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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 6/30/2023 - Self Governance in a Republic - Michael Butz

Published June 30, 2023, 9 a.m.

Self Governance in a Republic - Michael Butz. We The People must manage our elections, not the government. We The People must control the government if we are to remain free. You can't be self governing if you don't control government yourself. Discussing - The dumbing down of America and the effort to tear down our country and rewrite history, Satan's playbook, The culture of lawlessness in government, Why we must replace Michigan's current election system before the next election, and, Call to actio. Michael Lewis Butz is a husband, father and grandfather that is a lifelong Michigander. He is a retired Information Technology (IT) professional and entrepreneur with 30 years of experience in the industry. He has an Associates Degree in Business Management and a Bachelors in Computer Information Systems from Walsh College in Troy, MI. Michael began his Information Technology career at Electronic Data Systems in the early 1990s where he completed the company's prestigious systems engineer development and training program and went on to lead software development on the Account Invoicing and Reporting System for General Motors Corporation, an Executive Information System (EIS) and data warehouse for KMART Pharmacy, and many other software development projects over the years. In 2015 he founded a secure cloud computing company named CloudSAFE, Ltd. (, which specializes in providing hosted private cloud services to two of the most regulated industries in existence: Healthcare and Financial Services. CloudSAFE is required to undergo an annual SOC 2 Type 2 audit for 3rd party attestation of compliance. A SOC 2 Type 2 report is an internal controls report capturing how a company safeguards customer data and how well those controls are operating. Companies that use cloud service providers use SOC 2 reports to assess and address the risks associated with third party technology services. Michael sold CloudSAFE, Ltd. In July 2022 and formed a 501(c)3 public charity named Way To The Kingdom ( with a mission to build bridges of hope and faith. He is committed to restoring America’s founding principles and republican form of government, as well as ending child trafficking. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the thirtieth day of june last stay ajunin this month is gone really fast for henniotas and to this he welcome everybody here once again we are out there punch and trying to get to the truth yet do have the feeling that their so much misinformation out there that were all just going like this trnoon something and were still not getting the bottom of the truth but you know what we're going to keep posting things we're going to keep free speech and place and we're going to keep going through the things that we need to talk about because our country isn't a mass it's going to take you and i to step forward and do something our government is not serving us as true the republic is most definitely or governance is not working well so we're goin t have t is this morning and i want to welcome my steamed guest on a michael but he is more in michael how you doing get one sabotaged morning that's a can no worries and a very much a very happy to have you on this morning thank you for coming out i'd like to introduce yourself a little bet and then we're going to get right to the mean of what we're talking in about which is self governance in a republic what that really looks like yes so i my name is michael lewis buds thirty year i tee professional odontopera i retired in july twenty two informed a public charity called way to the kingdom in three and our mission is to build bridges of hope in really bring people together and so when i retired i got balled i said you know i'm going to read i quote here and won't promy glasses in its severiano col from a very important historical so this in the more than a hundred years ago may be a couple of thousand he in it says one of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics as that you end up being governed by your one while there is this like the perfect cutfor the morning isn't it yes it is innate no one feels that more than i do i like many american busying my life providing for my family building a business working twelve fourteen hours a day always you know i would go vote but that was about it the extent of involvement and are self government and in so really as i looked back i started to see what transpired in twenty twenty with colvin and with the the selection of the current regime i realized we do not have election so and therefore were not that the that the republic that my father at the age of nineteen he fought in the battle of the bulge in germany to defend sadly during his son's was i let it be captured and in that illingway can describe it were now captured ah in a they've over the decades they have i used the analogy of the the of the boiled for so the frog gets in the pot of water its nice and cool and comfort and then somebody turns small flame under in overtime that water could more map in the frog still comfortable but it had some point the water starts to boil in the what happens to the front the frog the frog perishes in nothing better describes the united states of america twenty twenty three that we are now at the boiling of the death of our republic and case of the effective saton's place of this whole concept of deception in division we were real close i mean we're real close to losing it for in and when america see governing republic which by the way is many people already know that many people don't the only example of self government governance and human histor there's not been one before in there hasn't been one sense we're very unique in the world so were it were a country that was formed in god's naroware and noted the morse and i were not a christian nation or came many christians run around saying all this is a christian nation it is not it's a nation founded on god's natural the god the creator grant that is as beneficed dominion over the th people that we choose to allow to serve as his trustees aka elected in not elected public are the trustees of that god's the creator he is the grand tour he endowed us with ernie in a blight life liberty and the pursuit in in so it's up to the trust to insure that toes and alienable rights garden in the constitution does not grant this ere our creator grants and so you know that's first the foremost that's what i learned in school when i was a and sadly why i was busy for thirty plus years of focus on material things in earning a living and providing for my family and providing things ah i don't even know that children and the longer taught about america and about her fore people don't even understand we have three branches of government i see that's all part of the plant that cold senlabor with the communists of adopted the two were is the idea is to tear down that love right so family for creation you know morality you know adhering to the ten commandments which is the basis for a decoration of independence and the constant and so now we find ourselves in a place though where they managed to do what the roman emperor is dead why do you think they built the coliseum why do you think they had all this entertainment why did you think they had violence in the copses it was the keep the people distracted and his you know so i told people all the time it all if we could go back and speak to ramses if your behe would he would be envious of how the current elite people that control the world in magnomatic that is a reality in these back on will sit by you you know in in so he would blush he would see my goodness how did you accomplish this you've been slave the whole globe without anyone realizing the no one no one is the right no one takes their authority given to them by god protected by the consent and there's a reason the first amendment the right to free speech and practice of religion the first almost equally as important as the right to bear and that because the founders wanted to make sure that the blood would only have to be spilled once for so they shed their blood and seventeen seventy six through the end of the revolutionary war so that we would never have because we are weapon she co one is our voice in one is a so they came as everything we need the self governed cause we are the one are these people that are in lancing or the county seed or washington d c there not the government the other the points are a public services a bit only serve at our while i nowise be for dan an say that she and i no longer where in that intending to any the sense and no no and so so it all goes back to what you have you have to become what i call a compact right now the vast majority of people probably ninety five per cent plus pe falling to the category of an incompetent mind and that's the deception that the whole scheme they developed his code and statutes system and they develop all these all these mechanisms all these your birth certificat your driver's license is security is the king of all trusts it was it was institution of was absolutely required in order for the people that took away our rights and took way or private property the federal government not to be exact with the long the land at cost so what they ingeniously did is the instituted this sister first of a birth certe were a free any one born on the land in one of the states of the union his o for beneficiary that declaration of independent and the us constitutional trust to seventeen eighty nine we are the benefits five to eight days later we are a rear basically her mother in most cases and inform it if you look at it birthcertificate your mother is the informed and the mother sings you over to be a ward of the that's what the whole process of the births and so then you're signed a social security number basically your ter your slave nor and that promised to pay you money when you retire the financial consideration that can the contrast and when you have a contract he proceeds you know and then congress at legislation in the eighteen hundreds to create the u s citizens status which is corporate entity in so by you become a u a citizen you become an employee of the government that doesn't get paid until your old enough to cook security but now you have to be your governed by all the cod and statute and corporated by or put in place by the united states of america corporation in the state of michigan corporation and you know the county of macomer whenever the case be be those raw corporate entity in the only reason they have power over us nearly only reason we don't have standing when we go the corps is because were considered incompetent miners or words of so i am proud to say that at the age of fifty eight i became a competent i was no longer a miner you know some people in their eighties cans and so in twenty twenty when i saw the evil enveloped the world in my discerner my faith in god i realized just how how evil this was what was going on i shut off my television i stopped watching i stopped with all the distractions that the elite put in front of you damned down a call it the gumming down of a mere so you are flooded with lies your flooded with propaganda which by the way all started in the forties the invention of the television think about the word calais tell a vision so in programming and programming pepacton so all the nazis came over from third race the vast majority of the nazis were brought to he became part of the american government cia in what in so the third right never ended continued on our land on horse sadly and i don't take my word for it to you shut off your t he stopped listening to the to the talking heads on the news and you go and you start reading documents in the u s national archives you will find documents thither the classified available for public white police their detail all the crimes against humanity that the american government has committed that detail all these things that we think are all that's conspiracy theory will guess what it's all true the united states government over the last seventy plus years is committed as many of that more crimes against humanity as the dolphin or all imagining i he is as just under horrific cried and that that are well documented aunt from from creating psychosis experiment he non human beings to a national in its its well doctor oopright weakly and believable that they've been after this seventy years of programming and brainwash not only have they put most of the american people into a delusional massac but the means to do crossed the low first time in human history the world population is any delusional mass they believe the lines so they they pomolos with lies every day i know when it starts when ye are young child from from what's healthy eating to what's you know everything everything i've discernd i've learned in its interesting cause when you read script he talks about good will be considered evil evil will be considered good to talk about opposites right that that satan's the opposite to know what's the opposite of family absence of family what's the opposite of procreation the absence in so is really amazing to that you can show people the ugly truth what the groomes i possess is so well rooted the people will not process the canteen read at the cant wash as their program to believe what the being told do not believe your eyes in your ear believe what we're telling and that's called the comfortable life the thesis whole psychological when you look at people that are a brain washed or what not held captive what what petty hers she ended up robin the banks with the people that kidnapped her right because you get your brain your mind gets in takatessin i mean it's a call i can see for old quite a while that the political parties yet even the political parties are nothing more than a and when you look at the structure of what a called is and you understand the patterns you can assess that in different situations but it's that going ginalingan of fit in and when you see something that's not right people tentsand down rather than then to channel