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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 8/10/2022 - Live today - 8am with Dan Hartman & Mellissa Carone

Published Aug. 10, 2022, 8:02 a.m.

We will be talking about what is going on in Macomb County, the coup against the county party and the involvement with the MiGOP as they take a stance against the ruling of the court. Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning this is donna brandenburg running for governor in the state of michigan under the us taxpayer's party it's a wonderful day august and twenty twenty two and i thought i would i'm waiting for my guest denham to get on right now and i thought i would play a video for you because i love the video what i started out with his and then i'll bring he a well but to his tired out with this one to day because we're talking about jumping off nor the normal behavior for an election cycle and sometimes it really takes a lot of guts to go in a different direction and follow god rather than follow a man or a whitticar so i wanted to say that all of you who have poeticised to follow god's voice and to a different future i romain a brave choice and sometimes it's really uncomfortable but it's always a right thing to do to follow god's come and bring an hartman in the morning and the good morning dan hoolan i'm doing bradore you and wonderful to a beautiful day out to day looks like it so cooled off a little bed ordered humidity and these ain't ridin horses yesterday it is a beautiful day i am up in northern michigan apologize for being in my car but i'm on my way to accord her an yea the busiest guy knows so wherever you are if you can take time i'm always happy for the meantime you can when you want to talk about to day there's a lot going on in watching not been going on and macallan oui posted this morning that not only was i can say you know they castellana marked for us response to that but not only that run wider sent a letter of yesterday that to the double acknowledging had the acute in my opinion looks like he's stepping outside the line just makin up hot making up things as they go as he is the unitary continues to make a policy as they so let me get a frame a little bit of that contest so what ended up happening at the spring a convention a i sprang invention there is an election of a convention a person who is responsible for electing delegates go to the spring state at that convention mister castalia and others claim that they removed the county chair and became the county chair it is pretty clear from the actions of and depleting the man i was des time that the michigan go had decided they didn't like criticism from a county panted to against while we were still we set out and of some letters and we were still contemplating a resource and our decisions including a cold warrant let a statute in michigan that allows judge to determine whether or not a person is entitled to an this can be an office is elected but it can also be an office of a corporation whenever somebody is in an office or another person is claiming the authority the office without legal author so there's a statue was that the case of controversy is to be decided and we food for basically in jumped of relief and we all filed from motions which said that they had filled the pleadings on and then we added an amended now for a quotation or behalf they meant their pleadings and by the time it all shoot we agreed to have a trial in front of antony circuit determine who was entitled to the office michigan goop wasn't brought into the case by a they had the right to intervene but they chose not to and the reason we did bring the man as to our position a long if you read one one six eight point five nine nine county party district party in a state party or separate entity and they don't have superintending control and the delicate make a county party which go on a ballot in her elected through the state election a just happened on august they make up the county party party and representatives in the state so when you even look at the michigan by laws under article a love for the mission republican party it indicates very clearly the three entities are separate and anyway we went to court when we got to the trial day the facts were stipulated to we had some preliminary hearings and the judge rendered a decision which indicated that the executive committee should not have been removed and everything was from that point much to my dismay i'm not used to people to find circuit court orders judges a powerful anyway the circuit court judge issued an order final order on august i read from the beginning the other side indicated that they would not follow the order contempt of court there is also a statue and that let i believe and refection but anyway what i want you to understand what happens is if you don't like in order you can ask for a stay you can file on appeal and asked for the other side filled in appeal but they didn't ask for immediate consideration or at and they didn't ask this judge to stay in the interior the order the law in michigan is it even if you don't like the order your compelled to obey it you legally change your reverse that law is there in the statue clar that if you don't obey it you're subject to terminal or civil contempt of interesting is that we don't get to decide when a judge rules judge made the decision after both sides agreed that he had the jurisdiction over the case of care your order in one side went to one side lose it is conceivable morton would have disregarded in a ruling of the just in legal control the legal process to have the order change he would have complied i obey and so all i can say is that the michigan op opinion about who they recognize is this is not a club i've heard it referred to as a franchise or an association you can't form a second republican party because the republican party is formed by delicate the priest and it is organized the first into a county second into a district and third into the state and i think somebody at the michigan pious forgotten how things work and how they work what even crazier is that the officer there are two of them involve both machination wiser participate in this mail have never submitted this to the issues committee or to the state central commit just make the decision and they think they are the missing i am certain that we the people have another thing to one of the attacks that come against mark forty they claim that mark or as a republican is endorsed you as a governor can and the reality is extent that mark or a new are friends and now each other margaret by his abilities which are to endorse the republican and that is that is not true in my presence he and also your lawyer by the way and i were here talking to you and your news now worked to when i submitted a little bit about the making what i will tell you is extremely destructive and i wished the mission go would put his much effort into massinger in county politics again as they i mean if they put that much energy into this they should have a lot of energy and