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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 10/26/2023 Tech Time with Ralph & Karen the Riveter

Published Oct. 26, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

9am Tech Time with Ralph discussing how to protect your data in the unstable world of technology and News and encouragement with Karen the Riveter!! Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it's the twenty sixth day of october twenty twenty three welcome to the show today today we have on meseems ralph the it guy and tar in the riveter on the remontados to talk about here is a crazy world out there a guy that you do in good morning one on great now another another nice a dark day in the state of michigan here crettell you what i did you know that michigan is a second darkest stated in the nation and we are just entering into our dark season that would be a indooredness might not know this but you were were close like michigan which means we have lots of lake factand that means that we don't see the sun for about oh i'd say a good six weeks in the winter time there is no sun no son happening in michigan whatsoever so we're just getting started with that right now and its constant rain it's going to be constant snow pretty soon what what say you guys that precipitation is great for grown berries that is true and an apple tree so i told everybody that i bought eight apple trees or eight fruit trees the week and seven blueberry bushes and much to the horror of my family i'm going to add twenty more trees next year already have a bunch of em and a and probably twenty blueberry bushes next year as well as to be of my raspberry supplies as well that was the next thing that was going to ask about was do you know anything about the artificial light system like you can get a little lamp to shine in the winter time in in the house to give you a more of those pereverance or whatever it is that you get from sunlight why yes carried in fact i do know her you are that's wise like oh i can bring that up on the show wellthey is there yes karnathe do so the ah there's that there's a blue type of all distendisse that you can get in there like about a hundred dollars on the amazons i a few on to look there in plugging front of that thing for four or five or ten minutes a day an i'll make you feel way better i get one of those works well so i'm trying to figure out what the happening here with my rumble chanels it's like honomanu was going on ah it's not it is not coming on one that attack hell break there so piping up to plowden's not i've got on this is weird me see what's going on well talk of my cot well i herisebocona semesters with the with their streaming lately had never anything but rumbled but it's entirely possible there having same issues he et se if we got it up up we don't it's here it's here we've just you were just having issue here minna a lot of times when you see a issues with web sites like that too ah you'll notice a lot of times they come in groups and part of that is because the way the internet is structured as that your internet provider who you know wherever you're attached ah let's say you're on i don't know comes love your talking to a web site that he is on a connection that's provided by say a tent while your traffic has to jump from com cast eighteen t at some point ah and that there's very few locations around the relieving runcorn that ah or inter connection points between those providers and so like for example almost entire midwest in josoo a a particular data center in chicago and so long times when you see websites go down like that you'll see him and larches because it's not actually the web site that's down it's the internet it's the internet connection between your provider and another provider up the line that is down and that that level three day to center in chicago that one ah that one when that one goes down you know it cause it takes out a lot of the internet for the midwest now let's see i've got one of the channels is not coming up on brandenburg for governor is not coming up let me see what's going on here this weird so cetacean i'm still working on the bogginess there's a there's actually what sits out there that will track to where people are having problems with the website there's one that saw the comes quite a bit called down in detector in they trace not only when websites are down but also where people are reporting them down from and that can be real interesting to look at as you can see oh this is you know this gleis down fer everybody in florida or something like that o goggles down in colorado or it's done michigan or whatever you know or might be net flakes or something like that you know not flick and google are both generally kind of spread across all of the providers the they tend to put their own equipment in in enough locations around the country that they are pretty much armed every provider and don't need to transit through those those inter connection points ah but i not all websites do that a lot of em are very much centrally located where if you can't get to their internet provider it you're kind o you you kind of stock yet the one channel is not working here guy saw assentasse out the channels not working well please go too and miss lane the actual one of the big debates about a network neutrality ah if you see any if you ever see that in the news it comes up in the technos all the time cause when all i got back up on that little bit to be able even explain not neutrality so um when that there's a eh there's a concept called common carriers which is where a provider of a service is not liable for any one using it for example a the postal service is considered a common carrier it doesn't matter what you ship using the postal service they are not row they are not liable for the actual shipment of something whether it's illegal goods or legal or you know or anything they're not liable for it the people that are shipping it and or receiving it are liable for and the kind of the debate about net neutrality is about whether internet providers should be considered common carriers because kind of the way they've always been treated historically has been as common carriers ah where an it just like you know again another example of a common carrier is the phones bell telephone years ago was not responsible for in nowthe mob was making a call to somebody the phone company wasn't responsible for that call they were they were considered to be a common carrier where i know they are supposed to be providing service to any one and every one for any purpose basically and not liable for what their actually carrying on their wines and inter it providers were treated like that in a pretty much from the start em but then a few years ago as it was kind of a like a for lack of a better word is kept a handshake agreement among everybody that was involved in an actually building out the internet that they would pass their traffic between each other em on pretty much nondiscriminatory terms and ah so they've got a bunch of different agreements and place the inner net isn't just one big company or organization it's a whole bunch of private companies all co operating together and they just connect together under basically kind of a common set of rules rules and stand ah so the whole manor trality thing came up a few years ago because as not flix was growing and not fully curious an enormous amount of traffic a on the internet is carried for not fit oh down warding the video to two different devices as their streaming and a few years ago not flicks ah as they were growing the problem came in that ah not flickas oh they were passing out so much traffic a streaming it from their servers that the internet provider that they were connected to cause there were really only kind of connected to one internet provider um had agreements with a bunch of other internet providers to inter connect with them or with the assumption that there would be a roughly equal amount of traffic going each direction on the inter connection and would not flick growing it ended up being that this one provider was as was passing so much traffic in the direction of download in one from their perspective upload but from a consumer perspective they were downloading from that flies and it was all coming from this morn provider it was skewing those inner connections so far toward the download direction oh that the other internet provides that were connected to one more work centogatti upset with them because it was messing up all of their traffic and basically swamping their networks and so a bunch of the other provider started kind of like ah either filtering or or a throttling the traffic from that provider am to slow down netlik so they couldn't just overwhelm the network well this kicked off a debate of are the common carriers because if they are common carriers and they shouldn't be able to discriminate against one particular customer and so then ah once the question came off of are we actually common carriers then you started seeing providers that were doing like teared internet connections were previously they were completely in an unfiltered em you'd get cheered internet connections where for example you might have a base level internet connection that could stream netlika standard definition or you can pay more for your home internet connection to be able to steam noticeand high definition well that ruffled an awful lot of feathers because that also gives the internet providers if they got the tools to be able to de prioritized traffic for one company like that the naked easily de prioritized traffic for every other company that doesn't pay them and so you could get into a situation where not flex would have to pay every internet provider out there for the for their traffic to be able to pass the consumers and it would be a barrier to entry to anybody trying to compete with them huge barrier of entry and so that again ruffled a lot of other ah so the then you have the network and trality rules that came in that basically said no you guys have always been treated as common carriers you are common carriers you can't just discriminate like this and have a you can't just part out the internet said the highest bidder and ah so that's that debate has been going back and forth as weather it's gooder good idea or not em as i've heard the perspective from somebody that ran a small internet provider that it would be absolutely disastrous for them ah but he i i've never quite understood that because it's just kind of the way that the internet used to always be treated was the way not an trality rules regulated at so i don't know as it's a it's a fairly large debate still tend nollie esse ere you see come up in the news once in a while there but they know this has been on this has been a debate that's been kind of a has been growing for the last thirty years you know and it's only really come to the com to the news media s attention in the last few years with the rise of net flakes relief making making it more of an issue i only heard that kind of debate with or or mostly with regards to pornography because they want to shut down pornography bedded then how do you do that and not limit free speech where is the boundary and where is a i verses real pornography in those kinds