in those people that they want to prove from its very it's much very much childish minds in that's why and franklin most of the founders gone weashington he was pursued through his high presidency alter to join a political party he refused they said political parties will be the demise of our because they understood what that is and i going back the platos so we go off doing our own thing right being productive americans and creating jobs and businesses driving the economy and sadly and i'm not saying this is a hundred per cent of the time but sadly the people that end up pursuing the career public service you know on now there there drawn to that because of the opportunity for power in self and that you are as hot when you don't have god sitting on the talk you're plumb line is off i was having much of restaurant yesterday on entering his supposes this is sent to me of other as a too there were two realtors sitting at the table next they were loud and obnoxious so i was just the there is no way to avoid their their conversation and in our little town ship they said that we and viron township which is population about fourteen fifteen thousand having thirty million dollar sir i don't even know how that's possible and the two of them were sitting there connie on how to spend that money which was not there money and my whole thing is this should be returned to the people in it the tax structure is too high but two year point this is happening so broadly across our nation that it's not just the politicians it's the minds all the country that his literally gotten rid of god and his good purposes so every one of us is needs to make that determination absolutely and do you know can i go in bed to that whole consent when i said earlier than that you are a u s citizen you have a burst artifice number in a so security number considered an apple and therefore you have by the way the iris there's a reason you know when we're teenagers and we get our first job what's the what what is the boss sent tae you know you might be thirteen fourteen fifteen or maybe they don't start working that young news days but an i got a job i was fourteen or to o the kids now got video games ploy that pierce to be one gangway got there for right and it was the way before i can remember which one it is but it's where you make your lace in i want you to think about that word sir you re electing you checked that box to say with hold me as a zero or wan or two for dependencies that is you volunteering the pay federal lines i did not know that but the more i researched it and i be actually watched a congressional son were elected officials say we have to be very careful because ours is up in but you wouldn't know that right you think that what we have to keep herrliche you have to because you were you were shooting in the contract at w forsacan but tom so all these things that they do cause caseinates is one constant absolutely the case to be the sort of the reason it is so held his because were employed and were incompetent by and the idea goes that they take for everyone care for the needs of the incompetent mine as the legal premise behind the whole in so but you know a glass half full person i know and i look at it this rokian a competent american and felt fifty eight years but now i am and i get the share of this with other people and here's the beat the case of the blood spilled in seventeen we have the option take it back whenever we like and the fact that we can do it with our pen in re can use this system and if the system is completely broken down we can take our grievances to the us military and they will enforce pecking ernelinde cases a reason they take that defend constitution of the united states in the people enemies foreign and domestic they knew infiltration would be the way that that our rights would be stolen or and they've infiltrated inheres the he please extend them grace we have to get out of this by mere hatred you know laughed right conservative there had black white see that's the devil's lie in the communists of use it very well because coming is sir godless they want they want to remove god from society because with high ottermole morals or rearemise and so if they want to pagans so america is the really count on america being the tip of the spear to drive the pit paganism across the globe in a one wooer and so but going back to being of the st the fact that our founder spilled their blood and we have over five hundred million weapons in the homes of a mere no matter how hard they try no matter how many falls flags they do no matter how hard they try to get gun control still enough of us that understand can control to mass death in tyranny one hundred per cent of the time you know it's it's so nave that people see all that was back and were different now i'm sure that's what the germans said about looking back to the ancient romans looking back to napoleon everybody thinks he can happen now what did happen in the third is with it did happen with the soviet union all through he it did happen in china i mean when my took the guns millions of people under d and so the fact that they been trying for decades infringe on our right to be you know in in the because they can and because there are tens of millions of veterans that were that of if you talked in any better pp prepared to defend the american people even if its then he again corrupt because of that that's why i am saying like glasses hip full all the time bee all we have to do is to our in our part become educated in deploring how to exert our fore and we have immense authority as we are the government and so in that's the beautiful thing about it and even our total trout get off you look back at his own aggeration you look back throw any first came down the escalator his return the power backed and when he did his inauguration you saw all those military heads all the branches stand returned the power to the people when you look at his his departing andrs and the termen the seminole for while but you the people have the power in the chaco the swamp the swamped is so is very deep and on the fourth branch of government the isolated branch of government that secured in assassinated onopened have have done horrendous crimes against humanity we have the power over them and there that liking it they know that too many of us have broken out of the hypnos though many of us understand our power one or two or three of us can change the entire the beautiful system they put in place for for many years ago hellintothere per cent in the revolutionary war and so we just need really good people who are really committed and your absolutely right while articulated you're in and we have to approach it as i said before with the loving and forgiving her that's what i tip it before i was said before i surrendered to my lord the saviour jesus christ in late twenty twenty one i was one of the people calling for the traders to be hind thrown in jail executed it but then god put he softened my heart you know the key is no matter how horrible the things that have been done to us by our old we must extend them grace because we have to acknowledge that they were raised in this same brain washing cultures we were and that in many cases they think they're doing the right he so a slit extend them grace give them the opportunity as osteopathic because they don't belong in a they do not belong it off as they demonstrated that they do not hold in aralia will writes are republican former government in our scots but i don't i feel it would be much more advantageous to the country and the world give them all apart on let them confess to what the action but the truth finally come out and then let us move forward in it'll be such a beautiful country in world if we if we revert back to god's natural law he never had welfare in everything you communities took care o pe sallie's husband died and she had five children the local town would support them financially that's what who we are were the most charitable people history american case of our whole form of how we were brought up in a would you like a counter point to that so that a point of view or with you i can go either way with us but because i believe in following the law that these people committed treason and that when they commit treason they have to be under the rule of law where we've got in the reason why we've got on where we are now as people knowingly broke the law in this in a criminal enterprise at it is not individuals that that did this this is a criminal enterprise is his real its repression it rebuilds linetrees its absolutely treason they raytherless and such a ganodont disagree with you he ornately for trees and cap i wrote the lines that the only way to awaken the better in this mass to hear the truth confirms these very that i mean we're talking about when when the realization hit home some of their loved ones are no longer with them because of what the government did with colde and injections in inoculation that to me dale is way more powerful than having that person go to prison now i'm not saying origin for talking like two different types of people here which we always are you know there's all of us on the ground who we wake up at different times but we have criminals and i mean in its organized crime in government would never support a full pardon to the case they knowingly did this and it's like it's like if they get in if they consent get themselves right with god and that's up to them but we cannot continue this this and i hate to say it this is senile jesus mentality of no just and giving them the ability to well you know this rate ostent mean to do what he was doing were going to give another chance while they continue to victimize children and that's the one on his essoiners and how to sideneither there goin to keep doing it is going to be compete in other repeat of founders and i don't think we can do that without removing them permanently from walking the road on to people who have reached in fence people who have who are involved a human trafficking people who have subverted our election there should be no mercy for these people absolutely not histhey knew what they were getting into and they did it for self enrich now the average person like you know those of us who try to jest live a good life there's a difference in wakenatural izing how bad it is in it's going to take a lot of grace between us but criminals have to poniard in the wolf henman on this one note for one or look at rearticulate when he took on the motion new york how did he end up toppling whose godfathers he by giving the people at the lower rungs the opportunity to and have some sort meaning they don't go what i am saying is if you keep this hard line where any one that's involved in the scheme will never i can't come forward because the come to alleage what is the angel and you described at the end go is that this never happens as the i and i would argue that there is multiple ways to get to that and gold and i believe this is what god's put on my heart i believe that the fastest way to get there in the most effective way is to allow people to confess her repent in the public square so that there can be no spin on it right right now horrible cries were being commited by public servant in its all whitewashed and it's all spun in the meteor will report there if they're given the opportunities specially the lower level and mid level people that are involved in i think we'll get to the end result much but i could be so they tell the truth and that's that's the problem that i have is that you know criminals quite often they lie their way to get out of things just they can do it again he by the way the words this problem that would be part of the deal that you i spilled the beans on everything you tell the truth and if they don't i discovered that the god he joe for the rest of the life i am allfor that to give me on by any one i don't want to and the same size the hatedetestation downtonian these here i am at jesus so but going back but here's the other thing i only fear god in that's the beautiful thing about it once you once you surrendered to god and you realize no how jesus he died peerages to pay the wages of our sandwich the wages of our sin so he died took her place concord help conquered her as a beautiful thing so whether you're sekhhe for cans or whether you living in it here like this where in all there are you can make the organ that people like you and i speaking out don you know we're probably candidates now to be suicided i understan right but so but if you have no fear now in yeah yeah exactly if you know eternal life grant you have no fear of what any man or government will do to yourself so that causes them so right an imposter now taking all these talents that we used to build his create jobs i were turning them toward instead i see we can do this much faster than people think it's and do you know i've i've learned more about the code a mishkin code and us o in the last twelve weeks than i ever knew in my entire life i know the biggest thing i learned the system relies on bar attorneys control and so you know i mean the being barstons fore so any one has a member of the bar of lions by the bar is formed and so when you go to these townships and city meetings and in these county meetings and in issue comes up they all look at the lawyer so what are we do and so the lawyer orchestrates the response and when i learned as i read of these recommendations made in my purse i sir while that lawyer i can't even so many non truths there that that was such a deceptive thing they just said to these elected he just recommended that they commit felony right here i video in this happen in meeting after meeting after meaning that i be tended these we had foreordeenment formation act request that were denied and they were denied on completely affable grounds we get the attorney the majority of those public officials in the township in cork well was look at the word said the norse said though i recommend that you will hold the denial the son this thing that came down from the secretary states office and i'm like wow that's interesting that they would the okak the law and then have the wiers call them will it dongles loss don't apply