resource in trying to stop the abortion constitutional amendment that is going to bring the judgment of god on michigan or trying to stop this promote the vote that's going to further rodelein integrity but stead the messilla politics while there the massive in their making a policies as they go you know when you see when you see the election are that i saw were then the idolater ship that's been going on since i first came out to see and september it is then they had their thousand candidates right from the beginning and they pretty well stayed with them as you can see by some candidates being eliminated from the communications as well as the poles it was completely completely arranged ripening which is really unfit so in i have not ever received an indorsement as a formal leadbetter and a formal is that it's out it's a process i've never received an endorsement from morton leman winds from an all they they have we are we know each other and condenser the friends there's there's a lot of people out there that i consider friends that i also have not received endorsement but we get along and we have the same value so i mean you know to the extent that well they won't use this information in the seat to try and to rail person who is as honorable a run through what i understand is a little bit of the economy party when allantown and shan made failed to deliver open county the reason donald trump carried michigan was cosmogony in the grass roots organization there flocon red since that time the compound and stayed right under margaret but what's interesting is they've made increment games and all of the officers throughout the company republican party it when they took over the headquarters of one of the most despicable things they are pictures of the fact that the trump twenty sixteen campaign information was never distributed to the people they were literally clamoring as they were going gordiestoun to try and raise support in the mission go leadership that was in place in the compound is the same group of pep that a trying to seize the power now didn't even distribute donald trumps campaign letter then you move forward into twenty twenty and once an we have a person who is unable to deliver oakland city whose also unable to deliver the state of michigan but mason stays the reality is i had been effective for the republican party he is raised grassinistes has there been times has been credible of the michigan got well guessed what the way our free speech were to or allowed to criticize the people in the organizations around you they're not his superiors but you have the right to bring redress into recruits that's part of the political prose and you know the target him or attempted to an end you know at the end of the day judge the judge in the legal system will sort to sound not i'm not concerned about that no one theobald for as the delegates who are confused because they're giving mixed messages the stage is intentionally confusing the deligates in one of the largest a county third largest county the largest folly red county the county that went red in the state and it makes you wonder you know what they have in store for the delegates at this state convention that they want to remove them a confounded leadership and the maconnais from being an effective unified for really disturbing when the state party does dictate palaces like that and they do intervene to to move about he became actually when my opinion that an idiopathic thing democrat party a unitary they are making the decisions instead of a coming from we the people and that's really disturbing their limiting their limiting choice in their pickings and losers and make me think that we are actually making a choice when it's all in allusion because they're there's ones that are picking the candidates are installing them i'm not a trouble come insinerate will say one of the criticisms that montoni leveled to michigan the fact that whenever they had grasped candidate that were home grown raised up they would bring in outside money from the state to bring people against them and they spent more money in the primaries contesting the local grass roots candidates than they do in the general election the shot of the right now the leadership is set up like the design to the fact i put her head in the sand and plantation talk about being out of touch with your bags the base knows what's going on the base knows that ryan kelly did not finish in the missions porth everywhere across i know the present were as more campaign donors then he got so it just doesn't make and you know the reality is this all this is going to come to light you know i was i was looking at another a race which was in a multiple counties that was an important race and you look at the numbers in the state in it shows that the candidate had twenty percent exact in every single piece did vary from one percent to it machine result in i'm very much looking forward to the selection code move that's comin out on an august twentieth which is going to explain how the machines are sainte and and how they are able to use in the election show where there's manipulation in our voting pro but i will tell you i looked at enough qualified voter files i can miss annot i've looked at voting records and voting histories that i become convent and yet everybody says that there is no abode there is evidence and the evidence is going to continue to jump forward and you know the reality is as people think became friend were not violent that we're not going to speak out we're not goin to say wait a man and and we're going to speak our mind and you know at the end of the day we're going to trust god is going to bring truth and light to this and there sure is the lot of meditators pilaster day and he he is he's a so much information and the work that everyone that's done in the election integrity farm is just amazing and the and the continuing to bring it forward and you look at two thousand mules elocution and all of this in the pit that's going on right now with the you know in missouri this is this is kind of a crazy time but but the amount of deception when we silchester if we have people from the eighteen hundreds on our boat roles how can we trust one thing that is such that is such a huge error or or i'm in a nine calendar or the there is so much with a on and there's criminal what's going on but don't you don't understand me you understand what they don't understand is i laid just a person that became interested began looking at it there are thousands of christians in the state of mind we are now talking and comparing notes we have organically looked at their own areas and began to understand what is going on priscilla was a chemical engineer who understands process he understands how to look for failure and process how to research the data and he looked at the in deliberately presented his information in he's only one you go over and see like a cat and one jack a dry well or not but he was before a computer engineer i can go round the state ticket different became interested in looking at the