of things of heard that kind of thing been debated because for excape can you tobe possibly catch all the poor ography what do they need to do in order to stop it they're not interest in stopping it that's the problem in my opinion i've seen i've seen people we have low into these sights and if you have the right pass words you can get behind you to and i don't know they've shut it down now but there was a point time where it and i watched a demonstration of them of a guide that knew how to get in behind the scenes and access that sort of thing of course he didn't publish it what he was what he was doing he you could you could see enough of it to know exactly it was happening there aren't there protected areas in most of these carriers where they are trapthere were they are trading chon but on the other hand the minute that you give the provider see ability to do the filtering themselves ah is exactly when they can stifle free speech for anything else because they've already got those tools employed so why wouldn't they use them you know the argument then becomes well they you know we're going to start targeting miss information and shut down the ability to for anybody to even communicate miss information and then well we're going to start shutting down a political see or were going to start shutting down religious or offensive in all the list goes on and on and on and one of you hand to provide the tools to be able to do that they will wield them and every way imaginable very and then again the liability is as what i was really thinking about like as you to or any faithful occur any kind of media liable for em for example somebody coming on in saying oh there anti jew and they want to kill us well that's very dangerous thing you on want that on your platform are they a liable for an incident that occurs because some one was sharing that kind of hatred on their platform but he is a good thing astly i hate to say it but here's omnicolore a different perspective i think you will should say whatever they want to say and law enforcement needs to stop in and and do something to say if there's a groove that's targeting a group of people say like komisantes and has law that have come out absolutely sand that they want to eradicate and in ransoming of people off the planet i think that that's the they fingered themselves on the territorities there you know we can allow people to live with mother whatever views they have for when they start target other people all all they are as the next they are the next to hitwhether you want to say and they've lost they've lost their their position as being a free citizen of that point should be designated the terra storiation if we don't let him talk we don't let them play their cards on where they are it's the the handling it after the fact costeclar and pot present throat right i would agree i'd rather nowhere the snakes in the grass are you've got i want i want everybody to be able to say whatever is on their mind because whether i agree with him or not it's telling me you were the threat is and that we can we can have a pretty clear pitcher by their own stupidity in her own words of how how to deal with that and whom we want to associate with you know we have we have enough freedom to associate with whomever we wish it so if we know that somebody is absolutely in the wrong side of of anything good we can spsitine on to something more positive and or do something like like withthose it happened with but with light dinrigh away i mean i don't know about you guys i don't like companies that push social change a genus or that are part of the color evolution that's going on right now so we can just immediately cross and ride off the shopping list or let's just say that we have companies that are or once again complicity type of polishing cultural and well you know it that point in time we honestly i know about you but we're under war right now i think it's time to instigate or use use the law that we have on the books like letters of market or prize what's sonthere's there's no reason why they shouldn't shouldn't be shouldn't be feeling a little heat let's say as it were there's there's this some real positives and letting all you not not censoring at all if we didn't answer and all of a sudden they were able to put out to put out a child on on it and a government actually acted with the code of decency we've got the map to know right where there therehitting one as an example of that too for you know the common carriers status um think of it this wife and think of internet providers as being like the theft for the sake of the network and trality argument think of internet providers as being like the postal service is the postal service responsible for the shipment of playboy magazine should they be stopped from being able to to mail that ah in all and or you know should any of to go back further should any of the founding fathers have been unable to send letters to each other because it might be potentially a contrary to the existing governmental structure in a way that they would want to change in all there there's a lot of once you start getting into that point of is a common carrier allowed to do the filtering ah you have to settle that line somewhere in off you're going to start on a line you got to figure out where you going to draw it and that gets into a real dangerous spot once you have once you give the control of where to draw that line cause somebody else especially with them a capturing all of our economic economically or commerce and not that could have been rethatched have been fixed a long time ago if somebody would have jumped in and inforced anti trust and another thing here too is on now as another faltering step kind of a thing um so several years ago ah there was a big debate ah with an amazon as to whether the a confederate flag a or the rebel flag depending on what you want to call it his a symbol of hatred in you know for for amazon there conclusion was as that ah that was a hate symbol and so they would no longer be no one would be allowed to sell anything on amazon that had the confederate flagon at any more than they were moved all of the products from amazons supposedly that had the confederate flag now ah you know for a lot of people that isn't a at its it's a matter of opinion whether what that flag symbolizes to some people in a but oh is that something that is right you know anson's private company they can do what they want but how about the postal sir it should the postal service be allowed to inspect all male to make sure there's no confederate flags in any of the letters well he remanipulation no matter how you look at it and that be that gets into the i know once again the network neutrality stuff of should your internet provider be able to look at all of your traffic and figure out whether it's a loud to go through or not samson a privacy it is ten time and and it kind of depends on how it's implement had held that privacy ah how far that invasion of privacy goes and what your comfortable with of handing the control to them for but in one way or another there looking at the traffic and making choices that are not your own choices so that you know greges back into that of where do you want control to why do you want the control to be able to do you want the freedom to do things yourself or do you want to give companies the freedom to implement the controls that they want and the privacy invasions that they want others rely there's almost no ah there's almost no actual regulation on privacy of internet traffic in the united states and there is in some other jurisdictions em but not typically in the united states there is almost nothing ah and so internet providers are are pretty much allowed to do what they want on there as far as examining traffic filtering in now without net neutrality there pretty much longed to do what ever wore a long discussion that we could probably talk about for a long time debating that on itcomes down to a spiritual problem that we're dealing with when there's there seems to be no no hard fast rules for any one and in issues of morality are ones that should be we all know what's right and wrong you know and it gets into it gets into that discussion you know but i do long discussion to have because there's a lot of issues that get rolled up into the the problem that i have with it is the size the centralization of that power yes and lack of competition you now have the hat be one thing if she every one in the united states had five different providers that they choose from some of which did filtering some of which didn't that bell won good a lot of americans really only have one option or may be two for their internet providers and they're all gigantic national companies in all the there's almost no little momooin tenet a providers any more like threes to be they've they've largely gone gone away and got in bought up by the likes of com cast and charter and am i mean even frontiers getting fairly large they there still on the smaller side but they're getting they're getting there you know there's there's a attendantthere is a lot of these big companies that are out there and then you start looking at the inner connection points between them and the internet interconnecting providers because lake level three is enormous everybody interacts with level three on a daily basis and they don't even realize and for the most part that's because level three does a pretty good job of just staying out of everybody's way and his providing the services that they need to to these big companies to carry traffic and ah but once again he start adding the ability for these providers to start implementing those controls and there's nothing level three is very much a big centralized point at this point that if they implemented filtering by golly the internet's going to be filtered you are not going to have a choice if you watch the ericsson report or things going on with ericson i i have not so much i am familiar with ericson and what all the that there are involved in a lot of stuff alone yes and there usually i'm in to say in the tutcomania ericson is usually pretty well regarded em as opposed to a lot of the other companies in that general space ah ericson does manufacture an awful lot of the ship sets as well as the a he as well as the there very very heavily involved in the standardization process for a lot of the protocols that you interact with a daily basis ah if i remember right they were one of the oh i have to go back on this but i think they were i think they were one of the top three leading contributors to two je three g and forge and to a slightly lesser extent five they've there they do a lot of stuff but you can probably expand on that report better than i can yes just just to concern with how much they control and a the connections especially when you look in our rahill the companies involved in our elections that's very very concerning so what else is going on in the tickwood were right now is there anything else going on that very should be aware of ah well in all going back to eros ericson you can look at ericson but you can also look at like broad com broad com chips are in everything oh there there in on sephon s that they make wifish sets ah you weren't talked about control broad calm has an enormous