to the site because the secretary of state has been granted full authority and supervision over our elections and i even in a few of these meetings i said you know have you any of you know about nuremberg you know what happened with nuremberg after we were to that those nazi officers that tried to say i pulled a gave order because i got the order to pull the lever on the guest if you go back and look at the history books those people that wasn't a very effective on on they were hung to you're saying you're going to commit felonies becase as doesn't persontold ye have to and you think that that's conohel you you're going to destroy election poll book stiles in seven days after election even though federal state law mandates that you retain most records twenty two months for federal walk code of fifty two u s c to seven o long and two of seven or two in other understate michigan compared law itself one six eight point it one's zeroand one six eight point eight one one that you must retain those election records or twenty four months at the local or i literally had conversations with the clerks i was so afraid that i ocosingo to make sure you don't leave these files we got elections coming up and me don't the lead em you youcoming a felon in your your violating many in threes and hastisailapoora withe and so that the felony that the clerks were committing is trefesen to four eight altering or destroying publicans you cannot destroy those records but they said not in the waters is not ticket you have to do with the secretary so i said to the list in one or two of these meetings i got to go back and lo collating stipended the usually videos is the seleniate this straight mister turney you're you would advise your client well how would you invite good vise your line if to morrow they receive a directive from the department of state to relection that is the from these for this point ford in all elections every tenth voter must be executed by lethal and that means boy you'd better hope you don't walk in the door and get a voter numbers hand to you that ends in a zero because your life is and how would you advise your client would you say that they have to follow that in well that's a completely different thing i sir how so murders a felony tripoli records as the folly tell me why one is permissible one is not under article tamarice five section nine of the michigan constitute secretary of state is intending it that has weeping i thort the comply with the law so nothing that she does under our constitute conflict with the law so she comes up with a directive that you have to murder the tenth motor every pre can't do that against the law and if she gives you directive you have to delete the poll books seven days after the election is servile she came through that he in so it's just the lawless not in the brain washing i have to believe i'm half glassful person that the vast majority of these public officials are justine and the afraid and they just figure their strength and numbers while he's doing it i'm going to do whatever they do wor goin to do there but you know what there have been embers of hope like in the example i requested the electronic public just to go into that topic and will more deal when i discovered that my election records being retained by the michigan secretary state or elections are completely falsified in all are giving example i've lived in est townships since a gretachi the ecomony prior to that eleven years i lived in clinton township and pride of that i let forty six years in no so i voted most of my life in saint clochers and then eleven years of my life or twelve and no leven in clinton tone so after the twenty twenty two election in november i moved at the best i just moved i've never had an election to even participate in here but you know what when i when i look at the ford relections record secstate shows i voted and bruce township a relection and it shows my date time stamp for when papowne they swipe your license and they enter in he give you a vote number and a ballot number in your acaleises to for the lection like there's a time stamped at the poll books okay et say eleven on nine i was given a ball and i wouldn't vote while we go to the michigan burlestons date based they all say zero's rdcolliers your calling zeros or cried to the girl oecono everybody boats in in the also dont what i found because i have gotten pollocks from city of memphis and have now got cold from or made a township public body officials that discern the truth and read the laws that i gave them in sir we cannot deny these ignored the advice of their lawyers and they gave me the book i've discovered that when you take a voter none of the records and so there saying you got to do lead that flower i conquer that is the originating public record our car whether it's a deed a mortgage what anger of official public document you must retain and preserve the my voting raced and the progenitor of that in the intellectual property owner of my boding no i have full authority over my voting you're going to keep my voting record in the public domain i have a right for to be in a few manipulated it an i thinkabout why would you need to and i've told these public officials and in these townships sent you cannot give me a single reason why there would be any sort of legitimacy or value or mediately destroying each the clerestory there there not following the law a means comes down to whether their following the law there not in the law dictates certain things and when they stepped outside of anemasthe followed first and foremost in into critical i tell these as and these townships supervisors and these mere i said what if there's no legitimate reason to do something then you can only assume there is in the various so if you look at why would you need to do let the record at the cost his immediate allabad together you know it's intestines the co clerks are invaded their following orders of the people farther up and uncontained they know what they owe it's onsaverie the reason in the law a using analogy that i used it the ormation by the way they voted unanimously their lawyer and come to the meeting the special men because decided to go against his recommendation and follow the wall and so as it was fascinating because i use this analogy nona and i want everybody to think out if you're the crime and you have your eye on stealing ten million dol and you have true targets that you've discerned ok i've got to pension that bank over there i know his ten million in the so as long as i can break into that building and cracked that safe i got my tumbling i also know there are ten million people in the state of michigan that have a dolar i could go rob every one of those ten million people to get their for which target are you going to chew you're going to choose the bank because it's impossible to go stick up ten million people for a dollar you could never do it and that's why the brilliance of our founders the mazing how they did separation of powers how they distributed in decentralized everything with our republic so that as they knew central control leads to tyranny some in every civil ever grates civilization in world history and the internet because it's the is the lore of power and money it attract people that don't have morals i am not saying that no public officials have moral some eres cower some cos they know the right thing to do but their cowards and they won't do it he that's okay just get out of office we don't need any one in office that's a coward that's willing to be you know you have to just but but that's what's going on here there is no way you can convince me otherwise to day i can tell everyone listening at the michigan elections it cannot be serving it cannot be used for another elector sir we as the people have to exert authority in demand that they remove it because you can't order it i try to do a fast on it here's what i was going to do in an employment rouble with my wife cause i'm spending so much time on this cause were supposed to be travelling in our bedesmen now were not because i'm working on this i thought o ka this will be simple i can hordit the pole i can look at the november election the member twenty twenty two i can request from every town shipping clerk there copy of the pole i can then take all that date in see she is reficeret value which by the way has seasover specific afore it chose for transferring data she can't have formulas it can have hidden software in it it's just common separated like a and so i saw get all these then i'll fool pollock from a compound from the burlock i am of count i ported the county and the bevel o god that i come county pull boat from both those words in our compared to my a combined politicae using all the townships and then we'll know came we ought it it is we got to memphis the game that ex clerk in deputy clerk amazing as they read the laws in the game of the every one else denies they wouldn't give it to me the sectors states of case you know in its its canonical periodate perpetua the front of the cause work resins so what you mean you're going to follow what they say so they want you to destroy the evidence that proves you know their nefarious act think about that you got to think about this and they just went along with it and all the lawyers supported it so all the wires told him how you got to follow the curtises i said memphis it's been two months since they gave me that file they haven't had one sanction imposed upon them by the bureau of elections antony the hand sanctions public officers from following the wall so on the one hand you can provide me the information i see which is just the voting the polling formation this is not some confidential cybersecurity plan of asking you can give it to me in received no repercussion from the state may be the calling you in complaining that you did or you cannot lawfully deny me this information that i'm entitled under the freedom of information at can indeterminable rights under constitution you can take all the flax from violating the law and choose not to give me the men almost all almost all of them have just denied my peals but i go back and i got to give croodles or made a township once they reviewed all the information and once they really scrutinize what the lawyer was telling them to do they went against the lawyers opinion and the other night wednesday a meadowshire unanimously approved my appeal and make gave me the pole i wanted to be able to ontothis poll book by the end of may you followed him saying and now through their conspiracy save smothered spare and the trying to prevent people from seeing the evidence of their a running the clock out so that you can't act on it because i'm next that plenty of times two they'll run the clock out on what what we're trying to get down and here's the thing set so when you when you get a chance do you need to read the the executive administrative procedural because that's what really guides all this or our courts to day as we see them are not third there not constitutional article three judith people think they are the there archegoniophores so the law of the land in our repose the constitution and the declaration of that's the long and and it's all based on bebricians and so what did there was the divides this commercial codes and you notice if you go to congress and you look everything up it's you s c u s o not low rice everything's done in commercial because backed in the nineteen thirties during the banking crisis that was caused by the stockmarket crashed that was caused by the elise creating the derivatives market they use that as an excuse for after under emergency powers act the sons all private property in the united state so no one owns any private property any more i don't even know it that's what i'm saying the fear would be so jealous of the masters they took it away right in in so that's where you got burserace surety trust right that those were all forms say controlling us and taking a right suddenly now you have a certificate of title so when you go to buy a car dana even if you brought cash even if you brought rolled it doesn't matter you brent you bring fiat currency to bring gold you buy a car from you own that car you own legal title to that car for about the what happens is as the heavy signed the form they show you the actual legal title is called the manufacture statement of or that's the title from the person that made the property here is the title it has a been number a very next page is your application for a michigan certificate of though you own the car in till you sign that apple soon as you sign that application vehicle hard that automobile is now the property of these in the i give you what equitable you have the right to you the state the same with you the same with your house you think you own your home you do not on your some people do so and it property under the constitution is defined by meats not there is a constitutional method for determining land so in order for you to own that land is private property you must have the grant de you have the grand deed is fully described in a constitutus correct description of wore the land is what the boundaries are to have a grand deed will they did away with grandees and now they have warranted the word warranty comes from war it so were under martial law and keep it don't even understand and so now you why the whole or the land and you get a warranty deed the land is the legal owner of the land is the government and you have an equitable use that's how they can that's how they can make you pay property taxes you ever wonder why reminded property taxes are constitutional how can they get away the reason they get away with it is you don't own anything after hard finished that whole process all private appararet is gone people get is basically a more fine lease your allowed the least as how it works right but here's the beauty of it you can we can change this like that all we need to do is come together and it doesn't have to be all as like you said the revolutionary words three per cent of the people you know revolted in thropton the came real even head three per cent because we have the right to be and in all we need to do is saving a longer consent disband