election system did their own independent study we bolt from to the same conclusion every prayer from housewives bricklayers to dry waller to you know one while you throw a lawyer in the yes and it's the same as the same thing all over again it's we the people who have the power that need to hold were responsible to hold our public officials accountable it's us to hold on account were voting these people in and on unfortunately what you can so many people want be told how to and they go to sore to have it to gather votes for that yes this is a good person there is that of trusting themselves during their own research their letting people tell them how to go in and they sit back and they they they withdraw from the this is a participation for it we need to continually be in contact with people and and hold them accountable yetive in the election process hold them accountable in it's going to take just ordinary people to do it because the ones that are sitting in office erected her unelected my to my belief is every one of them has fallen down we we i don't i can not see anything that's given me faith in the people that hold office at all but i have bad and we people to do that job i give you a showdown another republican i m goin to tell you that a young a young man republican that i really respect he again named steve cara and pretty amazing shout out late and you know he won his primary and he's going to be running the general election but don afoor the most part the people that our inner office they have lost heart with what the base he sang and the people that are running a machine sorry about that at all tried to come in so i the people that i know we got to the point we became lazy where we relied upon her political parties to that out and what now we need to do is we need to understand that with each part needs to be little house can interesting how this whole process is coming to light as we begin to restore our nation and people begin to pray return to god returned to church and acknowledge things that are going to be you know and as we're dealing with these things and were moving forward this woman county situation is yet again bringing a light to some of the dark corners of how the dirty politics are gone beyond well you know what somebody wears a label of a republican or democrat or a third party doesn't necessarily mean that that person hold your values and will vote for the issues that you care about and you have to get that i do i really have to apologize them so appreciative you bring it me on the tormentings i want to talk to you about to be in court and five minutes and i have a five minutes drive well i tell you thank you so much for being on the morning and god bless you to day i hope things go well and thank you for being a fighter for the space and because this is it's goin to take all of us an i always amazed at how hard you are costly working there in traversing the state here fighting battles thank you for that and what i want to just do is give god the glory and also want to point out that you know when i talked to mark for yesterday one of the things that he told me is that he turned the issue over to god and you see he seemed the ups and downs the case has gone forward and you know god's will and in this case he feels it's god's will that this is going to go on an exposed for more corruption but were very confident the gods will will be done even if we as individuals don't like the thank you thank you i love to hear your opinion and also the trump raid that happened to me at the nether baby take galatea great day god la you become now i'm going to see if i get melisander a minute and hold on a minute anyhow let's get to antigone us because they know he's going to join us here in muscatine that's going what what do you think about the whole thing with weathered on oroolia i'm i'm a little disgusted by the whole thing quite honestly but going back to the fact that the band my opinion whether we've got good agents in it are bad i believe that it is absolutely federal overreach that needs to be ended and i also believe that it is in an a legal organization which needs to be underlie most of the federal organization and very very very up to nineteen thirteen an american captor sent of their earnings it is america still had schools colleges roads railroad street subway the army navy and marine corps who managed to win eight wars and fight on the war eating twelve twelve to a draw tell me again why do the american people need to be extorted the sort of feels like when we look at them the taxation and what's happening with the money going the inflation bill that they've got out there for some seven hundred plus billion dollars is absent and who's going to pay the bill on that as sure eristical goncourt's going to come out of our tax dollars and the tax money that is going to be extorted out of our future generations that the paper has to be paid at some point time and the absolutely one of them also if you notice that the judge i am perfect sure a man crazy unsuspicious that the lawyer who defended jeffrey absent the judge who signed the sealed warrant for the pirate yet to us many true and very very concerning on this to be what a concerted effort to go through and and the moral agitate worse the connections going on for the judge well as attorneys involved in we the move down here yet but the good the good thing about it is through all of this nonsense with the radioprint a residence at marlboro pretty much all republicans conservatives now are basically on the camp went to abolish the bicierin department of education peach the president and was that a base resident dogs i the director in prison it is only the beginning of the how much how much time has gone on and and how how quickly this is turned public opinion around and i believe that it's going to continue continued to he turned around turn heads towards righteousness in the united states that we have not seen in a long time unhopefully motivate people to get involved something that i see this quite interesting because every one is so interested in the pack money paid for a politics it's really hard to get people involved in self governance but i think that we are working that and so again to wake will he for resigned from his post mark three two thousand seven the months after donald trump took important understand that brock obaa apoller redolent play a major role in his career and he and the john and judge bruce rinehart the judge signed off the warm from moraga both having to graduate from university pennsylvania lost the connections with all of these universities that happen are just are isobel enable you look at you look at black rock you mount of money that run wiser his head the head of the republican party as don had to the you of a hundred and fifty million dolls is what i found and i'm sure that there's more than that we just have to delite deeper and then look at larry think the sea of black rock the traitorous organization who along with a vanguard and arabella told the nation of peace by peace to china through in