influence on the text ed and a lot of their stuff is a closed source where you can't you can't get the source coat for it so you can't examine what's going on on their chips white of their firm wares that way and a and a the the documentation on their chips publicly ah it's almost non existent because they make pretty much everybody that uses their chips signing on disclosure agreement and yet their ships are in nearly every device where's that being may a mainly manufactured oh i believe broadcom is largely manufactured by tasmc ahem and as far as that the chip foundry am i think some of their stuffs sometimes gets a made by the same song foundry over in korea as well eh but to be honest i don't know the numbers on that one tinction is pretty strong with the chips isn't it oh yeah tie wants huge and you know you've got the ship shorter to this been going on oh it's cause i coletit's not cause it co what's going on with that is the number of suspicious fires during coved at chip founders a all a sudden a bunch of these chip found grace just burned to the ground with nothing left to other unknown causes and weren't investigated there were i think ah an none of em in china i might add but a lot of a lot of em were either japan or corea oh it didn't i don't remember there being any of the mention now i think there was one in taiwan ah but ye the red round the same time whole bunch of em just burned to the ground then they to not remind you of of letters of marketers all in a way because you know that somebody's getting paid to do some of the savage hoses no two ways about it the fires that were started in michigan across canada and such a cross the united states and you look at the look at the amount of detrainment there were as well as the fires all of the all the fires and our food possesions and such there's there's no way that that is randomness oh and one of the one of the factories that burned and they were real real specific to i mean it was the chip fact it was the chip foundries that were burned to the ground it wasn't the stuff around them it was the ship found resburne to the ground genfindes used a too water this is something that you don't typically see chip foundries just burning to the ground for no reason on these tons and tons of water for washing away the chemicals that they use for masking a very very pure distilled water and its distilled the ionised you know water ah they they use a tunnel water you don't just see him burn down and all of a sudden within several months of each other a whole bunch of these things just burned down nothing laughed no investigation on and one of them in japan was particularly bad ah because ah one thing that a lot of people don't know about chip found grace is that they tend to specialize so like this once a booth they make a lot of stuff but a lot of it tends to be a a lot of it tends to be high speed digital stuff he has sense is a very advanced foundry they can make very very small scale ships ah where they pack a tonitruis rs into a small space ah that the exceedingly good that ah samson does that is well they can make stuff that is absolutely the ah but when you need a ship that is that needs larger stuff you don't go to a chip foundry that can make tiny stuff you go to a chip foundry that specializes and larger component and one of the factories in japan in particular made radio hips and those were on a kind of an older now that because they they don't need everything small they needed stuff that was large enough to be able to handle the power through so they used older notes for that because they could do the larger and transistors the larger components that code and what of those components were actually in o based on somewhat older designs relatively over designs because oh they didn't need the latest and greatest they just needed it to be stable and they needed it to be powerful and that ship factory was the only one in the world that was making those burned the ground and so for several years now you haven't been able to get certain radio chips others a lot of communications gear that you cannot buy because there is nowhere in the world that was capable of making those chips and oh additionally once once some of those notes burned ah they all the customers of those had to shift over to other foundries that were potentially capable of it even if they were more expensive because there were more advanced a process ah stateship over to those which swamped the other chip found grace that were still in operation stein got a huge backward yes sounds a getting ready competition a there's no others in no way that that can be coincidence oh oh i want of these that is that a lot of the ones that the ones that burn down worth the big chip found ryethey were smaller ones that specialized in one particular kind of thing typically ah and that's also where you see like it it was a lot of like critical infrastructure kind of chips like the stuff that you saw in a for ah um in the automotive sector it left that that ship cannot fail and it's better to use an older style of ship that has been well tested for many many years and know that it's going to work because they've made millions of that ship rather than experiment with a brand new process on an expensive note for something that has to be completely reinere and is of an unknown safety providence ah and so that was a lot of the capacity for that kind of thing is up and evaporated in a pretty much over night and then that created a back log at the more advanced notes and a lot o chips had to be completely re taped out of re engineer for the different prices so they had to go back to the drawing board on a lot of the chips and completely re engineer him it was really a major problem to lose some of these and i mean they were they were older chip found great they made a lot of what to a lot of what we use on a daily basis and it just evaporated overnight while the centralization is the key to anything because when you put too much power or you have too much reliance on one source your setting yourself though no matter whether you're you know business to business type stuff where are you are a manufacturer your redealing with rebates or whatever case extend has got so many rom materials there and others one guide that owns like one quarter of the entire nations natural resources there and that's kind of a scary thought when you have one person sitting on or one company or one anything sitting on that much power to shut an entire nation down or the world let's let's just say it you know or you know the chipman gets whatever the manufactures to have that much that much centralization you can shut the entire world down through economic means oh have you ever looked into the a the two people the basically only entirety of california's water supply miseral and that's that's a very dat's a very crazy scarry scenario of their for california i don't of moselev now about this but there's two people that own what how what's the percentage of its its huge a year i don't know the percentage but they've they've gotten themselves on to basically every water regulatory authority and water more so that even the stuff that they don't own they control what like that thou are developers and the realtors that set on the county boards the township boards the commissions as well as his owning boards there flooded with people that have the there own best interest only in mind they don't care about the communities there carrying about themselves in the money that they could make of the community and then quite often have the communities come back and sticinthemud of people over there that the crow of people to the people that are over there this frightening son yeah he don't roofnothing about it always kind of a little shocking that that to hear let me pull up pull up a howissone hing up here and yes can crazy how much centralization happens in industries without people ever even knowing eyetooth research in order to find the stuff and maybe be a little bit of selimabad okay here we go seas and not like you look at you know how a pocock in van garden such held they were able to more or less sneak up on everybody without people relief sand much about how much they own until the last few years let's go ahead do this matethere's a little bit of a video here which might be real help for her people to see it on how long it has but let's see what they say here because this kind of interesting while forty million californias suffered through unprecedented drought one billionaire couple owned some massive share of the state's water system seized and a series of secretive meetings two decades ago that system was largely paid for by the very taxpayers whose water these billionaires hold hostage even water systems are desperate for water but in twenty twenty three they received just five per cent of what they were wrested from the state the rest eorthe biggest farmers in california as of two thousand seven and the one for san franciscos were the farm land and nearly half of americans by at least one of their products their pistachios their pomegranates their mandarins their flowers its all under one massive umbrella the wonderful company a privately owned company were the least cried billion dollars cimatori owners the resins are worth at least a million how were they able to take over such a large percentage of what should be a share of the resource this is the class room from more perfect union and to day where looking at how the rest escorge linders a former child actress the daughter of jack harris a successful movie distributor of the nineteen fifties most well known for the law in aristide and the cases of exciting you people at nineteen she found it her own advertising agency stewart was born to a middle class deters family and started his first business torial service in graschowe eventually acquired american protection services orkard security company inapproached magot marketing services for the company and they had it off not knowing that one day they were together to take over california's water the love birds became business workers they bought tellthe flower delivery company and the franklin meant prayers of an a little choked was the marketing person and stewart was in charge of business as liitollansa that sterethe maluoistie little oleoresin the late eighties they found their primary industry agricultural they got into the possession pestilence for the pistachio than any one ever since was planted in the garden of my husband should be canonized for all the moneysomething into other products the isocrates sisinand equiring more and more land than covering including some very important land and corn county which granted them water rites in the area as the rest next were building their empire the state of california was filled in new water infrastructure with taxpayer money california's natural water supply is very vastly the fringe out of rain fall means the state conotocarius to drown and back very easily so they built water banks to store water during surpluses to after in drums one important storage facility is the current water bank started in nineteen eighty eight the facility was built with hundreds of millions of taxpayers alters which could apinagos thing the people of california would have owned the water but there