty one in congress walked out because an illegitimate president was put in place and they vacated their seats and then from that time on we have the fact of government i can to agree with that how far back to we want to wipe the thing away i think we need keep going back until what works and what worked was at the beginning of our country constitution plus none of these other nonsense departments organizations in one one all three letter agencies they don't even have the right to exist they don't exist under law they only exist because we allowed it and we still continue to submit to them rather than an hold on a minute let me pull my dock and a court cases out to stand in front of the court as a sovereign which means outranking all of them not only in office as public functionaries but the entire defect of judicial nonsense and the bar which is a membership club discobolus exactly what we've got going on there how do we fight that spectacularly it's going to be fun we're going to go in there and we're going to give them the lashing of their life to remove them just a matter of oh there's a few steps i think that had to be accomplished before those first of all like i said wake everyone up let them know what's really going on you can you've got a terribly from the main stream media nonsense itself there because it is nonsense turn people around said feel kind o bad about what's going on right now i feel a little bit of control so as everybody while we've got someone who is always correct all the time and always perfect and that will be god almighty so let's thus tear down all of these idols we've got going on out there because there is a lot of idols that put people put their faith and so it's time to tear down all of these idols these structures that we put our trust in all of these people that have turned themselves into quasi celebrities for their own gain and that would be an grassroots gruppit al groups all of em checkmating i mean i'm pretty excudent find out that a lot of started out for communionists and other paperhanging with what's their background check out laura see how many aliases they go under i can throw a whole bunch of mint there right now and every like going oh my gosh i didn't know they were bad year listening to what they say you're not you know they're not figuring out figuring out what needs to have and challenge me i mean challengeth information that that i'm putting out their until say what i mean i think your little bit of base here donwell tell me more why am i why my office on that i want to know because i want if i'm wrong and something of tim's ransome thing somebody else there has the responsibility too in love and in correction bring it forward and say okay brother to sister nada i think you're off bacon help me to grow that's what we want to do we want to we are striving for the truth and i don't care who brings the truth to the to the forefront i was now anybody want to get on bradbourne now work perfect he got before number six one six four three zero four four one zero i said again if you need it give me a call and if you've got something else to say you know don't don't plan on don't plan and get much of an audience if you palliate bible of the churches say or albert pike you know i write in probably not going to have much of a much of a reception here because i have to do is go for the truth will bring on past or town and some other people who are very very smart and learned way more smart than i am in this area and we're going to have an actual discussion why do we think it's okay as babies the fire of bale why in the this stuff in it we think this is okay to murder human beings in the room and i like the god created which is only going to end up and what's happening the nonsense hamptonian er baby castro to true dog there in canada you know i'll say where there actually practising you jane on older people why would we want to do that to get them off the voter the the the voters to get them off of social security and having paid for for keeping them alive because they herodote to society any more we can't use them as her little arbaces to grab the tax money into grab all the other nonsense it's all kind of role than to an big enormous how god told us we didn't listen to him where did where we ended up exactly right where he told us we were going to be so i'm pretty exposure that finery out of it we got to go back to god again ask him locasto sorry you know how do we how do we get out of this mess that were it an he'll lead us out if we're faith anyhow as that for it encourage it we don't fight would go remove these they've got a one way ticket to get mo coming up to them in their future they have broken the law they have committed trees an accent de trees seneca crimes against humanity there comes with a really serious punishment see the people the board of of of canvassers when i can throw that little game there said any one who touched his election as guilty of treason what eyes get big oh my gosh they know they know they know every one out there knows the americans know that we committed trees that bore thought we had it for them a bucker we got this thing figured out so we're fight not the answer to so undoubtedly want to go but i want to just separation is just give as a whole a kind of like concluding the establishment clause i want people to listen well actually hearing teach christian centre always valid here in america in our constitution are i stand with we his people when we divide i rawther in a piercing in the christian culture god christ adynamic or a freedom denied church on what our documents say and you behind some of the cases cethegus to me a pathway to to eat has been so yes we we have a legal right a legal as standing the precedent is already there to win the thing we just have to get in there and be willing to do it and i think riveted it in an unusual way but but we're going to be a monastery there too i want every one to pray for them put him on your prayer list and and i would like every one to pray for him bring his health for god to give a favour to him for wisdom and i'd like to start the prayer and that i'd like you to finish praeterita then would you do that all i dare dear heavenly father thank you so very much for every single person out there i asked that you and pour your spirit in us and make us the warriors that you and vision as to be at this point in time where you place a year at this moment in time give us give us not only strength and bravery but also piece passes understanding discernment and wisdom going forward that every single move make is led by you to destroy this horrific enemy which is waged war upon you your world and the children your children which you create and we through your strength and power as all things are possible through christ that we will stand to the very end with you pointeth in your favour round us and we thank you for that was that you and please bless him in every single way with complete healing with wisdom that he can continue to teach us and in the many many years of study and the wisdom in the guidance and the and benoleben him or so thankful and we were thankful for that but once again i would ask that you would lay them on every one's heart out there and that they would also pray for his for him to be blessed beyond measure for complete healing and into any concern that may be out there and that you would be with him speaking through him and anadale on a daily basis on a weekly basis through through every action of his life that you would bless him and give him your favour in jesus name pray man he continued coniferous from the gospel aeschines bethink you that you the son into this world to be the god man so our stint the cross and the cayenne caritatis don't mention was let and now what we have the opportunity to learn about that salvation to wainer of that salvation and i prefer allister to day lord i just looked up tonino that she is gratified we pray your asinarian upon her for everybody that listened for afraid courage maybe a challenge and that maybe they will be encouraged to look afresh into the world into our constitution find out where our right literally come from freedom of christ god and you give us the power to be your service to her warriors lord obliterated our nation as a holy righteous in we are a people or a fine we can recover that so that we could be a shining light around the world they preeminent preventing him so we're going to continue this on and well we'll get the hammer to how the online church is going to work and will let everybody know and please join us and pass the sign to every one you know so that we can we can invite them to be part of our family as the truly as its inviting people to be part of their thereto find the place to feel at home here your loved where we can work together and you know where we can or we can move forward together i think it's all good and as one nation under god indivisible it liberty and justice for all but under god under god on so everybody out there were going to close it up here to day but will be back always come back and there's the stubbornness issues happening here we don't go away you know it's that so anyhow so i would just won't let you know that you're not alone to day you're never alone it god is always with you he's right whether you right now always guiding you blessing you being with you as showing you a way every single day every minute of your day without fail no matter if every one around you fails he will never fail you put your trust in god every day he will always make away so anyhow we will say i had to do my heart hands before now because i turn and the broadcast he realized could be handsomer day so he was my heart and god bless you god god bless all those whom you love and god bless america thanks for me in an today tim missus lataffiere most certainly i'll post ligonier many last words o wangoman i have not conceded i've got my christmas nails on her then in time go to brandenburg for governor dot com i do not conceive i will not concede to traitors until every last wrong that the pen is right it and it's not so we're going to move forward with not conceiving contesting the election standing together and a holding these people accountable who are criminals sitting in the seats of public functionary so anyhow in any last words for the day to the driver may we become a nation under god we go go god and go grapple there you go so all right well we'll talk to guy's tomorrow tomorrow carinthia and adan hartman a tune dan hartman we're going to have an updated he actually called in while we were on a broad cast his morning psychiatrist because the legal pamela continues day to day to day cause we're goin in the have a great day everybody