vast then investments are in real estate and china and then to crash the economy it's me so in all the judge behind whom the national palace amazing the judge behind the rain and marais also tied in with whom wealth none other my sir and if san obaa door one minute and of crazy judge bruce renardiere ported the most unlikely judge behind the worn authorizing the rada president marriage state this is from national as a former tone he represent employees of convicted and notorious people jaffery so why did he quit in all the sudden terror enterprise in a kind o goes back to the fact that they're all tried and together on their they'll tie and together and what's behind it he and not defending them but but doing bad things the national poets can also reveal that judge ryder's donated to the campaigns of former president barack obama's and to this tablespoons donald j trump during the two thousand elegance in job bush so here we got less look at this job bush a republican they are all involved there were the bushes were were some of the thebus administration going back to world war two were absolutely part of the globe is agenda that were not republicans as we know it as the granite i know it but there wolvercote and we really need keep her eyes open and i just see that most is joined us so i'm going to bring her into the stream good morning how are you good morning i'm good how are you i'm good how are you dreaming into the fact that that the judge and the attorney that which was involved in the rate on mariano where all they went to school together passively that they they tried to defend in abstinences me right there that they're all involved and there also political doors for brack olama and jeb bush yet when they may jump on and they one to both parties like unwise had of the republican party donatello the resident in the white house bidentata really all part of a unitary and people need to wake up to this the fact that this is not about republican is in democrats about deciding whether they are patriots or traitors there's there's only a part traders and there's patriots and the apotheose they choose and people have choose what side they're going to be on castro middle ground any more there is not and that's very clear with what's going on all around the country with the political parties the county paris when happening at all around the country with with the like inside the resident and white house and what he is doing to the american people terrific i what just happened to our president and our actual legal president apathetic a terrible and it never happened to a president in history what's happened to him and i i don't believe that it has anything to do with any kind of documents that he took out of the white house i don't believe that he would take any documents out of that white house that he knew you know where not that he shot have been bringing out i don't think he would do that but we all know that hilary clinton did that with her email adelita emails that were confidential emails but never got trouble for that homestead there was that i may be pioneering laptop and that her thing it it wasn't going to be anything of national it's going to be a hunter by laughter that sort of thing that the other thing i find really inter though i believe that we need to abolish the bi and i think that unfortunately there are some good people in all organization and people in order to and the good people organizations need to step up and ran them out or their complicity we we need to clean our own house republican party the republican party needs to read its own ration party out to pesaro and i had talliages taxes morning that's really got me a little wit a man put the jesus as my saviour donald trump is my president met maman i kiss my everything in eristalis e thereof the emigrant i am so very sorry they stepped outside of a process and just as dan so of a ansome thing that was a rule and by a federal judge to make up their own policies and in the same sentence put in their jesus as my fate i am overstrain my opinion i don't want to judge anybody here but we can be judged by our works or i never heard one word from chantaboun fact donald trump being present and you can say all you want here not of their fighting for words don't matter words are words are highly misled and anybody can say all they want but that doesn't mean that there's any truth behind in it any of it what what's behind it one of the don not a moderately comtesse's done nothing but make things worse she has done nothing divided our our previous party that we thought we were part of that's what she has done she is divided the people in and she continues to do that terribly about certain individuals certain county chairs like you know eglintoune you know ray rich to terrible about him he is everywhere with that guy she has him you know speaking at the trump rallyin the trump really wasn't economy an archer man as mark for an end marked for and was even invited you know it's a shame it's truly in shame recreance out after the election and literally her rest and intimidated all of the witnesses myself being one upon he was after call me said he was an attorney light theme he's not an attorney and just this and i say this all the time and social media because i know it to be true i i i if it wasn't true i would never say it but raccoons a business and to michigan where he orders car parks from china and stamps an american america stand and selves them to into the american public that is deception that is it's just outrageous but these people do tolentino for money he owes the bureau of elections thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars denuded of the a name for almost every single special election men trained to his previous state house rope's been trying to get elected for years i have taxed lagoon from chanting a racehorse's begging me for the trumpledor but i promise i'll never get it for him lathis was september she said worked against trump for blast tiger i have that message on my phone to and then she had him speaking at the trump really now what she is doing here in the canon is outrageous we have a great county here you know how much support the county has for you know what this country has done to get tramp back in office you know that this county as probably the most conservative county that doesn't that doesn't isn't funneling money through packs and is actually honest about what's going on in this country and in the county in the state but misleadest like honest when that when when people step out of her boundary and her boundary is her boundaries are literally lying about good people get them removed from the republican party you know she did it to you she did it to you she did it to me she is an evil woman and you never claim goddesses your saviour and and then put something deceptive and seeing that i so inappropriate and every level and if you if you read into this and if you read into that she says a man at a my everything you know but i'm going to say you know my husband my ever think too but i'll tell