were two californians thirstier than the rest and they wanted more water wind and stewart resident and they had a lot of political power will get to that it nineteen ninety four state water officials water in perfected contractors and agricultural landowners with water rites arranged a secretive meeting at a resort in monterey bay california these groups of mixed of private companies and public agencies rewrote california's water moles without any inquipedes taxpayers or legislators the new rules hold the montrepos agreements for the monterey mendments or devastating for running alforias and great for agriculture billionaires the original code included perpen preference philonean ing rule that in times of drought the state waterford would give perveneras where people live access to water supplies before agricultural monterey act that means that in times of drought the water systems for normal californians would have to buy water from five teco panies because they were getting it from the state but no agreement also loosened regulations on paper water that's water that doesn't necessarily exist anywhere but on paper the full pottes of waters that providers could have but don't actually need to have to day five times as much water has been promised and sold as actually exist and the portly the meeting changed ownership of the herd larminat once belonged to the states was transferred to a few private water contractors on which was west side mute populeon subsidiary of wonderful food the wonderful employee runs west side built full of war is the chairman of the public organisation that manages the current water bank one secret meeting and the resin econ nearly sixty per cent of an important california water resources built with hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer money the new ownership combined with the rules on paper and surplus water meant that during times of trout the rest ex pul sell corn water act to the state water systems they took california taxpayers water and sold in act to them both literally as the water supply and also to grow expensive food like woman estacio's and pomegranates they converted the people's water into products many caneford and that's just one water back the rest ix also have control of other water boards and have been soon for directing or water towards their properties so how do they get away with this china town level shandelle of ira citizens when they find out that their pangs for water that they're not going again with the lanthropy aderestone millions of dollars to politicians and researches petitions which helped them secure control over water systems and even get more water and more taxpayer funding one important project is the proposed california detonater funded project which would send water from northern california to central where the rest expressed of thousands of dollars on state and federal legislation and politicians who support the top project but their favorite politician is senator in finstone and you say it has to be my way or the highway here of the energy and water subcommittee she's a close personal friend of the resinopening their holiday parties and aspen and maintaining their financial interests quick look through the bills she sponsored and show several which would direct money to carnestres the rest expanse her for things directly what askest about a dangering salmon and shad fisheries frittened the biltons rode a letter to find in that demanding a new study she immediately forwarded it to the aamiaista tion who agreed to spend the seven hundred fifty thousand dollars on a new study it returned to the same results as the first one can't my science but the rest of the half dried they are among at the top doors to the university of california system with their donations focussing on agricultural and ecological studies the resides have basically bought entire deportment to put out studies on how water system should be managed and where funding should go tales to even more federal and state taxpayer dollars an used to face up what the reson es profit of of this is all advocatori even in a capitalistic seniculus eighty per cent of california's water but only represents two percent of its unity the resident watermen of believe is just one way there quest for wealth herds the rest of us they allegedly love for increased tensions with iron to keep embargoes on superior ironian possessious they are giant props led to monoculture s which kill importantohnot they senhata good place to stop that right there because honestly look at what how the skilled and to it really did spill into the eglofstein founded by some of these big money people and of wood the help of the politician yep aspetti major problem and i would after disagree with the sentiment and there you know is a great video but i'd have to disagree slightly with the you can't buy science you can be a can't i peer science but you can certainly you can certainly and let's say and in the same way that low being is somehow not bribery ah you know you can certainly pay for an awful lot of studies that he and for all kinds of research yes to justify their theft it money laundering racketeering all of it its crazy but going going red so it looks what's talk about this with the with the iron rock palestine israel how what let's talk about thoughts here because i've got a lot of em having having to do with us which what say you guys i think oh i think an awful lot of it is pretty much to circle the money back to a very small select number of people making our very specific products that are only called into a to be expanded and exploded ah in the intherest of a very violent conflict none rumble keeps going down we kept it we had both channels go down some of their something going on with rumbold to day every one so that the alternative is going to brandenburg news network that can so there uhyrets eh i want to to talk about this whole thing with hormosand what we're dealing with her you know he had the shooting and man which is really kind of sad i mean i believe that there's a lot of faults flags and when i say that is pushing people to do one action over another in the use violence to do it i don't believe that most of these things are for real i think that most of our engineer so anyhow one of the things that are and carnyorgh something of this morning when we were talking before we got on line you want to continue on that one that idea your muted ah thank you or that helps her how i had to sneeze what the videtisne things and my telegram channel to screw up it's not very far am regarding the shooter the shooter allegedly heard voices and i heard voices in his head and so there are a number of incidents in which people were killed by people who normally were like mentally or psychotic or criminal but in many of these cases they reported that they were hearing voices well come to find out there's actually a patent on a and it opens radio frequency or some other kind of frequency but it has to do with em sending signals into someone's head they can even see images or they can hear certain words and eventually gets to the point where it causes them to take some kind of dreadful action that they would not normally take ye that's the the image with the u s patent silent sound some limited mind control so ah it was that why this man did this oh we don't know and as opposed to last night don't jump to any conclusions about this sky right away i for one police records as a chain aloud telegram er they shared and image of a man who is a peepiled of the sex registry list and he can not ah le lion a firearm how lady frank die i think i think they just looked up somebody by the name of the the man that the police were looking for and so you can jump to concludes a pet afile though i don't think that match as i think there's two different people are talking about here and so it's one of those things like the hospital and gases finding out new formation i found out something yesterday in that one that's supposed to lay the missile they said actually caused the damage to the parking lot blew up miles away so it had nothing to do with the hospital at all we still don't know what happened at the hospital it could take days or weeks to find out and we might not find out from normal channels what actually happened with the shooter of this incident in may sonsnot get excited about it and get in motion all bout it i react to some kind of information because it could be false could be we don't even know who if they've got the right guy me look at what they did with nine eleven blaming the two high jackers for the plains when there's not a chance that those guys with the with the low level of being able to fly assassin could fly i plain the way that they did indeed that into the towers not chance anyhow this came up on my channel which i want to thank overpotted that for in the it was just like postdate heard this i called my cousin because she works in lewiston in such when she got there she had a vision of fire so she didn't stick to the same normal one and sure enough all her cleancleaner workers were calling her say they were unlocked on that when she heard on fire she said some one who knows her and to her gotterspeise saw them none of them why alms and there were many the news is lying to keep the people came people need to realize the news isn't your friend they have not caught them and the candle teas and many and they have not stopped prayed for these people we are being attacked from within together gunstaveson and save friends we could be the nectophores lot of spelling errors in this and the grammeris a little is a little off which i justtaking a cow that it could be that could be true it could also be false that that account but all so we can assume anything coming out of the news was false right off the bat right we don't read don't even know if this is part of the invasion of our nation by the southern border the northerner is lot more comes through candid than they want to think of but what we do know now is that the springs as at the springs neck to the top of fashodathe mackenroth hood black lice matters and the foal of these organizations there flat out terraced organizations and they should have been they should be labeled to some such as the actual word for means violent and the the word is written i think six times in the bible control it can prove thee quick thing will come through that the patent from karen ah the waste called out applications and there ah cause if if you sat reading through it it's about there are a lot of it is about interleaving ah subliminal messages into or some other kind of of audio content the it music or something else but the applications they call out for this i include a bunch of things but public address p systems background music installations ah wife real time applications and a bunch other stuff using computers ah and then also in that he in that same patent ah they reference several other patents one of which i haven't read through here yet but it looks real real interesting looking at the abstract which is a patent number four million three ninety five thousand six hundred ah what has another ah subliminal messages a system ah from nineteen eight and a boy that looks just looking at the abstract that's an interesting rabbit old goin down