the government because all these public servants violated their oaths of office therefore they have already vacated their offices and not tithes another interesting thing i learnt i was searching all over the place while what happens when somebody violates through in in the constitution you know in michigan capot wal it's just simply says you violate your oath the office is in it eight there was a brain to see for he might who does it i was looking around and reading and then i finally had the answer given the the moment you violate your oath you are no longer in elected you vacate the office therefore from the moment in time you violate your oath of office you do not uphold the constant you are an impostor or an impersonated other in anything you do during that period is now give you another interesting reben flying the host of office of all the public officials you know let her lancing county in all the jocelyn benson has an old orofficer he resigned january the sheer when she was re elected when we requested the bond that is required that she files so the secretary stated must file a twenty five thousand dollar bond with the within so many days after their elected for them to be seated in all we asked why i didn't send the bond the foe cordinator said a record does not now inness and a new fort and i'm going to request the coming to the lancians act all the old and all the bones of all the public if they deny me it's an immediate lawsuit with the i would the circuit court because they cannot be mine public records falls again get out of the rain washing public records are owned by the public we have full rights to we can go we go anywhere and reveal publicly they can't say cybersecurity all that stuff now when you're copying it under the foot if you want to copy of it the law is provisions that they can redact certain information but only that of but if you just want to inspect the sea in a five verified that the secretary of state does not have a bin now and if i go back through when she signed her of an twenty nineteen and she did not have a bond on file with the treasure that means every single official action that has happened since he to office illegitimately vo that means the twenty twenty election is void in for michigan that means the twenty twenty two election is void for michigan that means proposition is worn two and three that were passed supposedly in november you're all known boyd every action every elected official is unseated immediately and we have to have what's called a snap let we have to actually have a new election to fill the seats government is vacant and so these are the things that if you educate yourself you realize this whole complex scheme that they have gone this system of courts and appeals of all that see that's all a smoke screen you have the authority to make plans the under your right in norway start with you know i'm a living soul born on the land of michigan state one of the several states of the i am the beneficiary i am an a beneficiary the declaration of independence of seventeen seventy and the u s constitutional trust of seventeen he and i demand whatever you're going to demand you demand as that somehow that you have you're you're you're only subordinate to a creator that's it and that's the beauty of our self government the welcome to gather a small group of us kin completely and all of government if we his what will happen as if you're not educated the inner jack it to over welcome like like i give you one of the trick ever seen of court what it was the judge asked do you understand the charges and in what her people yes ross in at that means that means that you stand under the charges it and therefore from the moment you say yes you entered a virbhadra that you've conceded that your that's what that phrase means that's what it means and it now when you go into a court never crossed the gate do not cross the gate you know others a gate in the court room cooper and as because the court is a dry dock ship that's how as far in the thirties he brought maritime wan onto the land maritime was the wall war if you don't cross the gate entered the ship you still are protected by the law of the land which is and that's why you say i'm a living soul i'm not lost at sea i'm not that possento from my from my word that you assigned to my purse is considered lost its sea at that so lost it he no living soul and that's why you never see state of michigan that a corporation you say them you see michigan state that's one of the states of the republic so we have two governments that happen simultaneously in america there's the de jour government in the de factories the de your government is our repose and that wise pretty much or because we have all signed up for this defect of over as the united states corporate my think which you really talking about his getting everybody to think through things rather than just taken what being fat to them like right forsamles the masks and the the alleged baccinata and all of the stuff which which we need to think through them rather than just take things their presented to us every single time tankerrille mind to discern and you have the start using it and you know what and that ten weeks i've learned so much about law and about my rights and do harticle three judiciary a second accioun to go against all these lawyers and now that i have truth on is how are you doing it i mean when you're filing your cases and going up a give it gives some stories or examples yet what i have not i have not filed for an actual action i've been in reconnoisance so i have dozens of dozens of unlawful to night foes that i propiamente held by filing lawsuits but you don't need lawyer standard for he follows for them denying you for them violating the fact a paved three hundred bucks or five hundred bucks gosse and it's up to the sandy five hundred dollars plot o damages for violation he lighted a distiller in byron township and then i think they've got like a i i've got a look in how many days the into hespin whichness the mark on five business days and so i think there's a sampiero's the crosslines would be because they have they've got really loose and sloppy dave had the benefit of being so you know if you don't know your rights have been violating as hard to the protector's rights do you think that a lot of these people are being coerced or intimidated that or in the local areas because i tell you what i there's ten some reports that in one of the cases that i have that there was somebody within the within the state that was actually threatened oh the teneyawe have we are warned me why have you ritefor onlyoperated and then then some evidence he that we are told that they had antelope had i think i think that there's an awful lot of that going on out there where you know to your point there are very good people out there that have gotten caught up in a very criminal some roses stover evil scenario and honestly if like a son if they come forward and help that those that those they have got caught up in it absolutely elisha's go back a couple of thousand years peter the apost i told him he would deny in the never lord never then what happened peter denied him three times out see that he could be thrown in their you know the fighter flight most people if you truly our fearless he only for god sok an i'll tell everybody here on that smooth idoli blessed i have and financially independent of a wonderful family children grand children like and in in a can ask for anything more i've been bad if you find all i did under weird circumstances you'll know i was getting through close but tom but now that's how worse when i'm doing now is i act instead of going through all these gyration oh and i had one when man is the paloogame ac estimate of a hundred thousand dollars for a foe a hundred thousand dollars to go through mails and make sure that they redact with any the red i a fool that before we had one here at the end cacouna was sixty thousand dollars for fi requests are you kidding me if they have the charge that the whole systems broken yesothers why point right cause we appaysed in taxes if all these millions of government employees can't give you information they got to charge your more there somereset or very a very is courageous god turn retired lawyer told me two days ago here yester i don't know no you don't ask for copies up front you asked to his you say i want to schedule or planet inspect the public records cause they can't charge you anything for that that's trillionths esle brilliant i never i've never heard that strange you shore instantthat i'm going to do with him and if any one wants to participate in one give you an email de the mildness is michael at a m n z done so that's like amazon without the book the middle will so e is an apple amazon michael and is then nancy season zebra do not noynement one so if you if your interest is in joining us you know we take our republic and abolish this corrupt i'm on to tell you my goal is to get it done by august just so you know as animation you know the the stalling tactics and the court delays and all that we believe we've discovered a way by pens senhores i exerting our one in its various specific path and i'm not afraid to do it an if i tricketh wing joe for rest in a life but if i don't trip we're going in haverford you know in sophistrie there needs be people behind me as i wrought in prison the care the one but but yet that's my god because our election system void of certifiably in ther for it cannot be used for novelty in all elections that have been conducted using this and we have preoccupied now elfie and meanihow forthcall your message right now just on the sitocatis in an lealful procedures that day and palembang back to jane retent nine the twenty twenty presidential election that to the electors in michigan were were unconstantly how we indianwith the usurpation that goes back to say like a you know the eighteen hundreds did you mention that we would think it one step at a tank so my thing is i'm a problem over ours happened when i worked for other people in my own come you you identified the goal can you state focus until the goals my goal was to abolish this corrupt election system because i saw that it was cold therefore the fastest way to do that was to start holding the pollocks because it doesn't matter if you're tabulators are pre your counting boats that are we german votes because they didn't have a legitimate voter you know they don't count right right now the cantonal because what hers here is why it's so critical here's why those who lections or low and void it because at the moment you hear that tab off the ballet that has your personally information and you put it through the tabulator that secret election the so you don't know who voted what a impose unless they've corrupted that through belitsum that works the way to therefore if you identified that there are all these invalid voters for an election you can't go back and remove their volts because they've been thumped into the pot therefore the whole election is he follomain of course you're so so so the poll book and then i uncovered all these other crimes in the process i thought by the enemy i would have through my private citizen and it that the election system was broken and i could not be used in its is void onwee to have re election but then i uncovered dozens of other crimes and conspiracies going on to these with these ofin his short time i been working on this to so so the moral historias we need to come together we need to show off her televisions we need to stop watches per the stock on the concert stock on the theatre so with the emperor's des on on we need to to republic is what we need do inanities who i wish i could find it if anybody has it please email to meet to michael at a m n z done i once saw men and it was it was a picture a cartoon carice and it was this portly king it with a beard but you as that not o bees not a fact came but the kind of stock himport ly but if ye five seven five is and the next to him was standing his adviser and his visorless tall had she and long nose me at his head up he and you could see their standing on the balcony of the castle and you look out there's multitude of people coming at the castle all with pitchforks and torches and so the king is like this you know eyes wide open like so the portly advisers like this when i bow your his don't worry your fine all you have to do is convinced the people with the pitchforks that the people with the torches one sensate divide so think about what happened during covitron twenty twenty riots in the streets be a lamb and tea all this hatred all this back and forth political fighting that's all the this traced so that we don't do what we have to do which as we have to roll up our sleep wipe this government aside meaning field all everything every elected official if i have my druthers where when we have the stamp election in november that i'm fighting to make a reality that all care impostors whether they knew there were imposture or not that were not rightfully elected are not eligible to it could be eligible run the second girl round but first we have the clean house and get rid of all the corruption and the only way you get rid of all the crusoes you get rid of all the pep even the good people in there's a lot of good people serving at want to do good however you don't it's going to be home new pyridine and i would also say you don't want to make fisher e i i falters never handed this whole idea of congressmen having health insurance and pensions that all goes away our freedom is so that we should gladly go in and in duty and servant office for a term or two mixtures protected and tingle back to our line he was designed as because when you put people in government he peopleover how many of them go in you know of modest means and end up leaving utensils of dollars right that's all the old gotten gains of them taking advantage of the an so that's what i believe we need to do and that's we need an dayour followers need to come up with a cache for as you know slogan for that november election we got to have gone to have a sample lection of paper balance and if we need to ask the military to come in because as the people as