you you know just as well as i do that that is very immature she sounds like she sixteen and that is her everyday behavior she is great you saw that you saw the thing she put on the fifth the tories only what in the world will not in a woman it's like tympanum of she's latimer let me tell you what she did there donaries augustin so so my son made a askin to be jealous extremely extremely jealous of women she is very jealous of women totally against tutor deane all knew that she posted a post the day for tudor dixon got indoors by trump saying you know the devaswami has been working again for the last two years every anybody that doesn't realize that hasn't been paying attention i have best friends out on me though now the day after trump endorsed tone she went on and supported to and then made that came on about her being hotter than whimper all that was was mason lilly to hide her jealous her jealous ness for women she's extremely jealous of and she didn't want to come off as being jealous of peter decease she is a pretty woman and admonished got that nomination and that's what she had to do to make herself look as if she is actually accepting of women and and and encampment them saying someone's hutasana compliment i think beneath he asked elytra and insectlike incredibly in not not not just to you know i would i mind me you know it's kind of an insulting thing when i see it i am disintegrating to women is one of the well to be said that way from a woman who was the head of the party the nomination it or to nominee yet it is you know it so it's so really do truly astaboras there is this this nomination was nothing but ribs and back door deals being paid off by the republican party it was a way to for them to the old as if they are going to win all the when they know they are not going to i won't use there there in the solos with the democrat that of the democrats they know what they're doing they want what we that they may make they made at the old with the governor sent two years ago i worked alongside the republican party pretty much with benamor that wetmore was met manicheans i was pretty in the now with what was going on in the party that was my main question almost daily was what are we doing to get rid of what and they could not answer that question man i have several messages on my phone from shanghae are you doing why are you getting behind chief cried like this you know you know mechanics he is not a republican this man's not a conservative this man with the election fraud and detroit he there was a police as for on the white man how would he not know about that he was the chief of police how would he also you know how would you speak supporting somebody who is openly for gun can they openly and i have a cousin that worked as i was in he recently got a different possession but he was at detroit police officer for ten years and i asked him personally i said do you know chief a then he did not want to talk about it he did not want to talk about that and i and i'm telling you this is about the tenth time that this has happened with somebody i know that no chief gregersen ally and they are scared of him and i walked up to him and machinist i am the dominion boning whistle blower the look on his face was like he saw a i'm telling you i've never felt this way when i talk to some one he went from having a smile on his face giving me a look as if he wanted to kill and i kept thinking to myself i bet you this man connections people that actually make me make someone come up the and i and i was thinking this is any but idea now i know why certain people are scared that guy but these are the people that our republican party are pushing knowing that there the only democrats in the race now i also heard from the very beginning of this from near that the republican party will only be supporting women for the the state wide race and then i got to the theater a michigan gopi will only be supporting women for every now if you look at the women that are yook at the candidates that the man an have pulled through angela read you know so it's women they believe that women are the only people the only you know that there are only chance of beating while man number one and that in the legislator and then you know the three women the three witches and michigan here they believe it's goin to take women so you know it's very when you step on before i even knew who you were i thought that woman was you on and i had no doubt to think that it was that you were the only woman in the race that time so as i saw what they did to you pushing you out and then all the sudden around the filing that line we see tudor decks and rise up i was what in the world is going on here then in the waste oneyman lot alone acknowledge that i so back to that when you're talking about the haematite twenty twenty one so i was never politically attached to any one on business owner and trivial these wires that's what i always thought they were and i'm right though when up there to see okay i'm going to go up there and see what's going on never heard president trumps name manner one never heard anything about the election these are the people that are on the top of the republican party not one and it was really a shame so my husband and i are sitting in listening to one of the presentations one night and i swear to you as i could not even believe what i was craig gets up there he spoke for i don't know how men he met tsweet wasn't wasn't that much goes on to say liberty we're going to say it again wierius in for all the whole crowd as three times steps away an he goes antichristian says that for a few minutes ago you know we're going to say again every adjutant tried times the whole alicante like are you in it was such an infant and then he says he we're going to say legales and pulls a freaking que card out of his pocket to say the floods will be just between even say it without touching it off there is no enunciate his shoes that i ruther neither back of the lack of clover of any quality confidence or or any beyond and then you know i ran run into mishanter and i said he i'm a one introduced myself to you you know i never back away from she's looking like a deer and the headlights talk in yes i've heard about you heard all about you but yet they didn't include me on their strap hole up there because they had five per but they had chosen one stratford not include me on that or any thing else after that either and that that was in a decade gory of electioneering and now she said or there saying that that mark portenduere they have been lectionary from beginning and mark for is never endorse me so on top of the delivering piled on to misrepresent which as many havener the beginning long and it might be the one as marked for an endless me their personal endorsement when i was running for a state house under the republican party no longer am i running for a house and no longer any part of the republican party so they never endorsed outside of the party that is a flat out like what they're trying to do as cause division it's all about causing