going down that pat and there cared i'm sure one to back making easier to listen the revisionists yes and think about this forty years ago this is talking about pant from forty years ago how much is it changed in forty years and forty years ago we were still doing keypost on computers and on main frames in such a look where we are now well another thing too is that this was in no ferthain of this are for more of like broad spectrum some in one match message transmission where you could do it too in an area in a store or in know anyone within range of a set ah but it wouldn't be necessarily specific to a particular person ah however a few years ago i'm sure that there have been ah there have been people that have used this technique for a long time because it's not that it's not terribly it's very similar to a technique used in radio for bout for the last almost the century ah but there's a technique that came out in a more of a public sitting a few years ago that uses ultrasonic beam forming where you do a bongo multiple ultrasonic a speakers playing a sound that is above the range of human hearing and differs only slightly from each other on each and if you if you do the signal processing right what you can do is to have these things where they combine at in basically a very narrow beam going out from these speakers were on now like normansare you can hear for pretty much anywhere round the speaker right while the idea behind ultrasonic beam forming as that you can basically shoots sound almost like you can shoot a lazer so you can shoot a sound right straight at somebody's head and have that sound only visible to that purse or only audible to that one person and it will sound like its basically coming from inside the head because i exactly where the sound is being produced by that ultra sonic being theoretically you can actually hear the sound if you are right next to the but usually that's not the case because they usually transmitted at a low enough level that it's only that one person that hears it and that was something that don't come out you know in public i think it was and also university research or something like that that published a few years ago which means it's been out there for a long time and ah so that's you know another technique that could be used in a connection we be combined with this technique if you had ah if you had ultrasonic transducers that were in a much much higher frequency range than what is commercially available to research in but if you could do that out of very very high frequency range you could actually combine it with what's in this patent and have a subliminal ah massage being passed over and over sonic bean so it would only be perceived by the one person which would be really interesting application hope now does that but you know it's one of those things that you know you herethink of you got to think adversarily when he start looking at some of this stuff how how do you what could have been built how do you detect it and how do you protect yourself against yes it because people will find people that are wont to be evil will find ways to be more evil that's that's unfortunate reality they're not going to just all sudden wake up to day and say well to day i'm going to make the world a better place for every one they're going to figure out ways to let's see they get their evil scientists and mine and you know their jacket on and goggles on let's see how to gain neck you know that's that's unfortunate but i think it's it's more true than that and you know monotheistic nology exists i you can start thinking about was to either detect it or protect yourself from it you know and in this case i'd be a lot easier to detect something like that than it would be to protect against but eh even detecting it let its holme open or even knowing that it exists to let its outthe open does he do a certain amount of protection for everybody they goes down and free speech and then you can chase down the origin of it and end a shout it shot him down if the theffect ng people like that intentionally they need to be shut down mesosa that some of the posts that i shared whether like two maderos and listed a boshof different incidents where people said that they heard voices and then at some point in their life they acted on it while there were somewhere so old said that they heard voices said they were a child or like all their life why don't know that they were targeted by some outside entity for this purpose or if they've just had a mental illness ah or if there is some kind of demonic issue going on but it seems like at other times there's others of these incidents it came on later and life were that they suddenly had his voice and then they did something so that would go to well if they were targeted why were other people around them not hearing the same voices so there it goes to do i believe i think it's possible because her so much science to be thus don't know whether it exists or aught that it could be that there's something like that where these this man this man it allegedly did this shooting he's a firearm instructor well that makes him more deadly than the average person because he may have a lot more experience and an accuracy its speed and be able to kill more people in a shorter or amount of time but is there something about him that makes him a better target in other ways were in lithe sat up to in order to put somebody that position to be blamed for this yesreally wasn't this is the person because the still trying to take her guns away the sirens they're going to there going to put something out there to say see we told other guns were bad and our bright and the work you are on it let's give up in obedienter guns and we'll be safer and the rest of us who believe in the second monogin known there no no you don't get it the heretrying to take away our guns a minutethe take away our guns we are absolutely sitting so in he and i talked recently about i had a feeling that they were going to do something some time soon because so many people are getting gones buying or o taking classes getticaes carry permits that number is rising so rapidly that i was not at all surprised to see that there was some kind of shooting instant and he obviously had a very large fire arm so of course they're going to probably want to go after quassat rifles or something like that i also thought that they would have they would try to get ammunition if they were prevent ammunition shipments and some way or something like that that could cripple a lot of the people who are new to it from being able to access what they would need to defend themselves but and i heard that recently that there was a a man or an empty tea that was buying up all the mail company i don't know very much about that but the united therestening out the animal but look at how they've done that we conomical to disable the entire united states by going after supplies the supply the supply lines i mean back in in the knowthe days of the buccaneers and such a man that's that's what the letters of market were prize was all about is going in and creating mercenaries to disrupt the weapon ization of the supply lines which i think it's really interesting holt was in forgiveneven if all we were left with was the people who are currently currently owning guns and have a speck me at hand even if that's all we had i think we could do pretty good job of defending yourselves in this country cause there's so many so it does it frightened me it doesn't cause me to become the motional or react in some kind of way oh but it's it's another one of those beware beware that your being targeted for fear rally now videos which tend you want in play have you take look at that last on the first two are how to make and ultrasonic a speaker sist on the spacially like a as an audio lazer the last one as the company selling ultrasonic speaker systems that are like an audio laser and it's a it's a product doneone of their products they're not even super advanced any more these racers things you can buy off the shelves sornahan a stupid torrent looks go ahead through the sky up here but in london macclesfieldthe old economist than to well you alison he on so ye have one neighbor that's really annoying to you you have actually heard about tideforming rather than to disney world was using some of these things while back for a various kinds of like interactive ah things you could do in line while you are waiting for rides and stuff i don't remember what exactly they used these four but i remember hearing that they used these midianite this weird might have been the haunted mansion or something like that as just kind of an extra and i creep effect or kind of a thing but don't remember exactly what i don't remember what they they were thinking about for that in others some cool we plications for the technology but in now you talk about people here in voices in their heads and ah yah that technology definitely exists and in a playerantonio entered ether not tonicotes but after using it the audio folk is a revolutionary new audio technology the creed sound in a narrow beam just like a flash light he is is aftersound as a virtual acoustic source and at length unprecedented control of sound distribution in this demon two speakers spaced and lining cameretta for delivering entirely different audio signals foreshore to respective programs you are now exactly such as between the two speakers outside both adobes were very little sound as pitiful whatsoever no we centre on the less speaker will hear it signal clearconscience decrees to lend torino for the same is true for the right harrison no loss be going the world could approach the levels of control provided by audio spotlite ch nology from museums exhibits kostandi ital signed the detrital stores and special projects thousands of companies have chosen this uninposing to provide high quality precisely controlled sound of preserving the uprootin called six one seventh or thousand were visitations such a normal technology that factor the sin would receive thanks i think it's up seems reasonable you know yelp and then shot five degrees but you can turn that beam size to pretty much whatever side that you want i just by adding just by changing where the sound comes from from the different ultrasonic speakers and how many of them you have i think you go i think that kind of video makes you think well this is just totally innocent stock and you you said it aside and you don't worry about it being used as a weapon in some way aeginetans racy theory once again it's one of those things that if you know it exists and you count on their being nefarious people out there and you know that this is the stuff is common enough that it's a night of the show yeh it it becomes one of those things that becomes very very plausible to assume that if there's a thousand nefarious people out there one of them will try this he well interesting ever he now we can look at the crowd sang too that are out there and wonder wonder what's how a you know i've to wonder how how much of the crowd the crowd seenthe craziness that's out there how much of that's being directed and instigated and or andorite by this seientifik about that think about a mass psychosis which you've been talking about all so big helped along in the craziness by technology