the government at any point we can go to the military and invoke our right the u needed defend the constitution defend me get in here a baked all these people even the conduct and election we do local election first the dog the townships and cities hand counted ballots the next month you know we do that oh the state line offices right we just go on at the time we get all you institutional elected officials the deed at the national level in november in word done and then we can take then we can see the beauty then our children and our grandchildren see the true beauty of our republican former government that this test communis leaning you know thing that they've been brainwashed to believe is good which is not i mean that's kind of what i said so catacomba to the dolichos focus on doing the minimum takes to render the collection system that it has to be and it's not we got to fix it on the building is so far gone that it's time for the wrecking ball and the boldness raise it build a new building impossible too far yet i believe that there is i believe that we we are in a position where nothing's working here so much evidence of a failure within the election and also complicity in the crimes to cover it all and it's very it's very very disturbing the whole the whole thing is very disturbing were you violate one of our rights you violate them all not you miss indgement so your atlean individual you know so so the entire thing comes send the question and i think i think that a we i think we have a lot of work to do and i hope that i hope that there is a simple solution to it as you say too you know i hope the military southering because that that seems to be really the only way too to get it back because it is so far gone it's very very disturbing and i don't i don't know if you saw this but i'm going to go ahead and add this tiny says indiaward there's some weird things here that that keep coming out there's also a huge out of problems with it and the republican party right now i am not a fan of i i'm not and the parties right now at all why my popositions sit here teen all keeps coming up to my position is the part liceat miskin rosinante i think so too i think they that we need to abolish the partisan the stonehouse there nothing more than calls and when you see the the the problems within the leadership especially republican party right now i think we've got a lot of questions to ask and when you look at when you follow the one you usually find me answer so now look at missy residents could be charged with a felony face of the five years in prison and get a ten thousand dollar fine for using the wrong pronounce under the unconstitutional knew bill and on them is can have the approve hate speech bill eh before four seven four that we cause criminal lives criminalize cause which would crinoline causing some one to feel threatened by words the buildings to replace the current of nick intimidation which includes sexual orientation a gender identity or expression as protected classes and so like basically this is this is absolutely for shutting down are free speech and you look at what inishone that speaks out against election the electhe election miss hanley the election what every one call it the wholethat whole thing was corrupted from haptomenos you said we did not have an election we had a shower of slacker this thing because of the opponying was wrong so agree when he was as inhoosiers look in his dandy has been knowing dread love scott any and the word that scots scots doing he's a pesmas another fearless god ferryman that stuck on a stop and fill the he's gets the hand is in accomplishes it or they his there any longer in one now with the elections or what every single michigander should do you want power you want you want it stop looking at socialisto reading all this junk on back and forth about created this and she did that we need he can't act your local clerk one ship or sit you can do it one or two ways you can send an email request or you can stop at the clerk's office and you say i would like to hand my voter detail report my voting record report in my book may i change history report those are three reports that you can get at your or and that will be your boding reck from the clerk you get those documents and if they give you paper you need to convert it to bed up but you send me the pedotto michael a m n s done i will then have our tea the burlestons crow by water file that we through election integrity force once on a we will pull your voting record according to this and especially if you moved in the last ten years you're going to be shocked how nothing and at that point that that point later in gentle we have no the secretaries cates specifically jostlin best and burgeons directors jonathan braider and lay bourbon have violated m c even five zero point two four eight altering public record and they have also violated several other as that i will we will be putting up a web site and in hopefully done compradas that in the websites the your oligist bought with is open now not come because all over eyes were opened now and we're going to put a bunch of resources out there including forehead temples you can use to fret information from our government mogolian state and federal renewer gen include templets redouiller claim in the corn you know when whenever your foe requests her denied in were going to give you criminal complaint requests in the one that we've been filling as dynamenaen locus standi that is the record alterations that are being done by the secretary state which has a fourteen year felony as the colony that with up the courtiers in and they are doing it and we have you can go to the website of themes that you can get all the directors you can see whether demanding that the clerks the let the pole look fine seven days after certification even col once succeed not it on one dictates that you must retain those records for at least twenty not while our or at oheton ship clerk admitted to me of not having anything in byron township and i asked dory said walt who wiped the wiped it what did you do and they said well he sat they were told the day before i got in there by a no letter by john and raider that the bolection that they were not to talk to us they said that all the information went to the colony and then to the state my question is is how did it get there the second one is who made that determination to to get rid of all records at the township level because that's in violation of four different laws and men and when it comes to an item of national security which is our elections every single person that touched the is really should face tribunals for treason because you know you can look at you can look at what happened in world war too and you don't go back to nuremberg there there were there were soldiers all the way down to the bottom that were taking orders that were disobeying the law and so you know i went when i look at even what happened with the signatures that happened to myself and the other the other governor and then where we were proven dan and esse said that distance and half ago that none of us were that we were victims of the high level crime you see that sore thing happening and you see how inter connected all these systems are you you you have to come to the conclusion that this is a highly organized group of and with criminal intention or unitarians iraty it's not a conspiracy theory as a lot of people on retable like insects a crimped on oosporic in or going back to the letter for jonote you have a copy of that letter from that course now she wouldn't get that to me is solenopleurid orticas let me explain that letter is an example of them violating see the fivespot for seventy a and that is using unlawful prose to coarser intimidate a public officer from performing their duty corcoran clerks have a duty to retain those rock under law and yours cordance by them course in them to delete it and sing you have to follow our directions cause worthy authority for the election they have not committed that crime too in multiple occurrences of that crime are felonies too you know what else they violated one that you probably heard fox shoose a few eighteen u s c sub section to fort a right that's violating our rights color of law that is federal case there are so many crimes that our government is routinely committing right now in michigan i'm saying not us michigan but all i'm sure crosses but fox res cease and we just have to in reflex of my holding them accountable and at the point where the system breaks down miss wamsay if i can't get my administrative hearing i'm entitled to if i can't do these things in order to stop for being used again can i go to the mile and that its i've got three branches of government land up in into his for getting of the first base coin minisri stuff but you know chance always favors the prepared right self so we're going to be ready for the worst prepare for the worst and that is that our so there is no trace any sort of usability meaning the whole system the people the process the laws the tools those and at that point we need to go to military and they need to step in and they well by the way all the incrassation fly to flags upside down as his states and distresses i did that for a while in twenty twenty and went onesheshin for that from the chap and then i want to bring care in it oh because i'm sure people have a lot of questions about some of the is very new to some of us some of us some of it so that we've kind of already been looking through and been familiar with for years and so on to give people a chance yes so was the sinking for all the truth and the seas the low caste park says we love you mauricefor all that you're doing and shall france michael we appreciate all your doing his share the truth and grace and mercy oh that that's a very nice comment sandy says our chies dat god about his story as well as the locustan investigation on telegram telegram went to locustan is http s colin forwards lashless teen do me flash for flash locus loses s t a n d m and sandy brings up into one sex at point eight one zero and once excite point eight one one election retention as well as m consistoit five one registration of records for public inspection that brilliant i like that one fifty two at s c chapter two of seven federal retention schedule and sandier welmington's is great at a seal seven fifty point two four eight altering public records and cleven fifty point four nine one public record destruction ah earliness as void away seventeen seventy six i agree with that and then your your email address again sandy comes up with em cold fifteen dash two three one freedom of information at policy and as so once succeed point five o nineteen information exempt from article three judiciary https colon forward slash for flesh constitution dot congress dogood less porous for lesh article dish three fords forward less sandy says locus standi criminal complaint is number ah ah has marked for eight four to eight dash two three and she's got her mailing to dress there and michael at em and see dat not a morning charlotte hide over one supreme court won't pass the skill will they she has a question you have to understand folks the way the system is designed is sprent get to this is poorton time so the damage happens just like a you know i disagree whole heartedly with the republican push on congress ibid you can't be impeached if you were never rightfully elected by them he on by them in teaching him the just validated the regime change at all the devasted a lot of money doing it i mean that's gets hold that worsesometimes hold political theatre you got understand these people that are supposedly sophical you know oppose you know a pro government pro control pro liberty whatever they all go to dinner together and drink together there all friends cause is really only one party is the party of in rich only part in satellite for all this nonsense and don't whatever you do i you know mark for i got it marked for eferyone doesn't know him the chairman of the mccamie and he did run for chairman of the chips he lost christina crummle but mark i respect that men so much and he is invited me to speak a number of times the macon jopin had me in his show in sights and i have a very and clear june not i want to abolish political parties including the republican and do not spend the single moment of your time for a penny of your money on a campaign we don't have a loving we don't have a lections so it's all fun raising cause he's people keep all this money that you raise so they get these issues all roved up people get miles of millions of dollars in solely nothing happens and that money goes to when they retired so stop we got to spend all of our times if everybody took their energy and support a trim for the energy and of opposition to democrats for their energy and opposition to whatever in the the the focussed all that energy on our going i say us i mean people that want to restore the republic focus all that energy in abolishing this election system by ages this thing of all the millions of dollars being wasted on campaigns right now no there's no elections it's all that we can't beat him with money and that that's the cityhas we're getting so much money under dark that the dark ahriman the one holy you can't meet him with that and then they take the no know the ghost of owners and there a signing these political these pack this pack money to go smoderato and on that this whole system is so corrupt that they just seems like there's no end to it and i maestrillos we need lay were comapaeros mark for a great american cause i know his catch him flack like me tell people how you to the party the mark is an american first that's why i love mark you instantshe is going to do the right thing he wants to save this country and now we're getting old you know an we got to get this fix we we screwed up or generation did our generation let the by our enemies and they didn't have to fire shots shopthe ciecro said in the fifties america we will take you without firing a shot he was right the tyrants the communists the pagans the heated god country that in god's law country we're going to take but here's the glory of but it's not too late to take it