the vision and gather want people they want the delegates and all of them you know the members of the macaroni get all up oh my gosh this is outrageous he should never endorse outside the party he never endorsed outside the party can adore outside of the party and and he's a republican so why would he do that they are trained to make him look like an extremist as if he is violating every billow and and that's not true now this is rather my tax messages to buchanan and this is about acrocorinthus was dated from september september one and thus as where she says i promise you that i will never that will never happen in the norsemen for rock i will only give trump people bought for the president one hundred per by the way the next best advice is where flats for the long walk up and down the hills at the grand hotel carried heels in a bag she's talking about the event so what i was doing with us don now that this has been a year what i was doing with her as obviously now urban bedamar was my manager and i had had it with her not helping with the election fraud i had had it so i was thinking you know what i'm going to start talking to her i metastatio talking to her i want to hear what she has to say regarding why she is not doing anything in a state why she's not helping us why she's claiming that she most loyal trumps supporter in michigan and i want to hear what she is going to say back to me her excuse well and look at this why is it that that she brought everybody on the planet oversea president trump and every time you know every on every every candidate every single thing it's like i was blocked in every single every single i know i've never gotten to charwoman iolokiamo that she lied to me about that bananas you remember you and i giletti after some and at so at the republican leadership conference and athenian my parents have a house in sheboygan we only went because we were going to go up and see my parents well the first day was the day that the arizona it results were released we didn't go that day we stayed home that my parents he cabin and we watched the arizona attire i went the second day when we got there with my parents and my husband i i can't tell you my dad has been to a lot of events with me he knows lately you haven't seen adonbec use he is they been up north alone but in my grandparents are sick i think you know that and so they they but but my dad could tell that there was a difference with this and then he say what's going on here in ossiniboin tell that that there's these people don't really care for and i said no you're right i said you're right i said this is establishment i said it's okay i said just ignore you know it's okay i'm not i'm not upset about it i could care less anyways then all the sudden my dad's like at what the hell with the house coiner he's like this where were the support for a trump here he's like a hansen any support for a tramp here mouselike don't we think nobody nobody is talking about the america first at jena nobody's discussing these policies he said this he palace he was from what i read about in a policy come and now mind you know that that that conference that leadership conference cost hundreds of dollars and then you have to stay at the hotel half to but whatever it's very expensive so my dad it is just it is very telling that my dad he noticed something right off the bat so then machine walks by an ice ran kulisani there by the strawpile and at that time i thought that brian kelly was the canada be i didn't know you so i was standing monstrance chief cried walks but i'm watching to strangle and in looking at it and he said to me the trail is not right that's not accurate then i said well how do you know that and he said well because the right news just told and i like well that why are you even a participating in annapolis not accurate standing right next to a garding at a lake i was thinking why are you what is going on here and all at their right from the beginning at likabong stool and i knew knowingly knowingly as the key there that it was illegal you eaters of the tiger get me off that straw poll now or get a legal and that in none of them did it and there's been several of em out there and none of them have stood on prince just go along to get along that's a republican candidates because they've all been elevated chosen the republican party so you and you've got to know that there's something behind it and i can guarantee you its money and its power these people will roberta anything that their neat you haven't the air got the backbone to stand up and do the right thing nor the experience even now that is right or wrong they'll stand for and then she republican party in the nutshell right there absolutely loyalty to nobody loyalty to go along to get along and he that it is so he says the day after the as i was driving man and i said i am really disgusted with the little two no support at this conference mason why was the america first agenda completely ignored there was absolutely no mention of the twenty twenty election being stolen even after having the arizona report released friday afternoon in my opinion it seemed to be heard towards unifying with the establishment and that definitely not the right direction to be pushing the party i see these candidates being propped up over the true america first and so then she says to me where where were you at the forty minute election integrity panel it was excellent definitely talked about the auditor or money except there was there i said as it available on line i love to watch it i just can't believe bad the america first agenda was left out of this conference trump was completely left out at upsetting the meritorious ould be the primary focus of the conference yet it wasn't even mentioned she said muata's not true i'm not as sure of you heard but one graham literally announced trump running for president and twenty twenty four that is not true no trump has even announced she's going to try to say that to me that's where icilius so then she the standing ovation talked about how he and the president golf every week and argue about a lot of things that president trump is the best president country has ever seen had crushed up and talked about nothing but president trump and the promises he had made in a speech friday night was a hundred per cent about how hard we all worked to elect president rum and twenty sixteen and twenty twenty and how does the pointing how disappointing everybody is and where we are i think you don't understand that this is a policy conference it's not supposed to be about canada and the business only happens in downtown it's not part of the conference every candidate that was the that announce that has announced their running for governor a place to either do the prayer or the pledge or interest that is a blatant in every one of them and every one of them got the exact same opportunity so i onlikely right answer later on i came out and i said you lie straight to my face has i said okay what i saw yesterday was a lot of talk about unity peter meyer as the last person i