such as this scheme imagine here you have a you have a protest is supposed to be peaceful and you aim some music some harmless music get them but it's got a sublimes sage that whips o into a frenzy i i got the adlenait may be able to control things even more than that you who know is now short circuiting the on knowyou'll at the directed onhertes its tan indisputable fact that they're out there you can you can there's the so much evidence out there for the the tinfoil hat wearing stuff that turns out to be true and about then minutes you know i think it is i think it's healthy to question it so sir nothing too for me from karen's patent there that i found really interesting is that a part of the process for that involves using a for fifty five killer herds oscillator and oh that is i find that interesting because that is a real common frequency in a lot of radio equipment so even though their talking about using this for audio it makes me wonder what the actual purpose of this is after read through this patent and in more detail i just noticed that that that there's a real interesting significant number that not many people are going to spot that but that it's a pretty significant number was your suspicion on it ah nothing yet i'd like to see what other patents reference this one because that's that there's cause this one is somewhat this is on a somewhat older and this would have been pushing the technology of the time if this one's out there and they put this out in the police they are very well might be some other patents that reference this one that would have more current technology and if there is in for fifty five kilo herts on here then they were probably they were at least using radio gear i would say to generate this which in my pride implications isn't it yeah there could be used for an awful lot of other stuff you could speculate on an awful lot of stuff but air'lie to see what where the thought process went from here looking at other patents that that reference it i mean the this is the there doing a lot of the stuff using in other the sapritlla or on their which is old old radio technology as well i mean it still current at a great way to it's a great radio technology but um there using a lot of different radio technologies and here i would like to see what this not just what they're saying that this should be used for but where are the next few patents filed after this what direction were they thinking with this cause you could take this in an awful lot of nefarious directions and do you i see now why say that ralph is not just an er he's a supernatant has all sorts of information that's like the greatest compliment you could give some who is a true nard is that that a thethehogs that ralph has his desaving across so many different subjects and i'm really thankful that you're willing to share that with us to day in a problem and that was a great a great find on that patent karen i just take it read not other telegram channel and popped in and i was like a interesting i'll share that his morning well then also came up on a less here was he the man here this is a real interesting list it is a list of patents or relating to directed energy weapon or targeted individual patents o it is a whole undershapen numbers is getting better run second is even got some patents for how to guard against him holy moses it's jack pot here now didn't we year somebody did some phenomenal research in that little document there well sick that out go boys and girls look at this not sure if i can up the size of this right now i think probably posted to the channel all others little puss triton the top sonoritate got it think you were off the tack i take a little sanoskeres while positive manipulation of central nervous system method in device for producing a desire free state via magnetic ways eviot when he reads targeting ah to locate tired mages or disrupts electronics biological entities and physical structures check out the one from a oh it's about what is it about eight may be ten down ah the one that says microampere in the next in the second column jack that one out transmits sound to auditory cortex of mammals very molly applied microbial o ka transmits on to record tax to the orator cortex of maine's vivers of remotely applied microwaves and migrates symbols altars mood emotion sleep states via remotely applied frequency and wave forms presents of liminal auditory information to the human viewonly applied ways method of an apparatus for inducing desires states of consciousness ever out for audibly communicated speech using the radio frequency hearing of fact aright the swedes hit the jackpot here wait to go ralph this is amazing why there's one for nineteen sixty eight called remotely caused individual to hear voices vefves imperceptible entering in arts holly crap man is in nineteen sixty eight technology i'm hallooed out on all that be real interesting well glad i saw that lake of sporting before the shell the codringtons brain state by placing engineer to in patterns and the ec wiring of a building you know what was in everetti heard about that years ago but i never saw the patent or any of the decantation on it so because they i was told by a like a dig years ago that they could use one light totoyour had sores right there this patent for it which one which was the next near looking at all was just looking at that on an that's amazing intra oral electronic tracking device that can be implanted in teeth and down there all right we disentwine to go down the line on this is is not in does desire brainstriving onal stimuli preferably sound modification a music files induces desire emotional state through e on masks sleepiness and sexual arousal oh they got to tell us what they're doing before they do it to absolve themselves of guilt or at theregiment of satin and set loose superian little little pokes as what they are through it in the patent system and bury it among the millions of other chaff and you know it's technically still out there for the public it's right it's just the hatted all the regulations they do it the same way helbury it somewhere we never see it changed his brain state a subject through a lecture acoustic means okay there there is so much here this is amazing george attack high in air like troncs the series involved in this and some of them are the air force no double measures tissue damage of subject very mote application of electronic roomwalter re magnetic ways wholly craftier damaging people this is like this is like the the pay you know the mother lode of information dislike a just like the damage that they've done therein though the jobs california institute proctor and gamble huts and soft as stimata my friend devises or the university of masticatory reads brain waves sons back response to achieve desired brain state whole lee crafton device is able to direct high powered magnetic waves to at a target for weapon purposes shaw i wonder if many people have been jailed or even put to death prosecuted for doing crimes that they were completely innocent of because of this technology the god wonder rolls rice rice north marpole system maintains directed energy weapons in a ready state okay so it returning to the to the little subject from few minutes ago you know what that i know where the document comes from i am haven't looked it up but it's a she who lent very osochar out or you know what that is when i find out how none united nations office of the high commissioner homonomy gosh this is crazy this is crazy people yes what we can and weather pans down in all the parts in the worlds they yea so i would suggest that every one watching this golden down lowed that document i think we should too to centralize the three everybody save off lying and screw these people how's that for a how's that for a statement screw a so i wonder let's see what else we have o ka this is interesting we can weather pants down heart remote hard to tent while waymenten hard to tack remote weapon look at this alf then waves requires plasman order to create always why honest here is plas indigo sky fold is also plasma all right this requires like his half always for something that you can really only do anything with with your laugh um if you're that that's pretty much limited to government transmissions because the antennas on that have to be so incredibly long usually there used for like a submarine submarine communications sure am i think if i rigontha the th they treat they transmit for the plain they've got not five foot to five miles yephath you if you're playing not i'm playing her if you watch the the patterns they'll you can see them down loading to sobs on better that are under water oh that would be that would be what you're looking at because you start getting into those and the ah the the antanas become just absolutely enormous to be able to transmit at those trees i can secure you got helpful patents for targets helps to eliminate auditory hollow conations uses electrical sotilte the answers are out there that's a ninety august two thousand and two and october ninety six device for magnetic in elector fields sheetiron of living systems from electromagnetic fields methods for scanning analyzing the identifying electromagnetic fields sourcestheir ting but i'm what i want to look up here if the evil technology look at all of it while you go to have countermeasure forteco involved that'tis told that by somebody that had some you in connections that they always have and other facilityin to where the producing the bad stuff that is the antidote further evil their evil nonsense i holinesse all these people that are involved in a gallous plan again would never interesting to go and look at all look on i want to look all these people of this that i typically do all get into something and then i'll start you on a search on them to see what altheine then the also interesting to see how many of those people are real names could be a yet you have here forces in there james gall alver loover lowrie oh this is going to be a fond of fine little pamtego down this is where all the norse gil yenho on maurice we're goin we'rewe're going in a that's conopon ride okay i think we found new a new found a direction for for others days the sedition predicaion these people and here i don't leatherthan idols or bring up the various commentary and then the two of you just run with it here i thought we might be talking about stuff like proton mail and and some of the more encrypted but not rely communication systems i care so i'm not even to pologize to anybody out there this is work the pete the pepperiness takes you over and you have to you have to act on and all the puppies say yes redemand repeated we do her own research and we find these bastards that out their frying people and a cross on a lot of problems out there and what his puppy say every one have been agrees putting i think this is a this is an excellent little detour to go down here my itthisthis is the the true and one way of going around only were not an annotinous are in on one not and on right now it's to go out there and the siwotschina and and ah the comedies robe man i wish i had the struggle three the potted out their come to like spinning man i wish i had the struggles i have to see if i can get that up there but right now we're talking about