back and i used one more analogy when i was in hawaiian vacation in january i was crushed in the waves and on the out there on the beach and in a cot my toe on a rock or quarrel or some thus the little neck of my second or by that night it started turn a rod by the next morning it had a blister so i to my wife i got to get the to get the urgent and i went in the doctor larcher op or retract an she lanced it she gave me any boliceman covered it up dressed it right in a few days it was well what if i would have just let it go i told turns red and gets a big nasty white blister foot starts turning rathew days later might goes up into my calf if you then suddenly my tone starts turning grey purplish then it turns black then before he knowed i got gangrene in the leg at that point you're trying to save your life and you amputate the leg that's a very painful process but it's because you let the sally felt we've a lowd gan green the creek fred and they've overtake i like to say is going to be wonderful and god's goin to you know wave his hand and it's all going to we find it we got his wits he will help us for we have to do the fight and we have to do the hard work and it's going to be paid because we let the gangrenes and the poor i pologized to the menial generation all the generations that were after me we dropped the well i tell you what i'm sandy is also asking me to talk about the signature is going to bangladesh because i want to i want to talk about the i don't know if you're there as i've been you know of course i've been in this fight how you don't pretty hard and and ah and long here a long fight here for a while and i go i've gone to the board elections word canvassers met the last meeting that i was at was an absolute one used the word good because it is there not here not following this is why i'm such a stickler on the low because i'm not talking always to every day people that are just trying to do the right thing in talking to people that are criminally involved and they know what they're doing and so my perspective is a little different so i was at the border of elections and i don't know you know about this michael i went in there and they were the only thing they talked about were unconstitutional actions and making a policies and the fly which is what they said when i was in my first hearing that jonathan braider admitted to making a policies on the that's why i'm such a stickler with the law so i was in there and there was a man that shut up in his name was mark and he was higher that is all who was back to the signatures on the republican candidates that were there true costis is this is so is so right in your face and how their rigging even the candidates that are able to get into the race to rock to protect their own self interest seschyons up in his talking about how he was hired by other candidates to do signature challenges and checks well we were told that we could not go in and sit the other candidate signatures even than we had a right by law they closed closes some broke the law the king mark itself there and he taught the he started talking about the fact that first off he was trying to protect his industry the signature gathering industry because candidates do not have access to the files necessary to do it number one and number two its supposed if there's any any signatures in question it is supposed to go back to the local clerk to compare against signatures on fire the sky sands there in front of the commissioners are the vorticists and the border lections and talks about how the bore relections which goes right up to john the braner the chairman of the board for eric and cushas allowed to go in and scan all of the signatures the petitions were the signatures on it he scanned them all walked out the door with them and they they shifted them off to bangle a dash for in in all minor elections and then passed that passed that they were comparing them two passed signatures which means that bangladesh had in their possession personal information from the voters including and not one person on that bordas's bordelion band and i on the this is either cream stupidity negligence or christmas is is all on awakening is this is the way people out that's all it's going to get a bad worse by the way if you think house bill some have for seven is that enter for for some four i can't remember but you think that bill is friends and your encore in for ten times worse right cause this is all about waking up that's all it's about it really is and come and i will say again just like i'll make this state what did i learn how do you solve problems in business as you say are go is to shut down the void elections to secretions spent any time on police campaigns sithonian time on these cursory things like signatures gone to bangor with dash all this is a day dealing out bepraising about this for if we don't need to go there why we go there this so shut it down this go back the word go elections at the clerk and we do that ringaringa poll book does not add we don't have to run around and all these other directions his harangues these violations are they didn't expect us to rectified the poll books the police you go in and it used to be where you got signed into a book by elections that is the originating public record for so if there instructing people to the lead these files now that now that we use electronic bulbs and there not retained at the last the electric system that we don't have to worry about signature validation and canasgordas and all that the election system we can go back to doing all elections local we won't centralise so everybody i mohave precincts with two hundred and fifty voters not precincts with five thousand old we'll have good old fashioned americans will pay them even if we paid everybody three hundred bucks to work on a lection i ise the intimity this i elephantiasin about this even if we paid people three hundred dollars to work in election the fraction of the billions that they're given to this amnesty this voting machine industry and erthe they had all this technology i would technology on the only to have the mutable storage they don't even have i mean when in when i did i on security and in financial and in healthcare if it was a record it had to be unwarm stories that means right once read many that that record cannot be altered not only through the low the records to be altered after the fact but their left there that system that they use a light de posted i don't it's three days after the election i'm going to date this person's registration to be a tone such compass its coetanean giveback to the signatures and somebody else for out of a point because this is the big deal this is a good orobert big girl but engravings to well because we we have to go after people who are involved and criminal behavior and that's how their selecting even candidates so they protect themselves so so it doesn't it reposeconscious we shouldn't do it i'm saying it's not priori the list in seefirst priority if every one that watches a stream and every one you know goes to get your election records in sends them to me it michalemasse donewe verified that your records don't match the bed we can do that across the whole state even we can go rid of mandamus i'll do a prose rudiman dames to the supreme court and we were shot at or that's a call to action for every one and i rise but i obama gale won two one nine two osolomon his son at raced by challenging his opponents so whether it was the ring and this is another problem is long as we have criminals in the sea this is wire elections are so important we have criminals sitting in the seat they all have to be removed at this point and inigree with not one of em should ever ever ever be able to sit in a position of power not from from top to bottom ever ever again and that goes down to the clerks and everyone as the whole system is its right now we had some roreale ones like stephen of scott who stepped up and there's there's a couple other gals across the state that has stepped up that i think it's just admirable and then they should they should absolutely be knowledge for the bravery that they step forward in and standing up this criminal this criminal organization i think too do in a thorough job of this it this this is one of those things that i agree with michael everybody should get out there and request their records and jump on to the locus standi of investigation so that we can carry that ball for these people who have done it amazing job absolutely amazing but that means also that i think that every one should get very very educated on the process and so that's one stop right now we are full on in a war and when just like what you said you've given up your summer and what you planned to do this summer that's the response that every single american should have we have to give up all of our play time and get into this fight because we're in a war and every minute that you can put towards no matter what it is how you feel god's leading you to help in this weather stop let's just say go to the rule of law rally that we're doing of the mount pleasant here on the town that sort of thing or the locus standi or standing in telling people posting on on the on social media however it is that you can contribute to this in your effort you you got to help us because there is there is not enough is a bible sanserot enough workers and then we will be able to hold them account of all now throw all their criminal buds into minute military tribunals and if it if it takes that to have god's sword out what what happened there at some point time but we can certainly we can certainly need to arrange some of these meetings because because these this is so far passed innocent complicity or following orders that a wee wee were going to have to act and realize because we are in aware more treated like one the hoplite i lied i have one more nail you have to so i my meant to her in business back in the early night sure of the story with me and in it really sucked and he said the picture is soft in the middle of a lake and a botch a root and you don't it's a very deep lake and you don't know of and you find yourself in a position where the bulk prunyeand has he the you have three you have you have an oar in the boat you have a bucket you have a block of wood and you have a pocket the only things in the boat warrior you're your fear factor the first thing as you see the or in your gravity start you start paddling right you trying to get to the shores two miles away and you quickly realized the boats half full of water now and so you see i got a bail he grabbed the bucket the star be canister bailing baling round about you get the water down to the bottom of the boat agonyagony then you grabbed your and you or another twenty et and the boats have fulgens he grabbed the pocket and this point your arms are getting really the and you come to the realization that i can never ill never make an i'm going to drown i can't i can't do this for one i am exhausted only went forty feet and then suddenly you come to the realization great a mint the pick up the block of wood you pick up the pocket if you start whittling and then with the boat fills up half way you grab to or and you start paddling toward the shore in them when he gets it the boaster throwing up round you picked up the walk copepoda histor whittling and after three or four times you've made a plug and you plugged the bottom of the boat finish case bailing the water out then you pick up the oar and you rode to the shore and save ours the moral historians as the boats and we have the take in this qualify the election system the fastest way we can even though the or the fraudulent signatures all the people that got to go to prison the second that's not the priority right now cause we're about to drown and if we try to go that chorus and get these people convicted for shipping cimetres overseas as two years were down were not to so what i'm saying is take all that energy in folk put it in the park lot to know less and in facilitation they teach you when your brainstorm hand is not a priority but it's important you put it in the park lot you come back to the parking want later i'm saying we have to have a singular focus all of us all of those patrick on have a single focus and that is void the election system in white pinocle back to a manual paper belled the locals the best way to do this spent all that energy in that but these are the items in the park lot cause we'll come back to them later cause people do have to account for what they did but the most important thing is let's not before we get to the safety a land that so that would be my last and fine wit promised no more in the ologies but that's my line while there you go and and i just really preciate it everybody working together to and to riches elections because there is there's a lot of motion out there and certainly you know i've been very vocal hot getting behind the locus standi vestigation i love scott and me i really do because i think he is he is a true patriot and he's really put himself in the cross hers right from beginning to menecles right after he's not he's not plantonic with people we were passed his plain nice and i do like the fact he integrates he you know there's a call to action if you want it if you want to get it all this is what we do go and act on that but you oh you know an i don't stop talking about this and then connect the dots connect the dock so that you are fully informed and educated on all these issues that are surrounding it because it were were kind of building building a how do i say it made repository of information where we all bring to the table what we do know so that we're stronger has not none any one person's got the entire the entire outstriding his petition in time work to all about you bring everybody's kills talents together in the semiaprt much as then the whole right so if you think up all over individual contributions it would amount to all together working the gather were an like a hundred and you know we are so powerful that we do and and that's really what is important you know that we just get this stone and we try the messages are is going to be heard clearer if you can do it calmly and