should be allowed unsatiated voting to impeach president there is no unifying with that people should be shunned from the party also i understand that all of the candidates he had opportunities to then again i didn't know you great but she craggiest candidate we should supporting he allowed the republican collars and challenges to be hereafter out of the tottering the election there is absolutely no way he wasn't aware of the police escort that was on the white man that came in three times for a belated i'm not buying that the windows being bored up lacking you and others you and several other republicans from view as to now the reason i put you when i see you and others because on yer talkin o mashonas have to make her feel important or she will not oh she is one of those people as i then i said okay in so that the i later said to her i see said why wasn't made penal trump and dorinda for attorney general can attorney for antrim county invited to and the election integrity panel would have that make he has most he has the most experience on the sub tom her that's her response almost there when i talked about the corn not a neapolitan you know i would step away for just a minute but keep talk you okay and all work so i said to her i said listen i wouldn't have an i went an have an issue getting behind chief if he wouldn't have forced to unconstitutional mandates and had such deep involvement in the election fraud i don't believe he support president trump i believe he is a democrat running as a republican is literally mischief craig supports gun control there is known negotiating with these went on and on so when i finally found out when i not this i think this is important for people to understand what i've said to her here and this was the day was september twenty eight so shortly shortly after the republican leadership offers i said much on by you allowing the party to take a turn away from the american first a gundalow see one thing from you personally and something completely different in public and i believe you are going to end up really hurting your reputation if you allow this to continue all of these politicians as leaders that aren't supporting the america first policies need to be completely shut can't be giving them a voice in our party when we are so close to losing every now she said i am one tight wire think about that that's the cocher of our party and on a wire so pretty much i can't i just i can't do it and the reason why she's on a tight wire is because mashonas compromise and that is the reason why too many back door deals he's wandered money i look at her house like i said in her houses lisabeta she is an employee of her own how i send it all to put it all right here for you for people to see i have all the information i've been looking into it for two years now and this is how these people under all this money and get these that all this money into these as and the man after a guilty of it and the devons families guilty of it now the man as don't obviously have as much money as the devanampiya and that's by mechanicall them out on rob and say oh love their working against president trump while just like i said to macanaleister that i saw her you know posting saying you know the vascons working against trim well mason americans for prosperity is funded by the devas there one of your husbands major donors your daughter set down the board for americans for prosperity americans for prosperity are americans for open borders you want to call the devas family out when your funded by em in your daughter works form so whose working against trump is that the avocat or is it the man as are both that's who it is invitations between these unbelievable and the more you dig down into it to see how they're all they're all working together so their words are misleading fielder leading people astray rather than rather than exposing truth or doing it for there literally leading petray with her words and that's what i saw with that tax there you know and both you know the people people throw the name of jesus out there and and jesus even said do not listen to any one who's preaching another jesus and it's in the bible because people use in them you know people use his name to let other people as a string from the pulpit reefpoint cal perspective or whatever but we can see who they really are by other actions their actions speak louder than their words and i think that that's something worth truly pondering and did an americans are prosperity like you said there there there i never temporization you can see the people involved in that michael peroosin volved in it he's the grass roots leader it's like i i can't believe that people but all other people without truly i was just listening to words the flowery words they all hesitated but there was the allusion sorry i don't want to put you out but you got to know this well is involved in this michael for agatha's terrible it's disgusting and like a sentient right michael for ages also he had some really nasty photos of anastase look so people need to look into that but on also the scot hackers no sooner strong deeply involved in americans for prosper and he was also the twenty sixteen can michigan campaign manager this is a man that is severely demented severely demanded has major issues and he worked right alongside muhammadan and he actually and i can send you this contract because i told you about a recently he actually called me to be my campaign manager when i had started when i had first started it had kept out about a anatole and i think what they did is then and mishandled told him to call me as i wanted a different manager because they knew i was having doubts and i wasn't trusting that so they wanted to get somebody else and to infiltrate my campaign so they had got home and what scott did was so outrageous said an a contract he had been met him at restaurant as bare him and so haggerstone is probably about sixty years old may be a little older scant was with a twenty one year old kid and i could tell right off the bat that it was a normal relations from the dome well i call that later on and then confirmed my allegations that yes absolutely these two men are involved in everybody in lansing knows and all sense well you know what was really concern you as during the lock down there was a report of a of a bar left open an inland for the politicians to go to and they had bad stuff going on inside the bar and so i really i'm really concerned about this because why is it that that bar he had really bad things going on inside of it was left open two blocks away from the capital the this is and credible incredible situation and it goes back to what you just said is infiltration they try to infiltrate that the republican party realistically when they really completely hamlet just me was when they realize that i couldn't be bought off because they sent multiple people the try to buy me up and now there's a new you know he became aware of another threat yesterday which i won't talk about but you know about it which my people that we've been taught