weapon assation and destruction of the human brain not thinking process physical processes everything they can hither with anything to us that i did you i see you what duty would didafter the towers nine eleven towers fell now tried by control demolition and such as will directed an gepon there is let me see i can pull it out it's it's usual i've got all safe in a secret not disclose location ah you mean you mean to say that ananother might isn't naturally occurring now it's not how dare you suggest such a thing as grew the military with aunt stop case that was planted in the buildings too ah me see ah this is canoeyou can watch if you can watch them take down parts of the tower judy doctor juty would did a really good job on showing em let's see if we can get judy would doctor she had a really good video out there that showed part of the twins powers absolutely just vaporising before your eyes it was kind of a crazy thing might take me a minute to find it did you guess see that there's like that one piece of metal that sticking up in the air and all of a sudden it literally vag varies in the thin air and it turned to dust and fell hell eceive her homebring her up here let's see if this is doctor chetewod oh they got her takin down while you buggers i see everything people eh well can in cloud he there's there's ralph the tacktack guy for for lesse justification lest if we can put this one of this one might show oh i like a like the terms for justification o this so this improbably will show it here his love check his thing out now there's there's also a spire that sticks if others in one specific view i want show if we can if i could find it here because it's not it's like it's like the one spire sticking up in this is after the dust settles and you could see it you can see it right here right here and then if you watch that if they get up close to it it will i think it might be that when all of a sudden it just proof in its it'sgone how in the world the best thing all a sudden turned to dust to jose in dishonor not what was it turned to dust it let's see if this one will well zoo min on it cause there's there's a couple of good videos out there that shows a standing piece of metal literally turned to dust and free fall that's just falling when i'm talking about its turning to dust and falling the the the literal model besides the thermite melted the model men i was of sesisting architects and people go over this for many many years so i i it's out there have seen about every every piece of footingit he could look at part of my weaponized otism by the way okay see the model standing after the fall of the metal standing that one fell and not where looking for here see good point though how do you turn the whole thing in a dost now watch the spear that sick in up did you see it it turned literally to dust or him and opaline world does that happen it doesn't you don't turn me leafit efforts but you don't turn it into dust i mean i should all be of the prestons right right there on what actually happened it's noddy as soon as we got we got all kinds of directed well if you look up judy oh judy would so an she's got some crazy stuff out there if you want to see somebody who who is ah ah done a great deal oh here let's the check this one out so she forswore videos of their worth looking at it really is in our quest two getting to the truth i religionists for the sorcerous the sub title the book is the tenor ferri of me we everindeed pronity cocomitante ianthoenas actual videos that she put up there that shell the actually shell the towers and whatever her oats satuhoran is too long i'll have to see so out of a tangent here but there there was a suggested video about steve jobs talking about failure do you ever see the video of steve wozniak the other founder of apple talking about the shenanigans he gets up to with pads of two dollar bills yes he's serious okay he got for at first for we here forty five speed forty five times he sat still not on looking for but we i digress we will find but he though the sea jobs one yes de visneach who lies the aka yes so ah this is one of her within his hilarity fanny yes so steve was neck was kind of steve jobs was the face of apple and was really kind of more of the marketing persons steve was nick was the one that designed all the early electronics and did a lot of the original programming ah so he was the one that more or less designed he did the majority of the critical design work for the early apple from at the guy is ah it is an interesting guy definitely a little on the northside and now that he's now made quite a bit of a far off of the rise of apple ah now he just basically goods around for fond i quite a bit and so one of the things he does is he ah he pays for things using he's got a part of two dollar bills the car he pays for stuffed by tearing two dollar bills out of this perforated pad of two dollar bills and prays for stuff using those an he's got this whole larios talk about how he does this and i don't know it's funny and then he also got a die sublimation printer years ago when those were a lot harder to come by and a printed up a fake idee for himself just to see if he could just to see if he is so many people would accept it and nearly everybody did and he printed it really pretty silly he did he i printed it up as the department of defiance and had his title as laser safety officer wearing an eye patched in the video or in that in the photo on it an he doesn't wear an i patching or it's a pretty funny story of you ever got a chance to see it and papa agrees so in another related thing ah and is going to have to have some background for for this oh but it is related to or previous talk so one of the things about five g um i don't like five je but i don't like five g for different reasons than most people don't like five a lot of the ah a lot of the stuff about the frequencies that five g uses ah the there's a lot of that i don't believe as far as those having health the facts i don't see that is a significant thing um because most of the frequencies and or nearly all of the frequencies that five g uses have been used for decades by ether other sulphone technologies or by satellites ah several of the frequencies from five g were repurposed from satellite bands where they were basically beaming that same radio energy down at the planet earth from space constantly or nearly so for like the last forty years so i'm i'm not a huge ah i don't put as much stock into that is as some of the other things however one of the things i definitely don't like about five and this is one of the main reasons i don't like five g is the privacy asked spects soft ah because five g ah the forge they could narrow here they could triangulate your location to within about three hundred it wasn't terribly significant but usually you were within range three towers and you could figure out your location fairly accurately but not terribly acute with five g ah it uses something called beam forming and what that means is that the tower basically shoots like a radio laser beam straight at your phone so rather than broadcasting it to an entire area or even using a sector in ten of her part of the area around a tower it's very specific of even where directs the radio energy and shoots it right straight at your phone however for that to work it means that the tower has to know your location at all times to a very very specific degree generally a five g phone can be positionally resolved to within a few sonometer and that is to me that that is a a huge threat of privacy particularly when combined with the regulations that for a sulphone to be issued it has to be tied to a photo ideo you can't just anonymously go in and by a like a prepaid poet wal mart a technically you are not supposed to be able to to buy a prepaid phone without a photo ide tied to it ah so now you know photo ide plus resolving a phone to within a few centimeters that is an incredible invasion of privacy the likes of which we have in all its nearly unprecedented ah other than this stuff like face book but at least that in no people willingly participate in it most people have no idea that this is going on with her five gone ah and why this is related to what we were talking about is that being forming technology ah that is a most of those are using something called a phased array and why i routers and such for home use or starting to also get pased to ray technology on this is a technology that's been used for a radar ah installations like military and or airport radar at mostly military radar installations and so probably least the eighties ah so it's a it's a well tested technology but there's all kinds of needs stuff you can do with face to raise and you could very easily do something similar with a face to ray if you you know combined this with one of those patents that are on that list for using radio frequency energy to do you know various and sundry things all re few wanted it combined face there technology on that and you'd basically have the the radio version of what we were looking at with those ultrasonic speakers where you have a radio signal going out in one very particular direction aimed at one very particular person and you could have an awful lot of problems with that particularly when you're carrying around a target he and there are things you know the stuff you can do with the radio frequencies and i mean particularly it high power levels radio radio energy can be harmful and ah there's personally i don't buy the the science that says that radio non ionising ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum do not cause cancer on now such as radio free i don't particularly by that i think there's more to it than that ah my ten to think that the value of the number of lives that are saved by the communications broadwell by radio technology more than outweigh the harm done by it but that isn't to say that there isn't the ability to do harm in all however i think a lot of that gets used as kind of escape goat for five g or people focus on the the possible health effects of the radio frequency without even looking at the privacy aspects of it and the problems that you have when you're carrying around a target well there's an awful lot of distraction and a hysteria over things just in order to keep us away from focusing on what's really important for sure he seems to be the one of the biggest weapons of warfare that they have and you i know we you learn from the day boys and girls that we all need to get our ham radio license study prearrangedthe test is a is a dry pan the city now like a periodalong here you don't he hight don't get cut with a telling you there's no electronics in there because horselot of electron e stuff in there he had the guys are setting their going there's no lotrian there like her you can't even asolaron a camp in the trade to pippo a a video that something to take inanda's going to take me about ten times to do this correctly i think it's a good idea to listen to everything you know on it and people have concerns bring him up you know start talking about em and i don't just just like with anything don't squelch the information because you consider it miss information you know there may be truth to it and by galoubet ter listen to that you know and make it make you