rationally injectio and so that's what i try to do i try to dossion it that a complete usually a pretty pretty passionate things cause it's like i'm sick setting pantopoda i mean the supervisor at the dramatic in armada he said you know i admire your path so you're able is still in good your passion in a calm loving respect of way it rings sometimes megaphone is in his loud as spoken three that's all as sometimes we all over guess i guess so i a i abercarn write now cause i know the caroni know she's in sitting up back in the listening and she's always got perspective on things so he cardenio i been hold back i'm sitting here i was like i should just text doansa let me and coat shadowe get rid it forewedge pretty i keep here sometimes over as she is because you know this is our country that were losing and oh it's it's important that it is important to have these discussions even the sometimes are very uncomfortable i basically you know love to listen to different different viewpoints but i also will challenge them if i if i hear something that i disown agree with and i mean you know entitled to my opinion just like everybody else is not a good back down person when it's something i feel very strongly and i don't care in the same way is herwhether why men enjoying this conversation in in just about everything you say michael i agree with but there are a couple of things they disagree with and i'll explain the whole the fact to corporate government is corrupt and dear as you said the deer so if we can agree with that it is easy to agree that the elections are the number one problem with that corrupt effect but what can we do about it while the defector is in place the bow with the misery the millionaires pained my perspective on that the nile the the military knows the same they know m at least the good ones now we know that there's some some corrupted military too just like everything else they know michigan has a resettled desire government it is a last has been also been settled with a dour government it and we are resting that government this is a process we have a number of counties but we need sixty three of the eighty three four shirts how many do you ask who oh i can't tell you off hand cause i might get it wrong but we're not there we are far from there yet to more than one oh yes absolutely we started we started out with the same number of counties which were originally settled when michigan became so that de jure has already given her military requisitions and i believe they are acting on the right now the problem with that i saw with what you were describing is that you or a group of people cannot order the military without lawful standing ah you can't just remove the de facto without having a de jure ready to take those before another election takes place because you can't have empty set that would open us up to a whole other kind of take over kit do that we we do have people in place and a lot of our set most of our seats in some aspects but each of our counties needs to settle in order to have any lawfully elected representative i come representative in each of those counties then we can make our orders known with more standing you can't just leave those seats empty so or they are in flood is understand that there there not right then to a they are not empty because there is a de facto sitting in them that has been masters andrather are nothing in the place of what i am saying that the fact of system has ruled in under code those offices are big even those corpora off was serious so there are relives in understand what what you have right now is impostors you have people and asisinati fact elected is and what an so i will tell you all lecherousnes in now we had a call last week a a curtis icetes last name beheded that thirty minutes move his producing his movies of the plated at the mcconico le weeks ago but we know we were exactly talking about this so karen and so lasting et your acquaintance here because i need to get with you right away because i armature a cold congees he so i'm assuming mcconomy de jour has not done yet ah i believe you are correct so we wanted there part of the territory so i oneanother the over and calm aver there from curtis and i have some questions on that i think that that reelly we really need to go through that do as step by step and once as just because something has put out there there are some kennyfecks that were not included in that movie that made me question the entire movie and the motive there halosaurid o mon i torthorwold be gehabt i lineamenti things that we need to go through here and question everything because just a typically go to that direction to question everything because i think we have to the fact that we just accept things at face value has got us to where we are right no and that process is sometimes a little uncomfortable for but that the only way that we're going to get to the bottom of this to rout out the political operatives that like to come in it an infiltrate and that sort of thing we have to get down to just weave the people with no motivation and end a truly truly right the system because we are in a war and some of these political operatives are pretty slick it may take us a little on ogetonicut out but we will get a bigger out every single time because they they come in many many shapes and sizes too we we had somebody that came to one of the stakes party meeting and i will put up with none of it i started down a background type research while she was blowing her sewing her cap to the meeting and onowenever been in politics i never did the great they loved to put on shell i had never been in politics and then i wouldn't looked it up and she had three pages a political nations including the brighter michigan pack which is you can trace that right back to some very very question on people who i believe are involved in buying our elections and so when we hear these things we have got to question them there's then quite a bit out there right now with what's happening in the republican party and i'm going to tell you when i heard without disclosure the taking about six hundred and forty thousand dollars that they were not necessarily coming right out at as well as refusing to open their books i'm sorry but nobody gets a pass for me we have to ask these questions because the problem is as that it's all inter related so i'll ask the less the hard questions and you know michael if you can you and all the locustan people i mean i've been right at right there with you guys with what you were doing but they'll have you lifting that you guys are going is amazing but all these other things also need to be adros yet again i just won't prior ties i want to get the boat to the shore and yet every word here and talked about the re establishing desormais absolutely high the most important thing to me then avoiding the colonel eos to be quite here that's why we're already kind of working on that i want to be harmelessenes i would like to get actively involved in contrivedtaking from macon county in jerhover donedone has my permission to give you my number if you like come i think you and i may disagree on the priority level but what donative always agreed with and i think you can agree to karrenritter always says every one has a role to play and i've not been disagreeing with the election investigation in the election fight i think it's important if for no other reason than we are learning a lot about what doesn't work and what had work well it also ritalis well regardless of what system is in place and am whensoever has is authority in full power then we will recognize that as the defect because it will be in fact but in recientito touch on this requital i know donas probably get she's usually rounding out about eleven i you were talking about justice and the two views seem to have a disagreement but i think you're on the same page knowing don as i do what i would like to add to that discussion is that the the justice for those who have caused us harm whether it's for election violations or other things ah well a year the two of you may disagree on what the punishment is the beauty of this is that in the desora grand jury would be making such a decision and so each individual man or woman can plead their case and if they fully confess and if they detail everything and they say i did not know i like an hindernburg trials they may be held fully responsible anyway or the grand jury may find grace and forgiveness as you said in a in the law of nature nature's god with an understanding of common law and a common log grand jury that allows the grand jury to make such decisions and it's not up to just one person to say well death to them all but could thatsheerought know that's not how i know that's not how donaldson theocritean i here with that that kind of feel believe now that that going to the military and let them sorted out is not a bad plan when we're under her and when we are under attack which we are we are othernearer a state of war so to just see now to the statement of let's pardon every one i kind of got fall tripped up on that when because i don't believe that and so in when you came out with that michael i was like what are you talking about we can't but hard afendallos if you ever read some of these formal notices i've given to jostles and then i sittore i would forgive past discretions and violations of law provided you you back remove yourself from office and make sure this directors are seized and but they have season assisted its been a month and may have it stopped with these a lost processes so anyway but the carinately one of the things when you get to the to the voting franchise it's the core of our republic voting right though the right to a vote the personal and so i think having all this evidence in it suggests haveranno s the military cane the mother cannot acceptiore cap to the console to find the constitution but they can't do anything until it's kind of like a a guard dog you know if the owner i said a tack that even if the dog was to attack the can attack so i think having this evidence this irrefutable evidence that our are any liable rights have been violated is the military more and to get it done yeah i imefully in agreement with you on the matter of evidence and i i am grateful to all the people that are fighting for that and you are absolutely correct about the evidence in the records our clerks are responsible for that record and i totally agree with you with regard to the attorneys and how they have taken over our government i've experienced that at the township level personally as i am well aware that they were with the michigan townships association which is just basically attorney's training them how to do the job with the attorneys and charge rather than the people and it's very confusing for that when the people show up and we say we don't care what the attorney says you have to listen to us and they're like no no we can't they've taught us otherwise what they really want to say we and are described literally as the audience i've seen it in the book and i've heard it in their sped we are we are viewed as an audience when we go and observe their meetings we are not viewed as their instructors we are to instruct our representatives and all they don't like that and we are the bosses as what we were told and that clerk resigned within months setteesthe combats of this point time who have taken over as in asters in the o treacherous here and the check night the man met ratified with the bill right so i is missing lawmakers flashesshe longest canaway with passing unconscions tutional enlisted among its all the amendments that we have passed what is a fourteen are basically unneces sandy says the locus standi pulled back at foy afris sweeping the nation such as new york citizens on it marlehouse thisgone further spicis not to so little a little small apothesis really this is really a big deal every one it really really been carried out very well there are a lot of a lot of big deals that are going on behind the scenes i think did in your your effort and you're not conceding has it still on going if we just have got an answer i mean you are not receiving the the publicity that carry lake is your fighting a little bit different battle because she she so active in the like i said the publicity as a key she has one county that their fighting so badly and it's getting a lot of notice in the in the nation but unitatishas oh uncertainyou are your case is nothing to sneeze that you know if i said that right oh you there not getting attention to your case but your case has validity and is it could be just a matter of time that your case makes a big difference what michael's doing makes a big difference what all of the other michiganians um or working on will make a big difference and i could all come crashing down at the same time in the meantime i think it is vital that we get thirteen people inand as many counties as we can good people who are interested in researching doing the hard work necessary we have got to learn as fast as we can with as quality education as we can what are founders knew when they were doing this because we haven't been brought up with that proper education as you notice michael that we did not have a proper education they had a lot more education we eeneek that they worked very well educated and agathe were very well versed in aspects of government and so work made a floundering here how do you self governed we've never done it before and we haven't done it very well and so we have to learn and we need at least thirteen people in each county who are willing to put that steadfast dedication into that learning while other people are doing this election fight and other people are doing of fight for health protections in the communities and everybody's got the role to play we are all fighting a war that covers a lot of ground and territory and not so desert with desinis iondes in everything the lot in most of them lost everything including their lives right would they did they did beautiful thing that history will never forget what they did and yet we we have to jump i help people try to commit the declaration of independence to memory because there's no more impact ful a document other