to trust not who we think they are and i'll go round threaten harassment threaten to set the other thing they these people are just about tea so which to me i find is almost it's almost a joke not only not with eaten things stupid enough to tell other people what they're going to do so you know so you know the threat is is only going unmanly so you know what i think i'd like to conclude to the aga i've got another thing to jump on to and i know what you've got your kids there right now so why don't we go ahead and go to a prayer and then and well you know will jump out again i'm not sure about tomorrowland ordering a good beyond bagonin yourself i think i got to be got yeerely the one state pay with everybody i think we're going to do that have maintained a what may waken to a life to morrow just so people can see because there's another event that i'm in a besetting that you're aware of that i got a call about yesterday and also really quick before people get off here i just might people to know that yes i most definitely did in front michabou lying to me about this pole or a about giving the genitori candidate time to and never responded she was at the point to where she totally stopped reading to me so i always confronted mason always and that is and i actually send you with this ring had done here like this as an example of my last messages to mason all responding like totally i would just blaster you know with i mean will there we go she was talking about one of her own coach airs and this one i mean it i know you can't my carlos running for office but i mean that's how evil she has so i confronted her about you not being invited to speak at that and and she and she did say she said nothing because she did she knew she was in a cataline she didn't want to talk about it but i know you have to go on to inherence to know ye now that's okay so yeah i will go live i'll go life from the unity of that to morrow may i have to figure out how to do that his riotmaster office my tone or so like in the careenage and so well well we'll get things moving in that direction and i just want to read he know that that we truly love you or your northolt in our prayers every single day so in wherriting a tremendous organization political operatives are organized this is not a one of this they are organized there in the grass roots groves their anarch there in or organizations are in our churches there and there they have an organization so on i and you know it all you do is look at his this is the same play book that they used in germany so this was a time where we're going to have to truly stick together as we here were going to have take this nation back and they are not going to help us circling the finest they're goin to live cheatery every step of the way in the end we're going to win because god is with us and so let's go to that good here there have leathan you so much for the day and for bringing me the pie your people together to defend those without a voice and to step in when there is this great evil that an invading everything that we care about hold dear we want you in our life we want to be one nation under god not not trying to be you or i sir you at which is what it seems to be evil likes to do as to infiltrate and we want that rightful relationship as one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all we thank you for giving us the great gift of the united states america the state of michigan it is so cool to live in the mean i love living in and we ask your blessing upon every single person out there who is toned into this in a melissa and to this process that all evil can be uncovered and that we will go forward and in truth and in love for all men and defending deenah other would pledge or our lives are forced and our sacred honor in standing before you in all things and we love you very much and jesus christ precious name are god bless every one out there and all those whom you love whom you love we are with you we are fighting for her you and all that ever and we'll never see us please go to webster and burke for governor dot com as well as my telegram channel which i write every word on antelopes in witches at brandenburg the number for i i would ask you to do keep down into your heart and if you can make a donation that would be incredible were so used to the running everything well every one sister changed i'm not taking part money so it let it fall on you and i and i cannot take thee have millions and gonella is no way i conceit that alone and nor should i this should be a promise for you all get involved in we all kept the take it back together not not sister winsome delafield at noon everything we see her next me in a esther face bacchanals out there like we we have down in brandenburg attach a sunny post information good information will drown out the narses and liars because that's what's on connoiseur them out the liars the the nearest do this we're going to other wearables coming up i'm going to be a unity to morrow and friday i believe writing i have another of that which is the joralemon saturday i was going to be unrealities i think i'm going to be at the end cooperate delancre cartouches and covers the and the next week will have some rays that had malacotta and eat county patriots meeting as well as the paparelli that will be nothing up the state and more and of course granberry day so we love you we love all all you so much you know keep the good fight never stand down to criminals stand up to the end the brave thinks of going to be as it takes the state back together as all schools dudeney six so on we are and one more i sent out an email blasts if you got that email based then i have your name in the list but and i have your data but i do need to send don and i your email addresses if you would like us to auto our last and in ogadayn what's going on with the campaign and where diana's going to be and you know her if you go on her website nobody has all of their views and everything they're going to do for the state lessener website like don i see changes so quickly but i'm going update that to day i kind of got behind on some of this because i'm i'm literally creating all the content doing all the writing during these a lot o people are going to have to give me great as honestly i'm soldering so much of the analogical be delicate some of it has to just be done in the weather to it the way i don't have the republican part of behind me i don't have weetamoo people that have volunteered to they have a machine were putting together in organization starting zero moving forward and were doing the nominally well i mean were hold in our own up there in the millions and millions of of supporters you know we were we were doing through thirty million views or interactions in mine every single week here for quite a while and so were worse still worse still just a junk in a long here god jump on hard wet and i have to go all right i musoline talking to water ameliorate thank you every one ever great days and i am mealhead by by a nation laetitia in the air i have a good day into