terminations for yourself as to what you think is right and wrong on it but it shouldn't be up to somebody else what you are allowed to to hear absolutely agreed with you there i care course i take in you to ben of course it's not letting me do anything else now miss not you two slash watched but you have to see if we can get it get it a different way trying to get it on here mother i can't i can't get it out and without a a screen i can't i was say this i cannot copy out of rumble in make this work on browser and i don't know why it is it won't it won't it doesn't work so that's well try okay not wanting me there don't water can't find it in if you take it timehonored put out there all see beget it up on line here so anyhow there we got well boys and girls was called blockaded or a memory too license is not some more about this sad and i'm going to pose that not onlie pat in the car in brought forward but also that that oh my gosh is that the although forward because that's that's pretty that's pretty amazing and to know that it is connected to the un that's like the mother led right there that's that's a man so thanks gastatory for the technology positive had here to day tried to overcome it with there was no there is no getting around it and then both the rumble channels quit working for a while so i think we've got some some issues that are outside of our control there any any last words that you guys have to say on merstunde he brings it up and put it up i am sitting here thinking that at the end of this show ah a good summary is communication is key you're talking about a ham radio licence he's talking about sharing with him for sharing information that you find talking about it if you find that some you're hearing voices talk to somebody about it because how else can you protect yourself against some of this technology if you don't start talking about it like how can you protect your mail system we started talking about that earlier if you don't talk about it you won't learn you won't be able to protect yourself from your family from a potential source of threats to you and the vast majority of us are never going to know were never going to have a serious threat but if we if we're curious if we feel threatened if we start to feel concerned or fearful about something to talk about it with other people you're going to eventually come across a rout that's going to be able to to help you figure it out you know i've got all kinds of technology questions i feel like i'm only in my forties but i already feel like a behind the times in so much technology is way over my head but if i can find some one who can communicate in the a in the way that i can understand though we can still communicate about it you know i think ralph it has the capability to talk to some tact people using all that jargon and knowledge that he has but he also has a way of putting it in simple terms so people like me can understand it if we just keep trying to communicate whether it's a ham radio or our internatonal even if that means we have to face the potential for five is communication is key and nothing's better than face to face as you know donna oh getting together in a barn or or or goingover shopping with a friend or whatever it is you have the ability to communicate and encourage one another that way so don't shut down and don't get fearful ah keep up to communications because it's the helpful thing yes here game in a way you know i try to unravel the you know there's always a tax against us oregano matter what it is i rank some of them seem more serious than other attacks but i think the ones that are most serious other ones that just go on detected the ones that are making the headlines and the only way you get to that is is my getting out there and doing the hard work for a diggin and asking when costeles to the next question that leads to whose connected that leads to what organizations are they connected are the organizations connected in some how have they got in answer for the protected becnedan that sort theesee asking more and more and more question and it broadens not only your knowledge the connectivity of the bad players that are involved or sometimes a good players that are involved that are trying to do the right thing so o ka don't do well with phones okay well i can't i can't seem to get this thing to work mutters we're just going to have to go it if you can teetotal put it up on like or if you go to my my ah telegrams channel at brandenburg number four i that will be you can post it in the the chat there's a chat there too if you get to me through telegram and in given the length on appositis awesome so thinks of sherry so wild that said we'll say per guys okay i think i think or norden has come to the aunt his i think ralph gather a day of activity goforfor for this sweet can tepefied of an tisthere's nothing about a right i want to polyporace odosilly researching so dear homely father thank you so much for ralph and for care and for all the people that are working to keep everybody safe out there in the technology field and the field of communications and letting people know what is really going on we know that we don't really have to be concerned with so much of what we hear in a wesenbecius and the end of the day you're in charge of all of us and all of the situations and we put our trust fully in you so we don't always have to figure out what is what is if it's one way or fits the other because you are controlling it in it's going to be a they're so many lies that are out there it's just incredible so please keep a son a straight narrow show us the truth and all things help us to have discernment and wisdom on how to deal with all situations that come our way and above all helpless to keep her eyes on the things that are happening right around this the people that have needs the people that just could use a smile from it somebody today or be concerned about their lives and what's going on in their life help us to remember the decentralization comes from our new sir sources as well as the way that we think and approach the world that we can be local we can do things right around us are families first and then after that the communities and the if you call us to something bigger that's fine even serving and escopates as of badthing because as general flints as low collections national impact or thankful for that please less general plan admirers love those guys president the rightful president of the united states president donald jump and all those people who are fighting with them showing us wonderful things to change our minds away from breaking the spell hesitances that have been over us and getting away from all this nonsense itselfanother focused all those things that you have in mind sets you we love you you've been a great friend to us and want to be a great friend to you name a jesus christ preuss what i just got i just got matters linonia going to son this sotheran you so much matter i will in fact i see i can get at us we will so tis started about one kind of curious now so because that's just the way we aren't isn't isn't boys and girls i neentishe shifted from guys to boys and girls to the and now an badabout whenever you know is just the way it is sometimes i just changed my mind as she gained and holderswhether going to be michigan i'm in michigan or i'm going to be a ganeodiyo can be you get a covered the gain a pistol proper way to say it all to stay a gander and wildest keep out inbody gaston helps the out or no organ have to go gendringen der neutral at some point or a going to be michigan miss comingis that's it we're going to be missed guys soyer oh that's one so waiting it's comin in command squirrels make this computer work talk of mixed yourself please while i get the squirrels move in this as men a tough technology day eroded reason did not rely on technology yeh because if if it did it dies on the vine in front of us which i think it's going to just somaster a time i think we're going to see the other on we're going to see things go dark here for a while which i do believe is it's okay he know where it if he doesn't matter for goes dark good i hope he does go dark we need it to go dark had all these strings that are keeping the the evil people in power or a see with his assimulation results let camels see what the sense andros skipped thus and go to i love these things as great okay so were shot seeing the simulation results non linear buckling like finite element analysis says go to three mates and swinsor three minutes in us see what's happening here makes matter need little direction he had the assassin a gay so here is you see all the orange notice as the or notice how for free fall the colors must be equal across the belding this truly interesting a stroke is any force in balance would cause her to tip over yes that is the one thing that i always wondered why didn't whitenite horse why didn't the towers go down or ammonite when absolutely straight down it doesn't make any sons makes no sense whatsoever what are you talking about the field of demolitions just you know happens absolutely accidentally because that's how all the lines are all naturally yeah matter ses i've done simulation for several decades this is fine was fond to see an here's another one if if if it falls like that does it turn to dust there's mike thisanother question murcia lot of questions point is the forests the forces have to be perfect otherwise it would it would tip over and all sorts of un more nonsense would happen that's really interesting thank you for sharing that i would say this is this is probably a topic that could be expanded upon at length with a lot of release ful information i would say so while we're at actabout it in the past were off and cause i'm like i've got i've got a lot of suspiciousness inside of me over all this quite honestly i'm sure but even just like an extimulation missis got this was interesting akastre echellon back and watched these i celestied that when again well there i go boys and girls this is a this is old brought it tapping that we could expand on to because ah there's just there's a lot of questions we have to ask we can't just take what they say and say oh he had this happened that haven't we have to have something that can broaden or broad and or of valued of process so anyhow well thank you as oh ah ralph said we think we should have mutter on as a gas you want to come on being and matter we can talk about that later so at any rate ah how bout we do this everybody go to brenburg for governor dot com we i'm still the best not to see or who has ever not cold see in the history of the united states and i account or on the i think this is a great time to move on but i think i think we should come back to this and perhaps go through this he at length years he cood be really fond mother thou wont come on then well well see if i can't get you on there this to be great so it inrithe a great day is the love to you ah god bless you god bless all those who oloossone will often whitish a lot of things going on here they just won't wrong teknolog is and i trying to manage all of it and none of it none of it seems to be working very well so we'll have to come back another day and we lived to fight another day so i have a great day make it so and we'll talk to see