than the bible the declaration of independence everybody forces on the constitution but really you know there is still i'm in on the fence for the not we did the right thing doing the constitute to be one with the cold we had what we needed with the declaration of independence in the articles of confederation but thet's ethel another but the moral history is were in the law of the land winters in the constitution and understand the declaration of independence and you have and the mile there of course the bodinot have left that out into i ointment i mentioned it already but as no no and so ye we have at least thirteen people care and so if you got the road map started you know we're all in in some of them are on this call the shell and sandy and macalpine i'm sure i must speak for he that there on board though the and zore government in organ woorkecester so to the imperial my part what is in his tassette questions and bring people together and let him have a voice to where body else senses most sense anything what a great is there you know i don't really care every needs to say with sounder mind so that we can in fact come to the truth and all things i think that's really really very important charlotte said meaning of the thirteenth folderico flag is also a good one so we have lots of people that like to put in things into the chat very well educated people chaiseand on the cap so i gustoso everybody out there and a very proud to stand with every single person who dares to be american we've got to get rid of these ridiculous monicaso the colts that are trying to divide us and just get together stand for each other as a family should as one nation under god and i think that's really very important in let's do some let's do prayer here and then the owasco michael iscoed of the prayer and then then now we'll go to hessenstein here and then say god by for the day and then had everybody ever good weech so dear hopeneither thank you so much for the opportunity to get together with other believers in christ and sort through the issues sort through the paths go forward in such that are there but all the while trusting on you every step of the way that you will guide and direct our very steps and taking back this nation which is then taken away from the proper jurisdiction which is one nation under you were so thankful for that and we acknowledge that this is a spiritual battle that were in a first and foremost pleased bless this nation with opening every one's eyes to what's going on around us to step in outside of the brain washing the coltman tail the mass sossand being able to stand there with our eyes open see things for what they are with the discernment that you give us in the wisdom that you give us going for it is a huge responsibility it really is and were thankful that you counted us worthy to be born for such a time as this thank you so much for michael and every one in locus standi we asked that you give them your favor that she send on the help that they need to continue the investigation that you give them a truly wisdom from you and how to deal with situations as they come up because there are so many infiltrators and their saypeople that are come any criminal acts we ask that you laid them there for all eyes to see that all intentions are put forward that we know who were talking to what they actually represent and whether they are in fact working for you for your good purposes on this earth or well whether they're working for their own self enrichment or for something much much much more devious working for satan himself in the destruction of your world on the war upon you we reject it we condemn it and we are just one to let you know that we love you we will do whatever you ask us to do to your honor and glory not to ours but to yours in the precious name of your son or florence saved jesus we thank you so much for the stay let everybody know that they were chosen to be here now that they are precious to you give them these to stand when when things get a little tough that they would be moved not to sitting down and being frustrated or angry but moved to action and so that their faith is in action not a dead faith and you but in an act of the and above all things we know that we deserve no plain all good things come from you salvation comes from you and we're just thankful for the that you've given us we accept your gifts we invite you into our lives and to every part of our life don't let anything that is in our life's remain in the darkness everything comes from dark to light as we move closer to relationship with you and we just want to let you know we love you we love all the beautiful gifts that you've given us the gifts of the spirit or animals the the the beautiful beauty in the world around us we thank you so much and we are here wanting your kingdom on earth as it is in heaven we love you and jesus precious name we pray as there you go so i tell you what i'll let's do clothesyard here michael you start and then will go carneso everyone is get your records get the evidence he mailed that a voting record older detailed report and changed his report to michael at m and s not in woodwill get the thing okay caron i think it's been a very interesting show oh it's it's always good to me another person who has a lot of the same um perspectives and a little bit different view point to learn something from a we all have a role to play so it's not that i disagree reallythis we talked about here to day everybody has a role to play and that's one of the things that excites me about about what we're doing because the scripture supports the idea of the hand and foot in the body and the all have done rolls and weather with our different skills or different perspectives all the things that god gives us of talking to a friend yesterday and i said as we talked about my substace here is some people are in esther and some people are a day in were not all meant to go for goliath and we're not all meant to go after cabin and were we not all for hekatompathia some of the ore so i got a question also of are you griselda you stole this morning i am in a terrible time with my eyes this morning self unlike like this there is so much a nonsense and is not smoke i'm not buying the smoke crept that's coming over misinta the there's an irritant out then and i've been watching and not only have i got a guy heron this watching to see if this radiation on there because we i minetonka i don't have you noticed that i onenhehonhatorienni do a lot of stuff in a day he'd be shocked at home how much stourton get done in the day but of inhesion monitoring this pleasedparticularly levels in the the erround us others lot of reports out there a formaldehyde that are out there i'm not seen for mouthion's not that's not one picking up in the metre because it would pick that up so whatever would ye have your dracontopides what do you pick i am not picking out much that that ordinary we really have to have somebody that could go out there and sample at santo e lab what's in it but it smells like it smells very comically in the throes lingenfelter ellis not he or fertilizer is what is not like me as a fertilizer and i have a lot of questions because all people keep talking about this coming from canada that's a bunch of crap there's no way because it would have to go against the pre white bailing weds to get here and when you look at the map there's like little spots over over even are so i'm not buying any of this but i am monitoring some of the some of the things that are going on yesterday i walked outside with the eager and i was going to see if we've got any any ration there isn't really any above normal i think i was at in something like that and then all the particulars of were were within the normal range two so were dealing with something right now that is not what their telling us and so i would love it or somebody could sample the air and sounded into an actual lad that has a mass that trimeter so that we could go throw it through a spectaclenor i don't have one and on up it's makin me want to git one o ricinoleic we can absolutely throw it through it you now put it in a spectator and find out the conical composition that we have i can't i can't do that with equipment that i have but i think it should be as somebody's got to go out there and gravesome brisland what's put it through as you know speche and now men why i know who think is the the most incredible thing about a texted you about that i think last night in the nice stock that pipe posted something just like this the morning that the people are looking at it in a different way than we would have just one or two years ago if we had a hayesville wild fires in canada that's what the mediate tells us and so that's what we should believe and regardless of what it is the people are so awoke in now that they are like this is a right we should look into this and everybody never likes to linostimis a beautiful to get there esperantist remember seeing it happening with the train the rail it too ensangrentada bunch of new experts and trains the rail metenin all of that but but i surely cold to see that that kind of thing is still happening and that's exactly what we were talking about this morning people need to be willing and interested in passionate into researching and finding the truth because if we were doing that with our government beckon eighteen sixty one we want had elected a president who didn't qualify and we wouldn't have all the problems that we've had ever since not that lincoln was necessarily bad for the country but he didn't qualify under the original thirteen he was the first president moves on this path is him then now i do not no one i added more damage no one did more damage to our republican linton that's what no angry idoso much agreement with you on that benjamin frank when throw him right into the mixed too there were strangers that sighing the a the declaration of the dependence and the consent we had traitors that were there then and unfortunately if we don't start asking questions and and i mean that not everybody's going to agree with what we have to say but if it if it holds up to scrutiny then we know we've got something we can go forward if we don't go through that process continued to make his other field going to oh yes we're going to were just going to hang in and had the great little love fast here like is going on in and so many areas were it taken down the primrose path we have to question thinks and it doesn't mean that we don't like those people we can or that we don't respect it means that we very much do but i respect my relationship with with god almighty and jesus christ more than he had the opinion that somebody cares or likes me i i could care less about that this we are in a war and that's part of the grown up part of ben on the battle field o ko ah love says i was out for bit the air here is very having a thick smells really bad its eyes and elegies more crazy i'll call up in other air quality map just so i've got two of them running on my telegram channel which is at ranberg number four and i and i just toremember i'm in to go back to your statement on the rail mencius i did i dedicaron in if you know this michael but i did it we on't a pretty substantially set at large to lacily and i went back and assumed in on the copperiness and such and they don't even use those kind of colors any more and certainly the manifested match up at all so now we've got the latest de romanow in texas and who is he who is the owner while the p is involved whooshed been attacked in a rail sentrimentle attacked the men and i ran for governor because i won't be paid off i won't be shut up and i'm not going to rejste with people but anyhow you pisarone by black rock vanguard and state street cape so my opinion on this is that honestly that that there breaking these big corporations right now in his going to be comfortable no it's not but to remove a thousand thousand thousand year old death cold most of our organizations have bought into it because of the money factor involved into its going to take a little bit of sacrifice pain and resolve not to cave to the threats the intimidation the payor wanting to be part of their tentacles which have run through our society that goes through a institutions are schools are politics and everything is everywhere and don't be afraid to call it out and if somebody needs to have their behindhanded to em i suggest you get a pair of collis like me because you can stick that bot right up there behind if it needs to have and sometimes sometimes that's important there there is there's time for there is time for mercy but it's a high calling too to defend those without a voice who have been victimized and that you know some one's got to stand up for the and in that o ka too well ever is that god calls you and what he calls you to do that's the only path you should listen to you shouldn't listen to human being only listen to god almighty named jesus christ cause he won't steer your on slafter run to another means or it was a pleasure looked for the batesons thinks lady thank you so much i look for it happen you on again you are well worn we got this thing fixed all of us we get and so confident or get out she stand as an american family i love it so it is so here we go everybody here we go on to go to print and mean proponendi thing renfrogner do come i have the best non conceder who has ever knock conceded in the history of the united states of the in oral invent and president charles he agrees to anyhow i have a great day just just now that you were chosen to be here now that god loves you he won't steer you down the wrong path you're you're in the perfect place that he wants you to be at if you turned to him he'll tell you if you need to be so and and to move and how to follow in butter and so with that sad god bless you lessivage my hands with your hands the hands god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america have a great day make itself good choices go along way to making the day great have a wonderful week and coming up on the fourth of july always always always put on first above everything and it'll be okay it is going to be kandidly believe that god is in the charge it will be a